Vernon Davis: “I have nothing against Harbaugh. He can say the worst things about me, I don’t care.”

SANTA CLARA – Vernon Davis was interviewed outside the 49ers’ locker room Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript:

Q: How is it being back?

DAVIS: It’s great. It’s great being back. I’m extremely excited to be here and working with the guys again.

Q: Was it an easy decision to come?

DAVIS: It was a very easy decision. All you have to do is think about the team, and that’s what I did. I thought about my teammates, especially some of the guys like Frank Gore, guys who are on the last end of their contract, guys who I love and would die for. There is nothing like being here. There is nothing like it. It’s great. It’s such a blessing to be able to go out here and practice with these guys and get better.

Q: What do you hope happens with you contract?

DAVIS: You know what, that’s in the past. I’m not really worried about the contract. That’s between the team and my agent.

Q: Have they given you any indication that they’re going to talk about the contract now that you’re in camp?

DAVIS: You know what, that’s not my focus right now. That’s between the team and my agent at the moment. My focus is out here, trying to get better.

Q: How did you stay in shape while you weren’t here?

DAVIS: Just training, just practicing, just giving my all like I try to do each and every offseason. Just staying on top of it. It’s a business – you have to take care of yourself and do the proper things that it takes to be good at your craft. That’s what I’ve pretty much been doing.

Q: Where did you train?

DAVIS: You know what, I go right over to my gym, D-1 Sports, and I train there. I put all the work in that I possibly can to get better each and every day.

Q: Do you think it was a mistake to miss training camp?

DAVIS: You know what, at the time, sometimes things happen. I can’t really speak for that moment because, as I said, right now I’m just focused on training camp and I’m just trying to get better. The only thing I can think about right now is being out here with these guys and getting better.

Q: Did the 49ers fine you for the time you missed?

DAVIS: I’m sure they did. Absolutely.

Q: $270,000?

DAVIS: Oooh yeah, absolutely.

Q: Was it worth it to you?

DAVIS: You know what, I just love playing football. I love playing football. Any time that I’m away from these guys, I’m hurting, I’m hurting. And it really hurt me to be away from this group because we have such a special group. We definitely have a playoff team and we definitely want to get back to where we left off.

ME: So why did you do it? Why did you hold out of OTAs and mini-camp?

DAVIS: You know what, the contract issue is up to my agent and the 49ers, like I said. Just like anything, everybody always wants a deal – every player in the league. It’s just the nature of the game.

Q: Do you regret the media tour you did, going on ESPN and making those comments?

DAVIS: I can’t really, I vaguely remember the things that I said. I can’t really remember at the moment.

Q: Now that you’re here, you’re in it to win it, though, right? Regardless of your contract situation.

DAVIS: I’m in it to win it. It’s all about the team. It’s all about winning games.

Q: What’s your take on the playbook and what they did to simplify it?

DAVIS: I think it’s great, some of the changes that they made. I can’t really get into it like I want to because that’s our business here. The playbook is tough, it’s challenging. But the key is staying on top of it during the offseason, when you’re not doing anything, when you’re just sitting around. Stay on top of it. That’s something I had the opportunity to do even though I wasn’t here. I stayed on top of the playbook because I knew that eventually I would be back here.

Q: Jim Harbaugh had some pretty pointed words during your holdout. Did he have a conversation with you specifically?

DAVIS: No, he didn’t, he didn’t. But you know, as a coach, you’re supposed to do the right, you’re supposed to say the right thing, you’re supposed to be all about your team. I have nothing against Harbaugh. He can say the worst things in the world about me, I don’t care. He’s my coach. I’m still going to love him regardless. I come here to do my job and that’s it.

Q: Are you happy?

DAVIS: I’m elated. Everyone is excited to be here. We look forward to the future. We’re optimistic about the whole entire season. We’re just trying to get from Point a to Point B. We can do that by going out here and putting it all together and keep getting better.

Q: What do you think of Alex Boone holding out?

DAVIS: I have nothing to do with Alex Boone. That’s between him, his agent and the team.

Q: Are there going to be enough balls to go around with all these new receivers?

DAVIS: I hope so. It’s going to be great. We’ve got Stevie Johnson, (Michael) Crabtree, we’ve got all of those guys. At the end of the day if I’m just blocking, that’s good, too. If they’re catching passes, that’s good for me as well.

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  1. Why do you try to create drama Grant… why not post the entire quote?

    ” I have nothing against Harbaugh. He can say the worst things in the world about me, I don’t care. He’s my coach. I’m still going to love him regardless. I come here to do my job and that’s it.”

    1. Yeah, I must say, that headline in isolation suggests indifference towards Harbaugh. The full quote from Vernon suggests he understands Jim’s comments are for the good of the team, which he respects.

      But, you have to admit, it gets people’s attention.

    2. Anyone see VD is referring to himself now as “Captain Torpedo” LOL I love it!!!

  2. Give you props in asking the questions, but everyone knows the “Brand” not going to answer them truthfully. After all Grant you and the Brand are never wrong..

    1. Hahaha!
      You know what? His agent told him to smile and button his lip. To his credit, he’s doing it. Wait, is that trying to control the news? Or brand management?
      Come to think of it, his reaction is probably the pre-agreed upon one between HC, GM, & Agent as the Agent & Paraag roll up their sleeves.
      Boonie, you watchin’ Bro? Get your mojo working (behind the scenes.)

  3. You know what? Grant will be along shortly to tell us why it would be a mistake to read Davis’s words as anything but defiant. That entire interview was the antithesis of concessionary. Look at the headline. Davis doesn’t care what Harbaugh says about him. That’s nothing but defiance.

  4. $270,000. I know Vernon has lots of money(and a Jamba Juice franchise), but damn.

    1. I hope he makes that money back when he gets his new contract. That’s a tough amount to swallow just to make a point.

  5. This post is Grant’s homework for a class he’s taking at SJSU — Headlines and Your Career 101.

  6. So which reporter is it that doesn’t know the different between OTA’s and training camp?

  7. They also makes it sound as if Harbaugh said something terrible.
    -HARBAUGH: ‘Yeah, I’m disappointed in that decision, for them not to be here. There’s a voluntary segment to the off-season and we appreciate those guys volunteering to make the team better.
    Now it’s mandatory and wish they–not the decision that I envision being the 49er way. Really nothing more to be said about it than, the focus will be on what’s going on here.
    Now others may try to make the focus on that story. But our story is the football side of it.’
    Seems relatively benign to me.
    So what’s the big deal???

  8. You media people really try to irk someone to say something to sell a story. Asked him 10 times about his contract and hold out. jeez. Football is back.

  9. As a follow-up from yesterday’s story, this one has no substance as well. Just another poor effort to create a story that has no foundation to build from.

    BTW, I honestly don’t remember Harbaugh making any disparaging comments about VD either than the standard verbiage during VD’ OTA’s absence.

    1. To be fair to the reporter who was asking VD regarding Harbaugh’ “pointed words during your holdout” question.
      It was VD, not the reporter who exaggerated (imo) his answer to the question.

      VD could have been less subtle with his answer, but I understand what he was trying to say.
      No biggie.

  10. Someone asked Harbaugh: ‘Did you get solar power on your house?’
    Harbaugh answered: ‘Yes, how did you know that? It’s great. Fantastic.’
    So…I wonder which reporter is the stalker of the group…

  11. “All you have to do is think about the team, and that’s what I did”. This guy has politician written all over him…..

    1. Vernon picks his words very carefully and he still manages to say some pretty stupid things sometimes.

  12. Grant is trying in vain to make Vernon say or look like they’ll still rework his contract while he’s in camp. Of course they won’t. It’s a done deal. Vernon caved. The team won. Grant lost his argument that Vernon had the leverage. He never did. Grant got revealed.

  13. Btw. Vernon is the most naive and foolish player on our team. Everybody makes fun of him. His interviews are pretty much absurdish and easy to laugh at. He’s good natured and a good guy but is like the clown of the team. The Cohn’s love him because he answers their questions thoroughly. Sometimes their questions have a lot to be desired.

  14. According to Michael Robinson Marshawn Lynch is holding out from training camp.

  15. Grimey,
    I was watching NFL Network when Michael Robinson said he had just received a call from Lynch.

    The problem I have with this story is that I would think that there would be some sort of discussion between Lynch and his agent before breaking news like this on live TV.

    Maybe I’m naïve on how this type of news should be presented, but isn’t there some kind of league/team protocol for a player on making an unofficial proclamation like this?

    1. It would be obvious to everybody as soon as camp opens and he’s not there so I don’t think it matters much.

      I think it’s hilarious how after he says it on TA they run it in the lower third crawl as “Breaking News” over and over.

  16. I really like VD and I think that Grant is always trying to trash Harbaugh or the team. Or, maybe he’s just trying to generate controversy and clicks. Mission accomplished on the clicks.

    I’m glad VD is back. He’s the “Renaissance Man” on the team. An artist and a very smart dude. Better yet, he’s a heck of a TE and I’m glad that he at least recognizes that he may be blocking more than in the past because of the WRs who were acquired.

  17. This article’s title is extremely misleading. That VD quote is so badly mangled it changes the entire tenor of VD’s statement.

    An agenda?

  18. Thats because Grant reaaly hates the Niners I think its pretty obvious to everyone.I understand not being a fan and giving an unbiased opinion but you shouldnt cover a team that you despise..It makes him come off as unprofessional. .Jmo.

  19. Sounds like jimmy ward is on it already…third play of practice he got his first interception!

  20. Harbs and Grant are buddies. I’m not kidding. Jim looks out for Grant and treats him fine, more like a rookie player than a young writer. And my source for this is for real.

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