Report: 49ers to sign WR Aldrick Robinson

The 49ers reportedly have signed their fourth wide receiver of the offseason.

Robinson is 28 and he played under Shanahan in Atlanta and Washington. They have “familiarity” with each other.

The following wide receivers currently are under contract with the 49ers:

  1. Pierre Garcon
  2. Jeremy Kerley
  3. Marquise Goodwin
  4. Bruce Ellington
  5. DeAndre Carter
  6. Eric Rogers
  7. DeAndre Smelter
  8. Chris Harper
  9. Rashad Ross
  10. Aaron Burbridge
  11. Aldrick Robinson

With all these receivers already on the team, do you think the Niners will draft one? If so, when?

Also, predict which receivers will be the starters in 2017.

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  1. I think Niners will target Wr in Rnd 3… 1. Best Defender on the board(Adams, Allen, Thomas), 2. QB(Kizer, Mahomes, Webb) 3. Wr, Kupp etc…That’s how I see it playing out.

  2. I’d rather read your opinions than have you asking from your readers, something you have been doing a lot as of late. Feels like a Junior College midterm…

    1. Don’t be so sure Barkley is simply a “camp body” Brodie. I have a feeling Kyle’s going to roll with 3 if they indentify and draft a QB in the top 3 rounds.

  3. Dude!
    From ShannyLynch pov:
    When you’re wandering in the desert, even Manna will do!

    They seem desperate to bring in even nominally competent journeymen.

    1. Draft? Situational. If a value guy is there at the right spot, maybe. Or perhaps a ‘Receiving TE’?
      Starters? Garçon w/Kerley slot#3. Goodwin as the other?

  4. Strange move, when they already have Kerley and Goodwin. That’s a lot of guys under 6’0″.

  5. The Niners will draft a WR with one of their 4th round picks.

    The starters will be.

    Pierre Garcon
    Terrelle Pryor
    Jeremy Kerley
    Josh Reynolds

    1. Think Washington will nail down Pryor? He’s getting the full Josh Norman treatment. Snyder flew the private jet to Cleveland to pick him up today.

      I’m expected Washing to throw cash at Pryor to distract from all the bad publicity. Washington’s also signed a player the 49ers were greatly interested in… Terrell McClain. Snyder might be operating out of spite. (surprise, surprise)

      1. That’s likely the case. But FAs might avoid that toxic situation. Pryor knows Cousins will be gone after one season too.

  6. There aren’t a lot of options at the QB position. That’s why they were interested in trading for Cousins.

  7. I think the 49ers will draft at least one pass catcher. One will be a TE.

    Starters Pierre Garcon, Jeremy Kerley (slot), New Guy or Smelter (surprise)

  8. At this point I would say the starters will be Garcon, Goodwin and Kerley. But will depend on who they draft.


    Aldrick Robinson
    Stats: 20 rec, 323 yds, 16.1 avg, 2 TD

    “For a player snatched off the free agent pile at the beginning of the offseason, Robinson has been a tremendously reliable option in the passing game. He’s got great speed and is capable of filling the deep threat role—which he does when Julio or Gabriel need a breather. Robinson also has good hands and solid size, and has proven that he’s capable of filling in as a possession receiver as well. He’s a great rotational WR, and there hasn’t been much drop-off when he comes in for one of the above WRs.”

    1. Love it #80. I’m starting to wonder if watching the 49ers this season will be a lot like traveling to an alternate universe. A universe that has never been occupied by the previous coach & GM.

      1. We just got out of the alternative universe. We are back where we belong. An evolved 21st century version of Walsh’s WCO. I can’t wait to see completions again!

  10. I think they still draft one or two WRs, but I do not know when they would do so. Their interest in speed could lead the 49ers to take John Ross or Chris Godwin. However, if Shanahan is wanting a big and physical WR, then the team could draft Williams or Smith-Schuster. To add to this, there are plenty of options in the middle to latter rounds of the upcoming draft.
    My best guess at the starting WRs would be Garcón and a rookie prospect, with Robinson, Kerley, and Goodwin rotating in and out as the #3 WR.

  11. What ever happened to Dres ANderson. I liked that guy. Anyway, Garcon and Kerley are likely starters. I am hoping they can develop the talented Eric Rogers . They will most likely draft another receiver. Ju ju smith in the 2nd would be nice

    1. It will be very interesting to see how Eric Rogers rebounds from the injury, definitely has the tangibles.

      Time to rethink the draft, they’re sort of filling some holes that seemed like they would be addressed in the draft.

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