Report: 49ers to sign TE Logan Paulsen

The 49ers reportedly will sign yet another player who played previously under Kyle Shanahan.

Paulsen played for Shanahan when Shanahan was the offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins. Paulsen is 30-years old. He caught three passes in 16 games last season.

I don’t like this signing. Paulsen has no future with the team and he’s declining. What will be the return on this investment for the 49ers?

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  1. Blocking TE who knows Kyle’s system:
    Per source, the #49ers plan to sign former Bear TE Logan Paulsen, one of the best blocking TEs in the NFL #NFLFreeAgency

  2. Return on investment is help with creating Shannys system and culture. Remember Walsh back in the day bringing in Stanford guys like Guy Benjamin just for system & culture.

  3. Lets see what the terms are. If its low in guaranteed money he can be a stop gap measure. A training camp body.

  4. Cleveland plans to give Kevin Zeitler a five-year, $60 million deal that includes $31.5 million guaranteed, per source. – Schefter

    That dysfunction tax is a killer.

  5. QB, FB, TE, WR all versed in Shanahan’s offense. One at every skill position except HB.

    As I posted earlier, some of the puzzling signings (like Malcom Smith’s five year deal) might be based on fit and “traits” more than past production.

  6. Meh, he’s a blocking TE, and will probably be used sparingly with McDonald and Juszcyck on the team.

  7. A better blocking TE than Celek (who will most likely get cut).

    1. McDonald, Celek, and Bell will start a law firm, competing with Dewy, Cheathum and Howe.

    2. McDonald and Bell are currently safe. With that said, I think Bell gets cut if the 49ers sign Bennett.

  8. Remember when Trent’s shills trolled sites hyping wasted picks like “The Belldozer”? Adding Paulsen is another reminder of Trent’s damage.

    1. Mid

      Why don’t we try Pinion as a kicker also…? He has kicked 65 yarders in practice….

        1. What’s so funny? He ranked 10th in the league inside the 20, and averaged 44 yards per punt….

          1. Raz

            Thanks for the clarification….some folks think that every punt has to travel 55 yards even if you have to give back 20.

            1. Stats don’t speak for a punter’s full body of work. There were many times where the Niners needed a solid punt and Pinion shanked it. He’s not a great situational punter.

              Go back and watch his game tape.

              I’m not a stony believer in judging punters purely based on stats, but here’s an old article about Pinion


          2. Pinion had 30 more attempts than 2/3 the league so I’d hope he had a high number of punts inside the 20.

            “He averaged 44yds per punt”

            That puts him around 8th to last among the 32 starting punters

  9. I am glad that Grant is only a sportswriter – albeit an average one at best. His offseason predictions have been completely off base thus far.

    1. The thing is David, unlike the rest of us Grant puts his picks out there. Even if he’s only batting .050 he is in the lineup.

      I’m betting, if we were forced to publicize our picks, we wouldn’t be doing any better.

      1. Bingo Ribico. Some are looking for any reason to rip Grant, sometimes on a personal level. I may not agree with all of his picks, but I can tell he put a lot of time and thought in his mock. I don’t question Grant’s acumen one bit.

        1. For all the time he gets paid to follow and analyze the NFL, he should know that the 49ers would not bring in Cutler and Marshall – they are overpaid divas who ruin locker rooms. I linked Brian Hoyer to the 49ers based on his relationship with Shannahan and his success in Cleveland. He will be a short-term fix until (a) Cousins is available or (b) he develops a QB from the draft. (Most likely Cousins.) Barring a trade or significant FA signing, I will go on the record to say that Solomon Thomas is drafted by the 49ers – and not a safety.

      2. Accept for Sebnynah, who apparently has hit on 96% of his 49ers mock drafts a FA suggestions.

      3. If my memory serves me correctly, I do believe Grant was the first scribe anywhere in the country to point out a QB from North Carolina named Mitch Trubisky as a player who was going to climb the draft ladders and be a high pick. I do believe that was early October of 2016, and the majority of posters and readers of this blog trashed Grant as having no clue when in essence they had no clue. People here were touting the transfer kid at Cal and several other pedestrian QBs as first rounders. Amazing as to how selective memories can be, especially when they are agenda driven and opinions may not agree with your narratives. Give the guy some respect. He puts it on the line before it happens, not responding after it happens.

        1. True that on Trubisky. After Grant mentioned him, I started paying attention to North Carolina games.

  10. I assume his signing has solely to do with his familiarity with Kyle Shanahan. Given the quality of the tight end class in the draft, there is no reason to throw money at any of the free agents, including Martellus Bennett. Use a pick on any of the available tight ends. Even Adam Shaheen in the 4th or 5th round would be a better get than either Paulson or Bennett.

    1. Pot…Kettle

      I think that it all depends on what you expect of them; TE can be a receiver or a brutal blocker….I think that’s where Paulson fits…SMACK !

      1. Of course he fits as a blocker, but given what’s available in the draft, can get a blocking TE pretty easily.

  11. I see the Jags are continuing to throw money at their D. On paper that D should be excellent this year, if they do end up getting Bouye to go along with Campbell.

  12. I think bringing people in who are familiar with Shanahan and his system, and who he and his staff are comfortable with makes good sense. The more people in different position who can help teach, the better. I think Shanahan and Lynch are not solely trying to build a team for next year, they are trying to build a system and a culture that endure.

  13. This year will be centered around rushing, unless they get Cousins. Paulson is good for the near term, to help get some wins/momentum

  14. I like all these free agent signings because they are all calculated and not big names. They know the system or fit well within the scheme and buying in seems seamless.
    Now you bring in a draft class and you start the rebuild with everyone pulling in the same direction.
    Great job so far!

    1. One could argue that Garcon and Juszcyck are big names, but I get what you mean. Despite the fear of overspending on glitzy names, they have focused on good fit guys.

      Also, for those that were worried about Garcon getting paid ‘double’ what he earned last year, as I outlined this was only due to the signing bonus. His average earnings over his 3 year deal will be approximately $8M, which is quite reasonable.

      1. As good or as important college scouting is, pro scouting is equally important if not more.
        Adam Peters seems to be the guy coordinating all these signings along with being on the same page as coach and GM.
        A great start to free agency but now paper means nothing. Next up, the draft and see what actually is the plan long term.

    2. Some of the contracts sound worse than they really are, but even then they pale on comparison to some of the money going around. The Niners are shopping in the middle and lower tiers adding quantity and quality. It’s a solid strategy and doesn’t hurt them in the future when they hopefully have their own young players to pay.

  15. Grant, I agree, this will not be the most exciting signing however since this offense is so complex they probably need as many familiar people with good work ethic to get started. He is just a short term fix.

  16. His name is Logan Paulson, his name is Logan Paulson, his name is Logan Paulson

  17. Aldon Smith in trouble again. What a train wreck he has made of his career/ life.

      1. Actually it doesn’t sound like he did anything other than sit in a car driven by an intoxicated driver. He was drinking too which might be an issue regarding his suspension from the NFL, but he didn’t do anything wrong personally in this instance.

        1. Rocket

          I sure hope you’re right….what ever happened to Alex Boone’s ‘babysitter’…? He really needs some help staying away from bad influences….

        2. Um, another public intoxication just before the league reviews his reinstatement status? That’s something alright. Maybe next year Aldon!

          What a shame.

          1. One thing we know about Aldon …… when he’s drinking, he’s a ticking time bomb. And he just can’t stay away from the bottle.

  18. Stunner: Texans trade Brock Osweiler AND 2018 2nd-rd pick to CLEV for Browns to take Osweiler contract off Houston books, sources tell ESPN. – Schefter

    Contract price matters relative to draft pick compensation.

    Cleveland is basically buying a draft pick with cap capital.

    1. They must really hate this quarterback class, and the Texans aim to bring home the Tony….

      1. Not necessarily Razor, it just means none of these QB’s are ready to take the reigns early this season. Unlike the 49ers new regime, Hue Jackson, in year 2, after last seasons debacle, is under the gun to start showing some results, ASAP. Hard to count on a rookie QB for that.

    2. Browns give TX some late picks to make “trade” something other than selling cap space for a draft pick. Browns can get a really good player at pick 57.

      1. Scratch that. Its a 2018 2nd rounder to Browns. Details of trade trickling in.

        1. The Browns must really love Ozwiper at $16 million, and their anal departments 50% chance of success rate with that 2nd rounder. Texans made out like a used car salesman….

          1. Texans made out like a used car salesman…

            Not really Razor. The Texans look like they are putting their eggs into the Romo basket while the Browns can let go of Osweiler after this season in time for what is looking to be a fantastic 2018 QB class, and they also received a second round pick as well from the Texans.

              1. Explain why, because the evidence strongly shows otherwise.

              2. I just bought a car that turned out to be a lemon, and I just sold it and cleared the books by offering a 2nd round pick which has a 50% success rate. Charlie Casserly, whom I think we both can agree knows a LITTLE bit more than you or I, spelled it out best by saying, Rick Smith can now retire on this move alone….

              3. I see Casserly’s point, but In essence, Smith had to give up a 2nd round pick to fix a mistake he made last year. That compounds the mistake even though he was ultimately able to get rid of it. At the end of the day both teams are happy.

              4. Casserly’s latest mock had the 49ers trading their second pick to the Redskins for Cousins, so using him as evidence is not suggested.
                The Browns picked up a lemon who could turn into gold under Jackson or be let go just in time to get Cousins in 2018 or a QB from the 2018 rookie class, and the Browns also nailed a second round pick as well. They easily got the better of the deal, especially if the Texans acquire Romo and he goes down with yet another season-ending injury.

              5. I can’t remember who or what team it was from the NBA that traded a player plus their number one pick to get out from under a heavy salary, and the owner thought he was a genius. It wasn’t Kerr was it?

              6. The Browns are planning to cut Osweiler or trade him after acquiring him, so the deal is looking even better.

              7. No one is going to trade for Ozwhiper. Releasing him is a brilliant move by the Browns….

              8. Yep, and they got a second round pick out of it. The Browns fleeced the Texans.

            1. Interesting! Usually you have to give a second rounder to get a QB not give one.

              1. The Browns essentially bought a 2nd round pick, and the Texans unloaded a lemon thereby saving them a significant cap hit. The Browns are readying themselves to pay through the nose for Garoppolupe….

          2. I respectfully agree with Jed here. Browns get a 2nd round pick next year by agreeing to take on $16 million for one year, which they can easily do. The Browns are also trying to trade Brock for anything, which means they can get more. If they can’take trade him, they meet their salary cap obligations related to concerns about the floor and minimum spending over certain years, and Brock gets to sit on their bench before being cut. Browns have already said he is not their quarterback; it is using their cap space to pick up a pick. And Smithe looks bad; spent 16 million on a one year loser when he didn’t have the cap space, has to create space to get Romo by trading a second round and sixth round pick (while getting a fourth), and then has to trade another pick (probably the 4th) to get 37 year old Romo. In other words, he wasted 16 million dollars and 3 draft picks.

    3. In posed the question the other day… if the NFL allowed teams to trade cap space for picks, what would the compensation be?

      167,000,000 – Annual Salary Cap
      1,743 – Average 7 round pick chart value for team drafting around pick 16 each round

      I guessed $60m guaranteed to equal the talent grabbing value of a pick 30. ($60m is 36% of total cap. 36% of chart is 626, pick 30).

      I acknowledge my model is way oversimplified, too linear and ignores variables (like draft position, circumstances, every team uses a different chart). But I bet teams have some matrix based method of measure for eating cap space.

        1. That was my policy at St. Rose. Didn’t go over very well with Sister Thadius.

        1. The second pick is going to be a defensive player or traded.

          1. He’s got a Son of Mitch Trubiscuit chatty doll, and keeps pulling the cord;>)

  19. It’s important to remember that the first line of business is getting this 49ers team back to respectability. The sooner they put together a respectable W-L record, the sooner they can start signing FA’s at a discount. Right now, you pay a premium to get this team competitive again, and that means bringing in solid players familiar with Shanahan’s system, at slightly above market price, with some short term contracts thrown in.

    I like this strategy, a lot!

  20. How can the signing of a TE considered as one of the best blockers at his position be a bad signing. I bet Carlos Hyde likes the signing.

  21. It doesn’t look like we’ll get Alshon. Britt signed with Cleveland. DeSean is expected to sign with TB. Who’s left? Terrelle Pryor.

      1. My thoughts exactly. We’ve acquired a seasoned 1000 yard vet. In the second or third take our pick of several potentially outstanding WRs. No worries.

    1. The 1-tech I was hoping for signed with Washington. Not too many left on my wish list.

  22. KNBR: “Outside of Garcon, there is no real star power in the free agents the 49ers are set to officially add on Thursday. To get their operation up and running, the new regime was looking for proven, quality football players on smart money — and not taking chances on expensive players with upside. Nearly all of these contracts are front-loaded so as the team evolves into a stronger beast, moving on from players won’t be as difficult. This roster is Shanahan’s starter pack and some of these pieces could end up here for the long haul.”

    “Charlie Casserly pointed this out on the NFL Network: It’s clear Shanahan came into this with a plan for free agency. The 49ers were aggressive from the minute they could contact agents. Instead of haggling back and forth for days on compensation and letting someone like Garcon visit the Rams, the 49ers got deals done rapidly. Shanahan had a list of players in mind and the 49ers pounced.”

    1. “Outside of Garcon, there is no real star power in the free agents the 49ers are set to officially add on Thursday.

      Yep. Juice is garbage. -_-

      1. Let’s get off the Juice (see what I did there) nickname now. His name is pronounced Yoosh-chek not Juice-chek.

        1. Why? He adds juice to the offense as the new HB. I also have not seen anything indicating that he hates the nickname given to him.

        2. He’s accepted it because people have been screwing up his name since he was a kid. How about calling him Yoosh as a nickname instead of something based on mispronouncing his name?

            1. Very serious. The guy has a nickname based on people not knowing how to pronounce his name properly. That is pretty sad, both because people are morons and he had to accept it because they are.

              1. That isn’t sound logic because there have been several sports players given nicknames because of their name being mispronounced during their lifetime and the nickname sticking to them. It is sounding more like you don’t like the nickname hence the main reason you want to see it changed.

              2. Which ones? I don’t recall anybody having a nickname based on their last name being pronounced incorrectly. I could be wrong but still doesn’t change the fact people are calling a guy Juice because his last name is spelled Jus. Just seems really stupid to me, but I realize I’m in the minority.

              3. I know he’s fine with it Mid. I was just pointing out how ridiculous it is that a guy has been given a nickname based on people pronouncing his name wrong. Another pet peeve of mine I guess.

      2. I like the Juice signing a lot MWD. However, I think KNBR’s point is, Juszczyk will do a lot of the dirty work, so it’s hard to call him a star, even if he is one of the better FB/HB in the league. He might be my favorite signing so far, but guys at his position rarely make the cover of SI.

      3. No, he’s a fullback. In the days when teams had good, athletic, multi-dimensional FBs and pro-bowls were actually meaningful because there were 2 FBs a team as opposed to many team not even having one, he’d not be a star.

        Rather, he might be average. But he’s no Tom Rathman. He’s no William Floyd. He’s no Fred Beasley. Those guys were outstanding FBs in the modern NFL.

        And he sure as heck isn’t up in the elite 49er FB sphere with Roger Craig, Joe Perry & Ken Willard.

  23. The Browns could cut Osweiler for cap space. According to the talking heads on the NFL Network.

    Alshon just got 1 year deal with Philly.

  24. Joe Mixon had a strong showing at Oklahoma’s pro day on Wednesday. He ran the 40 in 4.43s, posted a 35″ Vt., 9’10” in the broad jump and Benched 21 reps. __impressive numbers for a 228-pound back. North Carolina’s T.J. Logan and Utah’s Joe Williams were the only RB’s who posted faster 40 times at the combine, and Mixon is much heavier than both.
    He may be radioactive, but someone will draft Mixon, and they’ll get one of the best backs in the draft.

    1. Mixon is a really good RB who may be out of the league in as short as 2 years, IMO!


  25. Luke Joeckel to Seasquacks. 1 year deal. They are trying to buy draft flexibility too.

  26. Buccaneers land DeSean Jackson with three-year, $35 million deal. Washington is down two receivers and has a horrible quarterback situation.

    1. Terrell Pryor is visiting the Redskins – Rapoport. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Snyder’s going after players the 49ers covet. Fist DT Terrell McClain. Now Pryor.

      1. Naw, if that were the case he would have paid more to keep Garcon. I think he and Allen just don’t really have a clue what they’re doing at this point.

  27. Tony Romo’s Instagram:

    Please release me, let me go,
    For I don’t love you anymore.
    To live a lie would be a sin.
    Release me and let me love again.

    I have found a new love, dear.
    And I will always want her near.
    Her lips are warm where yours are cold.
    Release me, darling, let me go.

      1. “The way I was thrown to the curb, in my time of need. I wouldn’t want to come back & play for that as much as I want to be back w/ my Dline” tweeted 29 minutes after start of free agency.

        Ian’s not a happy man.

        1. They signed​ him to a nice contract in his time of need. They were unaware of his injury. The question is, who tried to shaft who? This sounds like an Anthony Davis plea

        2. 1. Hide ankle injury while negotiating fat contract
          2. Fail physical which automatically voids contract.

          At this point the 49ers have no more obligation to Williams. Instead:

          3. Sign Williams to one-year, $3 million contract
          4. Put Williams on IR and pay him for 7 weeks.
          5. Release him during bye, WITH A FAT INJURY SETTLEMENT, week because it’s clear he’s not going to play in 2016.
          6. The fat injury settlement, according to Niner Noise was larger than the remaining contract value.

          In 2017, whine and pretend you were treated unfairly. **** him and the horse he rode in on. Most NFL teams would have walked away after #2.

          He’s Anthony Davis, Part II.

      2. Mid… The old regime didn’t do anything to him. He played well and was compensated for it. Unfortunately he was hurt so he lost that contract extension. He has nobody to blame but himself if he chooses to leave. Not the old regime

    1. What a great story it would be. Bring Bob Griffin back home Dan, then you can trade that ungrateful jerk Kirk Cousins away and have the guy you really want.

  28. Dan Snyder continues to look like a petulant idiot. In addiction to the Cousins drama, RGIII is expected to be released.

    Snyder doesn’t know the game. Whether it’s overpaying for washed up big name players or putting his ego ahead of the team.

    I have to give Jed some credit. He is signing checks and keeping quiet. Keep it up Jed.

  29. Ouch. Browns are planning to cut Osweiler after trading for him.

      1. Reports are coming in that Redskins fans are filing a class-action lawsuit against Dan Snyder because they believe the name is offensive and wish for the person to be removed.

  30. Browns shopping Brock Osweiller. Buzz is they’re looking for picks and are willing to eat some of his salary – Schrager

    Very interesting. They are still auctioning off cap space for picks. Technically against NFL rules. Would not be surprised at next owners meeting if rule is put in place where a team can’t tale a loss in pick position if pick is packaged with a player.

    1. I’d give them a cup of Folgers, but if they’re looking for a cup of Starbucks you can forget it….

    2. I am thinking they did this in order to get the second round pick from the Texans so they approach the Patriots with a package including the pick in an attempt to acquire Garoppolo.

      1. Makes sense. They essentially paid for that 2nd round pick. 50/50 success rate according to analytics….

        1. Expensive, but what else are they going to do with the money? They already gave a fat extension to one of their guards, signed Zeitler to the biggest contract contract ever for a guard, and signed a bunch of other free agents. All the money is being spent on this year’s cap, of which they had $100 million in room. Why not buy a pick? Especially given their philosophy based on analytics of acquiring as many picks as possible.

      2. Yeah, could be Mid. Looking to get extra draft capital.

        Though I will point out that Cleveland has been all about acquiring extra high round picks since they started with the moneyball idea. Basically they seem happy to acquire picks to use them to get lots of cheap talent.

        1. I predict come draft day, the Browns offer their #12 plus #33 plus their highest 2018 2nd round pick for Garoppolupe….

  31. To me it looks like the Browns are trying to emulate what the Cowboys, Titans and Raiders have done in recent years. Big time upgrades on the OL. I expect a QB will be one of their top 2 picks.

    1. I expect them to take Garrett. The 49ers 2nd pick has no trade value unless a team falls in love with a quarterback, where they’d get first choice of any in the draft. The 49ers could then trade down, and maybe take one. If not, they can pick a future pro bowl player whose with the team for 10 years with that 2nd pick. Then pick 34 becomes a highly valuable trading card. They could either select a quarterback there or trade it for draft capital….

      1. If there is no Cousins trade I can see pick #34 be Kizer… There is a rumor that Lynch and Kyle are really high on him… Signing Hoyer could sure lead the way for such Scenario…

        1. Kizer won’t get out of the first imo, but at 34 he’d be a good pick for sure.

        2. I see that as entirely possible. Kizer at 34, high-flight WR in the third or fourth.

      2. “The 49ers 2nd pick has no trade value unless a team falls in love with a quarterback”

        +1000 There is no red trade button under the GMs desk. Takes two to tango, and its shaping up to be a bad trade back year… like 2013 was.

        1. Strongly disagree. All it takes is a draft to experience a surprising fall to the second round.

  32. He was only brought in as a camp body and to teach Shanahan’s system to McDonald, Celek and Bell.

  33. Well, this has been an active and entertaining week all around the league.

    It occurs to me that all these Browns’ top-o-the-draft picks will create a 2-4 year logjam down the road when the rookie deals end and they hit FA.

  34. Biderman tweeted Cleveland dot com reports Pats demanding Browns #1 overall for Garoppolo.

    That’s a big chunk of change.

    1. Browns are planning to help the Patriots win another Super Bowl by making an offer they can’t refuse for Garoppolupe on draft day….

  35. Baalke’s 49er TE’s can be found at the intersection of trash heap and dumpster fires.

    None will ever be found catching a pass during an NFL game, unless by accident.

    Logan Paulsen

    Scouting Report

    Assets: Has solid size, great hands and can move around on the field. Can separate himself at the line and will find the open path to make the catch. A real coach’s player.

        1. Maybe a reunion is needed between ‘Old Windup’ and ‘Hands of Stone,’ 4th Qtr., vs Dallas, from the 10, with 3 seconds left.

          Niners have the ball, Kap rockets a laser toward ‘Hands of Stone’ and the pass is…?

          1. Considering he ignored, multiple times, the open Walker and open Davis in the Superbowl to throw to Crabtree… I find your scenario entirely implausible so can’t judge it.

            But if it was the sidelines, a 90% chance of a reception if Kaepernick got it into the ‘catchable ball’ zone. Which is not something he was very good at.

    1. Lol. Find another scouting report to crib from. In 91 games, including 54 starts.

      135 targets, 82 receptions, 7 drops, 10 yards/reception, 6 TDs and the longest reception was 33 yards.

    1. 1. Hide ankle injury while negotiating fat contract
      2. Fail physical which automatically voids contract.

      At this point the 49ers have no more obligation to Williams. Instead:

      3. Sign Williams to one-year, $3 million contract
      4. Put Williams on IR and pay him for 7 weeks.
      5. Release him during bye, WITH A FAT INJURY SETTLEMENT, week because it’s clear he’s not going to play in 2016.
      6. The fat injury settlement, according to Niner Noise was larger than the remaining contract value.

      In 2017, whine and pretend you were treated unfairly. **** him and the horse he rode in on. Most NFL teams would have walked away after #2.

  36. I’m sure Jed’s advisors told him, if the Rams kick your as- year in and out in their new stadium, you’ ll be a worse laughingstock than Seb, with his trade proposals and play designs !!!

    Ram’s are no joke. Their in it to win it….Got bills to pay—new stadium

    Los Angeles to build world’s most expensive stadium complex

    By Matthew Ponsford, CNN

    Updated 11:12 AM ET, Tue January 19, 2016

  37. Adam Schefter

    Former Giants kicker Robbie Gould will sign a two-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers, per @JordanRaanan .

    4:41 PM – 09 Mar 2017

  38. The San Francisco 49ers announced they have agreed to terms with the following seven free agents:



    Contract Length

    Pierre Garçon


    Five Years

    Marquise Goodwin


    Two Years

    Robbie Gould


    Two Years

    Brian Hoyer


    Two Years

    Kyle Juszczyk


    Four Years

    Logan Paulsen


    One Year

    Malcolm Smith


    Five Years

    1. How is he from 40 to 55 yards out? I’m asking you because you are a wizard at materializing these key stats!

        1. Gould, 35, appeared in just 10 games for the New York Giants last season and made all 10 of his field-goal attempts but missed three of his 23 extra-point attempts.

          He ranks 10th all-time in field-goal accuracy with an 85.9 percentage. He kicked for the Chicago Bears for the first 11 seasons of his career.

          1. Just curious 49er in the Andes, where did you get that ranking?

            My research suggests he’s the 7th most accurate kicker of all-time, with an 85.886%.

            You might be right, and whether it’s 7th or 10th, either way he’s been really, really accurate.

  39. Gone a couple of weeks and a lot has happened. Is Kaep still on the team? Martin being released is a good thing. Hoyer as QB, ok I guess. Bethea gone, no big loss.

    1. Kaep is a cinder flaring out in the 49er’s rearview mirror but still a burning ember in the hearts of a few dreamers . . .

      1. Yes, UnderCenter.

        Even Seb said, and I quote, “I’m moving on.”

        Please be sure to write how you and Kap are getting on, Seb…

        Let us know when that storm will arrive…….Thank you for the memories.

        1. Apparently CFC, the blog policeman said we need to let Seb off the hook.
          “It’s like beaten a dead horse”
          Never mind an entire season and offseason of Seb and his Pom Poming of Kap and his arrogance, we are no longer allowed to have fun with Seb any longer.
          Party pooper CFC!

          1. Prime,

            When the vultures fly in to demean you in favor of Seb, what does that say ?

            C’mon, these are Seb’s alteregos. I’ve counted 5 to date !

          2. I kind of agree with CfC Prime, how many times do you need to take someone to the woodshed? lol. If your feud was a prize fight, the ref would have stopped the fight about 3 weeks ago.

            Kaepernick is gone, and I haven’t seen any interest around the league for Kaep and his baggage. And his chances of reuniting with the 49ers are, in my estimate, somewhere around 0.006%. I think you’ve won this argument Prime, by way of a TKO.

            Better let the medics step in before Sebnynah bleeds out.

            By the way Prime, how are you liking the 49ers FA strategy so far? Trubisky still seems to be a possibility at this point unless the pull off a trade for Cousins. Seems pretty certain the 49ers will draft a QB somewhere in this draft, but who knows where? I’m still leaning Jamal Adams at #2, as you can see by my avatar, but I wouldn’t be upset if Mitchell “Money” Trubisky was the pick.

            He’s my clear favorite in this class, at the QB position, but I’d like to see Shanny use patience with him, and let him sit behind Hoyer this season. And that’s always a dicey thing to do with the #2 overall pick in the draft.

    2. Undercenter

      Welcome home… IMHO, most of what has happened is good; Created some holes, and plugged quite a few….still waiting on a few, but overall, I’d say that Shannahan and Lynch have earned their keep….

  40. *Above Source: Schefter,

    49ers Agree to Terms with Seven Free Agents

    Posted 2 minutes ago

  41. A press conference will be held on Friday at 1 p.m. PT in the Levi’s Stadium auditorium with General Manager John Lynch, Head Coach Kyle Shanahan and the players.

    1. I’ve talked to a number of 49ers fans outside of this blog, and the consensus appears to be almost universal praise for the 49ers front office. The only gripes I have heard are apprehensions about the price of some of these contracts.

      Some in the media seem to be knocking ShanaLynch for overpaying for a few of these players. The flaw with their reasoning, IMO, is that they seem to simplify the idea of value, and they aren’t taking into account just how depleted this roster was, and the excess of money the 49ers have to spend at the moment. I also believe some of these pendents are undervaluing the value of durability, which seems to be a theme so far, as well as familiarity with Shanahan’s system.

      Putting aside the fact that a few of these deals are very short term, none of these new deals will, in any way, put the 49ers in a bind in terms of mortgaging their future salary cap health. In fact, one could argue that, in the 49ers situation, overpaying for the right guys now, will make free agents cheaper in the coming years. The sooner the 49ers prove to the league that they are once again relavent, the sooner the 49ers will become a destination where free agents can play well enough to booster their future value.

      Kyle Shanahan made a decision weeks ago, that Pierre Garcon was their number one priority FA because of the overall impact he will have now, as well as the credibility and leadership to help develop younger players by leading by example. The 49ers were extremely aggressive from the get go, in offering Garcon the type of deal he was not likely to top anywhere else. The Rams were very interested in Garcon. In fact, from what I have assertained, he was one of their top targets, along with LT Whitworth. The 49ers never gave the Rams an opportunity to woo Garcon.

      Additionally, it’s always a bonus to have players on the roster who are familiar with the schemes the 49ers will be implementing, not just because they will be comfortable by week one, but also because they can tutor the young disciples, in a sense, like extra assistant coaches. Especially since the new schemes will be foreign in some respects, to a large portion of their roster. Additional value can be added with respect to need. The 49ers moved quickly to fill some of their biggest needs with quality , proven talent, giving the more flexibility in the upcoming draft.

      Add it all together and I think ShanaLynch clearly have a very strong plan, and went about executing that plan in a thoughtful, aggressive way. Just like they will attack opposing teams come game day, and very quickly prove to the world, the previous stench of the last few years is ancient history, and the 49ers are no longer a laughing stock of an organization! The sun has risen for the Forty Niner Faithful, and like a phoenix, the rebirth has begun!

  42. Adam Schefter

    Arizona is signing former 49ers kicker Phil Dawson, per sources.

  43. Free agent linebacker Gerald Hodges will visit the Chiefs, a source told PFT.

    This explains why the 49ers signed Malcom Smith.

    1. Hope he can get some help because he is one of the best talent evaluators in the NFL.

      1. When all the Generals ordered a meeting with Lincoln to gossip about Grant because the officers knew it was a stepping stone back then to the presidency; their complaint was about Grant’s drinking.

        General McClellan was there.

        Lincoln, paused, and stated:………”Find out what brand of whiskey he drinks and by him a barrel, the man fights! ”

        McClouhan drafts !

    2. Make that a double, barkeep, and if you don’t mind back me up with two more . . . got me some figuring to do.

  44. I think the 49ers double down on pass rusher with their 1st pick.

    Don’t lose sight of the fact that WCO coaches like to put up points. Bill Walsh and his 55-10 victory over Denver in the SuperBowl, or 38-16 win over Miami in the other blowout SuperBowl.

    This article describes how Shanahan uses play action to set up his passing game, so drafting Fournette is a real possibility. Hyde has an injury history Shanahan’s aware of.

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