Vernon Davis says he’s “not sure” if he will play Sunday, says 49ers’ offense “can’t do much without” Frank Gore

SANTA CLARA – Vernon Davis was interviewed at his locker Friday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: Do you think you’re going to be able to play on Sunday?

DAVIS: I’m not sure yet. I’m just going to play it by ear at the moment, continue to keep working and, hopefully, I will feel ready on game day.

Q: So are you going to wait until an hour before the game to get out and there test it?

DAVIS: Twenty five, thirty minutes. About an hour.

Q: Percentage-wise, how healthy are you?

DAVIS: A lot better than last week.

Q: You must have been frustrated last week.

DAVIS: Yeah, it’s tough. When your guys are out there battling you want to get out there because you know you can contribute and help them. That’s why I say I just take it one day at a time. Can’t get too overwhelmed. Just go off of how I feel.

Q: Did you expect to make this much progress with your injury?

DAVIS: They told me two-and-a-half weeks or so. We’ll just take it day by day.

Q: No pain when you’re running now?

DAVIS: There’s pain. There’s still pain.

Q: What’s the extent of that injury? What exactly happened?

DAVIS: I think it was…a deltoid? In your ankle? First time hearing about that one.

Q: Don’t know if that’s a deltoid.

DAVIS: He said deltoid. That’s what I got in my text message, deltoid.

Q: Isn’t that in your arm?

DAVIS: Yeah. I was like, hold up, what is that? Are you looking at the right film? What is going on?

(NOTE: There is something called a “deltoid” in your ankle. It’s a ligament.)

Q: Where does it hurt?

DAVIS: It’s pretty much the band around both ankles. Around the front and alongside both ankles. Swelling.

Q: Did you say how many snaps you expect to play on Sunday?

DAVIS: I didn’t say that. Not sure. Day to day. Game-time decision.

Q: When you get back out there, how much will that help the run game with its blocking?

DAVIS: The thing about this offense, the thing that I really appreciate about it is that we’re run and pass. Everyone gets a chance to get involved, especially Frank Gore. We can’t do much without him. We’ve got to get him going. Got to get Crabtree and Anquan and those guys involved, as well as the tight end position. And just keep going one game at a time.

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  1. “It’s pretty much the band around both ankles.”

    I thought he hurt only one of his ankles? No wonder he’s been hobbling if he did both.

  2. Davis is critical because he is the only guy who is able to get separation deep. just don’t
    see the same Gore-i think he has lost it with age. Seattle and the Rams created the blueprint
    on stopping the niner offense by keeping at least 8 on or near the line of scrimmage, effectively stopping run and short pass attack. Baalke continues to miss out on fast-big talented wr’s and rb’s. Harbaugh is too conservative on offense and has not pressed Baalke
    to get better skill set players like Paul Richardson and Cody Latimer.

    1. “to get better skill set players like Paul Richardson and Cody Latimer”.

      Of all the WRs from this years draft you could have mentioned you go with these two? Ellington, a 4th rounder, has been more useful to the 49ers than either of these 2nd round guys have been to their teams so far this season…

        1. Or Allen Robinson. He’s the guy I really liked, other than Beckham. He’s looked good the past couple of weeks as he’s taken on a larger role in that offense. 11 catches for 154 yards on 16 targets the past two weeks.

    1. Yea, not sure who asked that, but it was good to get clarification. Should be Dawson’s or Lee’s responsibility to make sure everyone is on the same page when on on the field of play….

    2. It seems like the verbiage has changed. There’s a lot of miscommunication on offense, defense, and special teams

  3. I wish he’d figure out if he’s playing or not because I need to make some changes to a couple line ups if he isn’t.

  4. I think the team can win without Davis, but the coaches need to get Gore and Hyde more involved.

  5. So Grant, are you going to make a prediction on this game?

    After watching the first game, I told my dad I wouldnt be surprised if we lost the next three games as I our Offensive line was very weak against what was thought to potentially be one of the worst defenses in NFL history. Dallas has since shown some fight on defense, but our O and D lines still struggle to controll the Line of Scrimage which has long been a halmark of this team. And without the ability we dont have an identity.

    The truth is I was hoping we could eek out some early wins, so we could sneak into the playoffs about the time we are getting healthy. Not sure if that is a likely possibility any longer.

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