The good and not so good: Day 13 — Garoppolo throws five interceptions

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo stands on the sideline during the first half of an NFL preseason football game between the 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys in Santa Clara, Calif., Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019. (AP Photo/John Hefti)

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out Wednesday at practice.


1. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Did something I’ve never seen an NFL quarterback do – throw five straight interceptions during 11-on-11 team drills. Here’s a rundown of the picks:

  1. Overthrew a deep pass to Ross Dwelley, who was running a corner route. Dwelley dove for the pass and inadvertently tipped it with one hand to Jaquiski Tartt.
  2. Underthrew a deep pass to Matt Breida, was running a wheel route. Free safety Tarvarius Moore read Garoppolo’s eyes and broke early on the pass. Breida never had a chance.
  3. Telegraphed a throw to Dwelley, who was running an out route. Richard Sherman read Garoppolo, undercut Dwelley’s route and made the interception.
  4. Stared down Dante Pettis in the corner of the end zone, decided Pettis wasn’t open, looked away from a split second, panicked, looked back at Pettis and forced him a pass even though he never was open. Ahkello Witherspoon caught the ball.
  5. Stared down Dwelley, who was running a curl route in the end zone. Moore stepped in front of the pass, intercepted it and returned it for a touchdown.

Garoppolo has an impressive physical skillset and he throws a pretty spiral, but he seems to make too many mistakes for an NFL starting quarterback. He needs to clean up his game, because his backup, Nick Mullens, does not make many mistakes. More on Mullens below.

2. LT Joe Staley. Left practice early with a sore pectoral muscle. And just like that, one of the 49ers’ thinnest position groups got even thinner.

3. LT Justin Skule. Started at left tackle because Staley is injured and backup left tackle Shon Coleman is out for the season with a broken leg. During 11-on-11s, Skule made Solomon Thomas look like Nick Bosa. The 49ers probably should trade for a backup offensive tackle pronto.

4. TE George Kittle. Missed his second straight practice with a calf injury.

5. Pre-snap penalties. The offense committed three, and the defense committed one.


1. FS Tarvarius Moore. Started at free safety for the ninth practice in a row and intercepted Garoppolo twice. Moore now has intercepted Garoppolo three times during the past three practices. Moore absolutely deserves to start at free safety Week 1.

2. SS Jaquiski Tartt. Hung on to a pass that Dwelley tipped right to him.

3. CB Richard Sherman. Snagged a pass Garoppolo served him on a silver platter.

4. CB Ahkello Witherspoon. Intercepted a pass intended for Dante Pettis. Witherspoon has dominated Pettis all offseason. Today, Pettis caught just two of six targets from Garoppolo.

5. WR Jordan Matthews. Caught four of five targets from Garoppolo, including a 21-yard pass while Matthews ran a deep over route. Matthews has become the starting slot receiver during Trent Taylor’s absence and has taken advantage of the opportunity.

6. WR Kendrick Bourne. Caught three of four targets from Mullens, including a deep touchdown pass down the middle of the field.

7. WR Richie James Jr. Caught two of three targets from Garoppolo, including a 30-yard pass downfield.

8. WR Jalen Hurd. Received his first target from Garoppolo since camp started. The pass was a bubble screen. Hurd caught it and ran three yards for a touchdown. He seems to be the backup slot receiver behind Matthews for the time being.

9. QB Nick Mullens. Completed 10 of 14 passes, threw a deep touchdown pass to Bourne and even scrambled for a touchdown in the red zone. Most importantly, Mullens made no major mistakes. Threw no picks. Took no sacks. He’s not the most physically gifted quarterback, but he consistently makes fewer mistakes than his teammates, and that’s why he perseveres and why he may become a fulltime starter one day. The quarterback who makes the fewest mistakes eventually rises to the top and keeps the starting job.

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  1. Guess the following was just the law of averages playing out…

    Garoppolo rallied at the end with a two-minute drive. His last throw at the goal line was nearly picked by Tartt but squirted through and into Jordan Matthews’ hands.

    Going up against the Broncos–practice and game–will provide a better picture.

    1. When will Grant admit openly that Mullens is in a competition to start with Jimmy G? He has had the better camp and, frankly, has the higher football IQ. He certainly knows and has mastered the playbook. The team prefers Mullens. He was a trusted and popular leader on this team last year.

      1. Mullens will have an opportunity Monday night to show JG up. Should be interesting. I think the kid has all the attributes of an nfl star in the making. His perseverence and journey should be noted: Rookie season, CUT and stuck with it on the practice squad for the 9ers in 17. Last year – QB3…STUCK with it and ended up starting 8 games and throwing for 2,277 yards (64.7% completion rate) after Bethard, with a more complete team, BOMBED. Now? He’s truly beginning see everything clearly, and is NAILING textbook throws (not that he wasn’t in games last year or I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised, as much as I like Bethard’s character, if they give Mullins the nod. But part of me believes Shanny will pull a Balke and favor C.J. cause that was his guy.

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      2. One good thing: the number of fans who wanted to trade Mullens seems to have dwindled to near zero. I was SMH reading them earlier this offseason. Dumb, dumb idea, even if he doesn’t play a down this year. What would he even have brought in trade, like a 5th rounder at best? Just because CJB has the better “draft pedigree?”

        Instead of trading him, the Niners need to sign Mullens to a real contract, pronto. He’s a FA next year. They should do it before the season. If he plays, he could get a lot more expensive.

        1. Some would say that- if Mullens could garner a boatload of picks, no backup QB is untradeable.
          Before the Broncos signed Flacco and drafted Lock, Scangarello may have advocated for the Broncos to acquire Mullens, giving up a second round pick and a conditional 2020 pick. If the Broncos had made it to the playoffs, the conditional pick would have been upgraded to a second round pick. If the Broncos had managed to get to the SB, the conditional pick would have been upgraded to a first round pick.
          Sure, a measly 5th round pick would be totally unsatisfactory, especially for a QB starter, and JG recovering from an ACL.
          Now CJB is worth a 5th or 6th round pick, especially after watching so many drek QBs who played in the first preseason games. Washington may be a good target to trade CJB to. Keenum is mediocre, and Haskins is too raw

      3. Well, in the bigger scheme of things, it matters very little what Grant admits or not. Gran’t isn’t a member of the York family.

        I will admit I am no position to know categorically if Mullens has a higher football IQ or not. Nor do I know if the team_ perfers Mullens over Jimmy. Anyone on this blog know for certain about the team’s preference? Anyone?

        Before I_ panic, I’m going to follow the team through the remainder of the preseason and into the first few games of the regular season. Preseason results can fortell the future, and often preseasons quickly fade and are long forgotten.

        1. If you watch closely, as Tim Ryan pointed out last year, you get facial hints. Jimmy G is a pretty boy with an extra brief resume. He was grossly overpaid. Mullens knows the playbook, is far smarter and has the faith of the team for his skills and leadership last year. Yes, Jimmy G will start the season. I hope he does well. But I would not be surprised if he is replaced mid-year. He has NOT been impressive in camp. I have the painful impression he is lightweight in life and in football. Mullens has depth as a human being and is far smarter on the field.

      4. Is this a serious statement!!??
        LOL if it is.
        Come on now, it’s practice, and seeing how Jimmy G has commanded the huddle and the field when he has played and with his quick release, I’m sorry but there is no comparison.

        1. You can’t be on the gridiron when you’re injured. Would you like to discuss JG’s durability on the pitch?? He’s about as reliable as Goodwin at this point. And the York’s will be out close to 70 large when the 9ers fail under QB1 and have to rely on Mullins this year.

        2. Jimmy g is slow to react and is unsure of the calls and strategies. Mullens picks it all up quickly. Shallow men are not interesting to females. Jimmy G. is, well, nice smile but not much behind it.

            1. He has how Jimmy worked on the body of that porn star to make his assessment. That could be considered a body of work.

              1. giggle..true. He just is a lightweight as a person and likely as a player as well. Tim Ryan said last year that Mullens had the respect of the players and was a smart, hardworking QB. He replaces an “injured” Jimmy G at midseason I think.

              2. giggle..true. He just is a lightweight as a person and likely as a player as well.

                Hey allie, have you been taking a few blows to the head during your intramurals at “bryn mawr”?

              3. So because, Jimmy wasn’t looking for a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom makes him shallow? Interesting….

              4. Way to go Allie. You pass judgement on the depth of character and intelligence of a man you’ve never met. That’s like a doctor in Philadelphia diagnosing a patient in San Jose who he/she never examined or read the medical record of. Brilliant! You must have extra sensory abilities.
                Only you’re not a doctor nor do you have any resume in football. Presumptuous much? Get over yourself. We’ll judge JimmyG by his on field production not your baseless Kardashian random takes.

      5. Not a chance in hell that Mullens starts week 1. For reasons that have absolutely NOTHING to do with who plays better in preseason/practice. First, you just admitted a 130M mistake without having any real-game evidence to support that decision. Makes no sense. Garoppolo will have to fail in the first 5 games for the Niners to make a move.

        Next, if you were to start Mullens, you just destroyed your presumed franchise QB’s confidence. What happens after game #3 and Mullens struggles (like he did for much of last year)? Do you go to Garoppolo, the QB who’s the confidence you just destroyed? Again, makes no sense.

    2. If it came down to Richie James OR Jordan Mathews, who would you choose?

      Earlier, I would have said James. But there’s something comforting about throwing to Mathews: you know he’s going to catch the damn ball.

    3. Garoppolo likely suffering from a bit of arm fatigue at this stage of his comeback. Let’s remember, he actually went months without being able to throw a proper pass, and, nothing really simulates that part of the process. If this were less of an aberration, I would look at it differently. Up until today (I think) Jimmy had never thrown more than 1 INT in a Niners training camp, so that should keep things in perspective.

      On a different note:

      ~ I’m confident McKinnon will start the season on the PUP. Circle week 7, a home game VS Carolina (who I predict will have a great season provided Cam comes back healthy) as McKinnon likely return date, if the Niners need him.

      ~ I’m also very confident Bosa will return 100% for opening day. He’s simply doing things physically the last couple days, that you wouldn’t expect someone dealing with a high-ankle sprain. What he’s doing now isn’t consistent with what I would expect most trainers would consider recommended, for what, one week after the injury?

      ~ I like Dante Pettis, I’ll say that. However, right now, Dante Pettis looks like a versatile 3rd string WR to me. I expect both Samuel and Hurd to latch onto the starting roles sooner, rather than later. I have to wonder if Pettis has lost just a little of that special agility after gaining 10 pounds? Maybe he’ll adjust at some point, but I just see more talent with Samuel, and much more potential from Hurd.

      ~ I’d be willing to bet that the Niners will role with 10 DL’s on the 53. Having a massive, powerful DL fresh, by way of constantly rotating lineman in and out on a regular basis, has been the plan a few years in the making, with the hopes of keeping the line fresh, allowing the defense to close out any close games this season. And that would be a big deal! – K. Street likes mightily powerful

      ~ Athletic freak – Tarvarius Moore, looks like a natural FS in this system, probably should have been playing Safety from the get.

      ~ Sherman look’s very close to where he was at physically pre-ruptured tendon. And that would also be a big deal! In fact, the entire secondary does look improves from a talent standpoint, IMO.

      ~ This team looks loaded everywhere, with the exception of the OL. I expect the Niners to land a very solid OT and perhaps even a OG, via the trade market. With a fully healthy Richburg, the starting 5 is very solid. And few teams are lucky enough to return all 5 starters after any off-season. Unfortunately depth is a concern at the moment, so they’ve got to make a move. It’s also worth remembering that the Niners are 2nd up on waiver claims, and I suspect just like is usually the case, there will be a lot of teams hoping to stash some quality young linemen with big upside.

      1. correction: In the first paragraph I meant to say that – up until today, Jimmy G has never thrown more than 1 INT in any one training camp practice. I believe I am right on this, but not absolutely positive.

          1. Zack Cox Twitter feed – NE Patriots training camp, Monday, 8/12:

            Hot start here for the Patriots’ DBs. They’ve already picked off Tom Brady four times, including back-to-back INTs in 7-on-7s.

            Lol, and that was barely half way through the Patriot’s Monday session.

            Cue Allen Iverson – What are we talking about? Practice? We’re talking about practice, man! We’re talking about practice! We’re talking about practice… We ain’t talking about the game! We’re talking about practice, man!

            1. Deebo turned on the jets against the Cowboys, and according to NFL’s Next Generation Stats, Deebo Samuel was clocked as the fastest player to carry the football during the first week of the preseason.

              1. Deebo Samuel has 4.48 speed. He has a thick frame, and can break tackles. He jumped 39 inches in the vertical. He has big, reliable hands. He has excellent route running skills. He’s sudden, and he’s extremely efficient!
                Of course the route-running is the lifeblood of any receiver. If you’re going to play WR at the NFL level, you have to find ways to get open, and Deebo … he can do that in his sleep. In fact, Deebo doesn’t create just some separation, he gets miles away from defenders. He might not be the fastest guy in the world. He might not even be the quickest guy in the world. However, his suddenness and ability to set defenders up is special, and he consistently creates yards after the catch.

                At some point you have to stop and ask yourself – how was Deebo not the best wide receiver in the 2019 NFL Draft?

                Spoiler alert: he probably was, and is!

    4. My question is, what does Jimmy G have to fight for? It’s not like he’s fighting for his position. I think he’s sick of training camp and he’s ready to start playing football, instead of these vanilla practices

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  2. If Garoppolo is a train wreck this year the 49ers can save $22+ mill if they move on.

    That contract was basically a 2 year prove it deal.

    1. The only train wreck is the people who want to throw shade on anything this team does.
      Those people need to get a life until the season starts and actual games are played. Until then, STFU!

    2. Correct, it’s a two-year prove-it deal, not a training camp/preseason prove-it deal. Anyone who thinks the Niners will start anyone but JimmyG in week 1, are nuts.

  3. Meh, sometimes when I go to the driving range I shank several balls in a row so bad its dangerous for the others on the driving range. Then I go out and hit every green in regulation when the real golf begins. Not worried about Jimmy G in the least. Brian Hoyer threw 4 picks and fumbled twice in a playoff game. Glad JG had his bad day in a training camp practice.

  4. Grant -let’s put you in the coaches chair for a second.
    If this was your team-would you start Jimmy G or Nick week one based on your observations.
    Could they get a 2nd round pick for him still?

      1. We don’t really know how serious the Staley Pectoral thing is. Hopefully no biggie. But niners are thin on the line on offense and need to cover more than they have so far, in case there are more issues, as is the current trend. I read there is an excellent OT that is or may be available from Washington (Trent Williams). If there is an extra large player with poor footwork who tends to fall on his team mates (I do not know that this is the case, but if so) then it seems cut the low potential liability and get better quality depth there. The o-line did not look good on Saturday and I didn’t see who it was, but it was a fellow lineman that fell on Coleman (Beavers?). Was this the same one who fell on Bosa?

  5. One other Devils Advocates theory….
    Could KS have tipped off the defense on the plays to do a purposeful “humbler” for Jimmy? Just to give a bit of adversity to him?

    1. Not likely but since Kyle was coaching defense at the time he may have made extremely helpful high quality suggestions for the type of plays that Jimmy was likely to run. I would guess that part of it is players being especially keen and motivated with that kind of attention focused on them. It’s good to see KS is not coddling his presumed starter. But the adversity appears to be inherent rather than contrived.

      1. Also there is the issue with the line with Staley out. The article Cubus referenced below explains that somewhat. So hopefully this is helpful training for a situation that could easily happen during the season, considering the depth on the line, or lack thereof. It does help make the point about the need for addressing that issue, I’m thinking.

        1. Here is what Shanahan said about it:

          You want so badly to make it up the next play, but the next play you’ve still got to make the right decisions and take what the defense gives you,” Shanahan said of Garoppolo’s poor stretch. “Sometimes it’s hard to make the right decisions when you’re fired up and competitive and usually when you make a bad play it makes your mind go a little bit sideways.

          “So that’s why it is sometimes a good situation to put guys in. When that does happen, sometimes you try to protect them a little bit in the game, but in practice, it’s the exact opposite. When there’s an issue, you kind of poke at it a little bit more to see how guys react.”

          So it wasn’t a giveaway, but he definitely “Poked at it”.

  6. Does Mullins actually look like he’s actually playing better than Jimmy G??? He seems to be putting solid days together. Hmmmm..

    1. Reminds me of the year that Plunkett played much better than Pastorin camp, but it took a broken leg to get the starting spot. Davis was never going to replace Pastorini since he just traded for him. Mullins would have to be extremely better than Jimmy to get the starters position. Plus Jimmy would have to stink it up bigtime or get injured.

  7. Below is a link to Biderman’s article. It’s more balanced including Jimmy starting 7 for 9 with a 45 yard completion to Richie James. KS said that he let Jimmy run with trying to make up for the interceptions (even though he actually kept digging the hole deeper) because he wanted to see how he would handle adversity. KS would not have allowed this during a game. This is just a practice with no consequences; it’s a chance to test all kinds of boundaries and limits including those that exist in the mind. If this happened during a game, it would be a much greater cause for concern.

    1. Put the water down.

      5 picks on 5 consecutive throws is awful. Practice or not.

      That’s like Houston hitting 5 in a row off the guy next to him on the driving range.

      1. Hey, on the flip side, how about our defense! 😉

        But it’s simple, if Jimmy flops it’s the next man up : Welcome Nick Mullens.

        1. How many quarterbacks actually flop under Shanahan? He’s making you a believer in mullens and a Beathard. STOP IT. Relax. Hell be the best option on the team at worst

      2. I guess you didn’t read my entire post. Nevertheless, I’ll wait awhile to see what happens before I over react, if that’s okay with you, Jack.

          1. Zack Cox
            Hot start here for the Patriots’ DBs. They’ve already picked off Tom Brady four times, including back-to-back INTs in 7-on-7s.

            “If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to go test it, you’re gonna be one of these quarterbacks that checks it down every time… and that’s not what it’s all about.” Could he be talking about Alex Smith?

            1. Not really good with numbers but I think 4 < 5 and 2 in a row is < 5 in a row.

              Yes. It’s practice. It doesn’t go in his football card. Interceptions on 5 straight throws is awful.

              The fact that people need to try and defend it is freaking hilarious.

              1. Doesn’t matter if that was Captain Kangaroo making the comment.

                Has zero to do with perspective or anything other than a QB threw picks on 5 straight passes.

                Like I wrote in my previous response to you, yeah it’s practice and it’s time to work on stuff. Doesn’t mean the result isn’t awful.

              2. Sure it’s awful, terrible, and ghastly. Use whatever adjective you want, but it’s not the first time it’s happened in practice, won’t be the last and even HOF’er’s have found themselves in those situations. No big deal as long as it doesn’t transfer over to the regular season….

              3. I don’t think there’s a reporter on the 49ers beat that has seen any quarterback do that before.

              4. So what? What’s the point? A player can’t have a bad practice. Oh wait, did I say practice?

                It’s one thing to report. But reporting non sense when you have nothing creative to report makes this all just boring BS!

              5. I don’t think there’s a reporter on the 49ers beat that has seen any quarterback do that before.

                Doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened ever before. I bet Favre threw his fair share.

              6. I don’t think there’s a reporter on the 49ers beat that has seen any quarterback do that before.

                Just curious how on Gods green earth would you know if a Bay Area reporter had seen that or not in 49ers history?

              7. The interesting thing about this is that JG has accomplished nothing yet in his career. Why so many defenders. If Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers had done this, context and frame would matter. We see Eli Manning doing the same in practice and everyone is yikes!

                Same for Mahones. That’s the context and perspective this conversation needs.

              8. In business they would say: If that ain’t bad, you got your nose too close to the chalk board.

              9. All by itself, yeah Jack, its pretty bad. But to put things in perspective…………….

                Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you once infer that you played a little?
                I would bet my life that you have also had a terrible practice or two–and then came back later and did quite well.
                For a snapshot, it was not a good practice for Grapps…want to bet he doesn’t do this again?

              10. “I would bet my life that you have also had a terrible practice or two–“

                Of course. Bad practices happen. 5 interceptions on consecutive throws? Never.

                Never saw any teammate do that, and never saw it while coaching either.

              11. Beat reporters and Jack Hammer not ever seeing it before doesn’t mean dink. Grant, ask Shanny if he’s ever witnessed it before, and we’ll have a better idea how close we are to DEFCON 1….

              12. “we’ll have a better idea how close we are to DEFCON 1….”

                This is stupid. The dude had a really bad stretch at practice. That gets pointed out and the water carriers come running.

              13. What’s stupid is the implication that beat reporter’s and Jack Hammer’s never having seen it before carries significant weight.

              14. Never wrote that it carried any weight at all.

                There’s a reporter or two who have been around for a while and if they haven’t seen anything like it before that just shows how irregular of an occurrence it is.

              15. Razoreater says:
                August 14, 2019 at 4:23 pm ….. it’s not the first time it’s happened in practice

                That’s the purpose it was brought up.

              16. Grant was the first to bring it up, and you reinforced his assertion by adding your own experience. Not only that, you double downed by stating, “There’s a reporter or two who have been around for a while and if they haven’t seen anything like it before that just shows how irregular of an occurrence it is.” for the purpose one can only assume, of adding additional weight to the water carriers….

              17. “Grant was the first to bring it up”

                Dude I actually saw it from Branch first.

                “you reinforced his assertion by adding your own experience. Not only that, you double downed by stating, “There’s a reporter or two who have been around for a while and if they haven’t seen anything like it before that just shows how irregular of an occurrence it is.”

                Right, it’s extremely uncommon for a QB to throw picks on 5 straight throws. If you have a few examples of it actually happening before please share.

                “for the purpose one can only assume”

                You know what happens when one assumes…

            2. KS said that he wanted to keep “poking” at the interception problem today, something he wouldn’t do during a game. He probably kept calling plays that put Jimmy in a bad situation because of the rush or perhaps because of how the secondary was playing. He wanted to see how he would do. The time to be uncomfortable is in practice. Learn what your limits are. Having said that Jimmy still has to earn and keep the job. If Mullens surpasses him and it results in wins, then so be it. High level competition is good for all.

              1. “KS said that he wanted to keep “poking” at the interception problem today, something he wouldn’t do during a game.”

                No kidding. That’s fantastic insight.

                That Shanahan challenged Garoppolo in practice is cool. Doesn’t change the fact that Garoppolo failed miserably.

              2. Everybody experiences failure. It’s how you respond to it that matters. Find a psychic and ask Abe. Let’s wait and see how he looks against Fangio on MNF….

              3. “It’s how you respond to it that matters.”

                And he responded fine after that stretch.

                Wish I had some of you guys around when I have a few bad meetings in a row to explain how it’s not really that bad to my boss. 😂

              4. “If Mullens surpasses him and it results in wins, then so be it.”
                – cubus

                If Garoppolo loses his job does he earn the name “Floparopplo?”
                I yield my time to Razor on this one 🤨

              5. “Having said that Jimmy still” threw 5 int’s IN a row, can’t defend that, no way no how, period!!!

        1. Saint Brady? Never!! That was just fake TV, like those purported moon landings that were actually filmed on a Hollywood sound stage…

      3. Rodgers threw 2 interception on 597 pass attempts during the regular season. 5 interceptions in PRACTICE is embarrassing and not a good sign when one of his biggest areas of improvement this season is to throw less interceptions.

  8. Sounds to me like we’ve found ourselves the FS we’ve been looking for, and that the defense might be able to carry this team until Jimmy works through his rustiness….

    1. Jimmy has a couple good excuses built up for him it looks like should he falter early on…rustiness and Garland at center.

  9. Put Grant in the coaches chair? Lol. He’s never coached so much as a kindergarten tiddlywinks team. That’s why he doesn’t understand the concept of PRACTICE! I’ve had future Div 1 shortstops have 5 errors in a row in practice while trying different moves, pushing the envelope, experimenting while also working on improving basic skills, and then go error free and have great games routinely WHEN IT COUNTS! Coach/GM wannabe GC will never, ever understand this. This is why he reports on practice like he’s reporting on a game that counts. There is no difference in his mind. In his defense, he just doesn’t realize the difference because he has zero experience working with athletes in either a practice situation, or other, at any level.

    1. WTF you talkin bout Willis!!!! Grant is the greatest thing since sliced white bread, and the old peeler bar Everybody’s Talkin’ down on Santa Rosa Avenue!!!

        1. How about the airships Macon, or Shenandoah? Chernobyl maybe? I was reflecting on the 9ers, NOT Grant.

    1. LT Trent Williams, for a couple good draft picks…but the Redskins have at least 3 teams pursuing a trade for disgruntled LT Trent Williams according to a JP Finlay report. One of those teams has been identified as the New England Patriots, and Finlay mentioned heavy interest coming from AFC teams. The Texans were mentioned as a potential land spot. Also a report that the Dolphins are also inquiring about picking up a former 7-time Pro Bowl left tackle.

      1. Thanks Phil, yes it was Trent Williams. Good info. I had already guessed that he could be expensive and difficult to land. But something better to improve OL depth seems prudent, with O linemen dropping like flies………….well, maybe “buffalo’s” is a better analogy. I posted a relevant reply above.

    1. They’re going to totally suck. Second to the O-Line this year. You heard it here… HEAR it now!

    2. Ribico

      Now we come to the meat of the matter….5 ints…? So what…! I’m jazzed that Jimmy G has to work to find holes in our D-backfield…. I’m sure he’d like to find it a little easier, but there’s two sides to the game. Just think (positively) about all those opposing QBs coming up against the Niner D…Personally, I like it.

      1. Oregon, if JG had completed all those Grant would have put those DBs in the not so good and the board would be flipping out about our continually sucking secondary.

        How about we wait until the regular season before burying the Niners? There will be a whole 18 weeks for that.

    1. S T F U with your silly outstretched arms for order. You have no clue. ZERO. The end. Thanks for playing.

          1. Doubt it, he (Darren 5k) only shows up after the 49ers lose – which means he’s been around here a lot over the last few seasons.

            1. I’m a niner fan since the Deberg days. Sorry about the trolling. I’m a dispicable human. I will try to do better.

              1. I will try to do better

                How about starting by using a regular constant username. Those ones you rotate through are not nearly as humorous as you think they are.

  10. This is what you get when you have reporters (that’s a stretch in this case ) reporting what they think is going on (another stretch) in a practice. Lol

    Example: We had a simple exercise for the defense that we would run where the batter, with a runner on first, would hit a grounder to short (something that is practiced routinely), who would throw to the second baseman, who would purposely miss the ball in order to make sure the right fielder was properly in backup position and prepared to field the ball and make the next play, whether it was running the ball into the infield and holding the runners, throwing to third (sometimes in this case having the third baseman purposely missing the throw to see where the left fielder was) if the the runner continued from second, and so on. (Lots of options) The point is, if Coach was reporting on this practice play, and similar to the Niner practice not being privy to what is actually going on, he’d report that the second baseman can’t catch or the shortstop can’t throw, etc. He reports what he sees, practice or game. There is no differential. Water is good.

  11. 18 August 2019 will long be remembered in 9er lore as the day Mullens is crowned starting QB and goes on to win nine Super Bowls across a 16 year career. Hall of Fame Nick, GOAT!

          1. Pissed off because Malcolm Butler ruined your team’s Super Bowl? Or maybe Pete Carroll did, depending on your level of honesty.

  12. Sac Bee…

    The first interception came on a deep pass to well-covered tight end Ross Dwelley. The ball bounced off his hands as he dove. It bounced right to safety Jaquiski Tartt. Garoppolo’s decision appeared worse than the throw itself. Linebacker Kwon Alexander was underneath Dwelley in coverage, which forced Garoppolo to throw high and wide. Dwelley’s dive knocked the ball in the air and made it easy for Tartt to snag.

    The next pick went to safety Tarvarius Moore while Garoppolo was trying to hit Matt Breida on a wheel route up the right sideline. Garoppolo badly underthrew it and it was easy for Moore to grab.

    The third: Garoppolo was looking for Dwelley again, this time on the right sideline, and it was undercut by Richard Sherman, who went the other way for a would-be pick-six. Dwelley was getting first-team work because George Kittle was sitting out for the second straight day with a calf injury. Kyle Shanahan said Kittle was day-to-day.

    The last two interceptions came in the red zone, where it appeared defensive lineman Solomon Thomas got the best of rookie tackle Justin Skule, who was working with the starters because Joe Staley was dealing with a sore pectoral, Shanahan said.

    Thomas beat Skule quickly and appeared to tap Garoppolo as he ran by for a would-be sack. Garoppolo haphazardly threw the ball toward the left side of the end zone in the direction of Dante Pettis. Only Ahkello Witherspoon was there waiting while there appeared to be a mixup between quarterback and receiver.

    Then Thomas beat Skule again and pressured Garoppolo into making an errant throw toward Dwelley in the middle of the field. Moore stepped in front to make his second pick and went the other way for a would-be 100-yard touchdown return. It was a strong practice for Moore, who figures to keep getting work as the starting free safety. Jimmie Ward was back in pads for the first time Wednesday, but isn’t expected to be back in team drills before the second preseason game Monday night.

  13. Immersed in a project meeting, I suddenly sensed a deep disturbance in cyberspace. I am now relieved to discover that the upheaval was just the Niners Faithful on this site being led by Grant in synchronized ritual hyperventilation in reacting to Jimmy G’s INTs in practice. All good…

  14. Mullens is the seems to play better with him…he will be starting again this year at some point…..glad to see the D getting some take aways but damn JimmyG is bound for the unemployment line me thinks.

    1. In Shannies eyes Mullins is still competing with Beathard for the backup QB spot. I would wait to see if Shanny even gives Mullins a fair shot at that position before even considering him as a starter. I like Shanahan as a coach, but all coaches have been known to have blinders on when it comes to certain players.

  15. The Defense led the day with five straight interceptions, finally breaking through the lack of turnover syndrome that has plagued this team last year….it could of read that way, but it didn’t. That’s too much out of the box.

    1. Agree they need take aways…however 5 picks is lame period= JimmyG is making what 29MILLION a year for christsakes…he should be studly and clutch for that money

  16. Wow why so much hate on Garropolo? Would you like Kaepernick back? Garropolo is the best qb we have had since Jeff Garcia back in 2002, not counting Alex Smith’s great 13-3 year back in 2011. It is practice, its better that Garropolo learns from his mistakes, and corrects them now not until the season starts.

    1. There’s no hate. It’s frustration over a guy who went out, played well… Got a contract… Dated a porn star, and then started his official season at the helm C O L D…. AF. And went on injured reserve.

      1. Garropolo won 5 games, After that on the year 2018, Against the vikings we lost the game stupidly we actually had a shot but had a stupid fumble at the 1 yardline against the vikings and then a stupid pick 6 when the receiver slipped on the route, against the Lions he did well enough for us to win the game, the deffense kind of slept on the 2nd half and then against the chiefs how can you win a game when your defense allows 5 touchdowns on the first 5 possesions? So I mean in the end, Its just practice bro and there is no reason to panic,

        1. Bro. Who’s panicking? Besides maybe Jimmy G? Making excuses for a guy who’s spent more time injured than on the field is not a good look, especially when he gets paid, and doesn’t return on the investment (to this point).

          I like Jimmy G, and still have high hopes, but in typical fashion, the 9ers are blowing wads of cash on a largely unproven “franchise” puzzle piece at this piont. Several, actually, when you think about it… So again, it’s frustration, not panic.

          1. Its trainning camp bro, in time nobody will remember what happened in trainning camp except for the injuries that may occur on this drills that may affect moving forward, Jimmy G was injured because of a split second decision against the chiefs when he tried to juke inside and accidentaly stepped akwardly, He learned that and next time he will surely try to make the correct decision and die to live another down, If he can stay healthy, I promess you you will be laughing at your frustration during this time, We have seen how good and dangerous Jimmy G is when he drops back to throw, Trust the process.

            Go niners

  17. I ‘m not ready to anoint Mullins the starting qb yet. He doesn’t have the magic JG has. JG won 5 straight..Mullens didn’t.

  18. Jimmy 5 picks is an anomaly. He’s only thrown what two up until this point? I put that on shanny lijen Mullens threw a pick against second stringers of Dallas. You guys seem to forget Mullens is 3-5 and jimmy is 6-2. Mullens played weaker teams and with more weapons than jimmy. Plus had a better defense than jimmy during his 5 game win streak so miss me with the Mullens is the better qb talk. All you Mullens D riders are funny. Jimmy is clearly the better qb.

    1. “Jimmy is clearly the better qb.”

      I tend to agree with this, but i’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t concerned. Throwing 5 int’s in a full day of practice isn’t good. Throwing 5 int’s in a row is unheard of and alarming.

  19. Garropolo=10-6 (If he plays the entire season)
    Mullens=6-10 (Ditto)
    CJ=2-14 (Ditto)

    It’s that simple.

    Quit worrying about reports from practice. It’s practice. Furthermore, your getting reports from someone who is “rooting for a tumor” (-George C., Seinfeld)

        1. Jerry/Mark/Ken/Ray/Colin…. You are sooooo cute. Be sure to put your Legos away before you go night night. Tomorrow it’s your turn to clean the litter box.

  20. …Solomon Thomas got the best of rookie tackle Justin Skule, who was working with the starters because Joe Staley was dealing with a sore pectoral,

    Was that Skule in the fetal position, whimpering, “Someone please help me!”?

  21. Interesting.
    I wonder if some of the previous practices were ‘Scripted’, with JG being allowed to complete passes to build up his confidence, and calm concerns about the offense.
    Now that they have to go to the Broncos. it is a level playing field. KS wants to see how the defense, or the offense, is performing.
    It might even be the case that the Niners want to bolster the DB’s confidence, since they managed a historically low 2 picks last season. Also, JG can manage the dump off passes, but maybe he was working on his down field passes. KS specifically dialed up some down field throws, with less than satisfactory results.
    However, it might also be the result of Joe Woods being light years better than Hafley. I wonder if Kocurek and his pass rush is adding so much pressure against a makeshift O line.
    5 picks? maybe it is an anomaly, but maybe they need to get back to the JG play that he demonstrated during the 5 game winning streak. Maybe they are over complicating the reads, and there is a sensory overload. JG did well before, overcoming the coaching by throwing into triple coverage, and completing passes.
    However, last season, JG held onto the ball too long, and was sacked 6 times in the Lions game. He was tentative even back then. It may not be only the coaches fault, but it is the coach’s job to fix the problem.
    Maybe they miss Scangarello more than they realize.

    1. Or maybe that five game streak was a fluke. Sometimes everything just seems to work or come together for a player for a limited time. We will not know until he actually gets to play again.

      1. Maybe the coaches should replicate the play calling and schemes during that 5 game win streak. Let JG be the field general, and let him express his natural abilities. JG played smoothly, with little analyzing, so he did not hesitate, even though he was throwing to third string players like Louis Murphy. Throwing into triple coverage, and completing passes, was very impressive.
        Maybe simplifying the playbook would allow JG to be more efficient, with crisp, effective execution. When allowed to overcome the coaching, he shined.
        The coach’s job is to put him in the best situations to succeed. They should accentuate his strengths, and disguise his weaknesses.
        I also wonder how the DBs will perform, when stacked up against Flacco, Hogan and Lock.

        1. seb says’Maybe simplifying the playbook would allow JG to be more efficient, with crisp, effective execution. When allowed to overcome the coaching, he shined.

          JimmyG is making 20Million a year and you want coach to simplify??? You are a special kind of homer

          1. If coach simplifies the playbook for JimmyG and not Mullens or CJ it sends a poor message to the team….very bad……Coach needs to be tough and expect excellence and accountability

          2. Frisco Kid, I want them to replicate the playbook and scheme that allowed JG to win 5 games in a row.
            You just want to diss JG, and let him fail.

          3. JG looked good in ’17………In ’18 he looked tentative and held the ball too long looking at 1 reciever AND got sacked a lot AND then blows out his knee…. In ’19 JG may be rusty, looks so-so and now throws 5 int’s IN A ROW!!!! [no excuses for that, not even rusty can be used] AND looks like he’s sliding, not advancing…….and Mullens is in the background.

            Mullens hasn’t won as much but seems to get better, getting more exp, takes command plus he reads 3 recievers quickly AND doesn’t throw all those picks….Is there a qb controversy, probably not now, still early in ’19[plus JG huge contract] but I think they’re about neck and neck . If JG is flat and not doing good the first half of this season, maybe Mullens steps in.

  22. Seb, word is KS directed Jimmy to throw the picks to boost the confidence of the defense. Your right, it was scripted.

    1. More likely, they wanted to see how Dwelley does with contested passes. Too bad he regressed.
      Hmmm, maybe if they coached JG to face one way, while looking in another direction, JG would not have stared down his receivers. ;p

  23. To take one’s mind off the 5 INT series, I strongly recommend listening to this awesome interview with Jim Washburn on KNBR.
    “Rush, Crush and Close” should be the new Niners D’s mantra — orchestrated by Washburn’s own “racoon on meth”! Hilarious description of the opposing TE soiling his shorts swiveling his head between between Armstead and Bosa. Half-way thru listening this podcast, you’ll be in 3 or 4 point stance!

  24. The Mullens love has gone crazy on here.
    The reality is if Jimmy G. Isn’t the answer the 49ers are in real trouble.

    Mullens is an overachiever, that’s a great story. He has a quick trigger but his arm limits his routes allowing the Defense to sit on certain routes. For all this talk about how much smarter he is… his td to int ratio isn’t exactly amazing 13 to 10. He’s a nice backup but if he becomes the starter, SF will be looking to replace him.

    1. “The reality is if Jimmy G. Isn’t the answer the 49ers are in real trouble.”

      THAT IS THE CORRECT ANSWER. Mullens is a very good career backup.

      1. JimmyG is another backup…was before the trade duh…..except he is paid 20Million a year now and has never achieved anything and never completed a regular season hello hello

  25. Five INTs in a practice is bad, no other way to look at it. On consecutive throws makes it an even more amazing story but whether they were consecutive or spread throughout the day, five in a day is very bad. However, it is practice. Now is the time to be testing yourself to see what works and what doesn’t, what you need to do better.

    Sounds like the connection with Dwelley was the most off, which isn’t surprising as he hasn’t worked that much with him as the #1 TE.

    1. There’s no way to sugar coat 5 ints in a row. It doesn’t matter if he’s working on something or not.
      It would be different if some were at least good throws that were tipped or something.
      That said, I’m going to chalk this up to a case of the yips at this point.

      1. No, there isn’t, but there is also no need to panic about it happening in practice either. It can be both awful and not a major concern. If throwing lots of INTs becomes the norm then sure, worry.

        1. Yep. That’s pretty much what I said yesterday. I’ll repeat it for Jack’s benefit.

          “This is just a practice with no consequences; it’s a chance to test all kinds of boundaries and limits including those that exist in the mind. If this happened during a game, it would be a much greater cause for concern.”

          1. Cubus,

            “It can be both awful and not a major concern.”

            What Scooter wrote there is exactly how I have felt about this.

            And my response to “This is just a practice with no consequences; it’s a chance to test all kinds of boundaries and limits including those that exist in the mind. If this happened during a game, it would be a much greater cause for concern.” is ….. no kidding. That’s some fantastic insight right there.

            Garoppolo started the day fine and finished it fine with an awful 5 play stretch in the middle.

            If you or anyone else thinks that statement is an overreaction I can’t help ya.

            1. Hey Jackaroo.

              You’re the one that responded to that post with:

              “Put the water down.”

              Try to keep up and remember what you post.

              1. Yes, I’m fully aware of what I’ve written. Thank you for trying to bring balance to the universe.

  26. Don’t know if there’s been an uptick in training camp scuffles across the league, but they haven’t gone away by any stretch. A few have made headlines this week (Bears, Raiders, Eagles), including a dust-up at a joint Browns/Colts practice. Words from Ron Rivera…

    Looking forward to spirited practices in Denver… Perhaps Mullens will clock Von Miller, thereby solidifying his standing as the no-nonsense leader of the 9ers.

  27. What better time than now to argue about the top 100 players in 9er history. I’d expect Nick to be somewhere in the teens. Here we go…

    Anyone interested in developing a list of the 100 worst in modern 9ers history — >1969? Minimum criteria–must have been on a regular season roster for at least five consecutive weeks, must have some notoriety for being really bad and/or failing to meet over-the-top expectations, cannot be a current active player.

    A start (1=the worst):

    3 – Jim Druckenmiller.

    1. I’ll see your Druckenmiller and raise you a package (a nod to Seb) of AJ Jenkins and Kentwan Balmer. Hollywood Henderson a top 5, also a reminder that Walsh was human.

        1. There has to be some sort of weighting algorithm that determines the awfulness of 3rd round picks that never saw action vs 1st round picks that flamed out after a mere 6 games. Any quants here?

          1. Wouldn’t take too much to develop the algorithms to extract information from a database of post-1969 9er players. Not only extract, but produce web-based interactive displays to allow for better visualization of the info.

            A spin-off would be to rank the legions of 9er beat writers. Core data would include: readership (broadly defined), compensation, awards, being right/wrong with conclusions and predictions, grammar/spelling, admitting errors/refusing to admit errors, etc.

        2. Druckenmiller played in three more games: first in week 3 backing up Steve Young in the 49ers’ 33–7 win over the New Orleans Saints. In that game, Druckenmiller completed 4 of 6 pass attempts for 41 yards, was sacked once for 9 yards, and lost one yard on a rush attempt. The following week, the 49ers beat the Atlanta Falcons 34–7. Druckenmiller was 2-for-7 for 32 yards and a 6-yard sack, and -3 yards rushing. Druckenmiller’s next game action was in the 49ers’ final 1997 regular season game, a 38–9 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in which Druckenmiller was 5-for-11 for 64 yards, one interception, one sack, and one rushing yard. He finished the 1997 season 21-for-52 with one touchdown pass and four interceptions.

          Those are some Kaepernick in Chicago type numbers.

  28. I wouldn’t read too much into the picks. Everyone has bad days. The bigger issue is that WE STILL don’t know who Garappolo is. By the third game, we should. If he is not the franchise QB the 49ers envisioned, they could cut him. Shanahan and/or Lynch will likely be gone as well. Can’t whiff on a 130M QB. Then what? Cousins? Doubtful, but depends on how he plays for the Vikings (as to whether he would be available). He’s a 2nd tier franchise QB as best. Stopgap.

    That puts us squarely in the top 10 of the 2020 NFL Draft, and a number of excellent prospects coming out. Sadly, we would be back in rebuild mode, so a lot is riding on Garappolo being the real deal.

  29. Zack Cox is a beat writer for the Patriots. If only Jimmy had thrown one less interception.

    Zack Cox

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @ZackCoxNESN
    Hot start here for the Patriots’ DBs. They’ve already picked off Tom Brady four times, including back-to-back INTs in 7-on-7s.

    7:26 AM – 12 Aug 2019

    1. The interesting part of what happened yesterday wasn’t that Garoppolo threw 5 picks. It was that he threw 5 picks on consecutive plays.

      Hit us back when that gets reported.

            1. Loving what? Watching you guys stumble all over yourselves to defend it? It’s good comedy.

              Loving that Garoppolo threw picks on 5 consecutive plays? No.

              Here’s the deal with me, and you should know this having been around here for a while, if a guy is playing well I’ll say so and if a guy is playing bad I’ll say so.

              5 picks on 5 consecutive throws is bad, practice or not. If you don’t agree, that’s cool.

              1. 5 picks on 5 consecutive throws is bad, practice or not. If you don’t agree, that’s cool.

                Show me someone who’s said it’s good. No one is defending it, though people are rightly pushing back against this practice pratfall somehow being framed as a career ending blunder.

              2. Who’s saying it’s career ending?

                Read between these stupid lines Hammer, some of them yours.

                When will Grant admit openly that Mullens is in a competition to start with Jimmy G

                Mullens will have an opportunity Monday night to show JG up. Should be interesting.

                Jimmy G is a pretty boy with an extra brief resume. He was grossly overpaid. Mullens knows the playbook, is far smarter and has the faith of the team for his skill

                And the York’s will be out close to 70 large when the 9ers fail under QB1 and have to rely on Mullins this year.

                Correction: JimmyG threw 3 picks last year in a game two were for pick 6’s….it wAS NOT praCTICe…..hello

                If Garoppolo is a train wreck this year the 49ers can save $22+ mill if they move on.

                Does Mullins actually look like he’s actually playing better than Jimmy G??? He seems to be putting solid days together. Hmmmm..

                Bad practices happen. 5 interceptions on consecutive throws? Never. Never saw any teammate do that, and never saw it while coaching either.

                It’s Josh Johnson and Troy Smith all over again with this bunch. SMH.

              3. I will only address mine,

                “If Garoppolo is a train wreck this year the 49ers can save $22+ mill if they move on.”

                This was a simple salary observation. We don’t know what Garoppolo is for sure, and the 49ers structured his contract in such a way that they can easily move on if he sucks.

                “Bad practices happen. 5 interceptions on consecutive throws? Never. Never saw any teammate do that, and never saw it while coaching either.”

                Where does that say it’s career ending? It’s a simple statement. It’s a bad practice, and something I’ve never seen or heard of before.

              4. Never. Never saw any teammate do that, and never saw it while coaching either

                Don’t get cute, Hammer. The implication being….?

              5. “The implication being….?”

                Garoppolo did something that I’ve never seen or heard of before, and most other folks as well.

              6. Garoppolo did something that I’ve never seen or heard of before, and most other folks as well.

                And you are prepared to let it go at that, aren’t you?

              7. The only implication is that all this side mouth talking by Hammer is that he also is a faccia di cazzo!

              8. Same but I predicted 11-6 before you did. As we speak, I’m tuned into the Bengals game. I will report back on this blog in case John needs some intel.😉

              9. “Same but I predicted 11-6 before you did.”

                When did they expand the schedule to 17 games? 😉

      1. Being on consecutive throws makes for a great headline, but I think people are getting too wrapped up in that. To me it says two things (1) he got flustered and (2) he didn’t go into his shell when flustered. The second part is actually a positive. In a game you have to wait to get the ball back so you have time to calm down and get a cool head back.

        Tbh I would be more worried if they were smattered throughout practice.

        1. Scooter,
          I’ve been a football fan for nearly 60 yrs and have never heard of QB throwing 5 consecutive int’s. This not even happening to a 3rd or 4th string QB In practice.

          I could understand if the int’s came by way of Shanahan focusing on one particular pass play that he wanted Jimmy to work on, but that wasn’t the case. Sure, this was practice and it doesn’t count against regular season play, but there is one important thing to consider in all this.

          1. Could this horrific practice damage JG’ psyche and confidence going forward. Jimmy could have issues when drops back to pass being fearful of throwing down field when it counts.

          If Garoppolo can play on Monday night, (imo) its imperative for Shanahan to play him for a least the first quarter. This allows Jimmy an opportunity to hopefully have a good game to help him forget Weds miserable practice and move forward.

          Jimmy’ honeymoon period is very close to being over and we need to see what he’s really made of.

          1. If I’m Shanny, I pull Jimmy if his opening drive is lengthy and results in a TD. Otherwise, the 1st quarter is all he would get from me too….

          2. “Could this horrific practice damage JG’ psyche and confidence going forward.”

            Considering how Garoppolo went 7-11 after that stretch I’d say the answer to that question is, No.

            1. Pretty much.

              Besides, if throwing INTs in practice is going to damage his psyche he has no business being a starting QB, so better to find out now anyway.

              1. “Besides, if throwing INTs in practice is going to damage his psyche he has no business being a starting QB, so better to find out now anyway.”

                Yup, that’s my contention.
                I’d like to see him get a quarter worth of play on Monday, but I would agree with Razor that if he has a good opening series that results in a TD he should be shut down.

                But as far as the psyche question, I doubt that he would ever believe he’d throw 5 straight int’s. If he’s not rattled by that than let’s go! But if he is, than you’re right, “better to find out now anyway.”

              2. AES, sometimes a player learns more from failure, than he learns from success.
                JG learned that overthrowing the ball can lead to a pick.
                JG learned that under throwing the ball can lead to a pick.
                JG learned that he needs to look off the safety.
                JG learned that Pettis may not fight for the ball.
                JG learned most importantly, that Dwelley does not catch the ball as well as Kittle.


    Yes, its true, the defense overcame the adversity of having KS as a HC and singed the offense and Jimmy G with five interceptions. Its been a long time coming for the defense which is known for no pass rush, cant tackle, and the DB’s are the worst ever. The defense who had two interceptions all of last year rose mightily and stole the ball from this high octane offense not once not twice but five times in a row. Some might lament that Jimmy G had a bad day, I choose to say that the defense played lights out and had a ‘top five’ moment in practice. Practice you say…..

        1. UC, considering the Niners are undefeated with a perfect win loss record, my cup is overflowing with optimism. ;p
          And they did it without JG throwing a pass.

        1. Now the entire D line is bringing it on, playing like raccoons on meth….
          Throwing 5 INTs in a row in practice is ridiculous. What is more ridiculous and worse is fans dissecting it endlessly.

          1. Meh. Don’t see much dissecting going on. Just people trying to justify a bad stretch of practice.

            And when you write, “Throwing 5 INTs in a row in practice is ridiculous” you are right.

          2. I just find that when practicing against one another, one is going to look good while the other is bad. Two sides of a story with the same facts. I don’t get worked up about anything in practice or pre-season other then maybe injuries and perhaps the reports coming out of Denver this week. It seems as though some have forgotten that they are practicing against each other and if people cant figure out the implications and the lack of importance of stats coming out of practice…that’s on them and perhaps you, I don’t know. I find it funny when people don’t recognize the opponent in practice.

    1. UC,
      It’s also worth noting that (believe Jack mentioned earlier) Buckner and Dee Ford wasn’t on the field.

      So either, we suddenly have a great defense or Jimmy isn’t ready to play.
      I’d like to see JG get a quarter of play on Monday night to get a good gauge of where he’s at after yesterday’s crash and burn.

      1. AES – I was just having a little fun as every article headline remarked on the interceptions. I thought I would take a different path. For months now just about everyone has blasted Shanny and Lynch for not shoring up a weak DB and when it was their time to shine…. As far as Jimmy G is concerned I go back to those first three games last year, they created more questions then answers. I don’t need any 5 interceptions in a row against their very own defense to raise any more questions, I already had them.

        1. UC,
          Jimmy GQ seems to be losing his luster around here of late. He will need to have a very good comeback practice in Denver in my humble opinion.

          I’ve been on the front line of Jimmy’ defense dating back to last year, but 5 picks in a row can be impossible to defend.

  31. sebnynah says:
    August 14, 2019 at 9:21 pm

    …Now that they have to go to the Broncos. it is a level playing field. KS wants to see how the defense, or the offense, is performing.
    It might even be the case that the Niners want to bolster the DB’s confidence

    Juanhunglo says:
    August 14, 2019 at 9:58 pm
    Seb, word is KS directed Jimmy to throw the picks to boost the confidence of the defense. Your right, it was scripted.

    REPLY: Yeah, Seb, as Stephen Colbert said to Gretchen on Fox News below: “Sometimes when you don’t mean to do it (throw 5 picks) you mean to do it.”

    Stephen Colbert:

    1. Dylan DeSimone

      It really is hilarious that 49ers fans are freaking out about five Jimmy G practice interceptions the same day Tom Brady threw four.
      6:58 PM – Aug 14, 2019

      Kevin Jones

      People judging Jimmy G over one bad practice need to take a break from Twitter. Let the dude make some mistakes in practice. He’s got the skill set to be a franchise QB. Understand there will be growing pains this season
      8:46 PM – Aug 14, 2019

      1. Dylan DeSimone

        It really is hilarious that 49ers fans are freaking out about five Jimmy G practice interceptions the same day Tom Brady threw four.

        Come on, Dylan. Brady didn’t throw those consecutively. Can’t you see the huge difference, dude? Only thing worse than a homer is a blind homer.

  32. 1.Sports Illustrated writers predict the 49ers make the playoffs
    by SB Nation

    2. By David Fucillo@davidfucillo Sep 4, 2018, 7:28am PDT

    Nothing Peter King saw at practice this week changed his mind about the 49ers being a top-10 team
    By David Bonilla
    19 hrs ago • 1

    “The NBC Sports writer has been high on the San Francisco 49ers this offseason, ranked them at No. 7 in his May power rankings, and stated in July that he expects the Kyle Shanahan-led squad to make the playoffs.

    3. ESPN predicts 49ers make playoffs in 2019, with Antonio … – 247 Sports

    4. NFL predictions 2019: Final standings, playoff … – Sporting News
    Our predictions for the 2019 NFL season are here. … the Cowboys, Steelers, Packers, 49ers and Bears, just to name a few – are Super Bowl contenders.

      1. I’m just waiting for reg. season.

        That knuckle-curve that gets worked on in pre-season and gets hammered for homer, gets shelved in the regular season….

        If JG was a rook, I’d be worried, but what was he, 6-0 as a starter for the Niners with a substandard O-Line before the injury???

    1. Since McKinnon is side lined, the Niners should trade or swap for Gore. Mostert plus a 5th round pick for Gore, would be a fair trade.

              1. Thanks for proving me right. Your obsession with me is all too apparent, with your haunting of my posts. You do not think I am important, but I am so important, you have to post about my importance.
                I am dominating your thoughts. Weak minded individuals cannot help themselves.
                I think Frank Gore can help the Niners win. You, being so obdurate, think Frank Gore cannot help them win, just to oppose me.

              2. Seb, I feel like I’m watching Dinner For Schmucks II. It’s yet to be determined whose playing the role of Barry, and whose playing the role of Thurman….

              3. I’m concerned that Sebbie may be having a medical event. Someone could call Sebastopol 911, but with his exact whereabouts unkown, it wouldn’t be a good idea.

                Sebbie, if you’re reading this, get to an ER as quickly as you can. Best wishes from all of us!

              4. Who is dominating whose thoughts Sebbie? You responded to me so that must mean I and Cassie haunt your very thoughts as you vainly seek to claim victory where there is none (another classic Sebbism) and must always get the last word with some kind of warning or rebuke.

                Seems we must live rent free in your head?

              5. sebnynah says:
                December 26, 2015 at 2:12 pm

                Hayne was officially put on the 53. Guess they do read my posts.

              6. No, Easy. You mentioned me. Now you just addressed me. If you would just stick to football, I would leave you alone.
                You are too Easy.

              7. Sebbie, I was speaking to others not to you. How self involved can one be? Never mind, those long monotonous harangues that are posted by you are you evidence enough!

              1. Projecting much? Just watched that entire clip.
                You are sounding like Donald more every day. Are you sure you are not from the Panhandle?
                Maybe you need to ask your shrink about your fantasies about gratuitous violence.
                You are as sick and twisted as TrollD.

              2. Dude, chill. It’s not the knock off but Roths whiny “I’m just a so and so….” that has you pegged. No, no one wants to assassinate you, so can the self importance.

                Btw, speaking of you know who, so you also think made up violence (in his case video games, in your case cinema) has any relevance to real life violence?

              3. No, Donald, it is your words that incite violence.
                Then you say you were just joking about it, downplaying its significance.

              4. Then you say you were just joking about it,

                I’m not joking about anything, I’m saying it went over the head of (in the words of our illustrious former sec of state) a f-ing moron. Yes, thats you.

              5. Oh Donald, degenerating into name calling?

                More irony that woooooooooooooshes right over your head.

                And name calling? No, quoting a former high US govt official who knew a little bit about his target. Just as we do about you.

                You haven’t answered. Do oyu believe violence portrayed in motion pictures have any bearing on real life violence? What about video games? How about watching football?

              6. Glad i have renamed you, and you are actually using that name.
                Donald, please try harder. Answer your own questions before expecting a response from me.

        1. Frank Gore would be able to run inside. If they have only Breida, Coleman and Mostert, defenses will employ the Wide 9 to stop the OZ runs.
          The Niners need to be multi dimensional. Frank Gore can also catch passes, and he would automatically be the best pass blocking RB on the team.

          1. Sigh……….

            No Sebbie. No. He ain’t comin’ back. Unless Jed brings Hayne, Skov, Chip and Tomsula back, then all bets are off….

            1. Ravens traded Alex Lewis G to the Jets for a 7th round pick.
              Texans waived D’onta Foreman, not realizing he would then sign with the Colts, a division rival. They should have traded DF away to a team of their choice, so now they would not have to face him twice this season, after he spills his guts on the Texan playbook. Imagine the intel he can divulge on player assessments, pointing out strengths, weaknesses and tendencies.
              Kaare Vedvik was traded for a 5th round pick.
              Browns traded Duke Johnson for a conditional 4th round pick, so it just proves that clever, astute thinking is possible when it comes to conditional trades. They are not impossible. Many consider that a win/win deal.
              Buffalo swapped Eli Harold DE for Ryan Bates OT, demonstrating that teams can fill weaknesses by trading away excess players.
              Trades, swaps and conditional picks are possible, if a team can find a willing partner, and the football acumen to pull it off. With attrition, many teams are incurring glaring needs.
              Frank Gore would fill a need for a Inside Zone RB. His veteran leadership would also be an asset.
              Frank Gore bleeds red and gold. Maybe Denise needs to put her foot down again and order them to make it happen.

              1. Another classic Seb…non sequitor illustrations that have nothing to do with his or anyone else’s argument…but they do get you closer to próxima centauri!

              2. You’ve been repeating your cliche-laden Gore argument for a couple years now. You must feel the 9ers are dolts for not seeing things the way you do. Lynch, Shanahan, and the Yorks just don’t wanna win, right? Heck, you judge all who don’t see things your way–and don’t advocate as you do–as ignorant idiots.

                Gore returns to the 9ers on a ‘one-day’ retirement contract–if that. And that’s it.

              3. Easy, posters are claiming that trades and swaps are impossible. I just listed examples to prove them wrong.
                Maybe you are mad that I just destroyed their argument.
                I advocated that they should sign a big back, so he can run inside. Sure am glad they took my advice and signed 220 lbs Brandon Wilds. Then when I mentioned their signing of Wilds, some dismissed him as camp fodder. Brandon Wilds came off the street. suited up and played with very little study of the playbook. That playbook is so complicated, some think that JG still has not mastered it after a season and a half. Still, Brandon Wilds ran hard, converted first downs, and even had a 15 yard run up the middle.
                Nice to see you get your panties in a twist, every time I am proven right. Did I say that a Gore trade is imminent? No. I just said that I think Frank Gore can help them win. You, on the other hand, do not think he could help the Niners win. Why do you hate Frank Gore so much? .
                I think the Niners should acquire HOF talent. Guess you do not think it is necessary.

              4. As Reynoldo lit the votive candle at the grotto for San Jose de los Platanos and prayed for the healthy delivery of his first child, he heard a disembodied voice say, “Your daughter will be 17 inches long,” to which Reynoldo replied, “Do you know the weight, too, San Jose?” [BLF]

      1. I love Gore, and I posted the article because of that love. But no, the Niners should not bring him back other than in 3 years, when he signs a 1 day contract to retire as a Niner.

      2. Sleb:
        * “Since McKinnon is side lined, the Niners should trade or swap for Gore. Mostert plus a 5th round pick for Gore, would be a fair trade.”
        * ribico says:
        August 14, 2019 at 10:49 am
        Geep, is it bullying if someone continually asks for it? The social media question of our time.
        * Sour Yeast says:
        August 14, 2019 at 11:37 am
        Human Piñata! Best term for him by BT.
        * GEEP says:
        August 14, 2019 at 10:44 am
        * Sleb, would you prefer hebetudinous? Did your daddy teach you that one?

    1. Thinking back to the times when the Raider’s Jim Otto owned a few Burger Kings around the Sacramento-Auburn area.

      1. If Grant went into the restaurant business (as an owner), I wonder what he’d call his place, and what cuisine would be served….assuming it’s not a franchise like Jack in the Box…

        1. Grant’s Chili Palace. Twenty-two kinds of gourmet chili, salads and sides, dessert bar. Beer and wine. Palatial restrooms.

    2. Nicki Jhabvala

      Sorry, Kyle Shanahan. No music at joint practices tomorrow and Saturday. “Absolutely not,” Fangio said.

      1. KS just allowed himself to be smacked down. Just another unforced error made by a young and inexperienced HC. He should have realized that Fangio would not allow music, and had been more circumspect and diplomatic.
        He did not need to voice his preference that they have music. KS should have noted that music most likely would not be allowed, and surmise about the possibility that it might help them hear the coaches better. He should speculate on the efficacy of quieter practices, and wonder if the music is a distraction. Now he has an opportunity to see how quieter practices may help coach and prepare the players better, or if it makes much of a difference.

        1. I felt that Shanahan’ response was tongue and cheek regarding the music.

          Every head coach more than likely knows that
          the home team runs their practices the way they choose. Visiting teams don’t ask for special preferences.

          1. AES, he should not have even gone there. Even I could have told him, there would not be music.
            Another self inflicted wound.
            KS should not lead with his chin.

            1. Seb,
              I respect your opinion, but I found it to be “no harm, no foul.”
              Fangio probably got a chuckle from Shanahan’ comment.

              1. AES, I fully acknowledge that it is no big deal. Maybe KS will see that music is not necessary for the practices, and discontinue the DJs.

              2. Sebnnoying, do some research for once. Find out how many teams around the NFL use music for practice.
                Point is, before you pop off like an old crusty fart who has zero clue about the NFL, form an opinion maybe with a little bit of facts you DA!

              3. Fangio is serious about winning.
                He is not allowing muzak. Guess you think he is a DA, too.
                Niners were a 4-12 team, and need to use every second of practice time to practice football, not work on dance moves.
                Why does he want no muzak? So his coaches can be heard. Guess you think that coaching is not important to the game.
                Good ol’ Primo Lame-o. Talks tough, but turtles when challenged. He also welches on bets.

              4. “Why does he want no muzak? So his coaches can be heard. Guess you think that coaching is not important to the game.”

                When he worked with Harbaugh in SF they played music at practice and those teams won a lot.

              5. They did not win it all. Maybe with more concentration on the coaching, they might have achieved greatness.

        2. Jennifer Lee Chan

          There is currently music playing at the #Broncos #49ers joint practice.

          Seb, you’ve got ‘splainin’ to do!

            1. Seb, you shot yourself in the foot on that one. Just own it and write Shanny an apology. I’ll see to it that Lynch makes him aware of your post….

              1. Naw, the Broncos held their practice 2 hours earlier. Bet there was no muzak then.
                Niners practiced, and they had muzak. Wonder what will happen when they have the joint practices.

            2. Sounds like Fangio has changed his mind.

              By your logic shouldn’t you be saying he cowed to Shanahan?

              And you should change “another self inflicted wound” to “a victory” for Shanahan

              This is all tongue and cheek as neither Fangio or Kyle can gain a “victory” in the preseason.

              1. Shoup, I just watched a couple clips of the Broncos on the field. No muzak.
                What gives? Maybe KS is not pushing around Fangio.

      1. Kingsbury’s offense will be dominated by our front. You can’t protect with 5 wr formations. I expect he’ll be out of the league in nippy fashion….

  33. For SF Jimmy has thrown 1.5 TD’s for each interception. This is a QB that needs to be demonstrating that he’s addressed and improved in this area. 5 straight interceptions in any setting is a red flag for Jimmy G.

    I love how people are trying to interject that Brady and Rodgers had bad days at practice too. Because we’re now comparing Grappolo to a for sure first ballot HoF player and one that has the potential to be the same? Wow.

    I just had a guy try and tell me that, “It’s practice. It’s meaningless. ?!?! Players lose their position and often their job in the NFL because of how they perform in practice. Practice is where players prove they belong in the positions they’re in.

    It’s reaching asinine levels to which people are reaching to make excuses for Garappolo.

    1. “For SF Jimmy has thrown 1.5 TD’s for each interception.”

      Among active QB’s with 1500 attempts that would rank 22nd, above only guys like Schaub, Bortles, Fitzpatrick, Derek Anderson and Henne.

      To be fair, Garoppolo overall is at 2.13 which bumps him up significantly. If he stays healthy, this season will give us a better idea of what he is.

            1. You are laughing at your own prediction then? Hammer, you give us no choice but to take you as seriously as you take yourself.

              1. My guess is the next take he will have is Mullen’s is the guy.
                Regardless, at the end of the day all the Niners have to do is win games.
                All this other stuff is just a jerk off by the naysayers.

              2. All this other stuff is just a jerk off by the naysayers.

                Inside the 49ers
                “The site for Niner fans who hate the Niners.”

              3. No, I doubt that. Those kinds of Niner fans will always find fault with something, even in winning. Or did you miss the “Smither” vs “Hater” wars a few years back?

              4. Rib eventually those fans,”fandom”will die off.

                Wether the Niners win zero games this year or 10,11, 12, I’ll always be the fan that backs them.

                Where I’m from, that’s a fan, not a hypercritical jerk off complaining about INT’s or music in practice.

              5. “You are laughing at your own prediction then?”

                No. Perhaps I misunderstood where the “How does a QB, who you don’t know what he is, wins 11 games?” question, by thinking it was asking how he’d already done that.

                “The site for Niner fans who hate the Niners.”

                Yeah, whatever. The only people that come on here and hate the 49ers are the pop up trolls that are easy to identify.

              6. hypercritical jerk off

                And right on cue:

                PT, please learn to spell.

                Normally I’d say that was an attempt at humor, excepting Seb is the least humorous poster here.

            2. Ribico, I was around for the Smither wars. Don’t think they are the same. But whatever.

              Of course the spelling troll shows up, to try to bolster his credentials…

              1. Sour, the most exciting winning Niners season in many a moon – 2011- we still had people, regulars here, complaining about captain checkdown, lucky sperm jed, too soft vernon davis, on and on…. I’m saying complainers are going to complain, no matter the W-L success of the team. Any success this season will be no different.

              2. Easy, it just blunts his snark to be shown as an illiterate.
                You, on the other hand, cannot string 2 sentences into a coherent argument, so I guess there is no hope for you.

              3. “we still had people, regulars here, complaining about captain checkdown”

                Most, if not all, of those folks left the blog when Smith left the 49ers because that was the sole meaning of their existence on here.

                Will there always be something to be critical of? Of course. But I think it’s important to understand the source.

              4. Most, if not all, of those folks left the blog when Smith left the 49ers.

                And replaced by others, not trolls but regulars, with the same mindset (not naming names here, I don’t have to). If and when the Niners start winning again, watch this space. We’ll have 300 post pages about how the Niners:

                Only beat a team they where supposed to beat
                Didn’t beat a much inferior team by as much as they should have
                “Sure they won, but did you see how (insert name) sucked on the field?”
                That was a meaningless win because (pick them): “they are playing out the string” “They already have postseason position sewn up”
                “Coach X is an idiot, they should have sat (player Y), now he’s lost for the postseason.

                Wait. It’ll be like clockwork.

              5. “We’ll have 300 post pages about how the Niners:”

                Yeah, there’ll be a wide variety of comments. Some positive, some negative, some with constructive criticism/analysis. All things that make this blog one of the best with regards to interaction.

                Not everything is black and white. There’s like 50 shades of grey or something.

              6. It’s no secret I wasn’t a fan of Smith’ game.
                Let him have it when he sucked, turned away from all of the excuses the “Smithers” like onelame had for him, called his replacement, but gave him giants props for his one fantastic game vs NO.
                It stopped being about Alex Smith at some point and all about hatred of the other person.

                If those Harbaugh teams had a QB who could utilize the whole field. We would be talking chips.
                Not to say it was all Smiths fault, the Super Bowl loss was squarely on the defense that game.

                It was a fierce divide on this site, and someone was so hurt they were removed 3 times over old blue eyes, and two more vanished when Smith did.
                Good times….. through winning seasons. 🤣🤣

  34. Grant…

    Please open a poll. Subject would be Jimmy G’s immediate fate: 1) move on to next preseason game as starter, 2) declare that he’s now 2nd string, 3) 3rd string, 4) 4th string, 5) seek a trade immediately, 6) release immediately.

    You get the idea. Let’s learn what your blog’s community really feels.

    Thanks in advance.

            1. Thanks for giving me another opportunity to rip Baalke.
              John Lynch managed to arrange these joint practices with the Broncos, because of his ties to the organization, and John Elway. So far, they have been a success.
              Elway probably would not have given Baalke the time of day.

    1. We said that last season, and they swept the Niners.
      However, the Raiders may have given the Niners a blueprint on defending against Murray. Blitz a DB, who is fast enough to catch Murray.

      1. And, that blitzing DB should sing very loudly as he closes in, further confusing blockers, and ultimately Murray.

        Wonder if any Cardinals were wasting time applying eye black when they could have been studying their playbooks/tablets? Yeah, that 15 seconds of application cost Arizona 15 seconds of critical preparation. Fangio needs to hammer down!

        1. Yup, and the Cards showed why they should concentrate more on studying the playbook than applying make up.
          They are just fooling themselves, thinking it makes them play better.

    2. Just like we said not go crazy over Jimmys 5 straight picks, we shouldn’t over value Arizona’s dismal performance.

      Preseason games mean next to nothing. Coaches are not coaching to win, they are coaching to evaluate players. The playbook is watered down to essentially the original techmo bowl.

      Couple that with established starters sitting, or just trying not to get hurt and officials working on new rule enforcements and it’s next to impossible to evaluate how good a team is.

      This is especially true of teams that are changing their coaching staff. I expect AZ to be bad, but I wouldn’t use preseason to for my reasoning.

      1. Glad you pointed that out Shoup. I found it ironic that some of the very people who were saying it was merely practice the other day were the same who were talking about how bad Arizona looked. Most of the people playing will be doing something else in September.

  35. On November 28, 2017, Garoppolo was named the starter for the 49ers’ Week 13 game.
    Making his first start for the 49ers vs Bears on December 3, 2017, Garoppolo finished with 293 passing yards and an interception as the 49ers won 15–14.[42]
    He recorded 334 passing yards, one touchdown, and one interception in a 26–16 victory over the Houston Texans in week 14.
    In the next game against the Tennessee Titans, he had a season-high 381 passing yards and a touchdown in a close 25–23 win.[44] In Week 16 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, he had 242 passing yards, two touchdowns, one interception, and his first career rushing touchdown in the 44–33 victory.[45].

    In the regular season finale against the Los Angeles Rams, who were resting most defensive starters to prepare for the playoffs, he accumulated 292 passing yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions in the 34–13 blowout.[46] His victories in Weeks 13–17 gave him a 7–0 record in his first seven starts (including his two starts for New England), making him the first quarterback to do so since Ben Roethlisberger accomplished the same feat in 2004.[47] With Garoppolo under center, the 49ers scored on 62 percent of their offensive drives, 11 percent more than the second-place New England Patriots.

    For perspective, NFL teams scored on 35 percent of their drives in 2017

  36. 49ers Draft Class Set to Elevate Franchise
    By Levin T. Black @DaSportsBum
    Aug 12, 2019 at 6:00 AM • 4

    Something truly special may be brewing for the San Francisco 49ers. The 2019 draft class shined in the first preseason game on Saturday.

    1. Let’s start with a quick note on the team’s first overall pick Nick Bosa,
    2. Deebo Samuel gets behind his man and could have scored with a better thrown ball.
    3. Jalen Hurd, is the talk of the game:

    WR1: 6’5, 239 lbs, 42.5 inch vert, 4.35 sec 40-yd dash
    WR2: 6’5, 230 lbs, 40 inch vert, 4.4 sec 40-yd dash

    1st guy is Megatron. Second guy is Jalen Hurd. Don’t expect Megatron production but Shanny has that kind of weapon.
    *Used numbers from 2017 Baylor workout for Hurd#49wz

    4. In the first preseason game 49ers fourth- and fifth-round selections impressed as well. Punter Mitch Wishnowsky showed why the 49ers took a punter so early. He had three of six punts downed inside the opponent’s 20, averaged 49.5 yards per punt and boomed one 64 yards. The 49ers may just have the league’s best punter.

  37. Jason B. Hirschhorn @by_JBH 15m
    A fourth-round pick is probably more than the backup is worth to the Packers, but the cost wouldn’t be so high if the 49ers only want to keep two QBs on the roster. Could be a player-for-player swap like last year’s Lenzy Pipkins-Antonio Morrison trade.

    Caleb Harris @HarrisCaleb2000
    @by_JBH Absolutely agree with this. Would you say the price would be pretty high (possibly 4th rounder) since they’re in the same conference? Of course, Gutenkunst hasn’t completed many trades, right

    Jason B. Hirschhorn @by_JBH 18m
    The age difference is fairly small, and DeShone Kizer has yet to play at the level of either Nick Mullens or C.J. Beathard. And if the 49ers don’t plan on keeping both behind Jimmy Garoppolo, it won’t cost the Packers much to acquire one, either.

    Paul Woodhead @pwoody1983
    @by_JBH Both of which are older, less talented and have less starting experience than Kizer. Not sure moving on from Kizer is the way forward. The drop off from Rodgers to a backup is always alarming. Flynn only managed in short spells as the supporting cast was stronger back then.

    Jason B. Hirschhorn @by_JBH 28m
    Given the issues with DeShone Kizer and Tim Boyle, the Packers should look into the availability of the 49ers’ backup QBs. Nick Mullins and C.J. Beathard each have starting experience and come from an offense very similar to the one now run in Green Bay

  38. From Denver…

    Mike Klis

    49ers LB Fred Warner just had a pop on RB Royce Freeman during 7 on 7 period. A few words, no big whip. #9sports

          1. Your inflated ego demands you claim a term used for years before you were ever on this blog?
            I heard the term whiners since ’87.
            Quit whining.

            1. Your inflated ego demands you claim a term used for years before you were ever on this blog?

              more irony that woooooooooooooooshes right over a f-ing moron’s head.

              1. Sebnnoying people use expletives with you because that’s the guy you are. A pure faccia di cazzo.

                Don’t take victory in that.

              2. I have gotten you to use an expletive, Good show.

                Awwwwww, poor Seb’s virgin ears. Do you have your fainting couch handy?

              3. Winning like the same type of winning when you predicted Kap would be back in the NFL? Like a storm coming type winning?

              4. Donald, it does not take much with you and Primo Lame-o. Like Easy, you are easy.
                It is just a game I play. If I manage to destabilize you so much, you descend into hurling expletives, I just declare victory.
                That really ticks them off. You should discuss this with your shrink. He may help you learn to cope.
                I win again.

              5. Primo, Kaep is back in the news.
                After watching all the drek second and third string QBs struggling, they are proving Kaep’s case that he deserves to play again.

              6. I just declare victory

                Yes, the little boy did. *pats on the head*

                Now are you going take your ball and go home? The entire blog is waiting for you to do just that again. You wouldn’t have believed how the intelligence level was raised around here after you blamed your wife and skedaddled, tail between legs. What will it take for her to reveal more personal info about you online here, for you to exit for good? What’s her price? The whole blog will meet it. Gladly.

              7. sebnynah says:
                March 31, 2017 at 10:45 pm

                Speaking of downed trees, I was up on a ladder cutting a tree, and had it snap back. I fell flat on my back, and landed between 2 piles of rocks. Chainsaw came down on me and cut my stomach. Thank goodness I did not have my finger on the trigger or it might have been a modern form of Hari Kiri.

                Note, Sebbie corrected his spelling in a subsequent post.

              8. The human piñata strikes again! How many different nicknames has this village fool garnered?

                Big prize topiary for the best entry!

              9. Easy, the human pinatas are you guys who try so hard, yet fail so miserably.
                You think that by attacking and bullying me, you look clever and witty, but it just exposes your character flaws.
                Some may wonder why I will take all this abuse. It is because I do not consider you all to be anything but hack wannabes, mental lightweights. I do not suffers fools gladly.
                Cassie allows me to use Baalke as a convenient punching bag.
                TrollD, went ballistic because I wanted the Niners to stop shooting themselves in the foot. He started fantasizing about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares. I sure am glad we have archives to see what unbalanced individuals spew forth. Researching past posts is a good investigative tool.
                Donald needs to look in the mirror, and realize that he is actually talking about himself. Don the Con. He should talk to his shrink about why he has such anger issues. It is probably to try and cover up his inferiority complex.
                You, Easy, just do not seem to want to learn your lesson. We went back and forth before, but you still seem to be begging for it. Keep rolling that rock, Sisyphus.
                Primo Lame-o , what can I say? He is even easier than you. He thinks that hurling expletives and spewing hate makes him look good. Au contraire.
                I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan who wants to root for his team to win. You just want to act like immature trolls who think bullying posters is your birthright.
                I have tried very hard to ignore your snark and screeds, but it seems like that has just encouraged you all. Like a moth to a flame, you just cannot help yourself. So expect some push back. Stick to football, scroll past and leave me alone, and I will leave you alone.
                Please grow up.

              10. Some may wonder why I will take all this abuse.

                *raises hand* I can answer that one. Having been permabanned from other Niners forums (no doubt you took “abuse” there too *rolls eyes*), lucky for you you found one that has little or no moderation. Lets just call this Seb’s last stand.

              11. I just called out 5. You do not represent the vast majority of posters. Most posters do not post videos showing people being shot. Projecting much?
                You are one sick puppy.

              12. What did I tell you guys…the victim card played. Classic Seb move!

                And in a classic move he tried to use nicknames that are clearly given to him by us as his own. Wonder what he would do if we ever used a word he had gleaned upon a thesaurus search (since he uses oh so many out of context and incorrect).

              13. the victim card played. Classic Seb move!

                His best one was blaming sites for banning him. Who me? I did nothing wrong.

              14. Oh Sebbisms…the gift that keeps on giving.

                Anyone on this site who thinks that they are being a tad overblown has to just peruse the incessant Sebarrhea that he splatters habitually on this blog. He needs lots of verbal Imodium!

              15. Yo Seb, you got any friends on here?
                Not folks who think you have an equal opportunity to post (because that’s up to the host site and their non existent standards.)
                Friends? Hmmm? Who? None apparent in the threads.
                Maybe they’re stealth friends. Who Dey?

  39. Perused the Mile High Report. One writer was speculating about the wisdom of going for it on 4th down and 4 yards to go if at the opponent’s 38 yard line.
    There are a lot of extenuating circumstances. It depends on whether they believe they can make 4 yards. Do they have a play drawn up so they can run up to the line and possibly catch them with 12 men on the field, which would give them a new first down? Do they believe in their kicker to make a 55 yarder? What is his record of 55 yard kicks? Is their punter good enough to pin them down by the goal line? If it is a touch back, they gain only 18 yards. Do they have faith in their defense? Is the HC bold or timid? Since they stipulated that there was 11 minutes to go in the second quarter, it may be too soon to take a big risk. If it was 3 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, and the score tied, a field goal try may be the best option. Maybe it is too early, too far out and too many yards to take a risk, but it is better to be bold, and not settle for a field goal.
    You know me. I think they should go bold, and not settle for a field goal, unless the score is tied late in the 4th quarter. Maybe the best option is the third down bomb. The QB throws the ball to the 5 yard line. If it is caught, sweet. If it falls incomplete, there is still 4th down. If it draws a PI flag, sweet. If it it intercepted at the 5 yard line, the receiver needs to tackle the DB, so the opponent is pinned down at the 5 yard line.
    If inside the 10 yard line, they should go for the TD, especially if 4th and short.

    1. No, TrollD, that is about your speed.
      I am glad they do not have music. The coaches do not have to yell over the muzak.

    2. Ha!
      Good ol’ Barry Manilow.
      Hmm, wonder how “Copa cabana” sounds with a Hip-hop remix. Or even “Mandy” for that matter 😉

  40. Mike Klis
    I don’t know who is supposed to be blocking DeForest Buckner but he might want to start. #9sports

  41. Kyle Fredrickson

    Broncos offense: After two sessions of 11-on-11 and one 7-on-7 period against the 49ers, I’ve counted three drops (Lindsay x2 & Fumagalli). Has been reoccurring theme of training camp.

    1. Tavarius Moore might just be making the next step:

      Kyle Fredrickson
      11-on-11: Joe Flacco is intercepted by 49ers DB Tavarius Moore on a pass intended for Emmanuel Sanders.

    2. or is it that the Broncos suck.

      under, wasn’t that the line on that 6 game winning streak to close out the ’17 season?

  42. Kyle Fredrickson

    11-on-11: Joe Flacco is intercepted by 49ers DB Tavarius Moore on a pass intended for Emmanuel Sanders.

  43. Nicki Jhabvala

    Phillip Lindsay having a rare off day. Offense as a whole having one of their worst days. Drops, fumbles, snaps in the ground. Hooboy.

  44. Are we still oscillating from bust to league MVP on JG? What’s the current mood of the blog?

    Eric Branch
    Jimmy Garoppolo just threw his first incompletion. He’s 8 of 9. #49ers

    1. Here we go Sebbie… Niner thugs…

      Troy Renck

      #Broncos starting D thwarts drive with @jsimms1119 pick of Jimmy G. It has become spirited based on trash talk now. Coach Fangio restores order as 2s go. #Denver7

      1. AES, it’s nice to have some people like you who aren’t overreacting. It was a bit tongue in cheek on my part. It’s practice after all.

        1. W73,
          My only concern in the 5 int development was to see if Jimmy G, would be negatively affected by that unprecedented practice.
          So far in today’s practice he seems to be fine – that’s good news.

  45. Seb says:

    I think the defense let them go 11-11 to give the offense confidence getting back on the field to practice again and again!

  46. 49ers pick up another guy that can’t stay healthy. This front office is really something else.

    Quinten Rollins.

    1. You’re seriously whining about a camp body to take over for a player who probably won’t make the team?🤦‍♂️

      1. Seriously tired of this team picking up guys with clear patterns of not being able to produce due to injury. These acquisitions don’t help the team.

        1. Not to worry, Kyle’s schemes will solve everything! Plus, we have a punter (I believe that someone wrote that we had the best special teams in the league —none of the patient wait and see guys called them out for over reacting).

        1. Missed games every season he’s been in the league and ended his time last year on injury reserve. He’s got a chubby injury history.

              1. Your “point” involves a player who will either not make the team or go on IR, and another one that won’t either. Nobody’s butt hurt about those points except the one who’s sitting on them, and that’s you!

              2. Moi? Did I declare Rollins will make the team?
                Wilds may have a chance, since McKinnon’s knee swelled up. They need a 220 lb RB to run up the middle. None of the other RBs are that big.

              3. No, I concurred on the concept that the Niners should select fully healthy players. Sure, many of these late additions are only camp fodder, but signing players with ACL,MCL and Achilles injuries is counter productive, and have even less chance of making the team.

          1. Oh, okay. I was thinking a rain of ACL/MCL/Achilles/broken bones kinds of things–really chubby injuries.

  47. Mike Klis

    Broncos OC Scangarello said his offense was “choppy” today and SF front “got after us.” #9sports

    1. “I think the Eagles may be interested in a qb.”

      A possible call to Kaepernick?
      One thing is certain in Philly – their QB’s can’t stay healthy.

  48. Troy Renck

    #Broncos Flacco called the practice a “good learning experience.” #49ers defense had upper hand today. Same for #Broncos D. “We let their defense set the tone and we were not able to get it back.” #Denver7

  49. sebnynah says:
    August 16, 2019 at 10:49 am

    I heard the term whiners since ’87.
    Quit whining.

    Reply: I bet you’ve heard the term sniveler more?

  50. Oy vey.

    Matt Barrows
    Starting right guard Mike Person on crutches and with a walking boot on left foot after practice. Did not see him go down during the session.

      1. Yes, I’m feeling like the decision in the off season to mostly ignore the offensive line especially the already weak Guard position was a solid one.

      2. Shanny just doesn’t put much value in guards. He want’s top tackles, and a very good center. Rightly or wrongly, it remains to be seen how it will all shake out this year….

        1. I understand that’s his history.

          I just think that drafting a tackle that could play guard or a guard that could play center would have been a better move. This would have given them a developmental starter who could provide depth at two positions.
          Additionally, given Jimmy is coming off an injury, investing in a clean pocket for him might have made sense.
          Let’s hope the injury is minor.

          1. I think he mitigates that A gap pressure with his outside zone game, and then play action passing. I have basically two concerns going into this year:

            1. Our interior offensive line.
            2. Our LB’s and will they be stout enough to fill the holes up the middle.

            1. I hope your right… and I’m way off (wouldn’t be the first time) and that will take care of the issue. I’m just not sure if it helps in empty sets, obvious passing downs or near the goal line.

            1. I classify them as Young, Raw, talented prospects that you believe can be developed into a starting caliber player. Normally rookies, that were drafted in the mid rounds.

              And yes, I know teams “hope” all their players and free agents can do that, but they don’t realistically believe that for every player.

              1. you will rather whine and complain over drafting a player you have no F..kin guarantee will succeed…….over a sure NFL punter….a unique punter…..a punter after all training camp reviews has a consensus feedback that he is better than most current NFL punters……

                How the F….is drafting a developmental player better than drafting a possible 10 yr starting Punter

              2. He is also a 27 year old rookie, so he does not have the same career trajectory as most of the other rookies. Most rookies look forward to the first contract extension after the rookie contract runs is course, when he becomes 25 or 26. MW is past that.
                MW may do well, but I wish they had just re-signed Andy Lee, and kept him all these years.

              3. @seb….you really can’t help yourself…..

                what f…ing….. difference does it make when he signs a future contract?……

              4. “How the F….is drafting a developmental player better than drafting a possible 10 yr starting Punter”

                Because the greatest punter of all time isn’t as valuable as an average starting lineman?

                Because we already went through this with Bradley Pinion and he turned out to be just an average punter who only made it through his rookie contract?

              5. One, usually, when a team selects a player, they map out his career path with the team.
                He no longer could play rugby, so he chose football. There is no guarantee that he will become All Pro, or have a career longer than 5 years.

              6. Wrong analysis, Subs-Kickers take no where near the wear other positions do–so they last a long time. 27 yrs old is nothing for someone who could realistically play until he’s 40………

                This is looking like a very solid draft and there’s nothing you can do about it. THATS whats giving you a real Seb-onian pisser!

              7. Saw, you gotta play the hand dealt to you.
                I am not whining about the players chosen, I am lamenting the fact that they could have selected other players of need, and still could have taken the players they coveted.
                Reaching just is not an impressive strategy. By trading back, they could have acquired an interior O lineman, safety, and still could have gotten the players the chose.
                I feel perfectly fine second guessing their draft strategy, but they chose the players they chose, and you did not have anything to do with that, either. I have accepted their choices, but you seem to think I want them gone. Quit deluding yourself. I will point out Hurd’s red flag, but I will also be rooting for him to score more TDs.

              8. I am lamenting the fact that they could have selected other players of need, and still could have taken the players they coveted.

                You absolutely don’t know that for sure, just another know nothing fan, spouting know nothingness. One teams 413th rated pick is another’s 67th. There are too many wild cards about who gets picked when. If the player you covet is available for when you covet him, you take him. See also McGlinchey last draft. Take Sebs advice, trade back and he falls to the Seahawks.

              9. Oh there was plenty of coveting the past two drafts, both by the Raiders. They coveted McGlinchey and The Bosa Constrictor. They’re now known here in Indiana as the Las Vegas Settlers….

              10. trade back and he falls to the Seahawks.

                trade back and he falls to the Raiders

                Thanks for that correction Razor

              11. Thanks for proving my point. Yes there are players taken earlier than their ranking, but the draft went to 254, and Hurd was ranked 413. To me, that is a reach pick at 67. He very easily could have gone in the 5th, 6th or 7th round. Most teams do not want to take a chance on a player who quit on a team.
                We do not know how this will unfold. Even you do not have a clue. Most draft picks should only be evaluated after their third season. If they force him to be a RB, and he sustains more concussions, all bets are off.
                4th round pick for the punter? In the history of the game, only a handful of punters have gone earlier than the 5th round. Most teams wait and pick up a punter as an UDFA. Most teams use their precious draft picks for other position players. The Niners should have been looking for an interior O lineman, a position of need.
                You can claim that they would not have lasted that long, but you really do not know, so you are another know nothing fan.

              12. Seb, you will come to rue the day you ever whined about taking The Big Wishnowski in the 4th round. That I can promise you my friend. God willing, I will be here to remind you for years to come!

              13. True enough slippery Sebs-I didn’t have anything to do with the draft, but that is not the larger point and, of course, you know it.
                When they were drafting and picked some one you did not approve of, you gave them in no way the benefit of the doubt. You gave each draft pick the famous Seb-onian “stink-eye” i.e., its not what u would have done, they should have traded down-then again, then trade down again, then another time once again-so they would have 30 picks in the 7th rd.
                You wouldn’t let this thing play out and see where it’s going. You had particular, very specific hate for Bosa and Hurd-with all the rest right behind.
                Now this draft is looking pretty good, things appear to be coming together. There will be rookie moments, some flubs here and there…all of which you will pounce on….
                But the future looks bright and you are seeing precisely the opposite. THAT is the larger point and that is why you shall forever be thought of as………………………………..


    1. What have you seen out of him to give you that belief, Tom?

      It’s now or never for Garnett, if he can return in time to prove it.

  51. From Eric Branch, Twitter

    Practice with #Broncos just ended after 2 hours, 8 minutes. Jimmy Garoppolo 9 of 14, INT. #49ers

  52. Nick Wagoner
    1m1 minute ago

    Spent most of the day watching the #49ers offense but did see some for the defense, including another interception for FS Tarvarius Moore against Joe Flacco. Moore would have returned it for a TD. He continues to make compelling case to keep starting job when Ward returns.

    1. And Sebs hated Moore when he was drafted………………fact is, Sebs put a curse on this team the day KS chose to not offer Kap a 20 yr K.
      Sebs purposely forgets the door swings both ways…..he certainly can unfairly critique all things 49er—-but others can point out when he’s wrong.

  53. mike tyson

    Replying to @jenniferleechan
    Grant Cohn can’t afford a plane ticket to go to the practice???

      1. Cheapest roundtrip flights to DEN are out of SFO, then OAK, then SJC. A few exceptions, few. Other Bay Area media types appear to have made the trip. Grant needs to make the jump to a higher level media platform–CBS, ESPN, NFL Network, something. Having said that, the Press Democrat may be just tooooo cozy to leave.

  54. The 49ers could use Moore luck like hearing he’s making a case to be the starting FS we’ve so desperately needed. He can be the playmaker that Ward was supposed to be….

  55. Najee Toran

    NFL Golden Rule: You can’t make the club in the hot tub (Garnett)
    Najee Toran: Reasons he makes the 53 man:

    1. He knows the system.
    2. Decent pass blocker, slides and mirrors his man
    3. Improved run blocking, which was not his strong suit, but opened up some nice holes in the 2nd half…Athleticism to make Shanny’s outside zone blocking scheme work.

  56. I am happy. Niners had a good practice with the Broncos. Sounds like the Niner defense dominated, with a couple picks.
    It was interesting, there was a media blackout on the Mile High Report. Guess they were not too happy with the outcome.
    Tarvarius Moore may just have supplanted Ward. Maybe Ward’s best position will be at slot CB.
    Glad JG did well. Still had a pick, but that means he was throwing aggressively. It is OK to have interceptions during the practices. He just needs to eliminate them during games.
    Sounded like it got chippy, but no fights. Glad Hurd showed more discipline, and being in control..
    No Muzak? But, but KS owns Fangio…… ;p

      1. Nope. There was no muzak allowed during the practices, so the coaches could be heard.
        As a token concession, and a good show of sportsmanship, Fangio allowed Muzak during the stretching period. There was no coaching instructions during the stretching period.
        My foot is intact. Your foot my be inserted in your mouth. ;p

          1. Too late, Sebs! Now you need to apply your school-marm tactics on yourself-in whatever way your comfortable with………….comfort…………like in a fresh cup of coffee to go with your HUMBLE PIE!

            1. What? did they play muzak during the joint practices? They played muzak during the stretching period, but no muzak during the coaching periods.
              Maybe they played muzak after the practices.

    1. Jeff Wilson, RB, 2nd year in system bears watching–could make 53 man roster…
      If I’m the 49ers, I think twice about putting him on the PS

  57. with young talent locking down FS, SS, LB, DT, DE, WR, TE,………maybe CB

    ….Drafting high rated O-line players is now the top priority next year……..

    nice rebuild….go 49ers

  58. Grant Cohn

    Retweeted Eric Branch
    We’ve seen him do this before under pressure, Grant Cohn added,

    Eric Branch

    Jimmy Garoppolo just threw INT off back foot under pressure from Von Miller. Garoppolo: 9 of 12 with INT. #49ers

      1. Just curious where is your boys report on the practice? Oh that’s right, he’s sitting on the couch like the rest of us.
        Great reporter!

      2. This is what you come away with after Garoppolo lit the Broncos up, completing his first 8 passes while spreading the football around to 5 different receivers? Figures!

        His first incompletion was another well thrown football, deflected at the back of the endzone.

        “Garoppolo was clearly the best QB on the field today, during Broncos’ / Niners’ joint practice”.

        His lone INT came on a play where All Pro LB Von Miller came rolling in dangerously close to Garoppolo’s surgically repaired knee, forcing a flat footed pass that came up short.

        Jimmy G. finished 10 of 15 (unofficially), with a couple of drops. Considering the circumstances surrounding his lone INT, I’d say that’s a very impressive bounce back for the Niners’ star QB, as I predicted!

        Go NINERS!

        1. Mo,

          The observation that Garoppolo will throw 1 or 2 passes a game up for grabs off his back foot is accurate, and it was going on before the knee injury.

              1. Sure it does. It means you can have flawed mechanics and still be a successful NFL QB.
                So take your Jimmy G slights and shove them up your a$$!

                You sit there and dog the guy and think no one knows what your really getting at. Weak!

                Meanwhile Garcia your hero was the worst technical QB in 49ers history.

              2. “It means you can have flawed mechanics and still be a successful NFL QB.”

                No kidding. Never said otherwise.

                In this particular case, throwing the ball up for grabs off the back foot, the flaw can lead to an increased rate of interceptions.

                Garoppolo has 10 starts, so he’s still very much in the developmental stage, so it’ll be something to watch for.

                Discussing this stuff doesn’t mean someone dislikes a player. I enjoyed watching Alex Smith during the year and a half he played for Harbaugh, thought he was a good QB, but saw flaws in his mechanics at times and pointed them out.

                I always thought Canadians were a friendly lot. Who hurt you?

              3. Maybe Canadians can just see the BS out of people better than others and call them out on it.
                I’m not gonna say much else other than Jimmy G is gonna prove a lot of people wrong this year.

                Enjoy the season Hammer.

            1. Just so we’re clear Jack, Garoppolo has thrown fewer INT’s during this camp than Beathard or Mullens, and Garoppolo is not only going against better competition, he’s also thrown nearly twice as many passes.

              Maybe you simply aren’t aware of this fact?

              And to be clear, Mullens is not taking a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo’s job this season. I hope we are clear on that as well. Mullens is Jimmy’s backup, if he beats out Beathard.

              1. Where did I compare Garoppolo to either of those guys in this thread?

                The observation of him throwing the ball up for grabs off his back foot is an accurate one.

              2. We are clear you are clearly a HOmer NB is the SB…how is your gf Nicky doing..still not playing I see

  59. Mercury News…

    A tepid joint practice between the 49ers and Denver Broncos saw Jimmy Garoppolo respond well from his past outing but right guard Mike Person joined the crowded injury list.

  60. Why did Jimmy G throw 5 interceptions – the defense got to me.

    I rest my case.

    He needs work in irritation outlets.

      1. Was just being sarcastic. As you’re aware, a few on this blog profess a keen hatred of shills and toadies (not the rock band Toadies)…

  61. Back to a simpler time…

    Brotha Tuna says:
    July 25, 2014 at 4:54 pm

    Ahhh, the lore of the blog. In bygone times, during The Hundred Years Alex Smith Wars, DS was a vociferous keyboard warrior/whiner who could turn an ordinary thread into a writhing ball of eels. Argue endlessly and often pointlessly, push people’s buttons and then get offended by the response and holler for Grant to ban someone, and to also by the way Grant please delete his/her last 3 posts because they make his/her look like an idiot.

    In my memory one of the first people to just get completely burnt out on DS and expose it was The Legendary 49erGirl. There were arguments with many before that since DS was a Smither (the term fit in this case), but 49erGirl just scalped DS.

    And so ends another installment of Fractured Fairy Tales.

    1. I remember reading this at that time.
      It was classic work by Max.
      Be nice to have Max, 49erGirl, Brotha and Rocket make a return this season.

  62. Quinten Rollins….the DB just signed. Here’s what one of us thought back in 2015…

    MidWestDynasty says:
    March 2, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    Here’s my first 2015 mock draft [edited for brevity]:

    ……..ROUND TWO

    PICK 54
    Raw but talented prospect. Physical tackler that hits with a pop. Shows ability to quickly recover from a misstep. Shows a knack for making a play on the ball.

    1. The biggest knock on him was that he had a frame better suited for basketball, which was a sport he also played in college. There were questions whether he’d be able to stay healthy in the NFL. After 3 seasons I think we got that answer. No.

  63. From ninersnation… Three remaining preseason games in a very short span of time.

    The NFL preseason has kicked into high gear with week two starting Thursday with 5 games – including a game between the division rival Arizona Cardinals and current Bay Area rival the Oakland Raiders in which Arizona’s entire team – including highly touted QB Kyler Murray – had a disappointing performance across the board.

    But the 49ers didn’t play Thursday. Or Friday. And they don’t play Saturday or Sunday, instead having to wait until the beginning of the following week to suit up in a preseason Monday night game. But that’s not all. The Niners will then turn around and play their week 3 game on Saturday, the 24th. Followed by their final preseason game just 5 days after that on a Thursday night against the Los Angeles Chargers.

    Which means the 49ers will play their final three preseason games over an incredibly short span of 11 days, including road games in Denver and Kansas City. The question is, how will this affect the 49ers players and coaching staff as they work to determine their 53 man roster, while also preparing for the regular season which begins on September 8?

  64. 8. “Matt Breida did not participate in team drills, which opened up extended reps for Jeff Wilson Jr.. Wilson was impressive during the 49ers red zone period, recording both a receiving and rushing touchdown.”

    Reply: Jeff Wilson belongs on the 53 man roster. Don’t expose him to PS, the man is a defensive ‘night mare’….(If Breida goes down, Wilson has the speed threat out of the backfield to take it to the house….Like having a 3,4,and 5 hitter instead of just a #4 hitter).

    1. *Also Wilson’s 2nd year in the system which is usually when RB’s blossom in the WCO…Also, if Breida gets hurt, Wilson has the best speed from this RB class to take it to the house—It’s like having a 3,4 and 5 hitter, instead of just a 4 the D has to respect.

      1. I think Wilson was in the 4.5+ range, which is below average. What stood out to me about Wilson was not his speed, burst or physicality but his vision and cut-back abilities….

  65. OL updates: 49ers RG Person avoids serious injury; C Richburg ‘doing really well’
    Eric Branch | on August 17, 2019

    “Richburg’s doing really well,” Lynch said. “These are going to be some crucial weeks. He’s done a great job in his rehab. He’s starting to do more football-oriented things. You try to simulate with strength coaches him pushing people around. We’re getting closer and he’s responding well.”

    1. Good news to be sure, but I’m not overly confident that Weston will be ready for the season opener. I think after the bye week he’s fully prepared to Enter The Dragon….

  66. I know some are predicting the Niners to be a playoff bound team (I don’t see it, road schedule, past indicators, red zone woes, etc.), but what are the key weak points on this team going forward?

    I see the following:

    1) Defensive backfield – I think the players currently either stink, are inexperienced, or injured too often.

    2) interior OL – this will be a challenge all season, especially with how thin it is (not girth, personnel)

    3) WR group – I think the TEs are good to very good but the WR group is a real question mark for me.

    Any one else see others?

    1. Any one else see others?

      Unproven QB1 who obviously stinks. 5 consecutive ints? Unheard of, cut him now.
      RB platoon that can’t stay healthy.
      #2 pick was obviously the wrong choice, team will be lucky if he gives us 2 total quarters of play the entire season
      HC who doesn’t know how to close out games.
      GM learning failing on the job.
      But hey, we have ourselves a punter.

      Did I leave out anything?

      1. yes you left out a crappy Oline minus Staley, weak secondary that’s injury prone, nobody to do kickoffs, WR core unproven, tough away games

        1. I’m more concerned with offensive turnovers deep in their own end and poor kick coverage than I am either of those.

          1. I do agree wit you regarding talent, Hammer. I think the team consistently stumbles and that keeps in the the bottom half of the league. Not sure I have seen any indicators that this has been corrected (save new wrinkles in RZ offense – remains to be seen how successful they will be in real time).

            1. The offense and ST’s really struggled with the turnovers and returns last year, and that hurt the ppg allowed.

              I expect to see a defense that gives up a good amount of yards, but forces more FG’s.

              That’s what this scheme does. It gives up the underneath stuff, forces the opponent to work down the field, and then when the area is compressed hold them out.

          1. Also a hindrance.

            If they can fix both defense and offense problems laid out by Hammer and yourself and barring setbacks in OL and WR and some moderately consistent play from the DBs I agree that they can be a top 15 team. Just, from my vantage, I don’t see it.

          2. Just from last season, penalties that scuttled promising drives in or near the RZ. I’m not saying without these penalties the drives would have ended in TDs rather than FGs (or even changed the outcome of the game), but it made things much harder for the team and certainly contributed to the team being in the RZ conversion cellar. Not to mention the BP of the fans.

            KC 4th & Goal at KC 7 – TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty. PENALTY on SF-K.Juszczyk, Offensive Pass Interference

            LAC 1st & 10 at LAC 22 – C.Beathard pass short left to M.Breida pushed ob at LAC 14 for 8 yards. PENALTY on SF-G.Celek, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at LAC 18.

            GB 3rd & 2 at GB 26 – A.Morris up the middle to GB 22 for 4 yards. PENALTY on SF-G.Kittle, Illegal Shift, 5 yards, enforced at GB 26 – No Play.

            TB 4th & Goal at TB 1 -PENALTY on SF-G.Kittle, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at TB 1 – No Play.

            Den 1st & 10 at DEN 22 – PENALTY on SF-L.Tomlinson, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at DEN 22 – No Play.

            Sea 1st & 10 at SEA 15 – J.Wilson up the middle to SEA 8 for 7 yards. PENALTY on SF-J.Wilson, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 15 yards, enforced at SEA 8.

            Chi 2nd & 5 at CHI 11 – N.Mullens pass short right to G.Kittle to CHI 9 for 2 yards. PENALTY on SF-T.Taylor, Illegal Block Above the Waist, 10 yards, enforced at CHI 11 – No Play.

    2. SY this sums it up….Frisco has put all their salaries on RB QB and DL while the other position groups yes and oh 8 Ecoast games this year..Frisco hasn’t won a game on the Ecoast since 2014 YIKES

  67. Said it before and I’ll say it again. Not worried about the secondary thanks to the emergence of Moore. Two things:
    1. Without Weston and Person, the interior line becomes concern numero uno. If they’re both ready by the start of the season, this concern takes a backseat to #2.
    2. LB’s and can they fill the holes in the middle.

      1. I understand your suspicion, Dave. Afterall, two castoff guards and an overpaid center. They did rank 15th overall last year, which with continuity and health(Weston), I think there’s cause for optimism. The depth behind with Coleman down is more suspect imho. Here’s what the ranking had to say:

        An impressive rookie season from Mike McGlinchey (73.2 overall grade) and the ageless Joe Staley (82.2) did a great job of masking some liabilities on the interior. Mike Person and Laken Tomlinson combined to give up as many pressures (65) as their tackle duo while Weston Richburg gave up the third-most pressures of any center (33).

        1. Continuity is its saving grace and if the starting five can play most of the minutes during the season they probably will be fine. If…..

          I am liking the reports coming out of Denver. I see an exciting season unfolding for us.

      1. Robert Saleh said after Friday’s practice with the Broncos, in which Moore had an interception, that the second-year defensive back’s play has made it difficult for the club to insert Ward back at the top of the depth chart.

        “It’s definitely something to talk about,” Saleh said in his post-practice press conference. “Tarvarius, you know, he had the door open, but we always talk about, if you get your foot in the door, it’s your job to blow that thing open. He’s doing a good job. He’s going to make it very difficult.”

        Practice in training camp is where you win a job. Now, if you’d like to quibble about my choice of words that’s fine. Some say knock the door down, while others use emergence. I chose that word due to him playing his natural position, which is FS….

          1. Who cares? We were talking about Moore, and last year he was playing cb with the b squad. He’s our starting FS as of right now, and he’s just scratching the surface of what he can be if you watched any of his tape in 2017. Cheer up dude. You don’t need to reach for pessimism when it comes so naturally….


            P.S. Ward can’t do what this kid can.

  68. Sorry, Razor. My bad. I did not mean stop watch fast.

    Sometimes I forget that Seb and others only quote the stop watch and not look at what happens on the field w/o the watch like ex-football players do.

    Like Jerry Rice, who only ran a 4.7/40 when timed, some players do things on the field that a ‘stop watch can’t account for….Exemplifying this is Jeff Wilson’s entire video.

    Pay attention to his 72 yd touchdown run…..Also, below I’ve put another slow stopwatch guy on video, 4.7/40 yd dash guy, Jerry Rice who beats an all pro corner

    1. Yea, I watched him play last year and he doesn’t look faster than advertised to me. Of course he’s gonna look fast in college, but his pro day was 4.57. Like I said, it’s his vision that stands out and his cut back ability. He may be faster on the field, but let’s not kid ourselves that he’s gonna outrun anyone on an NFL field….

      1. Razor:
        * I’m coming around on Moore! I wasn’t thrilled with his 4.57 and was reluctant to believe he was the answer. In fact I wanted the 9ers to sign Tre Boston. But if he continues to improve, I agree he should be the starter against TB.
        * I’ve been too busy to look for possible interior O-linemen that could be cut or traded for from other teams….You have any suggestions?