Chris Cook intercepts two, Quinton Patton catches eight

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out to me during Monday afternoon’s padded practice in Levi’s Stadium.


1. Chris Cook. His biggest weakness is defending the deep pass and he picked off two of those today. First he picked off a deep pass intended for Devon Wylie (Josh Johnson threw it), and then Cook picked off a deep pass intended for Chuck Jacobs (Blaine Gabbert threw it). Cook played both passes perfectly. Both times he turned his head and found the ball a couple of seconds before he caught it.

2. Darryl Morris. Intercepted a deep pass intended for Kassim Osgood. Just like Cook, Morris turned his head early which allowed him to play the ball. Morris also broke up a short pass intended for Bruce Ellington when they were lined up in the slot.

3. Perrish Cox. Intercepted Colin Kaepernick in the end zone during a red zone drill. That was the third time Cox has intercepted Kaepernick in camp.

4. Quinton Patton. Made eight catches during team drills. No one caught as many passes as Patton, the 49ers’ leading receiver in camp.

5. Carlos Hyde. Early in practice he took a carry that was designed to go off right tackle. Hyde spotted a hole back on the left side of the line and cut back. It was a jump cut, something you usually see from smaller, quicker backs. “Nice cut, Carlos!” Harbaugh yelled.

6. Chris Borland. Tipped one pass and intercepted one that Craig Dahl tipped. Borland seems to get his hands on the ball at least once during every practice.

7. Nick Moody. Played his best practice of camp. Knocked away two passes (one was in the end zone), and he sacked Josh Johnson once on a blitz up the middle.

8. Aldon Smith. Toyed with second-team left tackle Carter Bykowski. Sometimes Smith would bulrush Bykowski into the quarterback. Easy. And when Bykowski braced for that, Smith slapped his hands out of the way and ran around him. It looked like Smith didn’t even have to try.

9. Ahmad Brooks. Smacked the ball out of McLeod Bethel-Thompson’s hands when he was standing in the pocket, and then Brooks tagged Bethel-Thompson for a sack on the very next play.

10. The grass. Very springy. Good traction. Jim Harbaugh said it has a little bit more Bermuda in it than the grass on the practice field, which is good to know.


1. Blaine Gabbert. Threw two picks. First, he got picked off when he threw over the middle to Derek Carrier. Craig Dahl tipped the ball and Chris Borland caught it. Next, Gabbert got picked when he threw deep down the left sideline to Chuck Jacobs. Jacobs wasn’t open – Chris Cook was all over him and easily made the interception. Whenever Gabbert threw the ball he seemed indecisive, holding onto it for a long time, much longer than the other 49ers’ quarterbacks. Five or six times Gabbert hitched and hitched and hitched before he pulled the ball down and scrambled.

2. Jewel Hampton. Planted on his back by Patrick Willis on a run up the middle. Hampton also was targeted five times in the passing game – he dropped two passes and caught two.

3. Chris Culliver. Did not participate in team drills. Harbaugh said there was something bothering Culliver. Harbaugh did not say if Culliver was bothered by an injury or if he was bothered by getting kicked out of practice yesterday.

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  1. I’m impressed with the progression of Cook under Donatell. Being able to come under control without slowing and turning your head to locate the football while attacking it at its highest point is one of the most important abilities a cornerback has to have if he wants to survive in this league. Maybe Moody makes Skuta trade bait. Is Culliver right in the head?

    1. Will be interesting to see if that translates to the field in pre-season games.

  2. Very surprised that Aldon Smith had such an easy time going up against a guy who spent all last year on the practice squad.

    1. There goes Lil Jackie again, insulting the blog master even though he has his own thriving web site! Nice one Jackie, you smart!

  3. Was anybody there at levi stadium how is it and how did the 9ers look in your opinion?

    1. The seats are all close to the action. The sidelines are thin. That’s the best feature.

      1. Music to my ears. SeAdderal players should be nice and comfy. Pictures without a striped field and sideline benches don’t tell the whole story.

        I heard the soccer game noise bounced off the glass wall nicely. Lets hope the higher ticket prices don’t mean more gentrified (quieter) crowds.

  4. Just the usual question Grant, how did Kap look today?

    Maybe you should have a seperate section dedicated to Colins performance for the day. Its not like we’re not all interested.

    1. He threw a pick and sailed one over Ellington, but mostly he was accurate. He has real good chemistry with Patton.

    1. Sorry, w/o Boonie we’re thin at OT. Bykowski ain’t it and J.Martin is getting abused. The new guy is a multiple cast-off.

      1. J. Martin, one excuse could be made his body isn’t at full football strength from the disease he recovered from….

      2. Maybe that’s the angle that Boone and his agent should be attacking. If the gaping hole in the offensive line results in any significant injury to your franchise QB, you will be stuck playing Blaine Gabbert in real live NFL games and your season will effectively end at that point. I hate Boone’s approach to getting paid but I sure hope he gets back soon, one way or another.

        1. It was quite the luxury to have your starting RG able to start at LT for almost any other team…..

          1. @Razor

            Excellent point razor; too bad that the FO has to maintain such a bone-headed approach. “just come into camp and we’ll get it done” Oh wasn’t that Terrell Brown?

        1. Martin and Martin will be the two main backups at C, OG, OT if Boone stays away into the season. My guess is Ryan Seymour will also make it due to versatility. If Boone comes back, Seymour is out. I don’t think Snyder makes it this year under any circumstance.

            1. They are less than 2 full weeks into camp. One on one drills won’t dictate who makes the team. Preseason games will. Snyder can play anywhere on the line…at a low level.

              1. Martin was horrible in Miami, and so far it doesn’t sound like a change in scenery has helped.

              2. I knew the knock on JMartin was lack of strength at point of attack, but I’d hoped he was a sound technician in pass blocking. Not too encouraging so far.

          1. Snyder isn’t that good as a pass blocking OT. Having to rely on him to start in case of injury gives me heartburn, but he might be the best they have right now. His versatility and experience work in his favor. If Boone isn’t there I’m pretty sure Snyder makes the 53.

              1. Yep. I’ve seen enough of Snyder to know he’s not someone we want to rely on. I’d rather take my chances with younger and more talented players.

                Dahl at least plays ST’s, but he too might be replaced with a younger option.

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