Should the 49ers have signed Earl Thomas instead of Robbie Gould, Jimmie Ward and Tevin Coleman?

San Francisco 49ers kicker Robbie Gould (9) kicks a field goal from the hold of Bradley Pinion during the first half of an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 23, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

The 49ers just signed kicker Robbie Gould to a multi-year contract extension, according to ESPN.

Gould is the most accomplished player on the 49ers, and the second-most accurate kicker in NFL history. His extension is worth $10.5 million fully guaranteed for the next two seasons. In 2021, the 49ers can pick up an option in Gould’s contract which would keep him with the 49ers through 2023. He is quite an expensive kicker.

This offseason, the 49ers gave an average of $13.5 million annually to Gould, Jimmie Ward and Tevin Coleman combined. Meanwhile, the Ravens gave $13.75 million annually to Earl Thomas. Would you rather the 49ers have signed Thomas or those three?

I was against the 49ers signing Thomas, because he has broken his leg twice the past three seasons. But, I would have signed him instead of a running back, a 36-year-old kicker and a free safety who has been on IR four times in five seasons. Call me cooky.

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  1. I would have rather signed a safety instead of resigning those 3 players but I would not have signed Earl Thomas. With his age and his recent injury history he is not the player he was in the Legion of Boom days. He is a small guy that plays the game with extreme physicality. The Ravens signing a broken down Earl Thomas is the same as when the Texans signed Ed Reed. Those players were happy to take the money but they were paid on reputation and not actual production.

    1. I would not expect Grant to agree with any of 49ers signings. That would not be the Grant we know.

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  2. The Niners believe they will be a competitive team this year and don’t want a kicker to cost them games. Shanahan needs an effective RB for his offense to work, and he’s had success with Coleman in the past. McKinnon and Breida haven’t proven they can be more than complimentary pieces. Ward? Who knows why he continually gets re-signed.

    As Houston 9er said, Thomas is on the downswing. Not worth the money.

    1. Ward would be better used in a reserve role, coming off the bench. He’s too much of an injury risk to be a starter. I believe Tarvarius Moore will turn heads this year. He may be the next Dashon Goldson.

    2. Ward? Who knows why he continually gets re-signed.

      It’s those incriminating photos of Jed that Ward keeps in his attorney’s office safe…

  3. Hey Cooky, lend me your comb. I’d rather have a kicker that’s the best in the game, a 4 star insurance policy on Jet in the form of Coleman, and Moore than enough competition at FS with 3 capable players who can play the position….

    1. I’d really like to see Moore as the starting FS.
      He’s got the tools to be a stud

    2. Hey Razor,

      Just got back from your neck of the woods over the weekend….beautiful area. A lot of lakes and green, not used to that at all.

        1. haha….sorry man was extremely busy….had an interview and was checking out houses with the wife. Everything went well, so I may get another shot at meeting the great Razoreater!

          1. Next time you’re in town and you’ve got the time. Just let me know, and we’ll serve you up some hoosier hospitality!

    3. Nice 77 Sunset Strip ref there, Razor.

      Though Grant has it wrong. At the risk of Seb-esque pedantry, it’s Kookie.

      1. I think Grant wants us to call him “Cookie”. Just might stick.

        Though maybe “Waffle” would be a better fit?

      2. I just noted that; although I don’t see my comment. Actually, it’s kooky; the variant, less-common usage is kookie. Imagine that, Grant comparing himself to a cookie. I mean, it just doesn’t get more embarrassing (for him) or hilarious (for readers) than that! I bet the Niner headquarters would be ROFL laughing if they saw this.

  4. 97% accuracy as a “35 year-old kicker” is pretty darn good. [“Gould is the most accomplished player on the 49ers, and the second-most accurate kicker in NFL history.”] Kickers don’t have quite the same age cliff as other positions (see Adam Vinatieri, Gary Anderson, etc). Tevin Coleman was a bargain at HB and combines experience with Shanahan’s system with several years of quality production. Ward is the only part of the discussion that is worth talking about. He’s versatile and not that expensive (especially to a still cap-rich team), but he’s pretty much always injured. Perhaps replacing him with a non-ET safety would have been advisable. The Player A, Player B, Player C versus Player Z routine is a bit ridiculous, though. I guess it’s still the silly season with nothing worthwhile to write about.

    1. I’ll take the kicker, given the Niners problems with scoring in the red zone. Until a Niner QB can prove he can score in the red zone, the kicker is a priority and so is accuracy. Sometimes, a field goal or two are all the difference in a game. Plus, the let-down after a missed FG is hard to chart on the team’s morale, esp. if early in a game.

  5. I would rather have R Gould, J Ward and Telvin Coleman. Gould might be the best kicker in the game. There is a lot of close games in the NFL. Having him is big. The Free Safety play will be better this year. Whether it’s J Ward, Colbert or Moore. With a better pass rush everyone in the secondary will be better. T Coleman with Kyle is dynamic. Niners rushing attack could be in the top 3 in the NFL. Overall these 3 players together will be more impactful. Barring injury of course.

      1. Gould alone makes the others worthwhile. He’s a true offensive weapon! Didn’t think the FO would get it done. Kudos on getting Gould to come back happy. I think he won the round though.

    1. Niners rushing attack could be in the top 3 in the NFL.

      Top ten, maybe. The Ravens, Browns, and Rams will almost certainly, and the Seahawks, Chargers, Cowboys, Saints, and even the Giants may well be superior to the Niners in terms of meaningful ground production. And unless the Niners show that they can score on the ground in the red zone — not exactly their strong suit lately — their rushing attack won’t deserve to be considered top anything.

      1. 49ers were 11th in yards per attempt last year, and 12th in yards per game. They did that with McKinnon out and Breida banged up for the vast majority of the season.

        If these guys all stay healthier, only getting into the top 10 would be a disappointment.

        1. Agreed, McGlinchey was a top 5 run blocker among all OT’s and if kept upright, Garoppolo should invigorate it by making the defense respect his arm….

          1. Yep, the Glinch is good. However, would you also agree that the interior line still has a lot to prove?

            The Niners have three of the top 7 fastest RBs in the league, which will help, and if he stays healthy, Coleman makes McKinnon redundant. But top 3 is definitely stretching it. Would think it possible, though, if the Niners had snagged a starter-quality C or G during the offseason. But hope springs eternal, and maybe they’ll all overachieve.

            Interesting question to ponder: on which of the other 31 NFL teams would Tomlinson, Richburg, and Person be the starters?

            1. Richburg for sure needs to play as advertised, and that starts with staying healthy. Continuity and familiarity within the system should elevate everyone’s play across the line….

  6. Call you cooky? No. Call you Grant.

    And even more fun, Grant…. Wishnowsky will likely be the holder…

    1. The Big Wishnowsky’s personality, along with his better efficiency as a holder should make Gould shine.

      Robbie in Gould
      Robbie in Gould
      Chicago wished for Robbie Gould
      How do you measure his worth?
      Just by having the best foot here on earth
      Robbie in Gould
      Robbie in Gould means so much more when I see
      Robbie in Gould field goals lead to more victories

    2. I’d rather have Tevin Coleman and Robbie Gould than Earl Thomas. Jimmy Ward can kick rocks.

  7. Grant
    * QUESTION: ” Would you rather the 49ers have signed Thomas or those three?

    * ANSWER: Hmm? Can Thomas kick field goals with 97% success?
    * Maybe the question should be….Do you want to win close games, would you rather have a 6W – 10L
    season, or a 10W – 6L season?
    * What If the 9ers could trade Ward to a team that accepted his $ 4.5 Mil. salary, including his $3 mil. guaranteed
    money? Yea, I know! The last question sounds like something Sleb would post…..

    1. I read a tweet of his where he said they would go 6-10 this year. Grant is a hater and will never admit it.

      1. No, he is a realist, and calls it as he sees it. I also saw his prediction, where he said if they can avoid injuries, they will go 9-7. With all the injuries, especially to 12 out of 22 starters, 6-10 is very realistic.

    2. For the record, I predicted the Niners would go 6-10 in 2017. They went 6-10.
      In 2018, I predicted they would go 8-8. That would have been a 2 game improvement from the year before. They would have, if KS had won 4 more games that he admitted he should have won. They lost 5 games by less than a TD.
      This season, I am predicting an 8-8 season, and some are calling me a hater for predicting they will double their win totals from last season. Given all the injuries, 8-8 seem pretty optimistic. Playoffs are a Pollyannish prediction, especially from a 4-12 team with their franchise QB coming back from an ACL, and a quarter of their squad injured.
      No, I would not have given Ward all that money in the first place, so I think he is untradable.

      1. Sleb
        * “For the record, I predicted the Niners would go 6-10 in 2017. They went 6-10.”

        * Guess who has an insecure ego and is NEEDY……

        1. Geepers, I wanted them to triple their win total from the previous season.
          I also was the first person on this site to call for Murray being the first pick in the draft.
          Jealous much? Of course, you do not have the football acumen to think of something like that.
          You are the guy who turtles when asked for his bona fides, after disparaging others for their intelligence.

          1. Sleb
            * “I also was the first person on this site to call for Murray being the first pick in the draft.” “Jealous much?”
            * No Sleb, actually I feel sorry for you! Your insecure ego needing to constantly trying to impress, must be a severe mental burden! Think how much better you’d feel if you took a months vacation and sought professional help?

            1. I feel sorry for you, who does not exist except to attack a poster.
              You have no bona fides, and non existent football knowledge. I made a call, and it was spot on, and you cannot bring yourself to acknowledge it was correct and astute.
              Maybe you should take our own advice.

  8. You’re starting to get comical with the attempt at making the 9er’s front office look as bad as possible.
    Is it Jed who must of hurt your feelings at some point, or just trying to live up to the Cohn Pessimism we
    have all grown to hate???
    You should keep track of positive and negative article you write and attempt no matter how hard it is for your mind to wrap around of being glass half full and glass half empty kind of guy. You might find life is a little more enjoyable at the same time if positive thoughts are allowed through your thick head.

    1. Naw, go to the other sites. They are wildly optimistic, and sound like bandwagon fans. Grant may sound negative to you, but he may state 10 positive things, yet you will dwell on the one negative thing he writes.
      The glass aint half full. At 4-12, it is only a quarter full, and 3/4ths empty.
      I am glad there is one writer who is not afraid to speak the truth. I am sick and tired of the rainbows, unicorns, and Pollyannish prose, devoid of reality.

      1. Seb

        Going through your prognostications over the last several years, I must declare that you are the only person who can have the glass both empty AND completely full…

      2. Wrong again, Sub.

        9ers talent and new coaching is such that they should go at least 8-8………if things fall just right, 10-6.
        Barring another rash of decimating injuries, their success this year is largely up to the coaches.

        But your all consuming pre-occupation with the past-while ignoring changes that have been made for the future-is …………………………… shall we say,…………..most unfortunate.

        1. Considering the team could not practice with a quarter of the players injured, injuries are already impactful.
          ‘Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.’ GS.
          Considering the Niners play 4 games against a playoff team in the Seahawks, and a SB team in the Rams. winning the division will be a daunting challenge. I am hoping they win at least one game against the Cards. since they have not beaten the Cards in years.
          Unfortunate? no, just realistic.

          1. Ha! Man, it is going to go badly for you if they have a good year. You’ll be obfuscating and twisting like a pretzel the things you’ve said.

            Your Rayduhs got nothing on the 9ers. And yet, you haven’t learned a thing from the past.

            “The only constant in the Universe is change”. AE

            The 9ers have changed-you have not.

            You have one great advantage working for you that I do not-Jed York.
            I have no polar opposite working for me with equal authority.
            So i’ll admit, your one big one up on me already.

            1. Saw, I will be very happy if they can manage a winning record. If they prove me wrong, I will be the first to admit it.
              Conversely, if they do not go 23-0, you will need to eat some crow.

              1. Wrong again, Seb-strom! I said 8-8 or, at best, 10-6. I’m sticking with that. No amount of your “Seb-ism’s” will change that.

            2. Catfish

              That phrase belongs to Heraclitus who stated “change is the only constant in life.”

  9. To compare this you have to look at the guaranteed money. ET is getting a $20m signing bonus and is guaranteed $32m and a $55m deal overall. He will be 34 when this contract ends and he is coming off a serious injury – oh and to be really fair it is difficult to project his production or how successful he will be in Baltimore because he is having to adjust to a different defensive scheme for the first time in his career.

    Conversely, Coleman, Ward and Gould are easier to predict in the 9ers scheme since two are existing players who have been around Lynch/ShannyJnr for the last two years and Coleman has been playing under Shanny and in the scheme he installed for the last couple of years and has been very productive….including in the post-season and in a Super Bowl. Gould is as good a kicker as there is (pro bowl level kicker) and Ward has the talent and understands the system and just needs to stay healthy.

    The niners total money committed to those three players this season is $15m. The total guaranteed money to all three over the next two seasons is only $25m, by comparison Baltimore are paying Thomas $22m for this season alone and $32m for the next two.

    So really your question Grant is would you prefer Earl Thomas as a 30 and 31 year old player coming off of injury or 27 year old Jimmie Ward coming off a lesser injury, with the addition of throwing in a 26 year old running back to take some of the load from Jet and Breda and to be another receiving option in the passing attack and a pro bowl level clutch kicker and have $7m left over …..which would get you for example Jason Verrett at corner ($5m for the season) and still have $2m dollars left over for next season?

    So it is one FS on the wrong side of 30 (who you said you wouldn’t have signed yourself anyway!) or four solid players who have the ability to contribute to the team as starters next season? eh, I’ll take the four starters thanks.

    Seattle know the value of Thomas more than most and they passed on him too don’t forget. That should be a red flag.

    1. If you look at the cap hits (spotrac) for 2019 then Baltimore’s three of Thomas, Ingram and Tucker cost a combined $15.226m for the 2019 season and their dead money proportion (future committed money) to those three is $53.096m

      Ward, Gould and Coleman cost a combined $11.343 for the 2019 season and their dead money proportion is $18.45m

      It’s not clear to me that Baltimore’s three are 35% more valuable to their team than the 9ers three are to theirs in 2019 or that the extra (if there indeed is any!) is worth committing another $35m in salary cap over the next three years.

      And to add context, the Baltimore Ravens front office is highly rated in the NFL. I’d say the 9ers front office are not being cheap but are getting some better overall value and are keeping the salary cap in good health for future years and to be able to sign players like Buck long term.

  10. You’re high sir. Those 3 are going to win us more games than ET would’ve. Especially with keeping our current injury situation in the backfield in mind.

  11. 1. The premise assumes we’re at sea without Thomas and also that he wanted to play here. I haven’t read any comments from the player or his agent about that. I certainly think the first assumption is debatable. I do agree, though, that signing Ward was throwing good money after bad.
    2. Re Gould, imo they’ll score more touchdowns this year and he won’t be called on as much, but he’ll be important in close games one way or the other. He might give us two wins on his own. That would be big.
    3. About Coleman, imo a big part of their scoring more will be from him. I think some people don’t understand how good a football player Coleman is. He’s better than Brieda and McKinnon and more durable.

  12. “He is quite an expensive kicker”
    He’s the second most accurate kicker in NFL history…. that’s kinda how that works. Player play good. Player get money.
    This article just proves Grant will chastise the Niners for any move they make. Especially when you consider he was against signing Earl Thomas.
    The Niners could win 4 straight Super Bowls with the lowest payroll in the league, and Grant’s headline would be “Is John Lynch the worst GM to build a dynasty?”
    If the Niners hadn’t gotten a deal done for Gould, Grant would have written an article about how foolish they were for letting him go.

    1. If Niners lost a few wide right or wide left games this season with a replacement kicker, imagine how Grant would have gone ballistic. Well don’t imagine, he’ll go ballistic over some other perceived shortcomings. Can’t let those other sportswriters talk up this team, can he?

      1. Grant’s agenda has become so transparent.
        I do appreciate objectivity over being a pure homer, but some of his takes are just sad.

        1. One of his pet peeves is Niners loading up with players coming off the IR, that they may never be the player they were before injury, blah blah…. Then he advocates what? What the f-ing hell.

  13. I’m glad they signed Robbie. In the past, how many kickers cost us games due to inaccurracy? I am also glad they got Tevin Coleman. Rb’s are always getting hurt. As for Jimmy Ward, he couldn’t stay healthy on a high school team. I bet he gets hurt again this year. I am excited about our roster this year, though.

  14. No! Thomas while still good is getting long in the tooth and not worth the money. If they could have gotten him short term- 2 years then perhaps.

  15. It all depends if I trusted ET to stay healthy; I would go with him over those three.

    I believe he would save more points than those other 3 would give us vs their replacements.

    However, I believe their is a much higher likelihood that Gould and Coleman stay on the field. Couple that with The real guaranteed money and Cap implications laid out by BritishNiner and that swings my vote.
    Note- Ward is kind of detracting at this point.

  16. They need Gould…he will be the leading scorer and redzone threat…..Coleman is a good pickup with the injury bug biting the rb position last year. But Ward? Ward? Why and the flock do they keep this dude around? Even when healthy he is worse than average. Kyle always sings praises for Ward who has done nadda…why?

  17. First, let me acknowledge this is a cherry-picked example….so, here we go…

    Last game of the season, 9ers vs. Seattle at CenturyLink Field. Niners have the ball 3rd and 5 at Seattle’s 11 yard line, two seconds left on the clock, one 9er timeout remaining. Scoreboard shows Seahawks 19, 9ers 17. Light rain is ending, wind is picking up. A win secures the last NFC wildcard slot and bumps the Seahawks from the playoffs.

    Who do you want as the 9er kicker? Or as Sebbie would scream, “Be bold and go for the TD!”

    1. I saw a video of Jonathan Brown making a kick from the 35 yard line. That was a 75 yard field goal. Instead of 11 yard line, they possibly could have won it by attempting a kick 47 yards further back.
      Still, they should have been bold, and scored a TD instead of settling for a field goal, then the score would have been Niners 21- Seahawks 19.

      1. How do you get 21 – 19 if the score is 19 – 17 prior to the 3rd and 5 play? A field goal is 20 – 19, a TD is 24 – 19.

        You must be one of them Stable Geniuses that people are talking about.

        1. 17 points entail scoring 2 TDs and a field goal.
          I wanted them to score 3 TDs, by being bold and not settling for 3 points.
          Considering this is hypothetical wild speculation, anything is possible.
          Stable genius? You must be referring to the guy who thought there were colonial airports that needed to be defended. ;p

          1. The 9er field goal (part of the 17 points) came as the result of a 54 yard kick at the end of the first half (00:01 on the clock), following a timely 9er strip sack of Wilson.

            1. If you can Cherry pick, so can I.
              Russell Wilson has lost only 18 fumbles in 7 years, so the odds of a strip sack fumble is remote.
              Like the Packers, who were on the 1 yard line twice against the Seahawks in the playoffs, They chose to settle for field goals, instead of being bold, and going for it. Cost them the playoff game.

              1. Russell Wilson has lost only 18 fumbles in 7 years, so the odds of a strip sack fumble is remote.

                Not if the Bosa Constrictor rotates Wilson’s head on its axis three turns while Dee and Buck are holding his legs and torso. Guaranteed he fumbles.

              2. Gotta catch him first. Bosa, with his 4.79 forty speed, will not be fast enough.
                Niners should send the MLB up the middle on a delayed blitz, and a safety off the edge, to sack RW.

    2. Cassie,
      I don’t think Seb is wrong in stating they should go for it more often than not. Statistically speaking coaches should go for it more often on 4th down.
      The scenario you provided though is also a no brainer and any kicker in the league should make that, unless they have a case of the yips (which can happen to any kicker).
      *Note* Grant would have a solid counterpoint in your scenario if 7 points or more were due to Safeties blown coverage.

      1. So many possible wrinkles within a 19-17 cliffhanger with two seconds left. Perhaps Seattle’s relative lack of scoring was due to Whisnowsky pinning the Seahawks well inside their 10 yard line on four occasions during said game.

        Can’t wait for the season to start.

  18. Last game of the season, 9ers vs. Seattle at CenturyLink Field. Niners have the ball 3rd and 5 at Seattle’s 11 yard line, 12 seconds left on the clock, one 9er timeout remaining. Scoreboard shows Seahawks 17, 9ers 19. Light rain is ending, wind is picking up. A win secures the last NFC wildcard slot and bumps the Seahawks from the playoffs. Fumble Seattle recovers. Russell back to pass throws deep Ward falls down breaks his earlobe big toe and his fingernail pass complete TD….Seattle wins. Niners lose a heart breaker.

    1. Or, Wishnowsky bobbles the snap…he picks up the loose ball, sprints to the right, pump-fakes, then weaves his way through Seattle tackers and falls into the endzone–breaking three tackles inside the 2.

      1. Wishnowsky my new hero… the team celebrates, Jimmy Ward is rushed into the OR. He has broken every bone in his body twice and is put in a body cast. Dr says he will be ready for training camp in the year 2067.

    2. KS calls a pass play. JG is harried backwards, and is sacked out of field goal range.
      KS should just call for a kneel down, so there is no chance of a fumble.Just like he should have done in the SB.

      1. Day of the last game of the season…Sebbie is pulled over late morning for failure maintain a lane of travel, eastbound on Healdsburg Ave. Following a brief conversation in the Safeway parking lot, the officer suspects driver impairment and Sebbie is cuffed. Sebbie misses the 9er win while waiting to get his mugshot taken.

        1. Hey Sleb, do you think CFB is jealous of you too? Actually, she got it right….Except I think you missed the Raider game!

          1. Pshaw, I would have my beer and snacks ready ahead of time, and would have rolled a big one, to listen to the pregame show.
            I take my Niner viewership seriously, and would not be driving just before the game.
            If they wanted to cuff every person who tokes and drives, they would have to bust hundreds. Driving impaired? You must mean alcohol. However since a friend was killed by a drunk driver, I never, ever would drive drunk.
            Remember, the Mayor of Sebastopol runs a marijuana dispensary.

            1. More self indulgence from someone who has huge responsibilities……….

              The complacent, the self-indulgent, the soft societies are about to be swept away with the debris of history.

              Dont allow it to happen to you, Sebs!

        2. Healdsburg Avenue runs north-south in both Healdsburg and Santa Rosa, but sure, I could see where THAT guy could be eastbound and draw scrutiny from the local constabulary.

    3. I think maybe a more interesting last game of the season discussion is this:

      Grant starts a bet pool. $1 to enter. Winner takes all. If no one is exactly right, pool carries over to next years bet.

      Who are the 49ers starting Safeties for the final game of the season?

      I’m going with Antone Exum and Street Free Agent not currently on the roster.

  19. let me get this right three players that all can play and do their part to help you win or one who may or may not get hurt and you nothing to show for seems easy to pick right or are you just talk so fans can get at you about how dumb you sound?

  20. Glad they got it done. Given the options presented, signing Gould is preferable. Coleman was a good pickup, but Thomas and Ward are too injury prone.
    However, I wish they had drafted Kamara instead of Witherspoon, or not traded away that third round pick to the Saints and drafted Kamara.
    I wish they had traded back and gotten 2 extra second round picks, losing out on Bosa, but getting a safety like Juanhunglo Thornhill and an interior O lineman. There were several good players who would have been upgrades for the Niners. There still were several good pass rushers available, even if they had moved back to the middle of the first round. Then, they would have obtained young players, and locked them up into rookie contracts, instead of 30 plus year old players with just a few years of future production.
    However, the Niners have Bosa and Deebo, and we can only follow them, and compare them to others in the draft, Then we can see if their decisions pan out, after we see them and the others play. Personally, I would have preferred to have traded back in the second, added another third round pick and selected AJ Brown over Deebo, but KS coached Deebo in the Senior Bowl practices, and must have liked him a lot.
    Bears can still trade for him, and I wonder if they are desperate enough to give the Niners one of their 2 second round picks for him. They had a kicking competition in June, and all 3 kickers missed from 43 yards out. No Bueno. Gould is great, but he will not kick off, and I prefer they score TDs, instead of settling for field goals.
    Now, Gould can afford that 3 bedroom bungalow in Santa Clara, and move his family out here. ;p

    1. Sleb
      Sleb’s answer: A 5 minute dissertation to answer Grant’s yes /no question! To be the center of attention. SAD!

        1. sebnynah says:
          July 19, 2017 at 10:33 pm

          I took a course in petroleum economics, and one graph showed how the consumption of oil over the history of the United States started in the 1850’s and peaked in the 1970’s. It was steadily declining, but new extraction technology from fracking has given the industry a new boom. However, that will also start declining if the US does not rapidly implement conversion to more mass transit and electrical vehicles.
          So in less than 200 years, the US will have exploited and exhausted the oil resources of America. The waste and inefficiency of the oil industry was mind boggling, They flared off trillions of dollars worth of gas because it was so cheap. Oil gushers and accidents like Santa Barbara and the Deepwater Horizon blowout wasted millions of gallons. The auto industry colluded with big oil by fighting tougher mileage standards, because they wanted to use and make average Americans consume more oil. They targeted the Red Line in So Cal, and used unfair business practices to drive it out of business so people would be forced to drive cars. Now mass transit in So Cal might cost a trillion dollars to build.
          Yes, Oil and Gas have been the backbone of the economy, and has paid billions in taxes while employing a large segment of the population, but computers may be changing our way of life.
          I started my working career out of college, helping repair drilling rigs, so I, too, had worked in the oil industry. It helped me pay off my college debts.

  21. Seb has always touted the special teams, once saying: “special teams and a defense around Kaep wins championships.” I’m sure he was happy about the Gould signing.

    Seb was late to the Jimmy G. party, mostly touting Kaep and the ‘idiot’ Shanahan for releasing him, actually saying: ” I would call Shanahan less than astute if he doesn’t resign Kaep.”

    Those are not the words of a true 49er fan.

    Seb talks a tough ball game saying he will not paint a rosy picture of the 49er 4-12 season, but call it for what it was.

    Tough talk Seb, holding Shanny’s feet to the fire. But how about using the same measuring stick for youself.
    Instead of being a ‘Johnny-come-lately’ to the Jimmy G. bandwagon , how about sticking to Kaep and company; we don’t need any late arrivals talking tough about Shanahan when you really hope they lose for not retaining Kaep.

    Move on Hater (Sebraidah)

    1. TrollD, at that time, KS was going with Hoyer and CJB. Look how that turned out.
      Thankfully, JG fell into their laps, and now I am perfectly content with JG as their franchise QB. I even wanted them to start JG earlier than the last 5 games in 2017, and JG showed how he could overcome the coaching.They should have just borrowed more plays from the Pats playbook, because JG was totally familiar with them.
      Now, I still think Kaep can play, and he is way more talented than drek QBs like Hoyer, Peterman, Savage, Seimian, Gabbert and the Butt Fumbler. However, I will just wish Kaep well, wherever he goes, and root hard for JG to succeed and win games.
      While I think Kaep could have helped them win games, I never ever rooted for them to lose games. I still rooted for Hoyer and Gabbert to win. Too bad they pulled a Gabbert, and benched themselves.
      You ascribe falsehoods to me, while you have fantasized about breaking into gun safes, and creating nightmares. Please seek help.

      1. TomD:
        * Q: Do Narcissists ever forget an insult? A: Yes, they forget the insults they say to you!

        * Narcissists rarely forget a slight or an insult – real or imagined. They nurture the pain, dwell on it, magnify it, analyze it, and form conspiracy theories to explain it.
        Sleb: “You ascribe falsehoods to me, while you have fantasized about breaking into gun safes, and creating nightmares. Please seek help.”

        * The narcissist perceives every disagreement, let alone criticism, as nothing short of a THREAT. He reacts defensively. He becomes indignant, aggressive and cold. He detaches emotionally for fear of yet another (narcissistic) injury. He devalues the person who made the disparaging remark by holding the critic in contempt, by diminishing the stature of the discordant conversant. He minimises the impact on himself of
        the disagreement or criticism. Like a trapped animal, the narcissist is forever on the lookout: was this remark meant to demean him? Does this sound like anyone on this blog?

    2. Thats a fact, Sebs. And that is when your pure hatred for KS started to bloom–in all its glory! When he let Kap go after Sebs pure anger was first unleashed…………………that was something to hear……and then doing it anyway!

      That kind of hatred Sebby let go with…………………………………….frightening.

      1. No,Saw. I guess I just want the Niners to win more than you do. Looked like the Niners were content to lose, so they could get a high draft position.
        Defend Hoyer all you want. I will just question your assessment skills.

  22. Idk Grant. With the issues you have brought up multiple times in the red zone, you’d think a kicker and a red zone threat at rb would be more valuable.
    So why would you take the older safety?
    Did you forget about the RZ issues you’ve bashed so many times?

  23. Gould and Coleman have the potential to bring more to the club than Thomas with his age and health issues. So I’m ok with the 3 vs the 1. I think the contract for Ward was ridiculous though. 4 million for a guy who’s going to play poorly for the 8 or 9 games he’s healthy to suit up for is bad business.

  24. The whole premise here is that GC puts out an oddball article that gets people excited to argue about how crazy it is and then we all jump into the fray. It’s just click bait and we fall for it. Every time.

  25. Most accomplished 49er is Staley.

    And yes, Gould is money. The Bears wished they had Gould this last year.

    Coleman will be a 800 yard back, splitting time with 2 other guys. He’s averaged 4.4 yards per carry and is 26, prime years. and he’ll also nab you 300 yards through the air.

    Just those two guys are better than a guy coming off a major injury (his 2nd in 3 years), at age 30. He’s a guy who was contemplating retirement in 2016 (following an injury), skipped practices last year in pursuit of an extension, so one wonders will he be happy in 2 years or will he be flipping off his coach and the organization (not a good look). Do you want a guy who thinks its him against his own coach and his own organization, do you want that mindset in the lockeroom?

  26. Lukewarmish

    1. I’m fine with Gould.
    2. Coleman was a smart move. He will lead the team in total yards and td this season – 1300 /10
    3. Ward has been a mistake from the time we drafted him. I’ll never understand why 5th year was extended.
    4. Mckinnon is another headscratching contract.
    5. Garcon was yet another one.
    6. We seem to overpay for mediocre players and then wonder why we cant sign superstars – Khalil Mack .

  27. Others believe you need help, Sebby. I’ve posted the term and link below which best describes you.
    Please read this very therapeutic article for your own good….Don’t thank me now, thank me later.
    Get Help, Sebby

    Projection (The Narcissists’ Weapon that Can Be Used Against Them)
    Inner Integration

    Projectionism–Projection is the process through which they reveal who they are and what they’re doing.
    Through projection, they call you what they are. They accuse you of doing what they’re doing or planning on doing. They throw all the uncomfortable feelings onto you because they don’t want to deal with them.

    GEEP says:
    July 13, 2019 at 8:06 am
    * “Try harder.”
    *Thanks for the encouragement Sleb, glad you appreciate it….Now do yourself (and the rest of us), a favor….Take a vacation for a month, and seek professional help!

    GEEP says:
    July 13, 2019 at 7:57 am
    * No Sleb I’m merely pointing out your personality disorder(s) and suggesting you seek professional help from a practicing Psychiatrist!

    1. TrollD, you seem persistent. Guess you like fantasizing a lot. Fantasizing about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares, sounds like you are the one who truly needs help.
      Using Geepers to bolster your argument, just proves my assertions.

      1. TomD
        Notice how Sleb always wants to change the subject and make it about you, not HIM? Never give into a
        Narcissists demands and never give them information about yourself, they’ll only try to use it against you….LIKE SLEB DOES!
        * AN EXAMPLE:
        *Sleb: “Still being a coward, and refusing to establish your bona fides. Good show.” “Typical troll tactic.”
        * YES IT IS SLEB…..But as we all know, I’m NOT the one trying to use my father to establish my bona fides, YOU ARE!
        * Is your father really a college professor, or just another one of your fabrications? Seek professional help!

        1. Geepers, what a coward. will not establish his bona fides.
          I am a proud graduate from UCD.

  28. I’m not a fan of some of John Lynch’s recent moves……but credit should be given where due.

    Good Job Front Office Team – for locking up Gould for another 2 years, with a team friendly option for the next two years as well.

  29. Grant, ask the Bears if they would have taken the kicker?

    a 36-year-old kicker

    That only makes him 25 in Janikowski years, 20 in Blanda years.

    1. 22 in Venaterri years? I can see Gould kicking for the Niners at 45 and winking at us: “You really thought I missed the Chicago weather”?

    1. Well Buckner is a better player then Grady. I don’t think it’s close either. They better sign Buckner soon because playing with much better pieces around him could spike his price quite a bit more.

  30. I don’t particularly care about having the most accurate kicker in the NFL. The difference between the most accurate and 16th most accurate is pretty slim. All you need is a decent NFL kicker that won’t choke when it matters.

    Personally I would prefer the team put money at positions that matter more. Tying up lots of money at kicker and RB doesn’t thrill me.

    But I will say this – the Gould deal shows the team will be willing to structure deals that aren’t quite as in the teams favour as some of their more recent big money signings if the player decides to play hard ball in negotiations. That bodes well for re-signing Buckner who I suspect won’t be signed easy.

    1. Patriots felt they needed better than decent by giving Gostkowski $8.5 million over two years with $5.5 million guaranteed. I guess they felt threatened by our attempt to woo him….

      1. 49ers are giving Gould a fair bit more than that over 2 years, with $10.5M guaranteed. I think the Patriots did much better in these deals.

        1. Patriots got a better deal, but Gould is being paid about the same amount had he played 2 years on the tag. SF is a tough place to kick from what I hear, and he has hit 82 out of 85 attempts over the last 3 years. We initially got him at a bargain, and it was just time to pay the piper….

  31. man…..I got halfway through the comments without seeing sebs name……..and thought maybe I got lucky and he took that long hike off a short cliff……..then I seen his 20 or so comments and realized hes still here……making the rest of our lives miserable!!
    This is a no brainer! ill take 3 guys over 1 whos old and injury prone thank you very much! TBH……I would have loved to have ET……but that contract though…….the first year GM in Baltimore got panicky or something…..replacing the great Ozzie Newsome…but yet Ozzie still in the building! evidence IMHO…..that contract wasn’t offered in the initial phases of FA! I think he felt the need to make a splash after losing LB’s to the jets and packers…….

    Gould is a stud! I was concerned he might pull a leveon Bell……. Coleman is critical! JM and MB need help…..with TC taking snaps, maybe the other guys can stay healthy….
    Most ppl don’t get the Ward singing……but I do! Most ppl were down on the team for not drafting cb or S………but as ive been saying for months…..4th and 5th round Db’s aren’t the end all be all answer!!! there not even beating out the guys we have who are all 1-3 rounders….PERIOD!
    The front office has an MO……..the showed aggressiveness going after positions of need this offseason! Most fans are morons and think every position is a position of need on a 4-12 team……and that every position should get a massive overhaul in one single offseason!!!! that’s not how it works folks!!!

    Pass rush and Wr were the priorities this offseason!!!! no one can deny this! they were aggressive in adding top of the line pass rusher(s)…..plural!!! and a couple of Wr’s in the draft!! This is where ppl have the disconnect….a wr, Hurd, in round 3! lots of ppl think we should have drafted Ronnie Lott or eric Wright with that pick……not ANOTHER wr!! But the wr room needed more than 1 guy…..they needed a couple young bucks!

    And the plethora of 1-3 round picks in the secondary needed a pass rush to be judged fairly!!!! its that simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you hear me grant??????????????????? im talking to you bud………..

    next year, it will have sorted itself out….and we can target cb or S early on in FA and/or the draft…..attack the position the way we did edge rusher and Wr this year!

    1. Ya in was nice reading the first 20 comments before the resident expert chimed in.

      1. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
        Sponge Bob Square Pants!
        Absorbent, yellow and porous brained is he
        Sponge Bob Square Pants!
        If football nonsense be something you wish
        Sponge Bob Square Pants!
        Then he will flap his big gums like a fish
        Sponge Bob Square Pants!

    2. J
      * J says; July 2, 2019 at 5:02 pm: “Creepy seb with %50 of the post on this blog……I tell the guy hes obsessed and needs to take a break and he comes back with a 1000 word essay!!!!!! proving that his obsession is in fact at a very unhealthy level! wow dude! you just love to hear yourself talk…cant get enough huh?

      * Yea, CREEPY SLEB is still haunting the blog! He’s still an insecure, bloviating narcissist making a fool of himself! And he’s still trying desperately, to prove he’s smarter than a head of lettuce.

    3. 11 posts out of 98 is not half.
      I only initiated 1 post, the rest were responses.
      You are a miserable person because you gotta whine and cry about something, but do not blame me.
      Most people do not get the Ward selection,and re-signing Ward? What, the draft pick Baalke pulled out of his rear end to open an envelope with his name on it? His nickname should be Crystal, he is so fragile.
      Yes, 4th and 5th round picks generally do less well than first, second and third round picks, that is why they should have traded back and gotten 2 additional second round picks.Then they could have drafted Safeties Marquise Blair, Nasir Adderly, Taylor Rapp or Juan Thornhill. Jojuan Williams was thought of so highly by the Patriots, they moved up to take him. Interior linemen like Cody Ford, Elgton Jenkins and Erik McCoy were talented enough to be taken in the second round.
      However, Sherman was a 5th round pick, and Colbert was found in the 7th round, so talent can be found in the later rounds if they have good assessment skills.

      1. seb, first of all….. I have a great life! I have at least 2 of everything I ever wanted bud ( except wife, 1 is enough)…..the ONLY THING that makes me miserable is you, your name and your comments!
        ill spell it out for you and any other dimwits…..

        niners have 3 holes/ question marks in the secondary….Cb, Fs, Ss

        Cb- Verrett, 1rnder……AK, 3rndr…….Moore,3rndr

        Fs- ward, 1rndr…….Moore, 3rndr…….Colbert

        Ss- Tart,2rndr

        3 jobs…….5 guys drafted in the top 3 rounds who everyone hopes will seize the opportunity!
        there are other options as well……but these guys are the front runners!!
        if ward and verrett cant stay healthy…….outta here by net year!!! if AK, TM or JT don’t step the F up…….outta here too…..or regulated to back ups!!!

        ShannaLynch cant overhaul half the roster with true upgrades in 1 offseason……id say 1-2 of those jobs gets filled…..and 1-2 will be the priority next offseason. WITH A TRUE UPGRADE!!! a first round pick and/or our top FA singing……just like we did with the pass rush this year! Ward, Tart and Verrett don’t suck…..they get hurt! lets see if they can buck that trend and thrive with an NFL caliber pass rush for once!

        1. Joint, I am not surprised I make you miserable. Mentally weak people get upset so easily. You really should grow up. Dimwits are miserable people.
          You are unclear on the concept. Yes, JL and KS cannot overhaul the roster in one offseason, however, this is their THIRD offseason. They totally whiffed on Foster and Joe Williams. They continue to select a Mash unit. There is no guarantee that they will select a starting Safety with a high draft pick next year.
          Maybe the best strategy would be to address all needs, not ignore glaring needs. In 2017, i wanted them to trade back and draft Malik Hooker, because I wanted them to obtain an Earl Thomas styled FS. Jamal Adams would have been acceptable, too. They went with Solomon Thomas, but then played him out of position. Who cares if they have a pass rush, if the opposition QB can throw the ball before the pass rush gets to him. They need both, and they need balance. A pass rush with decent DBs is the recipe for success. Last season, they ignored the pass rush. This season they ignored the DBs. No bueno. If you assume Ward will solve all their problems, you football assessment skills are lacking.
          I hope Woods can forge the DBs into a cohesive unit, but they need to make some tough decisions. Witherspoon, Ward and Moore should not assume they have locked up starting positions.

            1. OMG seb……you wanna call names?!? your the guy who dosent have 1 friend in the entire world!!!!!!!!!! otherwise you wouldn’t dedicate so much time and energy to this blog!!!!!!!
              not one friend to hang out with…… family to spend time with…… home or yard to attend to…….no money to go out and spend……no hobby…….just a sad pathetic weirdo who spends 16 hours a day on this blog hoping someone mentions you so you can chime in with a 1000 word essay so you can feel smart and important……..

              Yes, Foster and Williams were busts! but talent wasn’t the issue……JW had no heart, no love for the game……and RF was a degenerate!
              only and imbecile would try and take the low hanging fruit by saying Adams of Hooker over Solomon!!!!!!!! but the fact is, doofus……..anyone who knows ANYTHING about football knows you build from the inside out…..or put in simpler terms…..from the line of scrimmage outwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              you don’t draft Db’s when you have no pass rush, crappy D-linmen and cant stop the run!!!!!!!!! HoF caliber Db’s will look bad without a pass rush and no one stopping the run!
              You don’t draft Wr’s if you don’t have a qb or an o-line to pass protect!!!!!!!!!!!

              you act so smart…….but then you make idiotic comments that show how little you truly know!!!! your a dork who studys real hard so you can mix it up with the football guys cuz this is the closest youll ever get to being in the ” real men” crowd……..but just like any con man…….you betray yourself by allowing your lack of true knowledge, your lack of instinct to shine through to the surface!!!!
              #sebfaker #conman #dorktrying hardtomixitupwiththefootballcrowd

              1. Joint, you seem upset about me. I have always said that I am only a die hard faithful Niner fan.
                I do not claim to have played the game or coached a down of football. I am just giving my opinion, as a long time Niner fan who had season tickets through the Glory Years.
                What gives you the right to say what you post is superior, because imbecile dork and doofus seem to be better adjectives of what your screeds tell me of you, than of me. I am certainly not impressed with your football knowledge.
                You seem to think that the only way to build a defense is from the inside out. Wrong.
                Adding another D lineman, when they already had a glut of linemen, and ignoring the secondary, was a recipe for failure. Some even say that the way Pete Carroll builds his defense is by finding the high free safety, first. If they do not have an Earl Thomas talented player, the Pete Carroll defense will not work.
                Posters were critical of the Solomon Thomas pick because Armstead was similar, and he was not going to replace Buckner. Sure, I wanted them to stop the run, but Thomas was duplicative, and he did not solve the pass rush problems. Last season, they refused to draft or sign a decent pass rusher, so it was not a big surprise that they did not do well in that department.
                I certainly wanted them to find a replacement for Bellore, who not only jumped out of the gap he should have defended, he blocked his own players. However. Foster was talented, but he was also draped with red flags. When I advocate that they should avoid the red flagged players, you SHOULD agree with me, but you are so adamantly opposed to anything I say, you defend the indefensible. JL and KS selected Foster, so they own that pick. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It ended up ugly. JL did not know Foster brought his accuser gf to the team hotel. If he did know, he would have been complicit. Since he did not know, he is only incompetent. Neither way covers himself in glory. To top it all off, they gave him away, instead of getting a draft pick for him.
                My premise is that you have to fill every need. Ignoring a need just means there is a weakness the opposition will exploit. Balance and depth are also big factors. They had 3 free agency periods and 3 drafts. They should have filled every need, and now just need to concentrate on depth. The problem is- they focused on injured players because they were such ‘Good Value’, but the best ability, is availability, and the injuries doomed their season. Maybe this next season, they need to stop coaching them to play with violence.
                I will say this again. Only mentally weak posters get upset from a post. Sure, I say things that nobody else would say, but that is because I like to think outside the box. Also, nobody will claim that I am not original.
                Mix it up with the football crowd? Why? I am pretty progressive, and the football crowd tends to be very conservative. I have Gay friends, You probably go with the Neanderthals who think Gay football players are an anathema. Many of my other friends think that football is a brutal sport, but we can like the SF Giants, and have commiserated about this last Warriors shortcoming. We were wondering about how the league is changing with all the player movement. Some of my soccer friends agree with me. They also like how the women’s game is played. They are tired of the fake injury theatrics in the men’s leagues, and think it is too much of an individual game. We like the fact that the Women display better teamwork, clever passing and their ball handling skills have improved dramatically, since 2011. I am a big fan of Tobin Heath, but Rapinoe stole the show, and shined brightly.
                Lack of true knowledge? All I know is that ANY 4-12 team sucks, no matter what the reason. They sure did not display the wisdom, intelligence and the moxie it needs to become a winner. I still will root for the team to win, because those Glory Year memories will sustain me, but please, do not insult my intelligence by claiming that KS will be the next Bellichick, or that he is a bonafide genius.
                Go ahead, have a hissy fit if some one deigns to criticize this 4-12 team, but it just makes you look small, petty and immature. I have seen it all. SB champions to 2-14 seasons. The only way they became SB Champions, was by learning from their mistakes. You want to close your eyes, put your fingers in your ears, and natter- la la la la la, so you cannot hear, see or deal with the truth. Just expect more of the same.
                The recent SF Giants are a good case in point. Their bats have awaken, and the hitting is contagious. The winning is following. In football, winning is contagious, but so is losing. Right now, I see the Niners, and realize that they have not learned how to win consistently. They are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They keep making the same mistakes and keep shooting themselves in the foot.
                The hubris is over the top. ‘I do not give a damn about the other teams.’ Well, he should give a damn lot of thought about those teams, or he will lose, AGAIN. ‘I do not need an OC.’ Is this what a 4-12 HC should say? He needs all the help he can get.
                ‘Sometimes, losing is good, because a team is rewarded for losing.’ JY. It all starts at the top. I hope the Niners pick last every year.
                Oh, look, the Giants won again. Yup, winning is contagious. Bochy is making some noise.

  32. I could just hear the naysayers now if they let him walk. “Why didn’t they sign him”
    “Lynch and the FO are clueless”
    “How do you let one of the best kickers leave”

    And it would all happen after this happened…

    3 seconds to go in the game the 49ers have driven from their own 20 with 39 seconds left.
    On comes Not R Gould he is 25of 35 this season. Attempting a 47 yarder to win the game and a trip to the playoffs.
    The wind is slightly blowing to the east.
    And here’s the snap the kick is on the way…
    It’s left and he misses the kick. Oh my, I wonder if R Gould is smiling right now.
    The 49ers are out of the playoffs and Seattle has taken the wildcard spot.

    Some of you would be losing your minds!
    If we knew they had a chance to sign him and didn’t.
    I’m glad I won’t have to hear it this season.

    This could very well be the scenario this season.
    So be careful what you ask for!
    Go Niners! Had to be done, smart signing!

  33. I like 2 of the three Gould and Coleman instead of Thomas, Ward good for 4 6 games before he goes on IR.
    Since Kyle hasn’t demonstrated he can score in the red zone at will Gould is as good as gold.
    Also in preseason I wouldn’t start JG or Mullins at QB instead start CJ until we are sure that the OL has improved pass protection.

  34. The $13.5 mil figure is fuzzy NFL Agent speak math.

    I’d go with Gould, Ward and Coleman.

    Thomas is 30, coming off two broken legs. The Ravens are stuck with a contract with a cap hit of $16 mil in year 3, when he’s $32. All told they are pretty much stuck with him eating up close to $38 mil.

    With Gould, Ward, and Coleman they are on the hook for $16.45 over the next 2 years in cap.

    1. Jack Hammer, thank you for your clarity. It seems curious to me that the author of this blog seems completely in the dark in terms of how NFL contracts are generally structured in 2019. He seems to be oblivious to the inherent risk of long term deals that contain loads of guaranteed money, and massive amounts of money in potential dead cap space throughout the length of these contracts.

      The way his contract is structured is a little out of the norm and diametrically opposed to the way the 49ers are currently structuring their contracts – $32M fully guaranteed / $67M in potential dead cap space of he’s released prior to 2022 / $43M in salary through the first 3 years of his contract. That’s a whole lot of money, and a whole lot of risk for a smallish, high flying, hard hitting FS on the wrong side of 30 years of age, coming off of broken legs in back to back seasons. While his cap hit for 2019 is very manageable ($7M), he’s actually making $22M this coming season. Furthermore, he’ll be 33 years of age before the Ravens can even entertain the idea of releasing him, regardless of whether or not he can even stay on the field, even though his recent injury history would suggest his body appears to be breaking down due to his age, the position he plays, the way he plays it, and the number of additional high-intensity postseason games he’s logged during the course of his NFL career.

      Anyone who has been paying attention to the way the 49ers have been generally working their contracts, their philosophy is all about front loading contracts and limiting the risk (salary/guaranteed money/dead cap space) over time. And this holds true for all three players mentioned – Coleman (who is on a 2 year deal with a potential out for the Niners after this season without losing a dime in dead cap money), Ward (who is currently on a 1 year deal), and Gould (the 49ers have an out after year 2, with a minimal $1.5M cap hit).

      I was really hoping the 49ers could land Earl on an incentive based 2 year deal, after the way in which they structured Sherman’s deal, but there is no way I would have given him the long term deal that the Ravens gave him. Even with Ward’s fragility, when you consider the potential risk vs reward, there is no question the 49ers made the right choice with Coleman/Ward/Gould over Thomas, and it’s not even close.

      1. He’s not in the dark. He is trying to generate conversation and realizes that the vast majority of fans won’t take the time to look into the details, and he’s right.

        1. I’m sure you’re right Jack Hammer. BTW, I especially appreciated your “NFL agent speak” quote. So true. It will be fascinating to see if anything changes in this regard with their next collective bargaining agreement.

  35. considering the way they abuse their undersized rbs and given their inability to score tds to which an abnormally accurate kicker could salvage points we most desperately couldn’t do without ….Yeah, I’d say it was money well spent.

  36. Grant, KS and JL did not want to take a chance signing a player who flips off a coach while being wheeled off the field.
    Also, maybe the Niners did make an offer, but it was only short term. Baltimore paid more, and gave him a multi year deal. They also lost Weddle, so there was a big need on their squad.
    There were many who were lobbying for Thomas. Richard Sherman wanted his former team mate. Lots of pundits thought the Niners would be a good landing spot for the revenge factor.
    I will disagree partly. Thomas is not a better pick up than Coleman and Gould, because they may be huge factors in the running game and kicking game. However, Ward is not worth a loaf of bread, and Thomas would have been a huge upgrade. They are both pretty even on the injury front.

    1. Are you still lamenting Kaep and saying Jimmy G. couldn’t hold his jockstrap, Seb?
      Is Kyle really “less than astute,” as you stated 2 years ago?

      Since you’re so unhappy with Shanny, maybe you should go to Las Vegas and root for Sebraidah!

      1. Keep trolling, TrollD. I have never said that Kaep was superior to JG. However, now that JG suffered an ACL tear, he is not as big a threat to run as many other QBs, Kaep included.
        I like JG because he can throw into triple coverage, and complete passes. I also like that he can overcome the coaching. I am perfectly happy that JG is the Niner QB, and hope he helps win a couple rings.
        Calling a die hard faithful Niner fan a Raider fan, is a vicious slur. It just means you are the real Raiders fan, since you rooted for the Raiders to beat the Niners.

  37. A Grant retweet…

    Nothing But Niners #NB9ERS

    Man, @grantcohn has been on Attack and Defend mode for over 24 hours…

    Tonight, we’ll have him on the show to try to explain what’s wrong with Kyle Shanahan and why others don’t see it.

    You won’t want to miss this! Make sure you’re subscribed!

  38. I read an article 10 years ago or so that explained the Patriots free agency thought process. It said that the Pats would always take 2, B level free agents over 1, A level free agent. The article said that is why they never had cap problems. It sounds like the 49ers are trying the same thing.

    1. Old Coach, they also traded away Chandler Jones to get a high draft choice for him, rather than seeing him walk in free agency. It also helps that their franchise QB will accept way less because his supermodel wife makes more than he does. That allows the Pats to pay for talent, while staying under the salary cap.
      Those B level players play like A level players, then regress to B level players when they move on to another team.
      They also tend to trade for players, then let them walk in free agency, so they get draft compensatory picks, thus gaming the system.
      Sure wish the Niners were smart enough to game the system, instead of refusing to spend their salary cap, to pad their profits. Thankfully, this season, they did spend the cap, although they still are 35 mil under. The problem with the Niners, is that they refused to sign those A list players, and their B list players were injured, like Ward, Kwon and Verrett.

      1. On the matter of being ‘smart enough’…

        sebnynah says:
        August 1, 2015 at 1:35 pm

        I may be critical of Kaep, but I also recognize that with Kaep as QB, the Niners will be in serious consideration for a Lombardi for the next 10 years. I just want him to improve with constructive criticism, and hopes he wins it all.
        Kaep should choose his battles wisely. Posters will try to make a tempest out of a teapot, so Kaep should not engage in a lose-lose proposition.

        Mr. Optimist (AKA, exgolfer) says:
        August 2, 2015 at 9:39 am


        “Tempest out of a teapot?”

        htwaits says:
        August 2, 2015 at 2:04 pm

        Maybe he meant “in a teapot” because a tempest out of a teapot could be dangerous.

        1. Yes, a tempest in a teapot is insignificant. Posters are trying to make it much more than something small and insignificant.
          Notice I also was not a sycophant, and gave constructive criticism.
          Hmm, researching the archives 4 years ago just seems desperate, but go ahead, knock yourself out.

  39. Seb, if you don’t like California’s 49ers, maybe you should move to Las Vegas. There’s a lot of work to do in that city. You would fit right in.

    1. TrollD, I live in Sebastopol, and a times, can watch a wall of cooling fog to the west, but am in full sunlight. With all the states and on- line gambling, Las Vegas will soon be returning to the desert, so I would rather stay here with its nice mild climate.
      Maybe you should move to Las Vegas so you can attack die hard faithful Niner fans to your heart’s content, and root for your team some more. Maybe you should go where it’s hot.

    2. I’m not big on taking posters to task on this site because (like politics), nothing gets resolved and the convo never turns anyone’s personal views.
      In other words, it’s a waste of time (imho).

      Making game of constantly trying to corner Seb against the proverbial wall definitely falls under the aforementioned – waste of time.

      1. True-but its also fun to watch him go “Dr. Smith” on people. I get a huge kick out of it myself………..

  40. Thanks for the invite.

    Seb, those times watching your beloved fogbanks will be short-lived.

    I’m currently enjoying the soothing weather of the “Great Northwest” in Seattle WA, where my family is from and hiking through the Olympic National Rainforest.

    I, myself, enjoy the cooler climates and would be miserable in climate changed, Sebbyastopol/Santa Rosa, not sure when the next forest fire makes it a living hell.

    No, California is drying up and soon enough your backyard plants will be growing in sand—good luck with your water bill……Go Niners!!!

    1. Anyone that’s for getting rid of Shanny doesn’t enjoy offense, and was probably happier with Trestman, Hostler, Mornhinweg, Raye, Martz, Roman and Chryst in charge of our offensive strategy….

      1. Marc Trestman is the perfect example of a guy who doesn’t have a reputation built off his daddy’s last name.

        1. QB’s coach, Rich Scangarello is the perfect example of a guy who Fangio targeted to be in charge of his offensive system. When York interviewed Fangio to replace Harbaugh, his 1st choice for OC was the guy with the reputation built off his daddy’s last name. Coinkydink? I think not. Oh yea, then there’s, Adam Stenavich who is the new Green Bay Packers offensive line coach under, yep you guessed it, 1st year HC, Matt LaFleur….

          1. Kyle Shanahan: 11 seasons in NFL as HC/OC. 22.6 points per game. Top 1/2 3 of 11 years. 1 SB appearance. 10-22 as HC

            Marc Trestman: 12 seasons in NFL as HC/OC. 22.4 points per game. Top 1/2 6 of 12 seasons. 1 SB appearance. 13-19 as HC

            Only difference is their last name.

            1. Only difference is their last name.


              Kyle Shanahan: 11 season career in the NFL, 45-41

              Marc Trestman: 12 season career in the NFL, 52-54

              Kyle Shanahan: Current head coach in the NFL

              Marc Trestman: Current head coach of Tampa’s XFL team

              Kyle Shanahan: Players coach

              Marc Trestman: Control Freak

              Kyle Shanahan: His tree is bearing fruit in the NFL

              Marc Trestman: His tree in the NFL has borne no fruit

              Kyle Shanahan: His first name is Kyle

              Marc Trestman: His first name is Marc

              1. Kyle Shanahan and Marc Trestman each have 12 letters in their names (first and last combined).

              2. “Kyle Shanahan: Current head coach in the NFL
                Marc Trestman: Current head coach of Tampa’s XFL team.”

                Ha! Now that one was funny!
                Looks like stats aren’t the only thing that teams go for in a HC.

              3. “Kyle Shanahan: 11 season career in the NFL, 45-41

                Marc Trestman: 12 season career in the NFL, 52-54”

                What do the 45-41 and 52-54 represent?

      2. Maybe one should go back farther, and look at Sam Wyche, Andy Reid, Mike Holmgren and Mike Shanahan. They did well to help the offensive strategy.

        1. That list I cited reads like a bunch of shrinks a multi-phobic personality has seen, and driven to give up their practice’s….

    2. Cowherd isn’t completely in left field on this. Where the two are on opposite ends of the spectrum is the success prior to getting the HC gig.

      If Shanahan truly is a Belichick doppelgänger which team is he going to next to have all that success?

  41. Gould can win games by himself.

    Earl Thomas would be one piece of their defense, a good piece, if he can
    avoid injury.

    Funny how Grant knocks old, previously injured, Sherman, but, likes old, previously injured, Thomas…

    Go for the Gould!

    1. I think Grant has some soccer experience. Perhaps he could get some serious kicking work in over the next several months and ask the 9ers for a walk-on tryout after the 2020 draft. Grant would come cheap and the 9ers could unload Gould. Niners don’t need a great kicker anyway–at least some here feel that way. Too, Grant would pull in a few $100K above what he’s earning now. A win-win.

  42. No. for the reasons you gave about Thomas

    The Niners needed a good kicker (until proven otherwise…he’s their main weapon because of the redzone problems).

    Ward?….they needed someone to play safety. at least he’s more likely to to regain his athletic abilities at his age over a broken down Thomas. The Niners need a better solution at Safety but I’m pretty sure Thomas isn’t it.

    The Niners go through running backs like nobody’s business. Remember Mostart and even Jeff Wilson started at one point last season.

  43. Here’s what I think of Peter King calling the 49ers a top 10 team this year:

    My Super Bowl pick—which annually stinks—is a combo platter of the old and the new. I’m going all-in on the franchise that last won a playoff game with Marc Bulger under center. Super Bowl 53, Atlanta, Feb. 3, 2019: Los Angeles Rams 29, New England 20. September 3, 2018 11:41 am ET

  44. Just watched the ambush interview With Grant, Mike and Tony.
    First question- Do you hate the Niners? That sure set the tone.
    It was interesting to see such devoted sycophants pushing back against Grant. Kinda reminded me with the peanut gallery here. I will give them props for having Grant, but they were not interested in what he said.
    However, I did glean some insights that the Niners should consider. KS does not do well in the Red Zone, because he is an OZ guy, Maybe they should do like what Grant said, and add another O lineman. In fact, maybe they should change the O line up so it is more run oriented. Being together, and providing continuity is fine if they are excelling, but when the interior O line struggles, they should not be afraid to change O line players in the Red Zone.

      1. No, but Mike could not believe what he was hearing, and tried to shout down Grant. Tony was actually civil and acknowledged Grant made some good points.
        In the end, Grant said he had to go, and cut off the interview. Mike then said that it was a ‘forum’, not a debate, trying to make the best out of a bad situation. I thought they wanted to gang up on Grant, and it was pretty much a hatchet job, but Grant, in his unique way, demonstrated he had inside knowledge and a ton of football expertise. When Mike started to tell Grant that Sean McVay was a lesser HC than KS, he lost me, too. SM went 13-3, lost only to the Saints, Bears and Eagles, and went to the SB. KS went 4-12, and admitted he should have won 3 more games.
        Comparing Super Bowls, Mike could not accept that all KS had to do was run the ball 3 times and kick a field goal. He dwelled on the fact that SM only had the Rams scoring 3 points, but I think SM should have also hired an OC. KS was the OC, and Quinn, as HC, should had over ridden KS’s play calls, in the end. Yes, the players did not execute, but KS should had put his players in better positions to succeed. Both KS and SM were out coached, but only SM acknowledged he should have changed, and done a better job. KS doubled down, and said he had no regrets. Glad Grant stated that he did not think KS is a genius, because the implosion in the SB proved he was not even competent.
        Mike repeated the screed about JH and the- Men Only statement, but JH was not going to install his game plan or discuss strategy with outsiders watching over his shoulder. Also, by that time, JH was sick and tired of being stabbed in the back, so it was perfectly understandable for him to be upset with the FO.
        Mike and Tony did not know that Jed wanted to keep Baalke, but his mother had to be the adult in the room. At least they acknowledged that Baalke was a disaster.
        The production was not very refined. Mikes voice blared loudly, while I had to turn up the volume every time Grant spoke. Then, when Mike interjected, he was literally shouting Grant down. Tony was cast in a shadow, with the glare of a light being a distraction. However, i liked Tony more than Mike.
        Glad Grant got to speak his piece, but it was not a scintillating discussion.

        1. Personally, I much preferred the discussions Grant had with Mark Carpenter, from KRON.
          Even Larry Kreuger was better, because he stuck to football.

  45. Liked your segment on NBN Grant agreed with alot of your points..You should do a periscope or you tube video before training camp..

  46. Seb

    The only stable ‘Genius’ “on here are those who carry a shovel and keep the troughs clear….

  47. Grant whittling his sarcasm stick…

    Grant Cohn

    More Grant Cohn Retweeted Fletcher
    Another Chip Kelly fan. Who knew they still existed in 2019? Fascinating.

  48. Hey Grant…. As a nationally-respected sports media type, it should be easy for you to wrangle some time on Colin Cowherd’s show. There you could expose Colin to the truth behind Shanahan.

    C’mon, do it. Would open new vistas career-wise for you..

    1. That’s an old RW trope that’s been kicking around the webs for years. Got anything original?

      But since you dredged it up, the directions on the shampoo bottle invariably read lather rinse repeat. Now, no one needs to repeat, so why would the manufacturer instruct that? Why to sell more product of course.

      Now more product sold equals more profit, more American jobs, more American GDP.

      And you are ridiculing this serious topic Razor? American economic growth. Why do you hate America? You need to seriously consider going back to where you came from.

        1. I only used our Presidents words. “Right on the money”, weren’t they? Should he be embarrassed by them? Are you embarrassed by them? Not by judging from your posting history.

          1. It was a humorous comment made by a Congressman about some really stupid Congresswomen who call themselves the “Squad” and you analyze it like it’s the Nuremberg trials. Lighten up Francis.

            1. The humor of the “logic” in my response went way over your 10 gallon hat.

              Really, a Congressman said that? Quoting something that landed in his inbox that’s been passed around for years?

              I’m embarrassed for his constituents.

              1. At least he didn’t break the rules and get rebuked as out of order on the house floor. Even Steny advised that Mrs. Pelosi’s words were in fact out of order due to the rules set forth by that slave owner, Benjamin Franklin….

              2. Ha! Taking someone to task for breaking protocol in the age of Trump is f-ing hi-larious.

              3. Then you realize he’s still the President, and your hilarity becomes maniacal.

            2. I’ll see if I can come up with something about BJs in the parking lot from teenage girls next time. That’s more your speed as far as jokes go.

              1. Well now that you say that… there were these 3 nerds at their class prom….

      1. And the bumper sticker, America: Love it or Leave it has been around since the ’70’s.

        1. Yes, and made popular by the administration of that guy… who was it? Enemies list comes to mind. Resigning the office in disgrace does as well.

          1. Made popular? The “logic” of the slogan went way over your beanie, because it makes literally no sense to anyone that you would want to live in a place you don’t like when you have options to live in places you would. Common sense not so common under De Blasio? Don’t let it rub off on you….

            1. Who’s not liking America? Donald Trump? He had nothing good to say about it while running for President.

              Maybe he should go back to where he came from? No he can’t. NYers won’t let him step one foot back here.

              1. Literally 99% of the ones that threatened to leave during Bush Part Deux did not leave.

                Literally 99% of the ones that threatened to leave during Obama did not leave.

                Literally 99% of the ones that believe America is a racist, oppressive, hateful nation that threaten to leave during Trump will not leave. I know, it’s a head scratcher….

              2. Do you see the difference between someone claiming to want to leave because reasons and the President telling someone to leave? If not, that really is a head scratcher.

              3. Do you see the difference between denouncing hate and hating Trump?!! If not it’s a pinch and roll moment for you I’d imagine….

              4. ‘Go back to where you come from’ should only be used by indigenous Americans towards all the others in the Western Hemisphere. So it’s back to Germany for #45. Back to UK for me and my wife. Back to what Razor? Italy for you?
                Even indigenous Americans are likely from Northeast Asia.
                ‘Go back to where you come from’ sounds like Nazi Brownshirts from the 1930s Third Reich. If that doesn’t seem scary, it should.

              5. So you agree it’s about hating Trump and not hating America. There is hope for you Razor!

              6. Rib, did you know you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent?

                Oh, do it
                Oh, do it
                Do it
                Do the racist hustle, do the racist hustle!?

              7. My apologies, Mr. Hammer. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. A-hem, I digress. I cited win/loss pct./giveaway&takeaway ranking all 11/12 years in the NFL. I can tell by your peaked interest that you’re anxious to know the numbers as HC’s for each of their 2 years, so here they are:

                Shanny had a 22 and a 29.
                Trestman had a 14 and a 26.

                2017 Shanny had Hoyer and friends. 2018 Shanny had Mullens and Kittle.
                2013 Trestman had Cutler and a team. 2014 Trestman had Cutler and an even better team.

              8. Maybe I’m slow, but none of this helps explain how you got: “Kyle Shanahan: 11 season career in the NFL, 45-41

                Marc Trestman: 12 season career in the NFL, 52-54”

                What do the 45-41 and 52-54 represent? How did you get this, or where was it pulled from?

              9. After your 40 you asked me what your time was, and I responded, “I don’t know, Jack. I don’t have a sun dial”.

                I cited win/loss pct./giveaway&takeaway ranking all 11/12 years in the NFL*ProFootballReference

              10. So Shanahan has a win percentage of 45, and Trestman has a win percentage of 52. Is that correct?

              11. Yes that is correct, and as 2 year NFL HC’s:

                Shanny had a 22 and a 29.
                Trestman had a 14 and a 26.

                2017 Shanny had Hoyer and friends. 2018 Shanny had Mullens and Kittle.
                2013 Trestman had Cutler and a team. 2014 Trestman had Cutler and an even better team.

                Of course it will get worse for Mr. Trestman because…you know he’s no longer a HC in the NFL, and will probably never be again in this lifetime. That too, is correct, no?

              12. “Of course it will get worse for Mr. Trestman because…you know he’s no longer a HC in the NFL, and will probably never be again in this lifetime. That too, is correct, no?”

                Correct. He doesn’t have daddy’s name to fall back on.

              13. Do the racist hustle, do the racist hustle

                You are being hustled by a racist, so you got that part right at least.

              14. Rib, stick to sphincters because it’s something you apparently are quite familiar with.

              15. “2013 Trestman had Cutler and a team. 2014 Trestman had Cutler and an even better team.”

                Cutler? Ha! He’s the Shanahan of QB’s, 3 winning seasons in 12 years. All show, no go. Only place that guy was a winner was fantasy football.

          2. You’ll never stop, Ribs–never. yeah, I know-F-me this and F-me that……..but facts are very persistent. You’ll never stop.

            1. How to get me to stop? Tell your other blowhard Trump cultists to stop bringing up their yuck yuck attempts of politicizing the blog.

              And PS: F you.

              1. Very sophisticated……..blaming others for your own freely chosen behavior–then, profanity.

                The very flower of the modern liberal party…………

                Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy aren’t even in the rear view mirror. In fact, they would not be welcome to your party. Can you imagine the look on their face(s) when they disagree with you about something and then get cussed out?

        2. Do you think those 4 Democratic women hate America?

          Oh, and when you have a free minute can you respond to the football related question I asked you above?

  49. So where do we go from here?
    I hope I do not jinx them, but the Niners have managed to stay out of the news. That is huge. No distractions.
    The 3 big things the Niners need to accomplish are- signing Bosa, signing Deebo and re-signing ‘Bones’ Deforest Buckner.
    The Niners specialize in team friendly contracts. They front load them so they can drop or trade away a player if it does not work out. Maybe they should not treat the players like a piece of meat, and treat the players with respect. They should give them fair contracts, that both sides can benefit from. The Niners, by assuming a player will not work out, is showing little loyalty to that player.
    No wonder decent FAs still avoid the Niners like the plague. The Niners need to have faith in the players, and should have signed both draft picks months ago. There is very little wriggle room for rookie contracts. They are formulaic, with only the offset clause to be negotiated. However, it seems as though the Niners are assuming the player will suck, instead of believing in the player, and expressing confidence the player will not only fulfill his contract, he will be re-signed.
    No wonder the Niners could only way overpay to get a player, or they go the ‘Good Value’ strategy, and sign injured players.
    Buckner is getting the Paraag treatment. They should reward competence and production, and re-sign Buckner, ASAP. It is churlish to negotiate disrespectfully with their best defender, especially with 35 mil in cap space. Paraag will only offer a team friendly deal, but they need to be friendly towards the player, too.
    Maybe they should get Joan in accounting to draw up a fair deal that benefits both sides, instead of a Paraag – team only friendly deal. Paraag is not helping the team, or its players, by playing hardball.

    1. If we now compare the shear-rate dependence of spheres and elongated particles, we recap that spheres show shear-thinning as particle-particle interactions become less pronounced at high shear rates. The increased surface of elongated particles leads to higher low-shear viscosity compared to spheres…

    2. The Niners need to have faith in the players, and should have signed both draft picks months ago. There is very little wriggle room for rookie contracts. They are formulaic, with only the offset clause to be negotiated

      Talking out of your sphincter again. The are currently 5 first round picks unsigned across the league. Do us a big favor and take your blabbering to those teams blogs

      1. Just because 5 out of 32 have not signed, that means 27 out of 32 have signed.
        Pulled another one out of your rear end? 84 % of the league has signed all their players. The Niners have 2 who have not signed.
        Quit arguing against yourself.

        1. So what. You are talking like the Niners are the only team that have this horrrrible abomination going on. Get a life, it happens. Btw, read Gould’s comments on the signing process. He was very complimentary towards the team. So stick your idiocy up your sphincter and keep it there for a change.

          1. Donald, your posts are revealing why you need a shrink.
            He missed the OTAs and Mini camp, but has a brand new holder since Pinion is gone. Guess you think that is not important.
            I am talking like the Niners have done the same thing with Pettis, now Bosa and Deebo. They are a 4-12 team, and should have every player signed and participating fully. Holdouts are a distraction, and do not help the team.
            Your idiocy shines from every orifice. Stick to politics.

        2. Just looked up the signing tracker.
          Only 8 out of 254 players are unsigned. That means 97% of the players are signed, and the Niners have a quarter of the unsigned picks.
          Maybe Nick needs to fire his agent, like Joey did.

          1. Sebby-I missed an appt. with my Proctologist to come and talk with you–I may have made a mistake!

      1. He has no friends. He thinks we’re his friends because he never leaves his keyboard and never shut up. As usual, he’s wrong

        1. Rookie wage scale and negotiated terms are pretty well set. This may be the MO of the agents, but the Niners are also complicit. It takes 2 to tango. The Niners, if they do not want distractions, should have signed them months ago. They have a 35 mil surplus salary cap.
          They waited until he last second to sign Gould. What did that accomplish? He missed the OTAs and Mini camp. Some teams like all their players to be together so they can bond, and become stronger as a cohesive unit.
          Some may think that the LS, hiking the ball to the holder, may help the Kicker work on his timing. Now Gould will go to TC with little interaction with his Special Teams players. Thorough preparations, which is a hallmark of the Patriots, is what separates them from the rest of the league.

      2. The Niners keep doing the same thing over and over and over. Maybe you should diss them for not learning from their mistakes.

  50. So Grant, just saw something that got me thinking. From the perspective of someone in the business, who’s the biggest D-bag in sports reporting? For me, I go with Skip Bayless and Mike Florio as 1A and 1B. The order depends on which one is most annoying on any given day. My guess from an insiders perspective is Florio has to be the most hated man in sports. He steals other people’s work and repackages it as his own and then sells ads based on the traffic on his site. Obviously, the other side of that is he may potentially raise the number of clicks to a reporters work so that may compensate for his theft. What say you?

      1. That is pretty fun. Some names on there though that are not annoying at all. I can see Stephen A and Cowherd, and Gottlieb on that list but Trey Wingo? Mike Greenberg? Seems like the field is too big.

    1. Bayless is just doing his shtick for money, a hell of a lot of it. Grant on the other hand is a true believer, so there’s that.

      1. Not sure what that has to do with the price of tea in China but you be you.

        1. You’re just another guy taken in by the Bayless act. Oh the outrage! While he’s just laughing all the way to the bank.

          Grant makes a minuscule fraction of what Bayless and the other shock jocks pull down, so what do you think his motivation is? Upward mobility perhaps?

          1. I’ve commented multiple times about Bayless on this blog. He’s an incredible genius for how he’s built his brand and made millions. He’s an absolute scumbag though that I find to be the most annoying person in sports reporting. His opinions are totally disingenuous. He just says the most ignorant/outrageous thing he can think of to rile people up and create attention for himself. He has no real opinions of his own. When he insinuated Troy Aikman was gay and then questioned how his teammates would react to him in the locker room he got run out of Dallas. Then he went to SF and questioned Steve Young’s sexuality in the exact same way he did Aikman. Regardless of the impact or distraction he created for those players, his only goal was to promote awareness of himself. I have zero respect for a man like that and I wouldn’t blame any player impacted by Bayless’s unethical attacks to walk up and knock him out.

              1. Unless he’s the grifter like our grifter in chief, he’s better off with the gig he has.

              2. Speaking of Grifters, hey Ribs did they ever figure out where de Blasio’s wife spent that $800M of taxpayer money he gave her?

              3. What about that Grifter Omar who may have married her brother to help him immigrate to that racist, hateful and oppressive country called the United States?

              4. Wonder what the majority (certainly not all…) of Native Americans think of the ‘send ’em back’ rhetoric. I imagine a good number would say “if only...”

              5. My totally politically incorrect opinion on the “Send em Back” stuff is every parcel of land on earth has been occupied, and stolen, and reoccupied, and stolen again by a variety of people over history. Depends on how far you want to go back but every person on earth can be told to “Go Back” to somewhere else. It’s a meaningless phrase that’s only purpose is to piss people off so why pay attention to it? It almost seems as if the entire reason to get mad at that stupidity is because you want to be outraged. It’s all so very stupid.

            1. Again. You think he really believes those incendiary things? Seriously? He’s a showman, pure and simple. He knows what it takes to rile an audience. Take a punch from a pro athlete? Ratings gold.

              Another guy took the same tack all the way to the most powerful office in the world.

  51. Football. Please. Let’s keep the topic on football. Or Grant.

    Fifth grade counter-punching and territory marking are getting really tired.

    1. How come you always want everyone else to stay on the topic of football yet you are the most egregious violators of this made up rule.

  52. First camps open tomorrow –

    1. Evan Silva made an interesting point : “Both #49ers projected starting WRs were elite returners in college.
    Dante Pettis set NCAA record with 9 punt return TDs. Deebo Samuel brought back 4 kickoffs for scores.
    George Kittle just set NFL record for yards after catch by TE. All dynamic with the ball in their hands. ”

    2. Mrs putin is back at it. Video surfaces and it is not good. NY and FL Attorney General and FBI offices should be investigating.

    1. Seahawks seem to have draft class of injuries with defensive back Marquise Blair, linebacker Ben Burr-Kirven, defensive tackle Demarcus Christmas and offensive guard Phil Haynes starting camp on PUP. Offensive lineman Demetrius Knox begins on NFI….

  53. So camp is about to start in about a week…..any news on when Bosa and Deebo are set to sign?

  54. Ward was a terrible decision and Robbie was a necessary one. Regardless, I believe you put Earl Thomas on the backend of the Niners would have made us one of the most complete teams in the West. As it is now, we are the second or third (still think Seahawk talent is overrated. Wilson covers up a ton of weaknesses – Dline, Oline, WR, S, TE).

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