Will Jimmy Garoppolo start when the 49ers play the Seahawks?


The 49ers are off today — no media availability. While we wait for the team to return to practice, we all have the same two questions on our minds: Should Jimmy Garoppolo start against the Seahawks this Sunday, and will he start against the Seahawks this Sunday?

What are your answers to those questions? Please explain your reasoning.

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  1. JG does not need to start. They should start CJB, and see how the O line is holding up against the Seahawk pass rush.
    Then they should let JG lead a drive, with him mainly handing off to get his sea legs, since he has not played in over a year.
    JG wants to play, and CJB wants to play, so they should just make it competitive. Let CJB start, and as long as he leads the Niners to a score, he gets to continue starting. Once the Niners have to punt or there is a turnover, JG gets a chance to play. The competition may bring out the best in both players, and the cream rises to the top. This would reward success, and punish failure.
    The Niners must see JG play, so they can make an informed assessment.

      1. It’s not elite, as in years past, but they are tied for 15th in the NFL with a 6.8% sack rate. The 49ers are much more ‘what pass rush’ than the Seahawks who are average.

  2. Yes, he should start. We have to see how he does with these final games. What if he doesn’t look good at all? Then we still have the draft position for a backup plan. If He even looks like an ok QB and is throwing accurately, then we know what we have in him. If he makes mental mistakes, that’s ok. Those will be gone next year. This year it’s to see how he doesn’t under pressure and is he accurate on a more inferior supporting cast. If he makes us look better, then we know our answer heading into next year

    1. This makes sense. Or, as Matt Barrows said: “he’s not a Faberge Egg’ and he needs to settle the question — can he do it?

  3. Of course he should play. He is the better QB.
    Now this all depends on how well versed and comfortable he is in the playbook. If he is capable to audible in and out then start him.No need to wait any longer, he is the future and for those worried about if he gets hurt, well, what if really does not apply to this type of physical sport.

  4. If Jimmy Goatrappolo is deemed ready by Shanny, there’s absolutely no reason not to start him. The Seahawks are without Chancellor and Dick Charmin. Thomas has a wounded hammy. This is the Legion of Gloom, and they’re as vulnerable as they’ll ever be….

      1. Dick Charmin… good line.

        Not sure the opponent should really matter in the decision who starts at QB. The only thing that should enter Shanahan’s mind is:

        1) Is Garoppolo better than Beathard.

        2) Does JG know enough of the playbook to execute the game plan Shanahan plans to install against the Seahawks?

        If the answers to both questions are Yes then JG starts. If the answer to either question is No then Beathard starts.

  5. They should be getting him ready to start as soon as possible. If they feel he’s ready this week then he should start. I don’t see any reason to hold him back once they feel he has a good enough grasp of the offense. CJ has performed admirably but JG has more experience in the league, learned from Brady and Belichick, and by all accounts has a better chance of becoming our next super bowl winning QB…when he’s ready they need to see what he can do.

  6. Let Jimmy sit. We know what he can do. Why do you think the team spent months analyzing his play and potential?They brought him in to develop him, not to see IF he could play. MUST he play this year? Yes, when HE says he is ready. For everyone who thinks he should play in Seattle, what if he plays badly? What does this really prove? That he can’t play? No, it would prove he is not ready. No rush at all. Besides, I kind of like the way CJ is playing. Let’s continue to develop CJ. Let’s wait a few games to play Jimmy. It just feels rushed to me and giving in to fans curiosity/pressure.

  7. No contract. Why? You really don’t spend $20-$30 million on a player without knowing what he can do. Up until now it has all been hype. If they don’t play him under these conditions they will never know and have to pay the franchise tag to keep him next year. Who is the franchise QB of the future? It could be CJB or JG or someone drafted in 2018. This is a business and value is determined by performance. For $20 – $30 million you should be able to do better than Cleveland or the Bears. So put him on the field with a limited play book and see what he can do with a disaster of a an offensive line.

  8. “will he start” If he’s ready, yes.

    “Should Jimmy Garoppolo start” If he’s ready, yes.

    1. Players play. Jimmy is a pro athlete. You don’t make it to the NFL without being extremely competitive. Jimmy is itching to play.
    2. KS has said that JG won’t be fully comfortable in the O until next year. It took Matt Ryan a year. Starting JG would expedite the process. And before anyone says he could get all this done during practice alone, think about this. Hoyer was a practice stud, but a game time dud.
    3. CJ needs to go out on a high note for future trade value. Does anyone think that CJ will play as well or better than he did against NY?

    And finally the injury concern. If you’re going to put bubble wrap on JG, then sit Foster and Thomas as well. They are also the future, plus they have already been injured this year. Hell, just forfeit the rest of the games and maintain our draft position.

    Not, let’s ruin the Seahawks’ season.

  9. I am in basic agreement with most of the above commentators, except the witless poster named Seb. Play JImmy G, evaluate him, play him again, evaluate, play him some more, evaluate, then pay him well or trade him on draft day. Lynch and Shanahan need to find out for themselves if they have The Bird in hand or just another flurry in the bushes.

    1. Andes, glad I upset you enough to draw your ire. That means I am getting to you.
      BTW, you just advocated what I advocated before. They do not have to bench either QB, but each could alternate drives.

      1. Ire – another name for anger.

        Not sure calling someone witless is done out of anger. Perhaps pity, mercy or even disdain but anger? Not sure what my Quechuan brother meant but doubt anger played a part.

        My, someone thinks highly of themselves, or perhaps for someone who claims to be so verbose they have a limited understanding of what the words actually mean.

  10. Unless Kyle feels like Jimmy is completely comfortable with the verbiage and playbook, I don’t see a benefit of starting him VS the Seahawks. CJB is coming off his best game as a pro, and has certainly earned another start. I think the disadvantages of starting Jimmy this week outweigh the advantages.

    What is the rush? Sure, as fans we’d like to get a look at a guy who could be the teams future at QB for the foreseeable future. But it’s almost a certainty that playing Jimmy would limit the play calling options for Kyle. The Seahawks may be missing some key defensive players, but they are still a dangerous team. And there is always an elevated risk of injury when a QB is thinking too much, hesitating, and/or making mistakes with pre snap reads, leaving himself open to taking some unnecessary hits.

    I don’t understand how Jimmy makes the 49ers better this week if he’s hesitant, or Kyle needs to limit the playbook in order to rush him into his first 49ers start, and I don’t even want to think about the repercussions if Jimmy suffered a serious injury at this point, without a long term deal in place. That would be a worst case scenario heading into the offseason, and cloud what is otherwise setting up to be a very productive and important offseason for this young team.

    We shouldn’t underestimate how much Kyle and John already know what they have in Jimmy G. Kyle scouted Jimmy extensively during the 2014 offseason, and Kyle understands the QB position very well, and is very capable of evaluating Jimmy on the practice field, meetings, and film study.

    I think the best thing to do is to wait to play Jimmy until the end of the season. Perhaps some spot duty in week 15, @ home VS the Titans, and/or perhaps give him his first start week 16 @ home VS the Jags. That would give Jimmy another month to get comfortable with the playbook. That will give him, not just an opportunity to showcase his progress, but also an opportunity to take most of the first team reps in practice leading up to those final couple games, which may be even more valuable from an evaluation standpoint, than playing a couple meaningless games at the end of the season.

    1. The hotter the fire, the stronger the steel. JG needs to be put up against winning teams. CJB had beaten a one win team, so he was great to break the losing streak, but he was beating a less than mediocre team. There is the unwritten rule that specifies that a QB who just won should not be supplanted, but some rules are meant to be broken, depending on the circumstances. If the Niners are truthful, then Lynch stated that they think they got their franchise QB. Bubble wrapping him will not make him happy. They need to see JG perform in stressful situations. If JG lost to the Seahawks, it might tell more than if he won against the Bears.
      If JG could manage to beat the Seahawks, maybe after a couple more wins they could lock him up in a fair, long term contract which will seem like a bargain, compared to Cousins. Designating JG as the franchise QB will allow the Niners to pass on QBs in the first round, and could possibly allow the Niners to trade back with a QB hungry team.
      If not, and Yee has another team in mind, the Niners could still franchise tag him, and get two first round picks. That would accelerate the rebuild, but then the Niners would need to spend one of their first round picks on a QB.
      Niners wanted that win more than the Giants, and the Giants responded by wanting their victory over the Chiefs.
      Still, the Giants are decimated with injuries, and never played up to their potential. Their last game required AS trying to win the game, and committing 2 interceptions, so KC snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Really cant read too much into CJB beating the Giants. CJB is still interim, and has not been designated the franchise QB. He has not locked up the starting job for the rest of the year.
      JG is itching to play, like you say. I wonder what he is thinking. He had to sit because he had Tom Brady in front of him. Now he has to sit because he has a third round pick who was ranked 215 ahead of him. JG was traded because he wants to play. Even if he hands off 3 times, he would be happy to be on the field. If one goes out on the field fearing injury, he will probably be injured, because he is playing tentatively. If one fears injury, they may as well shut down the league because of the frightful attrition rate, and the veteran medical needs.
      JG wants to play, and I think that 4 weeks is plenty of time to familiarize JG with the playbook and terminology. Believe it or not, JG is pretty smart and was fortunate to learn from the best HC in the league, and learn and play behind a future Hall of Famer. Who did CJB learn from? Hoyer? He had a 74 QBR.
      KS should script the first 12 plays for JG and have him practice them through. That means that over the 4 weeks, he would have had to only master 3 plays per week.This is not only a test on how much JG can familiarize himself with the playbook, it is also a test on how quickly the coaches can get JG up to decent playing levels. The coaches need to be able to have prepared JG properly, and devise schemes that play to his strengths. Maybe they could borrow from the Patriot system, since it is a Super Bowl winning system.
      49, I wish to respectfully disagree with your assertion that it would do well to save him until the last of the season. There are a lot of good reasons to see JG play, and I have no problem with seeing the Niners play them both.
      Seahawks will be coming off a short week, the Niners have had the Bye week. 4 weeks is enough time to assimilate the playbook. It took Bowman 3 days to get the green dot. Seahawks are weakened with injuries, some Niners may be healthy and ready to play, like Tank, Lynch and Thomas. Seahawks may be ripe for an upset, while a team like the Jags has a fearsome defense.
      Since JG has already shown practice proficiency, and some think ascendancy over CJB, The Niners could do like you said and work him in slowly. He does not have to supplant, and bench CJB. Still, I think JG should play, even if only to hand the ball off 3 times.

  11. Play Beathard.

    Two reasons:

    1. I’ve said this before… I really dont see how KS can properly evaluate anyone – in terms of their long-term future plans – playing for a team that is as piecemeal and patchwork as the current Niners are. KS has already basically said that most of the players on the current roster wont be playing for the team in 3 to 5 years time, even the rookies. So what are they evaluating Garoppolo against? How he manages the playbook with players he doesn’t need to gel with? Who aren’t going to be there next year? Pointless.

    2. Beathard has earned his starting spot for at least one more game. And if he can pull off the upset against the ‘hawks, just think how much sweeter that victory is going to feel knowing that not only did we ruin Seattle’s season but that it was a rookie that did it.

    1. Brit, Niners need all the tape on JG as possible, to get the broadest overall evaluation.
      I am thinking that JG gives them the best chance to succeed. Beating Seattle would be huge.
      Niners should not sheath their most potent weapon.

    1. it’s a reflection of Grant’s imagination…a bye week, and the only chum he can provide is the JG starting against SEA narrative…
      how about some ideas on taking advantage of Sherman & Chancellor’s subs? As well as Wilhoite being out tonite– possibly longer– Avril’s on IR too, SEA’s D is quite diminished,
      if our OL builds on it’s tepid improvements from NYG game, could we see our OL finding some run success? The Line should benefit from the rest…as well as our DL, they’ll need it, getting ready for chasing the Tasmanian Devil…
      the ONLY way JG should play next sun. — if we’re on the good end of a blowout– we’re dominating LOS–so he’s in for a few snaps in garbage time.
      Highly unlikely, I’m sure…

      1. “getting ready for chasing the Tasmanian Devil…”
        Spit my drink out on that one… looks like I’ll be cleaning out the keyboard again.

        Good topics by the way. Feel free to re-fill our chum bucket.

        1. how about….
          — Hyde getting a 100 yarder, due to:
          — OL getting the better of Bennett, etc., — tho’ Garrison Smith might show up to haunt us…
          — Brieda, Celek, & hopefully Kittle burning SEA’s improvised coverage on short to mid routes? Paving the way for Hyde’s 100+…
          — SEA’s hobbled T & G positions helping Buck, Mitchell, Tank, et al, making Taz’s (my new name for RW) life difficult on 3rd downs, (you do realize that Taz is responsible for the majority of SEA’s 3rd dn conversion success) DL rotation throughout the game will be critical for this….

          1. Foster will probably be tasked with stopping RW (Taz) on read option plays. But we need his coverage on passes. So when plays break down, our defenders need to stay with the potential receivers. If Thomas can utilize his speed and motor to contain Taz, we will be in good shape.

            Our DL has an advantage over Seattle’s OL. The Hawks will struggle to get their running game going. Our run D appeared to suffer without Tank and Thomas.

            We have potential concerns with Johnson and possibly Exum in the secondary.

            Our passing game is a bit of a question mark with the QB situation and the health of Earl Thomas. Hyde played well in Week 2, and this time Kam is out. I expect to see a lot of Hyde and Breida, with play action passes throughout. This is a winnable game.

            1. — the DL must handle outside contain on Taz far better than the 1st game, Foster’s hands will be full working on Jimmy Graham on pass snaps…
              — hope Colbert’s @ full speed by Sun., his impact would be huge help to Foster and the other LB’s coverage…
              — all hands on deck for coverage of Graham and Baldwin
              — not sure how effective Rawls and Lacy will be –these guys need to be Foster’s main responsibility…
              — not sure Coyle’s run support can offset Foster in coverage or spying Taz constantly…
              … would be nice to see DL keep LOS secure so Foster can expand his coverage repertoire in midfield…
              –If Foster’s constantly bailing out DL on run support AND trying to keep Taz bottled up, Taz can find workarounds…
              — the key to this game: has our OL and DL improved enough to win most LOS battles???? Sounds like captain obvious, but we’ve seen LOTS of OL dysfunction this season…
              — I’ll be watching, to the extent TV coverage allows, the trench battles more closely then the NYG game, our line’s improved a bit…long may it continue…way bigger issue to me for the next 3-4 games than what game JG will start…

              1. Yeah, Foster is a big deal in this game. Too bad we don’t have two Fosters.

                I should have been more clear about needing Foster in coverage. Foster will be key against the read option, but equally key against Graham.

                I think Witherspoon matches up well against Baldwin. But will the rookie be aware enough to follow Baldwin when things break down?

              2. — hence the “all hands on deck” thing regarding Baldwin, Graham, and for that matter- Lacy, Richardson, and Lockett…
                — RW (“The Taz”) still has more than a few good short-to-mid pass weapons to ruffle Witherspoon, Colbert, Reid , and the rest of the DB’s…
                — jamming up the 20 yd. passing zone/box upfield of LOS will be a big test for Foster, Coyle, Colbert, Reid, Witherspoon, Johnson, etc.
                — and again drives home to need for the DL to shut down the run on their own as much as Saleh’s rotation can muster…

                yeah- 2 Foster’s— good idea, it’s Aussie for “OW” mate…

  12. If he’s ready, play him. They didn’t bring him here to be the backup. He’s the guy they want to be the starter next year, and franchise QB. Sooner he gets in there and starts learning the offense under game conditions the better for his development and thereby better for next year’s team.

    It is also important to get him in command of and leading the team as early as possible. This is Garoppolo’s team now. Everyone knows it. Keeping CJ in there just delays the inevitable and increases the chances of the players not being thrilled when KS does demote CJ.

    1. Agree on all points Scooter. Giving him 6 starts, (or at least 4) would mean JG would be comfortable 6 weeks earlier than if we sat him.

      Your last paragraph is so true. We need a united locker room. United behind and with JG.

    2. Why would you want your franchise QB playing behind an Oline that allowed their current QB to get hit nearly 20 times two games ago.
      I would measure JG’ starting time-table based on more better pass protection from our Oline. I can’t imagine how Polo would have held up under the abuse CJ faced against Arizona. I don’t believe that our Oline somehow got an epiphany after that game to play better against the NYG. Let’s see how they play going forward before installing JG.

      1. To get Garoppolo used to playing in this scheme. The OL improved with Staley back. JG gets rid of the ball quickly. Much quicker than CJ.

  13. No way!
    Shanahan and Lynch already know what Polo can do. If they had no inkling on Garoppolo’ skills they would not have made an effort to get him from the Pats during training camp.

    Not sure at this point what JG has to prove. So let’s say he plays and wins some games, what different will it make for a team that has been out of the playoffs since week 3?
    CJ has become more than an “interim” QB at this point. He has earned the right to stay on the field until he falters and I hope that Shanahan and Lynch feel the same way. But this really isn’t about Beathard, this about the FO knowing what they have in Polo and being patient.

    1. Why does everyone assume playing him this year is about evaluation? Makes no sense to me. Playing him this year is about getting him a head start on next year. Sooner that begins the better.

      1. No need for a head start. Garoppolo isn’t a rookie. Jimmy’s been in the league for nearly 4 years. What he needs more than anything is to learn Kyle’s extensive playbook and verbiage. He can get up to speed by practicing now, sitting in on meetings and studying film. And then by following that up with an offseason’s worth of OTA’s, training camp, and preseason.

        Like I said, when a QB isn’t comfortable with the playbook, they tend to take more hits because they are over thinking things and second guessing themselves, regardless of how quick their release is. And if Jimmy get’s hurt, it could jeopardize our entire offseason plan. Especially without a long term deal in place.

        Get him 100% up to speed and comfortable before he plays. And if it takes until an entire offseason’s worth of work, so be it, simply franchise tag him next season. That’s a far better outcome than risking a long term injury without a long term contract in place, or having him come in and struggle behind a porous OL, and limited offensive weapons.

    2. AES says “Not sure at this point what JG has to prove”

      How about that he is a starting caliber QB who is set to earn 20 million a year?

      1. Prime Time – How about he does not want to risk the potential to get that $20 MILLION contract with poor performances, primarily due to the lack of a quality supporting cast?????????? JG and his agent have more to lose than to gain by playing.

      2. JG will get his money, that’s the least of my worries.
        At the moment Polo’ agent is likely calling all the shots and he may be doing all he can to ensure JG does not get on the field with an Oline that allowed their QB to get hit like a pinata just 2 games ago.
        We may want to see Polo on the field but his agent may want to protect his client until this Oline can prove it keep a QB upright.

        1. AES: The 49ers traded for Jimmy G.; he is on the 53 and suits up on game day. So it’s not clear to me how his agent can prevent the CS from putting Jimmy G on the field in a game.

          1. cubus,
            I said that his agent “likely” may be calling the shots and that he wants to ensure the safety of his client.
            I would like to see JG play as well, but if I’m his agent I would like to see the FO make a concerted effort to shore up the O-line.

            Let’s not be so rushed to see Polo get on the field. He will be our starter and I have no qualms about that, but after watching our O-line allow CJ to get abused against the Cards it wouldn’t surprise me if Lynch and Shanahan would also want to make sure that JG has better protection up front.

            Also, my take is that Shanahan and Lynch are convinced that they have their true starter in JG, so why risk him possibly getting hurt. At the moment CJ is the best QB for this time because as he guts out every hit by starting he allows Polo the time to get more acquainted with the offense.
            I look at it as a win, win with the current scenario.

            1. Also, if (one of) CJ’s problems is that he doesn’t get rid of the ball quickly enough, then giving him more learning experience behind a porous O-line is a good way to help him learn. That is, if it doesn’t completely destroy him in the process.

              Perhaps the O-line did improve a little bit against the Giants… but perhaps also Beathard is improving? Does anyone have any stats that show he was as slow with his ball release against the Giants as he was in his first couple of games?

              It is a learning curve for Beathard as well. He can learn to throw quicker. He can learn how to avoid tackles. He will learn these things much more quickly with game-day experience.

              And then at the end of the season we have Jimmy in one piece, ready to go, plus an experienced Beathard who is then either a solid back-up, trade-bait, or we’ve seen enough of him to know that he cant develop into what KS wants and we let him go.

  14. Should he start?
    As much as I’d love to see it, I tend to agree with 49reasons on this, with the exception of debuting him a bit earlier than week 15. If CJ is reverting to the backup role (and playing well when it happens), It’d be nice to rip that bandage off earlier rather than later.

    Will he start?
    Ian Rappaport on NFL Network citing 3 reasons why the 49ers will likely not start Garoppolo immediately after the bye. Namely: Safety, comfort with the offense, and CJ’s having earned another start.

    Sounds like Shanny’s still not quite convinced that circumstances are ideal for a debut.

  15. If he is ready start him. Might as well see what he is all about. I thought at first it might cause dissension in the ranks but lots of these guys wont be here next year so……

    Wonder if the announcement comes on Sunday, not sure if the Hawks would prepare differently regardless of the QB. I anticipate blitz after blitz, both Niner QBs are raw.

      1. After watching them play Atlanta, I would say whoever is the QB, they will be running for their lives. We don’t seem to have the ability to stop a talented defensive line. If they start CJ and the line can hold out and prove that they have a reasonable chance of protecting the QB, then maybe toss JG into the mix. If we are looking at another 20 sack session, let him sit.

  16. Garoppolo should only get the starting nod if he has proven to have a strong grasp of Shanahan’s system and Beathard shows that his outing against the Giants was a one-time occurrence instead of a sign of things to come.

  17. I’ve been steadfast in saying JG starts sometime in December–not before.

    All agree the 49ers need to evaluate JG in live action, but not w/o weapons or an adequate O-Line.

    Make no mistake, Shanny knows what he has in JG and is in no hurry, year one, to throw him to the wolves and in the process, destroying his top 2 draft trade down position (because injury to Garoppolo means no trade down, but a QB shopping spree at # 2), hoping the QB you do draft is a Garoppolo clone–franchise QB–which in the grand scheme of things is repeating why you brought Garoppolo here in the1st place.

    Not to mention, Shanny has a 6 year contract and checked frachise QB off his ‘to do’ list, why would he want to risk a ‘redo’ list ?…..Makes absolutely no sense to start JC vs. the birds…..Sorry, TomD is correct here. The 49ers are waiting until December when his comfort level with the playbook is established.

    Happy Thanksgiving, All, enjoy your uninjured QB and early Xmas present in December

  18. Yes he will start.

    And of course you start him. He’s poised to make big money. Sitting him longer won’t help him. Chicago and their Fangio hard hitting defense won’t help him.
    You’re at home coming off of an inspiring win. Getting your qb of the future is far more important than a win in this stage of the season.
    They must do their best to sign him before he hits free agency, if they like what they see.
    It’s not like Beathard is a vet who has played well for this team for a long time. If he gets his feelings hurt, would you want that kind of QB playing for you? And besides that he isn’t up for free agency anyways. JG is. You don’t trade a 2nd rd pick for someone you’re afraid to put in there. This is his best opportunity at a warm up game. 3 of their 4 defensive stars are out. This will be his only pre season game.
    He starts Sunday!

    1. It’s been stated one of the reasons Shanny drafte CJ was his toughness.

      We’ll get to see it vs. Seattle. It won’t be JG unless it’s after halftime, if at all.

  19. Great Minds think alike:

    Rapoport believes C.J. Beathard has earned another start for the 49ers:

    Ian Rapoport of NFL Network believes that Beathard has earned another start for the 49ers. The NFL insider was asked if it is finally time for Garoppolo to play.

    “It’s hard to imagine that it is,” Rapoport answered, “and there’s one refrain that has been coming out from the team, really, ever since they traded (for) Jimmy Garoppolo for a second-round pick, is that they don’t need to force him on the field. They’re not going to just play him just to play him, especially not benching someone like C.J. Beathard, who played well and led the team to their first win.

    “Obviously, the 49ers would like to see Garoppolo before the season ends. This is a guy they believe is going to be a huge part of the future. (They) would like to get a contract extension done with him, but not at the expense of his safety, at the expense of his comfort, and not at the expense of another quarterback who sounds like he really has earned another start out there for the Niners.”

    1. He can think that all he wants. The whole month of December is mainly on the road.
      Beathard showed his worth for 4 games already. Beating a crappy team doesn’t earn him anything.

      1. Wrong. 2 of the 49ers final 3 games are at home.

        12/17 – VS Tenn
        12/24 – VS Jax
        12/31 – @ LAR

        IF Kyle feels that Jimmy has a firm grasp on the playbook, and all of Kyle’s extensive verbiage, perhaps he takes over with the first team during practice (week 15) in preparation for the 49ers home game VS the Titans, provided the OL is healthy.

        There is absolutely no good reason to start Jimmy sooner than week 15, provided CJB is healthy. If the 49ers were in playoff contention, it would be a different story.

        However, to be honest, if I’m Kyle, I’m hesitant to play Jimmy at all this season, unless they get him signed to a reasonable extension beforehand. If Jimmy were to suffer a serious injury before a deal is in place, the effect would be CATASTROPHIC on multiple levels.

        ShanaLynch would not have given the Pats the 34th pick in the 2018 draft for a QB who is a pending free agent, unless they were hell bent on making him their starting QB in 2018. And they wouldn’t pass on the 3 or 4 top QB draft prospects if they didn’t feel like Jimmy was the stronger, safer option for their team moving forward. Kyle, in particular, already has a very good idea of who Jimmy is, and the kind of potential he has as his starting QB. In fact, I would be shocked if contract negotiations haven’t already begun. Kyle wants Jimmy to be his starting QB in 2018, and nothing is going to change that. If the two sides are unable to hammer out an extension before the franchise tag deadline, the 49ers will CERTAINLY slap a franchise tag on Garoppolo for next season. You can be as sure of that, as you are the sun will rise on the eastern horizon Wednesday morning.

        When you’re a head coach and GM, one of your jobs is to weigh risk VS reward. A strong argument can be made that, risking Jimmy to a serious injury at this point, without him under contract for next season, is a risk that outweighs any reward you might gain now, by getting a glimpse of the future, despite having zero chance at earning a wild card berth this season. And considering the circumstances, the risk of playing Jimmy G. before he has fully digested the playbook, and feels 100% comfortable in this new system, also outweighs the reward.

        So don’t be shocked if Jimmy doesn’t play at all this season. Just saying!

        1. Suggesting he won’t play at all this season is asinine. This is so wrong on every level. Here is the situation right now:

          The 49ers traded what could be the first pick of the second round for a player with two starts
          That player has now been with the team for a month, which is more than enough time to learn enough to play
          The don’t truly know what he is capable of until he actually plays.

          That’s it. This idea that they should baby him and sit him on the bench for the rest of the season goes against everything this league is about. Players want to play. Doesn’t matter what the situation is or who they are playing with. JG wants to play, said it clearly when the trade was made. Sitting him achieves nothing and leaves you with the same questions you had when you traded for him in the first place. He is not going to get better by sitting. He has to play. He could get hurt throwing a pass in warmups just like Teddy Bridgewater. You don’t make decisions based on being concerned about injury unless a player already has one that could be made worse by playing.

          All they know about Garoppolo is he backed up a great QB on a great team and played well for 6 quarters when he got the chance. Everything else is speculation and you don’t sign somebody to a long term deal worth 20+ mill a year based on 6 quarters of NFL action.

        2. An injury to him before the season ended would be catastrophic to his pockets, not the 49ers. Not saying I want him injured but if it did happen and he was playing very well. Balls in SF court.

          Play him in week 15 or not at all then what?
          1 you don’t know if he’s the future, and he’s going to be asking for a lot of money. Bad mistake.
          2. He leaves because he wants to play and didn’t get too, for a team that traded a 2nd rd pick for him. Huge mistake.

          I see fans are all of a sudden in love with Beathard. I however wasn’t and still isn’t. He’s a decent backup imo.

          If we had a jimmy Raye offense I might bite on not starting him this week.
          Shanahan s offense is very complex and the more time he misses operating it the more of a wasted trade he will become. The time is now if he has a basic grasp on the offense within his three weeks here.

          And finally Shanahan wanted to draft this guy. He has him now and he is more seasoned than Beathard. Doesn’t matter if he hasn’t started as many games. He’s been in the nfl longer.
          He plays on those two facts alone!

          1. I guess we’ll see.

            From the sound of things, Jimmy G. won’t be starting this Sunday, so we’ve got 5 games left to see if Kyle is thinking the same way I am.

            Just remember a few things. The 49ers have the very important Franchise Tag, at their disposal! No matter what happens, they absolutely will not let Jimmy simply walk after the season.

            And remember what Kyle said after the trade: “I can’t promise you that he will play this year.”

            And remember what Lynch said a day later: “At the very least we (the 49ers) now have a “chip” we can use to garner more draft picks.”

            I can assure you those two statements weren’t simply made off the cuff. Both of these guys have discussed ALL of their option before the trade, and understand the serious repercussions if Jimmy were to suffer a major injury without an extension in place.

  20. My gut says KS will start CJ. If he keeps the team in the game JG won’t make an appearance. If they win, KS will get all the deserved props, but if they lose and JG never gets a chance to play, let the second guessing begin. If the game goes south early, and the fans start chanting “We want Jimmy”, KS will be forced to put JG in the game, which I don’t think is the way he wants to introduce JG to the fans. Though Seattle is injured and seem to be vulnerable, they are still a formidable opponent who’s had our number forever. I think Carroll is licking his chops to face a rookie QB. It’s tough because I like CJ. How could you not like this kid? He’s as tough as they come, and does have good skills. The flip side though is I think JG has greater skills, and ultimately will be the one who takes the reigns. So if he has the offense down, has practiced well and has a firm grasp of the game plan, then play him. Of course, if it goes south early, and the fans start chanting “We want CJ”, then …………………………………oh my!

    1. I agree, Juan.

      Seattle could take the early lead and the JG chanting could begin early.

      But would this influence Shanahan ? Highly doubtful. Shanny’s his own man and will do as he has stated many times: “I’ll do what’s beneficial to the franchise.”

      However, Shanny could be pulling a Bill Walsh in stating that JG is uncomfortable with the playbook, next thing Seattle knows is that he trots on the field as the starter.

      Walsh pulled this several times, saying that “Joe, Jerry and Roger Craig are banged up and we’d be lucky to field a team.” Next thing the the Steelers new is they all started the game.

  21. I’m a big muscle car enthusiast. I own a few but my favorite is my ’06 Shelby. She purrs like a kitten, but when you step on her she roars like a lion. Great car. Scary fast. But if my wife surprised me tomorrow with a Hellcat (or even better a Demon), I certainly wouldn’t park it in the garage, stare at it but never drive it. As great as the Shelby is, and has won its share of races, the Hellcat/Demon is a step up. That’s the car I’d take to race. Play Jimmy.

    1. LOL ! Go JG…..But, But, how will Kap take the league by storm then ?…..Seb will be calling Shanny “Less than astute” for not retaining Kap…(He called him that before, when he fired Kap—Seb calls it a non extension, not a termination to save face for his loser prediction)…..Sometimes I think that’s all he cares about are that his predictions come true, come hell or high water.

      Remember all those mock drafts just so he come claim one or two materialized.

      1. No, I have been steadfastly advocating improving the QB position. Now that JG has fallen into their laps for a song, there is little need for Kaep. Still think Kaep should find a team, especially after watching the drek mediocre QBing this last weekend. Some were painful to watch, and one could only feel pity for Peterman.
        Sure I questioned KS for his preference of Hoyer over Kaep, and my prediction came true, when Hoyer pulled a Gabbert and benched himself.

        1. And what about your prediction that a storm was coming? That still on hold?
          Rogers, Watson, Palmer, Mariota, Luck etc. all hurt and not one team gave your boy a try out!

          1. Prime, it just proves the blackballing.
            McCarthy was hilarious, defending his QB who was shut out after throwing 3 picks..
            So far it looks like many teams are content to lose without Kaep than win with him.
            Still think that some team will want to make the playoffs, and realize that their present QBs will not allow that. Goodell wants the collusion case dismissed very badly, because if they do prove collusion, it could void the CBA, and Goodell will lose lots of power. The best way to get the collusion case dismissed is if some team signs Kaep.
            Then, once Kaep gets to play again, He may take the league by storm, just like you said.

    1. Great time….I like those cars too, but my friend rebuilt a 67 Corvette and parked it across the streat from a B of A. When he got back, someone keyed it from head to tailfin

  22. Yes Tom. If only we signed Kaep all this talk would be mute, we’d be 8-2 and well on our way to taking the league by storm and winning the SB! If only KS was not lazy! What could have been. What a shame. That’s what it is. A damn shame. (wink wink)

    1. LOL !

      Wasn’t Kap in the SuperBowl with three shots from the one and a loaded roster, then got stuffed.

      Well, got to go scout Seattle, Go Falcons !

      1. Kap, a unique part of 49er history.
        What a shame it never worked out. In 2014 I was in Las Vegas at a sport shop. My wife said to me you should get a jersey. All they had was Kaepernicks, #7.
        I looked at it, took it off the hanger and for some strange reason I could not put it on. My wife said what’s wrong? I said it just doesn’t feel right.
        Moral of the story, always go with your gut!

      1. No, Prime, I mean how is Atlanta attacking the Seahawk defense with Ward. Niners do not have a Julio Jones, so it will be hard to duplicate their efforts.
        Pete Carroll may have defeated himself by being cute and faking the FG. He lost by a FG.
        Nice to hear that the Seahawk players are committing so many fouls. Niners should learn from Atlanta, and never jump offsides because Wilson immediately morphs the play into a long strike down field, like I have recommended before.
        One thing I would not have the Niners follow, is the Falcons only rushing 3. That allows Wilson too much time, and they can create lanes for Wilson to scramble through. The Niners need to blitz a safety, because he would be quick enough to counter Wilson’s elusiveness. In the game, Wilson gained 6 first downs with his legs. His mobility was impressive, and he made them miss a lot.

  23. looks like the young “Padiwan” Sarkesian is taking it to his former master Carroll the Sith…
    likewise Quinn’s D seems to be set on RW “stymie-power”

  24. Challenge to Sebbie
    Get Lynch and Schneider to come on this blog and acknowledge that you gave them their “Blueprint” for the 2017 Drafts.
    They won’t, even though you assert they glean pearls of wisdom from you by reading Grant’s blog.
    Soooo…oooo…oohh…. E-Mail them to remind them of your question. Then Copy&Paste their e-mail response to the blog.
    We eagerly await your post.
    We eagerly await your recoronation as a Legend on the blog.

    1. Van, actions speak louder than words. If you did not think Lynch put on his Trader Bill Hat, was aggressive and had fun, guess we watched different drafts. They also did another thing I recommended. They traded back, garnered as many 2018 second and third rounds picks as possible, and still got the player they originally coveted. In fact, they did so well, they got both the players they coveted when they moved up to get Foster.
      Lynch is clever, and can send send hidden messages. When he specifically praised Paraag, I knew without Jed announcing it, that Jed was preferring a suit over a player. When Lynch says he is very excited, it could be interpreted in a positive or negative way. He did leave the door open, and they picked up many available players who have filled holes in the depth chart, and players who have started. Baalke sat on his hands and did nothing. When Lynch managed to acquire Garoppolo for a song, he managed to hit another grand slam.
      Lynch is a busy man, and I do not need him to admit he reads the blogs. It might excite the trolls. I remember Eddie proclaiming that they never read the papers, so they had no reaction to any story, but in Grant’s interview with Eddie, he said he read every word. He laughed at how Lowell gave him such a hard time, and wondered if Grant would follow in his footsteps.
      I do not need Lynch to acknowledge my posts. If he follows what I recommend, that is enough for me. I have been saying that from before the preseason, that the Niners need to avoid making the unforced errors. This last game, they played crisply, cleanly and cohesively. They reduced, penalties, and won the game.
      In the Seattle game, they sure did not follow my advice. I have been telling the Niners that they should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. Seahawks burned a time out to prevent a delay of game penalty. They also threw a challenge flag that failed, so they were docked a time out. They wasted time outs, and did not have them to stop the clock at the end of the game. That lack of time outs may have cost them the game.
      Recoronation? I do not need that. Grant himself anointed me as a LEGEND. That is all I need.

      1. I don’t think there is more of an illusive QB than Russell Wilson in the history of the NFL.
        He makes Steve Young look slow when Young was at his best.

        1. Prime Time
          It’s obvious you didn’t see Steve Young play otherwise you would not make that statement go watch some tapes

          1. Actually, Young, Tarkenton, Cunningham, Douglas (Bears) and get this, Merlin Brisco (short career) were adept at avoiding tacklers.
            But although I am a certified hater of the seahags, I would place Wilson high among that group.
            I also remember the raiders drafting a QB name Eldridge Dickey who was known in college as a great QB that could run. Unfortunately for him, he was drafted the same year as Ken Stabler.

    1. He’s not impossible to sack if you stay disciplined. Your defensive ends can’t take an inside move towards him. You have to build a fence around him, and compress inward. You cannot allow him to break contain to the outside from the pocket. Your game plan should be about flushing him up the middle out of the gate. That’s where the spy linebacker, in our case Foster, would slam the gate shut on his ass….

      I enjoyed seeing Pete Carroll’s face when Walsh’s kick fell a yard and a half short.

      1. Vic Beasley is twice the LB Foster is and RW made him look silly.
        This is his game, to make the play break down and his improvisation is the best in the league.
        Look, I don’t like Seattle but the truth is RW, is the difference why we lost week 2 and probably again this week.
        We don’t have the front 7 to contain him and we definitely don’t have the discipline to contain him. AND we don’t have the secondary to cover very long.

        1. You have to limit the area that Wilson has to work with. Agility is his strength. He’s like a chicken. You don’t chase a chicken, you funnel it and then corral it. The Falcons allowed Wilson to break containment around the outside multiple times. Cannot allow that to happen. Their defense played like they hadn’t even game planned Seattle’s offense. Not to mention, their special teams are horrendous. They gave them field position, and the ball down on their goal line. You can’t continually give Wilson a short field. You want him to earn it by going the length of the field….

          1. Razor he’s been doing this his entire career and no one has been able to contain him.
            Even with no oline this year or running game.

            1. Niners defense sacked Wilson 3 times the last time they confronted each other. I’m just telling you how I would game plan my defense against him if I were the DC….

      2. Me too.
        Another way the Niners can contain Wilson is to blitz with a safety. They are fast enough to not be juked by Wilson.
        I would also like to see a delayed blitz up the middle by Foster. He seems quick enough to corral Wilson.

          1. Alternatively: Contain, Compress, and Constrict !!
            The front 7 with Justin Smith, Willis and Bowman used to do that effectively.

  25. 1- Don’t have enough information to know whether they should play him as I’m not privy to what goes on in the locker room and how ready JG is versus how well CJB looks on the practice field/ or not.

    2- No, because I can’t think of a logical reason why he would beyond the spectacular absorption of the playbook and fantastic play in practice. Otherwise, I see continuing the same gameplay as we have seen, barring aberration (truly horrendous play/injury).

    1. Your first point is a great one East. Let’s let Kyle make the decision when to play Jimmy. I’m certain he’s got a better handle on it than we do. After all, Kyle is the HC AND OC!

        1. no, no, no….this “article” (and the prior one) are for we (Grant, et al) who know better than either the OC or HC– since- as I’m sure you’ll recall, some here still can’t distinguish the KS dual-role thing…
          — so let’s second guess him on JG’s readiness to play and how much of KS’s playbook and verbiage he’s learned/mastered — as he’s clearly proved it at practice, right? Proven at practice with the one’s exclusively, right?
          — as I’m also sure you’ll recall ATL’s 2015’s QB and offense dysfunction– but here on our make-believe blog– that won’t apply to St. Jimmy, will it?

  26. We’ve got quit a track record coming out of the bye in recent years so………….never mind. On another topic, it looks like the Falcons are finally adjusting to being without KS. Now it’s our turn to adjust to having him don’t ya think?

  27. Seattle was at home with injuries hurting them. I knew they’d come with an effort like that. It won’t happen again. Their defense is whack now, and it’s up to Wilson to win them games. The tempo on Sunday will be much slower and the ground will be much tougher to run on. We all know Seattle is a far different team on the road.
    Perfect time to start JG

  28. It’s interesting that I disagree with so many of the arguments on both sides.
    On the sit him side…
    I don’t agree with the sit him because he will get killed side. I have never believed you can protect a player and trying to do so could provide unnecessary animosity to a player… it creates the idea that he is being coddled and by extension he is soft.
    Then we come to the there is nothing to evaluate camp. There is plenty left to evaluate at this point he only has 2 NFL games on tape and in college they didn’t even call plays.
    Then we come to the start him camp…
    The “we have to start him to see what we have” makes no sense either. If they do start him and he has not digested the playbook what are you evaluating? His throwing motion? There actually is plenty of tape on that.
    Second, if he starts and he has not out performed Beatherd what does that tell the team?
    As to the if we hide Beatherd now his trade value is increased. What? Other teams are so inept that they only look at one game tape against a bad team? I don’t think so… and we still need a backup and a “verified” franchise QB. Right now we have 2 prospective ones.

    Jimmy should start if he, is better than Beatherd and knows enough of the offense to run it competently and tell the other players where to be.

    On that note if Jimmy doesn’t beat out Beatherd by the end of the year I will be seriously worried we were burned in this trade.

    1. Shoup: Agree with most of what you said.

      One thing I’m wondering about is this expectation that once he does start he’ll burn up the field. Never mind the fact that he hasn’t actually played in a game in over a year. I know KS says that he uses practice play as much as game play to evaluate players, but isn’t the conventional wisdom that playing in a game is quite a bit different than practice. Of course you can point to players on both sides of this fence to support a position (Hoyer – good practice player but not so good in a game or D. Watson – plays well in games especially for a rookie.). It’ll be interesting to see how he does play once he gets on the field.

  29. On a side note I just realised in our pickem league my picks were not being saved. It seems the past few weeks I have fallen apart not that I was doing well before. Hope to get a few wins this week ?

  30. One way the Niners can win, is not to be drawn offsides. RW with his hard snap count, drew a player offsides, and he morphed that free play into a TD. Niners should ignore Wilson’s hard count, and watch for the snap of the ball. Maybe assign Witherspoon on Baldwin, and Dontae on Graham, with Foster spying on Wilson.
    Niners should also run the ball. Line up Hyde deep in the I, and let him build up a head of steam before hitting the line of scrimmage. Then they should attack the edges with Breida, for a change of pace. If the Niners can control the ball, they have a chance.
    Seahawks have shown that they are vulnerable with all the injuries, so this is a winnable game. I would like the Niners to get the – Seahawk domination of the Niners- monkey off their back.
    I think JG is more accurate, but CJB is more familiar with the receivers, so they should play them both. After 4 weeks, JG should have assimilated enough of the playbook to be able to function and lead the team. They say that JG is doing well in the practices, so maybe he is ready to play.
    KS should listen to his wife. Happy wife, happy life. ;p

  31. Garoppolo has now been in the building for a month. Sam Bradford was playing in Minnesota within a week as was Jacoby Brissett in Indy. There are many other examples of QB’s coming in and playing in a shorter time frame than this. He should be ready to play and he should play. You don’t spend a pick as high as they did so you can bring somebody in and sit him on the bench. Contrary to popular belief, this guy has not shown he’s a franchise QB yet and needs to play a few games before they can honestly say he’s the future. We all know he’s not surrounded by a lot of talent, but that is part of why you want to play him, to see if he’s good enough to make those around him better and overcome the obstacles.

    To those saying Beathard has earned another start, come on really? Nobody wanted this guy starting beyond the bye before the Giant game and the reason was he wasn’t very good. He played better against the Giants, but we know he’s not their guy or they wouldn’t have traded for JG in the first place. Beathard did the best he could and now it’s time to see if the guy they traded for is worth the compensation they gave up and worthy of giving a massive contract to stay long term.

    Garoppolo is a professional football player who wants to play. That’s why he was excited to be traded out of NE in the first place. He’s had enough time to learn the system at least to the point he can go out and play a game. It’s time to see what they have.

    1. Yep, agree.

      Also, the guy only has 2 starts, and didn’t finish one of them. The 49ers should be trying to get him as much game experience ahead of next year as possible.

  32. John Lynch says he did not ask Jimmy Garoppolo’s agent prior to the trade if the QB is open to signing a contract extension with the 49ers.

    I’d like to hear his reasoning behind that, and I presume it had to do with timing.

    1. Perhaps, Lynch envisioned the following conversation and did not take that route..
      Lynch: “Hey Don, can we get a long term contract done over the next few weeks?”
      Yee: “Sure, dude, how does 5 year/ $120M, $60M guaranteed sound to you?”
      Lynch and Marathe (in unison): “We have an idea — let’s hold off till we get to know each other better..”

  33. Interesting point from BR regarding the simplicity of the Seattle defense and how that would actually help Jimmy G.

    “If it were me, this is the week I’d insert Garoppolo. The Seattle defense is banged up, and it isn’t nearly as strong as its reputation. The other benefit for Garoppolo would be that the Seahawks only play a couple of different coverages. It’s not like he would have to overthink at the line of scrimmage.”


    1. Only good reason I can see for not starting him is if he is struggling to pick up the offense sufficiently. Which would be a cause for concern.

      1. Maybe the Hawk pass rush will be weaker as well on Sunday. On Rotoworld:

        Seahawks waived DE Dwight Freeney.
        Signed in late October, the 16-year veteran lasted four games in Seattle. Freeney tallied three sacks in four games as a situational pass rusher, so it’s a bit surprising he’s being cut loose. 2017 is the longtime Colt’s age-37 season. It’s possible he gets a look elsewhere. Despite being a vested veteran, Freeney must go through waivers since it’s after the trade deadline.

            1. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was seeing DJ Hayden scoring a defensive TD. Their player assessments were clueless.

  34. Seattle is ripe for the picking, they are hurting on the back side.
    They paid a lot for him to be the franchise QB.
    Now is the time for him to take this team to a win and to bound with his team.
    Play him now!

    1. I’d pull the trigger on him, and take a shot. What have they got to lose? If they’re lucky, he’s learned his lesson, and they have an outside starting corner that already knows the scheme. No one currently on the 49ers staff should know him better than Shanny….

      1. I’d think Collins would have plane tkt to SFO by now– a CB from the Quinn/SEA school of coverage — this would seem to be a greater “no-brainer” for JL & KS than some of the “when to play JG” contortions on this latest episode of “as the blog churns”

      2. on the JL Garnett comments article below…add xtra OG on 2018 draft/FA shopping list– looks like the TC scuttlebutt on Garnett’s OZ movement/speed might have had something to it after all….
        if JL is honest about trying to make him work– what, shed weight, work on lateral speed, etc.?
        still think he’ll be in a different uni next season…somewhere in the southwest I’d say….a different shade of red uni….you know– the repository of ex 9er O Lineman–

        1. I disagree. Garnett is plenty quick. His combine stats were- 5.32 forty, 30 reps, 7.62 three cone, 4.64 20 shuttle.
          With better training, he could be even better, and they still have him for 2 more years on a rookie contract.
          They will keep him, and play him at his natural position at LG. They saw him struggle at RG, a position he did not play before.

  35. Steve Young knows best:

    “I think they have to. They have to put (Garoppolo) on the field,” Young said. “… They won a game, they’re playing better. People are healthy — 100 percent they got to get him on the field.”

    “(Garoppolo) has to play immediately. He’s got his weeks in. It’s the best-case scenario. They’re not 0-10, 0-11. I really feel like he gets in after the bye,” he said.

    Jeff Garcia disagrees, however he was also in favor of keeping Hoyer over Beathard….

  36. This one’s for you, ninermd says:
    November 20, 2017 at 3:53 pm
    Yes he will start.

    TomD says:
    November 20, 2017 at 3:52 pm
    I’ve been steadfast in saying JG starts sometime in December–not before.

    John Lynch: Eventually, Garoppolo ‘is going to be our guy’
    By Matt Maiocco November 21, 2017 1:54 PM

    1 Comment

    SANTA CLARA – General manager John Lynch came close Tuesday to announcing which quarterback will start for the 49ers this week. But the official announcement that rookie C.J. Beathard will start Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks will have to come from coach Kyle Shanahan, he said.

  37. What John Lynch has to say about Jimmy Garoppolo
    Source: SJM

    — Personable guy: In Lynch’s former role as a Fox analyst, he first sleuthed out Garoppolo’s background through Patriots coach Bill Belichick, from which Lynch recalled: “The first thing he’d always say, ‘The guys love him. The guys relate to him well. He’s got a quality that people are drawn to him.’ ”

    — Hard-working bachelor: Garoppolo has been a constant presence at the facility while trying to cram in at least a year’s worth of classroom material. “He’s a worker. I’ve watched the dynamic,” Lynch said. “He’s a young single guy so he hangs around the facility a lot.

  38. http://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2017/01/15/did-kyle-shanahans-performance-vs-seahawks-give-him-edge-for-49ers/

    “The Falcons’ offense under Shanahan put on an impressive display in the Georgia Dome beating the Seahawks, 36-20. The team put up 422 total yards and four touchdowns on the NFL’s fifth-ranked defense during the regular season. They won the time of possession battle 33:19 to 26:41, gaining 28 first downs to Seattle’s 17.”

    “Yes, the Falcons have MVP candidate Matt Ryan and dynamic weapons in Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman, but Shanahan deserves all the credit for his excellent scheming. They put their foot on the gas pedal from the opening kickoff and didn’t let up until the final whistle. Even up three scores, they were throwing the ball. They were creative, using empty backfields to keep Seattle guessing all night long. Shanahan exploited the loss of Earl Thomas with wheel routes and deep slants to areas of the field where the All-Pro would normally be roaming.”

    1. Well he has less talent this year, but those “roaming places” for two of their stars are open now. Could it be an even draw?
      Less talent for lesser talent on the other side??? Hmmm

    1. Dan Audick LT 6′ 3″, 252 lbs.
      John Ayers LG 6′ 5″, 258 lbs.
      Fred Quillan C 6′ 5″. 261 lbs.
      Randy Cross RG 6′ 3″, 259 lbs.
      Keith Fahnhorst RT 6′ 6″, 273 lbs

      They were smaller than many other lines, but they played in tandem and were perfect for the WCO.
      Nowadays, with earlier intensive training, players are a lot bigger, but also faster. Every present Niner linemen weigh over 305 lbs. Trent Brown is 355 lbs, and can dunk a basketball.

    1. uhhh, yeah…the days of the 250lb C or G have long since left the station…
      the McKittrick speed line, Cross, McIntyre, etc., won’t work today…
      ALL current versions of the WCO, including KS’ , rely on a mix of Power, IZ , and OZ, and KS’ has lots of schemes involving OZ, but still uses the others too…
      We need 300+ pounders that are fast and maneuverable…
      so JL wants to see if Garnett can train for speed and movement, for OZ work…

  39. Yet another off-topic ramble.
    Grant Cohn, this one’s for you –
    When I moved to NorCal many years ago, Belva Davis and her entourage at PBS9/were my mentors. Scott Shaffer joined as a rookie soon after. He’s grown to be a superb Bay Area Jpurnalist.
    I saw Scott tonight out of his element on “Check please Bay Area”,and was reminded of his body of work.
    Grant, IMHO, along with your Pops, I respectfully suggest you look at Scott’s portfolio and consider him as an exemplary standard of achievement in his field; a potential model to match.
    Happy holidays to you and your family.

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