49ers’ best offseason moves might be a coaching staff with promise

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  1. Grant, I think your on to something here. I believe Balkee believes in good coaching. Chip is gonna get a chance to do what Tomsula and his crew was supposed to do. Teach, while being competitive. But the team will have better talent than last year, because of the additions in the draft.

  2. I’m nervous as a cat when it comes to Kelly. A gamble hire that if fails, could leave the roster alot of Kelly guys no other HC wants. Almost an expansion team. (I know he doesn’t have GM duties but he will have influence on the roster)

    But the Kelly hire shows the Niners are not afraid to take risks and innovative new approaches. If it does work, the Niners will have a contrarian advantage in non-division games. Opposing teams won’t have many reps defending what we are doing.

    1. Brodie… I don’t know about that. It’s seems philly is doing pretty well trading players that Kelly brought in. So there will be plenty of teams wanting his players.

    2. What is a “Kelly guy”, exactly? A player with speed, agility, and stamina. An OL that can handle zone blocking. A QB who is accurate and intelligent with a quick release (hmmmm….sounds like Joe Montana). Elusive WRs who run routes well, block downfiekd, and can pile up YACs.

      Yes, Kelly’s game tends to favor the above over road-grading OLs and fullbacks, but “Kelly guys” seem to comprise at least 3/4ths of the modern NFL.

      1. Grant, I hope you start a new post about the rent dispute between the Niners and the City of Santa Clara. This sounds like a typical Jed move. The stadium is supposedly a cash cow, the stadium is getting paid off ahead of schedule, the Niners are awash in profits, yet they want to lower the rent. The Mayor who brokered the original deal just resigned, and the new Mayor is insisting on every penny being paid.
        Maybe you could give your insights and spin on what is happening.

        1. Seb,
          This is not a big deal. Both parties will negotiate and arrive at a mutual agreement.
          Last time I looked, this is America and every business and corporation will try to squeeze money from it’s suitors.

          As an aside, while you request for Grant to do a deeper study on this, I would like to see the dollar numbers that Santa Clara brought in during the Super Bowl week.

          1. Sounds pretty fishy when the Mayor makes a sweetheart deal the quits to spend more time with with his family, even though he is retired.
            Of course, the money generated from the SB helped the City of Santa Clara, but it takes both parties to agree on the rent reduction, and it may have happened behind closed doors.
            Additionally, it sounds like the Niners have large profits, so why do they need a rent reduction? Oh wait, could this be tied in with the empty seats and loss of parking and beer revenues due to the Niners putting forth an inferior product on the field?

            1. Seb,
              I don’t of any professional team that will lower a ticket price when the team is not performing well.
              And the very same FO will raise ticket prices when the team is doing well. It’s called supply and demand.

              Santa Clara was reimbursed by the NFL Host Committee for the heavier use in public transit and the extra emergency first responders. So most monies spent in Santa Clara during SB week was pocket money.
              The city of SF was the host city for the SB and put up huge amounts of money for that agreement. The monies that SF spent on public transit and extra emergency first responders were not reimbursed by the NFL Host Committee.

              In other words, the city of Santa Clara was likely swimming in dollars during SB week.
              Don’t think they are hurting for any extra bucks for the 49ers.

              1. AES, the whole idea about rent should be totally separate from the SB.
                Sounds like the City was paid in full, so I guess there needs to be public hearings and a careful look at the books before any adjustment could be made.

        2. This is not really a football question Seb. And unless you are privy to all of the contractual matters involved with the lease, I would suggest we let the lawyers sort it out. These types of matters happen all the time, all across the country. Nothing here even remotely suggest this is somehow a matter of anything other than business as usual in the corporate world.

          Your incessant need to blame all matters on Jed York is getting tiresome. I would be willing to bet you have absolutely no working knowledge of how these lease agreement work. And, if in fact, the contract calls for a one time rent-reset, which is what I heard, then the 49ers would be foolish not to exercise their contractual rights. If, in fact, they don’t have right per their contractual agreement, the city of Santa Clara will certainly be able to collect all monies owed, plus interest. And that means this is a non-story for anyone other than the 49ers, and the city of Santa Clara.

          1. 49, believe me, I truly wish Jed would be honest, forthright, truthful and honorable. I wish he would act with class and demonstrate that he can be a champion by acting like a champion.
            I cannot stop the leaks. If Jed shut his mouth, maybe he could stop the leaks.
            I cannot be blamed if he hurts the girl scouts by cancelling their stay just before the SB. I did not tell him to swear that he will do everything in his power to win, then state that he would never take a coach from ND because he did not want to hurt his alma mater. I did not get him to talk about not trying to make the playoffs so the sod will look pristine, and I sure the heck did not install sod that had players slipping all over the place. I did not force Jed to renege on a contract that upset the mayor of Santa Clara.
            Above all, I did not get Jed to swear that he would part ways with the leaker, then send the leaker to lead negotiations with Kaeps’ reps.
            No, Jed himself did those things, so maybe you should address Jed instead of me. I am just pointing out those things. You say it is business as usual, and then wonder why they are towing banners.

            1. Seb,
              No you didn’t have anything to do in any of the above mentioned – so just let it go bud. Again, it’s really not a big deal.

            2. The problem is when it comes to Jed York, who you clearly see as some sort of antihero, you take things entirely out of context and you try to connect dots that do not connect. And you make statements on things you clearly have very little if any knowledge about. You are so obsessed with blaming everything Jed, as if he is the ringleader of some grand conspiracy brought about to bring your favorite football team to total destruction.

              In your eyes, Jed is a cold, calculated, hateful human being, yet I’m willing to bet you actually know very little of the man personally, and really have no idea exactly who he is as a person.

              And the fact that you think Jed actually wants to lose football games, and purposely finish last in the NFC West, proves to me that you don’t understand the guy, at all.

              1. You really ought to stick to talking about X’s and O’s Seb, as in football strategy only, because you at least have some knowledge about the sport of football.

                But when it comes to the business of running an NFL team, you are as clueless as any person I have ever read an opinion of.

              2. Dang, I was going to bed, but this needs a response.
                No, I do not think Jed is cold, calculating and hateful. He is more of a clueless, easily manipulated and careless individual who does not think before speaking. He also has loose lips and allows gossip to leak like a sieve.
                Baalke is the cold calculating and hateful one, and I blame him for the leak that Tomsula was going to be fired before his last game. He should have been fired with Tomsula, and the Free agent period showed how much respect he has in the league.
                I just listen to what Jed says to form my opinion. When he says that losing is not a bad thing because you get rewarded for failure by getting a higher draft position, I have no other interpretation than he is not overly concerned about losing. Sending Marathe to negotiate a pay cut has to be one of the most obtuse negotiating tactics that I have ever heard of. It is no wonder that minutes after that meeting they asked permission to talk to other teams. That meeting was a spectacular colossal failure, and both Baalke and Marathe were clueless wonders to not expect a different result.
                Go ahead and defend the FO. I defended them just after JH was mutually parted, but this last season opened my eyes. I will not sing Kumbaya and think everything is on the sunny side of the street. Free agency was a disaster, and now they have the man who whiffed on an entire draft class making the selections. What could possibly go wrong?

              3. 49, you really are a FO toady. Keep defending them if you want to. I may donate money to tow more banners. This dysfunctional dumpster fire does not deserve praise. It just turns my stomach to see how low this proud franchise has sunk to.

              4. Jed doesn’t need me to defend him.

                I’m simply tired of reading some dimwitted half-wit repeatedly bash someone they don’t know about matters they clearly know nothing about.

        3. The reason they want to lower the rent is because the stadium is getting paid off ahead of schedule. Rent adjustment was built into the contract. Even with the reduction, the 49ers pay higher rent than any other team in the league. This is a baseless criticism by angry fans who have nothing better to do than blame everything on Jed.

          1. If the stadium is getting paid off sooner, that means it is profitable and they can afford the rent. Maybe if the stadium is half empty, it is not generating as much revenue, so that would be a logical reason why they want to lower the rent. Why is the stadium half empty? Because the Niners are not putting a quality product on the field. Who is responsible for that? Well, Jed IS the CEO. He wants the glory, but not be held accountable.
            Niners pay the highest rent because it is the newest stadium in the country. They used the 24 mil rental income as an incentive to get the City of Santa Clara to approve the stadium. If they had offered less rental payments, it might not have been approved. So this is a classic case of bait and switch.
            Maybe they should not blame Jed because he may not have been smart enough to think of it, but in the end, it looks bad, and the Niners will be criticized for being cheap, and trying to renege on a promise. If they had just paid the rent, they would not have another black eye.

  3. I like this column Grant.

    If I had to disagree with anything, it would be whether the team has improved at WR. I think the additions of a healthy DeAndre Smelter, and CFL Super Star Eric Rogers, does, in fact , improve the position, even if Anquan signs elsewhere. And I am not certain Beadles is really a downgrade from Boone, especially considering the scheme.

    Other than that, it’ another solid column Grant. Hard to believe Jed and Trent actually tried to pawn the previous staff off as a quality NFL coaching staff. I like Jimmy T as a person, and I think he’s a quality DL coach, but he was as severely under qualified as a HC as I have ever seen. Combine that, with two under qualified Coordinators, and it’s astonishing that this team won more than 2 games last season.

    Maybe this team is more talented than we realize, considering their record last season despite being woefully unprepared and so unbelievably poorly coached?

  4. Grant,
    Nice read. Anything has to be better than last year. 2015 was something out of the comic strip “BIZARRO.”

  5. No you must be wrong , why would we change? i heard form a top leak ( jed york) that Tomsula has a steve kerr level coaching staff. why else would you change form Harbaugh?

      1. I believe your wrong about that. History repeats itself all the time. And the great brains who put us into that catastrophe are still calling the shots.

        Baalke is very good at obtaining draft picks. Pretty horrible at recognizing talent. And im not even going into what York brings to the party………….

  6. Dude, seriously Grant make up your mind. First they’re a bunch of unproven nobodies that will undoubtedly fail, now they are a bunch of young, ascending up-and-comers. Come on Grant, at least stick to your guns.

    1. It was so frustrating to see Ellington as the punt returner, and the coaches sitting Hayne. Ellington should have gotten a lot more snaps as the third receiver.

      1. It was so frustrating to see Hayne fumble and then lose his confidence. He looked like a deer in headlights.
        The 49ers should have never let him touch the field last year. He needed a full year of practices. Good athletes don’t always make good football players. You know, kinda like #7?

        1. I remember Hayne doing very well during the preseason. He made the first player miss and could switch the ball to protect it adeptly like he was doing it all his life. In the San Diego game, he flattened a safety, so he showed that he was no pushover.
          Obviously, you think that those Niner coaches were brilliant and could do no wrong, especially in player evaluations. Guess what? 10 of those coaches still do not have jobs, so maybe they were not too bright after all.

            1. Prime, the secret to success is to leave them laughing.
              You, on the other hand, seem to bring out the worst, and your constant name calling defines you.
              I guess you think that preseason games are useless in evaluating talent. Hayne consistently made first downs, but I guess you were satisfied when the Niners went 1-13 in third down conversions. Even during the regular season, before he was cut on the team bus, Hayne converted several third downs.

              1. Sorry, Prime, you have not angered me enough to start hurling names and you definitely are a loser.

              2. Primer, maybe you do not understand double entendres, but there are two interpretations to that word. You cannot win when you lose.
                Go ahead and claim your Pyrrhic Victories. Your unctuous and obnoxious rantings may make you think that you have gained an advantage, but I have never called you a stupid moron or imbecile. I do not need to. You just open your mouth and spew derogatory screeds, and define yourself. If you think that I have devolved into swearing expletives at you like you do to me and others, I guess I cannot stop you from thinking that. Just like I cannot stop you from hating Kaep by saying he sucks and is a cancer in the locker room.
                Prime, you really need to try harder. You sound as desperate as Chip.

              3. (I guess I better humor him).
                Oh yes, Prime, you are the smartest man in the world. Brilliance shines from every orifice. Its dazzling and amazing.

          1. Pre -season gives fans a chance to see a player, but it is not give the whole niner yards on a player. You need to see what they do in TC and practices.

            Niners had lots of players play well in preseason (as other teams have), but they never progressed beyond that.

            He (Haynes) had a chance, but he wasn’t ready. If you are a niner fan, you know about Kyle Williams. You are given a chance and need to take advantage, if you fail, then you need to sit and learn more if you are not cut.

            Haynes did well, when no one had tape or what to expect, now that they had tape, his production fell as time went on, so he needs to improve.

        2. #7 threw for over 300 yards in the Super Bowl, has 4 playoff victories, 56 TDs and only 26 Ints, playing under inferior OCs. His passer rating is 88.8. He beat Brady at NE in the rain with 4 TDs, set an NFL rushing record for a QB with 181 yds in one game. I’d say he’s a pretty good football player and advise you to get your head out of your culu.

    1. George, I’ve spent some time analysing SPARQ last year. I have to say, I’m very much underwhelmed. It may be a fairly accurate barometer of athleticism, but as far as projecting football players…..not so much.

      1. 49r, after I posted this I looked at the SPARQ for several of last years draftees and began to wonder about the connection too. For example, among WRs, Amari Cooper was ranked 24 and Tyler Lockett 80. Smelter, btw, was ranked 154.

        1. Funny you mention Cooper because the was one of the players that influenced my feelings about SPARQ last season. Off the top of my head, guys like WR Tyler Lockett and RB Todd Gurley, two of my favorite players in last years draft, also had me scratching my head.

          Perhaps it has some use, and has it’s place as one of many tools used to evaluate these young prospects, but I came away with more questions than answered when I really took a hard look at it.

          I will say this though………..The Seahawks have had a pretty good track record over the last few years when it comes to recognizing athletic talent. Though I’m convinced that a large part of their success is due to their ability to develop their athletes.

  7. Grant, you have written a conundrum. You say the players have not improved, the Coaching staff was putrid last year, but now you say that Chip and his staff will resurrect the Niners into a potent offensive juggernaut.
    Have you seen who is coaching? Other than Chip, Pat Flaherty, Jerry Azzinaro and Tom Rathman, the coaching staff is underwhelming. Hardy Nickerson bailed, and none of the others are even recognizable.
    I guess my biggest beef is with one of your last sentences. -The Niners may actually are getting better.- Please, I have defended your writing skills, but that sentence is awkward. I know you could do better.
    Maybe you think they can become Kelly’s Heroes, I am leaning more towards Hogan’s heroes.

        1. Obviously your clueless because everybody knows Chip is going to call the plays so the OC is pretty much a non factor.

          1. Obviously, you are clueless if you think I do not know that fact all too well. My question is if Chip is calling the plays, why even have the position? Jed should save more money by eliminating the position.
            You still did not name him. Bet you have to look him up.

        2. Let me oblige you Seb. I can assure you that, Inside of NFL circles, CURTIS MODKINS is considered an ascending coach, and the pairing of Modkins with Kelly is an intriguing prospect. I suspect Grant has some connections within NFL circles, and gets the same impression.

          Here is my take:

          Modkins has already been a successful offensive coordinator! Following a one-year stint as the Arizona Cardinals running backs coach under Ken Whisenhunt, Modkins reunited with Gailey in Buffalo from 2010-12 as the Bills offensive coordinator. Modkins orchestrated a rushing attack that led AFC with a 4.9-yards per rush average, the team’s highest mark since 1975. As a whole, the offense ranked 14th in the league that season. A year later, the Buffalo offense finished fourth in the NFL in rushing average (5.0 yards) and sixth in total rushing (2,217 yards).

          “He’s a low-key kind of guy, but he will get on you when you’re doing something wrong,” said Fred Jackson in 2010. “He’ll let you know. He’ll raise his voice if he has to if you’re not getting it done. He’s the type of coach you can definitely learn from and respect as a teacher.”

          During his tenure as Running Backs Coach for the Detroit Lions (2013-15) Reggie Bush and Joique Bell became the first running back tandem in NFL history to both register 500-plus rushing yards and 500-plush receiving yards in the same season. When then-head coach Jim Schwartz was fired after that season, Bush lobbied to Lions management to keep Modkins on staff.

          And here is something that really sold me on Modkins:

          In 2015, the Lions finished last in the NFL in rushing, average 83.4 yards per game. But midway through the season, Detroit fired offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and promoted Modkins to run-game coordinator. After Modkins took over, the Lions averaged 95.4 yards per game on the ground. Furthermore, Detroit had just one 100-yard rushing game in the first 10 weeks of the season. Then under Modkins’ watch, the team had five in its last seven games.

          And here is the kicker, that has me excited:

          During his introductory press conference, Kelly gave this quote on ideal qualities for his coaching staff. “I’m really looking for diversity, someone that comes from another system so that we can continue to add and make what we do better,” Kelly said.

          Well, that’s Modkins in a nutshell. And this is something that really has me intrigued because my perception of Chip Kelly, though I think he is an incredibly innovative offensive mind, has always been of Chip Kelly’s unwillingness to diversify his system. The NFL is an ever evolving organism. And I think it’s very important for head coaches to surround themselves with quality people who have different approaches when it comes to schemes, and systems.

          Modkins brings a lot of diversity to the offense. While Kelly favored zone-blocking schemes with the Philadelphia Eagles, Modkins is more known for his power-run system. This quote from Modkins on how he approaches teaching players has to be music to Kelly’s ears as well. “My personality is flexible enough that it can adapt,” Modkins said. “Whether it’s a sterner approach or whether the guy needs more time on the board or if he learns more by walk throughs, I think I’ve been able to fit how I teach to how they learn.”

          How it all works out……. only time will tell. But Modkins offensive mind, in concert with Chip Kelly’s innovative concepts, IMO, is on a much higher level than Geep Chryst’s and Jimmy T, and therefore brings a lot more excitement as a fan, when it comes to the 49ers offense! I can hardly wait!

          1. How’s that Seb? Did I mention Modkins name enough for you? lol

            Chip Kelly is likely going to be the guy calling plays during the game, though he will certainly need input from Modkins, and they will communicate via headsets. However, Modkins is very involved in creating the 49ers playbook, and will likely be Chip’s right hand man when it comes to brainstorming, combining concepts, making changes and adjustments, and developing game plans on a weekly basis.

            1. I knew that Modkins had improved the running game, but I do not know why he was so ineffective in the 10 previous games. In the first 5 games when he was a running back coach, his RBs averaged 49 yards per game.
              Still you have not told me how much expertise he will have coaching the WRs and TEs, and the offensive line needs special attention. Has he ever successfully coached QBs? I remember those Bills QBs, and they did not shine. The teams went 4-12, 6-10 and 6-10.
              Modkins does not impress me, but I hope he does well.

              1. The improvement in the Lions’ run game during the second half of 2015 coincided with the return of their starting RB and facing weaker defenses.

        3. Seb

          You’re doing it again. Stop with the useless commentary, which contributes nothing to the conversation, yet shows how little you inform yourself before you write anything.

          Curtis Modkins. Not underwhelming. Chip Kelly, not underwhelming.

          “Modkins started the 2015 season as Detroit’s running backs coach, but he was promoted to run-game coordinator midseason. Working closely with offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter, his promotion had an immediate impact on the team’s struggling ground game.”


          You’re welcome. Please stop being so pathetic. Do your research. Give a little effort. Your effort is unsatisfactory. You get a U for this effort.

          1. Sil, I have never said that I was underwhelmed by the hire of Chip Kelly. I do admit that I am totally underwhelmed by the hire of an OC who will not even call the plays and a DC from the lowly Browns. Who was the last DC from the Browns? Oh yeah, Mangenius.
            What is more useless, you bagging on my opinions or an OC who was only the RB coach and was an OC years ago with a 14-32 record? Guess what? I am underwhelmed by some of your pathetic posts, but I usually let you have your say without deriding your football knowledge.

            1. Sen

              You didn’t even read that article, did you? And you don’t know a thing about O’Neil, either, do you?

              And yeah, you’re calling Chip himself underwhelming by deriding HIS CHOICE of OC.

              Again, Seb, your effort, while prolific, is unsatisfactory. That is because while you may work hard, you definitely do not work smart. Check yourself. Do some research. Be better.

              And do a little self-scouting. Your posts are all the same tone, same message, and nobody here likes or appreciates you anymore. Just do us all a favor and disappear for the rest of the offseason, get to know about the 2016-17 49ers, and maybe, just maybe, you might find that you get a little respect upon your return.

              1. Sil, maybe you love O’Neil, but he does not inspire me to think he is the next George Seiffert. If I want to praise a DC, I will look at Wade Phillips who just won a SB.
                Too bad you do not like me, but I will keep posting, and I will not be a kiss up for this FO like some of you are.
                Maybe you should do me a favor and concentrate on rehabbing instead of attacking posters who do not brown nose all the time. I have said many times that I invite all posters to just ignore my posts, and we all will be much happier.

              2. The sooner everyone realizes Sebnnoying’s agenda, the sooner this blog will get back to respectability. He’s Mary/Bayareafanatic all over again.

              3. No, Sil, I am not calling Chip underwhelming for his choice for OC. It is more like I pity him for having to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get anyone to want to come to this dysfunctional dumpster fire.
                I will call into question his judgement on his selections, and I will continue to call on Chip to work on his people skills.
                I am actually happy that Chip is the new HC. If anyone can get Kaep to stay, he is the man to do it.
                I really like his offensive philosophy, and when I advocated that the Niners should run the hurry up with quick snaps, I am essentially advocating Chip’s up tempo scheme. I have also RESEARCHED Gus Malzahn and his offensive scheme, and see many similarities between him and Chip’s style.
                You may say that I am stealing Chip’s plays when I advocate the Niners to spread them wide, and either attack the edges or gash them up the middle, but actually, I am just advocating plays that I have seen Bill Walsh diagram during some of his chalk talk sessions. You know, while STUDYING and doing RESEARCH.
                Guess what? You do not have all the answers, and I do not think you are as astute as other posters like OldCoach, Rocket and B2W. Maybe you should do more research like I have done since 1979.

              4. Hey Prime, like a bad penny, you keep showing up. You gunna keep infuriating me so you can declare victory?
                I must thank you. That phrase- Kaep took the league by storm- is kinda catchy. I sure am glad you wrote that so I can throw it in your face every time you attempt to infuriate me. Keep trying, I think you are getting the hang of it.

              5. Well, Prime, if I succeed in driving you away, I will consider that as a job well done. Glad to see you are getting smarter. If you stop addressing me, I will not keep on throwing your own words in your face.
                Have a nice day.

              6. Oh, wait, you said you did not care if I posted after you, so maybe I will keep on haunting your posts.
                Still, you could keep on whining and crying that I am being mean to you, and keep begging Grant to ban me…..

              7. Relax little buddy. All that fighting with Prime’s got your skin a little thin.

                How would you propose the 49ers might get Wade? If he’s your man, get him. Otherwise, name a young guy, an up-and-comer. Try to be original.

              8. Sil, I do not understand how you can say that Prime has gotten under my skin? Have I hurled expletives at him?
                The game I play is that once the opponent loses control and becomes verbally abusive by swearing at another poster, he loses, and the victim can claim victory.
                I have never sworn at Prime, because I will not stoop to his level. I have called you an imbecile once, but I was joshing and using your own words back at you, and you understood why I said it. If Prime wants to try and score points and declare victory, I guess I cannot stop him, but he is wrong, and just looks foolish. He has not touched me, and declaring victory is just declaring something else to me.

              9. Sil, Of course, Wade is happy where he is and would never come here unless it was as a HC.
                Another candidate? Well, I really liked Mike Vrabel.
                In 2014, I really liked Ken Norton, and in 2015 he became the Raider DC.
                How about cherry picking from a winner? Reggie Herring the LB coach for the Broncos has DC experience.
                Perry Fewell was the DC for the Giants for 5 years.
                Jim Leavett was a former Niner LB coach and now DC at Colorado.
                Mark Carrier, Josh Boyer and Kevin Ross all are decent candidates for a DC position.

    1. The worst thing about the nonsense from last year is that we lost a pretty good dl coach. Who would’ve been a happy do coach for the next 10 years if he wasn’t awkwardly thrust into leadership.

      I still think that jimmy t had something on York and this was his payoff. 14 million dollars to shut his trap!!

      It’s funny that York and company are so organized that they start their social media leaks a year in advance to fire harbough. With no good plan for what to do afterwards.

      1. Actually, if Jed and Baalke did not stab him in the back by leaking that he would be fired after that last game, i would love to have Tomsula come back to coach.
        Just not as Head Coach.

        1. Seb, are you not thinking before you type again?

          This notion of Jim Tomsula stepping down to take a drastic demotion is seriously delusional, and would simply NEVER HAPPEN regardless of “leaks”and “backstabbing”. No way a head coach, who has been with the team for 9 years, and is under contract, is going to step down after one season and take a demotion, thereby forfeiting millions and millions of dollars, and then take orders from a head coach who is coming in from outside the organization.

          I know you can’t be serious Seb!

          1. 49, I know that Tomsula was fired, and Jed and Baalke would want him as much as they would want JH, but I also know that Tomsula poured his heart and soul into the job, and loves to coach. Tomsula was the scapegoat and fall guy, so it will never occur, but I just stated my preference.
            Actually, I wished Jed and Baalke were gone long before Tomsula would have been mutually parted, and since that will not occur, it is just stating my preference with no realistic expectations.

            1. I love Jimmy T, but he’s was in over his head. You are right, he’s a passionate coach.

              Unfortunately, his soft approach just doesn’t work at the head coach level. You cannot coddle NFL players and expect them to play like warriors. And the buck stops with Tomsula when it came to starting Devey for 9 games, while he was getting absolutely abused by the opposition.

              1. I actually thought the Niners were going to do well, but when Aldon imploded, they lost their best pass rusher.
                I agree, Tomsula was in over his head, but I also think Baalke micromanaged and interfered with the coaches. I think Baalke insisted on putting Boone at LG instead of at RT, and his fingerprints were all over the Hayne demotion, and insistence to play cut couch potato RBs.
                You could tell that Tomsula was not pleased when he was asked about Baalke coaching up the DBs.
                Still, the other coaches failed, too, but I liked how Tomsula stood up and accepted all blame.

              2. 49-what an absolute travesty the OL was. I do not share the optimism of some fans about that group-I know Martin is young but what a disappointment he was for me at C and this is a issue which has to be addressed.If Kilgore goes down with injury we need a strong anchor or we are in deep kimchi again. Brandon Thomas is still a question mark ,AD is still not on the squad and his timing for a pullout last year was …well it sucked(something about the guy is just not right) .Boone is gone. Staley is solid but not a youngster,Pears, Devey- don’t get me started. I’ll grant you Tiller and Brown show promise but largely this feels like a log jam of question marks which may prevent the addition of some outstanding OL talent in this years pool.,,there I feel better now :)

  8. The only thing I disagree on this article is Beadles being a downgrade from Boone and I’m not trying to say Beadles is a probowler even tho he was in 2012, but he fits Chip Kelleys offense better then Boone. I think Boone is so overrated which is why he did not get paid like one

    1. Maybe you should research the PFF ratings before making a statement that is illogical. Beadles was rated 3 spots above Devey, while Boone was in the middle of the pack.
      Maybe you did not watch Boone a lot, but I liked how he would get downfield and get a second block. Boone also played in a SB and 3 NFFCC Games, so he did pretty well.

      1. Seb, it’s one season. You can’t bases an evaluation of someone’s career off of one bad season, especially when the player has a history of being a very good OG when playing in a different system. Beadles is simply a better offensive lineman when it comes to ZONE-BLOCKING as compared to POWER-BLOCKING.

        I’m not saying Beadles is a sure thing to rebound this season.

        However Seb, I am saying that you’re not making yourself look smart by projecting how well you think a player is going to play based on one down season (according to PFF), without factoring in all of the other factors which undoubtedly affected his play, including being surrounded by a bunch of SCRUBS, on a team that has a history of ruining guys careers, and a scheme that doesn’t play to his strengths.

        And if you aren’t aware enough to consider other factors other than a Pro Football Focus score, as if that score exists in a vacuum, unaffected by a million other factors, then you’re not qualified to have an influential opinion on this matter.

        1. 49. why dont you say that to the detractors of Kaep? They seem to ignore the turnstile O line and deficient coaching.
          Of course the whole team play affects individual statistics. I must admit that I did not watch much of Beadles, but I did pay special attention to Boone. When I played back the games, Boone had his moments, but generally the left side of the line played well.
          Influential opinion? Nobody on a blog site has much influence. It is just an opinion, and can be taken seriously or dismissed, depending on if one agrees or not.

        2. Funny how the offensive line performed better when Tiller went to LG and Trent Brown started at RT while Boone was out lol

            1. True but notice how the offensive line performed in that game against the Rams compared to there first meeting?

              1. Well, since Devey, the QB killer was benched, I must admit that I saw the O line play a lot better. When Martin was replaced by Kilgore, I saw improvement. When Boone went down, and they got Pears out of the RT position, I saw even more improvement.

        1. If you are talking to me, I would tape the games and rewatch them, focusing on certain players. I must say that the O line in general played pretty poorly. In 2014, the O line gave up 52 sacks, and Kaep avoided at least 30 more. In 2015, the whole right side acted like turnstiles, and many times, Martin would be driven back like he was on skates. After the first game, Kaep was sacked 28 times, for an average of 4 times per game. Kaep was beaten like a pinata, and the putrid O line play resulted in him having to get 3 surgeries to repair the damage.

          1. Remember Alex Boone was part of that putrid O-Line that your talking about. All I’m saying is that I don’t think Beadles is much of a downgrade from Boone as much as you think

            1. Boone was on the left. The right side was putrid. Martin rated as the worst center in the league.
              I do not know about Beadles, and you may be proven correct. While I do not think he is that much of an upgrade from Boone, Beadles did have a plantar fasciitis last year, terrible support on each side, and may have been limited by being in the wrong system. I have little expectations for him, and will be surprised if he beats out Tiller for a spot on the O line.

              1. I think Tiller goes to the right side to LG and hopefully Anthony Davis back to RT that would be our only hope to have a decent offensive line in my opinion

              2. Well, if they draft Spriggs, who played LT, maybe they will move him to LG. I think Tiller did well at RG, so the Niners may go Staley, Spriggs, Kilgore, Tiller, Davis. Thomas and Brown could back up the tackles. Beadles and Pears the guards, and Martin could back up center.

    1. matt, I don’t mind drafting a RB early, but why not draft Henry in a later round 1 trade-up? Carlos is plenty effective when healthy, and Henry could double as a move-TE. Also, I think it’s important to keep him away from Seattle. Your thoughts?

    2. With Guapo healthy, the Niners have much bigger needs than a RB in the first round. They should wait and select Prosise, Booker, Perkins or Lasco.

      1. This is a multi-year rebuild, Seb. Henry seems to me to be a once in 5-7 year player on offense who, possibly, could double at another position and therefore still be on the field most of the time. I don’t think you could say that about Elliot, although I admit I could be wrong. If Hyde can’t play due to injury, why give his carries to a lesser back? Last year we drafted Davis for that role, but he didn’t distinguish himself. In my scenario, there would be no issue: You’d have Henry. Please don’t come back and say we need to use our second pick on a defensive player. This is supposed to be a weak draft. We have lots of needs. I think you pick the best player who’s there and trade up to get him if you have to. IMO, Hyde and Henry would give us the best running attack in the League, assuming an average oline.

        1. George, no, I do not want them to use the second pick for a defensive player. In most of my mocks, I have advocated selecting Jason Spriggs the O lineman who ran a 4.85 forty.
          I also like Henry, but he may be like Trent Richardson, who excelled because he ran behind a bunch of elite behemoths that made up the Bama O line, yet did not as well in the pros.

          1. Ok, Seb, I stand corrected. Fix the oline according to Kelly’s scheme and they give the offense a chance to improve with the pieces they have now. You can’t argue with that.

            1. George, Henry would be a great pick for the 49ers. Id love for him to be a Niner.
              Hyde is a great back but in tandem with Henry, we would have the best backfield in the NFL

              1. I agree. Let’s say Kelly isn’t crazy about Goff or Wentz for whatever reasons. Wouldn’t adding Henry — assuming Kelly really likes him — be a “poor man’s” alternative?

              2. Gentlemen, I think drafting OL is certainly necessary, but the talent outside of 1-2 men is pretty even. I suspect both will be gone by pick 7.

                The same could be said of the running back class. However, at pick 7, you have an opportunity to take 1-2 of the best backs available this season.

                If you’re looking for a now player who will win games and pacify the fan base, Elliott is the pick.

                I don’t disagree that Henry would be an awesome pick. His versatility certainly raises his value. I don’t see Carlos Hyde as a durable back in the NFL. He certainly won’t be behind the current line and I don’t see a rookie OL starting this season who will preserve Carlos Hyde. JMO.

            2. I would even consider Stanley with their first pick, but think the Ravens will grab him since they lost Osmele.

              1. After the 2011 draft, I thought Baalke was a draft genius. Now I’m apprehensive about anyone he drafts. Let’s just hope that this year marks a turn for the best, although there is really no reason to think it will. There’s an intuitive part to it that he seems to lack.

            3. Elliott or Henry would be great additions, but I agree with Seb that there are other positions of greater value to the 49ers right now. They can still get a decent RB in the mid rounds to pair with Hyde, who I think if he can stay healthy will be fine as the #1 RB in Kelly’s offense.

              1. Health is a big issue right now for Hyde. With a bruiser like Henry it might take the load off. It will allow him a break from short yardage situations.
                OLB, WR, QB and ILB are priority but if Henry is there in the 3rd Id take him.

              2. Heck yeah, if he’s there in the 3rd Baalke should be running up to the podium. I thought we were talking about as a late first rounder/ early 2nd rounder!

              3. I doubt he will be there in the 3rd and I agree the Niners have a more pressing need than RB in the 2nd. But what if they trade back into the 2nd? Then I’d take him.

              4. Respectfully, we have lots of problems but none worse than the productivity of the offense. Henry would likely move the chains more than a lesser running back. And, as I’ve said before, he might be devastating as an H-back (move-TE?). Plus Carlos might not stay healthy. Remember that before he got hurt, he was arguably our best player on offense. If they could also upgrade the oline, we might also be able to master time of possession, helping the defense and requiring less depth there. Do this and draft an impact ILB and pass rusher (the latter an longshot), and we become competitive.

              5. Yeah, a trade back in the 2nd and take would work for me too Prime.

                George, improving the OL and D imo is more important than getting a complementary RB. Hyde is fine as the starting RB.

              6. Injuries are part of football George. And RBs get injured often. So having a stable of good RBs is a good idea. I am not questioning that.

                It is simply my opinion that a better OL and better D are more important to the 49ers right now than having an excellent complementary RB. If Henry is available in the late 2nd round, and the 49ers have manoeuvred into a position to take him at that point, then he is excellent value and probably too good to pass up. But he isn’t a guy I would suggest the 49ers should target in late first/ early 2nd as I think other positions will present better value for what the 49ers need. Henry isn’t the only good RB in this draft that can help take the load off Hyde.

                However, I do think there is a decent chance you will get your wish, if the rumour the 49ers were after Doug Martin is true. If that is the case they see the position as a need. But, one could argue if they like Henry that much, you’d think they would be interested in Alfred Morris as a FA pick-up, who is a similar type of one cut, zone RB (though with lesser physical talent and size).

              7. Scooter I agree that a team cannot have too many RBs with the attrition rate, but they also have Mike Davis, Harris and Draughn.
                Oh and another player from down under….

              8. All is good, Scooter. Your opinion is a fine one. I’m just making an argument that looks at things a little differently. My only “wish” is that they start to have good drafts. How they implement that this year can vary. I’m not optimistic they will, however.

              9. George, I wish the Niners were dripping in talent and could afford a luxury pick, but there are glaring holes that need to be filled. Maybe the Niners will be forced to draft a QB if or when Kaep leaves, and some have declared that Henry will go to the Seahawks because Lynch retired.
                I do like Henry, but if the Niners do not improve their O line, Roger Craig could not gain many yards behind that 2015 line.
                Maybe the question to ask is- of these players, Kenyan Drake, CJ Prosise, Paul Perkins, Josh Ferguson or Daniel Lasco, which one do you prefer and in which round?

        2. George, while I don’t see RB as a priority, Derrick Henry does intrigue me, A LOT. RB/H-Back/TE. Many possibilities there.

          1. The more I watch and read about Henry the more intriguing he becomes. He could become the next Marshawn Lynch!

    3. Matt,
      I like Elliott as a player, didn’t like the outburst he directed at his coaches in the loss against Mich. St.

      We don’t need another T.O. type player that lashes out at his coaches whenever he feels that he didn’t get his share of touches. Ezekiel and Kelly has the potential of an oil and water mix – it doesn’t!

      1. Elliot is quietly moving up the draft boards. He might be the steal of the draft if he gets past Philly. Could the Niners take him if both QB’s are gone and an edge rusher is not there at #7?
        The latest mock on NFL network has Dallas taking Elliot while others have him at 8 to PHI

  9. I’d love to believe this Grant, but at the end of the day, you have an owner who knows nothing about football yet wants to dip his hand in every affair and is unwilling to relinquish football to football people (not buying the Tom Gamble promotion as anything more than a warning to Baalke), and instead do what he’s supposed to do, pay his stadium rent. No matter who the coach, the players, this team will not succeed as long as York wants to have a say in football operations and I just don’t see how a spoiled silver spoon man child would ever come to that realization, no matter how many anti-York banners fly over the half empty stadium week in and week out.

  10. As a fan of J. Goff ,I would love Griffin going to the Browns –
    Sunday 3/20 Mock: (1) J. Goff QB – it is meant to be(whether or not it actually occurs);
    (2) Karl Josephs DB-I know many will think I’m nutz but this guy is the real deal a compact modern Ronnie Lott- L.Riddick ESPN rates as the best DB in the draft considering his company in this class -high praise!;
    (3)Bronson Kaufusi DE with Bucker gone we take PFF 2nd rated pass rusher 6’7″daunting;
    (4)Connor McGovern OL Ironman ;(4B) Miles Killebrew OLB/S sub package LB inbox S who will put some whoopass on you;(5) Steven Daniels ILB Boston C-serious sleeper with high PFF ratings; (5B)Isaac Seumalo C/G coaches son smart football player;(5c)Keith Marshall RB yes he is fast and he has game;(6)Mike Thomas WR S Miss -sleeper alert!;(6b)A J Zuttah DT Ivy league standout;(6c)Tyrone Holmes DE Montana as Madden used to say Boom boom boom!;(6d) Deiondre Hall CB big boy tweener (alt. pick VErnon Adams QB.

    1. Steven Daniels looks a good 2-down ILB option. I worry about his coverage ability though. Would need to team him with a good coverage LB.

        1. Daniels isn’t really on my radar, but I agree with Hightop that he is going under the radar and would be a solid late round addition as a 2 down thumper in the middle. A bit like Borland was.

  11. OK, here is my latest Draft plan. I think the Niners should trade back with the Colts. The Niners would give up their 7th pick for the Colts 18th and 48th picks. Why the Colts? Because they really need to get younger at the RB position, and since the Eagles traded away Murray, they will covet Ezekiel Elliot. Colts could jump ahead of the Eagles and get the best RB in the draft, and Chip can thwart the Eagles plans as a little payback.
    Maybe the Niners could throw in Devey and Pears to sweeten the deal. I would consider that an addition through subtraction.
    With the 18th, 37th and 48th picks, the Niners would have 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. With those picks, they could select from Darron Lee, Reggie Ragland, Shaq Lawson, Eli Apple, Leonard Floyd, Sheldon Rankins, Jack Conklin or Taylor Decker with the 18th pick. With the 37th, they could choose from Emmanuel Ogbah, Jason Spriggs, Jonathan Bullard, Cody Whitehair, Kevin Dodd, Vernon Butler, Jaylon Smith or Michael Thomas. With the 48th pick, they could possibly grab Joshua Perry, Vonn Bell, Germain Ifedi, Shilique Calhoun, Vadal Alexander, Shon Coleman, Kentrell Brothers or Su’a Cravens. Any 3 of those 24 players would be good prospects, and could fill immediate needs.
    My choices would be to select Darron Lee, Jason Spriggs and Shilique Calhoun.

    1. “Chip can thwart the Eagles plans”

      I’m sure you are right. One of the major objectives of the 49ers draft will be to “thwart the Eagles.”

      1. Sir, if you look at the FA signings of the Eagles, they obtained a G, 2CBs, S, LB, QB and WR. No running backs.
        Considering how mean spirited the Niners were to cut Hayne on the team bus, I bet they would consider it a Hoot to kick ol Howie in the nuts.

        1. All I know is that Jarryd was so hurt by the cold way in which the team informed him he had been waived, he couldn’t wait to resign with the team once he cleared waivers.

          It’s a cold business Seb. I’m not sure how exactly it played out but, Tomsula was the guy who decided when guys were cut, and he is the guy who would tell them personally, so if you want to frame someone as the villain, it would be your boy Tomsula.

          However, Hayne understood it was a business decision, made in the best interest of the team. That’s why he harbored less hard feelings about it than you did Seb. Oh, and the fact that he’s getting paid very well for a guy who has never played organized American Football before the 49ers gave him a chance.

          1. 49, I know it is a cold business, but there is also a human element. Treat people with dignity and respect, and they will respond in kind. The players saw how JH was treated, and they displayed their loyalty to the team by mass retirements and refusals to accept more, and accepted less just to leave the team.
            They should have bent the rules and let Hayne stay on the bus, because he had nothing better to do.
            It is no wonder that free agents did not want to come here. Word of that kind of behavior gets spread quickly. Nobody wants to be cut on the team bus. It is humiliating, and defines how well a team will treat its players.
            Ye shall reap what you sow.

          2. It was not Tomsula who cut Hayne. It was all Baalke. He was in charge of all personnel moves. Tomsula just coached the players he was given.

      2. I thought the objective was to ‘take the world by storm’…right above ‘don’t shoot the feet’…

    2. Something like this could happen and be of benefit, Seb. This is good, creative thinking. But Devey and Pears sweetening the deal is a hoot. For most teams they’d sit at the end of the bench, IMO. Your thoughts?

      1. George, considering the Eagle O line, both Devey and Pears would be able to at least compete for a position. Theyy signed Brandon brooks, but that O line was almost as bad as the Niner O line.

        1. Oops, my bad, I mean the Colts line was almost as bad as the Niner line, and their O linemen also succeeded to get their QB injured.

            1. Dont know why I was sending Devey and Pears to the Eagles. Maybe I thought they would be turnstiles for Bradford to be pummeled.

              1. Thanks for conceding the victory Seb. It takes a man to admit defeat. So says General Diarrhea Storm in the Art of Annoyance.
                Good on ya son!

              2. Prime, before we proceed, the game I play is to engage another poster until he or she loses their cool and starts hurling expletives. You cannot say you win if the other poster refrains from using expletives or abusive language. If you declare victory without the other poster doing those things, you lose. You have to wait until they lose their cool, otherwise, one can constantly declare victory, but in actuality just keeps on losing.

              3. So, in conclusion, if you say the other poster spews verbal diarrhea, that is borderline losing. It really does not fit the classic definition of an expletive, but it is verbally abusive, mean , hateful and intended to insult.
                Please dont keep on being a loser, but be a winner by speaking calmly, civilly and respectfully.

              4. For f’s sake, both of you, just grow up.

                And yes Seb, before you get into the whole “who started it?” defense, that is most definitely including you. You bring this entirely on yourself with incessant, mostly inane/ replicative posts, followed by juvenile rejoinders to the inevitable backlash. Grow up. Stop posting for the sake of posting. Stop playing the victim and you’ll stop being the victim.

              5. That’s why I said “both of you”.

                I highlighted you because I knew you would otherwise just defend yourself by blaming Prime. But then you went and did it anyway. The fact you need Prime to stop before you can act like an adult and take your own advice to ignore posts is just further proof of how juvenile you are being. Grow up.

              6. Scooter, I just presented a solution to this problem. I did not denigrate him or advocate him to get banned. However, I will fight fire with fire, because if he or any others think they have gotten the best of me, they tend not to stop. Believe me, and should know this as much as anyone, I will defend myself until my opponent is begging me to stop and he will rue the day that he ever started this.
                You know me. Once we had a tiff, but I did not hold a grudge against you. In fact, I can calmly and civilly start and keep up a conversation with you and many others. Gosh it would be so easy to go on the attack all the time, but in the end, all I want is to be able to talk about a team I love without the incessant screeds and insults.

              7. “However, I will fight fire with fire, because if he or any others think they have gotten the best of me, they tend not to stop.”

                “I will defend myself until my opponent is begging me to stop and he will rue the day that he ever started this.”

                Good lord… grow up.

              8. Scooter, this is not my first rodeo. I do not need to grow up, I am a senior citizen, and have free will.
                I am also not a masochist, and I will respond in kind. We can go round and round, but in the end, they will always stop, and I can continue posting in peace. Why dont you you rip Prime for his ad nauseum assaults?
                You are right, he started it, and I intend to stop it. I know how it ends, because it happens every time. Some one thinks he can brow beat me into submission, but finds out I am not a pushover. They will get all huffy and shrill, hurl more insults, and finally realize that they cant touch me. They will give up, and let me post without being attacked. Maybe you did not notice, but have I ever hurled expletives?
                Tell Prime to shut up and stop being such a potty mouth if you want to stop this. I tried to ignore him, but he kept on the attack.
                Me, I am just getting started.

              9. “Stop playing the victim and you will stop being the victim”.
                Hmm, sounds like you are blaming the victim.

              10. I told you both to grow up. Since then, Prime hasn’t been the one trying to tell me it was the other person’s fault.

              11. No, you are telling me it is mostly my fault, and mostly absolving Prime for his constant screeds.
                Just look at your post. You start off by saying both, then lash out at me. You never mention Prime at all.

              12. Scooter, maybe you should read my post before you started on me. I want this site to be calm civil and respectful. Try harping on Prime about that. I try to be respectful. I address HT as sir, even though we have gone around the Horn, too.

              13. You still have not mentioned Prime, and how he can change. It is a two way street, and you expect me to get out of his way, but he will just turn around and try to run me off the road. I am just defending myself the best way I know how. One cant kowtow to a bully and expect him to be meek and mild.

              14. I made it clear you were both being childish. In an attempt to forestall what I considered a highly likely scenario of you blaming Prime for everything (rightfully so, it turned out), I added additional content to make it clear I included you in my statement. Saying I am unfairly bashing you and not Prime is you simply playing the victim again.

                It is really quite simple. If you want calm and civil conversation, quit flying off the handle any time somebody questions what you say. “Defending” your statements until you are blue in the face (read: continually commenting on a topic until everyone is worn out) does not demonstrate your point is a good one. Neither does reiterating it, over and over.

                If someone is obnoxious to you, tell them to get stuffed if you have to, but then ignore them rather than trying to show how manly you are by taking the bait.

                If you can’t do the above, then you have no real intention of sparking calm, civil and respectful conversation.

              15. The proof will be in the pudding, but if this conversation results in less of these schoolyard back and forths then yes, I will be satisfied.

              16. Now, all you have to do is get Prime on board, and we can get back to talking about the draft. This is the best part of the offseason, IMO.
                Do you want the Niners to draft Goff?

              17. You saw my trade back scenario, but even if that is not done, I still say draft a pass rusher and select Hogan, Adams or Driskel and roll with Gabbert.
                Good night.

    3. Finding out that the Niners did not even ask Williams how he was doing before getting him to verbally commit, it is not surprising to find out he had 2 surgeries. Those Niner docs are on the ball.
      This totally changes my picks. Still think the Niners should trade back, but now I think they need to draft Sheldon Rankins, Jason Spriggs and Su’a Cravens, with Hogan in the third if they cannot move up with another second round pick to get Cardale Jones.

        1. I’m not sure even sure why you bothered since you weren’t you the one that said “just don’t respond to him?”

          1. I wasn’t initially responding to him. But once he demonstrated he wasn’t understanding I felt I had to see it through.

        2. Scooter ..

          It probably won’t .. b/c .. along with
          the status of “Senior Citizenry” ..should
          come with a modicum of .. wisdom ..

          Much wisdom in what you say.. but..
          apparently .. it fell upon deaf ears ..

        3. Scooter,

          I think everyone has tried at this point and failed because we aren’t dealing with someone who has any trace of personal awareness. You can’t reason with the unreasonable. When he first appeared on here he went on about how the previous website treated him badly etc. and we now know why. He’s a gasbag who plasters the board with the mundane and believes it’s revolutionary. He cannot grasp the points that have been made to him, so it’s a waste of time to try. As hard as it is to weave around and ignore his endless parade of nonsense it’s really the only recourse.

          1. I’m just gonna apologize to the blog now for clouding it up with my bickering the last couple days with Sebnoying. He has as Rocket pointed out ” a gasbag who plasters the board with the mundane and believes it’s revolutionary”

            The problem is he repeats the same message relentlessly and when people call him out he turns sideways about it. Then 2 days later says the same thing.

            I will for the sake of bothering everyone else on the blog not respond or retort to anymore of his posts. And for the record Sebnoying, you have not won. This is for the betterment of the blog that I leave you alone!

            1. Prime, I too will apologize to this blog for the kerfluffle we have caused.
              I will from now on, try to studiously ignore you, and hope you do the same for me. All I want is to talk about the team I love, and be a good fan.
              Have a nice day.

  12. Not the most ardent Kaepernick fan but he should thank his lucky stars if he doesn’t land there! It will take years for that team to right the ship …yes longer than the 49ers.

  13. Ted Thompson on free agency: “Just because we don’t sign somebody doesn’t mean we don’t consider people. We did a lot of considering.”
    Baalke: “That’s what we’d like our fans to think. Maybe should’ve said that publicly, but can’t bring myself to talk to the infernal press. Have always thought that such communication was our leaker’s job..”

  14. Seb, unlike you, I’m not interested in bashing people incesently. So I am done calling you out for your ignorant rants. I will give some advice one more time.

    I suggest you avoid commenting on matters you know nothing about. You’re not fooling anyone into believing your knowledgeable when you do. In fact, it has quite the opposite effect.

    1. 49, I plan on just posting and stop responding, so I hope you can stop calling me clueless, when future events will prove me right, and you wrong. Trying to reduce the rent may be business as usual, but it also paints a black eye on the organization. There will be more forthcoming, and the Niners will not look heroic, no matter what you say.

      1. Seb, here is a very insightful article pertaining to the dispute over Levi’s Stadium rent.


        Since you seem bound and determined to paint a picture that suits your narrative, I’ve posted a few of the article’s paragraphs, that seem to back up the 49ers position in the dispute, and frames the dispute as being more political than anything else.

        The point I am making is that these are complicated matters, best left for the lawyers to sort out. And unless you are a lawyer Seb, and you are privy to the negotiations, THEN YOU ARE COMMENTING ON MATTERS THAT YOU SIMPLY ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO COMMENT ON. Therefore, you come across as ill-informed and disingenuous, and that’s not a good look. And quite frankly, it’s getting OLD Seb! I think most of us on this forum agree that you should probably stay away from posting opinions about things you know nothing about.

        SB NATION – By David Fucillo  @davidfucillo on Mar 20, 2016, 7:38am:

        The article talks about the 49ers making two payments this past month totaling $5.5 million, which put them paid up on the lease.

        If the 49ers had paid up prior to Gillmor’s statement on Friday, I’m left a little confused about Gillmor’s statement about contractual obligations. She has pushed for more transparency in the 49ers relationship with the city, but it seems like there have been public meetings with regard to this adjustment. On March 8, the city’s Director of Finance, Gary Amelingm and the Economic Development Officer, Ruth Shikada, provided an update on the rent adjustment issue.

        The contract provided for a one-time reset of the rent based on how debt service or expenses have increased or decreased. According to the article, stadium expenses were not as high as expected, and people were paying off their Stadium Builders’ Licenses earlier than expected.

        The article then points to the 49ers wanting to pay $20.25 million, and the city wants $24.5 million again “just to pass a fiscal budget and continue negotiations”, because they are not sure if that’s enough to cover what needs to be covered. It is my understanding that negotiations had moved toward that $20.25 million and that is where the 49ers assumption had come from with that number.

        I’m going to try and get some questions answered by the city because part of this strikes me as a bit political. Gillmor recently took over as mayor when Jamie Matthews stepped down after the Super Bowl. Matthews was viewed by many as particularly friendly to the 49ers, while Gillmor is viewed as not a fan of the 49ers. Gillmor and two other members of the city council have had a contentious relationship with the organization. You can read more about it here.

        1. 49, that is why I wanted Grant to write about it and give more information. Obviously, you are taking the FO side, but it sure looks fishy when the Mayor resigns to spend more time with his family, and then this pops up. The truth will emerge, so maybe you should not whitewash it until all the facts are known.

  15. This blog would definitely be improved if there were absolutely no bickering. I would also appreciate guys not posting news from the local media that is two days old. (If it’s from Maiocco, Barrows, Inman, etc. and it was published two days ago, you can be sure it’s already been posted here, probably on the day it was published.) Finally, a few guys seem to post to read their own words. (I’m not talking about praising someone for a good post or doing a +1. I think that shows comaraderie, which is a good thing.) If this is you, think about how foolish you look to the rest of us.

  16. Uh-oh! On Rotoworld:

    49ers NT Ian Williams’ five-year, $27.5 million contract has been reduced to a one-year pact after he failed his physical.

    The deal is worth “up to” $6 million. Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Williams has “undergone more than one (left) ankle surgery,” and is in doubt for Week 1. It’s a newly-reported issue for Williams, who didn’t miss a game last season. He missed six weeks in 2014 with a broken leg. The injury creates even more question marks for a 49ers defense that’s absolutely disintegrated since Jim Harbaugh was fired. Going on 27, Williams has emerged as one of the league’s better run pluggers.

      1. Makes sense and is an explanation for Ian. But why do you suppose the niners didn’t pick up another DL in FA? Maybe they tried or perhaps it’s a major priority in the draft. It’s just that Baalke generally tries to at least give the appearance that he will go BPA in the draft.

        1. Free agency isn’t over plus after the draft you are likely to see a second purge of players from rosters.

            1. Urgh, if the 49ers are relying on Purcell then the team is in trouble.

              All I will say is the DL, like the OL, is where it all starts. And the 49ers thus far have done nothing to improve what was a fairly average unit last year. Re-signing Williams seemed like a good move (still does in my book, and redoing the contract in light of the injury news is also smart). But its still just an average unit. Maybe they add a DL early in the draft, but not holding my breath.

              1. There are still a few names here and there that wouldn’t be a terrible pick up for our NT position. I still like Knighton as a run-stuffer plus we still have the post draft purge to see which new names will become available.

        2. But why do you suppose the niners didn’t pick up another DL in FA? Maybe they tried or perhaps it’s a major priority in the draft.

          It could be why the team met with Vernon Butler before the Combine.

    1. Crazy he played the entire season like that, and played very well at that.

      I hope he gets 100% healthy this season, but it looks doubtful.

      1. Dudes a stud. We know that Dial can start at NT, but how do you feel about NT Mike Purcell? And does this change the 49ers draft strategy? Is DEFOREST BUCKNER the most logical pick if he’s available at #7, or do the 49ers trade back a few spots for more picks, and grab SHELDON RANKINS, who is easily the best NT in this draft class, IMO?

      2. Some where out there is the information that he injured the ankle after the season ended and had the surgery done on his own because he was a free agent.

    1. hawki, I don’t think TIM KAWAKAMI has a lot of influence with the vast majority of 49ers fans on this site, or anywhere else for the matter. Most people realize he has a personal score to settle with the 49ers organization, and has a biased opinion because of it. Most professional reporters at least make an effort to report matters in an unbiased fashion. Like him or hate him, Tim is not that guy. When it comes to the 49ers, Tim is not a sports journalist, he’s a tabloid journalist. He exchanges facts for opinions, and usually doesn’t even try to pass his opinions off as fact, because if he did, he wouldn’t be able to do what he does for Media News Group. He’d be working for the National Enquirer.

      And that’s OK. He’s is exercising his First Amendments rights – freedom of speech. But if you want information about the 49ers based on facts, you’re using the wrong source when you read Tim’s tabloid smut.

          1. That’s how The Seb justifies whole categories of his posts. ;-}

            Most of us can read Kawakami without the danger of brain damage.

              1. Sure I’m sure that most of everyone can read Kawakami without brain damage. Those that are worried about their own stability learn to stay away, and a few of them warn others.

                I’m not a Kawakami fan, but when I like what he has written I enjoy it.

  17. Where to go from here. The Niners are in a rebuild. They have finally assembled a coaching staff, but I am a wee bit skeptical that they will turn around the team right away. Free agency has been disappointing, so the draft is now the most important direction they may turn to.
    I will assume Kaep is gone, so the QB position is in dire need to upgrade. The rest of the roster has holes that need to be filled, and some players need to be replaced. Assessing the roster, there are several players who should be traded to get more draft picks.
    I wanted them to trade Brooks, but since they did not sign players during the FA period, he must be kept, even though he draws too many flags. Brandon Thomas may be used in a trade, but he has potential, and maybe Flaherty will be able to utilize him. Vance Macdonald played well in the late season, but his tendency to drop passes make him expendable. Quinton Patton made some nice plays, but is a loose cannon, so he too, may be good trade bait. Bruce Miller is a fullback, so he is expendable since Chip does not use fullbacks in his system. Corey Lemonier did not play much, but maybe he needs to go to a 4-3 team. I will assume that they like all their DBs, but any of them may be used if they could swing a deal. Cromartie and Davis should both be candidates for a trade, since they are talented, but not playing much. Pears did start all last season, so he should be a decent tradable player. Other players are lower down, and will not generate much interest, but if a team wants somebody, he should be thrown in the mix.
    So the Niners should create a pool of players, and trade as many of them they can to get more draft picks in the first 3 rounds. MacDonald, Patton, Miller, Lemonier, Cromartie, Davis, Pears and Dylan Thompson should be available as trade candidates. The Niners should try to bundle them to get as high a pick as possible, and target teams like San Diego, Cleveland, Tennessee, Jax and the Ravens, who need to rebuild too. If they can pull off at least 2 trades, I will deem it a success. The objective is to get as many picks in the first 3 rounds, but acquiring later picks can help them bundle picks to move up.
    With an extra second round pick, I hope the Niners get Cardale Jones. I think he is moving up in the daft, so that is why I think they need to go bold and wheel and deal. Jones may be a good fit for Chip’s Niner offense, but they really need to select an O lineman with their first second round pick. With their first round pick, they should draft a pass rusher. It may all be moot if Dallas selects Jones with their second pick, but if they can manage to convince Tennessee, Cleveland or San Diego to give up their second, the Niners may be able to jump ahead of Dallas to get him. Maybe the Niners could trade players along with later picks to pull off the deal. Ideally, the Niners could bundle Kaep with their 4th, 5th and 6th round picks to trade with Denver for their first round pick.
    If the Niners can mine the sweet part of the draft class, they may not win much this year, but they will be building for the future.
    Please ignore this post if you want to. It is lengthy, and just reiterates what I have said before.

    1. Seb, this is outrageous. Why did you put that last sentence at the end? You should have put it at the beginning to warn us it just repeats what you’ve said in the past. I had to waste my time reading a few paragraphs before I realized you were repeating the same old ego trip. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. I did include a new proposal to draft Cardale Jones, but just assumed everyone would read my name and skip this post.

        1. Well Seb, did you send the proposal to 9ers HQ, or are you counting on the front office to dig it out of your post?

          1. Cassie, looks like Trump is a shoe in, so I am not worrying about football. I wonder where the next war will start. If Jed is too stupid to monitor the blogs, its all on him.

            1. Next war? Toss-up between Juarez and the South China Sea, if one rules out Modesto… What does Sun Tzu say about The Donald?

              1. Luckily, Joe Dunford, as supreme commander, can ignore the regent if he sees fit. I do not think they will go nuclear. My guess is Canada or Qatar. Lots of resources.

  18. AP: Influential NY Giants owner,JOHN MARA “thrilled” that Chip Kelley is no longer in the NFC East.


    The Eagles simply owned the NY Giants during Kelly’s tenure. The Eagles were 5-1 VS the Giants during that stretch, flying in the face of any notion that the league had caught up to Chip Kelly.

    The Eagles absolutely dominated, and demoralized the Giants during week 6, their first meeting of 2015 season, despite Bradford’s 3 interceptions. The Eagles outgained the Giants by 181 yds, and averaged 5.6 yds per play.

    Yet, the Eagle’s season fell apart 4 weeks later, after a gut wrenching loss to the Dolphins in week 10.

    ESPN’s recap was titled: “Dolphins rally from 13-point deficit to beat injury-plagued Eagles”

    The Eagles had 29 first downs to the Dolphins 15, and the Eagles outgained the Dolphins by 147 yds. However, the Dolphins knocked the oft-injured Sam Bradford out of the game in the 3rd qtr, and Mark Sanchez threw a critical INT from the Dolphins 8 yrd line, late in the 4th qtr, sealing the most devastating loss of Chip Kelly’s tenure. As we’ve seen so many times before, this type of defeat, combined with a litany of injuries, can send a team into a tailspin.

    No question, Chip made some questionable offseason moves that played a big roll in the downfall of the 2015 Eagles, but, IMO, injuries played a bigger factor:


    1. Where the heck is SHELDON RANKINS on this list?

      Perhaps he’s not quite big enough to anchor as a 3-4 Nose, and is possibly a better fit as a 3-Tech in a base 4-3 (reminds me of Aaron Donald), but I think he’s an absolute stud interior lineman, and I think he’s strong enough to anchor as a 3-4 Nose Tackle and .

      Here are a couple my favorites options:

      VERNON BUTLER – Louisiana Tech. 6’3″ 323 lbs. He’s got long arms for his stature, and has an absolutely relentless motor combined and plays with a nasty mean streak. Good chance he’s on the board at #37 and I like his value there.

      HASSAN RIDGEWAY – Texas. 6’3″ 307 lbs. An ascending DT, the burly, powerful Ridgeway is very stout against the run. He’s got some work to do in terms of technique, but I’m willing to bet he’s going to develop into a very productive pass rusher on the interior. I like him alot, and would have no problem with the 49ers targeting him late in round 4, or early round 5.

      1. Rankins looks a much better fit as a 3T. I am a Ridgeway fan in the mid rounds. Sounds like he interviewed poorly, but he’s a good looking DL prospect that will likely fall.

    1. Ha. I liked this Barrows tweet which I’ve been saying for weeks now. Maybe there’s some hope.

      Kap to NYJ for Wilkerson? Please stop making so much sense. Just stop it… @Boxings_Savior why don’t (#49ers) just go get Wilkerson?

  19. On Rotoworld (picked up from Barrows):

    49ers DE/OLB Tank Carradine has dropped his weight into the mid-260s and is expected to focus on outside linebacker in 2016.

    The 40th pick in the 2013 draft, Carradine has been an ineffective sub-package defensive lineman to this point in his career. He has four sacks through 23 career games (1 start). Carradine came out of Florida State weighing 276 and ballooned into the 290s in recent seasons. 2016 is his contract year.

    1. This is one of the reasons as to why I don’t see Baalke drafting an edge rusher early if at all.

      1. He hasn’t performed to date. Why do you think he’ll perform better, or are you saying that Baalke feels that way, but you don’t necessarily.

        I have no perspective on whether or not Baalke keeps non-performing draft picks longer than most other GMs. It seems like he is reluctant to cut loose poorly performing draft picks, but again I have no point of relevance.

        1. The latter of your question Cubus. Trust me, I’d love it if Baalke drafted an edge rusher like Lawson or Spence, but I just don’t it happening.

  20. Cubus and now me want to know what happened at Kaepernick’s physical this past Friday? Did that dirty bird Colin refuse to show up? No leaks?


    “According to Barrows, Kaepernick will be in town on Friday for a physical. Reports have been positive as Kaepernick continues his rehab up in Vail, Colorado. However, the team’s doctors will want to get a better handle on things as the team works on trade negotiations, and the April 1 full salary guarantee approaches.” … NN

    1. Not impressive from these highlights. Doesn’t throw recievers open and his trajectory is very low for a big guy.

  21. However, this video does include something new that is entirely out of the blue:

    What the 49ers actually believe is that the request for a trade was pushed by another factor, and that was, the breakup of Kaepernick’s two agents. They split their business, and the belief in the 49ers side is that they would like to see Kaepernick get traded so that ultimately Kaepernick picks one of the agents or the other, gets a new contract, and that agent ends up with the contract fees on a new deal.

    I’m looking a little further into this, but it is kind of odd to see thrown out there from the team’s side of things. I am generally skeptical of the 49ers motives when it comes to the Kaepernick trade drama, but this is far enough out of left field that I want to see what I can learn about it. For now, give the video a watch.


  22. Lets give a round of applause for Trent Baalke’s F/A signings:

    1. Ian Williams (In keeping with Baalke’s ACL/injured player bargain basement signings):Ian Williams Injury: Updates on 49ers DT’s Ian Williams Recovery from Ankle Surgeries


    2. Zane Beadles: Signed after his Plantar Faciitis surgery…

    Is there any other injured players you can sign, Trent?…Keep scraping bottom, and forget about getting healthy players…Thank you to Jed, I’m rooting for the lower rent!

    1. Connor Cook is anything but a Phil Simms clone.

      Cook is bigger, has a quicker release, and is more athletic.

      Cook played his college football for a Big 10 powerhouse. Simms played for Morehead State, of the Pioneer Football League.

      My god, you can’t even spell his name. SMH!

      Ian Williams will be rewarded with a lengthy contract once he gets healthy. Beadles is expected to be 100% well before training camp.

      Can we at least keep these posts interesting and on point guys?

  23. Given the departures and the size contracts they’ve singed it’s pretty likely I would guess that the Broncos are going to end up with a 3rd round compensatory pick next year. Next year is also when compensatory picks become tradable. I could see Denver offering their 2017 3rd rounder for Kaepernick knowing it’s likely they’ll end up with another one.

    1. Good point. I still think Sanchez may end up part of a make weight in any trade. Broncos get a draft pick back by adding Sanchez to the deal, as the conditional pick they gave up for him is contingent on Sanchez making the Broncos roster. 49ers gain a QB familiar with Chip’s offense.

      1. So it sounds like it comes down to do they give up their 3rd or 4th in 2017 along with Sanchez. Broncos say he’s worth a 4th and the 49ers are asking for a 2nd. Normally I’d say the 3rd makes the most sense but does Sanchez raise the value of that pick by a full round, meaning they offer a 4th and Sanchez being equal to a third rounder.

        1. Both sides are posturing. The Broncos don’t even have a 4th round pick to give up if they really wanted to stick to their guns about things.

          The Broncos have also already outlined what Sanchez is worth when they traded a conditional 7th rounder for him (condition being if he makes the roster, they give up their 7th round pick). It would be a hard sell to say a 4th + a 7th = a 3rd.

          I think a more likely scenario would be some form of swapping picks, + Sanchez. For example, Broncos trade a 3rd + Sanchez for Kaep + a 6th. Or some such scenario.

          1. I am now talking about 2016 picks btw, not 2017 picks. I think the idea of the Broncos using next year picks is definitely a possibility though. Just need to keep in mind the general theory is that future picks are worth less than picks this year.

          2. The lack of 4th this year and the unlikeliness of them giving up their 3rd and Sanchez this year is what has pushed me into 2017. The diminished value of future picks is why I was thinking a 2017 3rd and Sanchez is more likely.

            1. Certainly possible.

              My preferred would be to trade Kaep + 2nd rounder this year for Sanchez + 1st this year + 4th next year. Based on trade value chart, and assuming 2017 picks had equal value to 2016 picks (I know they don’t, but lets assume), and Sanchez equals a 7th round pick (based on what the Broncos traded for him), that would effectively be equivalent to trading Kaep for approximately a mid 3rd rounder to early 4th rounder (depending on Broncos record next year).

              1. Certainly not the worst deal I could imagine Scooter, but I honestly see no use for Mark Sanchez.

      2. Can’t assume at this point that they’ll be picking low again next year otherwise I’d say that 3rd is really closer to 4th so it could be a 3rd with Sanchez but would they want to risk having a bad year and then giving up a high third round pick?

  24. Baalke is deathly afraid that he will give away Kaep and he will lead the Broncos back to the Super Bowl.
    The best way to insure that the Niners get proper compensation is to make them give a 2017 5th round conditional pick. If the Broncos make the playoffs, it becomes a 4th. If they win a playoff game it becomes a 3rd. If they win a second playoff game it becomes a second round pick if they win a third playoff game, it becomes a first round pick.
    If the Niners cannot get more than a third round pick, they should also ask for a 5th round conditional pick next year, as insurance in case Kaep takes the league by storm again. Broncos will be happy to give that if it means another ring.

  25. Its happened again. My heart goes out to the people of Belgium. Hate and terror rears its ugly head, but they will just harden our resolve to fight it.

  26. Seb, out of the 301 postings on this blog so far, you have 84 of them. I just counted. That’s 28%, more than a quarter of the postings. Shut the f-ck up!!!

    1. This is a blog site. You can try to to out post me if you want. That is, if you can think of anything to say. Glad you know how to count.
      Have a nice day.

        1. George, 90% of my posts were replies. Do not address me, and I will not have to reply to you. This is a blog site, and maybe you do not understand, but posters can say and do all sorts of things. Like I said before, this is not my first rodeo, and I have been on many different blog sites. Some try to prattle on about the most mundane things, some are devoted to trading insults at each other. This site seem to think that one poster can get others to do things they do not want to do. Actually, they confer way too much power onto me by getting upset. It is so easy to do, but they walk right into it.
          My advice to you and all the other butt hurt posters is to grow up. Stop trying to challenge me because it just devolves into temper tantrums against me. I have said many times that posters should just ignore my posts, but they seem to think they can tag team me and hurl insults, which make them look foolish. I will say it one more time. Do not let them see you sweat. Do not let someone get your goat. I almost never devolve into hurling expletives, because I never want them to know that what they said upsets me. It does not affect me because I do not let them affect me. You should do the same.
          I will continue to post, and for the umpteenth time, I will invite anyone and everyone to ignore my posts. Scooter does that, and I consider him a smart man for doing it. He has learned his lesson, and I commend him for that. He knows that engaging me is a lesson in futility, and in the end he admitted that bitterly rued the day that he tried.
          Ht likes to needle me, but he and I have gone round and round, so I know him pretty well, and almost like his jabs.
          Again, ignore my posts. Let me post in peace. I only got into it with Prime because he constantly attacked. In the end, he apologized for his actions. Maybe not at me, but he has found out that I am relentless, and his attention to me is just another example of him being allowed to get upset enough to become angry. He is conferring way too much power to me. He should get smart like Scooter and tolerate me, while also getting his message across. Notice how I rarely engaged Scooter previously, but he saw how things were devolving and tried to get both parties to stop, because he knows I can talk something to death. I allowed him get in his zingers, but did not allow myself to fly off the handle and start attacking.
          I will continue to post ways how I think the Niners can improve. I have posted the same things many times, and some think it is so basic, it does not need to be said. However, The Niners have not been doing those things, and act like they have no clue that such ideas or tactics exist, so I feel perfectly justified in saying them.
          I will continue to present trade scenarios. Multi player deals are rare, but I think that since other sports like baseball and basketball do them, the NFL should also consider them, unless you think they are not smart enough to engender those thoughts.

    2. George,

      Treat him like a troll and don’t feed him. Let him post to himself and just avoid his entries. He’ll either get bored and move on or just have his own section where he talks to himself that we can easily avoid.

    1. ProFootballTalk tweets “NFL bans all chop blocks”

      Ian Williams added “Thank you @NFL much appreciated.”

  27. NFL Rules committee approves 7 rules changes for 2016, most notably, all “chop” blocks are now illegal. Here is a complete list:

    1. By Competition Committee; Permanently moves the line of scrimmage for try kicks to the defensive team’s 15-yard line, and allows the defense to return any missed try.

    2. By Competition Committee; Permits the offensive and defensive play callers on the coaching staffs to use the coach-to-player communication system regardless of whether they are on the field or in the coaches’ booth.

    3. By Competition Committee; Makes all chop blocks illegal.

    16. By Competition Committee; Expands the horse collar rule to include when a defender grabs the jersey at the name plate or above and pulls a runner toward the ground.

    17. By Competition Committee; Makes it a foul for delay of game when a team attempts to call a timeout when it is not permitted to do so.

    18. By Competition Committee; Eliminates the five-yard penalty for an eligible receiver illegally touching a forward pass after being out of bounds and re-establishing himself inbounds, and makes it a loss of down.

    19. By Competition Committee; Eliminates multiple spots of enforcement for a double foul after a change of possession.

      1. Oregonier, I agree. I really wish they would have re-addressed what amounts to a catch again, and clarified that rule.

        1. Defining a catch in the NFL is harder than defining porn, especially after they have thrown out the “I know what a catch is when I see it.” guideline.

          1. It just means that many times the public as a whole, sees a catch, and the NFL’s rule determines that is was an incomplete pass. It doesn’t involve anyone’s libido or interest in football fetish games.

            The ground cannot cause a fumble, but the ground can cause a pass to be incomplete. And to top it all off, no one knows what it means to complete a football move.

  28. On March 22nd, 2016 It is impossible to know how well or poorly the team will function. We still have to see what is added during the draft. All of you have done a good job pointing out how weak free agency has been. I do think Rogers and smelter will do something at WR, Lots of other positions are unclear but I hope players will start to step up during the camps. What do all of you think next year will be? Doom and Gloom or actual positives to build on? I am starting to feel that it will get worse before it gets better. I see a 3-13 season but I see Chip build a new o-line and a new QB to build around. I am not sure Blane is the answer. I love his attitude and hard work but not sure that will lead to more wins. I do think we start to see a actual plan and players that will fit the systems the coaches will be following. It is going to take some time though. I do like the link that was shared by you on Harry Edwards, It sounds like Chip is not as aloof or out of touch that people make him out to be. I think by next year we will see a good direction. I hope it happens sooner but what am I missing if some of you think it will get better sooner or some may think they will stink for a long time. Thanks for the 49er talk!

    1. I’ll wait till we get into training camp before I make my win-loss prediction. However, I think this season is the epitome of what they call a “rebuild year”.

      I cannot state strong enough, just how important this upcoming draft is. It will take at least a full season to sort it out, so I am less interested in overall record than I am in seeing how this team finishes the 2016 season.

      1. The last eight games will be a significant bench mark for the 2016 draft class, and all the potential that Baalke has currently on his roster. That potential better start showing itself by the start of the second half of the 2016 season.

        There are a lot of teams who get it going in the second half of the season only to fall off again the next year. To get competitive two years out, there can’t be a dip between 2016 and 2017, and both draft classes need to be outstanding. If the team does get better in 2016 and 2017 the draft position will obviously get worse which was clearly demonstrated by the pre-2012 drafts followed by the 2012 – 2014 drafts.

  29. Well, this offseason is not as bad as last year, but I cannot understate the importance of how the Free agency has played out.
    I joked how the Niners would not spend the cap space so Jed could save money and get more profits, but never dreamed that they would actually do it.
    Jed said that the fans should not listen to words, but watch the actions. So far, the inaction spoke volumes, and the signings actually made the team worse. I thought Williams was a positive, but now we know he is injured, and the rehab will go slowly. Beadles looked all pro 4 years ago, but he was not good enough for the lowly Jags, so the Niners are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Signing Thad was an admission that they think Kaep is gone, and Thad has bust written all over him. He will get squeezed out by Dylan Thompson and the new QB the Niners will draft. Devey, the QB killer made the team worse, and there is no justification to re-signing him, There were a lot more talented players who were cut, so the Devey re-signing spoke volumes.
    The lack of signing any decent Free Agents just doomed the team to losing. The reason why no decent players signed is even more troubling.

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