Robert Saleh looks to put Dalvin Cook in checkmate

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook (33) fumbles the ball as he is tackled by San Francisco 49ers linebacker Fred Warner, right, during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

SANTA CLARA — Fortunately for the 49ers, they have an excellent defensive coordinator, who happens to be an excellent chess player — Robert Saleh.

His ability at chess may make the 49ers winners Saturday in their playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings.

“I’m an attack-style chess player,” Saleh explained to The Press Democrat. “I want to force the issue in chess. In football terms, I would be a blitzer, but at the right moments. I’m not careless. When I see an opportunity, I’m bringing everything I have.”

Saleh is one of the best coordinators in the league. He recently interviewed for the Cleveland Browns’ head-coaching vacancy. He’s a rising star who will have the biggest test of his career on Saturday.

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  1. Great correlation between football and chess. Did Saleh bring that up or did you, Grant? Either way, excellent piece! It’s been nice watching you grow as a writer over the years! Your expert film analysis sets you apart!

  2. Great article and not hokey involving the chess aspect. Well done 👍

    Amazing how similar the 49ers and Vikings are! If we can maintain Cook, Cousins will give the game to us.

  3. Saleh likes the pawns. To me, they are expendable, and are used in a linear manner.
    I like Knights. The Knight Fork is a powerful move. It can threaten the Queen, but the Queen may not be in position to threaten the Knight. Checking the King while threatening the Queen is usually a game winning move.
    Stopping Cook will make the Vikings one dimensional. Bosa, Thomas and Day are all stout against the run. If the Niners can stop Cook, the Niner pass rush can get to Cousins. Maybe Saleh should use Ford and Kwon judiciously, by using them on third downs. This would work them in slowly, and keep them fresh.
    On offense, the Niners need to establish the running game. They should deactivate Pettis, and activate Jeff Wilson Jr. Wilson could also be used in the passing game. The Niners should counter the pass rush by using 2 TE sets, and have them chip the DEs, before going out for a pass.
    Roger Craig thinks the Niners are going to come out all fired up and win by 2 TDs. If JG concentrates on scoring a TD a quarter, and the Niner Defense can be responsible for another score, the Niners can score 35 points. If the Vikings are held to 20 points, that would be a 2 TD margin of victory.

  4. Did you hear Zimmer talking about the 49ers defense ? All he kept saying was “great players” but never mentioned Saleh. I thought that was really interesting.

  5. Great piece Grant, also a great piece on Jimmy G, by Nick Wagoner on ESPN , I am very impressed with this team, stil concerned about the two missing nose tackles, hope Mitchell can help but my biggest worry is still the loss of center rich burg . I will still be surprised in a Shanahan offense to win it all with a journeyman center but with our d coordinator being a skilled technician and healthy bodies and Jimmy G being unflappable we have a shot! This is great compared to the last several years. I also feel their are more likable players on this team then on the Harbaugh teams. This team also seems more united.

  6. Fortunately for the 49ers, they have an excellent defensive coordinator, who happens to be an excellent chess player — Robert Saleh.

    “When you look at it from a surface level, it’s very easy to see. It’s easy, right: There’s Ahkello and there’s a guy catching the football,” Saleh said. “But people don’t really understand what happened. … Ahkello, when you actually go back and look at that tape, played a pretty good football game. There are a couple of situations where he got caught in a bad situation. … To say he played a poor game against Seattle, I’ll be honest with all of you, would be inaccurate.”

    Sounds like a dude looking to get a HC job….

    Witherspoon surrendered six catches (on eight targets) for 71 yards and two touchdowns

    I call B.S – This Dude is clueless…..— He is not an excellent defensive coordinator and nothing proves he can play chess……M. Zimmer, Fangio those are excellent DC’s……

    WTF does he mean we don’t understand – we understand he gave up 2 touchdowns – its either Witherspoon sucks or Saleh should be responsible for the dumb play call – either way they are both busts.

    Please Browns hire him – take him away…..even Kshanny wants him to go…..

    1. Oneniner,
      Let me preface my comment with I believe the 9ers should bench Witherspoon and start Moseley but as to Saleh publicly protecting Witherspoon that is what good coaches do. Criticizing your players in the press is the quickest way to lose the locker room. We don’t know, he may be protecting him in the press while ripping him a new one in private. So I disagree with you as to how Saleh treats his players in the press but agree with you they should start Moseley. imho

      1. I just read his press conference again comparing to his previous messages- Dude sounds like he really wants to be a HC…..

        I am ok with protecting your players

        Why was he benched?

        “I’ll keep that one in-house, if you don’t mind. I’m sorry about that one. Yeah, I’ll just leave that one alone

        that was good….

        Coming back to Witherspoon real quick, on his final play when he gave up the touchdown, what was the breakdown on that play?

        “On the final play, they gave us four strong. For a corner, he’s thinking slant, just play your technique and don’t guess, don’t overanalyze, just play your technique, stay on top and you’ll be in good shape. He was going to play a play, didn’t get the play he was looking for. Usually at corner it’s costly.”

        In this answer he is pretty much saying Spoon fcked up……..I think we understand very well

  7. Witherspoon is terrible and has been since he’s been there , they wasted a 3 on him which is bad enough , but the fact that they have a better option in the biggest game of the year sitting behind him is mind blowing !! Thielen and Diggs must be salivating SMH

  8. Interesting article. 2 things:

    If Saleh plays only online chess, how does he see the look of defeat on the face of his opponent?

    I also play chess although it’s been a few years since I’ve been super active in it. In chess, each piece has a value. A Pawn is worth 1, Knight & Bishop worth 3, Rook worth 5, Queen worth 9, and so on. The value of the piece can change from the beginning to the end of the game depending on the position of the piece. There are many different valuation systems but the basic premise is the same. Some pieces are more valuable than others based on their positioning and movement capabilities. I’ve often wondered if any NFL GMs have used a valuation system similar to chess to allocate cap space when drafting and signing players based on their position. For example a QB is worth 10 so the QB position group should have an average cap hit of 20% of the available salary cap. A Guard is worth 1 so the Guard position group should have an average cap hit of 4% of the available salary cap. That kind of approach.

    1. If Saleh plays only online chess, how does he see the look of defeat on the face of his opponent?

      Maybe that is why he his a terrible closer……

  9. Don’t Underestimate this guy in the Rotation:

    David Lombardi
    2h2 hours ago

    [David Lombardi] 49ers’ DL Kevin Givens, who’ll make career debut in huge clash at Seattle: “I’ve been here all year. I’ve played in the system all year. Played with the D-line all year. Played with the defense all year. So I feel pretty comfortable about being put in this type of situation.”

    1. Penn State’s Kevin Givens crushes it squatting 515 – CBS Sports › college-football › video › penn-states-kevin-givens-crushes…
      Video for kevin givens played first 1o plays▶ 0:48
      Feb 28, 2018
      Penn State’s Kevin Givens crushes it squatting 515. How many times did the Nittany Lion D-lineman … Bowl

  10. Good article, and one of the reasons football is so entertaining for me. I’m an avid chess player, as is Undercenter. I like the English Open if I’m white, and the French Defense if I’m black.

    I like Saleh, but I think the hyperbole surrounding his genius is a bit premature. Sure he’s turned a corner ever since we added Ford, Bosa, Kocurek and Woods, but I wonder why it takes him so long to adjust his game plan. I’d like to see more innovation in anticipatory preparation for the opponent. Something they aren’t prepared for, and that forces them to react and alter their scripted foray. For example, I’d like to see them come out in a more conventional front to stop the run instead of the wide 9 that the Vikings are anticipating….

  11. Danielle Hunter and Everson Griffen wrecking the Saints inside is something an excellent coach would think of.

    Saleh could never come up with a scheme/strategy like that……

  12. I don’t see why most are saying this will be a close game.
    I just don’t see it that way.
    They seem to have N.O number. That means nothing when playing a different beast in SF.
    I will continue to believe they won that game due to the rest they got the week prior and the saints played their starters.
    They are playing a well rested team. And young team. And on the road again.
    See the Niners embarrassing this team.

    And just listening to MM on KNBR. He’s saying he believes Ford is 50/50???
    If he doesn’t play. I’m done with him already.
    His history of injury will haunt this team in the future. Cut ties now.
    Still build the defense this offseason.

    While typing I’m listening to KC ((no idea who he is) onKnbr. But I like him.
    And he’s calling 14 at least. Saying this Vikings team is getting to much respect.
    I totally agree.
    Seriously they haven’t played anybody this season. And are 2-4 vs playoff teams.
    I’m smelling hype through the big stage NFL shows and articles.
    Niners BIG!!

    1. We will just have to see. I hope you’re right and SF blows out Minnesota.
      Minnesota hasn’t lost by more than 13 all season. When they did lose their stars were out. The teeth of the Vikings defense is the middle of the field. That is Jimmy Gs favorite spot to attack.
      Minnesota is much more disciplined than Seattle. Scheme will be very important to get SF receivers open.
      Minnesota doesn’t miss tackles. They are ranked 1 in the league in tackling. SF’s entire game plan is about breaking tackles and YAC.
      That is what makes this match up interesting. It is strength against strength. Or at least that sells advertising space and some of us are conditioned to follow the carrot.
      I think it will be close, because I think Saleh is overrated and SF is still getting healthy. A wide nine concept should give Cook plenty of room inside. Sf is stopping the run with a guy who is 2.5 month off a torn pectoral muscle. Cook is a big powerful back.
      I just hope Seattle has to come back to SF to lose again.

    2. Ninermd… this article on why the Vikings get love. I don’t think the Vikings will blowout the Niners…..but it will be a close game. Will be glad if I’m wrong.

      The Vikings are not your average No. 6 seed. On pure talent, they are the second-best NFC team left (behind the 49ers) and have the fourth-best roster in the playoffs after you also factor in the top two seeds in the AFC. They boast a singular amount of continuity on defense, with eight of their defensive starters having played at least five seasons together under Mike Zimmer. They can throw a lot of different looks at an offense with their top three safeties. That experience and talent allows them to adjust their plans weekly in the playoffs, like they did when they dominated the base Saints offense for three quarters. They are strongest in situational football, ranking second in red-zone defense and posting a +12 in turnover margin. The offensive brain trust of Kevin Stefanski and Gary Kubiak is savvy, while the health of Dalvin Cook and Adam Thielen together makes the top-heavy offense unlike the group we saw for much of the year. (Though the Vikings now have to monitor a bad ankle cut Thielen suffered in practice on Wednesday.)

      Whether it’s Danielle Hunter or Stefon Diggs or ballhawking safety Anthony Harris or Eric Kendricks, the most instinctive linebacker in football, the Vikings have athletes.

  13. If Dee Ford didn’t do everything to get on the field ( see Kwon Alexander ) screw him !! He’s already been to expensive for what he’s providing , cut ties after this year

        1. Our sack rate dropped over 10% after losing Ford. Until they’re able to find another speed rusher like him, or until his medicals make him no longer effective, he’ll be hunting quarterbacks for the 49ers….

          1. Agree with you Razor.

            This guy is a good player, and a good piece to have.

            That being said, I’m nervous about guys like him, Alexander and Tartt making their comeback in this game. As we saw with Staley against Seattle the first time around, it’s hard to get going when you haven’t seen that speed in a while. It’s a big difference from practice to games to playoff games.

            1. Neither guy should start. Tartt should come in on passing downs as should Ford.
              Platoon all three guys until they get that game speed back.

              1. Maybe platoon Ford, Tartt and maybe Kwon until there’s a 2nd and long or 3rd and 6, or longer. On those obvious pass downs, which is going to happen a dozen times or more, something like that?…Maybe a few running downs, but slowly break them back in. I doubt the game gets out of control and Minn. runs up lots of points, then bring those guys in and let them go at it to stop them.

            2. That being said, I’m nervous about guys like him, Alexander and Tartt making their comeback in this game. As we saw with Staley against Seattle the first time around, it’s hard to get going when you haven’t seen that speed in a while. It’s a big difference from practice to games to playoff games.

              Agreed, but less so for Ford. Yes those guys will be rusty early on, but the expectation will be that they knock it off after a quarter. Balancing that will be the early emotional lift of getting them back, specifically Alexander. My worry is they burn too much energy from that lift, and conditioning becomes an issue late in the game. Ideally you’d like to see the defense get a couple early 3 and Outs, and the offense execute a couple 13 play, 75 yard drives that finish with TD’s….

            3. Alexander is the one that worries me. He’s already not a great tackler. Now he has one bad arm.

              Ford and Tartt I’m not worried about. Ford’s role is pretty simple anyway, and he’ll be used ona limited basis. While Tartt’s injury isn’t one that will likely have him move or play any different first week back, unlike a lingering leg or knee injury.

              1. That’s the guy I’d force to make tackles if I’m Minnesota. My hope is not only do we emerge victorious, but we emerge injury free.

    1. I’m on record as picking the Vikings in this game. Most of that is due to my level of respect for Mike Zimmer and Gary Kubiak as coaches. They are terrific at scheming up wins and they have a cast of very good players. Having said that, I think if the 49ers win a defensive TD will ignite the fire that carries the 49ers to win. I can totally see Dee Ford going around LT and hitting Cousins squarely in the back. Ball pops up and directly into the hands of Nick Bosa who trots into the endzone for an easy score.

      1. The only way the Niners lose this game Saturday is if Jimmy G and the offense turn the ball over more than 4 times.
        With the way the play calling has gone lately, Shanny has put Jimmy G in very manageable situations so I can’t see him throwing multiple picks.
        Run the ball, play good defense, and let Cousins have to play from behind.
        Niners 29
        Vikes 14

        1. the only way the vikings win is – if they build a dome over the stadium before Saturday.

          I am changing my score to a blow-out – 49ers 24 Vikes 6

        2. I say 49ers win by the spread, 27-20 in a hard fought close game….As long as JG doesn’t drop the ball or has an int. and throws for 1 or 2 tds and has 80% comp. I think they’ll run fairly good and move the chains and eat the clock. The D will be rested, strong w/Dee,Tartt,Kwon back and the team has their legs back, AT HOME!!.. Even Sanders said he was running routes hurt the last few games but feels real good now. The coaches will have to be sharp and smart. If Spoon starts messing up, pull him a lot earlier and put in E-man who I wish they would start. Hope GB barely wins, beat them, then beat the Ravens in the SB!!

        3. Yeah.. I saw a stat that Cousins doesn’t do as well or loses more in an outdoor stadium. Not sure if that means they blow out the Vikings but after playing a real hard team and flying cross country vs a reated very strong team outdoors, 49ers probably win.

    2. Agreed NY. Way to much money for a guy playing that little.
      Yes he makes a big difference on the defense, but if he’s not there what’s the point?
      Especially in playoff time when you need him. I hope it’s just SF trying to gain a little leverage on Minn.
      but if he doesn’t try to get out there I’m going to be disappointed and at that point I don’t see a blowout.

      1. Well. Are you asking or you already have your mind made up what I’m getting at?
        I mean you’re answering for me. Lol

        Here’s what I’m saying.
        He cost a lot of money. And he should be cash money come playoff time.
        Now it’s been two weeks over the regular time table for his injury says doctors.
        I understand he’s trying. But if his body can’t heal by now then that’s a problem .
        And again. An expensive problem.

        I hope he can go, this is what the extra precaution was for. For the playoffs.

        If the guy can’t go the rest of the season without any serious tears in his quad or hammys, he is not worth the money in the future. Sorry. Just keeping it real.
        There are some good pass rushers out in free agency this year.
        Because I doubt he will rework his contract.

        1. Was this meant as a reply to my comment? If so, note I was commenting on NYniner’s comment where he said if he isn’t doing everything to get on the field then screw him.

          As for your take regarding that if he can’t go the rest of the year without reinjuring his hamstring then he isn’t worth the money in the future, yeah, I don’t get that. Hammies are annoying in that they are easy to redo if you try and get back too early. But no reason to think it will be a lingering issue into future seasons at this point. The knee arthritis, sure, but apparently he has dealt with that for years. Again, no reason to think at this point he will never be able to play through it in the future.

          Good player that unfortunately has been bitten by the injury bug this year. Hopefully next year is different. If you cut every expensive player after an injury riddled season you’d end up with a pretty rubbish roster. It happens.

          1. The knee arthritis.

            It’s not like he’s a rb or anything, right Scooter? He’s our pass rushing specialist, and should we be looking for his eventual replacement? By all means, but they don’t grow on trees. As evidenced by our previous year draft picks, and f/a’s. I’d say it may take us a few years to find one….

            1. If the team was in a position where they were really hard up against the cap and needed to offload contracts I would understand looking at Ford as a guy to get rid of. But you don’t cut good players unless you need to, they have proven over mutliple years they can’t be relied upon, or you have guys waiting in the wings to take over. Cutting Ford after one injury riddled year makes no sense when they still have cap room and other guys they can jettison or rework.

              And yes, when your entire D is built upon the idea of getting after the QB, you kind of need guys that do that well. Ford is one such guy. If it was a position that was easy to find good players at they wouldn’t cost so much. As you say, sure, keep looking to bring in other guys that can also rush the passer well, but until you feel confident you can replace him, or certain he can no longer contribute as you need or want him to, keep him around. And when you do feel comfortable he is no longer needed, he has an easy out of his contract pretty much every year.

              1. Maiocco suggests that the 49ers aren’t optimistic that Ford will be able to play, and it’s been reported he strode through the locker room towards sickbay with his leg wrapped. Not sure if this is gamesmanship or real, but at this point, if we can get 16 key snaps from Ford in obvious passing downs without him re-injuring his leg, I’d be a happy camper. Seems like the decision will come down to, do we throw in all our chips for this game or decide it’s best to hold him out in case they face Wilson or Rodgers. I know what my decision would be….

    3. Are you suggesting then that if he doesn’t play he hasn’t done everything possible to be fit to play? That’s ridiculous and completely unfounded given he has already tried to comeback once already, to his and the team’s detriment. Or are you saying he should play regardless of if he’s right to play? Because, yeah, that worked out so well for him last time. Hamstring injuries are really tricky, and for a guy whose game is built off his quick twitch get off it is really easy to reinjure if its not 100%.

      Alexander is not a good example/ comparison. He’s had his surgery and done his rehab. He can wear a brace to limit the range of motion for his arm and reduce risk of reinjury. As important as his arm movement is, it isn’t the same as the importance of being able to run. Alexander’s injury is also one that at this point the muscle will either hold up or it won’t, and one extra week of healing isn’t likely to make a huge difference.

      Hamstrings are different. Ford didn’t have surgery because it wasn’t that severe and surgery would just increase the layoff anyway. You can wear a “brace” or strapping around it but all that really does is help keep blood flow to the area – doesn’t really restrict movement, and if it did he would not be able to move freely or have the same explosiveness. And hamstring injuries truly are a week to week thing – one week can make all the difference between it being a case of reinjuring it or not when you go full speed. I have been there and know just what it is like thinking it feels fine right up until you go full speed and it goes again. All of which is to say, if Ford is held out of this one, it is probably because he isn’t quite right to play and they know the extra week could be the difference between him being able to play the next two games or not.

      As for getting rid of him at the end of the year because he’s been injured this year, that’s pretty nuts to me too. Yes, it’s been a bad year for him injury wise. But he’s shown in the past he can bounce back from injury riddled years, play through the knee soreness, and be great. Unless you have someone waiting in the wings to take his spot (and do it well) it would make sense to keep him on the hope next year is a good year health wise for him.

  14. “The 49ers this season allowed 169 net yards per game through the air, the fewest since the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2008, and the fifth-fewest since 2006.

    Despite turning 31 in March and coming off a Achilles tear in 2017, Sherman led the all cornerbacks in yards per coverage snap at 0.44, according to scouting service Pro Football Focus.

    The metric is a broad measurement of cornerback efficiency, while his 46.8 passer rating when targeted

    Asked what makes Sherman such an effective cornerback at his age?

    It’s all a product of his immense study habits and photographic memory, which also helped him get a 4.1 GPA at Stanford.”

    Via Sac Bee

    1. I don’t know how much you should credit Sherman here. The easier target has been lined up opposite him. Witherspoon has been just terrible. There isn’t a reason to attack Sherman when on the opposite side you simply have an uncovered receiver.
      When the pash rush evaporated so did Witherspoon.

  15. Morabito was the sports pioneer of the West, bringing San Francisco its first major league professional team, the San Francisco 49ers, in a professional sports business that was dominated by the East Coast.

    As the 1950’s progressed, Morabito was warned by his doctors that a bad heart and the rigors of football were not a healthy combination. But Morabito wasn’t going to let a health scare get in the way of his passion. “What the hell, if I’m going to die, I might as well die at a football game,” he said.

    On October 27, 1957, the 49ers hosted the Chicago Bears at Kezar. The 49ers entered the game with a 3-1 record behind the talents of Owens, Perry, Tittle, McElhenny, Billy Wilson, and others. The Bears had a 14-0 advantage in the first quarter before the 49ers scored to close the deficit at 14-7. Just as the 49ers lined up for the next kickoff, Morabito, who was sitting next to his wife, Josephine, and his brother, Victor, in the guest box, suddenly collapsed. The great heart that had been with the 49ers since the franchise’s inception had failed. Father Bill McGuire of St. James parish was summoned to the guest box and pronounced Morabito his final absolution. Morabito looked up at him and smiled.

    “Thank you father,” he said.

    Those were his last words.

    The 49ers were behind 17-7 in the third quarter when the team learned of Morabito’s death. His players rallied and came back to defeat Chicago, 21-17, in an emotional last win for their owner. The 49ers finished the season with three straight victories and an 8-4 record, tying Detroit for the NFL Western Division title.


  16. Reporter – Why did you attack iraq?
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    1. oneniner – I hate Trump.
      Sane People – We don’t care.

      oneniner – I side with terrorists over my country because I hate Trump.
      Sane People – We don’t care.

      oneniner – Let me stop hijacking this football blog to give my idiotic political opinions. Go 49ers!
      Sane People – Yay oneniner. Go 49ers!

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          Sane People – 304 Electoral College Votes
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          1. Elections have consequences. Deal with it pumpkin. Say it with me… Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

            Yes those consequential elections, 2018 blue wave. Say it with me. Trump, impeached.

            1. Trump is a colossal A-hole. A totally incompetent and morally bankrupt jackwad who should never be allowed to step foot within 500 miles of DC.

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              2. I liken President Trump to salve, and the democratic ideologues to an infection. He draws them out, and exposes them for who and what they are on almost a daily basis. Case in point, he’s got them defending Iran and their dear, late general of terror over the lives of Americans, and he’s even got our own hometown mayor, Pete Buttigiege inferring that it was President Trump that killed everyone on that airplane. He keeps on winning, and they seem to enjoy losing….

              3. If by winning you mean America’s embarrassment of having a President with the inability to pronounce everyday words, then you go!

              4. He isn’t impeached until Pelosi turns in the 2 articles

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              5. I’m not here to defend President Trump’s embarrassing moments, but c’mon man, take off the partisan Cheap Sunglasses. I’ve never been so embarrassed for the democratic party/media as I have for these past 3 years….

              6. This is what bothered me about the last election their are very good ethical moral hardworking people in this country and our best options were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton??? I voted for a third option but still bothers me that what matters is not valued. Any way glad this team is full of good quality guys, makes this team even easier to root for!

              7. Nobody looks or cares about a stupid asterisk. He isn’t going anywhere and the Senate will toss this sham out the window and you know it. Just like the rest of the crap that didn’t stick like the russian collusion. The democrates just try to keep up the noise going, everyday, because they are the sorriest losers around and will never forget the election they lost. They hope and pray, and probably have meetings that if they can keep up the noise, BS and slight truths, it will make Trump lose in Nov. It will backfire on them and they are sacred inside.

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        2. Basically L.A. and S.F. was the 2.9M votes. A good reason for Electoral College Votes…Doesn’t matter anyways… Now the the Sane people(idiots) want to change the rules b/c they lost…LOL

    2. Reporter – Why did you attack iraq?
      Trump – We suspected they had weapons of mass destruction.

      I think the real reason is the mullahs nixed Trump Tower Tehran. That, or they couldn’t find dirt on Hunter Biden.

  17. No one should under estimate Zim Tzu. He defeated Sean Payton, and with Cook, he can defeat the Niners.
    He is also playing the underdog role, lamenting the fact that his players are injured.
    I fully expect that all of the Viking players will play, and the Niners should expect a dog fight. The Niners need to take care of business, and the Niner coaches need to out scheme the Viking coaches. The Niner coaches need to be flexible, and make quick adjustments.

    1. Set the edge and pinch the cut back lanes for Cook. Contain him and make Cousins crap his pants.
      JG, run run run then play action off that. Game over!

      1. I will have what you are smokin’! ;p
        Saleh needs to have Buckner and Armstead rush in front of Cousins, and get a hand up to possibly tip the ball. The Saints had 4 passes knocked down last game, I believe.

  18. First defensive play… blitz kwon up the middle and tag Cousins. Make him uncomfortable from the first snap and let the crowd go crazy!

  19. Grant, you called this one. 18 rushing yards for Cook, and the rest fell into place like a preschooler’s puzzle.

    Razoreater got the other side of it with a “we can run it down their throats, so let’s do that” plan.

    Go Niners!

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