49ers release Tramaine Brock after domestic violence arrest


The San Francisco 49ers just announced they have released 28-year-old cornerback Tramaine Brock.

Santa Clara Police arrested Brock  for domestic violence Thursday, according to Robert Handa of NBC Bay Area.

Brock posted bail Friday morning — you can see his mugshot above. Police allegedly found marks on Brock’s girlfriend’s neck, but have not yet filed charges against him. Police are still investigating.

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      1. Well, seems pretty clear CFC wasn’t jumping to any conclusions from a team that got burned by Ray McDonald and they aren’t going to let it happen again.

        Good on them.

    1. Even for a fraction of an instant of rage, any football player who forgets his girlfriend is a woman should not be on the 49ers. Be it a slap, punch, or strangulation, that man needs to be fired without mercy or quarter. Apparently, his girlfriend had some serious bruising on her neck. That said, I am super impressed that the new management didn’t need even 4 hours to make his decision. By the time Brock had paid his bail for release, he was already an ex-49er. Sweeeeeeet!

  1. Released. Can’t change the culture without accountability. Nothing like setting the tone than with a sub-par player, not to mention with a deep corner draft coming up….

    1. Agree. Brock is almost certainly going to lose starter’s status anyway, replacing him in this draft won’t be much of a challenge.

          1. Not too much I wouldn’t imagine. I feel like they were going to take one anyways. Maybe now it’s a little earlier?

    2. I never understood why he got the contact he did. I always thought he must have pictures of Balke in a hotel with a hooker.

  2. I’ll wait for more details to come to light before coming to a conclusion. However, Marshon Lattimore isn’t looking better and better at #2!

  3. Matt Barrows‏Verified account @mattbarrows 4m4 minutes ago
    #49ers free agent CB Marcus Cromartie signed with the #Bills today. Worked out for the team earlier today.

  4. I’m not in any way suggesting that the woman started this. Having said that, if a woman becomes physical with a man, the man should walk away, run away, or drive away.

    1. Absolutely #80. The only exception might be if the woman is the more physically imposing figure and the frail man is defending himself. Clearly not an excuse any professional athlete can use, :)

      1. This is in no way meant to be an excuse for this kind of abhorrent behavior, but anyone here wonder about a connection to these violent NFL player episodes and CTE? Brock has been in the league for 7 years, and he’s actually an aggressive defender.

        That said, it’s still wholly unacceptable behavior, and, IF it’s true that he was physical with his girlfriend, the 49ers ought to release him, IMO.

        1. 49reasons,
          I have a friend who was at one time a close friend of Ray McDonald. To this day he is convinced that McDonalds violent acts are tied to CTE. He said he never new a more gentle decent man than McDonald but he began to see frightening changes in him his last 3 years or so with the 9ers. Who knows?

          1. Great insight Coach. I guess we have a lot more to learn about the effects of chronic brain trauma.

            1. old coach,
              I know that i’m late to the party on this, but need to add another piece that rarely gets mentioned on the reasons for players going off the grid.

              Yes, the brain trauma and enhancing drugs play a part in this, but I also believe that some of these players act like this because they have been pampered as athletes and have been told since grade school that they are the best.
              When someone finally says something that threatens or pops their perfect bubble they react in a negative fashion.

              I work at a high school and 80% of the boys on the basketball team believe that they can beat LeBron James one on one.
              A couple of the better players on the team now walk around like they own the campus and their once happy go lucky demeanor has changed to what they feel is an earned celebrity status.
              Coaches are walking a thin line when addressing on and off court issues with some of the players because don’t want to be held responsible for saying something that may cause them to leave to another school.
              Sadly, I venture that we aren’t the only high school that is facing this issue.

              The world of sports is littered with once famous athletes that are having a hard time living as regular folks now that they are retired because they no longer have “yes” people that cater to them.

          2. Sad. I also wonder if he took any performance enhancing drugs, and whether that may have contributed. Regardless, not good.

          3. Hey Coach & Scooter, my wife brought up a really good point. I told her about Brock and she reminded me that, Tramaine, like most of these kids, have been playing hard contact football going back to Pop Warner, high school, and of course college. These kids are suffering head trauma while their brains and nervous systems are still developing, well before they even reach the pros.

      2. Many years ago while living in LA I knew a couple. He was an ex Bear tight end and she was absolutely beautiful. He beat her up one evening and she said nothing about it. The next morning I saw him with two black eyes and a broken nose. I asked here what happened she told me that when he was asleep she took a kitchen chair and hit him across the face while he was asleep. He woke up and was going to hit her again, but she stopped him cold. All she told him was that he had to go back to sleep some time and if he touched her he wouldn’t wake up the next time.. He never touched her again as far as a know.

    2. Whatever happened to “equal” privileges, rights, status? And yes I agree with you but at the same time, some hypocritical feminist would have to realize they can’t have it both ways. If we didn’t live in such a hypocritical world, if a woman can physically abuse a man but a man can’t defend or hold her back but will do so against another man, wouldn’t this be “sexist?” After all, some of these radical feminist want equal treatment. That said, I don’t agree with their views at all so, I would say a man should never hit a woman but the same for a woman. She should never hit a man either.

      1. Dean,
        How bout nobody should hit anyone other than on the football field and that goes for Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

      2. I understand your argument deangelo, but it’s hard to make that case when were talking about NFL football players. Trumaine Brock has been going up against physical NFL players, some of them are ripped, 300 lbs beasts, I have a hard time believing the women posed much of a threat physically unless, like I said, she had a weapon, which doesn’t appear to be the case. And for me, that’s sort of the bottom line. I haven’t heard feminist make the argument that they are, or should be considered equal to men when it comes to physical strength and aggression. Maybe you can link that article.

        Equal rights, and equal pay for equal jobs is simply not related to domestic violence. But I think you know that.

        1. Besides, the bottom line for 49er fans is that the 49ers are Brock’s employer, and they can fire him whether he was the instigator or not. If you chose to play in the NFL in this era, you simply have to understand that there is close to a zero tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence. The NFL helped create this because of how poorly they handled the Ray Rice incident among others, but that’s just the reality of the situation.

      3. Sorry, but your argument lacks merit. Yes, of course nobody should hit anybody. However, a football player’s job is to hit someone and inflict pain. He is also paid to accept the sledgehammer hits without flinching, and try to avoid them at times by moving away quickly. He should be treated like a boxer and his hands should be considered lethal weapons.

        Proportionally, a womans’ hit may be ignored, while a football player could break bones and cause serious physical harm. Maybe you are referring to the Ray Rice incident, where his wife admitted striking him. That is against the law and he could have pressed charges. However, that does not give him the right to lay a finger on her. He should have shown restraint, but the evidence shows differently.

        I do not know what happened, but even if he was provoked, he should have shown common sense and run away so it did not escalate. Even in football, the initiator never gets flagged. It is always the guy who retaliates.

        I abhor violence and hope the both can get anger counseling. I hope Brock can get past this, control his anger, learn and change.

        Again, I do not know what exactly happened but obviously, the Niners read the police report, talked to the individuals, and acted.

      4. I have heard some say never hit a lady. Are all women lady’s? Are all men Gentlemen?

        This culture does not encourage either.

  5. Take breath 1st…as bad as it sounds he is being charged with SUSPICION of domestic violence.
    Since she had marks on her thats why he was arrested….save judgement til whole story comes out!
    Thats all 3 sides….his….hers…and the truth,

  6. I expect the 49ers will wait until they have all the facts and if charges will be filed against Brock.

  7. I imagine Round One will become more discussed, whether it be a Free Safety or a Cornerback.

    Having made their stand on character, seems like he will be released. It will be interesting to see how long into the arrest and court process the team is willing to wait. Since there were visible marks on her face the issue becomes less cloudy, waiting for a plea bargain or guilty verdict may not seem necessary for the decision to be made.

    This is the first test of the new Administration to keep their promise on off field conduct.

    1. Cassie …

      He’s probably thinkin’ .. about a quick trip
      to Minn-ah- S-o-o – duh … for a
      fishin’ excursion …

      Do ya think your Dad .. will give him some free worms …

      u-hhhh … never mind ..

  8. Wow, that didn’t take long. I guess the facts didn’t look good for Trumaine.

    Now we almost have to take a DB early in the draft, and perhaps more than one by drafts end.

    1. King Solomon at 2, Kizer at 34, and then trade up for Awuzie in the second round just above Denver….

      1. Ugh! Now I think it’s gone from cute, to seriously annoying! I get the clever little “King Solomon” reference, but you’ve warn it out like a cheap suit Razor.

        According to the Bible, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Is that a nickname someone wears proudly nowadays? Hardly. Find another metaphor, you are embarrassing yourself bro!

        1. 49reasons ..

          you might need to visit your local Wally-World ..
          to buy yourself a sense of humor !

          Some here actually ..like .. Razor’s
          nick names for various players .. or ..

          haven’t you noticed …

          You’re .. the only one (here) .. up in
          arms about it .. ?

          What does that tell you ?

          1. Like I said MWNiner, it was cute at first, but when you read it time after time after time, and have an actual understanding of who King Solomon was in real life, it wears on a person like the hot babe who ends up having bad breath and the most annoying laugh you’ve ever heard..

            1. 49reasons

              Just so you don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, I’ll admit to being mildly offended by RAZOR’s metaphorical references also. For me, it may be for a different reason…I just turned 75 the other day, and I’m afraid I’ve used up at least most of my memory banks, and I find myself checking back to see if I’m missing something that’s been abbreviated or metaphorically undone….we might need an extra notebook just to find what we’re looking for…there’s also the pointof misusing a persons real name in a derogitory manner. Me ? I can live with it….I just wish you wouldn’t do it….

            2. Sorry if you are tired of the name King Solomon. If you studied ancient history, the fact that kings had many wives was commonplace. It was legitimized and not evil. Only recently has the practice of polygamy been banned entirely, and some places in Utah still hide the practice.

              King Solomon was also known for his wisdom. When 2 women disputed the ownership of a baby, he declared that the baby would be divided in 2. One woman agreed, but the real mother did not want the baby harmed, so King Solomon gave the baby to its rightful mother.

            3. 49reasons,
              King Solomon was also known for taking his father’s blueprints (plans) and completing the great temple. He is also regarded among the christian community as having the greatest wisdom and writings in the old testament.
              The book of Proverbs is filled with amazing wisdom and sound advise still used in modern times.
              But I digress.

              I have no problem with Razor’ metaphors because it adds character to the blog. I much rather have Razor’ name metaphors than some of the constant third grade name calling and bickering that takes up too much space on here.
              But I just bypass the bickering to get to my “go-to” guys like rocket, old coach, B2W, Houston9er, Razor, Hammer, CFC, Scooter McG along with others that keep it about football.
              These guys always bring good food (if I can use a metaphor) to the table.

              1. And what exactly is Solomon Thomas “King” of? King of the undersized interior linemen of the draft? For god’s sake, if you’re going to use the word King, make it appropriate at least. Thomas is going to be a fine pro eventually, but he’s hardly “King” of anything other than Razor’s inability to understand when a clever metaphor becomes stale!

              2. 49reasons,
                I can respect that.
                This just falls under the old adage, “different strokes for different folks.”

              3. 49reasons,
                You might be putting too much attention on a name (King) that has only been used by one person on this blog.

          2. It matters nothing, but I’ve grown a tad weary of it too. Kinda Chris Berman like. Anyway, I’ll trudge off to find a sense of humor…and patience to endure Seb’s history lectures directed at the unwashed masses.

            Do we have nicknames for other top 100 draft eligibles?

              1. Cassie,
                Personally speaking, I like the Taco name. The name Taco stands on it’s own merit and needs no metaphor.

                On another topic, in recent years the draft has been taking on the name of “draftmas” around these parts.
                So in the spirit of Draftmas can we start a 12 days of draftmas tradition?
                Just not sure which topics can represent each day leading up to the draft.

              2. I’ll start it AES. On the first day of Draftmas, my Niners gave to me. A promise of no more Baalke!

              3. On the second day of Draftmas the Saints gave to Lynch, a trade back for 2 first round picks.

              4. Razor,
                On the 3rd day of draftmas Shanny gave to me, a clean slate with T.Brock off the team.

  9. Well,

    These are Seb’s type of players he’ll fight to the hilt for, giving everybody and anybody a tongue lashing if they disagree with his views of them on the roster.

    Kap started a fight in the locker room over another player’s girlfriend he dated and now Brock…

    Par for the course with Baalke’s draft pick and Seb’s loyalty to them.

    This is why I say Seb is a closet Raider fan, hell bent on sticking it to the Niners by lobbying for them on the roster.

    1. And I still believe his neighbor was the won that put out the fire by diving into the conflagration with a garden hose before all of Sebastopol and Santa Rosa caught fire…

      I do not conceive of Seb as a dashing, Zoro, or Musketeer type hero.

      1. *Seb’s neighbor was the ‘one’ putting out the blaze, probably started by Seb blazing up.

        1. Ha !

          Is Smokey the Bear included ?

          When I was a kid, it was Smokey who taught us by television commercial not to play with matches !

          1. You guys are sounding like NN, Twittering amongst yourselves. Same old, same old.

            TrollD, still fantasizing about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares?

    2. TrollD you are disgusting. I am glad Lynch cut Brock.

      Calling me a closet Raider fan just means you probably are one yourself.

      I distinctly remember you rooting for them, so go to the Black Hole, they like posters like you.

        1. Calling you disgusting for projecting that I would defend domestic violence is not profane at all. It is the truth.

        2. Seb,

          Aldon Smith, Brock, and Kap invite you to their abode where you can conjure up neighborhood nightmares by playing with Aldon’s assault rifle collection and stealing girlfriends with Kap.

          1. TrollD, I will bring up your sick fantasies about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares because you wrote those things and cannot take them back.

            1. U were the one using run away gun phrases in virtually every sentence…If the shoe fits….

              1. Plus, Seb,

                You may remember others chiding you for your overuse of gun phrases–one Cassie Baalke comes to mind, and their were others…

                I think all of the Kap arguments from various posters is analogous to the prolific amount of anti gun posters pleading with you to stop your over use of them.

              2. Niners should stop shooting themselves in the foot?

                So now you are talking about conjuring up neighborhood nightmares by playing with Aldon’s assault rifle collection?

                You are one sick individual.

              3. TrollD, you get to fantasize about conjuring up neighborhood nightmares by playing with Aldon’s assault rifle collection because of one gun reference while the NFL can talk about pistol formations, shotgun snaps and bullet passes?

                You are not only sick, but dangerous.

              4. Join in, Prime if you want. I hope you are not fantasizing about assault rifles, too.

              5. Saw, so are you fantasizing about conjuring up neighborhood nightmares with Aldons assault rifle collection too?

                Or do you have a shred of common sense and decency?

      1. Saw, maybe you did not know this, but I consider that a slur. I intensely dislike the Raiders. TrollD is just trolling me.

    1. Seb,

      Maybe a little humility for not apologizing to Prime . Instead, promise us not to overuse your gun phrases this season…You are not John Wayne, about to yell: “Yipee Kay yeah, and ride off into the sun set with the young lass you heroically saved.

      It’s just a football blog.

    2. Prime’s right, Seb.

      You are not the hero. More like the villain subjecting your neighborhood to another calamity from you accident prone chainsaw and matchstick misadventures.

        1. Thank my lucky stars I don’t live next to your accident prone family.

          It seems your entire neighborhood pays the price whenever you do a little yard work.

            1. Bunch of women you all are bickering with each other on a blog about a football team. Get lost and rip each other’s panties off in a back alley.

          1. That is a very funny mental picture! See Seb with a rake in his hand, run for your life!

  10. So now does this mean the team begins looking for a FA or fills through draft. If so who?

  11. John Ross just said King is the most athletic CB with great technique. These two went against each other on a daily basis. Iron sharpens iron.

  12. I don’t think this changes their draft board, they were always going to be looking at CB early. But it does increase the chances of taking more than 1 CB in the draft.

      1. Sure, but not their draft board, which is what I said. They won’t all of a sudden be moving CBs up, or taking a closer look at the position. It was always a priority.

        1. Didn’t mean to imply that it did Scooter. I am not one of those guys who thinks that teams draft boards fluctuate as much as the media boards do. But strategy does change based on what happens day-to-day (injury, retirement, unforeseen circumstances, etc.).

          I knew the that the team would likely pick up a corner or two but I think it becomes a more pressing need now and an area of greater concern.

  13. Good move by the 49ers Org. New regime, new culture.
    Whether a player is elite or marginal it’s time for professionals to act it.
    If athletes can’t handle the celebrity that comes with being a professional then go get a regular job.

  14. Dang, I wanted to bundle Brock and Brooks to the Saints to facilitate a trade. Guess that wont be happening.

  15. No trade all-32

    1. Browns – Myles Everrett DE/Olb
    2. 49ers – Marshon Lattimore CB
    3. Bears – Jonathan Allen DT
    4. Jaguars – Leonard Fournette RB
    5. Titans – Malik Hooker S
    6. Jets – Mitch Trubisky QB
    7. Chargers – Jamal Adams S
    8. Panthers – Dalvin Cook RB
    9. Bengals – Mike Williams WR
    10. Bills – Marlon Humphrey CB
    11. Saints – Solomon Thomas DE
    12. Browns – Deshaun Watson QB
    13. Cardinals – Corey Davis WR
    14. Eagles – Taco Charlton DE
    15. Colts – Reuben Foster LB
    16. Ravens – Cam Robinson OT
    17. Redskins – Derek Barnett DE
    18. Titans – John Ross WR
    19. Buccaneers – Christian McCaffrey RB
    20. Broncos – O.J. Howard TE
    21. Lions – David Njoku TE
    22. Dolphins – Haason Reddick OLB
    23. Giants – Ryan Ramczyk OT
    24. Raiders – Charles Harris OLB
    25. Texans – Adoree Jackson CB
    26. Seahawks – Garett Bolles – OT
    27. Chiefs – Deshone Kizer QB
    28. Cowboys – T.J. Watt OLB
    29. Packers – Jabril Peppers S
    30. Steelers – Pat Mahomes QB
    31. Falcons – Tim Williams OLB
    32. Saints – Gareon Conley CB

      1. Hmm, I had Taco Charlton going at 27.

        King Solomon at 11?

        I think OJ Howard will not last until 20.

        Otherwise, nice mock. With Brock gone, I could see going for a CB

      2. Many years ago when I still played fantasy football, I was happy to select Jeff Garcia with my second round pick. He was still in his prime. I messed up and took Jeff Grau.

    1. I don’t see Lattimore as being the Pick. There is no way S Thomas falls to 12. He is the likely pick at 2 if not he doesn’t get out of the top 5… It’s more likely the Niners take Hooker at 2 then Lattimore. Just my opinion.

      1. Thomas will not be the pick at #2 and he will fall out of the top 5. The 49ers would pick Adams over Hooker. Ward will be the FS, when they draft a S it’ll be a SS.

        1. There going to try Reid at SS and they should. Ward might be the free safety or they can keep him at corner now with Brock. We can make a friendly wager on who is drafted higher between Thomas and Lattimore if you would like. With Reid and Tartt on the Roster they will not draft a SS. Especially at 2…

          1. I would say our SS depth chart is more like: (1) draftee; (2) Tartt; (3) Reid if we have to.

        2. I agree CFC; it would be more likely the Niners would take Adams over Hooker. Reid is not a starter at SS; he fails to wrap up when tackling, and people are expecting him to play an in-the-box tackler? He’s a benchwarmer at best. I still believe we need a SS, and starting the season with Reid at SS is a liability.

        3. After Myles Everrett is taken I think the Hooker, and Hammy are the players that that will most likely fall out of the top 5….

          1. Razoreater April 7, 2017 at 7:06 pm
            After Myles Everrett is taken…


    2. This isn’t a criticism, just my thoughts on a team I follow pretty closely outside of the 49ers – the Steelers will take Carl Lawson at #30 if he is still available at that point. I am very confident of that.

      1. I saw him more of a day two pick but I’ll consider him at #30 on my next all 32.

        1. Cool. When it comes to figuring out who the Steelers will take in the first round you can’t go too far wrong following the pro days which both Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert attended. Their last 7 first round picks were guys they both went and saw in person. And Tomlin usually tries to spend time with the player at the pro day. This year they both went to Auburn (amongst other places), and Tomlin reportedly took Lawson aside multiple times during the day, and Tomlin and Colbert also spent time with Malzahn.

          There are also other edge players they have shown a similar level of interest in, including TJ Watt, but at the combine there were strong rumours the Steelers really liked Lawson. So yeah, reading the tea leaves, he’s the guy for the Steelers.

          As for the QBs, the only guys they have shown similar interest in is Trubisky and Watson. So doubt they are thinking QB in the first.

    3. I’d take a below chart trade 2 for the Jets 6+39 … or 2 for Jets 6+70+2018 2nd.

      1. Brodie

        It seems as though you’re pushing for ‘below chart’ trades for about a month…Why ? personally, I think that we’re going to find quite a few willing trade partners around the draft…with no reason to accept below chart….What am I missing ?

        1. Oregon, I think its a bear trade back market. Like 2013.

          In 2013 Oakland traded 3 for Miami’s 12+42

          In 2016 Cleveland traded 2+139(2017) for Philadelphia’s 8+77+100+12(2017)+2018 second

          I want the 49ers to get all they can, like the Browns did last year. If a team falls in love with Trubisky enough to give the 49ers a deal like what the Browns got, I’d be thrilled.

          But as it stands, the tea leaves are saying its a 2013 market. This could chance. “Chatter” about teams being interested in Trubisky are heating up. Could by “lying season” stuff, but he does have traits that could entice a team.

        2. Oregon – If the 49ers are in love with a player they are confident won’t be drafted top five, then pick 39 is a freebie.

          I love the talent near the top of round 2. Its a draft deep in (usually) scarce positions like edge and CB. Also good talent at TE, RB, LB.

          39 would provide flexibility. 39+34 would fetch around pick 14, or 39+66 would fetch around pick 22

          1. B2W

            Thanks for the explanation….I’m Irish, and therefore something of a positive thinker…I see that we (9ers) are in a very enviable position at #2, through all 7 rounds, in a draft that unlike most on here see as a ‘poor’ draft trade-down year, I see as a ‘BONUS’ draft trading down year….No, there aren’t 8 or 10 great Qbs, but how many do we need ? I believe that we (Shannahan and Lynch) have been doing their due diligence to where we will have plenty of top draftees to choose from…I’m predicting 3-4 draftee starters or at least getting players in the games as rookies…..It’ll be fun to see which of us comes out ahead…again Thanks…

      1. Adrian Amos is good and they just signed Quintin Demps to a 3 year deal. Do you really think they need to use their first pick on a S?

          1. Amos is good and they didn’t give Demps $5M guaranteed to sit behind their new first round pick.

              1. He’s only defended 7 passes in his two year career how many INT’s do you expect him to have? Yet he’s managed in only two years to have 111 tackles. The Bears aren’t replacing him, he’s good just like I said.

              2. The idea that they would pass on Allen or Thomas for Adams when they have Amos is nonsensical.

              3. You’re simply not giving a third year player enough credit. Amos has been very good especially given he’s only 23. They have no reason to spend their first round pick on that position when they have equal or better players available at a greater position of need.

              4. Amos hasn’t been very good. He doesn’t have any ball production. He’s replaceable. The Bears won’t spend their first-round pick on a player with medical red flags such as Allen. They can’t afford another Kevin-White situation.

              5. John Lynch, Darren Woodson didn’t catch their first INT until their third seasons. Carnell Lake had 2 interceptions in his first 4 seasons.

                They turned out OK.

              6. Amos wasn’t even as good as Harold Jones-Quartey last season, and the Bears just replaced him with Quintin Demps.

              7. John Lynch had 3 ints and 51 tackles by the end of his third season. If this was 1996 you’d be telling me the team should replace him because he has no ball production.

              8. Lynch started only 10 games his first three seasons and still picked off three passes. Amos started 30 games his first two seasons and picked off zero. He is no better than Harold Jones-Quartey.

      2. I beg to differ, they need help in the trenches. They will be happy with Thomas or Allen. They can get secondary help later because this draft is deep.

  16. $80 million worth of cruise missiles and we could even take out the operation of 1 small airfield. Reports are that Assad is still using the airfield to launch attacks as I type this, and the arial photos show very little overall damage to the infrastructure, with an obvious pattern of “percision strikes” most of which landed around the perimeter and missed there “supposed” targets.

    At least we were nice enough to give them advanced notice so they could get most their assets clear of harms way, and we left their radar and air defense systems, as well as most of their aircraft and hangers unscathed.

    1. The only thing missing is a “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner hanging form our warships. What a joke!

    2. The issue was warning Russia of the air strike; did we not think Russia would tell Syria, and thus allow Syria to move important assets before the air strike?

      1. What politics? This is Hollywood. This is Trump. Did you not ever see Wag the Dog?

  17. My first thought on the release is that I hope they did their due diligence to at least confirm the validity of the report- obviously he was booked, but police are typically required to take someone in on domestic dispute calls……… I thought Lattimore at 2, but I hope they don’t take players w lingering health issues. My $.02

  18. With players having all these issues with domestic violence, drugs, alcohol etc. the answer is simple. When they build the new stadiums they could install dungeons. They could then keep troubled players locked up except for practices and games. Bring them out in cuffs and shackles under guard and right back in when the game is over.

    1. People sometimes describe football players as gladiators. Time to treat them as such. :)

  19. Nice to see that humanity still is present on our board. Good gracious, dungeons and shackles? Wow!

    1. It’s always nice to be reminded that some people just don’t get sarcasm and humor.

          1. I don’t recall how I may have caused offense but please be assured that it was meant without intent.

  20. King Solomon is the pick. Yep, King Solomon. They’re gonna take King Solomon at #2. King Solomon! Don’t you just love that name. King Solomon, King Solomon, King Solomon. I could say it all night! King Solomon. Yep, that’s the pick! King Solomon! ;)

    1. I think most of us know comedy when we see it Juan. Apparently we’re just weak on when we can use it.

      1. Gots to respectfully disagree Whine-
        I was in SD when Dean was drafted. He came out of college at 227lbs, many thought he would be an OLB. Long arms, lightning first step, ultimate wide 9 rusher with good bend, and what Art She’ll called “shocking strength” for a guy his size. He had a good inside move and the ability to get under tackles’ pads and make them skate backwards. But his sweet spot was that outside pass rush.
        I like Thomas, and would be fine with him even at 2, but imho he’s a quite different player than Fred Dean in dimensions, style and skill set.

        1. He’s relentless and powerful like Justin Smith, but quick and disruptive inside like Michael Bennett….

          1. I would hope he is like that. Though he may be like Tank Carradine. Full of hopes and dreams and not much else.

            1. Tank was damaged goods, plus he wasn’t even a full time starter. No comparison.

              1. You are comparing him to all-pros when he hasn’t played a single down of NFL football and he is a single season star of college football. He is very unproven. He stood out in the bowl game for sure but he has yet to prove himself against serious competition.

              2. Game tape does not lie.

                Probably why he’s top 5 on 90% of paid evaluators big boards.

            2. I would compare King Solomon to Michael Bennett, and hope the Niners use him like the Seahawks use Bennett.

        2. BT – I didn’t mean he would literally be a Fred Dean knock off. Several people, including the author of the article, have tabbed him as a Leo. Leo is what Pete Carroll renamed George Seifert’s Elephant and the position was initially created to capitalize on Dean’s unique skills. Dean was certainly light as you say but played in the 245 range for the 49ers and I would argue that that weight translates in today’s game to around the mid 270s which is where Solomon is. I also believe the same term “tweener” was used on Dean in the day as it is now being used on Solomon. My opinion (FWIW) is that the tweener issue means that he either bulks up or becomes the next incarnation of Fred Dean (Aaron Lynch plays at 270 for example) If he bulks up….well, you’re probably talking about around 300 lbs. and that’s more risk than having him stay lean and mean (and quick) and trying to get him to be a successful Leo. I was in San Diego vacationing when I read that Dean was traded. It was not long after I saw him play the 49ers at Candlestick and he absolutely destroyed our blockers. I could not believe that the Chargers were stupid enough to basically release him to us since it was obvious he had HOF talent for some time. Better luck than good though.

  21. ESPN’s Adam Schefter, on a Friday edition of “Sportscenter,” said that the idea of a split came from Sherman, not the Seahawks.

    And Marshawn Lynch wants to come out of retirement and play for the Raiders. Kind of funny.

  22. The San Francisco 49ers announced on Friday that they have signed linebacker Jayson DiManche (dih-MAHNCH) to a one-year deal.

    DiManche (6-1, 235) originally signed with the Cincinnati Bengals as an undrafted free agent on May 30, 2013. In two seasons with the Bengals (2013-14), he appeared in 28 games (one start) and registered 13 tackles and one pass defensed in addition to 15 tackles on special teams. He also appeared in one postseason contest with Cincinnati.

    Following his release from the Bengals on September 11, 2015, he spent time with the Kansas City Chiefs before appearing in one game with the Cleveland Browns. He was released from the Browns on December 31, 2015, and signed to the Bengals practice squad on January 5, 2016, where he spent the remainder of the season. After spending training camp with the Bengals in 2016, he was released from the team on August 29, 2016. The following day he signed with the Detroit Lions and was released on September 3, 2016.

    A 26-year-old native of Hamilton, NJ, DiManche spent five years (2008-12) at Southern Illinois University. He appeared in 35 games (32 starts) at SIU and finished his career with 145 tackles. As a senior in 2012, he made 11 starts and registered 49 tackles, eight sacks and one fumble recovery while earning Second-Team All-Missouri Valley honors.


    Basically a nobody.

    1. Can DiManche really be any worse than NICK BELLORE?

      The 49ers need camp bodies right now, and DiManchi fills that bill.

      1. Bellore was signed because he’s a special teams ace. It was never intended for him to become a starting linebacker. When we signed Bellore the headlines were:

        49ers sign former Broncos linebacker and special teams ace

        When the Lions signed Bellore, the headlines were:

        Lions sign special teams ace Nick Bellore (Central Michigan)

        This guy hasn’t shown himself to be good enough for that. He can’t get off the practice squad. So I think we got the worst of that FA swap.

        1. I’m not sure we got the short end on this one because I don’t think either player would make the final 53, and Bellore has more guaranteed money and a larger contract.

    2. I disagree, and commend Lynch for finding another diamond in the rough.

      I think he has the size and speed to fit the 4-3 system. Maybe he will shine in a new system.

  23. Saturday morning fan mock with no trades (and no Mcaffrey ?) :
    (1) Jamal Adams S
    (2) Quincy Wilson CB
    (3)Cooper Kupp WR
    (4a)Kareem Hunt RB
    (4b) Tansel Smart DL
    (5a) Vince Biegel OLB
    (5b)Blair Brown ILB
    (6a)Joe Mathis DE
    (6b)Gabe Marks WR
    (7) Brady Gustafson QB

    1. Nice job. I’m not sure Kupp is athletic enough to compete in the NFL.

      1. Thanks CFC with regard to Kupp ultimately time will determine ,I confess that I honor his studious and determined approach to his craft and am enclined to believe it will triumph over limitation.

      2. I agree. Kupp was on my early mocks, but when he ran a 4.6, I realized he did well against lower competition. That is why I switched to Chris Godwin who ran a 4.42 forty.

        Niners should not wait until the 7th round to select a QB. Not with only Hoyer and Barkley.

        Niners should also not pick 2 WRs when there are a bunch of speedy TEs to also select from.

        Otherwise, nice mock.

    2. Prefer a QB earlier HT but like some the other picks! Still unsure of the first pick. Wish we could move back but fear we won’t be able to budge and end up with Solomon by default.

  24. Don’t immediatly reject the idea of Sherman. He is a vet, knows all the coverage tricks and he competes. For our young guys, he could be that vet presence to teach and raise their game. Even if only 1 year, he would help 9ers compete, grow, stabilize 2ndary and maybe help win a few games. Vet presence and savvy on a team in an accelerated rebuild could be strategic. We know he is not peak anymore, but his value is there.

    1. Does it make sense for a rebuilding team to take a costly one year vet? Thats something you do if you are in contention for that one year.

  25. Straight line speed is not the only dynamic in playing the sport as I am sure you know Seb honestly it may be purely intuitive judgement on my part but I really think Kupp is going to be a solid competitor in the league.To the other points .Without a trade limited slots made editing of both the TE position and OL a hard choice.Besides my previous admission of being enamored with McCaffrey another of my draft “crushes” is Evan Engram who finds omission here.To the QB situation- honestly I don’t find solace toward our needs in the QB crop this year(I am aware that the next year solution is typical and has its limitations) .I do think it likely Cousins will be our guy next year and personally I have an eye on Luke Falk as our future number one.As an aside Gustafson is a an interesting guy in the late to UDFA range by the way. The upshot is it will take more than one year to remedy our shortcomings but I like you I believe have an optimism about the future with our new coach and GM spearheading the charge.

    1. HT, watching his tape, I can certainly concur with your assessment.
      He was making smooth moves and the ball stuck to his hands. He also did well in the Senior bowl practices.

      However, he may be a number 2 receiver, and they just signed one of those in Garcon. There were about 10 WRs who ran under 4.45.

      Ross may be an intriguing option, especially if they move back. They can get a quality CB later.

      I would not be disappointed if they drafted Kupp, and I bet he will be productive where ever he lands.

      Gufstason will be a UDFA. He is being compared to Glennon,
      I hope the Niners sign an UDFA, but my preference is for Cooper Rush.

    2. I like the TEs available around 34. Think Bucky Hodges would be a nice “move” TE or receiver conversion?

    3. Hightop,
      If we win 4-5 games a QB like Falk will likely be out of our draft range. Hoping to get a 1st tier QB next year could be a huge gamble.
      We may need to make our move for a QB in this draft. If Lynch and Shanahan feel that one of the top 3 QB’s is worth a shot at #2 I’m OK with it.

      1. AES, I’m with you if the big boys choose to go that way I will defer to their expertise.Just wish this years crop was more intriguing

    1. Well .. Razor …

      Sure hope the Godfather doesn’t make him
      an offer .. he can’t refuse

    2. OK, now I know you are simply trying to annoy people on this forum Razor, so I’ll just ignore your posts for now on. That’s a win-win right, seeing that we rarely agree on much of anything?

      1. Why is it that Razor is trying to ‘annoy’ people, rather than that You are taking an overbearing approach and trying to stifle people, rather than just reading past what bugs you? I say this as a casual reader of this blog. I enjoy Razor, find you sort of pompous. But I read you both.

  26. Quarterback Convention vs Quarterback Counter Convention

    Quarterback Convention
    – This is a so-so year for quarterback talent.
    – Draft a “developmental quarterback” on day two or three only. Not the first round.
    – Wait till 2018 for Cousins or better QB crop.
    – Draft a developmental starter rounds 3-4 every other year. Essentially replace ACL picks with developmental quarterback picks.

    Quarterback Counter Convention
    – Forget “bad quarterback year” media narratives. Go by our own scouting assessment. That’s what those guys are paid to do anyway. If you think a quarterback can be a quality starter, draft him.
    – The value of a good starting quarterback is immense. Too good to pass up.
    – And if you win four or more games, you could be out of the running for a top 2018 quarterback anyway.
    – Snyder’s just crazy enough to franchise tag Cousins for a 3rd year at $34m guaranteed. A trade might happen no matter how many draft picks are offered.

    Which one to I agree with? Both.

    That’s the quirky nature of the quarterback position. Most positions are a matter of degree. You draft a “B+” value 3-tech. He could become an A or C grader. Unlikely to totally flop. But quarterback is like Russian Roulette. You hit on one, or totally bomb.

    So if Shanahan skips a quarterback at 2 and 34, I trust his assessment. And if he takes a quarterback at 2 or 34, I trust that too. Lynch and Shanahan’s are paid to assess and develop.

    1. A trade might [not] happen no matter how many draft picks are offered.

      1. Brodie:

        Washington can apply the transition tag next year which will allow them to meet any offers, which surely will be less than $34 million for the year. Although they probably will have to pony up a fair amount of signing bonus – which can be prorated. From Wikipedia:

        “If another club offers a contract to a transitioned player, his original club has seven days to decide whether to match that offer or not. If the original club agrees to match, the player is forced to sign with the original club at the terms agreed to in the offer by the other club. If the original club declines to match, the player signs with the other team, and the original team is offered no compensation, as they would be if the player had received the franchise tag.”

        I think it is very risky to assume that Cousins will be available next year and to make decisions this FA and draft based on that assumption. Further, if the team does reasonably well like we all hope, they will not be in a position to draft high enough to take a highly-touted QB next year (although I’m still not convinced that next year’s crop will be as good as everyone thinks they will be at this point in time; after all, look what happened to this year’s crop). I think they need to draft a QB within the first three rounds. I wouldn’t be averse to them trading back into the lower half of the first round to secure a QB (5th year option potential).

        1. Cousins controls where he plays long term. He’s willing to play for the Skins or Niners. Snyder can be his resentful, loony self and tie Cousins down for 2018. Or he can come to his senses and sign Cousins to a long term contract.

          Either way, its out of the 49ers hands. Whether Cousins is eventually a Skin or Niner is up to Cousins and the fragile brain chemistry of a resentful billionaire.

  27. Seems like a hasty decision. Unless the 49ers discovered some truly disturbing facts surrounding this case I’m not in favor of releasing someone just because there was an altercation. At least let the process play out. I think this can be a double edged sword when it comes to player morale. Might be great to send a message early that you won’t tolerate domestic abuse. Could also be seen by players as managements refusal to support a player in need.

  28. Eric Branch @Eric_Branch
    Tramaine Brock had a pre-existing injury, which is why he was released with a “failed physical” designation. #49ers

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