Reuben Foster arrested for domestic violence

In this Oct. 22, 2017 file photo, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster (56) stands on the sideline during the second half of an NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys in Santa Clara, Calif. Foster has been arrested in Mississippi and charged with second-degree possession of marijuana. says the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest database indicates Foster, who just finished his rookie season, was arrested Friday, Jan. 12, 2018. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)

Los Gatos police arrested 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster on Sunday and charged him with domestic violence and suspicion of possessing an assault rifle.

Here’s a statement from the 49ers:

“The San Francisco 49ers organization is aware of the report regarding Reuben Foster. We take matters of this nature seriously and are gathering all pertinent information.”

Last April, the 49ers cut cornerback Tramaine Brock one day after Santa Clara Police charged him with domestic violence.

Will the 49ers be consistent and cut Foster, too? Should they cut Foster?

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        1. I agree about the stupid part, to include marijuana, Fire arms, and now this drama…

          But does he get due process before we convict him and the 49ers tell him to clean out his locker?

          1. You left out the employee at the combine altercation, and the diluted urine sample that the NFL flags as a positive test(Foster said he was drinking water for weight…right wink, wink), and the vape sponsored draft party that he hosted. He’ll get his

            due process

            regardless of whether or not they decide to honor their character mission statement….

            1. I didn’t leave it out, I’m just staying on the subject…alleged domestic abuse….and you were saying he “should clean out his locker”…but if you want to dig into past skeletons at least a third of the NFL would be “cleaning out” their lockers.

              If he turns out to be innocent, this is false or something else, would you still want him off the team?

              1. Chris, if you don’t see a cumulative effect that contributes to an overall pattern of behavior, then I think we’re done here….

              2. I agree with Razoreater. Too many incidents have occurred and why should any team have to employ a baby sitter for these athletes. And besides it’s not like he was an all world player to begin with.

    1. Nah, plenty LB depth in this draft. We’ve got Smith at Will, and a guy like Tegray Scales, Indiana late would do nicely at Sam.

          1. Darius Leonard, South Carolina St. is another late pick that projects to MIKE. There is no Reuben Foster in this draft….

          1. OK gotcha Razor. I thought that’s what you meant.

            Yah, man, I don’t know. Back to the drawing board with my mock, lol. Soooooo disappointing.

            Elijah Lee is “officially” Foster’s backup. That’s not going to cut it.

            I like the kid out of Auburn, Tre’ Williams. He’s big (6’2″ 238), hits hard, and had a great week at the Senior Bowl.

            1. Dunno. If they feel like they need to go with Smith, they better hope they win the coin toss. I still think Leonard would be the best option late, and a guy to keep an eye on at the combine….

              1. Yah, I might be able to get on board with Leonard. He had a monster year at SC State from the looks of it. I’ll have to do some more digging. ILB wasn’t really on my radar outside of Edmunds, who is more of a hybrid WILL / OLB.

                ILB is on my radar now, damn it!

              1. OK, I will take a good look at Darius Leonard. His 113 tackles with 8 TFL, 8 sacks, 2 INT, and 1 FF, are very impressive numbers!

      1. Should we start talking about Roquan Smith at #9? Because in terms of talent, he’s one of the best up there with Saquan Barkley and Quenton Nelson.

    2. Great reference but it was actually Eddie D. who said, “He’s gone.” Carmen was asked the question, who deferred and looked at Eddie D. For the record, Eddie D. has said he wished he was less enthusiastic with that public firing of Marc Trestman as OC.

  1. Grant’s nemesis, SoCaliSteph, is theorizing that the high bail is most likely because of the weapon found which, while legal in a number of other states, might be considered an assault weapon in CA.

    Steph McCarroll@SoCaliSteph
    50m50 minutes ago
    Theory: if Foster was being arrested for DV, police will ask him if he has any weapons in the house. If he says yes, the weapon is examined. Many guns legal in other states are considered assault rifles in CA. Betcha that’s it.

    1. Your theory has merit. If he was brandishing the assault weapon (likely not CA legal–magazine capacity or other), he’d be in deeper kimchi (deep enough as it is). Wonder how he ‘acquired’ the weapon.

      Oh boy…

      1. AR-15s come in Crackerjack prizes in Alabama.
        They do marksmanship training in Pre-K.
        There may be a requirement to bear arms, not sure on that one…
        They beat back a proposal to arm bears.

      2. Complex issue.

        First, unless a weapon is capable of full-automatic fire, it’s not an assault weapon. But California has the most draconian gun controls in the United States when it comes to ‘assault weapons.’ Which includes a broad re-definition and overwhelming criminalizes weapons that are not assault weapons.

        The bottom-line is that unless has a weapon capable of full-automatic fire, he doesn’t have a real assault weapon (machine gun, sub-machine gun, machine-pistol or assault rifle). Rather, he likely has some semi-automatic weapon like an AR-15 which is perfectly legal in most states. But, like I said, California has broadened the scope of what they consider an assault weapon is pretty much any weapon that can mount a high-capacity magazine.

        And, FWIW, since the new gun laws came in, there are now tens of thousands Californians, merely by owning their lawfully purchased weapons and have never been in one bit of trouble their whole lives that now criminals. I have friends that own AR-15s, H&K 901s and 903s and other down-graded battle-rifles because they’re collectors or shooting enthusiasts. None of them are assault weapons, but for the mendacious redefining of the term.

        Heck, I own an ‘illegal’ pistol. I’ve had it for decades and bought it new from a gun store, but they made it illegal because it has the capability of mounting a high-capacity (not really, but they think so at 13 rounds) magazine.

        So, while the charge will be the charge… And in Rome and all that… I take it with an absolute grain of salt when it comes to character concerns.

        1. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. California has strict gun laws …. so what? We are a community & country of laws, and it’s the responsibility of every adult to learn, understand, and obey those laws applicable to them, and where they preside. It’s called being a responsible adult. If your going to own a gun in California, be responsible enough to learn and obey the laws that govern them, or pay the price. It’s that simple!

          I’m sure those gun owners who previously owned these guns were provided enough of a grace period to get in line.

          And NEVER commit Domestic Violence, regardless of which state you declare residency!

            1. Hypocrisy?

              I love it when people say “leave it to the states to create laws” (a true and tested conservative proverb), until they dissagree with the law, and then it’s “who said the states should decide?” lol.

              OK, so you must be a conservative who doesn’t believe in state’s rights …. until you do, spouting off about hypocrisy. PRICELESS!

              1. Oh, for cryin out loud, 49. Cant you stick with the 9ers? Always the soapbox! The soapbox, then your sanctimonious judgements, then the name-calling.

                Its too bad, because your analysis on the 9ers is typically spot-on. In fact, always spot-on.

            2. I grew up in the Marina district and Marin – been a 49er fan my entire life. California is the crappiest state in Union , filled with homeless people and illegals. I retired to the state of Virginia and it’s 10 times better.

              I called the 49ers and talked to an administrative assistant and told him to get Reuben some help and give him another chance. He’s not Aldon Smith……Aldon was a chronic substance abuser, likely in his DNA.

              I’m praying Reuben and hope the rest of you are too.

              1. Speak for yourself. California is a big state dude. Get out there and soak it up. I live in the best community in the country, I promise. Low crime, hard working, non-judgemental people, by and large. Niner faithful through and through!

                I love Rueben, hes seems like a good kid, but sorry, he’s part of the Niners organization now, the immaturity needed to stop! He’s a grown man. Needs to act like it! I’ll let ShanaLynch handle it, but if it were up to me?

              2. For what’s worth, I like Virginia, but California rules! My relatives would move here in a heartbeat, if they could afford it. Not my problem! Go Niners!

          1. Besides, it’s been reported that Rueben was in possession of a SIG Sauer 516 short-barreled rifle. It’s a fairly new AR-15 model. From what I understand, unless it’s been modified after production, it’s illegal in California.

            Reuben is an adult. Reuben should have known better. If he didn’t know better, it’s not an excuse. Ignorance of the law is not a defense – basic Criminal Law 101!

          2. You didn’t understand my point. Foster comes from a state where is rifle is almost certainly legal. And probably had no clue that his gun would be illegal. That’s why in the in the short-sighted and immature ‘rush to judgement’ I don’t look at his owning a weapon as any sort of character defect as he probably thought was legal. .

            As for domestic violence not only did I not address or excuse it (having suffered from it with my ex-wife and ending being a single parent raising two daughters because of it), but I know not to talk about it because the vast majority of Americans who think they have a clue, don’t. And pointing out all the real facts, as gathered by the NIH (US), and NHS (England) that refute what you think you know just is pointless because people like you are ideologically bound.

        2. Zedd you sound like an idiot, just like any other gunnut!
          It’s not an assault weapon?????
          If I shove an AR-15 in your face and fire it 11 times rapidly would you call it an assault weapon then???
          Why don’t you ask the parents of the dead high school kids what an assault weapon is!

          1. It’s more gun than you need to bring into my town, if that’s the law. And it’s gun violence that makes me want to get these guns off the streets. I guarantee you the parents of those high school kids generally agree with me, as do the good, hardworking cops!

            Do you think the police want these on the streets? NO! I can prove that! Think about your community dude!

            1. Anyways, that’s beside the point.

              Rueben got in trouble … again. This time charges related to “DV” and an “illegal” weapon charge, and that’s the whole enchilada. Nothing else to it. I don’t really care what kind of weapon he had, if it’s illegal. He screwed up AGAIN!

              It’s simply not OK to screw your team like this. He’s screwing things up for everyone. I like him, but Reuben is part of a TEAM now! He represents! And if he’s going to keep getting arrested, he’s out! O.U.T., if it were my call.

            2. Also, if you can’t protect yourself with a legal gun, you’re a loser, and probably can’t shoot worth sh_#t! That’s my motto!

            3. Gun violence is almost all pistols and only 2% by any type of rifle (including the mis-0named ‘assault weapons).

              That’s why you people and ideological blinders are so difficult to deal with. In a county where about 11,000 people are murdered, with over 80% of those being murdered by guns, each year, you crap all over yourselves about the 30 murders that happen with rifles. All because they ‘look scary.’

              What you think you know is a joke. And all the ‘assault weapon bans’ in the US have done NOTHING to reduce gun crimes which have been at a steady 8% of all crimes even as all crimes have dropped over 50% in the last 20 years.

              1. Yes, we have a problem with gun violence in this country. It’s unfortunate. Would a gunless society be a better, more perfect society? I think so, however this is simply my humble opinion. Regardless, the right to bear arms is written in the constitution. So goes the old adage, don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. In other words, just because the citizens of this great country believe in the right to bear arms, it doesn’t mean that reasonable gun restrictions aren’t a step in the right direction. Poll after poll affirm the idea that the majority of Americans agree with the idea of reasonable gun restrictions. And in California, it’s an even stronger majority. And like I said, we are a society of laws because nobody wants to live in a lawless society. California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, for a reason …. it’s the will of the voting majority in California.

                Now, either you believe in states rights or you don’t, but that’s an entirely different topic really. The fact is that, according to reports, Reuben was in possession of a gun deemed illegal in California. If it’s true, he broke the law, whether you agree with the law or not. And there are consequences for breaking laws, because there have to be consequences for breaking laws. Reuben’s actions are unfortunately affecting the entire 49ers organization in a very negative way. That’s simply not OK! This is California, and that gun is illegal in California, and that’s really all that matters.

                Does it make Reuben a bad person? NO. Is it OK to break the law by possessing an illegal weapon in California? Also NO!

              2. Zed, I hope you are starting to realize how pathetic you sound after the EIGHTEENTH (18) SCHOOL SHOOTING THIS YEAR!!! Assault weapons like the AR-15 are the reason these kids are dead. Why don’t you write to the parents of these kids and explain to them that AR-15 are not assault weapons, because only 17 kids got murdered!!!

            1. He’d have done better with a shotgun and 00 buckshot. That’s why one of the most favorite weapons for the tunnel-rats in Vietnam was a shotgun. Close quarters. Short field of fire. Broad cone of lethality. Much better weapon for that kind of thing.

              You guys and your pontificating and virtue signaling. It’s really sad. Not only could you not understand what I said, you’re ideologically bound you start screaming about all kinds of irrelevant issues based on talking points not facts.

          2. Just because you’re ignorant doesn’t make me an idiot. An assault weapon is a weapon fully capable of UNMODIFIED AUTOMATIC FIRE.

            1. All the school shootings with multiple fatalities had assault weapons like the AR-15 And I hope you explain that to the parents of ALL the kids that got murdered while they were in school!!! Educate them why it’s not an assault weapon. It will make you an idiot!

  2. Aldon Smith, Ray McDonald, Tremaine Brock and now Ruben Foster, this team has had it’s share of bad apples. Yet another busted first rounder for the 49ers.

    1. I’m increasingly convinced every scouting department should be comprised of 50% scouts, 50% shrinks and private eyes.

      Scouts are football experts. Free their time to evaluate play. The the other half do the interviews and background checks.

  3. Grant:
    * “Should they cut Foster?”

    * “The San Francisco 49ers organization is aware of the report regarding Reuben Foster. We take matters
    of this nature seriously and are gathering all pertinent information.”

    * Should the 9er FO have a knee jerk response and cut him, or wait until they’ve gathered all pertinent
    information, then make an appropriate decision?

  4. I don’t think there’ll be a lot of ‘due process’ applied here. I suspect the 9ers will have enough information by mid-morning tomorrow to act–per their standards (whatever they are this coming week). Weapon aside, I wonder what the nature of the domestic violence assertion is.

    The 9ers are giddy with their new look. This is the last thing they need.

    What a waste.

    1. Cassie:
      “I suspect the 9ers will have enough information by mid-morning tomorrow to act–per their standards.”
      * Agreed, or sooner! The 9er lawyers have likely already talked to the DA and given the facts to the 9 FO.
      * Unfortunately, $#(t happens to those who don’t learn from their mistakes.

  5. Unfortanately, it is time to cut him. Hanging on to him will only encourage the behavior. It is time to cut bait and let some other team deal with his maturity issues as they will be reoccurring no doubt. . AKA Alldone A .S.

  6. I said cut him after the marijuana possession.
    I’m sticking to that decision. He obviously doesn’t care about anybody but himself.
    I guess the thug life is better than the straight and narrow millionaire life.
    Who’d of thunk it. Smh

  7. Most info I’ve found so far…

    “The reported victim, a woman with whom Foster has been in a long-term relationship, described to officers an assault that followed an argument that erupted between the two, sources said.

    In the course of the police response, officers located what appeared to be an assault rifle inside the home.”

  8. very easy decision for 9ers – if he committed domestic violence, cut him – this kind of behavior has no place in society, let alone in the 49er family.

  9. The list of problems this young boy has continues to grow and it seems with no end in sight. Niners need no problems. Cant count on the guy – c ya.

  10. Thanks Cassie:
    * The question not answered: Did the female show signs of physical abuse (contusions, scratches, bruises etc)?
    * The $75K bail indicates the police found reason to believe he did abuse her, not just a she said, he said.

    1. “* The $75K bail indicates the police found reason to believe he did abuse her, not just a she said, he said.”


      The high bail is related to the gun charge.

      1. CFC
        Yes, that could be. We’ll know more when it comes out in the press, but for now we’re left speculating!
        Either way it SUCKS! Have to admit, Grant called it.

  11. Time for the 49ers to say “see you later Reuben”. Sucks to get rid of a guy that based on talent should be a very good player, but don’t want to be dealing with this type of BS.

    Oh well, time to start looking at LBs a bit more closely I guess…

  12. the problem with cutting is other teams pick them up and this should not be allowed NFL need to suspend him at least 3 years so much for all the protest does criminals do.

  13. So given the circumstances the team finds itself in, was the Rueben Foster pick a good one? Was he worth what they paid for him?

    Was Grant right in the early assessment?

      1. UC,

        Hilarious! I guess Grant can be prescient and Lynch faltered I’m the first round of they cut him. Suddenly last year’s first rounders don’t look as good as they did in August.

        1. EC9er,
          The 49ers knew that Foster had some issues leading up to the draft. Foster failed a drug test and was sent home from the combine after a heated run-in with a doctor. That should have been a red-flag for Lynch, but instead he made a deal that moved him into the first rd to be picked at #31.

          As much as I would like to see the team explore all avenues in an attempt to help this kid, if he doesn’t have enough respect for himself and the team by making better decisions then he needs to go.
          The team took a hit when Aldon Smith went off the rails and got cut. Like Aldon, Foster seems to lack the ability to correct and control his personal issues.

          The last thing I want to hear is the news that a former 49er is working at a gas station, washing cars or sitting in jail hanging up pictures and news clips of his days as a former NFL player.
          Reuben if you read this (just throwing it out there). You play the game like a warrior, hopefully you can learn to think like one.

          1. So did other teams that took a pass. The Niners invested some draft capital that could have been used on other non controversial players but chose to go for a potential home run even with character issues.

            I don’t blame them for taking the risk. I would have. But the regime did make lots of statements regarding character and with the cutting of Brock it may seem like a hypocritical or double standard if they hold on to him.

  14. Trade back to middle of first round for extra choice(s) in 2nd,3rd and take Rashaad Evans. Not as good as Foster, but close. Then do FBI top security clearance on him.


        A signing that would make a ton of sense is the Jaguars’ Paul Posluszny. A long-time middle man for the Jaguars, he thrived on the strong side of their defense last season. The 34-year-old is only one season removed from having 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh as his position coach.

        Posluszny’s versatility and leadership would be welcome for Lynch, and the veteran would help San Francisco hedge bets should Foster, who also was hurt a lot as a rookie, need to be disciplined and miss time.

  15. Another shinning example of overpaid, uneducated, privleged morons coming out of our hilariously uber liberal Universities with no moral or social fibers. Hard to claim bias or stereotypes when we see example after example of people who only learn to play sports.

    1. The University of Alabama is one if the most conservative in the nation. 69th to be exact. Which ranks it extremely high among the public universities.

      1. Sure, U of A may be one of the most conservative in the nation, but in looking at Relondo McClain and Ruben Foster you never would know it. How many players’ actions are protected by playing football for the Tide? Once they leave, no Saban to protect them.

        Teams should draft players who have character, not players who are characters because more often than not, you get a bit in the behind by those players who are characters……Raiders – Marinovich, Russell, McClain and others……Niners – Aldon Smith, Foster and others cut for domestic violence

        1. I wasn’t trying to make a political point. I only wanted to point out that troublemakers are not unique to one party.
          I hate the political mudslinging I see. In the end all is see is the equivalent of monkeys throwing poo at each other, never realizing they are crapping in their own hand to do so.

          1. For the record, I’m neither republican or democrat. I’m an independent who happens to be fiscally conservative, and socially liberal….

  16. They cut Brock and yet the case was eventually dropped. This news is a big downer but he’s yet to be proven guilty of DV here so I can see them holding off on cutting him until the facts are discovered… If he’s guilty then bye bye and it’s time to draft his replacement.

    1. It already is, if for no other reason than depth. He’ll have to do a 180 with respect to the way his behavior affects others. Very, very difficult to do in the amount of time he will need to do it. Very sad……….

  17. This boy has Lawrence Taylor written allover him. To bad the off field issues will keep him from on field stardom. What a moron. Do you really need to hit a female to prove a point? You guys got into an argument, say your peace and then leave. When will these knuckleheads get it.

  18. My first reaction is to cut him, but as someone said, if he ask for help then provide it. But even if he accepts help at the very least suspend him without pay. Foster needs to realize that football will go on without him. That said, an assault weapon and domestic violence is no joke.

    This will be Lynch’ first big in-house decision.
    I’m absolutely livid that Foster is putting Lynch and the team through this.

    Also, I’m concerned of the orgs level of responsibility in they’re drafting process. What is they’re criteria on player background checks?
    Did they overlook any previous issues Foster may have had in college for the sake of talent?
    If Lynch and Shanahan are serious about building a solid team culture this will be an opportunity.

    1. I’m all about due process so I don’t think cutting him is the right thing to do. Having said that, I’d like to see the 49ers suspend him without pay even over and above whatever the league punishment may be for Foster. A young man gets paid and then goes wild is what this sounds like. Its like the Dez Bryant syndrome. Perhaps he can be reformed into a mature football player whose career actually matters to him. Sending the right message could potentially save this young mans life which is obviously a lot more important than playing football.

      1. Agree on the due process point. Details from the arrest needed (to Lynch & NFL, not so much us) and coordination with the league on penalty phase. Was there battery? Injuries? Damning if so. He’s a giant pro athlete, a hitting and tackling demon ( a good thing on the field), but you cannot act that way. Or shrug it off, say ‘Sorry’ and go back to collecting millions$$$.
        Clear case of DV battery? Cut him. This is your team Denise.
        Does that make JL’s job harder? Yes, but he’s the one who made the judgement call about ‘a good kid.’
        The three issues coming out of the Combine were definitely sketchy and enough to turn me away from that choice. I was surprised by the pick, but I knew he could play. Saints were going to pick him, so they got fooled too.

        1. I don’t think it’s about getting fooled at all. Sure there were some red flags with drug use but all that is legal in California. I don’t know of any other red flags in terms of violence away from the field with Foster. To me this looks like a case of a kid coming out of a very structured environment into one where he has all the freedom in the world and wealth to do things most 23 year olds only dream about. This is immaturity mixed with a lack of self discipline and willingness to commit violence. If there’s a chance the kid can be redeemed then you take it for your sake and his sake. If Foster chooses to blow off your support through a tough time by not following rules you set for him then by all means cut him. If the details of this event come out and there are aspects of this that make you believe the kid is not salvageable then you cut him.

          1. Again, depends upon the circumstances, the details,the severity. Patience didn’t happen to work out with RayMac and Aldon for the previous regime. Yes, if RF can straighten himself out that’s good for him and more important than any draft value to the team. It’s risky PR though if he fails again. My reference to The Combine was to him getting sent home more than the other things. WTF? Ever hear of that before at The Combine? Not me.
            I came back from Nam as a pretty wild 20-something, partied too hard, but never intimidated any women.

            1. BT –
              Good post…Thanks for your Nam service! 🇺🇸👍
              Wild party animal in your 20’s huh? I can appreciate that 😉

              I bummed about the Foster situation. Hope Niners can somehow keep him and he gets his life together….Looks bad though

              1. Crab 15,Very well said and plus 1, with what war can do to some one’ I think I would of hid under the bed and would never want to be around anyone ever again, people just do not understand what some people have sacrificed for the greater good. What waste of opportunities rf is doing. Good thing their are people like Brotha Tuna who have seen the worst of the worst but still live a productive and honorable life besides the partying, who can be perfect!?!

      2. Huston Niner —–

        100 percent agree with you. Get Foster some help and suspend him without pay……and give him another chance.

      3. I’m not sure you can do that. There were some issues about that when a team tried that some player about a decade or so ago. Might of been TO. Might of been someone else. I don’t remember the details, but the Court found for him.

  19. Niners need to cut him immediately to set an example for the rest of the young players on the team. No matter your draft status or talent, we won’t tolerate any violent criminal behavior (I would say any criminal behavior but obviously the marijuana arrest got a pass). Such a shame. Oh well, bring on either Roquan, Edmunds or Nelson (I’d still go with Nelson first of the three).

  20. We just got knocked back down to Earth after being shot into the stratosphere on the Jimmy G rocket.
    Might be a good thing in the long run. Cut him and set a precedence. Lynch and Shanahan need to regroup. no more character risks. no more injury risks. we draft and sign high character football players.

  21. I wonder if this will increase the chances of the team giving Eric Reid the FT/ signing him to an extension? They toyed with the idea of moving him to LB last season anyway…

    1. Ha. You beat me to posting that. As you know I’ve been a proponent of re-signing Reid, and this will probably kick-start the negotiations.

      1. There not bringing Reid back. #1 he was terrible when moved to LB. 2nd although he played well at SS towards the end of the year, Tartt is better… I’m hoping Lynch lets this legal system runs its course before cutting him… He will be signed immediately if they cut him… Taie your time with this decision(Foster).

        1. He brings versatility, strong character and played quite well at SS (not as well at LB) last year. Given the high number of injuries that seem to happen every year… But I wouldn’t FT him.

          1. Cubus… two words on why he played well and healthy for th first time.
            “Contract year”
            He’s another injury liability.
            He and Hyde. Let them walk.

  22. Now those draft opinions calling him a “steal” seem very ironic. There was a reason that he dropped in the draft and it wasn’t just injury concerns.

  23. Yo I called this!

    Lynch and Shanny are phonies. All a bunch of hype so far! We will see if they can make some good picks this year.

  24. They need to cut him quickly and move on. He obviously has a alcohol or drug problem. Every other team had serious concerns about his red flags so we need to question John Lynch and the Front Office decision. That draft doesn’t look so hot now.

    1. So landing a soild starting corner, Slot Reciever, Starting TE and a very nice looking FS in the 7th rnd is not so hot? He drafted 5 starters not including Foster. While Thomas didn’t put up sack numbers he was a BIG reason why the team stopped the run.

      1. It looks like a C draft now.
        There isn’t a game changer in the bunch.
        Slot receivers are easy to find and Shanahan’s offense tends to exaggerate the position. Recieving TE’s that can’t block and get you around 500 yrds receiving are also nothing not exactly rare talents. The FS was a pleasant find, but on this team he’s a backup. Thomas is a good run defending DE but if he doesn’t develop as a pass rusher… then he was a day 3 pick taken on day 1.
        A.W. is the one you have to pray develops into an elite level talent at this point. As every other player listed above is easily replaceable.

  25. There should be zero tolerance for domestic abuse in the Niner Organization. Release him immediately. The good news is that I hear the White House is hiring and they are willing to look the other way.

    1. I try to stay off of politics on here, but that’s kinda funny.
      To the very serious question, NO it’s not acceptable in the WH, Congress, the Niners or other corporations or in our knowledge. It has to be confronted and rejected.
      I’m patient enough to let Lynch investigate the truth, but I’d rather miss the playoffs than sail a pirate ship.

      1. “NO it’s not acceptable in the WH ”

        Everyone was cool with it until they got caught and it was made public despite warning from FBI. It should not be tolerated anywhere .

        Anyway, this is Foster’s 4th or 5th infraction and by far the most serious. Hasta la vista baby.

      1. Brown is an excellent two down thumper in the middle, but the Saleh D wants more speed in the middle. Bradham makes more sense.

        1. Good point. Like I said, I really like Bradham. Brown would be an alternative to Bradham, since I think Eagles are going to make re-signing Bradham a priority (even though the Eagles are over the cap, they have contracts they can easily restructure, and I think they let Kendricks go and possibly Jason Peters).

    1. You mean the dude who was charged with punching a guy in the face for not setting his umbrella up properly in Florida? Most unlikely….

        1. He still had to take counseling in exchange for the charges being dropped. Too close to home for me to think the 49ers would sign him in light of this most recent incident. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so….

  26. I’m a public servent I make just enough to barely get bye. I don’t care how good you are if you are a peace of s&$t bye bye. Domestic violence should be an automatic release.

  27. I’m a public servent I make just enough to barely get by don’t care how good you are if you are a peace of s&$t bye bye. Domestic violence should be an automatic release.

    1. If Lynch sticks with him any further, I think they would read him the riot act that that this is his final transgression they will tolerate and make that public information too. I must say that Foster is working very hard towards forcing the Niners to cut him.

  28. So Foster smokes his weed in Alabama where there’s no tolerance but legal in Cali, then brandishes an assault weapon here in Cali where there’s no tolerance instead of in Alabama where they don’t care. Throw in the physical assault or threat against a female and there’s a screw loose somewhere in this kid. I don’t think he’ll physically last much longer this league in any case. He’s continually getting hurt. It will be hard to just get of him but we should prepare as though it’s going to happen. Get extra LB help. Whatever we do, draft Rashaad Perry RB though. He and jimmy G will drive opposing defenses nuts.

    1. 49er ROK
      Los Gatos police Report:…..says nothing about “brandishing an assault weapon,” It says he was in possession of an “illegal firearm.” An illegal firearm could mean a lot of things: Unregistered firearms. Firearms with serial number removed. Stolen or illegally obtained firearms, Automatic weapons or machine guns, Sawed-off shotguns, even a silencer. Just to name a few.
      * Again, nothing in the police report says she was “physical assaulted.” (Domestic Battery). Nothing in the report says there were any bruises or black and blue marks! Domestic violence can be verbal, even if she felt physically threatened.

      1. I’m not interested in rationalizing it all. There’s a pattern of making bad decisions regardless. I love the way the kid plays but the stubborn entitled attitude has to go. Niners need to carry on as if he is gone.

      2. GEEP

        Good points…before the “knee-jerk” comments begin…let’s find out just what happened….Yeah, like everyone else, I fear the worst…but hope for the best…we cannot be judge, jury and executioner without first KNOWING the FACTS.
        Also, remember that we ‘adopted’ a 300 lb. drunk who liked to drink beer and dance on car hoods and tops, and had the attitude of Atilla the Hun, until the niners got a ‘baby-sitter’ to watch his every move, and make Alex Boone a productive citizen of the NFL……WHERE THE HELL IS THAT BABY-SITTER NOW?

        1. Oh, we’ve already seen our share of ‘knee-jerk’ when I pointed out his assault rifle wasn’t a real assault rifle, but a military-style semi-automatic that has, because of (pointless) California over-reactions, been made illegal though it’s legal in virtually every other state. So I wasn’t about to run-around say “Bad Character” because he owns a gun that’s legal virtually everywhere in the US.

  29. Dang, I go to the Sierras for a quiet weekend to celebrate Jimmy G signing and I just got back to hear this awful news. Doesn’t Foster have an agent who can explain to him what’s legal in CA and illegal in Bama stays in CA, and vice-versa?

  30. Don’t cut him at this time. Arrest does not mean he did commit D.V. It means there was probable cause to arrest based on her statement and or physical evidence.
    While the Assault Weapon charge is serious, the weapon is probably legal in most states. In my view he probably had no idea he couldn’t have it in California.
    Foster needs a mentor on the team , to get rid of his old “friends” and spend a lot of time with Harry Edwards.
    I want to see if he can recover from his mistakes and realize the opportunity he has here, or if he is just going to keep making stupid decisions.
    If the Niners cut him he will be picked up by another team in days.

  31. Aldon Smith was immediately signed by the raiders after we cut him. He was unable to seize the second chance opportunity given to him and has lost $$$ because of it and perhaps his career.
    Some people just can’t get out of their own way and make one foolish mistake after another – Foster seems to be a member of this sad category.
    Our high school basketball coach has a simple philosophy with his players when it comes to matters of discipline, “if you can’t get right, get out!”

  32. Before everyone knee jerks and demands him to be cut, let’s wait for the facts to come out. Case may be dropped. Suspend him for several games. Let some time pass. Get him some counselling. Let him come back mid season.

    1. Gets suspended for at least half of the season.
      Has to meet with Goodell to get reinstated. Process could take a week or longer.
      Doesn’t get to work with the team while suspended to improve his tackling technique (stinger injuries continue).
      One domestic violence charge away from a lifetime ban.
      49ers might not address ILB, instead relying on a guy that has already let them down twice.

      No thanks.

    2. His marijuana arrest, along with these new, even more severe charges, shows he simply has no self control. The likelihood of him getting and staying in line is very low. Add to this the fact that he got injured in almost every game. No matter what his potential, if you can’t make use of it because he is either injured or suspended, he is effectively not a good player. This is the best time to drop him when you have plenty of time to research and acquire his replacement, not during the season where you can’t do much of anything. Cut your loss and move forward. Adios, Reuben.

  33. There is a lot that needs to be known about this first.

    1. Was the altercation just yelling or were there signs of physical abuse?
    2. Was the “assault weapon” actually an assault weapon?
    3. Was the weapon found upon entry ie under the bed or was found out in his possession or something.

    Him beating his gf and holding gun while threatening further violence is entirely different than him being in a loud argument, the police walking in and seeing a suspicious weapon under the bed.

    That said if I’m SF, I make it clear if there is any sign of physical violence or threats, that he will be cut. And say that we would stand by him until this evidence comes out.
    But to be honest this point though it is more likely he would be cut imho.

    1. Shoup:
      * The police report doesn’t say there were signs of abuse (bruises, cuts etc), so it could have been just a shouting match and she felt threatened, or he wouldn’t let her leave. If that’s the case, the judge will sentence him to anger
      management classes.
      * The police report doesn’t say, but if there was a child in the house the police could charge him with DV.
      * The assault weapons charge is, as you say, unclear. We’ll likely find out more in the next day or two and the 9ers
      decision on cutting him or not. Until then, I think Jack Hammer is right, they won’t cut him, because someone like the Raiders will sign him. But even if they don’t, Lynch will tell him this is his last chance.
      this is likely his last chance

    2. Shoup:
      * The police report doesn’t say there were signs of abuse (bruises, cuts etc), so it could have been just a shouting match and she felt threatened, or he wouldn’t let her leave. If that’s the case, the judge will sentence him to anger management classes.
      * The police report doesn’t say, but if a child was in the house the police could charge him with DV.
      * The assault weapons charge is, as you say, unclear. We’ll likely find out more in the next day or two and the 9ers decision on cutting him or not. Until then, I think Jack Hammer is right, they won’t cut him, because someone like the Raiders will sign him. But even if they don’t, this is his last chance.

  34. Can we slow down before we decide to cut an all-pro talent. This isn’t Tremaine Brock. Let’s see what happened here. Get the facts. This is the problem with the new Millennial culture. Everything is decided through social media. Why do we need investigators, or judges. Dangerous precedent People are guilty before proven innocent. Ouch!

    People say this is his second offense. It really isn’t. 80% of pro athletes smoke dope. NFL needs to give the battle up. Stupid. I don’t smoke, and I acknowledge it’s horsesh*t to give the thumbs up to alcohol but not pot. WTF.

    If he physically touched her, or there’s a pattern of violence, cut him. If it’s he said, she said, you let the NFL hand out the penalty and you give him one more strike. You get him help, and out of that relationship. She needs to leave, or he needs to leave her. That’s the deal. If not, no third strike. Gone.

    1. 80% might smoke dope but do 80% of them carry it with them in a car while driving too fast or recklessly so they get pulled over? And then, when the spotlight is on them, attack their girl friend or wife to the degree that police are called? And play the game in such a manner that they get injured in nearly every game and lose a ton of playing time?
      I go back to Bill Walsh’s time. And I know damn well what he would have done with Foster. Cut him and allow him to be someone els’s problem.

  35. Foster certainly seems to be very foolish and immature in general but when viewed in another light his alleged offenses appear to possibly be more due to culture shock from living in different parts of the country. As people have pointed out, pot is legal here in his new home and the rifle he was caught with is almost certainly legal in Alabama. With respect to domestic violence, I don’t believe Alabama has a mandatory arrest requirement in their DV laws like California does. In California, when the cops roll on a DV call, at least ONE PARTY IS GOING TO JAIL! Cops hate this because it leads to all kinds of additional risks and problems for them, but the people that make laws there don’t care. Other states leave the decision to police officers and, to the best of my knowledge, there is no other alleged crime where, when the call goes out, SOMEONE must got to jail. My purpose it not to defend Foster but to merely point out that the call to police could have been made merely because he scared his female counterpart and she didn’t know what to do. (The police report uses the term “Threat”) Even if this were true in California and the alleged act did not rise up to legal DV, he has to be arrested and booked. That is not true in all states. Maybe Foster is a really bad guy. Maybe he’s just a foolish young kid needing to learn and mature more. Who knows? No matter what any of us think about pot, “assault” rifles and domestic violence – the fact is he would not have been arrested were he not in the wrong state at the wrong time. Time to hope for the best but plan for the worst I guess.

    1. Razor:
      * Quinton Nelson:….no surprise
      * Hercules Mata’afa:….again, no surprise, but playing a new position. (Also like Tremaine Edmunds).
      * Deon Cain:….OK. But If available, would rather have Equanimeous St. Brown.
      * Quenton Meeks: Rd. 3 is too early, he’ll be available in later rounds. Sign F/A Malcolm Butler and draft Meeks
      * Darius Leonard: Agree
      * If Nelson is gone, trade down for more picks?

      1. If Nelson is gone, trade down for more picks?

        I would.

        Sign F/A Malcolm Butler, and draft Meeks.

        For mine, I’d rather sign Amerson+Melvin, then draft Cappa instead of Meeks, while targeting a guy like Yiadom, CB, Boston College if we were to get another 4th round pick.

        1. Id look into a trade down regardless, but I would like a better offer to move back if Nelson is there.

          While I like Nelson a lot, I think there are several serviceable guards in this draft and in free agency and I wouldn’t be surprised if SF brings in 2 interior olinemen via free agency.
          This would allow them to go after Edge, LB and Corner in the draft.
          I think this could happen because Edge rushers and corners cost a lot in free agency and there are not many good free agent Interior linebackers. Second, Olinemen seldom flame out after signing bigger contracts, while it happens a lot more frequently at other positions.
          This years free agency period should give a strong indicator of where SF will go in the draft.

          1. Nelson is elite. I’m not passing on an elite player that happens to also fill a position of need, especially when I don’t plan on having a top 10 pick moving forward….

      2. St. Brown is sliding down a lot of boards, such that I’ve seen some mocks put him in the 6th round range. Meeks in the 3rd isn’t too outrageous; he’s been all over the place.

        1. Pot…Kettle
          *” Meeks in the 3rd isn’t too outrageous; he’s been all over the place……including he wasn’t that good and should return for his Sr. year…. “Over the course of 2017, Meeks recorded 65 tackles with eight passes broken up and two interceptions.” “He didn’t played that well over the course of the season, and sources think Meeks should have returned for his senior year to get better.”
          * Why is Equanimeous St. Brown sliding? Poor production with ND new QB? Something we don’t know about? Or is he a steal in later rounds?
          * The 9ers need at least one more top CB, but I can’t decide who. Should they sign a F/A? Draft one of several good ones, or do both? (Maryland’s JC Jackson may be the best athlete, but comes with off field red flags).
          * And what do the 9ers do with Ward?

          1. *While I wouldn’t draft Meeks in the 3rd, my comment is in relation to the fact that I have seen him in the 3rd round on quite a few draft boards based on his abilities (though I would agree his production is lacking). I’ve seen him everywhere from 3rd to 5th round.
            *I would say a steal, but there have been concerns about his weight (though a good NFL training program should add the 10-15 pounds of muscle he needs to fill out his frame) and his production. Other concerns I’ve seen: He doesn’t create separation from speed, but rather because he is a long strider; this is good for 9 routes, but it makes it less likely he separates on 10-15 yard ins and outs. He has consistent hands (doesn’t drop a lot), but he also doesn’t seem to fight to bring the ball in, which makes him susceptible to ball knockouts from cornerbacks. There is a lot to like, but is far from a finished product I would suggest.
            *In terms of cornerbacks, I am much higher on the draft class than the free agents. I know some on this board are sold on Trumaine Johnson, but I don’t think he will ever be worth the $11-13 million/year it will take to sign him. Malcolm Butler is not a true shutdown corner, though serviceable (but will want $10 million/year), and Kyle Fuller has had one good season, but has his own questions. In comparison, the draft offers Josh Jackson and Denzel Ward at the top of the draft (I don’t think he is limited to a slot corner position); Isaiah Oliver, Carlton Davis, and Tavarus McFadden in the Second to Third Round range, and JC Jackson if you want to take a risk on the off-field issues. In other words, I think there is depth in the draft that would accommodate picking two corners; one in day 2, one in the latter rounds.
            *I would bring back Jimmie Ward PROVIDED he is willing to restructure his deal to a $3 million/year for 3-4 year period. If not, cut him and save the $8 million. There is value in having him back up Colbert, or as a 4th cornerback.

            1. Pot…Kettle
              A good analysis, I don’t disagree with it. I’ve considered most of what you said and still trying to decide on “the one(s).” The Combine will add more information and maybe someone will stand out? With Ward, even if he agrees to restructure and a 4th CB, is he worth $3 Mil on IR? That’s what Lynch and Shanny have to decide and why they get paid the big bucks…..So people like Grant can disagree with them?

  36.……..really sad when one of yours is headed right into a wreck……I am in the camp of those that say they should not cut him……..

  37. 49ers should draft another MLB for insurance…….keep Foster on team even if suspended for 6 games (Domestic Violence)……..let him play out his rookie contract the next 3 years…..

  38. Look no reason for a man to strike a woman in any argument . But she has been riding his dream since his 1 St year of college , it’s his talent level she rides . The gun thing , well that’s why the bail is so high , and if it’s a converted gun ,or was manufacturer that way has alot to do with it . Really think California got that one wrong , most ars 15s are for target practice . And as a former weapons specialist they stink in combat , if your asking do we cut him for the gun ? I say no ,.
    If it’s because he hit a women , and he really did , I say yes .
    But can you believe it until you know what happened ? Alot of talk with out all the facts

    1. If the 49ers in their due process find out he indeed struck a woman, he will be released post haste. The one thing in Foster’s favor right now is that he’s under the jurisdiction of the 9th circuit….

      1. I heard Denise York put her foot down with the off field stuff a few years back. Pure speculation, but it could be one reason why we skipped over Marcus Peterson. Marching orders from Denise.

        Or the 49ers are awful at scouting off field and injury histories. The soft side of player evaluation is increasingly important. Last draft only 6 of Move The Sticks top 20 list had players free of injury or off field issues.

        1. Yep. I don’t see Lynch taking anymore risks on questionable players. He can’t afford to have that stigma define his career….

  39. Read somewhere (but can’t find it now) that there is speculation that the incident was called in to the police by neighbors and not by Foster’s SO. This could support the idea that it was simply a loud argument. As I said in the earlier thread, I believe in due process, so let the facts come out.

    1. So does that change everything? What if it was a heated argument with no physical abuse and the AR was legal in AL but illegal in CA. I agree that we should hold judgement.

    2. Cubus: I agree
      * The statement released by the Los Gatos police doesn’t say that… but does indicate it was.
      “On February 11, 2018 at approximately 9:15 a.m. the Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Department responded to a residence on Shannon Rd. in regards to a welfare check and a possible disturbance call for service. If she called the police, I think it would say that, not a welfare check and “possible disturbance?”

  40. Lets see, in less then a year, he diluted his urine sample, got into an altercation at the combine, arrested for pot now arrested for DV and assault weapons charge. Its not about the type of charges its about obeying the laws. I think the pot laws in Alabama are stupid just like I think the assault weapons ban in California is stupid, makes no difference what I think, the law is the law and trouble seems to follow this young boy around. Niners need no more trouble with immaturity the stakes are too high. Its really too bad I happen to like the kid and I like his football prowess but…….Can you count on him – doesn’t look like it.

    1. In less than 12 months…
      1) Diluted sample
      2) Medical exam altercation at combine
      3) Vape company sponsored draft party
      4) Night club incident (he was the victim but it looks bad from a “different pool playgrounds, different playmates” perspective)
      5) DV arrest
      6) Assault weapons possession charge (listing separately because it was a separate decision to obtain the gun)

      That said, I’m for gathering facts about the DV before coming to judgement.

        1. Each incident involves a decision with the understanding millions of dollars are at stake. The Pre-draft incidents alone cost him between $10m-$16m in rookie salary scale. (top ten projection)

          So… You already blow millions, then go right out and risk everything. Even with a behavior clause in his contract converting guaranteed pay into non-guaranteed pay if this kind of thing happens.

  41. Man this sucks….I’m sure Grant is loving this of course, any chance he can fit in his “I told you so” pieces he’s all over it…

    Anyways, anyone else feel that sense of calm and peace now that we have a franchise QB? Just this sense of everything is going to be okay. Its feeling I have not felt in a long time.

    1. It’s great quarterback OS now covered. I posted a link above that goes into how Garoppolo was Shanahan’s favorite as far back as 2014.

  42. The NFL uses a tool, the Wonderlick Test to measure a players intellect, so to speak. There is no evidence that any NFL team decided against a player for having a lousy Test score. The test consists of 50 questions in 12 min. The questions usually range from reasoning skills to mathematic problems. 1 player in history scored a 50, Punter Pat McInally of the Bengals. The Test is taken seriously for QB’s & Offensive Lineman. Most QB’s have a score that ranges in the low 20’s to high 30’s. Former QB Vince Young only tallied a 6, Terry Bradshaw, only a 15 & Jim Kelly, only a 15 & Donovan McNabb, a 14. All great QB’s that prove the number is irrelevant. The defensive side of the ball has significantly lower #’s on avg, makes sense. Ruben Foster scored a “9”. Maybe there is some meaning to the #’s.

  43. Sign DeMario Davis to a healthy 1 yr contract then draft another ILB on the 3rd day. Goodbye RF as much as I like what KS and JL have done Foster was a huge mistake.

  44. undercenter
    Everything you said it true. But if, and it’s a big if…. if a neighbor called the police, not the female, because he could hear them yelling at each other and there was no physical abuse, or was a child in the house, or she just wanted to leave and he wouldn’t let her, the police have no choice but to arrest him for DV. If it’s a first offense, most judges will sentence him to attend something like an anger management class.
    * I could see the 9ers keeping him but informing him this is his last chance and either he or the female finds someplace else to live.
    * Do you, or anyone else, know if Foster and his girlfriend have child and he’s the father?

    1. Geep, if he is cleared of the DV I can see where he comes back and plays ball for the Niners. This self destructive pattern needs to come to and end. How many chances does one get? Is Lynch feeling like a fool? What about his teammates? What about his folks? As far as children I don’t know. ‘If’ there was children and there was a weapon laying around legal or not that would show me complete stupidity.

      1. undercenter
        Again, all valid points! Unfortunately, none of us know all the facts so it’s still TBD. Regardless, this has to be the last straw for Lynch and the 9ers. If there was physical abuse, he’s gone. With respect to the assault rifle charge, that could be why the $75K bail? But again, we don’t know if it was a gun he bought in a state where it was legal, then brought to California not knowing any better? (Not that it’s an excuse, or that it’s ok, just a kid making a dumb mistake). At this point there’s no indication he was using it to intimidate or threaten her with it, just that it was in his possession. Whatever the final outcome is, IT SUCKS.

  45. Interesting quote from Saban last year regarding Foster:

    Saban says he hopes Foster’s agent, Malki Kawa, provides a comprehensive support network like the one Foster built at Alabama in order to ease his transition into professional life. Adds Saban: “I think it’s important that he has people around him who will provide him good direction, have good experience and the ability to anticipate what’s happening, so you don’t get these emotional responses to things that are insignificant.”

    1. What are we running here, a babysitters club like the Cowboys? Jeesh, grow the “f” up, Reuben. You’re at a crossroads. It’s either do a Uey, or don’t let the door hit ya on the way out….

      1. Yeah, the point is that Saban’s quote is strong evidence that a support system was going to be required. Team should have known this and made plans accordingly, once they decided to draft him.

  46. Good grief. First this blog becomes Survivor with a vote being done as to whether Grant should be voted off the island, and then Reuben Foster decides being arrested once a month is not enough.
    In regards to Grant, if you don’t like what Grant is writing, then just ignore the article(s) and/or leave the blog; it is that simple.
    In regards to Foster, the 49ers need to wait and see what information comes out of the investigation before they take action on Foster. If charges are filed against Foster or the investigation turns up disturbing information, then the 49ers need to cut him. In the meantime, the 49ers could implement a strategy where Foster is surrounded by security guards similar to what the Cowboys have for Dez Bryant, make sure he is around the right type of companions at all times, and have a contingency plan in place if the 49ers do have to cut Foster or lose him to suspension.

    1. Just speculating, but I wonder if the solution will be that Foster enters a substance abuse rehab program (similar to Aldon Smith) and then he’ll sit out most of the year. Of course, this speculation assumes the DV charges are dropped and there is no evidence of abuse. Not sure how the gun charge would factor in, though.

      1. Cubus
        Do you have any information that suggests he was drinking, or something stronger than pot?
        If there’s no evidence of physical, or psychological abuse, and no child involved, most California judges will sentence first time offenders to something like anger management classes and he, or his girlfriend, have to find a new place to live….. maybe including a restraining order.
        * What the league does is another problem he and the 9ers will have to deal with.

    1. when the country stops electing racist and abusers to the white house

      earlier this week we found out a WH official abused 2 of his ex-wifes and even though they knew about it everyone in the WH kept quiet…….initial response was to defend him….

      1. Just stop with that ignorant crap already. Every politician and aide has a skeleton in their closet regardless of their party affiliation. We also do not know how many previous instances of domestic violence by aides employed by the politicians have been kept quiet by the political system and mainstream media. Heck, NBC didn’t think a story on Harvey Weinstein was worth publishing.
        Also, the point of my post is to point out the discrepancy. Many of the players kneeling talk about social justice, but there is little to no talk by those same players when a player is accused or found guilty of domestic violence.

              1. It ignores the point of my post just to throw in a political jab. You need to keep if you are going to attempt to be a troll.

              2. You had no point other than replying to one’s posting that “the other side had the same problem”. With absolutely no specifics or credible evidence to back any of it. Fume all you want, mid, that’s textbook whataboutism. Oh and before you come out with why are we arguing politics on a sports site, take a look at who started this subthread.

              3. Looking at things from one viewpoint is pure bias. Trying to defend that idiocy with false accusations is being ignorant. Finally, accusing the person who started the subject line for the thread of whataboutism when the moron who replied just put up the thing he thought of with his @$$ is just plain lunacy. It does not matter if you accept it, but the fact is that Oneniner’s response did not even come close to answering the question I posed; his response was his political stance and nothing more. Who the nation elects has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with how the NFL players that are kneeling respond to the problem of domestic violence.

              4. “It does not matter if you accept it, but the fact is that Oneniner’s response did not even come close to answering the question I posed; his response was his political stance and nothing more.”

                Mid mentions kneeling, which is a huge wedge issue in politics.
                Acts surprised when he gets a partisan response.


              5. Thanks #80 for clarifying for the idiot…….

                @ribico – you get points for noticing the “whataboutism.”

              6. Forgive me Ribico, but I actually thought people like you would be able to rise above the political crap and have an intellectual and valid discussion about the subject matter, which is possible if a true effort is made. However, you have managed to prove that hope to be a falsehood by channelling your inner Seb and TomD. Once again, forgive me for thinking you were better than that.
                Oneniner, you aren’t even worth my time.

              7. can someone please explain to this dotard what “off topic” means……

                reminds me of the saying “someone can dish it out but he or she can’t take it”

                Don’t be mad at me……you started it – was just helping you stfu

              8. Posing the question “when are NFL going to start taking a knee during a game against domestic violence?” is fair.

                However, the absence of one protest doesn’t diminish another. Simply failing to protest isn’t the same as taking a position defending those actions. However, when the WH actually goes out of it’s way to defend the indefensible, that’s taking a position, and it’s pathetic. Then again, when someone has allegedly groped over a dozen women, and admits to the acts through his own statements, why would anyone be surprised that he would take the sides of the alleged abusers? This country now has a full blown morality crisis, but that’s a topic for another blog!

                But yah, let’s get off of politics and back to Niner football.

              9. Forgive me Ribico, but I actually thought people like you would be able to rise above the political crap

                MWD, you don’t think you opened a can of political crap with your posting? You know as well anyone even mention of the kneeling protest is a political flashpoint in our divided country. Remember the president and his fire the sons of bitches? I have no idea what your point was in putting out “why don’t they take a knee….”? Obviously you have a problem with what they are taking a knee about.

      2. Lol somebody gets their news from cnn and msnbc. Doesn’t surprise me though.
        The racist card is the funniest tonthis day. Then the Russian collusion in a close second.
        Both have zero proof.
        Not a big Trump guy, but I know bull**** when I see it. And this Russian collusion and racist garbage points squarely at the lefties in Washington. Where there is actual proof.
        But I’m sure Onelame and his pink P*** hat will argue because cnn told them so!

        1. Md, I hope your head doesn’t explode too much when charges are filed against the rest of this administration. There will be many, and they are coming. Manfort, Gates, Papadopolous, Flynn… they are just the tip of the spear. Zero proof…. Lmao

          1. There will be many, and they are coming.You are assuming more than presenting actual evidence here.

            You are assuming and stating what you want instead of providing any actual evidence.

            1. I’ve guess you missed the 4 administration arrests so far, every time you shake someone in the Trump circle a Russian falls out, the incredible lengths the admin and its congressional toadies have gone to obstruct the investigation. As far as evidence goes that is circumstantial. The Feds have the real evidence and are putting together this most complicated case.

              1. Mid is a confused human being……ninermd is just a plain moron…..he was home schooled, so you have to be careful around him

              2. You are proving my point that you are saying the first thing that you think of with your @$$ Oneniner. Don’t talk about a subject you have not studied and have no !@#$ing about it.

              3. “saying the first thing that you think of with your @$$ “…….@mid you are playing your Trump card

                its hilarious how Trump supporters are always angry…..they own the WH, Senate, House – and they are still angry……

            2. You stated there will be many and more are coming, which you base on pure speculation and what you are wanting instead of actual evidence. The four arrests are not evidence that supports your claim at all.

              1. It is obvious there are other administration officials who have committed the same acts that resulted in the 4 arrests so far. The president himself has admitted to obstructing the investigation. On national TV, no less. MWD, if you don’t think there will be criminal liability coming out of this, that is a projection of something you are wanting.

        2. Russia is a witch hunt, wink wink. Say it enough times, and people believe it, regardless of all the smoke that suggests a full blown 4-alarm fire. Some people simply choose to believe what they want to believe, whistling past the graveyard. Collusion may seem treasonous, but it’s not a crime. Money laundering and obstruction of justice however …………….. to be continued.

          1. Collusion may seem treasonous, but it’s not a crime.

            Forget collusion, that is a media buzzword. The charge will be Conspiracy against the United States, which is a crime.

            1. It sure smells like a crime to me ribico. The whole thing smells rotten to the core! The question becomes, does congress have the cajones to do the right thing? I sure hope so.

  47. Unfortunately Foster appears to be a marijuana-aholic… Can’t give it up during his playing career and willing to risk tens or hundreds of MILLIONS of $$$ in order to keep toking. If that’s not addictive, I don’t know what is.

    League should suspend him without pay so 49ers don’t have to factor in him going anywhere else in NFL with a decision to cut/keep him.

  48. Get the facts first before cutting the kid. If no violence or physical abuse then sit the kid for 6 months and demand mandatory DA meetings and community service at a DA shelter. If that doesn’t change the behavor trade him to the aders

  49. Im curious as to what the suspension will be.
    I think he could easily lose a year just from the league.
    He was already going to miss a few games for prior arrest, but now he has a domestic violence and assault weapons charge in addition to that. Taking into account the prior drug test result and incident with medical doctors at the combine, he is a prime player to make an example of.
    Then SF must ask themselves if he is suspended for a year, is he worth the risk?

    1. Shoup,

      I don’t think he was facing more than a game suspension from the MJ arrest as he wasn’t in the NFL substance abuse program before then. The diluted drug sample didn’t put him in the program.

      Obviously a lot is riding on the details of the latest arrest. If he actually did physically abuse his girlfriend he’s done as a Niner and likely suspended from the league for an indefinite period of time. If he didn’t physically abuse her then the focus is more on the weapons charge which also could wind up with a suspension depending on the severity of the charge.

      I think as hard as it is, we have to let the process play out before drawing conclusions. He is a troubled person which we knew about when he was drafted, but there is still a chance they can help him get his career back on track if this latest indictment doesn’t prove as damning as originally thought.

      1. I’m ignorant with regards to what is encompassed by domestic violence. Most here use the term “physical abuse” but is “mental or emotional abuse” also covered under domestic violence?

        1. I should be a bit more clear. In part I’m wondering if the NFL focuses primarily on physical violence when it comes to domestic violence.

      2. Rocket,
        This is not entirely true…
        “the diluted drug sample didn’t put him in the program.”

        According to the NFL, a diluted sample is treated as Positive test by the NFL. A positive test moves a player into stage 1 of the program for 90 days.

        “Any Player who provides a dilute specimen during Pre-Employment Testing or Pre-Season
        Testing (Section 1.3.1) shall enter Stage One of the Intervention Program, as follows:
        a. Players who provide a dilute urine specimen that is an LOD Positive shall enter
        Stage One of the Intervention Program by Positive Test;
        b. Players who provide a dilute urine specimen that is an LOD Negative shall enter
        Stage One of the Intervention Program by Behavior.”

        The problem was Foster not only had a diluted sample but also had the incident with the doctor, so I do not know if he was moved only into stage 1 or into stage 2 for behavioral issues.

        If he was in stage 2 but not under the drug policy, he is still subject to this for a second offense…
        Second Violation: A Player who has a second violation in Stage Two will be
        subject to:
        “1. A suspension without pay of four (4) regular and/or postseason games
        (including the Pro Bowl, if selected) if he was previously fined for
        Stage Two noncompliance; or
        2. A suspension without pay of six (6) regular and/or postseason games
        (including the Pro Bowl, if selected) if he was previously suspended
        for Stage Two noncompliance; and
        3. Advancement to Stage Three.”

        Now add the a domestic violence charge and assault weapons charge to that with the understanding the that league doesn’t require a conviction to punish players for these type of charges. Elliot got 6 games and the charges were dropped.

        The amount of unknown info (both in regards to the case and Foster’s situation) is why the situation is so murky.

        1. Shoup,

          Yeah I remember that Rapoport had said he would only be subject to a one game suspension when he was busted in Alabama so I figured he wasn’t in the program yet, but I was obviously mistaken. I thought he’d be subject to a harsher punishment if he was already in the program but apparently you get a long leash.

          Still he was only going to get a one game suspension at worst from the possession offense:

          “Based on past precedent, he only faces a one-game suspension,” Rapoport said on Murph & Mac Monday morning. “This is actually kind of a weird one. Obviously, in San Francisco he does not get arrested. I’m not sure we’ve dealt with this before as a league where a guy gets arrested in one state for something that’s not illegal in the state where he lives. It might not matter because laws are laws and he still got cited, arrested or whatever it was. But it’s legal where he lives.”
          Because of his arrest, Foster will forfeit the $2.5 million of salary guarantees in the final three years of his deal, per a provision in his contact. No news has been released on the punishment Foster will face from the NFL, but Rapoport guesses that he will receive a one-game suspension based on past incidences; such as Ahmad Bradshaw of the Indianapolis Colts, who served a one-game suspension after being cited for the possession of marijuana in 2015.

          How this latest arrest affects him is anyone’s guess. It comes under the personal conduct policy rather than the Substance abuse program, so as you mentioned Goodell can punish him regardless of how it turns out.

          1. No worries Rocket,
            Honestly, I didn’t know either and had to look this up after the last arrest.
            A lot of fans were trashing Grant for calling it a failed drug test when it wasn’t, but I remembered hearing the NFL treats it as a failed test. So I did a bit of digging to try and understand the situation Foster was in.

            *It must be noted there is also a good chance he was no longer in the program. What I was not able to determine is how the NFL treats a second (character related offense) when a player isn’t currently in the program.

  50. People are saying the team should wait for all the facts. Isn’t that a given? I believe their statement about gathering pertinent information.

    1. He does come from a state where hunting is prevalent, so the possibility that it is a hunting rifle cannot be ignored.

    1. He has to be let go if this is true.

      All of a sudden Zach Cunningham looks like he would have been a pretty good draft pick for the 49ers…

    2. Barrows said it was Brock’s girlfriend with the fingerprints on her neck. He implied that if the Foster situation was similar he’d probably be cut.

        1. NP. The way Barrows described it, it sounded like Foster’s girlfriend.

          I was one of the “sick” fans that tweeted him about Edmund’s. !I’ve Barrows humor.

    3. I think you confused Foster with Brock Razor:

      “I think the 49ers will take it on a case-by-case basis,” Barrows told KNBR Radio Monday. “I don’t think there’s any sort of blanket policy. The initial reports of Tramaine Brock was that there were finger prints around the neck of Brock’s girlfriend. If they’re to that degree with Foster, I would imagine this is the last we are going to see of Reuben Foster with the 49ers.”

        1. Nothing to be sorry about. It was a confusing comment from Barrows. I just wanted to make sure we didn’t get too far down the track with it.

    4. No, you read it wrong:

      In April, the 49ers quickly parted ways with cornerback Tramaine Brock after he was arrested for abusing his then girlfriend in Santa Clara. An initial police report said his girlfriend had “visible injuries” around her neck and the 49ers released Brock a day after the incident.

      Foster drug his GF out of the house and threw all her crap on the lawn:

      Citing sources with knowledge of the investigation, The Mercury News of San Jose on Monday reported that Foster’s longtime girlfriend claimed that he dragged her during an argument at a Los Gatos home Sunday morning. He also threw her belongings out of the house in an apparent attempt to remove her from the premises. Foster’s attorney on Monday declined to comment on the allegations.

      He should have called the police and let them throw her out. Something you learn when you get older.

  51. Ian Rapoport‏
    Verified account

    Follow @RapSheet

    LB Reuben Foster went in to the facility to meet with #49ers officials today following his arrest yesterday, I’m told. The team has said it’s going through the fact-finding process and no quick resolution is expected. Police, NFL and SF are all doing due diligence

  52. Guilty or not guilty, at this point does it even matter? Guys that love the game and respect the value of team dont put themselves in these situations.
    These guys make million of dollars and have the best life but if they dont truly love the game and have the capability to stop amd ask themselves , “hey, will doing this affect my chances of playing the game I love more than anything? Then he doesnt deserve to be a 49er or a pro athlete.

    1. That’s a part of this that so many people seem to be missing. Reuben Foster doesn’t simply represent himself. He’s employed by the 49ers. The 49ers went out on a limb when they drafted him, putting more faith in his character than most of the other NFL teams. He has 65-70 fellow teammates, plus coaches, and front office folks who are counting on him. He just got arrested a month ago, and has to understand by now how much he let his teammates down. At the very least, he seems to be a selfish, immature kid. The 49ers are trying to build a team-first culture. Reuben Foster isn’t fitting that mold. And if you have a separate set of rules for the most talented, highly drafted players, you’re sending a contradictory message to the rest of the team, aren’t you?

      I’m willing to wait to gather all of the facts, but I’m not giving him a pass. He’s an adult and part of a team. It’s high time he acted like it!

    1. Bybher calling, and saying he has two guns, sounds a little vindictive to me. Unless he pulled them out and either pointed them at her or put one in her face I can’t see why she would call to report that.

      1. Here’s my take after reading GEEP’s link.

        Foster throws her clothes out because he wants her to leave. She doesn’t leave. Instead of having the cops remove her or leaving the house himself, he drags and threatens her.

        He should be cut.

        Maybe the woman drops the charge and they get back together (it happens). The abuser will be as sweet as he can be for a while. Some time passes and the abuse starts up again. Anyone who has been around domestic violence knows this.

        1. You don’t cut a guy based on that info. He tried to kick her out his house. Who knows what she did to him. Maybe he didn’t call the police because he felt it wasn’t warranted. She called the police because he told her it was over and she figured out that she ain’t married to him so how can she get money from him. This screams of it being very fishy. The gun in the house(as long as he didn’t point it at her or threaten to shoot her) is over blown. Do you know how many Americans have that same gun in Cali…. A lot! Let’s wait on more evidence to come out before he is cut… You do not cut him based on what she just said. My guess it gets dropped…

          1. “She called the police because he told her it was over and she figured out that she ain’t married to him so how can she get money from him.”

            And how do you know that?

              1. “How do you know he isn’t correct?”

                It’s his long term girlfriend. If it were a random jock sniffer from a club I might believe that. Which scenario is more likely?

              2. Its not about what scenario is more likely. You asked how RAW knew what he was saying is true. You don’t know if your version of events is any more true than RAW knows his is. You are both speculating.

                Let it play out. If he is guilty of DV I am guessing Lynch and co. will be quick to cut him.

            1. No one knows anything. If it’s she said he said it doesn’t deserve getting cut. Weed doesn’t deserve getting cut. Browns held on to Gordon after what 4-5 incidents? What about L Bell the best back in football. How many times he get suspended? I agree it’s a pattern. It serious especially if more specifics come out that are accurate. Right now he doesn’t deserve to get cut YET? Ray Lewis contributed in killing someone and he is now a hero and got to keep his job… Right now Foster doesn’t deserve to be cut. Might change by tommorow but if it gets dropped and they drop the gun charge to a misd he stays and he should. He will get suspended for at least 6 games and he deserves that… You give him 1 more shot… Thsts my opinion.

              1. “You give him 1 more shot… Thsts my opinion.”

                No problem. I get all that. But I gave him 1 more shot last month.

              2. I get that but I believe the weed possession arrest these days is a joke. In Cali they don’t bring you to jail for that. The gun charge( which she lied about saying he had several guns but the cops only found one) is a petty charge. Unless he threaten her with it. That’s a different level if that’s the case. He registerrd it in Alabama. He didn’t register yet in Cali… We will see what happens but he is too talented to drop base of these details.

              3. “I get that but I believe the weed possession arrest these days is a joke.”

                I completely agree. But it’s still a violation of NFL rules.

          2. Un-fing believable…..all you tea and crumpet california chomps want to throw this guy to the wolves over what some trollop says. Some of these money-grubbing biatches actually need a swift kick in the ass out the doe. Dude prolly told her to go kick some rocks….and scally wag wanted some revenge.

            1. Ppppppfffffffftttt! The troglodyte view, eh? Hahahaha. Alley Oop The Caveman. Drag her in, drag her out.
              There are better ways to break up.
              Paul Simon wrote an instructive song about it. Check it out on YouTube. Enjoy.

              1. Yeah. And as you get OLDER you learn them. But when you’re young, too often you just don’t know. Especially in the heat-of-the-moment.

              1. That’s how it works when the victim realizes their money from the pro athlete will cease to exist, and they decide to drop the charges. It’s a dangerous game for these woman involved in volatile relationships with players absent a moral compass….

              2. That’s how it works when the victim realizes their money from the pro athlete will cease to exist, and they decide to drop the charges.

                It could also be that she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him.

              3. MWD, sure could. I wasn’t speaking of anyone in particular, but to how it usually works. Love is very powerful, and sometimes blinds you to reality as well. Too bad Love didn’t come out, because sometimes you need tough Love…;>)

  53. Rapoport: Reuben Foster meets with 49ers officials following latest arrest
    3 hours ago • 2 comments
    By David Bonilla

    This latest arrest was the second in the past month for Foster.

    “That’s critical because you start defining the type of guys you want in your building,” Lynch told NFL Network’s Alex Flanagan. “As important as the talent is, that piece is just as important. You look at the successful organizations, and they’ve figured that out.”

  54. The interesting thing is that everybody sidesteps the obvious.
    Ruben is arrested twice this year. First pot than DV.
    How come nobody connects the two?
    A footballplayer probably using supplements to build muscles, using pot to relax and take the edge off.
    Pot is taken away and someone with no history of DV starts getting out of hand.
    What is the reason again that they can’t smoke pot???

    1. Because they’re not connected. DV is a generational issue of being raised in a family where DV is present as a child. Smoking pot isn’t.

    1. If the 49ers view Witherspoon as the #1 CB going forward, then it makes sense to sign Emerson because he is a solid #2.

    1. TomD

      Boy ! 6’3″ 194…That’s about as perfect as you could build a CB…long enough to defend passes, and big and fast enough (4.38) to put the hammer on a back or receiver….Amerson and Carlton Davis anyone…? Fitzpatrick to spell….

  55. If Foster wasn’t a pro athlete with potential, he’d be on skid row guzzling Thunderbird and begging for cigarette money. We all know he’s a mentally challenged lowlife, but hey! If he doesn’t get injured and can STAY in games and tackle , I say keep him! What do I care if he’s a druggie / crim … Makes no difference in my life. I’m just looking for 49ers W’s.

    Maybe we can get Ruben a spiritual mentor … Ryan Leaf!

  56. Sign Amerson and Butler after a convincing workout/interview on each (make sure Butler’s not another flake). Get as many DBs at a reasonable price as you can. Same with OLs.

    1. He’s a little light if you run right at him. 228 vs 250 lb FBs, 260lb TEs, 300lb OL?
      He’s a baller and has great range and instincts. If the Pers peeps think the game is evolving enough, then he’ll find a slot as a hybrid. I like his game, just not sure he’s big enough for Will or Mike in this scheme. Edmunds might be a better fit. The Bama backer can plug but I don’t know if he can run and cover.

  57. Yup, I would go with Edmunds because he has a higher ceiling than Roquan. Edmunds has the ability to lineup anywhere near the LOS and make an impact. Roquan is very good no doubt, but he rarely gets to the QB. Edmunds will be able to stay with the tall TE’s as well as pressure the QB in certain packages.

    I believe it was Scooter who said that Edmunds would be more like a luxury pick for us. In the wake of the Foster incident, Edmunds may now go from a luxury pick to a must pick.
    Dang, Foster’ poor actions has more than likely caused the team to reorganize their draft board needs. Lynch and Shanahan now have to plan their draft with the notion that Reuben is gone for a length of time. Actually they should go into the draft with the mindset that Foster in not coming back – I certainly would.

    Question to my blog family: Some of you have already included your mock draft. Are you staying with your mock or making any changes given Foster’ recent event?

    1. My most recent (second) mock won’t change, and I plan on waiting until after the Combine and the first two weeks of free agency before I do another. However, that may change if the 49ers choose to release Foster before the Combine, which is something I do not see happening.

    2. AES, he is more interesting now, as he could possible play the Leo or any of the other Linebacker positions.

      As a Will I would favor Smith, but if Edmunds can play the LEO, Will, or Sam then then his upside goes up and his Bust potential is reduced. This makes him a much more likely selection in my opinion.

      1. I still feel as though a very good MIKE LB can be had on day 2. The only way I would take Edmunds or Smith is if Nelson is gone, and there were no trade offers….

        1. Razor,
          Agree.. Nelson would need to be off the table for either Edmunds or Roquan to go 1st pick at 9 or 10.
          Also, if raiders with the 9 pick they may go with either Edmunds or Roquan.

          For me, Roquan would fit in well at the MIKE spot, but Edmunds gives us more flexibility to create some nice defensive packages. If Nelson is gone, one of these guys could be wearing the red&gold next year.

          Considerations also need to be given to some very good talent available at 9 or 10. WR’s,
          EDGE, Safety and other O-lineman not named Quintin Nelson are there for the taking as well. Players like Sutton, Ridley, Davenport, Key, Landry, Price, O’Neill, Ward are viable options.
          But given the Foster stupidity, LB is a premium need for me.

          1. I feel like Sutton, Davenport are being overrated. Key is another character red flag to stay away from, (Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me). Ward to me is a NC, Landry isn’t worth taking that high imho, and neither is Price or O’Neill….

        2. Daniel Jeremiah has Edmunds as the 3rd best prospect in the draft.
          1. Barkley 2. Nelson 3. Edmunds so wouldn’t he also be considered “elite”?

    3. AES

      Good research to both you and Scooter…I’ve heard about all I need to hear about Foster until tha gavel drops…Edmunds would be my “next man up”… Foster has become a distraction…

      1. OR,
        I agree with you regarding Foster becoming a big distraction. But the worse thing that happened with his recent incident was that it became open to public consumption on the internet.

        I would wait until all the details of the investigation all complete before we make a final decision on Foster. If reports about dragging his GF are confirmed than he deserves to go! I can handle the marijuana incident, being kicked out of the combine issue and even the gun (as long as the gun was laying on a table) possession thing. But I will never justify a man putting hands on a woman.
        I’m hoping this whole incident is not as bad as it sounds, but if it is, bye, bye Foster -hello Edmunds!

  58. I think the easy thing to do with Foster is to cut him. Right now he’s probably looking at a 6 game suspension next year with the two arrests if not longer. My immediate reaction was to cut his ass, but after some thought I think the better thing would be to get him some help and not give up on him. For his personal sake, not his football career. He’s as good as being cut anyway, so why not use him as an example to the team that they aren’t just a ruthless employer, and have some stake in their players lives, and are willing to stand by them during adversity. I think it will motivate the team, and be a positive situation, not the opposite. Team management will have plenty of time to observe and analyze his progress. Either way, they are going to have to adjust their draft and FA picks to account for his loss. JMHO

  59. Surprised he hasn’t been cut already.
    I hope he can get help, get off the drugs, and get anger management. At that point he should be able to get back on a team, if he has his life under control and can handle playing such a violent sport.
    Second chances should be allowed under the right circumstances.

  60. Ok ,to soon to make a decision on the DV charge , heard that he tried to leave the situation ,and that’s when the neighborhood called the cops , if that’s the case and he tried to remove himself from what was happening, And a note to all ,if a police officer is called to the scene, someone is leaving under arrest . Period. Soon as you say DV. My understanding is that he was trying to leave . And the call to police came from a neighbor ,not her. Also heard from a cop friend , that the only signs of DV we’re on him . The same friend told me the AR-15 was not modified ( box kit ) . ( A show and tell item for the police )

    To soon to tell , the gun charge is bogus .
    Always said, there not going to outlaw guns , just the ammo they fire .
    Let’s wait and see ! Before we ridicule this to the point we’re it’s more than what it is .
    Not to mention , there is a man’s life , livelihood and reputation are on the line.

    Let’s get the facts first . Before we pass judgement .

  61. If they don’t cut Foster immediately I believe that they will be forced to cut him soon. They have Smith ready to step in then they should sign DeMario Davis to a healthy 1 yr contract with a team option for a 2nd. Then they should draft a ILB on the 3rd day. Davis could end up being an outstanding signing.

      1. Razor,
        He had a breakout 2017. The question is can he match his 17 performance after being a disappointment previously. I think the 9ers should sign him to a 1yr contract with a team option for a 2nd make him prove himself.

        1. Old Coach
          DeMario Davis signed a $ 1 Million dollar contract with the Jets in 2017. $100K guaranteed and another $1.225 Mill in incentives! After a breakout year, what do you think his 2018 market value is? (how much do you believe the 9ers could sign him for)?

      2. Razor,
        Good looking out on Davis. I don’t see any FA ILB’s that would warrant any serious attention at the moment. I believe that our stud LB will come by way of the draft.
        I’m hoping that Lynch can make a trade down and put us in the 18-25 range in the 1st rd.
        Buffalo could be interested in giving up one of their 1st rd picks (21 or 22) to get into the top ten. But I would also take a shot at trying to get one of their number two picks as well.

        This allows us to take a top tier WR or O-linman later in the 1st rd. We can use the extra pick in rd two for a ILB, CB or EDGE.
        I’m tempted to do my first mock, but I’ll try my best to wait until after the combine. I learned my lesson by touting Foster for our 1st pick last year before the combine. I got the guy I was touting, but got a major headache as well – yeah, I’ll wait till after the combine.

  62. * I believe the 9ers will cut Foster, but whatever the 9ers decide to do with him they should wait until after the draft to do it! By then they should have all the details, a better understanding of what the DA will charge him with (felony, or misdemeanor) and have had time to find out what punishment Goodell will hand down.
    * Also, why give the rest of the division any more information on your draft needs, than you have to!
    * Not likely, but there may be a team(s) willing to trade, or give up a 2019 draft pick for him? (wishful thinking)!

    1. GEEP

      I personally doubt that Foster will be cut….I believe that the dragging incident will be reduced to ‘shoving or pushing’ …and a financial settlement will get the charge dropped…and the imitation AK-47 will be confiscated by the Los Gatos police….yeah, this will be her last check….

      1. OREGONINER:
        * “and a financial settlement will get the charge dropped. ” Yes, I can see that being a possibility…money buys a lot of things, including amnesia! But if she refuses to cooperate, my understanding is the DA’s can still move forward with the case? (JPN001 may be willing provide guidance)?
        * The assault rifle case, as I understand it, is what lawyers call a “wobbler case.” The list of assault rifles is
        several years old and the Sig Sauer 516 SBR is a new model that has not yet been added to the list. if that is
        in fact the case, how can the DA charge him with possession of an illegal firearm, if it’s not on the list?

        1. In general, prosecutorial discretion allows a prosecutor to move forward with bringing charges even absent witness cooperation (the notion of “pressing charges” is largely a euphemism for whether the complaining witness is willing to testify as the prosecutor almost always has final say on if charges will be brought). Practically, the unwillingness of a complaining witness to testify or the challenge of putting such witness on the stand as an unwilling witness is problematic for a successful prosecution. However, in DV cases there may be physical evidence that compensates for a reluctant complaining witness. So, it often depends on the existing evidence combined with the availability and cooperation of the complaining witness.

          In some jurisdictions with such firearm laws, the list may be a guide while the statute relies on a definition of the characteristics that are prohibited so as to include later models with those characteristics. I do not know if this is how the CA statute is written.

  63. With the information we have so far they will not cut Foster and they shouldn’t. He will get one more chance unless more graphic information comes out. It sounds like he did not hit her he tried to remove her from his house after a heated argument. He moved her belongings outside and she flipped out and called the police. When the police are called it’s an automatic arrest for someone. The gun charge is a joke. It’s a AR15 which thousands of Californians own in there house. He registered it in Bama but not yet in Cali. That won’t hold in court. So unless more information comes out they will keep him. He will be suspended for at least 6 games. They should look for another MLB to prepare themselves for the worst(another bad decision).

    The reality of the situation is that when you have all-pro potential you don’t cut that person unless that domestic violence charge is more detailed. Everyone wants to compare this situation to Brock. Brock choked his GF where he left visible marks. Automatic cut. Plus he wasn’t a player that was a fit with the new GM… Let’s see how this unfolds.

    1. Rebuild A Winner:
      You have made assumptions, none of which you know how the DA will decide to charge him with. (Felony or misdemeanor)
      ” It sounds like he did not hit her he tried to remove her from his house after a heated argument.”
      1) He doesn’t have to “HIT HER” to be charged with assault. Once he put his hands on her, he can be charged with assault. We know he touched her, so the DA may charge him with physical and/or mental assault, if she claims she felt threatened.
      2) Since he allowed her to live in his house, she’s no longer a guest. She has established legal residency, even if she has only lived there for several weeks! ( We know she’s lived with him longer). If she has a key, receives mail at that address, lives there full time (does not have another place to live). Then she has legal rights and the police will not remove her, especially if there is a child involved. If there is nothing in writing, (rental agreement, lease etc), Foster will need to retain a lawyer and get a court order to have her removed. (in this case, not likely). The judge could decide he has to move and possibly issue a restraining order against him. Two Legal References: and

        1. Oregonniner:
          * Maybe, depends on if she threatened him ( which would likely get him laughed out of court). But once he
          put his hands on her, to throw her out of the house, it’s assault and too late. It’s a minimum of assault and possibly assault and battery.
          FYI: Assault is defined as the THREAT of bodily harm that reasonably causes fear of harm in the victim! BATTERY is the actual physical impact on another person. If the victim has not actually been touched, but only threatened (or someone attempted to touch them), then the crime is assault.
          *I’m not a lawyer, but own rentals and have had to go to court to deal with similar situations.

      1. I am always fascinated by what people consider legal authority and how they interpret same.
        Let’s take the so-called “legal references” provided above. The first source given above is not a legal reference nor California specific — it is a generic legal information piece written in such a way as to cover a wide variety of situations with vague platitudes and broad hedges.

        The second source is even worse. (1) It is also not a legal reference but rather a research opinion issued by a legislative fellow. (2) It is state specific, but not to California. The research opinion is from a Connecticut legislative fellow regarding Connecticut law, not California law. (3) Even if the cited source was pertinent to the jurisdiction in which the issue arose, it cites a case that stands in contradiction to the point being espoused in the post. And (4) the research opinion is eight years old meaning it may not reflect current law in the relevant jurisdiction.

        So, a word to the wise (as well as the not-so-wise) — If you are going to try to cite law and provide internet sources, keep the following in mind:

        (1) Cite actual law (statutes, regulations, cases, etc.), government websites that reference actual law, treatises on the law, law review articles, third-party websites that reference the actual law, or journalistic writings that reference actual law. But note that all but the first are secondary sources, and of the secondary sources, the last two are not considered legal reference.
        (2) Cite the law relevant to the jurisdiction in question. The vast majority of the laws under which we live day-to-day are jurisdictionally specific laws of a particular state, county, municipality, etc.
        (3) Learn to interpret sources to understand what is actually meant and how the law is applied. As mentioned above, even if the second source given had met (1) and (2) of these suggestions, it contradicts the point for which it was cited.
        (4) Find up to date sources. Laws change. Shift happens.
        (5) Do not state the application of the law in absolutes. It is usually best to indicate how the law may be applied given how it has been applied in similar situations (analysis), or how it should be applied (advocacy), rather than to state how it will be applied as a certainty (especially if one does not understand how law and the legal system work).
        (6) The law is not the same as sports opinions–neither shouting the loudest nor submerging yourself in the maelstrom of consensus thinking will enhance the validity of your conclusion.

          1. He’s out of luck, Razor. I am not licensed in CA. Also, I have not represented clients in nearly ten years. And now even giving my takes on these cases is somewhat problematic. As of November 2017, I am sitting as a judge (cannot say where or in what court, of course) once a month, so I have to be more mindful than I may have been in the past concerning giving legal thoughts in fora such as this one.

            1. I am licensed in California, but do not practice criminal law. I have learned to keep legal opinions off the internet in general, but my first thought in reading your comment was, “Judge or Law Professor?”

              1. Pot,

                I’ve always tried to give information on how the law works and explanations of what may happen while staying away from presenting a legal opinions (much like in a classroom), so I understand your position. And I now I know that I must be even more careful, especially with respect to criminal law as that is what I hear. But I do like taking the opportunities I have to educate people on the law.

              2. JPN001:

                +1 about general education of the law. I wish you well in your pursuits, and if your judicial reasoning is as clear and concise as your commentary here, you would make a great judge.

            2. Congratulations your Honor. I always appreciate your guidance and expertise on matters beyond our scope around here, so hopefully you won’t have to refrain from commenting completely.

              1. Thanks, rocket. It is only once a month that I hear cases, but my wife keeps telling me that does not matter. My plan is to try to seek a full-time judgeship withing the next five years, but we will see how that goes.

                I am still okay with general comments on the law, but I have to be cautious giving even personal opinions on the law or on cases, especially on criminal matters. Even the appearance of a bias can be problematic.

              2. I understand your situation but we can gain a lot just from your general comments so don’t be a stranger.

                Your wife is right, it’s a major achievement no matter how often you take the bench. Good luck with the pursuit of a Judgeship in the future.

        1. JPN001:
          As I said, I’m not a lawyer and you have likely forgot more than I’ll ever know. My attempt was an
          amature attempting to make a point. That is we don’t know what the DA will charge him with (maybe you do)? I don’t know all the facts and my experience is limited. I had a renter that wanted to evict his ex girlfriend.

          1. I recall just enough CA landlord/tenant law from my clinical work in law school (which was in CA) to be dangerous, but who is a tenant with respect to a cohabitating couple living in a rented residence is often dependent on a combination of the lease terms and the financial obligations of both parties. In a situation where only one party is listed on the lease and that party is also the sole person providing payment of the lease, the cohabitant is likely not a tenant absent a showing of shared financial responsibility and/or a cohabitation agreement. In such case, the actual tenant may not owe any duties to the non-tenant with respect to notice and other legal process.

            In situations where one party owns or has a ownership interest in and control of a residence in which that person cohabitates with the other party, things a are somewhat less murky. If the party without an ownership interest does not contribute to the cost of the purchase and/or upkeep of the property, does not pay rent, and does not have a cohabitation agreement with the party with ownership interest in the residence, then such person is likely not a tenant and is not entitled to notice or other procedural protections under landlord/tenant law. Duration of the cohabitation, demonstrated intent of the parties, children who are the shared responsibility of the parties, etc. may be relevant to such determination, however, so just because someone does not pay rent does not mean they have no protection. These are very fact dependent matters and without more information everything is speculative at this point.

            1. JPN:

              I belong to a landlord’s blog in Seattle, WA and a constant topic that comes up is what should a landlord do when a tenant asks them to help move out a girlfriend or boyfriend. Very experienced property managers (no lawyers though) typically respond with “the tenant will need to contact a lawyer” as there is little to nothing a landlord can do unless the lease is being violated. Up and down the west coast, landlords can typically not restrict a unit to a single person. Seattle, for example, allows two persons per bedroom +1 per unit. Many have mentioned receiving mail and this does typically establish residency.

              I have seen only one relatively “easy” answer – namely, waiting for the lease to expire or give notice that a tenancy is to end. Then both tenant and “guest” have to leave assuming the city/town does not require a “reason” (as provided by the city or town) to ask tenants to leave. In Seattle, when a fixed-term lease is up the tenants are supposed to move out unless you come to a new arrangement. Month-to-month tenancies, however, require a reason to terminate the tenancy (as prescripted by the City of Seattle). In San Francisco fixed-term leases are automatically converted to month-to-month leases and tenancies have to be terminated based on reasons allowed by SF (a very time consuming process with lots of documentation required).

              1. Cubus,

                The issue I addressed above was whether a landlord/tenant relationship exists between a leaseholder or owner/occupant of a residence and a guest of that the leaseholder or owner/occupant. This is a case by case determination, and in most states (even on the west coast) a guest who does not fall under a landlord/tenant relationship with the leaseholder or with an owner/occupant of the the residence can be ejected absent eviction proceedings. Where it tends to get tricky is when it is not clear whether the relationship is a guest relationship or a landlord/tenant relationship.

                Now, as you point out, this is much more problematic for the landlord whose tenant has a guest the tenant wants ejected, as the landlord may owe a duty to all residents so long as it is not a situation of forcible detainer, and even then an eviction proceeding is often necessary. But it is important to understand that landlord/tenant laws do not always apply to the guest of an occupant of a residence, whether that occupant is a leaseholder or an owner/occupant, in the same way that such laws may apply even to a squatter in a property that is not owner/occupied.

                Put another way, one of the rights of a property owner is the right of exclusion. When a property owner transfers a subservient property interest to another (such as to a leaseholder), at least some, and usually most, of the right to exclusion is transferred to the subservient interest. Further, landlord/tenant acts tend to presume that the right to exclusion has been transferred at least in part to the leaseholder absent a showing to the contrary. As such, a landlord may not be able to eject the guest of a leaseholder as the leaseholder has the relevant right to exclusion, not the landlord. The landlord can only recover the right to exclusion when the subservient interest ends (either by term or by court action), so the landlord cannot eject leaseholder guests other than by terminating the leaseholder’s right to exclusion. The leaseholder, however, may be able to eject guests under the right to exclusion if a landlord/tenant relationship does not exist between the leaseholder and the guest. The same is true for an owner/occupant — if he or she has a guest that is not a tenant under the relevant landlord/tenant act, they owner/occupant may be able to exercise the right to exclusion absent court action.

        2. JPN001
          I would be interested in your explanation of her legal rights, if she was a legal resident or not and what you think the DA will charge him with, etc.
          The average citizen, like myself, doesn’t have access to legal cases to be able to cite actual law (statutes, regulations, cases, etc). If it doesn’t put in a bind legally, I would like to hear your opinion.

          1. I am not really comfortable addressing case specifics (see above posts to Pot..Kettle and rocket). Sorry. Also, I always caution against early speculation. Sorry.

        3. From one of the not-so-wise…….thanks.
          Many of us appreciate your nudges back on track and your well-advised brake pumping suggestions on some of these issues.

      2. As always, JPN will understand the legal side of things far better than any of us, so I won’t bother touching on that.

        But I have to say that if the version of events is along the lines as what RAW is suggesting (and it sounds plausible based on what we are hearing), things get pretty murky from a moral standpoint for me. Yes, it is bad to physically (or emotionally) abuse someone, and I don’t condone physical violence. But at the same time if you are the one paying for a place, with your money (and while this is speculation, I think it is a fair assumption that is the case with Foster), then you should have the right to ask people to leave your house. Even if they have been living there. I’m not talking legally here as I know there are legal rights, but its pretty absurd imo (things would be different if they were long term partners (and I don’t mean dating for a few years – I mean living together as partners for 10-20 years) but that’s not the case here).

        So, if RAWs suggestion is indeed what happened, while forcibly removing the person is a stupid thing to have done, I can’t really see it as a being a terrible thing that deserves severe punishment unless he got violent (and nothing so far suggests he did).

        To put it in another frame, if she was the one paying for the place and she had asked him to leave but he refused so she physically made him (or if that is too implausible for people, her brother(s) had), would anyone be shouting that she should be punished?

        1. “unless he got violent (and nothing so far suggests he did).”

          Dragging someone is both physical and mental abuse. The threat is mental abuse. How do you think her hypothetical brother(s) would feel if they saw their sister being dragged from a house?

          1. There is no debate here is there? This is the 4th incident with this guy. He’s good but there is better out there and it’s simple, go find another sideline to sideline tackling machine ILB.

            He’s done. I don’t think due process is warranted here.

          2. How would Foster’s family feel if those hypothetical brothers were dragging Foster out instead?

            And when did this become about dragging her out anyway? Is there some details I haven’t seen that outlines she was dragged out? You don’t need to drag someone to forcibly remove them. And even if he did, to be quite honest while obviously stupid and wrong, I don’t see that as being an act that deserves severe punishment given the circumstances suggested (depends on exactly how it went down though). End of the day, while there may be legal issues to deal with, on a moral level I find this could be quite a murky one.

            1. “How would Foster’s family feel if those hypothetical brothers were dragging Foster out instead?”

              I doubt they would be happy. And here’s the thing. Let’s say the GF has her two brothers try to remove Foster physically. That could lead to a big fight or worse. By worse I mean brothers Vs Foster (2 on 1). This would be an unfair situation like a 230 pound man getting physical with a woman. Foster might get scared (like his GF was scared). In that case, does Foster grab his gun to protect himself?

              “And when did this become about dragging her out anyway?”

              That’s what was reported.

              Our morals don’t matter. The NFL will most likely suspend him, even without a conviction (Zeke Elliot).

              1. Oh, he will be suspended no doubt. But morals absolutely should matter.

                What I am trying to get across is that while legally he may have something to answer, and while the NFL will likely suspend him, is what he has done so bad, so reprehensible, that the 49ers shouldn’t want anything to do with him?

                And my use of the alternative hypothetical scenario is to show there are some double standards at play. Your fear is things could have escalated if it had been the other way around. Maybe. But that’s not the point. If it hadn’t, would anyone be so up in arms if Foster was forcibly removed from the home he shared with his GF if the GF asked him to leave and he refused? My guess is people would be upset with Foster for not leaving when asked.

              2. “Oh, he will be suspended no doubt. But morals absolutely should matter.”

                Absolutely morals matter. Let me clarify. Our views on how immoral Foster was will have no bearing on his eventual punishment from the NFL and his potential legal problems.

                They can keep him, and it looks they will. He will be in Aldon territory where any future infraction could come with a one year suspension. That’s a risk and it affects how the team will be built. Edge, CB, OL has become Edge, CB, OL, and ILB. Do they go with a bridge ILB or use a high draft pick? Do they neglect the position, hoping that Foster pans out?

              3. “Do they neglect the position, hoping that Foster pans out?”

                From Maiocco’s article:

                With the free-agent signing period scheduled to begin in a month, it is clear the 49ers must make a decision on Reuben Foster.

                It does not have to be a dramatic decision. After all, it appears the 49ers are willing to take their time to let the investigation unfold before determining whether Foster will still hold a spot on the team’s roster.

                The 49ers must approach free agency and the draft as if Foster is a person who can no longer be counted upon to be a long-term member of the organization.


              4. Maiocco is 100% right. They should approach it as if Foster may not be available. If and when he is, great, but need to have another option.

              5. “They should approach it as if Foster may not be available.”

                Yikes. So we draft his replacement? Then why keep Foster?

                I guess they could showcase him late in the season to drum up trade interest. Actually, that might be the best strategy.

              6. Draft and/ or sign someone that can start. Doesn’t need to be a very high pick or really big money FA. But need to be capable.

              7. Scooter, luckily this draft will afford them an opportunity to get a very capable LB later on so they don’t necessarily have to take one early….

            2. So…
              FA and or draft pick.

              How many ILB’s are we going to keep? And what other positional player will be cut to keep Foster? Is Foster worth more than Coyle if we can’t count on his availability?

              1. Great point #80. That’s why keeping him is a huge risk. You can only keep a specific number of ILB’s on the final roster, or sacrifice another position. He may not count against the 53 while suspended, but he will on the day of final cuts, and that’s where you would expose someone to waivers, and risk losing a promising player. Maybe you keep 1 more ILB and 1 less at a position where you feel comfortable with PS depth, i.e DL?

                I no longer trust Reuben will keep himself out of trouble. That’s the main reason I would be hesitant to keep him. I think he’s a good kid, but he’s also immature, and not considerate of his fellow teammates or coaches.

              2. Yeah, I don’t think it is near as difficult to keep Foster plus have suitable backup as you are trying to make out.

                Basically, if Coyle is kept but goes from being the #1 backup to the #2 backup, then the 49ers are good.

                Keep in mind if Foster is suspended he won’t count as part of the 53 to start the year as well.

              3. Didn’t know about the roster spot. But you still have to make room for him when he returns. You would have to sacrifice depth somewhere. And as we know, Foster doesn’t provide reliable depth.

                After learning about suspended players not taking up a roster spot, I even more convinced that we should try to trade him, hopefully before we have to activate him.

              4. Foster would count against the 53 on the final day of roster cuts. At that point you’d have to expose another player to waivers. That’s the way it works, regardless of whether he’s suspended at the start of the season (which coincides the day after the final cuts), or later. Once he begins his suspension, at that point he wouldn’t count against the 53, but that’s after the initial waiver period. Coyle is your backup to Smith at the WILL and Elijah Lee would hopefully backup Foster at the MIKE. That’s 4 right there. If you draft an ILB you’d have to expose one of them to waivers, or keep 5, and expose another player. I’m not saying it’s not feasible. Of course it’s feasible, but is it a prudent risk, when Foster is probably going to screw up again? Maybe it is a prudent risk, but it is a risk, not to mention a slippery slope.

              5. The thing is, you have to have players you can count on. If Foster is going to miss a lot of games due to suspension, unless you carry 5 ILB’s, you are exposing yourself to major depth issues at ILB before the season even starts. And if you carry 5, who are you going to leave exposed to waivers? You have to trim your roster to 53 the day BEFORE the official start to the season, not the day of. That’s the way it works.

              6. “At that point you’d have to expose another player to waivers.”

                Good point. And that would probably be a young player that’s on the bubble, but still has potential. Those guys don’t clear waivers. Promising players that could get exposed to the waiver wire to make room for Foster include Bourne, Pita, Bolden, Hikutini, Joe Williams, Lee, and several of this year’s draft class and UDFA’s.

                So which one do we expose to the waiver wire? And then which player on the 53 gets cut after Foster’s suspension is up? And for what? A guy that you (Scooter) said we should assume won’t be available? A guy that is a bad influence on a young team? A guy with injury concerns on top of everything else?

              7. I get it, you guys want him gone. That’s fair enough. But so far he has had two transgressions as a 49er and both were in the past month. And until I hear his latest one was violent I think it is prudent to lay down the law with him but keep him. For now. Just don’t rely on him – have a decent fallback option.

              8. Fair enough Scooter. If he screws up again though, can we can blame you? lol

                Because my money says he will, and probably before the end of the year.

            3. Scooter
              FYI: LOS GATOS — The domestic-violence arrest of San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster stemmed from his girlfriend’s accusation that he PHYSICALLY DRAGGED HER during an argument at a Los Gatos home Sunday morning, according to sources familiar with the investigation. The reported victim, who has been in a relationship with Foster for SEVERAL YEARS also told police dispatchers during a 911 call that he owned multiple semiautomatic rifles, according to an archived recording. Officers ended up recovering one firearm, a SIG Sauer 516 short-barreled rifle, sources said.
              The encounter LEFT THE WOMAN INJURED sources said, but the extent of her injuries was not disclosed.

        2. Scooter:

          When it comes to housing/renting/occupants, the west coast of the US is anything but reasonable and fair to landlords or prime tenants. Frankly, probably the best thing for Foster to do is to move to another apartment, and not give her a key.

          1. Yeah, from a legal standpoint I agree. Though that then brings into question of why TF should he have to move to another apartment, and still be forced to pay for his old apartment and essentially give his ex a free place to stay until the lease runs out? It boggles the mind. Its pretty similar here in Australia and I just find it so incredibly ludicrous.

            But I was trying to stay out of the legal side of the equation and think more in terms of, essentially, was Foster’s actions reprehensible or understandable? At the moment I am leaning towards stupid but understandable.

            1. If I were Foster, I would try to negotiate an early release from any lease I might have. In both SF and Seattle and I suspect many places on the west coast, if a tenant wants to break a fixed-term lease early, the landord is required to make best attempts at rerenting the unit. Often tenants and landlords will agree to a payment of one to two month’s rent which will allow the tenant to break the fixed-term lease. Month to month leases are easier and typically only require 30 days notice (sometimes less). So RF made a couple of million and this shouldn’t be an issue for him.

              My guess is the team has advised him to move to another place and they might even be attempting to get a restraining order against the GF; otherwise, wouldn’t they be concerned something might happen again.

            2. Scooter:
              California is likely the worst place in the US, with respect to fairness to landlords. I don’t know
              about down under, or other US States, but in California judges are elected officials and special
              interest groups can exert an extreme amount of influence & pressure on them. Also the ballot measures like rent control & renters rights vs landlords. And then there’s the PROPERTY TAX!

              1. Yes, CA is very tenant friendly. All the more reason, RF should be able to move out fairly easily at little additional cost, assuming he is renting.

                Just as an aside: The Seattle City Council approved a regulation that prohibits landlords from using the results of a criminal record search from the prior seven years as a reason to deny tenancy (I believe there is some type of exception for sex offenders, but I’m unclear). This reg goes into effect next week. This is in addition to landlords being required to offer tenancy to the first tenant that meets the landlord’s requirements (landlord must timestamp applications; criminal record cannot be a requirement; about all a landlord can require is a high credit score and sufficient income to meet rent). Seattle is attempting to become the most restrictive city in the US. Still don’t have rent control, but they tried to implement rent control despite a specific ban on rent control in the state of Washington. It will happen in the next year or so.

        3. I’ve never been one to duck a question, so I’ll answer yours as you posed it.

          “To put it in another frame, if she was the one paying for the place and she had asked him to leave but he refused so she physically made him (or if that is too implausible for people, her brother(s) had), would anyone be shouting that she should be punished?”

          Assuming the police were still called, the cops would have took her in. As to a regular person like me shouting about it, no I wouldn’t. There is a clear double standard, but rightfully so. Not only are women not as strong, but they haven’t played football, they haven’t been in bar fights like us. Point being, they’re not physically equipped to fight back and they’re not mentally prepared to be manhandled or struck like a man might be.

          Dragging someone is abuse, regardless of the severity. At best, it’s horribly demeaning, which is emotional abuse.

          1. Quite frankly it is not right that there is a double standard. Saying it is fine and acceptable for such a double standard is exactly why equality between sexes is so far from being found. I hear all these arguments about striving for equality (not from you – generally speaking here), and yet at the same time we have people saying things very similar to what you just said. Its selective equality at best.

            But anyway, that’s a different argument and not one I really feel like having. :-P

            WRT the abuse side of things, you are right. It is. As is making disparaging comments of others. That is also emotional and mental abuse. It happens all the time on here. Should we call the police? And yes, that is a flippant remark, but you are making an argument that Foster should be sacked because any form of abuse is bad. If you go down that rabbit hole there won’t be anyone left on the 49ers.

            I don’t mean to diminish what he did, but end of the day there are differences in the severity of abuse. And the punishment needs to vary accordingly. I don’t have a good answer as to what that scale should be, but as I said previously from what we have heard so far it sounds plausible this could be more a case of stupidity using force to deal with a situation rather than real violence.

            1. “Quite frankly it is not right that there is a double standard.”

              Not buying that. There’s a good reason why stomachs are turned when someone sees a woman get struck. You want to talk about equality, but in reality, women are not “equal” to us physically. The same thing applies to children and the elderly.

              “And the punishment needs to vary accordingly.”

              The legal side will take care of itself. I personally think the league shouldn’t suspend anyone for off the field stuff, unless it’s PEDs, betting on games that you play in, and of course murder. But the rules are what they are, so Foster isn’t worth the trouble IMO.

              1. Yes, there is a good reason. It is because we (as a society) generally consider women weaker. And sure, from a physical standpoint men are on average stronger. But that doesn’t mean it is ok to think of women as weak. To put this in perspective, if Foster were to have done the same to a scrawny guy half his size or less we wouldn’t feel the same way as we do about it being a woman. Welcome to conditioning – that women need to be protected but not men.

                Fact is we should be sickened equally by anyone that abuses anybody of any gender, age or race. Yet of course the vast majority of people will abuse another person in some way, shape or form at some point. So not only do we have double standards, we also have hypocrisy.

                My reference to the punishment comes largely down to what the 49ers will do. I understand zero tolerance for true violence towards anyone. But perhaps some leniency is in order in this case. I don’t know. As I have said, I find this one a murky spot.

              2. “To put this in perspective, if Foster were to have done the same to a scrawny guy half his size or less we wouldn’t feel the same way as we do about it being a woman.”

                People do pity the scrawny guy in an altercation. This common phrase is proof of that.

                ‘Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?’

                Of course everybody should treat everybody well. As I mentioned earlier, if the roles were reversed, the GF would have been arrested. So there is the equality you want WRT the legal system.

              3. Scooter quote.

                “And until I hear his latest one was violent I think it is prudent to lay down the law with him but keep him.”

                GEEP posts a link with details of the arrest. Here is one such detail.

                “The encounter LEFT THE WOMAN INJURED sources said, but the extent of her injuries was not disclosed.”

                Foster’s dragging left the woman injured. As confirmed by the police, Foster caused physical harm.

                After GEEP’s post, Scooter says.

                “But I was trying to stay out of the legal side of the equation and think more in terms of, essentially, was Foster’s actions reprehensible or understandable? At the moment I am leaning towards stupid but understandable.”

                It was stupid. It was done with little or no regard to the physical well being of the woman (injuries prove that). It was not understandable. Had he simply picked her up and carried her outside, you might have something.

  64. Sounds like Foster has had lot of ‘splaining to do yesterday:

    Folks talk about cutting Foster. Why? There a re several teams, IMO, who would trade a 5th pick for Foster. Lynch clearly made a judgement error on Foster’s maturity and self control. However, he is a smart guy learning on the job and he will move on from a wrong decision. He was smart enough to make it clear that decision like the one on Brock are made case-by-case. Once they finish the fact finding, I expect a clearer statement from him today or tomorrow.

    1. I love the kid. But in a rebuild and culture shift with limited leadership, he’s not worth the headache. Sorry but it’s time to move on.

  65. The decision to keep Foster or not wont be based solely on this last incident, its a cumulative affect of poor decisions. The team should be concerning themselves with the combine and the draft but they have to take time out to deal with someone who does not seem to have the capacity to stay away from trouble or controversy.

      1. The author needs to research the reason why the 2nd amendment was established – it wasn’t for hunting, it wasn’t for home/self protection, it wasn’t for target practice.

    1. killersharks

      I think that this is your fifth comment on the thread basically saying the same thing….Are you somehow related to Roquon Smith..?

  66. Ahh, We’ve had some good news too.

    “I don’t think it’s an overreaction at all,” Hawkins followed. “San Fran, great place to be. Kyle Shanahan, I played for him in Cleveland. Players love him. I have fans and friends on the Falcons that miss him. And then I have guys who are free agents this year who are talking about trying to get to San Francisco.”

    We truly are a destination again. As Hankins mentioned, Shanny is highly respected. And he is apparently loved by his players. When watching his press conferences, it’s clear to see that Shanny is more comfortable talking about all things football. His sense of humor will sometimes shine through while talking football. That humorous, young guy connects with his players while still commanding respect.

    Of course JG is another huge FA draw. Who wouldn’t want to be hit in stride?

    Saleh is a DL draw. You like 1 on 1 matchups? I’m looking at you Ziggy Ansah.

  67. If he only dragged her outside and not punched or choked her than he shouldnt be cut imo.
    Its always easy to put the blame on the male.
    Never now whats happenings in someones house.

    I hope if Nelson doesnt get picked in the top 4 that we trade up for him than.

  68. I really don’t know what to think anymore……are guys really out there that sick with these sexual harassment claims….

    first thing i read this morning – “Inside Olympian Shaun White’s Disturbing Sexual-Harassment Case”………..

    According to the suit, “White sent sexually explicit and graphic images to Zawaideh of engorged and erect penises, forced her to watch sexually disturbing videos, including videos sexualizing human fecal matter, and made vulgar sexual remarks to her such as, ‘Don’t forget to suck his balls!’ when commenting on her boyfriend. At one point, White stuck his hands down his pants, approached Zawaideh, and stuck his hands in her face trying to make her smell them.” The offending texts sent by White also included arguably racist, explicit images of black men. The complaint further alleged that an intoxicated White attempted to kiss Zawaideh at a Halloween party in October 2010; “Another time, White put his buttocks directly in Zawaideh’s face. Still another time, White grabbed Zawaideh’s buttocks shortly after leaving practice for the day.”

    1. Grant’s still hunkered down, diligently working to put the right “spin” on his next troll piece…
      Oops, I meant “insider analysis” article.

    2. Yup, this topic has gone off the rails… Maybe we should hold any further discussions on this until the DA’ office completes their investigation.

      Time to focus on the upcoming combine, possible trades and mocks – you know, football related things for a change.

  69. Reuben certainly delivered a Buzz Kill to The Faithful riding a high after the Jimmy signing with his misadventure. There’s a disturbance in the Juju.

  70. how the f…..did Shaquill Griffin have 195 tackles, 33.5 tackles for loss, 18.5 sacks, three interceptions and four forced fumbles in his career at UCF.

    3 picks with 1 hand…….that has to be 3 amazing highlights

    1. Well, he can use the other arm to stabilize the catch in his good hand, but it’s still very good. I was watching him at the Senior Bowl where he shined.

        1. I think he can play in the NFL, but not sure if he’ll be a late round pick. Initially he wasn’t invited to Combine, but they offered it to him after Senior Bowl, so he’s on the bubble.

    1. Oh well. Lets hope the two OGs they put next to him are good. Drafting Mason Cole in the mid rounds would still be a good idea too.

      1. not a huge fan of the re-sign…….we needed to get stronger in the middle……

        “Garoppolo publicly stated he wanted the 49ers to re-sign Kilgore.”……oh well….he knows better

      2. How do we know for sure he is slotted to be the starting center? The contract details will give us a good idea, but I’m not sure why you guys seem to be assuming that he is the starter. Is it the Jimmy effect?

        1. IIRC, they signed Zuttah last year with the idea of moving Kilgore to Guard. How do we know that isn’t what they are thinking again?

            1. Rotoworld is saying he graded out as top 20 center in PFF.

              “We got on the same page almost instantly when I first got here,” Garoppolo said on Jan. 1. “He made my job a lot easier; helping me with the run game and all that stuff. I think we complement each other well. Hopefully, we’ll work something out.”


  71. This might explain why he was resigned.
    Jeff Deeney@PFF_Jeff
    21m21 minutes ago
    Rough beginning to season (especially Week 4 vs. AZ) left Kilgore with a 51.0 overall grade on the year, 23rd out of 35 centers. He was a Top 10 center in the five weeks Jimmy G was at the helm, not allowing a sack or QB hit. #49ers

    1. David Neumann‏Verified account
      Follow Follow @NeumannNFL
      FA class at center is weak. Kilgore signing seems to me that #49ers are comfortable sticking with what they know (for now) over someone they don’t, when that someone isn’t a surefire upgrade.

  72. You guys better watch some more georgia tape. Roquan is a Patrick Willis clone man . He doesn’t need to get to the qb that’s not his job man his job is to tackle and he is a machine man!!

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