Out on the edge, life with the 49ers is intense

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa warms up before an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans, Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

Nick Bosa’s battles with new acquisition Trent Williams have been a featured attraction at training camp. (AP Photo/ Butch Dill)

The 49ers are all about life on the edge.

According to tradition, every NFL training camp must have a theme. Unfortunately, the 49ers do not have a quarterback controversy, so we can’t use that old chestnut.

Instead, attention has been fixed on the “edge.”

The edge is the mythical point of collision at both ends of the offensive and defensive lines. That’s where an “edge rusher” and an offensive tackle dance, push, hold and punch each other in a friendly kind of fight.

There’s a lot of money made out there at those positions. There are smart people who say an edge rusher, who can consistently get to the passer, is the second-most valuable position on a team.

The 49ers established themselves as a pass rushing defense last year and rode that quarterback pressure all the way to the Super Bowl. Nick Bosa virtually cemented himself as a local folk hero in his rookie year with nine sacks. Dee Ford had 6.5, in a season hampered by injuries. (Missing practice lately with minor injuries is worrisome with his history.)

But this year interest has ramped up because the 49ers have signed offensive tackle Trent Williams. And to say the reviews have been effusive is to understate. I don’t think I have ever heard so many people say, “I can’t wait to see the new offensive tackle.”

So yeah, there’s a lot of attention on the edge. Just ask someone in the edge – right tackle Mike McGlinchey.

“It’s been one of the favorite story lines for everybody outside the building,” he said in a virtual interview last week. “What’s going on on the edges? It’s exciting.”

McGlinchey often has to contend with Ford. And you can add McGlinchey to the number of players who bring up Ford’s speed without being asked. Just a note, when players point out someone is fast, that person is fast.

“He’s got that shot-out-of-a-cannon type of get-off,” McGlinchey said. “That’s how rare his speed and get-off is. When it gets to third and five, it is really hard to keep those guys off the quarterback.”

McGlinchey, as we often hear from players, has gone through an extensive off season workout program and is in great shape. Which we usually take with a grain of salt, except that Richard Sherman was so impressed with McGlinchey’s muscle tone that he began calling him “The Big Slim.”

I’m not able to speak to that on a video call, but I would say McGlinchey looks confident. Like he’s done this for two years, he’s been to the Super Bowl and he can handle it.

So can Williams. He’s good. And he knows he’s good. But he doesn’t have to be a jerk about it. The Bosa-Williams matches have been the featured attraction at training camp. Bosa said he tries to win half of his one-on-ones, but with Williams he’s had to adjust the curve.

“For me, going against Trent, I’m just trying to win whenever I can,” he said on a video call. “You’re not going to beat Trent clean very often. I’m definitely confident in Jimmy’s left side this year.

Williams could not be more generous in praise of Bosa.

“Nick is better than I thought he was, and I already knew he was (among the) top 3-4 in the game,” Williams said virtually. “I honestly see his trajectory as being one of the best in the game.”

Ok fine, but let’s start with matching, or improving, those rookie year numbers shall we? The way Bosa tells it, the 49ers’ brain trust has made it very clear they expect to get value for their money.

“Kris (Kocurek, D-line coach) made it pretty known to us that the front office doesn’t expect good out of us,” Bosa said. “They expect great.”

So yeah, you could say the edge is getting a lot of attention.

Which is an awkward transition to another Bosa story that didn’t get a lot of attention. Last week a local reporter reminded him that during the Super Bowl Week in February, a reporter from China asked him about the COVID virus. Although Bosa says he’d barely heard of the virus at the time, he knew enough about infectious disease to say in the interview that people should make a point to wash their hands. Which turned out to be very good advice.

“Shoulda listened,” he said with a smile. “Shoulda listened.”


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  1. You don’t pull on Trent Williams’ cape. You don’t spit into the wind. You don’t pull the mask off the young Nick Bosa and you don’t mess around with Big Slim.

  2. CW what did you mean with your comment about T. Williams being good but he doesn’t have to be a jerk about it. Not sure what your implying.

    1. Naw, it is a question of semantics.
      Maybe a better way to say it was- TW is good. He knows he is so good, he does not have to be a jerk about it, he can be his humble self, giving praise to others.

  3. Ian Rapoport
    Former Miami hoops player and #Colts TE Erik Swoope is signing with the #49ers, source said. More depth in SF, where he worked out today.
    7:33 PM · Aug 24, 2020

  4. With our serious issues at center and right guard the defense will be our key to success this season. Especially Bosa, Ford and Jones. If this D can stay healthy they can be a special once every 10 years defense, too many injuries on D and maybe we win 10 and make the playoffs as a wildcard. Injuries on D could just as easily lead to a 7 or 8 win season.

    1. The more I look at this roster the more I think the oline will cost this team at least 2 games this season. Let’s just hope it comes together late in the season for the playoff run.
      I’ll do a final prediction once I’ve looked at the match ups closer right now I’m guessing 11-5

      1. The oline depth was tested last year and they were able to tread water. I don’t think the oline this year costs us anymore games than it did last year….

        1. Last years oline was garbage in pass protection on the interior and that was with a healthy center for the most part.
          They will likely grow and get better because of the injuries but in the early going it’s going to be rough without the preseason games early on.
          I have sf splitting with LAR and AZ and losing to the Eagles, Pats and Saints before rounding into form for the playoffs. *note* Washington and the Bills Dlines also strike me as bad matchups but I’m hopeful by then Richburg will be back and Brunskill will solidify the guard spot and the addition of Deebo will provide an offensive spark.

            1. If he doesn’t return this team can’t win the superbowl. The truth is Richburg is ok but he is not good and his backups are not even ok… I would be happy if they could play at a slightly below average level.
              This means Jimmy would very likely face too much pressure up the gut, to be great against the best teams in the NFL.

              1. I don’t think so. They came within minutes of winning one without him, and without a real Person at RG.

              2. Yes, and they lost the superbowl.
                Lets put this in perspective SF had one of, if not the best pass rushes going into the superbowl (2nd by pff) at least while KC was ranked around 10th… and Jimmy Still had 0.4 seconds less time to throw than Patrick Mahomes.

                That is a massive difference. In terms of season averages… its the difference from the qb with the most amount of time to throw to the qb with 30th most amount of time to throw. It basically would mean for Jimmy that no matter who he is playing against… its like going against our pass rush.

              3. Yea, Jimmy wasn’t as mobile either coming off that acl. I think you’ll see an increase in plays where Shanny rolls him out to avoid the center/right weakness that teams will want to exploit….

          1. I respectfully disagree.
            The Niners may split again with Seattle, but hopefully, sweep the Rams and Cards, AGAIN.
            They have JG, who is superior to Wentz and Cam. The Saints may be a hard team to defeat.
            Washington has Haskins, and the Bills have Allen, so JG can defeat both those QBs. The Niner D line will be crushing their opponents, so the road to victory will be smooth sailing, even with those D lines, because the Niner offense will be hitting on all cylinders. However, injuries may be the limiting factor.
            I hope the Niners have a 13-3 season. They may lose to the Saints and Seahawks, but have home field wrapped up, so they may lose a game at the end of the season because they are resting their starters.

            1. We probably don’t want to make it too hard for anyone! Let’s just ask teams to forfeit so the 49ers don’t have it too hard.

              Nov.4th, get your crow ready!

            2. I have SF sweeping Seattle. We play them a little later in the season and neither their offense nor interior Dline scares me.
              The cards moved the ball really well against SF both times they played them and the Rams have one of, if not the most disruptive DT of all time going against whatever bum the 49ers can pull off the sidewalk for long enough to play a game.
              Seattle is all Russel, which might be enough but they don’t have a good oline or good interior dline… so their matchups against SF are not great.

              1. The Cards are talented, but the Niners have improved. JG will be more experienced, and Aiyuk gives him that down field option. JaMycal Hasty may be turning heads, especially defenders, as he runs by them. Kittle has no financial worries in the world. He can focus 100% on playing the game he loves, with his Brothers.
                The whole Niner team is relatively intact, while the Cards have made big changes. They lacked the OTAs and Mini Camp to get more familiarized with each other, while the Niners are past that, and can concentrate on nuances, and tweaks of the system. The Niner coaches have had the same players for 2 years, so they do not need to start from scratch. I see the Niners have been focusing on versatility, so many players can play multiple positions.
                So the Air Raid offense is potent, but Murray will find it hard to complete passes while flat on his back. With Kinlaw and DJ Jones clogging up the middle, the Cards will find it hard to run.
                While acknowledging the close games, I still think the Niners could dominate this first game.

        2. Razor,
          Last years depth was primarily at Tackle and Brunskill’s ability to move inside.I hope they are able to move Bruskill to guard. I believe that could actually be an upgrade from last year but at center, I am very worried. I have no faith in Garland and who knows when he will be healthy. The same goes for Richburg. I know it is accepted football theory that your most important O linemen are your Tackles but mentally I believe its your center and with all of the huge explosive DT’s in the league it is direly important that your center be a physical stud. It will continue to be a concern until they acquire another Center. imho

          1. Garland was actually magnificent in the running game, and I think some of the pass pro issues can be mitigated through a healthy running game….

            1. This logic works if you’re willing concede any “and long scenarios” and hope that Jimmy bails the team out.
              As to 22 personnel, and chipping the edges… there are a few problems with it.
              1, our issue wasn’t with edge rushers for the most part, it was immediate pressure from the interior so the rb’s need to stay in.
              2nd, It means our best receiver, in Kittle can and will be severely delayed in getting out into his routes.
              3rd, in “and long” scenarios… we don’t have a receiver that has proven he can beat press man quickly (Maybe Aiyuk can be that guy?), that’s why Sanders opened up the offense so much.
              With the interior Oline looking worse than it did last year, its a problem. We need them to upgrade from garbage, to a little below average.

              1. My logic is simple because I’m a simple man. Shanny and Jimmy led the league with a 52.3% conversion to first down rate (56 first downs on 107 attempts) when it came to 3rd down. As long as we have those two, and as long as we continue to be stout defensively, I don’t see anymore issues arising this year from the IOL than we did last year….

    2. I don’t have any missed signings or draft picks in mind but the teams refusal to address the center position baffled me this offseason. I can see the team penciling in Brunskil at Guard but what was the plan with Center? No way the 49ers had any expectation Richburg would be available. Would love to hear from Lynch or Shanny about the player strategy at the Center position. In a division with Aaron Donald you would think the Center position would be a priority.

      1. Agreed.
        This better be the last year SF relies on Richburg “solidifying” the position.

  5. I expect Bosa to join Trent Williams on the All-Pro roster this year. The fact that TW is making such an impact in camp after being out so long serves to give a strong testament to his next level ability.

    It’s hard to imagine how much better this camp match up will benefit Bosa, but it will make him better than his rookie season. Can’t wait!

    Thanks for your report. You are the consummate professional. Hopefully, we’ll see your reports more often.

  6. Doesn’t have to be a jerk about it? How is he being a jerk about it? Odd to drop that comment and not follow up on it.

    1. Rather than the negative connotation a few people have taken that comment in, I think CW was implying he knows he is good but he isn’t a jerk about it.

  7. Looks like Garland is not too injured, that they have signed another center, so I hope he can return to start the season. Then, Brunskill can play RG. Compton does not seem to be winning very many matchups.
    The WRs injuries are concerning, but the Niners are going to run the ball, so they may keep 5 RBs, and only 5 WRs. McKinnon may be utilized as a pass catcher. Hopefully, Aiyuk will be healed enough to play, but they may be cautious, and let him fully heal. If they make him come back too soon, he might tear it even worse. The WR corps may possibly consist of- Bourne, Taylor, Pettis, Jennings and Austin, with Aiyuk returning week 3.
    Guess Dwelley is hurt so bad, they signed another TE. I hope they put Jordan Reed on IR with a mid season designation to return, so he will not have to endure a full season of getting hit.

  8. Strangely , I grew up in the suburbs during the Obama years and everything was fine. There wasn’t an “end of the suburbs ” distopia. LOL.

  9. That Trent Williams is on the 49er roster is a great indication of the dysfunction of the Redskin organization. That team will always be pathetic as long as Dan Snyder is the owner. BUT the story about him having gallons of melting vanilla ice cream placed on Mike Nolan’s desk with a note that said “No more Vanilla Defense” is one of my favorite Dan Snyder stories. And in that case Snyder was 100% correct.

  10. ESPN: Arizona is making 24-year-old, two-time, Pro-Bowl selection Budda Baker the highest-paid safety in the NFL history, giving him a four-year, $59 million contract extension ($14.75M average per year).

    Cards will be a problem for the next decade. Their 4th best receiver is Andy Isabella. We eeked out to victories last year. Week 1 showdown.

    1. Arrow up on the cards and Arrow down on the Seahawks. I would not be surprised if Carrol called it quits after this season.

  11. The AZ game coming up will be fascinating. With no preseason, teams will be coming in raw–potential for piles of penalties and very sloppy play. And maybe a few broken play lightning bolts and season ending injuries. Not a lot of ’20 preseason film to guide game prep.

    It’ll almost be like two groups of surly guys squaring off in a local park for a Saturday afternoon pickup game.

    1. The parking lot will be filled with a few beat-up pickups, a couple 90s minivans, an assortment of Corollas and Altimas, a Subaru Baja, an old Crown Vic with badly clouded headlights, and maybe a rusty 80s Taurus with different color body panels–with taco bell trash swirling around in the breeze.

      1. Ha ha!
        I loved my Ford Tuarus until it shut down on me for no apparent reason, while on a freeway with my family on board.
        No bueno.

  12. Matt Miaocco

    #49ers not practicing:
    Brandon Aiyuk
    Nick Bosa
    Dee Ford
    K’Waun Williams
    Ross Dwelley
    Ben Garland
    Ross Reynolds

  13. Matt Barrows
    Jordan Reed just took part in his first 1-on-1 drills of camp. He went 4-4 vs SF’s safeties, including two catches vs. Jaquiski Tartt, which is no easy feat.

  14. The Niners were ranked first in pass defense. They have essentially an intact squad from last year. They have added Verrett, who is finally healthy, and Cyprien, a grizzled vet with tons of tackles.
    Trading away Buckner was a loss, but they replaced him with Kinlaw, and helped gain Aiyuk. That trade allowed the Niners to extend Kittle and sign Armstead, along with many other FAs. Buckner did have a weakness. He tended to allow the double team to move him, because he was so light. Kinlaw is like an Ent, with his long sweeping arms, and prodigious strength. He can anchor down and withstand the double teams. I fully expect the Niner run defense will improve from being ranked 22nd in the league.
    Kyler Murray may have some weapons, but he will be running for his life. I predict Warner will hunt him down and give him a warm welcome.
    Maybe this defense is only one player away from being elite. Obtaining a 7 time Pro Bowler, 3 time All Pro player, may get the Niners over the top in their quest for 6. Sure, he is a loose cannon, but if he can direct that energy on the field, he can be utilized wisely, and effectively.
    I could also see Richard Sherman’s leadership. He is friends with Thomas, and could be a moderating influence. He could be whispering in Thomas’s ear-‘ Keep cool. Get your revenge on the field…Don’t talk, let your play talk for you…..’.
    I think the Ravens dissed him. They forced him to play a different position, because their system was so different from Seattle’s. Of course they did not like his free lancing. Too bad that trait allowed him to be elite. It was a perfect excuse to get rid of him. Thomas did not start that fight, Clark did by ripping off his helmet and throwing it.
    The Ravens are trying to slither away from that 10 mil guarantee. JH went from -Boys will be boys, to- Conduct detrimental to the team. He should file a grievance, then play for free so there is no offset. A scrub player getting cut for fighting? Maybe. Cutting an All Pro player? Maybe they did not appreciate his talents. With Delpit out, Maybe Thomas could go to Cleveland, so he could play the Ravens twice this season. Cowboys need safety help, so that may also be another logical landing spot for him.
    I must admit, there is no glaring need for Thomas, and it would be a risk. However, he is light years better than Evan Foster, and it would be high risk, but a glorious reward.

    1. Seb,
      If the D stays healthy it is already elite. As to Ariz, in all sports there are teams who just match up well against others and Ariz is that team Vs. the 49ers. Ariz was a losing team last year and still came a whisker away from beating us twice. Hopefully the 49ers will improve this year buts lets be honest there isn’t that much room to get better. Ariz on the other hand was a loser last year so they have plenty of room to improve. I see Ariz being a thorn in our side for the foreseeable future. imho

      1. Old Coach, I agree. The Niners seemed snake bit against the Cards until last season.
        The Cards are a talented team, and are formidable opponents. Like you said, they match up well.
        However, I think KS is a superior coach compared to Kingsbury, so there is that angle to consider.

  15. The 49ers brought in these 4 wr’s, which doesn’t bode well for Aiyuk’s short term availability:

    Ex-Raiders & Steelers WR Johnny Holton.

    Former Bears 1st rounder Kevin White.

    Former Bengals WR River Cracraft.

    Former Falcons WR Justin Hardy.

    1. White was oozing elite potential just a few years ago. Injuries bit him. Would be cool it he still has ‘it’…

  16. Raz,
    How does the team feel about Deebo’ progress?
    As we saw with Trent Taylor, a Jones foot injury is very tricky and can be re-injured with a slight and sudden cut back move.

    The same holds true for a hamstring injury. Aiyuk/team will need to give the leg enough time for a full recovery.
    On the positive side, both Deebo and Aiyuk could be fully whole by 2-3 game of the season.
    On the business side, the team needs to be prepared in the case there are any recurring issues.

    1. Feels like they’re gonna keep him from missing the first 6 games, but I wouldn’t count on him actually playing in the opener either….

  17. Jennifer Lee Chan

    A bit of good news #49ers D.J Jones has cleared the concussion protocol and is participating in practice

  18. Aiyuk is week to week with a “mild” hammy strain. Bosa is week to week with a leg muscle strain, and Ford is day to day with a calf irritation.

    1. Good news is no long term injuries there. With the first game just a few weeks away now I expect those three to pretty much be kept on ice.

    2. Lets put all three in bubble wrap. I believe that Bosa and Ford can both be ready for the opener without anymore contact this summer. Just get them physically sharp. As for Aiyuk ,hammies are bad you can rest and rehab a minor hamstring pull for 6 weeks and go out and pull it the first play you are back. On the other hand rookie wideouts need as much preparation as they can get. Look at Deebo and Jerry Rice’s rookie year they weren’t worth much until about half way through their rookie years. It is a real conundrum.
      On another subject I believe there will be stoppages during the season because of the virus (what makes anyone think football will be different than baseball) so these first 3 games take on extra importance, even though these games will likely be mistake riddled terrible games KS should play them like playoff games. It will be difficult to catch a 3-0 team if we end up with a ten game season. imho

  19. The quality of play we may see on opening day…

    “Craziest play of #49ers practice: Nick Mullens overthrew Dante Pettis over middle, Pettis tried to prevent INT, ricocheted to D.J. Jones for the INT, who hauled towards the end zone. Then Jeff Wilson Jr. chased him down and stripped the ball from Jones for a fumble,” wrote Hutchinson. (KNBR)

  20. Details of the Kittle contract are now out on over the cap. As expected, the base salaries are really low the first two years, and to compensate for the low salary next year there is an option bonus which will help push the cap hit to later years. Cap hits of just over $5M the next two years.

    And while it is reported as a 5 year $75M deal, it is 5 adiitional years, and $75M in new money. It is all additional to his existing contract which had a little over $2M in salary this year. So really he is signed for 6 years, $77M. Quite palatable all round.

      1. Tell us what you know about this CFL player, Dekoda Shepley that the 49ers are working out.

    1. And while it is reported as a 5 year $75M deal, it is 5 adiitional years, and $75M in new money. It is all additional to his existing contract which had a little over $2M in salary this year. So really he is signed for 6 years, $77M. Quite palatable all round.

      That is a HUGE Difference as it puts the Salary at around 12.83 million per season.

      Great find and share Scooter. Thank you.

      1. Hmmm, guess Grant was right. It was for six years, and was done by Friday. The numbers were off, but it sounds like they were negotiating until the last minute. Bechta said so.

        1. Yeah,
          He was right about it being 6 years but off on the money per year by quite a bit. However, he does get some credit considering the length of the deal and time that he broke the news.

    2. This contract is made possible by Niner’s willingness to part with cash upfront, i.e., the $18M signing bonus this year and another $2.3M next year. His fully guaranteed money at this stage is $23.6M for this and next season, which puts him 9th among all receivers in total guaranteed money, ahead of Tyreek Hill.

      The big concession that Paraag made (and the one Kittle really sought) was for the following seasons where the Niners must exercise their option one year early (April 1 of 2022 for 2023 season). This term of the contract puts him in a good position to earn his entire guaranteed money of $40M, which would put him at par with Amari Cooper at #2 in total guaranteed money among pass receivers. So he thus would get “wide receiver money”.

      An excellent contract for both parties.

  21. Kittle calls Bosa’s quads the “quads of the century”

    Well, that’s almost an understatement. At some point, I worry his quads are getting too big, to be honest. That said, I expect Nick Bosa to firmly establish himself as the best all-around DE in the league, as soon as this season. We just need to come up with a nickname worthy of a Marvel action figure or superhero, because that’s what he looks like.

  22. Why so many injuries?
    Well, it sounds like they are hitting hard in the practices.
    Another big factor is the loss of the OTAs and Mini Camp, so the players are not used to hitting, and running drills. Going from sheltering in place, working out alone, to going full speed attacking the offense or defense, just means small muscle pulls and strains are to be expected.
    Resting the injured and pulling starters may be the wisest strategy. That will ensure that the starters can play in the first game. It will also allow the second and third string to be able to compete more, which will allow the coaches to have more film to be able to make better assessments. This will give the new and bubble players a better chance to make the team.
    Putting players on IR may be a good way to stash players, because there are no limits on the amount of players who can return, and they can return by the third game. No wonder JL is signing so many FA vets. The team can have 6 vets on the PS.

    1. Why so many injuries?
      Well, it sounds like they are hitting hard in the practices.

      It’s not powder puff football Nancy!

      1. Yeah, I know you want to make it twice as hard to win.
        A good way to do that is have the offense and defense beat each other up. All these injuries will make it twice as hard to win, and it seems kinda self defeating. However, since you do not have a clue, you like that.
        Bill Walsh was one of the pioneers in light practice walk throughs, instead of full pads twice a day. Guess you think he liked Powder Puff football, too.

        1. Then you would be happy to know your first statement is largely incorrect.

          “Well, it sounds like they are hitting hard in the practices.”

          The 49ers are one of the teams that are have been going very light in practice and haven’t had a full a single tackle session yet in practice.

          1. I listened to Jennifer Lee Chan, and she said there was some hard hitting during practice.
            Guess your beef is with her, not me.
            So, DJ Jones was given a powder puff block, was driven to the ground and suffered a concussion?
            Those one on one sessions between Williams and Bosa sound like a hard hitting battle, not love taps. Bosa is injured? I am shocked, truly shocked!

            1. Yes… I would say it is misleading.

              Per Dave Lombardi “Even with no preseason, the 49ers are going without fully-live tackling at camp”
              “He and cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon, who was tight in coverage, collided. Kittle fell to the ground and popped right back up.

              The whole sequence seemed innocuous, but Witherspoon immediately began apologizing to all 49ers teammates and coaches in close proximity. He shook his head and tapped his chest repeatedly. It was standard body language for: “My fault, that won’t happen again.”

              Grant has also reported that their is no tackling, so its hard to judge the rb’s as they are just being touched.

              In terms of Bosa it was a Hamstring injury, this is normally not associated with impact. See Aiyuk.

              Also in terms of Linemen they have to hit eachother a little bit or they will be completely unprepared come game day… even Walsh did this.

              1. Oh look, Seb wrong again. What else is new.

                Nov.4th Seb. It will be better than winning $200 just to stick in your face every single time!

              2. It is a question of semantics. Hard hitting and live tackling may sound the same, but it is not. Blocking can have hard hitting, with no tackling.
                The players expressed satisfaction when allowed to put on pads. Before, there was no hitting at all.
                I will concede that they were sternly told not to tackle to the ground. Witherspoon just hit their best player, ranked 7th in the league. He should have apologized, and did, because if Kittle gets hurt, their season may be doomed.
                I agree. Live tackling is the best way to see if all the coaching up works, but not if players get injured. There needs to be thorough and adequate preparation before the game. The only way to see if a player can block, is if he does block. That is the fine line. Prepare well enough, but with no injuries.
                I expect they told Kinlaw to refrain from some of his moves. Clubbing and ripping may hurt the other player.

              3. Nov.4th is either gonna by a earthquake in Sebastopol or a blizzard from Canada.
                Either way, a storm is coming!

                Get your popcorn ready.

              4. Oh, look, some Canuck is bloviating again about an election he cannot vote in. He is so conned, he is becoming a cult member. Weak minded tools are easily conned.
                I wonder why he is such a glutton for punishment. He sounds like Herman Cain, who was just dying to support him.

              5. Nov.4th will be a day of reckoning where once again, Sebs proclamations will be front and center.
                Can’t wait! Crow has been ordered.

  23. Ian Rapoport
    The #49ers held a WR workout today, and source said they are expected to sign former #Broncos WR River Cracraft. He impressed this AM and knows the system. SF has not ruled out signing another player from the workout, as well, given their nagging injuries at the position.
    1:33 PM · Aug 26, 2020

    1. I quite liked Cracraft at WSU, but he kept getting injured. Obviously at this point he is unlikely to be anything more than a TC body, but I am not surprised he impressed in the workout.

  24. Jennifer Lee Chan

    There have been a few “dust ups” at #49ers practice today.

    Fred Warner has been in the middle of most of them which is not a surprise. When the team had joint practices w the #Broncos last year he was the instigator that the DEN coaching staff mentioned.

    1. Matt Barrows

      #49ers just has a short-lived but intense scuffle. It started with mild mannered Justin Skule vs.Javon Kinlaw with left tackle Jaryd Jones-Smith coming to Skule’s aid. Helmets were ripped off.

  25. Matt Maiocco

    Everyone’s heart in #49ers secondary skipped a beat when Richard Sherman grabbed back of left lower leg in individual drill. After awhile, he got up put sock and shoe back on and practiced. Sherman had a 95-yd pick-6 of Jimmy Garoppolo (Arik Armstead pressure) to show he’s OK.

  26. Matt Barrows

    Brace yourself for the annual Jimmy Throws Interceptions handwringing. He just threw three — two off of tips — during a red zone drill. Our therapists are standing by.

  27. Sorry for the repetition…today’s practice summary…

    Tight end Jordan Reed continues to impress in 1-on-1 drills. He had a good session going against safety Jaquiski Tartt and hauled in a pair of passes. Fullback Josh Hokit, along with running backs Jerick McKinnon and JaMycal Hasty, had deep grams while safety Jimmie Ward broke up a pass. (NBC Sports Bay Area) DEEP GRAMS?

    The 49ers had what Matt Barrows described as a “short-lived but intense scuffle” between offensive lineman Justin Skule and rookie defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw with tackle Jaryd Jones-Smith coming to the former’s aid. “Helmets were ripped off,” wrote Barrows. (The Athletic)

    Head coach Kyle Shanahan last week shared his perspective on these types of skirmishes.

    “You should always hit a guy back if he hits you, but not on the football field,” Shanahan said. “We’re playing a sport. We’re trying to egg those guys on. We’re trying to get them to punch us in our helmet with the face mask on so they can hurt their hand, and we can smile as they get escorted off the field by a ref.”

    Linebacker Fred Warner also got into it a bit with running back Raheem Mostert. (NBC Sports Bay Area)

    Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo threw three interceptions — two off tips — during red-zone drills. One of the interceptions was hauled in by cornerback Richard Sherman and returned over 90 yards for a would-be score. Defensive end Arik Armstead caused the pressure on the play. Safety Jonathan Cyprien and Kinlaw had the other interceptions. (The Athletic, Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle)

    Said David Lombardi of Kinlaw’s interceptions: “It looked like D.J. Jones tipped Garoppolo’s pass on the line and Kinlaw was impressive on the return. He even made a sharp cut.” (The Athletic)

    Garoppolo, of course, made headlines after throwing five consecutive interceptions during an August 14, 2019 practice.

    Garoppolo recovered with a touchdown pass to wide receiver Kendrick Bourne in traffic. (NBC Sports Bay Area)

    Sherman had a bit of an injury scare early in practice but was fine. That was before his interception. (Bay Area News Group)

    “Everyone’s heart in 49ers secondary skipped a beat when Richard Sherman grabbed back of left lower leg in individual drill. After a while, he got up put sock and shoe back on and practiced,” wrote Matt Maiocco. (NBC Sports Bay Area)

    Practice finished with wide receiver Dante Pettis making a physical catch over the middle with cornerback Emmanuel Moseley in tight coverage. (The Athletic)

    Pettis had three catches on the final drive of practice. (KNBR)

  28. WR Deebo Samuel spent the early portion of practice in cleats doing wind sprints close to 100 percent. Looks like he was moving well. Status for Week 1 is still TBD on his broken foot. #49ers

    — Chris Biderman (@ChrisBiderman) August 26, 2020

  29. Thanks guys, for the training camp news updates.

    I have to admit, of all the reports about TC this morning, I’m more impressed about the turnaround by Pettis. It looks like there has been a fresh mindset and a renewed (more aggressive) attitude.

  30. Intriguing sight in today’s practice: Deebo Samuel (foot) sprinting — hard — on a side field. He had his most intense workout thus far with change-of-direction exercises, etc. He’s pushing to be ready on Sept. 13.

    — Matt Barrows (@mattbarrows) August 26, 2020

  31. If Deebo is ready to go by the first game it will be a big plus for the offense.
    With the regular season just around the corner, perhaps Aiyuk can have a quick recovery as well and be ready early in the season.
    If neither is ready to go, who else starts next to Bourne?

    1. As we all know, hammy’s can be very tricky. Feels good to go, then whoops…there it goes again.

      I don’t think Samuel plays week 1 but I hope I’m wrong. More likely week 2 or 3.

      1. Agree. Week two at the earliest, three or four more likely. The Cardinals game will likely feature a lot of sloppy play…which raises the risk of new injuries and aggravating injures lurking just under the surface.

      2. Agreed on Deebo, Even if all signs were positive I’d probably have him sit an extra week.
        Hopefully Aiyuk will be full go though.

  32. Milwaukee Bucs to boycott Game#5 of playoffs in reaction to cops shooting unarmed black guy.
    Kenosha counterprotest shooter jailed, awaiting extradition back to Wisconsin on 1st degree murder charges.

    1. You are no longer a Police Officer when you shoot a man (with kids in the car) 7 TIMES in the back.

      That is a definition of a COWARD.

      Sick of this B.S.

      How can you love the NFL, spend days reading/copy/paste Training camp reports – and don’t care about the black players after they take off the uniform – reminds me of slave owners/supporters…….

      Repubs talking points is all about fear the dems – but it is the Black people getting killed.

      Disgusting to see all here salivating over camp reports – but don’t want to talk about the lives and fear of the players

      Football is a GAME – this is real LIFE

      White silence against injustice is violence itself.

      1. In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.…MLK

  33. More than 100 coronavirus cases in 8 states linked to massive Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.

    Guess sane minds can all say – We told you this would happen

  34. NBA players are taking a leadership role while our Federal leadership is busy fleecing taxpayers and plotting to steal another election.

    Adrian Wojnarowski
    Inside the locker room, the Milwaukee Bucks were on a conference call with Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, sources tell ESPN.

  35. This is just insane – This White Privilege thing is Real…

    A white, 17-year-old police admirer was arrested Wednesday after two people were shot to death during a third straight night of protests in Kenosha over the police shooting of a Black man, Jacob Blake.

    “I just killed somebody,” the gunman could be heard saying at one point during the rampage that erupted just before midnight.

    “We were all chanting ‘Black lives matter’ at the gas station and then we heard, boom, boom, and I told my friend, `‘That’s not fireworks,’” 19-year-old protester Devin Scott told the Chicago Tribune. “And then this guy with this huge gun runs by us in the middle of the street and people are yelling, ‘He shot someone! He shot someone!’ And everyone is trying to fight the guy, chasing him and then he started shooting again.”

    According to witness accounts and video footage, police apparently let the gunman walk past them and leave the scene with a rifle over his shoulder and his hands in the air as members of the crowd were yelling for him to be arrested because he had shot people.

    Seriously ?

    1. How will pro athletes boycotting their jobs stop police from shooting a black guy?

      Can someone please explain this to me?

      1. If you need it spelled out, it’s because business-as-usual won’t cut it any more. The status quo isn’t acceptable. Our nation will change or eventually fail.

        1. I need it spelt out.
          How does not playing sports stop whacked out cops from shooting black people in the future?

          1. Ok…..Seb twin.

            Nobody with a sane brain expects the boycott to stop police from shooting a black guy…..

            What they keep saying is we are not playing today because we all need to talk about the racial injustice going on ….so ALL we want is for you to LISTEN……

            The game is distracting you from listening…..

            They are saying you are tone deaf and instead of LISTENING to us…..You use dumb excuses like saying we disrespect the Flag or “shut up and dribble” or it’s a football site so we should only talk football….

            So lets stop playing – so we can all talk about police reform.

      2. Seriously prime?

        You don’t get it ?

        I get Canadians (my sister lives in canada ) could be a little slow,…..but seriously you don’t get it?

        Over this last couple of months you have done a good job of morphing yourself into a Seb….

        1. Explain to me how not playing game 5 of the NBA playoffs is gonna stop white cops from shooting people?

          1. You are the only person who thinks a boycott would stop racist white cops…….

            Reasonable minds are talking and listening……

          2. Let me spell it out to you. No Justice, No Peace.
            Canceling games is a form of protest, and it shows that a lot of people are fed up with the daily injustices. This is just another step, on the long road to freedom.
            Players are demanding justice and accountability. They want charges brought, and for the Chief of Police to resign. If they played a silly game while people are getting shot in the back, they would be saying that they are powerless.
            This will make a difference. The drumbeat for police reforms cannot be silenced. Now, a policeman will hesitate to unload his gun in some one’s back, because he will not get a reward, but more likely, jail time.
            Since Kaep started his protests, cops have lost their jobs due to egregious conduct, they lose their pension, and many have been charged in a timely manner. No longer will a rogue cop be able to collect pay, and have the charges dropped eventually. Since Kaep has started a movement, rogue cops have been found guilty, and gone to jail.

              1. Sounds like you are an expert on eating crow.
                Just like the time you predicted the Niners would draft Trubusty.
                This past draft, you predicted the Niners would draft CJ Henderson.
                Does crow really taste like chicken?
                4 years ago, Kaep protested for social justice, decrying police brutality. Right now, he is a hero for starting a movement, and the racist rogue cops will be weeded out, and meaningful police reforms will be implemented.
                Thanks to Kaep, a storm is coming. A storm of Justice, and Righteousness. A deluge which will wash away the stain of racism. An election to restore the rule of law. A storm of Reform.

        2. Since when is being called Canadian an insult? Sheesh. And somehow it’s ok to disparage someone from a particular country but not someone in the basis of ethnicity? Double sheesh.

      3. You are a slow learner.
        Kaep has been proven right, and the shutdown of the league is in response to Trump encouraging police violence, so he can stoke the flames of hate, just to get re-elected. The law and order candidate? He disregards the law, and abuses his authority.
        Now we have Kyle Rittenhouse turning his assault weapon on protesters. Stephen Carrillo killed law enforcement officers in a vain attempt to frame the BLM protests. Have I ever seen a word you have printed decrying the injustices, and heinous vile acts? No. But that makes you complicit. You condone unlawful backshooters, using the cover of authority to brutalize innocent people.
        Kaep was right, and we all have been too apathetic. While I have supported him, I have not done enough to fight for equality, and justice for all. These new atrocities are a call to action, and it will not be business as usual. Police reforms are way overdue. Body cameras should be standard issue, and if a cop turns his off on purpose, he should be charged with a felony- obstruction of justice. Accountability needs to be enforced. The Kenosha Chief Of Police should resign, before he is charged with crimes like dereliction of duty, cover up, malfeasance and protecting a domestic terrorist.
        These recent events now make the blackballing of Kaep, complicit with the abuse of power. The NFL will have a black eye that brings more shame and infamy to the league, until the league relents and allows Kaep to play. He was right all along, and this flaming dumpster fire is so appropriate for this coronation. Right wing terrorists are slaughtering innocent people, and it is all under his leadership, and during his watch.
        In America, there is a long tradition of lawful protest, to effect progressive change. In Germany, the Nazis delared the Jews criminals. Trump has declared the protesters to be criminals.

        1. Just in Seattle. these “protesters” were involved in 2 murders, a rape and much drug paraphanalia. You know all this, Sebs.
          Why have you freely chosen to not talk about any of this?

          Notwithstanding the fact that Kap sucks, he was never into any of this, showed no interest at all in any of it–until his girlfriend gave him his marching orders.

          Kap has confessed he doesn’t like “details”-he just wings it. As such, he never really learned how to read defenses. Everybody who’s ever played the game at any level knows this.

          The only thing u said in your latest sermon that makes any sense is that police reform is needed.

          But these “peaceful protesters”–why not step up to the plate and let them camp out in your 2.5?
          Because you know you’ll have more blood born pathogens in your backyard than Nancy Pelosi will ever be able to eradicate–or in other words,……………NIMBY.

  36. Yes, It would be SO much more influential to carry on as if nothing horrendous had happened at all.
    The difference is that today some leaders chose to lead.
    If that is hard for you to comprehend, I’m not too surprised

    1. Not everyone watches sports. Not all people are influenced by professional athletes.
      So for them to stop performing their jobs, how does that bring awareness to an issue that has plagued the entire existence of mankind since day one?

      1. Well everyone is talking about the boycott – and people would be aware WHY they are not playing…..and uninformed reasonable minds would say…hmm…ok I am listening………

        Actions like game boycotts results in more awareness like the below…….

        Premier League players confirm they will have Black Lives Matter on the back of their shirts in place of their names for the first 12 matches

        1. And everyone said after the George Floyd incident that people were “aware”. That the world was put on notice.
          So again, tell me how not playing game 5 will stop wacked out cops with a lineage of mental health issues from not crossing the line on their job?
          I mean the world is watching but I dont see the world listening.

          My point is that’s not the solution and frankly I don’t know what is but what I do know is, boycotting my job is a joke!

          1. It is deeper – common sense would dictate people would be aware after GF incident…

            This is the same country who in 1955 saw pictures of 14-year-old Emmett Till, an African American from Chicago, brutally murdered for allegedly flirting with a white woman……….his mom had the great courage to share his brutalized face to the public…….I believe that was the first time the whole american white awareness came up……

            Don’t get it confused it is marathon……….it is going to take a bunch of combination of actions that make change…..

            ..to you it’s no big deal…..you can’t knock someone for protesting the way want – if boycott is the protest – so be it….

            …I have already given up dying in a world I dream, but I am happy my life was not in 1800’s or 1950’s, 60’s ……I pray my grand or great children get to live that dream……there will be change, that I guarantee…..it is just nature…..at some point RACISTS will die off………

      2. Dang, ok, think of it as drops in a bucket. Add drops until the bucket tips. The drops aren’t the change, the tipped bucket is.

      3. I think the pro sports strike is brilliant. It doesn’t harm anyone. Not even fans are inconvenienced, as they would be if live games were cancelled. Just some money lost here and there. The players are using their position of power and privilege to make a statement that is unmistakable. And peaceful! No rioting! Republicans can’t send federal agents to force them to play!

      4. how does that bring awareness to an issue that has plagued the entire existence of mankind since day one?

        Prime, let me reframe your question. Besides death, there is nothing more inevitable to mankind than taxes. Who knew that a few 18th century English Colonists grumbling about taxation would lead to anything?

  37. Black men are 6% of the population

    Black men are 30% of the prison system

    That is the insane reality of injustice in the criminal system.

    You can deny and try to avoid the problem but you can’t freaking look to your GOD and not see something wrong.

    …. history, data, facts, reality…. all point to same freaking thing ………this is not how America should be…..we are not living up to the constitution, the ideals, the values, to the core of what America should be…..and it just the racist 30% of the country making us look bad……

    Fourteenth Amendment. Added to the Constitution in 1868, this amendment contains a clause stating that “no state shall . . . deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    In other words, the closest the Constitution comes to guaranteeing or advocating equality is the Fourteenth Amendment’s declaration that the states must provide all people equal treatment under the law.

    1. Onelame and Ribico.
      The poster children for cnn news.
      You two idiots couldn’t put a good argument together if you tried.
      You argue feelings, and leave facts out of it.
      You are the kind of idiots not worth the time anymore.
      I will say this, your outlook is so far out there, to the real “woke” you know those pesky folks who delve in facts and statistics over emotions laugh at you clowns.
      This is why Trump is gaining the black vote and will destroy the two minority haters running.
      It’s funny to see a lunatic SJW like Onelame lost his mind and lost up half garbage “truth” he gets from cnn and msnbc
      Zillow bet he’s one of those White people who tell black folks with opposing views what to think and are in their face.
      This idiot doesn’t mention antifa and BLM riots making the cv 19 positive testing to go up. Nope he uses ND.
      He won’t tell you that the reason cops have run ins more with the black community is because they are guilty of more than half the violent crimes in this country.
      He like all other white guilt antifa boys won’t dare speak on black on black murders. Nope! Doesn’t fit the narrative.
      He also won’t mention that percentage wise more unarmed White people are killed by cops than black and Latino combined.
      He also won’t mention cops are far more likely to be killed by a black man than the other way around.
      And these two idiots certainly won’t mention that in these problem areas they have been controlled by the left for decades.
      Naaa those facts don’t matter.
      What cnn puts out is what matters.
      They are literally defending a rapist who was there when he was court ordered not to be, fought eith the cops, was warned repeatedly not to go into his truck, was tased, already had guns on him and decided to reach in the car anyways.
      They won’t mention that this garbage was going on under Obama too. In fact it’s where this garbage started. Michael brown hands up don’t shoot was factually debunked. The POS never had his hands up. In fact after robbing a store minutes earlier he decided to attack the cop and tried to take his gun.
      Yes folks Onelame, Ribico, and the idiot Seb are the sheeple who actually believe they’re the majority in their group think.
      Again won’t press the real issues plaguing black and Latino communities.
      That’s not in their selective moral outrage book.

      And of course they will ignore the cdc coming clean and admitting more than 90 percent of these deaths were not due to COVID alone.
      What you have here folks are your typical ignorant guilt filled liberals!
      And that’s why TRUMP WILL WIN ANOTHER 4 YEARS!!
      And trust me Onelame aka antifa soy boy.
      You and your comrads really don’t want the silent majority taking the streets.
      But guys like you who have had the opportunity to back your mouth up in public and never show, will just stay being tough on the internet.
      Clown world…. and you three are living deep into it!

  38. Former Falcons offensive lineman Jamon Brown will work out for the 49ers on Friday.
    8:02 PM · Aug 26, 2020

  39. Pencey had his 15 minutes of shame tonight. Remember when he huffed out of a Niner Colts game in protest because a few of the players were peacefully protesting. Remember that the whole thing was a staged photo-op and he flew across the country on the tax payers dime costing nearly half a million dollars. #ClownOperation

  40. My 53:

    Jimmy G (QB)












    *Richburg IR designated to return

    1. Blair will begin the year on the PUP list so there will be one more spot and I believe that either Woerner or Reed will start the year on the practice squad. If those 2 spots open up I believe they would keep Al-Shaair or Kongbo or Tim Harris. Special team value will heavily weight the decision.

        1. Seb,
          I agree I like Daniels over Kongbo but if Blair is unavailable we may need another outside rusher for the rotation.

            1. They brought in Ted Larsen for a look see. I’ll go with Larsen over Compton for the starting RG position, and they haven’t even signed him yet….

    2. Nice list.
      My differences to would be-
      CJB is hopefully traded away. 3 QBs is a luxury. Maybe CJB on the PS.
      They go conservative on Deebo, so he comes back after 3 games. Instead of Deebo, Poindexter makes the 53.
      JaMycal Hasty looks too good, so they keep him, and waive Jennings, who then goes on the PS.
      Instead of Nzeocha and Flannigan Fowles, they keep Al Shaiir and Walker.
      They put Reed on IR so he does not have to play a full season. Maybe even hold him out for the playoffs, to severely limit the possible blows to the head.Chase Harrell makes the team due to his STs contributions.
      I think they keep 6 CBs. Maybe Tim Harris.

      1. I can’t see them going with two QB’s when they’ve gone with three previously and this is a year where you might need all three if Covid shows up. Deebo will be on the opening roster. He’s running hard right now so there won’t be a roster spot for Poindexter. Reed won’t be put on IR unless he really is injured. He’s practiced the past couple of days and looked good in individual drills so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to put him on IR. Who knows how the end of the roster will look when it’s all said and done but there are 16 PR spots where a number of these guys you’ve mentioned will likely wind up rather than on the 53 man roster.

        1. Reed is damaged goods. He is really injured, and probably should retire. His concussion history makes him a super high risk. Concussions are cumulative. How long did Steve Young lie motionless on the field? Too long.
          There is a chance that he could incur a minor hit, and ‘Go to sleep’. Is a man’s life worth playing a game?
          People who downplay the risks may say that it is Reed’s choice to risk all, but they are not doing him any favors. Sometimes, it is better to save a person from making a terrible choice. The concussions themselves may be negatively affecting his judgement.
          As we learn more about concussions and CTE, we should listen more to the Chris Borland’s than Jordan Reed.

          1. If the 49ers were of the belief he shouldn’t play they wouldn’t have signed him.

            1. Personally, after the medical fiascos like Trent Taylor’s infected foot, I would trust the medical people about as far as I could throw one. They allowed Hurd to walk off the field while he had a torn ACL. The roster is looking like a MASH unit.
              Washington deemed AS is healthy enough to play. He almost lost his leg, and lost his life. After 17 operations, he should retire before his leg snaps again.
              JL better think hard about the repercussions, because people like me are waving a huge red flag. I hope they have many EEGs, to establish a base line, and to monitor any changes. It is Pollyannish to assume Reed will not be tackled. If Reed becomes severely injured, JL will have to live with his decision.
              I sure hope that Reed stays healthy and helps the Niners to win a ring. I fear he may lay motionless on the turf, and suffer debilitating afflictions. I do not want Reed to forget where he lives, or who his loved ones are. I hope they take CTE seriously.
              The Niners have Kittle, and Woerner is the blocking TE. They also have Dwelley and Harrell. Reed is not a critical need. Maybe Reed is fully healthy and can take a hit. He could also die on the field. I just do not think the risk outweighs the reward.

              1. Said the person who could not understand why the basketball players were protesting.According to you, they should shut up and dribble.
                Kaep has been proven right, and even Goodell admits he was wrong. Too bad you cannot handle that, so you try to justify shooting some one in the back 7 times. Then you probably applaud Tyler Rittenhouse for bravery, shooting unarmed protesters with an assault weapon.
                Remember, a storm is coming.

              2. Personally, after the medical fiascos like Trent Taylor’s infected foot, I would trust the medical people about as far as I could throw one.

                Seriously? What are you an anitvaccer too? If you get Corona I suppose you wont be going to one of those doctors to get treated.

                In terms of Reed, do I think it’s smart on his part. No. But if he is cleared, is it really our job to make that decision for him? To some extent we have to trust in Science and his ability to make a decision for himself.

              3. 49er doctors have not covered themselves in glory. Years ago, they would prescribe pain killers like candy, and many player’s careers were cut short because the doctors masked the pain and forced them to play hurt. They told Kaep to ice his shoulder. Kaep went to the Steadman Group to get a second opinion, and they discovered a significant tear.
                Maybe you are not aware of this, but a previous 49er doctor drugged interns and sexually assaulted them. He killed himself, after he was caught.
                Like I said, I would trust a 49er doctor as far as I could throw one. They could have caught Trent Taylor’s infection with a simple blood test, but let it fester. ACL? Just walk it off. DJ Jones with a shoulder injury? Oops, it was a concussion. I sure hope they can diagnose a concussion, if Jordan Reed is staggering around.

              4. “Years ago, they would prescribe pain killers like candy, and many player’s careers were cut short because the doctors masked the pain and forced them to play hurt.”

                By this logic, the 49ers coaches today suck because years ago Mike Singletary was once the head coach or are great because Bill Walsh once manned the helm.

                *note* Painting all team doctors with a single brush is the same logic that racists use. I’m not calling you a racist but you are employing similar logic with statements like this. I would suggest to keep your criticism regarding them, to actions that the current staff has actually have committed.

              5. Actually, I described recent recent events with the present Medical staff.
                They were the ones who did not monitor Trent Taylor, so his foot became infected. They told Hurd to walk off the field while he had an ACL tear. They misdiagnosed DJ Jones, but finally found out he had a concussion. If they will miss out on a concussion, will they do the same with Reed? What exactly does his EEG tell them? Or have they bothered to run one recently?
                The 49er medical doctors cleared Reed, but the Washington doctors also cleared AS, and even any common fan knows that AS should retire, and not risk playing this brutal sport. The next time, he may lose his leg, or his life, AGAIN.
                Jordan Reed has had SEVEN CONCUSSIONS. Maybe you are not aware of the Second Hit Syndrome. In the heat of the game, Reed may become concussed. Then the next hit could- ‘put him to sleep’. Forever.
                No, I am not painting all doctors with the same brush. Dr Jobe is a medical wizard, who performs medical miracles. This is just like the rogue cops. there are many fine law enforcement people, but one bad apple spoils the whole barrel.

              6. “They were the ones who did not monitor Trent Taylor, so his foot became infected. They told Hurd to walk off the field while he had an ACL tear. They misdiagnosed DJ Jones, but finally found out he had a concussion”

                Once again you have no proof and no evidence to back this up.

              7. So clueless.
                Trent Taylor did have a post operative infection, despite your denial.
                Hurd was injured in front of Grant, and he said Hurd was not carted off the field. He said he walked gingerly to the training room, then came out later. Hurd does have an ACL tear, despite your denials.
                The medical doctors ran several tests on DJ Jones. They said their tests were inconclusive, so they ran more. The 49ers now say DJ Jones had a concussion, despite your denial.

              8. Infection is a possible side affect of surgery and not a misdiagnoses.

                It’s very possible that you can walk with a ACL, MCL, or PCL tear.

                As for Jones, have you heard of delayed onset of concussion you moron? It can take sometimes hours or days to diagnose a concussion.

                Read a medical journal before you pop off you ignorant fool!

              9. Competent doctors will monitor a patient post surgery. A simple blood test will show if there is an infection, but they obviously did not bother to do that. It cost Taylor a whole season.
                They assessed Hurd for several minutes while he was on the ground. A competent doctor would discover an ACL tear.
                The doctors totally whiffed on DJ Jones’ concussion. Why do you think they will find if Reed is concussed, when tackled hard? I am just relying on the medical literature, when they say that concussions are cumulative. Reed should never play again, but you want him to play, and do not give a damn if he becomes a vegetable, or worse.
                This is like a punch drunk fighter, demanding to keep fighting, even while injured. His concussions are clouding his judgement.

              10. A career landscaper questioning the integrity of professional doctors in the NFL?
                What kind of idiot are you? What’s even funnier is Grant barks and you coming running like the lackey you are. Hilarious.

              11. I’ve walked with a mcl for over a year. When it would “catch” it was painful asf and my knee would swell up, but I just kept on trucking with a limp until it would heal up enough to allow me to walk without a limp, around 2-3 weeks. After about a year and a half I couldn’t take it anymore and got it taken care of….

              12. Seb, you don’t know enough about really playing this game to cast aspersions on the 49er Docs and the the Stanford University Medical Center. For someone like you who sees everybody in some capacity or another as a victim of this, that or some other thing, this game is a collision sport-people get hurt and they have since its inception. What you simply cant see from your perspective is that if your good enough to play, you’ll do everything you can to do so.
                It is a huge rush to run thru people trying to stop you, but can’t…..to fake a guy out and then catch the football…..to thread a needle thru a tiny window. To put a hurt on someone so that they get up dizzy, but do it clean……………..
                I would bet the majority of guys on this blog would have played at the NFL level if they were good enough.
                Injuries are part of the game, Seb—the owners didn’t do it.

              13. Well said Saw. Too bad explaining a logical, well thought analogy to a complete moron, who cannot comprehend reality, is pointless.

              14. Saw, I have played competitive sports, but there came a time when my body just could not perform up to my standards, and I retired. Reed should retire, too.
                Sports is entertainment, and I was fortunate enough to have front row seats to the Glory Years. However, I have also been witness to the realities of NFL football. Players may have achieved greatness, but at what cost?
                Not too long ago, players who were concussed, had an ampule of ammonia broken under their nose, and they were told to snap out of it, then sent back in. The NFL actively and intentionally, downplayed the risks of concussions. They refused to even study the problem.
                It was only after players were shooting themselves, but not in the head, because they wanted doctors to study their brain, that the NFL started to admit there might be a problem. Elderly players started forgetting where they lived, and the true cost of repeated blows to the head, were manifest, and impossible to deny.
                Nick Buoniconte was asked if it was worth it. He stated that Football allowed him to achieve financial security, and the thrill of winning was a great elixir. After a while, he realized that his body was broken, but the mental anguish was excruciating. Towards the end, he hoped no young person would have to endure what he was going through, so he donated his brain for medical scientists to study, once he was gone.
                The NFL is finally starting to take CTE seriously. Yes, there are no more legal blows to the head, and QBs are encouraged to slide feet first. Some consider football today as flag football, but I still can appreciate the game, without the violence.
                I do not really know the game well enough to know there are doctors who are incompetent? Trent Taylor deserved competent care. DJ Jones got body slammed to the ground, and the last thing they do is check for a concussion? That does not sound very competent. I hope the doctors who are allowing Reed to play, will lose their licence to practice medicine if Reed becomes seriously injured. Only a Quack would allow a player who has 7 concussions, to play football again. If the Niner coaches force Reed to block, they will be complicit, too.
                Ol’ Prime thinks it is perfectly fine to walk around with a torn ACL. He also wants to make it twice as hard to win. I do not need a medical license to think that walking around with a torn ACL might injure it further. He then starts calling others morons, but he is really talking about himself.
                ‘To put a hurt on some one so that they get up dizzy’. Guess you are glad DJ Jones got a concussion. I am not.
                ‘injuries are part of the game. Seb. The owners did not do it’. Yes, the owners did send out players, even when they were concussed or injured. They reaped millions in profits, while the players suffered the consequences. That is another part of the game.

              15. Actually, I described recent recent events with the present Medical staff.

                Yes, but you also referenced Smelling salts given to players in the 70’s and Kaep’s injury situation under a different staff.

                As to Hurd, players can walk,jog and run on a torn ACL they just don’t have the stability for lateral Mobility and concussion symptoms are often delayed as was correctly pointed out by a different. Youre trying so hard to find someone at fault that you’re blaming everyone without knowing the details… News flash, not everyone is a monster and even the best doctor that ever walked the earth has misdiagnosed a patient.

              16. Two problems with your moronic explanation there Sebnnoying.
                One, the players assume full risk from when they sign that lucrative contract TIL the day they retire from the game.
                They understand full well what the risks and implications to their short term and long term health are.
                You want to make decisions for them and criticize and judge them when you yourself have never put a helmet on in your life?
                I’d say that’s pretty arrogant and ignorant all at once.

                Second problem is you say the medical staff misdiagnosed and are incompetent with some 49er players?
                Again, you are making statements and judgements with zero facts and zero medical background or facts in stating that.
                These people have licenses. If they are misdiagnosing or are incompetent then most likely their license will be terminated and unable to practice.

                You need step off your throne and make statements based on facts, evidence and research.

                Now go start your lawnmower, smoke your weed and STFU!

              17. Shoup, I brought up the past medical hacks because the league has traditionally used players to play while seriously injured. It is nothing new, and defending those past practices show an extreme lack of empathy.
                Past greats who used to be lions of the game, become pain wracked shells of their former selves, who descend into dementia, and forget the names of their loved ones or where he lived.
                If you want your loved ones to be treated like the 49er doctors treated their players, you are a masochist.
                Walking around on a torn ACL? You can drive with a flat tire, but it will wreck your rim, and bottom out your car. I would like to hear of any doctor, who proscribes walking around on a torn ACL as beneficial.Then i can label him as a hack.
                Doctors are infallible? Like the one who thinks space aliens are spreading Covid 19 through tantric sex? Maybe the one who declared a delusional tub of lard is the most healthy person in the world?

              18. I don’t feel like I was doing or did any further damage by walking around with a torn mcl, but you do suffer the consequences every time that floating cartilage folds and catches. I imagine it’s the same thing with an acl. Both my acl’s are in tact but both my mcl’s have torn and been repaired. I’ve got a huge scar on the left knee from the Marine doctor in ’83 and teensy weensy little scar on the right knee from the civilian doctor in 2012….

              19. “ Walking around on a torn ACL? You can drive with a flat tire, but it will wreck your rim, and bottom out your car.

                Now you are comparing the human anatomy to a mechanical vehicle?
                You truly are the dumbest guy on this blog, hands down!

              20. Sigh, quit embarrassing yourself. Analogies are used very effectively, to drive home a point.
                It is no wonder that you cannot understand that concept, or comprehend its implications.
                Here is another analogy- If you want to get out of a hole, quit digging.

              21. Analogies are used to show similarities. A tire and a knee are not similar you old fool!

              22. Shoup, I brought up the past medical hacks because the league has traditionally used players to play while seriously injured. It is nothing new, and defending those past practices show an extreme lack of empathy.

                1st, No one defended that. I only stated that those doctors are not on the current team.

                “If you want your loved ones to be treated like the 49er doctors treated their players, you are a masochist.”

                If my loved ones needed treatment and were lucky enough to be treated by the best that Stanford has to offer then I would sign up in a heartbeat.

                “Walking around on a torn ACL? You can drive with a flat tire, but it will wreck your rim, and bottom out your car. I would like to hear of any doctor, who proscribes walking around on a torn ACL as beneficial.Then i can label him as a hack.”

                Obviously, the check ACL light wasn’t working on that player. I’m sure if the coaches knew he injured his ACL, they would have kept him off it… but the pain of walking on an ACL injury is usually due to the swelling which takes some time to develop. So right after it happens, it can feel like a cramp to a player, and this is when they might walk on it.

                As to the doctors, I’m confident they didn’t tell him to “walk it off”, after diagnosing him with an ACL, in that case your “hack” statement would be valid.

    1. Here’s what one of our posters thought back in ’15…

      xxxxxxxx says:
      April 30, 2015 at 6:17 pm

      No Grant, Kevin White and Leonard Williams are the best players in this draft … not Amari Cooper.

  41. Strained hammy leaves the 49ers outta Juice.

    Center Ben Garland remains week-to-week with an ankle injury, which Shanahan says is worse than some of the others dealing with similar injuries.

    1. Raz,
      I understand how the C-19 situation needs critical attention given by the NFL in protecting their players and coaches.
      That said, I’m concerned about the quality of play during the first 3-4 games of the season.

      Canceling preseason games could not only prove to give fans a less than stellar product, but put players at risk as well. It would not surprise me if we see more injuries in the first few games this season compared to the injuries of the past, in the first few games.
      Hoping for the best.

      1. Adding insult to injury, pun intended, to your astute analysis is defensively we will be chasing around a chicken with it’s head cut off week 1….

      2. Agree. Looking forward to piles of penalties, turn-overs, drunken sailor behavior on the part of coaches, a few over-the-top crazy good plays, and increased injuries. It’ll be a mess.

      3. AES is concerned about the quality of play during the first 3-4 games of the season.

        But no concern about black players and their families getting killed by police…..

        see priorities…..how someone can be sick in the mind baffles me…

  42. Grant’s reports have me thinking:

    A. Skule is good enough that the 49ers won’t need to resign Williams next year.

    B. They won’t resign Sherman, and the starting corners will be Moore and Verrett.

    1. I think they will try very hard to re-sign Williams (and will cut/ trade Ford to make it happen), but I agree Sherman will likely be playing his last for the 49ers, purely due to salary cap constraints.

      1. I agree. I think the Kittle contract will allow the team to keep Williams.
        Sherman is likely gone, but there are some decent corners coming on the market… and letting Ford go is almost guaranteed unless he has a monster season.

      2. #28 for the Nittany Lions is the closest specimen to Ford’s elite speed and get off that I’ve seen. Gonna keep a keen eye on him this year for strategic improvements in all facets of his game….

          1. No he won’t. He’s far from a finished product but he can get around the edge before you can say Jack Flash. Hand usage, diverse pass rush moves as part of a plan and run defense are the areas he needs to show big improvement over last year, where he was just a situational pass rusher….

        1. It’s obviously way too early to say what they will do next draft, but yeah, if they get rid of Ford like I expect then drafting a replacement early would make sense.

          1. Rousseau will be long gone. They traded for Ford because they liked his speed paired with Bosa. Roche has speed but is he big enough? I think in the same way they liked Kinlaw and his raw potential, Kocurek will see Oweh’s, but he’ll need to show the kind of improvement one would expect from a potential 2nd/1st round player….

      1. Skule wasn’t bad last year, he just needed to get stronger. According to Grant, he has. I don’t think the 49ers can afford Williams next year. Grant reported that Skule has been impressive, and given I wasn’t present, I have to take him at his word. Same goes for Moore. I don’t think the 49ers will pay Sherman, and Moore has been very impressive in man to man coverage, again according to Grant. Oden is a man to man guy, and Sherman ain’t. I will stand by my three predictions for 2021:

        Ford released and the 1st round pick is Oweh.
        Sherman released and Moore and Verrett are our starting cbs.
        Williams signs a massive contract with another team and Skule is our starting LT.

        1. Razor,
          You don’t think they would move McGlinchey over to the left side if he is as improved as Grant described him early in camp.

          1. I mean they might but I’ve come to believe they drafted him to play RT in their scheme, and that’s where I think he’s gonna stay.

    2. The best outside CB on the team – Emmanuel Moseley, just can’t get the respect he deserves. I suppose that’s life as an UDFA?

        1. Nice, Hammer did well. JLS and Maverick advocated for Dante Pettis as a comeback player. All of them just thought that the lack of OTAs and mini camps were mostly responsible for all of the injuries. How about- Maybe the trainers should emphasize more stretching before practice?
          Too bad Leo was disconnected. Hammer went bold, and predicted that Bosa may have a down year, mainly because Buckner is gone, so Bosa will command more double teams.
          All in all, it was a pretty good zoom meeting. Prime got bored, but people with a short attention span, are easily distracted by the sparkly lights.

          1. You enjoyed it because you like amateur hour. It’s what your pea brain can only digest.

              1. I know you are but what am I? Like a child.

                Seb if your gonna talk smack, at least try to sound like an adult!

              2. Why? I have to talk down to your level.
                You are a simpleton, who has never grown up.
                Quit leading with your chin.

        2. Thanks for the link, Jack.

          And good call on Cyprien, as a LB/S Hybrid. He’s certainly built for that, provided his knee is healthy.

      1. #85
        EM made a huge mistake in the 4th quarter of the SB. Once you get in Shanahan’s dog house its not easy to get out. Look how long it took Mostert to get out after a couple fumbles

        1. The Niners don’t even get to the Super Bowl last season without Moseley, so one bad play shouldn’t define him.

          But like so said, life in the NFL is usually always tougher for undrafted players, all else being equal.

    1. Oh, what a beautiful 42 seconds that was, transcending not only MLB, but professional sports in general.

      As for what can only be described as, at the very least, excessive force, in regards to the Kenosha police shooting of Jacob Blake, for me the bigger scandal is …. How in the world is it that, in the year 2020, and entire police department can possibly be allowed to operate in the absence of body cameras? SMH!!!

      1. Or should I say one of the bigger scandals …

        I am not going to even get into the absolute hypocrisy of high powered assault style weapons.

  43. Oh Grant, I am sorely disappointed with you.
    You totally ignored the fact that many teams are protesting police brutality by stopping practices.
    You, by claiming the Niners had only a walk through, then blaming it on injuries, just white washed the situation.
    The Niner players considered cancelling practice. KS made it a walk through, and I am sure there were some behind the scenes discussions about Kenosha.
    All you had to do was acknowledge the unrest, and concede that it is not business as usual. Ignoring the elephant in the room is like Prime wondering why they protest at all. Lowell should also be ashamed of your pathetic response to this social unrest. Your heritage should decry all social injustices, because history tends to repeat itself.

              1. There is no room for homophobic, speculative nonsense on this site.
                Take your hate elsewhere.

              2. Always the victim aren’t you Seb? You are such a low life taking everything out of context.

                Nov.4th, crow will be served all day and night!

        1. Rib,
          I think most of us are going to Grant and Miaocco for our camp info. Until the PD brings in someone to run the blog full time I think you are going to hear outside sources quoted.

        2. Rib, I promised myself I would leave Grant alone on his new gig.
          However, I do not anticipate being banned for differing with his opinion, on this site.
          Just letting off some steam. I thought Grant was better than that.

          1. Promised yourself? You sound like a love sick teenager. The fact Grant tolerated your BS all those years is irony to a T!
            Now you both are left in obscurity!

              1. I was never banned, like you were from Niner Nation. That is so pathetic. You still cant post there! Im still here. Go figure.

                Nov.4th, get ready!

      1. It’s OK. I just read KS, and he sounds like the players are very active and involved, and they talked about what happened this past week after practice. It has shaken them, like it has shaken the Bucks. This is a fight for the soul of America.
        Maybe the players did not formally ask for practice to be cancelled to KS, but I am encouraged by KS’s thoughts on the past week’s police brutality, because it sounds like he gets it. I am also happy that they may not have cancelled practice, but plan on doing something later.
        Considering they cancelled NBA playoff games, and the Giants/Dodgers game was postponed, I am sure they thought about it, but want to do something more meaningful and impactful later on.

        1. Hey Seb, it’s worth remembering that Kyle had this to say on the issue of race, systemic racism, and social justice, back in early June, around 10 days after the killing of George Floyd:

          “I think one thing that bothers me the most, just throughout this all and throughout my own life experiences, is racism is a big deal in our country right now. That’s a fact. That’s not debatable. I think something, just as a white person, that bothers me is that I don’t think all white people realize that. There was a difference between the black friend who was scared, and me who actually wasn’t, because I thought I had rights. That’s a white privilege that not everyone realizes and people need to know, just because you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. People are hurting and black people, mainly, are scared”, Shanahan said. “The disturbing thing is they’ve been scared for a long time. This is the cry for help that they’ve been giving for a long time and people don’t totally listen. I think everyone’s at fault for that. What I hear the most with the players, which I believe in a ton too, is what we can do for the youth and setting examples. If all kids could watch how our players interact with each other, that’s how all people should interact with each other. How the heck are there only four black coaches out of 32 head coaches? How are there only two GMs? I mean, the majority of our players are black. So, the fact that there’s that few, that’s not debatable.”

          Safe to say that the players understand that their Head Coach, Kyle Shanahan, “gets it!”

    1. I’m missing Mike Person on the o-line this year. He was a gamer, left it all on the field. But an even better neighbor. But hey it’s the NFL…Not For Long (baby). The ‘hood isn’t the same…

  44. YouGov poll regarding NBA players’ decision not to play in protest against Blake shooting:
    57% support
    28% oppose

    What if the NFL season got canceled not due to Trump’s incompetent mismanagement of Covid but rather players protesting Racism and police brutality. Of course Trumpy has subtly and overtly fanned the flames of racial division his entire life.

  45. I have been hearing good things about S. Thomas’s camp from multiple sources (one of those being Grant who never had a good thing to say about him ) If he can finally play up to his draft status it will be the most impactful change of the season. If Thomas can get consistent pass pressure from the tackle spot and the rest of the line stays healthy, this D could become the once every 10 year D I thought they could be. Razor I disagreed with you when we drafted him but now I am rooting my butt off that you were right.

      1. Well, at least for now, the “bust” label given by some can be put on hold. I always felt if Solly can add some better technique to his game that he could improve.

        He has spent to much time getting locked up by Olinemen and unable to release from them.
        We’ll see if that changes this season.

        1. Let’s just say I don’t think it’s a coinkydink that his hand to hand combat and pass rush technique have improved after spending a year with Bosa….

      1. Not much. Probably will be a practice roster player at best. Young kid, maybe develops into something.

        1. He had to of shown them something, After All he beat out two vets to get that contract.

          1. Canadians are not the best football players but if there is one position they can be good at, its the offensive line.
            Here’s hoping he can be something for the 49ers.

            1. He looks athletic enough to fit the system, and Benton must have determined he had coachable upside for the position over a vet like Larsen. Seems to me Compton might be the odd man out come cut down day….

              1. Razor,
                Thanks. The kid looks like an interesting signing. Does he have to make the 53 man roster to not automatically return to the CFL. He would be a great addition to the PS. He has the speed to play in KS’s system but could use a year in an NFL weight room.

              2. That’s what I was thinking. Give him a year of seasoning and see how he progresses.

        2. August 29, 2020 at 12:52 pm
          Prime Slime says:
          Not much.

          Excellent! You show your football acumen AND scouting savvy in TWO words!!!
          but wait THERE IS MORE!

          Canadians are not the best football players

          What a great exposure of the Canadian Coward!!!

            1. Moi? Dee is his own poster, and I cannot control him.
              Dee and I used to go at loggerheads with each other, until he found out it was useless, and we can actually have a civil conversation, now. In recognition of our detente, I tend to leave him alone.
              It might help that we both feel the same way about the Imposter in Chief.

  46. Matt Maiocco
    Source confirms the #49ers have signed OL Dakoda Shepley of the CFL. He was named Saskatchewan Roughriders Most Outstanding Rookie in 2019.
    Matt Maiocco
    The #49ers are signing TE MarQueis Gray, says league source.

  47. I’m sorry, but I can’t help after seeing a picture Shepley, of the big football player on the movie “Water Boy” with Adam Sandler.

    Maybe the 49ers found a diamond in the rough, we’ll soon find out.
    Thanks for the news feed, Prime.

  48. Let’s see if White can resurrect his career on this go around. His leg action looks very sharp on this route.

    1. The Niners are scraping the bottom of the barrel. White has little chance, but he is a decent camp body.
      He is a good example why drafting a WR in the first round is a risk. It is better to obtain grizzled veteran FAs, who have should production and durability. White has shown neither.

  49. The 49ers claimed defensive end James Lockhart off waivers from the Steelers on Saturday, according to the NFL’s transactions.

        1. Yes, it is just tinkering. Looks like Lockhart is gone, and they brought back Alex Barrett.

  50. “I often hear from fans that we should just stick to sports. I have to respectfully disagree. Sports has a long history of speaking out for positive change. Jesse Owens. Jackie Robinson. And right here in Green Bay, no better example than Vince Lombardi. He was ahead of his time, signing and supporting Black players, when few in the league did. We wouldn’t have our 13 world championships if it wasn’t for Vince Lombardi. He also went to local businesses and said, ‘If you discriminate against my Black players, your business is off limits to the entire team.’

    “How can we celebrate the achievements of our Black players, past and present, without acknowledging, supporting, and advocating for their basic rights as American citizens? We owe it to our players, to our proud history, and to our community to use our voice as one of the iconic organizations in all of sports to stand up for that tradition.

    “One of the keys I think to resolving this is people in positions of power. Particularly white people. It’s on you to make a difference. The issues we’re facing, they’re not political issues. They’re societal issues. They’re issues affecting basic human rights. And I call on our sponsors, local business and community leaders, and our fans to get behind our players, to get behind the organization and help make a difference on these important issues.

    Packers CEO Mark Murphy’s

  51. “You have to care so much and show the love for people who deserve every bit of the rights to be treated equally and treated fairly and treated straight up,” Carroll said. “They are not able to be fearless like you are. They just want to be like you. They just want to have the freedom and the comfort and the security of living a good life and loving through all of their family’s exchanges and opportunities.”


    1. Thanks for the news feed, morro.
      Webzone has become my go-to site over the last couple of months.
      Gotta have my daily 49ers fix.

      1. Yeppers, Sebynah, 5 TD’s in a row, and take one guess who Grant Cohn had listed at the very top of his not so good section?

          1. Seb was crying last year when Jimmy threw 5 INTs in practice then said Mullen’s was best QB on the roster.
            What a maroon!

            1. I said that Mullens appeared to be healthier. Throwing 5 picks in a row seemed to indicate he was not totally comfortable throwing on his recent rehabbed ACL repaired knee.
              I wanted the Niners to be conservative, and not risk further injuring his knee. Fortunately, the knee held up well.
              I was comfortable with Mullens subbing for JG until his knee was 100%, but nowhere did I ever say that Mullens should ever be the starter over a fully healthy JG.
              In fact, I like JG so much as the franchise QB of the 49ers, I do not think Kaep needs to return to the Niners. I will just wish Kaep well, wherever he goes, once the blackballing stops.

            2. Prime, I’m not throwing shade at Seb, if that’s what you think I’m doing. Seb and I have gone around and around many times over the years. Trust me, I am well aware that he doesn’t always get it right (cough – Kevin Hogan – cough), and I am sure he feels the same way about me (even though he often misrepresents my feelings about Conner Cook the QB), but we have a mutual understanding and enough respect, as to have our share of differences without it devolving into a full blown pissing contest.

              You guys on the other hand, need to chill, don’t you think?

              1. 49, er 85, Thank you for your kind words. I will return the compliment. You are almost as verbose as I am, and I think you can properly frame an argument, using facts and logic in a cogent manner. I certainly do not think I am Infallible, just like you.
                I have tried very hard to ignore Prime, but he keeps haunting my posts. If only he would get a clue, and stop the insults, but he seems to think he is sounding smart by acting like a spoiled brat.
                If you will notice, I only respond to his screeds, but it seems as if I ignore him, that just encourages him.
                Some day, he will learn his lesson.

              2. No need to explain, Seb, I know who the instigators on this blog are.

                Keep doing your thing, brother.

                I am working on my final roster projections, hope to post it in the next couple days.

              3. 85, sorry about Luka. They really missed Porzingis. Or was AES the Mavs fan?
                Looking forward to your final roster prediction. I wonder if Hasty will make the 53.

              4. Really #85 The Unicorn?

                Seb has driven away so many of the long time posters and he has multiple aliases on the blog. Dee Phiant being his latest.

                I can most certainly chill but as you will see, Sebnnoying is nothing more than a cancer on here.

                So with that being said, I will chill and watch how this place turns into a further gong show!
                Good luck!

              5. Prime, I’m all for healthy debates, and, BTW, I actually appreciate what you bring to the table when it comes to the sport of American Football. But, Sebnynah has been contributing to this blog for as long as I can remember, and I also appreciate what he brings to this blog as well.

                That said, even you have to admit that these days, the interactions between you and Seb have devolved into something else entirely. That’s all I am saying.

                So stick around Prime, and let’s talk about the ways in which the 2020 49ERS defense is going to start the season by absolutely dismantling the competition, while the offense eventually evolves and get’s in on the action, turning this team into a juggernaut heading into the postseason.

              6. Slime Time can you stop telling everyone that Seb and I are the same.
                I know you think you’re smart caus you figured it out but why do you have to soil the fun for all the newbies who don’t know! Let them think we are two separate entities and you , as the Canadian Coward, are able to fight them both,single handed! Just like a real Canadian football player….

        1. #85,
          Yup, Garoppolo’ quicker decision making caused him to throw 5 touchdowns.
          Sheesh, you can’t make this stuff up.
          But, sometimes you just have to consider the (unprofessional) source.

            1. I’d love to have Jack expand on this, and get his point of view as to why Grant’s practice reports are often at odds with other reports, and occasionally even his own. I think it’s only fair after sitting through Jack’s well thought out, but head-scratchingly limited, 49ers Stock Report – Preseason Edition.

              What say you, Hammer?

    1. My bad. Just saw the headline- Matt Patricia is replacing himself.
      Upon further reading, he is giving up the defensive play calling duties.

    1. Lol. He’s linking nut job Federalist? The site that makes Breitbart look sane? Whatever, sour dude.

    1. “Consider the source” is right!

      Kind of reminds us of this sell out – South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. Here’s Graham on Trump back in 2016: “I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.”

      The sad truth is, the South Carolina senator has been far from alone in his self-debasement at the altar of Trumpism. Fox News and talk radio have also reversed themselves on Trump’s qualifications. But in the right-wing media realm, no conservative outlet has flip-flopped to such extremes as THE FEDERALIST, a shameless online publication founded by Ben Domenech, a former Washington Post blogger who was fired by the paper for serial plagiarism. Before Trump became the Republican nominee, Domenech and his publication adamantly opposed the former (and current) reality TV host. Domenech was even invited to appear in National Review’s “Against Trump” symposium, where he denounced the candidate at length. Yet, like so many on the right, once Trump attained full control over the GOP and Republican voters began uniting behind him like moths to a flame, or cultist to their dear leader, THE FEDERALIST turned on a dime and began slavishly defending Trump at almost every opportunity.

        1. Yah, sure they are, sour sam. That’s about as believable as the idea that Joe Biden isn’t a humble Roman Catholic.

          Biden, of course, never implied substituting the teachings of one religion over another, but encouraged learning broadly about the “confessional faiths”, or faiths usually associated with a formal statement of doctrinal belief, including different denominations of Christianity and Judaism.

          Joe Biden has for years, written and spoken publicly about his unbreakable Catholic faith. Most recently, Biden has leaned into his religious commitments, emphasizing his Catholic faith during the Democratic National Convention.

          On the other hand, Conservative Christian’s mistaking Trump’s beliefs for something they plainly are not, only perpetuates the cycle that has driven so many people away from Christianity in the 21st century.

    2. Scump holds the Bible upside down in front of a Holy Church!
      Something only a devil incarnate would conceive of doing…

  52. I think we have entered the bubble wrap portion of camp. I see the team doing anything to protect the starters. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite them in the butt, with players who are not mentally and physically prepared to play games. I strongly believe that there will be work stoppages a couple of times this season and they will be lucky to play 10 games. That makes the first 3 games far more important than usual. If a team starts slowly they might not have the time to make it up.

  53. My Point is still valid Seb and Basement Bunker Biden have been sniffing too many children!!

    1. Biden is the Trojan horse for Marxist movement?
      Maybe you did not see Trump sniffing the rear end and licking the boots of Putin, the biggest Marxist in the world.
      Biden would be tough on Russia, not be a limp surrogate, cutting and running so Russia can expand its influence, like Trump has done.
      Putin put a bounty on American troops. Trump has done nothing, except deny the possibility. He can ignore the intercepts and wads of cash, but American soldiers will remember this shameful act, November 3rd.
      Once again, I will state that some fools will be voting against their own self interests, because Trump is conning them. Do not worry, there will be some blockbuster revelations, and Trump will implode, and fail another cognitive test. Bragging about acing a cognitive test, is the surest sign that he failed it. The very fact that he had to take one, is a sign that some people around him are worried that he is losing touch with reality.

  54. San Francisco 49ers
    The #49ers have placed LB Fred Warner on the Reserve/Covid-19 List.
    1:17 PM · Aug 31, 2020

  55. @ CTC Wait for the debates Dementia Democrat Joe aka (Basement Bunker Biden) will be stuttering and stammering all over the place with word salad. America will all realize (those that haven’t already) Biden is a Trojan horse for the Marxist movement.

    Biden the Pro– late-term-abortion Catholic lmao.
    and he is quoting the koran, wake up!

    1. LOL you are quoting verbatim from right wing conspiracy nut websites that are as credible as Trump in telling the truth. It’s not like the facts and info aren’t out there for anyone to look at if they want to know about any of this but you’d rather be happily ignorant while posting BS and misdirection in a desperate attempt to get people to look away from the Dumpster fire currently residing in the White House. Educate yourself instead of engaging in conspiracy theory and looking like a moron.

        1. “Pro-abortion” is a wholly misleading term, because it implies advocation.

          Joe Biden is actually “Pro-choice”, meaning he is not advocating for abortion, rather he believes it’s a personal decision, and should remain a personal decision. He also believes abortion should remain legal but rare, which is a position held by the majority of Americans, and considered settled law by the Supreme Court, as laid out by our constitutional bill of rights.

          1. Ribico and the truth,

            I don’t know about you guys, but it never ceases to amaze me how conservatives believe the U.S. Constitution is absolute, UNLESS it’s something they disagree with, in which case it becomes nothing more than an abstract construct.

            1. CTC, par for the course. Those supporting the “law and order” president overlook the vast number of his associates arrested/convicted/imprisoned for thumbing their nose at the law. Bannon, Stone, Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Cohen, Papadopoulos….

              He also believes abortion should remain legal but rare, which is a position held by the majority of Americans

              Also held by a majority of Catholics. I guess there’s a whole bunch who won’t be receiving communion?

  56. Hammer was one of the people flipping out about JG’ s five interceptions last year. However, his tune regarding JG changed drastically by the end of the year.

    Grant on the other hand still put JG in the “not-so-good-list” because of one interception in a TC practice. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      1. So crickets when he throws five consecutive TDs in a TC practice. BTW: Your tune sure as hell did change. By the end of the season you were an ardent defender of negative comments made against Jimmy G. But hey, I’m not complaining, it’s good that you’ve seen the light :).

        Like Jimmy said, practice is for attempting throws and testing the limits of both the QB and the WR. Throwing interceptions helps him understand which throws he has a low probability of completing and therefore shouldn’t attempt in the normal course of a game. It also lets him know what he and his receivers need to work on.

        1. “practice is for attempting throws and testing the limits of both the QB and the WR. Throwing interceptions helps him understand which throws he has a low probability of completing and therefore shouldn’t attempt in the normal course of a game.”

          Garoppolo had the 7th worst interception percentage in the league last year.

  57. Grant is just being Grant. He likes those hot takes, because they generate feedback and pushback.
    JG is being dissed by Grant, and no one else is doing that? One un-named poll had JG as a third tier QB. Many think the Niner defense was responsible for the SB run. They thought JG was an adequate game manager, but not elite.
    Fortunately, JG is a seasoned pro, and realizes that it is just part of the job description. He knows they are jealous of his good looks, so they try to diss him in any way possible.JG knows that his job is to never let them see him sweat. He is taught to ignore the screeds, or better yet, let those attacks be used for motivation to prove them wrong.
    Yes, 5 picks is bad, and 5 TDs is good, but they need to be put in context. JG knows that everything that happened in practice is important, but not a tenth as important as during a real game that counts. So, what happened during the games? JG tended to throw almost a pick a game, so it was a concern. It was even more disconcerting to see him throw without seeing where all 11 defenders were playing, so sometimes, he threw it right to a defender. JG is not perfect, and has room to improve. Hopefully, with more experience, JG can reduce the amount of picks, which will help him win more games. He should practice looking off the safeties, so they cannot read his eyes and jump the route.
    However, I am not too worried about his ball security. He may have one lapse per game, but he makes up for that by having multiple good plays. JG also does not let a pick rattle him, like it does with so many other QBs. He has a short memory, like a good reliever, who will forget that his last pitch went over the wall.
    Grant put JG in the not so good column. That upset many die hard fans, but that was he intended.

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