49ers remain bullish on fullback Juszczyk


Bill Walsh had Tom Rathman. George Seifert had William Floyd. Steve Mariucci had Fred Beasley. Jim Harbaugh had Bruce Miller. And now Kyle Shanahan has Kyle Juszczyk.

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  1. If as a FB, Juszczyk is so vital to the offense, maybe they need to find a better player to back him up, other than Paulson.

    1. The Niners need competent backups for most every position on the team.

      Or perhaps the greater need is for competent starters to play ahead of the incompetent backups who have been starting all season.

  2. Juzczyck has 3 carries for 11 yards and 8 receptions in 5 games.
    Maybe they need to utilize him more.

  3. Nice article Grant. I have always been a big fan of the 9ers fullbacks… grew up watching Rathman (always been one of my all-time favorite 9ers), and loved Floyd. Even though he has not had as big an impact so far this year, I really do look forward to seeing how Shanahan incorporates him into the offense as it continues to develop. Either way, it’s nice to hear more about and from some of the players that may not be front and center, but play big roles for the team.

  4. And in relevant news, just weeks after meeting with player reps and fellow owners to discuss protests, Hou owner and Trump donor Bob McNair says the inmates are running the prison. Interesting analogy…..but hey don’t let me interrupt this in-depth fullback discussion, he’s been very integral in our offense. Highest paid FB in history, let’s toast to that…..keep that heavy hitn journalism coming Mr. Cohn. Your well in your way to being the Geraldo Rivera of bay sports writers. Im dead.

    1. There is a problem with this movement you’re so infatuated with dReed. The inmates are running the asylum. Each week this movement scrambles to flip or twist comments or actions. They are hell bent on being a victim. The comment quite clearly means that the least capable and qualified individuals are running the league.
      This movement loses credibility because the movement is distracted with chasing every perceived injustice. If McNair’s comments hurt your feelings, stop giving his statement credibility and make yourself qualified.
      I don’t push an E.R. doctor aside because I have an understanding, rudimentary at best, of emergency medicine, even when I don’t agree with the approach of the physician.
      There wasn’t anything wrong with what McNair’s opinion is. I suppose he is not allowed to have an opinion because he is wealthy, elderly, and Caucasian. Isn’t his opinion protected by the same 1st amendment right this movement is touting?

      1. Trying to defend McNair is futile. He admitted that it was incorrect and a bad usage of a phrase.
        Even if he meant the inmates running the asylum, it was a Freudian slip to disparage the players. Demeaning and marginalizing players will not motivate them very much.

            1. Perhaps you read the comment too quickly or I wasn’t clear enough in the explanation.

              I wrote :
              If McNair’s comments hurt your feelings, stop giving his statement credibility and make yourself qualified.

              In conclusion I said:
              There wasn’t anything wrong with what McNair’s opinion is. I suppose he is not allowed to have an opinion because he is wealthy, elderly, and Caucasian. Isn’t his opinion protected by the same 1st amendment right this movement is touting?

              Neither statement took a side or defended McNair. Rather, I just asserted the same line that so many have used in the disrespect of the American Flag. There is nothing wrong with those individuals having an opinion as there is nothing wrong with McNair having an opinion. Both of which are protected by the 1st Amendment.

              That would be a right, not a wrong. As such, there simply isn’t anything to defend.

  5. Juice or not, it’s going to be a long day tomorrow. Philly 44 SF 3. That will be 8 loses in a row. Just one more to tie Kaep’s dismal 9 loses in a row during last years wonderful season. Yea, we need Kaep. He’ll give the team the “best chance to win”. Good God, what a joke. I’m sure his book will do well in the “Children’s section”! I have a couple of great titles for the book.

    How I choked in the Super Bowl in 3 easy tries. Why did I listen to my girl? What exactly is a “progression” anyway? Like my throwing skills, calling me an activist is not accurate. LOL!

    1. How much money are you putting on Philly to cover the spread, Juan? Gotta get that cheddar rt? Even if it’s blood money……

      1. Some think she was, and remains, a brilliant visionary. Personally I think she’s a talentless hack that sings like a cat in heat…

      1. My wife’s buying me, What Does This Button Do? An autobiography by Bruce Dickinson. Not sure why anyone would have an interest in how to kneel, but maybe there’s a niche market for such a book….

        1. A few years ago – maybe 15 or so – I was on an Air Astreus flight back to the UK from being on holiday in Croatia. Bruce came on the intercom as co-pilot, went through the usual co-pilot spiel, didn’t say who he was apart from introducing himself as Capt Dickinson or whatever, but being a bit of a Maiden fan in my younger years I was aware of his job and asked one of the stewards if it was in fact Bruce, and if so could I say hi and get his squiggle.

          Sure enough, when we had landed, I was invited back to have a quick chinwag with him… thoroughly nice he was too.

          Just thought i’d share that with you Razor….!!

          (I also once met Kirk Hammet at the SF Museum of Modern Art, but thats a different story)

          1. Thank you very much for sharing that, BritishNiner! Been a fan of Bruce for 30+ years. One of my heroes, he is. As for Hammet, and Metallica, I never was a fan. It seems there’s something in the water over there in the UK that makes these great bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest….

      2. I am going to get the book and then burn it while I stand listening to the National Anthem.

          1. Never burned a book in my life but this one will be pure joy. Fahrenheit 451 is right around the corner….. By the way you liberals don’t have a problem with burning the flag, Have a good day Seb.

  6. Since Bruce Miller was brought up, what is “Bruise” up to these days? Besides his neck in tons of trouble? He’s certainly been keeping a low profile (most likely on the sage advice of his attorneys).

    1. Probably still in all the pre-trail garbage you get. I haven’t heard of them dropping any charges.

  7. Jack Christiansen/Dick Nolan also had a fullback. Ken Willard, drafted (1965) before Butkus and Sayers. Four time pro bowler.

  8. So now I know what the 49ers offensive weapon does! He gives interviews …

    He was really instrumental in helping score all those Red Zone TDs while Hoyer was QB…oh, wait…

    1. Looks like two things are going on here:

      1) teams are trying to fleece the new regime since they young and inexperienced. They are trying to use the press to persuade the young regime.

      2) they are young and inexperienced and are not good at negotiating or playing hard knocks in the NFL. Additionally, the structure of the team makes things difficult to resolve efficiently.

      1. With regards to 2), I don’t see this as a problem. I like the fact that JL and KS are working together. I have never liked this “division” of power between GMs and HCs that is prevalent on some if not most teams. In my mind, Baalke was the poster boy for this kind of behavior and look where it got our team. While perhaps an extreme example, imagine a chef (head coach) who specializes in seafood being asked to work with mutton because that’s what the restaurant manager (GM) is willing to supply. Better they work together to produce a superior product that diners (fans) want to enjoy.

        If KS and JL really want to deal players they can work out a more efficient process, if in fact, their current process is inefficient. For example, they can determine in advance the range of compensation they are willing to accept. JL can change his answer to the “old school” GMs to: that’s lower than what we were expecting, give us a day to think about it.

  9. Foster inactive. Bummer he can’t stay on the field. Hope that changes sooner rather than later.

      1. That probably means Gilligan gets the nod at RT. Hopefully he found his rabbit foot, and keeps it in his pocket.

  10. Grant is in good form.
    He is ripping KS unmercifully, with good reason. KS needs an OC, like I have been advocating for since before the draft.
    Now he is talking QBs. He dislikes Rosen, even though he he is a UCLA grad. Baker Mayfield is now the favorite.
    I still like Jake Browning and Lamar Jackson.
    Nice, Grant just advocated screens and reverses. He must agree with my posts.

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