49ers 17, Cowboys 9: The good and not so good

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jalen Hurd celebrates after scoring against the Dallas Cowboys during the second half of an NFL preseason football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out during the 49ers’ 17-9 preseason victory over the Cowboys.


  1. DC Robert Saleh. Upgraded his blitzes and pressure packages since last season. The 49ers’ blitzes consistently forced the Cowboys quarterbacks to throw low-percentage deep passes with no success. Saleh is improving.
  2. WR Jalen Hurd. Caught two touchdown passes. Already seems better than Dante Pettis, the starting flanker. Hurd is the backup flanker. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hurd passes Pettis on the depth chart by the end of the season.
  3. WR Deebo Samuel. Gained 14 yards while running an end around, and caught a 45-yard underthrown deep pass from C.J. Beathard. I wouldn’t be surprised if Samuel is the starting split end by the end of the season. He already seems better than Marquise Goodwin and Richie James Jr.
  4. WR Jordan Matthews. The 49ers primary slot receiver while Trent Taylor is injured (more on Taylor below). Matthews caught one pass for 12 yards.
  5. TE Ross Dwelley. Caught one pass for 21 yards and drew a defensive pass interference penalty. Clearly the second-best tight end on the team.
  6. TE Kaden Smith. Caught a 17-yard pass over the middle. Seems more talented than Levine Toilolo, the veteran who is competing with Smith to be the 49ers’ No. 3 tight end.
  7. QB Nick Mullens. Played against the Cowboys first-string and second-string defense, and completed 11 of 17 passes. Two of his longest passes were dropped by James and Kendrick Bourne. Mullens also threw a touchdown pass and an interception. He was the 49ers’ best quarterback in this game.
  8. QB C.J. Beathard. Played against the Cowboys third-string defense, and completed 13 of 17 passes. Also threw a touchdown pass and an interception, and injured his right thumb. Probably didn’t play well enough to draw trade interest.
  9. P Mitch Wishnowsky. Averaged 49.5 yards per punt and downed three punts inside the 20-yard line. Impressive.


  1. WR Trent Taylor. Suffered a Jones Fracture in his foot and had surgery to repair it. Will miss the rest of the regular season and probably part of the regular season. Kyle Shanahan said the 49ers hope Taylor is ready for Week 1, but don’t expect him to be ready. This is a big blow to the team. Taylor was the most consistent target in the pass game during camp after George Kittle.
  2. WR Dante Pettis. One of three starters who had to play in this game. Pettis received just one target and caught no passes. The 49ers seem to be losing confidence in him, and he seems to be losing confidence in himself.
  3. WR Richie James Jr. Caught six passes for just 31 yards, and dropped a well-thrown pass downfield. Also made a nice a catch that didn’t count because of a penalty. Seems like a career backup.
  4. WR Kendrick Bourne. Dropped a pass. And during one play, when the tight end shifted over to Bourne’s side, Bourne stayed on the line of scrimmage and then moved back off the ball as it was being snapped. He has been in the league too long to make those type of mistakes. He needs to play better to deserve a spot on this team.
  5. CB Akhello Witherspoon. One of three starters to play in this game. Gave up a 16-yard catch to Michael Gallup.
  6. FS Adrian Colbert. Ejected from the game for committing an illegal hit on a defenseless player. Seems to get worse every week.
  7. LB Dre Greenlaw. Bit on a play-action fake and gave up a long catch, and committed a roughing-the-passer penalty. Needs to play with more discipline.
  8. OT Shon Coleman. Injured his right ankle and left the field on a cart. The 49ers may need another swing tackle to replace Coleman.
  9. KOS Wishnowsky. Booted four kickoffs and none of them landed in the end zone. One landed out of bounds. The 49ers may need a new kickoff specialist.
  10. Injuries and discipline. Four players left the game with injuries: Raheem Mostert (concussion), Coleman (ankle), Najee Toran (hand) and D.J. Jones (knee). One player broke his foot and didn’t even play (Taylor). And the rest of the team committed 18 penalties for a whopping 216 yards. Same old 49ers only with different names and numbers on the jerseys.

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  1. A couple of the DL played pretty well also, though it was mostly guys that are unlikely to make the 53.

    Greenlaw deserves to be in the bad, agreed, but there were also some positive signs. He’s aggressive that’s for sure.

    I thought Tim Harris was alright, but needs to be more decisive and aggressive at the catch point.

    Sounds like Shon Coleman is likely out for the season. I expect much like last year (with Coleman) they will now trade for a backup swing tackle. None of the other guys looked good enough.

    1. I wonder if we can expect a laken Tomlinson like trade in the near future. And don’t forget that we are 2nd on the list for any waived players where teams start paring down.

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    2. How in the world would anyone put Greenlaw in the bad category? His first game makes a couple of mental mistakes. That’s expected. What wasn’t expected was to see him all over the field making plays. He will be our starter come week 1. Dude is a steal. In one series he had 3 or 4 tackles in a row. All coaches are looking from rookies is whether they show. That’s it. Not whether they make a mental mistake. Greenlaw, Hurd, Samuels, Exum, Walter – they all showed.

      1. He deserves to be in the bad because he made mental mistakes and was caught out of position by the D a number of times, particularly early in the game. You can’t have starters doing that, and Greenlaw has been talked about as a likely starter at SAM. Yes, he absolutely showed a lot of promise, which I basically said, but he has some key things to clean up if he is to start this year.

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  2. Wishnowsky did more good than bad.
    If we could measure his overall play in a percentage level he would be around 75% of 100%.

    But yes, I was surprised that he didn’t reach the endzone on his kicks. He must improve in this area and I’m sure that he will.

    Also, I was more impressed with Mullens’ play over Beathard tonight.
    Mullens had more command of the offense and his pass release is quicker than Beathard. A quick release could make the difference between a complete pass or a sack.

    Another thing I liked was that most of the starters did not play. To me that’s huge.

    1. Overall, I am glad so many non starters played so well. The Niners need to cut down on the penalties.
      I agree, Mullens did better against the first string, but CJB also did well enough to call the competition even. Mullens did throw a pick, when he should have thrown it away, but CJB also turned it over deep in their territory.
      Any time the Niners defeat the Cowboys, I consider that a great game.

    2. I don’t think Wishnowsky was trying to reach the endzone. One strategy teams are using is to kick the ball inside the 10 yard line. If you noticed, all his kicks were high arching with long hang times. This forces the receiving team to return the kick and allows the coverage team time to make the tackle inside the 20 yard line.

    1. I pointed out they reached to draft him, but only pointed that out because they may have drafted some O line or safety help, then drafted him.
      Concussions are a league wide problem, and every player needs to have realistic expectations. Considering concussions are part of his medical history, ignoring his concerns is denying reality.
      I am glad he did well, and am glad they are using him as a WR. I never declared he was a bust or that he lacked talent.

      1. you said they reached for him…..
        you wanted a back-up O-linemen instead…..
        you wanted a back-up Db instead…..
        you name many other Wr’s they should have taken instead….
        you basically called him a punk “for starting a fight ” in practice…..
        and im pretty sure you questioned his heart for switching to Wr last year of college…..

        real football guys, ppl who have played……
        saw a smart move by switching positions! a 6’4 rb has about 6 good years in the NFL….except he’d likely just get hit at the knees every touch…..and spend most of his career rehabbing….
        As a 6’4 Wr that moves like a slot guy…or a rb……the sky is the limit though!!!! Especially in Shanahan’s offense!!! longer career/more $per season too!
        FOOTBALL GUYS also love the passion and intensity from a guy who blocks to the whistle and fight every play….especially in practice and especially from Wr ….a position associated with softness….

        and you don’t have to be a football guy…… only have to be paying attention to realize that once we singed Ford and drafted Bosa…….Wr was the greatest position of need!!!!! Even after just drafting Deebo…….and that there was no value at Oline or Db’s……..especially with the Oline set and 1st ,2nd and 3rd rounders already competing for the few jobs in the secondary!

        1. Reaching for a player means that they could have gotten help and still drafted him later.
          This game showed why they need O line help. The DBs still have not intercepted a pass.
          Starting 2 fights in practice is not a smart thing for a rookie to do.
          Quitting on a team is not the best way to switch positions, and was a big reason why he was not ranked high. Concussions are a factor, and he may be susceptible to more concussions in the future.
          Signing Ford and drafting Bosa filled the pass rush needs, but the interior O line could have been improved, and the DB situation is in flux.
          Glad he did well, but one preseason game does not anoint him as the second coming. He did well against second and third stringers.

          1. Sebbie on Jalen ‘413’ Hurd…

            sebnynah says:
            July 29, 2019 at 9:37 am

            I do not make my assessment in a vacuum. Hurd had red flags and was ranked 413 for a reason.

            1. Yup. Red flags include quitting on a team, refusing to play. Demanding a change in positions, dissing the coaches. Hurd sustained a concussion, so he is prone to more concussions. They are cumulative.
              I did not give Hurd those red flags. He gave them to himself. I did not give him that ranking, Draftek did.

              1. Oh but you sing his ‘413’ status from on high…. So pious, so righteous, so Sebbie….

              2. Your wasting your time trying to squirm out of this one, Sebs–time for some Humble Pie, cuz we all know the extreme negative spin you put on their draft……………

                Bosa will be back soon……………Grapps is starting next week………..Trent in a month…………..the starters soon enough…………

                Given your recent, extremely dark, negative prognostications…….I’d say your in a world of hurt, Sebby!

              3. whats coming out now is that Ten. was trying to rush him back from a concussion and wouldn’t support a position change! not a place id want to send my kid!! Not to bright….forcing a kid to play a position hes too tall for……..forcing him to play hurt……
                But hey, its your story seb……you can tell it how you want!

                and it very clear now…that you are a physco!!!! You can never just be wrong can you!! youll reach and reach…grasp at anything to continue your argument…..even when many ppl are pointing it out and even bringing up old quotes FROM YOU!!!!!

              4. No, J, he was cleared to play, and actually did play a snap on STs, after he refused to play.
                If he was that concerned, he never should have suited up. They did not force him to play. They asked him to play, and he refused.
                Please show me a quote where I said he was a bust.

              5. seb argues just to argue……but in doing so you confirm what I say…..but aren’t smart enough to realize it!!!! you think your proving me wrong when your proving me right!!! im starting to pity you bud!

                They cleared him to play…..but he wasn’t ready! effects of concussion still bothering him!!!!! THAT WAS THE WHOLE DISCONECT!!!!!!! college kids cant do what they want!!!!!!! do you even pay attention to college football man!? he tells them to F-off…..they suspend him and he loses a year of eligibility…..

                he says its still bothering him…..
                they clear him anyway…….
                he has to play, but he dosent wanna play rb anymore …and certainly not with lingering symptoms of a concussion…..
                they put him on special teams……
                he plays 1 play…is still bothered by concussion……complains about it…..and dosent play another snap!!!

                b4 you argue…..your natural reflex when proven wrong…..why did he play just 1 snap????
                it would be pretty bizarre to be healthy the whole game, but only play 1 snap!!!! its possible, but very unlikely…..

              6. If he was concussed as badly as you think he was, he never, ever should have suited up. They did not force him to suit up. Maybe he hid his symptoms from his coaches and trainers.
                The college program at Tennessee would never clear him if he complained of headaches or any other symptoms of a concussion. They would be subject to a lawsuit. It is no longer the days of breaking an ammonia capsule under his nose an telling him to snap out of it. Concussions are serious, and they have protocols in place. A coach would lose his job if he sent out a concussed player.
                Earlier, when Hurd expressed a desire to transfer, they begged him to stay. His mother and stepfather thought it was in the best interest for his future to stay. Afterwards, his stepfather said that- ‘ in hindsight, we probably would had let him go ahead and leave, because we did not realize he was frustrated enough to walk out mid season’.
                Hurd himself wrote of- ‘Multiple injuries that were not and should not be disclosed’. He said a concussion kept him out of the Tennessee vs Texas A&M game. Sounds like he was not fully truthful to his trainers. Hurd said ‘ Transferring was completely my decision. It was not a decision done rashly, but one I had been thinking about for quite some time’. You cannot blame the coaches for forcing him to play. He willingly quit playing.
                After reading this, his concerns about concussions were a direct result of multiple concussions. To me, that is a huge red flag. Concussions are cumulative. Sure, he wanted to hide his concussions, because that would lower his draft stock. No wonder they ranked him 413. Niners did not care, they drafted him 67.
                The disconnect comes after the words- After multiple concussions, which lead him to switch positions. Why borrow trouble? He quit on his team over concussions, and the NFL is awash in concussions, because pros deliver concussive blows. That is what they are paid for.
                You just proved me right. After reading more on the subject, Hurd is a ticking time bomb. Some game, he will sustain a concussive blow, and he may very well retire like Borland.
                Players are weighing their options, and concussions result in players like Dwight Clark and Nick Buoniconti. Dwight Clark firmly believed all the concussive blows led to his demise. Nick Buoniconti lost his memory, then his mind.
                Maybe if the Niners do not want to deal with all these injuries, they should select only fully healthy players. However, they gotta play the hand dealt them. Healthy players should be a future priority.
                If the Niners want to protect their investment, they should assign him the split end position, and not utilize him to block like a TE or run the ball like a RB. They should also monitor the hits he takes, and use him sparingly.
                Sure, Hurd did well against third stringers, but during the regular season, DBs will hit him even harder, if they feel they can knock him out of the game.

        2. you said they reached for him…..
          you wanted a back-up O-linemen instead…..
          you wanted a back-up Db instead…..

          Backup lineman ??? Backup dB???

          On this team a 3rd round pick in one of those units would be a starter.

          Hurd definitely fills a need and if he can turn fg’s into td’s he will be worth it but like Grant you’re rushing to judgement.

          1. Shoup, Sebs not rushing into judgement. He’s been bent out of shape ever since the Niners went a different direction, not following his “advice”. His ego will not allow anything good about Hurd. Look for continued hypercritical comments on the slightest miscues from Hurd.

            1. Rib,
              I know very well how “open minded” Seb is. And how he will defend his ideas “right or wrong” no matter the evidence.
              I disliked the Hurd pick as well, as I would have preferred more of a “need” pick. I have warmed to him given his apparent improvement in blocking and contested catches. The problem is right now is way to early to start claiming someone was a good or bad selection.

              2 years ago everyone loved Colbert and praised the pick… now he might be a cut from the worst secondary in the NFL.

              There is no point in crowing now one way or the other.

              1. Thank you, Shoup. If proven wrong , and Hurd helps the team win, I will be happy to admit I was wrong, and that he was a good sleeper pick.
                I never said he was a cancer. AB is a cancer. I said that Hurd might sustain another concussion, and he might disappear. He has a history of concussions, which made him change positions and team.
                All I am advocating, is that they utilize him as a WR, and not force him to be a RB, or block like a TE. Then we have him blocking so fiercely, he gets into 2 fights. Some thinks fighting shows moxie. I think fighting shows he is out of control, and it hurts the team. The defense sure did not like it, and chased him off the field. How can that build camaraderie?
                I agree, it is too early to declare he will be a starter, or a bust. We need to see how he plays after a couple seasons to make that assessment. However, I am glad the scouts found him. He does have talent, and after this game, good potential.
                It is OK, I am used to having many jump up and down on me, desperate to find fault in anything I do or say. They did it with Bosa. Now that Bosa is injured, my trade back scenario looks better. While I hope Hurd stays healthy all of his career, if he sustains a concussion, all bets are off. Football is a brutal sport, so injuries are part of the game. No matter what they say, he did sustain a concussion, that made him refuse to play. He quit on his team, so that was a red flag to be concerned about. I hope he plays 10 years for the Niners, but I also have been hoping the Niners win another ring for 24 years.

              2. I disliked the Hurd pick as well, as I would have preferred more of a “need” pick.

                Shoup, after last season’s red zone pratfalls, I think a big “need” was someone who has the potential to be a red zone force. A 6’4″ guy who can line up and play out of any of the skill positions seems to fit that bill.

              3. “Shoup, after last season’s red zone pratfalls, I think a big “need” was someone who has the potential to be a red zone force. “

                Rob, I don’t deny our red zone issues and I believe he has use. I just believed an interior o lineman could have helped in in the red zone as well.

                Additionally, I think an interior lineman or Db would most likely been a day 1 starter. Thus helping upgrading the team more.

              4. Then we have him blocking so fiercely, he gets into 2 fights. Some thinks fighting shows moxie. I think fighting shows he is out of control, and it hurts the team. The defense sure did not like it, and chased him off the field.

                Those defenders learned they have to put on their big boy pants. Do they think opposing team blockers are going to come up to them with an “excuse me sir, would you very much mind getting out of the way?”

                BTW, Hurd did not start the fights, so your scenario is crap to begin with.

                Now that Bosa is injured, my trade back scenario looks better.

                The F it does. You don’t pass on the best edge player in the draft, probably in many drafts, when that is one of your pressing needs. And let’s let Bosa get into the season before writing him off.

              5. Hurd started those fights. Nobody else on offense was involved in a fight, and Hurd fought with 2 different players. His over aggressive blocking caused those fights. The defenders did not fight with any other offensive players.
                Blame the victim? Good show.
                Bosa was injured during the OTAs. Now he is injured during TC. He did not make it to the preseason games, so I feel perfectly fine describing Bosa as injury prone. He tore his ACL in high school, and tore his groin in college. He is the very definition of being injury prone.

              6. Seb,
                Rib is correct in stating he didn’t start the fights.
                There were at least 4 independent sources, who stated he didn’t appear to start the fight to 0 sources saying he started it.

              7. Sebs—if any of these rooks do any good in the next few games, it will be the opposite of your predictions, and you’ll be run over with a verbal Sherman Tank.
                Best to start slowly, softly backing up on your earlier judgements…………….because some of these rooks are looking good. It IS early—but the future is bright.

              8. I’ve been clamoring for a physical, big-bodied receiver for 2 years now. Look’s like the Niners got themselves a good one. Hurd’s versatility, combined with size and bell-cow RB’s mentality (which showed up big time on his first TD, as the Cowboys FS had a full head of steam, but bounced off the barreling Hurd like a fly off a windshield) should allow Kyle favorable mismatches all over the field, perhaps most importantly, in the redzone. And how about how well Hurd and Samuel’s skill-sets play off of one another?

                Brilliant! Just what the doctor ordered, pun intended!

                Maybe Hurd’s nickname should be Jalen – Hurd of stampeding Buffalo’s?

              9. One other thing on Jalen Hurd: Perhaps most impressive is just how quick of a study he seems to be! This kid could be ready to contribute early an often – very impressive for a WR with 1 year college experience at the position.

                Jalen – Hurd of stampeding Buffalo’s, and Deebo – the Bully – Samuel.

                Gotta love it!

          2. shoup- yes….we could use a starting caliber guard…..but I don’t see one around that was drafted after Hurd! Maybe one day, well look back and see I guy turned out to be a stud that was drafted after…..but no one was gona come in and take Pearson’s job out of the gate…..

            and for the 10th time this offseason, ill point out…..Sherm has 1 of 4 starting jobs in the secondary….

            at S….we have Ward( 1st rnder) Tart(2nd rounder) as the front runners with Moore(3rd) Exum and Colbert who have both shown flashes……
            and for the other Cb spot…we have Verrett (1st rnd) AW (3rd) and Moore (3rd ) fighting for just 1 spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            so whos the player drafted after Hurd that was gonna take a job from ANY of these high draft picks!!????

            and had we wasted a pick……what would our Wr group look like? I like the group we have now…..they all do something different…..

            The secondary will sort itself out…..then we can revisit it next offseason …..and add some real talent! not just getting guys for the sake of it!

            And yes, the Oline will need some tweaking/upgrades im sure….

            1. “.we could use a starting caliber guard…..but I don’t see one around that was drafted after Hurd!”
              Hmmm In my opinion…
              Starting caliber guards drafted after Hurd were Conner Mcgovern, Michael Dieter, Yodny Cajuste (guard and swing tackle) and Dru Samia.
              Starting caliber db’s Chauncey Gardner Johnson, Julian Love, David Long, and Justin Layne.

              “and for the 10th time this offseason, ill point out…..Sherm has 1 of 4 starting jobs in the secondary….

              “at S….we have Ward( 1st rnder) Tart(2nd rounder) as the front runners with Moore(3rd) Exum and Colbert who have both shown flashes……
              and for the other Cb spot…we have Verrett (1st rnd) AW (3rd) and Moore (3rd ) fighting for just 1 spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

              They were drafted high… I’ll give you that. They also made up the worst secondary in the NFL last year… and statistically, one of the worst secondaries in NFL history. The only new guy is Verrett, and he hasn’t been able to stay healthy for 3 years running.

              Given all of that, I don’t think a player would need to be “very good” to play in this secondary. Just above average and healthy would probably land the new player a starting role by seasons end.

              1. shoup- your missing the point….and im thinking its because you choose to! you clearly DONT LIKE THE OLINE OR THE SECONDARY!! and that’s fine, they both have issues……but the POINT IS-Wr was the weaker position group!!!!!!!!!!!

                The secondary got better via the upgraded pass rush!!! how can you not acknowledge that dude!!!!???? please acknowledge that for the sake of your own credibility!!!!!!!
                another issue they had is health! they couldn’t stay healthy…..
                you say its the worst ever, but you base that solely on the single stat of -2 int.

                you bash the Oline, but the tackles are solid,,first rounders…..and 1 guard and the center are LOCKED IN due to the contracts they have……the other guard is decent, not great……but the fact is……theres no glaring holes!!!!!!!!!!

                At Wr…….there wasn’t much argument to be made about any of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that is the point here!!!!!!!!!!

                Goodwin- a 1 trick pony that cant stay health
                Bourne- garbage
                Pettis- unproven at best….bust at worst
                Taylor- unproven, injury prone?

                THIS WAS OUR FREAKING WR GROUP!!!!!!!!!! garbage! the worst POSITION GROUP IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE!!!!!!!! not our secondary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                please deny it!!!!! please explain to me how we win 2 games with that group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just because your unhappy with the secondary and the line……..AT LEAST WE HAD WARM BODIES TO TROT OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

                AT LEAST THE SECONDARY IS FILLED W 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounders!!!!!!!!! we hope they stay healthy….but I wont hold my breath!

                what would the hope be with that wr group!!???

              2. Calm down J, there is no need to get so emotional. We’re really just two guys (?) clacking away on a keyboard anyway.

                I don’t understand how I missed THE point when you brought up multiple.

                For the secondary, you can argue they will get better with health. That’s a big If, given their injury history.

                As for the pass rush making them better, it will help some, but they had a mid tier pass rush by the numbers last year and still had a terrible secondary. And No, it wasn’t just the int numbers. It was completion percentage, Qbr, and the fact that opponents didn’t tend to hold the ball very long because their first read was normally open.
                And honestly, I don’t care about their draft positions anymore. At this point they are all either good or they are not.

                As for the WR group… as a position group, I don’t value them as much as secondary or offensive line and one thing Kyle is good at , is scheming guys open. If I remember correctly Jimmy, C.J., and Nick all have thrown for over 300 yards with this receiving group.

                SF had just drafted Deebo and this was a particularly deep draft at wide receiver. So using your argument, they already had 2 seconds and a 3rd rounder filling the wr spots.

      2. Seb, you spent an entire blog calling him a cancer on the team. This guy is going to be a huge asset for this team and people will rightly push it back in your sniveling nose every time.

        Oh and Houston, you can stick it you know where about a guy “quitting” on his team. 🙂

          1. The Frisco Kid, typing from his cave on the edge of the Oregon wilderness, hating on the Niners incessantly.
            You just confirmed your troll status.

            1. NO I am sick of this team LOSING and guys that think its wonderful like you…..you just confirmed your homer status. you don’t know dink about FB you just post on here for years spewing your love for a losing team…grow up seb, you can dish it out then when we call you to the curb you cry and insult….we all know your status-HOMER

            2. Frisco Kid, you like to troll away, insulting us gleefully with everything you post.
              I have been called a hater, now you call me a homer. I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan.
              I think it is wonderful? No, I have heaped constructive criticisms on their heads. I point out mistakes so they can learn from them, and not repeat them. I think that any 4-12 team in not above reproach.
              Your incessant hate for Jed is twisting your reality. This game must really be hard on you, because they won. Still, you declare you are sick of them losing.

              1. Yet more wishy washy comments from Seb…I did not mention Jed once …. so Seb makes stuff up…way to go…fact remains more people here despise you then like you…..

              2. Your hate for Jed oozes from your psyche. You have been called out by many on this site as a loser troll who hates the Niners.
                Believe it or not, you posted your hate for Jed,and cannot take it back. It is archived.

              3. I like Seb. I don’t think I’m in a minority. I don’t agree with everything he says, in the slightest, and I enjoy a bit of banter here and there, but to personally dislike someone over comments on a blog is… a little extreme to me. Even if you find his opinions ludicrous, one cannot deny Sebbie is entertaining. The blog would, imo, be much worse off without him. I can say the same about a number of regulars. You? Heh, not so much.

              4. But Renas is right–I love the Sebs—coulda been on Seinfeld. Probably should have been.

                Hes worth millions.

              5. Nah, Renas, fish. Sebs just another dime a dozen blowhard know it none sports fan. Thinking the team would be better if only they followed their advice. You find them on call in shows across the country, littering 100s of sports blogs. Nothing special about this cat at all, except for the volume of his nonsense.

              6. Renas, you are a true sportsman, I salute you.
                I am just a die hard Faithful Niner fan. I am not a genius, and others have called me a legend, but it is amusing to see how obdurate other posters can be. The Niners just won their first preseason game, but others are trying to play the gotcha game, quibbling over past posts, when they would be better served by just talking about the win.
                I hope to see more of your posts. Like Scooter, it is nice to hear from an international source, their unique perspective. I may disagree with you, but you are a gentleman, and we can agree to disagree, without being disagreeable.
                However, I totally agree with your last statement. He deserves a strong rebuke. He is not a real Niner fan. he is a fifth column Seahawk fan, masquerading as a Niner fan.

              7. …………Just a die hard fan

                Apologies to the Moody Blues (following sung to ‘I’m Just A Singer In A Rock And Roll Band’)

                I’m Just Die Hard Fan On Grant’s 9er Blog

                Seb’s just a wandering on a page of this blog
                Dishing so much garbage
                That it’s hard to see through

                And while he dishing he writes so many words
                He claims Nostradamian powers
                And impeccable truth

                And if you challenge Seb’s antics
                And expose his own words
                He’ll get all defensive then end – by – sayin’
                I’m just die hard fan on Grant’s 9er blog


              8. Donald, you just described yourself. A know nothing blowhard. Please stick to politics, because you know very little about football. You are so timid, you cannot bring yourself to put out a 53 list, because you are afraid of being made fun of.
                Maybe your shrink can explain about inferiority complexes. Your pushback is a classic example of trying to be relevant,and being jealous because no one takes you seriously.
                With me, they are feverishly researching the archives, and the constant attacks just show how much I dominate their thoughts. They tend to parrot me so much, I almost do not need to post. They latch on a past post, and exult in their gotcha moment. Too bad I have moved on.
                I am wondering about these next practices, and surmise they might be considering a trade or swap. Both teams might benefit, if they deplete a surplus, to address a weakness. I bet Scangarello may be looking very closely at Mullens.

              9. The assassin drew his dagger – a simple line drawing in black ink on rose-tinted vellum. [BLF]

              10. because you are afraid of being made fun of

                No. Something I ascribe to, words that obviously have never made an impression on you:

                Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt

                With me, they are feverishly researching the archives

                No, no need to. You regurgitate the same pablum over and over and over and over.

        1. Donald, show me where I said he would be a bust, or is a cancer. I pointed out his red flags, pointed out how the fights show he can be a disruptive force and think they could have drafted an interior O lineman or safety, then also drafted Hurd later, if they wanted him.
          Now that he is on the team, I am glad he is not fighting anymore, and that he helped the team to win. I hope he continues to be an asset, and stays healthy.

            1. Seb is wishy washy…he post’s stuff that’s stupid then tries to justify it … if your not careful he will even insult you … immature…I wonder if this dude is in high school

              1. Grant says Hurd is no good, so what does Sebnnoying post, you guessed it, Hurd is no good.
                Seb=Grants puppet

              2. Grant just put Hurd in the good category. I still think he should not be anointed until he plays well all season.

          1. show me where I said he would be a bust, or is a cancer.

            LOL. You were all over him for his aggressive blocking being a disruptive force to “team unity”. Without any evidence blaming him for fisticuffs, which turned out not to be the case. And if he was, so what? It also turns out his attitude to just what this team lacked.

            Face it, you just can’t face the fact that in your mind you think the team does or doesn’t base it’s needs or player acquisition strategy on some pissant blog, and the pissy members like yourself who post on it.

          2. Ol Slippery Sebs, who knows very well there are different ways of saying the same thing.

            You were down on this whole Niner draft, sebs-and you know it.

          1. Let’s talk if he sustains a concussion. Maybe you want to talk about other injury prone players.
            Injuries are part of the game, and concussions are a serious concern.

              1. Concussions are a specter over the sport. I am not predicting he will get a concussion, and I hope they play him as a WR so he has less chance of getting one.
                However, he had multiple concussions, and that was the reason he wanted to change positions. Those are relevant facts, just like the fact that he refused to play in a game due to his concussion.
                I did not want Bosa to become injured, but now that he is injured, that fact is a salient point when discussing him being injury prone.
                What is despicable, is the NFL forcing players to play with only 3 days rest. Concussions take more time to recover from.

            1. Seb, that’s ridiculous………….a concussion in the NFL is like finding a weed in your backyard-as common as an apple orchard near your house.

              I and everybody else you know realize you enjoy this…known it for years……….but your grasping now, using the thinnest of reasons to justify your earlier, false judgements.

        2. Lost in the Hurd conversation is that perhaps Lynch knew what he was doing when he drafted him.
          A GM makes his living on good drafts, FA and finding talent in UDFA.

          This might be the year that makes Lynch a bonified GM.
          Hurd, Deebo, Walter, Greenlaw and Wishnowsky showed well last night.

            1. Seb,
              I’m sure that Shanahan has strong input, but Lynch has to have autonomy if he’s going to be worth his weight in gold.

              But for now let’s generalized it to say that the regime may have hit a home run with this years player acquisitions.

              1. I apologize. I was just trying to be funny. I was just playing off the rumors of JL/KS friction, and the perception that KS had the final say.
                Actually, I am happy with the talent chosen, even though I wish they could have obtained more. Free Agency and the draft addressed the pass rush and WR glaring weakness. Greenlaw looks like a later round diamond in the rough. This roster has definitely improved, and I was saying that the 53 cutdowns would be painful, before all these injuries occurred.

              2. In terms of wide receivers ( the position KS played) and QB I expect Shanahan has the deciding vote… not so much on the defensive side.

              3. Seb,
                No need to apologize, I should have caught your humor.

                Hope the players signed by this regime continue to develop into a strong foundation for years to come.

      3. You made it out that his draft was a mistake, and Bosa………u were always showing his negatives and never showing his positives. In effect, u made it out that their whole draft was a mistake……..

        TRANSLATION: They didn’t draft who you wanted them to draft, thereby showing the ignorance of KS.

        Some gravy with that crow, Sebs? Or would you prefer some coffee and a big slice of Humble Pie?

        1. Saw, the main translation is that you are not a Niner fan who can enjoy a win. You would rather post screeds against me, because you have nothing else to say.

  3. The tackling from the Defense has improved. Most tackles were wrapped up nicely.

    Greenlaw deserves to be on the ‘Good’ section.

    If Pettis can step up, the WR group will be alrite. The Oline and Dline are concerning though, with the amount of injuries. :(

  4. Deebo and Hurd look very good. The Punter looks excellent. Mullen’s played ok. I thought C.J did just as well playing behind an attrious line. The comment about Pettis losing confidence or the team losing confidence in him is pretty stupid. He had one pass thrown his way and he was WIDE OPEN 20 yards down the field and Mullen’s missed him. He had the ball batted in the air. Mullen’s clearly lacks arm strength. That’s why he will never be a full time starter because it’s a big time weakness when a difficult throw needs to be made in crunch time. Plus Mullen’s is clearly benefiting from Kyles scheme because he very limited. Kyle does a great job with that. I believe both Mullen’s and C.J. will make the team and this competition continues throughout the season. C.J. will claim the #2 job would be my guess.

    1. There isn’t QB competition during the season. The back up barley gets reps. The 3rd string gets none if there is one. Beathard still looks slow on reads. He took a sack on his FIRST snap and is constantly being “praised” for his toughness because he is always taking huge shots. Brady, Rogers, Brees ect never gets praised for being tough cuz they don’t take those big hits. It’s not WWE

    2. CJ did make some nice throws, however, he generally had more time ( less pressure ) and his receivers were more open. His weakness is generally when throwing under pressure. Mullins throws were generally into tighter windows and penalties sort of messed up his initial two series. His interception, as the announcer stated happened as he was being hit, whereas CJ’s interception was just a bad throw with no pressure.

      1. Shanny on the two int’s by both qb’s:

        “Nick’s, I thought, was a little bit worse just after watching the tape,” Shanahan said. “A backside linebacker was out of position, really busted his coverage and Nick didn’t account for him and didn’t see him.”

        “C.J. saw his and let an aggressive throw go on third and seven. When you watch the tape, that’s something we expect our receiver to step in front of and cross face, and Jalen hesitated a little bit on that and he could’ve helped him out. Definitely wasn’t good, but not quite as bad as I thought the pick was originally.”

  5. Did anyone stop to think maybe our rookie punter was trying to keep it out the endzone on ko. They get ball at 25, a better strategy is kick it inside the 5, ideally around goalline to force a return. Add his crazy hangtime, Kr and pr alike won’t like catching kicks from us.
    I said hurd would be startn in short order, wks ago. Pettis plays skurd, nothn new…. Old news Grant.

    1. Maybe that was his intention, but the smarter strategy is to kick it out of the end zone. Less chance for injuries.
      Pinning them close to the end zone sounds nice, but risks allowing a long return. Considering it was their first game using second and third stringers, kicking out of the end zone is a safer strategy.
      Pettis was reported to have added muscle and improved. Guess he showed that he still has room for improvement.

        1. The punter has a rough day cause he is trying to not allow injuries??? Seb has lost his marbles…Pettis needs botox and lipstick somebody please trade this football girl. get real Seb

          1. If he has enough leg to keep the ball in the air 5.6 seconds, his leg is strong enough to kick the ball long.
            Pettis caught 5 TDs last season, so it is way too early to emasculate him.

            1. Seb why do you constantly justify your stupid comments? You post crap then justify it…can’t you go play volleyball with the girls in Guerneille today? and your butthurt about it?

  6. The team the 49ers field games after game 9 will likely look quite different than the team that plays weeks 1-4 because of…
    – Bad injury luck continuing.
    – Good injury luck, with formerly hurt players rounding into form. A shadow draft.

  7. There have been a few teams that have traded players for picks, and one where they swapped players.
    Therefor, trading away players is not impossible. The Niners just need to find a willing partner.

      1. Niners just beat a 2018 playoff team. They have talent.
        You are not a Niner fan, you are a Niner hater.
        Go crawl back in your cave, and leave us true, die hard faithful 49er fans in peace.

        1. Yet another insult from the resident idiot….I have been a Frisco fan since the 60’s way before the mistake that your parents made. Can’t you find another hobby besides spewing crappy comments pretending to be an expert on the team that dwells in the cellar all the while insulting folks..??? Nobody likes you SEB get over it

          1. Just to point out the obvious, Monty, but that was kind of a nasty comment.

            Its true Sebs says one thing and then says the other, but have you ever thought he’s just playing? He’s on record as having said he loves to say provocative things just to stir it up. We figured that out about him years ago…he likes it. Can’t play soccer anymore so verbally crossing swords is his sport–and this is his forum for invective, right here.

            1. Yeah he likes sword fencing but swap out the swords for dicks. Rubbing penii is his sport of choice, however.

        2. “Niners just beat a 2018 playoff team. They have talent.”

          And we did while only playing 6 starters… get those championship banners ready. Our second string is a playoff team.

            1. Monty,
              Perhaps unknowingly to you and many others – you and the others have made Seb somewhat of a celebrity on this blog.

              The more you engage him, the more you give him recognition – so keep up the good work…

          1. I noticed that the Cowboys played Looney the entire game. If the Niner second string can beat the Cowboy first string, they do have talent.
            Jed does not like those NFCC banners. He only wants SB banners.

  8. The Good,
    The defensive coverage looked much better overall, fewer blown coverages.
    The secondary played physical and appears to be surer in their tackling.
    Hurd’s physicality was on full display on both touchdown drives, it has been missing since the days of Bolden.
    Both Mullens and Beathard, played well when given time.

    The Bad,
    The Oline looks rough right now in both run blocking and pass pro, that’s somewhat expected at this time of year, but it’s disconcerting given it was such a glaring weakness going into the season.
    Both Qb’s made some bad reads and threw the ball right to a defender.
    Discipline, there are penalties you can live with to some degree, pi’s, holding, etc. but the freebies are a killer, false starts, offsides, clearly late hits, unnecessary roughness when the ball has clearly gone by… those need to be curbed asap.

    On a side note… these knee jerk reactions are hilarious.

    “Already seems better than Dante Pettis, the starting flanker. ”
    “He already seems better than Marquise Goodwin and Richie James Jr.”

    A year ago we read the same crap about Joe Williams after he made 1 run. According to Grant’s reports, Hurd just started to emerge this week, seems a bit quit to anoint him as better already.

      1. I hope that was a sarcastic statement?

        He showed promise, against a 3rd stringer from another team. I love that he made a contested catch but let’s keep in mind exactly how useful the 1st game of the preseason is.

      2. Hurd shows promise something the team needs….3rd round picks have been good to Frisco..Montana, Bow, Gore lets hope Hurd gets more chances .. I predict he will ball out his first year makes Pettis expendable

      3. Hurd second TD catch shows he will be our #1 WR

        The first TD was fun to watch also, bowling over these DBs, not to be denied the EZ. (Shoup, I believe the Dallas players on the field at the time were much higher on the depth chart). Seb, do you suppose the Dallas players were complaining about his aggression?

        1. I suppose it all depends on where Draftek had the Dallas defenders slotted in their particular draft year.

        2. The first TD was fun to watch also, bowling over these DBs, not to be denied the EZ. (Shoup, I believe the Dallas players on the field at the time were much higher on the depth chart)

          Better opposition yes, but they would have been second-stringers by that point. Dallas only planned on playing their starting defense for around 8 snaps and they were well past that number by that point.

          And Yes, It was great to see some physicality from our receivers again. Regardless of my opinion of the selection, he should improve the team, especially if he becomes a reliable contested ball receiver.

          “Seb, do you suppose the Dallas players were complaining about his aggression?”
          ha ha ha touche.

          1. Better opposition yes, but they would have been second-stringers by that point.

            Despite the build up from Grant and others (such as me), isn’t that where Hurd currently is as well? ;) Though Taylor’s availability could change that equation.

            1. True,
              And they are not scheming on either side so everything has to be taken with a grain of salt. My biggest takeaway was his contested catch.

              He was terrible at that in college, but if he gets that down he’s a matchup nightmare, who would have been worth a second rounder let alone a 3rd.

          1. Nick,
            As of Wednesday, Grant said Hurd didn’t appear ready to be a contributor this season. Now after a preseason game in which he made some splash plays he appears to better than Pettis.

            The statement about Valoaga was nothing more than to show just how valuable this game is in terms of player evaluation. So valuable that Shanahan has publicly stated he would prefer not to have it at all.

  9. Damontre Moore (#92) racked up a lot of minutes–seemed to play effectively. As you recall Sebbie, Damontre was with the AAF earlier this year.

      1. Taking what somebody says, then going to the extreme with it………………’ol slippery Sebs.

        Sebs, YOUR the one who put your nose up to the AAF——-Your the one who said our draft sucked……….

        What are you going to do with yourself when Bosa gets back and starts to make plays?

        Gonna say you knew it all along?

        Its early and the glass isn’t entirely full, but it’s half full.

        1. Saw, they wanted the aaf as a feeder system for the NFL. Too bad most of the players were marginal at best.
          I never said the draft sucked. I said they missed out on leveraging that number 2 overall pick into multiple second round picks. I said they reached, and should have been patient, selected an interior O lineman and Safety, and still drafted the reach players.
          I sure hope Bosa gets 10 sacks this season, but if he cannot get on the field, he was not the wisest choice.
          I am resigned to accept their choices, and hope for the best, but that does not prevent me from second guessing them when their choices do not perform or are injured.
          I do not want a half full glass, and I certainly do not want a half empty glass. I want my cup to runneth over.

          1. A half glass of quality Whiskey and some sparkling spring water would do you fine……….help you to sleep after all the negative energy you expended on our 9ers…..

  10. Its looking like our number 2, 3, 4, and 5th round draft picks look to be keepers. Not going to go head over heals after a few practices and one exhibition game. Niners two and three’s are better then the Cowboys two’s and threes. Losing our swing tackle for the season is not a good thing. Glad to have football back and looking forward to the practices in Denver in the up and coming week.

    1. UC

      I hope that you didn’t miss our #7 pick, who looked pretty good replacing Cole at swing-tackle….His name is Justin Skule…6’6″ tall, 318 lbs, and only got beat once this past season…by whom…? Josh Allen from Kentucky…who SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN #2 instead of Bosa..I’ve been cheering Skule all season, and I believe that he’ll be a ten year starter for the 49ers. Had we taken Allen at #2, I would be in Reno right now with my few pesos putting them on the niners…. Like yourself, I like the 49er draft overall…’just wish we could get that first one right…

      1. Oregon – Didn’t watch Skule, I will take the heads up and look. I didn’t list Bosa as he didn’t play so no evaluation. I haven’t made up my mind on Bosa yet, right now he is failing the availability criteria for playing football…I will continue to wait and see with him.

  11. So, they weren’t the same old 49ers! Nonsense and typical GC, Mr. Negative. Only a blind person couldn’t see that top to bottom the Niners were the better team with better talent. We had no starters in and our 2nd string competed with the Cowboys first string. More importantly, our second, third, fourth, etc. dominated the ‘Boys all night. Huge talent disparity outside of starters. Our backup receivers are clearly better, linemen better, linebackers better and db’s better. You take away all the horrible calls against the 49ers, they win by 30. The Cowboys have zero depth. They are winning nothing this year. We saw tons of quality depth. In long-season with injuries, that depth is going to pay off.

    SO, we are not the same team. We are much more talented than we were three years ago.

  12. The good: a sloppy undisciplined win, both backup QB’s looked serviceable, some undknown’s off the bench on D looked really good, Saleh made good adjustmets.

    The bad: penalties, sloppy play, more penalties. Pettis has not progressed sit him out or trade him, Colbert is bad. Coaching: team lacks professionalism perhaps these light practices non contact practices are turning the team into a bunch of sandlot injury penalty prone amateurs Kyle needs to turn up the heat and see who really wants to play good football and hold the team to a higher standard…18 penalties and sometimes 2 penalties at once UNACCEPTabLE Kyle…Kyle wants less preseason games now I know why. Exposure, it exposes the shortcomings of the team.

              1. The two power-hungry, 20-something biographers met with me incognito and settled on penning my memoirs–one on a percentage of future sales and one on upfront remuneration–so, there is one yuppie I pay, one yuppie I owe, ghostwriters in disguise. {BLF]

  13. I don’t think Beathard played that well against the 3rd string despite the numbers.
    Most of his passes were low, between the knees and stomach, and the players had to dive or fall on them. no YAC!
    His first ‘pass’ was like good old CJ, down before it even come out of his hands….
    His TD was a beauty, but also it was Hurd that made it, with his leap and twist in the air!

  14. Best news I read about the game…

    While it wasn’t a standout performance from James, he bounced back nicely after dropping his first pass of the game. He caught four of Mullens’ 11 completions for 20 yards. He earned five first-half targets. Nobody else had more than two. He also had a good kick return to open the second half. If any receiver distinguished himself, it was James.

    1. Hmmm Josh Johnson is 33 and had not played for years. Guess you think Kaep can come back and play, too, since he is way more accomplished.

      1. Geez Sebbie…do your freakin’ homework. Hadn’t played for years. Really?

        Josh’s 2018 stint with Washington…
        52 completions, 91 attempts, 590 yards, 3 TDs, 4 INTs

          1. You gotta be more specific when you feel the urge to paint with your broad Sebbie brush…2018 he did play in the regular season. You failed to note that.

            Earlier he was on several rosters–signed, released, signed, suited up a few times in regular season, released.

            Your words… “Hmmm Josh Johnson is 33 and had not played for years.” You failed to account for last year. Bad Sebbie! Bad!

              1. Ore, if you look up his stats, he did not throw a pass from 2012 through 2017.
                He did not play for years. I knew he played in 2018, and actually won a game. However, he only had a 57% completion rate with 3 TDs and 4 picks, and a 69.4 QBR. Kaep has far superior stats.
                Guess the Lions would rather lose without Kaep, than win with him.

        1. He doesn’t need homework, don’t you know he’s the self appointed genius? If you don’t agree with his take it’s because you are low on football acumen, or because you must love losing, or your a fan of another team, or …

          Hey if you catch him in a mistake he will change the parameters of the argument or he will, if cornered, claim he’s just a die hard 49er fan and wants the best for the team and he’s only expressing his views. This guy is as slippery as an eel.

          1. Kind of have to wonder about the people who continue to engage him. Its quite funny at times. Like he says – you fall into my trap, and he is right, Prime is his biggest catch.

            1. Its VERY funny at times……….there are very few things on TV right now as funny as Sebs………..with the right coaching, Sebs could have been another Robin Williams………

      2. Ha! What did Kap do his last three yrs? He was like Prime said, a shooting star……….simply burning up in the ether and falling to Earth………………………….

    2. CFB,
      Not sure if anyone heard Trump recently speaking about Kaepernick. When a reporter asked him about Kaep ever playing again, Trump said “only if he’s good enough.”
      Trump also mentioned that he is good friends with owners.

      Hmm, could this mean that CK may be getting a call soon?

  15. “Will miss the rest of the regular season and probably part of the regular season.”

    *the rest of pre-season. 🤙🏽

    Also kind of unfair to judge Pettis like that off of this game. He only got one target (as did Matthews, but he was listed under the ‘good’). Pettis is a lock to make the team and I’m guessing the coaches probably want to give the rookies and players on the bubble more looks to see who’s gonna fill out the rest of the roster. 🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. His catch-up speed is decent–enough to keep him out of a pickle. He displays some mustard when he makes contact…and that’s no baloney. His salad days are ahead of him.

        He is_ clinic material.

  16. My attempt at a non over-reactionary response to last nights contest of scrubs.

    Beathard should and likely will get a chance to go in the first half so he gets to play against guys that aren’t likely to be unemployed in the next month but either way Mullens continues to look like a guy who can start in the NFL and Beathard continues to look like a guy a team should have never traded up to draft. Arm strength issues reared their head last night for Nick and those are likely to never go away. Could be the only thing that ever really holds him back from being a full time starter in the league.

    I liked the physical effort Hurd put out to push into the end zone. In regards to the rest of his night, the level of competition can’t be ignored but he still displayed enough to want to see more. Something I didn’t originally think I’d say about him.

    Bourne, you’re breaking my heart!! I spent the Spring singing your praises and you do me like this? The dropped pass couldn’t have been any uglier. You had some solid blocks on a couple big runs but who cares if you’re going to drop the easy ones. I’m going to have to move you to the likely to be cut list my friend. I hope you can do something to save your position on the team but it’s not looking good.

    Deebo!! Please, please, please stay healthy and you’ll be this teams #1 receiver for many years to come. Jerry Rice averaged 15 games a season for the better part of his career. All I’m asking for is 13 regular season games a year. I’d prefer 14 or more but give me at least 13 a season and you’ll be on your way to Canton some day as well.

    The Trent Taylor injury news was a real punch to the gut. Sure it’s “only” a fractured toe but like Bosa this guy just can’t stay healthy. (Hahaha, couldn’t help myself) But seriously, Taylor will probably still get some solid production in this year but he’s just not a player that can be counted on for long term.

    Witherspoon is junk. If Verrett wasn’t a China doll I’d say we’re ok for now but the guy stubs his toe on the chalk lines. Going to be a huge liability this year.

    The Cowboys first two drives they easily moved right down the field in big chunks. A lot of it came with the secondary giving up way too much cushion. The guys playing in the secondary don’t have confidence in themselves and it was clear with how much room they were giving the Cowboy receivers.

    Greenlaw has talent, nobody can argue that but man did he ever look like a rookie out there. Can’t help but be excited for the player that might emerge from those mistakes.

    I need to watch the replay because I’ve forgotten his name but I think it was Tim Harris. There was a CB last night that was doing a pretty good job of covering guys, got called for a jenkie arm lock once but it was a questionable call. Overall, the plays I saw from him he looked good. After I watch it again I’ll come back and edit if I got the name wrong.

    1. Yep. Tim Harris. I was a big supporter of his after the draft until Crocker said he was not a NFL cornerback (after seeing him in practice). Going into last night, I wasn’t sure at all what to expect from him. But Tim did a good job last night for a rookie. A few mistakes, but some good plays as well. He needs at least a year to develop, but I don’t think he’ll stick on the practice squad. May have to “invent” an injury.

    2. Yeah, Harris looked decent. His biggest issue was that he seemed a bit tentative at the catch point.

      Sorry to say that Bourne continues to look like an ok backup WR to me. I have never understood the love, and yesterday did nothing to change my mind.

      I liked the Hurd pick, even if I thought it was a round high. I liked everything I had read about his athleticism, mentality and work ethic. Seemed like the type of guy you bet on. So I was very pleased to see how he played last night. But I still think he plays sparingly this season. Hopefully Deebo can build on what he showed and start moving up the depth chart.

  17. Disagree on Greenlaw being on the not so good list.
    He was meh, ok due to his penalty and bite in the PA, but made nice reads and sure tackles.
    Unless you put him up with veterans who have proven they’re better, rather than a promising rookie I could see why you’d put him on there.
    My problem sir this game was the ongoing injuries, and penalties.
    Shanahan can’t do anything about the bad string of injuries, but these penalties have been a problem since day 1.
    That’s on the coach. He should be on the not so good list.
    And if this is the type of team he is running, (which looks like it’s fact) might as well dub this team as the raiders over the last two decades.
    Holding holding holding, false starts, and the real kicker, multiple times a game there are illegal formation penalties, and these typically happen when in or near the red zone.
    I’m all for giving a young team and coach 3 years to get better, but if these penalties continue this season Shanahan has got to go. Imo

    1. For fun…

      Niners have pretty good company when it comes to preseason penalties…

      While people expect the first week of the preseason to feature more penalties than usual, the amount of yellow flags on the field seemed preposterous during Friday’s two-game slate.

      Tampa Bay led the way with its undisciplined play by racking up a jaw-dropping 14 penalties for 112 yards. The Steelers did their part as well with nine penalties accepted for 69 yards lost.

      The penalty frequency also became a common theme for the Vikings and Saints. Both teams combined for 21 penalties and 209 yards lost as a result. Let’s all hope that everyone, including the officials, clean things up before the regular season hits.

      Yes, the 9ers have much to clean up.

      1. Whether you like it or not Razor…
        the penalties since he’s been here have been a problem. That’s directly on the coach my man.

  18. Exum and Al-Shaair should be on the good list. Both played well and Exum looks much improved over last year. Penalties better get cleaned up obviously but aside from the Coleman injury and the CB situation (Witherspoon and Mabin are garbage), depth looks better than in recent years.

  19. While i decry all the penalties, the Refs were flag happy on the Niners. I did not think a few calls were legit. Ryan said it right when he stated that one could call holding on every play. Reviewing the plays, there were many times when the Cowboy O linemen were literally tackling the D linemen, and no flags.
    The Greenlaw roughing the passer penalty was ticky tacky. Yes there was contact, but his momentum carried Greenlaw into the QB, and he brushed by him, he did not deliver a forearm shiver.
    That illegal contact flag that negated a Niner takeaway, was also bogus. The QB was being sacked before there was any contact.
    The Niners need to play with more discipline. They need to play hard, but in control. Fortunately, these penalty problems can be corrected with better coaching. I noticed that they did not do a ton of shifts, or put a man in motion, so they were trying to eliminate the pre snap penalties.
    The drops were also a problem, but maybe better WR coaching will eliminate those, too.

    1. It’s not just last nights game Seb.. they’ve been shooting themselves in the foot since Shanahan has been here, especially in the red zone. Settling for FG isn’t going to cut it anymore.

    1. The team needs some more offensive lineman esp. at swing tackle. Erik Magnuson might be the guy. Apparently, he was just cut from the 49ers on 8/3/2019. I didn’t even realize he was still on the team through the first week or so of training camp. He played in four games for SF last year, starting two at both tackle spots before being placed on injured reserve. That qualifies him as a swing tackle, but honestly, I don’t remember how well he played. Still the team needs OL help and since Magnuson has experience with KS’ offense, they might wind up re-signing him.

      1. FYI, the Niners cut Magnuson on an injury waiver. I am not certain, but I think it was a knee.
        That is why they signed Wesley Johnson and Dillon Day.

  20. Cool to see the backups on D hold the Cowboys to only a FG.

    Run D looked strong again.

    Yeah Greenlaw has some stuff to cleanup, biting on the run fake & the roughing call, but he looked explosive and like a sure tackler.

    Mullens played good.

    Backup oline held up good against Cowboys starters in pass pro and opened up holes in the run game.

    Hurd after the catch could really be something, and with Taylor going down again his role could be accelerated.

    Kickoffs not getting to the end zone for a touchback is a tad concerning. Hopefully it was just strategic to give kickoff team work.

    Penalties were a bit much, but a number of those were on ST’s which is usually brutal in preseason and a by a bunch of guys who won’t be around come week 1. That being said, it’s been an issue the last 2 years and needs to be cleaned up.

    All in all, not a bad first preseason game.

    1. “Kickoffs not getting to the end zone for a touchback is a tad concerning. Hopefully it was just strategic to give kickoff team work.”

      We will have to watch this, was wondering the same. Cant make anything happen if the ball isn’t in play….could be another reason.

  21. This from the Mercury News…

    Shon Coleman had surgery Sunday morning to repair a fractured fibula and dislocated right ankle, meaning the 49ers need a new offensive tackle to emerge as the primary backup to Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey this season.

  22. Ribico says:
    August 11, 2019 at 6:12 am
    Seb, you spent an entire blog calling him a cancer on the team. This guy is going to be a huge asset for this team and people will rightly push it back in your sniveling nose every time.

    REPLY: I and other concur. Seb is a sniveler who moves on from his bad prognostications as quickly as a telemarketer at dinner time.

    Then he reminds this blog for two years if a team chooses a player from one of his 100 mock drafts; like the Chevron oil refinery on I-80, the smell lingers.

    1. I spent an entire blog? Not if you scroll past.
      TrollD, stop sniveling over a past post. The Niners just won a preseason game, and you have to dredge up past posts? Maybe you should comment on how well the defense tackled, or how resilient the O line was after Coleman went down.
      I will comment on how well the Niners did. They did not settle for field goals like the Cowgirls did. They scored 3 times. The Niners also scored 3 times, and won by 8 points, because the Niners scored TDs, instead of field goals.

  23. Excellent review Grant!!! You really nailed it. I would have added that Mostert showed he is expendable at running back and could be could be replaced by Brendon Wilds. I would have added one positive sentence to go with Greenlaw’s comments; his closing solo tackles were excellent.

    1. No, no, everyone is declaring Wilds is just camp fodder. ;p
      However, I was impressed that Wilds could walk in from the street, suit up and play well enough to convert a couple third downs. He rushed 7 times for 29 yards. That was a 4.1 yard average, and his longest run was for 15 yards.
      It sure was nice to see them run up the middle.

  24. It is disturbing that John Lynch a nine-time Pro Bowl player at the safety position still has a situation where his safeties are the weakest players on the team that he has now managed for 3 years; unable to pick up good safety position players thru trades, free agency or the draft. Adding to the disturbing secondary moves is Lynch bringing back Donate Johnson to play CB. Donate is the guy whom couldn’t cover anyone while playing for the 49ers in the 2017 season. Even today may of the TDs scored in camp are obtained when Johnson is covering a receiver. Instead of uncovering a possible safety/CB player that can play they are wasting this camp position on Johnson.

    1. TrollD, Kaden Smith ran down the field, turned, and fell to the ground. He fell down past the sticks, so he did exactly what I wanted him to do. Falling down, securing the ball, moving the sticks. He did not display much much athleticism, juking out a safety, or anything like that.
      Dwelley confirmed his second string status, and Toilolo may have earned the third string spot. Smith may be cut, and put on the PS.

    1. TomD

      DAMN ! I am screaming….Josh Allen’s FIRST NFL snap and he destroys the Ravens Offensive backfield….I hope all of the Niners FO saw this….meanwhile, Nick Bosa was watching from in front of a TV…Good choice… BLAH,…

  25. I’ve been an outspoken critic of Saleh for sometime, but Grant is right, this game shows real effective defensive coordination of scheme and blitzes. When a series of questionable referee calls got under Saleh defense’s skin, they got together and Dallas bodies started flying around. The defense is undeniably coming together and Saleh should get a lot of the credit for that.
    While we’re at it I’d like to give credit to Grant, of whom I’ve also been critical, for nailing his analysis of this game on every point

  26. TomD

    DAMN ! I am screaming….Josh Allen’s FIRST NFL snap and he destroys the Ravens Offensive backfield….I hope all of the Niners FO saw this….meanwhile, Nick Bosa was watching from in front of a TV…Good choice… BLAH,…

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