49ers and Adam Gase — good match or bad idea?

This is about gravitas and Adam Gase.

Gase is the favorite to be the next head coach of the 49ers. Gase is the only coach the 49ers have interviewed twice so far this offseason — they interviewed him for a second time Tuesday, according to reports.

Gase is 36 years old. He looks like a teenager. He has been an offensive coordinator for two whole seasons and has done impressive things like work with Peyton Manning.

Gase may be a whiz.

But, does he have gravitas?

Gravitas is the key word in this column. It means dignity, seriousness, solemnity of manner.

Does Gase have the gravitas to boss 49ers veterans? Do you have a life-sized picture of Gase convincing grizzled superstar Justin Smith not to retire, or Smith even answering Gase’s phone call?

Can you picture Gase telling intimidating veteran Anquan Boldin what to do? What about Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman or Aldon Smith?

They have gravitas. Hard to imagine them taking orders from a 36-year-old Michael Cera lookalike. I only can picture them giggling in his face.

Bowman said he wants Vic Fangio to be the head coach. Fangio said he wants out if the Niners hire Gase instead of him, according to NFL.com. How will Gase get Bowman’s respect if Gase comes at Fangio’s expense?

Fangio deserves to be the 49ers’ head coach. He has gravitas in spades. The locker room and the community already respect him. He kept the 49ers together this season after Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman lost the players’ confidence. The players listen to him.

Why run the risk the players won’t listen to Gase?

“Gravitas-shmavitas,” you might be saying. “Gase is the top offensive coach available, and the 49ers need someone to help the offense.”

Good point, imaginary reader. If the Niners want an offensive coach, Gase seems to be one other teams want. The Broncos had the best offense in the NFL in 2013 — Gase’s first season as the offensive coordinator. And the Broncos had the fourth-best offense in 2014.

Since becoming a coordinator two years ago, Gase has coached a Hall of Fame quarterback (Peyton Manning), and four elite receivers (Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and Wes Welker).

The 49ers don’t have those kind of players. The Niners have great run-blocking offensive linemen (Joe Staley, Alex Boone and Anthony Davis), a young, powerful running back (Carlos Hyde), and arguably the best fullback in the game — Bruce Miller.

Last season, the 49ers were 7-1 when Miller was on the field for more than 27 plays, and just 1-7 when he was on the field for 27 or fewer. The more Miller played, the better the 49ers played. Miller embodies the 49ers’ offensive identity, an identity Anthony Davis and other players have said the Niners must embrace. That identity is brutal power-running football.

Gase didn’t use a single fullback on his offense this past season. The Broncos didn’t even have one on the roster. He runs a one-back, pass-heavy offense. He has receivers running all over the field like ballerinas gone wild. Think an updated version of what Mike Martz used to run. Gase is Martz’s protégé. Martz flopped in San Francisco and is no longer employed in the NFL.

The worst thing Gase could do is impose his finesse passing offense onto the 49ers’ power-running personnel. If he tries that, he could lose the team before mini-camp. If he tries that, he will fail. The 49ers are not built to play football the way Gase coaches football. This is an obvious case of philosophical differences.

The worst thing the Niners could do is force Gase to learn and run the Niners’ current running game. That would be an Al Davis move. In 1988, Al Davis hired Mike Shanahan and demanded he run Al Davis’ offense. Shanahan refused and failed — didn’t last even two seasons. What was the point of hiring him in the first place? When you hire a coach, you’re hiring him to do what made him successful. Shanahan and the Raiders were a bad match. Gase and the 49ers are an equally bad match.

The 49ers already have one of the most successful running schemes in the NFL — Greg Roman and offensive line coach Mike Solari created it together. Roman is gone, but Solari isn’t. Let Solari build the offense around his running game that ranked top four in the NFL the past three seasons. Let runs open up the passing game, if Colin Kaepernick can learn the passing game — if not, get another quarterback. Put the offensive focus back where it belongs. Make Solari the 49ers’ offensive coordinator.

I hear you squawking over there, imaginary reader. You’re saying the 49ers need a quarterback guru most of all, an offensive coordinator who can develop Kaepernick.

But, that’s what a quarterbacks coach is for. Jeff Garcia is available. Jeff Garcia is a former 49er. Hire Garcia as quarterbacks coach under offensive coordinator Mike Solari and head coach Vic Fangio.

Forget Adam Gase as head coach. Forget him as anything.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. Funny, many reports I’ve read, including interviews with Broncos players talk about how good Gase is at getting players respect, and how he has great presence, is a good teacher and really connects with the players. But hey, if you say he doesn’t have the “gravitas”, who am I to argue.

      1. I’m on the fence. I have heard/ read a lot of positive things about the guy and what he might bring to the table, but I think there are reasonable concerns as well. One reasonable concern is whether the 49ers personnel will mesh with his offensive philosophy, though from what I have read he’s a creative guy that is more about finding ways to put his players in a position to succeed than a guy that is stuck in his ways and tries to fit players to his ideal.

        I think it interesting that Grant already knows he won’t be able to get respect out of the locker room because he lacks “gravitas”. Has Grant even met the guy?

        1. Scooter the defensive personnel is pretty much set. The things Baalke and the next coach have to decide is what to do with a raw QB, a power orientated offensive line and where to start at the skill positions. The entire WR unit is expendable including Boldin and Hyde and Hunter are the only ones under contract. Form there it’s an open canvas. What a great situation for Gase or anyone else coming into the job.

          1. A lot of the offensive pieces are already in place. QB, Offensive line (even if they lose Iupati they have ready made replacements waiting in the wings), RB, TE, and some WRs. While they will likely bring in some new pieces (a WR or two, a backup RB, backup QBs, maybe a TE) they won’t completely overhaul the offense in one season.

            Any new HC/OC will need to work with the personnel the 49ers have in place.

          1. He has a point of view. That’s his job. Why do you have such a problem with it? Go watch Joe Fonzi already. You don’t even take issue with the content.

            1. best comment I’ve read.

              People around here need to shutup with their endless online negativity. Grant is doing a great job.

              1. Whereas I will acknowledge that Grant is paid to have an opinion in this instance how does he know that Gase lacks gravitas? As someone else asked – has he met Gase? Apparently, Gase has earned the respect of Peyton Manning, Steve Mariucci and Nick Saban. Everything that I have read about Gase said that he is bright, creative and willing to adapt to the personnel he has. I think that this is what is needed to fix the offense.

      1. I think there is enough there to think they definitely want him. Question is, does he want the 49ers?

        1. Yes, that’s the question. We are not the only team who wants him. People seem to assume he will sign if we beckon. We’ll know soon.

    1. He’s the resident 49ers troll… just like his dad who got him a job, how dare you question him??? It’s best not to take him seriously. He doesn’t remember much about the NFL, or things that have occurred in the league… maybe like Gase being a part of a run based offense as the broncos QB coach in the dark tebow era. Or that it was Mariucci (not Martz) that gave Gase his first NFL job coaching. Or that Mariucci gives Gase really high praise. Or that the last 5-6 weeks Gase has had to make a mid-season switch to a run based offense because Peyton is done.

      Gase is terrible because he designed an offense around its strengths and coaxed the best season in peyton’s career out of him when he was a frail old man with a broken neck. What a terrible OC.

      1. No. Gase was dealt an incredible hand and has shown little ability to capitalize and adapt when the best on-paper strategy breaks down.

    2. I’m a little concerned about his youth too, mainly because becoming a HC puts a lot of added responsibility on his plate. However, that is really the only negative I can truly come up with and if we are being honest, every one of the candidates is going to have a question mark in some regard.

      Sean Payton wasn’t Sean Payton until the Saints gave him a HC job. I don’t think you can judge a guy until he gets a chance to show what he can do.

  2. If Gase becomes HC, he will be understood to be Baalke’s pick (my understanding is that Baalke was the only one to interview Gase today). If during the first season or two, Baalke senses that Gase is not getting the respect that he deserves from the players, I believe he will get rid of those players. Why? Because Baalke’s neck is on the line for choosing Gase. Baalke will try to bring in players that will show respect for Gase. Most likely he would move on from the old players, which won’t be that hard to justify to the fans. As a player you either buy in to the new direction or you don’t (doesn’t that pretty much happen when NFL teams make major transitions – happen at least initially). If that disrespect continues on, then I think he’ll realize that maybe Gase is not cutout to be a HC.

    Having said all of that, I’m not sure about Gase as HC. It’s a big risk, but probably has a big potential reward as well.

    1. Just want to add, when you really think about it are there any players on the team that are irreplaceable. It’s not like we have an Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. And Fangio showed that the defense could play well without it’s top stars. So again, the players either buy in or they become earmarked to be moved off the team one way or the other.

      Now the relationship between Gase and Kaep would be more interesting. Any rift there could be a good excuse for Baalke to get rid of one or the other.

  3. Grant, I see your point about the differing philosophies but don’t you think Gase would be flexible enough to adapt to the 49ers personnel? The things I’ve read about him have suggested as much.

    1. Tend to agree. After all, Gase is a relatively young man. Does he really want to have a bad first stint as HC that could ruin any future chances?

      1. If he sees the 49ers and Baalke as a misfit he will turn any offer down. He has enough gravitas to handle that.

    1. It will be hard to build a staff after the Superbowl, and no way to be sure that Quinn would want the 49ers.

      1. Hopefully they only have to wait until this weekend but I do agree but that’s who I have heard.

        1. That’s what I heard also,just don’t want to lose Fangio but at least we would steal one from the Hawks

          1. They seem to rank two candidates, Tomsula and Gase, ahead of Fangio which, if true, will insure that they can’t keep Fangio. So much for continuity in the defense.

  4. Your analysis might be correct. Your need to belittle the person you’re analyzing lacks gravitas big time.

  5. Singletary was known for undervaluing quarterbacks in football. What do Tomsula and Solari think of the importance of quarterbacks in football.

  6. The impression that’s “leaking” out of the 49er front office is that Fangio has too much gravitas for Baalke and Jed.

    1. Or maybe Fangio has decided that Baalke and Jed don’t have enough gravitas for him.

      The wheels keep turning.

    2. If they select Gase, then Baalke conducting the second interview alone was likely a setup by York. If things go south, York can blame Baalke.

        1. He needs “cover” with the fans mostly. But I agree if what you are saying is that there are little to no tangible consequences – although selling tix to the “house that Jed built” (in his eyes) might be a tangible consequence.

          1. Jed has sold all the seat licenses. No problem for him there. He’s also got people paying for licenses, paying for tickets, and paying to watch the game on TV while eating and drinking in his new money pit.

            1. I thought the seat licenses merely give a person the right to buy season tix. What if fans decide to just dump their investment if they can’t find another buyer (i.e. they don’t buy season tix).

              1. You can walk away, and I assume there will be some of that this year- at least in the upper deck where the investment wasn’t as stiff. There is no longer a seat relocation plan though, which I don’t like, as you have to seel and repurchase PSL’s.

                Just fyi, my lower corner endzone seats had a PSL of $6k, but they locked the $125 game pricing for 3 years and you can finance the PSL ………… that said, I miss my $60 Stick tix and the Raiders are a great deal. I sold a lot of the games this year to pay for some of the PSL.

              2. There are no refunds. If I sold you my seat licenses that would mean that you wanted to buy tickets enough to pay for the privilege. That wouldn’t cost Jed a penny. If you just don’t use your license, then you are out what you payed for it and the team can sell your seats to someone else on a game by game basis.

                A seat license, which ranges from $2,000 to $30,000 for most seats, plus season tickets that cost from $875 to $3,500 annually, do not include the very best seats. Those seats, including free food, drinks, and parking coast $80,000 per seat.

                Our son went to a game with a ticket provided by a company looking to to business with his company. The seat was row 14 on the 35 yard line and the license for that seat was $30,000.

              3. Thanks. They could still make less money then they’d like, but I see now that they’ve reduced risk substantially.

    3. Fangio is no longer in contention in the opinion of Maiocco. Gase or Tomsula according to him….

  7. Grant, you got to cool it. If what you say is true, why would the Niners pursue this guy? They didn’t fall off the turnip truck. Let’s see what happens.

  8. ….Whew…Grant….you are definitely on a mission to state the obvious.

    !!!……York please give him Fangio before he explodes….

  9. My head has seen both shoulders my chest and back with all
    Of this “who’s it gonna be” get it over with so I can have my opinion on the hiring

    1. get it over with so I can have my opinion on the hiring
      Yea we all can’t wait to hear that.

  10. Maybe Gase is a great leader. A guy who players will relate to. A guy who players will rally around because he is smart and honest. A guy who has great charisma and football intellect.
    Today’s athlete does not respond to being “bossed” around or “told” what to do.
    I like the idea of Gase but none of it will matter until he can form a bonafide staff. The reason Harbaugh was so successful and Singletary wasn’t because they had very differing coaching personnel. All Gase has to do is being a leader of men. Easier said than done but experience and age and what he looks like won’t matter till how he preps and executes within the regular season.

      1. That’s the master plan. There will be no ideas relating to the football operation that doesn’t emanate from Baalke and Jed. Smooth sailing. Look for the team to move to hot sunny side of the stadium in 2015 as originally planed by Jed. Very smooth sailing ahead.

    1. He may not get an offer from Baalke that would tempt a mole to move from Denver to Santa Clara.

      1. Don’t buy that. The 49ers know they need to pay market price. Harbaugh’s contract averaged $5 million per year. Garrett at Dallas just got an average of $6 million per year. Maybe they can try to low ball him at first if he desperately wants the job, but that strategy seems unlikely to work.

        1. Harbaugh whispering to Baalke behind closed doors: Oh this would have been so much easier if we’d just paid Harbaugh what he wanted.”

        2. You are assuming that they really want him, Remember how Baalke treats his players when they reach free agency. He sets a price and it’s a take it or leave it situation.

  11. Well Grant, I have to admit that I actually think you have a point… heck, even a couple good points in here. I agree that the 9ers should not try to reshape themselves into something they are clearly not (e.g. a finesse offense). Nor should they try to force a coach (new or old) to be something he is clearly not. Jeff Garcia as QB coach and Solari as OC? Hmmmmm… not so sure. But arrrrrgggghhh! Why can’t you make the occasional good point without the underlying, continuous, overtly obvious, and unwarranted arrogance and pouty spite for any member of the 49er organization you don’t like? Why must you always include the passive aggressive and punitive attacks on anything you don’t agree with? Can’t you disagree with something or someone without showing an utter lack of respect? Respect… a word often linked with gravitas. I would say look it up, but since you clearly think none of your readers are intelligent enough to know what it means, you defined it for all of us dunces above.

    1. Grant doesn’t care if we respect him or not. He cares about the number of clicks, and this type of journalism, designed to illicit outrage, is very effective at that.

  12. You nailed it with this article Grant. I’d also like to add that despite all of those weapons Gase had at his disposal in Denver, he was smoked by the Rams D and beaten twice by the Seahawks. Gase is not the answer to what ails the 49ers.

    1. Midwest: My opinion: you can’t plug in Pro-Bowlers and expect the same rhythm of a high-caliber team that’s played together for 3 years.

  13. Barrows is tweeting:

    “GM Trent Baalke expected to fly back to California tonight without Denver OC Adam Gase, who is meeting with Broncos.

    “Does not mean that 49ers won’t offer Gase the HC job, just that it’s not expected to be wrapped up tonight.”

  14. Grant how does fangio help kaep, pat him on the butt and say try harder lift more weights? Kaep is not Brady or manning or wilson , he needs help and lots of it. ( ps how well did belechek and Carrol do without Brady and Wilson…they lost) right now luck wilson Brady and rodgers are playing to win the super bowl, think running the ball is more important than a great qb? Seifret couldn’t do nolan and sing went through 6 oc s , you want to alex smith him? Whose going to help the ol, fangio or tomsula ha ha. If your worried about his youth, then how about shanahans! ( guess Montana young jones etc… Are too dumb for jed to listen to)They run the ball, they have worked with running qbs, one won 2 superbowls after being destroyed in 2 others. Reason the 49ers are after gase, because elway and manning are. Guess their stupid too. Hey maybe the smart yorks will go after a d coach who comes cheap, nolan or sing will do it for a bag of chips!

  15. Grant instead of writing an article that should be titled “Why Grant thinks the 49ers are dumb if they hire Gase.” I’d be more interested in reading your analysis of why Baalke thinks he might be the right guy. I’d have to imagine that if you actually did know how to run a football team better then Baalke that you would be employed by the NFL and not the Press Democrat. So since Baalke does know more then you and is more qualified for the job then you are why not spend some energy on trying to understand it from his perspective. What is he seeing in Gase that you’re missing?

    1. CFC

      Grant doesn’t care to do the work required for the type of article you are describing. He’s lazy.

      1. BINGO
        E nailed it. gone are the articles that breakdown the weekly matchups and give an advantage to one side or another. Or a statistical breakdown of trends and situations. Replaced instead by opinion pieces that ignore facts while promoting an agenda that is generated to drive traffic by riling up the fanbase. looooong ofseason ahead oh the horror

        PS. Stay tuned for the tantrum grant throws when the new HC is announced (unless its Del Rio whom Grant wanted)

    2. Grant doesn’t know anything about Gase other than his age and what he looks like. Makes it hard to write an insightful article, so he just goes TMZ as usual.

      1. Don’t fret Rocket. Grant is going to be breaking the story of the new head coach. On a side note, so nice not see the Bayarefanatic on here polluting.

  16. Doesn’t matter cause the niners are gonna suck for a good long while. Karma is a b*tch and that’s what they are going to be dealing with…

  17. If Baalke couldn’t talk Gase out of interviewing with Denver, then there is at least some chance it’s like the visit with Singletary where a “famous” Superbowl wining quarterback know in thirty minutes where his football home was.

    I think Gase is now a long shot, and we could have Tomsula as head coach before Thursday.

    I’m going to miss Fangio.

    1. The last time I recall a young genius getting this much praise was when Mangini was a hot commodity. That didn’t exactly work out.

  18. Maybe the bleakness of Baalke’s flight home tonight will stimulate some of his little gray cells.

  19. Grant:

    With regards to age, you do realize that McDaniels is only 38. Your golden boy, Del Rio, because head coach of Jacksonville when he was either 39 or 40.

  20. C’mon Grant. I like some of your stuff but other times you seem to be making things up as you go. Your whole column is about gravitas but you really don’t know if Gase has it or not. Have you ever been in a room when he was talking with a player? You haven’t. Therefore this is just fluff you are pulling from the air. Also your logic here is playing against itself. If Gase had gravitas with Manning why in the world would he have a problem calling and talking with Justin Smith?

    The fact is that the Broncos had the 2nd most points and were 4th in passing and 15th in rushing. Doesn’t sound like “ballerinas running wild” to me. It seems like you are advocating the 49ers having the same boring, ineffective offense as we had under Harbaugh. The fact is that the 9ers were at the bottom of the league all 4 years. You want more of that? I’d rather have ballerinas scoring touchdowns then wide receivers whose best skill is blocking on a running play.

    Forget Gase! I hope not. Forget gravitas and ballerinas and let’s welcome a brilliant, young offensive mind in Mr. Gase to 49er land.

    1. Gase is a brilliant offensive mind? Did the Broncos offense change between 2012 and 2013?

  21. Grant – These snotnose kids were younger than Adam Gase when they became NFL coaches:

    Mike Shanahan (35)
    Mike Tomlin (34)
    Bill Cowher (34)
    John Gruden (34)
    Don Shula (33)
    John Madden (32)

    How in the hell did these youngsters tell ANY NFL players what to do? They all must have been failures as NFL head coaches.

    You say the key word is gravitas but I’m nearly twice your age so I say the key word is “acquiesce”, which means….accept something reluctantly but without protest. The veteran players on the 49ers have pride in their profession, they will do what is expected. They will do their duty as professional football players no matter who their coach is. They will be prepared to acquiesce.

    Are you kiddin me?? If Peyton Manning endorses Adam Gase, that’s good enough for me.

    1. Crab:

      Thanks for doing the research to resoundly thump Grant’s assertion regarding Gase’s age.

      1. Hammer – Peyton doesn’t come from a family of bull $hitters. I would think both you and Grant would like Gase. He’s a numbers kind of guy, very analytical.

        In an article last year Gase said…. “I enjoy the numbers of a sport,“And there is something special about football, probably because there is so much time between games. I love analyzing and planning for a game — 10 hours of work feels like one.”

        Adam Gase is a “stat huggers” dream. :-)
        I hope the Niners get him, as long as we don’t lose Fang. I’m sure Fang has some input in the outcome…….TBD

        1. Crab,

          If the 49ers are looking for analytical/stats guys one just became available yesterday to run the defensive side too.

    1. I was wondering who he reminded me of and now that I think about it, he does look like Mclovin’s sidekick.

  22. If Gase has ANY choice, he won ‘t be working for York/Baalke. Only coaches who have no other choice will come to the 49ers. Fangio/Tomsula lovers, not to worry. Odds on your side big time. Next year: 4-12.

  23. @Just for the fun of it….

    I say that Jed and Baalke were hoping for a surprise announcement, but the playoffs kept their mouths shut….I think that the Patriots lose and immediatly we get the announcement that Josh McDaniels is the 49ers new HC

  24. This article actually made me laugh. Kudos for the humor. In all seriousness, I agree. Fans should be terrified of Gase coming on as HC. They need a HC personality, someone that commands respect who can complete the staff in a way where we can maintain our dominance on the defensive side while BECOMING the dominant force on offense we SHOULD be if personnel were utilized properly.

  25. The offensive line performed well below its talent level. They last thing we need is to elevate the O-line coach. Our goal should be to win the superbowl. This means the niners have to get by Seattle. With our defense, we can beat Seattle if we can score 21 points or more. Your not going to get 150 running yards a game, unless the bulk is QB scrabbles.


  26. What happend to the only choice Del Rio? Thought he was perfect fit? Despite all of the facts you just layed on the table about Fangio. You are the best at forget everything I’ve ever written because i take other people’s thoughts and make them into mush.

  27. Wow, Harbs hired his 25 year old son Jay as TE coach at Michigan…..That’s pretty cool….Go Blue!

  28. I feel the exact same way as Grant. I don’t care if Gase is an offensive guru. He should be an offensive coordinator. Watching some of his interviews when he was OC at Denver, he talks like a film geek. I’m not seeing any leadership qualities from his demeanor. I think Baalke and York want someone they can Assert their power over. Give Gase 10 more years of experience – I’ll take him at 46 yo.

  29. With the Jets hiring Todd Bowles, and the 49ers doing their Tomsula/Gase dance, we could wind up facing Fangio twice a year in Arizona. Oh Joy.

    1. From Jason La Canfora:

      “With Bowles going to the Jets expect the Arizona Cardinals to quickly hire Dick LeBeau to replace him running their defense”

      I remember scoffing at Scooter when he first suggested that this could happen (after all LeBeau is 77 years old). Hasn’t happened yet, but I might owe Scooter at the very least a pat on the back. :)

      1. You made a good point about his age. I read somewhere he may be hired as a consultant rather than DC.

  30. When people like Ted Tollner sing Gase’s praises, it’s encouraging. Denver’s FO and the players think he’s definitely got what it takes to be an NFL head coach. So do tons of NFL analysts around the country. Like Tollner says, he thinks Gase is ready, but we’ll never know if he isn’t hired. Any coach is a bit of a gamble…Mike Shanahan has arguably the most impressive resume, very bright offensive mind and great w/QB’s. Todd Bowles is another guy highly respected and deemed ready to be a head coach. Fangio’s never been a head coach, like Bowles and Gase. He does have 15 yrs as a DC…which begs the question why hasn’t anyone given him a shot to be HC.

    1. John Clayton was on the radio this morning and stated that Denver GM Elway was not interested in hiring Gase as HC.

      1. That was yesterday. Today they talked. Also, Baalke came home last night without reaching the point of talking contract terms with Gase.

  31. Now that Bowles is a Jet, if Gase stays at Denver its going to be a strange feeling in Baalke’s office… kind of like sitting in a warm tub, dozing off, then waking up cold and slimy because the water drained while you were sleeping.

    Seriously, I was pining for Fangio [stability]. Then I read up on Gase [creativity] and stared feeling good. I’m sure the “good” jinxed Gase into staying at Denver. And its all my fault for being so wishy-washy.

  32. How can you possibly criticize the team for canning Harbaugh and then write an article with gravitas as a theme? Jim Harbaugh has a lot of strong qualities for a head coach. Gravitas is not one of them.

  33. Everyone is assuming that Gase is the front runner. That may not be the case. The 1st interview with Gase was restricted to only 4 hours. Perhaps Baalke wanted a follow up interview for that reason only, to spend more time and get all his questions answered.

    I’m still hopeful for a Fangio/Kyle Shanahan coaching staff.

    My wish, however, is for the front office to be bold, forward thinking and hire Gus Malzahn.

    1. Just as many question marks around this combination as hiring Gase Nick. Fangio has never been a HC. Nobody is interested in hiring him as a HC, including the Niners it appears. He’s done a great job here, but has a history of defenses getting worse over time. There’s a big difference between sitting up in the Coaches booth calling defenses and running the entire team. The league has obviously come to the conclusion, at least for now, that Fangio is a better DC than HC candidate.

      Malzahn would be interesting but I don’t think he’s looking for a pro job, or at least has been asked to interview for one.

  34. A Gase-ous cloud of uncertainty hangs over the 49er empire. Meanwhile, Grant is filing up buckets of gravitas from the barn. If he spreads it nice and evenly over the Levi field, then as Chauncey Gardner would aver, “There will be good growth in the new season”.

    1. “There will be good growth in the new season”.
      I sure wouldn’t mind ‘being there’ when it does. :)

  35. Singletary had gravitas … nuff said. (I ‘ll take an exciting offense. Are we SURE Mike Martz won’t come back? (He took a team to SB winner as OC and another to SB as HC and man, his teams can pass. Might be low on gravitas though.)

  36. Now that I’ve had time to give this more thought … you know Bud Grant and Marv Levy are both still alive and could alternate games (respecting their ages). Double gravitas. Tarkenton for OC.

  37. I’m expecting a report that it’s expected that Fangio will be talking to Arizona among others in a day or two.

  38. You’re insulting Boldin, Willis, Bowman, Justin and Aldon by insinuating that they’re not professional enough to listen to their head coach because he looks young. Is that how you conduct yourself in your field? Time and again you prove that you’re an amateur.

    1. Just because Gase is a film geek and ‘innovative’ doesn’t mean he has good leadership qualities.

      A good example is Dennis Allen. I have a feeling that Gase is Dennis Allen 2.0 when it comes to leadership.

  39. Grant,
    First you rattle off Gase’ accomplishments and then you circumvent yourself by saying he’s not qualified because of his age and looks.
    Obtw, the Garcia ship has sailed, Kap is already at work with Warner and Co.
    A little confusing.

      1. Lots of speculation which I participated in a few days ago; but, Peyton needs very good pass protection, something that our offensive line is not particularly good at. If he were brought in, the OL would have to be revamped to protect him better. Our WRs are also not up at the same level as the Broncos’ WRs. Seems like Manning could be seriously risking his health if he were to join the Niners.

    1. Let’s see, he’ll be 32 when the season starts. It might depend heavily on who the new coach is. Will he come for $6 to $7 million per year?

  40. I think Grant is right on with this one. Remember Jed and Trent stressed that they are not rebuilding but just retooling. If Kaep is in need of “teaching” then it is not necessary to bring in a new offensive coordinator. Maybe Jeff Garcia is not everyone’s choice as a coach for Kaep but that does not make the logic of Grant’s criticism wrong. I think it has been clear for some time that the strategy employed in replacing Harbaugh has been: Ready, Fire, Aim. It seems obvious that they had no plan and are just fumbling around for a solution. Everything is day to day. Gase makes sense if they want to rebuild. He makes little sense if they are truly retooling. In any case, we have to let everything play out to see what happens. I think that Jed and Trent are struggling to get a scenario that they can spin to all of us fans so that it does not become clear that they just don’t know what they are doing. As far as the bad comments about Mike Martz, please remember that he had us within one year of the playoffs when the team that beat us went to the Super Bowl. Singletary’s biggest screwup IMHO was firing someone that had just begun to bring some success to our offense and replacing him with Jimmy Raye. Remember Scott Linehan took himself out of the running for OC after meeting with Singletary. He said he did not want his son(s) to have to live in the Bay Area…so he went to Detroit. Yeah right. Singletary got a yes man to run the offense and we all know how that worked out. So the bottom line is that when Jed hired Singletary as HC, he essentially replaced MIke Martz with Singletary as OC. Let’s hope that the Ready, Fire, Aim approach end up with history repeating itself with a loss of Fangio.

  41. at this point Baalke needs to just walk away from the guy. If this decision is coming down to who’s making the best offer then screw him let him chase money rather than the better organization.

    1. should have said situation not organization. I also have to question now if gase is baalkes man how come he couldn’t close the deal last night. I’m not in favor of hiring him but I have to question why are GM couldn’t get the guy he wanted.

      1. Is it that hard to understand why Gase might want to pitch himself for the HC job at the team he has been coaching at for the past 4-5 years? To at least gauge if there is mutual interest?

        To be honest I’d be more concerned if he was that ready to take an offer elsewhere without seeing if he’s a legitimate candidate for the Denver job. If he did, where’s the loyalty to the organisation that gave him a chance as an OC, that put him in a position to be considered a HC candidate?

  42. after all this time bashing mgmt, who deserve it, THIS is your plan????

  43. From Mike Florio PFT:

    “While visiting with our friends at 104.3 The Fan in Denver earlier this morning, Fan Morning Show co-host Nate Lundy reported during the segment that Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase has agreed to become the next coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

    And so as soon as the segment ended, I started searching for confirmation. I was told promptly by a source with knowledge of the situation that Gase has not yet agreed to terms. Per the source, terms haven’t even been discussed much less agreed to.

    But the source said that it’s moving in the direction of Gase getting the job. Until he has it, of course, the Broncos can try to keep him around by promoting him. (First, they’d have to interview at least one minority candidate for the job.)”


  44. As I life long, Niner fan I have often viewed the Raiders as an inept organization. I’m beginning to think the shoe is on the other foot (e.g. Derek Carr vs. Kap, Del Rio hire vs. potentially driving out Fangio for an OC whose scheme doesn’t fit with the way the 49ers roster is put together). Jed Dork blows.

  45. Mariucci on Gase:

    “I appreciate when guys work their way up from the ground floor,” Mariucci said. “When a guy goes from playing into an important position, it’s different. I appreciate someone like Adam who works his way up from nothing and learns every step of the way.”

    “He would need to improve offensive production,” Mariucci said, “and I know he’s smart enough to know the personnel of the Niners to get that done. They have a great offensive line and a great running game. There’s a solid foundation. He’ll continue that, and develop the passing aspect of it.”


  46. GM: we’ll pay you $xxxxxx
    Player: that much? I’ll sign
    GM: Joe Schmuckatello is your coach, he’ll tell you what to do.
    Player: OK

    Who doesn’t do what their coach tells them to do?
    Who doesn’t listen to their coach? Brandon Jacobs.
    Who doesn’t follow their boss’ directions?
    Someone above already spoke to the age issue.
    Does Pete Carroll have gravitas? Solemn? Dignified? No, but he gets respect. John Madden dignified? No, but he got respect.
    Gravitas, our word of the day, is probably not the correct word. I think the word is credibility, which very few people walk in the door with. And that presumed cred then has to be reinforced, proven by actions. A guy like Mike Shanahan brings it, but then has to prove it to his players or he loses the good will. We thought Singletary was a samurai, a serious cat. Then he dropped his pants; cheap stunt and my first doubt on him.
    It’s not just about age either; do we want Jimmy Raye?

  47. I’m feeling more comfortable with Gase as HC. Mariucci said he worked his way up from the ground floor and pushed hard to become a coach. I think he has the drive and desire. By all accounts he is a very smart guy. So, even if you believe that he was nothing more than Manning’s puppet (don’t think that is true because there is substantial evidence that Gase called the plays), it’s hard to believe that a bright guy, who would e-mail Manning late at night with new plays to consider, wouldn’t have learned something from Manning in the two years he served as OC.

    I could see Gase as HC with Tomsula as Asst HC to help smooth the transition. And as far as the players not falling in line or acting like professionals, they need to buy in or move on. I don’t think the vast majority of players will have a problem with Gase, at least initially. After that, need to see how it goes.

    1. Cubus,
      Don’t go there bud. It’s dangerous territory. Don’t convince yourself that the ugly chick is hot just because you have a woody :)

  48. Woody Paige (Denver Post) on 95.7 said Gase:”Expected to get the play to Payton 30 seconds before the play… the moment the play clock started” and “he’s always thinking three plays ahead.”

    Well, that seems to address one of the bigger pet peeves most 49er fans have.

  49. Greg Cosell on KNBR this morning:

    Gase did a great job of learning the Peyton Manning offense in Denver


    1. Nick,

      That was actually a compliment. Gase had to learn what Manning was proficient in so he could call plays for him. It shows an ability to adapt to what your players are best at. He did the same thing with Tebow a couple of years before when he and Mike McCoy devised a scheme to suit him.

      You are really against this hire obviously, but I’m not sure why considering there is a lot of Coaches endorsing him as a great candidate. Is it just his age that bothers you or is there something you know that I don’t?

      1. Well said rocket.

        Jack made a comment yesterday also intended to disparage Gase’s “genious”, about how the offense didn’t change between 2012 and 2013. No, it didn’t change much.

        Gase came in and took over an established offense. That is pretty common for a guy that is elevated from QB coach to OC. That is the offense he’d been a part of, that you would say is now the offense he is most proficient in. I’ve not been involved in developing a playbook, but I find it hard to believe there are any OC’s out there that have completely devised every single play in their playbook, that haven’t borrowed from and built upon plays they saw while working for someone else. That’s how coaches end up following certain coaching trees.

        It is broadly acknowledged that the Gase and Manning combo have over time altered/ added plays over time, as happens with any playbook. And Gase is widely considered to be very creative.

        1. You hit it on the head Scooter. A Coaches playbook is constantly evolving and much of what is in there is based on trial and error, what you’ve seen on film from other teams, what you’ve picked up in different places you’ve worked and mostly what fits the personnel that you have at your disposal.

          What impresses me the most about Gase is that he appears to have an ability to make adjustments to suit the players he has, which comes back to that Tebow to Manning transition period.

          I’ve read a couple of comments lamenting the fact he’s 0-2 against Seattle, but I see him as a guy who could put together a game plan that could ultimately turn the tide against them if he’s focused on them as a division opponent. Denver fared quite a bit better the second time they saw them in Seattle. He seems to have that flexibility to me. I could be wrong obviously, but that is the sense I get from what I’ve read and seen of him.

          1. Seattle posed significant problems for Denver because they took away all of Manning’s strengths, and dared him to pass outside the numbers deep, much like the Colts did on the weekend. They also provided plenty of pressure on Manning, and stopped the run.

            Some of that falls on the OC for not devising other ways to attack a D that does that. But as 49er fans we should all be well versed in understanding when a team no longer respects a certain element of your offense, it can make things very difficult.

            Prior to this past season Greg Roman was often called a genius. But teams made a concerted effort to take away the run game and were willing to risk giving up the big play over the top, because they didn’t fear either Kaep making that throw or the receivers being able to beat them deep (or both). No surprise, the offense struggled this year.

            Was Greg Roman (or Harbaugh, as it was largely his offense) a scapegoat for fan ire, or was he the problem? If Harbaugh is such an amazing coach, and Roman a genius, why couldn’t they fix the offense, find a way to make it work? Maybe it is because sometimes it is very hard to make an offense work if your players can’t take advantage of the opportunities a D is giving you.

          2. That second game in Seattle would have most likely been won by Denver if they had won the coin toss in overtime. If I recall correctly, at the end of regulation both teams were moving and scoring. It was just luck of the coin toss that Seattle won.

        2. Not Walsh!!! Please tell my that Walsh never used someone else’s plays. Oh, the pain is too much.

          1. Before Bill Walsh there was Al Davis,Sid Gillman and Paul Brown. Everybody learns from someone else.

  50. My fantasy dream scenario:

    Niners hire Gase, then Peyton Manning (2 yrs remaining on Denver contract) demands trade attempt to Niners so he can win back to back rings and retire on top of the world.

    Niners trade #7(CK) and 3rd round pick for Peyton…..Elway rebuilds Bronco’s and tries to develop #7 along the way. Niners select a stud QB in draft that shadows Peyton for 2 years. Then takes over for a retiring Peyton Manning in year 3.
    Just a crazy idea I woke up with.

  51. Let’s not forget the narrative. Jed and Baalke fired a highly successful HC for non-football reasons. They committed to a Super Bowl or bust campaign. They told us they have a plan.

    What was the plan? McDaniels? Kubiak? Both of whom promptly turned them down. Or was Gase the plan all along?

    How does either one of these names fit the narrative of “Super Bowl or bust”?

    Beavis and Butthead are leading this team. We’re in good hands folks, we’re in good hands.

    1. Didn’t Steve Young create the Super Bowl or Bust narrative during his time as the starter?

    1. So the crucify Gase campaign has begun. Hold on fellow responders its going to get ugly around here.

      1. Criticism before he even gets hired. It’s a tough room! LOL.
        Grant is just questioning a potential hire; that’s ok. I suspect none of us want to see a Dennis Allen or Lane Kiffen type guy either. Grant’s criticism is a bit narrowly focused and a bit absolutist to make his points.
        Just like a draft choice has to be evaluated a couple of years out, a HC has to prove himself to Mgt, players and fans over time. Even a guy like Mike Shanahan would come in with fanfare and a benefit do the doubt from players, but he’d have to prove his cred over time; or lose it. I’ve been troubled by a lot of friction around Shanny during his time in Washington, even the owner contributed to some of it.
        Has Shanny become Grumpy Old Dude?

        1. Nothing wrong with questioning, but as usual Grant goes into obnoxious territory to do so.

          A lot of young guys have been given HC jobs in this league and many have succeeded. Players don’t care about age or how young a guy looks; they care about the plan you have to win. If you set them up for success they’ll follow. It’s easy to see Grant was never a part of a football team.

    2. I think if Gase is made HC, he should bring in an experienced OC that can help him identify where adjustments can/ should be made both during the season and during a game.

      The guy only has two years experience calling plays, on a team that didn’t often need to make half time adjustments. Could this be a gap in his arsenal? Quite possibly. Can it be adequately addressed with the right personnel around him? Also quite possible.

      1. Correction, he should surround himself with an entire coaching staff filled with as much football acumen as possible….

  52. Adam Gase could cannot beat the Seahawks or Rams with Peyton. Why would you bring this offensive philosophy that will not work on this division. It’s just crazy.

  53. Here is my take on the current situation.

    First what are ostensively the facts:

    The 49ers want Gase.

    Gase is interested in the 49ers job.

    Elway let go of Fox because they had different ideas on how to get to the next level.

    Elway says he wants Gase and Peyton back.

    Elway is scheduled to interview Gase.

    Here is my interpretation:

    Fox did not think that Peyton could take them all the way and therefore had a “philosophical difference” with Elway. Elway let go of Fox to keep Peyton and hire Gase since it is widely reported that they have a great relationship.

    Gase is using the 49ers to leverage himself at Denver.

    The 49ers will not get their man and will have to fall back on their #2 man which seems to be Shanahan IMHO.

    1. You had it right until you got to Shanahan. Tomsula is the fall back guy according to M&M. Fangio is SOL-io….

    2. Denver Post… “Gase, the Broncos’ offensive coordinator, spent Wednesday morning with general manager John Elway discussing the team’s head-coaching position.”

      This reminds me of the OC hunt when Singletary was head coach. Lots of names thrown around. Rumors. Then the 49ers hired Raye.

  54. From Niners Nation, thoughts on Gase from Nick Saban:

    “It was easy to tell right off the bat that he had the right stuff to be a good coach,” Saban said. “He worked hard, he got along great with the players, he was very bright and had sort of a natural instinct for football, and picking up on things, and those are the kinds of guys you grow and develop and they see the big picture a little more than some other guys who have to grind to know it and memorize things.

    “It was a conceptual thing with Adam. He just understood how things worked, and he was willing to work and he started from ground zero; it’s not like this is some star player who had played a lot of football. But he wanted to be a coach and he was willing to invest his time in it and he did a fantastic job for us, supporting our offensive coaches and our defensive staff as grad assistant and quality control guy after that.”


  55. The only team that’s dumb enough to hire Jack Del Rio is the Raiders.
    This will make Larry very happy, when his Raiders sign him.

    1. Larry hit rock bottom with his recent Del Rio article. Now he will go “Ryan Leaf” on whoever the Niners hire.

      1. Until Grant starts making sense I think we should call him by his middle name (Larry) ….like the one from The Three Stooges.

  56. @grant. Who do you think would make up the defensive staff if they make Gase HC? Sounds like Fangio would want out. Would they promote Tomsula or Donatell?

        1. Is there a better set of position coaches out there than what the 49ers have had on defense the past few seasons?

  57. Per Espn

    •Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn (interviewed Dec. 30)

    •49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio (interviewed Dec. 30)

    •Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase (interviewed Jan. 2/had second interview with GM Trent Baalke on Jan. 13)

    •Former Los Angeles Raiders/Denver Broncos/Washington coach/Niners O-coordinator Mike Shanahan (interviewed Jan. 3)

    •New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels (interviewed Jan. 3/reportedly expected to stay in New England)

    •Former New York Jets coach Rex Ryan (interviewed Jan. 4/hired as Buffalo Bills coach on Jan. 12)

    •Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin (interviewed Jan. 8)

    •Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles (interviewed Jan. 9/reportedly hired as New York Jets’ coach on Jan. 13)

    •49ers defensive line coach Jim Tomsula

    •Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan (linked to 49ers as potential O-coordinator under a Fangio regime)

    •UCLA coach Jim Mora

    •Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak (announced via the team on Jan. 11 he was staying in Baltimore, but has now emerged as a possible candidate with the Broncos)

    1. How did you find this incredible information? None of us in here would have a clue without your help.

      BTW, Mora has not interviewed for Niner job……Shhh…it’s a secret

  58. “Hard to imagine them taking orders from a 36-year-old Michael Cera lookalike”

    Really? This coming from a pre-pubescent Dave Franco lookalike. Not James, Dave.

  59. Barrows latest tweet:

    “My read: If 49ers don’t land Gase, they’ll hope Seahawks lose in NFCC (Quinn) and that Shanahan’s name (both of them) up again.”

    We all hope the Seahags lose, but not necessarily because we want Quinn.

    1. Cubus: Quinn’s got too many better options, even if we do lose. I mean who’s really been knocking on your door. York and Baalke are coach killers.

      1. Mary that may be true but the 9ers defensive roster is far better than any of the teams who are looking for coaches and talent wins. Baalke and York certainly did’nt kill Harbaugh’s career

      2. Coach killers? Come on Mary. You come on a 49er blog pretending the Seahawks are some sort of dynasty. Good team the last 2 years but don’t pretend anything. The Seahawks have a lot of cap issues coming up along with a coaching staff that will be hard pressed to keep together. Win another three and lets talk. In the meantime I think you’ve out stayed your welcome. Beat it sister.

        1. FDM: I have never used the word “Dynasty.” But we did break a 10-year record by being first team in the playoffs after a SB win. And the only thing I’ve ever said when asked about an upcoming Seahawks’ game: is that I prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

          So disappear yourself, oh that’s right you basically have.

          1. Mary ..

            There ya go again …
            Talkin’ SeaChickens on a Niner blog !!

            What part of …“WHO CARES” ..
            don’t you understand ?

            (I thought you said you were leaving)

      3. Mary,

        if you haven’t noticed your prized coaches aren’t exactly a hot commodity. As far as I know Bevel hasn’t had any knocks on his door. And I wonder how Gus Bradley has fared there in Jacksonville.

        Everyone knows that Seattle are who they are because of great drafts and Pete Carrol.

        So you guys can keep him as far as I’m concerned.

        1. Leo: Yes Bevell has but Quinn’s more in demand. But if you read anything you should know they can’t even interview now until the playoffs are over and or the SB and that’s Feb. 1. Most teams want their coaches signed up now.

          1. Actually they are allowed to interview in the bye week, and they are allowed a followup interview in the dead Superbowl week.

        2. Leo:

          “Everyone knows that Seattle are who they are because of great drafts and Pete Carrol.”
          Leo: You think PC would have poor inadequate coaches. I won’t answer stupid posts any longer. Think about what you actually write. Sorry for the 49ers situation — but it is what it is.

          1. ” I won’t answer stupid posts any longer. ”

            Does that also mean you won’t post any stupid post either???

            That may mean you actually have to leave this blog if that’s the case. I’ll miss you.

            1. Pete Carroll is a good Coach, but he was just another guy until Wilson showed up and they signed Avril and Bennett in FA. Seattle has a great secondary, a fantastic young MLB and a good enough pass rush so the secondary can be very physical and keep receivers from getting into their routes. The defense they can play which is incredibly simple, is the reason for their success. Their offense can run the ball and Wilson can make plays with his legs and his arm, but if this team didn’t have the lock down defense, they wouldn’t be where they are. Their offense is not set up to win a shootout or come from a big deficit. This team wins by getting the lead or at least keeping the game close, and forcing offenses out of their comfort zone.

              If you can stop the run and not turn the ball over, you have a shot against Seattle. If you can’t, you don’t.

              1. One thing Pete Carrol deserves credit for is keeping those guys motivated. From week 7 on they got hungry again. It’s not easy to do after a SB. Full credit to him for righting their ship and peaking at the right time.

              2. Absolutely, and I think Pete is an excellent Coach. The point was he wasn’t considered a great Coach in the NFL until he had the right mix of players. There’s some great Coaches that don’t have success at a point in time simply because the roster and timing just aren’t there.

              3. I don’t think Pete is a great coach. He just has done a good job this year. All of the credit goes to that defense. Sure he has done a good job motivating, but that defense is special.
                They have not lost much personnel wise but when they do, then Carroll will have a job to do.

  60. From Eric Branch:

    “Spoke directly with #49ers DC Vic Fangio. Summary: He was noncommittal about his plans if 49ers hired Adam Gase.”

    1. Cubus: I wonder if he is someone PC would be interested in hiring? Or, if he would even consider Seattle. Anyone have an unbiased opinion.

  61. Young man, looking old isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. And you, Grant, look young than Gase.

  62. Grant, your writing seems to be dependant on the idea that people and their skills are set in stone, that they are what they are, and cannot change or adapt. (you aren’t alone in here either) Why do that? when the human race evolved by mastering adaptation.

    I can only go on what I have read recently about Adam Gase, but it seems that he is able to study his players and create a plan that fits their abilities, this attribute if true is what I am looking for more than any other in a Head Coach, it’s what I felt Harbaugh lacked, he was very much a “fit my system or hit the road” type of coach.

    I feel that in todays NFL adaptability is the most important skill a coach can have, If Gase has it, then sign the man dammit.

      1. You’re right here monkey.
        Everywhere I go. You’re here. With lame jokes and madden tips.

    1. Wrong… Broncos going after gase hard. There only interview they have line up is Austin. Just to satisfy the Rooney rule.. The next coach of the niners will be tomsula and I will throw up If that is the case.. Hope Im wrong.

  63. So all morning I have been reading people’s post but never once did I see anything mention about Gary Kubiak. Early this morning SB Nation was reporting he was slated to be come the Broncos next head coach. I read the headline not the article. When I went to read the article the page was pulled down. I do not know how to really take that.

    1. Kubiak said he was staying with the Ravens on Monday. I don’t know if Elway asking him to reconsider is on the table, but he seemed pretty firm on wanting to stay where he was.

  64. Adam Scheter tweeting that Raiders have hired Del Rio. Grant can now become a full-time Raider fan.

      1. How long before we hear from Jed that Tomsula was our first choice all along, and that we learned so much about offensive football from our interviews that Jed will be the new assistant OC/Owner.

        1. Grant Cohn Raiders new OC/Personnel Consultant/Shot Caller, “The guys got Gravitas with a capital G” says Mark Davis per @AdamSchefter

      2. “How long until we see the “Raiders make smart move, Niners don’t” article?”

        rocket, Grant was about to post that article until he saw you comment. :)

  65. Grant,
    Hiring Jeff Garcia as the quarterbacks coach is the best thing you’ve said in a while! Imagine that, a former pro bowl QB as a quarterbacks coach…what a novel idea. I really think that’s something that this team has lacked for a long time, a truly high-quality quarterbacks coach. If you want to develop Kaep, he needs help during the offseason AND during training camp, so let him get all the skills that he can on his own with whomever he chooses, and then teach him things that the team needs from him with your guy in-house!

  66. I don’t follow college football but Marcus Mariota came out 1 hour ago and is entering the draft.

    1. Mary, I think I’m the only one on this board who feels he has the potential of Aaron Rodgers and that we should do whatever it takes to move up for him. In a game without his top two WRs and against a tough, fast OSU defense, he still passed for 333 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT. And aside from two throws–one miss to his TE and that last miss deep downfield–he was very accurate from the pocket.

      So cue up the haters, let’s hear it…

      1. Mary, Fox may well have the inside track in Chicago. But, from what I hear, Gase’s interview was off the charts.

  67. Kent Sommers is tweeting that Arians plans to promote an asst to DC and hopes to hire LeBeau as a senior assistant, per source. The longer Fangio remains non-committal, the greater his chances of staying put as the more attractive alternative positions get filled up.

  68. I should get extra credit, I called Del Rio to the Raiders before the season had even ended.


  69. @AdamSchefter
    49ers set to promote DL coach Jim Tomsula to head coach, per sources. Still ironing out details, but Tomsula expected to be 49ers next HC.

    Wow. Speechless.

      1. Now for the fun part… who is going to be the OC? Trestman? Kyle Shanahan?

        (Funny if Gase told the Broncos “no thanks” and became the 49ers OC).

    1. So much for Gase. It looks like he didn’t pass the test and I’m glad. We don’t need someone like Dennis Allen or Lane Kiffin, which Gase is.

      Tomsula is not a sexy choice, but it’s way better than selecting Gase.

    2. Wow, promoting Tomsula over Fangio all but assures Fangio is gone. Not sure I like this idea at all. But we will see.

      1. Fangio would have been better. I’m still OK with Tomsula + a competent OC like Kyle Shanahan. Run the power spread and play tough D.

  70. If anyone needed confirmation as to which local media man has the best contacts within the 49ers, this should clarify it. Maiocco has been consistent in saying his contacts believed Tomsula was the in-house candidate, not Fangio, even when everyone else was saying Fangio was the guy.

    Can’t say I’m overly thrilled with Tomsula, assuming he is indeed the guy, but as I’ve said previously I prefer him to Fangio. But this does put a lot of emphasis on hiring both a good OC and DC. Unlikely Fangio stays now, so would expect Donatell or Leavitt to be getting a promotion. Will be interesting to see who he taps to be OC.

  71. Over 23 years, Tomsula’s gone from an unpaid coach at Catawba College living in his car… to the new Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

    No matter what we think of Tomsula as an ideal HC, I’m happy for him. He came up the hard way!

  72. I doubt defense regresses much if at all with Tom but now the big question is OC.
    I’ll hold judgment until then.

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