Vic Fangio on Tank Carradine: “He’s got to do better from an assignment standpoint for us to feel comfortable to play him.”

SANTA CLARA — This is what Vic Fangio said Sunday afternoon about Tank Carradine, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. staff.

How has Carradine looked?

“He’s getting better. He looks kind of like I thought he would. He’s healthy, which is a good thing. He was never healthy last year and now he’s getting a chance to learn and show what he can do mentally. He’s got a ways to go there yet. Like I’ve said, sitting in those meetings doesn’t mean you’ve learned it and he’s living proof of that. So, he’s got to do better from an assignment standpoint for us to feel comfortable to play him. Right now he’s missing too many things mentally.”

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    1. And they picked up L’Damian Washington who is basically a younger, slimmer Jon Baldwin. Good move.

  1. I recall a Fangio interview from last year. When asked to compare Tank with RayMac, Fangio said he’s a long way off before you can begin comparing the two players. We all know Fang loves his vets, and RayMac is a favorite of his

  2. Peeking at the HOF game… Of course a player named “Kyle Williams” is involved in a fumble

  3. What I take from that is that where he may not have mentally arrived the rest of his game is legit..

    1. Undisciplined at this point? Could play for Schwartz, but Vic’s about coordinated play. He will still be in there to bring heat, but he’s not Cowboy’s replacement until his teammates know he’ll be where he’s needed.
      Borland got mentioned in that regard too, but is further along. Ward too. Vic has expectations.

  4. How can Tank sit in meetings for a year and not know what the hell is happening out there??? Inexcusable!!!

    1. Well, Fangio did say “…sitting in those meetings doesn’t mean you’ve learned it…”

      1. Translate film to field. Different strokes for different folks. One-on-one is good, “Money!” is better. Adapt. Make it work.

    2. Dudes clearly not the smartest, but give him time. Keep in mind they don’t draft PhDs. These guys are football players, some dumber than others.

    1. Absolutely! Just how I see it with Carradine, Borland and Ward. They’re his Boyz, but he’s a mean ol’ daddy. Yota.

  5. there’s nothing better for experience
    than experience ..
    We’ll see him in the pre season… and then he’ll have
    some film on himself to reflect on

  6. I got a chuckle out of a piece on PFT this morning about how Coach Marrone’s sideline Tablet wasn’t working for part of last night’s game. The laughs are in the comments section.

  7. Funny how people think you’re supposed to sit in film watching others and then be an all pro on the field. It doesn’t work like that. You have to train your body to do those movements. Tank will be alright.

  8. Congrats to former 49ers QB, Jeff Garcia. He was hired as an offensive consultant for the Montreal Alouettes.

    1. Indeed, I hope this is the beginning of a successful coaching career for Jeff. Would love to see him back on an NFL sideline some day.

    2. Hammer,
      Good for Jeff.
      I’ve always loved his passion and knowledge of the game. Hope he has a very successful coaching career in Canada.

  9. Off topic here.
    But does anyone know if Aldon Smith has begun to serve or has already served any Monday court ordered service?

    Aldon’ meeting w/Goodell may only result in a slap on the wrist ala the LA city attorneys office.
    The fact that Goodell has set this meeting out of convenience (49ers in Baltimore) gives me hope that Goodell is not viewing Aldon’ situation with a sense of urgency.

    League offices have revealed that they are concerned about a “pattern” of misconduct and behavior which puts Aldon in a bad light.
    We will likely have an answer on all this as early as Friday or sometime next week.

    1. I’m sure he served last Monday. I believe he’ll continue to serve on Mondays until completed….

      1. Good. If he delayed it might result in missing the Rams game on Monday, Oct. 13.

      2. Maiocco: “It’s Monday (obviously) and Aldon Smith is on the practice field…”

        1. Wouldn’t this be the perfect time (before season starts) for Aldon to work off his court ordered service?

          What’s the wait for?

  10. Did anyone here go to the Earthquakes/Sounders MLS game at Levi’s? I’ve read across the interwebs that folks who went said that even with a 45,000 crowd (2/3ds capacity), the place was very loud. The sound did reverberate off of the glass and metal media tower onto the field. The broadcast guys apparently noted the sound, and the players said the noise definitely played a role in the Earthquakes’ win.

    Bodes very well for a full capacity NFL crowd noise advantage on 49er gamedays. Very exciting stuff.

    1. Adusoron,
      Soccer fans can be pretty rowdy and loud. Glad to hear that the sound acoustics are good at the new LS.

      Just hope that we still have a good contingent of the Candlestick crowd at the new park that outnumbers the mild/conservative corporate types :>)

    2. Adusoron,
      The San Jose Mercury (Sunday sports section) has an Earthquakes fan response regarding their experience at the new stadium.

      It’s more of a mixed-bag with the people that went to the soccer game. Most of the complaints surrounded the public transit services and the park received positive remarks.

  11. “Casper – No need to cut and paste local news tough guy. We are not helpless.”
    Clap 15

    I dunno, you seem pretty helpless keeping your head out of your ass…

    1. I like how even though there have been a million articles and reports on this feud that 100s of millions of people were able to witness on live TV, they still feel the need to describe the entire scene for scene detail of that post-game interview.

  12. It remains to be seen how enhanced enforcement of def holding & illegal contact will actually play out, but it could frustrate defenses and light up the scoreboards. If so, that pretty much leaves pressure on the QB as the only way to defend the pass. They’ve outlawed thuds & tugs by DBs.

      1. I find it hard to believe that Roman is not creating other redzone options for CK aside from the corner fade (which seems to his kryptonite).

    1. Harbaugh might well be forced to use an offense focused on the passing game if the RB position keeps getting hit with injuries.

    2. They’re taking a chance he doesn’t get picked up. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone snags him.

      1. No one is going to pay Hunter $645k to sit on the bench all year when he’s a free agent next year.

        1. Exactly, and even if another picked him up all the 49ers would lose is the first chance to negotiate with him after the season is over.

    1. Only took him 674 words to convince me he’s a shallow and pedantic douche bag.

  13. I don’t remember who it was I was discussing The Leftovers with but I’m all in. It’s a great show and I’m glad to have something decent to watch.

      1. Personally I wouldn’t use the word bleak but if the idea of it being so gets you to watch it then, yes. It commonly gets called sad or depressing, I’m not sure I would use those words either but I wouldn’t argue with anyone who did. It’s a deeply emotional show but to say that everything should be viewed as negative would really limit your experience of the narrative.

    1. I think it was me Coffee. I’m still not completely sold on it, but am willing to give it a season because it does have it’s moments. However I am hoping that the one playing the mayor either gets recast, killed off, or written out of the script. She’s been the worst character on that show.

      1. I bet her character makes more sense in the world before what happened. I also think her past gets fleshed out a bit more in the next episode. I never watch the previews intentionally but when I was over at my mother’s house today she had HBO on and I accidentally caught a glimpse.

  14. Based on Grant’s tweets, it sounds like Patton is having another big day. If he shows up big during the pre-season games it’s going to make for some good selection headaches come regular season.

    1. The better Patton gets, the easier it will be to let Crabtree walk after this season.

      1. MWD:

        I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t see Patton as a replacement for Crabtree. I think, if his play warrants it, Stevie Johnson is the potential Crabtree replacement/leverage to get Crabtree to sign a more team-friendly deal.

        1. If Patton is outplaying Stevie Johnson, which from the reports I’ve read he has been, then Patton would seem the more likely candidate to replace Crabtree in the starting line-up in 2015 if they can’t re-sign him.

          1. Scooter:

            To be clear, I’m not talking about their relative values as receivers. Yes, if Patton outplays Johnson, he is more likely to be on the roster in 2015. I just don’t see Patton as a replacement for Crabtree at the flanker position.

            1. Also, you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t take Grant’s reports as the word of God. Once he offers a strong opinion on a position on a player, his subsequent analysis of that player’s performance is rarely objective. He’s still trying to argue that Frank Gore has a bad year in 2013.

              For that reason, I take Grant’s Stevie Johnson reports with a grain of salt. I’d like to see how Johnson and Patton look Thursday night (and for the next couple of games) before I try to predict who’s going to play more/do better this season.

              1. It isn’t just Grant’s reports, which I admit suggest Johnson has been pretty bad. Most observers have noted Patton looking good, while Johnson has been anywhere ranging from ok (most observers) to poor (Grant).

                Why don’t you see Patton as a flanker? Or more specifically, why do you see Johnson as a flanker but not Patton?

              2. Scooter:

                You’re right, the reports on Patton have been pretty good. I’m looking for to seeing him against the Ravens.

                As for Patton and flanker, I may want to take that statement back. I just checked the unofficial depth chart, and the team lists Patton as a back up to Crabtree and Johnson as the back up to Boldin. That said, I picture Patton as more of a slot receiver for reasons I can’t articulate very well. I guess it’s more his size than anything else. I realize that Johnson and Patton aren’t that far apart in terms of weight, but Johnson is two inches taller.

                To be completely fair, I ought to watch Patton play in the offense more before I draw any firm conclusions.

              3. Cool, thanks Claude. Yeah, I think both guys are capable of playing flanker for the 49ers, but as you say probably need to actually see more of Patton before drawing any firm conclusions.

                Jack, yeah, I realise Johnson lined up all over for Buffalo. I was just wondering why Claude saw Patton as unable to play flanker if he considers Johnson as able to. They aren’t that different build-wise.

              4. Scooter,

                I found the large jump in Johnson’s use in the slot last year interesting. Not sure what prompted that other than them bringing in some younger guys to take over.

              5. I think you hit the nail on the head there Jack. The younger WRs on the roster likely was the reason for Johnson playing primarily in the slot. Like nickel DB, it is a specialised position, so they probably didn’t want to put too much on the plate of the young guys by having them learn outside and inside WR roles.

      2. Mid,
        That is a very lofty and ambitious thought. Patton will need to show much more than a few flashes during the season.

        Also, until Patton can develop the kind of chemistry that CK and Crabtree have, I don’t see any major changes unless MC/agent plays hardball and forces the Org’s hand on the table.

        I agree with CB, Stevie will be the heir-apparent if Crabtree walks. I believe that the Org brought him in with that potential prospect in mind.

        QP could possibly leapfrog Stevie sometime this season, but QP has to build a very strong resume for that to happen.
        At the moment Johnson has NFL history, Patton does not.

        1. Word on the street has it Kaepernick negotiated a promise to bring Mr. Crabs back…

      3. You guys kind of missed my point. If Patton does well enough this season, then the front office could be more inclined to let another team pay Crabtree what he wants after this season.

          1. My freshman year ’88 was my year of rap. PE, NWA were the biggies. It didn’t stick though, but there’s nothing like a car full of white teenagers cruising down Mendocino ave(Santa Rosa) trying to sound cool blasting NWA out of a pair of 6×9’s. Ah the good days.

            1. I still have my copy of Straight Outta Compton. Should put it on the next time I drive the kids to school.

  15. We don’t know if the Eagles’ depth chart has any more merit than the Niners’ (which doesn’t), and also it’s still early, but before we vote Mr. Mathews into the HOF maybe he should make the starting lineup. He currently is listed as a backup at Flanker.
    Yeah, Yeah, I know, he’ll likely start Opening Day. He could have a rookie year like Keenan Allen did at SD; new cog in an established system.

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