Report: 49ers and Nick Bosa remain locked in contract stalemate

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch said months ago the team had budgeted for an extension for pass rusher Nick Bosa. It appears the team did not budget properly.

According to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport, negotiations between the team and player remain at a standstill.

“Until there is a significant breakthrough, I do not expect Nick Bosa on the field for the San Francisco 49ers,” said Rapoport on Monday afternoon. “This isn’t really a question of if he is going to be the NFL’s highest paid pass rusher. It sounds to me like they are already there. Already past T.J. Watt, that’s not really what this is about. T.J. Watt at $28 million on an average per year basis. This is about how close to Aaron Donald’s $31 million and change does he get. Or does he get over that.

“If he is not there Wednesday, obviously it would not bode well for him being able to participate in this week’s game.

“If there is anyone whose resolve you should never doubt, it is someone with the last name of Bosa.”

Let’s be real. The 49ers have a history of trying to “win” in contract negotiations. Time and time again they have tried to push the envelope on these deals. It happened with George Kittle, Fred Warner, Trent Williams, and Deebo Samuel.

In fact, in the case of Williams, the player had to call Kyle Shanahan and threaten to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs before the team’s contract negotiators finally gave the tackle what he was looking for.

Nick Bosa knows his value, and he knows the 49ers need him far more than he needs the 49ers.

San Francisco has told everyone this season is all about competing for a Super Bowl. If they continue down this path those hopes may go out the window.

Early season losses the last two seasons were the reason the team was on the road, games they ended up losing. The 49ers cannot afford to let early season games go because they refuse to give the most important player on their defense the contract he deserves.

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    1. Cubus,
      He is fined just under a mill for every game he misses. Which just means he ups his asking price 1 mill every time he misses a game. The 9ers need to sign him today.

      1. Yes, but being fined is different from if he received a regular per game check. So it seems like you are saying they don’t have to pay him and can fine him. Or does that fine come out of the per game check?

        1. Cubus,
          The fine is his game check. There isn’t a fine on top of the game check as far as I know.

  1. I know I am becoming a broken clock but the 9ers screwed this negotiation royally. It is no ones fault other than the 9ers FO. I am not one of those fans who goes around screaming for people to be fired but who ever is making the decisions surrounding this negotiation needs to be fired and if it is Jed he needs to back away from the table and call Paraag in right now. It may be too late they may have screwed up this season already.

        1. Lol. :-D

          OC, not sure someone should get fired over this. The Bosas are really tough negotiators, and the 49ers have had a generally good track record of both paying key players as well as signing them to team favorable contracts.

    1. I’m not so sure about that, Coach. There has to be a walking price for any successful negotiation, even one the league’s best DE’s. We don’t know the specifics, but Bosa certainly isn’t the first hold out in league history, and he surely won’t be the last, that’s for sure. What we don’t know are the specifics.

      Bottom line should be some kind of compromise!

    2. I just love it when fans are all in paying a great player everything he wants. It’s still a business with salary caps to worry about as well setting precedents that will come to bite them down the road. The definition of worth is what an informed buyer will play to an informed seller. At this point we don’t know what he’s worth.

    3. How specifically have the 49ers screwed this up? I don’t know the details of the negotiations. Is it terms? Contract length, structure, offsets, timing of bonuses, type and degree of guarantees? Offset clauses?

      Obviously Bosa is a top level talent and deserves to be paid. But the question is at what point does a player become a financial liability even at the time of signing…….what I mean that not only does the compensation impede the team’s ability to sign other players but the degree of financial/football risk is to great because so much is invested into one player. Some of the top QBs are hitting $50M+ in yearly compensation which is about 25% of the current salary cap. I wonder how teams evaluate positions/roles and their relative value to the salary cap.

    4. Perhaps… what cost to the team do you sign him to a $135M-140M contract? And what if he wants 100% guaranteed money? I’m not saying that the team didn’t screw the pooch to a degree on this..they may very well have underestimated his contract demand…and are now in panic mode to get it done…in either case, the organization will end up with egg on their faces over this whole thing….regardless of how it turns out

  2. This has gotten ridiculous! They BOTH need to compromise and get this done! We’re down to hours now for him to have any chance of playing Sunday. I’m sure he’s in shape but ‘hitting’ shape??? He’ll inevitably get hurt early on! Pissed off!

  3. My point is that if the team believes that his asking price is exorbitant then sign him, save money on this years cap and then trade him before the next draft. That way we can compete for this years SB. If he holds out to week 2 or beyond then we are giving up any chance of a SB this year. imho

    1. What ever you sign him for is going to have a whopper of a signing bonus. You can’t structure it all as guaranteed salary and option bonuses. Those usually only vest at the beginning of a league year….so often times not completely guaranteed. Donald had a 3 year $25M signing bonus. Even if the 49ers were able to sign Bosa for 5 years with a $40M signing bonus, after one year that’s still $32M that would accelerate against the cap if they traded Bosa after one year.

  4. Bosa is waiting for Chris Jones to sign. Conversely, Jones is waiting for Bosa to sign. He who signs last gets the bigger deal.

  5. How in the world can you say they tried to “win” the George Kittle negotiation. They jumped way higher than they had to and overpaid him. They gave him $15 mill per year when no other tight end was making over $11 mill at the time.

  6. Trade Kittle! He’s already injured and the season hasn’t started yet! They can probably get a 4th or 5th round draft choice. And more cap space.

  7. This is probably sacrilegious but I just put 2 units on Pittsburgh +2.5. Money is money. No Bosa and Colton McKivitz v TJ Watt sounds like a knockout to me. Take the L and hope Purdy can make it out alive behind this O-line.

    1. Watt is a handful for sure but all accounts are that McKivitz is a better pass blocker than his predecessor so maybe it won’t be that bad. In any case money doesn’t out way my desire to see the Niners win. Of course I never bet on sports anyway so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

    1. I honestly fear for Brock Purdy in this game. I never have that feeling but the Steelers D-line is a matchup nightmare for the 49ers O-line. Watt vs McKivitz is probably the key to the game and I just dont see any way McKivitz has the talent to block a guy like Watt. If Shanahan calls 7 step drops for Purdy, McKivitz is going to get beaten around the edge and Purdy is going to take a beating. The Heyward matchup against Brendel or Burford is also a nightmare scenario. If Brendel is ever 1v1 against Heyward in pass-pro then look for Brendel to get pushed back into Purdy every single time. The only guy I feel confident can hold his own against the Steelers is Trent Williams. I expect the 49ers O-line to get manhandled in this game. Likely less than 100 Yards rushing with lower than 3.5 yard avg per carry. Purdy will get sacked at least 4 times and hopefully he gets back up each time. After the game I fully expect Shanahan to come up with some lame excuses about needing to be better at the point of the attack. But if a schmo like me can see how bad this O-line is but 49es management doesn’t see it then there’s nothing you can do to make them better. The 49ers can blame the roster malpractice at the O-line positions in the offseason as to why they lost at the point of attack. 3 of 5 o-line starters for the 49ers are backups on 75% of NFL teams. It’s beyond ridiculous Shanahan and Lynch refused to upgrade the O-line in the offseason.

      1. PFF ranked the 49ers Oline 7th last season. The only changes to the Oline this year is RT and Burford playing RG full time as opposed to sharing with Brunskill. Considering McGlinchey was annually ranked as a poor pass blocker I’m not sure there is much of a drop if any in pass protection moving on to McKivitz. Burford has a year under his belt and has worked extensively with Williams in the offseason so we’ll see.

        We have comments like this made every season and yet somehow someway the offense is usually top ten, top 5 when Purdy took over. Every season Shanahan has been here he’s had young players or journeymen starting on the Oline and they make it work. They had Ben Garland and Michael Person starting for a good chunk if 2019 when they went to the SB. Tom Compton was the starting RT for half of the 2021 season when they went to the NFFCG. These are just a couple of examples. You may not like that strategy but he’s been successful with it so I don’t expect it to change.

        They may have a struggle against the Steelers, a lot of teams will against that front seven, but as long as the starters stay healthy my guess is they are in the middle of the pack at worst as a unit.

      2. Shanahan doesn’t usually call straight up 7 step drop pass plays (even from the shotgun); at least not very often. If there’s a 7 step drop play it’s going to probably be a shot play off of play action….which in theory should freeze the pass rushers for a moment and give the O-linemen a bit of a tactical advantage which buys the QB a tick more of time.

        As usual, it’ll come down to the run game to keep the chains moving on schedule and game situations manageable so that pass plays don’t have to be deeper shots that require 7 step drop timing.

      3. 1.6
        It’s pretty silly that you claim to be a better judge of the Oline than the professionals with the Niners. Also, I hear this doom and gloom about the Oline every year and in reality at the end of
        The year they are always rated at least average and often much higher. Having said that, the first couple of games are usually the worst for any Oline

  8. It’s not my money in the Bosa dilemma, and not for me to say how someone else should spend his money. But Jack Hammer has outlined the downside of protracted negotiations, and there comes a point where tough negotiating is equivalent to dumb negotiating. The Niners are now at that critical point.

  9. General question: What’s your take on the negotiations if the Niners start the season winning without him? Purdy might resume where he left off and our receivers as a group might exceed last year’s performance. On defense, our interior rush might be better, and Ferrell and Bryant might exceed current expectations.

    1. This is an astute take. I could see the 49ers being better in the beginning of this year compared to seasons past. I think the offense now gives the defense some room to breathe, so to speak. It used to be that the defense had to play lights out entire game for the team just to have a chance at kicking a game tying/winning FG at the end of regulation.

      Now we seem to have an offense that can put points on the board. If Purdy keeps up from what we saw from last year, this team can compete with anyone, even without Bosa for a game or two.

      In the end I don’t think it’ll get that far. He might miss this week but even if he signs tomorrow I don’t think it’s a great idea for him to be playing a lot of snaps coming out of the cold (well heat, in Florida). Maybe on some critical 3rd downs, that’s it.

      He’s a game changing player, but he’s not Patrick Mahomes and the 49ers are quite good even without him. It really boils down to him being here for us to have a better shot at getting to the Super Bowl, really. Even without him I think the team will be fine running through the NFC in the regular season. Think of it this way, if he was signed but injured, this team would still dominate.

  10. It’s amazing to me how people just take sides without knowing anything about what is actually happening. The only thing we truly know is what the team has done historically in these situations. Jack’s claim that the Niners try to win the trade doesn’t really hold up when the team has paid the players mentioned at the top of their market. OldCoach wants people in the FO fired. Take a moment and think about what is going on here from both sides. The 49ers have said repeatedly they want to sign Bosa to a lucrative extension and have done that previously with players they value as foundational pieces. Why would you think they are not offering a fair deal now? It’s not as simple as paying the guy what he wants – and we don’t know what that is – and making it work. They have a salary cap to manage with a lot of big salaries on it so the deal has to work in order to allow them to keep a contending team together. So if they make Bosa the highest paid defensive player in the league which would be AAV of more than 31 million a year which is where the next highest paid guy is, then they also have to subtract that money in other contracts for key players. It isn’t easy which is why it’s taking so long. Everybody wants Bosa here, but it also has to work for both sides. If he starts missing games that sucks but this contract is going to be a big part of how this team is shaped for the future so I’m on the side of taking as long as it takes to make it work for everybody.

    1. They generally “win” in contract terms and structure. Anyone who negotiates a deal with contracts knows that most of the time TERMS are more important than the lump dollar amounts. That means that some guaranteed bonuses are more guaranteed than others as is some guaranteed salary (maybe just for injury?). Sometimes the team has pushed for the player to get insurance that pays the team back if the player gets hurt (which doesn’t help the salary cap I suppose), there’s also off set language so that if 49ers cut him and another team signs him, that amount offsets what the 49ers owe.

    2. I agree completely. It’s the Niners job to get a player at the lowest price possible and players agent to get the highest price possible. As for winners and losers, I believe you can’t fully decide this most times until the end of the contract.

  11. You make too much sense.. 😃

    Just can’t wait for real football. First it was the Trey Lance, Sam Darnold debate (for the right to be a backup!) and now the Bosa contract.

    Last year it was Jimmy saying his goodbyes and then an unexpected return to the team followed by Deebo wanting out.

    Seems like there’s always trouble in Ninerland, or so the sports media will have you believe.

    1. Next level media analysis:

      Ian Rappaport:

      “This is a hard contract to do..”

      Mike Lombardi:

      ” I think the Nick Bosa deal is close because it’s not a hard contract to do..”

      The circus is quite comical at this point. No one knows anything other than the two sides involved. Game time on Sunday can’t get here soon enough!

    2. The trouble is made by people who need something to talk about. Every team in this league has issues with injuries, contracts etc. That’s the way the league works and certainly isn’t a 49ercentric issue.

  12. Fl49er,
    They can sign him today and lessen their cap responsibility for this season, put him on the field next Sun and give this team a fighting chance for a SB. Then deal with cap issues in the off season. They can continue to negotiate and ruin their chances for a SB this year and still have cap issues next year. Knowing the Bosa families record with negotiations they are not going to fold so whatever he is asking for now is Approx. what he will sign for in 6 weeks. The Bosa’s don’t fold they are already millionaires. Sign him now, go out and win a SB then trade him in the off season. As long as he is healthy they would likely get back a solid DE as well as a 1st, 2nd and 4th round draft pick. imho

    1. If it were that easy they’d have already done it Oldcoach. The NFL is a tough business sometimes and this is a part of it. The Front office is one of the best in the league at doing these deals and they will get it done eventually.

    2. OC, nonsense. There is no guarantee they win the SB with Bosa or loose it without Bosa. So now your advocating they trade Bosa next year. Incredible. The issue isn’t just this year, but future years as well. Also if they just give him what he wants it can set a precedent that’s not good for the team.
      I hope they win the SB this year, but the Niners goal is to field a team that’s in the hunt every year and I fully subscribe to that so damn the torpedos and go all in for one year, is not the way the Niners are going to operate. Trust the process.

    1. Oldcoach I don’t know how many games Bosa will miss, but I don’t see the 49ers losing everyone of them. Opening week in Pittsburgh is definitely a possible loss and would be with Bosa, but this is a good team not reliant on one player and they will win without him if it goes that far.

      Keep in mind that with Bosa last season, the 49ers lost to two of the worst teams in the league to start the season and still wound up in the NFCCG. This is a good team and it’s because they have built a great roster that can win in multiple ways.

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