Gore: “We know if we’re all on the same page we have a great chance to get to the big dance.”

SANTA CLARA — Frank Gore spoke at his locker Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: Is there momentum from the win at New England?

GORE: We’ve got to move forward. We can’t thrive on what happened last week. We got the win. Now we’re looking at Seattle. We know Seattle’s playing good ball. They’re a good team. We’ll be ready.

Q: Does it tell you something about where you guys are at late in the year?

GORE: We’ve got a good team. We went into New England and got a win against a great team. Now we’ve got another test in Seattle where things can get crazy. They play great when they’re home. We’ve got the guys on the team that can get the job done.

Q: Prime time success? Extra energy?

GORE: We know that we had to get a win going against a great team in New England. We let everybody know what type of team we are. We came out, we started out fast as a team and got the big win.

Q: Such a long trip and physical game, do you feel tired or different?

GORE: Probably soreness, but we’ll be fine. Once we get back into practice, get back moving around, we’ll be good.

Q: Harbaugh said so many guys were studying on the plane, watching film on laptops? Is that unique?

GORE: We know what we have in the locker room. It’s that time to make that run. We came up short last year. We know that if we’re all on the same page we have a great chance to get to the big dance. We’re just working hard.

Q: Do you have a laptop?

GORE: Nah. I just go over my notes with Tom (Rathman), Coach Rathman gives us. Me and Bruce sit right by each other so we’re talking to each other. We know what we have.

Q: How many guys doing that?

GORE: There’s quite a bit. I’d say about 15 to 20 people.

Q: What was supposed to happen on your touchdown, a recovery touchdown?

GORE: I think it was a pass play, the ball came up and I just reacted. I saw that nobody was close to me and that’s why I didn’t dive on the ball. I picked my head up, I just read it.”

Q: They were all in pass defense?

GORE: I guess the O-line was doing a great job. That’s why I guess nobody was running and I picked up the ball.

Q: Is it difficult to get up two weeks in row for big games?

GORE: Nah, nah. Like I say, in December you want to be the hot team. We know that if we get the win we can win the division. They’ve been playing great. I think they got better as a team each week since they played us. We want to claim the division and the playoffs.

Q: Should the Seahawks ready for some traps?

GORE: I don’t know. I know coach G-Ro (Greg Roman) will come up with a good game plan. We’ll execute that and we’ll get the job done.

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