Trent Taylor and Jet McKinnon are back. Hopefully.

San Francisco 49ers running back Jerick McKinnon, foreground, carries against Dallas Cowboys defensive end Datone Jones (56), linebacker Jaylon Smith, center left, and linebacker Joe Thomas (48) during the first half of an NFL preseason football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

As training camp gets underway, those who observe football professionally end up preforming two services.

The first is to dutifully note that player X or Y, has gone through an innovative off-season conditioning program and is now “in the best shape of my life.” For the sake of brevity, let’s stipulate that everyone is in great shape.

And the second is to identify and analyze potential prospects. This is a subset of a simple evaluation of the roster. These are players about whom there has previously been some buzz, but then for some reason — probably injury — have fallen off the radar. Now they are back at camp, playing well and eyebrows are being raised.

A word of caution. Everyone is excited about someone who seems to be making a successful comeback. But getting injured, and then getting injured again, can be a troubling pattern. There is no logical reason for someone to be injury “prone,” but it does seem to happen. So in discussing these two players, we include a few grains of salt:

Running back Jerick McKinnon: Like the Yeti, McKinnon is much discussed but has rarely been seen in the wild. But he’s been an object of fascination among 49er-watchers for a couple of reasons.

First, when he came to the team in 2018, he earned raves for his speed (his nickname is “Jet”) and elusiveness. Although he’s not big at 5-9, 180 pounds, the scouting reports rave over his “elite change of direction.” Reporters talked of how he was “embarrassing” linebackers who tried to cover him.

Quarterback Jimmy Garopollo developed a rapport immediately. This year Jimmy G said that because McKinnon played quarterback in college “he feels space like a quarterback.”

And second, coach Kyle Shanahan went out of his way to encourage the team to sign McKinnon to a hefty four-year, $30 million contract for the 2018 season. In an era where there is a debate in the NFL about the effectiveness of a “bell cow” running back, that’s a lot of money.

And then McKinnon tore his ACL. That cost him all of 2018. He came back in 2019 after rehabbing, but he knew the knee wasn’t right. He ended up having a second knee surgery and missing all of last year too.

“It’s been a long time coming,” he said last week in a virtual interview with reporters. “It was a dark time. And I caught myself in some dark places at moments.”

Now he’s back on the field and the shifty scatback looks fluid and fast. It is possible that this could be a big story for the team this year. Shanahan famously said when McKinnon got hurt that the injury took away a lot of the offensive schemes he was planning. Now that he’s back, McKinnon can be expected to be featured on pass routes out of the backfield, especially in third down situations.

At his previous team, Minnesota, McKinnon didn’t put up impressive rushing numbers, but caught 51 passes in 2017.

But that was two knee surgeries and two years away from football ago. It is revealing that the 49ers have stuck with him, despite the lack of production. And it has not gone unnoticed by McKinnon. He talked of how “my teammates and coaches reached out to me,” encouraging him.

And in return, now that he’s (fingers crossed) healthy, McKinnon was willing to take a salary cut this year, to a base salary of $910,000.

It is two sides of the same equation. The 49ers had McKinnon’s back, and in return he accepted the salary cut to stay with the team. That’s the advantage of a franchise that is perceived as well-run and professional.

“There’s something special about this organization,” McKinnon said.

Wide receiver Trent Taylor: It is good to have Taylor back in uniform, if nothing else, so he and locker room pal George Kittle can keep everyone amused.

You probably saw Kittle’s T-shirt at his press conference to announce his new contract. A fan made up a mock-presidential candidates’ T-shirt that said, “Garopollo Kittle ’20.”

So last week when Taylor appeared for his presser, he wore the same shirt except that he’d put tape over Kittle’s name and had written “TAYLOR” over it.

“I’m still Jimmy’s favorite target by far,” he deadpanned to reporters. “No matter what George tells anyone else.”

As amusing as that line is, it might also very well be true. Taylor, like McKinnon, is another small, quick player with mind-bending shiftiness. Working out of the slot, Taylor fills the role Wes Welker used to play for the Patriots. That’s the team, of course, where Garopollo spent his early years. And to complete the circle, Welker is now Taylor’s position coach with the 49ers.

So there is every reason to think Taylor could return to his 2017 level when he and Garopollo hooked up repeatedly and effectively.

But it has been a long, hard slog for Taylor. When Garoppolo was lost to knee surgery after just three full games in 2018, Taylor’s stats fell. He also battled a back injury.

And then before the 2019 season started, and when he was being praised at training camp, Taylor suffered a broken foot that led to an almost incomprehensible list of complications. He had surgery on the foot, then another surgery to relieve discomfort. Then the foot became infected. That was followed by a procedure to place surgical screws in the foot. And then more surgery to take them out.

Let’s just say it was a big moment for Taylor to take the field this year at training camp. His (fingers crossed) is pain free and Shanahan says he looks like he’s back.

“It’s been a tough road,” Taylor said. “Just sitting in my 800-square foot apartment all season long. When camp started I was thinking, ‘How long has it been since I put on a helmet?'”

Assuming he stays healthy, he will have plenty of opportunities to put on a helmet. In addition to being a prime Garopollo target — especially on third downs — he’s volunteering for extra work.

“My goal is to be our punt returner for the season,” he said.

That will win him some votes.



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  1. Really sucks about Hurd. I was expecting a big year from him. Hopefully it isn’t as serious as they expect.

    1. Sorry for your loss, Scooter but Hurd has yet to be the word. The good news rhymes with “eye gook”, if early reports are to be believed he may be better than Samuel. I think Jennings will now make the 53, and bring a physicality to the wr room without being a casualty….

  2. Hurd is a big loss, but K’Waun Williams might be an even bigger loss.
    I am going to cross my fingers, and hope for the best.
    This may mean that Pettis survives the 53 cutdowns.

    1. Moseley moves to NB and Verrett is the starting cb. The biggest loss far and awary for me is Richburg if Jimmy’s development doesn’t go as expected….

  3. Oh my…

    PICK FINISH: Safety Marcell Harris’ second interception in as many days, this one against Nick Mullens, put an end to Monday’s practice. Harris is vying for a backup role behind entrenched starter Jaquiski Tartt.

  4. Shanny:

    “If you go look at the cut-ups last year and we had some really good play from Deebo and Emmanuel [Sanders] but you watch Bourne, he might not have had as many catches and stuff but just his consistent play over last year, I thought he was one of our best guys if not our best.”

    1.7 Kendrick Bourne

    1. Bourne started off shaky, with this tipped picks, but then he settled down, and became a third down converter.
      With Hurd’s injury, both Pettis and Jennings may make the 53.

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        1. Semper Fi! Ooh-rah!

          You took the oath to defend the Constitution. When are you going to start?

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      2. He’s as much a Democrat as Donald Trump. Nice story, but he neglected to mention that all the regulation cutting that led to the ascent of Billion dollar corporations and massive wealth divide, began under Reagan. There’s also the fact that Trump himself sent thousands of jobs overseas but hey who cares right? The only thing that matters is the Trump administration oversaw the continuing climb of the economy that started under Obama and have convinced myopic right wingers that they have actually done something other than make the rich richer.

  6. I would love to be a fly on the wall inside headquarters to see what kind of accountability the medical staff is held . Lot of these guys stay injured without fully recovering

    1. Well, last year a few luminaries on this blog were demanding the training/conditioning staff (completely reorganized just a few months earlier) be fired. Of course, no one was talking about the injuries across the NFL then–pretty bad overall, and the 9ers were not the worst hit.

        1. Not when you consider that just walking across a level ground puts 333 lbs. of pressure on a man’s knee weighing 230 lbs.

          1. Do you know what the force is for that same 230 lb guy when he is running? Probably at least 50% more, but I’m guessing.

              1. That’s incredible. But at least it helps me understand now why power lifters aren’t blowing out their knees routinely: it sounds like a lot, but running/jumping puts so much more force on the joint.

              2. It is amazing that a person can run a marathon. Imagine the cumulative impact from running more than 2 hours.
                Thankfully, the human body is resilient, and built for running. That genetic adaptation allowed early humans to escape from predators, and run down game.

              3. As a matter of fact that’s how I ran down my wifey.
                She wouldn’t have me any other way.
                It is also how I prey on younger Mexicans working in my landscaping business.
                Syooorry a bit too much partaking of gin tonight ;p
                I still love you Christie.

        2. Would be fun to have detailed injury data over the last 40 years of the NFL–fully normalized, consistent data to compare and contrast. Of course, such data are not available, but I’d wager that the nature of injuries of all kinds–and how they came to be–would be quite enlightening. Freak accidents? Gross negligence? The nature of the human body? Other?

          One could say that with all those players bouncing around the field–mostly not in contact–are rather resilient and healthy at the moment. Maybe that’s very remarkable. Someone doing their job?

  7. Hurd ACL was a real bummer. I was looking forward to KS moving him from Slot to TE to FB to …. He would have been a match-up nightmare. Anyway I wish him a speedy recovery. Niners are patient with skill players with lingering injuries – Taylor, McKinnon. I really hope he bounces back in ’21

  8. Wow, we really have to hope that Aiyuk develops much faster than expected because on paper this was a below average receiving corps before Deebo and Hurd’s Injury.

    Kyle has his work cut out for him to manufacture ways to get these guys open.

  9. Phil, I swing in about once every two months to read three articles by you. In the words of my Sonoma State English professor, “Drop the potpourri”. (Please).

  10. Hammer just posted another podcast. I hope he does not take this personally, but the point of these podcasts is to listen to what he is saying. Speaking for 1 minute is a quip. I hope he makes it a point to talk for at least 2 and a half to 3 minutes. It looks like he is skipping over things, just to get to the end.
    I do like his content. He kicked JG’s detractors in the teeth, yet also conceded he can improve, like we all can.
    I hope Jack slows down, enunciates more clearly, and keeps improving. Reading his article makes me want to see more of his presentations. They are light years better than the others. Imagine, re-signing Williams as a priority, when they traded away Buckner to stay under the salary cap. Next season, if Williams plays well, he will get gobs of money thrown at him. It may be another Trent Brown situation. He will get a huge payday, so the Niners should be satisfied with the draft compensation they will be awarded, hopefully a second or third round pick.
    SB or bust? Maybe they should temper the expectations. No need to put added pressure on the team. They need to take it one game at a time, and not worry about the end of the season. Looking too far ahead might make them get too ahead of their ski tips while in the air, causing them to crash the landing.
    Get on the Aiyuk Hype train? Rookie WRs tend to become injured if the team throws him to the wolves. Better to work him in slowly. Utilize him judiciously, for maximum effect, but he is not going to be the number one target for JG, Kittle will.
    I did like Nick’s article on the success of the off season. He talked 8 minutes about it, and covered a lot of ground.
    Grant declaring Chase Harrell is a bust because of a dropped pass? Mullens threw a pick, but he scrupulously ignored that fact. Glad he finally put JG in the good column. It was nice to hear about Woerner, and I hope they let Hasty get some first team reps.
    The only way Trent Williams stays with the Niners is if they win a SB, and he is so happy playing here, he will take a humongus home discount. If he gets a ring, he may want to stay, but otherwise, money talks, and everything else walks. With the development of Skule, and the drafting of McKivitz, the Niners are planning on his leaving, because they will not be able to afford Williams, and stay under the salary cap, especialy if it is lowered next season.

    1. Hammer needs to get himself in shape. I’m 15 years older than the old ball coach and I make him look like a marshmallow!

    2. I hate to keep bring up Grant Cohn, but he posted a video today titled “Assessing Brandon Aiyuk through three days of training camp”, and it wasn’t particularly enlightening. However one thing he said stood out and really bothered me.

      He said Brandon Aiyuk “looked like he was 5’11”, 195 lbs”.

      Now, I haven’t personally seen Aiyuk in person, but he sure looks bigger than 5’11” 195 lbs, in videos and photos. In fact, he officially measured in at 6’0″ and 205 lbs at the combine, and I feel like Grant aught to know this of a first round pick. Not only that, he’s a “long” receiver, with extremely broad shoulders, and if anything, multiple people have told me that with the way he’s built, he actually looks, and plays bigger than he truly is. My thing is …. if your going to bring up Aiyuk’s size, wouldn’t you be sure to mention his incredibly long arms (33.5″), and large hands (9.75″)? I mean, these are things that stand out, and absolutely matter for a WR.

      Something is a miss with GC. SMH!

      1. Without attaching heights/ weights to it, Aiyuk does look a little thin in the upper body to me. Not alarmingly so, but could definitely benefit from a full NFL off season weights program.

        1. Samuel 15 reps on the bench
          Aiyuk 11 reps on the bench

          *Arm length:

          Samuel 31 3/8″
          Aiyuk 33.5″

          Degree of difficulty goes to Aiyuk which means they’re probably just as similar in upper body strength as they’re in height and weight….

          1. Ok. Just saying, I can see where GC is coming from. I have thought he looked a little thin previously. Maybe lithe is the right word. Not trying to suggest he is small – he’s not AJ Jenkins – but he certainly isn’t a jacked up WR like Deebo or Hurd.

            1. I think you mean lean, Scooter. The thing with Aiyuk’s build is he’s extremely lean, very low % of body fat. But he’s not small by any means. Certainly not 5’11” 195 lbs., which isn’t small, but his frame is certainly bigger than that, plus, his arms are super long for his 6′ body, plus he can jump through the roof (40″ vert) which usually means he plays a bit bigger than his size. Listen, there’s a reason he led the NCAA in YAC last season …. guys don’t do that unless they can break a lot of arm tackles. It is true that Deebo is built more like a RB, but that doesn’t mean Aiyuk is somehow too small to do the things Deebo does, which was Grant’s point.

              1. Aiyuk is absolutely the kind of WR Kyle likes to get the ball to in space, doing a lot of the same kinds of misdirection – reverses, screens, counters, etc, that he dials up for Deebo.

            2. I believe Shanahan or somebody from the 49ers compared him to Isaac Bruce and physically that is a pretty good comparison.

              1. Yah, I hate player comps but that’s a pretty good one, although even though they are both 6 feet tall, Aiyuk has 15 lbs on Bruce, but a lot of the same traits. One thing I noticed with Aiyuk in college is that he liked to wear those extra small shoulder pads, which can be a bit deceiving as well. You’ll see how physical this kid is on the field. He’s not just athletic, he has a physicality to him as well, but yes, he’s certainly a very lean 205 lb. athlete.

            3. Deebo was carrying a little extra weight with him. Completely different body types. Lithe isn’t the word I’d use. Aiyuk has little to no body fat, and I doubt he has to watch his weight. I agree with you that a year in professional S&C will undoubtedly benefit him as it does most rookies….

              1. Yep, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised to see Aiyuk get up to 210-212 lbs. as he fills out and takes advantage of NFL strength and conditioning. But let’s be clear …. even at a lean 6’0″ 205 lbs, he is not a “small” WR by any stretch of the imagination, and that’s a far cry from 5’11” 195 lbs. One inch and ten pounds might not sound like a lot, but that’s a significant difference, and Grant ought to know the difference.

  11. Like the Yeti, McKinnon is much discussed but has rarely been seen in the wild.

    I’m hoping that he’d a little more visible, like Sasquatch in the Jack Links ads — -ready to feed my wild side come September 13…..

    I like the way you approach these blog posts. We in this comments section often take ourselves, and football, too seriously. Have you considered expanding the scope of your column here to inject some more droll wit into the proceedings, with the big picture of the Niners, NFL, the fans, and the society at large in mind. After suffering from years of Grant’s self-important hot-take drivel, this column could do with a light, free-wheeling touch in these dark pandemic times with the weirdest NFL season in my lifetime just about to get underway. Just a thought…

  12. The 49er medical personnel had Hurd walk off the field with no assistance? This is with a torn ACL?
    Maybe they need to work on their assessment skills. A player with a torn ACL should not be told to gut it out, suck it up, and walk it off.
    Additionally, I hope they have all of the EEGs from Reed’s past few years, and have conducted one recently, in order to compare them. Grant, being the inquisitive sort, should ask if one has been done, and if not, why not. Having an EEG at the beginning of TC will allow them to have a base line result, so they can monitor any changes later on.

  13. Well I was pretty confident with our Niners going into the season. The only reason I could see that this team would not reach its potential was if the horrible injury curse this team has experienced the last 3 or 4 seasons reared its ugly head once again, And…….

    1. Omg, we lost a guy that’s never played a meaningful down for us. We’ve got everything we need to win the NFC.

      1. Razor,
        Hurd, Samuels, K. Williams? Richburg. 2starters, starting nickleback and a 3rd rd pick with very high expectations. If thats it not too bad but is it just the begining of another cursed year?

        1. Williams has a calf that needs 2-3 weeks.

          Samuels will be back week 6. By all resports, Aiyuk looks better.

          Anyone that had high expectations for Hurd, shame on you. I didn’t but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that in 2021 he can begin to contribute.

          Richburg is where my concern lies due to his intelligence. If Jimmy is not able to develop like we think he will, then I think it could become an issue….

          1. “If Jimmy is not able to develop like we think he will, then I think it could become an issue….

            Do not worry about Jimmy G. Fully healthy this year and he will tear it up!

            1. He has to up his mental game by being a better defense reader, and cutting down on the wtf int’s.

              If you read Ted Nguyen’s latest breakdown of Shanny rules, you’d realize as long as we have him we’ll be in the mix….

              1. TED NUGENT, TED NUGENT who the hell cares what Ted Nugent thinks about football….Oh wait a minute………Ted Nguyen, never mind.

              2. I’m trusting that Shanny this offseason had ample time to go over every single detail of his offense with Jimmy.
                I’m also trusting that Jimmy had this offseason to get in peak physical condition.
                My concern is do we have enough playmakers on offense to score?

              3. We’ve got a $hit ton of play makers:

                Brown/Austin/Nelson/and they just added Whalen.

                Jimmies backside will have elite protection. He needs to finish the job he started last year….

              4. We’ve got a $hit ton of play makers:

                Mostert-not 100% sold yet
                Bourne- still unproven
                McKinnon-band aid
                Taylor-band aid
                Coleman-good player, not explosive
                Reed-band aid

                On paper it looks promising but really, there is a lot of guys that have a lot to prove and guys who have not proved a thing.

              5. That’s true but our running game was dominant.
                Now teams will take that away and that’s where we will see if Jimmy and gang can do it week in week out.

              6. Prime, I think our run game just got better with the real Trent manning LT, not to mention his leadership and technical skills that will have a residual effect on the rest of the OL….

              7. We’ve got a $hit ton of play makers:

                Sorry Razor I’m with Prime on this one.
                Kittle – yes
                Mostert – yes
                Deebo – as a runner yes… as receiver he still has to prove he can beat man.
                Every other player listed is either unproven or a JAG.

              8. That’s ok, Shoup. Shanny had far less to work with last year. McKinnon opens up his playbook, plus Williams will keep Jimmies back crystal clean….

              9. Bourne- still unproven
                McKinnon-band aid
                Taylor-band aid
                Reed-band aid

                Unproven? Um, Bourne actually has proven to be a pretty darn reliable third down and redzone target, and he’s improved every season.

                Band aid? What the heck does this even mean? Band-aid, LMAO.

              10. Band aid = always hurt?

                OK, gotcha. I was confused because usually when people use that term it’s to describe what is considered a temporary fix. Like putting a band aid on a wound …. simply a temporary measure in order to protect the wound until it eventually heals.

          2. That’s true… it would be nice to see what Jimmy could do with even average pass protection.

    2. Old Coach, I am hoping they actually have games, and can pull off a season. So far so good. It sounds like the 49ers are taking Covid 19 seriously.
      Yes, the loss of Hurd will not help, but Juaun Jennings may ably fill that role. I am also very hopeful for Shawn Poindexter. He can highpoint the ball.
      Next man up. This is a golden opportunity to have Pettis shine. He is talented, so he just needs to become more focused and get tougher, running over the middle of the field.
      Attrition is part of the game. How they cope with adversity, will determine how they finish. JL has provided good depth. He no longer has to rebuild a team. He can target specific body types and work on the nuances each player presents. I must say, he has been coveting the hard nosed players, with fire in their belly. I also like the overall qualities of intelligence and leadership from the newcomers.
      Please do not lose hope. The Niners actually had a very successful off season. They are poised for another Quest for Six. I am confident that they will play their guts out, only not literally.

    3. Good news! K’Waun Williams injury is a class 1 strain, and no knee damage.
      Oof, but Garland has become injured. Oh well, now the backup will get lots of reps with the first string.

  14. Interesting Bourne tidbit: he’s only caught 88 passes in all. 65 of them have been for first downs and 9 have been for TDs, that’s that’s a first down or a TD 84% of the time he catches the ball.

    To paraphrase Kenny Bania: “He’s gold, Jerry, he’s gold!”

      1. Much better moves than JJ, both on the field and dance moves :)

        He’s definitely put in the physical work. Now he has to really focus on the playbook. He had a few mental mistakes last season, at least one of which led to a Jimmy G IIRC.

  15. We have a medical breakthrough ensuring the NFL and all sports will resume this fall. MyPillowGuy along with with some of Trump’s conartist associates have developed a miracle Covid cure. It is all over the news . I take back everything I said about Trumpy.

    1. If Brunskill is the starting center, I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the year Richburg retires.

  16. 2 areas of concern to me are the IOL and DBs.
    Brunskill is taking snaps at center, and they are working out Hroniss Grasu.
    They also are trying out several DBs, including Jonathan Cyprien. I guess they are looking for an upgrade to Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles.

  17. Niners are working out Johnathan Cyprien. Interesting development. I recall that JC was on our radar in 2013 but we ultimately traded up and drafted Eric Reid. Interesting factoid: Harbaugh recruited Reid when he was HC at Stanford and remained in touch with him.

    Mike Garafolo
    #49ers are working out S Jonathan Cyprien this week. Also had former #Bears starting C Hroniss Grasu in for a visit.

  18. Pettis had a good practice today and caught several passes over the middle but he needs to show a lot more consistency in a real game before I will become a believer. As far a Hurd goes,I wish him the best in rehab and hopefully he will come back next year. Just because he had one preseason game against the cowboys for 2 touchdowns doesn’t make him an all pro.
    Without a preseason game, it’s going to be problem to see where this team is going to windup with either 10 or15 wins.

  19. I’m really missing the Maiocco days on this blog. Used to be, you could pull up this blog to catch up on all 49er news. Now I have to read the comments to figure out what’s going on with the team. And the comments are anything but informative. If only we could import the comments layout to the csnbayarea website.

    1. I hear you Houston.
      Lately I’ve been getting my training camp news from 49erswebzone. They are pretty good at giving you the news reports without all the opinions.

  20. It is a Red Dawn. Hope people stay safe and are prepared to evacuate.
    I just learned a friend’s house burned down near Berryessa. That sucks. At least they got their 4 cats out, and have the scratches to prove it.

      1. Last year, we had to evacuate in the middle of the night, and could not locate our cat. My wife was a basket case, worrying about her Moxie. When we returned, Mox came out of hiding, but had been severely bitten by some creature, had stitches, and had to wear a cone.
        At least we had a house and cat to come back to.
        I have been looking at the Fire Map, and am wondering if Rebelscum is safe. Looks like some lightning strike fires have started near Chico.

          1. PT,
            Talk about the Odd Couple! ?

            Those of us who live in the Central Valley are in a major heat wave right now with temperatures ranging up to 112.
            The Great White North sure sounds good right about now.

            1. The Great Northern Indiana is enjoying a perfect weather day. 80 degrees, dew point @ 49 degrees with a NE wind @ about 9 mph, under crystal blue skies, baby!

  21. It’s that time of the year for speculating on Solly’s weight. Barrows is betting on 280 lb. Where’s Cassie with her pick?

    Air quality is poor today in the Valley from smoke from the wildfires. Wonder how much outside practice will be held today.

    1. So he’s still a tweener.

      Big for a 3 down defensive end
      Small for a full time defensive tackle

    2. As I understand it, we need to see Solomon standing next to another player before we can toss figures around.

      1. It would not surprise me if Phrenology were part of traditional NFL scouting….or at least that’s what they told the reporters.

  22. Senate Intel report backs up Mueller findings and is Bipartisan support for the fact Trump has ties to Russia and lied under oath. How are the Trumpers going to spin this one?

    1. Mueller’s a Viking right?

      Did the Bears move to Russia?

      Trump? The NFL wouldn’t let him own a team and he’s never forgiven them for it.

        1. there’s an even more comprehensive article out there based on Pearlman’s book out there somewhere (I can’t find it) I read a few months ago. It’s a fascinating read. Boy did Trump do the USFL some bad.

          1. The podcast Business Wars did a series titled: USFL vs NFL. It’s basically a short audio version of the book and a real fun listen. You can also check out the ESPN 30 for 30 titled: Small Potatoes, Who Killed The USFL.

            The same guy is the key figure in both.

  23. Whiny baby edits Jalen Hurd’s Wikipedia after 49ers receiver tears his ACL

    Hurd’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are now deleted or deactivated, which some 49ers fans on social media have asserted was a response to the vitriol in Hurd’s mentions after news of his injury began circulating over the weekend. We asked the 49ers if that was indeed the reason for Hurd’s social media scrubbing, but they declined to comment.

    The timeline does check out, though, and on Wikipedia, someone who’s very angry at a pro athlete for suffering a second debilitating injury — this time in the middle of a pandemic when football matters even less than usual — changed Hurd’s entry to read,

    “His bones and ligaments are possibly made of low quality glass or wet toilet paper.”

    Some fans are really going hard at Hurd – hope this motivates his comeback stronger….

    1. yeah, it’s pretty messed up to kick a guy when he’s down when he gets injured (again). I feel bad for Hurd.
      On the other hand “low quality glass or wet toilet paper” is pretty funny.

  24. In some of my mocks, I included Cesar Ruiz (4-19-2020 3:05 pm) , or later on, Lloyd Cushenberry(4-16-2020, 4:46 pm, 4-17-2020 2:34 pm) or Matt Hennesy 4-14-2020 11;42 am) , because I thought that Richberg was injured more seriously than they thought.
    However, posters all pointed out that Richberg should be ready by TC, so they thought it was a low priority.
    Now we know. Of course, that was also with a trade back, so there would be picks in the second, third and 4th rounds, so the Niners could have used one of those picks to select a center/guard.
    Also, while perusing the past posts, I saw this- Razoreater 4-10-2020 2:56 pm.
    I am going in this draft with these thoughts in mind.
    1. I can’t count on Hurd ever seeing the field.
    2. I can’t count on Taylor ever staying on the field.
    3. I can’t count on Pettis ever producing on the field.
    4. I can’t count on Staley returning.
    5. I can’t count on Richberg playing this year.
    6. I can’t count on Blair until mid season.

  25. Matt Maiocco
    Word from Evan Foster’s agent. He will be eligible to practice with #49era tomorrow after being cleared through three days of COVID-19 testing.

    Adam Schefter
    Former Syracuse S/LB Evan Foster is signing with the 49ers, per @seanstellato.

    Adam Schefter
    49ers have signed safety Johnathan Cyprien to a one-year deal, per @RosenhausSports.
    7:52 PM · Aug 19, 2020

    Loading up on depth to make a deep run….

    1. Evan Foster…

      Foster started every game for the Orange over the last three seasons, racking up 232 total tackles (nine for a loss), three sacks, and two interceptions. The 22-year-old suffered a torn abductor muscle early in Syracuse’s 2019 campaign, which he believes hurt his chances to be selected at the 2020 NFL Draft.

      The abductor muscle group is located on the lateral side of the thigh and moves the thigh away from the body’s midline. These muscles include the piriformis, superior gemellus, inferior gemellus, tensor fasciae latae, sartorius, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus muscles

  26. The latest but not necessarily the greatest.

    1. Barrows suggests our situation at C and RG is “precarious ” . I must admit I am concerned.
    2. Barrows also says Pettis has added muscle and appears more powerful.
    3. I have been critical of DP but if he turns things around I would be thrilled. DP did have a game saving TD catch against the Steelers last year.
    4. RCB is an open competition but EMan has the leg up.
    5. After the NY away games our starting WRs will be Deebo, Aiyuk and either Jennings or Bourne .
    6. McKinnon comeback player of the year.

  27. From now on the media must only report Trump officials who are not indicted or felons. This is getting tedious. The reality is conartists seek out other conartists. Is it any wonder that every fraudster and mobster is directly or indirectly linked to Trumpy. He is the most corrupt slimey POS , but some people still like and support him.

    1. Theme for this years Trump Party convention: If you ain’t indicted, you ain’t invited.

  28. Acy waived.

    Garland out 2-3 weeks.

    Armstead back in the saddle again.

    The Bosa Constrictor swallowed whole by Williams, and went 0-4 against him.

  29. I don’t come around here much anymore, so wondering if anyone has heard from Brodie To Washington? He lives in harm’s way of the big fire in western Sonoma County.

  30. Lynch/Kshan has been nearly perfect in their rebuilding of the team. You could argue they deserve an A……A+ if they had won the SB last year.

    They have created an environment where talented free agents would love to come play.

    There was one mistake that might come back to bite them hard. – The way they ended things with Dan Kilgore.

    Daniel Kilgore’s mind was at ease on Feb. 14 2018 after signing a three-year contract extension to remain with the 49ers, but all that changed on the first day of FA open negotiating period when he learned the 49ers reached an agreement with free-agent Weston Richburg on a five-year contract. The same firm, Rep1, represents Kilgore and Richburg.

    Originally selected by the 49ers in the fifth round (163rd overall) of the 2011 NFL Draft, Kilgore (6-3, 308) has appeared in 74 regular season games (39 starts) and six postseason contests during his seven-year career, including starts in each of his last 32 regular season games played.
    In 2017, he started a career-high 16 games at center for the 49ers and was named the winner of the team’s Bobb McKittrick Award, which is given annually to the 49ers offensive lineman who best represents the courage, intensity and sacrifice displayed

    Kilgore said he was never asked to compete for a job at guard with the 49ers. He said he did not request a trade, either. He was told, in essence, he was no longer in the 49ers’ plans. Kilgore described the days that followed as “crazy,” “frustrating” and “heart-breaking.”

    John Lynch on Dan kilgore trade. “When Kyle and I arrived last offseason, we knew right away that he was a well-respected leader in the locker room and a true professional. We are pleased to be able to help find Dan a great situation to be able to continue his career, and we wish him and his wife, Megan, the very best.”

    Fast forward to 2020 – the 49ers biggest question is who plays Center?

    Starter Weston Richburg begins the year on the physically unable to perform list, meaning he won’t play the first six weeks of the season, at least.
    Ben Garland, who had been getting the reps with the starters, is expected to be sidelined for a couple weeks after spraining his ankle Tuesday. Enter Hroniss Grasu because the team is suddenly thin at center.

    Defensive tackle D.J. Jones gave Hroniss Grasu a stern welcoming to the 49ers on Thursday during Grasu’s first practice since the new center signed with San Francisco.
    Jones, during a one-on-one passing rushing drill, pancaked Grasu with ease,…. It took less than a second for Grasu to end up on his backside while Jones’ fellow defensive linemen reacted to the bulldozing with hoots and hollers.

    Matt Barrows of The Athletic reported that 49ers had reached out to Daniel Kilgore…..”The two sides weren’t close to a deal, although the conversations took place before Garland’s injury……

    Not able to convince Dan Kilgore to join a championship team – the team that drafted him has to be disappointing and a big fail on Lynch/Kshan…….

    1. Yeah, they have to kicking themselves a bit on that one.

      Richburg has been better than average when healthy, but those moments have been rare and even when healthy given what they gave up for him he hasn’t been worth it. Kilgore likely could have played at similar level for less money provided more continuity.It could be said also that this move bit them in the butt in the superbowl and this offseason with Buckner.

      The strange part, is that once again they ignored the interior oline this offseason.

    2. They could certainly do a lot worse than bringing Kilgore back.

      Unfortunately the decision to sign Richburg to a big deal and offload Kilgore hasn’t worked out that well, largely due to injuries. But then injuries were a concern for Richburg before they signed him. I liked the signing at the time, but it was a risk that increasingly looks like it won’t ever pan out… and is also now biting them against the cap too.

  31. Brunskill will be our starting center in 2021. Garland was a fantastic surprise last year.


    “We really did think, and still do think, Weston was the best center in the league for what we do,” Benton said in June 2019. “He was an integral part of the run game, both from the brains of the operation standpoint and from the functional part. There’s no question: He made some amazing calls. He’s one of the best centers I’ve been around when it comes to what he can read. Especially safety rotations, he can really read and identify safety rotations.”

  32. Ironically the morons who gave money to build a civilian border wall to keep criminals out were hoodwinked by the criminals they voted for.

  33. Cam Inman
    DJ Jones (shoulder) undergoing further scans after inconclusive results after Thursdays injury at 49ers practice, John Lynch says on KNBR with

    1. If his injury holds him out of games that is a huge loss. I do not believe Kinlaw is NFL ready and it could take a season to get him up to speed. DJ was ready for a breakout season, in fact I think he was breaking out last yr before his injury. imho

      1. Maybe they should put him on IR with a mid season for return, so they will have him for the second part of the season and the playoffs.
        Sounds like he was driven to the ground by an O lineman. However, DJ Jones pancaked Grasu, so there was hard hitting on both sides.

  34. Scooter:

    Lynch, speaking about the Kittle contract:

    “Yeah, George did get some things that people frankly hadn’t gotten. But I think George is a special player and George earned those.”

  35. So why did the Niners sign all of these FAs, even when they were supposedly saving every penny for Kittle’s contract?
    Looks like JL is trying to find depth in every position, because the injuries seem to be coming, fast and furious. Replacing newbies with grizzled former high pick veterans, seem to be their plan of action. This may work out well, with the possible Covid 19 problems, so JL is planning for the unknown.
    I still wish they would find totally healthy players, but all of the talented healthy players are already signed. These FAs are available because of their injuries, so they were high risk. Now, if healthy, they may be high reward, with little risk because the team is pretty much set. Those players may be camp bodies, with a glimmer of hope to making the team, if they can shine, or injuries create a need.
    Also, it looks like they are planning towards having 3 safeties in a dime package, because of the Air Raid formations, with 5 receivers. Their first game is against the Cards, so the more DBs they have, the better.
    JL is trying very hard to field another SB team. His philosophy is light years better than Baalke’s, because he is spending all of the salary cap, in order to win. That is so much better than saving cap space so Jed could pocket the profits, while being content to lose.
    The Niners will have an advantage over many of the other teams, because the team is relatively intact. The 3 major players lost, Staley, Buckner and Sanders, have been adequately replaced by Williams, Kinlaw and Aiyuk. Other teams have experienced much more turnover, and they will have a harder time gelling because there were no OTAs or Mini Camps. They will not be able to assess the new players as well, because of no Preseason games, while the Niners have a roster pretty much set, with just a few tweaks and adjustments.
    I was surprised that the Niner offense was doing so well against the defense, unlike the last few seasons when the defense dominated. Guess those informal throwing sessions with JG and the receivers did help a lot.
    Grant Cohn is going big time. He got his scoop, and now, his practice winners and losers are even making it to NN. I loved his interview with his father, talking about the difference between practices during the Glory Years and the present. Stories about Charlie Young, Steve Young and Bill Walsh were pure gold.

    1. Still sniffing Grants jock I see. Once a brown noser, always a brown noser!

      When is Kaepernick going to sign? After the election when Trump wins again?

      1. It must be hard for you Slime Time to keep all your catfish accounts separate that you can’t even remember your avatar account….

      2. I know, you hate listening to old stories about the Niners, during those Glory Years.
        Still yapping about Kaep? You keep forgetting you said that Kaep took the league by storm, so he can do it again.
        Trumpty Dumpty sat on his wall. Trumpty Dumpty is going to have a great fall, and all the King’s horses and all the King’s men, will not be able to put Trumpty together again.

          1. Why do you keep posting pictures of your family Slime Time???
            Did they give you permission to use their likeness?

            1. That’s more like a biography for you.
              It’s sums up your entire existence!

              I’m not the guy getting banned from site to site remember Niner Poe!

              1. LOL, actually you DID get banned by Grant and then figured out how to use aliases and catfishes to keep posting your nadir of nothing!
                Did you forget that you pleaded with GC to take you back….

              2. Actually no because Grant understood my value. You? No value, just all hot air from your fat mouth!

              3. You have some great values….
                Welching on bets, catfishing, doxing my family and now LYING again
                You make a great candidate for “The Canadian Coward of the Century” !

              4. You still want me to move in with you, eh.
                Knowing you, you would send your neighbor while you’re hiding behind your mama’s skirts….

  36. Killgore may sign with the Chiefs. Daniel Helm TE was claimed off waivers along with Tedric Thompson formerly of the Seahawks.
    Guess Reid likes players from the NFC West.

  37. Washington’s Head Coach, Ron Rivera, has cancer. Hope they can be aggressive with his treatments and he can fully recover.
    However, now he is immuno-compromised, so it might not be safe for him to coach on the side line. Doug Pederson caught Covid 19, and Sean Payton.

  38. No post in 4 days in the middle of training camp? WTF is going on with the Press Democrat?

    1. The Press Democrat sports category Inside the 49ers blog has become an afterthought for its followers.
      At the moment, it is the blogger commentaries that are keeping it above water.

      The decline started when Maiocco and Eric Branch left.
      I’m no longer a daily reader simply because the content is so predictable.
      Hopefully, all of the outlier crap will die out when the season starts.
      We’ll see.

    2. Press Democrat appears to have packed it in. No longer the ‘Inside the 49ers’ source.

    3. Because of an enormous revenue drop during the covid crisis they do not have the money to hire new writers. The only available writer was CW he is semi retired and contracted to write one column a week. I don’t see any return to normalcy in this blog until we have a vaccine and have defeated covid. A number of nor cal newspapers have gone out of business. Has anyone heard from HWaites lately. I was a little concerned about his health.

      1. Well we can always ask Seb to write a daily opinion piece.
        He seems to have an unlimited supply of provocative prose to stimulate the masses.
        If he disciplines fickle fortune and steers clear of the snollygoster in the WH , he could easily replace the Grant and keep the masses either mean or merry.

        1. Naw, I am too divisive, and do not suffer fools gladly.
          I would prefer Old Coach. He is more diplomatic, And I really respect his football acumen.
          Maybe Jack Hammer, if he and Grant clash. I think he can write good content.

          1. I like Jack but he’s no Grant because he’s not divisive.
            CWN is a diplomat and people here don’t like that.
            Not enough to gripe about….

          2. Naw, I am too divisive, and do not suffer fools gladly.

            How do you live with yourself then?

            :) sorry you left yourself wide open and I couldn’t resist :)

            1. ;p
              I expect the worst, and hope for the best.
              Everyone thinks they are a comedian. Don’t quit your day job. ;p

              1. Interesting that after all these years Seb is the only one who has some self reflection ….

          3. “Naw, I am too divisive, and do not suffer fools gladly.

            Then you wonder why you are called the piñata boy!

            1. Another swing and a miss.
              Clueless as ever, You do realize that the one they are laughing at, is the one blindfolded, and swinging wildly, but not connecting?
              Did you know that Kaep took the league by storm?

              1. Election Day! The day your whole world craps on you cause one Trump will win again and 2, you’ll look like an idiot with the Kap proclamations not coming true again.
                Man, you are a glutton for stupidity!

      2. Coach,
        I hear you, but they completely failed to report and even acknowledge the Kittle new contract signing.
        Something, anything would have been ok. At least with that gesture the Inside the 49ers blog readers would know that there is still a modicum of interest from the PD.
        Instead, NADA

        Glad that there are people here like you that still speak about the 49ers.

      3. I have to disagree slightly.
        Newspapers and websites shouldn’t be hurting because of covid… they should be thriving. What else do people have to do with their time.
        The PD has simply packed it in in terms of the blog and I wouldn’t be surprised if the paper didn’t disappear in a few years as they just are not adapting to the times.

        1. Shoup,
          Newspaper revenue comes far more from ad buys than circulation. Its about 70/30 and the PD has lost about 60% of their ad buys because of business closing. You are correct papers are closing regardless but it is more generational reading habits changing than anything else. I have a # of friends and relatives who have worked or are still working in the newspaper game.

        2. The internet is making newsprint obsolete like the rotary phone and 8 track tapes.
          However, the information updates on the recent fire, are invaluable, and provides an essential public service.
          Newspapers are struggling, and the Covid 19 Pandemic may be another nail in the coffin.

          1. Coach/Seb
            I understand the technical transition in the area of online media vs newspaper in the modern age. And could empathize with the need for the PD to shift their sources towards the fires at this time.

            But remember that my comments focused on the Kittle new contract that took place before the uptick on fires were in full swing.

            I hope that the PD will look into bringing in a sport writer intern that can grow into the job. Having an intern would help defray the cost for the PD and the Inside the 49ers blog followers would receive their 49ers updates
            more consistently.

            1. Good news! Just saw 2 CDF tanker planes fly overhead, heading towards Windsor/Healdsburg.
              Mid afternoon it was very smokey, but now there is a breeze coming from the coast that cleared the air. Helicopter buckets are nice, but the Big Boys have arrived. The fire fighters are stretched thin, and are getting exhausted, yet are heroically fighting on. Hopefully, the cavalry has arrived in the nick of time.

  39. New 49ers safety Johnathan Cyprien, in his second practice with the 49ers, intercepted a Nick Mullens pass intended for wide receiver Jauan Jennings, who never turned to look for the football. (NBC Sports Bay Area)

  40. The rats are scrambling for pardons before the clock runs out.

    Build the wall and Mexico will pay for it. Then Build a barrier like structure and we will siphon money from the Pentagon. Meanwhile we learn that the Trumpy organization has been hiring undocumented workers at resorts and golf courses for the last 20 years. Finally let’s get the rubes who voted for us to pay for the wall and we will swindle their money and buy yachts . Unbelievable. No , make that totally believable and predicable. There is a group of Americans who can be taken advantage of over and over. Trumpy and his crime family identified them and exploited them.

    1. Ha, what do expect from a whole swath of blue collar middle-Americans who consistently vote against their own socioeconomic interests.

      Back in the day, we used to call these people suckers, patsies, and chumps.

      Nowadays, we just call them zealots and cultists.

  41. Shoup,
    Newspaper revenue comes far more from ad buys than circulation. Its about 70/30 and the PD has lost about 60% of their ad buys because of business closing. You are correct papers are closing regardless but it is more generational reading habits changing than anything else. I have a # of friends and relatives who have worked or are still working in the newspaper game.

  42. Hmmm, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    Grant started it, now KP is providing the good and the bad about the recent practices.
    Nice. Now I am getting 2 different perspectives on how the practices are going.

    1. Seb,
      Maiocco used to give the same type of reports from the 49ers TC (which was the reason I first came to this site) back in the day. He just never put a label on it (Good and Bad) like Grant has.
      There’s nothing new under the Sun my friend.

      1. Correct — more objective reporting and less opinionating as befits a beat reporter. Barrows is doing a similar job very well this training camp for The Athletic.

      2. I beg to differ. Maiocco does get the juicy tidbits of info, but he is unflappingly positive.
        Of course, he is just following one of Bill Walsh’s principles- be positive at all times when discussing players. Just like with Grant, he can say 10 positive things, but everyone dwells on his one negative comment.
        I did not appreciate being rosily scenario’d when the team fell to 2-14. Grant called it as he saw it, and he did not pull his punches. He was refreshingly honest, and brutally truthful. Maiocco would never dream of doing that.
        I will agree that there is decades of experiences, and nothing is very new. It is a copycat league, with cycles and fads. However, back then, Sportswriters like Lowell, Dickey, Ratto and Padecky carried a lot of weight, because they were the only game in town. Nowadays, anyone can make a blog. Heck, this one is going with only a caretaker blogger.

  43. Thomas envisioned as backup center?!
    Quoting Barrows:
    “The 49ers also don’t line their nose tackle over the center like a traditional nose tackle. Saleh said that player typically will line up in the “two-I” spot, which means he’s on the inside shoulder of the guard.
    “We value a lot of speed, get-off and explosiveness over just gargantuan size,” he said.
    He also said defensive line coach Kris Kocurek makes sure nearly every member of the defensive line learns to play four spots.”
    Positionless D Line ?! Yikes!

    1. Speaking of the DL, great news out of training camp …. DJ Jones’ shoulder appears to be just fine. A combination of a stinger, and likely concussion, made the diagnoses a little more involved, thus the delay in reporting. Bottom line is that DJ Jones is now simply in concussion protocol at this time, which should have DJ cleared with plenty of time to be fully prepared for week one’s match-up VS the Cardinals, provided everything goes well.

      If people thought the 49ers 2019 DL was intimidating, just wait to see what’s in store for them in 2020! It’s going to be EPIC!

        1. I was thinking of you earlier this week while I was out in Eastern Oregon. Was suppose to be at your house at that time…oh well next May it is.

            1. Nope. But some dude was riding naked on his lawn tractor up in Sebastopol. I think the plates read Ogasawara or something.

  44. Since people are thirsting for training camp news, here is the article from The Athletic, which is behind a subscription wall (Mood_Indigo caught some of it when quoting Barrows):

    Solomon Thomas, starting NFL nose tackle?

    That could be the case for the 49ers if their top player at the position, D.J. Jones, misses an extended period with the shoulder injury he suffered Thursday. The 49ers had no update on Jones’ condition Friday, saying the initial tests he took Thursday were inconclusive.

    In the meantime, the team has several other — mostly smaller — players to man the position. That starts with Thomas, who, despite bulking up to 280 pounds this season, is traditionally light for the position, and Kentavius Street, who appears to have bounced back from last year’s knee issues and is off to a strong start in training camp. Street, the Wolfpack’s weight-room champion when he was at North Carolina State, was 280 pounds when he was measured at the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine.

    “We feel really good about their ability to play in there as long as they can hold up on double teams and they’re not just getting displaced,” defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said on a Zoom media call Friday. “Solly, he’s been in game situations where he’s proven that he won’t get displaced in there. … Solly did it last year and if Street continues to progress the way he’s showing, then there’s no doubt that he can do that, too.”

    Jones was one of the standouts of Thursday’s session until a running play left him lying on the ground in pain. Medical staffers examined his left shoulder and Jones left the playing field.

    Last season, Jones and Jullian Taylor, who is recovering from an ACL tear and won’t be available until midseason, were the only 49ers defenders who weighed more than 300 pounds. The 49ers have bulked up since. They used their first draft pick on 324-pound Javon Kinlaw, who mainly has been playing defensive tackle this summer but also will be cross-trained at nose tackle. After the draft, they added 311-pound Darrion Daniels, who played both nose tackle and defensive tackle at Nebraska.

    Saleh noted that massive nose tackles, players like Vince Wilfork and Ted Washington, aren’t as common in today’s NFL. The 49ers want their interior defenders to be quick and able to penetrate in pass defense. Thomas, for instance, had a would-be sack of Jimmy Garoppolo early in Friday’s practice.

    The 49ers also don’t line their nose tackle over the center like a traditional nose tackle. Saleh said that player typically will line up in the “two-I” spot, which means he’s on the inside shoulder of the guard.

    “We value a lot of speed, get-off and explosiveness over just gargantuan size,” he said.

    He also said defensive line coach Kris Kocurek makes sure nearly every member of the defensive line learns to play four spots.

    “Kocurek says it’s like four quarters on the dollar — you throw them all out there and they’ve got to be able to play whatever position that they’re thrown out there to do,” Saleh said.

    Kittle leads the way: Friday’s practice didn’t have quite the intensity of Thursday’s session, but there was a nice back-and-forth between the offense, led by tight end George Kittle, and the defense, which was being urged on by cornerback Richard Sherman.

    Kittle had his most prolific outing of training camp. He caught passes from Garoppolo during nearly every segment, but he was most effective during a third-down drill midway through the practice. The exercise was simple: The offense was given a third-and-10 situation and had two plays to convert a first down.

    Garoppolo hit Kittle deep for 30 yards down the right side on one of his throws. The session ended with a sliding catch by Kittle for the first down. As is usually the case on third downs, Trent Taylor also was a frequent target for Garoppolo during the drill.

    As far as the entire practice, rookie receiver Brandon Aiyuk had another busy and effective outing. He took a lot of snaps with the first-string offense and mainly was lined up against cornerback Jason Verrett, whom he beat for a deep reception in Sunday’s practice. Perhaps that was in the back of Verrett’s mind as Aiyuk caught several short passes in front of the cornerback on Friday.

    If Deebo Samuel (foot) can’t play in the season opener on Sept. 13, it might mean the starting receivers are Aiyuk and Kendrick Bourne, who also had a busy morning in catching five of the seven passes that went his way.

    Sherman and the defense had highlights, too. The veteran cornerback was animated following the third-down drill, which was won by the offense, and he began rallying his teammates as the defense took the field for the next session.

    He immediately delivered. Pressured by defensive end Dee Ford, Garoppolo threw an ill-advised pass off of his back foot that floated over his target, Bourne, and into Sherman’s hands for the interception.

    One-on-ones: Here are the highlights from Friday’s pass-rush drills between offensive and defensive linemen:

    • Street, who looks markedly better than he did in 2019, beat center Daniel Brunskill twice and also had a winning repetition against guard Tom Compton. Street twice went on injured reserve last season with a knee issue, and it’s clear he’s quicker, more explosive and, according to Saleh, more confident than he was a year ago.

    “You can tell that in his play, he’s not thinking about it,” Saleh said. “So he’s playing a lot faster. He’s playing with a lot of confidence and he’s able to use his power and his strength and all that. The weight room stuff that we’ve seen and the stuff that we saw in college is kind of coming to fruition. He’s just got to maintain it now.”

    • Mike McGlinchey is having a strong training camp. The right tackle, however, lost two battles against speed rusher Ford, who first beat McGlinchey to the inside, then on the next snap beat him to the outside. Ford later went against tackle Trent Williams and fared as well as opponents usually do versus Williams. That is, he was stonewalled.

    • Dion Jordan continued to struggle in this drill. He was beaten twice by second-year tackle William Sweet. He then lost two bouts to Williams. Jordan’s pass rushes have appeared to be one-note — he takes the same path to the quarterback each time. To be fair, during an 11-on-11 situation later in the practice, Jordan beat left tackle Justin Skule for a would-be sack of Nick Mullens.

    • Kinlaw overpowered guard Kofi Amichia on his first pass-rush battle but still hasn’t figured out how to beat veteran Laken Tomlinson. Kinlaw also lost a matchup with guard/center Ross Reynolds.

    • Skule doesn’t win all of his matchups. But he is noticeably better at the drill than he was as a rookie last year. He won the final encounter of the session against speed-rushing defensive end Jonathan Kongbo, then got a big congratulations from Williams. Skule’s progress is something to keep in mind when it comes to Colton McKivitz, a fifth-round pick in April who has struggled in one-on-ones the way Skule did a year ago.

    Pettis speaks: Receiver Dante Pettis said being a healthy scratch in Super Bowl LIV was the “final straw” for him in a frustrating 2019 season and that he used it as motivation for what he described as a breakthrough offseason.

    “If that doesn’t change the way someone approaches the offseason, they don’t really want to be in the NFL, I don’t think,” he said on a Friday Zoom call with reporters. “There’s not too many things worse that, football-wise, could get you going.”

    Pettis said he’s stronger and a “little bit bigger” than he was a year ago. Mostly, he said, he became “more in-tune with myself.”

    The receiver declined to elaborate how he’s changed, but he insisted he would be a different player in the upcoming season. In 2019, he finished with 11 catches for 109 yards. Instead of putting Pettis in uniform in the Super Bowl, Kyle Shanahan opted to have just four receivers for the first time all season.

    While NFL coaches usually only dole out praise on players, Shanahan has been harsh on Pettis, and Pettis said he definitely noticed. How he views that criticism also has changed in 2020.

    “Last year, I took his coaching the wrong way and I made it more personal and about me than about me realizing how good he knows I can be,” he said. “I got caught up in the way he said some things and not in the actual message. Once I realized that, everything kind of changed and I think our relationship is really good. It’s open, we communicate. When I came back, we had a good talk. We have a really good relationship now.”

    Air-quality concerns: Two 49ers left practice early due to the poor air quality in Santa Clara. Neither running back Tevin Coleman nor tackle Jaryd Jones-Smith seemed affected by the smoky air from nearby fires, but both were pulled as a precaution. It’s been well-documented that Coleman has a sickle cell trait, a genetic abnormality that affects red blood cells. It can cause health complications following physical activity in certain conditions. It’s not known if Jones-Smith has a pre-existing condition.

    Injuries: Defensive lineman Arik Armstead (back) saw more action than he did Thursday. He took part in some one-on-one pass-rush drills and 11-on-11 situations as he ramps back up to a full practice. Cornerback K’Waun Williams (calf), center Ben Garland (ankle) and tight end Jordan Reed (unknown) did not practice.

    Odds and ends: Verrett spent most of the day at outside cornerback with the first-string unit with Ahkello Witherspoon taking snaps there at the end of practice. Saleh has declared a wide-open competition for the starting role opposite Sherman. … JaMycal Hasty had a couple of strong runs in Friday’s session. Of the two undrafted rookie runners, Hasty has been more visible than Salvon Ahmed so far. … Running back Jerick McKinnon caught a long pass from C.J. Beathard during the third-down drill in the middle of practice. … New safety Johnathan Cyprien had a gift-wrapped interception on a long throw from Mullens during the third-down drill. It may have been due to miscommunication with rookie receiver Jauan Jennings. Cyprien, 30, was the 33rd overall pick by Jacksonville in 2013 and overlapped there with Saleh.

    “Sometimes I feel like you can be under appreciated because of your draft status,” Saleh said. “They expect a little bit more out of you. We always felt Cyp was a very good football player. I think our last year there, his last year in Jacksonville, he was well over a hundred tackles. I think it was inching towards 130. (Cyprien finished with 128 tackles that year.) So he’s been a productive player. He knows our system, he’s in great shape, he moves very well. The expectation for him is to just come on in and compete.”

    1. TYVM. I kinda saw all this on NN, Webzone and All49ers, but it is nice to get a recap.
      I sure hope JaMycal Hasty can live up to his name.

  45. And this too…

    David Lombardi

    49ers practice just ended with a deep ball from Jimmy Garoppolo to Kendrick Bourne. Pretty ~70-yard TD

  46. Williams/Tomlinson/Brunskill/McKivitz/Glinch looks to be the starting offensive line that will take us back to the promise land this year….

    1. Razor.
      I like Brunskill at Tackle or Guard but I am not sold on him at center….yet. McKivitz according to a few sports writers has been horrible so far. I am very concerned about the interior right side, if J.G. gets consistent pressure up the middle it could be a long season. The D better be as good as they were early last year and we better run the ball about 45 times a game. I see them picking up a guard even if it costs them a 2nd or 3rd round pick. imho

      1. Josh Kline is surprisingly still available as a FA. Rather than trade for a guy I would be seeing if he’s interested in coming in on a fairly cheap 1 year deal… basically replace Compton’s contract with a similar deal or less for Kline, who is a better player.

    2. I think Garland will be the centre and Brunskill the RG to start the year. Brunskill will also be the backup centre and McKivitz the backup OG. Sounds like Compton has been rubbish and doubt he makes the team if he doesn’t win the starting spot.

      Who knows at this point if Richburg even plays this year, so they may be relying heavily on some pretty inexperienced guys in the middle.

      1. Scooter, I said last week that I thought once Brunskill starts at center they’ll never look back, and Richburg will announce his retirement at the conclusion of the season….

  47. Oh yay. Dante Pettis is ready to dominate this year. He’s come back with a renewed mindset and he looks stronger.

    Who hasn’t heard this before? Solly Thomas anyone? Thank God the reporters finally realized Solly’s never going to shed the bust status.

  48. How bout some prayers from all of you who don’t live in nor cal for no more lightning. If we can get by with no more lightning strikes Sun, Mon, and Tues I think they can start getting this thin under control.

    1. I’ve never believed in supernatural forces in the past, but with all these anomalous events the past few years, I’m sincerely now open to the possibility that Nature (or God, if you prefer) is actually sending us a message, that we have to change what we’re doing. If so, it’s not prayers we need, but action.

      1. Big Basin State Park, the oldest state park in the state, has suffered major damage to many of the old growth redwoods — the structures all have been burned down.

    2. And then there’s that pesky asteroid out there, getting closer, and closer…

      [A] near-Earth asteroid roughly 2 meters (7 feet) in diameter. It has a 0.41% chance (1 in 240) of impacting Earth on 2 November 2020. An Earth-impact by this asteroid, assuming it is a common primitive chondrite, might rattle some windows after an airburst and/or drop pebble-sized meteorites on roof tops after dark flight.

  49. Jimmy G getting some useful QB coaching from Sherm with the two pick-sixes…

    Won’t be shocked to see one of the two UDFA RBs suffer a mysterious injury over the next 10 two weeks that puts him on IR.

    However, the UDFA-find-of-the-off-season may be tackle Jaryd Jones-Smith, who combines size — 6-foot-6, 345 pounds — with quick feet, athleticism and nastiness (skirmish with Dion Jordan).

    How do folks here who were criticizing the FO for not signing Earl Thomas last season feel now?

  50. Interesting. Truth, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
    KP had an entirely different take on the practice than Grant. In fact, they were diametrically opposite in many ways. Grant thought Witherspoon did well, but Posey thought it was only because of bad passes. Grant thought Brunskill struggled, while Posey thought he shined. Grant was not too high on McKivitz, while Posey thinks he will start at RG. Posey thought Verrett did not have a bad day, while Grant thinks he is a shell of his former self. Grant focused on Salvon Ahmed’s pass catching, while Posey focused on the fumbles. Posey did not mention Hroniss Grasu, but when Grant mentioned he short hopped a snap, it is relevant.
    They both keep harping on Kinlaw, but I think they told Kinlaw to tone it down. Kinlaw could bludgeon the man opposite him if he wanted to, but KS wants to avoid injuries.
    They both focused on the safety drops, but maybe they Niners do not want too many picks thrown, so they do not want the QBs to look bad.
    Grant emphasized that Kittle had few targets in the red zone. He thinks KS is spiting him, because Grant wants Kittle to get more scoring opportunities. I just think they already know what Kittle can do, so the Niner coaches are focusing on the bubble players, to help get film for assessments, and sort out the competitions. Kittle is a lock, so there is no need to possibly injure him by feeding him the ball constantly.
    I like having many different opinions, because the truth may be found in the middle.

    1. I like having many different opinions, because the truth may be found in the middle.

      You’re evolving. Cograts! Not long ago you were branding every 9er media type–other than Grant–as shills, toadies even.

      1. Because they were, and are. Grant is an outlier. Not too many iconclasts in sports writing. For every Grant, there are a hundred Maiocco’s.

        1. “ For every Grant, there are a hundred Maiocco’s“

          Problem with that statement is Maiocco is world renowned.
          People associate coverage of the 49ers with MM, add Matt Barrows to that as well. Not Grant Cohn.

          Nov.4th. Can’t wait!

          1. Prime, you are such a brown noser. Maiocco world renowned? You keep leading with your chin.
            Maiocco gets the scoops from the Niners, but I do not think he has ever written a single negative word about the Niners. It is all sunshine, rainbows, unicorns and Rosy, Happy Days.
            He reports the nuts and bolts, with a deadpan meh tone. After I get the breaking news, I tend to fall asleep. Such dry pablum may be your bill of fare, but I like edgier presentations.
            Just listen to his questions in the pressers. Safe, bland, softball. Of course, now he will try to pitch a zinger, to prove me wrong.
            Prime, your problem is, you just do not have more than a 4th grade reading level, so you cannot judge what good writing looks like, or even comprehend.
            You are eagerly looking towards November 4th? Are you a glutton for punishment?

            1. “ You are eagerly looking towards November 4th? Are you a glutton for punishment?

              Time will tell who once again is wrong and that I will be right!

              1. Like the time you said Chip Kelly and Shanny would unleash Kap?

                Nov.4th, mark your calendar!

        2. “For every Grant, there are a hundred Maiocco’s.”

          I’ll take the original Maiocco all day any day. It’s a huge compliment to Matt if sportswriters follow his style.
          Maiocco is laid-back, unassuming and likeable by fans, FO and players.
          Grant; not so much.

          1. I will say that Maiocco is a grizzled veteran and a consummate professional. I do listen to him because he seems to be the Niners appointed News Disseminator.
            World renowned? That is hyperbole. Ted Robinson may be more known around the world because he covers Tennis and the Olympics. Sportswriters do not follow his style, he just blends in with the rest of the herd.
            He is just not my cup of tea, but hey, if you like him, that is just fine and dandy.

            1. Maiocco is liked and respected by sportswriters around the league and is the go-to person for all things 49ers by many of those same sportswriters.
              And not once have I heard Maiocco call a player “fat” or “shriek like a little girl.”

              Grant, tried to be somewhat controversial and edgy with his style and it backfired on him given that many 49ers players would rather avoid him than give him an interview.

              That’s not a good place to be if you are team sportswriter. Who knows, maybe in 10 years, Grant’s style may become popular, but it certainly isn’t at the moment as attested by a very small smattering of feedback he currently receives.

              1. AES rationalizing with an idiot like Seb is pointless.
                He doesn’t understand any which way because he has one view and one view only.
                10 out of 10 times, it’s ignorant.

              2. Grant did get that scoop, and now, even the NN site is putting in the good and the bad.
                Now, do not get me wrong. While I am unimpressed with Matt’s writing, I am not hating on him like so many do to Grant. Call a player fat? Maybe you do not remember Bubba Paris. Bill Walsh would rip him every day, and weigh him. One time, BW noted that Bubba was using his hand to fudge his weight. I bet that went over well with BW, and never happened again. Grant only called out players that were fat, not skinny guys. That shriek was descriptive, and probably did sound like how he described it.
                I know he is also a die hard faithful 49er fan, so I would not mind pouring a beer and sitting around, talking with Matt about our beloved Niners. Of course, Matt is calm, civil and polite. He seems to be very well liked by many people, even you.
                However, when I wanted to know the nitty gritty, and get the low down on the practices, I relied on Grant, and still do. When the Niners were 2-14, I came to this site to read about ways they could improve, after identifying the salient deficiencies, along with strengths and weaknesses, the bad with the good. I am certain that I did not rely on what Matt said, because he would never be critical enough. That is his schtick. Always be good. It is a good philosophy to have. Don’t worry, be happy. The Niner FO loves him.
                I will admit I listen to his interviews on KNBR, and enjoy them. He does have breaking news, and can describe how different strategies or adjustments need to be made. Matt is informative and entertaining. He and Barrows make a pair. The Matts.
                I may be critical, but it is nowhere near the vitriol Grant gets. I like Grant’s schtick, respect his acumen, appreciate his style, wish him well, and have left him alone on his new gig, while listening to his podcasts.

              3. Prime, I am right about one thing. Trump is imploding, and may not make it to to November.
                Did you hear what his sister said about him? No wonder he cancelled the convention.
                Just wait until Cohen’s book comes out. He kept records.
                I was right about another thing. In my last mock, I chose Javon Kinlaw.
                I was right about another thing. I said they should move back to get more draft capital, yet still get the player they coveted.
                Meanwhile, you bet money that the Niners would select Trubusty. Then you wanted to bet that they would take CJ Henderson. Too bad they did not select a DB in the draft.
                So yes, rationalizing with an idiot is pointless. ‘He doesn’t understand any which way.’
                Thanks for proving that point.

              4. Seb,
                Until the day he died B.W. said his greatest regret as a coach was his treatment of Bubba Paris and his weight. Using that situation as defense of Grant or his Dad is not a good example. Grant was just plain old wrong and needed to not just apologize to the player but every over weight kid out there who may have read it.

              5. Old Coach, you may be right, but obesity is a huge problem in America.
                Calling some one fat may be insensitive, but sometimes the truth hurts. It was BW’s job to get Bubba to lose weight, because it would help the Niners win.
                Football players tend to be goliaths. They are naturally large, because it helps them play and compete. Being overweight is a problem for many players. Just look at Joe Staley. After he retired, he lost 60 lbs.
                By ignoring the problem, it will not go away. By refraining on speaking out, it may keep from hurting a player’s feelings, but does nothing to help him lose weight. If a common person is overweight, it is only his problem, but an overweight football player is hurting his team, if he cannot perform as well as if he were slimmer and in better shape.
                In the past, football players who came in overweight, tended to use the TC to shed pounds and get into shape, but nowadays, players work out year round, so they should come into TC at their peak weight and strength. Players who come in fat, are not helping the team win. Their poor condition may hurt the team, if they cannot perform with all that excess weight.
                Players should have thick skin, if they have fat skin. They should not be crushed and affronted by some one telling the truth. Bubba Paris loves and honors Bill Walsh, even though BW was tough on him, because he knew BW wanted Bubba to play better and succeed.
                This is kinda like KS being tough on Pettis. Some players take criticism wrong, but in the end, Pettis realized that he was taking it too personally, and understood where KS was coming from. KS, like BW, also realized that there was a better way accomplish his goals, by being more diplomatic, and less harsh. Maybe Grant could learn, too.

    2. Are you the real Sep? Quite insightful for you to realize that the truth is out there and in order to find it requires hard work to get pass all writers bias.

      The question for the day, would Earl Thomas make a good fit with the Niners? Or would be a disruptive in the locker room.

      1. I think Richard Sherman could keep him under control. It would have to be for a lot less money, but Thomas may want the opportunity to go to a SB team. Dallas may want him, but they are not in the SB hunt like the Niners, Saints or Seahawks seem to be.
        It may be high risk, but also high reward.

          1. Considering the Niners are bringing in 6 new players, and trying out 2 TEs, even with some coming back from injury, the Niners are looking to upgrade their roster.
            Thomas, even with his issues, is a very talented player. If he can be that last piece to the puzzle, that will put them over the top in their Quest for a ring, he may be worth the risk. He will be on his best behavior, because this may be his last chance.
            Thomas would be that single high safety that perfectly fits into Saleh’s system. It would allow Ward to become that NB if K’Waun Williams can’t play.
            Trent Williams was a disgruntled player, and look how he has turned out. Nothing but positives.
            This would only work if Sherman gave his blessing. They won a ring together. This may be another chance to get another ring. Heck, the Niners may have to play the Seahawks 3 times. Thomas would have a huge incentive, and opportunity for revenge.
            I am glad the Ravens are weakened. Their loss may be the Niners gain. JL should do his due diligence, and explore all opportunities. If he assesses that the risk is too great, so be it. However, attaining that Sixth Lombardi is a daunting challenge, and he should do everything in his power to improve the roster. I would not mind if JL managed to trade for Yannick, Ngakoue, too. He is a disgruntled player, who may be an upgrade for the roster, too.

    1. says…

      Would-be suitors for the seven-time Pro Bowl selection look to be the Cowboys, 49ers and Texans, Rapoport reported.

      1. Richard Sherman may welcome him, if he can help the 49ers win their 6th ring.
        If the Niners do make it, the Niners may be confronting the Ravens in the SB. If Thomas came here, he would be super motivated against his former team. Just imagine the intel….. ;p
        Thomas may also welcome a chance against the Seahawks, twice this season. He would be able to talk to PC.

  51. Cr@p. Please let this be a cramp and not a hamstring.

    Chris Biderman @ChrisBiderman 24 m
    Bad news from #49ers practice. Rookie WR Brandon Aiyuk, who has been arguably the team’s most productive wideout during camp, pulled up while running a deep route and grabbed the back of his left leg. He did not return to practice.

    1. Here’s my question about Aiyuk’s injury:

      According to the reporting I have, Brandon Aiyuk was running full speed on a deep route, and them he came up lame, reaching at the back of his upper leg, which usually indicates some kind of issue with a hamstring. OK, sounds kind of serious because hamstring injuries can be tricky. But here’s the thing … according to what I’ve heard, Aiyuk finished the session watching from the sideline as opposed to inside the training facility.

      The 49ers have a very well respected Head of Player Health & Performance, in Ben Peterson. This guy has a PhD in Kinesiology and Workout Science, and has lectured around the globe. Dustin Little is the Head Trainer, and he has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

      So what is my point? Well, I am wondering why Brandon wasn’t taken to the trainers room immediately in order to take immediate steps in addressing potential inflammation of the muscle group associated with the hamstring. It’s my understanding that the sooner you take steps to reduce the initial swelling and potential edema, the better the prognosis. Even a GRADE 1 hamstring injury, what would be considered a strain (or pulled muscle) can cause swelling. Certainly a GRADE 2 hamstring tear is going to produce considerable swelling, and we know for a fact that the better you manage to reduce swelling at the onset of the injury, the better the outcome of the healing process.

      Why not get Brandon off his feet, and wrapped in ice ASAP, rather than allowing him to remain on the sideline, if in fact that’s the case?

      I sure hope it’s only a GRADE 1 hamstring strain! Fingers crossed!

  52. A nice, terse summary…

    Three players left practice early due to injuries — wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, defensive end Dee Ford, and offensive lineman Ross Reynolds.

    Reynolds was playing at center at the time and ended up being carted off the field. The other two were able to remain on the sidelines and observe the remainder of the practice.

    “Hopefully, it’s not as bad as it looked,” said right tackle Mike McGlinchey after practice.

    1. Bring in the longsnapper. Craft the offense around Jimmy lining up in the punter’s position–a deep shotgun.

  53. Matt Maiocco

    #49ers Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles picked off Nick Mullens pass for J.J. Nelson and took it back all the way.
    12:55 PM · Aug 23, 2020

  54. Nick Wagoner

    #49ers have two tight ends for tryouts: Caleb Repp and Erik Swoope. Backup TE Ross Dwelley is dealing with a foot issue and Jordan Reed is still awaiting his practice debut.

    Repp played both offense and defense for Utah.

    1. Does anyone have any news on rookie Charlie Woerner? I had a positive reaction when the team drafted him, but have yet to hear anything on him – positive or negative.

      1. He’s out there…

        Rookie tight end Charlie Woerner hauled in three passes from Garoppolo during 11-on-11 drills. (NBC Sports Bay Area)

      2. From what I’ve heard, Woerner has been exactly the guy the team expected they were getting. Tremendous blocker, but not much of a threat yet as a receiver, although he had a nice day today with 3 receptions. The team is hoping he can step into the same role as Paulson, and Toilolo have handled in the past. If he ends up being a great blocker, and just average at best as a receiver, the 49ers will take that all day long.

        1. I’ve got the Dallas Mavericks @ +5000 to win it all, so you guys will have to excuse me while I revel in LUKA-mania for the rest of the evening. ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

          I’ll catch you all on Tuesday. GO NINERS!

            1. What happened to this blog? Im happy the comments are still up to their standard! But one dry article every 7-10 days? This used to be my go to 9ers site before any other. Maybe they should hire one of the commenters/posters to run this thing.

              Maybe whoever is up to it can post a mini article in the comments and we can all vote on who we want to run the blog?

  55. Shish,
    It’s become clear that the PD is providing very little information and minimal updates on the 49ers.
    My hope is that they will commit to covering the team more closely when the season begins.

    One thing remains stable, and it’s all the bloggers who come here every day. These are the real stars on the Inside the 49ers blog, and always have been.

  56. The Repubs are all about—martyrdom, grievance, victimhood.
    – bemoaning media bias, denouncing the obstructionist Democrats, cursing the unfair timing of the coronavirus, decrying their loss of culture, rebuking corporate America for kneeling at the altar of social justice and accusing the Deep State of stacking the deck against them.


    …..Owning the libs and pissing off the media. That’s what they believe in now.

  57. Matt Maiocco

    The #49ers have a day off from practice today.

    NT D.J. Jones remains in the concussion protocol. We’ll see if DEs Nick Bosa and/or Dee Ford are back at it on Tuesday. I’d think WR Brandon Aiyuk will be rehabbing the leg injury he sustained during practice Sunday.
    8:26 AM · Aug 24, 2020

  58. Crooks and criminals operating is broad daylight.

    Rick Gates: Convicted.
    Paul Manafort: Convicted.
    George Papadopoulos: Convicted.
    Mike Flynn: Convicted.
    Michael Cohen: Convicted.
    Roger Stone: Convicted.
    Steve Bannon: Arrested.
    Donald Trump: Impeached, under several concurrent state and federal investigations

    1. This has what, precisely to do with the 9ers??

      Please don’t start threads just to criticize the Republican monster in the White House and the Republicans who enable him. I can get that just by watching the news.

  59. What’s with all the leg injuries? A buddy of mine who played in the NFL for 14 years told me about a year when the team hired a new head trainer. The team had a huge number of ankle injuries early in the season. As it turned out, the training staff was teaching a hip flexor stretch incorrectly which was leading to the injuries. What exactly is Ben Peterson’s job?

    1. Houston,
      I swear to you it is the curse of St. Francis. Our injury luck has been terrible since we moved to Santa Clara.

  60. Prediction : Aiyuk and Jaelen Raegor will be the two best rookie fantasy WRs this year and both will be in the top 20 . Ruggs is 3rd.

    1. Yup. No one is immune. We need to be extra cautious and diligent. Let’s put McKinnon in bubble wrap.

      Jeff Legwold @Jeff_Legwold · 4h
      After Monday’s practice Broncos coach Vic Fangio said the team has already had more “soft tissue” injuries than they they did in all of last year’s training camp and preseason games.

  61. update – RNC day one

    20+ former repubs repudiated Trump and endorsed Joe Biden
    K Conway the adviser quit Trump after her daughter threatens emancipation
    Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell resigned after it was revealed he liked to watch his wife bang the pool boy.
    NY state file suit against Eric Trump to force him to respond to subpoenas issued as part of a fraud investigation

    GOD is GOOD….

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