Raiders 7-round mock draft


These are the picks I think the Raiders will make next week. Stay tuned for my final 49ers mock draft  — it’s coming soon.

Round  1, pick No. 24: Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU. The Raiders’ biggest holes are in their defensive backfield, and White is similar to a cornerback Reggie McKenzie tried to sign in 2016 — Janoris Jenkins.

Round 2, pick No. 56: Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt. The Raiders need to draft an inside linebacker who can start as a rookie, and I believe they’re targeting Cunningham. Just a hunch.

Round 3, pick No. 88: Julie’n Davenport, OT, Bucknell. Starting left tackle Donald Penn turns 34 next week and will be a free agent in 2018. Davenport can replace him.

Round 4, pick No. 130: Delano Hill, FS, Michigan. Starting free safety Reggie Nelson turns 34 in September and will be a free agent in 2018. Hill can replace him.

Round 5, pick No. 168: Brian Hill, RB, Wyoming. A powerful running back who can play if Marshawn Lynch gets hurts, assuming Lynch comes to the Raiders.

Round 6, pick No. 208: Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, NT, USC. The defense needs a nose tackle after the team released Dan Williams this week.

Round 7, pick No. 242: Damore’ea Stringfellow, WR, Ole Miss. A potential replacement for Michael Crabtree, who looked old in the Raiders’ playoff loss to the Texans.

Round 7, pick No. 244: Johnathan Calvin, OLB, Mississippi St. The Raiders need depth at outside linebacker — Aldon Smith probably won’t come back.

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  1. Woah, Cunningham falling to pick 56? If you like him so much why do you believe he will still be available so late?

    1. Matt Miller ranks him 52nd and Charlie Campbell has him falling to 54. Not everyone likes Cunningham as much as we do.

      1. This is the 49erswebzone. Let’s keep it that way and not show any other mock draft for teams not the 49ers. Thanks

      2. Yeah, as rocket alluded to, I would be surprised if NFL teams have him rated the same way Miller and Campbell do. But hey, they do this for a living and I don’t, so could just be my lying eyes…

        1. Miller and Campbell talk to NFL teams. Cunningham is a polarizing prospect. The Raiders will take him in Round 2.

  2. I think we have a better handle on where Cunningham will go than they do then. No way he falls that far imo.

    I think the Raiders will go LB and DT with their first two picks. Likely Davis or Cunningham and then Brantley or Adams in the second. CB could be the pick in either instance too obviously, but they are in desperate need of a MLB and DT.

  3. I have the 49ers taking Hill before the Raiders pick:

    Round 5: RB – Brian Hill – Bigger back, has patience & power. Not a lot of speed.

  4. Seriously the Raiders can leave early if they want. Talk about a black hole.

    1. I’m no RayDuhs Fan, so I won’t really miss them.
      I do respect their history.
      I do respect the loyalty of the Oakland Contingent of Raider Nation.
      I agree with Mark that Vegas is his best business move.
      The worst possible move Mark could make for his players and coaches would be to have an interim playing venue other than Oakland/Alameda.
      DON’T move the team twice. That’s twice the dislocation, commotion and distraction for players and coaches and their families.
      Kiss Libby’s patoot if you have to. Stay put in Oakland until Glitzville is ready. The more assistance to players’ and coaches’ families for the transition the better.
      Real estate, neighborhoods, schools, etc

  5. I have not dumped on the Raiders, because they have been devastated by the news of the relocation, and it would seem like piling on.

    Nor will I do a mock for them, because I really do not know the team well. Guess they need s RB and defensive help.

    1. Seb,

      You didn’t mind dumping on us for criticizing your QB acumen, and we communicate with you daily.

      Why your sudden humanitarian streak toward an organization you’ve repudiated; chastised others for their support of them, even though the Raiders do not communicate with you ?

  6. “Aldon Smith probably won’t come back.”

    So they’ll replace him with a 7th rounder. :)

    1. Replacing Crabs with a 7th rounder too.

      Can’t say I’ve been the biggest fan of either player but they might have to look a little higher then the 7th round to replace them. :)

  7. Remember when Raider fans made fun of the 49ers moving to Santa Clara. Now there moving out of the freaking state lol Karma?

  8. The Vegas Raiders will have people that attend the games, but I think they will have a seriously eroded fan base. When fans see $200 tickets, they suck it up. When people see $200 tickets they make “discretionary expense” decisions.

    The revenue planning that went into this Vegas deal…will it hold up? I for one don’t give a Flying Tuck if it flys or dies.

    Face Paint? Seriously bro yer a grown man. WTF.

  9. I have the 9ers picking a safety in the first rd whether they trade back or not and choosing White with there pick in the 2nd Rd. Grant if the Raiders do not pick White do you believe he will be there for the 9ers at #34?

      1. Huh. My first five picks on the mock I made yesterday:

        Round 1: EDGE – Solomon Thomas – I think he has the tools to succeed.
        Round 2: QB – Peterman – His stock has certainly risen over the months. I’d rather pick TJ Watt here… But the needs are the needs.
        Round 3: CB – Quincy Wilson – Insurance policy CB.
        Round 4: OLB – Duke Riley – Developmental linebacker.
        Round 4: RB – TJ Logan – Scat-back/Change of Pace

        Four of the first five slots are the same.

        1. Yea, I saw it and commented I liked it. I would swap Wayne Gallman as Shanny’s running back over Logan if you’re taking one in the 4th round though….

  10. Pro Football Focus ✔ @PFF
    In his second professional season, Arik Armstead posted the best pass-rush productivity among 3-4 DEs.

    (min. 130 pass rushes in 2016)
    11:16 AM – 20 Apr 2017

    And that was with a bad shoulder… And he was Top-5 as a rooke. And yet fans just keep ****ing on him.

    1. He’s not going anywhere and neither is Buckner.. They will first see how these massive young talents can adapt to the new scheme during this first year. Hold the phone

      1. Can’t wait to see the Bucksteads in this one-gap scheme.

        Also like the DC commenting Lynch will have his hand in the dirt. He shined in that role as a young pup at ND (that spring practice vs ND seniors was telling) before he went haywire.

      1. Two years of every pass-rush snap he played. A 100% sample.

        And you write something that stupid…

        1. It isn’t two years since he did not play an entire season last year. This would be like stating a QB who only started half a season finished with an accuracy percentage ahead of other QBs who started in more games.

    2. I predicted he would be drafted and defended him against all the peanut gallery who hated the pick.

    3. Can’t figure out the zeal for trading Armstead. According to our own GC and others on the Niner beat, he was the terror of last year’s training camp before hurting his shoulder. Lets see what he can do.

      There’s also fan rumblings about trading Staley. Like LTs grown on trees. Not writing T. Brown off either.

      1. Well, I wanted the Niners to reward Staley for his stellar service by trading him to a team with a good chance at a ring.

        The Broncos need O line help, and if the Niners could get a second or third round pick for him, it would help lay the foundation for the future, and since Staley will be 33 in August,, he may not have very many years left.

        1. Trading Staley is a basically going for the first overall in the 2018 draft.

          If the Niners were going to do an extreme youth movement, they would have avoided 3rd contract signings like Garcon.

    4. Since PFF is considered to be credible when it supports one’s view, I will do the same.

      “2015 PFF NFL grade: +15.1 (25th-highest interior defender in NFL)”

      I’ll give him a bit of a pass for last year because of injury, but he has struggled against the run. He is a pass rush specialist with only 4.5 sacks.

      And how many sacks did he have in college? 4.0

    5. He was awful in run D last year, but he has always shown promise as a pass rusher since joining the 49ers. Just needs to do a better job of shedding and finishing.

    6. “Pro Football Focus ✔ @PFF
      In his second professional season, Arik Armstead posted the best pass-rush productivity among 3-4 DEs.”

      Funny then that the same website then gave him a 44.1 grade for the season and ranked him the 93rd rated lineman. Guess they can’t make up their minds about him.

  11. Trey’d McBack is my choice for the Niners first pick.

    Trey’d met with some GMs at the combine, but didn’t run any drills or have a pro day.

    There’s controversy about his measurables. Some think he’s Jimmy Johnson chart. Others insist he’s the much lighter Harvard chart. A few draft analysts think he has no chart at all, and won’t be available at pick 2.

    Despite all this, Trey’d McBack is my official draft crush.

      1. OC, been thinking about the difficulty of trading back with a team like the Browns, who hired the guy that invented the stingy Harvard chart.

        Naturally the Browns get all they possibly can trading back. Topping all the charts. But when it comes to trading 12 up, I expect low ball analytics driven offers.

        But a silver lining is Harvard chart teams value day three picks more. Combining pick 2 and a 4th or 5th rounder make better pot sweeteners.

        1. Brodie,
          I’ve been advocating for the 9ers to trade back for a 1st Rd. pick next year. In that there is no chart for next years picks I believe they will get better (possible) value. If they could get the Browns #1 in 2018 I believe that there is a better chance that the pick will end up top 10 rather than #20 through #32. After all they are the Browns.

          1. I think the Browns have 2 second round picks next season, so they would never trade away a potential first pick, and would just send 2 second round picks instead.

            1. Browns have three 2nd round picks in 2018. Been eying some combination of 2 for 12+33+2018 2nds. But I’d love the 2 for 12+2018 1rst.

  12. Why is Cohn covering a Las Vegas team? Maybe a Raider fan?? Why not the Patriots draft or Chargers, or how about a team in the 49ers division? Las Vegas Raiders?!? I am fairly certain there is a news paper or website for the Raiders but your true colors (Black and Silver) are showing Cohn. Sorry nepotism could only get you to cover the 49ers not your team of choice.

  13. “Jason Cole of B/R reports that most NFL teams view Stanford DE Solomon Thomas as the “clear No. 2 prospect” in this year’s draft class.”

    “Cole says that these teams monitoring the asking price of possibly trading up to the No. 2 overall pick with the 49ers to get him.”

    “According to Cole, some of them think it could be fairly affordable to trade up to No. 2 and view Thomas as potentially being an “extraordinary bargain.“

    1. #80 Any news about teams wanting to trade up is good news. Whatever jacks up the market. I can see why teams would view Solomon as a prime target.

      I don’t worry about the “tweener” stuff.

      33% – Base Left DE as a bookend to a speedy edge rusher on the other side. Think Dwain Board opposite Fred Dean.

      66% – 3-tech terrorizing interior pass rusher.

  14. among the numerous answers he got from executives?
    “I think that if you’re looking for who is the consensus second best player in the draft, and that’s presuming that Myles Garrett, despite recent speculation goes number one to the Browns or somebody else, which I still think is very likely — the number two guy is probably Jamal Adams, the safety from LSU. I think if you look at him and his background, he’s a clean prospect in terms of when people are asking around the school about him, he’s known as a really good leader. If you’re thinking culturally the things that John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have talked about, he’d make a lot of sense.”

    “I’ve had people, certainly there’s been a lot of speculation about Solomon Thomas from Stanford. I’ve had people tell me that’s definitely the pick, I’ve had people tell me there’s no chance that’s the pick.”

        1. Maybe. Personally I think Allen isn’t as versatile a player, which would actually make Thomas the more well rounded.

          I also think Allen won’t be as disruptive in tha passing game as Thomas, and in the end that is held in higher regard than run stopping abilities.

          1. I just don’t see Thomas as a 3 down player in the NFL where Allen definitely could be. If Thomas doesn’t excel as a pass rusher he doesn’t bring much else to the table.

            1. Each to their own I guess. I think Thomas is definitely a 3 down player. DE in base, DT on obvious passing downs. Allen on the other hand is an interior player only. 3T or 4T/5T in a 3-4.

              1. It’s going to be interesting. If he gets past #3 he could fall out of top 10.

              2. He’d be one of the slowest DEs in the NFL.

                Its funny, people kept trying to tell me how he could play DE because he did it in college, but all I saw was a guy that was a good hand fighter but not explosive enough to pressure the edge. Then he got to the combine and showed exactly what I saw in him and its been crickets about him as a DE since. To me he’s an interior DL because he isn’t athletic enough to play 4-3 DE as a pass rusher. The only exception to that would be in a 4-3 that uses a big end like the 49ers plan to do, but the 49ers already have that spot covered with first rounders. Even the PFF report on him you link to outlines that as a pass rusher he is an interior guy.

              3. Scooter,

                I used the smiley face because I was joking about the credibility of PFF.

                Assuming Allen shoulders hold up, he would be an ideal 3t against the run and pass. Both Allen and Thomas lined up inside for the majority of their snaps, (Thomas said he lined up inside 85% of the time.

                Allen has his shoulders and we don’t know if Thomas can play inside or outside. Drafting either would be too risky at #2 IMO.

          2. Allen would fit in nicely in the Nickel where we feature two 3Ts. Kick Armstead or Buckner inside with the other playing End and Lynch on the other side.

          3. Agreed. I would add that King Solomon is medically clean as well, but there’s more. He has an infectious attitude that players respond to, and elevates their game and effort….

  15. Niners may have to stay at 2 and make a pick. If the Cleveland trade back option does not pan out, maybe the best strategy would be to select Fournett at 2, and entertain trade options.

    Hyde is injury prone, and Fournett has so much potential, maybe they can afford to go with Hoyer if all he does is hand off. This is also predicated on the availabilty for free, of Cousins next season.

    If Jax really wants him, the Niners should ask for their first and second round picks, and to help balance out the trade value, a 2018 third round pick.

    Maybe Carolina likes him so much, they will offer their first, second, and a 2018 first round pick for him.Maybe if that is bandied about, the Saints will swoop in and poach him so the Panthers are deprived of a formidable weapon that would help Cam.

    Saints would want Fournett, an LSU alum, to give the Saints a ground game so they could control the clock. Breeze is outstanding, but he scores too quickly through the air, which eventually wears down their defense.

    In an innovative deal, the Saints trade 4 picks for 4 picks. They would offer pick numbers 11, 32, 42 and 76. The Niners would offer picks 2, 66, 143 and 161. First, third fourth and fifth round picks. The Saints do not have picks in the 4th and 5th rounds, so they may like the deal. It still favors the Saints in the TVC, but the Niners would greatly benefit, too. Another win/win situation.

    Then the Niners could draft Trubisky at 11 if the Bills select a different player, and could leverage Cleveland for a second round pick to let the Browns get the player they covet. Cleveland would not have to offer pick number 33, they have pick number 52.If the Browns pass on Trubisky, I would be happy with him at 11, with the additional high picks. You know me, I also prefer mobile QBs who can throw on the run, and maybe KS can devise plays with a mobile pocket.

    So the Niners end up anyways at 12 with 4 picks in the first 2 rounds. While I want Lynch to trade back even farther, maybe with the Ravens and Broncos, I will stop at 12 because there are a bunch of good players to be available at that spot, and who knows? Maybe King Solomon may fall to that spot.

    The Niners will have pick numbers 12, 32, 34, 42, 52, 76, 109, 146, 198, 202, and 219.

    Using the Draftek draft board, and trying to pick within 5 of the ranking, the Niners could select-

    12- Jabrill Peppers, Reuben Foster, Derek Barnett, Haasan Reddick, or Takkarist Mckinley. Christian McCaffrey may be another opportunity to select, then trade back with the Broncos, or even CM plus Trent Brown for Shaquil Barrett. However, there may be a run on QBs early so I think ST may fall to 12.

    12- King Solomon Thomas EDGE
    32- Garreon Conley CB
    42- Carl lawson EDGE
    52- Raekwon McMillen ILB
    76- Davis Webb QB
    109- Justin Evans S
    146- D’Onta Foreman RB
    198- Stevie Tu’ilokovatu NT
    202- Chad Williams WR
    219- Cole Hikutini TE

    Did not choose a O lineman because they just got Gary Gilliam. went defense on the first 4 picks and selected 2 edge rushers to bolster the pass rush.

    1. That’s another chuckling bucket of hogwash nonsense. Bravo, You almost outdid yourself.

      1. My bad, I missed number 34.

        34- Montravius Adams DT

        If King Solomon is gone, Haason Reddick should be available.

        2 EDGE, CB, DT, ILB, QB, S, RB, NT, WR and TE.

    1. Not the predraft buildup he had been imagining!

      Will be interesting to see how far he falls now. Getting kicked out if Indy, medical recheck not gone well, now failed drug test. I think Foster better hope the Colts don’t draft him because that city is a curse for him!

        1. Despite it all, I don’t think he won’t fall out of the 2nd round (and could easily still be a first round pick). Just look at Randy Gregory. Someone will bet on the talent.

          1. Teams like KC do well with this kind of pick. The Niners have backed off these guys since 2013. Lynch/Robinson the only exceptions. I hear its marching orders from Denise York as much as anything. Perhaps partly why Baalke skipped Marcus Peters and Travis Kelce.

    2. Foster is making Cunningham and Jarrad Davis some extra money. I think they’re now 1st round locks.

    3. Heard the 49ers were “very high on Foster.” Perhaps its a misquote, with the 49ers thinking Foster was very high.

    4. Well his excuse story seems like a stretch, but it’s a good bit more plausible than anything from Sean Spicer. So agree, late Day One or Day Two pick now.

    5. Yeah, I just saw that. At this point he might be there in the second or third round. Kind of like how Bowman probably dropped at least a round after some of stupid stuff he did in college.

      1. Wow, good reminder on Bow, because he has been such a stand up guy, leader, heart & soul of the locker room. Very interesting.

  16. It was a diluted test so we don’t know if he is being truthful, it was marijuana or something else.
    If his shoulder will heal per the doctors I would take him in the second, maybe not at the top but in the middle with a trade down or a trade up. Even if he has to sit for a year, he could be a beast in the middle.

  17. Happy 4:20. I actually by pure coincidence drove by Drake HS and San Rafael HS today to meet a buddy for lunch and thought about the origins of the sacred day. Apparently it was at one of those schools where four friends would meet at that time to roast one! Peace on! Like a squirrel, I do keep a stash for special occasions! Maybe tonight! Cheers Seb!!

  18. Remember, it could always be worse:

    Buffalo Bills offensive tackle Cyrus Kouandjio reportedly was involved in a bizarre situation involving police, according a Buffalo News report.

    He was discovered by police after climbing an electric fence, and the 6-foot-7, 322-pound Kouandjio — who was not fully clothed — yelled “Shoot me!” at an Erie County Sheriff’s deputy as he tried to detain him.

    Kouandjio was not arrested but was taken to a nearby hospital for observation.

    1. The need to shut up. Thomas has both the quickness and strength to be an outstanding pass-rusher in the NFL. And unlike the people who worry about the ‘conventional wisdom’ one has to consider that at 6′ 2″ he’s going to easily win the leverage battle with all those lumbering 6′ 7″ OTs that are the fashion. I think they should go watch some NFL film sometime and stop spouting off the same idiotic cliche’s that have floated around football forever.

      Take Elvis Dumervil, he was 5′ 11″, 255. He’d get up underneath those OTs and take them for a ride. And while he’s no longer the pass-rusher that he was as the grind of the NFL has worn him out, I’d take 99 sacks in 99 starts.

      Here’s a narrative of one of his sacks and why feels being short has been such an advantage:

      First, Winston was clearly bent over and not comfortable in his pass set against the much smaller Dumervil. This placed the 6’7″ blocker is a precarious position from the start.

      “The bigger the lineman, the better,” the Louisville product said. “I don’t like going against the shorter guys, because I lose my leverage advantage and what I do. When I see the opponent’s depth chart and the offensive tackle is 6’7”, I get way more excited.

      “I know at the end of the day, he prepares for those defenders who are 6’4″ or 6’5″. He’s got to get out of his technique against me. He’s accustomed to blocking taller players. When I get lower, the blocker gets out of his comfort zone. That’s when they have issues.”

      As Dumervil turned the corner, the tackle clearly reached in an attempt to stop his speed rush. Finally, the defender cleared the block and put an end to any hope of a Bengals comeback.

      And I see this on the field all the time. Yet every year or two some great college player will be too short – Mike Singletary for example. Or Elvis Dumervil. Or Aaron Donald. Or James Harrison. whomever. And he’ll drop and some team will get themselves a stud because ‘too short.’ Yet, 2016 tells us that ‘too short’ isn’t that much of a problem:

      1. Von Miller 6’3″ 12.5
      2. Vic Beasley 6’2″ 10.5
      3. Lorenzo Alexander 6’1′ 10
      3. Cliff Avril 6’3″ 10
      3. Dee Ford 6’2″ 10
      3. Ryan Kerrigan 6’3″ 10
      3. Khalil Mack 6’3″ 10

      So much for KNBR and their ‘analysis.’ ****ing hacks is what they are. Spouting out cliche’s from a decade ago.

      1. Easy guys, he was misquoted. Greatest in his own mind.
        Hey I recall Blaine Gabbert was a happy confident prospect coming out of college as well…..
        (Trombone with mute) wah-wah-wah~waaahh~

    1. That’s what they’re supposed to say. If he said anything less they’d question his confidence.

  19. # 80,

    Thx for posting the 49ers open the season vs. Carolinal—exactly why the trade down will occur with them.

    Carolina will not relish facing a fournette, Hoyer and Pierre Garcon led 49er squad.

    The Carolina fan backlash would be tremendous if they passed on a trade up opportunity to acquire a once in a generation player.

    1. And Hoyer throws and excellent play action deep ball, something another overly inflated Niner QB constantly hit the side chalklines with.

  20. Cosell: Pittsburgh quarterback Peterman fits 49ers’ scheme

    By Matt Maiocco April 20, 2017 9:00 AM

    The best fit for Shanahan’s offense after the projected first wave of quarterbacks is Pittsburgh’s Nathan Peterman, according to one draft expert. The 49ers have kept their interest in Peterman lowkey. The club conducted a formal interview with Peterman at the NFL scouting combine, a source told NBC Sports Bay Area.

    “He can run play-action. He’s played under center. He looks like an NFL quarterback,” NFL analyst and senior producer of NFL Films Greg Cosell said of Peterman.

  21. Potential 49ers NFL draft target in Round 1 hits another speed bump

    The process leading up to the NFL draft hasn’t been kind to Alabama star linebacker Reuben Foster…

    As for why the test (urine) came back dilute, Foster explained in detail. Foster told Rapoport his issues came from food poisoning and he welcomes the league to test as often as necessary to prove he’s not doing anything unsavory.

    But unfortunately for Foster, this will raise yet another red flag after he came into the pre-draft process considered the top linebacker available. The 49ers could use a player of Foster’s caliber…

    If Foster’s story about food poisoning holds up, the diluted test shouldn’t bother teams…

    Or, Foster’s latest issue might take him off San Francisco’s board entirely. It’s impossible to know given first-time general manager John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan have no track record at their positions in the draft

  22. 49ers must make it a priority to invest in skill positions on offense

    April 20, 2017 at 7:48 AM • 21 comment

    Al Sacco

    The last San Francisco 49ers quarterback to make a Pro Bowl was Jeff Garcia following the 2001 season. In the years since, only two other teams (Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins) have failed to have a signal caller chosen for the honor. That’s kind of hard to believe when you consider all the alternates and injury replacements who are routinely added to the roster on a regular basis. Even the Cleveland Browns got one random good year from Derek Anderson that earned him a selection in 2007. The wide receiver position has been just as dreadful, as no one on the 49ers has made it from that group since 2002 …

    1. There was talk about the Niners trading up to get McCaffrey. Would they still consider making such a trade for another offensive player like Cook, Ross, Davis, or Njoku?

    2. Alex Smith has made two pro bowls… Oh, wait, Harbaugh ran him out of town for Crapernick because of a ****ing fluke season.

  23. Yes # 80,

    What folks are overlooking is the fact that the 49ers, at # 2 in every round could have a solid draft standing pat.

    I don’t envision this due to the draft day ammunition they can deploy at any time.

  24. Top 10 players in this draft

    1. Myles Garrett DE/OLB
    2. Jonathan Allen DT/DE
    3. Jamal Adams SS
    4. O.J. Howard TE
    5. Marshon Lattimore CB
    6. Leonard Fournette RB
    7. Corey Davis WR
    8. Dalvin Cook RB
    9. Solomon Thomas DT
    10. Gareon Conley CB

  25. Three straight road games in October.


    Three straight home games in November.

    New York Giants

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