Harbaugh: “We made some big plays in the passing game.”

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh spoke in the defensive meeting room Monday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: Any word on Ray McDonald’s injured bicep?

HARBAUGH: Not yet, no.

Q: Did anything strike you on film last night about the way your team played last night?

HARBAUGH: There was a lot of good, good overall play. Very disciplined, evidenced by the penalties, three penalties and one was a delay of game on a field goal at the end of the game. A lot of good play. A lot of people to highlight defensively, the corners especially – T. Brock. We all know about the two interceptions. He also tackled, had a heck of a PBU on the offensive interference penalty. Carlos Rogers had a very good game and so did T. Brown. Those three corners really played well.

Q: On the touchdown runs in the red zone, have you guys been doing a lot of emphasis on getting those blocks sealed right so they could execute the way they did yesterday?

HARBAUGH: We were able to pop some runs in the red zone. We had multiple 10-plus gains in the running game. That’s hard to do, especially against any defense in the NFL. The Texans defense is extremely good. A very good game plan that was well-executed offensively. Team defense, great game plan, executed. Able to shut down or contain their passing game. They have a very good running game but they move the ball effectively through the air. Great group effort to get that contained.

Q: With as well as Brock has played the past two games, when everybody is healthy there what will you guys do?

HARBAUGH: I’m really pleased with the way Tramaine is ascending. When you play like that you’re going to continue to play. There will be more opportunities for him. We’re excited about that.

Q: How is Jon Baldwin coming along?

HARBAUGH: Good. Ascending, improving player. He’s doing a great job. Kap and him are really building a good trust there. Real positive.

Q: Where do things stand with your two rookie defense linemen, Tank Carradine and Quinton Dial? Do you expect them to play this year?


Q: Next week they can begin practicing with the team. Are they on schedule to do that?

HARBAUGH: I believe they are. Next week. We’re counting down the days with quite a few guys – Tank Carradine, Quinton Dial, Mario Manningham, Eric Wright, all guys that have the possibility to start practicing next week. Excited about that.

Q: You guys will have a 21-day window to put them on the 53-man roster. You haven’t seen them practice yet. When do you think you’ll add those players to the 53-man roster?

HARBAUGH: Based on their health and their practice capability, their ability to help on game day, all of those things will go into determining when exactly they’re headed back to the 53.

Q: You’ve been without three defensive starters the past two games and allowed just one touchdown. Are you surprised about your depth?

HARBAUGH: No question about it. Guys get their opportunity and step up and play well, that bodes really well for the ball club. They’re really playing well as a defense, team defense, playing the scheme, playing well within it. That’s really encouraging. Getting turnovers. We’ve been kind of down on getting turnovers. Sometimes things just start breaking right for you like the olive jar. Everybody is familiar with the olive jar. You open it up, brand new jar of olives, you turn it over and no olives come out. They’re packed in their so tight but if you get one to come out, pluck one out of there, then they want to come out, they’re just flying out of the jar. Hopefully that’s the case for us defensively. You wonder if you’re ever going to get turnovers or interceptions or fumbles. How can we get one? And then we got one and they start flying. Hopefully that’s where we’re at.

Q: Bruce Miller said his slow start this year was technique.

HARBAUGH: Tom Rathman’s been working with. He’s been working very hard on his technique and his fit on his blocks. He was getting too much of an edge. Now he’s getting more down the middle. It’s much more effective. He does so many things for our offense – catches the ball out of the backfield, he’s the lead blocker on the two-back formations, he’s very athletic and can do multiple things.

Q: An outsider looking at the passing game yesterday would see a quarterback who went 6-of-15, 113 yards, not a real dynamic or prolific performance. Is there a need for bigger numbers in the passing game, more receivers getting in on the action, etc?

HARBAUGH: Well we made some big plays in the passing game. We missed on a couple where Colin made a heck of a throw on the post to Vernon. We didn’t complete many. We missed one to Vernon along the sideline. Had a few knocked down. I marvel at the defensive line of the Texans and their ability to knock passes down. Sometimes they’re getting two hands on the ball. I really don’t know how they’re doing it or drilling it or teaching it. It’s not like they’re just sitting back on the line of scrimmage and waiting for the quarterback to throw with no pass rush. They are rushing the passer effectively and then somewhere, somehow they’re seeing something – the quarterback setting to throw or an arm angle – because they’re able to stop mid-rush and get two hands up and darn near catch the ball. But it doesn’t diminish their pass rush, either. They’re able to continue on in their rush and get hits on the quarterback. You’ve seen how effective they are with pressure in this past game with us and the week before against Seattle. The pressure, you see it every game. How they’re able to do that and stop and get hands up and knock down passes, it’s really, really impressive. I don’t have the answer on how they do it or how they teach it, but it’s very effective.

Q: Would you have Eric Mangini or Vic Fangio study something like that?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’m very curious about that today.

Q: This was the third game this season that Kaepernick’s completion percentage was in the 40s, though. What do you attribute that to?

HARBAUGH: I think there are just so many things that the team did well. Like I said, we had some big plays in the passing game. The run and the pass were effective. We go into these games not knowing what will be more effective, the pass or the run. We need both to be good. Sometimes we get in a game where one is more effective than the other.

Q: How is Michael Crabtree’s progress and are you still hopeful that sometime in November he could be ready to go?

HARBAUGH: It’s been very good. It’s more middle-to-late November. That’s what we’re hoping for. He seems to be on track for that.

Q: That he’ll play in a game?


Q: Are you looking at Quinton as a nose tackle or a defensive end?

HARBAUGH: Looking at him as an inside guy, nose tackle, one-technique, three-technique. He’s up there somewhere 340, close to 350 pounds and moving real well. High hopes for him.

Q: How is Aldon Smith doing? Have you talked to him recently?

HARBAUGH: A few texts. Things are going very well, very positive.

Q: Any timetable for his return?


Q: Does Frank Gore require any medical follow up for him leg injury yesterday?

HARBAUGH: He seemed to be in pretty good spirits after the game and I don’t have a report on him yet.

Q: As far as Ray McDonald, you guys don’t have the MRI results back yet?

HARBAUGH: Correct. We’re waiting for those.

Q: You’ll get those this afternoon?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, should have those by this afternoon.

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  1. Manningham very soon. Crabs in about 5 weeks. Just hold it together for a little bit longer. We will be getting healthy at the right time.
    On a side note, Seattle is absolutely a different team on the road. If it were not for Matt Schaub, they would have lost back to back games. I think the key in Seattle, is to score first as a tactic to lower the noise level.

      1. I was at the last game in Seattle, an early score wouldn’t shut them crazy people up. They where still as loud as ever with a big lead in the waning minutes of the game. Through out the whole game I couldn’t hear the person right next to me. It’s kind of impressive really, as much as I hate to say that.

    1. It’s not like they go out with the objective of scoring second. Of course they want to score first.

      I think the key is to have a better game plan than they did. The Niners had no answer last time and the crowd made it that much harder.

      As tkam said…hopefully we don’t have to find out until next year how to handle it better.

      As for the receivers…B/R just reported the Niners are trying to cut a deal for Browns WR Josh Gordon, suggesting it’s doubtful because Niners expect healthy receivers soon.

      However, I say the Niners better consider it if his contract has a year or more on it given they aren’t likely to resign Crabs due to money and Manningham and Boldin contracts will expire as well.

      They would potentially have Balwin, Jordon and Payton returning for next year. The rest are no good or may not return.

    2. You also forget that they were a redzone fumble away from loosing to the Panthers too. How big of a swing would that be? 4-1 to 2-3? To beat Seattle you have to match them physically and keep Wilson in the pocket. He is having a down year too. Another game with less than 50% completion for him.

      1. True enough, but the Niners were not close in their two loses so, Seattle still has the perception of the upper hand.

        I agree with your assessment on handling them. So let’s go get Richard Seymour for one season to sure up the middle and get a little more QB pressure!

        We haven’t been as stout up the middle and he wants to play for a contender. I know he wants a certain amount of money and the Niners don’t have much, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

      2. Eb we did have a shot in those two losses until the 4th quarter at least. Defense has been true all season so far. Once again it has been the offense who couldn’t hold up their end.

      3. Eb…. True. I think the Seattle game was a loss from the start. I thought we’d split with them this season anyways. The Indy game was the head scratcher for me. Maybe a blessing in disguise, because if we had kept running the ball there’s no doubt we win that game. Woke up some people. Because we’re back doing what we do best. Defense and running with play action.

    3. I think the NFL has shut down mobile QB’s altogether. Wilson is only successful after he has made the 15 yard lap around the pass rush, held the ball for 8 seconds and then throws a prayer much like Flacco. Outside of those plays, Wilson looks pathetic home or away.
      If Seattle makes the playoffs, home or away, it will be 1 and done.

      1. Believe it not Matt, Alex Smith is running the football quite successfully. I I’ll say this, there’s a good chance that he’s gonna get hurt if he doesn’t start sliding. I said the same thing in the Tam game last year when he got hurt. The read option is still working for K.C. Ault created certain things about it and the pistol and he’s making it work in K.C.

    4. @Bay

      Yep I think the 49ers just need to continue to play “Small Ball” on Offense and just Pound The Rock with Gore & Co. until help arrives with Manningham & Tree.

  2. Two crushing wins in a row… ST’s was great as well which was a previous concern. Hopefully Ray Mac’s injury is nothing more than a scare. Looking forward to getting Manningham back on offense…. He was playing well until the injury.

    No way does Palmover dent this formidable secondary next week… Cards are going down and will be lucky to score 3 points.

  3. For the person asking for a source:
    Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 14m
    Browns-49ers have discussed trade for WR Josh Gordon. Deal unlikely with Mario Manningham coming off PUP, Crabtree slated to return in Nov.

      1. It might, if they do make the deal I see it for more long term reasons than short term. Manningham and Boldin likely will have short tenures, Crabtree isn’t guaranteed to be with us after next year. I think it would be a good trade especially considered how much draft capital we have.

      2. Blackmon seems like a better trade. It would take two picks, but what this team needs (after WR) can be found in late 3rd round.

      3. Gordon is a deep threat, Blackmon is a good move if we aren’t going to bring Crabtree back but Gordon could be a great complement imo

    1. The Browns want a second round pick at worst and the Niners won’t pull the trigger on that considering Gordon is one positive test away from a year suspension.

      1. I wouldn’t. Not worth the trouble. Call me a choir boy, but I don’t like the idea of bringing in a guy that can’t stay clean.

      2. Jack,
        The more I think about it, the more I could be open to it, they can use the pick and get another stiff like AJ Jenkins, your always at risk of getting a stiff from the draft. your always a play away of a career ending injury. Why not take a risk, no sure thing. This guy has been a animal in his last 3 games.

      3. Gordon tested positive for marijuana three times in college, which is at least part of the reason why he was kicked out. He only played one season at Baylor. He has tested positive for banned substances three times during his NFL career. He has only been in the NFL for one year. That’s six positive tests over a two year playing career. Gordon has shown the exact same pattern of behavior that he displayed in college. He is talented, but he has serious substance abuse problems. No thank you.

      4. I would do it for one reason. If he screws up it costs you a second rd pick. I think everyone knows we have enough draft picks for it not to sting if it turns sour. The real only gamble would be can he stay out of trouble until late November. Because after MM and MC get back he will not matter much. A gamble for a potential game breaker for at least a month… And having two receivers coming back…. I’d take it in a heartbeat.

    2. Dwayne Bowe might be a better trade than Josh Gordon. I don’t know if the Chiefs are open to trading Bowe. The Chiefs owe the Niners a 2nd round pick anyway for the Alex Smith trade, might as well trade Bowe. How about a Boldin, Cabtree, Manningham and Bowe as receivers. Scary.

      1. Bowe makes a fistful of cash. We can’t afford to trade for him. K.C. Didn’t pay him to trade him. Nobody wants that contract anyway.

  4. This will be like a supplemental draft at the bye. I can’t believe how big Dial is. Just need that MRI to come back negative….

    1. Most of these guys won’t be a factor for weeks after activation if at all this year. Remember, they are still rookies and haven’t been able to practice at all, so don’t get excited yet.

      1. They have been able to workout at the facilities and take part in the meetings. They are up to speed mentally and nearly there phycially. The game speed jump from college to pro wont be such a large jump for them being lineman than it is for positions like QB, WR, RB etc.. They should be ready to play very soon.

      2. “Most of these guys won’t be a factor for weeks after activation if at all this year”.

        Tank Carradine. Quinton Dial. Mario Manningham. Eric Wright. I believe everyone of these players will be making key contributions throughout the year and Manningham immediately….

      3. Dial and Carradine are the least likely, but hopefully they will get up to speed so they can at least contribute and help spell our key guys for the playoff run.

        Manningham is still just a role player. He won’t be 100% as not everyone can bounce back like AP did, so let’s see if he can make any difference

        And lastly, Wright….I don’t really know what’s wrong with him, so maybe he can help, but the secondary has been doing pretty well, so the impact will mostly come into play if they need the depth, unless he works out to be better than the starters down the line.

      4. “Dial and Carradine are the least likely…” Carradine was scouted as a first round talent. Dial immediately spells Dorsey to eat up blockers on running downs, while practicing the other defensive line positions.

        “Manningham is still just a role player.” A role player who knows how to run routes and get open. He also had developed a chemistry with Kaepurnicus. Even if he were to return at 85%, he would be better than anyone after Boldin. October 23 the injury occurred. 10 months and the approach Mr. Uyeyama took with his rehabilitation should put him closer to 100%.

        There’s nothing wrong with Mr. Wright, but Mr. Asomugha is as Grant would say, “Done!”

      5. Razor,

        Don’t throw the keys away on Nnamdi so fast. Brock has been amazing but just 2 weeks ago, Luck wouldn’t even throw to Nnamdi’s assignment. I think they both can be used effectively. Nnamdi on bigger guys and Brock on quicker guys. Brock balled these past 2 weeks and he looks like he has at least earned the right to split reps for sure. Maybe even start. We’ll see. A good problem to have.

      6. Razor: I do hope you’re right because I believe we dearly need it. If the Texans were smart they would have pounded Foster more.

        They did like the Niners did the week we played the Colts. Had we/they stayed with the running game it would have improved the chances.

        All I am saying is that there are no guarantees on any of these people coming off of injuries to be ready and expecting them to do so is optimistic.

      7. “Brock balled these past 2 weeks and he looks like he has at least earned the right to split reps for sure. Maybe even start”.

        He was named the starter, and he’ll get signed by the 49ers to be their starting corner next year. He’s better than Culliver, because he can turn and locate the ball, and attack it high.

      8. Razor, in’t it refreshing to see a CB be able to turn and track a ball in the air? And he showed good anticipation and reading the QB on those two INTs.

        He can still be prone to the occasional mental lapse (like against the Rams, even though it didn’t cost us as Bradford made a bad throw), but he’s got the tools. Makes you wonder why he keeps losing his job as the #3… just stick with him and let him learn!

      9. Razor, Nice point about Brock beating out Culliver. Sounds like it’s time to convert his altheltisim to SS to replace Hitner in due time as Culliver is clearly way better than him at coverage.

        A DB group of Reid, Culliver, with Brown and Brock or Wright with the other at nickle doesn’t look bad for next year.

  5. JH never did answer the question about the lack of production by CK and to what he attributed it. Very little information of any significance in any of his answers. Reporters need to follow up some of JH’s non answers with another question still probing the unanswered question. Why not throw some quick routes and some screens so that CK can get some completions and some confidence rather than going for the big play all the time?

    1. It’s not like we don’t have the smaller elusive backs to pull it off either. I’ve never understood why we don’t run any bubble or traditional screens.

      1. Bray i believe they do’nt run traditional screens because their O linemen are more maulers than the speed guys you need to get out in front on screens [other than Staley] and they do’nt run bubble screens because teams almost soley jam the WR at the line, we do’nt have enough speed for DB’s to respect us and give us the room to run bubble screens.

  6. Tramaine Brock is playing so well, in 89 snaps his pass coverage grade, courtesy of PFF, is tied for 6th best in the NFL, trailing only Alterraun Verner, Leon Hall, Revis, Talib, and Aaron Williams. By comparison Asomugha’s, with the caveat of being against much tougher competition, is tied for 124th in the NFL.

    1. 2nd rounder is too high, especially with the off-field issues. Brandon Marshall, similar with the issues but a better history of success was two thirds, I think Gordon is worth a 3rd + 5th.

      1. I disagree! The history that this GM has on selecting wrs, a second is just right. Yes he is a risk but for a team that is as loaded with picks and talent… Gordon puts the niners over the top when Crabtree returns.. A player of gordons ability added to the pieces we got puts us in the SB again.. This is a NO brainer! This guy pumps fear into DBS across the league…. You want to beat seatle anywhere, aquire gordon

      2. As much as I like Gordon, a 2nd rounder is a lot to risk for a guy that will be suspended a season for his next failed drug test.

      3. It’s not a lot to risk when u consider how bad our gm has been at obtaining wrs! Gordon is a beast! Yes he is a risk but we have most likely 2 2nd rounders

      4. Baalke has the leverage with the return of Manningham, and he shouldn’t give more than a 3rd round pick for this fool….

    2. I’ve been a big proponent of getting Gordon since the rumor broke of his possible availability. I love his potential and frankly we need him.

      If he flames out I’m still certain we’ll get more out of the 2nd rounder we pay for him then we ever did from the #1 we spent on Jenkins.

      Gordon is absolutely worth a 2nd round pick.

      1. Yes, it looks like he’d help the offense. The question is for how long. The poor guy is likely an addict.

        From Barrows: If he fails another test, he faces a year-long suspension at least.

      2. If we gave him a #2 it would either be ours or KC’s and both will be a low second rounder. To me he is worth it, I’d be willing to risk the low #2 for his potential.

  7. I think Asomugha is gone as soon as Wright is ready to go and i want the 9ers to hold on to their extra 2nd rd pick to package it with their first rd pick and move up into the top 12 to 15

    1. Maybe with USC looking horrible Lee will fall to the later round and the 9ers nab him. But again, the concern for next years draft might be the secondary. Brown, Brock, Asomugha, Cox, Whitner and Wright all gone after this year unless resigned. Plus Rogers will have a cap hit of like 8 mil, he will need to restructure or he’s gone.

      1. I was a huge USC fan until they hired Kiffin. He lasted 1 more year than I predicted. I don’t think Lee translates well to the NFL. JMO

  8. Who else besides NA is on the hot seat? If we add 2 DL probably one has to go, maybe Dobbs? I like TJE can he go on the PS? Most likely he would get snagged by some other team. Probably a lot of vulture GMs waiting to see who we drop. I’d guess Moore would be the odd man out when Manningham returns. I like Osgood on ST and we have Cunningham at OLB but they may be vulnerable. Do any of these additions have any ST value?

    BTW…did any of you guys see the game Ted Ginn had yesterday? Why didn’t he play like that for us at WR? I’m beginning to wonder about our WR coach.

  9. Coach Harbaw…. the man is a master.
    This afternoon he tells us about the new jar of olives.
    Turn the jar over, pluck one out, and they all come flying out.

    Question: Does Mrs. Harbaw #2 ever allow you in the kitchen?
    Really.!!!??? (It gets better; see below.)

    In his interview this morning, JH shared with us his new vocabulary word: great. Used that particular modifier five times just to answer the first question. He then described things as being ‘great’ another fourteen times. Holy Cow, Coach…! Buy yourself a thesaurus, willya??!!
    great, great, great, great, great (19 times altogether) Overkill, baby.

    Ya gotta lift your chin, smile a little, and make eye contact with your audience, willya? That slack-jawed downward stare is scary…! SCARY.

    1. Lil, buddy… Cool it, you need some pu..y or something. Get off his d…! Makes this room wonder, who’s basement do you live in, Mom, or Dad’s? Your so up in arms about a college graduate, highly successful athlete and football coach. And your worried about his grammer? He’s not teaching class, he’s coaching football, and could give two rats butts what you think. You solve this problem by not reading his pressers. Or just go hijack a chiefs blog… Get over yourself

  10. I’m not too worried with Kaepernick’s stats this game and I don’t see the need to panic. One big reason: Field Position.

    1. Field Position.
    SFO 35 /12/ 65 Touchdown
    12:52 2 02:18 SFO8/ 5 /33 Punt
    07:01 2 01:58 HOU 32 /4/ 32 Touchdown
    01:32 2 00:55 SFO 29/ 3 /5 Punt
    15:00 3 00:23 SFO 20/ 3 /0 Punt
    12:01 3 02:09 SFO 25 /3/ -1 Punt
    08:35 3 03:20 SFO 41/ 8 /39 Field Goal
    00:25 3 01:09 SFO 31 /3/ 69 Touchdown
    13:17 4 02:31 HOU 8 4 2 Field Goal
    06:01 4 05:34 SFO 44 / 9 /Downs

    First quarter Kaepernick was 4/6 passing with 1 incomplete to Baldwin and 1 incomplete deep to Boldin from the Houston 27 on 1st down.

    Second quarter backed up to their 8, they run 3 straight running plays. Gore loses -4 on the last one. Kaepernick is in an obvious passing situation at 2/14 and 3/14. This allowed the defense to ignore the run and put ears back and rush.

    The team ran over 61% of their plays as designed runs. They came into this game daring Houston to stop the run. They used Kaepernick to punish the defense any time they came up to stop the run.

    Of the incompletions, 6 were on short passes. 3 were deep. Two of those short completions were batted down.

    All in all, Kaepernick accounted for 40% of the total team offense, while only throwing the ball for 29% of the team plays. Any QB accounting for 40% of the offense on a third of the team plays is pretty important and doing something right. He also had double the yard per pass average as Schaub who completed 19 passes even though he (Kaepernick) was throwing against a top 5 rated defense.

    1. Yeah but let’s say you have 40% of 100 yards total offense? That’s still crap.
      The went 3 and out in the 2nd and 3rd quarter. Kap did not complete a pass in those quarters.
      That is reason for concern. Not panic. Concern.
      So far it has been a lackluster first full season as a starter.
      Hopefully he gets better.

      1. Houston still has the #1 overall and #1 pass defense. The 49ers attacked their weakness by running the ball and had success doing so. End of story.

    2. Matt says: “They ( 49ers) came into this game daring Houston to stop the run, they ( 49ers) used Kap to punish the defense ( of Houston) any time they came up to stop the run”

      Now THATS THE GAME PLAN THAT WILL HAVE US PLAYING IN THE SUPER BOWL come February! Not sure Mr. Smith could really “punish any defenses, ever” and hence the reason most people supported the switch. Now that reality has set in ( Kap basically being a rookie) and we are facing a little adversity……everyone wants to panic…..or even worse…..wishing AS were back. Relax everyone! Its a long season! We just went through a tough part of the schedule and now it gets easier.
      With Kaps success last year and through the G.B. game, there might have been some thought from the caching staff that we should be evolving into that pass heavy offense like Denver or even New Orleans or Green Bay. Then we got hit with a dose of reality: Kap is not quite ready yet! Do him ( and the fans) a favor and take baby steps, dont get too cute, and certainly dont forget your teams identity……….Smash mouth, running team with a nasty defense!!! Kap is like a new toy for the offense. Enjoy the new toy, but dont build a new nursery around it!…..not just yet!

  11. Something quite rare happened yesterday. Not a comet crashing to earth. Something more unusual… a successful run to the right against the 49ers defense. I was hoping for a “dodged a bullet” statement. The longer the 49ers take to release information about Ray MacDonald, the more pessimistic I get.

    It was several days of Haralson “working through something” before we heard he was out for the season with the torn triceps . Still going to cross my fingers about RayMac.

    1. Best case partial tear, 3-6 weeks. Worse (and more likely) case, season ending. Hopefully Dial and/or Carradine are quick learners.

  12. Say hey, Colin; my team is also 3-2…. sez Geno Smith.
    How did we do it tonight, you ask?
    three passing touchdowns and no interceptions/no fumbles;
    16 of 20 (that’s an 80% completion ratio) Eighty per cent.
    So I had an overall QB rating of 147.7…
    Six receivers (three of them with bigger numbers).
    We had what you call balanced scoring, okay?
    3… 14…3…10
    So do our teams both reach the playoffs via wild card?
    Care to bet an eyebrow on who finishes with a better record?
    Oh, yeah: I have no Super Bowl monkey on my back.
    How does it feel to face such high expectations?

  13. Okay, Colin; just a couple more cumulative stats…
    ( expressed right/left = me / you)
    completion percent ………….. 57.4 / 56.1
    total passing yardage: ………1090 / 969
    average yards per game……..273 / 194
    longest gain on a pass play….69 / 64
    average yards/reception ……8.02/7.34

    Even diehard Niner fans got more excited
    watching my Jets beat the Falcons than
    seeing you “underwhelm” the Texans.
    When is Coach Harbaw gonna turn you loose?
    That game manager stuff is boring, huh?

    Well, at least you got your headphones….

    1. Granted Geno Smith had a great game. Let’s see how he does over the course of a full season.
      Then again — The Jets are not a Super Bowl contending team.

    2. Why so angry? Every time you post I get about 2 sentences through and can’t help but ignore the rest. It all sounds like a jilted teenage lover’s diary…

  14. I have to admit while I still think the price of a 2nd rounder for Gordon is high… I do find myself checking twitter every 5 minutes in hopes we’ve made the trade. Get it done Baalke

    1. Assuming KC goes 8-8 or better…

      - First round – own pick
      - Second round – from Kansas City
      - Second round – own pick
      - Third round – from Tennessee
      - Third round – own pick
      - Third round – likely compensatory
      - Fourth round – own pick
      - Fifth round – own pick
      - Sixth round – own pick
      - Seventh round – own pick
      - Seventh round – from Carolina
      - Seventh round – from New Orleans

      That’s alot of draft capital to play with.

    2. That’s what the Browns paid to get him. He was a risk then, and he appears to be more of a risk now, as he hasn’t given up the stuff. This last time it was codeine. They can ask for a 2nd rounder, but it does not seem justified. Keep in mind, this guy is one urine test away from a year’s suspension, according to Barrows.

      1. Gordon is the best WR to enter the NFL since Calvin Johnson. His character issues are troubling, but he is a sublime talent. If he is really available, the Niners MUST get him.

    3. Yeah, as badly as we need a receiver, we can ill afford to have him one minute and gone the next. Waste of a pick, a roster spot and playing time for someone else.

  15. Steelematic, you are almost as much fun as Mister Harbaw…
    As a nose guard, I used to love jobbing guys like you.
    Once the trash talk & profanity started, I knew that soon
    you would lose track of the snap count. Sorta like now.

    ” who’s basement do you live in
    Your so up in arms about [a] college graduate
    And your worried about his grammer?

    Believe it or not, Ripley: jumping offsides
    even once can cost your team a game.

    Compare those simple grammatical errors
    with Coach Harbaw’s inability to score
    on that last set of downs in the Super Bowl.
    Just four downs; just one TD needed.
    Instead your [no apostrophe needed here]
    successful athlete & coach booted a gimme win.
    Maybe you need to chill out, big fella…

      1. Gawd! Just got back from a week on Maui for more drama from “DS: The-seven-faces-of-Eve” who has been male, female, shemale, space alien, and now claims to have been a Nose Guard! This wussy, as Scooter so aptly identified, is not the 2-Gap/3-Gap type of personality.
        Time to ignore the troll; its just static.

  16. Sorry guys but trading a second round pick for a guy that is one step away from being suspended for a year just doesn’t make any sense at all. A fourth or fifth round pick maybe, but definitely not a second round pick. Besides there are better options available in the 2014 free agency market and NFL draft.

    Possible 2014 free agent WR targets:

    Anquan Boldin
    James Jones
    Hakeem Nicks
    Jeremy Maclin (on a small prove me contract)
    Emmanuel Sanders
    Golden Tate
    Eric Decker
    Jacoby Ford

    Possible 2014 NFL WR targets in draft (1st or 2nd round):
    Mike Evans- Texas A&M
    Jordan Matthews- Vanderbilt
    Marqise Lee- USC (if healthy)
    Paul Richardson- Colorado

    1. And signing all of any of those free agents besides maybe Boldin will cost us more than what Gordon’s contract pays the next 2 years and I think Gordon is better and younger than all of them with the exception of maybe Nicks. In regards to the draft prospects, wide receivers tend to have a high bust potential compared to other positions and our front office doesn’t exactly have a great record in picking the successful ones.

      1. tkam, you practically took the words out of my mouth. None of those options compare to getting a relatively tested WR currently under contract.

        That said, I like the idea of trading, just not a 2nd for this guy. Too risky.

        Is there no one else we can entice? I can’t think of anyone though…we’re pretty stuck.

        I really can’t believe KW can’t get open or that Kap doesn’t throw his way when he is.

      2. So you would rather risk throwing away a second round pick on a guy who is one miscue away from facing a year-long suspension? That logic makes zero sense. Talent or no, he isn’t worth the potential headache.

      3. Gordon has great upside and his contract allows us to keep Crabtree, plus hes established enough to not have to worry about him busting like a rookie AND Gordon helps us win this year while the others don’t. I’ve said before I think a 2nd rounder is a bit expensive but I’m starting to think it might be worth it for a guy of his talent. I mean hes produced numbers with Brandon Weeden as his QB and no other receiving threat except for Cameron this year. Imagine what he does in an offense with Kaepernick, Vernon, and Boldin?

      4. Gordon helps us win this year while the others don’t.

        There is no proof in that. A headache is a headache. No matter what level of talent he has, there are too many red flags to even consider throwing a second round pick away on him, especially if he has another infraction that results in him being suspended for an entire season.
        I had no interest in the Niners trading for Harvin when he was on the block and I certainly have an even lower level of interest in trading a second round pick for Gordon. Both are distractions, which is exactly what this team doesn’t need after what has gone down with Aldon Smith.

      5. Yeah the guy who has put up 18 catches for 303 yards and 2 tds in 3 games with Hoyer/Weeden at QB isn’t going to help this team which has gotten 13 catches for 112 yards and no tds combined out of every wide receiver not named Anquan Boldin in 5 games. Clearly a baseless assumption by me.

      6. Gordon has great upside and his contract allows us to keep Crabtree,

        What makes you say that? Here is a list of guys that will need to be paid or extended as well by the end of the 2014-2015 season excluding the WR position:

        RG Alex Boone
        CB Tramaine Brock
        CB Chris Culliver
        CB Tarrell Brown
        TE Vernon Davis
        DL Glenn Dorsey
        RB Kendall Hunter
        RB LaMichael James
        QB Colin Kaepernick
        OG/C Daniel Kilgore
        FB Bruce Miller
        OLB Dan Skuta
        OLB Aldon Smith
        DB C.J. Spillman
        SS Donte Whiter (or Hitner)
        DL Ian Williams
        OG Mike Iupati

        There is potentially no room for Crabtree on the roster once his rookie contract is up.

      7. If the 49ers were to trade for Gordon I have to admit I would be excited. He is a good talent, and if he can clean up his act he’s got the potential to be a top 10 WR.

        But at the end of the day I’d rather keep hold of the high draft picks than use one on a guy that, lets face it, clearly has drug issues and is unlikely to stay clean.

      8. EB Niner

        You have to remember that Kyle Williams is one concussion away from his career being over. With that being said, Kyle does not run routes over the middle of the field. When he does, he does not make a great effort to catch the football. He can’t escape press coverage mostt of the time. He’s not big enough to block anyone. However, he is our starting punt returner so we actually need him. Meanwhile, Ted Ginn is making plays for a bad Carolina Panther team.

      9. Just because other players need their contracts extended doesn’t mean they’re going to get amazing deals. Gordon allows us to keep Crabtree, if we choose, better than signing another veteran because his contract is chump change compared to the millions of dollars a year it will cost to get a guy like Nicks. They can only pay the WR corps as a whole so much money and Gordon allows them to keep Crabtree and the WR corps as a whole below a certain paygrade. But hey if you’re comparing Gordon to Baldwin this conversation is clearly futile because you apparently have no idea what you’re talking about.

      10. “There is potentially no room for Crabtree on the roster once his rookie contract is up.”
        The problem with that statement is that we HAVE to keep Crabtree. Have you seen this pass game without him? We need to stock up on WRs. And clearly our FO can’t scout one correctly.

      11. Crabtree is going to want an amazing contract so there is a strong chance that the won’t have any say in whether they want him to stay or not.
        Nicks may be cheapet than you think. His production has fallen off ever since the Giants won their second Super Bowl. He has also been plagued by injuries as well.

      12. Crab is either a Texan or a Cowboy in a year. I think it’ll be Houston but you can never be surprised by what JJ will do to get what he wants.

      13. The problem with that statement is that we HAVE to keep Crabtree. Have you seen this pass game without him? We need to stock up on WRs.

        There lies the problem Adam. If we keep Crabtree we risk not having the money needed to put a capable playmaker on the opposite side of the field at the WR position.

      14. Texans just drafted Hopkins in the first to be their #2. And he’s started the season pretty well. They wouldn’t go out and spend top dollar for another WR. That is not their teams problem right now. And I’ll give you Dallas. Austin in on his way out and they need a complement to Dez, and crab and dez are real good friends. But they don’t have cap to sign another WR either. dez is due for an extension soon and looks like he’s top 2-3 wr in league. Niners coaches need to do what’s smart and keep crab or stock up on a bunch of other solid wrs

      15. Right now Hoyer > Wheedon > Kaepernick. Obviously, talent wise Kaep crushes those two, but with each passing week, it gets harder and harder to go against the concept of the read option being what made him so good last season.

        The only QB’s playing worse than Kaepernick are Eli Manning and Matt Schaub. But that’s only b/c the 49ers coaching staff doesn’t let Kaep make mistakes (by preventing him from throwing the ball and when he does get the chance, it’s a super simple basic read).

      16. But hey if you’re comparing Gordon to Baldwin this conversation is clearly futile because you apparently have no idea what you’re talking about.

        I’m not comparing one to the other Eb. I am comparing the expectation level.

        Imagine what he does in an offense with Kaepernick, Vernon, and Boldin?

        The same thing has been said about Baldwin. However, like Baldwin, Gordon would need time to study the team’s playbook before he could get on the field and be effective. By that time, the team could have Manningham, Patton, and Crabtree back in the fold. Where exactly would Gordon fit?

      17. That was my point at the beginning of this thread Adam. There are a few good options available in the upcoming draft so it makes no sense spending a second pick on a guy one step awat from being suspended for a year. Who has caught your eye? For me it has been Jordan Matthews.

      18. What Not,

        Listen carefully. By suggesting Colin is not the greatest thing since sliced bread, a person going by the name of Bay Area Fanatic, and along with his roadshow trolling sidekick 23 Jordan, is about to call you a douchebag in 5…..4…3…..2……

  17. Scooter + Brotha Tuna = jilted teenage shemale ???

    Whatever guys like you raise in the way of sons, well,
    check it out… there are ‘powderpuff’ football teams
    all over this universe (which include nose guards) and
    depending upon how buff & burly your boy turned out
    (not just height & weight, but size of his ‘red button’)
    be sure that Rosie the Riveter and her teammates will
    clean his clock and shoot/jilt his 2-gap and his 3-gap.

    Note to all Niner fans: if you wanna critique/dissect
    anybody based on their personality type, then please
    save your energy for Coach Harbaw. Talk about angry
    (they invented the term ‘passive/aggressive’ for him)
    and overwrought (excitable, agitated)… a piece a work.
    Face it: Mister Harbaw is a troll/heckler magnet.
    Bwaahaahaaaaaaaaaaa….. (the 900 faces of JH, ok?)
    (complete with a Super Bowl monkey on his back).

      1. How cute, this wannabe troll……. Certainly you can come up with better ‘content’ than this…. Talk about amateur, you leave us vastly disappointed….. Speaking of Harbaugh, he’s a very successful coach respected by many….. And of course achieved way more in his lifetime than someone failing miserably at trolling on blogs not even worthy of Harbaugh’s glance….. Highly recommend you check out Trolling For Dummies…. It might actually give you a clue…… Buh bye……

    1. Wrapped tight around me
      Like a second flesh hot skin
      Cling to my body
      As the ecstasy begins
      Your wild vibrations
      Got me shooting from the hip
      Crazed and insatiable let rip
      Eat me alive
      Sounds like an animal
      Panting to the beat
      Groan in the pleasure zone
      Gasping from the heat
      Gut-wrenching frenzy
      That deranges every joint
      I’m gonna force you at gun point
      To eat me alive
      Bound to deliver as
      You give and I collect
      Squealing impassioned as
      The rod of steel injects
      Lunge to the maximum
      Spread-eagled to the wall
      You’re well equipped to take it all
      So eat me alive

      1. Figured so but wasn’t sure because I haven’t listened to that album in a long long time. Defenders of the Faith; I’ll have to pull it out and relive some memories.

    2. I didn’t hear anything. Did you guys hear anything? Nope, just some background static. Nothing here, time to move along.

  18. note to MidWestNiner:

    (see ya on week #11 in New Orleans – watershed game, huh?)

    1. Yes! Just heard Harbaugh’s “dodged a bullet” on the radio. Exactly what I hoped for. Still don’t know specifics (like if can he play Sunday) but it sounds positive.

      Fangio is loathe to play rookies, especially ones with limited practice reps. If the front 7 remains healthy, I’m seeing Tank limited to a situational OLB pass rush role (switching to DE in 2014) and Quinton being subbed sparingly.

  19. Our defense has a chance to be amazingly dominant when we get these players back from injuries/ rehab. We are about to roll fellas.

    On the Josh Gordon trade. Offer the Browns a 3rd and tell them to take it or leave it. I worry about our receivers but Crabtree is going to completely change this offense when he returns. Our defense will hold the fort until then. I don’t see us losing again this year fellas. We are about to be strong on both sides of the ball. Just need to get healthy. These next 4 opponents should help with that.

    1. A loss is bound to happen but I see us capable of going 9-2 to finish the season. Once the offense gets reinforcements. People forget manningham was also playing real well with Kap before getting injured. And Crab, well we know how good he and Kap are. Question for you Jordo, what do you think we do going forward with crab? Assuming he returns 100%

      1. Adam707,

        His agent is an azz. We all remember the holdout. Maybe we can get an injury discount. Hes been hurt damn near half the time he’s been here. I say we sign him, if he wants a fair contract. I doubt we will be able to because of his agent.

  20. Funny quote:
    8. 49ers (3-2; No. 11): With only 15 passes thrown, it’s arguably an insult to game managers to call Colin Kaepernick a game manager.

  21. I say make a trade for either..Gordon,Britt or Blackmon. get another receiver in sec or third round in draft to cover ya self.

    1. Problem with Blackmon is he’s the same WR as Crab. We need fast WR capable of being deep threat. Britt would be the best bet, and cheapest.

      1. Britt is not fast! He is a big possession receiver. He would be the cheapest but he is also very similar to Baldwin… The guy who makes the most sense is Gordon. If it wasn’t for his criminal history it would take a lot more then a second to aquire him. A second rnd pick for a team that has a huge amount of supply of picks would make a lot of sense. My guess is that the niners are waiting to see if KC can win a couple more games to make it a lock that they win 8…

      2. Britt is a free agent after this season so it makes no sense in trading for him.
        All three have problems with their work ethic among other things. I will support the move if the team does trade for one of them but I believe that there are better options other than them.

      3. Britt ran a 4.47 at his combine. That is pretty fast. But Gordon would be best to trade for. But niners would not pull trigger.

    2. I would imagine it would take a first to aquire Blackmon. He is like a faster Crabtree. It would take a second to aquire Gordon! To aquire britt he can be had for a fourth… Watch out for Hakeem nicks getting traded before the deadline. Nicks and the giants have not agreed on an extension. I say aquire Gordon for a second and we would have him signed through 2016…. He fits exactly what we are missing for wr… I don’t think Blackmon is an option cause he is really what they have.

      1. Blackmon would be a good fit if we aren’t keeping Crabtree or he isn’t able to come back. It appears that’s what this team is missing right now. Might be time to sell now to win now. Give Jacksonville those two picks they’ll want for Blackmon.
        Our first round pick in 2014 will likely be a 30-32 pick. Jacksonville will probably want our 1st and second. We essentially would be trading a first round pick (late late pick) for the equivalent of a top 5 first round pick. The second round pick they want will come from KC. That’s great equity!!

      2. Julio Jones is out for the year in Atlanta. Gordon just got a lot more expensive.
        Blackmon isn’t on any trade radars so he might be a great option. Terrace Williams is extremely raw. He made the most out of his 4 targets, but I think he is still 2 years away from being dependably productive.

      3. I don’t think Julio Jones going down affects the asking price for Gordon Matt. Atlanta is not going to trade for Gordon.

        I’m torn on this because Gordon is a big time talent but the risk with him is so severe. I also don’t know that his talent would be used effectively in this offense.

      4. Send Vernon Davis to the Colts for Fleener, straight up. Have Fleener play in underwear and with the wind to his back. He will immediately open up the passing game.

  22. this yr we found out we can lose 2 in a row under JH……..I hope we can also find out if we can win 3 in a row under JH.

      1. Coffee,

        The number of passes wasn’t the problem, it was the under 50% completion rate for the 3rd game that concerns people.

        As the writer in the piece posted by Bay earlier states, “The trick is going to be those games when Kaepernick needs to be the star.”

      2. It doesn’t coffee. Look deeper into the numbers for the Texans game Jack. How many drops? Batted passes? How about the past to Baldwin when he didn’t get his feet down. You’re a blog owner, give us a breakdown of those 14 horrible passes. Or would that deflate your critical view of his performance?

      3. My response is look at the tape from last year against Chicago, New England, Green Bay, Atlant, Green Bay this year, and even the super bowl (the kid was in his first two minute drive and it was in the super bowl). There is plenty of film on the kid when he needs to be the star and most of the time has shined. Have people forgotten what Kaep did last year?

      4. Sure Jordan.

        Let’s look at the first 3 plays of the second half. Kaepernick misses a wide open Davis on a wheel route down the right sideline. Next play he misses a wide open Boldin on an out route. On 3rd down, Baldwin does a poor job of keeping position and loses the box, making it almost impossible for Kaepernick to complete the throw to him.

        The problem on Sunday for Kaepernick was that he was asked to drop back and throw the ball. He is really struggling this season when throwing the ball without a play fake. On Sunday he was 3-8, 33 yards without a play fake, and 3-3, 80 yards and a TD with a play fake.

      5. Jack,

        But He had 15 throws Jack, not 2. How about diagnosing the TD to Davis. The throw up the right seem to VD where pulled up. Or the past across the middle the VD alligator armed?

      6. True, Davis did alligator arm the one play. On the TD throw Kaepernick had Davis 1-on-1 against Reed off play action. It was the perfect 1-2 read play call for him to execute. It’s what he’s doing best right now.

      7. Jack,

        The Miners have one of the best offensive lines in football. Shaub throws a pick 6 to deflate his offense and defense during their opening drive. Our offense, and Kaps 4 throws that you didn’t break down, led us to another TD. After that, the team quit on Shaub. We didn’t need to throw theball once we were up 21-0. That game was over at halftime.

      8. Jordan,
        Jack is now polluting the blog. Here is why Kaep is struggling. All the real Niner fans know it.


        Here is reality. Kaep has almost a .700 winning percentage with less than a seasons worth of starts. He CONSISTENTLY performed at a high level the entire time he’s started. He’s shown now that he can take over a game, or manage a game. This season the coaching staff has gotten away from the things that make Kaep special. He’s also lost his main weapon which is tough for a young QB. Harbaugh is slowing things down for him so that he doesn’t lose his confidence.
        If he was going to choose a time to struggle and grow, this was the time for it to happen. Now Jack, are there any parts of Kaeps game that you enjoy? Any part of the WR’s game that you would like to critique?
        If you are going to be a Dbag, do it with the whole team.

      9. “He CONSISTENTLY performed at a high level the entire time he’s started.”

        Yes, those 2 games with QB ratings under 50 is performing consistently at a high level.

        “He’s shown now that he can take over a game, or manage a game.”

        Yes he has, and he has also shown that he can be completely overwhelmed in a game.

        “He’s also lost his main weapon which is tough for a young QB.”

        True. Crabtree was to Kaepernick, as the blanket was to Linus.

        “If you are going to be a Dbag, do it with the whole team.”

        I have with past comments.

        I know it must be tough for guys like you and Jordan. After years of hammering on Smith you finally have been ridded of him, and now his replacement is struggling. When you have a history of not calling it straight it can come back to bite you in the rear.

        Kaepernick definitely has his strengths, but unfortunately right now the coaches aren’t playing to them enough. I’ll have more on that in a bit.

      10. Typed too fast. I meant that last year he consistently performed at a high level.
        All I meant is that he is not a one hit wonder. He lost a main weapon and the coaches have pulled the rug out from under him. What he doesn’t realize is that they are protecting him and covering their ass at the same time. At some point Harbaugh realized that if Kaep goes down, so does the season.

      11. Bay:

        Oh look, it’s more of that special “I represent all ‘real Niner fans’, so if you disagree with me, you’re not a real fan” b/s that you resort to when you can’t respond on the merits.

        It’s tempting to read your message and think that, after 8 years, you finally recognize that coaching matters. But, I’m having trouble getting past how dickishly you labeled as “Alexcuses” any suggestions that Smith’s subpar performances in 2009-2010 may have been due to the poor coaching of Singletary and/or Raye. Now, you want to lay Kaepernick’s struggles at the feet of Harbaugh and Roman, two much more accomplished offensive coaches. It’s impossible not call you out for your blatant hypocrisy.

        Did you really just link to a bleacher report “article” to support your argument? There has to be a legitimate source you could use instead. If there isn’t, perhaps you should rethink your position.

        Although you know how to use the Caps Lock button, I don’t think you understand what “consistently” means. Here you go: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/consistent

      12. Bay

        Jack was critical of Smith at times. I don’t have issue with him being critical of Kap. I was too. Look at the Colts and Seahawks game blogs. I only questioned Jack about this game. If he felt like Kap played like crap this game, he was over the top. I gave Kap a C. He did what we needed him to do when we needed him to. He played bad against Indy and Seattle. He didn’t play poorly against Houston.

        As far as him being a game manager. Just as you said Bay. I want Kap to be whatever the Niners need him to be in order for us to win a super bowl. The part I can recognize is that he can be a game manager or he can threaten the entire field with his arm and legs. I have no question that he will continue to improve and get better as times goes
        ON. I’ve never said he was a messiah. I’ve said he is better than what we had. The NFL community agrees Bay and Jack. Now let’s see if he can take us to a super bowl and win it this time.

        I’ll mention this quote from JH one more time. Alex Smith can win games for us, Kaepernick can win super bowls for us. He said that to Tony Dungy on Sunday before the game.

    1. Houston still has the #1 overall and #1 pass defense. The 49ers attacked the Texan’s weakness by running the ball and had success doing so.

      When needed, I have no doubts that the 49ers passing attack will be productive. People tend to over react to what’s happened recently.

  23. Grant,
    what happened to Hofer? Even though his posts clearly showed nepotism for blue eyes, I still thought he was a Niner fan at heart. Hope he is ok.

    1. Bay,
      He’s still cleaning up the trees on his property from last season. They all fell down after Smith lost the job. Lol, I hope he is doing well, Hof was a good guy.

    2. It would be some pretty “good” timing if something happened to him. But we all know deep down inside is rolling with the chiefs fans now.

      1. Classic BigP! I need some humor. It’s discouraging in here sometimes.
        Could it be that some in here wear a Kap jersey on Sunday, but blog bash him for “Alex revenge?” ;)
        If Kap only wins 1 more playoff game and sucks next 7 years, I will bash him too.

  24. ..”A married couple are arguing over how much to spend on the family’s next car. One spouse says, “We should spend X.” The other spouse says “No, we should spend Y, and if you don’t agree, I won’t make the mortgage payments — or let you make them either — until you give in.”….

    1. Dang, OneNiner! Don’t get us started on THAT. : >0
      In traveling and meeting people from all over the USA this past week, whichever way they may lean politically, everybody agreed we should lock those morons up in the Capitol Building, turn off the electricity and throw away the keys.

  25. I am so glad to hear McDonald’s injury is not as serious and season ending. We need this team to get healthy and hopefully get crab and manningham back.

    Grant would you please ask the coaches about Harper and how he is doing! Will Harper get a chance to get on the field? Also What is their assessment of Vance? he has not been very involve in the offense!

  26. Lost in last Sunday’s win was a nice two-handed catch by J.Baldwin albeit out of bounds.

    Even though the catch was for naught, he displayed good body-control and good hands. I would like to see him incorporated in the game plan more.
    He might turn out to be a good find for us.
    I already like his size and speed.
    C’mon Coach let’s see what he can do by giving him a start.

    1. AES,
      That’s a good call. I’d also like to see Baldwin utilized more in the passing game. Especially now that Patton is out with a foot injury.

    2. I’m optimistic about Baldwin too. But, let’s face it, this is a run-first offense, especially if they think they can win on the ground. Against Houston, why pass against their strength when you can run against them? I would suppose that against weaker pass defenses, we’ll see more of him.

    3. I saw that too, AES. One problem with that throw is that the coverage was good enough that the only place Kaep could put it where the defender could not reach it was to Baldwin’s right, which pulled him out of bounds. It was a nice throw and a nice catch, but I do not think throwing it was the best decision.

      What I see as the real issue with Baldwin is that he is a #3 or, at best, #2 WR, and the 49ers do not have a #1 WR on the active roster right now. I think the best we can hope for is that Baldwin and Manningham, when/if he is healthy, are enough of a threat to take some pressure off of Boldin.

      As I see it now, Kaep is, on most pass plays, looking at Boldin and/or Davis and then panicking. He is not seeing, not looking at, or not trusting his other receivers (if you watch his eyes, he looks like he is looking at two to three options on many pass plays, but I don’t think he is really seeing all of them). He appears to have chosen Bruce Miller, of all people, as his safety valve. Now, I think Miller is a fine full back, and even a fine target once in a while, but he is not a good safety valve.

      Last year, Kaep was often his own primary safety valve, as he was in college. This year, through what looks to be a combination of defenses adjusting to and the 49ers coaching staff limiting his running, he is no longer able to think of his feet as his primary safety valve. In fact, it appears to me that he is over thinking almost everything, especially when he wants to run and stops himself (we saw that several times in the first half of the Seattle game).

      He needs to look at other WRs (or maybe MacDonald) and Gore more often. These short passes to Miller when Boldin and Davis are covered are not going to be enough to sustain drives.

    1. I think any of SF’s corners would like exceptional against the quality of opponents they are facing their in KC. Let’s see how good he looks facing real opponents. They face Denver twice. We’ll see what happens then.

    2. Love how the headline states undrafted, then the first line in the story is “He was drafted in the seventh-round by San Francisco”

      He was a 7th round draft pick, and was a long shot to make the team. I really think they thought he could sneak past the wavier wire, and they would sign him to the PS.

      1. The performance of Tramaine Brock lends a bit more credence to the argument that the 49ers coaching staff is placing too much emphasis on vets.

      2. I disagree Jack. They gave Brock opportunities the past two years and he lost the job due to injury and the other player playing well. First Culliver and then Asomugah. Brock now has the opportunity due to injury to somebody else and I hope he runs with it.

      3. If Brock’s performance the past two games is an indicator of where he is at as a player, he should have been the #3 CB from the start of the season. The only reason for not being the #3 is that the 49ers coaching staff trusted Asomugha more… why would that be if not because he is an experienced vet?

        They gave Brock a chance in 2011 and lost the job to injury, as Culliver stepped in and played well. Last year he never got a look in, but to be fair that was always going to be difficult with Rogers, Brown and Culliver entrenched. This year he battled for the #3 job and ultimately lost to the more experienced Asomugha. After seeing him play against the Rams and Texans (and seeing Asomugha play the 1st 3 weeks), I am not sure why he lost that battle…

      4. Jack:

        I share that thought, but think it’s more about experience in the system than simply being a veteran. Of course, the vets usually have more experience in the system. However, I remember reading something this summer (1) suggesting Fangio preferred Brock to Asomugha and (2) attributing Fangio’s preference to Brock’s superior familiarity with the defense. Of course, I can’t find the article now, so I may be misremembering it.

        That said, it would be nice if Brock continued to play like he has the past two weeks.

  27. I ran into a big, loud dude from Texas on Saturday saying that the two Texas teams were going to win by a combined margin of 50 points. Couldn’t find him Sunday night.

    1. He’s the big boulder in the corner whimpering, “My Texans are great.” He will also be carrying a Matt Schaub voodoo doll.

  28. The similarities between the 49ers and Stanford don’t end on the field. The Head Coaches at both have taken nice jabs at their counterparts in Seattle. Good stuff by Shaw today.

      1. Oh no, Yack, you need some help with the alphabet?!!! What gives?

        There is so much irony in this sentence that it isn’t even funny.

    1. Mid,
      It’s a pretty brutal receiving corps right now, but it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. They can get back to basics for the time being, and hopefully Crabs, Manningham and Patton come back healthy later in the year. Keep the faith.

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