Will the NFL restart the season? Football pushes forward, regardless of risk

Fans in the stadium yell as they see themselves on the giant video screens during a tour of the new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

This could be a familiar sight for the football season — empty seats and virtual fans. (photo John Burgess, Press Democrat) 

This has never happened in professional sports.

In the midst of a deadly pandemic, the Big Three — Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NFL — are attempting to restart their seasons simultaneously.

To say it has been a clownshow would be an insult to clowns.

First because it is pretty clear we only have a limited grasp of where we are with COVID-19. Cases are declining in some areas, up in others, but it is still infecting over 20,000 people each day according to the CDC. More than 110,000 people have died.

Still, precautions have been taken. States have opened shops, beaches and restaurants. So there is a logic to trying to find a way to get professional sports back, at least on television.

But wow, what a confusing mess.

Baseball has . . . oh baseball, what is wrong with you? It was all set up. A triumphant return for America’s Pastime, on the Fourth of July with flags waving and big brass bands playing. Instead, owners and players have devolved into a bickerfest that has managed to convince us that both sides are selfish and greedy. Let us know when you come up with something guys, we’re done.

The NBA looked like the smooth, slick operation at first. They announced a plan with games played at Disney World. They set dates and looked ready to steal baseball’s thunder. But Kyrie Irving played the not-so-fast card last week. Irving raised concerns about the current social climate as well as the fact that while a few superstars (and he admitted he was one of them) would be earning big bucks, younger players are making much less.

Irving’s comments kicked off some muttering in the ranks. Players are concerned about risking injury and health concerns from the virus. Also it may have dawned on everyone that they really will be expected to live in a closed biosphere for months. Stay tuned.

It is only the NFL that has gone blithely forward without a care in the world. Asked for a quote about whether there will be a 2020 NFL season, the league put its fingers in its ears and loudly sang, “LA-LA-LA-LA.”

They held their NFL draft, although virtually. The announcement of the 2020 schedule, was a three-hour, made-for-TV event. They’re plowing through this and never is heard a discouraging word.

Take NFL Chief Medical Officers Dr. Allen Sills, speaking on “The Adam Schefter Podcast:”

“I am very optimistic that we’ll be playing football in the fall of 2020 . . . and on the schedule we’ve outlined.”

Even Coronavirus guru Dr. Anthony Fauci says he can picture games being played in September. Not only that, he’s opening the door to a limited number of fans in the stands.

Fauci said the season couldn’t start if pandemic conditions were what they are now, “but (if there’s improvement) I could see filling a third of the stadium or half the stadium so people would be six feet apart.”

Which is the news every NFL fan wants to hear. Football back on TV in September. Playoffs. The Super Bowl.

And that’s a great concept. But once you begin to hear how resuming the season would look, it doesn’t sound so simple.

Let’s begin with the acknowledgment that football is different. Baseball and basketball players bump into each other, but football players actively search each other out to hit. And then, if they are blocking, they try to stay right in the other guy’s face, huffing and puffing potential virus vapor.

As Dr. Sills dryly observes, “Football and physical distancing are not compatible with each other.”

A 2003 study about a MRSA outbreak found that offensive linemen and linebackers were most likely to be infected. But everyone is at risk, as the recent opening of some college football programs has shown. This month it was announced that eight Alabama players tested positive.

So if the case hadn’t already been made for stringent precautions, this should do it. Ideas range from face masks inside helmets to the extreme (and less likely) measure of quarantining everyone, players, coaches, trainers, locker room attendants, chefs, and others, in a contained space for five months. That’s no family, breaks and no leaving campus for five months.

At least one NFL influencer looks at the list of precautions and sees chaos.

“It’s impossible what they are asking us to do — humanly impossible,” Baltimore coach John Harbaugh said on Baltimore radio station 105.7 The Fan. “I’m pretty sure the huddle is not going to be six-feet spaced. Are guys going to shower one at a time all day? Are guys going to lift weights one at a time all day? You throw your hands up and you go, ‘What the heck? There’s no way this can be right.'”

So is restarting the season foolhardy or logical? Will there be no fans or some fans? And what if the virus numbers stay relatively the same, but there is tremendous pressure — economic and social — to get the games back on TV?

Is it really possible the strategy is to put the players back on the field — with what we hope will be enough safety precautions — and see what happens?

Right now, that’s how it seems.

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  1. Are you telling me it’s alright to gather in a crowd for blm but if you want to play football or have a Trump rally it’s too risky?

    1. Razor, all we have to do is get the leader of antifa on board with shutting those down, right? Now where is that guy????

    2. Asked for a quote about whether there will be a 2020 NFL season, the league put its fingers in its ears and loudly sang, “LA-LA-LA-LA.”

    3. How many NFL games are indoors?

      How many NFL games will people be eating and drinking (removing their mask)?

      So yes, it is alright to gather in a crowd (masks on) than it is to sit in a closed stadium.

  2. I have been pretty bullish about the NFL season not being impacted by COVID 19 but that was based on my foolish assumption that the US could and would manage some kind of successful response in reducing the spread like most other developed countries have. But instead we see a consistently high number of new cases being recorded each day, masses of people refusing to practice physical distancing (as well as serious social issues that have contributed to physical distancing not being observed), and somehow despite that, restrictions are being rolled back. It’s mad.

    Now we also have a bunch of NFL players testing positive.

    All it will take is for just one of those guys that test positive to have some issues with their recovery (the lasting impacts this can have on lung capacity even for healthy young people could be devastating for an athlete’s career) and the players will quickly come to the realisation of how much they would be risking if they play while there is a reasonable risk of transmission. And with how rampant the virus currently is spreading (with very little reason to believe that is going to change for the better any time soon) the risk is going to be pretty high that players will get it.

    I am not feeling confident that the NFL season will go ahead without some pretty serious disruptions anymore.

    1. “ the lasting impacts this can have on lung capacity even for healthy young people could be devastating for an athlete’s career)“

      It’s a flu!

        1. Find me a medical journal or statistics showing people who have been infected by COVID-19 that have had devastating effects on lung capacity in healthy young people?

          1. Find me a medical journal or statistics showing people who have been infected by COVID-19 that says it’s only a flu!

              1. How do you figure when 80% of people who get infected experience mild symptoms and recover at home?

            1. Why don’t you shut and go play in traffic while the adults have a conversation?
              Better yet, go cut someone lawn for $20.99

          2. I said earlier you should go on believing that, but tbh, you shouldn’t. You’re part of the problem. Part of the population that believes it is a “flu” and that measures to reduce the spread aren’t really that important. And that sort if thinking is what keeps the virus spreading.

            Anyway, all you need to do is a little research, speak to some actual medical professionals (I am lucky to have a number of friends that are doctors and seen this on the front line), to know how serious this virus is and how as time goes on we are seeing some serious longer term issues and conditions emerging for COVID patients.

            1. Scooter the first paragraph of that article:

              “ The new coronavirus and the disease it causes are still just months old, meaning researchers have not been able to study the disease’s long-term effects on people”

              I have spoken to many health professionals. In fact Canada has been one the top 5 countries in the world to overcoming this pandemic.
              Until sufficient research is done to determine the long term affects, I think it can be classified as just a flu.

              1. Yes, of course the long term effects are yet to be studied. But they are already seeing some significant damage to organs in some patients, including the lungs, and not just old people. And this damage in some instances is so severe the current prognosis is it will last long term/ rest of the patient’s life. And experience from other similar diseases suggests this will likely be the case.

                As for being classified a flu, no, it cannot. It is a SARS virus. Having some flu-like symptoms does not make it a flu.

              2. “ And experience from other similar diseases suggests this will likely be the case.
                Suggest, not fact. Again, not enough research to determine if this is a deadly disease/virus.
                You should not speak in absolutes or make statements suggesting “likely be the case”.
                You are not a doctor or an infectious disease specialist. You sound like the media making stuff up.
                Let’s wait and see till more research comes out before determining people will have any long term affects or classify this as a devastating type of virus.

              3. And in the meantime what? Bury our heads in the sand and pretend that this isn’t a realistic concern?

                And as for using cases of similar diseases as a guide, those other diseases are SARS and MERS. You know, from the same family of virus as COVID. Not the flu.

              4. “ And in the meantime what?“

                Wash your hands, keep your distance, do everything you can to stay healthy and not stress about the unknown or panic about something that really is just a strain of influenza.

                For those that are immune compromised, stay home.

              5. “You should not speak in absolutes or make statements suggesting “likely be the case”.”

                “something that really is just a strain of influenza.”

                Okey dokey.

              6. Scooter if you are afraid of COVID-19 that’s one thing. But classifying it as devastating and having long term affects is simply inaccurate.
                Many infectious disease specialists have not said anything to that affect. The article you provide said the same thing I did. There is not enough research on it to determine it as deadly, devastating or causing long term health issues because not enough research has been performed.
                Okey dokey?

              7. As Dee pointed out, any Corona virus is by definition not an influenza virus. They have different protein structures, different vectors, and even different non-superficial symptomatology. Thus, COVID 19 is not a ‘flu’ within the technical sense.

                However, ‘flu’ is also used colloquially to refer to any viral disease with similar symptoms to influenza, as well as to some with dissimilar symptoms (such as so-called ‘stomach flu’, which typically has no respiratory symptoms at all ). This shorthand is even used among health care workers, who then may differentiate influenza infections from the generic “flu” catchall. In that sense, COVID19 is a ‘flu’ but not influenza.

                This brings us, however, to a different aspect of the issue, namely the reality that medical professionals, even MDs, are not usually “scientists”. Non-research oriented medical degrees are practical degrees that focus on diagnostic application of medical research but not the research itself. As such, most medical practitioners do not earn advanced scientific degrees before earning their medical degrees, and that includes most MDs. However, research doctors typically possess advanced scientific degrees as well as MDs (and yes, some practitioners do as well, but it is far less common). It is akin to the difference between the mechanic who diagnosis and fixes your car and the engineers who designed it. Medical practitioners are technicians. Even a neurosurgeons (who are not also neurologists) are just technicians with a steady hands and a charts developed by neurologists and neurobiologists. The skill set of medical practitioners does not necessarily lend itself to the scientific analysis of novel medical conditions.

                Because of the above, tales from the hospital/doctors office are rarely scientific analyses; rather, they are anecdotal. Now, anecdotal evidence is still evidence, but it is of much more variable quality and weight than research data. Unfortunately, much of what we currently “know” of COVID 19, even from research medicine, relies heavily on anecdotal evidence. That will change as time goes on, but research medicine takes time and deliberate collection of data. Right now, most of what we hear/read on the impact of COVID 19 on patients is of the tales from the hospital variety and is decidedly unscientific.

                Now, we could have a fun (for me) discussion of epistemology (how we know what we know, and by extension, what it means to “know” something), but I am not sure whether the rest of you would find it fun (I have been told by several decades worth of writing, critical thinking, humanities, and law students that my idea of fun is not the normal person’s idea of fun).

              8. I have been told by several decades worth of writing, critical thinking, humanities, and law students that my idea of fun is not the normal person’s idea of fun.

                Well then we might as well immerse ourselves into ‘ex nihilo nihil fit’.
                The other taboo subject…

              9. JPN, please let me know if your epistemology is part of an online discussion group to muse that we know, there are known knowns and known unknowns as part of an evolving knowledge.
                Would be nice to see people learning rather than digging in .

              10. Dee,

                I am sure that epistemology discussions exist somewhere in the vastness of the interwebs, but I do not know of any offhand.

              1. If they had mild symptoms, why, when and where were they tested for COVID-19, Razordoll???

              2. Well that’s only a measly 20% that don’t. And, there is also recent research from Europe indicating within that 80% there are some that actually have ongoing health issues such as fatigue, breathing issues, chest pain, etc. and unknown how ling this will go on for.

      1. One of the mistakes being made by people who think that COVID-19 is “just like the flu” is that they don’t actually understand the reported death numbers for either virus.

        The number most often cited for annual flu deaths is 60,000. This number is a composite. It includes a relatively small number of deaths directly ascribed to influenza (meaning, there was a positive flu-test involved) PLUS a much larger number of deaths from pneumonia, where it is assumed that because flu-like symptoms were present, the influenza virus was likely at play.

        This is the exact opposite of how we’ve been tabulating COVID-19 deaths.


        I suggest a full gander at the linked document. Btw, thebulwark.com is a site run by Republicans.

      2. We used to just have armchair coaches and armchair GMs here. Now we have armchair epidemiologists. The professional and educational threshold for occupying that armchair has definitely been raised.

            1. I have always been impressed by the overall knowledge, many posters have displayed on this blog, even things not related to football.
              My college room mate was a Geologist and mountaineer who went to the Alaska Ice fields many summers after graduating. His on field expertise led him to drilling ice cores in Antarctica and Greenland, because he had not only expertise dealing with harsh conditions and running a drilling rig, he could get the instruments to be calibrated properly, so they could analyze the results in the field.His practical knowledge, along with his computer skills, were invaluable.
              His observations showed that the ice ages came regularly, but he was most astounded by the fact that the Ice ages came on quickly, like turning on a light switch. He always wondered what could have been the catalyst for change, and surmised that Volcanic action would inject millions of tons of CO2 into the upper atmosphere, causing a greenhouse effect. He said man, by burning fossil fuels, was just accelerating the process, and maybe the switch has been turned on. The Earth will heat up to a tipping point, then plunge the world back into an Ice Age.
              He also surmised that the Earth wobbles. Tracking the magnetic north over millions of years showed that it has moved constantly. Maybe the magnetic north stayed still, but the Earth wobbled and shifted slowly, and that could have led to the ocean currents to be affected. He said the closing of the Bering Strait and Strait of Gibralter due to lowered sea levels could have had major impacts on the ocean currents.
              He also said that more study was needed, but that nobody knows for sure how it will all unfold. He even speculated that the Earth may traverse an area that has lots of comets. He called some of them giant snowballs. He speculated that a big enough comet may cause catastrophic change, but once it melted, it would leave little trace of its impact, so it would be hard to study, especially if it landed in the ocean.

    2. I believe they will play, and then if there’s a major outbreak and some lawsuits it will stop again…..
      They might start without fans in the stands. (more lawsuits)

  3. Several of the Cowboys and Texans players have tested positive for Covid 19. Ezekiel Elliot, who was criticized for not working out safely with Dak Prescott, was named as one of the victims.
    Considering that there are all these positive tests, and they have yet to go to the team facilities, maybe they need to think this through.
    Looks like they want to hide the truth, and cover up the fact that these players are infected. There should be total transparency so others can begin to start the tracking process. Covering up the facts may lead to spreading the disease more.

    1. Testing is all thats needed. Test positive you must stay quarantined until you test negative.


      If European football teams can do it, no reason any sports teams in the US cant.

  4. Shanny extended through 2025!!

    Matt Maiocco

    League source confirms the #49ers have a new contract extension extension with Kyle Shanahan through 2025 season, as @AdamSchefter reported.

    6:09 PM – Jun 15, 2020

    Would it be too much to ask to post this without any of the extra bs?

  5. The virus will be with us for a while. It’s still dangerous.
    A friend of a friend contracted COVID-19 for the second time in 12 weeks. She had no symptoms other than an off-the-charts BP reading of 146/206. When she had that checked out it was determined to be COVID-19. She’s 38 yo. Re-hospitalized, but not ICU at the moment, but feels worse than the first time.
    There seems to be a coincidental overlap of those denigrating the severity of the Corona virus with climate change deniers, and systemic racism deniers. Curious.🤔

  6. I’m 66 yo overweight and a type 2 diabetic so of course I am being very careful. I just wish those that are younger and healthy would be equally careful, to help stop the spread. I do believe we are out brothers keeper. The truth is that it isn’t dangerous to only the aged and infirmed, I was acquainted with a 44 yo police officer who had no other health issues, she contracted the Corona virus and she died.

      1. Razor,
        TY she was more of an acquaintance than a friend but 44 is too damn young to go. Even 66 is too young after working for 48 years I am going to retire some time this year. I haven’t had the resources to travel until now so I was looking foreward to traveling. one of my first plans is to take the Amtrak to Chi then a train or bus to South Bend for a ND game. I know some feel that those my age are expendable but I feel like my life is just starting. That is why I hope as Americans we support each other, wear your mask and socially distance and no more protests, political rallies or god forbid maybe no football for a while. Like I said earlier we are our brothers keepers. imho

        1. I’ve got 20 years on you but I feel the same way about the future. Unfortunately some plans don’t make much sense now. And they may not make sense in any realistic future.

          For some folks the world is still flat.

  7. Virus’ have been with us forever and humans have survived thanks to that immune system.

    The climate has been changing forever, and the majority of Americans won’t tolerate racism when confronted with it.

    I hope your friend of a friend gets well soon, and we can amiably agree to disagree, Brotha.

    1. 1st thing is I obviously got snookered recently by the serial imposter who has infected several on this site. He’ll get around to me eventually I suppose, but apologies to you if needed. I shall henceforth refer to him as Secret Sauce.
      To your points, the climate change we’re currently dealing with has people as it’s cause. Previous fluctuations usually had other causes. I did a good bit of work in climatology back in my college days during the Pleistocene. In fact a leading theory is that the Little Ice Age came about when epidemics wiped out indigenous people in the Western Hemisphere thus ending their intensive anthropogenic burning practices. It was followed by the onset of the industrial revolution which warmed things back up.
      The differential spread of the virus in various places speaks to peoples actions as the cause of the spread. NZ vs USA
      Segregation in schooling, housing, wage earning and opportunities is everywhere around us and is the White Privilege you and I have benefited from.
      Alpha Racism= “Get out of my town!”
      Beta Racism = “ I don’t think we should hire Kevin, not a good fit.”
      Your final point; Yes, we can amicably disagree. ✌️

      1. No, it’s really me. If 13% of the American population is black and Winfrey is a billionaire, Obama president, how do figure they didn’t benefit from white privilege?

        1. One last point on this “white privilege” I supposedly benefited from; somehow I didn’t feel very privileged in the Marines when I’d run out of money before the weekend and have to go the black guys whose loan rate was $20 for $40….

          1. You mean your black guy still had money because he wasn’t allowed to go places and then took it out on those poor drunk whiteys?
            I hope you gave them a piece of your inebriated mind, Razordoll!

      2. Brotha – I have to somewhat disagree with you on climate change. Approximately 15,000 years ago the ice age ended. We are currently seeing the effects of it, not hard to figure out. From that moment on the weather has been warming. Its happened in the past and is currently happening. Glaciers retreating and advancing is marked events in geological history. Now to your assertion that man is the cause imo is somewhat wrong. Man has accelerated what nature was already doing and with soon to be 8 billion inhabitants its not going to get any better. Also think in 29 short years there will be 10 billion .people, you think we got problems now…with climate, virus, social problems, using up the earth’s supposedly unlimited supply of natural resources, wait till then. Man has many issues but he hasn’t caused global warming he has accelerated it. Good to see you posting more BT

        1. Under
          Thanks for the mannerly disagreement.
          At your leisure please look up The Dryas and The Little Ice Age. You will be informed about the variations of climate in the Holocene. While it may very around the globe, 15k bpe is an early metric for the ending of the last major ice age. 12.5k bpe is a more practical metric, and 11k is more frequently noted.The planet has not been on a smooth inexorable warming since 15,000 years ago.
          My point about the period 1700-1850 (the Little Ice Age) is that anthropogenic influences are noted and supported in the paleontological record, as well as ice core samples, tree ring evidence, and isotope evidence from sediments and volcanic ash deposits.
          I worked on a study group lead by post graduates though I was an undergrad. My team was tasked with defending an assertion that due to preexisting cyclical natural patterns we were due for the onset of another ice age. Much evidence has shown that the benign warmer periods between ice ages were the exception, not the norm. The ice ages in planetary history were the norm. Our team developed strong circumstantial statistical evidence from the paleo records to support our arguements and early on I was a true believer. But our next task was to provide some meteorological and climatic current evidence that we were on that track. Our own research data on those clues produced evidence to the contrary. We doubled down and even got help from the national Center for Atmospheric Research into how to model our investigations. We ended up disproving our entire theory. Instead we came up with an Ethernet based computer model in 1976-78 that precisely predicted our current mid seventies, 2020 and future climate.
          We didn’t have a PhD leading our study and couldn’t get published, but we did host a symposium of multidisciplinary scientist/scholars who ended up being 70% positive in their review of our study.
          I’m not just throwing pasta against the wall in this case. Now I don’t keep up as I should, but I’m sure that new evidence, especially from sea floor sediments and Antarctic ice cores has added data and nuance well advanced of our rudimentary work. I was just a grunt in that study and didn’t compose a single line in our study write-up or the abstract, but the personal intellectual epiphany from the project was profound.
          People-caused global warming began with mankind’s use of fire, but accelerated exponentially with the burning of fossil fuels like coal. The Industrial Revolution supersized the warming rate. Just the reduced use of automobiles during the SIP has visibly and measurably reduced air pollution in the Bay Area by orders of magnitude, so us peeps are driving this atmospheric warming. Oceanic warming is having an even greater effect.

          1. “It wasn’t until around 34 million years ago that the first small glaciers formed on the tops of Antarctica’s mountains. And it was 20 million years later, when world-wide temperatures dropped by 8 °C, that the glaciers’ ice froze onto the rock, and the southern ice sheet was born.”

            Earth’s climate alternates between ice ages and greenhouse periods, during which there are no glaciers on the planet. That is fact. the population of the earth was somewhere depending on who you believe between 1 and 10 million people hardly enough to start the process of glacial retreat, The next glaciation period is suppose to be in another 50,000 years but probably will be longer due to man’s use of fossil fuel. Greenhouse gasses were formed by volcanoes back in the day thus ending glaciation for short periods of time. I still disagree with the cause BT but totally agree that man is really screwing up the planet and man will pay the ultimate price in the not too distant future.

            Correction – 12,000 years ago not 15,000 was the end of the last ice age

        2. Study 4 years for degree.
          Study 8 more for PhD.
          Join lab, start working.
          Spend years studying problem.
          Decades field work.
          Form hypothesis, gather evidence.
          Test hypothesis, form conclusions.
          Report findings, clear peer review.
          Findings published, reported in press.

          Some guy on internet: “Bullsht.”

  8. Need an example of media bias? How about the freak out reporting over the Michigan protesters and then contrast that with their reporting on chaz, who control 6 blocks and a police station in an American city?

    1. Can you believe that Razordoll ? FUX even had to photoshop an armed white supremacist in Seattle reporting to get some traction.
      NOT fair!

  9. Just call every game a protest and their will be no danger of spreading coronavirus to anyone. Problem solved.

      1. Dude, get off your knees and stop regurgitating everything Media Matters spews into your mouth. Harris County, the most populated county in Texas, which is where Houston is located has about the same infection rate as San Francisco – about 350ish per 100k people. Los Angeles by contrast has more than double the infection rate (750 per 100k ppl) and 10 times more deaths than Houston or San Francisco. Contrast that with New York where the infection rate fluctuates but is around 2500 per 100k ppl. I literally know no one that has been infected in Houston. I know 2 people that know people that have been infected. About 20% of the people in Houston wear masks in public unless it’s to a business that requires masks. People are living their lives. But hey, yeah Houston is the worst of it. You should stay away. I suggest you take a trip to New York and leave your mask at home.

        1. Health officials in Texas reported a record number of current hospitalizations on Wednesday — 2,793 — in a 66 percent increase since Memorial Day, an analysis by The Washington Post shows.
          The number of new daily coronavirus cases announced Wednesday — 3,129 — would also have been an all-time high were it not for 1,476 cases in prisons that officials added to Tuesday’s figure for 2,622. Texas is nearing 100,000 total cases of the virus.
          The daily death toll has also increased slightly in the past few days. Thirty-three coronavirus-related fatalities were announced Wednesday, making the total number of deaths statewide 2,062. Tuesday’s 46 deaths marked the highest number of fatalities in the state since May 20, when 50 deaths were recorded.

          The entire state is blowing up with cases. Houston will be no exception.

      1. Great idea! Every NFL game in Levi Stadium is hereby declared a Trump Rally. Bring your American flags and Red & Gold hats.

            1. Any mark adopted by an individual as a signature may be legally binding. The issue is not what is written, but that it signifies the willingness to be bound by the party and can be shown to have been made by the party. Thus, an ‘X’ is as binding as signing one’s name, but in a dispute it may be more difficult to overcome the burden of proof on source of the ‘X’ absent witnesses to the signing.

              1. Lighten up Frances. It was obviously a joke.

                Ah, I see. Well, I believe my confusion regarding the alleged humorous nature of the comment is understandable. Jokes are, by definition, supposed to be funny.

              2. JPN, I’m curious how legally binding these waivers could be. For the attendee, probably? What about their contact circle? Suppose an attendee shows symptoms following the event. A spouse, having not attending, becomes stricken soon thereafter. Then what?

              3. The waivers serve as acknowledgement and assumption of a known risk. They will likely be effective against any negligent behavior but not against intentional tortious behavior (for example, knowingly exposing attendees to an event official who has an infectious disease, which would be recklessness rather than negligence).

                A person’s choice to attend an event along with his/her knowledge of the possible consequences (as evidenced from the signing of a waiver) of attending such event would likely be an intervening proximate cause (legal cause) with regard to any third party infection traced back to the event. Thus, legal responsibility, should there be any, would be on the attendee not the event host, at least in most instances. Something like the intentional exposure of a person to an infectious disease that is then spread to others because the person infected has no knowledge of his/her exposure to the infectious disease could have a different proximate cause analysis (there are some HIV cases similar to that), but that is a quite unusual kind of fact pattern.

              4. Or perhaps JPN your sense of humor was pierced by that stick up your a$$ so it’s not functioning properly.

              1. LOL

                Jokes are, by definition, supposed to be funny.

                There you have it, the definitive legal definition!
                Thanks JPN, I needed a good laugh!

  10. Of all the sports, the NFL should be the most likely to reopen, just because the game is, frankly, more dangerous than Covid-19 to this age group, and I think the players know it. (A few or several % rate of serious complications, say, compared to what happens anyways during the games…) And the money comes mostly from TV, not tix. If anyone cancels the season, I don’t think it’ll be the players.

  11. Is there anyone else here who finds that extending KS but not JL a little suspicious? Now JL’s extension could happen in the next couple of days but if it does not……. I’m guessing that if this years draft and FA signings are anything like 17 we could see a change in the front office. Anyone else have an inkling that could be a possibility?

    1. A Superbowl coach is a hot item if he gets two years from the end of his contract. General Managers, not so much. On the other hand, Lynch might be in for a bump to VP of Football Operations.

  12. It’s been estimated that $3 billion in revenue loss for empty stadiums would equate to tens of millions in salary cap shrinkage per team. Until the NFL and union get together to offset this unique set of circumstances, teams will be hesitant to give out big money deals. At this time there is no deal even remotely imminent and I still believe he will be traded for two 1st round picks if he overplays his hand by holding out….

    “Every day they wait, he gets more expensive,” said an agent of the 49ers on Kittle. “They would be smart to just bite the bullet and give him, say, $14 million per season and $30 million guaranteed now. In two or three years, it will look like they got off easy.”

    George, I wasn’t too far off with my $13.5 million and $35 million guaranteed offer to Mr. Kittle!😉

    1. Any idea how the NBA or MLB are handling players salary during their shutdown? I’ve got to think the league is experiencing losses in the billions. Are players still getting paid?

        1. Well that’s interesting. So pro athletes are basically drawing a salary but it’s based on the shutdown rather than a contract. Makes me wonder if Pro Sports teams are processing claims on business interruption insurance to pay those players. The payment amount for these players seem like a lot but typically when you make a lot of money you spend a lot of money. Some of these guys could be in serious financial jeopardy.

            1. Wells Fargo got absolutely crushed for mishandling PPP funds. They are being sued in a class action suit that basically said WF redirected PPP funds from Small businesses to their larger existing clients. The Fed placed an asset cap on WF after their scheme to open fraudulent accounts was revealed. As soon as the Fed loosened that asset cap they are now accused of misappropriating PPP funds. From what I hear, the Fed is about to drop so many hammers from so many directions on Wells Fargo their entire c-suite should be looking for ways out. If any of the regulatory news becomes public I’m going to wait for their stock to hit bottom and then buy buy buy. After the Fed came down on them so hard I highly doubt anyone else is willing to misappropriate those funds.

              1. We all remember the LA Lakers taking, then giving back, funds received though PPP.

                But Wells was one of many.

                JPMorgan Chase, Citibank and U.S. Bank used a two-tiered system to prioritize the applications of their wealthiest clients, sources told The New York Times.

                JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and U.S. Bank, are also facing class-action lawsuits from small businesses alleging the banks prioritized existing customers and larger loans, which yield higher origination fees, rather than processing applications on a first-come, first-served basis.

                Although the PPP is well-intentioned, these actions reflect a “structural flaw,” in the program, Mehrsa Baradaran, a law professor specializing in banking law at the University of California, Irvine, told Banking Dive.

                “We rely on banks, and banks can choose their customers,” Baradaran said.

                “The banks didn’t have a legal obligation to do it, and that’s the problem,” she said, on providing the loans on a first-come, first-served basis.


                A massive program like this, implemented over a very short timeframe, of course entities are going to take as much advantage as they possibly can. My business bank, a large national one, has had a moratorium on any new applications following the mess of the first PPP round. We’ll see what happens.

              2. Didn’t know about the Lakers. Thats kinda wild. I am aware of the issues at many banks with PPP. No bank has been as negatively impacted by bad press, hits to the stock price, and regulator anger as Wells Fargo. In my professional life, over the course of the past 30 years I’ve developed many relationships with bankers at every major bank and dozens of mid tier banks. When PPP first came out the banks had to pull in every banker to work on those applications. Guys who specialized in wind turbine loans, or energy loans, commercial loans, or even M&A were working on PPP loans even though those bankers had no experience whatsoever with small business lending. At a major bank in your area, bankers got training over 1 weekend then they were turned loose to review and approve/reject PPP loans the next Monday. As loans came in for existing customers the RM that managed that relationship was assigned to review the PPP application. There is obviously going to be a natural incentive for those bankers to take care of their existing customers. Also, prior knowledge of the customer greatly helps with the application process and KYC requirements. I have a hard time passing judgement on the rollout of such a massive program in such a short timeframe. Perhaps there could have been better controls on which banker worked which application but the country needed the program at that moment and tens of thousands of small businesses stayed afloat because of the program.

    2. Razor, if that’s what he gets, I wouldn’t be surprised because I think he’s, as Old Coach called him, a generational player. Remember, I said that no one outside of his circle and the Niners knew what he wanted, but that if it were, say $20 mil/yr, that equates to $100 mil over five years, so they could give him that and remain below the cap by paying a large signing bonus. $35 mil plus $13.5 mil times 5 equals $102.5 mil. But my $20 mil/yr was sheer speculation. There’s something about this I don’t understand, and I just wonder what’s taking them so long. Maybe they’re doing it in order — Shanahan, then Lynch, then Kittle? Or maybe they want to take care of Sherman before Kittle, as a sign of respect, and that’s harder to do?

      1. George, the avg annual salary and guaranteed salary are not additive. The guaranteed salary is part of the overall deal which divided by the number of years gives the avg per year. $13.5M × 5 with $35M guaranteed is still only a $13.5M a year deal, with total value of $67.5M, of which $35M is guaranteed. Very far off $100M.

        1. See what you mean. I was thinking the agent quoted said $30 million as a signing bonus. But that’s not what he said, as you point out. I don’t know how much Kittle wants, but if he wants $100 million over five years, giving him a signing bonus amortized over five years is the only way it can get done, no?

          1. Let’s get down to brass tacks with Mr. Kittle. The franchise tag for TE will be around $10.6 million. WR around $17 million. Difference of about $6 million, and half of that is $3 million. $3 million + $10.6 million is roughly $13.6 million he could be making as early as this year if he takes that fair deal. If he and his agent decide to thumb their nose’s then Mr. Kittle would have to play for peanuts this year or holdout , and then play for the $10.6 million in 2021 on the tag or not….

          2. George I don’t think you would want to do that with Kittle. He is such a physical player there is a high likelihood he will start to break down so SF will want outs after the first couple of seasons. Truthfully, I am not worried about a deal getting done but the 49ers are likely going to wait until there is more clarity regarding the upcoming season and what that will mean for the cap going forward.

            I could see something where SF would give him a 5 year escalating deal totaling out to 80 mil with 43 guaranteed over the first 3 years.
            Year 1, 13 mil fully guaranteed, (11, paid as a bonus)
            year 2, 14.5 mil fully guaranteed, (12, paid as a bonus)
            year 3, 16 mil fully guaranteed (12 paid as a bonus)
            opt out clause at the end of the year
            year 4, 17.5 mil, (here you could make say 8 or 9 mil a roster bonus)
            opt out clause at the end of the year
            year 5, 19 mil, (same as year 4 with the roster bonus)

            It would be a 16 mil a year average with outs for SF.

  13. Geez what has become of this site? Lol?

    And does this guy actually post about football?

    Anyways, hope everyone is good, thought i’d check in….crazy times.

    God bless

  14. Israel and Australia Wuhan virus death rate just over 1% with hydroxy taken early and prophylactically. USA’s death rate is well over 5% without hydroxy….

    1. It’s over 5% here as a percentage of total reported cases. As of today, the percentage is 5.52% (116,149/2,104,346), according to CDC numbers:

      However, that’s the percentage of reported cases. The number of unreported cases is obviously higher and probably much higher. We’ll never know that number.

      However, we do know what the number for the current total population is. Its’ a bit under 330,000,000.

      So dividing the number of current reported C-19 deaths by the current total population, we get 0.00036%, or 3.6% of 1%, for which tens of millions have been thrown out of work, people have been locked in, etc.

      1. Hmmm, I wonder if that number of deaths would be higher if restrictions had not been in place to reduce the spread…

        1. Scooter, restrictions in place reduce the spread of any communicable disease, but as soon as restrictions are lifted, those not naturally immune catch it. That’s basic immunology, and that’s the second wave. The restrictions were put in place to allow the health care system to better handle the inflow of patients.

          1. But yes, there will surely be more deaths. Most of them, though, will be among people who are retired, in nursing homes, or already in hospitals. In other words, not who are in school or at the work place. Or, I dare say, at sporting events.

          2. Sure, but using the number of deaths as a % of total population is clearly a poor measure given the death rate is dropped significantly by having measures to reduce the spread.

            1. They reduce the spread temporarily. Once the lock downs finally end, we’ll just have to see how many more deaths occur. I strongly believe, though, that closing down the society was an absolutely crazy response.

              1. It was done in response to the Imperial College model, now exposed for its inadequacy and debunked. The media, what it is today, went into sheer panic, and I must admit I was scared myself. In hindsight, big, big mistake.

              2. Crazy? Have you seen what is happening in Brazil and how badly it backfired on Sweden to not shut down? Most countries shut down so the Hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed George. If they hadn’t many more people would have died. There are also clear examples of why you need to continue to have restrictions as the numbers are skyrocketing around the world again.

              3. I beg to differ.
                We flattened the curve, and bought time. Now, there is a very positive steroid therapy that saves the worst cases. It may take time, but a vaccine will be developed.
                One good way to assess if the initial shutdown had worked, is to assess how certain states are re-opening. Texas is showing a spike in cases, and Ezekiel Elliot has shown to be positive after taking a Covid test.

              4. I don’t have a sub so can’t read the article, but if it backs the idea that there shouldn’t have been a shutdown it’s going against a mountain of evidence that says otherwise.

    2. The Food and Drug Administration has revoked its emergency use authorization for the drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for the treatment of Covid-19.
      Hydroxychloroquine was frequently touted by President Donald Trump, and he has claimed to have used it himself.
      After reviewing the current research available on the drugs, the FDA determined that the drugs do not meet “the statutory criteria” for emergency use authorization as they are unlikely to be effective in treating Covid-19 based on the latest scientific evidence, the agency noted on its website on Monday.


    3. Dizziness and disorientation are among the many side effects of Hydroxy. This may explain his tortured walk at the West Point.

      1. Gee, Lee, I wonder who’s smarter, Trump, a self-made billionaire — granted who had a wealthy dad, but nothing like that — who figured out how to get elected President of the US despite the initial opposition of his party, the Democrat machine, and the media, or you. That’s a hard one to decide. Casting aspersions on his intelligence and state of mind is not going to do it. I really wish people on this site who call him names would just stop it. You’d elevate your game if you discussed the policies he’s implemented that you disagree with. That’s the way it used to be done.

        1. OK George, let’s start with you calling him a self-made billionaire .
          Have you seen his taxes or his bank statements? So where did you get this information???
          Maybe from a guy who has lied almost 20.000 times in less than 4 years that he resided in the WH!!!
          Would you trust or do business with a guy who lies every single day, even about the pettiest little things like walking down a ramp?
          Would you George? Caus Kojak sure would kick his az!

        2. George, maybe you just want to hear about his policies?
          OK let’s first look at his staff, after all he hires only the best…
          The turnover rate is greater that that of the last FIVE presidents combined!!!
          Do you think that is because he’s such a great leader or because he’s a loser?

        3. Intelligence is not the same as being able to make money. I’m better at math than probably 99% of people, but I’m certainly not a 1%-er financially! There’s zero evidence that Trump is smart for a politician (I bet that even most of the ones I disagree with are far smarter than me!) but he might have a certain bluster, aggressiveness, marketing feel that serves him well in selling a brand.

          And I agree with Dee. Who says he’s a billionaire? I wonder what Mary Trump will have to say about him.

          1. Chet, once those tax documents are finally unsealed (remember, it was a campaign promise), I’m doubting, assets vs liabilities, Trump is even a thousandaire. If he’d checked his stable genius, and left that inheritance of 400m in a S&P index account, he’d be a true billionaire by now. But he had to go and bankrupt those casinos, hotels, and the American treasury instead.

              1. That doesn’t even make any sense – not surprisingly . Disengaging from mental patient.

              2. Bruce if I have to spell it out for you, you should join Seb/Niner Poe/Dee Pee and STFU as well.

                You are just as annoying as him!

        4. George, do you even know what you’re talking about. Trump inherited 400 M via shady tax schemes. He promptly made a series of horrible real estate deals. He bankrupted 6 casinos. I am not a gaming expert but the saying is “the house always wins ” – unless trump is in charge. Was he double dipping at his own buffets? He got elected president in a perfect storm of corruption and an archaic electoral system. He only garnered 44% of the popular vote. The vast majority of the country rejected him. We are now in the depths of his incompetence and corruption. He is a disgrace to this nation and our greatest shame. I am thankful he only has 4 more months – assuming he makes it to NOV.

        5. George, let’s play a little game. Let’s call it “hater or former Trump aide”. Here’s the list of “haters” and aides:

          Dee Phiant
          Jim Mattis
          John Kelly
          Omarosa Manigault Newman
          Gary Cohn
          Reince Priebus
          Rex Tillerson
          HR McMaster
          Steve Bannon

          Now here’s the list of things Trump has been described as (and I quote):

          the understanding of a fifth- or sixth-grader
          an idiot
          racist, misogynist and bigot
          dumb as $hit
          like an 11-year-old child
          f-ing moron
          the intelligence of a kindergartner

          Now match the person from list A with the comment from list B. If you picked any of the poster names from this blog, you’d be 100% wrong. Now if that’s what people who’ve worked with him are calling him, someone here calling him “dumb” is actually an improvement.

            1. George you can’t defend Trump. You can scream fake news all you like but most of the evidence the networks are showing is coming from Trump himself. He spouts lie after lie and they call him on it. Everybody wants a good economy but a President has to do more than that and Trump has proven over and over that he cannot lead and really doesn’t give a damn about anything other than making money. He said he was going to drain the swamp and all he did was make it overflow.

            2. The problem is, politics and sports are intersecting.
              I am glad that Goodell actually spoke Kaep’s name, and it sounds like he is encouraging teams to consider him.
              The Covid Pandemic is threatening to cancel this season, so it is a relevant topic.
              Climate change affects us all, and even the Football season.
              I would kindly suggest that you ignore the chatter, scroll past and stick to football. Thank you for posting interesting links about the Niners. I am kinda missing Ol’ Grant. It is nice to hear he is moving on, even though I totally disagree with some of the things he has stated. At least he is delivering crisply in a smooth manner that is easy to listen to, unlike the others, who tend to labor over reading scripts.
              I am glad they have extended KS’s contract. JL also deserves the same extension. I wish Jed would have fired Baalke, and extended JH , but that is now ancient history.
              George, my question to you is- Who do you think will be the biggest surprise in TC, if they have a TC?

              1. Seb, very interesting question. I’d feel like a fool speculating, so I won’t. Apart from that, I’m very psyched about their crop of UDFAs. One of them I’ve been reading about lately is Darrion Daniels, the DL they signed for $105,000. He played 3-tech at Oklahoma State, graduated with one year of eligibility left, and then played 1-tech at Nebraska to be with his younger brother. The draftniks all seem to say he’s simply a run-stuffer, but I really wonder about that, given the money they gave him, some of his measurables, and videos like the following:
                Does he remind you of anyone in particular? (Not a trick questions, but I have my own answer.)

              2. Ian Williams?
                I also read that bio on Daniels, and sees that he has potential to be a rotational player in Saleh’s system. He might fill in until Blair and/or Taylor get back.
                However, Kevin Givens may be more versatile, so Daniels best move may be to survive the 53 cuts and land on the PS.

              3. I think Daniels is more like Ian Williams, who can plug up the middle.
                Kinlaw is on another level. His long arms allows him to hold off the O lineman’s block, and he is a big pass rushing threat. His initial punch allows him to ‘Jack Up’ a player out of his cleats. Kinlaw can not only take on the double team, he can rip through double teams. Kinlaw may be a better run defender than Buckner.
                With Ford and Bosa outside, and rotating Armstead, DJ Jones and Kinlaw inside, the Niner D Line may be one of the strongest in the league.

            3. That’s funny George.
              You asked for people to dignify their repulsion for the IMPOTUS with facts and when we deliver, you just quit???
              No lollypop for you!

              1. What I asked is for you and the others to discuss his policy decisions you don’t like, but only got more of the same character assassination.

                So, like I said, I give up. Have a good one.

              2. Ok, some policies. Thanks.

                Tax cuts allow people to bring more money home. They spend it on various things. This strengthens existing businesses by increasing demand. More demand equals more need for workers and therefore more jobs. That’s my take on tax cuts. I’m in favor of them. You don’t like them. Fine. We have a difference of opinion and we’re discussing this rationally.

                I’m also in favor of The Wall. Once built it will stem the tide of drug smuggling as well as the tide of immigrants who take jobs away from, mostly, poor Americans, primarily poor Blacks and Latinos actually. In that sense, I’ve always regarded our open border policy as racist. Drugs ravage primarily Black and Latino communities. Unemployment relegates the same people to second-class citizenry. I don’t care if Mexico ends up not paying for The Wall, even though the Mexican government has been complicit in exporting drugs and its poor citizens illegally into our country. I feel very sorry for poor Mexicans, but I feel more sorry for American citizens hurt by their presence, especially those whose ancestors were brought here as slaves. I’m an American and am not going to abandon them. The least this country can do is to help them keep their communities drug-free and secure their jobs. So yes, I support building The Wall. It should have been done 30 years ago.

              3. It should have been done 30 years ago.

                So should have prison reform but the Don got it done.

                So should have police reform but the Don will get it done.


              4. George you seem like a smart and thoughtful individual so it surprises me that you believe the things you just wrote. The tax cuts were mainly for the Rich and corporations. They do not go out and buy things as you put it. They hoard cash and use most of the savings on buy backs for their stock options. As for the middle class that this cut supposedly helped, they get a modest tax cut that gets clawed back each year until 2026 when the cut will be negligible. Meanwhile the tax cut for the Rich and Corporations is permanent. If you really are interested in helping working folks and creating jobs you give them the biggest tax cut and allow them to spend regularly which is really what creates a great economy. The Republican way has always been to give the biggest tax breaks to those who need it the least and give crumbs to those who need it the most. If you’d like a pretty good break down of the Trump Tax code this is one of many who explain it very well:


                As for the wall, there is zero evidence that a wall would stop the influx of illegal aliens as most come through established border crossings, not by way of backwoods fly by night escapades as Trump tries to pass off. What needs to happen and has been recommended by every think tank affiliated with the subject is software needs to be upgraded to keep track of cases and more judges need to be assigned to dealing with the backlog so illegals don’t spend months if not years waiting to hear if they are eligible. If you adjudicate cases swiftly it will do a lot more good than a wall.

              5. I was going to respond but ‘the truth’ said most of what needed to be said about the tax.

                Tax cuts allow people to bring more money home.

                This is so unaware of why repukes always want to cut taxes=> If you cut taxes then there is LESS money for social and public services!
                Less tax does not give the average man more money, it gives them less government services like DMV, Healthcare, public transportation and other Civil services and thus he ends up spending MORE money and less money in his pocket.
                I thought you smart enough to know that stick and carrot trick George.

                I’m surprised that you are so naive to think that a wall will stop immigrants or drugs.
                Did you not watch this??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToFk0kwrN9k
                Most drugs do NOT get walked over the border. It’s by boat, plane or car.
                Your job-stealing argument has been debunked so many times. Just place an ad and see if any American will show up for those menial jobs.
                I’m trying to find HS kids to do some work, but can’t find any takers!

  15. The world is flat. I know because I look at it every day. Just take a look at the ocean and tell me I’m wrong.

    1. Exactly right. If all you watch is Faux News, you might think Trump is doing his job, that Antifa is a thing, and that white nationalist terrorism isn’t.

  16. Anyone looking for a great book to read this summer, I highly recommend Adam Carolla’s new book; I’m Your Emotional Support Animal: Navigating Our All Woke, No Joke Culture. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but don’t try getting it at Amazon because it’s sold out….

    1. Or how about, as reading material what everybody is clamoring for – a moratorium on politics and something Niners related?

      The Forty Effin Niners: The Adventures of a Part-Time Security Guard During the Reign of the Team of the Eighties

      The thirtieth anniversary of Montana’s Super Bowl drive and Bill Walsh’s retirement (1989) is upon us. Author Rick Pucci’s a regular guy thrust into the midst of a dynasty in the making: the San Francisco 49ers of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Bill Walsh. Pucci’s memoir is a blend of sports, culture, romance gone bad, and nineteen-eighties Americana from a fresh insider perspective.

      Inside topics include Fred Dean and Bill Walsh’s father’s secret, Golden Globe winner Teri Hatcher, Ronnie Lott’s amputation; Jerry Rice’s superstition, quiet Joe Montana as prankster, trash talker and his secret route deep in the bowels of Candlestick.

      Culled from copious notes at that time, this natural is for sports and non-sports fans alike.


      I got it, it’s a fun read. The events recounted are well known to we Niner fans, but he does give a different perspective.

    2. Now that’s funny, Razordoll….
      Book came out yesterday and you already read it?!?!?!?!?

      1. Any book recommended by Tucker Carlson and Razordoll can substitute for toilet paper in these challenging times!

            1. It’s pretty clear you don’t like Donald Trump because you don’t have a job. I mean how else are you on this blog 24/7 posting?
              A lazy loser looking for a handout because your President is all about working and get paid, make money.
              Instead you sit at home and lay around criticizing a government that doesn’t help the lazy!

              1. This is such a clever post!
                You post right after I post therefore you don’t have a job???
                I mean how else are you on this blog 24/7 posting???
                TP google SMARTphones!!!
                Take an adult with you and ask them to show you what the word SMART stands for…

              2. Instead you sit at home and lay around criticizing a government that doesn’t help the lazy!

                That’s real rich coming from a guy leeching of the Canadian Welfare system!
                How’s that Social Assistance working for you…..

              3. Outside of trimming your trees and cutting grass, you are basically looking for Trump to subsidize your drug addiction and inability to get off your arse and get a job.
                All you do is complain complain complain about your government. Get a job and create your own destiny!

              4. I hear a weed wacker calling for a weed smoker to trim some edges Seb/Niner Poe/Dee Pee!

        1. “I’m not into the welfare state, I’m not into all those freebie lunch programs. It just kind of demeans people.”

          I’m sure this corolla person along with all other republicans are incensed with the family welfare and tons of freebies being doled out by this whitehouse. LOL

  17. Where are the weakest spots on the Niners? The Interior O line and the TEs, after Kittle.
    Richberg is a question mark with his knee, although Garland backed him up nicely last season. Replacing Person may be the biggest competition. Compton and Brunskill may be the odds on favorites, but I am wondering if McKivitz may be versatile enough to also compete at guard.
    They lost Toilolo, so Woerner may be his replacement. However, the emergence of Hurd may make Ross Dwelley expendable, if they use him as a TE.
    Another position that may be very competitive is the CB position. Williams, Moseley, Witherspoon, Verrett, Johnson, DJ Reed, Tim Harris and Tabor will be good competition. Maybe Demarkus Acy will shine, and allow Sherman to move to Safety, to help prolong his career.
    Thankfully, the Niners have built a strong roster, and they will be cutting some very talented players. I fully expect other teams will be poaching players, because many teams have glaring weaknesses, and even cut Niner players will be an upgrade.

  18. I’ve said it before that I hope the 49ers have a successor to Mr. Turner when he calls it quits. He’s been with the Shanny’s so long it’s as if he was part of the family. I’m so grateful to have him, and it sounds like I’m not the only one:

    “Just having him in the building just gives you that extra boost of confidence,” Mostert said of Turner on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “(He’s) a guy in my eyes should be in the Hall of Fame, just because of the stature he’s brought to this game at the running back position.

    “His mindset is, ‘Hey, I’m the best running backs coach this game has ever seen,’ and for him to have that mindset, he wants his players to feel like they’re the best running back that’s ever stepped on the field, as well.”

    He’s a lock to get in the HOF. We need to get Bobby a SB ring ASAP!

  19. Darrion Daniels is one of our UDFA crop I’ve been reading about lately. He’s the DL they signed for $105,000. He played 3-tech at Oklahoma State, graduated with one year of eligibility left, and then played 1-tech at Nebraska to be with his younger brother.

    The draftniks all seem to say he’s simply a run-stuffer, but I really wonder about that, given the money they gave him, some of his movement skills, and videos like the following:


    Does he remind you of anyone in particular? When I look at him in action I think of Kinlaw.

    1. I think he scored something like a 4.13 out of 10 on his RAS (Relative Athletic Score) score. He’ll have his work cut out for him to make an impact this year. Probably in direct competition with Givens….

  20. The season is on the brink. States are closing back down – especially those run by republican governors. Oh, and there are several interesting books on the horizon.

  21. Back to football. Grant mentioned that Kaep could be a backup to the Ravens, Texans, Titans and even the Rams, I believe. I totally disagree.
    Kaep should be a starter. Goodell even wants a team to sign him. Pete Carroll thinks he should be a starter. He assumed another team would want him as a starter, so he he did not pursue Kaep as a backup, since he had Russell Wilson. Anthony Lynne may bring in Kaep for a tryout.
    The NFL has egg on their face, and the only way to stop the Blackballing, is for a team(s) to give him a tryout. If allowed to compete against many drek QBs, Kaep could easily win the starting job.
    Kaep is already better than the 3 unproven rookies, so the Bengals, Dolphins and Chargers may be good options. The Chargers may be a realistic option, since Anthony Lynne seems to have Kaep on his list. Now he needs to schedule a work out.
    The best landing spot may be the Patriots. With Belichich and their defense, the Pats could vie for the playoffs, with a shot at the SB. They have Stidham, whose last pass was a pick six. Kaep could easily out compete him, and Belichick may want to win so much, he will accept Kaep as the starter. Kraft mentioned that a team could sign him right after Kaep signed his settlement, but then was busted for attending a massage parlor. Maybe Kraft was set up to shut him up, and stop him from signing Kaep.
    The other team that Kaep could play for and possibly earn a playoff spot with, is the Jags. Gardner Minshew is talented, but not as talented as Kaep. The Jags have recently been to the AFCC Game, so they do have talent.
    The Panthers signed Reid, so maybe they would be accept Kaep. Both the Jets, and Skins have Darnold and Haskins, both drek QBs, but their owners would never sign Kaep.
    There will be several teams that have QBs, but those QBs may under perform, and Kaep might be a good alternative. The Colts have Rivers, but he is a shell of his former self. Brady, Brees, Big Ben, Stafford, Josh Allen and Tannehill may also falter. Daniel Jones, Mitch Trubisky, Derek Carr and Baker Mayfield are not impressive.
    Half the league could sign Kaep, and he would be an upgrade over the present starters and backups. Those who call Kaep a bust and one trick pony, are looking foolish, with all the players and coaches supporting Kaep.
    Even Trump has gone from wanting to fire the SOB, to wondering if he was good enough to play.

    1. Seb,
      After 3 years off nothing is certain and he would have to prove himself.

      As to Pete Carroll, he is so full of BS it’s not even funny.
      By his own statements, he is saying I could have a starting caliber qb as a backup, in the event that Wilson got hurt but decided not too? So what, he thinks the likes of then Austin Davis, and now Geno Smith are also starting caliber qbs and even better than Kaep? He wants to help out his opponents? He thinks it would be better for Kaep not be in the league at all than to be a backup in Seattle?

      Pete, has had 3 years to sign Kaep and has chosen not to every single year. At this point his actions have made his words ring hollow.

      1. No.
        I may intensely dislike Pete Carroll, and hope he loses every time, but ya gotta give the Devil his due. With Russell Wilson, he does not need Kaep, and he could not spend the money Kaep could command, and stay under the salary cap. Geno Smith and Austin Davis are drek QBs, so they are cheap.
        It is entirely probable that he assumed another team would have signed Kaep. He knows how talented Kaep is, and I will take his and Anthony Lynne’s assessment over the peanut gallery, every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
        At this point, Kaep has been Blackballed for years, and many teams would rather lose without Kaep, than win with Kaep. Now, we may see a team finally give him a tryout.

        1. These arguments would make sense the first year but not after that.

          Additionally, Seattle had a workout scheduled for him but according to both Yahoo and ESPN they pulled the workout when Kaep indicated he would continue to kneel during the national anthem.

          So by Year 2, Seattle would have known
          1. There was no competition for his services
          2. As there was no competition they could have offered him a take it or leave it offer as it was his only way back in the NFL and they chose not to. ie. they had a chance to have him as a cheap backup but chose not to even try.

          When you couple that info with the fact that they pulled his workout after he stated he would continue to kneel that first offseason.

          We know either Seattle didn’t want him as a backup or they were complicit in blackballing him. So now we are back to Pete not being honest in one form or another.

              1. Euro soccer players are taking a knee. Des Moines HS baseball is taking a knee. NBA will undoubtedly take a knee. Goodell has admitted his mistake.

              2. I don’t believe in compulsory patriotism.
                That said, if the league/team wants to mandate that players on the field do so, I don’t care either. It’s a completely different story than the country doing so.

              3. Shoup, if it’s not about disrespecting the flag then why do it? You’ve already wasted years of support by alienating half the country while your message floated away like a bottle on the seas. If this were really about social justice then “give” a little to gain a lot just like any negotiation. We are prepared to set a designated time aside either prior or post National Anthem for your kneeling, and all we ask for is your cooperation in facilitating your message to receptive ears….

              4. That is the whole problem. Kaep is not disrespecting the flag, or the military.
                He is not burning the flag. He is silently and peacefully protesting. He is calling out all of those who stand, and act like nothing is wrong about rogue cops shooting people in the back.
                Kaep is fighting for social justice. Those who oppose him seems to be fighting for rogue cops.

              5. It’s about respecting black people and the fact that this country needs to change, for all our benefit. I’d live OK as a white male anywhere in the USA, but I too would benefit when 13% of the population were allowed to reach its full potential.

                The flag is doing fine. If you think that this flag is opposed to constitutionally protected speech, you should have a chat with your flag.

              6. I’ve made a good faith offer. It’s obvious it’s not about furthering your cause and gaining nationwide support. You will continue to piss people off and your message will again get lost in the current divide….

              7. Shoup, if it’s not about disrespecting the flag then why do it?

                Because it forces people to deal with it that’s why. Protests only work if they make people uncomfortable enough to deal with the issue and that is why they will continue to do it. Your solution is what works for you and you can abide with. That is not what works for the other side because they don’t want something that appeases the stand for the anthem crowd. As soon as they stop making that group uncomfortable things just go right back to what they were getting lost in the current divide as you say. You know what will stop them from kneeling? Action. Not ignorance/faux anger of what the protest is about followed by empty words and gestures.

              8. Dumb as a box of rocks, and that’s right up Kaepernick’s wheelhouse. Couldn’t read a defense to save his career. Gonna double down on stupid? It made absolutely no sense alienating 50% of the nation if they truly cared about black lives. You pissed them off. They didn’t listen to you, and if the Kaepernick’s of the NFL are really offered my deal, and they turn it down, once the fans hear about it they will turn on them in a NY minute because they will be exposed. There’s a famous song by the Rolling Stones. Maybe you’ve heard of it. You Can’t Always Get What You Want. What you need to do to achieve your objective of social justice is to unite the nation and enjoy nationwide support. Can’t do that by kneeling during the anthem. Do it smart this time. Before or after. Take it or leave it or leave us alone….

              9. Not happening Razoreater. Players have already said they will accept losing fans to do this, so you have two choices: accept it or don’t watch.

          1. Shoup, you seem like a smart person, so why are you implying that any of the the drek QBs could be way superior to Kaep?
            Just because he was Blackballed for 3 years, does not mean Kaep has lost all of his skills. He also has not been hit for 3 years, so he is totally healthy and fresh.
            Pete has Russell Wilson. If Pete had Geno Smith as the starter, Kaep could easily beat him out for the starting job. Geno Smith can’t run, and he certainly cannot throw. However, he is cheap, even though he flamed out of his last 2 teams.
            Yes, Kaep did not win in the last couple years of his playing, but no QB could win if the defense allows third string RBs to gallop for 200 yards. Look at Lamar Jackson. In his playoff game, he made over 500 yards of offense, but his defense allowed over 200 yards rushing, so the odds on favorite to win the SB was stymied by poor support.
            Kaep is only 32, and he can play for years. Pete, with his full throated praise for Kaep, thinks he can still play. Even Trump said he does not mind if he plays again, but he is the one lying.
            All I ask is for some teams to give him a tryout. If his skills have diminished, so be it.

            1. Shoup, you seem like a smart person, so why are you implying that any of the the drek QBs could be way superior to Kaep?

              I am not implying that at all.
              I am stating that by not making Kaep an offer he has chosen Geno Smith over Kaep regardless of price. Whatever the reason, be it , because he believed Geno is better, Kaep is not worth the distraction, or he doesn’t agree with the message… his decision was independent of cost as no offer was made.
              In the end, he chose to leave Kaep available to his opponents rather than even try to “improve” his team by signing him at the vet minimum or he didn’t believe he was worth the offer. In this case his words say one thing but his actions say the complete opposite.

              1. No, he did not believe Geno Smith is better than Kaep. he stated that he thought that Kaep is a STARTER in the league, and his actions showed that he thought that Geno Smith was only good enough to be a backup in the league.
                By defending the drek QBs in the league, you are implying that Kaep is inferior to them.
                I think Will Grier, David Falk, Trevor Siemian, Mason Rudolf, David Blough, Ryan Finlay, Sean Mannion, Josh Rosen, AJ McCarron, Colt McCoy, Branden Allen, Devlin Hodges, Brian Hoyer, RG3, Jeff Driskel, Chase Daniel, Matt Shaub, Cam Newton, Nick Foles, Eli Manning, Kyle Allen, Marcus Mariota, Joe Flacco, Phillip Rivers, Case Keenum, Matt Moore, Mitch Trubisky, Andy Dalton, Drew Lock, Dwayne Haskins, Jacoby Brissette, Sam Darnold, Gardner Minshew, Baker Mayfield, Daniel Jones and Jameis Winston, all are inferior QBs to Kaep.
                Those 36 QBs played last year and were drek QBs. Maybe you think they deserved playing time, but many could not hold Kaep’s jock strap.
                Tell me which QB on that list would beat out Kaep in a head to head competition.

              2. This just shows how little you know about football.
                Your assessment skills are lacking, but we already knew that when you bet 200 bucks that the Niners would draft Trubisky.

              3. It’s the only clip you need to see when it comes to his many faults.
                Reading defenses!

              4. Cancer in the locker room?
                Kaep won the Len Eshmont Award. Cancers in the locker room do not win that award.
                One trick ponies do not set playoff rushing records, then throw for over 300 yards in the SB. Kaep sounds like a mobile, dual threat QB, who has a 4-2 road playoff record.

  22. Fauci warns football may not happen: “Unless players are essentially in a bubble — insulated from the community and they are tested nearly every day — it would be very hard to see how football is able to be played this fall. If there is a second wave, which is certainly a possibility and which would be complicated by the predictable flu season, football may not happen this year.

    1. Fauci admitted he lied. His credibility is about as good as your wit. No one with half a brain trusts Fauci!

        1. Excuse me but the president ignored every warning starting in Dec 19 . If was not that incompetent fool we would not be in this mess.

        2. George what are you on today???
          Who’s responsible for hiring them and allowing them to do that?
          Resign? You mean for supporting a hydroxy-liar?
          Your logic is that of a lollypop…

          1. You lot amaze me. If Trump had ignored the advice of the CDC, you would have blamed him for the deaths. But he took their advice and so you blame him for the lockdown. At this point, words escape me. You can’t be reasoned with.

            And more name calling from you. Will you please stop that?

            1. George, here I was thinking that Twitler was in charge, but you are telling he isn’t?!?!?!?
              I know he refuses to take the blame for anything, but is he in charge and responsible?
              If so, and you think Fauci – Birkx did something wrong, why doesn’t he fire them???
              Who’s running the show?
              Name calling George???
              Telling the truth is NOT considered ‘name calling’!
              THIS president does NOT tell the truth, HE LIES and tweets LIES!

            2. The only ones blaming him for the lockdown or even mentioning it in a negative light are you and Razoreater bud. The lockdown was necessary and the number of lives lost if he didn’t would have been catastrophic. The problem was he didn’t act soon enough while ignoring numerous warnings that this was coming. Now that the number of infections is predictably skyrocketing due to taking a relatively do nothing approach, he has nothing to say about it. What a leader.

              1. If it makes George and Razor feel any better, the lockdowns are/were primarily implemented at the state and local levels. Someone had to do something while the feds diddled.

      1. ROTFLMAO!
        You prefer to support someone who lied 20.000 times and can’t admit anything he did was wrong!
        What a sorry patsy have you turned into Razordoll.

      2. ROTFLMAO!
        You prefer to support someone who lied 20.000 times and can’t admit anything he did was wrong!
        What a sorry patsy have you turned into Razordoll.

      3. Fauci admitted he lied. His credibility is about as good as your wit. No one with half a brain trusts Fauci!

        There’s lying and there’s trying to make sure the people that need them the most can actually get them:

        He also acknowledged that masks were initially not recommended to the general public so that first responders wouldn’t feel the strain of a shortage of PPE.
        He explained that public health experts “were concerned the public health community, and many people were saying this, were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the N95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply.”
        By early April, the Strategic National Stockpile had been depleted, and around the same time President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to have manufacturing chains across the U.S. focus on making vital medical equipment such as ventilators and masks.
        Fauci continued to say that they wanted to give as many masks as possible to front line workers and emergency personnel.
        “We wanted to make sure that the people, namely the health care workers, who were brave enough to put themselves in a harm way, to take care of people who you know were infected with the coronavirus and the danger of them getting infected,” Fauci concluded.

        The man has been as honest as he can be throughout this pandemic while researchers are still trying to figure out what this is and how to treat it on the fly. Those criticizing him are doing it because they don’t like the message.

  23. Not worth reading. We already know what a pos Trump is, and we now have insight into the character of Johnny Bolton.

  24. Let’s say some half wit is going around claiming Trump lied 20,000 times. Not something to be proud of to be sure, but if that’s the criteria; Joseph Robinette(😂) Biden has been a politician for 40 years which means he has a PhD in lying. Let’s say he’s lied 2 million times to be fair….

  25. Wrt to Bolton, you either have to assume he was working for a pos doing his evil bidding for a paycheck or that he’s making $hit up for one. Both are indicative of the character of the man….

    1. So one of Trumps right hand men in the administration exposes some unflattering truths that anyone with half a brain could see for themselves before hand and you are going to criticize him while still supporting Trump. You either have an incredible lack of intelligence or just don’t care how incompetent and destructive Trump is because you’ve bought into the propaganda he’s been selling. Both are indicative of the character you possess.


    I would take it upon myself to set one up. It would be called “The Outside Zone.” No politics. No name-calling. No ads. Totally free of charge. Just Niners and sports in general. Any opinion or point of view, just not politics. I would not write articles or propose topics. Posters would have to take it upon themselves to bring up topics and ask for comments. For this to succeed, there would have to be SELF-INITIATION. Some of us here already do that, although I wish there were more of us doing that. The articles/topics could come from anywhere. For example, Grant, Maiocco, Biderman, Niners Nation, 49ers Webzone, ESPN, you name it.

    HOWEVER, this would take me some time to set up and I wouldn’t even try it unless there were ENOUGH INTEREST. By enough interest I mean 15 people. And that would have to include guys like Scooter, Jack, Shoup, Coffee, Seb, Old Coach, BT, undercenter, Razor (when you’re not political, old man), and Ribico (you too, brother).


    1. guys like Scooter, Jack, Shoup, Coffee, Seb, Old Coach, BT, undercenter, Razor (when you’re not political, old man), and Ribico (you too, brother).

      Is this considered name calling?
      Just asking for a friend…

      1. Naw, just naming.
        Please stop engaging George. He means well.
        We all should focus more on the Niners. I am wondering if Jauan Jennings will make the 53.

    2. George, I hope you realize that I have been writing about the Niners.
      Unfortunately for some, Kaep is back in the news, so he is a topical subject. Some want to continue the Blackballing by ostracizing and ignoring Kaep, but these past events show how powerful his message resonates with the country right now.
      Just stick to football, and others will follow. Starting a whole new blog site and moving is too much of a bother for me. I will stay on this one, and realize that even with Grant gone, it seems to have continuity. Of course, I could go to any number of other sites, and like to peruse NN since they seem to be posting a lot on many aspects of the Niners.
      I have refrained from posting links, but if you want me to do that, I suppose I could link up a storm. However, linking is like parroting, and I like my prose to be unique and singular. Still, it is a good way to get the ball rolling.
      The problem is, this site has rudimentary safeguards. Most other sites would have banned the foul mouthed bullies a long time ago. Most blog protocols and guidelines state that posters should not go off topic. Here, it is like the Wild West, and there are too many gunslingers.
      Sigh, I plan on staying here as long as possible, but the writing is on the wall, and local newspapers may be going extinct. First Grant leaves, and the new bloggers seem to be diffident, lackadaisical and remote. Heck, who knows if they will even have a season?

    3. Sorry George but you can’t engage and say the things you have and then take a self righteous position like this. If you don’t like what is being said simply ignore it. You responded and got some responses in kind. That’s how things work around here. You don’t want to talk politics that’s fine, but don’t act like you are above it when you participated and made your opinions clearly understood.

    4. George, I could care less about politics but I never keep my mouth shut when someone’s talking $hit. I enjoy giving as good as I get….

    5. If you don’t like what is being said simply ignore it

      Yea, George turn the other cheek. Take a knee. Bend over and take it like a man. Roll over. Gtfohwts!

    1. Not a fan, doesn’t change the fact he would know exactly what was transpiring during his time in the admin. The truth is important Razoreater and to deny it is a sign of really poor character.

    1. I have some good news and some bad news.

      Rapoport said it’s a Jones fracture, and Samuel should be able to be on the field early in the season. The Rams rookie wideout Van Jefferson suffered a Jones fracture at the combine that sidelined him six to eight weeks.


      This is the same injury Trent Taylor sustained last training camp that led to continuous setbacks, and eventually, he missed the entire season.


  27. Sucks but it’s not a season ender. Creates an opportunity for players like Hurd and Aijuk until week 4 when Deebo should be a full go….

    1. Never good to lose your number 1 returning WR, but yeah, let’s be honest here – it isn’t as if he is an established star WR and it isn’t a season ender unless he has complications. Sucks to lose an ascending player for the start of the season, but the team has plenty of young guys waiting in the wings for their opportunity.

    2. Didn’t Trent Taylor have the same injury? Pretty sure it was a Jones fracture like Deebo just suffered. Doesn’t mean Deebo will have the same problems coming back but no sure thing either. Sucks to have an injury like this before anything official has even started.

      1. It is the same injury but the issues Taylor had are uncommon.

        It does suck to have an injury this early on… but it is also much better to have the injury now than during the season.

        1. Jones fracture.
          He will be out for a while, but should be back for the second half of the season.
          Kittle just got more leverage… in this division should he hold out the offense could really struggle. Especially given the setback this offseason could have on guys like Aiyuck, Hurd and to some extent Taylor.
          Staying afloat early will be critical.

    1. Pettis, Aiyuk, Hurd, Taylor, Bourne… doesn’t really matter who it is that steps up. There is young talent there that now have an even bigger opportunity to show what they can do early in the season.

  28. Looking possible (though much less than 50-50) that entire season will be cancelled. What teams might this benefit the most? Hurt the most? I figure most players won’t “age” in football terms when not playing, so it won’t mean that NO loses its last good year with Brees, whereas players with major injuries have a chance to come back. But rookies would lose a year, and how would you draft next year?

  29. Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain’t no place I’d rather (not) be.

    If there were ever a (non) season to get this kind of crap out of the way, this is the (non) season to do it.

  30. As long as the Yorks own the team, it’s never going to happen for
    the 49ers. They will continue to fall short. 1 year it’s Deebo. Another,
    someone else. They truly are cursed, as is their contract extended &
    choke-hold coach.

  31. Why is it unlikely that MLB or NBA will resume. Why is it unlikely that the NFL will be able to play an entire season? Half the country is run by the ignorant death cult party. They shun facts , science , math and evidence.

    Case in point (oh the irony) : Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb REFUSED to enforce Arizona’s coronavirus lockdown order. Trump was delighted by this great American hero. Unfortunately Lamb recently tested positive for COVID19 when he traveled to DC to meet with Trump at the WH and the two blithering idiots never got a chance to meet in person. Trump might erect a statue the the park he recently tear gassed in honor his moron buddy.

  32. Came here to learn about Deebo. Guess he’s not political enough to get much discussion. Not sure where to look now.

    1. Whine, what more is there say?

      We’ve said:

      Franks break, had surgery, out at least 6 weeks

      Same break as Taylor’s, whose complications cost him the entire season.

      Other Niners receivers have to step up

      Pettis has to really step up

      There are better than even odds there will be an entire non-season for Deebo to recover in.

      Care add anything else?

  33. Looks like I’m not alone….

    “I think it puts people in awkward positions,” Arena said Thursday, via ESPN. “We don’t use the national anthem in movie theaters or on Broadway, or for other events in the United States. I don’t think it is appropriate to have a national anthem before a baseball game or an MLS game. But having said that I want it understood that I am very patriotic, but I think it is inappropriate.”


  34. Losing Deebo is unfortunate. However, injuries are part of the game.
    Next man up. This may allow bubble receivers to possibly shine. Jauan Jennings may have improved his chances to making the 53 roster.

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