Jimmy Garoppolo facing 1st playoff start

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo drops back to pass against the Seattle Seahawks during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

SANTA CLARA — Jimmy Garoppolo is a winner. He just wins.

That narrative could end if he loses to the Minnesota Vikings this Saturday.

Garoppolo’s career win-loss record is 21-5. Phenomenal. But he never has started a playoff game — he merely has watched playoff games from the sideline when he was Tom Brady’s backup on the New England Patriots. If Garoppolo wins his first playoff game, he will be a hero. If he loses, that loss could overshadow his regular-season resume.

Lots at stake for the young, ascending quarterback.

“That stuff is so funny to me,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said Tuesday. “He could play great, and we might come up short and people would say he can’t win a playoff game. I felt like last week (against the Seahawks) was a playoff game. That was pretty intense. So I think he has shown that he can handle himself with poise. Hopefully he does it this Saturday, which will be his first playoff game.”

Playoff game No. 1 is a big deal for most quarterbacks. Last weekend, three quarterbacks made their playoff debuts: Josh Allen, Ryan Tannehill and Carson Wentz. And their composite quarterback rating was just 64.8. Only Tannehill won and advanced to the next round, but he threw for only 72 yards. Not much to brag about.

Will Garoppolo struggle like those three, or will he outshine them?

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And check out this video I took of Dee Ford from Tuesday’s practice:

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  1. There are a couple of informative articles currently in the Athletic on Jimmy G. One by Kawakami talks about the offensive players-only that Jimmy G conducts the night before every game.
    Here’s a quote from Sanders:
    “Saturday night before the game, he has his own meeting, which we don’t have to do as a team because it’s not on the schedule,” Sanders said. “But we all meet at a specific time in which he orchestrates the whole meeting to get us going. …We go over practice or certain stuff that he feels how we can attack certain defenses and stuff like that. No coaches, just players. ….After every meeting, he gives us what he thinks we have to do in order to win the game. And all of them have been good. So I’ve been enjoying just being around him. ….He’s young, but to be able to come in and have the vocal presence and the physical presence that he’s had for this team, it’s been cool to watch.”

    Kawakami reported that these meetings are for the skill position players on offense. And though they’re voluntary, all of the specified units show up in full force.

    Jimmy G is a leader, and he learnt well from TB12. I still think I was right how I felt after the Jacksonville game of 2017 that he was going to be the greatest Niners QB since Montana, health permitting.

    Grant commented:
    “Garoppolo beat the Saints, lost to the Ravens and split two games with the Seahawks. Meaning he was 2-2 in the 49ers’ big games.”
    Jimmy G put the team in a position to win against the Seahawks and the Niners lost because of missed field goal. Also the Packers game was a big game.

    1. JG has some excellent physical tools as a QB but his intangibles are just as important. Poised, leader, team first guy, hard worker, prepared, confident, rises to the moment – all things that are easy to overlook but can be key to winning big games as a QB.

      Maybe he comes out and has a stinker and maybe he ends up being a guy that can’t sustain his success or avoid mistakes with the season on the line. But from what we have seen and heard about JG so far, sounds like those areas are strengths of his.

  2. All I know is the higher the stakes, the better Jimmy G seems to play. His stats prove it. He played almost flawlessly against both the Saints and the Seahawks, which are arguably the two most difficult venues in all of the NFL to play.

  3. JG has all the qualities of a winner. I am impressed how he can flick his wrist and throw dimes. His leadership skills are so apparent.
    I expected nothing less than his attention to details, preparing thoroughly before the game.
    KS should let him be the field general, and let him lead the attack. It sounds like he has full command of the playbook.
    JG can negate the fierce pass rush, by getting the ball out quickly into the hands of his playmakers. He should also roll out at times, away from Danielle Hunter, the Viking sack leader.
    I think JG is superior to Cousins, so the well rested Niners should prevail. If they start Breida and Mostert before Coleman, the Niner running game should get going, which will protect JG. The Saints almost abandoned the run, so the Viking pass rush could tee off on Brees. If JG has the offense balanced, the Niners have a good chance to win.
    Getting back Ford and Tartt should help, too. I hope they ease in Kwon slowly, so he can demonstrate he is fully healed from his injury.

  4. https://youtu.be/e_eGQWlTIB8

    Grant doubles down on his Cousins over Jimmy comments…..Grant just loves playing devil’s advocate, but sometimes I just don’t know how he can call himself a “football guy” and make comments like this.

    Its also funny how Grant continues to take Niners over the Vikings, so he doesn’t look completely foolish Saturday evening, but when he talks about the game he just lists how Vikings win every possible match up. He truly gets pleasure in us losing, makes a better story i guess.

  5. ribico says:
    January 7, 2020 at 4:58 pm
    Renas, I recall someone – you perhaps? – taking back something said in haste. And that someone – you perhaps? – whining and getting all bent out of shape when being reminded of it. Consider that in your hypocritical efforts of getting someone to eat crow.

    Rib, I believe your understanding of the term “hypocritical” is flawed here.

    1 – Prime Cuck has never conceded his statements. He has never even admitted to being somewhat hyperbolic with them. You cannot fairly draw an equivalence to my previous statements without a concession on the part of the one making the statements. To do so is to display evidence of lacking crucial context.

    2 – You completely, utterly, miss my point with my “eat crow” statements towards Prime Cuck. Prime Cuck is the one who was desperate to get people to eat crow based on slights he oerceived, that many times were not even there, and occasionally entirely invented by him reversing what was said! I was highlighting how ridiculous he looked, in other words, it was parody. Parody cannot be hypocritical along with the very thing it is parodying, because that literally goes against the most basic tenet of parody. The expection to this, of course, is in a broad meta sense where the very concept of parody is being parodied, but that clearly isn’t the case here.

    I hope that suffices to clarify why your post was garbage. Bonus notes –

    A – You have assumed emotion on my rebuttals to you by characterising it as “whining and crying”. Your memory maybe isn’t as good as mine, but you will recall I exlressed incredulation at the idea you would continue to take umbrage with a comment I made regarding the defence of the team, when you continued to do so long after I had made a slew of comments taking the opposite position, and repeatedly conceded the original comment as dumb and emotional. I truly do not know how you read that, and took “crying and whining” from it. I’d go as far as to say it’s impossible to be interpreted that way by any reasonable standard. Given this, I have no choice but to conclude that you are dishonestly characterising what I said, in an attempt to either bait a response from me or for general trolling. In either case, it’s a poor look. Please aim to do better, as this behaviour poisons discussion.

    B – You persisted with that, and seemingly continue to do so in fact, for the better part of 4 straight months. I have asked Prime Cuck to eat crow… for about a week and a half. That’s less than 10% of the time span we are talking about for you not being able to let a single comment go. Even if the above two points (see: points 1 & A) were satisfied, and a direct comparison was fair… comparing my behaviour to yours is a seperate false equivalence simply because the time scales, which are important, are hardly comparable at all except in how they are measured (and even then, you could argue it would make more sense to measure the time in days/weeks for me, and months for you, so they’re not even measured on the same scales).

    Ribycho, are you unable to argue your points in a civil, respectable manner? Very unimpressive.

    1. Wow rookie Rena, babble much? What am I eating crow about? That the Niners could and did go up to Seattle and win like they did? And could again if they had to?

      Did you ever find those quotes of what I allegedly said?

    2. Ribycho, are you unable to argue your points in a civil, respectable manner? Very unimpressive.

      Oh Irony, they new name is Renas.

    3. Ok, walking back your post as “parody”. I see. Works every time.

      Ribycho, are you unable to argue your points in a civil, respectable manner?

      To paraphrase some lads from your country – the respect you get is equal to the respect you’ve earned.

      1. Ok, walking back your post as “parody”. I see. Works every time

        Walking back? It was obvious from the very start, no? Forcing others to “eat crow” has never been something I particularly care for, as evidenced by me repeatedly pointing out the futility of playing “fan police”. The fact I was saying it to Prime Cuck, and only Prime Cuck, should have clued you in that it was mocking his incessant policing. I guess not, lol.

        To paraphrase some lads from your country – the respect you get is equal to the respect you’ve earned.

        Not particularly relevant, here. You’ve shown that you’re unable to actually construct arguments, which leads one to doubt how genuine they actually are. I do not have to “earn” the right to have you respectfully argue your points, that should be something that is expected as basic etiquette. Furthermore, I haven’t seen you manage to do it with anyone, not just myself. Do you just have no respect for anyone, here? Rather narcissistic, I must say.

        1. Do you just have no respect for anyone, here?

          my respect is inversely proportional to the amount of “advice” armchair GMs and HCs here, starting at the top, feel they are qualified in giving the successful professionals actually running the team.

          Rather narcissistic, I must say.

          No, I make no claims whatsoever on what the team needs to do. Unlike your football know it alls, I know the difference between fanatic and fantasist.

          1. I’m not sure what your point is here. Have you confused me with someone else. I don’t recall ever telling the team what to do, I don’t recall pretending to be able to draft better than any GM, I don’t recall even complaining about the draft and I certainly don’t recall asking for head coaches to be fired. This is the problem you (the collective you, referring to those who police how fans should fan) seem to have. You group everyone into one (ironic, given the sentence preceeding this, I know) based on what side you determine they are on, then apply arguments based on what that collective side have made, even if it runs in contrast to positions the individual it’s directed towards have taken. If I’ve misunderstood your intent here, then I apologise, but I’m really not sure how else to interpret it. I’m even less sure how relevant it is to the point at hand, so I assime you concede the points you didn’t bother addressing. Very strange.

            1. Let me enhance then.

              my respect is additionally inversely proportional to the amount of 5 minute negative hot takes emanating from a fan’s keyboard fingers. That they walk it back in more lucid moments earns just slightly less lack of respect (remember what I’ve said about 1st impressions).

              I’m not a fan or blog police – you, or anyone else, can post whatever the hell you want. But you asked me what earns my respect and and I’m giving it. You sound more like the the blog policeman in expecting me to react in how you see fit.

              1. I don’t expect you to react how I see fit. I’m merely asking for clarification. You’ve sort of provided it, and by clarification I mean “adding entirely new clauses that were not even alluded to in this first post”. Given this, does that not justify me asking for clarification by default? I’m not even sure how you concluded I was expecting you do act in any certain way given that you provided said clarification in the first place.

  6. I am far more concerned about our O line than I am about Jimmy G. If our O lines pass protection is any where from great to mediocre Jimmy G. will be fine and the 9er O will play well but if the O line has one of those terrible games (see the first Seattle game) they have every now and then Jimmy G. will also be terrible. I know its cliche but this game will come down to how well we play up front. If our O line is Avg. or better and our D line plays anything like they did earlier in the year it won’t be close. As much as we all like to put games at the feet of the QB games are still won and lost up front. imho

  7. I am praying that the coaching staff finally comes to their senses and benches Witherspoon… if he’s out there , Diggs and Thielen will eat him alive , especially in red zone and it will be too much to overcome . START MOSELEY

    1. I’m taking the Niners -7 and the over 44.5

      Vikings – 20
      NINERS – 31

      Book it, Hammer!

      I also like the under in the Tenn/Balt game, the over in the Hou/KC game, and Green Bay to cover the 4 point spread.

      1. Im thinkin your pretty close, 49–Vikings secondary is beat up…they have one really good LB….strength of their team is the D-line, no?

  8. Finally got around to watching the Joker. 3/5 It’s worth watching if only for Phoenix’s performance. Otherwise it just felt like the introduction story that nobody asked for. Dark, depressing and mostly unnecessary.

    1. One point I never heard brought up about this movie was: Batman would have had zero problem with Phoenix’s version of the Joker. There would have been zero rivalry between those two because it would have taken Batman all of 5 minutes to find and arrest him.

    1. Unfortunately, I agree with you. Vikings have a dominant d-line that can rush the passer with just 4 and they can defend the run without bringing a Safety into the box. The Vikings have been the best team in football defending TEs so Kittle may have a tough game. Vikings shut down the Saints offense last week. On offense the Vikings getting Thielen back is huge. Major matchup advantage to the Vikings when Thielen or Diggs go against Witherspoon or Moseley. Cook is an excellent RB who will also give the 49ers fits. I’m going to have to go with

      Vikings – 27
      49ers – 16 (Bunch of Field Goals)

      1. Rob Lowder

        Jimmy Garoppolo against playoff teams in 2019:

        5 games (SEA, GB, at BAL, at NO, at SEA)
        97 of 144 (67%)
        1,300 yards
        9.02 yards/attempt
        8 touchdowns
        2 interceptions
        114.52 quarterback rating#49ers

        12:07 PM – Jan 8, 2020

      2. Did you watch Vikings Monday night game against GB? Or the game against the Bears? I am hoping you are not saying this because of what you saw last weekend.

  9. Lower than average coaching turnover this year.

    Panthers and Giants make two huge mistakes.

    Cowboys will be better under McCarthy but McCarthy’s message wears off quick so they’ll only have a 2-3 year window.

    Browns wont hire anyone good because they’re the Browns.

    Redskins win the coaching search. Congratulations to their fans.

    Nobody has yet to uncover the best coaching candidate out there. I wonder what team will finally win the prize and hire Dave Toub as their head coach. I wonder if Kansas City isn’t in fact grooming him to be Reids replacement.

    1. Panthers should not have been worried about Rhule going to the Giants. He has full personnel control, and the Giants still have Gettleman. I thought the Giants should have hired McDaniels, who would then lure Brady to NY.
      Cowboys upgraded with McCarthy over Garrett, but they really need defensive help. Maybe Wade Phillips might be a good candidate for DC.
      Browns will get Kitchens 2.0, with the same results. Getting rid of Dorsey was a brain dead move.
      I agree, Washington made a good move hiring Rivera.
      I think Toub is too smart to go to Cleveland.

        1. Yup, replace their 38 YO QB with a 42 YO one. I think the collective Seb brain here can be put into the sample jar labeled abbie normal.(see CFC, that’s how you work in a non non-sequitur movie reference 😏)

          1. Jones may be their future QB, but he would benefit from the Aaron Rodgers treatment, rather than the AS treatment.
            However, it is all moot, because McDaniels is not the HC, so Brady would not come to NY for their ST coach/ HC.

              1. Manning regressed, even though he was handed the starting job. Daniel Jones was thrown to the wolves, and struggled. Jones would greatly benefit, to be able to sit and learn from a Hall of Famer, like JG did.
                Brady at 42, may also regress, but he failed this season because of all the injuries. Other than Edelman, he had no one to throw to, and the retirement of Gronk really hurt.

  10. https://twitter.com/nflmatchup/status/1214955378880000002?s=21

    This play from back in the Ravens game is a perfect example of the lack of physicality that Witherspoon plays with. He’s in position to make this a much tougher catch for the TE by going through him to the ball.

    If Moseley were 6’3″ instead of 5’11″ I have little doubt that he’d be starting and among the top CB’s in the league. He’s a much more physical player and good in coverage. When Seattle targeted him in the first game he held up extremely well against the much bigger Metcalf.

    1. don’t need the ravens game to show witherspoon is soft…….just the name Wither (become dry and shriveled) says it all.

      I was all about giving the kid a chance to develop but dude has to many soft brain issues, he lacks the one thing a CB should have which is a short memory…

      ….hope they start Moseley……

    2. I’ve been talking about this play, or lack thereof, since it happened. AW let the TE catch the ball and did absolutely nothing to try to cause a drop or prevent the TD. This play was pure cowardice. The very next week you could tell the coaches talked to Witherspoon about it because he actually hit Jared Cook on one of his TD catches and that hit knocked Cook out of the game. He got an absolutely BS roughing call and the ball was dropped but the refs let the TD count. Two horrific officiating decisions on the same play but it was still a great play because it knocked Cook out of the game. Witherspoon has the physical skill set to be a quality NFL CB but he lacks the necessary mentality to play in the NFL. He’s soft and he struggles with his confidence which makes him unreliable. I’m ready for the 49ers to end this experiment and go with Moseley full time.

        1. The TE caught the ball on the 3 yard line. Witherspoon avoided contact and let the TE finish the reception and fall into the end zone for an easy TD. If not cowardice, what would you call it?

            1. Maybe Witherspoon can draw a flag against WRs if he writhes around on the ground crying and pretending his leg is crushed. Once the ref calls the penalty Witherspoon can hop up and jog off the field. I guess one man’s coward is another man’s P A$$ soccer player.

  11. If the Oline can keep Jimmy whole this game will be over by the 3rd Qtr.
    Our defense has been a little average down the stretch, but I expect them to turn it on in the playoffs.
    No score prediction, only a 49er win.

    1. “If the Oline can keep Jimmy whole this game will be over by the 3rd Qtr.”

      Man, I hope you’re right. Could really use a good laugher after all the right games over the last quarter of the season.

  12. Looking at their roster, the Vikings have Linval Joseph (329 lbs) at NT, but the rest of the defense is small, but fast. The Niners should line up Breida and Mostert (Wilson, too) deep in the I with Juice lead blocking, and run the ball. Attack the edges, and make them run side line to side line.
    By the end of the 3rd quarter, the Niners should wear them down, and make winning easier by sustaining drives, and scoring TDs.

    1. Frankly, I think the key is to line the 9er offense up facing the end zone which the Vikings are defending. And, the 9ers need to have 11 players on the field–not 10, not 12.

  13. I live in Vikings country and the fans here are all very hopeful that Vikings will go to the NFCCG against Packers in Lambeau. Frankly, this game scare me and should be very close.

    Who gets cut from the 53 Man roster to make way for Kwon Alexander? Dontae Johnson or Jordan Matthews?

  14. The elephant in the room is that there are only 3 black coaches in the entire league. I guess blacks are good enough to entertain but not good enough to lead a team. But let me not bring that up because someone will call me a race baiter or whine we should only talk football.

    1. Although you’re right there’s a problem, fixing it will take generations, and needs fixing well below the NFL level. The Rooney Rule doesn’t help much when there’s so few good candidates coming up the ranks. It needs talking about, and complaining, and eventually there should be a critical mass that will lead to real change.

    2. I think the problem is three fold. First the pool to draw from is very shallow. Second, trajectory. Third, the upbringing of most coaches is to be the son of a coach.
      Most African American kids don’t aspire to coach. They aspire to play. Players can make great coaches, but being a player doesn’t leave you in the pool to be drawn from. While these athletes are playing, the “coaches” are learning to coach. They are ball boys. Then, they are equipment managers. They are learning the nuances of the game instead of playing it. Those who can’t…teach.
      Regardless, the Rooney rule is embarrassing. Something should change. I’d prefer to see internships. Trajectories with guaranteed opportunities.

  15. Pick the under: Niners 23, Vikings 17.

    1. Jimmy G will throw one interception, causing certain people on this Board to melt down in the moment about how Mullens is better (I’m kinda sorry I’ll miss this being at the game).
    2. Defenses are strong for both teams; that, plus a chance of rain and playoff football in general, leads to a more conservative scoring prediction.
    3. Witherspoon will probably start; the coaching staff thinks he responds well to when he is criticized, and the 6′ and taller size of Diggs and Thielen for the Vikings warrant a bigger cornerback in coverage.
    4. Lower score also because I think the Niners’ running game will be limited to less than 4.2 yards per carry with the Vikings’ linebackers.

    1. 1. Jimmy G will throw one interception

      That would be 3 less than Joe Montana in his first postseason. Maybe Jimmy could catch up and match Joe in the NFCCG. Grant, what do you think?

  16. Seb is annoying with his obvious generalizations: “Shany should be bold;” “The QB needs to look both ways;” “49ers should not shoot themselves in the foot.”

    I think we can all agree there.

    However, being a slow day, I thought Freakin Robot Moron could give us an updated listed of unused Seb platitudes leading up to gametime today.

    This would give Seb’s self-improvement skills a jolt he can polish up in preparation for Grant’s live stream.

  17. With our Niners getting Ford, Tartt, AND Kwon back, as well as the entire team finally getting a full extra week of rest, I expect the defense to dominate. It looks to me like when the Vikings have been tested with adversity this year, they have a bit of infighting and implode a bit. I don’t think they can overcome two or more turnovers and I think the Niners D is going to deliver 3.

    The Niners on the other hand, have shown they thrive in adversity and never point fingers at each other. Rather, they rally behind each other and dig deep to overcome. The Vikings D is strong and I imagine will also cause 1, maybe 2 turnovers. And while some on this blog will instantly call for benching someone and overreact, the Niners will do what they’ve done all season: rally and rise up.

    Niners 24 – 17

  18. Agree with the final score Niners 23, Min. 17. Pot.
    I thing that Cousins will have 1 int. and 1 fumble. Jimmy G none. 2 passing TD’s 1 to Deboo and 1 to Kittle.
    Niners have had mixed results in weather games this season, win in Wash close lost in Balt. both on the road. so I not 100% sure that weather will be a factor in SF as one would think it would cause Min. more problems being a dome team.
    Key is a relentless pass rusk on Cousins, can’t let him have any time to set up a long pass to either Diggs or Thielen. If Spoon starts he will need to be 100% on top of his game, he is fast enough to keep up with either receiver as long as Tart or Ward have his back.
    I would start Coleman with the first running play as he is more sure handed the B. until the playoff jitters wear off.
    Follow up with plenty of M. If the running game is working I would also play Wilson for runs in goal to go .

  19. Vikings are 4-4 on the road The Niners are 6-2 at home. From the fifth game during the season (first Cardinal game), and other then the Packers game, every game has been close and settled pretty much in the fourth quarter. It has been a fabulous season, and for sure an entertaining one. This team lacks playoff experience but rest assured this team is battle hardened and its depth has been proven. Niners need to start establishing a home field advantage and the way I see it

    35-16 Niners, NEXT up…

  20. KS should be bold, and go for it on 4th and short, instead of settling for a field goal. If he had done that in the Seahawks, Ravens and Falcons games, the Niners may have been undefeated.
    These past playoff games have clearly shown that the bold teams that scored TDs, were the ones that won.
    KS has shown he has not been bold, so I hope he does become bold, and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
    It sure is nice to watch JG look off the safeties. Past Niner QBs did not seem to do that. I sure am glad JG is the Niner Franchise QB, because he is savvy enough to be deceptive.
    I will reiterate that KS should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. I sure am glad that KS is taking my advice, and has stopped wasting time outs. That strategy helped him win the recent Rams game, and I praised him for his wise usage.
    The Niners could easily lose if they allow too many unforced errors. The Seahawks shot themselves in the foot by incurring that delay of game penalty on the one yard line. The Niners made fewer mistakes than the Seahawks, and won the game. Playing focused, disciplined and in control should reduce the unforced errors, and give the Niners a better chance to win.
    Yes, those strategies are just common sense, but some think they are so evident, they do not need to be mentioned. Too bad, some teams keep making the same mistakes over and over. Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.-GS.

  21. What are the chances that the Vikes’ first offensive play will be Cousins throwing deep from play-action boot?

          1. Could just be smoke and mirrors to get the Niners over confident.

            Nah. That might work on a woozy fanbase, but the professionals actually preparing for and playing the game? Highly doubtful.

  22. Rob Lowder

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @Rob_Lowder

    Jimmy Garoppolo against playoff teams in 2019:

    5 games (SEA, GB, at BAL, at NO, at SEA)
    97 of 144 (67%)
    1,300 yards
    9.02 yards/attempt
    8 touchdowns
    2 interceptions
    114.52 quarterback rating

      1. I don’t get that. The whiff alone against Baltimore and the missed assignments against ATL, NO and Seattle would have been enough for me.
        I guess the Niners want to keep him confident because after him it’s not much better.
        A position we need to address in this years draft.

  23. Vikings WR Stefon Diggs has missed two straight practices with an illness.
    Zimmer is certain Diggs will play on Saturday stating “he’s sick” but I have my doubts as to whether this development is good or bad for the Niners.
    I’m thinking the Niners should play off the receivers in zone coverage more because if Diggs were to make one of our defensive backs sick it could carry over into the NFCCG.
    Saleh should coach the defensive backfield and linebackers to play off as much as possible and tackle Diggs low. There is no good outcome in hitting him high and and accidentally have him spray our defensive personnel with bodily fluids.
    I am not surmising that he would do this with the intention of spreading his illness but it is just a fact of playing a tough game in close contact with your enemy.

    1. because if Diggs were to make one of our defensive backs sick it could carry over into the NFCCG.


  24. This catfish is not fooling anyone.
    I will surmise that every player on the Vikings will play, even with their infirmities. The Niners should assume the Viking squad is at full strength, until demonstrated otherwise on the field.
    The Niners need to attack the weaknesses, and Greg Cosell said on KNBR that the Viking secondary is suspect.He also mentioned that Zimmer likes to play zone. If so, JG should be able to stitch the seams, and help get a lead for the Niners. The Vikings lost twice to the Bears, so they are vulnerable.

      1. Spewing body fluids? Obvious catfish.
        I would rather discuss tactics and strategies. This will be a stern test, but if the Niners are well prepared, they should prevail.
        I thought family was out of bounds, but some posters persist. Character counts.

        1. Only one way to settle this catfish issue.
          10 rounds of boxing between Sebnnoying and the fake Seb. Loser never shows his face again.
          I’ll host it up here in Canada and we can call it:
          “Duel of the Fools”

          Prime rib and beer on me!

    1. Wherefore art thou, my noble friend the Seb? I perceive you not at all in either of the above charlatans. All I see are ignoble shades. insubstantial shadows echoing the meaningless trappings in which you cloaked your deepest musings. But in so doing, these flawed mimics invariably fail to capture the hidden depths of your soul, those that buoyed your spirits and allowed you to keep to your own unique path even in the face of undeniable logic.

      How are we on this blog, or indeed our intrepid 49ers themselves, to proceed now that we are bereft of your singular wisdom? Alas, we are lost!

  25. Not worried about Jimmy, Shanahan or the offense… But Saleh along with his decision to start Witherspoon again is concerning. Perhaps the reinforcements will help but the D hasn’t been able to stop much of anything the last 6 weeks (Greenlaw’s heroic play aside)… Hope that changes Saturday.

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