49ers ace test against Panthers

San Francisco 49ers running back Tevin Coleman goes diving into the end zone to score a touchdown as Carolina Panthers strong safety Eric Reid (25) and cornerback James Bradberry (24) look on during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019. In the background is San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Kendrick Bourne (84). (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — Who are these guys?

Two years ago, the 49ers were 0-7. Nobodies. Now, they’re 7-0 and famous. After they annihilated the Carolina Panthers 51-13 on Sunday afternoon, former Packers great Brett Favre wandered through the 49ers locker room holding a George Kittle bobblehead doll, searching for Kittle, hoping he would sign it.

“Anything for a fan,” Kittle said to the Hall of Fame quarterback.

Favre blushed like a teenager.

The Panthers were supposed to be the 49ers’ first real test. The Panthers came into the game with a 4-2 record, and had won four games in a row. But, they were no match for the 49ers. The Panthers never really competed. They finished with 12 first downs and 230 measly net yards.

“You never expect to blow someone out, especially a good team like that,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said after the game. “They’re a real good team. This team will be around at the end of the year. They can run the ball. They play really good defense. Our team was just ready to go.”

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  1. The big question to me is: Will Dante Pettis, CJ Beathard, or Solomon Thomas be on the 49er roster come this Thursday?

        1. Not sure they’d pull the trigger on Beathard for a 6th, and that’s been the scuttlebutt of offers. They don’t need anymore players.

          1. true that but they do have 2 WR’s that may not play this year and another (Pettis) who is playing aweful….team has a fair share of DLman as well….could move a few players to get more help at WR …..team will prob just stay pat

    1. Pettis may be gone, JimmyP doesn’t like him on the field and he is not returning punts like college….wasted pick……

      the press says CJ has inquiries…hhhmmmm…. nobody wants Thomas =unless he is just a throw in to sweeten the pot kinda deal…..

      1. Pettis reminds me a lot of Sanders actually. I think he learns from him and sticks around for the long haul.

        Anybody else notice Solomon Thomas looking like Bosa out there with his hand technique? Love the way this team interacts and helps each other.

        1. Pettis has one on one skills but lacks a “dog” attitude….too soft …. plus JimmyP doesn’t want him on the field…that’s big there

    2. Solomon has improved and is now a solid second team backup. He was a bust as a first-rounder. Sanders is really not the number one PR. He is really a good number 2. Niners must find a tall, fast solid hands number one next year. Pettis is not now nor will he ever be a number one PR. At best-a number 4.

  2. @ Grant, if 49ers MVP Robert Saleh leaves for a HC position next season, is it worth considering Dan Quinn as DC assuming he gets fired from Atlanta?

      1. hopefully not, but hes young and ambitious, sometimes you just can’t turn down an opportunity like that when it presents itself

  3. undercenter says:
    October 27, 2019 at 8:32 am
    This team still has not played its best game on offense and the defense is still growing. JG for the most part has been restrained (game manager). The gloves come off today and the game isn’t as close as the score will indicate. This team is fired up and will win their 7th in a row.

    I normally don’t blow my own horn but I saw this game coming and I still say the team has not played its best game yet.

      1. What a glorious morning…

        I predicted the 49ers final score would be 35-13. It was 34-13 at one point and the 49ers dropped 17 more on top of it. They exceeded my expectations and I expected a blowout.

        I also predicted Kyle Allen would throw a minimum of 2 ints in this game and he did.

        I don’t even get paid for this and still make Grant look like a 2 bit palm reader while I am Zoltar.

        Bring on the next test that doesn’t involve crayons and coloring inside the lines.

        1. Well I predicted Goodwin having a monster game.
          And he would have if………🤣
          The only thing I got right was Carolinas score. The offense saw my score and doubled it. I’ll take that.

    1. As long as we’re tooting – I was the first to call for the team to sign Tevin Coleman (when he became available) despite the fact that we had McKinnon, Breida, Mostert and Wilson. It took some time (with the injury sidelining him) but man he had a monster game yesterday.

      Also, the OL really needs to get credit for yesterday’s game. You don’t have a game like Coleman had without the OL executing on their assignments. The backup tackles have been doing an outstanding job given their NFL experience level.

      1. You know Cubus, my first thoughts going into this season was how was the O-line going to do. The O-line has far exceeded my lowly expectations. You are absolutely correct the O-line played outstanding ball and my hat is off to them.

            1. Yeah but look at yesterday for example. When we were backed up against the goal line we had to use a standard 3 step drop back pass and what happened? We gave up a sack.

              The guys are doing there job but when asked to play a traditional role they aren’t very good if that makes sense to you?

              1. I put that safety on Shanny. Wrong play call with two rookies manning your flanks. Better to have run the ball 3 times, and utilize that punter you spent a 4th rounder on….

              2. The other team knows you are trying to run too. Kyle wanted to get the first down. I like the aggressive approach even though the end result was a safety. If we had better players blocking it wouldn’t be an issue which is exactly my point.

              3. I didn’t like the call at all. If Staley and McGlinchey were in there, then I would have not liked it a lot less. Wrong time and place to be aggressive….

              4. Razor is right. Shanny even admitted that that was a terrible play call and he never should have made it. He even praised Jimmy for holding onto the ball in that situation. I’ll have to look at the film again, but I thought it was actually a 7 step drop in the endzone. Egads!!!

              5. Cubus, I didn’t see Shanny make that acknowledgement but it doesn’t surprise me. It was absolutely the wrong play call….

              6. The ball was on the 1. A 7 step drop is over 10 yds and would have put him out of the back of the end zone.

                Of course he said that, it didn’t work. Would he have still said it if it did work?

              7. On the safety, rolled the dice a little bit on that play. You felt confident on it?

                “Yeah. I didn’t after it. I was kicking myself for that call. We did a run, got it out a little bit. Thought we’d get a little bit different of a look, we didn’t. Always want to put pressure on the quarterback to get it out, never take a sack. But he had no chance on that. Jimmy did a good job just protecting the ball, not making it worse. Taking a safety on that was probably the best play because it was the only play that you could do. I’m just glad we were able to play defense and score the next time we got it, so that didn’t end up biting us.”


              8. Thanks for the link bus.

                The other guys get paid too. Sometimes you guess wrong, it happens a lot. It didn’t concern me. Just like when he chose to pass in the SB ATL lost. That’s just who he is, Aggressive.

              9. @ Travis:

                Your comment about the 7 step drop and 10 yards gave me pause. So I’ve rewatched a highlight and the ball was actually at the four. It looks like a seven step drop in total, but I’m not sure if the intent was only for a five step drop.

  4. Watching them yesterday in those dope Uni’s (my favorite throwbacks) I couldn’t tell if I was watching the 94 or 19 team, besides the QB position.
    Handle business on Halloween.
    This games makes me more nervous than the Carolina game.
    I’m hoping they’re tired of losing to this team, and it will keep the fire lit and not be a trap game.
    A warmup for Russell in a couple of weeks!

    1. “A warmup for Russell in a couple of weeks!”

      Exactly. The defense has not played against a mobile, elusive QB yet. To me that’s the last big test for this D and coaching staff.

    2. “A warmup for Russell in a couple of weeks!”

      Good looking out MD, I was thinking the same thing.

      Murray is a talented young QB that will be a productive player no doubt. But except for a few good players and of course the great Larry Fitzgerald, Murray will be limited until they seriously improve the talent around him.
      That said, he will provide some nice plays on Thursday but it won’t be enough.

  5. In order to “ace” a test, there first has to be a test. Another manufactured questionnaire by the manufacturer of crises.

    1. Right?
      Every week is a test, looks like Slick Eddie
      Gave the Niners the answers before the test, for a cheap price that is. 🤣
      Maybe a little lunch money

  6. Lets hope Breida didn’t re-injure his bad ankle…still wondering what happened to Goodwin…any word on that?

    Trade deadline looming….Agholor?? what are the odds of getting another WR??? he is young enough

    CJ getting traded for a 5th?

    Feels good to be a Frisco fan again…..thanks Grant

    1. Looks like he got hurt right before halftime. I even yelled at the tv saying kneel the damn ball. KS screwed the pooch on that one.

      1. I was with ya on that…..almost threw a coors lite at my bigscreen……let just hope its not the same exact ankle and injury…..ankle’s can be tricky to heal

        1. I love Breida but Coleman is the obvious work horse in this offense. I don’t think there is a very big drop off between Breida and Mostert honesty.

          We are blessed with tremendous depth at RB. Imagine if Jet was able to go this year?

              1. Agreed, but in a short turnaround, I fully anticipate Breida will dominate the touches this Thursday….

              2. Not following. Do you expect Breida to dominate the touches because he sat out the 2nd half of yesterday’s game?

              3. Yes, Cubus. He could have returned to action, but was held out with Thursday’s game in mind. Similar to Staley in my view. Coleman got 24 touches, so I don’t expect them to ride him as hard in this game. Just a hunch….

              4. If they held him out because of the upcoming game and not the ankle, then I follow. I guess we’ll have to wait for KS’ presser today to get a better idea of the injury situation.

              5. The ankle wasn’t a big issue, because they said Breida could have returned to action. All it did was precipitate the logical decision to keep him fresh for Thursday, along with the hot feet of Coleman….

    1. Plenty of motivation to break the Cardinals wings, not to mention The Bosa Constrictor’s promise to make them pay for passing on him….

    2. wonder if we will see Staley or Juice thursday ???? or Goodwin???

      Dwelley seem to do a good job yesterday at FB….no mention of him and I know Grant loves Dwelley…

    3. I don’t see that happening but it’s possible I suppose. I’m guessing you own Breida in a fantasy league or two? :-p

  7. Staley takes over for Skule, and resumes his swing OT duties this Thursday. Won’t see Juice or McGlinchey until MNF against Seattle. I imagine Goodwin will play Thursday….

  8. Sexy Rexy Ryan:

    “Not only are [the 49ers] the best team in the NFC, they’re the best team in the NFL,” Ryan said on ESPN’s “Get Up.” “I look at it this way: Their defense, in my opinion, they suffocate people. This is the best defense in the league, and you also have the best running game in the league. And you could take this anywhere. Any condition, you can run the football, play defense, snow, rain, it doesn’t matter.

    The Bosa Constrictor was bred to “suffocate”!

      1. Except they won’t have to take it anywhere. They’ll be in sunny Santa Clara all the way through the playoffs to Miami.

    1. Good points, but I’m not underestimating Brieda’s drive to get better. After his first season, he worked hard to improve on his pass catching and it definitely showed improvement on the field. He’s already pretty competent at pass blocking but could still improve. “Vision” is more about processing visual information fast, but I won’t be surprised if one can show some improvement with experience and film study, and also eye-discipline.

      1. I think when he watches the tape, he’ll realize he left a lot of yards on the field yesterday by hitting the wrong holes.

    2. I think Brieda is the better runner period.
      Better vision, more elusive, faster and harder to bring down. He’s just smaller, not as good of a receiver or in pass pro.

  9. My favourite thing about watching this team, is that I genuinely get excited when the D is on the field in 3rd down situations. Almost like a “here we go” in anticipation of a sack or a pick or a big play from any number of players. My entire life of watching football I’ve been nervous they wouldn’t get off the field. Not with this team. That’s when the fireworks happen!
    The offence putting up 51 without Staley, McGlinchey and Juszczyk was incredible. The Sanders effect goes well beyond just him. Deebo and Dante will improve because of him. And we saw what his presence does to a defence on that trap play for Deebo. I can’t wait to see what happens when Shanny gets his toys back.
    Go Niners!

  10. From a Cards blog…

    Sell Sell Sell
    This Game on Halloween will be Scary for All Cards Fans for sure…it could be 60-10 by end of 3rd qrt…
    Kittle will have 200 yrds in receiving and their RB’s will need oxygen…

    I would put AQ Shipley and Sweezy on the Trade Block (not sure either would garner any interest)
    Of Course PP would be traded if I was the GM…
    This team needs to start looking at the future…but SK is acting like he can win 6 games this year by his
    additions…thanks SK for hoping/attempting to get to a lower draft pick in the first round

    Send PP to Philly for N. Bradham ILB and a 3rd RD pick…

    Posted by AZKid2011 on Oct 28, 2019 | 10:38 AM

  11. Grant…

    Idea for a fundraiser–supporting those suffering in the wake of recent NorCal fires.

    Gather your greater Bay Area sports media pals and produce sports media bobbleheads. They’d sell fast. Imagine a Grant bobblehead. Bobbleheads for Biderman, Chan, Barrows, Maiocco, Rato, etc, etc. Names that people recognize.

    1. Kicking Seb when he’s down isn’t a good look. He’s having some personal problems, either related to the fires or something else. I’m not exactly clear, because I missed it. I think you should put aside your personal vendetta, and wish him and his family all the best….

        1. Respect goes both ways…I have been a Frisco fan since the 60’s and was showed NO respect from the person in question……I don’t wish ill fate on anybody= but there was no reason for his lack thereof

      1. +1

        Seb and I are completely opposite people. You never kick anyone when their down – well except the Hawks, Cowboys, Packers, Rams and Patriots.

        1. I think many have forgotten the way Seb was when he first was on the blog. I stopped responding or even acknowledging him when he personally attacked Brotha Tuna and demeaned his service while he was with the marines in Vietnam. I’ll admit that he has lightened up over the past several years, but the constant “don’t mess with me or you’ll get what the other guy got” is also not a good look.

          Having said that I’m not wishing ill on him during his time of trouble. It’s just that it’s understandable that some have not forgiven him for personal attacks, in the past, that went beyond attacking posts made on this blog.

          1. I haven’t forgotten, I very rarely respond to Seb. He and I got into it when he first arrived due to his constant comparison of football to war. I always felt responding to the guy whether it be good or bad gave him credence so I tend to abstain.

          2. thanks Cubus….yes I got attacked on a regular basis from him…its ridiculous…I am pushing 70 and have been a fan now for 5 decades or more….= and then get attacked by somebody hiding behind a computer? Its very hard to ignore somebody attacking you= its abuse….abuse is not a good look either

      2. Appreciate your candor Razor, going through fire issues is terrible and I hope no one else has to go through it, your whole life is uprooted. Hope everything else is going ok for him and is family, seems the fire is getting worse not better but some families are choosing to return even those areas are still under evacuation issues and if he did that he may not have any power. These last few areas have been unreal! Appreciate all of you and the team doing well as some fire scars still run deep!

      3. Thanks Razor. We just got the power back on, and nobody in my family had anything more than being inconvenienced. However, over 100 homes were lost, and it was touch and go for a while.
        Guess it took a disaster to keep me off. I could have posted on my wife’s apple, but was too busy dealing with a busted generator.
        This fire was summed up by the Windsor mayor. He raced to his winery, and watched as a wall of flames threatened, rolling down the hill. Fortunately, several water tankers and a helicopter, stopped the advance, and his, and his friend’s winery was spared.
        There I go by the grace of God. His winery, and his town, was spared by the relentless and heroic actions of the fire fighters, some of whom worked for 36 hours straight.

          1. I WAS going to go to my son’s house to watch this next game, but his fiancee’ told me that I could not yell and scream when the Niner’s scored.
            They have a new puppy, and she thinks I scared it too much. Thankfully, the power is back on at my house, so my son will come here to watch, and I expect to yell and scream a lot. ;p
            Your boy Bosa is proving all the doubter’s wrong. Even me. I hoped he would get another sack, but he got 3. That interception was sick. I thought he was going to forget about scoring, and attack Allen.

    2. He got banned? I didn’t mind the guy. I actually appreciated his dedication and commitment. He is just a super fan even if he annoyed some of you. Why did he get banned?

      1. Grant only bans people who call him out for his trying to get a TV gig with the periscopes and the hotmics, instead of doing the beat writer job.

    1. Kittle’s got a little more credibility to start National Tight End Day than 32nd rated punter and 4th round draft pick Mitch Wishnowsky has to start National Punter Day. Maybe Britton Colquitt who the Vikings signed off the street 1 week before the season started should start National Punter Day. He’s about 17 spots ahead of Wishnowsky in average punt yards after all.

      1. Just having fun.

        Do know that Wishnowsky has one less game played than Colquitt (Vikes). And, Wishnowsky has 50% of his punts inside the 20, Colquitt only 33.3%. There’s more to punting effectiveness than average yards.

        1. It’s always in fun. It’s football.

          Colquitt has 8 punts inside the 20 and Wishnowsky has 10 punts inside the 20. Not exactly a big difference. Colquitt is better than Wishnowsky in Net Avg and Avg punting yards. Colquitt was signed off the street 7 days before week 1. Wishnowsky was a 4th round draft pick. Just highlighting the insanity of drafting a punter in the 4th round when you can sign a guy off the street who is just as effective.

          1. I have a feeling that they won’t be doing this again. Shanny pretty much stated that he was irritated that he had to spend time reviewing film on punters – I think that suggests that he was not for drafting one. Lynch has said that there was no one to draft that they felt was better than the personnel they already had on the team and they needed a punter. Well, what about Greenlaw and then injuries resulting in Skule having to start. They probably would have taken him later if there wasn’t the belief that the Patriots were going to take him with their pick that was after the 49ers 4th round pick.

            Wish hasn’t been as good as expected and hopefully that will change. Still I did like the nastiness on that hit he made, even though it caused a penalty. These Aussie kickers don’t mind laying some wood; maybe it’s because they played rugby.

          2. Let’s see where things stand at season’s end. Net average and average yards don’t tell the full picture–not unimportant, but not the be-all end-all. Downed inside the 20 matters, as well as limited return yards–that’s where sound punt coverage comes in.

          3. Yes, it was a poor decision any way you look at it. Even if New England took him in the next round it would have been a poor decision by them.

            To put it simply, if the niners would have chosen to not use the pick and then picked up a ufa… the value would have been comparable.

            In the draft, you draft real players.

      2. Interesting stats:

        Wishnowsky’s punts have generated only 2 return yards (1 TB, 3 fair catches, 6 returns). The coverage unit has dramatically improved.

        Net leader (undrafted Washington Redskin, Tress Way) in punt yard average is 7.6 yards per attempt better than the last place punter. And this is why you don’t spend fourth round picks on punters. This is in addition to the fact that our fourth round pick is averaging less than 3 plays per game. The guy the Pats took in the fifth round is not demonstrably statistically different than the one we took in the fourth. Had we waited, we could have signed one of these guys as an undrafted free agent, picked a football player and still have the production from our punt unit that we’ve had. I’ll defer to the fact that we’re winning, but this could have been a better pick.

  12. Running back Matt Breida lobbied to return to the field in the second half of the 49ers’ game Sunday …
    “I trust the trainers,” Breida said. “We have a short week with a game on Thursday, so trust those guys. They are thinking about my best interests.”
    “I was fine,” Breida said. “But with the quick turnaround, this 100 percent helps me be ready to play.”

    Reserve running back Jeff Wilson exited the game in the fourth quarter with an injury. He was diagnosed for a head injury, but the team’s medical staff determined he sustained a shoulder stinger. Wilson is not in the NFL’s concussion protocol and is expected to be available Thursday, unless he experiences a setback.


      1. These breakdowns are great. Baldy provides a couple of good ones on how the 49ers tricked Kuechly resulting in running TDs. One even shows the frustration that Kuechly had with himself after the misdirection confused him.

  13. I wouldn’t be so quick to replace Moseley with Witherspoon , I’ve seen enough of Moseley he’s the real deal , even without yesterday s pick

    1. Gonna be interesting to see how Saleh handles it. Witherspoon earned the starting job through training camp, so I assume he’ll get his job back after a week of practice. TBD. I’d like to lock up E-Man before the price is wrong….

        1. “…you never lose your job to an injury.”

          This is obviously coach speak. Trent Green, Drew Brees and Drew Bledsoe all lost their jobs to injuries. You ride the hot hand. If Moseley is playing better than Witherspoon, he should continue starting.

    2. It’s really amazing the quality play that the team has gotten from backups. Skule, Brunskill, Moseley. I’ll bet it’s the locker room (and, of course, playing on an undefeated team), that is really helping to motivate these guys to take it to another level. I feel like I’m beginning to understand just how much atmosphere and the state of a locker room can affect the play of NFL football players.

      1. It’s not the locker room, it’s the scouts, coaches, and players.

        While they have been kind of a mixed bag at the top of the draft, the 49ers have done a good job of evaluating and getting talented depth through their day 3 picks and UDFA signings.

        Skule showed the traits in a similar scheme in college while going against many of the best college defensive players week in and week out.

        Similar story for Moseley.

        Brunskill is a guy who took full advantage of his AAF opportunity and when forced to play with the starters in the preseason didn’t miss a beat.

        Saleh deserves a lot of credit for the turnaround of the D, but he’s getting a huge assist from Kocurek and Woods.

        Week after week we hear a similar refrain from the opposition after the game, “they knew what was coming.” That all falls on the coaching staff, and then you add guys like Bosa, Ford, Alexander to the mix and it’s not hard to see why this team is winning.

        1. Ok, I didn’t give enough credit to the coaching staff (I thought about it while writing; don’t know why I didn’t). But don’t you think the comraderie amongst the players and the desire to play better for each other takes it to another level than just the desire to play better for coaches?

          1. Not really. You’re either a good player or you’re not. I think all these guys want to do whatever it takes to win, and those who don’t aren’t around very long.

            1. Jack. I guess it just seems to me that when you play with the kind of camaraderie I mentioned, it’s less likely that guys are making “business decisions” on the field during a game.

          2. I think a lot of those players went through those awful seasons together so the desire to play for one another and win is probably what’s driving them.
            Now coaching and talent cannot be understated as that’s how you win in this league. Look at Cleveland.If they had half a coach they’d be winning. And in Miami, zero talent equals zero wins.

            1. Lynch and Shanny have been extremely methodical with this rebuild, and therein lies their success. Along with a little luck….

              1. Speaking of luck, I saw a comment where someone wrote, if Jimmy G hadn’t gotten hurt last year, the team would not have been in a position to draft Bosa. Okay, but if the Cardinals hadn’t hired Kingsbury, then they probably don’t draft Kyler. Also, if the Browns hadn’t given away that last game in 2016, the 49ers could have drafted Myles Garrett.

                In the end it seems to have worked out well, but was tough for us fans starving for a winning season.

              2. well, w/ the 28th ranked scoring d, even w/ Jimmy, if they were in position to draft Josh Allen, they’d be fine.
                he has 7 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 8 tackles for loss even though the Jags don’t play w/ huge leads where the opposing team is forced to pass.
                he can play olb & is 10x better in coverage than Bosa (although why Bosa was covering McCaffrey is beyond me).
                i’m still worried Bosa will end up like JJ Watt. he took a shot from McCaffrey at 205 lbs that seemed to hurt his ribs or something.

              3. Not sure what 10x in coverage is good for when you’re drafting a qb hunter. Josh Allen isn’t in the same stratosphere as Bosa Constrictor! He should have been drafted #1 overall, and the Cardinals are about to have buyers remorse when Murray is squashed like a bug….

              4. Bosa is better, but they’re not worlds apart.

                Technically speaking, they sure are. Allen will never reach planet Bosa.

              5. Not really. Bosa is a stud and we’re lucky he fell to us.

                The local radio guys were comparing him to LT yesterday. Not sure I agree with that just yet.

                Would be interesting to see the narrative around Allen if the Jaguars were a better team.

              6. The narrative really gets interesting had Little Nicky not been a year removed from football, and dinged here and there as he made his way back to greatness. The Cardinals laid an egg, and in a few days, it’s gonna hatch!

              7. I called it a 3-4 year rebuild process from the moment the new regime took the helm. The young and inexperienced regime didn’t hit on all cylinders out of the gates, but they are now leaving teams in their wake.

                Kudos to Lynch and Shanahan and the entire coaching staff for the huge improvements they’ve made in year 3.
                It’s refreshing not to see or hear the “hotseat” language that was present last year.
                Winning has certainly changed the language and landscape around here.

    3. If Witherspoonreturns to playing the way he did before he got injured they absolutely should stick him back in. As good as Moseley has been, Spoon was playing even better. The play of Moseley just means the team can afford to wait until Spoon is completely healthy.

      1. Gotta disagree, Scooter. E-Man is playing too well to insert Witherspoon, even when he’s 100% healthy. I’d leave him in there, and keep the synergy going….

  14. One team to keep an eye on is Tampa Bay. I think under Arians, Beathard could thrive. His patience could be waning on Mr. Crab legs, and he may decide not to resign him….

      1. Not sure what type of offense they’re running in Miami, but Arians likes to go downtown and that’s where Beathard’s strength lies….

    1. Word is that teams are offering a 6th round pick for CJ. You’d like to get more, but this might be as good as it will ever get. KS was all in on CJB as a pick in the 3rd round and as, at a minimum, his backup. What will he do now. He did cut his ties to Joe Williams (but that situation was different).

  15. Hate to disrupt this Bethard thread, but the 49ers are not ripping apart their 2nd 7-0 team start in franchise history for a 6th Rd. draft pick.

    It’s either a 2nd rounder or fuk off other teams.

    1. A 6th rounder is not a lot, but would trading the 3rd string quarterback “rip apart” the team? The Niners are never getting a 2nd round pick for Beathard.

      1. Hell no they’re not getting a 2nd rounder. I’d pull the trigger for a 5th, and then use it to find another diamond in the rough. Something they’ve proven to be quite adept at doing. You offer a 6th, but I wanted a 4th. Meet in the middle. That’s a fair negotiation….

        1. Yeah, I think a 5th would be good. For some reason, yesterday, I had this thought that Arians might offer a 2nd or 3rd for Mullens. Just came out of the blue and left about as quickly.

  16. The parallels between Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay are amazing. Sean McVay came to the Rams and almost immediately exposed Jeff Fisher as one of the worst head coaches in NFL history. Although it’s taken longer to rebuild the 49er roster, Shanahan has now exposed Dan Quinn as one of the worst head coaches currently coaching in the NFL.

    1. And after the rebuild Shanahan exposed McVay as not quite the genius everyone thought (with a few suggestions coming from Bill Belichick).

      1. McVay walked into a perfect situation and reaped the rewards. He’s having some growing pains since Gurley has struggled and the o-line has been banged up. McVay is a solid coach but I’ve always contended Shanahan is the better coach. Shanahan is the best offensive mind in football. That’s why guys like Dan Quinn will always be a flash in the pan. He’s 100% reliant on hiring outstanding coordinators. When they leave so does winning. Quinn benefited from the Rat in Seattle and then from Shanahan. Quinn may be a decent DC but he’s a terrible HC.

        1. *I stand by my statement: the 49ers are not jeopardizing their 2nd 7-0 start in franchise history for a ‘college level’ 6th rounder.

          If this hypothetical team dealt the 49ers a 6th round pick on the NFL level–say another WR, OL, Db, etc., that helps immediately with their Superbowl march–then the locker room would be more understanding.

          1. yes another WR please..with Taylor and Hurd on IR and who knows if they will come back and Pettis in the dog house they prob should deal away some dead wood and get another guy

        2. I was thinking about Quinn from an owner’s point of view while watching the 1st half of yesterday’s Hawks game. As an owner you think you’re hiring a guy who, at a minimum, is going to provide the team with a high level defense because of the “credit” he received for the Seahawks defense. Atlanta already had a good offense (franchise QB, best WR in the game). But Quinn’s defenses have been mostly disappointing (especially this year) and I still think he deserves more of the blame for the SB loss than KS. It was because of KS that they even got to the SB.

          So does any of this potentially apply to Saleh? Just as a discussion exercise, is there any reason to think he would be more successful than Quinn if he were to take a HC job? It might be wise for him to get a few more years of experience under his belt. Because of the way the FO has built this team, there is a good chance the 49ers will be a strong team for a number of seasons and Saleh can continue to build his resume.

          1. Frankly, it won’t hurt my feelings one bit if Saleh is hired as a HC somewhere. His quote the other day about Eric Reid really got under my skin. He basically said he really loved Reid and his versatility but Lynch & Shanahan made a decision and he (Saleh) just had to live with it. Talk about passing the buck. IMO that’s a freaking weasel a$$ comment. A coach should just say, We did what we had to do at the time and it didn’t work out for Reid to remain a 49er. To take Saleh’s reasoning to it’s logical conclusion then the 49er defenses success is totally dependent on Lynch and Shanahan acquiring the best players and Saleh’s involvement means nothing. So I say, fine by me Mr Saleh. See ya.

            1. Nah gotta keep Saleh if we can……and yes Saleh has a boss or two….just like any other job on the planet…Saleh works for Kyle and Lynch signs the checks….

              1. Obviously, whether someone has a boss or two is totally irrelevant to my point. When speaking to the media, it’s always expected for members of any team to present a unified front. Saleh didn’t do that. He basically said, “Wasn’t me,” which makes me lose respect for the man.

            2. I agree here Houston. It was divisive and unnecessary. Some things stay in house and unsaid. This is the sort of comment that creates a “them against me mentality.” It also points to Sales thinking he is bigger than the brand.
              I agree with the other posters that the additional coaching staff and the additions of Ford and Bosa have been the turn around to this defense. Saleh wasn’t a genius last year. His defenses where quite simple.
              The organization has done a fine job of building depth even at the coordinator positions. Saleh can go to Atl, Cleveland, or Washington.

  17. I could see Beathard in a back up role in Chicago, maybe somebody Nagy could have on the side to work with. I could also see him in Detroit as a back up to Stafford or in Dallas as a back up to Zeke. Flacco might sit out this week, so Denver could be a possibility too. He’s not a starting NFL QB (IMHO).

    Take what you can get at this point and move on.

    1. Yes just get the draft pick……add another WR…….you never know Beathard may be good on another type of offense or with other teammates……kinda strange cause Kittle and CJ were from the same school program and played together….here it didn’t work so well to say the least

    1. HAHA oh the humanities….yes a lot of us wanted Lynch gone with those dreadful draft picks….Grant has had to eat crow and many of us fans as well….its all good

    2. Starts with this…

      Fire John Lynch.

      Fire him in a month. Fire him next Tuesday. Doesn’t matter. Just fire him soon and hire a new general manager, someone with experience. Someone who knows what he’s doing. Not another former-player-turned-broadcaster like Lynch who hasn’t the faintest clue about running an NFL franchise.

      So now it’s 28 October, 2019. Kudos to Grant for changing his assessment of John L…

      1. Yes as stated even fans wanted Lynch’s head…its still an early season a lot can happen between now and the playoffs….but the team seems to work fine with the backups….good year so far all in all….most of us fans are very happy

  18. With the 49ers having now kept four straight teams to 100 or less net passing yards I am seeing a lot of people noting this has coincided with Bosa getting fully healthy. Bosa’s play since the bye certainly has been one element, but can’t dismiss the role Jimmie Ward has played either. He’s been very good and has had a number of pass breakups.

    1. Scooter, I do not recall you ever wavering in your support of Ward. I cannot say the same. Kudos to you, and here’s to him remaining healthy!

      1. I wasn’t a fan of Jimmie Ward but give credit to where it’s due, he’s been really good.
        I never thought paying him all that money while he was injured was worth it, but he’s been solid and has been healthy.
        This regime obviously believes in him and he’s proving it with each game.
        So Jimmie, I apologize for doubting you.

      2. Thanks, but really didn’t mean this as a pat myself on the back moment. I just think Ward’s contribution to the dominance of the D since the bye week is mostly going under the radar and shouldn’t be.

        1. Come on Scooter, we all know his play is clearly because of you! Just kidding.

          This staff has been in with Ward all along.

          1. The team was playing him out of position at CB and Nickel.. It’s was pretty clear he was better suited to be with his eyes facing the LOS.

        2. I’ve always thought Ward was good and even blamed Fangio for putting the rookie Ward in the position of having to guard Brandon Marshall in the endzone with no help (three times no less). The issue with Ward has been health. Let’s be real, he has been injured a lot. And sometimes it seems like he is just reckless – like when he injured his shoulder (clavicle) before the preseason (I think it was TC) by diving at a ball with no pads on. But when he is available to play he is good. A number of regimes have kept him and they’ve all seen the same thing in practice.

          What about Taart? I think he is playing quite well this year.

          What about Greenlaw? I rarely hear his name mentioned during a game. I honestly don’t have any idea of how well he is playing or not.

          1. “What about Greenlaw? I rarely hear his name mentioned during a game.”

            Probably has something to do with the fact that he’s only playing about 34% of the snaps.

          2. Tartt has also been quietly/ under the radar good this season. The CBs are getting the kudos in the secondary but the safeties are doing a very good job too.

          3. The entire team has played very well, its really hard to single out any individual. Cant find anyone on the team in the category of need to get rid of them.

        3. I too ragged on the decision to bring back Ward. Not because I didn’t like him as a player, but strictly because he’s had a hard time staying on the field.
          You’re absolutely right about his effect on the D since coming back though, Scooter. He’s playing great at safety and getting no love.

    1. I am actually a fan of Mullins getting a chance to start elsewhere…I think he could do well starting on some other team but if Jimmy goes down, I want Nick to come in and win games.

      1. Please… you mullens homers make me sick. Go look at all his advanced passing stats. He was a product of this system just like Matt Shaub. Do you know he had the worst aggressive throw percentage in the nfl last year? That means all of those empty calorie stats came from wide open receivers thanks to shanahan. Also, don’t forget he was a bit of a mess on third down.

        1. Do your research before your spout crap…….he broke all of Brett Favre’s records in college….did Jimmy break any records in college???..NO…..did Brady??? NO…..

          Hey .the whole team was a mess when Mullens played…..coming off a 8 game losing streak and he won games= got to give him that…..

          1. Why don’t you do your research?

            Jimmy broke all of tony romo’s records at eastern Illinois. Mullens played with a healthy offensive line and won some games yes. He is a limited back up. He reminds me of case Keenum, who has had some moments in this league. Mullens at the end of the day is not physically good enough to be a starting QB. He is simply the most overrated player on the niners. All his advanced stats indicate that he was made by shanahan. Go look those up. By the way, being better than beathard is no accomplishment.

  19. interesting scenario……..lets be honest our weakest point right now is JimmyG interceptions…….

    what if we go 16-0…..get a bye week…….in first playoff game defense plays great and JimmyG throws 3 int – we lose

    What if Tom Brady wants to come back to San fran to finish up his career……do we let go JimmyG for Tom Brady….

  20. its Games like Thursday night that prove if this team is really humble or they’re feeling themselves a little to much.
    This is not going to be the hardest game this year so far, but it is the most dangerous game.
    This game shouldn’t be close. Doesn’t matter if it’s a rivalry game. The talent and coaching on these two teams are miles apart.
    I’d love to see them come out, handle business, steal their Halloween candy bags and go home for 10 days off.
    Arz is scrappy, but it still should be a no doubter going into the 4th quarter.
    This type of game is the best measuring stick for young teams finding early success.
    Just keep that underdog mentality SF!

  21. Niners and Pats have both played the Browns 3 weeks apart. Results :

    Niners 31 – Browns 3
    Pats 17 – Browns 13
    Jimmy 20/29 , 181, 2 TD, 0INT (Pettis dropped a walk in TD)
    Brady 20/36 , 259 , 2 TD, 0 INT
    Niners Rush – 277 yards
    Pats Rush – 82 yards
    Mayfield vs Niners 8/22 , 100, O TD, 2 INT
    Mayfied vs Pats 20/31, 194, 1 TD, 1 INT

    Browns Rush vs Niners 102 yards (Chubb 87)
    Browns Rush vs Pats 159 yards (Chubb 131)

  22. The Bosa Constrictor is up to 23.2% disruption rate among players with at least 100 snaps, which is at the tippy top of the pops chart in the NFL!

      1. He listens not to sympathy
        Whilst ruler of this land
        Withdraw your feeble aches and moans
        Or suffer smite from this my hand

        Bosa Conqueror of all
        Bosa Hideous destructor
        Bosa Every man shall fall

  23. So I’m watching the game on tv now.
    And did anyone else notice the look Reid gave the 49ers sideline after he hit Breida on the goal line first drive?
    The long stare over at Kyle.
    Very next play they throw at him for a TD.
    This is making me feel good.
    I’m betting Kyle said throw at his a**! 🤣🤣

    1. What’s with Reid’s attitude? Team supported his dissents with Kap. He was drafted for one type safety, system changed, he was allowed to find greener pastures. Get over it.
      Likewise the total BS about SF black balling Kap. Team never flinched or made a peep about his free speech social protest. He opted out. They let him leave to seek other options and he too didn’t fit the new scheme. So he’s being blackballed? Pft! Suck it Seb. Suck it Kap. Suck it Reid. Niners 7-0; eat your hearts out chumps.

      1. On TV and Maiocco reported primarily discussions happening. Nothing final.

        If they do a trade for another receiver that just means that Taylor and Hurd won’t be back this year

        1. 49ers & NFL News 24/7
          On Chicago Radio… @AdamSchefter hinted that the #Bears could trade WR Taylor Gabriel for #49ers QB CJ Beathard.

          4:35 PM – Oct 28, 2019

          1. A bit more….appears to be speculation….

            ESPN’s Adam Schefter is the most tuned-in guy in the business, so when he suggests the Bears might be kicking the tires on a potential quarterback trade, it’s time to really pay attention. In this case, while appearing on Kap and Company on ESPN 1000, Schefter suggested the Bears may tap into the 2017 talent pool to find at least competition for Trubisky down the stretch: 49ers backup, C.J. Beathard.

            “[If] somebody made them an offer for a late-round pick, they’d take it. Give them — I’m making this up — a sixth or a seventh … yeah, they’d take that, I think. … [For Chicago], that might be a guy that’s worth bringing in for a seventh. Maybe you go trade Taylor Gabriel — you know what, now that I think about it, how about Taylor Gabriel for C.J. Beathard?

            “Quarterbacks are currency, so you can never go wrong with a quarterback. Kyle Shanahan knows how to use Taylor Gabriel as well as anything. They’re winning, and Taylor Gabriel would be dangerous in that offense. Again, we’re just spit-balling here. Who knows what the deal is. I’m sure that’s probably not a trade that could happen.”

      1. Excerpt from MT2’s article in The Athletic:
        “Ronald Blair, who also had a sack Sunday, said it’s not a one-way street in the defensive line crew. Bosa has input beyond his years. He doesn’t just get tips from the veterans; he gives them, too.
        Blair said one tip he got from Bosa was watching how an opposing tackle turns his shoulders and the different hand placements based on how his pads are angled. For those who are more square, Bosa shared how to “open the door” on them, essentially turning the shoulders to get the desired angle.
        Rookies don’t usually do that.”

    1. Gabriel….I think the team stays pat….but there is some dead wood on the team= CJ comes to mind as does SThomas…..

      1. Thomas is not dead wood and CJ isn’t dressing. So the player you trade for has to be able to dress and if you do dress him who do you sit? Its all about the 46 not the 53.

        1. Yes but teams are calling about CJ= he is deadwood if he is not dressing…..SThomas has done nada= second team player (6 sacks in his career…Bosaconstrictor already has seven) = we have other players on the DL JTaylor etc that can do his job better sorry….opinions vary ….don’t shoot the messenger…

          1. I don’t shoot messengers but how about answering the question above. Who do you sit? So everyone that isn’t dressing is dead wood? When the injured come back there are going to be different players that are not dressing that are currently dressing , are they deadwood? Give me answers, I just might agree with you.

    1. OH my….Pitt was smart to get rid of ABrown and Bell….I had to crack up when I heard he Bell had 500K worth of gold chains stolen from his GF’s….lol…I think Pitt made both players look better than they are…course the Jets are dreadful

    1. Are the Bears going to trade for 49ers QB C.J. Beathard?

      The Chicago Bears have a quarterback problem. Whether the front office, coaching staff or fanbase wants to admit it, after 32 starts with Mitch Trubisky under center, there’s less certainty about this team having a franchise passer than at anytime since before Jay Cutler arrived in 2009.

      ESPN’s Adam Schefter is the most tuned-in guy in the business, so when he suggests the Bears might be kicking the tires on a potential quarterback trade, it’s time to really pay attention.

      This sounds like nothing more than speculation by Schefter at this point, but there’s smoke beginning to rise from Halas Hall when it comes to Trubisky’s future. If they’re entertaining the possibility of a trade, it’s because they’ve seen enough to know that they really don’t know if he can play.


  24. now you have to start thinking of Bosa as a very real candidate for Defensive Player of the Year. Lawrence Taylor (1981) is the only rookie to win DPOY, and Bosa’s impact on the Niners is similar to LT’s on those Giants.

    —NFL.com power rankings (#2, we are coming for you Pats. Chomp chomp!)

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