49ers vs. Cowboys preseason live blog

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel (19) talks with wide receiver Dante Pettis (18) before an NFL preseason football game against the Dallas Cowboys in Santa Clara, Calif., Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019. (AP Photo/John Hefti)

SANTA CLARA — Here’s the live blog for the 49ers preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys.

4:53 All of the 49ers’ starters are inactive except the following:

  • WR Dante Pettis.
  • CB Ahkello Witherspoon.
  • NT Sheldon Day.

5:15 Here are seven things I’m eager to see in tonight’s game:

  1. Who will play defensive end in place of Nick Bosa and Dee Ford? Those replacements might play more during the regular season the 49ers originally anticipated.
  2. Will the 49ers play their Wide 9 defensive alignment against the Cowboys’ one-back sets? If so, how will the 49ers’ outside linebackers hold up against the Cowboys’ offensive tackles when Dallas runs up the middle?
  3. How much will Dante Pettis play, and how many times will Shanahan call his number? Shanahan clearly is playing him for a reason.
  4. How much will Ross Dwelley play, and will he play with both Nick Mullens and C.J. Beathard? I would play Dwelley for at least a half.
  5. Will any wide receiver step up? Will Jordan Matthews get some targets? He has played well during training camp and he seems healthy. Health has been the biggest issue for him in his career.
  6. Who will win the battle for the No. 3 tight end job — Levine Toilolo or Kaden Smith? Or, will the 49ers keep only two tight ends for the first couple weeks of the season?
  7. Who will be the starting slot receiver tonight with Trent Taylor inactive?

6:03 The Cowboys will receive the opening kickoff.

6:04 Mitch Wishnowsky’s opening kickoff lands at the Cowboys four-yard line.

6:11 On third and four from the 49ers’ six-yard line, Sheldon Day tips Dak Prescott’s pass back to Prescott, who catches the ball and loses a yard. The Cowboys kick a field goal and lead 3-0. During that drive, Ahkello Witherspoon gave up a 16-yard catch to Michael Gallup, who ran a curl route. And Emmanuel Mosley committed a 26-yard pass interference penalty trying to defend a fade route from Gallup.

6:23 Trainers cart off 49ers left tackle Shon Coleman, who has an air cast on his left ankle. Coleman is the third offensive tackle on the 49ers depth chart.

6:24 On third and 10 from the 49ers 40, Mullens completes a nine-yard pass to Richie James, who ran a slant route. The 49ers punt on fourth and 1. Wishnowsky’s punt flies out of bounds at the Cowboys’ 14-yard line. During the drive, James dropped a 19-yard pass from Mullens, and Ross Dwelley drew a nine-yard pass interference penalty on third and four.

6:32 On third and eight from the 49ers 22, cornerback Emmanuel Mosley blitzes and forces Cooper Rush to throw the ball away. The Cowboys kick a field goal and lead 6-0. During the drive, rookie linebacker Dre Greenlaw bit hard on a play-action fake and gave up a 33-yard catch to Blake Jarwin. The 49ers also gave up two catches to Cedrick Wilson — one for 11 yards and one for 16 yards.

6:35 Nice blitz design by Robert Saleh on that third-and-eight play. David Mayo pretended to drop into coverage before rushing the quarterback, and Emmanuel Mosley was completely unblocked.

6:40 On third and 10, Mullens throws an incomplete pass intended for Kendrick Bourne. Next play, Wishnowsky punts a ball 64 yards.

6:42 Raheem Mostert leaves the game and walks to the locker room. He has a head injury.

6:43 On third and three, Cowboys wide receiver Jon’vea Johnson drops a pass, and the Cowboys go three and out.

6:45 DT D.J. Jones has a knee injury and is questionable to return.

6:46 It’s amazing how many blitzes teams now run in the opening pre-season game. Used to be base packages and base nickel coverages. Now, it’s almost a full play book with pressures included.

6:51 Trent Taylor had foot surgery today and is out indefinitely. Stay tuned for more information.

6:51 Nick Mullens takes a big hit and throws an interception to linebacker Luke Gifford.

6:57 On fourth and three from the 49ers 36, Marcell Harris commits a holding penalty and Greenlaw commits a roughing the passer penalty. Automatic first down.

7:01 The Cowboys miss a field goal. They still lead 6-0.

7:11 The 49ers P.R. staff says Taylor may return early in the season. He injured his foot on Thursday. During practice, Tarvarius Moore landed on Taylor’s foot after intercepting Jimmy Garoppolo in the end zone. Maybe that’s how Taylor broke his foot.

7:12 On first and 10 from the Cowboys 20, Mullens rolls out of the pocket to his right and fires a touchdown pass to Jalen Hurd. Those two have developed chemistry in camp. The 49ers lead 7-6. During the drive, Dwelley made a 21-yard catch up the seam, and Kendrick Bourne dropped a long pass near the sideline.

7:26 Willie Beavers commits back-to-back holding penalties, and the 49ers go three and out.

7:35 The Cowboys kick a field goal as the first half ends. They lead 9-7 at halftime. Mullens was very accurate — he completed 11 of 17 passes. Plus, two of his receivers (Richie James Jr. and Kendrick Bourne) dropped a couple of Mullens’ long passes. But, Mullens made a bad decision under pressure and got intercepted because he forced a pass over the middle while taking a hit. I wouldn’t expect him to make that mistake again.

7:46 Mostert is out with a concussion. D.J. Jones is out with a knee injury.

8:01 On third and 21 from the 49ers 42, C.J. Beathard overthrows a deep pass to Deebo Samuel, who was open. Beathard completed five of seven pass attempts for 49 yards during the drive.

8:04 On third and 12 from the Cowboys 10 Cooper Rush checks down to Dalton Schultz, and D.J. Reed tackles him after a gain of 10. The Cowboys go three and out.

8:12 On third and seven from the Cowboys 26, C.J. Beathard throws a pick over the middle. He was under no pressure when he threw the ball.

8:15 On first and 10, D.J. Reed commits an illegal contact penalty that negates a sack/fumble turnover.

8:19 The officials eject Adrian Colbert after he commits an illegal hit on a defenseless receiver.

8:35 On third and goal from the four, Hurd run a fade route to the back-left pylon and catches a touchdown pass from Beathard. Hurd has played well tonight. The 49ers lead 14-9.

8:36 Wishnowsky’s kickoff lands out of bounds. The Cowboys start from their 40.

8:37 On third and 17 from the Cowboys 33, Tim Harris gives up a 15-yard catch to Devin Smith, and the Cowboys go three and out.

8:45 On third and 5, Christian DiLauro commits a holding penalty which negates a 25-yard catch by James. The 49ers have committed 14 penalties for 151 yards. Sloppy.

8:50 On second and nine from the Cowboys 39, Robert Saleh calls a blitz, linebacker LaRoy Reynolds strips the ball from Mike White and Tarvarius Moore recovers.

8:53 Wilton Speight replaces Beathard at QB.

8:53 Robbie Gould makes a 53-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 17-9.

9:17 On fourth and goal from the four, Mike White throws an incomplete pass. The 49ers will win. Stay tuned for the good and not so good from tonight’s game.

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  1. And 9…. How will Wishnowsky perform? I know you’re not a fan of punting, Grant. Pretend you’re interested–for some of us anyway.

  2. It was Jerry Jones greeting a 49ers player in the picture. Now it’s, Grant’s man-crush, Big Dick Nick Mullens again!

  3. By a second string defense playing on the first drive and Shanahans comments on pre season games. I don’t believe Bosa or anyone else’s injuries are that bad and they will have a full squad game 1.

    My focus is squarely on two players only.
    Mullen’s and Greenlaw.
    Because if any two players need to be cut it’s Malcolm smith and Beathard.

  4. Nice stop by the defense to hold them to 3.

    Unfortunate start for James. Bourne would have held on to that. ;)

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  5. Not liking the play calling on 2nd and 10. Not sure about this last time, maybe Mullens didn’t give the play enough time but the first time was a quick pass to an outside WR at the los. Both plays were essentially quick strikes to WR on the outside and both had the same result.

    Mullens needs to put more heat on that pass on 3rd and 11. Not sure he wasn’t already throwing that as hard as he could. Might be his only real limitation.

      1. “Despite the naysayers”???????????

        Hurd lit it up, Sebs..

        Deebo did quite well…………

        Their punter did quite well………….

        Cassie? Time to go to the archives on Sebbys negativity. The glass is half-full Sebs and its time to eat some crow!

  6. Same ol Niners!
    Stadium empty ,only screams are for opposing team
    Whole team hurt only first pre season game
    Team not ready to play as always
    Seems like some things never change
    Don’t worry Al Guido says the new curry chicken is excellent and there was a ceremonial raising of the rainbow flag
    Looks like we’ve been Yorked again!

  7. Greenlaw is very “Green” in this NFL game.
    If he cleans up some rookie mistakes he will be a keeper for a long time.

      1. Time for the archives, Cassie! Slippery Sebs is trying to back out of his earlier………….dark………..pessimistic……………………..negative predictions.

        Man up Sebs and eat some crow!

    1. Ha Ha Twinkle Toes
      With those shaved legs and amazing haircut
      What a drafting disaster this team is

  8. Shanalynch is cursed. Bad drafting and team is always sloppy.
    Starting to wonder is there something about the new practice field since Santa Clara became home?
    There sure have been a lot of injuries.
    Trent Taylor again really hurts. This team is going into the pooper. 5-11 this year
    7-9 next then York gets back to Yorking

      1. Hurd could leapfrog Bourne if Bourne continues to drop passes. We already know that Hurd is bigger and stronger. All he has to prove now is that he can consistently make catches.

        Btw, I hope he is OK because took a hard hit to the side of his head on the TD catch.

        A. Walter has looked good as well.

  9. Jalen Hurd:
    He’s big.
    He’s strong.
    He’s physical.
    He catches the ball.
    He holds on to the ball.
    We might just have ourselves a guy who can produce in the red zone.

      1. Hoo hoo hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! My how the worm has turned for you Sebraidah!!!!!!!!!!

        The archives are just a keystroke away.

  10. Nice, Wild came in and ran it up the middle. Hurd scores in the Red Zone. Deebo takes a fly sweep for a first down. Mullens is playing well. No pre snap penalties.
    The Niners are improving. Now, if only they catch the ball better….

  11. I am jumping for joy. Niners are playing well, against a tough opponent. The Niner second dtring offense held the Cowboy first string to a FG.

  12. Hey Sebbie… It’s early, I know… But, please tell us again where your favorite draft board had Hurd slotted…please? I’m embarrassed to say I don’t remember, aside from the fact that you kept poking us in the eye with it.

      1. Your busted on this one, slippery Sebs! Its early, but the future looks bright. You’ve got some crow to eat!! You can already see the difference from this draft class…………and aint nothing you can do about it!

        “The glass is half full….” P.T. Barnum

        1. What? I can say they reached, and he might have been available later.
          However, they did draft him, and utilized him correctly. They used him as a WR, and not a RB. I am glad he is doing well, and hope he can continue to help in the Red Zone.
          I may have pointed out some potential problems, but I certainly did not declare that he was a bust. They should continue to utilize him as a WR so there is less chance he incurs a concussion. Still, if he does incur a concussion, that will be problematic, and if he incurs multiple concussions, all bets are off. I am not rooting for him to become injured, but football is a game of attrition. Injuries do occur.
          What truly is pathetic, is your desperation to find fault in everything I do or say.
          I have just been on the game blog, rooting for the Niners to win. You never do that.

  13. Hurd brings toughness. We have lacked that since Niners WR retired. Cannot remember his name as I was in Middle School on Pacific Heights.

  14. I thought the two WRs look like there future starters and good ones. The punter looks excellent. Greenlaw looks soild as well. Oh just wait until baby Bosa comes back. This draft class looks promising!

    1. And Sebs hatred was there for every one of them……………forever and ever talking about trading back-then trade back again–and then trade those back again…..so you have 14 picks in rds 5-8.

      Niners, baaaabaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Good night for the rookie WRs. Tough night for Bourne. Mullens and Beathard played well considering the protection. Unsurprisingly, reserve O-Linemen need serious work. Good effort by defense. Way too many penalties overall.

  16. Feels nice to win against the cowboys even if it is preseason.

    Liked what I saw from Hurd, Deebo, Greenlaw, Day and Moore. Penalties need to be cleaned up though. I think our Penalties made up 50% of the cowboys overall offense. Not good!

  17. What a punch in the gut. Niners force a fumble, but a ticky tacky foul gave the ball back to the Cowgirls. If you rewind it, an O lineman moved first, so the Cowgirls should not have been awarded a first down. Exum may have held, but it was after the QB was sacked.
    Glad the Niners overcame the officiating. They need to clean up the fouls, but the defense sure knew how to tackle.

    1. Rib neither one established themselves. Once again stats say one thing but doesn’t tell the whole story. Shanny was saying Mullins interception was on Mullins and he thought CJ’s interception was partly due too Hurd.

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