Report: 49ers sign OT Garry Gilliam


Monday afternoon, the 49ers signed one of the worst offensive linemen from one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL — Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Garry Gilliam — to a one-year offer sheet, according to Adam Schefter.

Gilliam was a restricted free agent, so the Seahawks could have kept Gilliam if they had matched the 49ers’ offer within five days. But Gilliam is terrible, so after less than one day the Seahawks decided not to match the 49ers’ offer, according to Ian Rapoport.

This signing is fine as long as Gilliam never plays. He most likely will back up Trent Brown at right tackle.

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  1. “This signing is fine as long as Gilliam never plays.”

    If they wanted a backup who never plays, they could draft someone in the sixth or seventh round. With all the tape they have on Gilliam, I am guessing they see something in him they can develop. Or maybe they think he’ll fit their scheme better than Seattle’s. Or it could be how they evaluate the draft.

    1. Nah. Why take a flyer on a 6th or 7th rounder when you can get a young backup with quite of bit of experience? Signing an NFL player with real game experience as a backup is a much better plan than drafting a guy who may not be able to play.

        1. But was Gilliam part of making the Seahawk OL terrible, or did the terrible Seahawk OL make Gilliam look worse than he actually is?

      1. What makes matters worse is this guy turned down multiple multi-year offers from the 49ers before accepting the 1-year deal.

        1. Not necessarily. To me it means he believes in himself and that he expects to get much better.

  2. Hmm, maybe the Niners are moving on from Trent Brown.

    While I like the fact that Lynch poached another player who will give good intel on the offense of a division opponent, Gilliam did not play very well.

    Maybe with a new system, he will thrive, but the fact that Seattle did not retain him means they will probably scheme to attack his position.

      1. Nick, I vehemently disagree. Gilliam is way faster than Brown, who is too big for KS’s system.

        Ryan Shraeder, the RT for the Falcons, weighs 300 lbs, and runs a 5.13 forty.

        Brown also struggled, at times, so he is not a lock.

  3. He played tight end for most of his college career, transitioned to tackle his final year. He probably is still learning the position so….the signing will have little if any on the influence of the upcoming draft.

    1. No, it will mean that the Seahawks will most probably draft an O lineman, now. Before, they were targeting a CB with the Sherman uncertainty, at least in the mocks.

      Maybe Kevin King will fall to the second round, now.

  4. “Hmm, maybe the Niners are moving on from Trent Brown”…….Hmm nah, maybe not

    On another note, one-year, $2.2 million offer with $1.4 million in guaranteed money for a back up…..SMH…WTF!!!!!

    1. KS likes smaller quicker tackles for the WCO. Brown is a mountain, and may not fit his scheme.

      Gilliam ran the 40 at 5.03 while Brown is at 5.29, and Gilliam weighs 40 lbs less.

      1. Maybe KS is smart enough to adapt his scheme to having a mountain man the right side of the OL.

        1. Naw, he is set in his ways. He did not want to change his scheme for a dual threat QB.

          1. Yeah Seb. Shame on that fool Shanahan to prefer installing his system. Oh the shame…

              1. Wrong. Seb. you said it, and many times in many different ways.

                Your semantic games don’t fool anyone…….

                To you, Kap is more important than the 9ers.

          2. Nah….He is a NFL Head Coach, he is well versed at analyzing different positions…….

              1. Much poetry………..for ol Sebs.

                Many more Arnold quotes to come…………….

            1. Sorry, at 29, he is in his prime.

              He will be totally healthy and at his ideal playing weight. He will go to a team that has a stout defense and a good supporting cast, and if he has a HC who can utilize him properly, he will do just fine, no matter where he goes.

              Wish it were the Niners, but he made his decision. Wish him well.

              Once the draft happens and all the teams sort out their QB situations, Kaep, Cutler and RGIII will go somewhere. They may not be guaranteed starting jobs, but they will be pragmatic.

              1. Unfortunately his game isn’t …
                Which like Cutler, RG3, Tebow and others is why he has no job. And no, he had no real say in the matter…

        2. No. He runs an outside zone run scheme and has everywhere he has been the OC.
          Of course he will try to help minimize trents weaknesses but what is the point of changing your scheme to fit a crap roster only to change it when you replace half of them.

        1. Consider the source!

          SF has been courting disaster with lack of depth at OT. You don’t want to go from your starter to “some guy.” Gilliam ain’t great, but they knew about Theus, and they signed Gilliam, OK?
          As to $, everybody’s been hollering ‘Spend some money!’

        2. Maybe Trent Brown would be good trade bait. Niners could offer him and Ahmad Brooks to the Broncos for Shaquil Barrett. Denver really needs O line help, Brooks would provide a proven veteran replacement.

          Shaquil Barrett is second string, but he sits behind Von Miller. He would be a huge upgrade for the defense.

        3. What is moronic is someone saying that WCO tackles were not lighter and swifter.

          Trent Brown fit Baalke’s ideal to play smash mouth football. That is why they tended to run into the teeth of the defense.

          WCO attacks weaknesses, and that takes smaller, quicker players. Hope they trade away Brown, and get something for him that will help the team move forward.

          1. Ok, then, you can hope in one hand (the same one you hope Kap will be re-signed in), and pee in the other, and tell us which one fills up first.
            They didn’t sign Gilliam to trade away T.Brown, who’s better.
            You don’t build by subtraction.
            How in the world can someone spend all their time obsessing about football have no common sense about it?

            Oh, but thanks for the chuckles with YOU dissing Shanny. Hilarious!

            1. BT, the irony is delicious. I said previously that I thought KS was competent enough to take any player, and make him better. Then we hear him speak, and in his own words, he told the world that he gave up on a player and did not even want to try.

              I think that is exactly what they will do. With Theus backing up, and Gilliam placed at RT, Brown will be expendable. Yet, he does have value. The trick is to turn that value into something tangible.

              Trading Brown to Denver makes sense, but they will not give up a talent like Shaquil Barrett without more compensation. Maybe even throw in the rights to AD.

              Denver will fill a need at O line, so maybe they will choose Christian McCaffrey with their first pick.

              Keep bringing up Kaep. I like to talk about him. The snark against him is getting shrill. Once the draft is over, and all the QBs are drafted, will we see where the last FA QBs will go. Who Knows? Maybe Grant will be right and Cutler may come to camp. While I dislike Cutler for his locker room cancer label, he would actually be an upgrade from Hoyer. With Kaep moving on, the Niners may be desperate enough to sign Cutler.

              Unless, of course, they are intentionally tanking to get a high draft pick for next year’s franchise QB crop.

              1. Why should he try? Cuz you say so? What can you teach Shanahan about offensive football, Seb?

                Get used to it, Seb-hes not coming back and he may possibly be out of the league. You have to do several things well to be a success as an NFL QB. He does one or two.

                And focusing on mechanics ain’t one of them. In fact, Kapsw game has not appreciably grown since College.

              2. Seb says “Keep bringing up Kaep. I like to talk about him”
                To draw attention? It’s looks like a lonely world

              3. By what Reality Distortion Field do you live where you can reinterpret what Shanahan said to come up with that nonsense?

                You reinterpret facts to suit your scenarios and then dare anyone to prove you wrong with alternate facts for a scenario you’ve made up whole cloth? It beggars belief!

                You keep bringing up Kap every chance you get, yet you accuse others of doing it! Unbelievable!

                I had forgotten how you want to hang on to that team walk out AD. I’m sure any team will want his services seeing how when the going gets tough he bails! Oh, I know–It was Baalke’s fault! Doesn’t matter, he bailed he’s unprofessional and tainted. Soyonara!

                You keep harping on Kap, as if beating a dead horse will bring it back to life. It won’t. No matter how hard you try. You talked about how Lynch and Shanahan would employ him and we would see and the shrill voices would be quieted. Well, you should maybe just wait and see what happens before predicting the weather oh great forecaster because it hasn’t rained since you have been predicting stormy weather!!

                You just don’t know when to quit.

              4. East, I have been concentrating on the draft, and have put up daily mocks with different trade back scenarios.

                If you scroll back, some one else always brings up Kaep, and I just respond.

              5. >>If you scroll back, some one else always brings up Kaep, and I just respond

                There’s something called words on page. Though you are not a fan, you share a trait with our great Natonal Leader in attempting to say what’s there is not. The first mention of you know who in this thread was:

                sebnynah: Naw, he is set in his ways. He did not want to change his scheme for a dual threat QB.

                So Seb, are you going to tell us you were talking about Gabbert now?

              6. Rib
                I’ve noticed the similarity as well. It’s made a mess here, but, waddayagonnado? Fire back once in a while and roll our eyes the rest of the time.
                The other one’s missteps may have interesting ripple effects, and I’ll just leave it at that.

            2. Seb is correct on this one. Brown was already a liability in the run game and he doesn’t fit in Shanahan’s run scheme. His scheme predominantly features the outside zone which asks it’s tackles to move in space. Trent is already terrible in run blocking and this scheme will accentuate his weaknesses.

            3. >>Rib, did I mention him by name?

              Now you are sounding like Great National Leader’s press spokesperson.


          2. Nolan, Singletary, Harbaugh & Tomsula. Kelly was the only non-1970s smash-mouth, antiquated offensive mind of the group. And for him, this roster was terrible. Two of the least accurate QBs in the NFL. One of whom was a veritable turn-over machine. The other running on fumes of past glory while being the worst over-10-yard passer in the NFL.

            1. Moses,
              Actually Nolan had two OC’s that weren’t smash mouth. McCarthy and Turner just had very little talent to work with.

            2. Baalke was part of all of those HCs except Nolan.

              Sorry to keep repeating this, but Kaep had a 90.7 QBR with receivers who dropped at least 18 balls.

              1. When are you going to realize Kaepeernick is done? No longer on the team. Why do you keep pumping his tires?

                The last laugh is mine!

              2. East, I bring up the open door scenario just to needle Prime, because he cannot handle the thought of Kaep coming back.

                Otherwise, you have seen me speculate where he may go. I have stated many times that the Texans, Cards and Broncos may be good landing spots. All 3 do not have a secure QB situation and they all have stout defenses.

              3. >>because he cannot handle the thought of Kaep coming back.

                Why should he even *have* to handle it when there is .01% possibility of it happening?

                It is you that cannot handle the thought of Kaep not coming back.

              4. Then why do I say that his most likely places to end up are with the Texans, Cards or Broncos?

              5. Seb are you serious? You think I’m gonna “chainsaw” myself if Kap comes back? Hahaha!!!!
                Lets make a deal. If Kap comes back, Ill buy you a new chainsaw, one with a operators manual?

              6. Guess I just want the Niners to win more Super Bowls, and if you think Hoyer will do it, you are the delusional one.

                I also did not think they should have driven away the last HC to lead them to a SB.

              7. We’d be in the same position now even with that coach. JH milked that talented roster he fell into, he was notorious for not developing/playing young talent. When that playoff team split up / retired / ended up out of the league what would JH have done with the replacements? Not much I’m thinking, he saw the future writing on the wall and, IMO, wanted out just as much as the others wanted him gone.

              8. Si you can be right no matter the outcome. You hedge your bet a bit and then state that that was your stance all along…

        4. He’s not. He is one of the worst run blocking linemen in all of football, and we are changing to a scheme that will highlight his inability to move in space… he will be gone or a backup within 2 years.

      2. The issue isn’t about Browns quickness, he moves surprisingly well for a man his size, which is the reason he won the starting role over Anthony Davis last year. What’s at here is brown target weight. Brown’s ideal playing weight (IMO) IS 320 LBS. At that weight, he’s probably the fastest lineman on the team

          1. I didn’t say he was 320. I just said it was his ideal weight. If he’s 355 then he needs to lose 35 lbs. when he was drafted he tipped the scales at 380 plus. But by the time training camp arrived he was down to under 350 i believe, so he can lose the weight

            1. Yes, and Seb’s quoting a list from last year which hasn’t been updated since December, or possibly the Opening Day Roster, which comes from the PR Department.

  5. He’s here to push Theus for the swing tackle position. Staley and Brown are entrenched in their roles as starters. The guaranteed money probably signals the end of John Theus.

  6. Not like the 9ers have little money available for free agents–restricted or not. Bringing Gilliam in could influence what positions are looked at late in the draft. While not a stellar player, he has a good deal of starting experience…could push other O linemen in camp (not a bad thing), and could land a roster spot as a backup. For those concerned about age, he’s on the younger side. While I’m not ecstatic about the signing, I’ll defer to Lynch and the coaching staff.

    1. Considering your brain is the size of a walnut (no offense), you’re one smart lizard.

      1. OK, Ex, it’s boring season, so:
        You seem to be operating on a false premise that Cassie, being a T-Rex dino is a reptilian-like gigantic beast, when in fact, the demure if Jumbo Sized Ms Baalke is of the ancestral bird genus. Birds are known to be creative, problem-solving, sometimes tool users adept at reading social and predatory patterns of their own and other species.
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        1. Actually, my brain is about the size of a regulation billiard ball. No offense taken.

        2. BT, Baalke the younger’s representation I believe is Godzilla, whose size to T-Rex is as a blue whale to a porpoise. That would make her brain at least house-sized. That goes in part to explaining her football acumen being above her father’s.

          1. You’re right, it is Godzilla.
            I used to love those Saturday Double Features with the monsters:
            Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Creature from the Black Lagoon
            And the SciFi thrillers where some 11 year olds save the day against invaders from Mars.
            In hindsight, the parents probably liked 3-4 hours of freedom too.

            1. BT,

              So you’re saying Cassie is a descendant of birds? Wow, that’s a surprising nugget.

              The main take away for me: Cassie is a very ugly bird (again, no offense). I mean, come on, as a lizard she was barely passable, but as bird, she’s a dog.

              Cassie, maybe if you got a skin, er, scale peel your complexion might be smoother.


              Your point is well taken, I failed to take into account the Cassie’s relative huge size (no offense for a third time, Cassie – not body shaming you here, just stating a fact). Even so, I’m not sure if CB’s brain is house sized. Maybe more like the size of a small garden shed. Either way, impressive and easy to understand why she still easily outstrips her dad’s mental capacity.

  7. Intriguing. Wonder if Lynch is being creative and the Niners have a new TE.

    Maybe this means that Trenton Brown could be trade bait for the draft.

    No matter what, this is a good deal because it weakens the Seahawks, and he will give good insight on the locker room dynamics along with tendencies on offense.

    Lynch out bid the Seahawks who have cap limitations. Nice job.

  8. I see him as possibly a Refrig Perry slash lineman and tough yard TE.

    What do you think Grant?

    1. In that we don’t have even a clue as to how Lynch and Shannahan work…it’s impossible to figure out just what their plan is for Gilliam is…perhaps turn him over to the Oline coaches and get his footwork cleaned up, and straighten out his fundamentals, and throw some raw meat out on the field…if he can run a 5 flat 40 and has hands (TE) perhaps a Guy McIntire rebirth. Probably just another big body ….

  9. oneniner

    April 18, 2017 at 10:16 am

    puff puff pass…..


    April 18, 2017 at 10:33 am

    Sounds like you are the new tag team gadfly.



    Still has a thorn in his arse that Shanahan doesn’t feel Kap can run his offense as well as Hoyer and that Hoyer has 14 wins and 14 losses as a starter, while Kap is 28 and 30 as a starter, and 0-1 in SuperBowls….

    Thx, but nothanks for the nightmares on being stuffed in your 3 scoring attempts from the one yard line Kap.

    No wonder Shanny wants to move on.

    1. Really, really the most moronic QB could have scored with no weapons from the one in a SuperBowl.

      But Kap had a plethora of weapons and got stuffed like last years turkey.

  10. They have similar skill sets in that they’re running backs at the QB position.

    U conveniently leave out the hoard of draft picks the Niners would have garnered while Kap was a hot commodity.

    As of now, only one of those players is still in the pros….Can you guess which one ?

    Not. Kap blinding must be difficult, Seb, you can’t see the draft picks for the trees.

    It’s Tebow. He’s currently a pro baseball player for the New York Mets.

    Ps: It’s not too late to root for the 49ers and their new coach (who you despise for saying Kap isn’t qualified to run his offense and that Hoyer is more qualified than Kap)….

    Do you wake up in cold sweats from this nightmare Shanahan created after years of telling this site of an impending Kap storm, never to come because of Shanny ?

    1. lol. Tebow’s hitting .184 and still (even with a baseball) has that horrible, looping delivery he had with a football so despite all his arm-strength, he’s a negative fielder.

      Right now he’s a side-show. LIke when Michael Jordan tried baseball. Great for attendance, terrible on the field.

      1. At the end of the day , he’s a pro, Kap isn’t.

        50 years from now when an obsure fan looks at the Stat line on his football cards,

        Kap’s will read, 28 Wins and 30 Losses.
        Tebow’s, 9-7, others would say 8-6 on a technicality.

        The fan would call Kap a losing QB for having a losing record and Tebow a winning QB for having a winning record.

        It’s hard, I know Seb, to see your man crush bow out as a career loser, isn’t it.

        SebRaider, will you root for Shanny for causing Kap to be a loser, I know that will be your next excuse.

        1. So? Seriously, Seb says a lot of stupid stuff. But Tebow is a joke and will be out of baseball as a failure sooner rather than later.

    2. I shudder to think of that last Super Bowl game, and wonder if the Niners are getting the first half KS, or the second half KS.

      No, I do not despise anybody, but sending constructive criticism is not like the Hate directed at Kaep.

      BTW, Tebow is in some minor league, and fell down trying to catch a ball.

      I have been rooting for the San Francisco 49ers since the mid 70’s, so I am not like you who posted about cheering for the Raiders.

      1. Life’s SuperBowl disappointment will only serve to strengthen Shanahan’s resolve not to lose when the Brian Hoyer led 49ers reach the playoffs.

      2. Seb-

        Your full of baloney, and heres why…..You keep trying to make it as if Shanahan was the Head Coach in that SB. He was not.

        You somehow want us all to think he is responsible for the total collapse of the Falcon D. he was not.

        And you would have us all believe that, aside some of those ticky-tacky holding calls the Falcon O-line was swamped with in the 2nd half……and here’s the big one-you somehow know better than Shanny about what he saw out there on the field-and that you would interpret it better.

        Your incorrect on all counts, and are greatly in error.
        So what does all of your negative diatribe really coming from?

        Its very simple and plain–your angry and bitter at Shanahan for letting Kap go, and your taking out your bitterness on the 9er fans.

        TomD is looking correct again–you really are a Raider fan!!!

        1. Saw, as OC, he called all the offensive plays. Quinn directed the defense.

          You really seem to want to descend into the gutter. Calling some one like me a Raider fan is a vicious slur.

          Maybe you are a Raider troll who just wants to stir things up.

            1. And, Mighty Quinn, as far as the gutter goes…..

              you will often meet a more interesting and humble class of people there.

              1. Since you seem to haunt my posts only, and cannot think of something to say about the Niners, you kinda fit the classic definition of a troll.

                Or more likely, you are a shadow account of another troll on this site, who spews drivel and snark.

                Wonder why you are not accusing me of being a Nazi, like before? Do not want to pull another Spicer?

              2. I think you are one of those. Your demeanour and lack of humbleness fits that description to a T!

      3. >>wonder if the Niners are getting the first half KS, or the second half KS.

        So says the guy who was pushing for the full season Kelly.

        1. I did not figure on Baalke intentionally tanking by gutting the roster.

          Chip did seem distracted, and the passing of his father must have been gut wrenching. I had high hopes for Chip, but I was just being a fan of the team.

          With KS, I did not say that I expect the second half KS, but just speculated on whether the first half KS will emerge.

          1. Seb, you are so transparent it’s a wonder you don’t get mowed down just crossing the street. For you, everything that happens in Ninerland has to do with the possibility of Kaep being/not being on the team. Kelly made the decision to keep Kaep as the starter despite the abysmal team results. Kelly would do the same thing next season? He’s our man. Shanny (nicely) showed Kaep the door. So now there’s the possibility of the mother of all SB collapses will be visited upon his new team. Give us a break.

            1. If KS had won that SB, I would have said to let him do whatever he wants, but he collapsed like a house of cards, so I feel perfectly fine questioning his decision making.

              I especially do not like the fact that he thinks he does not need an OC. Bill Bellichick pawned him, and he uses an OC. As HC, KS needs to focus on the defense, too.

              Chip let O’Neil handle the defense, and look how that turned out. Saleh has never been a DC, and now he is getting as much power as DC’s like Wade Phillips?

              Guess the rainbow and unicorn crowd will not listen to reason, and the Niners will expect a SB, even though they went 2-14 last season.

              1. See he is already putting the 49ers new regime in doubt. Why? Cause they sent his hero packing!

                We all know this new regime is inexperienced. So what. The alternative was what? Bringing back Tomsula and Chip and Kap so he could take the league by storm again?
                What a joke!

              2. Big f-ing deal. Kelly had an OC and what did it get them? 27th in points scored. 2nd to last in yards, dead last in passing yards. And this was the regime you hoped would return?

              3. I just remember that OC was to blame for every play that went wrong, and Chip would take credit for the good plays.

                Chip also was the HC who decided to call his own plays.

                No, I sure did not want O’Neil or Modkins returning. I wanted them fired halfway through the season.

              4. Reality Distortion Field. No matter what goes in upside down it comes right side up! Seb will make everything work in his mind. Forget the errant pass in the NFCCG that was thrown to Crabtree and cost the 49ers a Super Bowl bid. That wasn’t you know who’s fault. He didn’t choke. It was Roman and Harbaug!

                In the SB he brought them back but who spotted them some points too! And in Atlanta!! Fails to mention!

                Don’t worry Reality Distortion Field is immune to Quixote. He will always fight for his fair maiden Kaeperinick!

                Wow! The wheels on the bus go round and round…

              5. How did Shanahan collapse like a house of cards?? You have never fully explained that……….how convenient.

              6. “will not listen to reason”………..

                This, coming from an up-tite Berzerkly-ite.

          2. Rib this is what Seb does. He just hedges his bets. If the 49ers faulter, he will blame not bringing back Kap. But if they show promise, he will say he is a die hard Niner fan and the front office and coaching staff listens to him

            He has an agenda, always has since coming on here. Its all about Kaepernick, nothing more.
            At the end of the day, Seb is a d bag! Just my opinion.

            1. Prime, you seem to think your opinion matters.

              To me, you are such a lightweight, I find you comical.

              Have a nice day.

              1. Just admit you were wrong, man up for once. Why is that so hard?

                I thought Connor Cook was going to be a 1st round draft pick. I was wrong. See, its not so difficult clown!

          3. I have not called you a NAZI recently, because you have not shown quite the level of zealotry that you did before. Close–but not quite.

            Now you are just a Bolshevik–not quite the same thing.

              1. Sebs-

                You can split hairs all you want, but you know what I meant-you are flat out a zealot. Look up the definition………

                But then you try-TRY- to feign outrage about the nazi thing, not un-like an outraged Congressman or woman.

                Wont work. You know what was meant. No more drama……

              2. Saw, the root of fanatic is fan. Unreasoned loyal and emotionally attached.

                You are a zealot, too. Your implacable zeal in opposing me just shows how much I affect you.

                You think you can call posters nazis if you do not like them, but it says a lot more about you than your targets.

              1. Sebs…..

                I appose you, and will continue to do so, In you completely biased and skewed analysis of Kap…absolutely NO objectivity. None. Zero. And then, when someone questions your thought, without exception its because of “hate” for Kap,or this, that or some other thing. That is bearing false witness………

                There is very little for me to disagree with you on most any other football subject because I typically agree with you-and I don’t follow the college game enough to comment on it.

                I wont deny I love your insults…..funny as hell! Some of them have me laughing for hours-even days later. You just kill me when you go after some of your………apponents.

              2. Saw, I was just being a fan of the starting QB of the 49ers.

                Then, when he decided to opt out, he made a business decision, and I had to accept that. You make it sound like I cannot get past the fact that he is now a free agent.

                I have been speculating that he could go to several different teams, but you seem to ignore what I say.

                Glad you enjoy my sharp tongue. You seem easily amused.

    3. Sebs got the only Storm hes ever gonna get-and just like Kap, their all wet because of it.

  11. Depth signing who knows the blocking scheme. I think this tells us exactly how they feel about the draft prospects on the Oline.

      1. Depth, depth, depth? What happened to all that competition stuff we were hearing? Guys are acting like training camp is over and the depth chart is solidified yet we haven’t even started OTAs. What gives?

  12. My dad was a San Francisco Unified high school teacher for 45 years.

    I remember growing up down the street from Kezar Stadium and peeling off the newspapers stuck to his windshield, some Ram fan placed there.

    Those Pat Haden led Rams teams destroyed the Niners and we didn’t appreciate it.

    So I have a reference point from bad , thru the Bill Walsh era.

    Unlike you, I root for the team. Our football coach always said, “There’s no I in team.”

    Unfortunately for you, Seb, there’s only ‘Kap’ in team and your hatred for Shanahan for firing Kap, as unqualifired, is palpable.

    Perhaps you can get some help for your idlolatry worship and truly enjoy football as a ‘team’ sport, rooting for all players…

    I hear this year at Levi Stadium they will hold a raffle for new chainsaws on the 50 yd. line vs. Seattle. Perhaps that will make you root for the team as a whole, not just one player.

    Good Luck with that, Your Friend,

    1. TrollD, now you know how I feel about your delusional ravings about me being even slightly inclined towards the Raiders. Too bad you actually wrote about cheering for the Raiders. I do not forget things like that. Just like your absurd notion about trading Kaep for Tebow, even with a million picks.

      Now you are projecting your worst vices upon me by claiming I hate KS. For the record, I am happy with the signing of KS, and hope he leads the Niners to more rings in the future.

      I am not like you, who go all emo and infantile, thinking that I cannot stand that Kaep is gone. No, Kaep made a business decision, and I wish him well, but I am still rooting for the Niners to return to relevance.

      Calling me a friend is patronizing and smarmy, but I expect no less from you.

    2. My dad was going to Med school in the 60s. We lived on Johnstone Drive in Student Housing. We could walk to Kezar. We could hear the crowds cheer. It was pretty cool.

  13. Love the 49ers signing of Gary Gilliam.

    He brings to the 49ers a wealth of knowledge of Seattle’s offensive blocking schemes and formations which will guide 49er, new DC, Robert Saleh as he prepares for the draft and in game planning vs. the ‘Hawks.

  14. The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of questions, which some think means they can go completely best player available in the 2017 NFL draft.

    Over the past few weeks, Rotoworld has been looking at each NFL team and providing some assessments.

    Evan Silva breaks down the top three needs…On Tuesday, they got to the 49ers, and did not hold back.

    He thinks both DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead are questionable fits in the new defense, and Carlos Hyde has limited pass-catching value.

    He sees this draft as a chance for the 49ers to stick to their big board, going as close to BPA as possible…

    1 (2). Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
    2 (34). DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame
    3 (66). ArDarius Stewart, WR, Alabama
    4 (109). Marlon Mack, RB, South Florida
    4 (143). Kendell Beckwith, LB, LSU
    5 (146). Treston DeCoud, CB, Oregon State
    5 (161). Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, DL, USC
    6 (198). Aviante Collins, OT, TCU
    6 (202). Elihah McGuire, RB, Louisiana-Lafayette
    7 (219). Darius English, Edge, South Carolina

    1. Well, now *that’s* a draft that will rank with 2012’s…

      I like Thomas as a player, but it goes totally south with their second pick.

  15. When is the last time this team had a Shutdown Corner? Was it Prime Time? ’94. It’s also the last time the Niners won a super bowl. It’s one thing to have an edge rusher, and I think Jimmy Ward can definitely handle the FS, especially with his Ball Hawking skills. I think we need Marshon Lattimore. Especially if we plan to imulate the old George Siefert style Defense. Im not a college guy like a bunch of you guys, but I am a top heavy college guy. I know the top names, nothing more. I see Lattimore as the best CB. Shutdown Corner. If we had that, even in past playoff years, we would have won titles in the harbaugh regime. It was all scheme on the back end. But all the big plays came through the air against our corners. Balkee drafted for depth at the position, not for star talent. And it’s been shown Everytime a team lit us up in the playoffs. My opinion, Lattimore, Malik Hooker, or the best Edge Rusher on the board.

    1. To be fair since 94 I would argue 2 superbowl winning teams have had a shut down corner in that time Dallas who had Sanders after us and Seattle who had Sherman.
      The term is greatly over used, true shutdown corners are as close to unicorns as it gets… damn near mythical.

        1. Speaking of Revis, if the 49ers don’t draft a FS early in the draft, I wonder if Revis would become an option to transition to the single high safety role? Rod Woodson made the transition to extend his career and turned into one of the best FS in the game. Revis plays with a similar cerebral and physical mindset.

            1. It is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure if Revis has the speed to play single high safety, at this point in his career.

        2. Revis was no longer a true shutdown corner by the time he won the Superbowl… he was still very good but not the shutdown corner he was prior to the ACL.

  16. Bill Barnwell suggests two different trade ideas to net the 49ers a QB.

    From the NN article:

    Trade idea #1:
    “The first trade is a big one involving the No. 2 pick. He has the 49ers dealing the No. 2 pick and Brian Hoyer to Washington for Kirk Cousins.”

    Trade idea #2:
    “Barnwell suggests a deal in which the 49ers trade up from the second round to get the Baltimore Ravens pick at No. 16. Barnwell has the 49ers getting No. 16 and a sixth round pick (No. 186) and giving up their second (No. 34), two fourths (No. 109, 143), and a 2018 second round pick.”

  17. Seb,

    I offer Gilliam’s Penn St. Bio. as a selflessm team 1st player, for you to recover from your Kap idolatry, perhaps on the way, you yourself, can appreciate being a team player.

    Gary Gilliam, Penn State Lions:

    One of the most charismatic members on the Nittany Lions’ roster, Garry Gilliam also is one of the squad’s most selfless and dedicated individuals.

    Playing tight end, the athletic and talented Gilliam was an effective and highly-motivated contributor for the team, whether he was catching passes, blocking for the running backs or protecting Matt McGloin during his record-setting campaign.

    Putting the team and its needs to be successful first, Gilliam embraced the move and the opportunity to be a substantial contributor for the offensive line. Having already exhibited his strong 6-6 frame last year, Gilliam’s work-ethic, passion and commitment during the winter strength and conditioning program and spring rose to the next level, as he added nearly 30 pounds by summer.

    Coach Bill O’Brien and Gilliam discussed a possible move to tackle

  18. The Patriots are reportedly trying to steal another key player from the Bills

    A year after stealing receiver Chris Hogan, the Patriots are back at it again. This time, as first reported by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport

    The Patriots extended a two-year, $6.4 million offer sheet to restricted free-agent running back Mike Gillislee with $4 million in the first year.

    As Rapoport added, the way the Patriots frontloaded the contract will make it difficult for the Bills to match it, which is exactly what the Patriots did to land Hogan last year. If the Bills don’t match the offer, Gillislee will become a member of the Patriots and the Bills will get compensated with a fifth-round pick

    1. I think people dismissing him because he struggled with the Seahawks are being harsh. Which OL didn’t struggle with the Seahawks? Given he is still fairly new to the position and he also struggled with an injury last year I am not surprised he faired poorly. Certainly worth having a look at.

      1. It’s called the Paradox of the Mobile QB. That is, highly mobile QBs are sacked more than ‘pure pocket passers.’ And the reason is they hold the ball trying to extend the play.

        In 2013 Wilson held the ball for more that 3.5 seconds 164 times. That lead the NFL.

        The sack rate (across the entire NFL) when you hold the ball that long is 22%. Wilson was sacked 32 times (32/164) or 20% while the Seahawks line was average in ‘time to pressure’ at 2.78 seconds (NFL average is 2.80). In short, the ‘terrible Seahawks line’ were average in pass blocking but their QB would, instead of throwing it away, try to extend the play.

        So, in 2013 Seattle gave up a total of 44 sacks. And as I mentioned above, 32 of them were because of Russell Wilson extending the play past 3.5 seconds instead of throwing it away.

        OTOH, Peyton Manning only held the ball 3.6 seconds 30 times less than 1/5th of Wilson. Consequently, he was sacked just 6 times at that extended time at, btw, a 20% sack rate.

        In 2013, that 3.6+ second hold time accounted for 6 of the 20 sacks the Broncos gave up. Which means when you look at the absolutes the ‘great’ Bronco’s line was not exposed to very much sack risk and gave up 14 sacks under 3.6 seconds. The Seahawks, who gave up more than twice the sacks during the season, only gave up 12 sacks under 3.6 seconds.

        Everyone praises the Broncos and craps on the Seahawks.

        And I’ll be honest, it’s somewhat more subtle than that. But that’s the basic shape of the problem. Running QBs get sacked far more than pocket passers and it’s because they extend the plays instead of throwing the ball away.

        So the very thing that NFL teams want – to extend the play through QB mobility – causes them more problems than it solves.

          1. PFF does some info. There are other websites. PhD football runs a lot of great stuff and has a lot of links within its blog posts. has a lot of good stuff. Pro Football Reference.

            Chris Burke (Sports Illustrated) gave me all his EPA data from when he was still running his website (it’s up, but no longer active now that he sold it to ESPN):


            I used to also do my own but don’t have the time and, frankly, the quality of the analytical information is much better and more accessible now.

            A real good one is here: NFL DASH


            It measures the win probability added or subtracted every pass, rush, etc. attempted in the NFL. There’s a lot of complex game theory behind it, but the work is solid. And once you learn to read the charts, you get a better understanding of how a player helps, or hurts, his team.

            Alex Smith — has one of the best positive to negative pass ratios in the NFL. But he doesn’t take risks. Very few big negatives, few big positives. He actually, despite his conservative nature, tend to add more WPA to his team than most people realize.

            Kaepernick made his early living on big plays with teams playing a soft, Cover 3 defense as they didn’t know how to deal with the pistol/read option. In 2014 that changed. You can see it in his charts. The change from year-to-year as the NFL figured him out is dramatic.

          2. PFF does some info. There are other websites. PhD football runs a lot of great stuff and has a lot of links within its blog posts. has a lot of good stuff. Pro Football Reference.

            Chris Burke (Sports Illustrated) gave me all his EPA data from when he was still running his website (it’s up, but no longer active now that he sold it to ESPN):


            I used to also do my own but don’t have the time and, frankly, the quality of the analytical information is much better and more accessible now.

          3. A real good one is here: NFL DASH


            It measures the win probability added or subtracted every pass, rush, etc. attempted in the NFL. There’s a lot of complex game theory behind it, but the work is solid. And once you learn to read the charts, you get a better understanding of how a player helps, or hurts, his team.

            Alex Smith — has one of the best positive to negative pass ratios in the NFL. But he doesn’t take risks. Very few big negatives, few big positives. He actually, despite his conservative nature, tend to add more WPA to his team than most people realize.

            Kaepernick made his early living on big plays with teams playing a soft, Cover 3 defense as they didn’t know how to deal with the pistol/read option. In 2014 that changed. You can see it in his charts. The change from year-to-year as the NFL figured him out is dramatic.

        1. Absolutely true Moses. However Seattle was also not very good in their run blocking either. Lynch was able to cover a multitude of sins for them.
          The same was said about SF for the past few years… but the bigger issue was actually with the run blocking. It was so poor teams never had to respect the play action pass which had been so successful under Harbaugh when the line was the best in the NFL.

  19. Personally I like the signing. He is a very athletic OT with just 1 year of OL experience in college (previously a TE) that was a starting OT in his 2nd year in the NFL. He struggled, but he still has growth in him. And he will now be playing in a system that uses his athleticism better. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins the RT job.

    1. Gilliam may turn out alright but the fact he signed a one year deal and his former team had no interest in matching doesn’t exactly paint a picture of optimism. The Oline depth in the draft is pretty thin so I’m guessing that’s why they made this move.

      1. Yeah, but if the Seahawks didn’t want him they wouldn’t have offered him the RFA tender in the first place.

        1. Seahawks are in salary cap hell. They have 10 players soaking up 97 mil in cap space.

          They have 2.6 mil in cap space, and have to sign their rookies.

          They just could not afford Gilliam, and that is why they are pulling O linemen off the street. Those are all they can afford.

          Glad to see Lynch making shrewd use of their predicament, and poached Gilliam, who does have talent.

          1. I think they actually have $9.7M in cap space or something like that, but even so, it isn’t much which as you say is one of the reasons why they chose not to match the offer sheet.

            I agree, this was a pretty smart pickup at low cost for the 49ers.

        2. They offered him the lowest tender possible which meant no compensation if he signed somewhere else. They put little priority on keeping him around and didn’t even wait out the week before declining when he signed an offer sheet with a division rival. I’m not saying he can’t help us and be a swing player, but this is the 49ers adding another body to the depth chart due to a poor draft for the position imo. I don’t expect much but it’s a no risk move so it’s not a big deal whether he contributes or not.

  20. What is the worst that can happen; GG gets $1.4M from a team that is about $65M or so under the cap.
    The best that can happen is he can be coached up to be an effective tackle in a zone blocking scheme.
    For the Niners it is a no lose situation, besides its not any of ours money and if Jed helps out what appears to be a good guy to the tune of $1.4M I don’t have a problem with that.

  21. Scooter,
    What I have read about Seattle’s O line last year is that they were bad in the beginning and improved throughout the year. I wonder whether Gilliam’s stats are better in the 2nd half of the year than the first

    1. Without knowing the answer to your question, I’d note this Old Coach. Seattle’s FO didn’t emphasize the OL and Tom Cable made do; for a while.
      >Then they lost Unger.
      >Then they lost Lynch & Okung. Without Lynch to fear, D’s were emboldened, became more aggressive and exposed Seattle’s weaknesses. An inexperienced bunch showed it.

    2. I have read that Gilliam was better at the end of the year when he was reinserted in the lineup at RT. Struggled at the beginning of the year. Like the entire Seahawks OL, as you mentioned.

  22. To Old Coach’s point.

    “Huard said Gilliam played as well as anyone in the Seahawks’ regular-season finale against San Francisco.”

    “Huard said Gilliam has been tasked with some difficult assignments throughout the season, including having to block the three-technique defensive tackle lined up across from right guard Germain Ifedi. Said Huard: “I think they’ve put him in some compromising spots, but when he’s got someone head up on him, he’s blocking him.”

  23. Fellow niner fans, this move could be for a specific heavy package play that utilizes two tackles for better blocking and a catching threat in the red zone. I guess we will find out soon

    1. Could be. But I think the more likely reason is the simpler one – they needed a backup swing OT. They now have three OTs with starting experience, which is a good thing.

  24. Some post draft WR options. Vincent Jackson and Michael Floyd, both are big targets and either one would force our opponents to cover both sides of the field. I wouldn’t mind having Boldin back either.

      1. X WR Garcon
        Z WR Boldin

        Boldin could be sent in motion in two WR sets and move to the slot at times where he is best suited. Shanahan could make it work.

        I’d rather have Jackson or Floyd on the outside.

    1. I agree but man Im sick of having other teams re treads..This is SF home of the greatest wide reciever ever.I wish we could finally draft and develop our own recievers..Seems like we just draft defense ..defense…defense..first we were the Ravens..then the Bears ..then the Giants..
      Were the 49ers damn it..We need an identity on offense again..Im sick of drafting corner after corner..d line ..d line..lets get some damn playmakers in here…
      Whi cares if our defense sucks lets at least make the 49ers fun to watch again..
      Even under Harbs this team was boooooring…
      6-0 Sharks…great game

      1. NO NO NO. Fix the defense. Defense wins championships.

        The best offense is a good defense.

        1. Joe Montana ,Rice ,Craig and Taylor all say differnt Seb..While our SB teams had great defences ,B Walsh and the wco is what brought those SB titles to the Bay

          1. Actually, it was quite split. All rankings (points because yards are statistically meaningless) offense/defense for Superbowl/WCO years:

            1981 — 7/2
            1984 — 2/1
            1988 — 7/8
            1989 — 1/3
            1994 — 1/6

            In the grand scheme of things, if I remember right, haven’t looked at it since the late 1990s, the offense, in frequency and average, was slightly lower ranked then the defense. Not a great differential. But the defense was, slightly better (over-all) than the offense.

            In fact the most unbalanced Super Bowl team was 2012 — 11/2. And that offense was more mediocre than the ranking. It was grossly inefficient and relied on big plays, defensive unfamiliarity with the Pistol/Read-Option, field position swings & turn-overs to be successful.

            And, as we saw in 2014, when the defensive support dropped to average and the NFL figured out how to defend the Pistol/Read-Option the offense dropped to 25th…

      2. I admire your fire! But remember, a year or two of brick laying, then BOOM!
        Walsh’s Lott/Wright/Williamson draft was a regime changer. Other than Montana, what did BW have on offensive talent? Rice & Craig came later. He got it done with system and play-calling; and defense.

        1. One key was getting Dwaine Board, who Walsh poached from the Steelers. Another key was getting Hacksaw Reynolds as a FA from a division rival.

          1. Wasting your time Moses. He lives in a Reality Distortion Field where everything upside down is right side up. Welcome Seb in Wonderland.

            1. Or, is it properly called “Reality Distortion Field Syndrome”?

              Just a thought…………..

          2. Wonder why if everything was in place did he have tryouts for 200 players before the games.

            Walsh built his juggernaut, it was not handed to him like JH’s team was.

            1. Seb,
              I loved Walsh as much as any 9er fan but quite a bit of his O talent was in place the year before he took over. There were only 2 future SB starters on D on the 78 roster Bunz and Reese but there were 7 major contributors to the 1st SB on the 78 roster Shuman, Ayers, Cross, Hofer, Quilan, Solomon and Wersching. Walsh’s main contribution to the offense in 81 was Montana and his system. He McPherson and Seifert completely rebuilt the D.

              1. Old Coach, if you compare the rosters, the only part where there was a semblance of continuity were those 4 O linemen. Other than those 7 players, it was a totally different team.

                Paul Hofer did not play, Ricky Patton was the RB.

                7 out of 53 did not mean Walsh was handed a juggernaut, like JH.

  25. I am liking this offseason even more. Lynch is being aggressive. The nightmare of Baalke is fading away with each new FA signing.

    Hope Lynch will bundle players who may not be good fits in the new system, and use them to facilitate trades. Move them now while they have value. If he waits until TC, teams will just wait until they are cut.

    Later on, Lynch should be bold, move several players so there is space on the roster, then poach players from playoff teams. He may want to get a WR from the Pats, a TE from the Falcons, a LB from the Steelers and an O lineman from the Cowboys, for example.

    Lynch seems to be learning quick, and if he manages to trade back a couple times, I will say that the draft will be a success, especially if he can stockpile picks in the second round.

    1. Yes Seb, I’m trying to wash away the memory of the Baalke years. But, that dimwit Cassie keeps reminding me of his daddy.

      1. No question Mahomes might be the most talented QB with exceptional arm strength. Problem is the NFL needs a QB to be accurate and play from the pocket. He is Brett Favre talent wise, but he would be a huge risk to take because the issue is can he develop towards the NFL type game? If he is there in the 3rd round which isn’t likely, the 49ers should take him.

  26. Any body else see Jerry Rice in the custom #80 Sharks jersey open up the door for the Sharks to exit the locker room?

    1. Yeah, that was fun. I enjoy when the pro athletes cross over to support the other local teams.


    “Armstead is a different story. A shoulder injury cut his season in half in 2016, and a source inside the building told me his love of football has been questioned.”

    Interesting. We might want to trade him while he still has some value. Solomon Thomas is starting to look a lot better.

    “Hoyer’s last 16 games: 24 touchdowns, 6 interceptions and a 95.0 QB rating.”

    1. Interesting read. Armstead could have been in that Sophomore slump. Should be ok, plus last year would have sapped anyone’s love for football.

      Interesting info on Hoyer. Might it quiet some cheerleader for other QB? Doubt it!

      1. East, go ahead. Champion Hoyer like he is the second coming of Joe Montana.

        Guess that is why they are paying him backup money.

        1. Ha! Who said Montana? He’s a bridge QB. Nothing more. Stop your outlandish Reality Distortion Field views. None of us have anything but modest aspirations about Hoyer. But he can do the job. The last guy wasn’t doing that well as I remember.

              1. You have been saying that a lot, too.

                Maybe you can predict what my next mock will be.

        2. And using your own typical perverse logic, guess that is why they’re not paying Kaepermon any money at all . . . what is inarguable is that Hoyer’s QB stats are superior to CK’s over the last 16 games, that’s fact, not wistful conjecture.

      2. He had a broken shoulder. Had surgery on it in November. It wasn’t so much a slump as a DE with one-shoulder is going to struggle.

    2. If that’s indeed true about Armstead, then it would not surprise me if they drafted Solomon Thomas. But, I’m still hoping for a Reuben Foster surprise at #2.

    3. Well, **** those people and their sitting on the couch, old-school judgment. And let me tell what happens when those couch potatoes get you on the field when you shouldn’t be.

      I have distant cousin who was a starting DE on an NFL team (back in the 1970s) and played an entire year on a broken foot for his team. The team doctors lied to him told him it was a bone bruise.

      So that he could play, they filled his foot full of pain killers. During the offseason, when his foot wasn’t getting any better, he went to an orthopedic surgeon and it was determined that small bones in his feet were so destroyed by his playing on broken foot all year that only bone grafts would save the foot and it would never work properly again (it’s essentially a lump of meat at the end of his leg).

      Since he was 29 he’s been waking with a cane. And, of course, the team he played for didn’t give a **** and cut him. The NFL didn’t give a **** and he gets some tiny pension for a lifetime of pain and being semi-crippled.

      So, yeah, **** whoever said this and their high horse. Nobody has the right to question a player who sucked it up for training camp and half a season before he had to go on the IR and get shoulder surgery.

      That also, btw, goes for fans who say the same thing.

      1. Boo hoo Moses. Nobody forced Armstead to pursue football. Go wipe the tears from Anthony Davis’ cheek.

        And guess what, his passion has been questioned before when he was healthy.

        “In the weeks leading up to and the moments immediately after the 49ers made Arik their first-round pick, Armond heard some NFL analysts question his brother’s passion for football.”

  28. I guarantee you they won’t draft Hammy at #2, nor Trubiscuit. Doubt they order a Reuben at #2 either or use an Allen Wrench. Gonna be King Solomon, Fournette Me Not or a Hooker at #2….

    1. Razor,
      “Fournette Me Not” very nice, you have the creative juices flowing bud!
      That might turn out to be his victory shout after he runs over defenders.

      I noticed that Fournette is not getting much love around these parts but the guy is going to be a beast in the NFL.
      Well, that is one man’s opinion at least.

  29. Too bad Niners didn’t sign Terry Gilliam instead. He could have Time Bandit-ed us back to 1981.

      1. Not relevant but my favorite Monty Python moment” It is merely a Fleshwound” what the knight at the bridge proclaimed when his legs and limbs were cut off, Sounds like a Jim Harbaugh move!

        1. Yeah, the knight was classic. Do you remember the Lupine Bandit?
          “Right then! Give me all your lupines!”

        2. Mine is “I fart in your general direction”.

          Which I do to certain poster’s inane comments here from time to time.

  30. “Browns EVP Sashi Brown says they received calls for No. 1 but “feel really good about pick at 1.” One team called about trading up for a QB” – Ian Rapoport

    I like the “One team called about trading up for a QB”, because that means at least one team is likely to inquire about pick 2 after the Browns take Garrett.

      1. I think 99% chance the Browns take Garrett. Did you mean its not likely a team will trade up to pick 2 for a quarterback?

      1. I have the mp3 downloaded, but fell asleep part way in. I’ll give it another listen today.

  31. Do you think that Brown is blowing smoke trying to generate buzz? Don’t think there is too much to talk about regarding the first pick after all. Unless the Browns manage to screw it up!

    1. I think all teams are blowing smoke this time of year. But how to separate the smoke from the truth?

      1. Simple, it’s all smoke. 100% smoke. Pure, NFL Bull**** Smoke. It’s more pure than Ivory which is only 99.44% pure. And it never stops.

        If we could bag it as organic fertilizer, we’d be billionaires in a short time.


  32. So I wonder what really is the deal with Chatty Cathy Sebbie.
    On lockdown in his room at the convalescent home with his desktop?

  33. Lynch is doing a good job. He is doing exactly what I wanted.

    First of all, he has purged every last vestige of Baalke. There is a new sheriff in town, and he has not mollycoddled the players and has acted swiftly and decisively. He is treating everyone, even the press, with dignity and respect. He is open and truthful. He is like a breath of fresh air.

    Second, he signed free agents, and even overpaid to get them. While I am disappointed that he could not have gotten an elite player like Dante Hightower, Poe, Jeffrey, Zach Brown, Williams or Hankins, He was fighting the perception that the Niners were a bottom dweller with no chance at the playoffs. I am very happy that he signed battle tested and battle hardened WRs, so now he does not need to spend a high draft pick on a WR, who would do best sitting, studying hard and getting stronger for a year.

    The number of FAs signed shows that he is serious about winning. I expect he will even sign a few more.

    Lynch has done exactly what I called for. He declared he is open for trading back, so now he is fielding offers from teams. He will not pull the trigger on any deal because he will wait until he sees what Cleveland would do, but I expect many deals are being churned and proposed. Now is the time to plan and prepare for trades with various teams, and the more competition, the better the compensation.

    The importance of this draft is huge, and the Niners are poised to get some very good players. The best strategy would be to trade back several times, miss out on some elite players, but mine the sweet spot of the draft.

    I hope he puts on his ‘Trader Bill’ hat and wheels and deals. He should only propose and entertain trades that are a win/win for both sides. I hope he leverages that second overall pick into several second and third round picks, and maybe even trade back from 34 to garner more picks.

    To the posters who say that no team will want to trade up, I will just cite last year’s draft when the Rams and Eagles made blockbuster deals. This year, there are no franchise QBs, but the talent level is so deep, there are 50 players who may go in the first round.

    What else should Lynch should do in the draft?

    He should make safe picks. No players who may be busts because they did well against lesser competition, but once in the pros, they become pedestrian. Maybe he should target players who did well in the bowl games because those were stern tests. Maybe he should put more emphasis on the players who did well in the Shrine and Senior bowl practices. He should avoid making errors.

    Lynch should totally avoid the ACL players. Niners need immediate help. Some players with other less devastating injuries may be considered, but only in the later rounds. I want players who are fully healthy and can hit the ground running.

    Lynch should avoid players with red flags. Hopefully, Mixon and Kelly should not even be on the Niner draft board. Let other teams draft the headaches. Imagine if the Niners had heeded the warnings and drafted Watt instead of Aldon.

    Lynch should concentrate on fixing the defense, but if Christian McCaffrey falls to the second round, they should run to the podium.

    Lynch should also look to trade up, especially if there is a player just out of reach, but one they covet. He should offer a later draft pick to move up a few spots, when needed, to get the player who fits their system.

    Finally, he should make the draft war room more of a team effort, and not make pronouncements from on high like Baalke did. I hope Lynch considers the advice of his scouts so they do not feel useless and dissed. The draft process should be a consensus strategy, not a dictatorship. No more cute envelopes.

    Niners should take the BPA strategy, but also consider needs. Maybe the smartest selection will be to find the BPA who also fills a need.

    Still is over a week before the draft, so I will put out a few more mocks. I will do one with no trades, but will be disappointed if Lynch does not manage at least one trade back.

        1. Yeah Seb if only I could regurgitate all the BS you do right?
          Here is an idea. Lets a write a letter to the NFL players association and ask them to fall down after a catch or hand off.
          An original thought not worth the toilet paper to wipe my arse!

            1. Hey Mighty Quinn…………

              There is only ONE real Mighty Quinn, and thats the Seb-skov.

              Whats more, its not as it may appear to you. Do you know the history, the long history, of the Mighty Quinn? The things he’s said? Bitter is Sweet, Up is Down, Left is Right? Kap belongs on Mt. Olympus? And my all-time favorite-if you differ with him, its not because you differ–it’s because you hate.

              That’s it. You hate. There is no other reason. End of story.

              Don’t worry for the Seb. He can not only stick up for himself, he loves nothing more than to say absurd things so as to elicit a response.

              He’s playing us all like a violin.

        2. Seb, I wouldn’t confuse your post above as original…seems you’ve shared nearly all of this many times over.

          1. Cassie, I am talking about Prime. He is unoriginal.

            Funny, posters are claiming my ideas are so preposterous, nobody in the world would think of them.That sounds pretty original to me.

            I also talked about the war room and draft dynamics.

            Your daddy acted like he was the king of the hill, but he turned into the fool on the hill with his draft failures. I do not think I mentioned how the draft would unfold, before, but I hope it is a team effort with input from everybody.

            1. So, you haven’t figured out yet that Cassie Baalke isn’t The Cassie Baalke? Seriously?
              Intelligence Test Fail

              1. You mean to tell me she’s not THE Cassie Baalke? All this time I was under the wrong impression;>)

    1. Sebs—–

      Rice did well against lesser competition.
      So did Charles Haley.
      Walsh was more often than not told by Vinny that he made a bad pick-was in fact told by the head scout his 86 draft was their worst ever.
      This is a very competitive field of endeavor….I don’t know where your thought of a trade has to be good for both sides……….more of your kumbayuh nonsense.

      1. Saw, guess you are thinking that Walsh did not have any draft acumen when he made his picks. He saw that Rice was special.

        He also had a SB team and could take a gamble. The Niners do not have that luxury right now, so the wisest strategy would be to take solid, safe picks to build for the future.

        Players from small schools tend to be men among boys and have great stats, but then come to the NFL and become pedestrian. Sure,take the best player in the world, and use him as an example. Since Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round, maybe you are advocating drafting only QBs in the 6th round.

        Sounds like you are talking out of your rear end about Cerrato. He joined the Niners in 1991. That was 5 years after the ’86 draft.

        You sure sound like a Baalke shill, who liked to make only team friendly deals. In the end, he wound up being shunned like he was a leper, and finally became a dead man walking. No wonder he was fired.

        It only makes sense to have win/win situations because those are the most likely deals to be consummated. No team wants to be taken advantage of, so you are advocating a failed Baalke strategy.

        1. Sure Sebs….

          Anybody who reads what I wrote would come to your conclusion-that Walsh was lousy at the draft.

          Not all players from small schools don’t make it in the NFL. Obviously, you have to know how to size them up, as Walsh clearly did.

          Sounds like I am talking about Cerrato? Putting words in other peoples mouths AGAIN, Sebs??
          If you know your 9er football history, and I know you do, then you also know BW’s scouts often saw things precisely opposite of Bill.
          On page 254 of his book, “The Genius”, it so states………”His director of scouting told Bill afterward that their draft had been a disaster…..”. That happened often with his scouts–just as I intimated. And you know these things to be true, as you are very knowledgeable about the 9ers.

          So…..why do continue to play word games, split hairs, argue needlessly about picayune things????????
          I can sum it up in one hyphenated word……..KAPBITTERNESS!!!!!!!

          A SERIOUS case of Reality Distortion Field Syndrome…….

          More poetry is coming for you.

          1. Saw, when you mention Vinny, I just assumed you were talking about Vinny Cerrato.

            Since you think that no scout has any football acumen, let me remind you that a scout tipped off Walsh to Jerry Rice.

            I also think that comparing JL and KS to Bill Walsh is unfair because BW was a genius and a legend, while those 2 others are rookies.

            Wow, you attribute my post to bitterness about Kaep? That sounds desperate.

            1. Sebs, I read he saw him on some sportscast right before they played Houston….whats the diff? He often saw things at odds with his scouts. Like the whole ’86 draft, for instance.

              I never compared the body of work of Walsh to the current regime-your just doing the Seb-onian thing of seeing what you want to see, hearing what you want to hear. It fits your narrative that way.

              Ask anybody on this blog if your bitter about Kap–we’ve heard what you think……….

              1. Saw, I have moved on and am presenting mocks and dissecting prospects. Do not see where you get this Kaep obsessing from.

                Guess I cannot even wish him well without you thinking that I am bitter about him.

              2. Saw, Walsh may have been dissed by his scouts, but was proven right.

                That still does not mean that scouts should have no say at all in the draft. I hope it is a team effort, with input from all sides.

                I hope they can all get on the same page and make consensus picks that will help the team.

      1. Well, if the dudes at nfl,com are right, maybe Jon (I love all college QBs) Gruden isn’t so far fetched:

        Trubisky, Mitchell QB 6’2″ 222 North Carolina 6.5
        Watson, Deshaun QB 6’2″ 221 Clemson 5.9
        Mahomes, Patrick QB 6’2″ 225 Texas Tech 5.8
        Peterman, Nathan QB 6’2″ 226 Pittsburgh 5.7
        Kizer, DeShone QB 6’4″ 233 Notre Dame 5.7

    1. What I like is he put on a great pass-rush from the interior at Stanford. He’s incredibly solid against the run. He’s strong. He’s agile. He has great athleticism finishing in the Top-5 in the agility drills and he put up great speed splits for someone who weighs 273lbs.

      And he’s gotten better every year in a defense that has a lot of pro-defense attributes.

      I’d draft him in a heartbeat and wouldn’t trade down unless the offer was ridiculously lop-sided in my favor.

  34. Mock Draft #Whatever (with no trades at all). Not meant to mirror what I think the Niners will do (for those who seem to take pride in matching who the Niners ended up picking last year; which, by the way, given how bad our picks were last year I’m not sure this is a point of pride).

    143: R4P36 C/G ETHAN POCIC, LSU

    To see why I picked who I did, you can go to the following link and see who the computer took inbetween my picks, which is why some of the players I really like are not on this list (Kareem Hunt, Quincy Wilson, etc.):

    1. Like overall. Prefer Lattimore and Peterman but those are quibbles. Love Zay Jones but he won’t last that long.

      1. Unfortunately, Peterman went in the 3rd round. Lattimore went in the Top 10, but I think we have a bigger issue at Safety than CB, and I think Adams grades out higher, which is why I went with Adams.

    2. Pot…Kettle

      Nice mock,,,,some real ‘strangers’ in there, but good explasnation…nice post

      1. Thanks. Yeah, once you see the simulation that allows the computer to pick for the other teams, you see why some of the”dream” candidates don’t end up being realistic.

    3. Nice mock. Every player is solid, and you concentrated on defense first. I would be happy if the Niners followed that mock.

      1. Why can’t you just admit you were wrong? Why is that so hard?

        February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
        Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

          1. Just man up. Why is it so hard to say you put it out there but whiffed?
            I mean that’s what makes this blog so good.
            We have great fans on here with tremendous input but also have the stones to admit they may have called it in incorrectly.
            You’ve come on here with the wrong attitude. And then claim to be ridiculed. And then you cry victim.
            What kind of loser are you? Sore?

  35. I wonder if the Browns will start negotiating with Garrett before the draft. If so it might move trade talks along.


    “Kittle. He played in a pro-style offense at Iowa and already is adept at blocking. Kittle (6-4, 247) also put up impressive numbers at last month’s scouting combine, running his 40-yard dash in 4.52 seconds — third best among tight ends this year — and posting an 11-foot broad jump. Kittle had 22 catches for 314 yards and four touchdowns in 2016 despite being slowed by a foot injury the second half of the season.”

    1. I like Kittle. In terms of sleeper Tight Ends at the back of the draft (Day 3 picks), I would be happy with either Kittle or Eric Saubert.

        1. That block on the first video is a thing of beauty…Daubert needs to be taught up on blocking (he is definitely more of a receiver at this point), which is why I think you’re right that Kittle would be the better pick.

    1. Been searching high and low for Hooker’s medical re-check info. So far, crickets.

      1. For Chyrst’s sake man, they shaved the bone around the labrum of his hip. That re-check is under double secret conversation. Maybe he’s the same player, and maybe he’s not. I’m not sure even he knows….

  37. My ‘pulled out of thin air’ mock…no science, no deep thought, no reflection on need nor reality. Just silly fun. I cannot defend any of these…

    1 OJ Howard, TE, Alabama
    2 TJ Watt, OLB, Wisconsin
    3 C Tankersley, CB, Clemson
    4 A Darboh, WR, Michigan
    4 K Fuller, C, Baylor
    5 J Dobbs, QB, Tennessee
    5 J James, DT, ND
    6 J Evans, OLB, Oklahoma
    6 J Jones, SS, Clemson
    7 S Tevi, OL, Utah

          1. And as noted earlier…I offer no defense of the mock. Just having fun in a sea of serious mocks. Yay! Thought the Dobbs angle might draw Seb from his cave.

  38. Cassie,

    You mean the Seb, like, Dobbs Character in The Treasure of The Sierra Madre.

    He hid his gold under a rock and thought someone was stealing it, just like his QB stolen away from him by that low IQ coach, Shanahan for starting Hoyer

    Here’s a clip of Seb as Bogart-Dobbs:

  39. I posted my first 2 picks yesterday (#2 – Jamal Adams, #33 – DeShone Kizer) and here are my next 2 picks for my final 49ers 2017 mock draft:

    #66 JUJU SMITH-SCHUSTER, WR, The Trojans (6’1” – 218 lbs): I would love nothing more than for the 49ers to trade back with their first round pick to the a team like the Panthers or Browns, and then draft my man COREY DAVIS in round 1. And, while I’m not about to call Corey Davis the next JULIO JONES (yet), I think Davis is the kind of quintessential NFL #1 WR that doesn’t come along very often. I like him so well in fact, is Jamal Adams wasn’t my favorite player in this draft class, I would highly consider drafting Davis at #2! However, in this scenario, Jamal Adams is the pick at #2, making JuJu the pick at #66. I understand the 49ers now have one of the most reliable number 2 receivers in the entire league, with the signing of PIERRE GARCON, but the 49ers could still use another big, strong, intimidating possession receiver who plays faster than he times (4.54 is still plenty fast), especially considering Garcon is now 30 years old, and his contract is essentially a 3 year deal. A year ago, JuJu Smith-Schuster was considered the best wide receiver in college football, and with Garcon mentoring this big kid, I think Smith-Schuster will eventually become a pro-bowl player who’s play style will be considered a cross between Anquan Boldin and Brandon Marshall!

    #109) CORDREA TANKERSLEY, CB, The National Champion Clemson Tigers (6’1” – 200 lbs): Cordrea Tankersley is exactly the kind of CB the 49ers are now looking for. Tankersley thrives in man coverage thanks to his size, and aggressive demeanor, along with the hips and change-of-direction skills which allow him to play glued-to-the-hip of the opposing receiver. He’s an incredibly instinctive CB who can play on either perimeter, and he’s so reliable in coverage he gave up only one reception of 30+ yards, and only got beat for one single TD during his entire 2016 campaign. He’s a fantastic tackler as well. Physical, and willing to attack the LOS on run plays & screens, he’s a tough-minded defender willing to stay low to wrap up and finish his tackles. The proof of this? Over the last two seasons, Tankersley missed only 12 of 114 tackle attempts! This is that rare occasion where talent-meets-need, because not only does Cordrea have the size the 49ers covet, as well as the skill set to dominate in Robert Saleh’s scheme (he’s also scheme divers), there’s also a decent chance he’ll fall this far, thanks to the depth of talent at CB in this year’s draft class.

    1. Love the passion, but if I’m honest the only pick I have liked so far is Adams… sorry.

        1. No worries Scooter. While I’d like to have you on board, because I respect your opinion, I’m confident with my selections.

    2. Why, this is the most moronic mock I have ever seen…..

      Just kidding.;p I see your logic in your selections. Ju Ju has great tape.

      Wonder if there will be a run on QBs and Kizer may fall in the first.

      I have stayed away from Tankersley because Grant does not like him, but he seemed to play well against Alabama.

    3. I like how in-depth you are getting. At some point, if work permits, I will try to follow this example in explaining picks.

      As a UCLA grad, I’m biased against SC players, but JuJu did show up. I agree we need a bigger, No. 1 type receiver (less about speed, more about being a dependable target who will pick up 12-15 yards every time). I’m more inclined towards Cooper Kupp than Smith, though I don’t think he will get to the 3rd round.

      Tankersley fits the big CB we need, though I wonder if he will be available in the 4th…

        1. And when I am done, I’ll mock a less in depth alternative mock, just for the heck of it.

      1. Are you familiar with Engram? Listed as a TE but is more a WR. He’s been compared to Jordan Reed, whom Shanahan had at Washington. Highly productive SEC pass-catcher. If Shanahan wants a Reed, this is the guy. Could become our Julio Jones?

        4.39 40
        33.75 arms
        38.5 verticle

        4.43 40
        33.5 arms
        36.0 verticle


        1. Evans is always around Zay Jones and Raekwon McMillen, so I take one of those players. If Engram slid down a bit, maybe the Niners could take him, but with his speed, he will be taken sooner, than later.

          Chris Godwin is 6′ 1″, 209 with 4,42 speed. He is another WR I have mocked a lot.

  40. Eff it. I’ll make a mock.

    Round 1: EDGE – Solomon Thomas – I think he has the tools to succeed.
    Round 2: QB – Peterman – His stock has certainly risen over the months. I’d rather pick TJ Watt here… But the needs are the needs.
    Round 3: CB – Quincy Wilson – Insurance policy CB.
    Round 4: OLB – Duke Riley – Developmental linebacker.
    Round 4: RB – TJ Logan – Scat-back/Change of Pace
    Round 5: RB – Brian Hill – Bigger back, has patience & power. Not a lot of speed.
    Round 5: CB – Jalen Myrick – Slot nickle.
    Round 6: OLB – Josh Carraway – Special teamer. May develop some pass-rush..
    Round 6: MLB – Kendell Beckwith – Special teamer, back-up MLB. 2 Down guy.
    Round 7: TE/FB/H-Back – Blake Jarwin – He did it all. Not great stats due to his playing multiple positions but is reputed to have very good athleticism, good hands, runs well after the catch. Could be another Jingles.

      1. Gruden has Peterman in the first round!

        “Gruden said if he had to pick a quarterback to play this coming season, he’d take Peterman, who transferred to Pittsburgh from Tennessee two years ago.”

        “Gruden predicts four quarterbacks will go in the first round April 27: Trubisky, Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes and “a sleeper,” such as Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer and Pittsburgh’s Nathan Peterman.”

        1. Gruden also said that Cook should be a first round pick, and he lasted until the 4th Round

          1. See dummy, everyone makes mistakes.

            February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
            KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again

          2. Jon Gruden just said on ESPN that Michigan State’s Connor Cook “is gonna be perhaps the best QB in this draft.”

            a) Doesn’t call him the best QB, just say’s “perhaps” he might be.
            b) Never predicted he would be a first round pick.

            1. Watched Gruden exclaim to Cook that he should be a first round lock, and people were stupid to not think he will be.

    1. Some players I really like in there, and while you have Peterman too high for my taste I agree the 49ers will take a long look at QBs at that spot.

      I’m a big fan of Wilson and had him in my mock too. Draft sites have him all over the place, from round 1 to round 3. Personally I think he is a borderline round 1 guy, but if he is there in round 3 I would be all over him.

      I think you have overdone it on LBs and RBs. Probably only need to draft 1 traditional LB, given the D really only plays with 2 traditional LBs, and the other (SAM) being more an edge type player. And after signing Hightower I think only 1 RB is needed.

    2. Nice mock. Peterman is an interesting pick, but even though his stock has risen, I think he will be available in the third round.

      My one big quibble is the focusing on RBs. Maybe a WR instead for one of them?

    3. I like it although I would have grabbed Wayne Gallman as my RB where you took Logan, and I’d take a flyer on Robert Davis, WR over Carraway….

    4. Gruden has Peterman in the first round, and Kiper has Peterman in the 2nd round, which is why I understand that if you like Peterman, the Niners will have to use their 2nd rounder to get him. I definitely prefer him among the “second tier” quarterbacks, but ended up with Kaaya because I waited until the 4th round.

      Wilson is a solid cornerback, and has the “Sherman-type” size the Niners need for the 4-3 they intend to run. Matt Miller actually has Wilson as one of his top CBs, and would be great value in the 3rd round.

      Think Riley would be a good backup MLB his first year, with the chance to grow into a valuable starter.

      Logan really showed up at the combine, and even more impressive than his speed, for me, was his ability to catch the ball and run patterns out of the backfield.

      I don’t know if the Niners will grab two running backs in this draft, unless you are buying into the theory that Hyde is on his way out.

      I always respect your analysis.

    1. My bold prediction- There will be a run on QBs, and CM will fall to the second round because of his refusal to play in a bowl game, and his backing away from private workouts. Teams will also be wary of his durability.

    2. If I was doing a mock McCaffrey would be my second pick even if it meant trading up for him. He is a playmaker, the Niners do not have a playmaker and I do believe in KS system he would excel. He seems like the most perfect fit for the Niners of any offensive player coming out of this draft.

      1. Pick 34 is well positioned to pounce on a “faller” in mid-late 20s. I love the 2nd round talent this year. One of the reasons I’m over-obsessing about trading 2 back.

        1. The same thing you love about the 2nd round talent is the same thing that is going to put a damper on trades. If there are great players in round two then why would anyone need to trade up in round one?

  41. Hmm, Hue wants to trade up with the Jets for Trubisky because they think he will fall to 6.

    Too bad the Jets would be excoriated if they let Cleveland poach a QB when the Jets need a QB in the worst way.

    Cleveland must move up, because the Bills have been recently mocked taking Trubisky at 10, so they might not get him if they wait.

    Trading up with the Niners will guarantee getting Trubisky. Niners may take less in the TVC by accepting a first, second and third round pick, along with one of the Browns 2018 second round draft picks.

    Niners would accept pick numbers 12, 52 and 65, along with a 2018 second round pick for pick number 2. Cleveland would keep their pick number 33, and get the first and second picks in the draft.


    “In the games I charted, the Jaguars spent 43% of the time in base packages, more than 56% in nickel packages and less than 1% in dime packages.”

    “45% of their 4-3 defensive looks were 4-3 over looks, 37% were 4-3 under looks, 13% were bear fronts and the other 5% tended to be when the offense spread their running back out wide which resulted in the defensive line having two wide 9s and two 3-techs.”

    “The Jaguars had 5 or more players on the ball on 59% of all plays. On a significant number of third downs the Jaguars utilized a nickel package with two 3-techs and two wide 9s.”

    “Jonathan Cyprien took 49% of his snaps as an edge player or linebacker per PFF. Only 24% of his snaps were taken in a standard safety position whilst the other 27% were taken lined up as nickel corner (primarily on base downs and normally in zone coverage)”

    1. Thanks Sebnynah, and happy 420 2 U!

      I may have 49reasons when it comes to my Niners, but I have 420 solutions when it comes to the worlds problems! I don’t smoke the herb of understanding to get high, I smoke to relax and cleanse my mind, body and soul of the toxins I encounter on a daily basis!

      Bob Marley once said: “herb may never fully heal a nation, but alcohol can certainly destroy it”

      1. 49, I may disagree with some of your posts, but I enjoy reading them. You can at least present strong arguments in a cogent manner.

        My problem is that I have 420……million thoughts about the Niners . ;p

    2. Happy 420. I only smoke when I hang out with old friends. Or as one of my friends told me. I haven’t quit, I just quit buying it.

  43. SF hosts Carolina in week 1 and then play in Seattle. Both of those teams have poor OLs. Our new scheme will allow us to shut down their running games. We will see how agressive Saleh is early on.

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