Politically, signing Kaepernick makes sense; football-wise, not so much

FILE – In this Oct. 2, 2016 file photo, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, left, and safety Eric Reid kneel during the national anthem before an NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)


We make an effort to keep politics out of this blog. But in this case we don’t have much of a choice, do we?

We are going to have to discuss Colin Kaepernick.


This week set it in stone: Kaepernick is officially a signpost in history. When historians write important books about these terrible times of flames, violence and anger, there will be at least a chapter on Kaepernick, his social stand and whether he was ostracized from the NFL.

The symbolism is simply too pure and obvious. Kaepernick was vilified for putting his knee down during the national anthem. That Minneapolis cop put his knee down on George Floyd’s neck and squeezed the life out of him.

(If I could just speak on a personal level, if someone accused me of being “an entitled white guy,” I wouldn’t have much of a defense. I probably am.

And even as recently as five years ago, when one of these police shootings or killings happened, I might have thought “I’ll bet there is more to the story.”

Not any more. The videos of black men shot in the back and choked to death have shaken me. And this one, the cop with his hand casually in his pocket and looking down at Floyd with no more emotion that if he was writing a traffic ticket is shocking, heartbreaking and outrageous.)

So we look for little things we can do, gestures to make matters slightly better. Hoping we can try to right some wrongs.

And Kaepernick is perfect. Former NFL executive (and former White House press secretary) Joe Lockhart, made the case last weekend in a CNN editorial with the headline “Now is the moment to sign Colin Kaepernick.”

He is not the only one writing that, which is understandable. And I’d say, if that is your motive, to make a healing political statement, to reach out to Kaepernick and say “You deserve the right to compete for a job in the NFL,” I am all in.

But if you are doing it with your football team in mind, I’d say you’d better think long and hard. It’s not as simple as saying the former Super Bowl quarterback is better than a lot of the NFL backups now. That’s the problem when you layer politics over sports.

Lockhart reminds us of a few details. First, when Kaepernick started to protest, no one even noticed. He sat on the bench during the anthem and it wasn’t until the second pre-season game that he was spotted. And then, once he was the subject of attention, he took the suggestion of a former Green Beret, who said a respectful kneel down would be better.

Kaepernick may have been the first, but he was soon joined by literally hundreds of players, particularly after President Trump agitated that the team should “get that son of a bitch” off the field. (The 49ers were classy, reaffirming his right to protest and free speech.)

But of all the players who took a knee, only Kaepernick has been singled out. Teammate Eric Reid was unsigned for a while, but he eventually found a team. It’s all Kaepernick, which is kind of an unexpected turn in his career.

Until he began political advocacy, Kaepernick was anything but outspoken. He was a difficult and unpleasant interview subject, who gave one word answers and seemed dismissive of media members. As one insider said, “First we couldn’t get him to talk and now he won’t stop.”

He continues to be a bit of an enigma. He does not give interviews and communicates through Tweets. He held a workout for NFL teams, but it was such a confusing mess it was hard to say anything was accomplished. His people continue to say he is training hard and committed to playing.

And again, if the reason he isn’t playing is because of his political stand, that’s ridiculous. And if you are an NFL team and you want to sign him as an attempt to correct an injustice and say that we should have been paying more attention to Black Lives Matter, I say go right ahead.

But the football part is trickier. Lockhart states the obvious. Kaepernick is being considered as a backup. NFL evaluators don’t see him as a starter. If they did, and they thought he could help them win, they’d sign him in a heartbeat. Just look at the disgraceful way the league forgives and forgets with domestic abusers.

Lots of people are opining about Kaepernick’s current skill level. And the fact is, we don’t know how he would play after three years out of football. His accuracy was questioned even in his best years. His running ability became less of a factor as teams funneled him away from the sidelines and into the middle of the field. We just don’t know how the 2020 Kaepernick will translate.

But we do know this, signing him would be a whirlwind of attention. Say you invite him to pre-season camp for a tryout. There would be a press conference to announce it, another when he arrived, and questions about his progress every day.

But what if you give him a shot and decide there are better options for a backup? Are you blackballing him?

Or what if he is your backup and the starter has a bad game? Why aren’t you playing Kaep? Is it because of his political views?

It is going to be non-stop attention and scrutiny. Which is not what you want from your backup QB.

In a perfect world, Kaepernick would get a tryout and stand or fall on what he did. And we’d trust the people making the evaluations that they were making their calls on facts and stats, not ideology.

The problem is, this isn’t a perfect world. And after last week, it seems less so all the time.

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  1. And the fact is, we don’t know how he would play after three years out of football.

    Let’s first ask ourselves if Kaepernick is in the same league as other NFL players that took a 3 year hiatus:

    Cunningham after 2 years returned to have success but he had a little help from his friends. Who were those friends you ask? Moss and Carter.

    Deion Sanders after 3 years returned to have success but he’s Deion Sanders.

    Bronko Nagurski after 5 years returned to have limited success for the Bears.

    Let’s not kid ourselves here. Kaepernick is none of these players. He’s a running qb that had his flash in the pan until he was cooked. He never evolved his game, and his body had broken down. He never learned or cared to learn the art of quarterbacking, and consequently lost his job to Blaine Gabbert. Make no mistake about it. If Kaepernick were an elite player he would be playing for an NFL team. Colin Kaepernick has become the most talked about back up qb in NFL history, and that’s why no team is willing to pick up his baggage. They don’t do that for backups….

  2. CW, you pointed out the ironic and obvious similarity with the kneeling. If Kaep where to play again it’s hard to imagine that he would be booed, like he would have been if he had played as recent as a couple of weeks ago.
    He will have a place in history, not only for stand but for his willingness to put his money where his mouth is!
    And oh, even Razor is calling Collin now Kaepernick…

  3. If I were his dad, I would be so proud of him: for working hard and making it to the highest level of his profession; for earning enough money while doing so as not to worry about living comfortably; for making a stand (so to speak) for what he believes in; for at least attempting not to offend while doing so; and for persisting even under massive criticism.

    And I’d frankly be relieved he’s now out of a job, because dammit football is a scary, dangerous sport. :)

  4. IMO the revisionist history around Colin Kaepernick is nauseating. CK is glorified as if he took some brave stand against police violence and it cost him his career. That’s just not true. Kaepernick stole a former teammates girlfriend and her influence on him as an America hating jackass caused him to do things like wear pig cop socks and sit during the national anthem. There was no well thought out strategy on Kaepernick’s part to protest police violence. Add that to the fact he got benched and was sulking on the sideline. Then when he got publicly called out for sitting during the national anthem he made an excuse. A movement in search of a symbol latched on to Kaepernick and made his kneeling during the anthem as some sort of noble protest but it wasn’t. It was a combination of a guy sulking because he got benched and being led around from the nose by his girlfriend. Once CK started getting national attention he played his part.

    In terms of football, CK had multiple options to play. He wasn’t interested in signing with the 49ers for backup money. The Ravens were going to sign him but the night before the signing CK’s girlfriend called the Ravens owner a “slaveowner.” #1 CK didn’t/doesn’t want to actually play football. #2 CK’s career numbers are similar or worse than guys like David Carr, Brian Hoyer, Case Keenum. Sage Rosenfels. CK is not a starting quality QB in the NFL. Undoubtedly, CK is better than some of the backup qb’s in the NFL. But he’s certainly not worth the distraction.

      1. WOW Georgie, what a find….
        Now do you think you can find a similar example on JG or any other QB???
        I bet you can.
        Show me 10 different examples of CK doing that and you would make a good point, otherwise you’re just blowing smoke!

      2. No, it looked like he was told to run the play called, and had no authority to audiblize. It also looked like he was told to key on a certain LB, so that is who he was looking at.
        That defender looked like he knew what was going to be run ahead of time, so at the last second, he cheated up to stop the run.

      3. Curious George,
        Even a monkey can see that the corner blitzed and would have sacked Kaepernick for a safety. Now, go enjoy the bananas.

    1. WOW Houston, I had NO IDEA that you were so close to CK&Co that you got the inside scoop on his GF, his mindset and of course his motivation.
      Great research!

      1. Am telling you…i had no idea he was that close to Nessa….its like Houston knows exactly what’s in their minds…….

        This exactly is the sad disgusting mentality of white supremacy killing america – the idea you think know exactly what the black guy is thinking and do a long write up on your racist assumptions without having one conversation with them.

        The truth is it’s all based on Fear…….

    2. Houston you really know your football. Do you even know Kaps stats in 2016?
      T.D’s 16
      I.t.’s 4
      Passing yards 2440
      rushing 444
      Q.B rating 90.7
      That was as a part-time player. Yeah, he was blackballed. He deserved to be a starter. Google his playoff stats. They’re off the charts. Running for over 300 yards and beating Green Bay and Seattle to get to the S.B They missed used him after Harbaugh left.
      You’re not talking about a skill set. You hate the man for what he stood for. Just like your hero that hid in a basement last night.

      1. I do know Colin’s stats in 2016 and every other year. I looked them up on pro football reference before i posted. His best year was 2014, IMO. In 2016 he was in the bottom of the league in comp % and yards/attempt. He was 1-10 as the starter and got benched in favor of Blaine Gabbert before he decided to have shoulder surgery. That offseason the 49ers hired Kyle Shanahan who told Kaepernick he wasn’t a fit for his offense and they planned to release him. CK opted out of his contract at that time. 2016 wasn’t a great year for Kaepernick and many teams decided he wasn’t a fit. His career numbers are truly below average. He wanted starters money and no one was going to give him that money. If Kaepernick were a player playing at the level of Brees, Brady, or Rodgers he could have dropped his pats and $h*t in Jed Yorks hat on the sideline and some team would have signed him. As a below average NFL QB he was going to get signed as a backup but the distraction wasn’t worth a backup role to NFL teams. If you want to call that blackballed then so be it. But let’s not pretend CK was a quality NFL starter who sacrificed his career for a social cause. He wasn’t and he didn’t.

        And Trump is not my hero. He’s a morally bankrupt charlatan with reprehensible character. And he’s still better than someone as vile and disgusting as Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton.

    3. Kaepernick didn’t get benched. He was dealing with a setback from offseason shoulder surgery. Once he was fully healthy he became the starter.

        1. Thanks for sharing. That actually goes right along with what I wrote.

          That was in December. His protest began in August. He didn’t start protesting because he was benched. Your Republican nature is shining through here.

          Yes. Kaepernick got benched against Chicago. Kaepernick was also the starting QB the following week. Once he returned from injury in week 6 he started every game.

          If you are going to try and rewrite history at least try not to look completely ignorant.

          1. JFC, thats not what you said. You said, Kaepernick didn’t get benched. Yeah, he did – Multiple times. I was responding to your very clear statement:

            Kaepernick didn’t get benched. He was dealing with a setback from offseason shoulder surgery. Once he was fully healthy he became the starter.”

            Yes he was dealing with offseason surgery and then when he was healthy he was the starter. THEN he was benched for Blaine Gabbert after a poor performance in Chicago, you intellectually dishonest coward.

            You don’t like the Dec 2016 benching? You want to move the goalposts and tie your BS comment to his actual protest? How about the benching in November of 2015?


            Kaepernick got benched after a 2-6 start in 2015. He was pissed about it. In Feb 2016, He requested an offseason trade which was denied by the team. He wasn’t the starter in preseason games the next preseason. In August, He was pouting on the sideline and just somehow decided to protest the national anthem. Many reports at the time from Jay Glazer and others said Kaepernick was not well liked in the locker room. He was a “polarizing” figure. Pissed at management for refusing to trade him. Pissed at benching from prior season. Pissed about being the #2 QB in preseason. Pissed and isolated from teammates. Yeah the dude was sulking on the sideline and yeah that absolutely 1000% played into him sitting away from the team during the National Anthem.


            1. “He wasn’t the starter in preseason games the next preseason. In August, He was pouting on the sideline and just somehow decided to protest the national anthem.”

              I’ll repeat it since this was the part I originally responded to, Kaepernick didn’t get benched. He was dealing with a setback from offseason shoulder surgery. Once he was fully healthy he became the starter.

              That you somehow think i didn’t know he was benched in Chicago and meant that in my first sentence, that it was pouting or that he just fell into this protest is just ignorant.

              Intellectually dishonest coward? Nice one.

              1. Kaepernick got benched twice. The words “Kaepernick Benched” are actually in the headlines of both articles from Nov 2015 and Dec 2016. Kaepernick wasn’t recovering from shoulder surgery in 2015. Kaepernick was benched in 2015 because the offense scored 3 TDs in the 5 games leading up to his benching. In 2016, he did become the starter once he was fully healthy. And THEN he was benched for poor performance. The idea that Kaepernick did not get benched is utterly moronic but congratulations for sticking with your dumbassery.

              2. I was referring to 2016, you rube.

                I’m well aware of his benching in 2015 and his being benched during a pathetic performance against Chicago. Both are beside the point. I was referring to the start of the 2016 preseason.

                The protest had zero to do with any benching from the year before. but rubes like yourself use that as a shield for something else.

                Sulking? Yeah. Ok. JFC! (Is that how it’s done?)

              3. My bad JP. I thought when you typed “Kaepernick didn’t get benched” that you meant Kaepernick didn’t get benched. I didn’t realize you actually meant Kaepernick didn’t get benched between August and October 2016. I can’t believe I totally missed the crystal clear date qualifiers you so brilliantly laid out in your statement “Kaepernick didn’t get benched.”

                And now I see your point that Kaepernick wasn’t upset about being asked politely not to take snaps during a few games in 2015. I’m sure requesting a trade in Feb 2016 was really the result of Kaepernick’s desire to move away from the harsh Bay Area climate. I’m sure that trade request being denied had nothing whatsoever to do with Kaepernicks behavior in the locker room and sidelines in the next few months.

                And Rube. Ha. Good one. I see what you did there. Houston = Rube = uneducated country bumpkin. That’s funny and not in the least bit elitist and condescending. I guess being born and raised in Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park doesn’t shield one from being labeled as a “rube” when you move to the energy capital of America and the 5th largest metro area in the US which is much much larger than the Bay Area. It’s so true only rubes would live in an area with high income, low cost of living, and incredible housing opportunities. Total rube thing to do so yeah – ya got me.

              4. No sweat. Glad it was worked out. I’ll make sure to spell it out more clearly next time for the cucks such as yourself.

            2. In fact, it was the 3rd week of the 2016 when Kaepernick’s sitting became national news. He’d done it the previous 2 weeks as well without it really being noticed.

              The only reason that is of any note is that this was the game in which he was finally physically cleared to play.

            3. i disagree with your comment about not being well liked in the locker room. i believe he was voted the Len Eshmont award in 2016. I have never heard of any teammate or coach that ever said anything negative about him. Quite the contrary.

              i understand that a lot of people are upset with his protest, but that was his right. Just as it is a fan’s right to be angry with that stance. However, he didn’t break any laws – he didn’t get convicted for dog fighting, he didn’t get convicted for domestic violence. He didn’t do anything “wrong” – just something that a lot of people disagreed with.

              It has nothing to do with whether or not he can play. i would just like to see him get a chance. The same chance that was afforded to guys like Michael Vick. Especially since CK is still young enough to be considered in his prime.

              Either he is an NFL caliber player or he isn’t.

              it would be really simple if, “in a perfect world” as the author suggests, he just got a fair chance to compete and we could all see once and for all, what he can do. Arguments that he is “no good” or would be a distraction as a back up don’t mean anything. They are merely opinions.

              It just does not make any sense to me that out of 32 teams, nobody is willing to have him come in as an UDFA, on a minimum veteran salary, and either make the team or not.

              As i recall in his last season, he got better every game he played, as he recovered from his 3 off-season surgeries.

              Also, that NFL tryout “offer” in the middle of the season with unusual waiver language in it was a joke.

              I watched the very lengthy video of his own work out session that he had to resort to and he looked very good and in great shape.

              Also, something that I never see written about is in regards to his one word answers to post game interviews, etc. Namely, Coach Harbaugh started doing that first.

              I remember reading numerous articles and watching many Harbaugh interviews at that time regarding this – Harbaugh trying to promote an us against the world attitude for the whole team.

              This was not the case in CK’s interviews previously.

              This was also right around the time that CK was wrongly accused of a sexual assault at a hotel. Turned out it was some insane fan, CK was not even there, his 2 teammates that were there called the cops and she was hauled away. This got a huge amount of press at the time, and next to no coverage of the debunking.

              I understood exactly were he was coming from, and would have felt the same way when i was in my early 20’s (or even now, but especially in my early 20’s). I’m going to take my lead from my head coach – these reporters can’t be trusted – they are the enemy.

              Some time after Harbaugh was gone, he got a lot better and if i recall correctly, turned many post game interviews into dual interviews with Frank Gore by his side.

              It would be very interesting to hear what Harbaugh would have to say on this topic. I wish someone would ask him.

              Harbaugh, Alex Smith, and numerous others that have a much better informed opinion than any fan have stated that they can’t believe he isn’t at least being given a chance.

              Sorry for the length, just had a lot to express – i’ll shut up now.

              1. Brad, 2 things:

                1. Multiple reports at the time indicated there were severe locker room divisions and most of it centered around Colin Kaepernick. Take that for whatever you want.

                2. Colin Kaepernick kneeling for the national anthem is not a free speech issue. He didn’t break any laws but he did offend millions of Americans. Any employer has a right to limit free speech of their employees. The 49ers and the NFL would have been perfectly within their rights to fine and even terminate Colin Kaepernick for actions that may hurt their brand. Look at it this way, if a Fed Ex delivery driver showed up to work with a swastika tattooed on his forehead does he have the free speech rights to display that tattoo while in a Fed Ex uniform? No he doesn’t. Fed Ex is well within their rights to terminate that employee. Colin Kaepernick is free to express himself however he wishes but that doesn’t mean his employer is required to employ him if his actions harm the business. It was not Colin’s “right” to protest while wearing a 49ers uniform. For me, the “protest” was more of an employment issue and how the league chose to handle it than a free speech issue.

          2. Colin was benched in 2015. He then chose to sit in 2016 preseason.

            Eric Garner and Michael Brown were killed in 2014. Why did it take him 2 years to make this decision?

    4. ‘Kaep stole a former team mate’s girl friend.’
      No. She broke up with Aldon, and he acted like an immature brat who could not handle rejection. In fact. Aldon was an alcoholic who drove drunk, so he did not care about anybody but himself. Thank God he did not kill anyone.
      Kaep did not steal anything. She was fleeing a dysfunctional dumpster fire, and Aldon’s life history is not one of a choir boy. I am not giving Aldon any sympathy for mean ol’ Kaep ‘stealing’ the love of his life. She broke it off, because she saw the type of person Aldon was. People who take Aldon’s side over Kaep’s, are just enabling bad behavior.

        1. I thought they were professional athletes, not some college fraternity.
          If a minor failed love affair can upset a team, imagine what the opposition can do.
          If they are more worried about who is sleeping with whom, maybe they need to grow up and start acting like mature adults.
          Aldon goes ballistic? What else is new? He was an accident waiting to happen. Supporting drunks just enable them. Too bad Baalke chose Aldon, when JJ Watt was drafted 4 players later.

        2. Right on Houston!
          Nessa should have taken care of the drunk .
          What kind of a woman wouldn’t want to be with a violent drunk and get arrested.
          Your GF?

          1. Wow. Total dick comment Razor. I didn’t say Nessa should have stayed with Aldon. Thats not remotely close to the point I made. I did say that what Colin Kaepernick did was horribly wrong. Here is a teammate/former teammate obviously going through a serious personal crisis including substance abuse and Colin decided it was time to move in on someone Aldon obviously cared about. Aldon’s life is falling apart and Colin’s only concern was where he was going to take Nessa on a date. I mean, would you do that to a friend/teammate? IMO that is morally reprehensible. From a Jay Glazer report after an Aldon Smith hit and run incident:

            “This morning, an independent source confirmed what I was told a few weeks ago: that a significant divide has formed in the locker room, and a large number of Colin Kaepernick’s teammates have turned on him. While it’s unclear whether his recent poor performance plays a role, I’ve been told by more than one person that Kaepernick’s relationship with Nessa, and his fallout with Smith, are to blame. The source said that many of the players simply don’t like Kaepernick.”

            1. There was more drama over the Alex/Kaep controversy. Players took sides over that matter, so that is the more plausible reason some did not like him. Then there is the offense versus defense. Of course defensive linemen would support Aldon. Too bad they failed him miserably by not being a good enough support network, so Aldon did not have to drink himself blind. They knew he came to practices drunk, or hung over, and enabled him.
              I have been hard on Nessa, and have even called her a Delilah. Kaep has taken bad advice from her, and she has piloted and influenced his social awareness, and fashion statements. Too bad she also steps in it, posting a Django picture about the Ravens, just before a tryout was cancelled.
              However, it seems like they are in a loving, committed relationship, that has lasted for years. I do not like her, but Kaep obviously does, so I am supportive of more love in this world.
              They- ‘Simply don’t like Kaepernick.’ The Oakland A’s fought like cats and dogs, but then went out on the field and won World Series. Are you implying they purposely failed, just to make Kaep look bad? Are you implying that they disliked Kaep so much, they refused to try to win?
              Hmmm, no wonder the O linemen acted like turnstiles, and the receivers had stone hands.

            2. Houston has the thought ever entered your mind that Nessa wanted OUT of that abusive relationship?
              Has it ever occured to you that Nessa has a mind of her own?
              Do you even think women should be allowed to make decisions for their own good?
              Do you think it is even remotely possible that Colin ‘rescued’ her and helped her get out of a dysfunctional relation?
              So far you’ve suggested that Nessa should’ve waited for Aldon to dump her before she can be with someone else.
              Are you just a male chauvinistic pig who considers men to be in charge of women???

              1. Dee, I’ve already responded to this in detail. It’s a few comments above. Read it. I have no problem with Nessa living her life. I think Colin Kaepernick is a major dbag for going after a teammate and friends gf/ex gf while that teammate is going thru a personal crisis. I wouldn’t do that to someone I didn’t like much less someone that was supposedly a friend/teammate. Apparently. you would. That makes you a colossal ahole.

              2. I was afraid that you wouldn’t get it even if it is spelled out right in front of you. To you women are just cattle. We all got to huddle around poor little Aldon who can’t put the bottle down and has a crisis . Even as he is ruining the lives of people around him, poor guy is the ONLY ONE who is important, because poor little boy has a personal crisis. Very personal.
                We just ignore the fact that Nessa has to clean up after him even though she is in a very vulnerable position with a violent, gun-toting drunk.
                Nessa has got to take one for the team and should wait until Aldon beats the living daylights out of her.
                I commend CK for giving her a safe place and treating her like a woman!
                But for you it’s like Razor said: ‘the good ole boys got to stick together’, especially in times of ignorance!
                That makes you a “colossal ahole”.

            3. Houston, you’ve got a problem with my secret admirer’s dick not mine.

              I don’t date my friends ex’s and I sure as hell wouldn’t date a teammate’s ex. I don’t care how bad she wanted it. Too many fish in the sea to jeopardize an otherwise healthy relationship(s)….

              1. I was just going to tell Houston, that probably wasn’t you. I know your style and that comment had liberal fingerprints all over it.

              2. Looking forward to seeing you this August Dave. Hopefully we’ll have some training camp reports to go over. Ha!

              3. Good ole boys stick together UC, right or wrong!
                When the looting starts, the shooting starts.
                No more dicking around.

              4. I have a VA appointment I believe the 12th of August, I have to be at Indy the 20th. Not sure if either one is going to happen (: I have to see you before as after Indy I am going to hibernate for two weeks make sure I don’t spread anything if for some reason I caught it. If I have any kind of sniffles or there is a ‘huge’ spike in Indy I am not going. Trying to use common sense while still leading a life.

                I watch very little TV how are the rioters doing your way? The ones here are weak, Eugene, Salem and Portland are still standing.

              5. You know what Razor, its their homes and business they are destroying, where they live – let em, its the liberal towns that are getting the worst of it screw it let em. Now what was the name of that guy that got killed!!

  5. 2017 was the season Collin Kaepernick would have had his best chance to start learning his craft. With each succeeding season, his chances have diminished. He was denied that chance for political reasons driven by the guy hiding in the basement of the White House with the lights out last night.

    1. So ht, your contention is that Colin Kaepernick spent 6 seasons in the NFL. He finished playing for the 49ers in 2016. Only after those 6 seasons did Kaepernick have “his best chance to start learning his craft.” And the person who denied Kaepernick the opportunity to learn his craft was…. Donald Trump.

      I mean. Wow. I’ve read some dumb stuff in my life but thats got to be top 10. I just.. Wow. I mean… Wow. You are not a serious person.

      1. I’ve read some dumb stuff in my life but thats got to be top 10.

        Top #1 has to be some rambling about some Israeli anti-coronavirus vaccine due out in a few weeks that would take care of this hoax. Now, who was behind that? And you have the f-ing gall to label anyone not serious?

        1. Ribs, WTH are you talking about? Yeah, ht is blaming Donald Freaking Trump for Colin Kaepernick not playing in 2017 and thereafter. That’s absolutely moronic.

          1. IDK Hous, you tell me. You wrote this madness.

            Houston 9er says:
            February 28, 2020 at 10:56 am

            Yeah, you guys might get your wish. A global financial depression spurred on by panic over a pandemic. Once the vaccine is produced by Israel in a couple weeks and the deaths due to Coronavirus match a Saturday afternoon at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Los Angeles then that’ll show the voters who to vote for. Keep screaming chicken little. You may get the panic and horrific impact to every Americans retirement plan that your hoping for to win an election. Great job, Adolf.

            Yeah, I went back and pulled a post from February because it def ranks in the top 10 of idiocy ever posted here

            1. Dude, I am in your head so bad. Can’t believe you went back and found that comment. That greatly amuses me. Weird how this global pandemic crisis has been totally forgotten so people can stand shoulder to shoulder marching down the street. I guess maybe this whole pandemic thing wasn’t so serious after all. Right, Ribs. Maybe now businesses can open and the 30M people who lost their jobs can actually pay their rent and feed their families.

              1. “Weird how this global pandemic crisis has been totally forgotten so people can stand shoulder to shoulder marching down the street.”

                My sediments exactly and a whole host of others here in Oregon. Its damn funny isn’t it. They are shrieking about how awful how terrible this thing is and one of the best things to fight it is spatial distancing and they throw it right out the window. Bunch of BS.

              2. Rib, The Scump has made ‘Ignorance is truth’ his slogan.
                All you are seeing is the true nature of what Scump has unleashed.
                At least we know what they are thinking, they’re not hiding their ignorance anymore, they flaunt it….

              3. Dude, I am in your head so bad. Can’t believe you went back and found that comment.

                No, I had just remembered it as being one of the all time asinine things ever posted here. All-time. And that says a lot.

                Weird how this global pandemic crisis has been totally forgotten so people can stand shoulder to shoulder marching down the street.

                Not forgotten here. I’m just as aghast at those blue state visuals as the ones of those morons crowding cheek to jowl into Lake of Ozarks, the fat asses plopping their fat asses into NC speedway grandstands and other red state magat enclaves. We are going to paying for this, deeply, in a few weeks. It turns out stupid can be cured. Permanently.

                Bunch of BS.

                At least most are wearing masks. But social distancing? Forget about it.

              4. BTW houston. How is that Israeli vaccine, available weeks ago, working out for you? Do you take it orally, with a Lysol chaser?

            2. Rib , don’t forget Houston has personal knowledge when it comes to the Nessa-affair, something that happened years ago to somebody else! Of course you must be wrong to remember something outrageous that was written to you only a few months ago…

      2. No one learned much during the 2014-2016 49er seasons, and Kaepernick started the 2016 season with extremely low body weight that was never explained that I know about. Those years were Alex Smith’s 2005-2010 like craziness all over again.

        Alex Smith, Drew Brees and Steve Young are three quarterbacks out of many that learned their job later in their carriers. Kaepernick probably had no chance to reach their level, but the President of The United States took it upon himself to order that he be fired. Right Now!

        What’s your problem?

        1. « Kaepernick started the 2016 season with extremely low body weight that was never explained »

          The reports at the time were that he had become a vegan prior to the 2016 season which led to the reduced weight.

        2. His weight loss (20 lbs) was due to the 3 off season surgeries that he had and the related recovery time. This was actually pretty fully reported upon. Knee, shoulder and RIGHT thumb. I strongly believe that those injuries were why his 2015 season was poor. I can’t see how they wouldn’t have effected his play.

          There were many articles written at that time regarding his recovery and continuing efforts to regain strength, etc.

          As he recovered from the surgeries, and was able to play again, i thought he played better and better as the 2016 season progressed. I believe the stats bear this out.

          I really hope that he can just get a tryout as an UDFA – i can’t believe that he isn’t good enough to play on some team somewhere. He was such a phenomenal athlete. i would just like to see him play once again – hopefully to his old level of abilities.

      3. Houston,
        I really don’t care if you called me “dumb” or “really not a serious person” I don’t give a damn if you paint anyone else here with those phrases but HT deserves a little more respect than that. His age alone, along with his life experiences deserve respectful behavior. Not your respect that only comes with real knowledge of the person but just respectful behavior. It doesn’t weaken your stance at all to be respectful. If Ht or anyone else here attacks you then come out guns a blazing if that makes you feel good but just because your opinions differ does not make him dumb or not a serious person.

        1. Thanks. You are a gift that I’m proud to debate with on rare occasions.

          As for age, a lot of us are at a disadvantage dealing with covid-19.

          It’s a big boat. Stay safe.

  6. 1. Kap’s downfall was that he could never find secondary and tertiary targets and D coordinators took away the option in the read-option.
    2. I do believe that he is better than a lot of the the QBs who played the last three years and he deserved a chance with another team … Broncos, Jags , Cards before Murray .
    3. As far as the protest goes, his intentions seem pretty genuine. Recall that his protest was peaceful and silent. He initially sat on the bench during the anthem and when the media made a stink he migrated to the knee.

    1. You might say that Kaepernick didn’t complete enough amazing passes and missed too many easy ones. He drove me crazy at times, and provided a ton of fun other times.

      1. HT,
        I agree if you go back to 2012 or 13 he was something else. He would make some of the greatest throws into some of the smallest windows and then…… He was not good. I don’t believe it was his work ethic or that defenses caught up with him, I just think he crawled inside his own head and never came out. He just couldn’t pull the trigger anymore. imho

          1. People got amazed by his Monday Night game vs the Bears and then he was average for pretty much the rest of the season.

            vs CHi 16/23 69% 243 yds 2 TD 0 INT 1 Sk (W)
            vs NO 16/25 64% 231 yds 1 TD 1 INT 0 Sk (W)
            vs StL 21/32 65% 208 yds 0 TD 0 INT 3 Sk (L)
            vs Mia 18/23 78% 185 yds 0 TD 0 INT 4 Sk (W)
            vs NE 14/25 56% 221 yds 4 TD 1 INT 1 Sk (W)
            vs Sea 19/36 52% 244 yds 1 TD 1 INT 1 Sk (L)
            vs Az 16/28 57% 276 yds 2 TD 1 Int 1 Sk (W)

            2 games with 0 TDs, and 2 games with 1 TD but 1 INT to offset.

            These stats were not good enough for him to stay the starter. 62% comp, 1800 yards, 10 TDs, 3 INts,

            Compare that to Smiths stats for the same year : 70% comp, 1700 yards, 13 TDs, 5 Ints

            Everyone claiming that CK was this bolt of energy in the offense…he really wasn’t.

            When you look at CKs stats the following years, its a lot of the same, he’ll have a game or two with big numbers, like opener vs GB where he had 400 yards and 3 TDs, then follow it up with 127, 150, 167, 113, 252, 199, 164, 91, 127, 235, 275, 175, 203, 197, 310. In 16 games he didn’t break 200 yards passing 10 times. Didn’t pass 250 yards 12 times. And its not like his rushing was all that great in thos games either, he never once broke 100 yards, only 4 times did he pass even 50 yards, his best rushing game was against the seahawks, a loss of 29-3, where he passed for 127, 0 TDs, 3 INTs and 87 yards rushing. Thats AWFUL.

  7. It seems that any team signing Kaepernick at this juncture would be pure hypocrisy.
    His presence in Minnesota (or any possible team) smacks of a sacrificial lamb in the hopes of quelling the violence. Not sure that Kaep would go that route.

    1. I respectfully disagree.
      It would be a great move for the NFL teams to give Kaep a fair tryout, with cameras. Does not mean they are obligated to sign him, but he should have a chance to compete.
      Personally, I think Kaep is better than any unproven rookie, so the Bengals, Dolphins and Chargers may be good teams to let Kaep try out. He may be better than Jarrett Stidham, Gardner Minshew, Mitchell Trubisky, Dwayne Haskins, Daniel Jones, Teddy Bridgewater, Phillip Rivers, Sam Darnold and Drew Lock. Those teams could easily give Kaep a try out, if they truly want to win, and would do everything in their power to have the best player win the starting job.
      I agree, Minnesota would be just a PR stunt.

        1. Dang, I thought you PROMISED to leave and never come back. Got lonely?
          Of course, welchers never keep their word.

  8. I’m a 49er fan 4 life and a Kap fan during his early years with the team. I wanted to see him succeed just wasn’t too happy with org and HC not allowing Asmith finish the season, but at the same time I appreciated those big games he won for the 49ers. But he declined over his tenure with the 49ers. . I will never forget those last games he solidified his one read status, not only was it frustrating it was just plain abuse of my eyes. I actually shed a tear once seeing my 49er QB horrible play against AZ. That game where he threw like 2 – 3 int in the first quarter was a memory to be forgotten.

    He had no interest in protesting anything when he was in college, a starter and an NFL star. He became disgruntled when he started getting criticism for his play, getting benched and a political awakening of his GF.

    I think he is absolutely right about how the police treat people of color.

    But I think he is an imperfect vehicle for that message because it was really his decline in play, combined with being more focused on minority social justice than studying to win games, that led NFL teams not to want to sign him. Also NFL owners (not the NFL org) fear of white supremacist / Racist fans, naive fans, uneducated fans, Good white people who remained silent in the face of injustice, discouraged any chance of bringing him in.

    Also, I use to think protesting the flag and the anthem were ineffective, Those few minutes when the anthem plays are like a min memorial day, 4th of July, and veteran’s day where you pay respect and gratitude to the sacrifice of others so that you can watch or play a game.

    I had no idea lots of white+black+brown young adults were fed up of the racial injustice in the country. You can see the fumbling of Fox news and the repubs trying so hard to blame Obama, Mayors, Governors and liberals in general…they even labelled ANTIFA a terrorist org……There is no freaking ANTIFA, there is no leader, no organization, no website, no office…..just another b.s lie they feed white Americans to make them feel fake safe……

    …this is just a bunch of kids taking advantage of the chaos….they actually call it being LIT……the funny part is Trump hiding in a bunker and complaining Obama never cleaned the bunker….

    Back to Kap. some like me would say he could have protested in another way, like wearing a black armband or protest tshirt during every warm up and talk more to the media……i will even go further like tattoo social justice on his forehead(tattoos on faces seem to be the big thing this days)…..despite NFL fines,….the fines would probably have made the NFL look ugly… …

    But then again he was horrible on the field …so his protests would have been easily discredited by white supremacis and his haters…..and use his bad play to scream affirmative action or deny the world to hear the voices of the oppressed.

    At the end of the day, I give credit when it’s due….At some point Kap gave life to the voices of the oppressed and all the white supremacists were not happy and people like me who support Police Reform was not willing to over look his bad play on his field.

    Well AMERICA is going to have to listen now.

    His name would forever be in the American history books for starting the conversation on the use of Police FORCE on innocent tax paying citizens…….I mean you see on TV in multiple states Police officers kneeling with protesters😲, finally realizing there is a bully culture of misconduct they have to address in their precints, you see police chiefs forced to communicate with the communities they serve and protect, you see the good police coming out and condemning the injustice to Floyd, you see the repubs and Fox news narrative crumbling because they cant blame Black LIVE matters or be insensitive to what the voices of the oppressed are saying….. instead they blame ANTIFA a bunch white kids with skateboards😂😂 = that is credit to Kap..

    1. the funny part is Trump hiding in a bunker and complaining Obama never cleaned the bunker….

      Great oneliner!

    2. To oneniner: Antifa is not an organization??? Are you kidding? It is a George Soros funded terrorist organization if ever there was one. Soros is paying for those pallets of bricks being dropped off in cities for these thugs to toss through window and bash innocent people’s heads. Explain that one.

      1. Explain that one.

        Soros funded? Pallets of bricks being dropped off in cities? The only explanation is that “Andy Wilson” is an unhinged lunatic.

          1. Truck driver: “I’m from the Soros Organization, got your pallet of bricks right here. Where do you want them dropped off?”

            Lol, yeah right

          1. why don’t you care about this twitter story.

            Twitter said the white supremacist group Identity Evropa used one fake account, @Antifa_US, to call for violence in majority white suburbs, in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement.

          1. How come fox news is not reporting this?

            Everyone knows white supremacists are the #1 threat to America.

            Thank God for mobile video cameras showing the world the truth.

    3. The notion that an organization requires a designated ‘leader’, a physical office, and a website is so 20th century. I have my doubts about the degree to which ANTIFA exists as a singular entity rather than a loose philosophical collective, but distributed social organizations in the social media era not only exist, they may become the norm for social organizations in the next few decades. Indeed, many of the newer fringe right wing groups do not fit the brick-and-mortar era idea of an organization as they too lack some of the hallmarks of traditional organizations, such as identifiable leaders and offices. And the ‘hacker group’ (both terms probably misnomers) Anonymous also is not an organization in the traditional sense, but a network of individuals with overlapping goals who operate largely independently to further a collective agenda. Or in other words, a distributed organization.

      In the era of social media, in-person rallies and bombastic leaders are not necessary to promote action among like-minded people. Suggestions in the right places and with the right content markers will do the trick. And anyone who fails to understand that the U.S. social activism of the 2020s, right or left in persuasion, will increasingly follow distributed organizational models instead of traditional organizational models should probably go ahead and get your rockers and canes ready so you can sit in the former and shake the latter at all these ‘kids’ using their ‘doodads’ to encourage each other to action rather than listening to the old codgers talk about the way it used to be done (and yeah, I’ll be there in my rocker too, but I’ll be trying to explain the ‘kids’ and their ‘doodads’ to all my codger friends). ;-)

      1. ANTIFA from my knowledge are a bunch of white kids with skateboards, you always see them with backpacks and facemask……Those kids that show up when the World leaders get together. They are mostly in that Oregon, Seattle areas…..fighting against capitalism or something related to economic injustice.

        ANTIFA has killed 0 american citizens, while the KKK and multiple white supremacists has killed HUNDRED, THOUSANDS and counting……

        Guess who the moron labelled a Terror Organization.

  9. Gil Brandt says Kinlaw has no weaknesses.

    Kittle’s agent says he deserves a special contract and trusts that the 49ers will take care of him. Says there are smart people in the 49ers brass, and that they’ll figure it out.

  10. The “Stop killing unarmed people” movement was front and center in my consciousness long before CK was ever drafted into the NFL. The crux of the matter is not just ROE, but fire discipline. We Marines had better fire discipline in Hue than some local PDs have in American cities today. I didn’t need CK’s leadership or advocacy on that subject. If the country’s collective awareness did, then the country was really slow on the uptake. It was, and some still don’t get it, especially the Bigot-In-Chief.
    CK regressed as a player. Greg Roman suffered slings and arrows as the OC, but he did his best to try and help CK succeed, to no avail. Now Roman is OC for a New Age QB who is the reigning MVP. If Colin can’t read defenses, maybe it’s on Colin.

    1. My job, as a crew member, in 1956 was to obliterate a Russian target if a war started. In September I left SAC (no one really leaves SAC) to start college all over again. One sunny day, dressed in my old fatigue jacket and needing a hair cut, I was rousted by an officer down town for starting across the street on a yellow light. Two guys in suits went on across but I was stopped.

      I started to say something to the officer and wham, I got his hardest stare. I knew instantly that if I had been in uniform with wings on my chest and bars on my collar, or in an ordinary suit and tie, that cop would have never said a word. If cloths and a little hair make that much difference, what the hell does skin color do.

      In the intervening years, San Jose has had more than it’s share of “dead by police action while wearing darker skin.”

      These days I really need a haircut all over again.

      1. ht,

        I remember my father, an officer in SAC, stationed at Vandenberg during the Cuban missile crisis, got a big kick out of the pitched battle between USAF and Army forces under the “Peace is our profession” banner in Dr. Strangelove.

  11. Gil Brandt has been the “go to” voice for identifying talent for around 50+ years.
    If he see’s something special in Kinlaw as 49ers Faithful we can hang on his word.

    Kittle is an intriguing case. Due to cap implications the team absorbed with Dee Ford and Alexander, they will need to be incredibly creative if they want Kittle long term.

    If the NFL determines that the season will be played without fans in stadiums, that may financially limit many teams from forking out big contracts for the next couple of seasons.
    If this happens, will players like Kittle and others seeking to get PAID ease up on their asking price?

    1. His agent says being paid as the top TE is a non-starter. That might mean a creative trade if he holds out. If he wants $20 million a year then he’s gone. Probably two 1st’s and some change. Personally I wouldn’t go any higher than $13.5 million a year, but maybe the 49ers are comfortable at say $15 million. Anything over that would seem fiscally irresponsible on the part of management…

      1. He’s not getting 20 mil regardless.
        The real sticking point will be the guaranteed money and that will be a bit tricky given his play style and the injuries he likely will accrue.
        SF could easily “overpay” him if they were allowed opt out clauses every year.

        1. 5 years @ $67.5 million with $35 million in guarantees. That’s a very fair contract. If he holds out with that offer on the table I’d have to think Lynch will come to the same conclusion he did regarding Buckner….

  12. Pardon me if you have heard this all before, but Kaep, if given a fair chance to compete, could start for at least 12 teams. It all comes down to- do they want to win so much, that they will sign Kaep, or are they content to possibly lose without him.
    One example of a QB that was considered washed up, but then won SBs, is Jim Plunkett. With enough talent surrounding him, he achieved greatness. Kaep could do the same thing.
    While Kaep had a SB team, he was 5 yards from winning one, and the next season, one pass from returning. After Baalke dismantled that SB team, even Joe Montana could not win, if his defense gives up 200 yards to third string RBs.
    The best landing spot may be the Patriots. Their defense is solid, and Stidham is questionable. I think Belichick wants to win so much, he would sign Kaep once Stidham falters.

  13. Trump and Fox news supporter are confused

    First they ask why are they angry?

    They can’t find who to blame Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, Obama, Democrat, Blue states, Governors, Mayors, Black lives matter, Black and Brown people, ANTIFA….

    Please feel free to add to the list………I should add Chinese virus

    All I see are Brave White young american adults being arrested…..

    This is very tough for a MAGA brain to understand….I really feel their pain

  14. All these Kaepernick haters that jumped on him AFTER he lost the SB and/or Championship are the same people who were hating on Alex Smith BEFORE Harbaugh.
    I didn’t hear anybody call CK a bad backup QB when he went to the SB.
    Razor you’re pathetic to state that 2 out of your 3 samples made it after a 3 year hiatus and therefore Kaep will fail. Trumponomics are bloviating your mind.
    We don’t know if or how Kaep will play. Many QBs get better/smarter as they age.

    1. “CK regressed as a player.”
      He actually did.
      I rooted for him. I enjoyed him. I then became disappointed in him.
      With Alex, I rooted for him. Was disappointed in him, and then enjoyed him.
      We’re fans. We’re fickle. We insist on success.

      1. I rooted for him. I enjoyed him. I then became disappointed in him.
        With Alex, I rooted for him. Was disappointed in him, and then enjoyed him.

        Same here, BT. With Alex, who doesn’t love an redemption story? That playoff win over the Saints is one of greatest moments in Niner lore.

  15. Trump didn’t get what the message was about in 2016 and he still doesn’t get it.

    Kaepernick could have been in the competition for QB here in 2017. Shanahan chose to move on. Pretty sure that Hoyer and Beathard weren’t an improvement over what we saw from Kaepernick at the end of 2016.

    Are guys like Nathan Peterman really more deserving of a shot?

    1. I don’t think Kaepernick at his best ever was a fit for Shanahan’s QB profile. If today’s Shanahan had been the new coach in 2011 would he have kept Alex Smith, and if he did, would he have replaced Alex in 2012? I think it’s in the realm of possibility that both answers would have been yes.

      1. JG showed his limitation in the SB. Due to his ACL knee, they kept him in the pocket, and did not let him roll out. Too bad the IOL allowed pressure up the middle, which directly led to his first pick.
        KC also countered by having the pass rushers clog up the passing lanes, with a hand up in the air to bat down the ball. I think they did it 4 times.
        Hopefully, JG’s knee is fully healthy, and they will allow JG to roll out more. Moving the pocket means they will be less predictable.
        KS is content to have an accurate QB who can stay healthy by delivering the ball from the pocket. His main job is to get the ball into the hands of his playmakers. Now, KS is seeing QBs like Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, who can use their mobility to elude the pass rush, and buy time to let his receivers get open. Additionally, having the threat to run with the ball puts additional stress on the defense. Mobile, dual threat QBs are the wave of the future. Kaep was not the first, and he certainly will not be the last.
        These protests show that Kaep was right from the beginning, and he should be allowed to at least try out for a team with QB questions. Minnesota may want to give Kaep a job to help quell the anger, but they have Cousins, so they are set at QB. There are at least 8 NFL teams with big question marks at QB.

      2. I don’t know about that HT. When I watch the 49ers at their best the last couple years it’s usually when the offense is running the ball well with play action off that, moving the QB around, etc. Stuff that is very similar to what we saw from 2011-2014.

        Until Garoppolo got here the offense was not good, and having Kaepernick on that roster wouldn’t have kept them from making to move to acquire him.

        1. I’m flexible so I agree that Shanahan would have still been looking for someone else if Shanahan had started in 2011. Fantasy football. Now he’s looking for better long balls.

    2. Jack,
      Why not? Peterson deserves a chance as does Kaepernick. And if Peterson does not make a team because of his short comings, so should Kaepernick.
      Remember that comments like “remedial” and “regressed” were being used to describe CK a couple of years before Kaep took a knee.

      So while I was among the first here at the time to say that Kaep was being blackballed, I also referenced that he was not the same QB that we witnessed in 2012 and part of 2013.

      CK deserves a shot, but unlike last year when he threw a wrench on the day that the NFL set up for him to perform, he needs to take advantage of such opportunities.

      1. Peterman sucks. Completion rate of 52%, 3 touchdowns to 12 picks and a career QB rating of 32.5. He can’t even hold Kaepernick’s jock.

        I don’t disagree that Kaepernick is remedial by NFL standards and regressed in 2014 on. Even a remedial and regressed Kaepernick is a better backup QB than a large number of what we see getting signed to that role currently.

        1. Jack,
          I’ve always said that Kaepernick should get an opportunity to play again.
          But some chances have been given only to be botched by he himself.
          Baltimore – he didn’t want to be a backup.
          The NFL scheduled a day with CK and head coaches to meet with him and watch him perform and he changed the venue without contacting coaches who showed up at the planned site.

          I get the idea that he’s confused whether he’s really interested in playing again. Teams must feel the same way.

          I’ve always stood in support with Kaep’s stance even when it wasn’t vogue on this blog, but if he is truly serious about playing it would behoove not to come back expecting to implement his own terms.

          1. The NFL wasn’t acting in good faith with that “try out” which is why it ended up falling apart. There were a number of top level NFL reporters who shared the details on this.

            1. Jack,
              If I was Kaepernick, I would have worked out anyway. I don’t recall the NFL ever setting up an individual workout for a player during the season. I’m sure that coaches that had games the following day would rather have been prepping instead of coming out to see a workout. These kind of opportunities don’t come along every year, Kaep swung and missed.

              1. It was a publicity stunt for the NFL and there weren’t going to be any coaches or decision makers present for the very reason you stated.

              2. The language of the workout waiver may have waived not only workout related injuries, as is standard in such waivers, but also any labor related causes of action he may have had against the league or individual teams, even those not in attendance. I read the waiver at the time and discussed that here. I also indicated I would not have advised a client to sign such a waiver, although that probably was not the best decision if he wanted to play football. The NFL had nothing to lose from the workout, but the terms of the waiver put Kap in a no-win situation unless he was signed. And as I believe I also mentioned here before, the whole deal, on both sides, had the stink of lawyers all over it. ;-)

    3. Pretty sure that Hoyer and Beathard weren’t an improvement over what we saw from Kaepernick at the end of 2016.

      I disagree Kap was worse……

  16. Peaceful Protesters dispersed with Tear Gas so Trump could pose in front of the Church with a Bible ……

    “He did not pray,” said Mariann E. Budde, the Episcopal bishop of Washington. “He did not mention George Floyd, he did not mention the agony of people who have been subjected to this kind of horrific expression of racism and white supremacy for hundreds of years.”

    “I bring rage out,” he said. “I always have.”

    Today, 50 months later, America is burning. These are the wages of Trump’s hate-filled incumbency.

    In his inaugural address, he vowed an end to “American carnage.” In his acceptance speech, he promised a fast end to the “violence in our streets and the chaos in our communities.”

    This dark view of the country was largely a fabrication, a political device. Four years later, Trump has made real the apocalyptic vision of America he imagined then.

      1. The heart of America has had a measure of hatred since the first slave ship arrived on our shores. The division of white and black people was created over two hundred years ago and has cascaded and overlapped countless US presidents. You could pin this on one man all you want, but in doing so, you continue to blind yourself to an American history of racism and hate. And this hatred doesn’t only apply to black Americans, but many people of color.

        What has happened over the past week is a heart issue that has been around longer than Trump. Until Americans change the cultural divide and yes, the racial social distancing that has gripped our country for much too long, we will continue to witness the rage and its aftermath many times over.
        The power to change the world for the better should begin with ourselves, not the white house. We cop out as individuals when we leave it to the politicians.

        1. We cop out as individuals when we leave it to the politicians.

          AES, what’s the use in having leaders, elected of otherwise, if they aren’t going to provide…leadership. Or leadership devolved into threats. I never pegged you as anarchist.

          1. He isn’t an anarchist, Rib you distort everything, every possible way, you did it when you consistently and relentlessly attacked your fellow liberal and more importantly a Niner fan Seb, and you do it too Razor now AES. AES is very moderate in his views he is like most of us independents that lean a certain direction but not afraid to go the other way when its correct to do so. He is no anarchist, that makes you look stupid.

          2. Rib,
            With all due respect, racism and hate has been around for two centuries. As a person of color, I am all to familiar with the effects of racism. I can’t put the blame on one person or one administration when I’ve seen this going on for my nearly 7 decades.

            Does Trump have a big mouth and untactful use of delivering his thoughts? Yes. I’ve never debated that on here. But to blame him or any other president (Obama also had a riot on his watch) for a historic deep seeded issue and not look at the man in the mirror first, is as I say, a cop out.

            1. AES, in the midst of a national cataclysm, most Americans look to their leaders to provide salve, inspiration, hope, some sort of indication that while things look bleak, our better angels will prevail. That’s part of their job, their f-ing duty, as a nationally elected leader. Clinton did it. GWB did it. Obama did it. Trump is the first President in my memory that has used his pulpit to fan divisiveness, authoritative bluster, instead of comfort in the face of such a cataclysm. It’s a cop out to not hold this President accountable for this massive dereliction of duty and retreat with a wimpy “it’s all on us”. Yeah, of course it is. But are we going to be a nation of 300 million, each going our own way? Or should we hold out hope for some direction?

              (and undercenter, how did that “individual” direction work out when you were in the armed forces?)

              1. “Trump is the first President in my memory that has used his pulpit to fan divisiveness.”

                Is this the reason why you can call a person you don’t know an anarchist?
                There are many forms of divisiveness, using this kind of term certainly qualifies as one in my book.
                Presumptions and preconceptions of a person that you only know on a blog is a small microcosm of what has hurt this country on a much larger scale for two hundred years.
                I was tought that every perspective is to be respected even if you are diametrically opposed.
                I find it hypocritical that those who clamor the loudest about divisiveness are the ones doing the name calling.
                “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” – Jesus

              2. It’s a cop out to not hold this President accountable for this massive dereliction of duty and retreat with a wimpy “it’s all on us”.

                @Aes why do you refuse to hold Trump accountable?

          3. Rib,
            You can call me anything you want. My values and moral compass begins at home. It isn’t influenced by you, the white house, the media or any world leader.
            Calling a person of color that has lived with a culture of hatred an anarchist is beyond me, but I won’t hold against you bud. It’s not in my heart to do so.

            1. AES, you are right. Please accept my apologies for my intemperate name calling. In some of my extended friendship circles, the anarchist label would actually be considered a compliment, but I was wrong to use it in this context and in your direction.

              1. Great. Looking forward to when we all can direct our rage and hatred to a common foe. Seahawks and their annoying fans!

        2. “Sons of bitches”


          Using smoke bombs, tear gas, rubber bullets on peaceful protesters to stage a photo op.

          That’s on 1 man.

          Yes, it will take all of us working together to make a change. And that starts at the top with the proper message.

          Not the rhetoric that we’ve seen come out of that house for the last 3 1/2 years. The escalation that we’ve seen in the US since January is a direct result of leadership that has been derelict of its duties.

          1. The escalation that we’ve seen in the US since January is a direct result of leadership that has been derelict of its duties.

            Surely that must include the democratically held governors of Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Washington….

            1. You mean the ones that stepped into the coronavirus breach after the WH basically said f-you, you’re on your own?

              Trump’s reluctance to serve as what he calls a “shipping clerk” has left some governors incredulous.

              “It’s absolutely maddening,” Governor Jay Inslee, a Washington Democrat, told us. “It’s like being in World War II and not getting the federal government to manufacture boots … It’s very difficult to understand. I liken it to Franklin Delano Roosevelt saying, Okay, Connecticut, you build the battleship and I’ll be there at the launch and break the bottle.”

              Larry Hogan, Maryland’s Republican governor, said this week that thousands of coronavirus tests he obtained from South Korea are now under guard at “an undisclosed location,” in part because he doesn’t want them seized by the Trump administration.

              The federal government “needs to be in or out,” Colorado Governor Jared Polis, a Democrat, told us. “If they’re out, that’s great; they’re not buying stuff out from under the states. If they’re in, they need to have a transparent process on how they’re making decisions on what states like Colorado will be getting.”

              Even Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, a Republican who told us he’s generally satisfied with the White House’s coordination on the crisis, has struggled to secure enough protective equipment for medical workers. “It’s the Wild West out there, trying to get PPE”. At one point, the state received a shipment—from China by way of Los Angeles—of what DeWine thought would be 5 million N95 masks, only to have inspectors find that beneath a top layer of genuine masks the rest was, in DeWine’s words, “junk.”


              1. Who’s in charge of Minnesota’s police department?

                On a side note, what’s all the fuss about Trump carrying a bible? I don’t remember anything but adoration when Slick Willy started carrying it everywhere after he got busted for banging that intern on the desk in the ovul office….

              2. “We long ago lost sight of normal, but this was a singularly immoral act (the church photo op). The president used force against American citizens, not to protect property, but to soothe his own insecurities. We will all move on to the next outrage, but this was a true abuse of power and should not be forgotten.”

                This is coming from a Republican.


              3. Who’s in charge of Minnesota’s police department?

                I didn’t know the state had one gigantic PD. But if what you are getting at is who is ultimately responsible for the culture that led to the actions of officer Chauvin of the Minneapolis PD, a good place is to start right here:


                Powerful police unions who would stoop to any depth in order to protect the worst of those in their midst.

        3. For those of you who have completely forgotten what it is, this is what leadership looks and sounds like.

          In Union There Is Strength

          I have watched this week’s unfolding events, angry and appalled. The words “Equal Justice Under Law” are carved in the pediment of the United States Supreme Court. This is precisely what protesters are rightly demanding. It is a wholesome and unifying demand—one that all of us should be able to get behind. We must not be distracted by a small number of lawbreakers. The protests are defined by tens of thousands of people of conscience who are insisting that we live up to our values—our values as people and our values as a nation.

          When I joined the military, some 50 years ago, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Never did I dream that troops taking that same oath would be ordered under any circumstance to violate the Constitutional rights of their fellow citizens—much less to provide a bizarre photo op for the elected commander-in-chief, with military leadership standing alongside.

          We must reject any thinking of our cities as a “battlespace” that our uniformed military is called upon to “dominate.” At home, we should use our military only when requested to do so, on very rare occasions, by state governors. Militarizing our response, as we witnessed in Washington, D.C., sets up a conflict—a false conflict—between the military and civilian society. It erodes the moral ground that ensures a trusted bond between men and women in uniform and the society they are sworn to protect, and of which they themselves are a part. Keeping public order rests with civilian state and local leaders who best understand their communities and are answerable to them.

          James Madison wrote in Federalist 14 that “America united with a handful of troops, or without a single soldier, exhibits a more forbidding posture to foreign ambition than America disunited, with a hundred thousand veterans ready for combat.” We do not need to militarize our response to protests. We need to unite around a common purpose. And it starts by guaranteeing that all of us are equal before the law.

          Instructions given by the military departments to our troops before the Normandy invasion reminded soldiers that “The Nazi slogan for destroying us…was ‘Divide and Conquer.’ Our American answer is ‘In Union there is Strength.’” We must summon that unity to surmount this crisis—confident that we are better than our politics.

          Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us. We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership. We can unite without him, drawing on the strengths inherent in our civil society. This will not be easy, as the past few days have shown, but we owe it to our fellow citizens; to past generations that bled to defend our promise; and to our children.

          We can come through this trying time stronger, and with a renewed sense of purpose and respect for one another. The pandemic has shown us that it is not only our troops who are willing to offer the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of the community. Americans in hospitals, grocery stores, post offices, and elsewhere have put their lives on the line in order to serve their fellow citizens and their country. We know that we are better than the abuse of executive authority that we witnessed in Lafayette Square. We must reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution. At the same time, we must remember Lincoln’s “better angels,” and listen to them, as we work to unite.

          Only by adopting a new path—which means, in truth, returning to the original path of our founding ideals—will we again be a country admired and respected at home and abroad.

          (And yeah, Mattis went full Godwin there)

  17. Invest the money you’d pay Kaepernick, which would be substantial by his reported requests, and put it instead into rebuilding the community ravaged. Isn’t that what his protest would want?

        1. A Bible he’s obviously never cracked open. Even the church elders are disgusted in him using their location for a political photo op.

      1. I was being sarcastic. Truth of the matter is Kaepernick is a pioneer. When he first started protesting, I disagreed with his view that there was privilege.
        Today, I am grateful for the opportunity his protest allowed to truly rethink my own views.
        I don’t have to worry as others do. My family doesn’t either. But if they did, I’d fight as fervently as any for their rights. I certainly regret my initial reaction.

  18. I have no use for bad cops nor do I have any use for rioters and nothing for me has changed for kaep – still is and always will be a krap to me.

  19. We’re in this mess because Pelosi is handing out free money. That’s socialism! We even had Obama forgiving all the banks their bad mortgage debts. More socialism! If we don’t stop these demrats, the whole country will be in chaos. We should use the military against all those communists that don’t respect the constitution! If China can do it, so can we, only bigger and better. We are #1!

    1. Socialism? Have you heard of Jared and Ivanka. I guess that is more NepoGriftism. Again, where are the ” no politics” crybabies ?

      1. I am against all politics in this blog and have said so quite a few times. It fell on deaf ears with little Cone, Barber and now Nevius, all 3 are very liberal and choose to put up with the BS. In my opinion, all of those who post political things on this blog should be banned.

          1. I merely pointed out that they must agree with the anti Trump posts and tolerate the pro Trump ones. You are one of the worst offenders, too bad because your football posts are normally good.

            1. I merely pointed out that they must agree with the anti Trump posts and tolerate the pro Trump ones.

              Or possibly, they have a completely hands off policy and allow all kinds of posts, other than the most blatant racist and homophobic ones, to stand.

              For all the whining about “no politics here”, it pretty obvious by now that is not going to be strictly enforced. Either get used to it and the fact that sport is rife with politics, don’t contribute to the political outbreaks, or find a internet space is that is more to your liking.

        1. The problem is, politics and sports are inter connected.
          Ignoring the problem will not make it go away, and I am liking all the white coaches and athletes speaking out forcibly on the subject.
          Instead of playing games, hiding from reality, we need to address fundamental issues. I can literally say it is the difference between life and death, in some cases.
          Ignorance is bliss, to some, but that is just delaying the inevitable.

  20. Kaepernick: Why would you introduce a cancer into an otherwise healthy organism? You are free to express your opinion but not on “company time.”

    1. You are free to express your opinion but not on “company time.”

      You aren’t running the “company”. Those running the company set policy, and that policy allowed his expression. Is that so hard to understand? If that bugged you then or bugs you now, feel free to take your business to another “company “.

  21. The NFL has not covered itself in glory.
    They marginalized Kaep to blunt his message, but now see that they are on the wrong side of history. They say they will lose fans if they hire Kaep, but they lost fans by blackballing him. Losing racist fans may be a good thing.
    Maybe the NFL can start atoning for their past racism, by changing Washington’s team name.
    Hiring more black coaches would also be a step in the right direction.

    1. Yeah that will make racism just go away. A world problem since inception just magically goes away because minority coaches hired.
      Man are you stupid!

      1. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
        I said it was a step in the right direction, not a miracle.
        You seem unclear of the concept, like wanting to make it twice as hard to win.

          1. You are the nimrod who wanted to bet the Niners would draft CJ Henderson.
            How did that turn out?
            With your track record, you should be the last person in the world to be calling others idiots.

            1. How many draft picks did you get right? Even with 100 mock drafts you still didn’t get one right.

              1. Maybe you did not know this, but I presented a mock draft with no trade backs, and chose Javon Kinlaw. I had said it would not be my final mock, because I always wait until the day before the draft to present my final mock.
                However, during that time, the spam blocker kept me from posting, so that mock ended up being my final mock draft.
                I did get one right, so I expect you to bow down before me, because of my awesome superiority over your pathetic zero picks. ;p
                In fact, you are too terrified to even post a mock, because you do not want to be ridiculed. Sadly, we all know you wanted to bet money that the Niners would draft CJ Henderson. Too bad the Niners did not even select a CB in the draft, so your assessment skills are non existent.

              2. You quickly forget the request to compare mocks? No of course not because your just a big talker Betty Crocker!

              3. Did I post a mock? No because you coward away like you always do when confronted.
                When it comes down to man up you always find a way to run and hide. I love guys like you. All talk no stones!

              4. So, I posted a mock, but you refuse to do one. You really need to stop leading with your chin.
                I am starting to feel sorry for you.

              5. So, I posted a mock, but you refuse to do one.

                No dummy, you posted over 50 and in each one, you were dead wrong. Again, again, and again…….

              6. Hmmm, from 100, down to 50. IICRC, I posted 14 mocks, taking into consideration the Combine, Free Agency, the other Niner blog sites and the mock draft database.
                Believe it or not, the Niners did what I wanted them to do. They traded back, got an additional draft pick, and still got the player they coveted. Actually, in some of my mocks, I had the Niners selecting Kinlaw, because he was the best replacement for Buckner. In many others, I thought he would be gone before they could pick, so I thought the trade back strategy may have been the best way to get more picks.
                KS also did another thing I advocated. He traded up by bundling picks, in order to get the player who he thinks best fits his system. If they had waited, that player may have been selected by an earlier team. Many mocks had the Packers selecting a WR, and they picked just ahead of the Niners.
                Please name another poster on this site that correctly predicted any player who the Niners drafted. In my last mock, I chose Kinlaw.

              7. “ Please name another poster on this site that correctly predicted any player who the Niners drafted“

                Me. Brandon Aiyuk

              8. It’s not a dating site, a political site, a human rights site or an awareness site. But somehow everyone likes to make it one or the other, so Dee, take your advice and shove it!

              9. PT, you are the only one who’s turning this site into a meat market with your primal propositions. If you ask nicely I might consider your request to ‘shove it’, but only if your BBF Seb agrees, since there apparently is a code that you can’t take someone’s partner when they are having a personal crisis.
                Which you obviously do have.

              10. Dee if your going to play blog police you better up your game because 90% of the comments on this blog are non-football.
                Don’t worry about me, I’m in and out. I’ve posted maybe 10 comments in the last 4 months.
                Point is, mind your own business.

              11. Don’t worry about me, I’m in and out.

                PT, I hope you’re not all talk and no stones after you got me excited with your naughty proposal.
                Patiently Yours.

              12. Don’t be stupid now Dee. Trying to be funny is not your thing. Especially with those kind of comments.

              13. Now, now, now, PT.
                You turned from naughty to nasty real quick. Maybe that’s a turn on with Seb, but I expect better manners after all it was you who started the funny business with

                Up your ass and around the corner!

              14. That’s what I thought.
                You’re admitting that you want to violate Seb in an unnatural manner.
                If you want to keep that private, you shouldn’t publicly announce that, especially since Seb is still married

              15. Dee, weak! You think homosexual connotations are going to rattle Prime Time? Rookie, welcome to the NFL!

              1. I understand. I’ve heard about that affliction.
                Did your mom or your dad beat you such that you can’t be touched yet?

  22. I will say a prayer for all of those that are protesting peacefully and otherwise and all of the rage filled posters here. I pray for you to find some peace and tranquility in your lives. Oh and by the way i’m not a particularly religious man it just seemed like the right thing to do at this time.

    1. I just got me a bible, the same as our leader, except mine isn’t upside down.
      The funny thing is it has all kinds of scores in it John 10:20, Paul 5:25, Peter20: 35 and so on.
      It’s all written in code.
      Maybe mine used to belong to a bookie.

  23. On the topic of protesting , Former Chairman Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen:

    “It sickened me yesterday to see security personnel—including members of the National Guard—forcibly and violently clear a path through Lafayette Square to accommodate the president’s visit outside St. John’s Church. I have to date been reticent to speak out on issues surrounding President Trump’s leadership, but we are at an inflection point, and the events of the past few weeks have made it impossible to remain silent.”

    “Whatever Trump’s goal in conducting his visit, he laid bare his disdain for the rights of peaceful protest in this country, gave succor to the leaders of other countries who take comfort in our domestic strife, and risked further politicizing the men and women of our armed forces.”

    “There was little good in the stunt.”

    1. Did Mullen mention anything about peaceful protesters that have changed their peaceful protest into a violent protest at the drop of a dime?
      There was a peaceful protest in Sacramento CA at the capital yesterday, about 5-7 minutes later they were blocking the freeway.
      Peaceful? Yes. Unpredictable? You bet.

      1. There’s nothing that will change a peaceful protest into a violent one faster than a volley of tear gas.

          1. Leaders who have hidden in bunkers and gassed their own citizens include Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump.

          2. Did Mullen mention anything about peaceful protesters that have changed their peaceful protest into a violent protest at the drop of a dime?

            AES, it’s not your contention that a peaceful protest gathering should be “forcibly and violently cleared” (Mullens words) before they unpredictably turn violent? Because I’m almost hearing that.

            1. Rib,
              My contention is that a peaceful protest can turn violent in a matter of seconds.
              We can’t deflect all the blame on law enforcement for their actions without looking at the riots that have caused much of the tension.
              I’m not an advocate of unwarranted force, but when I see a police officer killed and one in critical condition fighting for his life, I can understand why these front line officers could be overly cautious.

              If the protest wasn’t tied in with violence and destruction there would no need for the National Guard and police force. But that has not been the case.
              This morning, George Floyd’s brother said that the all the violence is dishonoring the memory of his brother.

              Rib, I’m not saying that all those attending the peaceful demonstrations are the ones committing the looting and destruction, because they aren’t. But a good number of those joining these demonstrations are also causing violent destruction at night.

              1. Let’s not overlook Mullen was specifically referring to the violent clear out of citizens exercising their 1st amendment so Trump could do his little photo op stroll.

                Former defsec Mattis is now also weighing in on Trumps tin horned authoritarianism. And this coming from a soldier known as “mad dog”.

              2. My comments to Mullens, would be the same one given to you.
                The atmosphere of uncertainty has created tension on both sides.

    2. Try to understand what Former Chairman Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen is saying. It’s important for democracy to work. I don’t know where General Mullen was serving when peaceful protesting college students were killed at Kent State, but I’m sure he remembers. One dead young women was on her way to the library when the National Guard opened fire.

  24. I just finished watching the HBO Nick Bouniconti documentary. WOW, if you have the time watch it I believe all football fans will love it. Finally something we can all agree on.

  25. I just got me a bible, the same as our leader, except mine isn’t upside down.
    The funny thing is it has all kinds of scores in it John 10:20, Paul 5:25, Peter20: 35 and so on.
    It’s all written in code.
    Maybe mine used to belong to a bookie.

  26. It is interesting to note that the pandemic drove people off the streets, now George Floyd’s murder is bringing out many people to the streets, and freeways.
    I hope there is no sharp spike in Covid cases, but the tear gas and smoke grenades could negatively affect the lungs, and may exacerbate the Covid complications. I sure wish they can protest safely, and get their message across while also dodging the Covid crisis.
    This pandemic has shown how important sports can be to a region’s economy, and also point out that sports is a luxury, when more important facets of life need attention. Sports are superfluous, while growing, harvesting, producing, and building are what really needs to be focused on to drive the economy. Service is another area that needs focus on. Taking care of the elderly, medical professionals, Law enforcement, teaching, cooking, cleaning, repairing, maintaining, may all need to have new innovative organizational restructuring after this pandemic.This service and entertainment economy may need to get back to the production and building economies.
    Entertainment, while important, is not vital. Sports may never be the same after this pandemic. I am wondering about Basketball and Baseball, since Football is so far in the future. German football and the Premiere League have had positive Covid 19 tests.
    2020 is turning out to be a Lollapalooza.

      1. If you’re young enough and otherwise in good health most times covid-19 wouldn’t be worse than the flu. Too bad that’s not the case for about 1,000 individuals dying per day in the US currently.

        It isn’t flu season yet. It is the season when too many first responding health workers are dying from the this “flu”.

    1. A similar take.

      But suddenly, after the last week of American history, the idea of a glorious return of the game on the nation’s birthday seems less triumphant than almost unseemly. After two months inside, the populace seemed starved, downright lustful for live sports. But now? Would you find it appropriate to sit down and watch a baseball game? Or would you find it obscene?

      This is not baseball’s fault, of course. It has felt inappropriate to talk about any sort of diversion in the wake of this tumult, the president’s rapid public meltdown, the gassing of peaceful American citizens for a photo op, and the sense that everything might just be falling apart; I haven’t noticed people having heated debates about the Dakota Johnson romantic comedy that came out last weekend either, after all. But it sure does make the rush to get back in time for an artificial, rally-together-America deadline seem awfully unnecessary, and maybe even actively ill-advised. Sports, like much of entertainment, exist as a distraction. But, boy, does it seem irresponsible to be distracted right now.


  27. Question. If, when, the season starts up we will be seeing kneeling gestures beyond just a handful of players. It’ll likely be a complete league wide phenomenon. Those of you the last time around, the “all lives matter” types, who whined about “disrespect” and cheered the league’s supposed dip in popularity (and you know who you are), what will be your take this time? Turn off your TVs again? Decry the politics in sports because if doesn’t jive with your political take?

    1. Tbh I don’t care. I’ve always been a bit uneasy around kneeling during the national anthem because I associate it more with troops than police.

      That said, you can’t force people to kneel otherwise the flag for which others were standing for would be compromised, “freedom for which it stands” and all.

      Additionally, I don’t CK kneeling did anything in terms of ratings. Maybe some sponsors would be turned off initially but that goes away over time as well ( see Howard Stern ).

      So in the end I would be saddened a bit, get over it, cheer the niners and go on living.

    2. Frankly, I have some friends that used to be black but with all this thuggery going on they’ve seen the light on what this sham is all about.

    3. Rib,
      Here’s the philosophy of an old guy.
      I can do well without sports, because the older I get, I find myself focusing more on my family and my faith.
      But that’s just one old man’s opinion, and I’m sticking to it 😊

  28. I can’t wait to get this redemption campaign started to see if this team has figured out how to finish. Go Niners!

      1. Ha Ha Rib. Trumpism relies on its members to not believe their eyes and disconnect their minds from facts and reality. check out the James comment on Brees regarding kneeling above.

  29. It’s ironic, to say the least, that many of the same people who justify an NFL franchise using a dictionary-defined slur by claiming that no offense is intended would refuse to accept the explanation from Kaepernick and others that, when protesting during the anthem, no offense is intended.

  30. Dude tried to change the narrative back to “disrespecting the flag” – that white supremacist talking point.

    These people are tone deaf, they don’t want to stay with the truth – so drunk on privilege they refuse to listen

    I am not so sure NBC will give him that job now.

    1. I don’t believe Brees is a white supremist. Nor do I believe the argument is only a white supremist one. As it does upset many ( not all ) veterans.

      I think one can easily disagree with the means of a protest without disagreeing with the message. Additionally, One could easily argue that Kaeps message was largely lost because of the means. *Conversely it could also be argued that the means of this protest amplified the message. We can never know.

      Regardless, hopefully we will eventually get to a point where minorities are not in fear for their life whenever the police show up to the scene.

      1. The CEO of my employer (large tech company you’ve never heard of) recently sent out a message that is similarly tone deaf as Brees’. I might have felt the same a few years ago; I read T.Coates’ books and more, and feel differently now. My wife frankly probably still agrees with both Brees and my CEO! I think that those of us who grow up and live in white, (upper) middle class worlds won’t “get it” unless we make an effort. Those who don’t make an effort aren’t racist, just uninformed. That doesn’t make them bad people.

        1. Those who don’t make an effort aren’t racist, just uninformed self satisfied{?} or what{?}. That doesn’t make them bad people.”

          Of course it doesn’t make Drew Brees and your wife bad people. My guess is that Drew Brees is supremely self satisfied with his life outside football, and is constantly striving to better his football life. I wouldn’t presume to make any assumptions about your wife.

          “Bad” people are not the worst segment of this complex problem. Staying uninformed over such a long list (at least it’s long for some of us) of improper force being used against significant groups of people is a problem that shouldn’t be excessively difficult to solve. But it is.

          The really difficult issue is finding a solution. How can the police do their job and avoid hair trigger use of deadly force? How can the people the police are tasked to protect help the police avoid hair trigger responses? If they all make a generational effort to get to know each other as members of the same tribe it might help.

          I think of the man who many years ago came to his front door on Halloween Night where he found a Japanese exchange student doing Trick or Treat. The man “Stood his ground” and shot the boy. That man’s problem was a lot more complicated than that he was a “bad” man. My guess is that his fear of the unknown other was stoked by a lot of “bad” ideas about the threats that he might expect at his front door.

          1. htwaits –
            I think Brees definitely is a bit ignorant on this and should have educated himself more. However, I also think the outrage over his comments is wrong as well.

            By and Large he has been socially active and greatly aided minority communities in and around New Orleans and I believe actions should outweigh his words. This however, is a time for his teammates to sit down and educate him.

          2. Someone like Brees has much more intimate contact with the POC community than the usual upper class white person. He, of all people, should understand the issues at stake and not spout off so uninformedly or self satisfied. Someone like coach Kerr gets it. Someone like coach Popovich gets it. Hopefully our own Nick Bosa is getting it. What’s Brees problem?

              1. only God knows…..I mean when you have DBrees who has spent capital supporting NO citizens (AA included) for years…….and he couldn’t even listen or figure what the protest is about…

                it’s really sad…..

                added to his legacy

                the guy that thinks the flag is more valuable than a black human life

          3. Htwaits – well said

            Staying uninformed over such a long list (at least it’s long for some of us) of improper force being used against significant groups of people is a problem that shouldn’t be excessively difficult to solve. But it is.

            Why is it? Why are people comfortable silent in the face of police misconduct or try to change the subject to fit their narrative.

            The level of ignorance is freaking disgusting.

            We have to support Police Reform…..

            Get some new federal laws that protect the POLICE and at the same time stop the use of execssive force and also hold them accountable and encourage a Police that does not protect Bad police…passed

            And stop the militarization of state police.

            It’s freaking really not that complicated…..unless you really want more police shootings the innocent = More Protest = More Looting

            1. An NYU law professor in a NYTimes letter to the editor says the issue goes far beyond racist policing, that long term our society needs a hard reboot.

              The most important challenge is not to work out ways to make the police more accountable and responsive, but to make the society less fundamentally racist in its structures and policies.

              At present, most policing in America reflects the attitudes embedded in the vast majority of government policies. Health, education, housing and food policies all reflect racist assumptions that African-Americans are the real problem, rather than systematic exclusion, discrimination and oppression.

              Having served as United Nations special rapporteur on both unlawful killings and on poverty, I find that focusing primarily on police misconduct and discipline is to misunderstand the depth of the challenges and the nature of the reforms required.

              Minority access to decent rather than degraded education, universal rather than elite access to reasonable health care, a conception of law and order that seeks to ensure just outcomes rather than protecting white privilege, and a concerted war on poverty rather than a war against the poor are the real solutions.

              1. Dude that will tough…..it’s really sad when we just have settle for any type of reform.

                Changing structures will require everybody seeing the problem….we can’t even get them to listen…

                at least 30% of the country can never get it.

              2. “…a conception of law and order that seeks to ensure just outcomes rather than protecting white privilege…”

                I spent more than a decade organizing and providing education to judges, and one of the topics on which we regularly focused was implicit biases. The goal was to help judges understand that some (if not most) of the “thinking fast” judgments that all humans make are based on biases we may not even know we hold. Half the battle is accepting that such implicit biases exist in all of us, and the second half is learning to recognize one’s own implicit biases. For example, I have a bias against people who drink and drive as I was a victim of a DWI related crash shortly after I finished law school. Now, some of you may being asking how that is a problem since DWI is against the law. The issue is that we should not approach criminal sanctions based on our biases toward a particular defendant or class of defendants but based on the law. While I was an alternate judge, I sat on quite a few DWI cases, and I sentenced people to jail time, probation, fines, etc. I had to be cognizant of my bias to ensure I did not treat DWI defendants unfairly compared to how I treated other defendants charged with non-DWI related misdemeanors of the same degree. In other words, as a judge, my job was to sentence guilty parties based on what the legislative branch had decided were the appropriate penalties, not based on whether I thought a particular crime was worse than others that the legislature had designated as being the same level crime.

                These biases that impact all of us, including people whose ethical obligation is to be neutral decision makers, are a consequence of our neuroanatomy, which relies on distributed processing and association (pattern recognition) in order for us to make quick decisions. Stereotypes (one of the “types” in our typal conceptual system, along with prototypes and archetypes) grow out of that system as they are shortcuts for decision making, ones that have survival benefits. But quick decisions are not what we need in the criminal justice system, and we need to understand that the cognitive pathways that help us make quick decisions do not go away even when we are trying to make more considered decisions. The only way to do that is self-awareness of the implicit biases that impact our fast decisions to make sure they do not unfairly color decisions that need to be made with objectivity.

                Thus, most of the laws (there are exceptions) and the justice system’s goal of Individual Justice in Individual Cases are not, in-and-of-themselves, the problem. The problem is that decisions makers within the system are afflicted with the human condition, which includes implicit biases. Individual Justice in Individual Cases does not work when some individuals start from a deficit for reasons unrelated to the alleged criminal activity. It is further harmed by court fees and fee and fine payment structures that burden people in poverty far more than others. The path forward toward the type of fair justice that is supposed to inform our justice system indeed involves far more than the enforcement aspect of the system.

              3. JPN, very well put. I think part of your stated bias problem is that sports are dominated by black athletes. As a result people associate liking sports with liking black people. As a consequence they say they are not racist or biased.
                As soon as black athletes step out of their arena, they face the same discrimination and/or harassment as non-athletes except when they are recognized or able to identify themselves.
                A very sad situation.
                Netflix has a great movie right now called “The Help” worth watching.

              4. JPN, maybe you are also able to speak as to what the rules of engagement are for cops, which I think are a huge part of the problem. It appears that cops are trained nowadays to dominate and control people which is a far cry from being there to help, serve and protect. The military style encounters with the public have become routine. People are seen as a threat, regardless of race, instead of a human being.
                Put your bias analogy on top of that and you have the powder keg we are facing now. Any enlightened thoughts on that?

              5. Dee,

                I have very little direct knowledge of the enforcement side of things. Bias training for both explicit and implicit bias is common for law enforcement but not universal. As for “rules of engagement”, that will vary from department to department. I will opine that a general movement away from community policing toward a strict “law and order” enforcement philosophy has worsened the “us against them” mentality. But the number of officers killed in the line of duty has contributed to that as well. as fear plays on our biases, exaggerating them as the stress of fear increases.

                I do not know where we go from here, but we must embrace change, the only true constant in our collective experience. I believe that existing mutual animosity needs to be lessened between law enforcement and marginalized populations, and I think a return to community policing models would go a long way toward that, as would basic human decency and remembering that we are all flawed.

                I am an atheists on most days, and agnostic on some, but I will say that I think adherence to the philosophies espoused in the new testament — of love and tolerance and kindness toward our fellow humans — would do us a world of good right now.

  31. By and Large he has been socially active and greatly aided minority communities in and around New Orleans and I believe actions should outweigh his words. This however, is a time for his teammates to sit down and educate him.

  32. What the cop did was wrong and was absolutely murder. And I absolutely would love to see Chauvin dropped off at 2am in the south side of Chicago to go out the same way Floyd lost his life, afraid and defenseless.

    In the same vein, let’s not make Floyd out to be a martyr.

    For crissake the man has been in and out of prison his adult life, culminating in putting a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach during a home invasion robbery.

    His autopsy also shows meth, fentanyl, other drugs in his system.

    But of course he was really turning his life around.

    Whatever 👋

    The absolute truth is any issue is neither black nor white but of varying shades of gray. There are no absolutes in this case; well, other than that cop does deserve murder charges.

    But I’m not going to make Floyd out to be MLK Jr. either, unlike the media.

  33. In any struggle for social justice and societal progress, there will be advancements and setbacks. Some one once said- the more things change, the more they stay the same.
    Thankfully, we live in a system where there are checks and balances (until we had Trump), and there are ways to amend and perfect our Constitution. Mistakes can be corrected, like Alcohol Prohibition and the Repeal.
    Right now, we need fix a huge problem, and it starts at the top. Since he is so terrified of mail in balloting, Joe Biden should not waste time on the Racist Sexual Predator Narcissistic Bloviator at all, but just make sure that as many people vote as possible. He should set up a database, that chronicles and archives people’s votes. Since the Republicans have actively thwarted and suppressed voting for years. Biden should claim they are trying to rig the election, again. By archiving and chronicling the Democratic voter base, they can make sure every vote is counted. That is another Republican dirty trick. They will allow people to vote, but just do not count those votes. They tampered with the hanging chad ballots in Florida, and one proof was the fact that they found a pile of those chads under a rug in an election room. Biden should focus on the Republican dirty tricks, and expose the blatant cheating. This way, there is no way Trump can project that the Dems will rig the election, because it will prove the Republicans are the dirty tricksters, doing the rigging.
    Biden should make his platform just one thing. Get out the vote. make it a goal of getting 100% of the eligible voters to be counted, because if he does that, the Dems would win in a landslide, and sweep both the houses.
    Biden should just promise to roll back everything the Putin Toady has done, and not get into the particulars. He should not engage with that Stable Genius in any way, and refuse to debate him. The Bloviator in Chief will try to gaslight, but Biden should urge every Democrat to drop Trump from their Twitter accounts.
    Once Biden is in office, he can be the moral leader, and tell the police to stop the killing. He can initiate police reform, and establish de-escalation protocols and non violent strategies. He could outlaw choke holds. I would like to see a law established that punishes police officers that intentionally turn off their camera. Make them lose their job immediately, and make them lose all benefits. If a civilian is injured or killed while the camera is off, the rogue policeman should be subject to a minimum 5 year prison sentence.
    This nation is great, but it could become greater. Thankfully, we have the ballot box to effect meaningful change, in a peaceful manner.

    1. WOW Seb, you are quite the rebel today.
      What’s ironic is that big change doesn’t come about until someone gets murdered.
      eg MLK .

      1. Dee. I have been a lone voice on this blog, defending Kaep. I have been advocating for social justice, for most of my adult life. I have walked with Dolores Huerta for farmworker rights. I was at Livermore. I supported DQU and Indian rights. I was arrested blocking the Federal building in Santa Rosa, protesting the military aid to El Salvador and the subsequent genocide against the indigenous population.
        I have always been a rebel.

        1. Can I call you Sebel then?
          Do you have info on Marqus Martinez, who got shot in the face by Santa Rosa police, but it’s not in the PD. Only post about this is on deFacebook

          1. Naw, we already have a Rebel- Rebelscum. ;p
            I had heard of Mr Martinez, and can only say- the Cops are bad shots. Rubber bullets are better against the body, not the face, which could be lethal.
            At least 5 cops did not unload their weapons on Mr Martinez with lead bullets, like in another case.

        2. That’s a lot of good work Seb, but feeling like the “lone voice” may have been more like being the “most persistent.”

        3. I have been defending Kaep’s social justice efforts (but come on Kaep, get out your vote), but his suitability as a Niners QB, not so much.

        4. Seb,
          No need to explain your stance to Dee. I have been here long enough to know that you were one of the few who supported Kaepernick on this blog.
          Actually, I’d like to see his equal rights resume.
          But on second thought it really doesn’t matter.
          What matters is what we do going forward.
          Again, (as I said a few days ago) it’s time to look in the mirror, and take a deep personal evaluation, before pointing at others.

          1. Thank you AES. I am finding that you are the voice of reason on this site.
            I may want Kaep to be given a chance to compete, but he also has to show proficiency.
            I also do not want him to sign with the Niners, since I am happy with JG.

          2. Arturo, there’s no need to attack me. If you really have been here long enough you would know that I never attacked Kaep and advocated for his right to return to the NFL.
            Not sure who’s equal rights resume you want to see, mine is in the archives that Seb likes to refer to, your resume shows that you support the Scump in the White House….

            1. My recollection is that you (Dee) were one of the first posters (if not the first poster) here to take the position that the freedom of expressions/disrespect to the flag/employment restriction discussion of Kap’s protest obscured discussion of the message itself, a point I needed to hear because I had focused too much on the technical/legal aspects in response to the people who wanted to put reverence for a symbol of our liberties above the ideals behind those liberties.

              1. JPN, I hope I can claim to be that first one. I definitely always wanted people to focus on what the stance was all about, not the circus that was a result of his detractors.
                The fact that some people think that a flag and a song is more important than the people they are supposed to represent is baffling.
                I worship neither cloth nor men of the cloth.
                It’s all about PEOPLE, from the people and for the people.
                I’m blushing , reading that such a respected writer and legal mind as yourself was affected by my musings AND remembers it.

            2. Dee,
              Sometimes we fail to recognize that our inability to respect another person’s right to stand for their personal position and beliefs is a small microcosm of what has got us to where we are today.

              This country (white America) has been guilty of non acceptance for centuries. I’m happy that their are people like you and Rib that bring good insights and perspective to this blog, but you are also guilty of using your perspectives to feel superior over those who don’t carry your line of thought
              That my friend is an issue of non acceptance. And again, this is a reason why we find ourselves in this position.
              Btw, my birth certificate reads Arthur not Arturo.

              1. Art, (Arthur sounds so stodgy (even white), Arturo feels more like adventuro) I don’t feel superior.
                Frustrated ? Yes Impatient? Yes Defiant? Yes.
                The current regime with its army of sycophants has put this country back decades. Not only has Scump managed to turn the legal and economic system in upheaval for the purpose of personal gain, more importantly he has been able to corrupt the integrity of decent men in order to futher his personal and his family wealth.
                NO OTHER president has lied as much as Scump
                His revolting(sic) take over and lowering of the moral standard is what makes this a disastrous episode in this country rich history of getting better instead of worse.
                ANYONE who knowingly supports this behavior (and how can you not know) is complicit and will have to account for that.
                To support someone who holds the Bible upside down for a photo-op, THAT is blasphemy!
                To allow a country to go morally bankrupt, stand by and say nothing, THAT in my mind is feeling superior!

            1. I didn’t feel that Seb had to display his resume of his fight for equality to you or anyone on this board.
              I also tagged off your 8:42 am post “Will we find out what Bosa has to say?”

              Since when do we ask if pro athletes need to prove their position to us?
              You are part of the problem when you want others to fit your personal views.
              Calling some of us names because we choose to support our current president is un-American in my opinion.
              In my nearly seventy years I’ve supported every president whether republican or democrat. And I still claim my law given right to continue to do so whether you agree with me or not.
              Try to become a healer instead of a divider. We’ll all be better for it.

              1. Art, now you are out of line.
                My post; “Will we find out what Bosa has to say?” is in direct response to “I think Bosa gets it……….Dude is level headed….he listens” from oneniner,
                who basically is speaking FOR Bosa.
                I question that, I like to find out what Bosa has to say!

                Your need to prove me wrong does not make you a healer. It might make you feel superior, bit it is also divisive.

            2. “NO OTHER president has lied as much as Scump
              His revolting(sic) take over and lowering of the moral standard is what makes this a disastrous episode in this country rich history of getting better instead of worse.
              ANYONE who knowingly supports this behavior (and how can you not know) is complicit and will have to account for that.”

              I respect your perspective on this, but as I have commented, this is a heart issue that has been a evil part of our history that dates back over centuries. There have been race riots in 1965, two in 1967, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2001, 2014, 2015, 2016 and the current one. Not sure if can read between the lines here, but these riots came on the watch of many presidents democrats and republican.

              The healing the heart of America is not one that solely relies on the White House. Presidents come and go, but if we can’t get along with one another and allow political parties divide us, we are also complicit of of being part of the same cloth.

    2. Typical Democrap tactic- get everyone out to vote. That includes the meth induced high school drop out down the street who is in and out of jail on a monthly basis. Someone who has zero idea what the issues are but yeah let’s get their vote on the ballot because we know they’ll vote for the DNC.

      The whole notion that we should just have everyone participate by voting in a democracy is nonsense. I want informed people voting, not the masses who have zero idea about the implications of their vote.

      Now take the ballots themselves. Unless you have a cynical, cautious and investigative mindset, there is little chance you are going to understand fully what you are voting for/against.

      So yeah, let’s get the vote out Seb!

      Whatever 👋

        1. Somehow you missed the infamous autopsy report. Educate yourself and maybe then you might realize why meth was brought up in the first place.

      1. Tribal fast reaction Fentanyl Frankie. Is it correct history that the original voters in the United States of America were eligible to vote if they had assets worth $10,000 and they were of the male gender? What would those $10,000 be worth today? Who would qualify?

        From Google: $10 in 1776 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $294.70 in 2020. So $10,000 would be something like $297,700, but no amount of money would get the right to vote for women, original native people, or slaves. Did the qualified voters of that long ago day see justice with clarity and understanding, or did they see themselves as comfortable members of their own tribe?

        1. Why do you all revert back to income qualifications? I never suggested this. I just want voters who understand the issues. Is that wrong?

          I also never made the point nor implied that there should be a qualification system in voting. I just don’t agree with the DNC organizing to “get the vote out” and targeting those who have zero idea what they’re voting on, just to shore up their power base in an election. That’s when Democracy works against you.

          When you have voters who care about what they’re voting on and have some skin in the game, it works. Getting the vote out by targeting that meth-head down the street isn’t that at all. That said, I never suggested we should disallow that individual from voting. I just find it ridiculous that the DNC targets these individuals to try and shore up their power base.

          I’m not Republican so you can throw that argument out as well. For decades of my life I was a registered Democrat, now I am Independent, although it sucks because I can’t vote in primaries here.

          Arguing a point that was never made or implied just shows the lack of comprehension prevalent in our society. Or better yet, you DO comprehend but you CHOOSE to have your own “tribal fast reaction.”

          How’s that?

          1. I just don’t agree with the DNC organizing to “get the vote out” and targeting those who have zero idea what they’re voting on, just to shore up their power base in an election.

            Just how do you think that get out the vote organizing happens anyway? Could it be explaining to the prospective voters the reasons why they should be voting for a particular platform, party or candidate? Nah, that couldn’t be it.

            You have a pretty piss poor opinion of the voting populace if you think they just go into the booth and pull levers willy nilly.

            1. Are you being serious????

              I worked in Bernie’s campaign during primaries back in 2016. We literally pulled lists of phone records of people making below a certain income level and others belonging to certain ethnicities and added to them to a computer system that would shoot out text messages. If we get a response I would go in and text them back some schpiel about how they need to get back at the Man and can Bernie count on you going in to vote next week?

              Literally zero time spent conversing with a voter. Just get them to the polling station and agree to vote for Bernie.

              I can tell you Bernie was and is an incredibly authentic man but his campaign was anything but. We literally did what you just dismissed as something that doesn’t happen.

              1. If we get a response I would go in and text them back some schpiel about how they need to get back at the Man and can Bernie count on you going in to vote next week?

                So in your estimation, these individuals are just too unsophisticated to be trusted with the vote?

                Geez, with supporters like you, that makes me even happier the Bernie campaign flamed out as spectacularly as it did.

            2. Ah, a Bernie Bot. He had the opportunity to be a leader, and set aside his emotions to help Hillary win, and he took his ball home and would not play. She lost by the slimmest of margins, and Bernie and his backers were part of the problem.
              He could have been a hero, but he will forever be labeled as a spoiler, who became an unwitting shill for Trump. Trump created the controversy that divided the party, and Bernie fell for it, hook line and sinker. Bernie’s ego is almost as big as Trump’s.
              Now you are dissing a man with his hands cuffed behind his back, lying on the pavement with a knee on his neck. He was murdered by 4 officers who swore to serve and protect.
              Dissing voters as too stupid to vote is the elitist mindset that Bernie Bots will use to justify losing.

              1. The level of name calling and utter b.s. in your post shows you have nothing. Zero argument. And that’s why YOUR candidate lost. You seem to take on her persona of blaming everyone else but herself (and yourself) for your loss. Get over it. No one likes her and no one here seems to like you either. Maybe take a moment to think about why that is.

              2. You do not seem to realize that Hillary would have been a thousand times better than what we have now.
                Guess you like the present POTUS.
                Name calling? Did I hurt your feelings? Poor baby, I will try to be kinder to you thin skinned dweebs.
                You are aptly named.

              3. Once again zero arguments so you resort to name calling. It’s no wonder you have the respect of no one.

              4. “ Name calling? Did I hurt your feelings? Poor baby, I will try to be kinder to you thin skinned dweebs“

                Wow! The little cry baby himself changes his tune.

                Seb you find that mock draft I posted?

              5. Prime Time says:
                Post your ass!

                You are getting very explicit and needy there,PT.
                I hope you’ll refrain from exposing yourself on this blog!

      2. Next, Biden should set up a Republican database, and target every group that will be voting against their own self interests.
        The Republican Soybean Farmers look like lackeys and stooges for supporting the guy who created a trade war that decimated their economy. They accept bailouts, but that is socialism.
        Republicans with health issues should know that at least 20 million folks will have no health insurance if he is re-elected.
        Republican taxpayers should realize that they are getting squeezed, while the richest are reaping huge rewards.
        The Republican elderly should realize that Trump advocates for death panels. His tardy, incompetent and delusional response to the Covid crisis should show that he does not give a damn about an important segment of his base.
        The Republicans in the military should realize that if he is re-elected, there will be another war. He may start one before the election to help his election. Maybe 2, because troops may be used to create a martial law status domestically. This is the guy who dissed a war hero, dissed a Gold Star Mother, and made a Gold Star Widow cry. He dismissed an Aircraft Carrier Captain who was begging for help for his sailors. Meanwhile he kisses Putin’s arse and allows Russia and China to fill the military void he created.
        Republican Black voters are insane if they want to re-elect the guy who called who disparaged their ancestral homes as Shirthole countries. Joe Biden was right. You aint Black if you support this racist.
        Republican Latino voters should remember that he called the men rapists. They should remember he put their children in cages. He also exacerbated the situation in their home countries, which forced them to flee in the first place.
        Republican Women should realize that he is packing the court with unqualified misogynists. They should realize that he likes to grab them by the poosay, because he is powerful, and they let him. He tore off her clothes and raped his own wife, unless you believe that a husband cannot rape his wife. His insults hurled at women reporters are sickening, and no respectful woman, Republican Democrat or Independant, should tolerate his boorish sexist unpresidential behavior.
        I hope the Log Cabin Lincoln Republicans can sway some Republicans who are sick of the hypocrisy. Why support a guy who uses tear gas on a protest, just to get a photo op, then cowers in his bunker? This stable genius is a quack and a con man, and his house of cards will come crumbling down, soon.
        Yes, 61.8 % of eligible voters bothered to vote in 2016. Still, Hillary won the popular vote by 2.6 mil. If they can get 38.2 % of the vote to help restore honor in the White House, the Democrats will win in a landslide, and flip the Senate. Now, if only they can get poor people to stop voting against their own self interests. If you are worried about racism in America, the last thing they should do is vote to re-elect a racist.

        1. If you think a democracy is the way to go (I personally have reservations about a system that leaves two branches of three up to majoritarian whims), advocating for less than all of the populace, informed or not, to vote is antithetical to the notion of democracy.

          I am not sure I have done this before on here, but in real life I often advocate that people interested in political structures should read Plato’s Republic. Sure, his ‘solution’ is intellectual elitism at its finest (and worst), but the lead up discussion about the problems with different forms of government is enlightening.

          Edit — this should have been in Reply to Fentanyl Frankie, not Rib.

          1. JPN, we don’t have a democracy. We have a two-party system where everybody else is left out. If there were more parties, there would be more compromise and the people’s voices would be heard.

            1. Yes, America has the worst form of government in the WORLD!
              Except when compared with every other government throughout history.
              America is a unique experiment. It is a melting pot of cultures, and we are stronger for it. Sure, it has accepted the huddled masses yearning to be free, but it also has accepted the dreamers and visionaries, The American spirit has achieved much in its first quarter millennia. American innovation and ingenuity has lit the world and put a man on the moon. Agricultural progress, some of which was developed at UCD, has helped feed the world.
              America is also powerful. It fought 2 major wars in the world at the same time, and crushed their foes. The US has the firepower to create 10 nuclear winters. But with its awesome power, it has shown restraint, and mainly uses the power of persuasion to create peace and harmony, until lately. It could have been more imperialistic, but allowing local rule and free elections, has spread democracy around the world. However, I will not deny the hegemony, and America could still do better. Yet, the Constitution and Bill of Rights has been the blueprint for many new and old countries throughout the world. Its concepts are timeless.
              America is enduring. It will survive Trump. Its system of government is the only one continuously existing from the 1700’s to the present date. It has built a fungible system so amendments can help change and evolve laws and society. Until recently, the system of checks and balances has worked well.
              Could another system do better? The British Parliamentary system has worked, but now they are falling apart with Brexit. Italy and its coalition governments, has reeled from one crisis to another. Strong arm dictatorships seem to be in vogue, but they will never last. Revolution is another way to effect change, but it is messy.
              I will take the American system, warts and all. The wheels of justice, change and reform move slowly, but at least there is progress.

            2. I agree, Dee. And I did not say we had a democracy, only that people who want one should not be advocating any form of voter suppression.

              I posted a comment and a video on the dysfunction of two party system just a few weeks back and how “first to the post” election systems lead to a two party system in which most voters select against the opposing candidates rather than for “their” candidate. Conversely, in the more representative system to which you allude, people chose the candidate with whom they most closely align. Thus, governing is not left up to illusory majoritarianism (“we got the ball now” playground nonsense) but is based on coalition building and shared governance. And I can get behind that.

  34. IMO Drew Brees is a good man. His comments in my mind were a Fail because as a Franchise QB he has a leadership role to fulfill. He was asked as a leader and in hindsight should have responded as a leader.
    He responded candidly as an individual and was perhaps guilty of unintended selfishness, but only with respect to his leadership responsibilities.
    He has apologized. His entire public career suggests to me that I should take his apology at face value. People of color are under no such obligation.
    I try to remember that White Privilege is a term for passive racism. I’m old and white, and I’ve been bothered by institutional suppression of civil rights since the Freedom Riders when I was 11 years old. From my perspective our country is at a moment of opportunity. I hope we can take advantage of the moment to get better as a society.

    1. Brotha Tuna there have been so many iconic moments in history, but many of them have been a new start. Let’s hope this one, as messy as it is, will be an important iconic moment for us.

    2. “I try to remember that White Privilege is a term for passive racism. I’m old and white, and I’ve been bothered by institutional suppression of civil rights since the Freedom Riders when I was 11 years old. From my perspective our country is at a moment of opportunity. I hope we can take advantage of the moment to get better as a society.”

      Exactly, BT!

    3. To me “white privilege” means the benefits that I receive that an African-American, Mexican-American, etc does not.

      I’m white as can be, and I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to worry about being beat by an officer, or passed over for a job, or have people act differently when I walk into a room.

      We all need to take a long look at ourselves, and do everything we can to be fully inclusive and do our best to see this moment through the eyes of those who’ve been oppressed, educate ourselves, and grow.

  35. Drew Brees has relatives in the military. So do I. My late uncle earned a Bronze Star for crawling over unexploded bombs to re-establish communications for an artillery spotting post. My wife’s grandfather fought in North Africa, and was one of the first anti tank unit to stop a Panzer tank charge.
    They fought for freedom. That freedom includes freedom of expression. Protesting in a silent, respectful (kneeling), and non violent manner is what they fought for.
    You may say that Kaep was disrespecting the flag. I think the disrespect is allowing his misplaced emotions, to cause him to act in a manner that brings shame to the flag. Kaep was fighting against police brutality. The flag was initially disrespected by the officers who abused their power. Kaep, by using the flag as a symbol, showed that he would not glorify this country as if nothing is the matter, when innocent unarmed people are being summarily executed. Drew Brees, by ignoring the problem, was denying there was a problem. Drew Brees, by attacking Kaep, is defending the rogue cops. Kaep is kneeling to protest against social injustices, and should only receive praise, not blackballing. Kaep has stated repeatedly, that he is not intending to disrespect the military, but Drew Brees will not listen.
    I hope Drew Brees will listen to his team mates. By listening, he may learn something. This is a teachable moment, and he needs more knowledge. With knowledge, he may gain wisdom. with wisdom, I hope Drew Brees attains enlightenment.

    1. Sigh
      The Korean War was not about preserving freedom of expression in the USA. Neither was the VN War. We were sent for geopolitical reasons in both cases.
      Maybe people who didn’t serve, like you and #45 should not be pontificating on what you don’t know. Self censor.

      1. Dang, I thought you left, and promised never to come back.
        This is a football site, not the Stars and Stripes. ;p

      2. Brotha Tuna: Say it again, brother.

        Note: You could add the Spanish American War to that list. It came about to help boost revenue of the Chicago Tribune. And let’s not even think about the Civil War.

      3. BT, since the civil war, NO war has been fought, started or joined to preserve freedom of expression in the USA. NO war has been to protect the US. The bombing in Afghanistan was retaliation for 9/11, not protection for the US.
        All other wars have been to protect US INTERESTS. Your service was to protect the rich people and their businesses.
        Not to protect US.
        GW failed to do that on 9/11
        Thank you for your service.

        1. All wars are economically driven (as is most conflict in general), even if it they are wrapped up in notions of liberty, religion, or social change. But that does not mean that non-economic factors are unimportant, and to only focus on the primary factor (such as protecting national economic and political interests) masks that way of life and beliefs are enmeshed in nationalistic identities, for leaders and populace alike.

          1. that way of life and beliefs are enmeshed in nationalistic identities, for leaders and populace alike.

            JPN, that’s the opium for the masses to sacrifice their children.
            It does NOTHING for the individual.

    2. Thankfully, he did talk and listen to his team mates. He has learned a lesson, and sounds truly remorseful. It shows high character for him to acknowledge his mistake, and I firmly believe his sincerity, along with his pledge to help become more of an ally, in this fight for justice.
      Drew Brees is what America is all about. The road may be bumpy, but we may finally reach our destination.

      1. Not you. You have not reached a destination in your life. Except the stupid train. You have been the conductor of that train and travel your whole life!

        1. Your life is a dead end. You are so pathetic, you think being a foul mouthed bully makes you look smart and well rounded. It does neither.
          I pity you.

            1. Prime
              Respectfully, please drop this “you’re not an American” drivel. As we try to come to grips with our historic racist inequalities, it’s unhelpful to accuse the guy of being Japanese (not a crime btw) due to his heritage. By that metric I’m Irish. It also comes across as a bit racist in stand alone examination.
              Now Dude, you KNOW I’m not defending that gasbag because he posts any cogent thoughts because imo he doesn’t, but most of us here are trying to wise up with regards to bigotry.
              You’ve shown a robust creativity in smack talk, so there are plenty of better options.
              Thank you in advance for playing 🏈 ball. 👍

              1. Hey Brotha, I went to Ireland. Visited with the owner of Leap castle, and spent the night at Kilkenny castle. Met a super sweet older couple that left us their address to visit. I found the Irish people very nice, and I plan on returning someday….

  36. “What’s different now, it’s embarrassing to say, probably, but I think white people are more passionate about it now than then,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters on Thursday in reference to the anthem protests led by Colin Kaepernick in 2016, via Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area. “And that’s our ignorance. And that’s what upsets black people, and they have every right to be upset because they haven’t just been telling us this the last few weeks. They’ve been telling us this since our grandparents. And I’ve been hearing it from every one of my friends since I was 14.”

  37. “NO OTHER president has lied as much as Scump
    His revolting(sic) take over and lowering of the moral standard is what makes this a disastrous episode in this country rich history of getting better instead of worse.
    ANYONE who knowingly supports this behavior (and how can you not know) is complicit and will have to account for that.”

    I respect your perspective on this, but as I have commented, this is a heart issue that has been an evil part of our history that dates back over centuries. There have been race riots in 1965, two in 1967, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2001, 2014, 2015, 2016 and the current one. Not sure if you can read between the lines here, but these riots came on the watch of many presidents democrats and republican.

    The healing of the heart of America is not one that solely relies on the White House. Presidents come and go, but if we can’t get along with one another and allow political parties to divide us, we are also complicit of being part of the same cloth.

      1. Dee,
        I never said that Trump was a choir boy. His approach is grading, edgy and is far from presidential. But our republic has had presidents that have been far from perfect.

        But some comments have targeted him without listing other presidents that did not do well during riots during their administrations.
        In light of his overly aggressive manner of speech regarding the current rioting, I ask you this; how many of those rioting have been killed?

        I can tell you that during Democrat president Lyndon Johnson’s watch more than 80 rioters lost there lives. And he also had the 82nd Airborne ready to assist cities that became hot spots.
        Trump may not use appropriate language when speaking, but I’ve yet to see someone killed in this riot. With him it’s been all talk, with other presidents who faced rioting during their term, deaths have ensued.

        1. Art, these riots are about police brutality and the outrage is worldwide. This is the first time that COPS have sided with protesters. First time Police Chiefs have spoken out AGAINST what happened in MN.
          No comparison whatsoever and definitely not because of the Scump.
          This president has definitely tried to fan the flames but the opposition has shown restraint!

          1. Dee,
            I agree in part that Trump blurts out and too often shoots from the hip.
            There’s no excuse for this. His latest comments that George Floyd is looking down from heaven and saying “how this is a great thing happening to our country” is cringe worthy, but again, Trump is far from a great orator.

            But in the rest of your comment (the outrage is worldwide) you actually validate what I’ve been intimating the past week, and that is, that true change must come from personal evaluation and a commitment toward that goal (I’m happy that it’s worldwide). I can point at the presidents past, current and future, but unless I personally commit myself to change, I will say that we haven’t seen our last protest and riots.

        2. In other whataboutism news.

          MOSCOW — Smarting over decades of American criticism of its human rights record, Russia is now getting some payback.

          The Kremlin-backed leader of Chechnya, sanctioned by the United States as a violent brute responsible for torture and extrajudicial killings, said this week that he was “horrified” by the brutality of the American police.

          Russia’s foreign ministry, for its part, lamented “a real tragedy, an American tragedy” and demanded that Washington protect the rights of its own citizens instead of constantly finding fault in Russia.

          “By taking measures to prevent looting and other illegal actions, authorities should not violate the rights of Americans to peaceful protest,” Maria Zakharova, the foreign ministry’s spokeswoman, said on Thursday. Speaking earlier on a TV talk show, Ms. Zakharova said that because of the chaos, the United States “simply cannot have any questions for others in the coming years.”


          So AES, do Putins stooges have a point?

          1. Rib,
            Yes, but can Russia or any country pointing their finger at America say that they are pure and clean from cruelty?
            I will fall back on one of my favorite bible verses, “he who is without sin, let him (or nation) cast the first stone” spoken by a perfect man.

            1. Forgot to mention regarding the Bible verse that parentheses () are mine. But the message is applicable to every individual and nation.

            2. AES, since only one man was perfect, does that make me (or anyone) incapable of being critical of a President (or anyone else)?

              (this is getting pretty philosophical for a sports blog ;)

              1. Rib,
                Absolutely not. Every person has a right to have a voice, especially in America.
                Which is not always the case in Russia and China. I take offence that Russia and China (last week) have the gall to point out our nation’s shortcomings without a closer look at their own faults.

                Jesus fought for the poor and often called the priest and leaders of his day hypocrites. If a perfect man was killed (brutality on a cross for around six hours) wasn’t heard, what imperfect leader is going to be heard today?
                What we have witnessed for centuries stems from a heart of hate and unacceptance.

                The most perfect to the less perfect leaders can’t change a heart, that falls on us my friend.

              2. But you see what happens when the argument against (or for) something is that something similar happened while discounting the completely different circumstances. And it is not particularly slippery slope.

              3. “But you see what happens when the argument against (or for) something is that something similar happened while discounting the completely different circumstances. And it is not particularly slippery slope.”

                Different circumstances? Yes.
                Both instances driven by hatred and unacceptance? Yes.
                There’s no slippery slope in the evil spirit of both circumstances.

  38. KS- ‘How the heck do we have only 4 Black HCs in the league?’
    Ummm, you are one of the 28.
    How can KS help atone for past actions? Maybe a nice start would be to sign Eric Reid. He was the last Pro Bowl safety for the Niners.
    Jed needs to put his money where his mouth is. Jed should beg him to return, and promise not to complain if he kneels.

    1. Seb, the last time you put your money where your mouth is, a 100 baht bill wound up wedged inside a ladboy’s butthole.

      Did you forget what happened in Bangkok?


  39. KS should fire himself and sign an over the hill player because he’s black, just like you hired only black people for your landscaping business.

    1. KS should realize that if he is not part of the solution, he is part of the problem. Maybe he should promote Bobby Turner to OC, instead of one of the Mikes.
      Eric Reid is only 28, so he is in the prime of his life.
      No, the Campesinos dominated the job market. The Blacks tended to work in the trades, like framing, roofing, drywall or painting. The white workers were the worst. They would whine for breaks, smoke on the job, work half as fast and demand twice the pay.

      1. He has a minority Muslim DC and was the first to hire a woman on his staff that in addition consists of 11 minority candidates. On the surface it would seem he is part of the solution. Insinuating that he’s part of the problem without even a cursory glance at what he’s done is wrong it’s ignorant at best or profiling at worst. After all, He’s just another white coach, he must be holding on to the status quo and trying to hold everyone else down.
        For the love of God, I wish more people would stop rushing to judgement when they climb on their soapbox to condemn someone. (This isn’t to single you out Seb, there are plenty (including myself sadly) who have done it from time to time.) We should strive to be better.

        1. Rib, I am just re-stating what KS himself has said. He realizes that there needs to be more minority representation, and he was the one who mentioned HCs and GMs, because the facts do not lie.
          Yes, the Niners are progressive in their assistant coaches being diverse, but Singletary has been the only Black 49er HC, and I do not believe there has been a Black 49er GM.
          It is breaking the glass ceiling that is the hardest thing to do. Kudos to KS for admitting more needs to be done. I am not calling for him to resign, but hiring a Black OC could be done today, and it would be a step in the right direction.
          I also am not telling them to cut Ward and install Reid. I want them to sign Reid, but he must compete for a roster spot. If Tartt or Ward out compete him, so be it.

          1. Why would the Niners sign Reid after he publicly criticized the entire organization from the coaching staff to the front office to ownership?

            Do your research before you pop off you ignorant fool!

            1. Kaep has been proven right, and Reid has been proven right.
              It would show high character for the Niners to ignore the jibes, and re-sign Reid. The Niners did not treat Reid well, making him move all around the defensive backfield, then not retaining him.
              Fortunately, that just showed his versatility, and he did go on to play with the Panthers.
              Jed York BEGGED Reid to not kneel. He could atone for his faux pas by begging Reid to return. It would show character and maturity on Jed’s part, something he craves. Jed would show leadership, and wisdom.
              He may give a million dollars for social justice, but he can’t buy off a movement. Concrete actions would be better, and what better way to atone for past misdeeds, than re-signing a social justice warrior?

              1. “ Kaep has been proven right, and Reid has been proven right”

                So what? They are both mediocre football players that got by because their teammates were so good.
                If they were so right why does this stuff keep happening? No matter how many kneel downs, no matter how many protests, people will always do stupid things.

                “ The Niners did not treat Reid well”
                He was the worst pass defending safety. And treated not well? Spoken like someone who has never played a game. There are no feelings in sports you wussy!

                “ He could atone for his faux pas by begging Reid to return. It would show character and maturity on Jed’s part, something he craves. Jed would show leadership, and wisdom”
                Are you seriously that stupid?

              2. Your assessment skills are lacking.
                You think that a QB who has something that no other QB has ever done, is just- mediocre.
                Eric Reid was a first round pick and earned a Pro Bowl nod. Last season , he had 130 tackles, 4 sacks, a forced fumble and 2 fumble recoveries. Those do not sound like mediocre numbers.
                Of course, you are the guy who wanted to bet the Niners would draft CJ Henderson. Too bad they did not select a DB in the draft. Whiffing must be your specialty.
                Seriously, you are.

              3. The fact you defend a one trick pony QB whose greatest strength is running, maybe, since it’s been forever since he last played, and a safety who cannot defend a pass over his head, says everything you need to know, how truly ignorant you are.

              4. Seb,
                I think Prime might be referring to the fact that PFF graded Reid out as their 69th ranked safety out of 71. I’m guessing his tackles were way up because he was being targeted a lot in coverage.

              5. The fact that dual threat QBs like Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Desean Watson have emerged, just shows that Kaep is just as relevant, and they are the wave of the future.
                Kaep, with a decent supporting cast, could compete in the playoffs.
                His best landing spot may be the Patriots. Belichick is smart enough to utilize Kaep correctly, and their top 5 defense could make winning easy. Stidham is certainly not the answer. His last throw was a pick six, I believe.
                There are several other drek QBs that Kaep is superior to. Haskins, Jones, Minshew, Trubisky, Lock, Winston, Darnold, Foles, Rosen and Fitzpatrick. Also, Phillip Rivers, Joe Flacco, Brissette, and Keenum may have declining skills.
                Kaep could compete for and win several starting jobs, if not for the blackballing, and now several major players have acknowledged the unfair persecution of Kaep, who has been right all along.
                Conversely, your hatred for Kaep just means you probably like cops kneeling on necks. You expose your racist tendencies all the time.

              6. Shoup, having 130 tackles means Reid had over 8 tackles per game. He had 4 sacks, 7 tackles for loss, and 5 QBH. Ward had 65 tackles, 1 sack, 2 TFL and zero QBH. Tartt had 48 tackles, half a sack, 1 TFL and 1 QBH. Reid had more tackles than Ward and Tartt combined.
                Sure, he was targeted, but the whole defense under performed in 2019. Reid did not benefit from having Ford, Buckner, Armstead and Bosa in front of him.

          1. Change that from Shoup to Kyle Shanahan and all will be fine. :)

            As to Reid I think that bridge is burnt but even if SF wanted to bring him in he’s more of 2 safety than than a single high one. And the guy he would likely be completing with would be Tartt.

            1. I agree, Reid may be best used in the box as a hybrid S/LB, which is what Tartt may be utilized as.
              Tartt is a FA in 2021, so Reid may be his replacement, if Tartt goes for a big payday. The Niner success may price him out of the Niner’s budget and salary cap.
              Reid may be desperate enough to accept less, just to get a job. However, he would be landing on a SB favorite, and a former team, so that may be factors in his decision to take less.

  40. What is the over under on total number of Generals and Admirals who will rebuke Trumpy? We are up to 4 in 4 days.

    1. Only retired generals admirals rebuke retired presidents except General Douglas Macarthur/Truman by implication and of course this week not by implication.

        1. Ribico: Yes. I read that last night. It doesn’t surprise me that those conflicts exist, but that something like that dilemma could take place this year is amazing. The mostly nonpolitical professional officer corp is one of the major democratic institutions that enable democracy to work. Without it we are cooked.

        2. Dee Phiant says:
          June 7, 2020 at 2:21 pm
          “Can you name anyone who grabs women by their poosie and then boasts about it?”

          No, they never said this, but if a sitting president can put a cigar in his mouth after planting it in Lewinsky’ as you say, poosie, I would call that action boastful.
          Now please help me here, what would you call it?

          Now, how is Hillary complicit? Well, for starters, she knew /knows about the Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddick, who said “I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now 73…. it never goes away.”
          Btw, there is a list of other women whose voice were silenced.

          Here’s what Hillary had to say during a “METOO” conversation, “to every survivor of sexual assault… You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed. We’re with you.”
          Maybe she should allow all the women that have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault to have a voice, don’t you and Rib agree?
          Again, is Hillary complicit? Well, I’ll leave that question for you and Rib.

    2. Bruce, it’s hard to keep the mind from going to that famous movie scene, fodder for so many parodies on Youtube, where a nation’s “leader” has retreated into a fortified bunker beneath a government building, raging at his generals….

      1. “raging at his generals”

        Trumpy assumed that he could buy/manipulate the military and national security establishment akin to a 90s era NYC housing inspector. He was wrong. We are witnessing the final hours of the Titanic.

      2. “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people — does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us,” Mr Mattis wrote in The Atlantic, adding the upheaval was the result of “three years without mature leadership”.

        “We can unite without him,” General Mattis wrote.

        1. Dee,
          Not sure if you are aware that there were three race riots under the Obama administration.
          2014 —Furgeson
          2015– Baltimore
          2016 – Charlotte
          This critique is not aimed at you, but it clearly sheds a light on the uneven and one-sided story that the national news media has become as they proudly put him on their telecasts. On this same vein, I’m still waiting for the media to show video on a children’s hospital having windows broken by bricks and other objects.
          If the national media ignores a story like this, they are complicit in stoking the flame of one-sided news. They (media) continue to claim peaceful protests, while seemingly brushing aside the nightly violence.

          1. Art, I have no idea why you are comparing apples and oranges, just because they are both fruit.

            video on a children’s hospital having windows broken by bricks and other objects

            WOW, that sounds like something Limpballs would have on his show. How many children died? How did you happen to know about it? Did FAUX ‘news’ cover Goddell’s “apology” to Kaepernick???
            Don’t forget there are good people on both sides….

              1. TP, I can understand that you feel like a hypocrite since you take the time to count and read all my post and then post about NON football issues.
                Try to hold on to those balls, Butterfingers!

            1. Never listen to Limbaugh. Actually, I have to do post checks on both CNN – Fox because it’s hard to fully believe their broadcast.
              Btw, no children were hurt, but one little girl being carried by her dad was horrified and screaming in fear. Seeing their car under attack by a mob can be frightening even for an adult.
              Good thing, a small group in the crowd allowed them to get in their damaged car and drive away.

              1. AES, that sounds like a good news story.
                It doesn’t sound like ,hearing your story, that it was a big deal. No one got hurt, unlike the 75 year old man that got his skull cracked open by an unnecessary police action!

              2. Art, let me ask you a simple question.
                Would you hire someone who lies a minimum of 20 times a day and you have to double check everything that comes out of his mouth.
                Can you honestly say you would trust this person to work for you?

              3. “Can you honestly say you would trust this person to work for you?” Dee

                What president would you trust? Which president has conquered the issue of racism? President Lincoln enacted the great Emancipation Proclamation, but did it cure the hate in the heart of America?

                Maybe you haven’t noticed, but we are all living in a crazy loop mode here in our country. The Wilmington riots of 1898 destroyed a town of African Americans (who were Republicans, btw) because they were gaining too much financial and political power.

                The Tulsa Massacre riots of 1921 took place for almost similar reasons that happened in Wilmington N. C.
                There was no presidents during that horrible time that were stoking and inflaming what took place. These events were driven by hate that manifested itself in racism.
                The evil spirit of hate that brought about that ugly blight in our history is the same spirit that has us caught in loop mode today.
                Even president Obama said (paraph) that change takes place in ourselves.

                As I said yesterday, presidents come and go, as will their greatest attempts at speaking to our best moralities.
                I am ultimately responsible for changing myself, and that is where I’ll start.

              4. Art, there are many Presidents that I trust and can verify.
                With the current resident, it’s hard to find something he says that is trustworthy. His motto is to divide, sow chaos and conquer.
                Can you name anyone who grabs women by their poosie and then boasts about it?

                I am ultimately responsible for changing myself, and that is where I’ll start.

                I agree with that sentiment and if you truly are on that path, you’ll find that the people you associate with are part of defining who you are and what you stand for.(eg. do you hang with the KKK?)
                If you empower a race-baiting, opportunistic, philandering, self-serving conman by voting for him, that’s what you are saying you stand for.
                You know he’s a liar, so what are you standing (voting) for?

              5. “Can you name anyone who grabs women by their poosie and then boasts about it?”

                Well, I definitely would add Bill Clinton and Hillary to that list. Bubba was outed by Monica, but according to sources he was quite the WH playboy. And Hillary was complicit in allowing it to go on.

                KKK? Not sure they would allow a Mexican American to join their ranks.
                Are you making an attempt to recruit me not to vote my conscience?
                That’s grossly un-American Dee, and it denies my rights as an American citizen.
                No bueno my friend.

              6. “Can you name anyone who grabs women by their poosie and then boasts about it?”

                Art, not sure if it is your age or if you too are now going to claim that you have a catfish, but you are NOT answering my question but instead deflecting. A common FAUX ‘news’ tactic.
                Please provide a link or video where The Clintons boast about grabbing women by their poosies. Love to hear about it, especially from Hillary!

                Are you making an attempt to recruit me not to vote my conscience?

                If your conscience tells you that you have to support a race-baiting, opportunistic, philandering, self-serving conman by voting for him, by all means, go for it. It shows that ‘justice for all’ means nothing to you. The American Way is to help out those in need, not to deny people their constitutional rights because a minority of people supports a pompous buffoon to do their dirty tricks.
                No es bueno mi amigo.

              7. Dee dumb, can you just STFU? You are now the second dumbest mouth piece on the blog.
                You come on here telling me to stick to football and the last 30 posts of yours are nothing more than just mindless BS.

              8. TP, I can understand that you feel like a hypocrite since you take the time to count and read all my post and then post about NON football issues.
                Try to hold on to those balls, Butterfingers!

              9. Bubba was outed by Monica, but according to sources he was quite the WH playboy.

                You got your historical wires crossed there AES. Monica (an adult having a consensual affair with another adult) was outed by her “best friend” Linda Tripp after foolishly confiding in her.

                And Hillary was complicit in allowing it to go on.

                Evidence that Hillary knew anything about it? Put it up. And no, nothing from Breirbart about Hillary, the castrating lesbian.

              10. If you are going to hate on someone, at least hate on them for something true about them.

            2. “Please provide a link or video where The Clintons boast about grabbing women by their poosies. Love to hear about it, especially from Hillary!” Dee

              Hillary is very intelligent, don’t you agree?
              When Gennifer Flowers claimed that she and Billy boy had a twelve year affair, Hillary sat next to Bill in a 60 Minutes interview back in 1992 and said that her husband was innocent. But lo and behold, Billy admitted in 1998 that he did in fact have a twelve year affair with Mrs. Flowers.

              Yes, I am aging, but I’m also old enough to believe that there is no way Hillary had no awareness of Bill’ philanderings.
              She’s to smart not to know. Or, maybe she tried her best to hide it, which makes her complicit.

              Now, some may be ok with a president having an illicit affair in the WH, but that isn’t my thing.
              Two consensual adults? Sure, no problem.
              Disrespecting and rolling around in the highest office in the world?
              Well, you draw your own conclusions.

              Dee, you pointed out earlier that Trump is liar. Well, I remember Bill Clinton telling the America people, “I did not have sex with that women, Monica Lewinsky.”
              Yes, president Clinton had a pattern of lying, and it would be a hard task for you and Rib, to convince me that Hillary didn’t know what was going on.

              1. I’ll repeat the question for you, Art. Maybe you can have someone read it out aloud to you. Your posts keep on proving my point, not yours….
                Please provide a link or video where The Clintons boast about grabbing women by their poosies. Love to hear about it, especially from Hillary!
                Go on Art, get in those archives where it shows that The Clintons boast about grabbing women by their poosies.

              2. Art, can you come up with 20,000 documented lies for Clinton?
                How about 5000?
                OK, let’s do 100 documented lies in the first 4 years of his presidency.
                You can do that?

              3. Pretty damning indictment of Bill and Hillary. Yet “no man is perfect” and we shouldn’t be the first to cast stones are the excuses for DJT. Yup, pretty easy conclusions to draw, AES.

              4. Dee understand, when it comes to religious Trump fanbois, it’s all New Testament for him, all Old Testament for people like Bill and Hillary, and no doubt Biden.

              5. Rib, I thought those christians would absolve DJT if he atoned for his sins. He must have slipped them some greenbacks since he never asked for forgiveness and was anointed as the chosen one…
                After 20,000 sins, I don’t know if even the Devil will take him!

          2. Not sure if you are aware that there were three race riots under the Obama administration.
            2014 —Furgeson
            2015– Baltimore
            2016 – Charlotte

            Yes I remember. And each time I remember the president and his cabinet fanning the flames higher by talking about “dominating the battlespace”. Oh wait, no I didn’t. Each time I remember former cabinet members, those who had worked closest with him, saying the president doesn’t even try to unite the country. Oh wait, no I didn’t. Or top military saying they fear for our constitution. Oh wait, no I didn’t.

            AES, your continued attempts at false equivalency is just looking more and more desperate. And your who should cast the first stone piety just more and more sanctimonious.

            1. That’s because Republicans live on half truths and confirmation bias. They listen to the part that appeals to their beliefs and skip the rest. It’s the only way anyone could look at the complete disaster that is Donald Trump and find a way to support his incompetence and disdain for democracy.

            2. The leader at that time took in three riots in three successive years.
              Casting stones? No.
              Only stating that no man is perfect. And that includes political parties. Both parties have blood on their hands cascading back from the inception as a country.

              But hopefully there is good news that came from the mouth of George Floyd’ little girl who said with a proud smile, “my daddy changed the world.”
              No other event such as Mr. Floyd’s horrible murder has touched the world like this.
              Could this be the ONE that finally changes the world?

              George Floyd’ step mother said that it’s time to go back to our first love. That is a verse in the book of Revelation. Love comes from God.
              She seems to be well aware that changing the world begins with love.
              “Love conquers all.”

            3. Rib,
              Trump also said that he stands by those that protest against what happened to George Floyd. But the media is more guilty in doing what they’ve always done, sensationalizing with intent to stir up the masses.

              In the last few evenings of tuning onto the news, they have focused their news on a pattern of “police brutality” while almost completely dismissing the riots taking place at night. Gee, talk about stoking the flames.

              NY now allows those caught committing destruction and looting to be released from detainment.
              Do you believe that the mobs at night could do self managing if the police were off the streets?
              Two police officers have been killed and many more injured. They to, deserve the right to protect themselves.

              Yesterday in Sacramento CA, police officers were dancing on the streets with protesters. I’m watching my local news right now, and it looks like the protesters are getting testy. One protester got in officers face and was just arrested.

              If I’m desperate about anything it’s that our country would take off the shackles of hate and learn to love their neighbors.
              We’re caught in a centuries long loop mode of hate. Who’s going to break the curse?

              1. Rib,
                Trump also said that he stands by those that protest against what happened to George Floyd

                At the exact same moment those words came out of his mouth, flash grenades were going off, clearing the streets of peaceful protesters so he could amble over and disgrace a church with his presence. But sure take his word for it.

              2. AES,

                The media sure isn’t making anything up in regards to Trump including the fact his actions don’t back up a claim of standing by protesters. There is evidence of every stupid thing he says and does including asking for 10000 troops to be brought in to DC to deal with protesters. I understand you are referring mainly to the protests but again there is a lot of footage of Police brutality against protesters and while there is vandalism and looting going on, that is mainly from groups not involved with the protests and are comprised of people on the left and right.

              3. AES, Trump produced a letter “written” by his attorney, calling the peaceful protesters that were attacked Monday evening “terrorists”. No, he was NOT talking about the looters. And even if he were, those are lawbreakers, not al qaeda.

                How you continually pretzel yourself in defending him is beyond me. Just come out and say it, he’s your guy.

              4. “The media sure isn’t making anything up in regards to Trump including the fact his actions don’t back up a claim of standing by protesters.” Truth

                With all due respect, I never said that they were making anything up. I intimated that they use sensationalism to ruse and sway public opinion.

                I can’t speak for police officers that have been killed, but had they had troops there to protect them, it’s a good guess that they would be going home after their shifts.

                If my house was being destroyed and looted, my life and those of my family threatened, I would be more than happy to see police and troops coming to my aide.
                What would you do in that situation Truth?

            4. “How you continually pretzel yourself in defending him is beyond me. Just come out and say it, he’s your guy.” Rib.

              Sure, and I’ll even add more for your pleasure.
              I stand by my president. I also stand by my freedom of choice. I stand by law enforcement and all first responders. I even stand by 90% of my extended family members who are sworn Democrats.
              Hey, I stand by those on this blog who have made a conscious effort to ostracize my freedom to have an alternate view.
              Oh, and I love pretzels, especially with a little mustered – hope that’s OK with you.

  41. Amazon Prime has a documentary about the 200M race in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. For me 1968 was the year of American assassinations while I was in Thailand working on the “Domino Theory” of foreign policy. The film is about the “Salute” and the white Australian sprinter who came in second in what would have been a world record if not for Tommie Smith. “Salute: The Story Behind The Image”

    “Smith, Carlos, and Australian silver medalist Peter Norman all wore human-rights badges on their jackets.”


    Another moment misread by us good people.

  42. Anyone else notice how happy, Ribico, Dee Phiant, oneniner, Oldcoach, htwaits, Bruce Lee, Seb, J.P. are. They seem really happy that this poor black kid got killed by a huge unruly white cop. They are seemingly basking in his death and using his death to advance their agenda. Look at them go.

    1. Like KS said, we have all ignored the problem for too long, especially white people, who are not listening to the Black voices- Don’t shoot! I can’t Breathe! Hands in the air!
      However, I have been consistent in my stance that decrying injustices and postulating solutions is a noble cause.
      You on the other hand, must have laughed, seeing that smirk on Chauvin’s face while he knelt on George Floyd’s neck while he is crying for his mother, and telling Chauvin he is killing him. You must have thought that was funny. I do not.
      You probably thought it was funny when a Black Grandmother tottered towards policemen with their guns drawn, putting her body in front of her grandson, who thought he was about to die, when all he did was run a stop sign. When she fell over her grandson’s body, you must have thought that was hilarious.
      She has more guts in her toenail clippings than the racist, sexual predator coward President you love has in his entire body. She was brave and faced drawn guns pointing at her, but your hero cowered in a bunker over a protest.

        1. The troll has his agenda, I have my own agenda.
          I think he delights in schadenfreude, although he does not know the meaning of that word.

    2. Right. That’s why I spent Friday evening at a prayer vigil in town for George Floyd.

      I’d suggest that anyone who questions what this time is about go and take a knee for 8:46.

  43. MLK,
    You must have me confused with someone else. I haven’t posted even one single time regarding the shooting or the protests. Thanks for the apology in advance.

  44. 40% of likely black voters approve of the job that President Trump is doing according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

    1. Lololololol. Too funny.

      Knowing Rasmussen’s *scientific” methods, likely 4 out of the 10 polled were Diamond, Silk, Ben Carson and Kanye West.

    2. The last time, August 2018, Rasmussen reported such nonsense (if they keep trying maybe they’ll get it right).

      “Today’s @realDonaldTrump approval ratings among black voters: 36%,” Rasmussen said in a tweet. “This day last year: 19%.”

      That is a staggeringly high number for a man who only won 8 percent of the African-American vote in 2016.


      Don’t get your hopes up Raz. Here’s what your ilk was saying at the time:

      Conservatives celebrated the poll as a sign of trouble for Democrats in upcoming elections.

      Charlie Kirk, the founder of the conservative campus group Turning Point USA, cited the poll as evidence that Trump “is breaking the Democrat party as we know it.”

      “Trump’s Black Approval is at 36%,” Kirk tweeted. “If I was a Democrat I would be terrified. And it’s only going to get worse for them.”

      Terrified! That was before the 2018 mid-terms. How’d that work out? All those Trump approving POC who switched political allegiance brought home the bacon for the GOP, amirite? Not so much:

      Blacks voted overwhelmingly (90%) for the Democratic candidate, including comparable shares of black men (88%) and black women (92%).

      -Pew Research

  45. 1. The recent Drew Brees Incident and the MLK post above remind me of the MLK letter from Birmingham jail. MLK writes the letter to fellow Christian Ministers and politely chastises them for their condemnation of him , MLK. (paraphrasing) He says you guys don’t like the protests but are unwilling to the address the underlying injustice which is the genesis of the protest. Ummm, sounds very similar to Brees. He misrepresents the purpose and target of the protest and at this point it has to be semi willful. Also, since when do protestors have to take direction from those who they are making uncomfortable. Isn’t that the whole point ?

    2. Is white privilege real. Yup. Remember the Stanford swimmer who raped a drunk passed out girl a few years ago. He received a light sentence and the Judge was actually sympathetic to him and didn’t want the incident to tarnish his life. Now what if the rapist was a point guard named Davante instead of Trevor the swimmer ????

    1. Drew Brees should have stood by his beliefs and not allowed racial bullies to intimidate him. Speaking for myself I will never kneel. I will honor those who fought and died for the goodness for which this flag flies on high. The greatest country for good in the history of mankind. Meanwhile I will continue to do what I’ve always done when it comes to witnessing social injustices. Stand up, speak out and protect the innocent from the evil that’s roamed the earth like a hungry lion since time immemorial….

      1. Razor, you’re right, it takes a real man to admit that they have done wrong!
        Thanks for letting US know that we can’t count on you….

    1. Goddell isn’t his own man as commissioner of the NFL. He speaks for 31 billionaires and Green Bay’s share holders. It’s sort of like a Trump spokesperson kind of in a way. Most of them are older than AES.

      1. Ht,
        I wish I could help Trump use a much better tone and less aggressive style in speaking, but some things might be impossible to change 🙂

        1. AES, if it hasn’t been made evident by now that Trump is a person with myriad and severe psychological pathologies, then I don’t know what to say. You, or anyone, could no more make Trump something he’s not as make Christ less perfect.

    2. ‘If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.’
      Blackballing was not part of the solution. Marginalization is a form of oppression.

    1. Thank you, Dr. Eater.

      With 7.8 billion items on the menu, this could be the longest running brunch in the history of dining.

  46. I predict military families, veterans and active duty military will overwhelmingly oppose Trumpy in Nov. The first shoe to drop was his snuggling and allegiance up to dictators . The second is his disdain for the National Security and Intelligence apparatus of the US Government. Third shoe is removing Captain Kreuzer from his command for attempting to protect his crew and then sending his clown bureaucrat half way around the world to insult Kreuzer. Finally shoe are the half dozen Generals and Admirals who have come forward to express how dangerous Trumpy is to our Democracy

    1. I predict Trump in an overwhelming victory, and the haters crying like they do when mommy’s breast pump clogs.

      1. Razor and who else is going to give him this overwhelming victory? The 40% of black voters giving Trump the thumbs up??? 😂😂😂

              1. Biden’s legacy is saying stupid $hit you dip$hit.


                Trump has said far more stupid things than Biden – and that’s just during his Presidency never mind his idiotic tirades when he was calling in to talk shows while going bankrupt multiple times as a civilian- and is just as likely to have some form of dementia. Trump may not even realize 95% of what he says isn’t true. Now his defense secretary had to inform him the military are not his personal toy soldiers to deploy against American citizens. Everyday he’s in office he sets a new standard of incompetence and sheer ignorance.

  47. Slightly off the subject but not really. Over the last 20 years or so I have been friends with 2 women patrol officers. They both told me separately that if we wanted to cut back on police shootings we only had to do one thing. Make our police forces 100% female. Now of course it wouldn’t stop it completely but they quoted statistics to me that were surprising to say the least. shootings would drop drastically complaints regarding brutality would drop drastically. It seems pretty simplistic but hey…….

    1. Ha! I think we should do the same with our political leaders. Seems that a disproportionate number of competent world and US state leaders are women these days.








    1. Sounds reasonable to me. (Vox has a bit on this on “Today Explained.”) But sheesh they screwed the pooch by calling it “defund”. The 80%+ of (mostly) white Americans who (mostly) trust cops to protect us when they’re called, will never support something that sounds like that. Fixing the system requires smart politics. It’s not enough to be right.

  49. “How the heck are there only four black coaches out of 32 head coaches?” Shanahan wondered. “How are there only two GMs? I mean, we’re in a predominantly — the majority of our players are black. So, the fact that there’s that few, that’s not debatable. I don’t know if people are openly thinking they’re doing it, which I think that people resort to that, but that’s what the problem is. That number is not debatable, and that is an issue.

    “I think we talk about it a lot, and it is something that has to get better. I know they’ve thrown out a bunch of stuff. I only speak for myself; I try to hire people that I’ve worked with that are prepared for it, and fortunately, that’s worked out well for me. I’ve got a Muslim coordinator, we’ve got a black coordinator. We have a lesbian on our staff.

    “We have everything, and it’s not just to show people that we’re trying to be diverse. It’s just because I’ve been around these people and they are really good at what they do. We can’t win without these people, and that’s just how it works out

  50. I hope the riots go on for another week.
    There’s nothing like seeing those commies getting their head bashed in.

      1. BT, there’s been a Razor catfish prowling these parts lately. This looks like another of its droppings.

  51. “We must stop talking about the flag and shift our attention to the real issues of systemic racial injustice, economic oppression, police brutality, and judicial & prison reform. We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history! If not now, then when?” … Drew Brees

    I think he’s got it.

  52. The parade of anti-trumpy generals rolls on. Today we have former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Colin Powell and he really hits it out of the park. He basically calls Trump a traitor which I have been saying all along. Any president who snuggles up to our enemies (putin/little Kim) and trashes the constitution …


      1. Razor, you know me. I am so sick and tired of all the catfish burner accounts, I would NEVER make one myself.
        Dee and I have had some exchanges, so there is no possibility that we are the same person.
        I know we are diametrically opposed to each other politically, but I truly believe you have good football knowledge, and I look forward to your posts.
        I know we have have made some digs at each other’s politics, but I have always tried to keep it light, and civil with you. Some others, not so much.
        Despite our differences, we both are ardent fans of the San Francisco 49ers, and I would like nothing better than you and I to be sitting in my back yard, with you twisting up some Blues Glue so I can sample your harvest. I would bring out some Mango Haze, and we could talk Niners all day.

    1. I don’t know why I’ve been able to get away with this for so long.
      TP, you’re right, you are smarter than everybody else.
      We are one!

            1. TP, Do you think anyone else knows?
              Can we keep this little secret just between the two of us?
              I’ll send you some Mango Haze as a peace offering!

  53. Daniel Jeremiah thinks Kittle may get 20 mil per season.
    That may put him out of the Niner salary cap formula, so they may trade him away for a first round pick.
    Some may think the Niners would not trade away one of their best players and team leaders, but they also traded away Buckner, so anything is possible.

    1. Two 1st round picks and a 5th for the right to pay Kittle $20 million is what it will take to get him.

    2. Seb,
      I understand the need to control the salary cap (especially next season where the cap might actually drop) but I believe you don’t take the cap into consideration for 2 kind of players franchise QB’s and once in a generation players and I believe Kittle fills the latter. I believe that 30 yrs from now when they are picking the best players of the first half of the century Kittle’s name will be on there. I believe he will be described as the player who changed how we look at TE’s. He will be the first of the TE’s who run blocked as well as an all pro guard and caught passes like a #1 WR. He is a hybrid, he is what I believe to be a once in a generation player as well as a great leader. imho

      1. That’s all fine and dandy but I’m still not paying him a penny more than $15 million a year with $35 million guaranteed. Let him hold out while we field offers of at least two 1st round picks, because there’s no way in hell we’re paying him $20 million a year when we hold all leverage….

      2. OC, right now your assesment is correct, but Kittle is also a product of the system* and the coach. If he’s playing on a different team will they let him play the way he plays? Will he be the same player?
        *Except for that one play where he dragged a player for 15yards with his facemask

        1. Product of the system? Are you high again?
          He’s the consummate professional. Has played through injuries that many guys would have sat out an entire year for.
          His coaches and teammates rave about him, his work ethic and what he brings to the locker room.
          And a moron like you says he is a product of the system? You truly are clueless Seb, Niner Poe and whatever alias you go by.

          1. Maybe we should just line up Kittle and JG?
            No wait, just Kittle.
            I’m sure he can snap, block, pass and catch the ball!

            1. You clearly don’t watch enough of football behind the scenes. The player interviews, the teammates comments about each other, and the coaches evaluations of players after games.
              You strike me as one of those A holes who just reads and believes everything the media says. A typical lap dog.

              Kittle has brought a swagger to this team. He basically has the ability to change a game even without the ball in his hands.
              Product of the system? What a joke!

              1. TP, you keep dropping the ball! Are you OK?
                You’re obsessed with the backside of human anatomy. Are you ready to come out?

      3. How quickly we forget Gronk. Gronk was exactly what Kittle is for the 49ers. Great blocker, amazing receiver. Tbh, imo he was better than Kittle because he was unguardable in the RZ. Interestingly Gronk never got paid like a top WR…

        1. Scooter you are right about Gronk and the RZ but I don’t believe he is in the same class as Kittle as a run blocker. I don’t think I have ever seen a TE who is close to him as a run blocker and that includes TE’s who were nothing more than blockers. It is like having an all pro guard at TE.

          1. Hmmm, I think you may be doing Gronk a disservice regarding his blocking ability. He was really, really good at it. People just glossed over it a bit because of how great a receiver he was.

            1. I will add don’t forget the confidence Gronk brought to the game and to the entire Patriot organization.
              Guys that can single handedly change a game are not a “product of the system”.

              1. Dee’s comment about him being a product of the system isn’t entirely off base – he definitely benefits to some degree from the ability of Shanahan to scheme guys open. Don’t get me wrong, he’d be a very good player for any team, but I don’t think he is a Gronk level receiver and some of his production is a function of the team and coach he plays for.

              2. Guarantee, if Kittle stays with the 49ers and in Shanny’s offense, he will be the best TE of this modern era.
                You can’t compare him to Gronk yet as Kittle has only been in the NFL 3 years.

                As for being a product of the system. BS. If that were the case then Dwelley, Celek and Helm would have had outstanding numbers as well.
                By indicating someone is a “product of the system” means that guy is easily replaceable. You don’t replace a guy like Kittle that easily. And no one brings what he brings at the TE in the entire NFL.

              3. So sorry to see you stumble in understanding football,TP.
                If Kittle is not a partly a product of KS and his system, explain to me why he was a 5th round pick???
                Why was KS the only one who saw and developed the potential???
                How come he didn’t get picked in the first round with all that talent???

              4. “ product of KS and his system, explain to me why he was a 5th round pick???

                Tom Brady was also a 5th round pick. Was he also a product of the system?

                How come he didn’t get picked in the first round with all that talent?

              5. You can’t fault a player who helps make the system what it is. Gronk did this as a TE; so does Kittle. Way too valuable in every facet of the offense. Not many TEs can be equally effective at run blocking, receiving, and YAC.

                Dee, really, you support your argument with the draft pick angle? How many examples can prove that one wrong. I think he signs for $17.5/5 yrs. with a $40M signing bonus. Yes, more than I want to see, but there is no way KS goes into 2020 with this offense missing its key player in a holdout.

              6. “ Dee, really, you support your argument with the draft pick angle?

                Let’s let him defend that angle. This will be good.

            2. Was Tom Brady a product of the system or not?

              It’s comical seeing you try to put together a football arguement.
              Stick to politics, smoking dope and Kap loving.

              1. Since you answered your own question with a 5th round pick, I’ll take it you wholeheartedly agree!
                Brady had 33% completion his 1st year….

              2. Nice edit but thats exactly the response I expected.

                Looks like Prime Time wins again!

              3. Did Mahomes have 33% his 1st year?
                Oh wait, he was the 5th pick not the 5th round.
                He didn’t have to learn the system…..

      4. Kittle is great but to go way over the FT amount would be irresponsible and foolish. This is the time where people are just looking at the production and how good a player he is and throwing out fantasy contract numbers. He’s a TE and the FT amount for that position will likely be under 11 mill next year. They could keep him the year after that at a 20% increase from the FT. That’s 3 more seasons for under 30 mill total. He deserves a huge contract but it’s a business and if they overpay him based on the market value it will kill them cap wise and blow up the budget somewhere else. If I were Kittle I’d either sign a short extension – 2 or 3 years max – and try to cash in at a higher number then or just play the FT game and be eligible for FA in 3 or 4 years depending on how long the Niners keep tagging him.

      5. Old Coach, I also thought Buckner was never going to be traded. Heck, they traded away Joe Montana.
        Guess that is the problem with being a SB team. Players will command top dollar. Players will be lured away with big contract offers. Some team with a ton of cap space, will gladly pay to improve their team.
        Yes, it would be nice to be able to retain Kittle, but if a team offers a first and a second round pick for him, the Niners should seriously look at the offer.
        I hope Kittle can play his entire career on the Niners and help them win a few rings. However, the salary cap may force the Niners to make some difficult decisions. The emergence of Charlie Woerner or Chase Harrell may make the replacement for Kittle be a little less painful.

        1. Seb,
          Joe had been consistently injured at that point in his career and they replaced him with another hall of fame QB. Buckner is very good not great he is no Aaron Donald and I doubt that either Woerner or Harrell are bound for the HOF. imho

          1. I totally concede that Woerner and Harrell may not be destined for the HOF, but they may be the replacements for Kittle, if he holds out.
            I definitely prefer Kittle staying, and I hope he does not demand an elite WR salary. However, the salary cap may force the Niners into another Buckner situation. Fortunately, Kinlaw has the potential to be a good replacement for Buckner, although he is no Aaron Donald, either.

    3. If Jerry Rice, coming into his prime, held out for 20-30% more than the highest paid WR of the time, do we pay him?

      (the GOAT is a special case, but we have the advantage of hindsight. Kittle has the potential, and may just be the GOAT of his position)

  54. HEY If you guys are gonna’ keep on hating each other, you’re gonna’ miss the the protest in Santa Clara….I forgot what it was about….

  55. I haven’t commented in years because I’m very busy, but the last thing I remember about Kaep was Tyrann Mathieu calling him out about being terrible before he threw (2?) pick sixes against the Cardinals. The league changed the rules after the SB season, which greatly impacted his ability as a QB.

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