Trent Baalke on Vernon Davis: “He is certainly one of those guys that deserves to be a 49er.”

SANTA CLARA – Trent Baalke sat down with Bay Area reporters and answered questions for 45 minutes Saturday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Vernon Davis.

ME: When you extended Joe Staley’s contract this offseason, you said you were excited to make him a 49er for life. When you extended Frank Gore’s contract a few seasons ago you said the same thing, you were excited to make him a 49er for life. Is it your goal to make Vernon Davis a 49er for life?

BAALKE: Vernon is an integral part of this football team, has been for a long time. All of our core players, that’s the hope. When you draft a guy and the player plays to the level that you thought he would play to or above that level and he’s someone that does an awful lot for you, not only on the football field but in the community, the hope is always that they can retire as a Niner. So that’s how we always approach it, and we’ve been very successful in extending the contracts of our core players. Vernon, we’re not going to discuss his contract or the status or our plans, but he is certainly one of those guys that deserves to be a 49er.

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    1. Because VD’s goal must be within the teams parameters before the question can be answered with a yes or no…..


    The 49ers’ biggest question is how long Jim Harbaugh plans to stay?

    Coach Jim Harbaugh reportedly wants to be paid like a guy who has won a Super Bowl even though, you know, he hasn’t. That difference of opinion has lingered for more than a year, and Harbaugh is now a year and five months away from becoming a free agent.

    Some believe that, unless a new contract is signed before the 2014 season ends, the end of the road will come after the coming season, with the 49ers allowing Harbaugh to leave or trading him to one of the six or seven franchises that inevitably will be hiring a new head coach. (Those trade talks with the Browns from earlier this year won’t make the phone any less likely to ring.)

    Plenty of other on-field and off-field issues have pushed the Harbaugh angle into the background. It won’t stay in the background for a lot longer.

      1. Never argue with an idiot, Mid. Someone passing by may not be able to tell who is who!

    1. @ 40whiner.

      I can’t take credit for writing this but it sums up everything that needs to be said about Seatards like you. Enjoy.

      You see it every day on 49er forums — Seattle trolls. You can identify them by their misuse of the word “dynasty”, and their refusal to discuss history (they have none) other than to say that it’s been 20 years since the Niners won a ring. They are also very good at distorting reality by saying that Seattle is better since “entering the NFC” or the past several years.

      There is a book entitled NFL CENTURY which details the NFL in the 20th century during which time the 49ers won 5 Super Bowl rings, Seattle is only mentioned as an “expansion team”. There is one paragraph that mentions Steve Largent.

      Seattle has 17 winning seasons since 1976! The 49ers have 40 all told, including 16 straight seasons winning 10 games or more including 5 Super Bowls while Seattle was gathering dust. In fact, the Niners have a better record over the past 3 seasons and won the NFC West twice. They have one fluke that may not have happened if the official knew the rules on roughing the kicker and call it a dynasty.

      Here are a few facts and fuel for the next time a Niner fan is faced with a DELUSIONAL. We’ll be fair to Seattle and start the comparison in 1976, the year they joined the NFL. We’ll disregard the fact that the 49ers had already played in a league championship game in 1949, that they had introduced the T-formation and shotgun to pro football prior to that time (not to mention the Million Dollar Backfield, Nomellini, St. Clair, etc.). Seattle’s contribution? Adderall and loud speakers.

      San Francisco 49ers ( since 1976 )
      Super Bowl Championships x5
      Conference Championships x6
      Division Championships x19 ( x16 )
      Playoff Appearances x26 ( x21 )

      Seattle Seahawks
      Superbowl Championships x1
      Conference Championships x2
      Division Championships x8
      Playoff Appearances x13

    1. Yeah, I read his comments yesterday. Spoken like a true friend. When asked about KW’s injury being his (LMJ) opportunity, he refocused on his pal.

  2. LOL, those Jersey Jets keep the comedy reel going. Rex is always spouting some nonsense to keep us entertained, now both offense and defense want in on the laughs.
    From PFT:
    > Geno Smith expects to be a top-five quarterback soon.
    > Dee Milliner: I’m the best cornerback in the NFL.

    1. Good news. I’m anxious to see how Lynch responds in camp. I really hope Martin wins that center job…..

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