Report: 49ers promote Jim Tomsula to head coach

According to Adam Schefter, the next head coach of the 49ers will be Jim Tomsula.

Jed York got rid of Jim Harbaugh for this guy?

Update: According to Matt Maiocco, the next defensive coordinator “is expected” to be Jason Tarver.

Jed York got rid of Vic Fangio for the guy the Raiders didn’t want?

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  1. I knew it! Cheap and a company man. Yorks’ man, not Baalkes’, which tells you who is wearing the pants in this dysfunctional family….

    1. What a Fing disaster! One of the first times in my life that I can say I’m embarrassed to be a niner fan!!!!!!

          1. Oh gee golly Deezybee, I love my wife but in no way does that mean I want her to coach my beloved franchise. Shucks!

              1. I’m not divorcing my wife, and I’m not changing my avatar. I love them both, but the owner, he’s a real headGase….

            1. Nah I hear ya..Good enough to be a headcoach avatar..but not a headcoach in real… sends mixed messages….Just sayin’ ..

    2. Who picked Singletary? Who picked Baalke? Who picked Tomsula over a year ago? Who did all that without a mature NFL adviser on his staff. Jedy baby did!

        1. Well, every time he said that, things ended up working out fine anyway. Hopefully this is one of those times, although it’s…not what I was hoping for.

  2. I don’t have very positive feelings about this hire but we have to give him time to prove himself or fall on his face.

    1. Time??? Hopefully if this turns out to be a disaster they won’t spend more than a year or two on the guy. Would be pleasantly surprised if this works out, but……hope for the best. This guy doesn’t seem to know offense at all….not sure what his over all defensive philosophy is either….seems he will continually have to bring in other people to be the “brains” of the show. It appears his greatest strength, if you can call it that, is he gets along with the front office…..whooop-dee-doo!

  3. Like I said, Ready…fire…aim! If this happens, you absolutely cannot believe a word that comes out of Jed York’s mouth. He wants a teacher. Good luck with that.

        1. Other than not knowing Tomsula’s background, what you’re missing is that Fangio is another guy who has a mind of his own. That qualified him for another “mutual” departure, not a promotion.

  4. Well guys we just witnessed the ULTIMATE dog and pony show.

    Now tell us what happens with Fangio……

    1. Gone to maybe Arizona where they have some defensive talent for Fangio to work with. You think he might like to do a job on the “new” offense that Tomsula will be using? Twice a year?

      1. I heard speculation on KNBR this morning that Fangio would not only leave but would then go up to Seattle to replace Dan Quinn so he could really b#@%* slap York and Baalke…

    1. Who did Singletary use after Martz? Maybe they could get him cheap. After all, you just need to dominate physically and the Superbowl is yours far into Jed’s future.

      1. I’m in favor of Tomsula over the other names that were mentioned.

        Now it’s all about the assistants.

  5. Not that it’s totally surprising because we’ve heard Tomsula’s as a strong candidate for a while now, but still surprised they would actually do it. I know Gase had some detractors as far as how much influence he really had as the Bronco’s OC, but I was intrigued by the prospect of him coming here with some fresh ideas.

    The explanation for the hire from Jed and Trent should be interesting.

  6. Wish I could say I’m surprised but I’m not. I’ll wait to see who the OC is and who replaces Vic, but this is a very uninspired Hire and rather disappointing after it looked like they were going outside the organization.

  7. I take it back — Lowell and Grant have been right all along. Jed lied then he lied some more.

    This has never been about finding the right coach to lead this team.

    Enjoy your millions Jed, I’m done.

    1. Almost everyone, no matter their talent, has the capacity to be promoted beyond their personal level of competence. There is no clear reason, as much as Tomsula is liked, to be sure that this isn’t one of those promotions. “Superbowl or Bust with Class.”

  8. If by some miracle they could bring Gase in as OC and keep Fangio, I’m absolutely fine with this decision. But it will take a miracle.

    1. Some things are beyond the realm of miracles. Hiring Thomas as GM was a disaster. Replacing him with Walsh was a miracle for young Eddie. Jed doesn’t seem to be on the miracle track with his last three choices, Singletary, Baalke, and Tomsula. It’s going to make a great book for some writer. My title would be “From John to Jed without grownup advisers.” I know, the title needs some work.

      1. “Last three choices”? Doesn’t Harbaugh fall in there somewhere? While we can all debate the reasons and intelligence of getting rid of him, I wouldn’t call JH a “disaster”.

        1. Harbaugh was Baalke’s choice. You’ll hear that Tomsula was his choice too, but that’s not very clear without knowing more about the eleven month leak campaign. I’ve never thought that Baalke was involved in the leaks.

  9. This is bull we needed a offensive minded coach wats he going to do help the defense that is already stout our offense sucks wtf our they thinking

  10. I will admit (unlike some) that I have close to zero knowledge of what make someone a good candidate for a HC position.

    But in my opinion, out of all the possible options this was the wort possible.

    Disappointed to say the least.

    Now here is hoping he was the best and that he is the coach we need.

    @Razoreater. You were right it was all a smoke screen.

    I feel defeated.

  11. There’s your yes man Baalrk, just like you wanted. And I won’t be surprised if this means that Fangio will want out.

    1. He’s packing his bags as we speak after faxing in his request to be released from his contract….

      1. Can you blame him? He made the defense a top 10 unit and this is the thanks he gets.

        1. As a fan captain I must go down with the vessel, but trusted agents such as Fangio will not be asked to. When the admiral of the franchise has gone coo coo and there’s no Coco Puffs in sight, the only recourse is to abandon ship….

          1. Nah, I’ll stick it out. But I will start wishing for one of our players to ‘accidentally ‘ pile drive York so that his little pea can start functioning again.

    2. didn’t fangio already sort of make it known that if tomsula was hired as HC, he’d leave? he did just get jumped for the HC job.

      1. This has been common knowledge for quite some time, however someoneniner is a rare exception….

  12. First, almost any of the hires were going to have huge question marks associated with them. I am happy with this selection, of course not, but I’d take him over Rex Ryan. Really, Grant raises the only question that matters, would you pick this guy of Jim Harbaugh? Of course not, that’s the real disaster here. Hell, any of the picks they were tied to us would have failed to meet the Harbaugh comparison. Horribly run organization is going push this teams to depths we have not seen since the early 2000’s. Still a Niner fan, but management sucks. Cannot wait to see all the bandwagon fans start jumping over to the ‘Hawks. Good riddance!

    1. I think part of the reason JH was so successful was his ability to surround himself with a great staff, this will be OK if Tomsula can

    2. Rex Ryan isn’t the standard. Who they had in mind when they started planning to get rid of Harbaugh is who they are promoting now. What happens to the defense that’s been in the overall top five for the past four years. They claimed to be looking for continuity. I guess Tomsula, the defensive line coach with be that continuity.

  13. SO why is this bad? Our D-lineman have been great under his coaching, he knows our defensive system, he’s got head coaching experience for NFL Europe (I think), he’s well respected in the NFL, the players have always spoken VERY highly of him since he’s been here. His success likely will hinge on his OC hire….. So many nay-sayers on here. Great coaches can’t become great coaches if they never get a chance.

    1. I’m with you Josh. I’m rather pleased they stayed within the organization. (and can the comparisons to Singletary comments – Tomsula hasn’t show any headcase symptoms in the years he’s been here)

  14. Okay fine, I will give him a chance. So now the bigger question is who is going to be the OC. Tick, tick, tick.

    1. Will you give him the same chance that Jed gave Jim? What if he doesn’t ever get to the NFC championship game?

  15. This hire is just meh… What really matters is who his staff will be.. hopefully Fangio will somehow be able to stay and shanahan will be our OC ;)

    1. Ha! I’d gladly dine on pie in the sky if that were to have a chance in hell of happening….

    2. You just went zero for two. That’s my prediction. If the new head coach is the old defensive line coach, why shouldn’t the new OC be the old offensive line coach?

  16. Yes. Man.

    I guess there’s no reason to keep posting. In an ultra-competitive division, we’ve now taken the ultimate nose dive. Who knows, maybe we’ll play poorly enough to be in position to draft Goff next year. Until then…

    Best wishes, everyone!

        1. Nope it you mean Mike Shanahan. When they started their campaign to get rid of Harbaugh last February, Tomsula was the only one they seem to have had in mind. Now they have him. Joy is possible, but it looks remote to me.

  17. This is bad. What are the chances an offensive coordinator capable of fixing our offense is going to come work for Tomsula? And then there’s the issue of losing a top-notch defensive coordinator.

  18. Oh that’s just great, now this blog is going to be totally insufferable, Thanks Jed, now how am I going to kill time at work!!!!!

    Oh, I think Tomsula can succeed, If he gets good people around him (duh!) and hopefully retains Vic too. I still think there’s a bit of addition by the subtraction of Harbaugh.

    1. The only happy person is Grant, I can hear him sharpening his hatchet ready for the next few months worth of columns.

  19. It was not just Maiocco who saw it coming:

    I fear #49ers coaching search won’t be quick one but a “thorough process” to validate an in-house pick in Jim Tomsula. Good guy but big call.

    — Cam Inman (@CamInman) December 29, 2014

    1. Maiocco was the only one I can recall that has been consistently saying Tomsula was the in-house candidate though. Most were of the belief that Fangio had leap-frogged him.

      1. Maiocco has good sources deep in the building. They just don’t use him for the negative leaks.

    2. Matt Maiocco was one it months before that. He seems to have inside information that he keeps quite about.

  20. We spend 2 weeks interviewing everyone under the sun and then appoint the guy under our noses the whole time? Logic? If Fangio walks (and I would if I was in his position) then it’s impossible to see how York could’ve messed this process up more. I’m stunned. The 49ers have no hope while they’re being run by a guy with a big ego who is so obviously out of his depth. Desperate times.

  21. Figures……… I wasn’t aware all those other teams wanted him as a HC. Bet Fangio wants out.

    1. I think Fangio probably showed that he has a mind of his own, and he speaks it when asked. That’s a killer here in Santa Clara.

      1. Its an age thing! Jedork is already being sued for age discrimination………so its no surprise that the little d bag would pass on a 60 something guy for a 46 year old……dosent matter that one has a tremendous amount of experience and one is a effing D-line coach!!!

  22. This should confirm that the only reason Harbaugh was fired was due to personality conflict. I don’t see Tomsula bringing a new direction to the team.

    In saying that, I think he has a lot of attributes that are consistent with a good HC. Inspiring, good motivator, detail oriented, great teacher, good relationship with players, apparently a smart guy. Its why I liked him over Fangio who I think is a good X’s and O’s guy, but not really HC material.

    The real question now comes down to the rest of the coaching staff. If he can’t find himself a decent OC then this will end poorly.

    1. The question is who is the X’s and O’s guy? And Tarver for DC? That right there is a bad omen. I’m scared Scooter. What if the little fat guy can only assemble a Singletary type staff?

      1. That’s the concern, razor.

        I’m not too worried about the D, as a competent DC should be able to make the D perform. Not sure if Tarver is that guy though. Assuming Fangio leaves I’d be far more comfortable promoting a DC from within.

        1. Will Smith come back? If he doesn’t, with his position coach promoted, what will that say. What will Justin think about his DC leaving? Interesting.

  23. The owner picked his new coach long long ago.

    Mike Florio:

    “If former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh had been willing to accept a trade in February 2014 to the Browns for a pair of third-round picks, the 49ers would have given the keys to defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. As what inevitably was Harbaugh’s final season approached, Tomsula remained the favorite to succeed him.

    That was the vibe throughout the 2014 regular season. … ‘

    1. And the leaks began with that failed trade, continuing until the tweet. It’s a crapy way to start my 70th season. This could take years off my life span — NOT!

  24. So one of three things happened in regards to Gase:

    They couldn’t come to an agreement because of money, control, scheme etc.

    He wants the Broncos job instead

    They talked to him about coming on as OC under Tomsula

    If by some chance it’s number 3, then it’s got a chance to work. Ultimately the coordinators are going to dictate how successful this hire is. My biggest worry about Tomsula being named HC was the quality of staff he could put together.

    1. “My biggest worry about Tomsula being named HC was the quality of staff he could put together.”


      1. My second biggest concern is that Tomsula isn’t a HC that brings his own system to one side of the ball. The team is now beholden to both an OC and DC.

        1. That is correct. I’m scared, I tell you Scooter-Yikes! Solari OC! Double Bogers Yikes!!

          1. … and Tomsula may want to be his own DC because he’s never had a chance to do that in the NFL.

        2. We can be sure that a good offensive coordinator will take a job somewhere else after one good year with the 49ers — if that’s possible. Noland lost two that way. We know how that works.

    2. He has had almost a year to prepare. It should be a great team of coaches, but does he get to pick any of them? Baalke may want to do that too since Jed picked the head coach.

    3. And of course as soon as I post that we get this:

      Adam Schefter@AdamSchefter · 27m 27 minutes ago

      Now official: 49ers have informed Adam Gase they’re going in a
      different direction. Jim Tomsula will be 49ers new HC.

      So it was likely my first thought.

      Oh boy…we need to hit on the coordinators or we are F******.

      1. Now it’s sinking in. There all jumping ship and all that’s all that will be coming aboard, ineptitude….

    4. Or a 4th thing happened:

      They didn’t think Gase would be better than the guy they were already set to hire.

  25. This went alot like the GM search after McCloughan was fired. The 49ers cast their net far and wide, interviewed a cast of thousands, then promoted Baalke.

    The 49ers cast their net far and wide, interviewed a cast of thousands, then promoted Tomsula.

    1. Who picked Singletary? Who picked Baalke? Who picked Tomsula? Hint: It’s the same baby faced guy with no serious NFL high level adviser on his staff who is probably ignoring his uncle.

  26. We suck again……..Horrific news!! I feel like going “Robin Williams”………F#@€!!!

  27. Better than take a flyer in Adam Gase… You know the guys will suit up and play for Tomsula based on familiarity and previous chemistry with the team.

    The people on here pining for Adam Gase need to explain themselves. What exactly has you so excited about Peyton Manning’s water boy?

    1. Sure they will. But how far will they get trying to push straight ahead against a massive brick wall made up of smarter teams in the NFL.

      1. stop whinning……last i checked the HC is not on the field……wait to see the OCs……

        @razoreater – hello dully!!!

    2. It’s been discussed at length on the previous topic thread. Look up what Mariucci said about him for a good explanation.

  28. For you people actually happy about the hire, how many other teams wanted Tomsula? How many teams plans have changed now that Tomsula is off the market? Oh right, zero.

  29. OMG: On Twitter one fan says do you think Fangio would be interested in signing with the Hawks and Danny Kelly writer for Fieldgulls says “it would definitely be intriguing.” Great minds.

    1. If you want Fangio you may have to beat Arizona to him. Fangio and Carol probably share a similar approach to defense. Jed deserves Fangio working in either Seattle or Arizona.

      1. But he may also go to the Washington “whatevers”. I’m a masochist and would prefer the Seahawks. The pain would also bring pleasure since I don’t expect the 49ers to be strong competitors in the current future.

  30. MM “It’s expected within NFL coaching circles that Raiders DC Jason Tarver will return to 49ers to be part of Jim Tomsula’s staff.”

    But at what position?

  31. It’s all about the coordinators, now, gents. I’ll wait until they are announced before I go postal.

  32. OMG, why oh why would the Niners promote someone from within that no other team in the league has even asked to interview for a coordinator position???? My guess is the other top line coaches saw what happened to Harbaugh and said not thanks, I’m not going to take a job where I win, win, win and I still get forced out. I would have preferred Team Shanahan or Fangio and K. Shanahan over this hire. What an extreme disappointment. I hate to say it, but this wreaks of cheapness, jumping over dollars to save pennies, similar to the Singletary fiasco. I was hoping this was one of those April fool’s joke articles, then it struck me, we’re in January!!!. I think just about anybody can win with our D if we stay super conservative on Offense, but WTF. Good luck Tomsula, we love you as a person, no offense, but I think you’re in over your head. I hope you hire some great coordinators.

  33. Solari next OC like Grant suggested. I have not heard if he went to the Bills under Roman.

  34. Our unimaginative offense just went prehistoric.
    Yuppy York & Billy-Bob Baalke wanted a teacher…….We got a gym teacher.

  35. Guy has a charismatic personality. But it will take a lot more than that. I see him a broken man by game 10 when the team is 2-8…

    1. Ghost – I agree 110%……I’m completely stunned. Horrific grotesque hire by Yuppy York, no matter who the OC is.

  36. I am not surprised by the announcement of Tomsula. Don’t care for it and for sometime my thoughts kept going towards Tomsula = snitch. Even stronger opinion of that now looking back on the year.

    1. How would you like to have coached all year knowing the management already had your replacement behind your back with every player in full knowledge. Could explain the emotion behind Brooks’ outburst toward the little fat guy….

      1. My point exactly. At least Harbaugh took the high road which wasn’t very difficult the way Twiddle Dee and twiddle Dumb allowed it to play out.

    2. Remember Tomsula exhorting the offensive line to perform better in a game near the end of the season. It was strange enough that the TV guys. who miss a lot, noted it. I thought at the time that Tomsula had been given the go ahead to come out of his cover.

      1. My thoughts exactly. He was the pseudo head coach at that point in time. York is a frickin dog….

  37. I think 49er fans should put the financial squeeze on the owners of the 49er club this year, because clearly they are hurting. Maybe with low attendance, they stadium deal will go wrong and the Yorks will be forced to sell.

    1. Your hart is in the right place, but you are uninformed about the 49er financial structure.

  38. There’s only one place to turn to during troubling times…….”The bottle.”

    All arrows down!!!!!!

    Go Blue!!!! Beat the Buckeyes!!!!

    1. Have faith Crab! Tomsula is a leader of men, for real. Harbaugh was a poser who liked to talk like a leader of men, couldn’t hold a candle to the real thing. BLUDGEON!!

      I’m turning to the bottle, and the blunt, not in despair, but in celebration!!

        1. It’s gonna hit him like a brick in the morning. You know like when you roll over and realize what you brought home to sleep with….

  39. Plenty of (possible) negatives involving the Tomsula promotion… but one thing I love about Tomsula is his ability to get the most out of defensive linemen that other teams didn’t value as much.

    Ian Williams, Glenn Dorsey, Dial, TJE, McDonald, Dobbs, Lynch (Dorsey was a high pick, but Denver cast him off and the 49ers got him for cheap).

    The 49ers can continue to spend draft capital on other positions knowing Mr. Bludgeon can shore up the interior D-line on the cheap.

            1. I think so Scooter. He’s worked with QB’s quite a bit in the past. It will all depend on whether he gets an offer to be an OC somewhere.

        1. Exactly, damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You have a similar phrase in Australia?

          1. Yeah, same phrase here. An alternative would be “doesn’t matter which way you slice it”.

    1. That would tell you a lot about Trestman considering the way Little Jed’s uncle treated him years ago

  40. I know it’s a waste of time to suggest this, but everybody might want to take a breath and calm down before going postal. The staff is going to be the key and while I don’t have a ton of confidence in Tomsula’s ability to put together a top quality group, I will wait to see who he hires before coming to a conclusion.

    1. What staff is going to want to come in and work within this dysfunction? More importantly, how much are they willing to compensate for the headaches? Apparently not much. Yea, I can’t wait to see the “staff”….

    2. Thanks Rocket. Hopefully people listen. I needed a deep breath or two myself when I first heard, but I’m okay now.

      Like I said I don’t see the defense regressing at all. I would love to hold on to Donatell, maybe even promote to DC, though I doubt it.

      Its all about the Offensive staff now. I would guess Baalke will have a lot of say in this.

    3. Positive thinking Razor my man. Positive thinking…at least until they name the staff.


      Yeah I agree, the OC is the biggest key for me.

  41. Bludgeon! Bludgeon! BLUDGEON!!!

    I like the pick. I’m just as curious as to who the OC will be though, and how that person’s philosophy interacts with Kaepernick’s strengths and weaknesses.

  42. If I was Fang I would go elsewhere and stick it to Niners forever…….What a slap in the face!!

    1. Fangio will not have a problem looking for a job. Can you imagine if Seattle loses Quinn and gets Fangio?

  43. My fellow 49er fans …. DID I NOT TELL YOU THIS IN MY POST YESTERDAY? For a brief moment there, I thought the team would get an aggressive young offensive guy who would get the footballs flying and Kap throwing TDs and …. well, there goes that idea! I’m betting that Gase had second thoughts about putting his career on the line with Jed/Trent and will try to make his head coaching bones with a decent owner/GM. Tomsula may be the next great coach, who knows, but chances are we will now be on the old Alex merry go round of a string of OCs as Kap gets older and the team keeps losing. Can you say “West Coast Dan Snyder”?

  44. Tomsula is a real down and dirty football guy. The guys will play for him a hell of a lot more than Some of the pretty boys they interviewed!

    1. these guys are pros who have been playing hard their whole lives. Motivation is overrated. Preparation is not. Can Fangio, and whoever he enlists as his OC and DC outscheme the rest of the NFL? Does he strike anyone as that type of football guy?

      It’s far too early for us to know, but it sure doesn’t feel like ownership knows what they’re doing. I’m guessing Gase said no thanks (he’s getting the Denver gig), so York & Baalke had to pivot quickly.

      1. It doesn’t make any difference, but there was a report out of Denver that Baalke left without making an offer. Then Baalke notified Gase today that they were going in a different direction.

  45. Fang to Tomsula earlier:

    Hey Jimmy, I need you to review both Seattle games again and report back to me tomorrow.

    Tomsula’s response:

    “Look at me…..hey look at me, I’m the captain now.” …..”Now go get me a turkey pot pie Vicky.”

  46. And by the way, I am completely perplexed by all this “Fangio love.” Being a successful coordinator does not always translate into being a good HC. Two different animals. And anyway, Fangio’s defenses while very good, no doubt, were not GREAT, they weren’t the ’85 Bears or anything, but even then Buddy Ryan was not a very successful HC in two tries. Anyway, my guess is Fangio was probably a little too “uppity” for Jed/Trent. Yeah, I was kinda getting excited there for a moment, an aggressive young offensive guy, an exciting team … oh well, so the next question is …. and I repeat from my post after the one telling y’all that it would be either Tomsula or Fangio …. so who do you think is available in 2017 to be the new head coach of the 49ers?

  47. Jed can have Levi’s stadium and a dwindling fan base to fill it. I hope it crumbles in on him. Entombed in the rubble of what could have been.

    Harbaugh must be cracking up over the ineptitude. Wonder what Eddie D. thinks about this brilliant hire.

  48. Does this say anything about how Baalke (or Gase) feels about CK7?

    Baalke: You’re our new head coach. Our #1 priority is for you to coach and mentor the quarterback.

    Gase: That’s fantastic news. When did you get a quarterback?

    Baalke: Um… I meant to say You’re our #1 OC candidate. Say, that’s a mighty good omelet they serve around here.

  49. From La Canfora:

    “If Jim Tomsula signs a head coaching contract with the 49ers, look for Vic Fangio to quickly emerge as a DC candidate for the Skins”

  50. I have a feeling if a 49er fan were to put hidden cameras in the 49er HQ, then watch the footage gathered, they would have trouble distinguishing it from a season of 30 Rock.

    1. And yes, I know a wiki page update means not a lot, but still odd to have it updated as such without an announcement.

    2. Scooter: when Wikipedia said Chip Kelly had final say, same thing. It wasn’t actually public knowledge until later. I’m going to see where Gase is.

  51. Let’s be honest, to go from Harbaugh to Tomsula is obviously disappointing. If he fails next year, both he and Baalke are jettisoned. There are no second chances here. You cannot fire the guy who gets you to the playoffs (and one SB) three out of four years and come up empty-handed next year. Wasn’t it Baalke who said we aren’t rebuilding? He may want that one back right now :)

  52. Did we really have to wait 3 weeks for this? The Raiders did a much better job than the Niners on this one.

    So who is going to be the OC? I like Marc Trestman, although I know he’s a very unpopular choice.

      1. @Razoreater aka Deputy Dwight “Dewey” Riley – if you are right, it must be because its takes one to know one…..

        1. Your brilliant wit has one competitor within your soul, and that is the desire your heart holds for the love of Alex Smith…. Ha!

    1. Woops, rumor has it that Trestman is going to join Del Rio in Oakland. Niners lose again….

  53. Anyone remember the Van Halen song “Hot for teacher?” Well, I’m not hot for this teacher.

  54. There will be great team chemistry with Jason Tarver. He was a biochemistry major at Santa Clara.

    And Marc Trestman knows more than just X’s and O’s — he also understands $$ and cents. In the early 90s, “he’s gone” from the NFL for 3 years selling municipal bonds on Wall Street.

  55. Right now, Jed York has eclipsed Dan Synder as Most Childish Tyrant-Owner in the NFL, which is quite an achievement.

  56. The only corre part is about how cheap the Niners are

  57. I don’tthink tomsula is a bad choice . To say he is a bad choice means Harbaugh actually did something and didn’t inherit a stacked roster.
    Harbaugh by his own admission didn’t have a say in the draft. So all he did was gender an offense as all plays went through him.
    The real gem is now the gm of the Washington redskins. Baalke will continue to play Russian roulette with high hopes in the draft. Truth be told, he is a poor access or of talent.
    Next, the organization is dysfunctional. There probably isn’t anyone of any value who would take the reigns of this train wreck.
    That means the organization needed someone who could keep the players playing in spite of the kaos.
    That makes Tomsula the only choice.

    1. Yes, and I wish GC would write about how the Redskins just got a whole lot better and how Scot Mccloughan was a huge reason for the success of both the Niners and Hawks.

      1. But then he’d have to mention that he was fired by both teams for “drinking” on the job.

        1. When told that U.S. Grant was a heavy drinker, Abraham Lincoln replied ” I wish he’d tell my other Generals what he was drinking…” (paraphrase)

  58. I’m gonna have to give the brain trust the benefit of the doubt on this one, although it feels like a cluster F of epic proportions.

    Was Tomsula choice #2 after Gase told Baalke I’ll think about it?

    1. No, the little fat guy is York’s choice and Gase was Baalke’s. York authorized a frugal offer and Adam was aGased….

    2. The word in Denver is that no offer was made by Baalke. He then notified Gase that they would be going another direction. What a madcap comedy.

      1. They sat across from each other at the table. Gase slid a piece of paper with a dollar amount written on it. Baalke excused himself and took the next flight out in coach….

  59. This move is not worthy of Silicon Valley and innovation, but I’m sure North Korea is watching with eyebrows raised, impressed with the move by the Great Leader York to maintain control over the hearts and minds of his puny underlings.

  60. Hey Tomsula has never lost a football game. If I remember correctly at the time of his lone victory some in here thought he should of been the next HC.

    I do like the idea of Trestman, but I think Solari is going to be the next OC. They don’t want CK to have to go through what AS had to go thru in changing the offense. I think Grant is right on this one. We shall soon see.

  61. the deeper that the Ravens go in the postseason,
    the less attention any of us will pay to the future of
    Jim Harbaw. The prospect of his big brother going
    on coaching in the NFL and picking up yet a second
    Super Bowl ring makes the Michigan football story a
    sad footnote from Jim. He gave up. He quit. Even tho
    he could have been hired by another pro team…
    he showed that all of that “mighty men and football fight”
    was nothing but bombast. Empty talk. He wimped out.

    I AM THE SUPER BOWL MONKEY – on his back, ok?

  62. You got a problem with Jim as HC? Q doesn’t

    1. Thats what the players wanted. Continuity. Now the next step is do the Niners bring in another QB to compete with CK and who will be the guy to oversee the offense?
      I don’t think this is a bad move. The Niners are the best team that’s didn’t make the playoffs this year and possibly better than a lot of teams that did. Injuries and poor play by the QB were the result. This offseason is huge! Baalke it’s on you sir.

    2. Does that mean more 8-8 and a high draft pick? More double speak? One things for sure, that sexy haired chest with the gold chains epitomizes class if you ask me….

      1. According you Steve Young, the 8-8 doldrums are harder to get out of than getting a top five draft pick.

  63. Always nice to see original thought.

    Lowell Cohn (@LowellCohn):

    “I love Del Rio hiring. Raiders have serious head coach; Niners have clown.”

    1. Calling Tomsula a clown is both disrespectful and unprofessional. Doesn’t say much about Lowell (not that there ever has been). That said, it was a questionable hire when you look at who he replaced.

      1. Not when he’s referred to himself as the little fat man. He’s obviously self deprecating…

    2. For once I agree with the senior Cohn, and I believe in the end, when it was too late, he came to appreciate Harbaugh….

    3. That was unnecessary from Lowell. He doesn’t have to agree with the hire (nobody does), but he doesn’t have to call the man a clown. That wasn’t needed.

    4. Clown? Seriously? The only clown is that one tweeting. Unless @LowellCohn was hacked, that is STUNNING in its unprofessional-ism.

  64. With our upgrade from Harbaugh to Tomsula, Pete has no need for chewing gum now. He is worry free and is switching to gummi bears.
    The 12th man is making poster boards as we speak…..”Jim who?”

    1. I like trestmant. He’s a great game planner/adjuster/play caller. He can help this offense go.

        1. Let him have him. Presenting Trestman before the fan base would be like throwing gasoline on a fire….

          1. Stop your moaning already! Have a drink, relax and STFU. How about a wait and see approach here?
            You sound like a frantic teenager. Get a grip man!

            1. I suppose the way your neighbors described your moaning, one would assume you were gripping your pillow tight….Ha!

              1. Your not even sure where you live. The anxiety and panicking over Tomsula has you delusional!
                Deep breaths man, deep breaths!

              2. In America we don’t worry about where the Gasehole lives, but if he steps inside, we blow their frickin brains out!

  65. Sounds like LMJ is open to return with the 49ers now…

    LaMichael James (@LaMichaelJames):

    “Niners got an outstanding coach! well deserved”.

  66. Jim Tomsula — from Rhein Fire to dumpster fire?

    It’s the choice of OC and QB coach that will determine wins for the Niners in the near future.
    If he doesn’t have clock management brain farts and can get the plays into the huddle on time, we may be fine.

    1. Remember Randy Cross & Fred Quillen and friends RUNNING from the huddle to the LOS? Do it! Give the QB time. Put the D on their heels. WTF?

  67. I would say throw a pile of money at Scott Linehan to be the OC, but you KNOW he ain’t gonna work for this crew … and I repeat from yesterday, no coach who has a CHOICE will now come to work for the 49ers … this is Al Davis in his last twenty years … the 49ers can only hope to strike gold occasionally as the Raiders did with Gruden … longshot … hmmm Jimmy Raye … yeah, Trestman did a FANTASTIC job this past season, can’t wait

  68. Yuppy York better spend big bucks in free agency with all that money he’s saving. Better max out that salary cap Jed!…. You cheap bastar*!

    1. The cap has been maxed out. There are only good management skills to fall back on. Maybe you’re thinking about the Raiders.

  69. Well this is interesting. This choice shows that Jed and Trent think what held the Niner’s back from being even better was Harbaugh. They like the way the team is set up. If the OC comes from within the organization then they clearly want to stay pretty much pat, except for a new Head Coach.
    I assume Fangio will leave, so it is hoped that the new Coordinator will be similar to Fangio and keep the 3-4.
    As everyone else is saying the OC is the key. I hope for a change. The offense should be modified to fit with what Kap does best, to be more aggressive in the second half, to get over the Red Zone problem and get the plays in quicker.

  70. Happy for Tomsula. The man has paid his dues and we will know by the mid-way point of the season how much his appointment takes effect.

    What I’m not happy with is that the team will likely lose Fangio due to JT’ hiring.
    Also, I will be very interested in how Tomsula will handle Kaepernick.
    I’ve said for the last two weeks that the most important hire will be the O-Cord because this was the teams weakest area.

    Now, with Fangio likely to go, we will need a credible D-Cord as well. If Fangio is not hired elsewhere as a headcoach, I would like to see him remain on but I can’t see him doing that.

    In any case, the winds of change are now upon the Faithful.

  71. Happy for Tomsula. The man has paid his dues and we will know by the mid-way point of the season how much his appointment takes effect.

    What I’m not happy with is that the team will likely lose Fangio due to JT’ hiring.
    Also, I will be very interested in how Tomsula will handle Kaepernick.
    I’ve said for the last two weeks that the most important hire will be the O-Cord because this was the teams weakest area.

    Now, with Fangio likely to go, we will need a credible D-Cord as well. If Fangio is not hired elsewhere as a headcoach, I would like to see him remain on but I can’t see him doing that.

    In any case, the winds of change are now upon the Faithful.

  72. Welcome to the era of “winning with class.” I fear what it means to us fans is years of mediocrity. Usually I see the glass as half full, but I’m having trouble doing that with this one. Let’s see what the rest of Jed’s plan is for winning the next Super Bowl.

  73. “In 1989, he (Jim Tomsula) started his coaching career with jobs at Charleston Southern and Catawba that were so low-paying that he held other odd jobs and lived out of his car at times to support his family.”

    this is someone who will face the problem and tackle it…..if #7 is not playing well he his not going be pampering him…..

    1. I worked with a girl who had a dog named Bear. Big Golden Retriever. We worked in Tahoe and we’d throw tennis balls into the woods and down the mountain only to have Bear faithfully return the ball every time….

  74. They should have hired Ron Jeremy before Harbaugh. At Least He Would Have helped in the stadium construction laying pipe. . …I’m perplexed at this hiring and heard Jeds statement. This will be the biggest joke unless he brings in serious coordinator’s. Otherwise, I say we all bring in raw eggs next year and throw them at Jeds suite. Smh, what an idiot! !!

    1. What Jed should have done was set up a press conference and put 49er fans at ease about these staff changes immediately. If he doesn’t do it tomorrow, he’s a POS!

    1. Does it matter? Anyone can coach that defense. The question is who will be the new offensive genius?

  75. Problem is that Tomsula only has knowledge of 49er assistants, doesn’t bring in fresh meat and will have to follow Baalke/York too on their choices on DC, OC.

    1. You don’t know that? And if you do, prove it? Maybe he is well connected in NFL circles. Don’t pretend to know.

      1. No I don’t know that for a fact, but he has worked the Euro league before 5 yrs with nines.
        Can you name any big names that came out of that???

        1. Actually, 7 years with the Niners. Those two years you left out he had used for making contacts around the league.

  76. Congrats Coach Tomsula! I can’t wait for next season. If the niners started releasing Kap, Bowman or Willis I’d be worried but coaches are replaceable. Heck we have a 1000 armchair coaches on this site. LoL

  77. One season and gone, Niners in disarray…..

    I like him to, but he’s a classic Rah Rah guy, great to have on the sidelines, rubs off on other groups not only his own, but a head coach….. an appointment that costs us Fangio….

    What a ridiculous call…..

  78. CEO Jed York said in a statement. “Jim is a great teacher and a tremendous mentor who conducts himself with great class and integrity.”
    Now there you have it!I wish he had said; He’s a great coach with a proven record and he can get us to the SB in a couple of years, I would have felt better.

  79. Man…I thought the first wave of ‘whining, bellyaching’ would have been subsiding by now….We’re 49ers, a few corrections, and we’ll be on the road to recovery…welcome Coach Tomsula! Let’s get busy….

    1. Dumping or losing everyone but Rathman on the coaching staff isn’t ‘a few corrections’.

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