The Niners should sign Peyton Manning

A “well-placed source” told the great Matt Maiocco that the 49ers have an offer on the table for Alex Smith and they have no interest in signing free agent Quarterback Peyton Manning, to which I say, slow down, 49ers.

That’s a lot you’re asking us to accept there. Let’s break that claim down bit by bit.

First, Alex Smith has an offer from the Niners. Good for him, but we don’t know what that offer is. Smith and his agent, Tom Condon, could see it as a low-ball offer. If they didn’t, Smith probably would have signed it already.

Until Smith actually signs the contract, the Niners must look at all Quarterback options, and signing Manning is the best one – don’t overthink it. He’s one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time and he’d make the Niners instant and big-time favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2012, and probably 2013, too.

He’d demand to run his own offense, you say. Good. Let him. He’s a better offensive coordinator that Greg Roman, that’s clear. He’d make the Niners good on third down and in the red zone.

He’d make Michael Crabtree look good and Vernon Davis look great. He’d get Pierre Garçon to sign with him on the Niners for a relative bargain.

Manning would make the Niners offense good, as opposed to mediocre, as it is with Alex Smith.

The Niners should not settle for a mediocre offense. They should aspire for better. They should sign Peyton Manning.

Update: Here’s my dad’s column on the same subject.

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