There’s more to this than a win over the Giants. Shanahan makes a statement

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens throws during the first half of an NFL football game against the New York Giants, Sunday, Sept. 27, 2020, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Corey Sipkin)


It wasn’t news that the 49ers beat the Giants Sunday. It would have been news if they lost. But this played out exactly to script.

Only three games into the season, it is pretty clear who the Giants are – a poor team with problems. They committed bonehead penalties, blew pass coverages, and when things went south in the second half, showed quite a bit of quit.

Good teams, which the 49ers are trying to prove they are, take down teams like that and sit on them for 60 minutes. And they did.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan didn’t even bother with the old on-any-given-Sunday routine.

“We kind of expected this,” he said afterward, offering a brief peek at the old Kyle Smug-ahan, who annoyed NFL types when he was young and brash.

But Shanahan has been trying to tell us something ever since the season started and maybe it is finally coming into focus.

It began back after the Jets game when Nick Bosa suffered a season-ending ACL tear, a disaster that sent the Faithful into conniption fits. Shanahan wasn’t happy about it, obviously, but he made a point to say “that’s football.” You lose individual players.

And last Sunday, when Nick Mullens subbed for an injured Jimmy Garoppolo, and rang up video game numbers, the point was made again.

Shanahan is trying to build a franchise, an organization. There’s a way of doing things, a culture and a mentality, that goes beyond the players you plugin.

Take a team like Arizona, which drafts an elite talent like Kyler Murray. The Cardinals are riding his remarkable ability as far as he can take them.

But the New England Patriots, or the Seattle Seahawks, have built a franchise that repeats, year after year, despite changing the pieces on the chessboard. They are the kind of teams that surprise everyone by signing undrafted free agents and getting quality playing time from them.

Players like oh, for example, Matt Breida, Kendrick Bourne or Raheem Mostert. And yes, like Mullens.

Mullens was terrific, throwing for 343 yards and a touchdown. And some of those throws were tough completions in a tight opening. But a lot of them were also to receivers who were wide, wide open. It helps to have an offensive savant drawing up the plays for you. You might be able to plug any number of QBs in that system and have reasonable success. (Not Brian Hoyer, obviously, but in general . . .)

By the way, if you want to crank up the old Mullens-should-start-instead-of-Jimmy merry-go-round, please take it to a separate chat room. Garoppolo has a better arm. That’s just a fact. Unless he screws up – repeatedly – the job is his. And he gets the benefit of Shanahan’s X-ing and O-ing. Of course he also has to accept that Shanahan is not exactly a fountain of compliments to his QBs. That’s also just a fact.

Rather than re-litigate this every time Garoppolo overthrows a receiver, accept the positive. Mullens has shown he is a capable backup and that is no small thing.

At this point the narrative is starting to take hold. Shanahan has talked about how much better off the team is compared to a few years ago. That their depth has improved, which speaks to an organization that has a plan, that knows the kind of player it wants and goes out to get them.

And don’t overlook the Trent Williams/Jordan Reed connection. Those are elite players who wanted to play for the 49ers and Shanahan. It is one thing to choose good players. It is another to have good players choose you.

Now, this isn’t going to be easy. Seattle has already shown that it is going to be very tough, especially as long as Russell Wilson is healthy. The Rams are flighty, but as their near-miss comeback against Buffalo showed, they can be dangerous. And the 49ers have already lost to the Cardinals.

But you have to like the Niners’ chances. They have a stable organization, motivated players and a steady coaching staff. You don’t win them all like that, but you definitely improve the odds.

Or you could be the New York Giants.

On a completely unrelated note, I felt really sorry for long snapper Kyle Nelson on Sunday. Snapping the ball for kicks and punts has to be the smallest subset of a niche of a job in the NFL. On most teams that’s the snapper’s only job, to flip a ball backwards, between his legs to a holder or a punter. Talk about a specific skill set.

As you probably saw, Nelson appeared to experience what Shanahan called a case of the “yips.” That’s when golfers get so mentally stressed over short putts that they can’t make them. Ben Hogan, one of the legends of golf, developed such a case of the yips that he stood over the ball, frozen, unable to take the putter back to hit the ball.

Nelson had problems sending the ball back to holder Mitch Wishnowsky, twice bouncing it on the turf. Both times Wishnowsky had to pick up the ball and attempt to run it.

TV shots of Nelson on the sideline seemed to show him extremely upset. Both kicker Robbie Gould and George Kittle came over to try to encourage him. But by the end of the game, he was replaced by Justin Skule.

People laugh at the yips, but they are serious and real. The Giants had a catcher, Mike Ivie, back in the 80s, who developed a phobia about throwing the ball back to the pitcher. He couldn’t do it. Eventually, he had to move to first base. Former Dodgers’ second baseman Steve Sax found himself suddenly unable to throw the ball to first base. One year he made 30 errors.

It may be funny to others, but it is embarrassing and upsetting to the person who is afflicted. It will be interesting, after a week of practice, to see if Nelson is sent back out there. History says Nelson’s yips could go either way. Sax managed to overcome his throwing fixation, but Ivie never really did.

And there was one silver lining Sunday. The 49ers did not attempt a single punt. There’s no telling where a ten-yard snap back to Wishnowsky might have gone.





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  1. Culture, depth and the best play caller in the game means we have a punchers chance every year.

    I can’t feel sorry for a guy that gets paid a million bucks to snap the ball on special teams when he melts down.

    1. The blue print is set. Now just plug and play.
      It’s the NE model that has worked for decades. But you can’t lose playmakers for too long or not have enough depth to mask it.
      So far,so good but the schedule will be daunting next month.

      Best surprise of last game. Dion Jordan.

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  2. Glad you’re short circuiting the Mullin should start circus. Mullin had a great game & should start is like saying Ross Dwelley had a great game & should start over Kittle…

    Wasn’t the Giant catcher Mackey Sasser that had to hop before throwing ball back to the pitcher?

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  3. Watching Javon Kinlaw beat double teams, and fork lift the Giants 315 LBS 1st round pick – LT Andrew Thomas, was a sight to behold yesterday!

    1. This is why I believe Kaep should be allowed to throw the dang ball around on Sundays.
      Preferably, with no clothes on.

    1. I’m not sure if he’s there yet, but there is definitely flashes of a really good player.

      Now the next level is some ferociousness like a Reggie White. That’s what I wish for the kid. To be like the Minister of Defense!

    2. Against the run probably true, but if he wants to be Considered among the better players at the position he has to produce in terms of a pass rusher. Run defenders are easy to find.
      That’s not to say he won’t be. I’m on record predicting that he will be better than Buckner in a few years. So I believe he will be a good pass rusher down the road.

  4. “But the New England Patriots, or the Seattle Seahawks, have built a franchise that repeats, year after year, ”

    Seattle has won one Super Bowl . Niners have been to as many Superbowls as they have in the last decade. Their entire team revolves around one player. Neutralize him and they are left with nothing.

    1. You mean to say they’re Wilson dependent? I keep waiting for him to go down with a knee injury, but he must have superb genetics. We’ll find out after he plays at Metlife….

      1. He is undeniably a great athlete and QB . He is also a pretty cool customer in pressure situations. I am also surprised he has never been seriously injured. They would be a 5-11 team without him.

    2. I agree. Pats and Seahawks are different. The former have a culture and system in place, and can be a 10+ wins a season without Brady. The latter are riding one superstar QB as far as he can take them. Seahawks would not have 8 wins without Wilson.

      1. Metcalfe is a big miss by SF when considering WR concerns. The kid is special hands down and had a bone headed play.
        I’m interested to see if SF can sign Mullens to an extension prior to the end of the season. It would be a shame to lose a solid backup to an open market in need of a QB. That same market though will be flooded with big names.
        The SF FO has done a superb job building a franchise as mentioned though.

        1. To be honest while I agree that metcalf is special I don’t think he would be for this team. He’s a deep ball specialist and our best deep ball thrower is probably CJ.
          He’s not quick but fast and with our quarterbacks, db’s would likely be able to squat on his comeback routes.
          Don’t get me wrong he would still be good but nothing like what he is for Seattle.

          1. Surprisingly we have never had a big bodied, tall, possession type WR.

            The closest thing to that would have been Anquan Boldin? Antonio Bryant?

  5. Garropolo has a strong arm ? Disagree . Don’t see much Difference in arm strength between him and Mullens . What I do see is Mullens goes through progressions better and is more accurate

    1. Disagree all you want but Mullens made his offseason focus on increasing his arm strength for a reason.

        1. Don’t think so. Footwork, you bet but his arm strength is good not great. Mullens arm strength is below average, and that’s why he went undrafted and aggressively addressed it in the offseason….

          1. The 49ers are gonna stick with Garropolo and his 27mil price tag and win nothing , and they’re gonna wind up losing Mullens , and he’ll outplay JG elsewhere

            1. Grant, is that you? Meh, Jimmy was the man with the keys and they won the NFC. I wouldn’t call that nothing.

              If they can flip Mullens for a 2nd round pick, I’ll wish him luck. We’ll do the same thing with the next guy, in similar fashion to what BB and Brady did in New England….

            2. You’re ridiculous, on all fronts.

              Arm strength greatly favors JB. Mullens worked on arm strength but there’s only so much you can do for the arm itself, if one could go in the gym during the offseason and make big differences then everyone would be doing it. Arm strength in it of itself you’re basically born with it. Its the tendons and ligaments which make up the snap and delivery you get, not the muscles. Its why Mahomes and Randy Johnson have insane arms but neither of them are muscular and probably spend next to no time working out the arm itself.

              You get stronger arms by strengthing your core and legs/ass, but even then you can’t replicate what god gave you. If working that out was all that it took youd have shotputters being amazing QBs.

              Mullens arm is only good enough. He can work and maybe gain 5 to 10 yards and a little more zip, but he’s still going to be at the bottom of the pack in arm strength. Jimmy is top 3rd.

              1. Yep, you are what you are for the most part when it comes to throwing velocity. Mechanics, technique and anticipatory throws can mitigate it with a play caller that is adept at creating larger windows…

    2. Don’t see much Difference in arm strength between him and Mullens .

      If you watch the 49ers 3 QB’s in person, it doesn’t take long to conclude that Garoppolo easily has the strongest arm of the lot, and it’s really not even close. That said, arm strength is far from the most important talent an NFL QB can possess, though it certainly helps on the more difficult routes. For my money, touch is every bit as important as arm strength. However, having the ability to rapidly process what your eyes are seeing, is easily more important than arm talent, and right now, I’m not sure I can say for certain that Jimmy processes things as quickly as Nick. However, what I can say for certain, is that Jimmy has a quicker release, and that’s very significant as well. Also, pre-injury Jimmy G is by far the most athletic of the Niner QB’s, and hopefully Jimmy can get back to that at some point in the near future. And that brings me to my bottom line ….. Having a reliable backup QB is a terrific thing for championship caliber teams, and having Nick is paying off for the Niners. However, in terms of both the eye test, and results, Jimmy obviously gives the 49ers their best chance at winning football games, which is why Jimmy is getting paid the big bucks to be the 49ers starting QB.

        1. He does get lazy with his footwork, and it’s frustrating, but if he fixes that, and I think he will eventually, he’s the complete package, er, uh, you know what I mean.

          And I can hardly wait to see what Kyle cooks up with Aiyuk and Deebo in the same package of plays. Should be almost impossible to defend, as long as Jimmy is making the correct reads, proper footwork be damned! ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

          1. Imagine what Kyle is going to do with his 21 personnel – Mostert, Juice (or Jet), with Kittle, Deebo and Aiyuk?

            According to Sharp Football Stats, the 49ERS used 21 personnel last season to the tune of a 55% success rate – defined as follows: A play is successful when it gains at least 40% of yards-to-go on first down, 60% of yards-to-go on second down and 100% of yards-to-go on third or fourth down).

            And what made this grouping so special last season, is how successful they are regardless of whether it was ultimately a run or a pass. When they kept the football on the ground, the 49ers had nine rushing touchdowns, averaged 5.7 yards per carry, and were successful on 55% of their plays. Furthermore, they ran the football out of 21 pppersonnel 189 times, at 61% of the time. Wow! That flies in the face of what has become conventional wisdom. For instance, Sean McVay typically uses 11 personnel to run the ball, because it creates lighter boxes to run against. But Kyle’s offense simply defied this logic in 2019, just as we saw this past Sunday, as they are able to pick up chunk yardage out of 21 personnel, even against a stacked box.

            And better yet? The Niners were just as effective, if not even more so, when they took to the air out of 21 personnel. in 2019, Jimmy dropped back to pass 123 times out of 21 personnel, completing 82 of 115 passes for an NFL Passer Rating of 103.3, and 9.7 YPA, with 7.3 Air Yards Per Attempt. Amazing!

            What leads to Kyle’s offensive success when using this package? Well, it’s all aboutspecific skill sets. Having George Kittle as the sole tight end, and the versatile Juszczyk (or Jet) as the second running back, surely helps. Particularly when throwing the football. The reasoning behind throwing out of 21 personnel – or 12, if you are the Philadelphia Eagles – is simple: Get the defense to play with base personnel, and let Jimmy slice um and dice um.

            So now in 2020, Kyle remains a step ahead as he mixes in a second dynamic, duel-threat WR (Aiyuk) along with Deebo, with additional depth at all 3 skill positions (RB, TE, WR) and what you have now is the ability to create hugely advantageous match-ups at will, almost regardless of whether you run or pass. Now you can control the clock, dictate the tempo, and match up positively against any kind of defense, almost regardless of the opposing talent, scheme, down, or distance. Booyah!

            1. Shanahan used Juice as a TE at times yesterday with 21 personnel.

              Stuff like that is a good way to dictate the defensive personnel.

              1. Good observation Jack. I would expect Kittle to be that guy most of the time when healthy, but that really does get to the beauty of the way Kyle uses 21 personnel. He can simply dial mismatches at will, especially now with added depth accross all of his skill position groups. It really does simply come down to the QB making what is generally a relatively easy pre-snap read (because Kyle layers motion on top of his groupings, which forces the defense to tip their hand) and then executing. If Jimmy can do this consistently, while making the occasional off schedule play, the 49ers can matchup favorably against any team, including the Chiefs!

              2. At it’s most basic, it comes down to Kittle’s versatility, along with 2 versatile, dynamic duel-threat RB’s, and 2 versatile, dynamic duel-threat WR’s, and a QB who can make all of those mid range throws at a high rate if efficiency.

                This current 2020 49ers offensive roster is special because … not only do they have the perfect combination of skill sets for Kyle’s preferred personnel groupings, but also incredible depth at all of the skill position.

                Kyle can now not only mix and match 21 personnel, but also rotate fresh bodies in and out, without losing any of the favorable matchups. The 49ers ought to be able to simply wear their opponents down and out with consistency, as the game wears on, while imposing their will.

                While some teams are using mobile QB’s to do a lot of this, Kyle is really setting the current trend in terms of having unmatched versatility out of 21 personnel, and for my money, I prefer this over a running QB because this is not only sustainable, but it’s also more like watching poetry-in-motion.

                It’s only fitting that the 49ers would be, once again, one of, if not the premiere, offensive trend setters in the NFL.

      1. We all want to see more of Mullens. Let Jimmy G. rest and heal. I prefer Mullens’s morals and professionalism. He is far more popular with players and coaches.

              1. Since only two posters on this blog go below the belt, it’s very clear that TP is the catfish.
                Very typical for a Canadian Coward who has been going after Seb relentlessly.

              2. Canadian coward? Dude, I’d chop suey you into a buffet then puke you out whole.
                We all know who the catfish is. Stop pretending.

                Nov.4th bioch. Get ready.

        1. Come on Allie. Quit living down to that old outdated stereotype, “girls don’t know sh*t about football”.

            1. You’re right. I owe Allie an apology. Hers is a ridiculous take coming from any gender. “Morals”? “Far more popular”? What is this? Mean girls (and boys)?

              1. With the JG and Kittle sideline hi-jinx, not to mention the outpouring of support last season from Sherman and others, there’s no lack of “popularity” for JG among team members. Where Allie gets this half-cocked idea from, I have no clue. Maybe she was dumped by a guy who somewhat resembles JG?

        2. This Mullens Mania reminds me of his debut in 2018 where the Niners whacked the Raiders 34-3. However, opposing defensive coaches immediately busied themselves studying his film and the Niners offense under Mullens came back to earth losing the next 3 games (starting with a home loss to the Giants) while scoring an average of 16 points per game.

          As a poor man’s Jimmy G, Mullens is an excellent backup as Kyle’s field general. But he’s not yet shown himself to be an every game starter.

        3. You prefer his “MORALS”….

          The hell are you even on. You don’t know any of these people outside of the 3 hours you get of them in a game.

      2. I played with a QB who went to a DII SCHOOL named Sy. He tried out for the 49ers pre-Wilson era but was too short 5’11.
        You mention “touch”. This kid would laser a ball 40 yards on a straight line. He broke fingers in practice. He had zero(!) touch. It came out as a bullet 7 yards away or 20 yards away on an out.
        Arm strength was phenomenal. Touch though, as you’ve said, is so much more important.

  6. One thing that Wishnowsky should be coached to do, is if he cannot set the ball down to be kicked, he should not try to run it in.
    Wishnowsky should be instructed to throw the ball high in the air, into the end zone. There is more chance that a jump ball is caught for 2 points, if he does not throw the ball away. There would be little chance for a defender to catch the ball, and run it back, if it is a jump ball, with several players trying to catch the ball.
    I thought I have seen it all, but one pass deflected off a receiver’s hands, and another player almost caught it. It was as if there were 2 incompletions on the same play.

  7. As I predicted 2-3 years ago, Mullens is better than Jimmy G. Mullens is a pro’s pro. Jimmy is not a serious figure. If Jimmy G. can be traded for a top corner or two, I would do it.

    1. I beg to differ. Mullens did well against a terrible 0-3 team. His main job was ball security, and a couple passes could have been possible picks. He also was the beneficiary on play call that ruled he did not fumble the ball, when it came out before he may have hit the turf. He was competent, and let the opposition beat itself.
      Declaring that he is better than JG is jumping the shark. Last season, just after JG threw 5 picks in a row, it seemed like his knee was limiting his playing ability, so Mullens was a healthy option over JG. Then JG went and led the 49ers to the SB. This season, JG has an ankle sprain, so Mullins should expect to start for the next few games, so JG can fully heal up and be fresh and ready to finish out the season, with the playoffs in their sights. Once JG is healthy, Mullins himself will be a team player, and respectfully fill his backup role. Mullens is a true professional, and knows that his job is to not create controversy, but to help JG in every way possible to win. Mullens will not whine and make a stink, because that is a good way to lose team chemistry. Like you say, Mullins is a pro’s pro. He just elevated his trade value. With JG, you start with 2 firsts and a third. With Mullens, a playoff team that loses its QB due to injury, may want offer a late first round pick for Mullens. Still, with all of the player attrition, the Niners should keep their depth. CJB will be the backup, and I also believe he could do better than his first 10 starts, because he would have better pass protection.
      Yes, it is nice to make a tempest in a teapot, but Mullens is the backup to JG, once JG is fully healthy. I will agree, right now, Mullens is a better player than JG, because JG is not healthy. I will root hard for Mullens to win, and I will root hard for a Niner victory when JG comes back from his injury.
      It is nice to know that the Niners have 2 good QBs, that can help them win games.

      1. uhhhh, Seb, Mullens did well against a 0-2 team which made them a 0-3 team.
        Surprised to see you make a silly mistake like that!

        1. Mullens did well against a winless team, but it is not the time to anoint him the next Joe Montana. JG is still the franchise QB, and Mullens knows his role.
          KS may be considered for Coach of the Year, but he also had Judge as his opponent, not Andy Reid or Pete Carroll.
          Yes, they handled adversity well, but the Niners are fortunate to be beating up on cellar dwellers, not playoff teams.
          Hopefully, the Niners can continue strong against the Eagles and Dolphins, but then, they have games against the Rams, Patriots, Seahawks , Packers, Saints, Rams and Bills. Those games may decide whether they make the playoffs or not. I hope JG can be fully healthy when they play the Rams.

  8. Jordan Reed MCL injury and out 6-8 games, but if the 49ers history with injury reports is of any certainty, his season is either over or nearly over.

    1. He’ll be back after the bye, and we’ll see the Reed-Kittle pair add another wrinkle to Kyle’s offense.

  9. Lamar Jackson. The perfect example of yet another running QB the league has started to figure out.

  10. I look at the Giants game as a bit of a red flag. The 49ers have a significantly better roster and better coaching than the Giants. That game was going to be a blowout before the kickoff. My problem is this o-line just doesn’t appear to be playing very well. The Giants run defense is God awful. They gave up 141 yards, 4.7 YPC, to the Steelers even after James Conner went down. The backup, Benny Snell, went 19 for 113 yards, 5.9 YPC. Then the Giants gave up 135 yards to Chicago and David Montgomery averaged 5.1 ypc. The 49ers only had 93 rushing yards for 2.7 YPC and Aiyuk had 31 of those yards. Either Raheem Mostert is much more valuable than we thought or this o-line is not a good run blocking line. That will doom the 49ers season if they don’t get that fixed.

    Other than that, Mullens is a good backup. Glad he’s on the team. He’s not a starting NFL caliber QB but he can pitch a few relief innings. Hopefully, Jimmy G is back soon. He needs a string of successful outings before the 49ers get into the meat of the schedule.

    1. Houston, consider this from last year:

      Now, we have another statistic showing just how much Kittle’s run-blocking contributes to the 49ers rushing attack, and how significant of an impact he makes in its success.

      When Kittle is on the field, the 49ers offense averages 4.9 yards per carry and a 43 percent success rate on outside runs. Without the tight end, that average drops to 3.0 yards per carry and a 29 percent success rate.

      San Francisco’s offense explodes for 10-or-more-yard runs on 18 percent of its rushing attempts on the outside with Kittle in the lineup. That number drops to seven percent without him.

      Deebo is a heckuva run blocker as well.

      Look for the Niners ground game to heal once Mostert, Coleman, Deebo and Kittle are healed and back in the lineup.

      1. Didn’t the 49ers draft Woerner for his blocking ability? Isn’t Woerner the guy that got blasted backward in the Cardinals game where Mostert came up short? I know Kittle is a next level blocking machine but damn – is Kittle worth 2.2 YPC in the run game against a terrible run defense? I see the point but the variance shouldn’t be that great.

        1. Yes, they did draft him to be their run blocking TE, the problem is he just isn’t that good at it yet.

          1. No worries Rib,
            I’m not panicking at all in regards to the running attack. I severe dropoff was bound to happen when you take away the leagues best run blocking TE, the 1st and 2nd string RB’s, and starting qb (which makes teams far less reluctant to load the box).

          2. “a bit of a red flag.”

            I’m not panicking in the least. 49ers are 12th in Rushing through 3 games. Not horrible but not great either. My take is this line needs to gel and get the running game going to open up the play action pass. Everything Kyle does is predicated on the play action pass and that just won’t be effective until the 49ers have a better rushing attack.

              1. I wouldn’t bet on a huge game from the O line against the Eagles. It still appears to be in preseason mode. The O line has two more games to iron out the kinks. McGlinchey seems to have slimmed down so much that he looks to me like a TE.

              2. Clearly, even with the injuries our dline will feast on the eagles oline. I think both Tomlinson and Brunskill will have better performances this week….

            1. You’re right on this Houston. They’ve done a decent job to get a few big pops, but the down after down consistency isn’t there yet.

  11. Kyle has said the Reed’s injury was nothing big, but it seems he’s out for 6-8 weeks. Why this discrepancy? Methinks Kyle lies to us fans so we do not panic. He’s a very positive guy. He doesn’t want to jump up and down and start screaming, ‘IR, IR’, because that’s not what it’s about. He knows “they were good and proper answers. Calm, no panic!” I have heard this approach from the very best people…..

    1. I expect Reed to be out no more than 6 weeks, and probably closer to 4. The fact that he doesn’t need surgery tells me it’s a grade 2 strain.

      1. The fact that every single 49ers injury disclosure has led to the player being out for much longer than the announced timeframe leads me to believe he’s done for the year.

      2. So my question is exactly what job does Ben Peterson perform? I’ve never heard the guy speak but the proof is in the pudding. Who looked at Reed’s injured ankle and allowed him to return to the game and open him up to an MCL injury? Does Peterson have any input prior to the 49ers signing free agents or drafting players? The Dee Ford trade looks like a disaster to me. Did Peterson give the thumbs up? I just don’t see how the new Human Performance Management approach has helped anything in the organization. It’s like going to a seminar where some guru uses all the business buzzwords but has no clue how the business actually works. Two Years in a row with injuries out the wazzoo. So far I’m not a Ben Peterson fan.

        1. It’s a fair question, although I think the majority of these soft tissue injuries can be traced back to no ota’s, no preseason games and an abbreviated training camp….

          1. Razor,
            I agree 100%. Just look around the league and you will see its happening everywhere. Its been happening to a smaller degree for a number of years now, maybe this will start a conversation about expanding camp to close to what it was before 2011. I know the players don’t like longer camps but the trade off is career shortening injuries which means less earning over the length of a career.

          2. MMMMM>>>>> Allowing Reed back in the game after suffering an ankle injury had nothing to do with lack of OTAs. Signing off on the Dee Ford trade had nothing to do with an abbreviated training camp. I get that injuries are part of football and a direct correlation can be drawn between limited preparation and soft tissue injuries. I’m just saying I thought Ben Peterson was supposed to be some brilliant human performance guru but the results don’t seem to be improved over any other NFL team or even over the prior staff for the 49ers. Perhaps they’ve realized efficiency gains and improved communication internally by integrating the medical and training staff but from the outside looking in I see no improvement and even could make a case that the 49ers human performance results are worse than many/most other teams.

    1. Shanny for that last game alone should be the coach of the year. I mean he put Mullens on easy street with the play calling and he used his personnel to a T.

      If Saleh can continue to be less predictable on defense, we might have a chance at staying alive in the NFC West.

  12. One play that stood out to me was the Aiyuk catch while leaning his body backwards and snagging the ball. The defense was collapsing on him and he still made the catch.

    We got us a true ROTY candidate in BR.
    He and Deebo are going to make Dcords lose a lot of sleep in the years to come.

    1. Unfortunately, Clyde Edwards- Helaire may be running away with the ROTY Award. He is averaging 80 yards rushing per game.
      Aiyuk did look impressive, though, and I hope he continues doing well. He is making me forget all about Pettis.

    2. Yah, that catch Brandon made in the middle of the field.

      A lot was made of Aiyuk’s RAC ability, thanks to the fact that he led the nation in that department. And not enough was made of Aiyuk’s fantastic hands. He’s a natural ball catcher, and he has huge mitts (nearly 10″). He also has elite verticality to his game, and he gets the most out of his 6’1″ 205 lbs physique when it comes to using his body to box out defenders. He hasn’t had the opportunity to show off this part of his game yet, but trust me … it’s coming.

      He’s basically a bigger, younger version of Emmanuel Sanders.

      Boy, the 1st round really seemed to to play out perfectly for ShanaLynch. Having the ability to add a dominant interior DL at #14 (Javon Kinlaw is so physically imposing, just wait until he polishes up his technique), and then a true #1 WR (because unlike Deebo, Aiyuk is built to win outside the numbers) at #25, thus potentially filling the team’s 2 biggest needs right out of the gate, IMO, could npt have worked out any better. I’m not going to lie …. CeeDee Lamb was my favorite WR in this years draft class, and I though Jalen Reagor would be a really good fit, but I gotta say, as much as I liked, and still like Lamb (Reagor eventually dropped down my daft board after his surprisingly poor NFL combine – agility events, even though I think he is actually more agile than he tested), I think Aiyuk might be even better in terms of what the Niners needed out of a WR, because I think Aiyuk is at least comparable to Lamb in terms of RAC and duel-threat versatility, but he seems like the more dangerous WR on the perimeter, because even though he is an inch shorter than Lamb, he has ridiculously long arms for his size (33.5″), and more verticality to his game (Aiyuk’s 40″ vert compared to Lamb’s 34.5″). Perhaps most importantly, I do think Brandon actually has true 4.3 speed, while Lamb definitely looks more like a 4.45 guy.

      Brandon Aiyuk has quickly made Dante Pettis irrelevant (one of ShanaLynch’s unfortunate early round picks). Unlike Pettis, Aiyuk is a deceptively physical receiver for his size. He’s also deceptively fast because he has such an effortless gate, and sort of glides across the surface of the field. No question that he is a OROY candidate, but the fact that the 49ers have multiple weapons, and will always be balanced in terms of the run/pass, definitely works against him in terms of OROY consideration, IMO.

  13. Seb,
    Helaire is the top ROTY candidate at the moment, but it’s a long season and both Helaire and Aiyuk have small sample sizes.

    I think we can both agree on this – Pettis would not make the 20 yrd catch that Aiyuk made over the middle in the 4th Qtr.

    While the TV commentators were salivating over Mullens’ nice throw and great game, they failed to acknowledge Aiyuk’ catch. But I don’t blame them because you had to see it in slow motion to appreciate the catch.

    1. AES, I agree. I sure like Aiyuk, and maybe he was slated to go to the Packers, until the Niners jumped ahead of them. Once he was gone, they traded up to be sure to get Love.
      Aiyuk may be that Go-To receiver that the Niners really have not had since Rice, Taylor and Owens. He may command the double team, so Trent Taylor can be one on one with their third best DB.
      Actually, I hope KS can showcase Pettis, so another team will take a gamble with him. He has the best ability of all- Availability. With so many receivers dropping like flies, Pettis may shine in a new setting. If they could get a 5th or 6th round pick for him, that is better than cutting him, and getting nothing. The Niners could also direct where he could go, so he does not end up in the NFC West.
      When Deebo gets back, the Niners will have a decent pass catching threat. The Niner O line was playing more cohesively, so Mullens had time to throw.
      I am expecting that Hasty may get more snaps against the Eagles, since McKinnon sounds dinged up.

    2. Dante Pettis has no chance as an NFL reciever, he’s far too passive. On the other hand, Brandon Aiyuk attacks the football with aggression. We saw him attack it on his first NFL reception, when Brandon used his big hands to literally take the reception away from my boy, Kendrick Bourne. Aiyuk has a very high ceiling, not simply because he’s athletic and talented, he also has a warrior’s mindset!

      1. In fact, I think it’s fair to call Aiyuk the anti-Pettis! The best NFL players are the guys who will run through a brick wall, if that’s what it takes.

        Aiyuk, like Kittle and Samuel, will run through a brick wall, if that’s what it takes!

        1. In fact, this 49ers roster is loaded with guys who will run through a brick wall, if that’s what it takes. It’s one of the things that makes this team special, IMO.

          Dante Pettis is not one of those guys!

      1. I think McGrinch is a serviceable RT — he was just over-drafted. Paraag will, hopefully, ensure that he is not overpaid in his next contract….

        1. Looking at this year’s first round, imagine what we could have done with the #9 pick in the draft when we drafted this bum?

    1. The 49ers OL hasn’t been sharp early this season, but it’s likely an outlier. Remember, we are only 3 games in, and the 49ers have played two thirds of their games on the road, and on a playing surface that they really aren’t built for, and a surface that they really didn’t like. LT Trent Williams is likely still shaking off some rust, and the OL really haven’t developed the kind of precision we saw for long stretches last season. Kyle’s run scheme isn’t about the OL blowing defenders off of the LOS, it’s a lateral scheme that requires all of the linemen to be in-sync, and they clearly aren’t their yet. But, Mike Person was hardly a world-beater of a RG, and I think Daniel Brunskill is going to prove to be an upgrade. So, common sense would say that if last season’s OL was able to develop into a dominating run blocking OL as the season progressed (and one that dominated the NFC as they overwhelmed both the Vikings and Packers at the LOS during the postseason), we probably shouldn’t read too much into what is a small sample size heading into week 4.

      As for McGlinchey, he’s been one of the best run-blocking RT’s in the NFL, day 1. That’s a fact that is impossible to dispute because the numbers don’t lie. He’s definitely a better run blocker than pass protector, but I think it’s safe to say the team knew that when they drafted him, but he’s serviceable as a pass protector, and certainly not what one would consider a liability.

      It’s also worth noting that the 49ers OL has been steadily improving, and we’ve seen this in terms of TOP. It was clear that the entire team was not hitting on all cylinders on opening day, but they’ll get there. We see this from Kyle’s team every season. The offense starts off slowly, and continues to improve from one game to the next. This past Sunday, the Niners managed to win the battle of TOP by nearly a 2 to 1 margin, against a front seven that is really built to stop the run. And again, it’s just not a big enough sample size to draw any conclusions anyways, so …..

      1. I’d still like to see them call Atlanta to see if they’d trade us Mack, and then dial Cincy for Lawson.

        1. I’d be down for that, Razor. I do have small quibbles about the interior of our OL. But, actual concerns about the OL at this stage, just don’t seem logical to me.

          The changes the team did make to the OL this offseason, are both upgrades, at least on paper. So if last season’s OL developed into a unit that was good enough to get the Niners to the big dance, and the team then upgraded the OL over the offseason, why would people even entertain the idea that the Niners’ OL is somehow problematic? That way of thinking just doesn’t make sense to me. Especially at the 3 week mark of a regular season devoid of typical preseason prep. Kyle’s offensive lines always starts the season in underwhelming form, probably because it plays a scheme based on agility and precision, rather than power. If people are going to evaluate this OL, wouldn’t they be better off using last season as a barometer, rather than a small 3 game sample size, when 2 of those games were played on the same shoddy, east coast, artificial turf?

          I am worried about the toll of all of these key injuries, especially to the defense. What I am not worried about is whether this OL will play well enough to get the job done. Based on hat I saw last year, and the changes made during the offseason, I can say with near certainty that, barring injuries, the Niners OL will be just fine.

          But yah, Alex Mack is a master technician of this blocking scheme, and the Falcons are in absolute shambles, already! I would imagine that they will be sellers in short order. That’s a move that makes way too much sense not to at least look into.

          1. It’s worth remembering though, that Kyle doesn’t typically put a lot of monetary value on the interior of his OL’s. Part of the reason for this is because he’s not looking for the type of interior OL that typically get paid a lot of money. Kyle puts more value in smaller, less powerful – more nimble, interior lineman, and those guys are usually cheaper and easier to find. What makes Mack such a good Center for Kyle’s system is that he’s big, smart, AND nimble. But Mack is going to be 35 in Novemeber, so he’s likely moving past his prime. That said, let’s face it, the interior of the OL is not exactly a strength, and I doubt Weston is going to be back to 100% anytime soon, so the 49ers could use more help at the position.

            1. Kyle places very high value on the centre position. It is why the Falcons gave Mack the top centre contract when Kyle was there. It is why they paid Richburg so much to bring him to the 49ers.

              Mack would be a nice 1-year rental for a SB run this year. But really depends on whether they think Richburg will be right to play or not.

              1. That’s a good point, Scooter. Kyle definitely puts more value on the Center position, as compared to Guard. On the flip side, the team has committed a lot of money to Richburg, at least through 2021, and that’s a problem for 2020, at the very least.

              2. Maybe I’m wrong, but he tore his Patellar Tendon on week 14 of last season (12/8/2019). I’m not a doctor, but it seems to me that, hoping for him to return to form this season, seems awfully optimistic.

                I suppose they can find a way to pay Mack and Richburg through next season, but that’s tough. You are definitely asking the right question, Scooter: Is trading for Mack worth a 1 year (2020) rental?


              3. They could, in theory, turn around a trade Mack away after this season, because, trading Richburg away before he has a chance to prove he can get back to form from this injury, is a tall task, IMO, and I’m not sure there is any chance they can afford both next season.

              4. To trade Mack after the season he’d have to be on contract. He won’t be. He’s in the last year of his Falcons deal. It would be a 1-year rental like Sanders last year, to fill the gap left by Richburg this season.

              5. Exactly, Scooter. I’ll believe it when I see it if Richburg is able to slide back into his job this year.

              6. Oh, you’re right. Mack is on the last year of his contract. I thought he was under contract through 2021. Richburg is under contract through 2022, and stands a much better chance at regaining his form by next summer.

                Wow, this transaction just makes too much sense not to pursue. I would imagine we’ll be hearing this idea gain traction over the next few weeks, especially if Atlanta continues to implode, which seems inevitable at this point.

              7. Yeah, I imagine it would be a trade that takes place just before the trade deadline, so a few weeks before it starts picking up steam I reckon. That will also be around the timeframe for the team to know where Richburg is at after the PUP window can be opened. Garland can hold down the fort until then.

        2. OK guys, here is the 49ERS OL breakdown vs. Giants / missed blocks:

          Player: Pass Blocks Run Blocks

          Trent Williams-missed pass block,1 missed run block, 3
          Laken Tomlinson-missed pass block, 3 missed run block, 1
          Ben Garland-missed pass block, 0 missed run block, 4
          Daniel Brunskill-missed pass block, 2 missed run block, 2
          Mike McGlinchey-missed pass block, 1 missed run block, 0

          McGlinchey was the Niners’ top performer!

    1. Trump has always been a big mouth blowhard. I won’t deny that. But it would have been nice for JB to answer which law enforcement organizations support him instead of freezing up.

      1. Wallace threw Biden a life line when he attempted to come up with one organization that supports him. I thought he was supposed to be impartial, but his bias was on full display. Worst moderator ever….

        1. A life line? More like a gotcha question. The President of the PBA of NYC was a speaker at the RNC, fer chissakes.

          Worst moderator ever….

          What do you expect? Even the supposed best that Fox News has to offer is still the very bottom of the journalistic barrel.

          1. Biden claimed to have law enforcement support, and Trump told him to name one. There was about to be an awkward amount of silence while Biden attempted to to come up with one, and that’s when the worst moderator ever jumped in to change the topic….

            1. That Biden didn’t name one, I don’t expect a candidate to know every endorsement he’s racked up. Fatass should have taken that tack, not running his mouth and lying about endorsements he doesn’t have.

              In tonight’s presidential debate the President said the “Portland Sheriff” supports him. As the Multnomah County Sheriff I have never supported Donald Trump and will never support him.


              Razor, what were you saying about someone lying to your face when there’s evidence to the contrary? For you, when it comes to Trump, it’s go you guy! What a laughable excuse of a “freedom fighter” you are.

              1. That’s because you have poor expectations and explains why you support such an inept career politician!

              2. My poor expectations? So you are expecting your guy to lie through his teeth? That must be why you support the worst businessman in the history of US business.

                Oh and…quit deflecting.

              3. You’re such a sheeple. There’s a sheriff in a nearby county that’s been working in Portland that supports the evil orange man….

              4. Trump made a mistake but it was a tiny one.

                Biden flat out lied about denying his statement to the troops, “clap for that you stupid bastards”
                Biden flat out lied about antifa when he said they were just an “idea” and not a group.

              5. Biden flat out lied about antifa when he said they were just an “idea” and not a group.

                Oh some sort of monolithic group, right? Who is the group leader? How was he/she elected/appointed/took over by sheer cunning? Calling Jerry Rubin! Where do they hold their super-seeecrit meetings? Where is this single group manifesto published? Where’s the group locker holding all that black apparel? They charter planes to and fro protest sites, right? Who is the treasurer in charge of these tickets?

                What bunch of bollocks. It absolutely is an “idea”, a movement.

        2. He threw the Republican a lifeline when he asked him to condemn White Supremicists. Instead, we now know that the Republican Party endorses the domestic terror group Proud Boys.

            1. Hahahaha!
              You and your deflections! I’d take you for a Russian troll bot if we didn’t know you so well!

              1. “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by,” Trump said. (Copied from a FoxNews article.) “Stand by.” Softball question and he says to terrorists, yet again, you’re good people but please wait until you commit more crimes.

                The terror group in question proudly accepted his endorsement and said Yes Sir, we’re standing by.

                Deflect that.

              2. The only terrorists I see are these snow monkeys burning down cities and small businesses who have no say on what’s going on.

              3. So Razor, you support the White Supremacist terror group Proud Boys, like the Republican Dear Leader. Glad you made it clear.

                Are you more on the misogynist side of Proud Boys, or anti-Semitic side, or just generic r@cist yahoo side?

              4. I’ve asked myself this question at least a handful of times over the last 4 years: when did 35% of Americans seemingly lose all common decency?

                And I always come to the same, sad conclusion: you can’t lose something you seemingly never had in the first place!

              5. Never heard of ’em

                You guys wear your deplorable tag as a badge of honor. Just think of these guys as next level deplorable, you’d love it. Like I said, look up the the local affiliate. I’m sure you’d be able to handle the monthly dues. Times running out though, Trump is counting on you to scare away the POC from the polls

          1. Lifeline? Asking someone to disavow white supremacy is like tossing the the entire US Navy at them. Trump couldn’t handle that, huh?

          2. Biden’ biggest concern should be Kamala Harris.
            While Biden finally denounced the criminals
            during the rioting (more than a month later), Harris was supporting a fund to bail out the offenders.

            I would admit that Biden looked much more presidential last night, but if he wins, he will have some rough days ahead trying to appease Bernie, Cortez and her hate America squad. But the end game will be an inside coup the prop Harris to the top.
            The democrats are wolves in sheep’ clothing, don’t think for a moment that their evil ploys will stop when and if Trump is gone.

            1. Biden’ biggest concern should be Kamala Harris

              Why? US Senator. Former Atty General (LAW AND ORDER!). Bi-racial. Woman. She ticks a lot of boxes a lot of people find appealing, your “hate america” BS notwithstanding.

              1. She ticks a lot of boxes a lot of people find appealing, your “hate america” BS notwithstanding.

                How many boxes of a lot of people could she have when her campaign had 2% support? C’mon man!

              2. Ask Trump and the Princess if this is a politician worth supporting or not.

                Trump gave $5,000 to Harris’s campaign in September 2011 and $1,000 in February 2013. His daughter Ivanka Trump gave Harris’s campaign $2,000 in 2014, records show.

              3. Don’t discount that 2%. Your Vice President was about to be shown the door by his state before Manafort rescued him at Putin’s urging.

              4. Discount double check your 2% is in any way indicative of ticking a lot of boxes that appeal to the masses. Lmao!

      2. National security infrastructure support Joe. Probably because he isn’t a traitor who is in deep debt to Russian mobsters and calls our troops suckers and losers.

        Joe Biden endorsed, by nearly 500 retired top military, national security officials
        Tom Vanden BrookUSA TODAY

        WASHINGTON – Nearly 500 generals, admirals and former national security officials from both parties endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday, and blasted President Donald Trump as “not equal” to the challenges of the job in a letter released Thursday.

    2. Can’t make this stuff up. LOL

      Words undecided voters in @FrankLuntz’s focus group had for Trump: “arrogant,” “crackhead” and “un-American”

      Biden: “better than expected,” “more professional,” “restraint and compassion,” “Predictable” “coherent” “leader”

      1. “Sleepy”, “Looks like he’s having a brain aneurism every time he winces”, “Needs a break”, “Completely loses train of thought midstream”, “Came unhinged at times making uncharacteristic remarks”..

        Care to guess which candidate these comments are being attributed to? Hint: you won’t find your answer on CNN.

        1. Chuck!

          Interested in part ownership of a pro football venture in Мінск (Minsk)? Our tentative name is Gordyye Mal’chiki (Proud Boys).

          Drop me a line.

        2. Chuck, or whatever you’re calling yourself this week, I know you’ve taken a few too many blows to the head, but – hint – Luntz is a Republican , maybe you’ve heard of this

          best known for developing talking points and other messaging for Republican causes. His work has included assistance with messaging for Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, and public relations support for pro-Israel policies in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. He advocated use of vocabulary crafted to produce a desired effect; including use of the term death tax instead of estate tax, and climate change instead of global warming.

          And if that’s what they are saying in a Frank Luntz focus group, then ….

    1. Titans and Steelers just cancelled their game. Covid 19 is threatening this season. Notre Dame may not have enough players to field a team.
      I certainly was pleased to see Saleh wearing a mask. Those fines were a learning experience, and hopefully, the Niners will be taking this pandemic more seriously.
      Niners 24-23. Eagles will not tie again, but it may be close.
      Politically speaking, we have hit a new low point.

      1. I said it before and I’m proven correct. Sweden did it right. Belgium went in the opposite direction, with masks. Somebody is spiking, and it ain’t Sweden!

        1. Stick to football and not epidemiology. This article is all about you not knowing what the F you are talking about.

          But (Sweden’s state epidemiologist) added that contrary to popular belief, Sweden’s goal was never to allow the virus to run rampant until the majority of the population was exposed. Instead, Tegnell said, leaders relied on residents to exercise personal responsibility.

          All but 2% of Swedish residents who responded to a government poll in April said they’d changed their behavior to protect themselves from COVID-19. In May, 87% of respondents reported that they were keeping a greater distance from others in shops, restaurants, and on public transport.

          Sweden did impose some restrictions, though: It closed high schools and universities for three months, urged people to work from home, required social distancing in bars and restaurants, and told the sick and elderly to stay home. Gatherings of more than 50 people were banned in March.

          “There is often quite a misconception about what has been done and what is being done in Sweden,” Althaus said. “Whereas other European countries had maybe more strict measures and lockdowns, but came out of that in April or May, Sweden had softer measures, but kept them in place for a very long time.”

          Even so, the consequences of that lax approach are now clear: From January to June, Sweden recorded more than 51,000 overall deaths — its highest death toll over that six-month period since a famine swept the country 150 years ago. The nation’s death toll was around 10% higher this year due to COVID-19 compared to average death toll over the last five years, Reuters reported.

          Americans like yourself are too stupid to adhere to the personal responsibility measures that the Swedes voluntarily did.

            1. Easing restrictions despite surging cases? Is the Belgium PM taking stupid lessons from Trump, or what?

      1. You’d have to consider packaging in a lifetime supply of Spam and my riding mower for the Giants to even consider making that deal.

      2. Unless the WR corps is totally decimated, I can see Pettis elsewhere. Maybe for 6th or 7th rounder. Maybe for a longsnapper.

  14. Matt Barrows

    The #49ers plan to add veteran CB Jamar Taylor to the practice squad, per source. Taylor, who lined up at nickel CB for SF in training camp, presumably would be elevated if K’Waun Williams (hip) can’t play Sunday. Taylor takes T William Sweet’s spot on the practice squad.

  15. In 2016, Biden visited troops stationed at Al Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In a video recording of his speech, Biden can be heard commanding the troops to clap after he mentioned he nominated one of the appointed one of the lieutenants to the academy. He also insults them for being a “dull bunch.”

    “Clap for that you stupid bastards,” Biden said.

    “Man, you are a dull bunch. Must be slow here, man,” he added.

      1. I’m not sure how you slander a murderer…. but proceed, counselor. His guy got off easy, perhaps he’d prefer the Michael Reinoeh treatment?

        1. Lin Wood is one of the best attorney’s in the country. I would recommend Biden make a concise retraction ASAP! Otherwise, all that chinese and russian Biden family slush funds could be in jeapordy!

              1. We’ll see who’s laughing with their boots on and who stepped in a pile of dog $hit with their boots on. Trump 348 Biden 190.

              2. Well, I am one of those deplorables, among other less than flattering depictions of my intellect, so I’m shocked you’re asking me to explain it to you.

                If you take all the states that Trump won against Clinton, plus all the states he’s within 5 points in the polls, you get to 348 and Biden 190. That includes giving him the Rust Belt, Sun Belt, Florida, New Hampshire, Colorado and Nevada….

              3. There’s so many flaws in your logic, deplorable is actually a compliment.

                #1 Trump is not running against ever-unpopular Clinton, so the only states he can count on are the reliable red ones. He is not going to carry Colorado any more that Biden is going to carry Texas. But it doesn’t matter because:

                #2 The three states that gave him the 2016 electoral were Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. He won those states by 0.2, 0.7 and 0.8 percentage points, respectively — and by 10,704, 46,765 and 22,177 votes. 80,000 total. In 2016 Trump won the non college-educated white women by 16 percentage points, he’s losing them by 9 points, a stunning 25 point reversal. Fake poll all you want. In those 3 states, which will decide the election, white voters cast over 80 percent of the vote in 2016. Do the math. That 80,000 is the slimmest of margins when you are course to lose key constituencies.

              4. If you say so, but you were wrong time and time again just like your 3 time loser of a candidate. Worst ever right there with his butt buddy Wallace!

              5. Like I tell Seb, let’s talk Nov.4th.

                Back to football boys. This is a big game this weekend. Sunday night! Almost as good as MNF.

                Niners 35
                Eagles 13

              6. Rib’s dog in this race is a mutt named, B I D E N who’s gonna need all the help he can get to make it over the finish line.


                “He (Trump) is not going to carry Colorado any more tha Biden is going to carry Texas”

                JFC, are all you MAGATs so illiterate that you can’t even PFHUKIN read?

                And what’s wrong? Afraid to use your normal screen name so we can’t point out which regular here has been lobotomized?

              8. Rib’s dog in this race is a mutt named, B I D E N who’s gonna need all the help he can get to make it over the finish line.

                I’m taking the 77 year old over the 7 year old. As most of Americans, they looked at thatTuesday night Trump disgrace and said “Four more years of this?

                Worst ever right there with his butt buddy Wallace!

                The MAGATs are starting to turn on Fox News now? Sad!

              9. You take the 77 year old that started the interruptions, and I’ll take the 7 year old that finished ’em.

                Btw, 77 years old? That’s older than Reagan was at the end of his 2nd term! I seem to recall your party raised the question of age during his reelection. What changed? Lol!!@dumb?

              10. You take the 77 year old that started the interruptions,

                LOL, I knew there’d be one person in America who saw it that way. We’re just lucky to have cultist #1 in our midst. You go!

                What changed?

                Your fellow cultist AES is on to something. JB is just a sleepy placeholder while Harris and AOC finish their commie takeover. Re-education camps for flabby “freedom fighters”!

              11. Apparently this PFHUKIN MORON has good reason to believe Trump could lose Texas. Otherwise why would said MORON stoop to this

                Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a proclamation Thursday limiting the amount of drop-off locations for mail-in ballots to one site per county.

                The move significantly affects the Democratic stronghold of Harris County, which is the state’s largest county by population — one of the most populous in the country — and covers a massive area. It must now reduce its 11 drop-off locations down to one starting on Friday. Travis County, which includes the reliably Democratic city of Austin, must limit its four drop-off locations to one.


                There’s your cancel culture, AES. Of course the courts will throw this naked voter suppression attempt on its ass where it belongs. But damn. Republican desperation is palpable.

              12. Take off the blinders, Nancy. Trump went first with no interruptions, then it was Biden who went without interruptions. Then Trump got his 2nd 2 minutes at which point Biden interrupted him, and that’s when Trump destroyed him….

              13. Take off the blinders says the guy who claims Trump is going to run up 350 EC votes. LOLOK.

  16. Remember this game?

    Eric Branch

    QB Steve DeBerg couldn’t speak 40 years ago this month. So the #49ers had Audio Works in San Rafael design a $700 contraption that included a speaker and amplifier and tied the bulky thing to his shoulder pads. No, really, this happened.

    1. There had to be more to the Nelson release. This guy never had an issue in his nine years as a snapper.
      One bad outing and he’s gone? Seems to sudden.

      1. Not sudden. He’s been in a precipitous decline for awhile and that performance was just the capper.

      2. AES,
        I agree there was something more than just a bad day going on. He looked like he was falling apart on the sidelines. I’m sure we will find out eventually but probably not until the season is over.

        1. Looked to me like he didn’t want to play football anymore altogether.

          On another note it might be Jeff Wilson getting the start at RB. He looked good last game.

        2. “Kyle hasn’t been playing as good as he has in the past,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said of the long snapper. “It was kind of trending a little bit that way. If you see things trending that way a little bit you try to make a decision before it hurts you. And you guys saw what happened on Sunday.

        3. Coach/Prime,
          I reviewed every snap from Nelson. My original thought was that he might have taken a big hit and possibly had a concussion, but he never was hit with any obvious impact.
          Evidently the “yipes” are real.

          1. It’s a harsh league and job security equals zero.

            I like the standard set by Shanny though. Lack of performance and production means your out.

            I’m just surprised they have stuck with Dante Pettis this long.

            1. From all accounts, Pettis had a good TC.
              That said, I believe Shanahan would like to get Pettis a few catches with the intention of garnering some interest from other teams.

              The only way Pettis sticks around is we suddenly have a rash of injuries to our WR corps or if he finds his groove in the return game.

              1. Is he even getting on the field cause I don’t see anyone throwing to him?
                I think he only played like 12 snaps last game.
                Really unfortunate because we could really use a guy to stretch the field with speed.

          2. AES,
            I have been saying for years that the yips are what happened to Kaep. All of a sudden in 2014 he could no longer pull the trigger. I believe he climbed inside his own head and never came out. I know most here who dislike him want the reason to be something about his work ethic or his personality because they hate him for kneeling. I believe his career went to hell for reasons not related to his work ethic or other such reasons

            1. Coach he never put the work in. Weight warrior, yes.
              But working with teammates, being a leader, mechanics, student of the game, nope. Thats what led to Kaepernick’s failure.

              1. Kaep did spend a summer at AXIOS under the tutelage of specialized training.
                I believe that it had a negative result on his game.

                I liked Kaep and was wishing good things for a home town guy, but Prime put it best after his early success when he noted that Kaep would flame out after Dcords figured him out.
                They did, and Keap will likely never be in the NFL again.

              2. AES, not totally confident in saying this but Lamar Jackson might be headed in that same direction.
                Eerily similar is that Greg Roman is the same OC Kaepernick had.
                Point is, Jackson needs to modify his game. He needs to become a better pocket passer and rely less on the run.
                Kaepernick never evolved from that. He thought his arm and legs were enough but it wasn’t.

                It really is too bad because he did take the league by storm but one thing the league does is figure out how to stop these guys. Especially if they don’t change their games.

              3. Sorry, Prime but you can’t come into the NFL behind the 8-ball at playing quarterback and expect to learn on the fly. Especially under an oc like Greg Roman. Action Jackson will go the way of Kaepernick, and the Ravens will use him up until his body breaks down….

            2. I respectfully disagree. Considering the drek QBs playing today, Kaep would be a superior alternative.
              Brett Rypien? He is pedestrian. Kaep is a SB QB.
              Both Darnold and Jones are drek QBs, we all saw how horrible they were. Jeff Driskel, Tyrod Taylor and Herbert did not shine. Trubusty was benched. Haskins is on thin ice. Fitzpatrick is hot and cold. Cousins is 0-3, with a 73.8 QBR.
              The mere fact that teams refuse to even try out Kaep, just proves he is being Blackballed.
              Kaep is a hero, and has been proven right. Now, all he needs is a chance. I will admit he is a polarizing figure, but the talent is there. Kaep did decline, but I blame Baalke for dismantling a SB team.
              Kaep put in the work. He was the first to arrive, and the last to leave, He went to Kurt Warner over the off season, and had other QB coaches help work on his mechanics. I watched his private workout, and he did various throws that had zip, or were thrown with touch. He was accurate.
              We will see this weekend, whether Wentz is good enough to win. I think Mullens may defeat him.

              1. Facts Seb. You need facts to prove that you say he is what is but don’t worry. Nov.4th a storm is coming back right?

              2. Nonsense.
                Kaep has the biggest quads and penis I have ever been around.
                He once filled me with 2 quarts of his finest non-dairy milk.
                True story. If only you were so lucky.

              3. Seb you can’t talk like that. Disgraceful!

                I’m calling on the PD to ban this type of commentary.

              4. More proof that your cognitive ability, like your football acumen is non existent.
                You think my catfish is me, but his snark and now obscene insults are giving him away every time. Just shows how desperate he is, and how incompetent the PD is in controlling trolls and doxxers.

              5. Now playing the catfish card. Ridiculous. You should be banned with your multiples profiles.

              6. “Both Darnold and Jones are drek QBs, we all saw how horrible they were. Jeff Driskel, Tyrod Taylor and Herbert did not shine. Trubusty was benched. Haskins is on thin ice. Fitzpatrick is hot and cold. Cousins is 0-3, with a 73.8 QBR.” Seb

                Kaep was benched as well. And what made it worse was that he was benched for of all people – Blaine Gabbert.
                Kaep was a shooting star that created oohs and ahhs momentarily than quickly flamed out.

                If Kaep ever returns to the game it will as an invention by sports organizations to speak on social issues, and not as a player.

              7. “ Kaep was a shooting star that created oohs and ahhs momentarily than quickly flamed out“
                Just think, if he would have became a good, consistent QB, how different would the Niners be today? How much would it have affected the draft and free agency, and the coaching staff?

              8. If Kaep ever returns to the game it will as an invention by sports organizations to speak on social issues, and not as a player.

                AES, agreed. We have common ground on some things ;)

              9. If Kap studied the most, learned to read defenses with the best of them…………..remember that game where he had a receiver wide open….WIDE open on the left side…………never looked over there, scanning the field…………and threw it into the sidelines? Or was it at a coach?

                How is Kap the victim THIS time, Sebby? At some point Kap is going to have to grow up and hit the books if he want to make it back to the NFL….and I don’t mean Mao’s little red book.

  17. Ever wonder what the Party of “Tolerance” has in common with the Religion of “Peace”?

    Yeah, pretty much everything.

    1. Ever get disgusted that the law and order president is a life long crook and his administration is the most corrupt in history ( 8 indictments and guilty pleas.) Ever find it curios that the people who espouse family values are usually the most immoral and unethical. Do you find it funny that the fiscal responsibility folks are the same group who loot the treasury and declare personal bankruptcy. Keep embarrassing yourself.

      1. Ever get disgusted that your party constantly contradicts itself?

        Used to support labor unions, but then it didn’t fit the newly minted environmental narrative.

        Flooded California with immigrants (a net change of upwards of 20+% addition, plus a 20% reduction in white voters) so they could completely change the demographics of the state and solidify their power in Sacramento.

        Oh but wait? Don’t immigrants take jobs away from and reduce income for labor unions? Doesn’t matter- the unions were thrown out of the party about 8 years ago.

        Veer completely to the extreme left so we can now pay 100% for sex change operations in San Francisco from our payroll taxes while medically necessary procedures for a normal person who went through an accident is considered a cosmetic elective option and 0% covered.

        Now you want to defund the police and set up protest zones. Go ahead be my guest. Once every small business and sane person leaves your rotting urine scented big cities for the suburbs and other states you will simply flood the state with more immigrants.

        Yeah you freaks are going down again in November. Then I can enjoy a slew of new YouTube videos stitching together your collective tears. Can’t wait.

        But hey, at least it’s now acceptable for you to smash cocks in each other’s mouths and buttholes in full view down Castro Street. Enjoy that while it lasts. How’s that, Pride Boi?

        1. So many bigotries for the price of one. You go, “chet”. Or should I say “Seb”, or you under every other screen name with the gay panic postings of late.

          I do love how these MAGATs are sooooooooooooooooo sure of their guy rolling to victory. Everything else, from polling, the “American Carnage” under Trumps watch, to Trump’s panic – claiming election rigging, calling on his goons to voter intimidate and refusing to step down unless he wins, is pointing to a 2018-ish blue wave.

            1. Doesn’t matter. My posting name is the same one I’ve used here for over a decade. These squirrels who use as many posting names as posts are the detritus of this blog.

          1. Rib,
            Why is it that when someone voices a differing opinion from the you, dee and bruce, that they are bigots, racist, fascist and now magats?
            Last I looked, Americans have the freedom and their constitutional right to follow their own views.
            I responded to one of your comments yesterday (in a respectful manner) and the PD moderators blocked me.
            I guess the cancel culture is real.

            1. The worst part is I actually agree with most of his arguments, yet he continues to demonize someone for using various screen names, if that is indeed what is happening.

              However, he won’t use his real name. I find it quite humorous he calls people out on using screen names. :0)

              By the way Mr. Sanchez, I am a longtime reader (not contributor) on this blog so I do know you have used your real name. So this is more directed at ‘Ribico’…

              1. Yes, that is exactly what is happening.

                When you are replying to someone known as ribico, you are replying to someone who’s been here for 10 years or more. Like me or not, at least you know what you’ll be getting from me, I have that history. Why should you or I spend any effort with these hit and run trolls?

            2. cancel culture

              I’m going to puke on the next Trumpist I hear whining about cancel culture, where their guy is threatening election cancel.

              Sir, consider this a virtual puke: ?

            3. AES, I’ve been called snowflake, socialist, idiot, PHUKIN MORON and more on this very same site. But it’s only Dee, Bruce and myself that you call out?

              As I’ve said before here many times, politics are off limits here, unless they agree with your politics.

              Does that answer your question?

              1. Rib,
                Show me one time where I called you by any of these names. Although our politics are diametrically opposite, I have been respectful towards you in our conversations.

                I have been called (by you) anarchist and now a cultist. I guess the name calling is appropriate for you since you know who I’m voting for.
                Call me whatever makes you feel better Rib, I still look at you with respect.

              2. a cultist

                How else to explain your hardfast support for someone who is the very antithesis of values you espouse here?

              3. BTW, even as I apologized in calling you that (remember?) anarchist is not a bad thing. You are in good company, me! My entire city, 8 million plus of us, has been labeled as such by the people you support. And I shouldn’t take it out on you?

              4. “BTW, even as I apologized in calling you that (remember?) anarchist is not a bad thing. You are in good company, me! My entire city, 8 million plus of us, has been labeled as such by the people you support. And I shouldn’t take it out on you?”

                Rib, yes, I do remember you apologizing for calling me an anarchist (which I accepted), but then you call me a cultist, simply for not agreeing with you.
                There was once a time when people could agree to disagree and still respect each other.

                While the democrats have spewed on about the division in our country, they are the most complicit in carrying the banner for that.

                And nowhere has that divisiveness been on full display then here on the 49ers blog.
                As an tax paying Hispanic American, I will vote my conscious regardless of your name calling.

              5. There was once a time when people could agree to disagree and still respect each other

                That went out the window with the most corrupt leadership and administration to ever darken this country’s history. Are you really supporting their evil attempts to invalidate our election process? What does that leave us as a country? There is NOTHING to respect for anyone who isn’t outraged over that.

              6. “Are you really supporting their evil attempts to invalidate our election process? What does that leave us as a country? There is NOTHING to respect for anyone who isn’t outraged over that.”

                What is the evil that you speak of? Your party was guilty of enslaving the Black, Brown and Asian people. Your party is the largest supporter of Plan Parenthood which was created by Margret Singer for the sole purpose of eliminating African Americans. In fact she gave it a name – The Negro Project.

                Your party president B. Clinton disgraced the highest office when took advantage of a young intern then outright lie to the American people about it.

                Your party was guilty of releasing billions of dollars to Iran on the heels of them claiming death to America. Kamala Harris supports funding for rioters to get out of jail.

                You speak of evil as if it’s only exclusive to the Republican party.
                Maybe this is no longer relevant to the younger generation, but as the old adage says, “people who live in glass houses should not throw rocks.”

                You, dee and bruce have used up a lot of space on this site spewing your democrat hatred. I really doubt that you have moved the needle on who people chose to vote for.
                The fact is, that you guys have only served to validate my decision.
                It is, what it is.

              7. Nice. You have to go back decades, centuries to find the most egregious things to say about the Democratic party. To quote FLOTUS, give me a f-ing break. I’m talking about a Republican Party that’s become so thoroughly corrupt today.

                Do you in favor of Republican voter suppression efforts, mostly in minority districts, yes or no?

                Do you agree with Trump’s charge that mail-in balloting is rife with fraud, yes or no?

                Do you agree with Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power after Election Day, yes or no.

                Your party president B. Clinton disgraced the highest office when took advantage of a young intern then outright lie to the American people about it.

                Consensual affair between two adults. And impeached for it. Yet you called Trump’s impeachment a “coup attempt”.

                Your party was guilty of releasing billions of dollars to Iran on the heels of them claiming death to America.

                You are not impressive parroting that Fox New bullsh!t.

                Kamala Harris supports funding for rioters to get out of jail.

                More scurrilous lies to excite the excitable cult. Here’s what really went down


              8. Razor, I’ll put the same query to you

                Are you in favor of Republican voter suppression efforts, mostly in minority districts, yes or no?

                Do you agree with Trump’s charge that mail-in balloting is rife with fraud, yes or no?

                Do you agree with Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power after Election Day, yes or no.

                Think carefully before you answer. As a military person you swore an oath that you would support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

              9. I’m in favor of opposing all forms of evil and I’m in favor of always doing what’s right.

              10. AES is the nicest guy on the blog!

                AES does seem like a nice guy, and so does John Travolta. Does that mean Scientology isn’t a cult? No, of course not.

              11. The thing is, most people who are involved in cults either don’t realize, or aren’t willing to recognize they are in one.

                There are some very good books about this topic, including: Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies – by Arthur Goldwag, and Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation – by Daniel Shaw.

                And there will be many more after this administration comes to an end.

            4. Ribico does that for the same reason all of the MODERN Democrat party does…….they are in reality totalitarians and hypocrites.
              However, its a sad thing what the Democrat party morphed into……………They used to have a lineup like the ’27 Yankees………..Harry Truman, FDR, Adlai Stevenson, John and Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey. These guys were movers and shakers.
              If you haven’t already, read about them, their speeches and policies–and you will realize the MODERN democratic party would not allow them in, would have nothing to do with them.
              Republicans on their best day may-or may not-be in nearly the same boat.

  18. Philly’s D is for real. I believe it will be a game won on TO’s and field goals. I hope a new snapper doesn’t throw off Gould’s rhythm. I have a gut feeling we may see an upset Sunday.

    1. An East coast team coming west, battered and bruised, and a potential lockeroom in dismay after their HC punted in OT?

      No chance!

      1. Falcons, an east coast team in disarray , beat the Niners last year. Brilliant analysis otherwise bozo.

        1. The Falcons were hardly in disarray at that time dummy.

          With that being said, wanna bet on this game then bozo?

          1. “Falcons were hardly in disarray ”

            They had already lost 10 games by the time they played the 49ers. I call that disarray. No bet. I expect the 49er to win comfortably this Sunday but not for the simple minded reasons you state. The Eagles have significant injuries depleting a roster which wasn’t that great to begin with.

            1. They went 6-2 after their bye week. That’s not disarray bozo!

              Like a familiar blogger, talk big but can’t back up sh$t!

              1. They went 6-2 after their bye week. That’s not disarray bozo!

                To be honest, that’s what Hammer was saying about the Jets on the tail end of last season. We’ve seen how that array has carried over into the new season. Same thing to be said for the 2020 Falcons, who are finding new ridiculous ways to lose.

              2. He said they were in disarray. They were on a win streak. That’s not disarray.

                The Eagles are in disarray currently. The Jets & Giants are in disarray right now.
                Big difference.

              3. They had already lost 9 games when they played the 49ers bozo. Beating the hapless Jags and panthers in meaningless games at the end of the season doesn’t take you out the disarray column.

              4. You are the 2nd dumbest guy on this blog. The season is 16 games. They were not in disarray as the 2nd half of their season they went 6-2. If they were in disarray they would have quit, but they didnt so they salvaged some fight and were able to keep their head coach employed moron!

                “Beating the hapless Jags and panthers in meaningless games at the end of the season doesn’t take you out the disarray column:

                There is that old ignorant analogy from someone who probably has never played sports. Meaningless games? How about pride, team camaraderie, rookie experiences, building a culture amongst your team and coaches.
                Fools like you think that stuff doesn’t carry over or that organizations don’t draw from those “meaningless wins” the year after or use it a s learning and teaching tool?
                Winning is never meaningless!

  19. I wonder what will happen to Melanie troompy after her contract expires Jan 21, 2021. I guess she will become an unrestricted free agent. For her sake I sure hope she got partial prepayment because the money is all gone. LOL

    1. It’s a good thing you suck Hillary’s big cock so well.. you’re pretty much set for life.

          1. Geez…more racist comments from the MODERN Democratic party….resolving and enlightening no one.

            This is not a football blog anymore, and Grant said as much. The party of “I… ME..MY” ruined it.

  20. Steelers Titans game is postponed. Several Titans players and staff have tested positive. TN has had very poor COVID outcomes compared to similar states – see KY. The Republican governor of TN is one of the most incompetent in the country. You get what you pay for.

  21. Jack mentions the struggles with the O line and the running game, but that is to be expected when the O line has 3 new players replacing Staley, Richberg and Person. Garland was starting, but he had an injury, so Grasu replaced him.
    It does not help to have all 3 RBs injured. Mostert, Coleman and McKinnon will not play on Sunday. The niners are down to their 4th string, and an UDFA rookie.
    It also does not help that teams are stacking the box and daring the Niner QBs to beat them with the pass. That is complicated by having Deebo out, Kittle’s injury and Aiyuk finally played last week.
    I fully expect that the run game will improve, just as long as there are no more major injuries. Hopefully, Wilson and hasty can be productive, until the starters return.

      1. Thought he was dinged up, but glad he is well enough to play.
        Last year, I did not have any hope for him to be fully healthy and be productive, so what he has done has been a bonus. Icing on the cake.
        I guess with these new medical procedures and the improved technology, players with ACL injuries are able to return and play as good as before the injury. Of course, it has taken 2 years, but he does seem to be playing without any restrictions. I hope McKinnon can gain 100 yards running and pass catching, against these banged up Eagles.

    1. I would like to see Hasty get some significant carries this Sunday.
      Hasty reminds me a little of (here’s a blast from the past) Charlie Garner.
      He’s shifty, strong and has good receiving ability.

      With the eagles coming in and our RB corps healing this is a good time to see what Hasty can provide.

      1. So long as McKinnon and Wilson are healthy enough, those two will get the lions share of snaps/ touches this week. Hasty has talent, but it still takes time to get across the playbook and develop as a pass blocker for most RBs, and this year without much of an off-season will have made it harder.

        1. Scooter,
          Good point.
          Once we get our RB’s healthy again, we may not see Hasty for the rest of the season. Sunday presents a good scenario (given who we play) for him to get some carries.

            1. Prime,
              I believe that Wilson is capable of carrying the rock 20 times. But I would still like to see Hasty get some carries as well.
              I would like to see Deebo and Kittle get one more week of rest given the fact that the eagles are a non threatening football team.

              I, also trust Mullens to put the ball in the air and hit his receivers with good timing and accuracy.
              I won’t predict the score, but I don’t see the eagles in an upset win.

  22. Matt Maiocco

    Jimmie Ward spoke about #49ers rookie WR Brandon Aiyuk’s catch radius.

    “(He) has very long arms,” Ward said. “I don’t know if y’all paid attention to that. I feel like he can scratch his ankle.”

      1. “Total double standard. ”

        Boo hoo – you whiney b!tch. I happen to know a fraudster , con-artist, bankrupter, creepy looking , self confessed sexual assaulter who became president with 45% vote due to a weird electoral system. Pretty sure a black dude would not be elected under those circumstances.

        Keep embarrassing yourself idioso.

        1. No, we’re actively changing the rules now so the darker hue can get access to everything plus money without actually doing a thing to deserve it.

          Meanwhile, those who have nothing to do with forced indentured servitude here (immigrants) and have been negatively affected by it (affirmation action college entrance standards for Asians were much higher than even the lighter hues) are now on the hook to pay for these people who don’t succeed simply because their culture never embraces achievement:

          1. “changing the rules now so the darker hue can get access to everything plus money without actually doing a thing to deserve it. ”

            Have you heard of Jared and Ivanka . LOL.

            1. Two very accomplished individuals who didn’t rely on affirmative action policies to succeed. No, instead they had pressure from their families and culture to succeed, much like I did growing up. Your friends want a handout, yet want zero responsibility or accountability in terms of showing how this handout is going to lead to success. It’s a freaking blank check. But the people paying it have zero ability to question or ask if that check is doing anything, literally anything to help them succeed.

              Booze and Weed. That’s what your friends spend it on.

              Richard Sherman is an exception to this rule, and why I respect the hell out of him and his parents. He grew up in the ghetto, the most violent part of Los Angeles during gang warfare. His parents DID NOT let him fail. He went to Stanford on his merits and is a shining example of what can happen in poverty if your upbringing involves teaching you accountability and responsibility, even if you have little funds to help you.

              On the opposite front, my siblings both grew up in wealth. I am much older than them and I grew up in poverty while my parents tried to make it work. Today, I’m the successful one, with the spoiled siblings having engaged in criminal conduct and drug use.

              My parents didn’t spend the time ensuring they were a success. They made sure I was, and to teach me properly. We were quite well off by the time my siblings hit 3 and 5 years old respectively. Their environment included the worst friends, and they turned out that way.

              The point being is you are what you are taught, not what you are given (handouts).

              1. Succeeded because of pressure from their families?
                It’s nepotism, plain and simple. Absolutely nothing wrong with favoring family in a family-run and family-owned business, of course, but don’t pretend they got the job because they beat out other candidates, or “succeeded” on their own merits and exceptional hard work.

                This reminds me of people who call Trump a CEO. No. He’s a business owner who is accountable not to shareholders or the board, but only to himself. An actual CEO would’ve been far better prepared for this job. A family business owner is good preparation for being an autocrat.

          2. No, we’re actively changing the rules now so the darker hue can get access to everything plus money without actually doing a thing to deserve it.

            Some Grade-A, prime cut racist BS right there. Dude, what are you a throwback from the 1950s?

            Two very accomplished individuals who didn’t rely on affirmative action policies to succeed.

            No, WTF would they need affirmative action when their daddies gave them everything? Inherited wealth, the old fashioned kind. BTW, Ivanka was double dipping, paid as both “employee” and “consultant”. She might have a run in with some of those dark money grabbers in the big house.

            1. Dude the Press Democrat literally censored my comments when I use Afr** Amer** or Bla**, etc. the only way that comment got posted was by changing to something completely stupid like the word ‘hue.’

              Stop accusing everyone of being racist without a single iota of proof of intent.

              1. Dude, it’s not your use of the word “hue” that is appalling, it’s the entire premise of your delusional, hypocritical, and racist posts.

                Do you really not see the hypocrisy in your supporting a trust fund candidate who was not only given a $200M “forgivable loan” at a very young age, but also control of a very successful NY Real Estate business. This guy hasn’t worked an “honest” day in his life. He basically took an inheritance of which most Americans can’t even relate to, and he has blown all of it through reckless, bad business deals, all while piling up mountains of dept. And the most egregious thing about the way this con-artist has behaved as a US citizen, is that we now know he did all of this on the backs of actual hard working middle class US taxpayers, by taking advantage of tax laws that were actually designed to benefit, not the type of hard working Americans you espouse to respect, but instead the wealthiest 1%, many of whom like this guy, never actually “earned” an honest dime in their lives.

                Wake the F up!

            2. Since you are so against handouts from your own family, you should definitely be against handouts from people not related to you (taxpayers).

              Moron. Stop contradicting yourself.

  23. Just got done watching the game between the Chiefs and the Ravens. There was one play where Mahomes twitched a pitch to the left, then faked a swing pass to the right. Then, he threw a strike down the middle to Kelce, his tight end. I hope that KS can copy that play, because it made the defense have to cover the left and the right, and left the middle wide open.

  24. Pretty impressive numbers from the Giants game. Not only did the Niners have zero punts, but also had zero turnovers which means that every meaningful drive ended in a TD or attempted FG). Additionally, they didn’t concede a single TD. Apparently, that trifecta hasn’t happened in the league since 1941.

    1. Delete yourself while you are at it. You’ve been one of these serial posters that have completely ruined this blog and caused it to stray from its intent.

  25. And this…

    Matt Barrows

    Something to keep an eye on: CB Ahkello Witherspoon was in uniform and warmed up with teammates. But as practice began, he moved to a side field where he worked with a trainer.

  26. Kinlaw was also asked about playing in his first prime-time NFL game. While most players are excited to be on the national stage, the rookie defender views each game very differently.

    “That’s the thing, I’m not excited when I play,” Kinlaw explained. “I’m very angry when I play. It’s not excitement for me. Every game is the same, no matter who is the opponent. You look at them all the same. Of course, I’m looking forward to getting out there for another opportunity to showcase what I can do.”

    Kinlaw was asked to elaborate on his remarks about playing angry.

    “It explains itself,” he responded. “Angry, pissed off, ready to go. I can’t say too much because it’s real vulgar, but I’m just angry, just ready to go.”

    I might have to add Kinlaw next to my Kittle t-shirt jersey based on attitude alone.

    1. One small technical problem- Jack does not speak loud enough to be heard, while Grant sounds fine. If I turn up the sound enough for me to understand Jack, Grant sounds like he is shouting.
      Maybe you could all do a sound check before the podcast, so everyone is speaking at the same level.
      About the content, just more jumping the shark about a QB controversy. KS emphatically stated that JG is the starter, once he is healthy. Mullens is a team player, and will not try to divide the locker room.

    2. Hammer, you are writing some good stuff over on SI. Considering you are getting a better reaction to it here compared to there (going by the number of comments there, none?) can you use that as an audition for taking over the gig here?

  27. Holy Crap! Did you guys see the Metlife Stadium turf claim another player, in gruesome fashion? Wow! That turf really is a major problem! What a joke!

    1. The NFL field survey analysist should get fired for clearing the field safe to play on.
      We lost Reed last week when he stepped on a soft spot in the end zone.
      No bueno.

  28. Why is Jets Dcord Greg Williams still in the NFL?
    This guy has a hit-man’s mentality (of the 60’s) when he puts his defense on the field.
    His defensive calls tonight were embarrassing.
    I wonder what type of relationship Williams and Frank Gore have?

    1. Those guys were hitting late and getting those personal fouls because Greg Williams puts bounty’s out on players .. you see how pissed of Fangio was he didn’t even shake hands at the end.

      1. Brian,
        Hitting high, low and late has always been Greg Williams’ MO. But I lay the blame on the league office for allowing him to continue to coach.

        I would be interested in checking out the end of season results on how many personal fouls his defense committed. And how many injuries resulted from those penalties.

        1. Agreed AES, with all the hoopla about player safety, there’s something about Greg Williams still coaching that doesn’t smell right. This guy is a coward! There’s nothing tough, macho, or honorable about coaching op young men to take cheap shots against defenseless players! That’s what Greg Williams does, and that makes him a coward! There should be no room for cowards in the NFL!

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        1. Rib, I predicted he would implode. That debate was proof, and now, the chickens have come home to roost.

            1. My wife and I have been wearing masks since cruise ships coming to America were not allowed to port.
              Sometimes common sense supercedes what our leaders say.

  30. Potus, flotus and RNC chair McDaniel test positive. Reminder Pence visited the Mayo Clinic in May and didn’t wear mask although it was required. You cant bribe and extort science.

    Adrian Morrow @AdrianMorrow
    Chris Wallace, on Fox News, says Cleveland Clinic staff asked everyone in the debate hall to wear masks. Biden’s family did, Trump’s family didn’t. When clinic staff offered Trump’s family masks, the family waved them away

    1. Rent-a-Wife , Melanie Troompy declares war on Christmas. I suspect right wing cultural hypocrites wont care.

      Melanie Troompy : “I’m working my @ss off on the Christmas stuff, that you know, who gives a f*ck about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

      1. And wasn’t the regime going about a Democratic war against Catholics? Well, can’t make this hypocrisy up…

        Rebuffed by Vatican, Pompeo Assails China and Aligns With Pope’s Critics

        Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently published a sharp letter excoriating the Vatican’s plans to renew an agreement with the Chinese government on Church operations in China. He promoted the article in a tweet, concluding, “The Vatican endangers its moral authority, should it renew the deal.”

        An indignant Vatican took the article more as a calculated affront than a diplomatic gesture. The friction broke into the open on Wednesday as Mr. Pompeo arrived in Rome and met with prelates and others who are hostile to Pope Francis, while the Vatican denied him a meeting with the pontiff and rebuffed his efforts to derail the deal with China.

        “Pompeo asked to meet” the pope, who turned him down because Francis had “clearly said that he does not receive political figures ahead of the elections,” Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who, as secretary of state, is the Vatican’s second-ranking official, told reporters.

  31. Does anyone have a 49ers list of IR residents? I can’t seem to find the entire updated list anywhere.

        1. Thanks Rib! Interesting, I visited there a couple times before but only showed through September 9th. Must have been a caching browser issue. Thanks.

        2. Interesting. The Eagles have 4 players on their list due to ‘illness’.
          I wonder what that could be?

      1. If Wentz starts to run, it won’t go well for him. He may be the slowest of all the QB’s the 49ers have faced the last 3 games. Plus Wentz seems to have a penchant for injury.

        The way I see it, if the eagles score in this game it will come in garbage time like the Jets did late in the game.
        49ers are in perfect position (even with many starters out) to win Sunday night.

        1. I agree but their defensive front cannot be taken with any type of cavalier attitude, especially with the way some of our guys played up front. They’ve got a sb winning hc as well, plus I expect them to play like a cornered animal that’s wounded. I would prefer seeing the running game effective early, and expect Shanny to expose their lb’s through the air….

      2. Yeah, maybe too early in the season. Pederson needs to help Wentz get back his confidence, starting with better pass pro…

  32. Two guys that are a really pissing me off. Dante Pettis and Ahkello Witherspoon.

    Always hurt, unmotivated and we spent such high picks on. What a waste!

    1. We traded up for Pettis which is infuriating . Aiyuk could be redemption but we definitely need to draft better in the first 3 rounds.

        1. In their first 3 drafts the 49ers added Bosa, Warner, McGlinchey and Deebo in rounds 1-3, all of whom look like they will be mainstays and the first two stars for the future (and present, when healthy). Both Aiyuk and Kinlaw have been very promising so far as well. Jury is still out on Moore and Hurd.

          Then you have the day 3 picks that have stood out like Kittle, Greenlaw and Jones, plus decent depth pieces like Taylor (Trent and Julius), Skule, Reed, Harris and James. Plus the UDFAs they have added.

          Finding and evaluating talent through the draft has not been a problem for this team. Only people with an unrealistic expectation of hit rate would believe they need to do a better job. Yes, it sucks when some picks don’t work out. It happens to every team. However, not every team has a hit rate of adding one all pro level talent per draft (Kittle, Warner, Bosa in 1st 3 years). That’s an insanely good return.

          1. It’s an outstanding return, but they’ll have their work cut out for themselves next year. I have confidence they’ll be able to adapt and formulate a draft plan. All I know is they’d better address Ford’s position on day 1 or at the top of day 2, because I truly believe like I did a couple weeks ago that he will indeed retire at the conclusion of this season….

            1. Regardless of whether Ford retires, the 49ers know they can’t rely on him. Bosa will be a big question mark to start the season, probably starting on PUP. And Blair will be a FA, as will Hyder (though they can probably re-sign Hyder fairly cheaply), Jordan and Ansah. They will want to add at least one edge edge either in FA or the draft, possibly more than one. Taking one on day 1 or 2 of the draft would make a lot of sense.

              1. If Bosa needs cartilage reconstruction it’ll take some time to fully heal before he can begin his rehab.

                Cartilage damage seen at time of ACL reconstruction is common and associated with lower likelihood of achieving ≥ 90% symmetry for isokinetic extension strength at 6 months after surgery. However, lower recurrent ACL injury rates are seen in patients with concurrent cartilage damage. These data may inform future clinical decisions regarding operative managment of recurrent ACL injuries.

                I can’t find anything that confirms Bosa has even had his surgery yet. Can you?

          2. No doubt the Shanny Lynch regime knows how to draft and who to draft.
            I think they have adopted the Patriot model where you lose one guy, draft another with the same skill set and plug and play.

            The only criticism and this is for all 32 teams in the NFL, drafting elite corners and WR’s is the most difficult. Not only in the first 3 rounds but the entire draft.

          3. Scooter,
            Excellent post.
            Also, the reason why this team is 2-1 and possibly 3-1 after this weekend is because this regime has built strong depth, perhaps the best in the NFL.
            The “Brick by Brick” effect is in full swing.
            It got us to the superbowl last year and could put us back in this year.

              1. Prime,
                Grant and Jack were tied at the hip back then. Glad to see our old friend Hammer making good over at SI.
                I went over to SI today to find a Hammer article, and lo and behold, there was Grant’ article front and center writing about “the good Nick, and the bad Nick.”
                Some things never change.

              2. Heard a great quote today. Journalist don’t cheer for a team or player. They just cheer for a story.
                Right wrong, controversy or different, as long as it’s a story, they create it.
                It’s a rough business.

        2. They have had some offense and defensive misses in the first 3 rounds. The good news is that they seem to be drafting better and they have found some exceptional talent in the middle rounds.

          Bad Draft: Reuben Foster, Solomon Thomas, Witherspoon, Pettis

          1. Rollo,
            There’s no denying that the first time GM and Head Coach made some mistakes, but unlike teams like the Bengals and Cleveland who have been drafting high for what seems like an eternity with nothing to show for it, this regime have overcome early drafting mistakes to become a Superbowl material franchise.
            We have players that can certainly help forget about those that didn’t work out.

          2. Yeah, they had some bad picks. Also lots of good ones. They have drafted as well as anyone the past 4 years.

            1. Scooter,
              One reason for their draft success is that they know exactly what kind of players they want for their proven systems — and the FO and coaches are all on the same page. In many organizations, the GM and FO would draft players they think are good for the team and let the coaches figure out what to do with them (see Baalke, Trent).

              1. Good point. While some elite talents will succeed regardless of circumstance, for many players, in order to be good in the NFL it takes more than talent. It needs the right mental makeup, the right environment and also the right system.

                Having a FO and coaching staff working in sync to find guys that not only have the talent but also the right fit increases the chances of hitting on players considerably.

          3. ShanaLynch are absolutely killing it. They have taken a losing culture, along with one of the least talented rosters in the NFL, and turned the organization completely around in 3 years time. Sure, there have been draft misses, but in terms of roster building as a whole, it’s hard to find another GM/HC combo who have done a better job than the 49ers current regime.

            Not only that, they’ve built an exciting brand of football to go along with it. No matter if you’re a defensive or offensive minded fan, there’s something exciting for everyone who calls themselves a 49ERS fan!

            1. They have done a great job.
              I complain about a lot of roster decisions and contracts but it’s only because they have set a high bar and made many good decisions.

  33. “If you hang around Tartt, you’re like, man, this guy never talks, but he is constantly talking on the football field and alerting people and communicating. When his mind is triggering and his body is moving, he’s at the top of his game. He’s one of the better safeties in football.”

    Thanks, Robert, you just increased his leverage when it comes to a new contract. Appreciate it!?

  34. On All49ers, JLS said it was an act of desperation, to acquire Ford. It was only a second, not 2 firsts and a thir4d for a now injured Safety.
    It was a gamble, that did pay off because he helped them get to the SB. Second guessing, and declaring that it was a sign of desperation, just does not fit the narrative. JL was bold and decisive, and wanted to upgrade the pass rushing. He had a boatload of cap cash to spend. Ford was productive, but the NFL is a brutal sport. Some player’s bodies just break down, and Ford is a prime example. I wish him well, and hopes he can be healthy enough to play again, but backs are tricky, with all the nerves involved.
    Fortunately, JL has built the team with depth, so even though 2 starting DE linemen went down with ACLs, Kevin Givens, Kerry Hyder, Dion Jordan and Javon Kinlaw have all played well. I even have seen Streets at times. Then, their are Blair and Taylor, who may return mid season.
    I will agree with Grant that Kwon is not making easy tackles.
    Having Deebo, Kittle and McKinnon as pass catching threats, will help Nick Mullens, if only the O line can hold off a fierce pass rush, which may be the strength of the team. If the Niner pass rush can rattle Wentz, a Niner DB could jump a quick pass for a pick six. Pederson will want Wentz to get the ball off quickly.

    1. I don’t have a problem with the trade… it was a worthwhile risk even if it didn’t turn out how the niners wanted.

      I do, however, have a problem with how they restructured his contract basically throwing good money after bad. If they wanted to restructure a contract I think it should have been Jimmy’s. He would have allowed the team to save more money, was coming off a fully healthy season and has already proven he could get them to the Superbowl. While Ford has only really had one healthy season and hasn’t looked nearly as explosive since coming back, also being able to cut his salary and restructuring Jimmy’s would allow them to go after someone like a Shaq Barrett or Yannick Ngakoue, Carl Lawson, Bud Dupree, Matt Judon or perhaps Jalen Ramsey. Now they are stuck hoping a guy who has never been able to remain healthy will be able to do so and be a productive starter. This is similar to Baalke constantly choosing players coming off of ACL injuries.

      1. I will concede that even the best intentions, may go awry. Ford when healthy, helped them get to the SB. Ford, with his flat tire, is an expensive jalopy.
        I agree, I wanted the Niners to have traded for Shaq Barrett, even while he was a backup to Von Miller on the Broncos. I wanted the Niners to acquire the disgruntled Ngakoue, but knew that Baalke would never allow that.
        I will disagree that this is like Baalke’s ACL strategy, because that never worked, while Ford did produce last season.

        1. “I will disagree that this is like Baalke’s ACL strategy, because that never worked, while Ford did produce last season.”

          This statement was made in regards to the restructuring of his contract this offseason after he had already proven he can’t stay healthy. Prior to restructuring his contract SF could have cut him this offseason with minimal cap hit but now if they cut him there will be a significant cap hit. The initial trade was a valid risk… the restructuring of his, Alexander’s, and Richburg’s contract were terrible decisions.

              1. He is the contract Maven, from all we hear.
                Next you will be blaming Joan in Accounting…. ;p

              2. He is.
                But you think he is free renegotiate contracts without say from the GM/Coach? Please.
                I’m fairly Certain he presents the options to Kyle and John on what they can do to free up cap space and they make the call. In a similar manner to how they run the draft… where they ask him what it will take to move up 10 slots in a round then. He tells roughly what it will take and they decide to or not.
                For all intents and purposes he is an accountant. He tells them the budget and they decide where the money goes.
                If he had the kind of say you are talking about, he would be the de facto GM.

              3. No, I am just going by what has been reported. Sure, KS wants a player, and JL obtains that player, but Paraag is supposedly in charge of contract negotiations. That is in his job title.
                Case in point was what happened during the Kittle negotiations. Paraag has been adamant to only write team friendly deals. They were at an impasse. It took Bruce Kittle, with his mediation skills, to break the logjam, by insisting that it should be a fair deal for both sides.
                Grant mentioned that George Kittle wanted a deal done before TC, and until Bruce Kittle helped facilitate a deal, Paraag refused to make any meaningful offers. It helped that Bruce was an assistant coach, is a lawyer, and has specialized in mediation.
                It was so alien to see such a fair deal for both sides, that I am convinced that Joan in Accounting wrote it up.
                I will concede that KS covets certain players, and JL has assembled a team that is deep in talent, that also fits well into the KS system. Of course, JL is involved in the financials, but everyone has always said that Paraag, as Jed’s buddy, wields a lot of influence behind the scenes. It was Paraag who accompanied Jed on his humiliation tour, getting doors slammed in their faces.
                Remember, KS and JL joked they had to run back to the draft war room, and wrest the phone away from Paraag, lest he proposed a deal that they may not have agreed with.

              4. No, I am just going by what has been reported. Sure, KS wants a player, and JL obtains that player, but Paraag is supposedly in charge of contract negotiations. That is in his job title.

                Yes, that is what he does… but he does not renegotiate contracts without KS and JL’s say so. The way you tell it he could go to them and say “by the way I renegotiated Jimmy’s contract he is now signed for 10 years and has a no-trade clause. ” That would give him way to much say over the roster… and neither Kyle or John Lynch would agree to it. If he did it would neuter Lynch as GM and the Yorks would be paying him way to much to only be the face of the franchise.

                As to trade comment… that was a Joke! And no, not all jokes are based on reality. Paraag would field the calls regarding draft trade offers then carry them out if, and only if JL and KS say yes. Then he would hash out the details.

                If he did have that kind of power you say, Lynch would be the most worthless GM in the NFL. Peters does the scouting, Paraag decides who the team will sign and who or where they draft, or not (so he has control over the roster)… Lynch does what? smile for the camera.

                ynch has control over the Roster/ Free Agents and Draft Choices with signifigant say from KS and Peters (in the draft). Paraag essentially is Joan in accounting.

              5. Shoup, you have way more patience than most. But your rationality and common sense is falling on deaf ears here.

              6. Yes, they were joking, but Paraag was the one manning the phone, trying hard to drum up business. He was not going to make a deal all on his own, because JL is the GM, and everything is his responsibility, which is part of his job description.
                Certainly, JL is the GM, and has done a wonderful job, but he is also not a megalomaniac like Baalke was. He may have argued vociferously with KS behind the scenes, but in the end, he and KS got on the same page, and he made consensus decisions.
                You may think I believe JL is just a figurehead, but I think you believe that Paraag is just a pencil pusher. JL is the GM, and gets all the praise for assembling this team and changing the culture of the organization. He also gets the blame for Foster, Pettis, Thomas and Witherspoon. That is also part of his job description, even though he may have acted upon KS’s desires (Like Pettis). Paraag gets no blame for those poor decisions, JL does.
                Paraag, in his job title, has control over contract negotiations, and is the architect of the salary cap. He is also President of 49ers enterprises, while retaining his role as executive vice president of football operations. He also runs the anal-lytics department, which I am no fan of.
                He also was the leaker, something JL had to apologize for when Paraag did make a leak during the draft, but he is also best buddies with Jed, so that gives him immense power, and safe from canning.
                Yes, we should all move on, You may not change my mind, just like you seem set on believing what you will, despite contrary evidence. We will just have to agree to disagree.

  35. Lowder does a good Garoppolo vs Mullens comparison below. I would also like to point out that Jimmy was clutch in several wins last year including 2 wins versus Cards and Rams, @ Saints and @ Seahawks.

    Rob Lowder @Rob_Lowder

    Nick Mullens career stats:
    9 starts , 209 of 321 (65%) , 2,691 yards , 13 TDs, 10 INTs
    8.3 YPA , 4 wins and 5 losses

    Jimmy Garoppolo career stats:
    28 starts 598 of 886 (67%) , 7,376 yards , 48 TDs, 21 INTs
    8.3 YPA 22 wins and 6 losses

    1. I like Mullens and he is a great backup but they are not even close.

      Backups can often be impressive for a few games but once defenses adjust to them they struggle. If I was a D chord I would I would pack the middle of the field on passing down and rush my ends up the field to take away rollouts. The idea being to force him to throw outside the hashes and get a few picks.

  36. Niners quiz:
    Only two Niners QBs have thrown for over 220 yards in 9 consecutive games. One of them is Montana. Who’s the other?

    1. Without going to the stats book, I’m going with Jeff Garcia.
      But John Brodie and Steve DeBerg threw a lot as well.

      1. Yup, it’s Little Nicky, or should I say the combo of Nick and Wizard Kyle who can squeeze out consistent, efficient play from a hardworking, smart but skill-limited backup QB

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  38. I hate to say I told you so but I said winning the first 3 was more important than usual and with the virus beginning to spread it looks like I was right. 3 wins in a 10 game season is more important than 3 wins in a 16 game season. After tomorrows games the NFL needs to shutdown for 10 days and teams should isolate. The league would lose one game and hopefully learn a lesson about virus safety.

      1. Poor Cam, just cannot catch a break.
        Not only is the Notre Dame football team stricken by Covid 19, the president of Notre Dame has contracted the disease. This is not trending well.

        1. Don’t know about the ND players, but we know where the college president contracted it. :/

      2. Its not good, either they shut down and isolate for 10 days or teams that have players or staff who test positive forfeit that weeks game.

        1. teams that have players or staff who test positive forfeit that weeks game

          I don’t know coach. Having Ls attached to a team’s record that don’t reflect actual game outcomes really pushes the season into asterisk territory. I like your earlier suggestion of a league-wide pause.

          1. I agree regarding the pause but if they don’t pause because its only 3 or 4 teams and they don’t want to lose TV revenue I can’t see any other solution and it might act as a motivator to players to be safe. Then again maybe not.

    1. I don’t understand why pausing for a week or two (or even more) would necessitate shortening the season. There is so much downtime between seasons – if they need to extend the season up to a month just do it. By starting the season on time the NFL have given themselves that flexibility.

      1. Scooter,
        The only problem I can see with extending the season is you could run into some pretty nasty weather in GB or Chi in Feb.

  39. I decided after last year that I had no standing to criticize KS because his coaching acumen speaks for itself. But before they play tomorrow I have to sound off about something. Based on his record I will not say anything about the flat brim on his hat (other than I think it makes him look foolish). But the SF logo with the frickin Raider colors is just way out of line. I mean like WAAAAAAYYY OUT OF LINE. Pullleeeeez Kyle get a clue! We’re the Red and Gold – the Raiders are….well you know – they’re not even the Oakland Raiders anymore.

      1. They don’t seem to matter to Black people. Ever been to south side of Chicago on a fair weather weekend?

        1. The only black lives that matter to that marxist organization are the politically expedient ones.

    1. Kyle should remember what Al did to his father.
      And after 2 stinging last minute defeats in the SB, KS is not above reproach. He can improve.

  40. The NFL isn’t gonna “pause” or shorten the season. Doesn’t matter how many protocols are in place. If the President can get it, that shows you how contagious it is. Just got to protect the vulnerable, and go about our business until we get the vaccine….

    1. If the President can get it, that shows you how contagious it is for those who ignore the most basic prevention protocols

      Fixed that for you, Razor.

      Also, consider.

      “I might even go so far as to say that this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against Covid than when I take a Covid vaccine, because the immunogenicity may be 70%. And if I don’t get an immune response, the vaccine is not going to protect me. This face mask will,” Redfield told lawmakers during public testimony, adding that the American public has not yet embraced the use of masks to a level that could effectively control the outbreak.

      –Trump’s CDC director.

      1. Don’t be stuck on stupid. Masks do not guarantee anything, but are part of a 4 step process to mitigate the spread.

        1. You calling Trumps CDC director stupid? He’s saying masks, even when a vaccine is available, are the most effective preventative measure. Of course with the other measures.

          1. You can’t think for yourself? The mask is a tool that does not come with any guarantees. They won’t even offer you a service plan for an extra fee when you purchase one….

            1. Razor, to recap.

              Coronavirus Prevention Protocols:

              1. Wash your hands often
              2. Avoid close contact/social distancing
              3. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask when around others
              4. Immediately cease whining about “taking away ma freedoms”

  41. 22 college games have had to be canceled, and now the NFL is canceling games. Basketball, with its bubble system, is winding down its season with its finals match.
    Now, we have the Raiders being fined 50K for Covid 19 violations, and the NFL is looking hard at the Titans for violating Covid 19 protocols. The NFL teams are just not taking this seriously enough.
    Hopefully, as we get into the Flu season, we may be able to see this NFL season progress and conclude, but if they allow fans, that may derail even the best intentions.

      1. You have zero credibility

        And some dweeb who doxes another poster’s name does? Got it.

        1. Do you have a real name, Ribico?

          Why are you hiding behind ‘Ribico’… ???

      2. I predicted he would implode, and that just burns you up.
        I am the only one on this site that hoped Wilson would score 2 TDs last game. No one else did, you included.
        It was also satisfying to watch that KC-Ravens game, and see my Third Down Bomb play executed to perfection, on Mecole Hardman’s TD. Mahomes even threw it to the 5 yard line.
        I will leave you with this-
        Rat in a drain ditch, caught on a limb, you know better but I know him.
        Like I told you, what I said- Steal your face right off your head.

      3. ribico is right …. you’re a clown, “Paul”.

        Why would anyone take you seriously, hiding behind a pathetic, preposterous sham of a screen name? I can concur with ribico, that nobody takes you seriously around here. Do us all a favor and take your teenage catfish ways somewhere else, because your not doing yourself any favors around here!

  42. Rex Ryan calls us the San Francisco 39ers because of how many players we’re missing. ?

  43. The app isn’t letting me put mahomes in the starting lineup this week. Guess I’ll be riding with Goff :(. I won’t be rooting for them though.

    1. Luckily my team is going off… and they are doing it mostly against the cowboys which makes it sooo much sweeter.

    1. Wow. Dak, huge numbers but goose egg on on the W-L column again. Boys are one miracle play from Oh-for right now.

  44. 49ers backups beat the Giants 36-9. Rams starters are struggling with them, 10-9 in the 4th. Go Giants!

  45. I really liked Tremaine Edmunds coming out of college. I felt that his speed and youth would be a great fit for the young 49ers.

    But although he makes a ton of tackles, his tackles usually come 5 to 10 yrds beyond the line of scrimmage.
    We pretty much had the same type of player back in the early 2000′ in Derek Smith.

    The line on Edmunds coming out of college was that he had slow reaction time in reading the offense.
    They were right.

  46. NO’s 35-29 defeat of Detroit today was the first time that final score was ever recorded in an NFL game.
    So now you know.

  47. Boy, not a great start for Nick. Two poor passes, including a huge miss on a beautifully schemed play. That’s a simple lob to Juice that would have gone for a huge gain, and somehow Nick missed a pass I could have made.

    No bueno!

  48. Don’t want to overreact this early, but man, 49ers look really off their game atm.

  49. How long is it going to take Saleh to take away that play? Dear god, that is so annoying.

    1. I’m all for confidence, but the 49ers don’t seem to understand that desperate teams often rise to the occasion, especially when taken lightly.

      Let’s GO NINERS! Wake up!

  50. Well, Niners have shown they can score early, sometimes at will, and often, and then hold on. Let’s see if they can come from behind. They look a little cocky I think coming into this one, thinking they were gonna romp. Philly looks deparate, which is always dangerous in the NFL, for the opponent that is.

  51. This could be a very ugly game.
    Too many penalties, offense looks out of sync and the defense looks sluggish.
    Need a TD drive.

  52. Brandon Aiyuk … HOLY COW! This guy is simply unbelievable with the ball in his hands! Great draft pick! I love me some CeeDee Lamb, but Aiyuk AND Kinlaw? Yes please!

  53. This offensive line is getting their lunch handed to them so far.
    I may have been wrong when I said that matchup won’t decide the game.
    Jimmy’s ability to make plays under duress from interior linemen could be greatly missed.

    1. The “yips” seems to have affected the entire team. Mullens is making a strong case as to why he is nothing more than a backup.

      If these guys don’t wake up soon, they are going to suffer an embarrassing loss.
      So far, no bueno.

      1. From LG to RG we are awful.

        And Arik Armstead, stop over pursuing. I’m faster than Wentz and the Niners are making him look like Kyler Murray.

        Come on boys!

  54. Mullen’s, without Shanny’s play calling to help is terrible!
    He can’t improvise.

  55. Oof. That was a brutal play by Mullens. Wonder if SI will still be pushing the QB controversy angle after this first half display?

  56. Nick Mullens, are you kidding me? I hope Jack Hammer, Grant Cohn, and the rest of the disrespectful, nay-saying, anti-Jimmy G’s are embarrassed for even suggesting some sort of QB controversy. Let’s just stop with that nonsense, once and for all. My gosh, all Jimmy has done is win since the moment he became the Niners’ starting QB, while putting up impressive numbers in the process. Yah, the guy blew up his knee, but come on. If you can’t tell that Jimmy is a superior QB to Nick, then you need to find a new hobby, because football aint your thing!

      1. I just, I don’t understand why Jimmy gets such little respect from a portion of the Faithful. I get that the national media don’t pay as close of attention to the little details, but there is no excuse for beat writers like Cohn and Hammer, to be so wrong about something so obvious. And that’s no slight to Nick Mullens, who has worked hard and made the most out of his limited skill set. But I would think that the fact that kyle and John went out and traded for garoppolo, and then signed him to a blockbuster contract, despite having Mullens under contract and in their locker room, should tell 49ers fans that Kyle isn’t about to create a QB controversy, unless Nick Mullens looks like the next Patrick Mahomes during every NFL start. Well, newsflash …Nick Mullens is no Patrick Mahomes, and Nick Mullens has been anything but spectacular behind center for the 49ers. Results do not lie, in the NFL. It’s hard to win in this league. You don’t a put together a 23-7 record as a starting QB, unless you’re really, really good, regardless of having a great offensive HC!

        And BTW, Nick Mullens has a 4-5 record as the 49ers starter. He’s thrown 14 TD’s to 11 INT’s, and has a career Passer Rating of 91.5.

        For comparison, Jimmy G has thrown 48 TD’s to 21 INT’s, for a career Passer Rating of 101.0.

        Again, no disrespect for Nick Mullens. I’m glad we have him. But this is Jimmy’s team now, and for the foreseeable future.

    1. To be fair I don’t think JH was big on the conspiracy… this was pushed massively by Grant. Even after this he gave Mullen’s and Shanahan D-‘s.
      Which is ridiculous imo considering the number wide open receivers Kyle schemes open. This is not to say Kyle was amazing but he schemes up enough points if the qb just doesn’t give the game away.

  57. Williams terrible
    Mullens terrible
    D line terrible ( absolutely zero pressure against a practice squad O line) with the exception of Armstead.
    Saleh’s D cant stop running QB’s. I think it might be the wide 9.
    They better pull their heads out of their collective butts or my prediction of an Eagles win is going to come true.

  58. But all things considered, wouldn’t you rather have Mullens than any other backup in the league? He’s solidly mediocre, I think.

  59. OK, I hope tonight puts all of that “you can’t pay TE’s like WR” Kittle may be the best skill player of any position in the league. Like I said over and over this summer he is a generational player.

    1. Why is Nick Mullens losing all of this yardage on QB sacks? Somebody needs to teach him how to avoid losing 15 yards every time he takes a fricken sack! Ridiculous!

      1. Maybe I am being too hard on Nick. I need to keep reminding myself that he’s doing his best. People keeping propping him up to be something he’s not.

        He’s a good backup QB, but on this team he is a backup for a reason, and that reason is Jimmy G!

        And that’s a fact, Jack!

    1. We will get “punked” by Wilson and Murray when we face them down the road if Saleh can’t devise a way to harness QB’s who can run.
      Right now, this game is up for grabs.

      1. The last two weeks the Cards have struggled because both the Lions and the Panthers shadowed him.

  60. GO NINERS !!!!!
    The Eagle pass rush is the real deal.
    Hope the Niner defense can get the ball back.

  61. Pettis should retire from football and become a full time photographer. He is useless.

    1. You’re right about that. Dante is just way too passive to be playing WR in the NFL, or really any position for that matter.

    1. Mullen’s looks so nervous. We need to run the ball and end this game and eat the clock.

          1. I am depressed :( Was looking forward to a Niners win. Was worried about Mullens against this D line but did not expect this complete meltdown

      1. Rib,
        Ha ha! But remember, Drunkenmiller could throw the ball 50 yrds while on his knees.
        His problem was that he couldn’t throw the ball while standing up!

        1. Druckenmiller and Mullens – those two, Mutt and Jeff. Except they are both mutts (and slightly different draft positions).

  62. I’m sorry, but this is just horrible football from QB Nick Mullens. SMH! He’s going against backup CB’s and he can’t find his WR’s, some of which have been running wide open. Nick is simply unable to make “off schedule” plays tonight, and that might be the difference in the game. One team has a QB who is able to improvise, and one team doesn’t.

  63. Mullens has kept philly in this game.
    He’s missed several open receivers, took points off the board with his int… and that fumble while not fully his fault was a killer.

  64. Take away the three step drop, 5-10 yard timing play and Mullens is horrible. Can’t get out of his own way if he has to scramble. So slow. Small hands. Always good for a fumble. Can look good sometimes against a crappy defense, like the Giants, but not against a much tougher defense like the Eagles. Hence his 3-5 record going into tonight. It may be 3-6. Hope he brings them back. Nope. Nice pass. Wrong color. ugh.

  65. Ok Nick Mullen’s. Here it is. Your time to show the world who you really are.

    Well there it is. Garbage!

  66. Hate to say it, but this a game we deserve to lose.
    The 49ers must have believed all the hype about them blowing out the eagles and came in overconfident.
    And while I’m writing there’s the game!

  67. Well, that’s why he’s the backup QB. Can keep you competitive but if he needs to play more than spot duty you’re toast.

    Today he has been awful. Just awful. And quite frankly at this time looks like he lost the game for the 49ers.

  68. I’m just sick. This has been one of the worst performances by a NFL QB I have seen in quite some time, and it started on the first offensive play of the game. Nick Mullens just lost himself a whole lot of money tonight, that I can assure everyone! Embarrassing, though I’m not sure who should be embarrassed the most, Nick Mullens, or the Nick Mullens’ bandwagoneers, who can’t tell a starting caliber QB from a hole in their head!

    1. Starting with the number one Idiot 49R, Grant Cohn, a big Jimmy basher and Mullens proponent. What a clown.

        1. Grant is a “shock jock” of NFL journalists. He’s not a serious sports journalist. And apparently his lackey Jack Hammer is following him like a sheep.

          What’s next? I guess we should prepare for these guys to ask “is this CJ Beathard’s team now?” SMH!

          Injuries and all, Mullens may have just cost us the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong, McGlinchey was HORRIBLE tonight, and the rest of the OL wasn’t much better. That said, this loss is mostly on Nick Mullens. He was absolutely awful from the word go, and I’ve seen enough of him now to know what he is. He’s a BACKUP NFL QB, AT BEST!

          Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Grant, and wanna be Grant (Hammer)! Wake the F up!

            1. When JG is injured, or just coming back from rehabbing his knee, Mullens is a better option, because he was and is fully healthy. I know Mullens win loss record pales in comparison to JG’s, and this game confirms what i wrote last week about Mullens Grant and others at All49ers, all were jumping the shark. when talking about Mullens and JG.
              I also have said that I like JG so much, I do not think the Niners need Kaep back.
              Now, looking at this game, it just confirms my conviction that Kaep is way superior to many backups in this league, and maybe half the starters. Too bad he still is being blackballed, but the leader of the blackballing may have other things to deal with, like staying out of jail.
              Mullens committed several terrible gaffs. He turned the ball over, when they were in field goal range. That pick six was terrible ball security, and was a huge momentum changer. The O line let free shots at Mullens, and gave him little time to throw. Then, when a receiver was wide open, Mullens was inaccurate.
              The blame could go all around. Kittle dropped that 2 point pass, so the Niners had to go for a TD, instead of being within in range for a field goal to tie it up.
              KS needs to look at his decisions. I sure wish they would consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. Pederson was bold and decisive. He tried trick plays, and made the defenders play out of position. Once again, a dual threat QB used his mobility to make plays.
              Still, the Niners did drive down the field, and had a chance to win. Once again, the Niners defeated themselves. Hopefully, they can learn from their mistakes, so they do not repeat them.

          1. Mullens started the game by overthrowing open WR’s that could have set the tone of the game for the team.

            Now, there’s a QB controversy on the 49ers. But it’s between Mullens and Beathard.
            To be fair, a lot of blame falls on the Oline who got pushed around all night. Looked like T. Williams and McGlinchey had a bad case of the “yips” tonight.

            Oh well, on the bright side, there were no major injuries.

              1. Yah, and unlike Dante’s inferno (Pettis is burning from the inside) it looks like Brandon Aiyuk has might have super star potential. H’es going to add a lot for Jimmy once he gets back behind center. Tonight’s game really makes you appreciate how well Jimmy handles pressure. Nick Mullens was the proverbial deer-in-headlights, all night long. It was really quite annoying.

                Again though, I cannot overstate how silly the Nick Mullens’ bandwagoneers look after tonight’s debacle. I can only assume it has something to do with jealousy of Jimmy G’s good looks, because I seriously can’t understand how anyone who grew up watching Montana and Young, could possibly be so wrong about the notion that Nick Mullens could somehow take Jimmy Garoppolo’s job away from him. In reality, Mullens can’t hold Jimmy’s jock strap and you know what, in private, I think Nick Mullens would admit as much.

              2. 49,
                Not to mention how Jimmy has covered up just how bad our line is in Pass Protection. Last year they ranked in the bottom quarter of the league and Jimmy was able to overcome it most of the time but it has been an issue in every loss we’ve had in the past 2 years.

    2. It’s not one of the worst qb performances by an NFL qb. It wasn’t good, but there have been some worse qb performances this year alone.

        1. SY,
          Welcome back, bud!
          49ers were outplayed and out coached today.
          “Squints” Schwartz has to be a happy man tonight after receiving a small token of revenge for the “butt slap” from Jim Harbaugh years ago. No doubt Schwartz has been chomping at the bit for this.

          No worries, we still have a playoff team and get Jimmy back next week.

          1. Yes, but this has to be the last winnable game we lose this season, if we want a realistic shot at the postseason. The NFC West is no joke!

            I almost feel bad for Nick Mullens, though. Tonight’s game had to be a prime time, nationally televised game, poor kid. This was one of those performances that can really be devastating for a backup QB looking to find a starting gig. You just can’t afford to play that poorly in front of a national audience, and expect to be more than a career backup. Millions of $? That’s how much tonight’s game likely cost Nick Mullens. This was a real career setback for him. It really doesn’t mean much in terms of the 49ers QB hierarchy, because Nick never had a realistic chance at unseeding Jimmy, although he may have just been leapfrogged by Kyle’s QB draft pick – CJB.

            And unfortunately, Nick’s “trade value” just took a major nose dive …. off of a cliff …. and into the murky abyss!

          2. The mistakes that the team makes are legion. Poor clock management, poor blocking, suspect play calling, failure to contain the pocket, etc. this is irrespective of the guy under center. They need to fix this or they are going to a long unpleasant season.

            I think the loss of Buckner, along with the loss of Bosa is really hurting this defense. Not sure what is up with McGlinchy and Williams but that performance was terrible and won’t get the job done against a tough NFC West.

            Can anyone explain that horrible onside kick?

            1. I think all those things are a result of so many new guys playing with each.

              You hate to use injuries as an excuse and so many other teams have the same problem but when you have 11 starters out, that’s rough.

              One thing that will help is having your starting QB play. He can be the one constant to keep things stabilized.

              1. None of the things I mentioned are due to injuries (except maybe containment).

                The team had issues prior to the injury bug. These are only exacerbating the problems they already had.

            2. Being a former soccer player, I think one way an onside kick could be successful, is if the kicker drills the ball right at the feet of one of up men. Make sure it bounces just before it gets to that player, and it will be a 50/50 chance the kicking team may recover it, because no one knows where it will bounce. Even if it misses that player, the receiving team will have 10 men up and one man back, so the kicking team could either recover it, since it has gone past 10 yards, or tackle the lone KO returner by picking him up and stripping the ball away.
              Having Gould hold the ball before kicking it, sure did not look good. Setting the ball on a tee would allow the kicker to put spin on the ball, or have it rotate so a point of the ball hits the turf for a high bounce in the air.
              The Niner kicker should study how Koo executes onside kicks. I think he has been successful 5 times in a row.

            3. The mistakes that the team makes are legion. Poor clock management, poor blocking, suspect play calling, failure to contain the pocket, etc

              The guy under center was directly responsible for the Eagles margin of victory. Minimal pressure on that drop back, maybe Mullens was rattled from earlier?

              Everything else you say will point to huge problems against stiffer competition, but I put this loss directly on the QB.

              1. Mullens made plenty of bad throws and decisions but as you guys have noted before it is a team game and the rest of the team did him no favors.

  69. McGlinchey on wheels … he’s been awful, just awful in pass pro. Can’t move his feet.

    1. Yeah it is painful watching him.
      He has regressed but Philly has an amazing Dline, better than ours even when they are both a full strength imo.

  70. Second winnable game dropped. Mullens the main culprit on this one, but the OL deserves a lot of the “credit” for the loss too. Eagles were in the backfield all game. The OL has been bad four straight weeks… they need to sort out whatever their issues are quickly because they have some tough games coming up soon and now can’t afford to lose too many more.

    1. And McGlinchey’s inability to handle power showed up big time again today. That drop in weight has become a problem.

      1. Yah, as far as the OL, tonight was a real eye opener for me. Big Trent certainly had a bad game, but McGlinchey’s struggles in pass protection just got real, and that’s a big problem. Unfortunately, I’m not sure Brunskill has been any better. In fact, it might be time to see what Colton McKivitz can do at RG.

        But my goodness, what can I say about Nick Mullens? My gosh, I am almost speechless. He missed a wide open Juszczyk for what would have been a huge gainer on the second offensive play from scrimmage, and that was one of the worst passes I’ve ever seen from an NFL QB. Unfortunately,that sort of set the tone for Nick, and it was all down hill from there. Just a shockingly bad game from the 49ERS QB. I think that’s about all I need to say!

        1. Yes, the blame can be spread all around. TW committed a false start, so the Niners had to start a drive- first and 15.
          McGlinchey Tomlinson and Brunskill whiffed on several blocks.

    2. The back end giving up big plays to the Eagles just off the street WRs didn’t help matters either.

      1. I hate guys that go into hindsight suggestions but seriously, how did we not draft or sign any legit corners?
        Dontae Johnson, really. He gets burnt every single game he plays in.

        But this game and this loss is at the hands of Mullen’s. That pick 6 was the worst read and throw I’ve seen with the game on the line.

        1. Yeah, Nick blanked out on that throw for sure. That was near end of career Keapernick-like.

            1. I will be content, and will abide by the results. Hopefully, Kaep will get a starting job before then, because even you will have to agree that Kaep is better than QBs like Hoyer. Hoyer tends to throw the ball like the DBs are the intended receiver, just like Mullens did with that linebacker.
              Unfortunately, your guy may have contracted Covid 19 at the worst possible time, because many of his supporters may be wondering if he will survive until the election.
              My candidate is classy, suspended some negative ads, and wishes his opponent heartfelt prayers for a speedy recovery. I truly believe he will be able to walk the US away from the abyss.

  71. What’s questionable too me is why Shanahan kept Jimmy out tonight. He allowed himself to be lulled into thinking once again that Mullens can beat a good team. He can’t. He didn’t and the the team lost another precious home game they should have won. You just can’t lose this game tonight. I had them at 10-6 including winning this game and the Arizona game to start the season. Those two losses might have taken them out of the playoffs. The remaining schedule isn’t easy. Miami is no pushover, then the Rams, Patriots, Seahawks, Packers, Saints, Rams and Bills before getting to Washington. Wow. Thats a tough schedule, especially considering the way they are playing. I can see them going 2-7 in that stretch if they don’t start playing much, much better, on both sides of the ball. Then it’s the Cowboys, Rams and Seahawks. The Cowboys suck but the last two games? Not looking good right now. They better get healthy quick. Back to the drawing board.

    1. Jimmy couldn’t practice so obviously he couldn’t play. As for Donte Johnson, I’m sure they didn’t want him to start but all the injuries forced it. When healthy they are good at corner. Probably their biggest need is at guard. It’s not horrible but needs to get better.

  72. Mullens sucks. We saw why he’s a career backup. This was a winnable game and Mullens single handily lost the game for the 49ers.

  73. I was told Mullens had a horse cock. How would I know? Just the thought had me at “hello.”

    1. The best thing about Shanny and his QB’s is he doesn’t ask much of them.
      But the fact Mullen’s could not do anything off script says more about Mullen’s.
      Shanny had to call a near prefect game against the Jets and Giants just to be competitive.

  74. A bad team beat us.

    1. Defense was sloppy in the first half and tightened things up in the second minus the coverage blunder by DJ.
    2. We need to contain opposition QBs. Eagles RBs rushed 20-56 and Wentz rushed 7-35, 1TD. Warner shut down Ertz and Hyder continues to impress.
    3. Mullens is a backup . We should have traded him in the offseason when his stock was at its peak.
    4. Mckinnon is talented but isn’t built to carry the load or run between the tackles.
    5. McGlinchey got pushed around again.
    6. Frustrating start to what looks like it will be a frustrating year.

  75. I was actually very excited to see Jet play so tough tonight. When Mostert returns they will be a great 1-2 punch.

    1. Hammer, the next time Grant or whoever at SI tries to rope you into Niners “QB controversy “ Brady Bunch session, tell them where to shove it, OK? It’s not a good look for your judgement.

      1. Shanahan with Jimmy starting 22-7 , without 5-21

        Rob Lowder@Rob_Lowder
        It never had legs.

        Rich Eisen@richeisen
        So much for the Nick Mullens threatening Jimmy G’s gig storyline that had about a week’s worth of legs.

      2. The “controversy” was fan driven. Said that on Thursday and again on Friday in the pregame write up.

        1. That ‘Controversy’ was parsed and dissected by you, Grant, Leo and JLS for 42 minutes on All49ers. Many other pundits wildly speculated, so it was not solely fan driven.

          1. Go back and parse through that round table again. I stated that it was fan driven. That “if” Mullens played well on Sunday night only to be replaced the fans would be all over Garoppolo if he struggled at all in his return.

            1. “ That “if” Mullens played well on Sunday night only to be replaced the fans would be all over Garoppolo if he struggled at all in his return”

              Those same fans always liquored up calling for the back up cause they don’t know sh$t?

              We know a lot those folks around here.

  76. A winless team defeated the 49ers, but they were desperate for a win, and the Niners just did not handle adversity well.
    This was a team effort, and the coaches deserve some blame, too. Pederson was on the hot seat, for his timid coaching decisions before this game, so he responded with aggression, trickeration and unpredictability. It was a bold move to go for 2 points after their first TD. He must have had a play drawn up ahead of time, and had enough belief in his team, that they could at least make 2 yards. He converted that 4th down play, when other HCs may have punted.
    Mullens seemed just full of hubris, listening to his interview before the game. I hope he eats some humble pie. He really needs to work on his ball security, and game management. Missing open receivers is no bueno.

  77. Something that got glossed over in that defeat because of how bad Mullens and the OL were, Kittle had a perfect opportunity to put the team within 3 but let a catchable ball bounce off his hands on the 2 point coversion. At the end, the 49ers were in position to kick a FG.

    It certainly wasn’t the reason the 49ers lost, but it was another frustrating moment in a frustrating game.

    1. In hindsight, they shouldn’t have attempted the on-side kick or whatever that was. I think it was a bad call because with the new rules the odds of recovering one are even lower than they were before – and there was enough time left on the clock. If they hadn’t tried the onside kick , they probably would have gotten the ball 20 or 30 yards more up the field after the Eagles punt. But you’re right, the Kittle drop was huge.

      Beathard looked so different to me yesterday and I couldn’t put my finger on it. But Grant noticed that he had a “shockingly low release”.

      1. One thing about CJ is he is a gamer. Still in this league you cannot win with so many starters out.
        Lame excuse, no. You cannot compete with backups but like I said last night. 2-2 and getting more guys back this week.

        A wild card is our future right now and with everyone healthy, there is not one NFC team that scares me outside of Seattle, who by all accounts has a very lousy defense.

        1. Tampa Bay, Nola, GB, and every team in our division could cause problems given our lack of a pass rush and inability to protect the qb.

        2. Eagles, coming in – they were nearly as banged up as us, weren’t particularly scary either.

          1. The Eagles also have their injuries, but their weakness — O line, receivers and DBs survived the game because the Niners’ injury-ravaged D line and nervous QB could not take advantage of their weakness. However, their strength (D line) made an omlette out of the egg that the Niners’ O line laid on the field. That’s the difference in the matchups, IMO.

      2. “Beathard looked so different to me yesterday and I couldn’t put my finger on it.”

        He’s a terrific QB when the defense is playing soft coverage. Yesterday was no different than the end of the loss to Washington in 2017.

        1. Jack:

          It was the low release that Grant alluded to that was the difference. I thought he did a good job for coming in cold.

      3. CJ, the forgotten QB, put the team on his back when he came in to replace Mullens.
        As Scooter pointed out, the muffed two point conversion by Kittle was a difference maker.
        But that’s why football is called the game of inches.

        Perhaps Shanahan should have drawn up the same two point play that Pederson ran that allowed his receiver to practically walk in for the conversion.

        The 49ers need to find a way to bottle the yips and send it around the league ?

  78. Eh, I mean I kind of expected this. If the team can regroup and get to 3-2 next week, hopefully with Jimmy returning the week after, then they’ll be in position to compete for playoffs. Even at 2-3 but it only gets tougher. It’s a lot to overcome.

  79. Looking at the schedule. If SF was without Jimmy for the remainder of the season I think you are looking at 2 or maybe 3 wins. With Jimmy, I think we are looking at 9-7 season and still missing the playoffs unless we pick up a pass rusher or Dee Ford or Blair are able to come back and be effective, which are both big if’s considering their injuries.

  80. I count 7 more games versus a mobile QB. We had better find a solution

    Pats, Seahawks, Bills, Wash , Cowboys, Cards, Seahawks

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  82. Razor, looking at my fantasy team, I swear I dropped Raegor and added the Kicker Blankenship, then activated Blankenship and benched Koo since he was out due to injury.
    Guess it did not go through. Is there any way to review what happened, because I certainly did not want to play a kicker who was out due to injury.

    1. You’re a moron. Just quit already.

      Will you try and play Kaep come November 4th?

  83. 49ers priorities for the offseason include updating and upgrading O-line and D-line. I know it is taboo to talk about next season during the current season but so is a creepy 70 year old man lusting after his daughter.

    Adios Ford, McGlinchey and possibly Richburg.

  84. The O line was terrible last night. Hopefully McGlinchey can put the weight back on next season. He was much better last year before he lost all that weight. I believe the team needs to take a close look at T. Williams before they resign him for big money. The rest of the O line is weak at best and I don’t see them getting a whole lot better this season. Maybe they should leave CJ in there just to protect Jimmy G. With the shrinking cap and missing some picks this year it may be difficult to rebuild the O line until after the 2021 season.

  85. Overall I can’t say I was surprised at last nights outcome since I predicted an Eagle win. A couple of unnamed posters made fun of the pick to you I say I told you so.

    1. I was one of those posters coach so kudos to you. Just never thought Mullens would gift wrap that game. I mean that throw to Singleton, who played in the CFL and probably never had a pick 6 his entire career, just sums up how bad that throw was.

    2. David Lombardi
      Today crystallized the importance of Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers and it’s a dynamic we broke down in detail when we scrutinized his 2019 play this offseason.

      The main point was his general ability to offset difficulties in pass protection:

      1. We knew this difference back in November 2017 when Jimmy G replaced Beathard and reeled off 5 wins with very limited knowledge of Kyle’s offense and made the O line look competent.
        The important thing is that Kyle changed/simplified the offense to suit Jimmy G.
        I thought that Kyle could have made things a little easier for Mullens and more difficult for the Eagles’ D line despite the run game being below par. For example, he could have run more plays out of the shotgun, and run more no-huddle to tire out the Eagles D line. Maybe he made changes during the game to accommodate Mullens’ inability to adjust to the pass rush and O line’s poor pass pro that I did not notice.

        1. Are you kidding me? How much easier could he make it by getting Juice open all alone? Mullens is garbage and I don’t think we need him taking up a roster spot next year.

          Shanahan’s big mistakes were not yanking Mullens after the half, and then ordering Gould to make that onside kick.

          1. Shanahan’s big mistakes were not yanking Mullens after the half

            Easier said on hindsight. Mullens’ complete disintegration was in fourth quarter, which was not easy to anticipate. That missed pass to Juice was bad but it was the first series and I’ve Jimmy G miss throws to open receivers early in the game. I think the halftime focus was on getting the running game going. Mullens was not responsible for below average run blocking,

            1. After he threw the int in the redzone in the first half, he should have come out with the baseball cap on for the 2nd.

            2. Shanny probably felt like he could call a 2nd half that Mullen’s could be successful in.
              Unfortunately I think Shanny sometimes tries to coach the talent too much instead of understanding what the talents limitations are.

    3. Old Coach, good call. I kinda agreed with you, but would never predict a Niner loss. That is why I did not make my standard prediction, but knew this could easily be a trap game.
      I re-watched some of the plays, Kittle had a defender lead with his helmet for a blow to the head on a defenseless ball carrier. There should have been an ejection, because Kittle was in the grasp of another defender, and could not protect himself.
      The Niners were called for defensive holding, but the Eagles did the exact same thing, yet it was never called on them. Guess the Niners need to play so well, the officiating does not affect the outcome of the game. Too bad, the Niners shot themselves in the foot too often.

    4. How you knew Williams would stink up the place is beyond me, but congratulations. I guess.

      1. Razor,
        I have been critical of him since the first game but every time I criticize him some one pulls up the PFF grades which say he played well. I’m not a believer in PFF because as far as I am concerned he hasn’t passed my eye test all year. I just hope its a matter of him still knocking of the rust after sitting out as long as he did.

        1. Well, when you’re as big as he is and can move up to 19 mph while targeting a lb, crush him into the ground like a sledgehammer on top of an aluminum can, your eye test might just be a tad more challenging than mine….

        2. OC,
          Was complaining about Williams game 1 when he gave up 1 pressure to Chandler Jones. PFF gave him the second best grade among oline em that week. But it wasn’t just PFF, Greg Cossell also said he played well.

          Williams has had 1 bad game let’s chill for a bit on him. If he has a few more then we can be concerned.

  86. I heard a rumor that Wentz was upset about the rumblings of him possibly being benched so the day before the game he went to the team doctor. He told him about his problems playing and how his confidence was slipping. The doctor said “I have a prescription for just what you need”. The doctors prescription: (1) Get a good night’s sleep (2) Play the 49ers tomorrow (3) Call me on Monday if the problem persists. The doctor hasn’t heard a word. Minus four former first round draft picks on the DL Saleh has no answer. Washington, the Rams, and the Bengals held Philly to less points than we did and our 25 points was enough to win had we just matched those three. The talking heads had Wentz on the bubble as a starter until we built back his confidence. Not a Saleh fan and doubt I ever will be.

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