Report: 49ers to sign FB Kyle Juszczyk

The 49ers just made their best signing of the offseason:

Juszczyk was a Pro Bowler who caught 37 passes last season. He’s only 25-years old. Plus, he has no injury history, unlike Marquise Goodwin, who has missed 25 games due to concussions, broken ribs, hamstring injuries and ankle injuries during his four-season career.

Juszczyk will be the 49ers starting fullback.

What are your thoughts about this signing?

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  1. “The 49ers just made their best signing of the offseason”.

    My thoughts are the same as yours.

  2. THE RINGER: “The 49ers are on a shopping spree”

    The Ringer’s Danny Kelly named BRIAN HOYER the best QB of this free-agent class, and for good reason. Playoff debacle from the 2015 season aside, Hoyer has been a solid passer over the past two years, throwing 25 touchdown passes and just seven interceptions in the regular season and completing 62.9 percent of his passes while averaging 7.1 yards per attempt. Over that period, he has a better QB rating (93.7) than Philip Rivers and Andrew Luck.

    In PIERRE GARCON, Hoyer will throw to one of the league’s most consistent receivers. The nine-year veteran has never made a Pro Bowl, and at times last season he seemed like quarterback Kirk Cousins’s fourth option in Washington. Only once did he exceed 100 yards, giving him fewer such games than Marqise Lee, Dontrelle Inman, and Rishard Matthews. And yet, Garçon still led his team in receptions (79) and receiving yards (1,041). He is a dependable receiver who runs routes well and doesn’t make mistakes — he dropped just one out of 80 catchable targets last year (per Pro Football Focus), and hasn’t missed a game in the last 4 seasons.


    Assuming Hoyer’s deal isn’t as exorbitant as the one fellow QB Mike Glennon seems likely to command, San Francisco seems to have spent wisely in the first few hours of free agency to make its offense respectable, at the least. If his track record is any indication, Shanahan doesn’t need much more than that to make points fly.

    Meet JOHN LYNCH, early contender for 2017 – Executive Of The Year. With Lynch at the helm, the 49ers are finally executing a fantastic offseason plan so far, what a breath of fresh air compared to their previous penny pinching GM, who seemed to be “flying blind” during free agency!

  3. I remember Juszczyk from the 2013 draft. He was originally more of a H-Back type. I thought he could be a possible replacement for Delanie Walker. Since that time Jusczyk has been a Fullback and has presumably learned to lead block.

    He wants to be used as a “Swiss Army Knife” type of player (be more of a receiving option). Given Kyle Shanahan’s history of using multiple TE personnel groups, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Juszczyk line up on the line of scrimmage as an inline blocker and receiver in addition to his more traditional Fullback duties out of the backfield.

    1. Yep, Juszczyk was a guy I thought the 49ers would draft in 2013, as I thought he would be perfect in Harbaugh’s offense.

      I definitely see him as being used as more than just a lead blocking FB. He’ll be a FB/HB hybrid, and as you say, likely used in a variety of alignments. I can even see him being split out to the slot on occasion, like he was used in college.

      1. I’m not sure I’d agree he is the best signing as Garcon should have more impact, but he’s a great signing and will play a big role in both the run and passing game.

        1. The one question mark about Juszczyk is if he says his name backwards does he return to the 4th dimension?

  4. So lets go down our draft check list. Positions we will not be choosing in the first 4 rounds.
    any others you can think of

    1. At this stage I wouldn’t rule out CB early in the draft if they are moving Ward to FS. If they sign a FA CB then that would change. But I think with Ward moving to FS we can rule out a FS early.

          1. Scooter,
            He sounds like our #3 CB. I’m begining to lean towards a trade back then draft one or multiple O linemen as well as a RB.

            1. OldCoach, why no QB in first 4 rounds? Hoyer is a bridge. A quality bridge, but not a long term solution. If the 49ers have identified a QB that Kyle thinks he can work with, why not get one?

      1. Maybe a better question, did Kirk Cousins and Kyle Shanahan really make a pinky swear four years ago?

          1. Sam Darnold will be the #1 pick next year, so I’m thinking we’ll have to settle on somebody else.

            1. Unless they can fleece a team from their 2018 1st Round draft pick in a trade down in this years draft;>)

          2. Only if we draft first. At least how the 2018 prospect rankings are already shaking out…

      2. I hear its a 2 year deal. KS and JL likely honest and transparent about long term plans for quarterback.

    2. I think an outstanding WR is still entirely possible in the first 4 rounds and a CB quite likely. The team will carry six WRs and we do not have a shutdown corner, not even close. Q Patton is on his way elsewhere in my view and Burbridge (?) might stick or might land up on the practice squad. The stains of Baalkeism are being removed.

        1. True, but Rogers is a total question mark and will have to prove his NFL cred. Burbridge will need to stand out in TC to make this roster. Not saying he won’t or will, just that he must, that’s why I mentioned the practice squad as a possibility for him.

    3. Old Coach,

      I’d say both QB and CB are still in play for the first two days of the draft. I could also see a pass rusher and S being strong options too. Tough call at this point but at least they are getting to the point where they can choose BPA without concern for the depth chart.

      1. I think they wait until the top of the fourth for that quarterback. Whether it’s Kaaya, Peterman or perhaps “Meathead” with that compensatory;>)

        1. Yep good chance and Peterman looks like a good fit, although I think Meathead will be around later if they want to take a shot with him.

          1. It will be interesting to see where Meathead gets drafted, and will all be predicated on teams due diligence discovery into current character concerns. He has all the talent to be a starting caliber quarterback in this league in my opinion, and Shanny loves that aggressive nature trait….

            1. Talent is not in question. You just don’t know if he’s going to wind up in jail before a game…

              1. Yep, that’s what teams are going to have to decide. I have no idea how that will shake out, but from everything I’ve heard, he’s matured and turned it around….

            2. Hah ha ha Meathead, love that . . . Meathead could be malingering there in the 5th or 6th, a bargain scoop to if he can walk the walk or not . . . wasn’t some other QB snagged in the 6th who later became quite famous? trying to remember . . .

              1. Anyone know how credible this Bruce Feldman is, because he’s floating that Meathead has significant baggage that has yet to come to light….

        2. Peterman looked “too good” at the combine. I’d be concerned that too many other teams are looking at him in those later rounds.

      2. Considering the quality of players available at CB. I wouldn’t be surprised one is picked.

    4. This draft is loaded with defensive players. How about adding a couple of linebackers? Improve on the bookend pass rush crew and see about picking up nose that raise havoc up the middle even though we now have the stop gap. We need a Warren Sap type. .

    5. OldCoach,
      Scratch QB from your list. They definitely need to draft a QB. Even if Hoyer plays out of hid mind, he’s not the long term answer.

  5. Wonder if they’re still in talks with McClain, maybe asking too much.

    I would like to see some OL help added and maybe an ILB

  6. I’m loving all the quality signings! Not the greatest but definitely quality. The incompetence of Trent and Jed is slowly being washed away. Thank you John and Kyle!

  7. Interesting to note the 49ers have now signed 5 offensive players (including Kerley) and 1 defensive player. Is it a coincident that this draft is loaded with defensive talent? Hello Jamal Adams!

    1. Putting together my mock draft as we speak. Needless to say, it’s defense heavy, although, if the Niners don’t get Cousins, I can almost guarantee they will draft a QB, and they almost certainly have a target in mind.

      Who’s it going to be? Trubisky, Kizer, Watson, Mahaomes, Webb, Peterman?

      1. Although, perhaps the plan is to target a QB in 2018 draft. We’ll see who else they sign during FA.

        1. AES !!

          Are we agreeing again ? How are you doing my friend ? I hope that your Winter has been comfortable….Today’s FA massacre has made me forget the cold….Au voir

    2. Right on, certainly does look like they’ll go strong on D in the draft . . . I anticipate a major backfield make-over . . .

          1. I don’t think Cousins gets here until next year, because Snyder won’t set that bag of bricks down that he’s been carrying for Shanny….

            1. That’s the likely scenario — but we have a long and exciting off-season still ahead of us where Snyder may just come to his senses…

  8. The #49ers are giving former #Ravens FB Kyle Juszczyk a 4-year deal worth $21M, source said. #fullbacks ?


  9. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 34s34 seconds ago

    The #49ers are giving former #Ravens FB Kyle Juszczyk a 4-year deal worth $21M, source said. #fullbacks ?

    1. Wow, obviously they see this guy as a strong piece of their budding NFC West Dynasty program.

  10. And, just like that, the 49ers are no longer irrelevant, and the Draft becomes a playground instead of a checklist.

    Now an ILB?

  11. 49ers newest addition, FB KYLE “The Juice” JUSZCZYK (4.79 40yd dash, 37″ vert, 6.93 sec 3-cone, 10.1″ broad, 24 BP), NFL first team ALL-PRO (2016) was John Middlekoff’s highest graded #NFL1000FB by a wide margin. “Big time player.” With his pass catching ability, he’s going to be an important player in Shanahan’s scheme.

  12. “The 49ers are giving former Ravens FB Kyle Juszczyk a 4-year deal worth $21M, source said” – Rapoport

    For a fullback that’s a big paycheck. If he can do some of Delaney Walker’s SWAK stuff, its a good $ deal.

  13. longtime lurker with newbie question… How to change avatar on this lovely outdated market place of silly ideas and ideals?

    Thanks in advance for the assist. I know I read about it a couple months back, but can’t seem to recover that lost file.

      1. Appreciate the help! Much respect to those who make this blog what it is. It is always a fun read.

  14. In the span of 6 hours, the San Francisco 49ers have signed more quality free agents, than Trent Balkee signed in 6 years. It’s both amazing and ridiculous

  15. This is still a very below avg wr group we have. No number #1 and could use more size and length.

    The bar is so low thanks to baalke garcon-kerley-goodwin is inspiring hope

  16. A fullback, a good sign that these guys know what they are doing.

    The sound made when I saw this info, A satisfing guttural Yeah Baby, with fist clenched !

    1. As the guys at ninersnation outline, we shouldn’t think of this in terms of comparing his contract to other FBs. He will in all likelihood be taking on a far more varied and well utilised role than a typical FB in this offense.

      1. Yep, there is also the simple fact that every year will result in new players taking over the highest paid title at certain positions because the cap continues to grow and so many teams have cap space.

      2. Scooter, I posted this for information purposes, not because I think it’s exorbitant. I like that they are being aggressive in free agency. Plus they are not going to upset the salary structure, since they are dismantling the team. Besides, it’s not my money they’re spending.

        1. Sorry George, didn’t mean to insinuate that was your thinking. I was just pointing out I think the ninersnation guys have it right in their last paragraph.

  17. 49ers Hub @49ersHub – “Keep in mind, Delanie Walker was listed at 6’0″, Kyle Juszcyck is listed at 6’1″ playing arguably the same role as Delanie in Harbaugh era.”


  18. I’ve locked LSU’s stud Safety – JAMAL ADAMS into my 1st round mock, so I had to change my avatar.

  19. Full Back or H-Back? Kyle Juszczyk usage in 2016

    Pass route – 55.4%
    Run Blk – 22.6%
    Pass Blk – 20.9%
    Run – 1.1%

    Per Louie Benjamin – PFF

    Why not both? SWAK roles earn SWAK paydays. $5.25m a year is very reasonable considering role and number of snaps he will play.

  20. Shanahan prizes accuracy in a QB. Something Seb avoids in his posts. On Mon. he stated he invented ‘Fool on the Hill,’ for me, however, all know from his ridiculous “trade for Frank Gore” and Kap is a slightly worse QB than Cousins’ comments, that I labeled Seb “Fool on the Hill 1st.
    The label was taken from Prime’s labeling of Seb as the Jester on this site, where people go to have a good laugh at his “storm or trade predictions.”
    I posted the Beatles song, “Fool on a Hill.” Seb just copied stole the title.

    As long as Seb knows what the posters think he is, it really is inconsequential.

    Jason La Canfora

    The 49ers are still looking to add a top-line WR like Jeffery and FB Kyle Juszcyzk is a top priority as well (I bet they land him)…

  21. Any word on that other 1-tech the 49ers were intensely wooing? That would complete free agency as far as I’m concerned.

  22. Yes indeed, back on the High Road again, not scrambling around in some dark field with no break-out in sight. Tremendous difference and we’ve barely entered FA.

  23. On Rotoworld:

    Kyle Juszczyk – RB – 49ers

    New 49ers FB Kyle Juszczyk’s deal is for four years and $21 million.
    ESPN’s Trevor Scales reports it includes $10.5 million guaranteed. It’s a staggering amount of money for a fullback, though Juszczyk has arguably earned it with his blocking and pass catching. He’s also going to play for Kyle Shanahan, a coach who expertly utilized Patrick DiMarco in Atlanta last season. It’s a ton of coin, but the rebuilding 49ers can easily afford it.

    1. Cubus – I posted his 2016 stats above. The numbers say he’s closer to SWAK H-back than classic fullback. $5.25m per year is very reasonable considering his receiving role and number of snaps.

  24. That’s a lot of cake for a full back isn’t it? I know we have cap space but it’s still a FB?

    1. Prime, it is, but I believe we had to overpay, because we do that an offensive ground to stand on besides Hyde. Just my opinion, but all these guys are gonna be worth it.

    2. @prime time

      think of it as buying 2 players for the price of one. you get a Fullback and a 2nd TE for the price of a 2nd TE.

      1. Pass route 55.4%, Run Blk 22.6%, Pass Blk 20.9%, Run 1.1%

        His role will involve even more passing under Shanahan. $5.25 is very reasonable for a SWAK H-Back. The guaranteed bucks are likely front loading to insure plenty of cap space down the road.

    3. It comes as a bit of shock at first, but I think they have big plans for him and he’ll be doing a lot more than just blocking.

    4. @Prime

      A fullback is what the offense makes of him. Think Rathman. In addition to that, the new offense has to be able to make it’s running attack pay off big or the play action will fail to fool anyone. We have a lot of experience with that type of failure.

      Always plan for what’s needed two and three years out, and the current year will take care of itself. This year we mostly need to find out who to cut in year two. Enjoy the process because that’s all there is.

  25. Cousins + Garcon + Alshon Jeffery + (possibly Terrelle Pryor)

    It’s amazing what receivers will come to the 49ers when they hear an accurate QB’s on board, so they aren’t exposed stretiching backwards, stopping mid-route for a Kap Jump ball, or getting their fingers broke from his rocketballs from 5 yds away.

    Whatever Seb saw in him, we know he never made a ProBowl

    Passing completions:

    Passing attempts:


  26. RND 1, pick #2 – JAMAL ADAMS, S, LSU
    RND 2, pick #34 – HAASON REDDICK , LB, Temple

  27. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports is reporting that the San Francisco 49ers are still looking to add “a top-line” receiving target in addition to Pierre Garçon, who is expected to sign on Thursday. La Canfora mentions Alshon Jeffery,

  28. Charlie Casserly’s latest mock draft has the 49ers trading up for Myles Garrett.

    That was probably before he heard of the Cousins to 49ers trade.

  29. 49ers interested in Bill’s Goodwin–here’s his 40 time

    West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin and Texas wideout Marquise Goodwin put on a show Sunday morning in the 40-yard dash, coming within striking distance of breaking Johnson’s record time from 2008.

    Goodwin posted an official time of 4.27 seconds…Goodwin’s time fell a hair short of the 4.24 Johnson posted

    1. TomD, you need to update yourself. Goodwin has agreed to a 49er contract along with Garcon and FA’s top pass-catching fullback SWAK . . . check back on the posts.

  30. I’m thinking Solomon or Foster with pick #1. Watt with # 2. Since offense is free agent priority I’m thinking D on draft day. Adams is a stud, but our secondary is stout enough and has options with Ward, Tart &Reid and I think Solomon could provide that Justin Smith type impact up front.

  31. Tom I would say at this point Waldorf aka MBH aka Sebby is inconsequential. His whole worn out act of trying to sound “football smart” by reading and transferring info from a “football for dummies” book and a copy of “This years NFL Draft” he picked up at the local 7-11 while searching for munchies is quite humorous, if not pitiful. Sad. Great signings today. Hoyer is well known by KS and performed better than well in 2014 regardless of the playoff debacle. Garçon is a stud and the fullback is perfect. I give these guys. Strong A so far. On a side note, Kraep looks like he may sign with Seattle as Wilsons backup! Lol! Perfect! That’s all he ever was was a poor mans Wilson and a backup caliber QB. Besides talent, one other thing separates the two. Russell has a ring.

  32. 49ers expected to sign Pro Bowler ‘Juice’ to bolster offense

    The busy 49ers are expected to add their fourth new piece to Kyle Shanahan’s offense after just two days of the NFL’s official tampering period. Ravens free agent fullback Kyle Juszczyk

    San Francisco on Wednesday came to preliminary agreements with quarterback Brian Hoyer and receivers Pierre Garçon and Marquise Goodwin.

    Juszczyk will regularly be called ‘Juice’ on this website, for obvious reasons.

  33. “Was told he (Cousins) plans to sign “soon.” No firm reason why not done. But If doesn’t sign and they rescind? Then hello SF. Sign? Hello 24 mil” – John Keim

    As I’ve been saying. Washington’s a dumpster fire. And so is Washington.

    1. “Realize rescinding is a long shot. But giving reasons why maybe u wait. Was told a few times he’d sign tag before workouts. Stay tuned.” – John Keim

  34. I guess “trade 2 for 17” Move the Sticks comments don’t actually set pick trade market value after all.

  35. He had a sweet 40 yard play against the Pats on MNF last December and I think they had to facemask him to bring him down. He is the best Fullback in the league.

  36. Florio had a headline earlier that the Bills had the inside track on signing “Yoots.”

  37. Free-agent quarterback Brian Hoyer is expected to sign a multiyear contract with the San Francisco 49ers sources told ESPN.

    Hoyer agreed to his deal — believed to be for two years and around $6 million per season — with the understanding that he will get a chance to start.


    1. Seb,

      How many times did we inform you that Shanny would opt for a vetran with knowledge of his system ?

      Logically, it allows him to concentrate on the team, FA, the draft, OTA’s, while assigning his QB coach to orchestrate the reps.

      Yet, Seb, you still yammered on about Ol’ Windup, and the oncoming storm, from the Asylum.

      We know the ‘storms of the mind’ in pscych wards are prodigious, especially when enhanced with Chlorpromazine, to calm the psychotic disorders…

      Carry on Seb.

    1. Snyder is his own worse enemy, and then has the temerity to vindicate himself by committing franchise suicide….

  38. Hoyer, 31, performed well in five starts for the Chicago Bears last year, but his season ended when he broke his left arm at Green Bay in Week 7. He threw for 1,445 yards, six touchdowns and no interceptions.

  39. NFL

    Brian Hoyer brings short-term stability to 49ers’ quarterback situation

    •Whether he serves as the starting quarterback or just a mentor to a young quarterback, Brian Hoyer brings needed support under center for San Francisco.

    His value, then, lies in his ability to hold down the starting gig while helping to mentor whichever young quarterback winds up in the Bay. Hoyer comes with a reputation for being an intelligent player.

    “Brian’s unique in that he makes very quick decisions,” Chicago coach John Fox said last week of his now-former QB. “He’s very smart, been in a lot of different systems. He’s been on the field a lot in the NFL.”

    1. Perhaps its better Cousins doesn’t become a 49er in 2017. We get to laugh at Snyder’s dumpster fire for a whole year.

    2. I heard Hoyer’s contact is for two years, which coincidentally covers exactly two free agency periods 2017 and 2018.

      Leverage is a poplar expression for a female dog Mr. Snyder.

    3. The second-most angry, bitter, embattled, White-guy-in-a-suit in Washington?

    1. Yeah… It’s true. But that was, despite some poor QBing at times, a coaching issue.

      So, never mind some bad QBing, the real issues is that since Mariucci & Erickson they’ve a series of dinosaur offense head coaches – Nolan, Singletary, Harbaugh, Tomsula and, oddly enough, Kelly. All of whom were run, run, run, and run some more.

      It’s like they all channeled the Ghost of Woody Hayes and wanted to recreate the ‘# yards and a cloud of dust’ offense.

      The last time the team threw for 500 attempts was 2010 and that was split between Smith, Smith and Carr. And the only reason the 49ers, since Mariucci, have ever barely in all cases, broken 500 attempts behind most of those coaches was because we were constantly losing!

      When we winning, we broke 450 ONCE!

      2011 – 451
      2012 – 436
      2013 – 417

      Meanwhile teams with head-coaches not stuck in the 1960s college football offense were routinely pushing or passing 600 times a season. Bad QB or not, they passed.

      Palmer was terrible last year — AZ passed 646 times.
      Bortles was terrible last year — JAX passed 626 times
      Wentz was a rookie — PHI passed 609 times.
      Flacco was terrible last year — BAL passed 679 times.
      Houston had terrible QBs — HOU passed 583 times.
      Browns were terrible last year — CLE passed 567 times.

      49ers — 491. Which was an ‘up’ year for passing attempts!!!

      The last QB to throw over 500 times, for a winning team, was Jeff Garcia. Smith’s high was 445 times in 2011. Kaepernick 478 in 2014 (because we were losing a lot toward the end).

      Hopefully Shanahan will bring the forward pass back to the 49ers. Because while I like defense, I don’t like 1960s offense.

    1. News sources only state Niners are splurging on offense.

      With 100 mil to spend, you know something will happen.

      In MLB, the Dodgers went from worst to 1st by outspending the Yankees a few years ago.

      Can’t wait, they already are an upgrade from Baalke.

    1. Interpreting how the 49ers do business, especially now that Hoyer has signed, is that they choose player already familiar with their systems.

      It’s a win now philosophy, just as Shanahan stated.

      McClain would not have to be taught a total new system, such as a draft pick requires, since he comes from a 4-3.

      1. They intend to make a run for the playoffs this coming season, not waiting until 2018 – 19. Hence their sweeping the roster clean of inadequate ability and losing mentality, make no mistake about it. It is going to be very interesting to see how close they can come to a playoff berth right out of the gate, rising out of the misery of 2 – 14. A few more key pieces both in FA and via the draft, I think they’ve got at least a 50-50 shot.

  40. McClain would fit the 49ers’ scheme and rejoin Jeff Zgonina, the 49ers’ new defensive line coach. Zgonina played 17 seasons in the NFL as a defensive tackle, finishing his career with the Houston Texans in 2009.

    Zgonina was hired as the Texans’ assistant defensive line coach in 2013. McClain played for the Texans in 2012 and 2013…

    TomD’s Take: Odds are the 49ers sign him—less work to sign a plug and play player.

    1. They’ll offer him a cool million dollars more than any other team is offering, perhaps with incentives, and that should do the trick. Great advantage to have so much monopoly money to play with . . .

  41. Cowboys set to release Tony Romo, Broncos and Texans are favorites to land the QB

    CBS Sportsline–NFL

    1. 49ers Cap Off a Busy Day in NFL Free Agency Before It Even Begins
      By Peter Panacy

      The San Francisco 49ers are tied to a slew of pending transactions before NFL free agency starts on March 9. Niner Noise recaps the day’s actions and hints at what is looking like a very exciting offseason.

      San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch is nothing like his predecessor, Trent Baalke.

  42. Monkey Wrench time with Cousins:

    Kevin Jones of KNBR reports that Washington owner Daniel Snyder “is holding onto bad blood” between himself and 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan. Snyder doesn’t want to help Shanahan succeed, which could keep the owner from ever signing off on any trade.

    In the weeks preceding the firing of Mike and Kyle Shanahan at the end of the 2013 season, plenty of leaks unflattering to the front office emerged, with Mike believed to be the ultimate source. Last year, Mike Shanahan went on the record with his concerns regarding Snyder.

  43. MosesZD,

    What’s your thought on all of the 49er receiver signings…Suggests they won’t draft one with their 1st pick.

  44. Just saying that the signing of FB, Juszcyk lends itself to the drafting of LSU’s Fournette.

    1. Update:

      Per, San Francisco was armed with $99,025,731 in cap space before the day’s plethora of signings.

    2. That’s possible but not likely with Hyde on the verge of the 1000 yard club. I see them drafting a fast tailback in the 3rd or 4th round as a change of pace, going with D with the #2 pick, a genuine difference-maker, a real hammer like S Thomas or similar . . . that is, if we still even have the #2 at draft time. Either that or trade back for several choice picks.

    3. I thought that myself initially, but he’d help any RB. Btw, looks like you and I are the only guys here pushing for Fournette. I’m starting to think they’ll either pick him or trade back to accumulate more picks.

  45. NFL Update

    49ers and Former Seahawks Super Bowl MVP and Raiders LB Malcolm Smith have ‘mutual’ interest, @PSchrags first to report.

    1. Sources say Brandon Williams will not be back in purple next season. Giants and 49ers are both interested.

  46. Goodwin’s deal is a 2 year deal worth up to ~$8M.

    If Goodwin is seen as the Taylor Gabriel type player, what does that mean for Kerley? Does he become the Justin Hardy type player? His ~$3.5M per year deal is a fair bit to give for a #4 WR.

    Its probably not a good comparison looking at the Falcons. Perhaps the Redskins 2013 roster is a better comparison.

    Garcon as, well, Garcon, Goodwin as the Aldrick Robinson, Kerley as the Santana Moss? Still need a bigger bodied guy on the other side of Garcon, to take on the Josh Morgan/ Leonard Hankerson role. If they go the budget route I think Marquess Wilson works, + a draft pick. Or they could still look to spend big on an Alshon Jeffery/ Terrelle Pryor/ Kenny Britt.

    1. My buddy is a Bills fan. Said the guy can’t stay healthy and drops a lot of balls.

  47. Super Bowl XLVII MVP LB Malcolm Smith expected to sign with the 49ers after the start of free agency, sources say – Branch

    Going into the draft with the fewest roster holes possible. Works for me.

  48. Apparently 49ers are interested in Malcolm Smith. Can’t say I’m a huge fan, but again he would address a need. Question is, would he play off the ball in the Telvin Smith role (where Armstrong is currently expected to play) or on the LOS next to the DE like Myles Jack? He isn’t really a good fit size wise for the spot on the LOS.

    1. He’s a liability in coverage, and I believe PFF ranked him 77th out of 83 backers. Didn’t look good shedding blocks either….

    2. He played on-ball linebacker for the Seahawks. I don’t think he’s tall enough to play Telvin Smith’s role. That will be Zach Cunningham.

    1. I hate the taste of crow as well but as you know, when you run your mouth on this blog, it stings when you’re wrong!

    1. Oh man I hope you have a lot of those pics. I’ll be here all year!

      A storm is coming remember?

  49. we don’t have to buy any more Vowels – thanks Vanna!
    Hit the Jack pot – Juszczyk !!!

  50. The 49ers are building to a solid 8-8 season after years of dismal play. I am excited to know there is potential for the 49ers to be competitive in every game with the possibility of making a second half comeback-Kaep’s and Kelly’s Achilles heel. If this actually takes place it could very well mean Baalke and Kelly are never heard from again.

    1. More Balkee than Kelly. This man forever shopped in the bargain bin when he didn’t have the talent to try And build through the draft. I will forever say you don’t build through the draft. You supplement. But you already have to have a talented roster to supplement. The draft is to much of a crap shoot to build strictly through it. But I’m glad he’s gone

      1. Yup. Baalke was a glorified scout who had zero people skills.

        It seemed like he intentionally drove players away.

        Saving 46 mil in cap space meant the Niners had a 46 mil less talented squad.Going cheap brought cheap results.

        Being cute and selecting AJ Jenkins by pulling his name out of an envelope when Alshon Jeffrey was selected 15 players later, just doomed the team.

        One of Baalke’s worst sins was selecting ACL players. That was an unmitigated disaster, and I blame it on anal lytics.

        Balke was so bad, he refused to retain veteran talent like Iupati, Boone, Gore, Boldin, Crabtree, and insisted they play his favorites like Devey and Bellore. He micromanaged by insisting on making them play players out of position.

        Baalke was a poor judge of talent because he cut Looney, who went on to play on the Dallas O line, and his treatment of AD was pure spite.

        Thankfully, we have Lynch, who is the antithesis of Baalke. He has already made all those signings, and Free Agency has not officially started.

          1. Kaep took the league by storm, as you pointed out long ago, and propelled the Niners into the SB after only 10 games.

            He was well worth a second round pick for that. Too bad the FO and coaching failed him so miserably.

            When he goes to another team, I expect them to turn him loose, so he can take the league by storm, again.

      2. Steele, I wish to differ with you about building through the draft.

        Ideally, you should select enough talent through the draft to build your team. Locking the rookies into rookie contracts means saving money, and having the player for enough years to either extend him, or let him go.

        The problem is, only SB teams are talented enough. Every other team needs to improve, and the draft is a good way to rebuild and improve the roster.

        I agree the draft is a crap shoot. The trick with the draft is to be astute enough to recognize talent in the later rounds. Finding UDFAs that start is extremely rare, but it does happen.

        Whiffing on an entire draft class like Baalke did in 2012 is a recipe for disaster.

        New England traded back last year and won a SB. They know how important the draft is for rebuilding the team every year.

        Sure wish the Niners had the luxury to just supplement through the draft, but they are in full rebuild and should trade back to garner more picks.

        1. I understand that Seb bit how many times do teams call themselves building through the draft, and draft horrible players, so you have the blind leading the blind. You need experience on all championship teams, you need quality free agents as well as stellar draft picks to win a title. One of my big reasonings is the green bay packers. They call themselves building through the draft, but they had the luxury of favre and Rodgers. But their only two Superbowls came when they put free agent talent on that team. After both super bowls they didn’t do anything of significance in free agency and they hadn’t won since. I’m not saying build your team through free agency, but any team that thinks they are a strictly, we will win by keeping our own players and drafting well team, are completely fooling themselves. Besides, in order to bud entirely through the draft, you need at least 5 home runs every draft in a 3-4 year period, and that is not done, that is never done. For every 2010 draft like the 49ers had, there is also a 2012 draft like the 49ers had.

          1. Steele, I will concede that obtaining free agents that fill holes and help the team get over the hump is important, but this existing team does need to rebuild through the draft, too.

            I also agree that the Niners need to hit some home runs in the draft, too. If they can trade back to get multiple picks, maybe they can even hit a Grand Slam.

            Lynch cannot afford to strike out, he needs to at least put the ball in play.

            Guess I am hoping for another ‘Trader Bill’ ’86 draft. That built a SB team.

        2. The Niners don’t have the luxury because their drafts sucked, and we didn’t have any quality free agents to fall back on. For a “draft and develope” team, that is cause for a disaster. Every year that u whiff on a draft, you set the team back multiple years. And each year, you are “rebuilding”. Which is also why teamsgo through coach after coach.

          1. Yup, hopefully, with Lynch at the controls, he can turn this thing around so the Niners are not constantly rebuilding.

  51. Can anyone explain what a “backup storm” is? I will truly be amazed if Colon can take the league “by storm” standing on the sidelines holding a surface, praying to himself that the starting quarterback breaks his leg. Mind numbingly stupid, along with “I hope Lynch hits a home run, a grand slam, can’t afford to strike out, needs to put the ball in play, needs to get over the hump”, and every other dumb cliche known to man. Are ya kidding? meh………….

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