49ers-Chiefs Super Bowl LIV live blog

MIAMI — This is the live blog for Super Bowl LIV between the 49ers and the Chiefs. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

1:55 Check out Phil Barber’s Facebook Live post:

2:07 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  • WR Dante Pettis
  • WR Jordan Matthews
  • DT Kevin Givens
  • LB Azeez Al-Shaair
  • TE Daniel Helm
  • CB Dontae Johnson
  • QB C.J. Beathard

2:09 Here are the Chiefs’ inactives:

  • QB Chad Henne
  • RB LeSean McCoy
  • OL Jackson Barton
  • OL Andrew Wylie
  • LB Darron Lee
  • CB Morris Claiborne
  • OL Ryan Hunter

3:34 The 49ers win the toss and defer. The Chiefs will receive the opening kickoff.

3:43 On third and 3 from the Chiefs 33, Patrick Mahomes throws an incomplete pass intended for running back Damien Williams in the flat. The Chiefs go three and out and punt.

3:44. Richie James Jr. muffs the punt but recovers it at the 49ers’ 18.

3:52 On third and five from the Chiefs 25, Chiefs defensive tackle Mike Pennel tips Jimmy Garoppolo’s pass and it falls incomplete. Robbie Gould makes a 38-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 3-0. Deebo Samuel ran two end arounds and gained 39 yards during that drive. The end around to Samuel has been the 49ers’ best offensive play the past couple months. Interesting to see Shanahan call two of them in the opening drive.

3:57 The Chiefs double-covered Kittle on third and five and Garoppolo threw it to him anyway. Gotta look somewhere else.

4:10 On third and 11 from the 49ers’ 15, Patrick Mahomes scrambles from 14 yards, but Jimmie Ward hits him and forces a fumble. The ball bounces backward to the five-yard line. On fourth and 1, Andy Reid calls a direct snap to running back Damien Williams, who runs for four yards. Two plays later, Reid calls a classic option play, Mahomes fakes a pitch to Williams, fakes out Jasquiski Tartt and scores a touchdown. The Chiefs lead 7-3.

4:15 On first and 10 from the 49ers’ 25, Garoppolo completes a pass to Sanders for 18 yards. The 49ers will face first and 10 from their 43 when the second quarter starts.

4:20 On second and 12 from the 49ers’ Garoppolo takes a hit as he throws an interception to Chiefs cornerback Bashaud Breeland. The Chiefs have the ball at their 45.

4:29 On third and 7 from the 49ers 13, Tarvarius Moore breaks up a short pass intended for Darwin Thompson. Harrison Butker makes a 31-yard field goal, and the Chiefs lead 10-3.

4:38 On first and 10 from the Chiefs 15, Garoppolo fakes a handoff, rolls to his right and completes a short pass to Kyle Juszczyk, who breaks a tackle from safety Daniel Sorensen and scores a touchdown. Game tied at 10.

4:50 On third and 14 from the Chiefs 52, Mahomes completes a screen pass to Williams for just one yard. Jaquiski Tartt makes the tackle. The Chiefs punt. Touchback. Niners get the ball with 59 seconds left. The 49ers would have 1:39 left had Kyle Shanahan taken a timeout after Tartt’s tackle, but Shanahan did not take a timeout. The 49ers have all three remaining.

5:00 On first and 10 from the 49ers 45, Garoppolo completes a beautiful deep pass to Kittle, but the refs flag Kittle for offensive pass interference. Next play, Garoppolo takes a knee and the first half ends.

5:42 On third and five from the Chiefs 27, Garoppolo completes a three-yard pass to Tevin Coleman. On fourth down, Robbie Gould makes a 42-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 13-10.

5:50 On second and 5 from the Chiefs 46, Nick Bosa strips the ball from Mahomes but Mahomes recovers. Next play, Mahomes throws a pick directly to Fred Warner. Niners get the ball at their 45.

5:51 Joe Staley has a hand injury and is questionable to return. Justin Skule is playing left tackle.

5:57 On third and 8 from the Chiefs 37, Garoppolo completes a 26-yard pass to Kendrick Bourne. Two plays later, Mostert scores a one-yard touchdown run, and the 49ers lead 20-10.

6:06 On third and 1 from the Chiefs 44, Travis Kelce takes a direct snap and runs for two yards. The Chiefs will face first and 10 from their 46 when the fourth quarter starts.

6:14 On third and 6 from the 49ers’ 23, Tarvarius Moore intercepts Mahomes at the 49ers’ 20-yard line. The 49ers’ pass rush forced that throw into coverage. The pass rush has taken over and destroyed the continuity of the Chiefs’ passing game.

6:21 On third and 14 from the 49ers’ 34, Garoppolo scrambles for three yards, and the 49ers punt on the next play. The Chiefs get the ball at their 17.

6:34 On third and 15 from the Chiefs’ 35, the 49ers give up a 44-yard catch to a wide open Tyreek Hill. Three plays later on third and 10, Tarvarius Moore commits defensive pass interference in the end zone during a pass intended for Travis Kelce. Next play, Mahomes completes a one-yard touchdown pass to Kelce, and the Chiefs trail 20-17 with 6:13 left.

6:41 On third and five from the 49ers’ 25, Garoppolo throws an incomplete pass intended for Kendrick Bourne, who wasn’t open. Kittle was open over the middle. Mitch Wishnowsky’s punt travels only 40 yards, and the Chiefs get the ball at their 35.

6:46 On second and 7 from the 49ers’ 48, Richard Sherman gives up a 38-yard catch to Sammy Watkins. On third and goal, Mahomes completes a five-yard TD pass to Damien Williams. The play is under review.

6:48 The refs uphold their ruling. Touchdown. Chiefs lead 24-20.

7:00 On fourth and 10 from the Chiefs 49, Frank Clark sacks Garoppolo for a loss of nine. Chiefs get the ball at the 49ers’ 42.

7:01 On second and 6, Damien Williams runs for a 38-yard touchdown, and the Chiefs lead 31-20. I correctly predicted the game and the Chiefs’ score. Currently accepting all apologies.

7:07 On second and 10 from the 49ers’ 25, Garoppolo throws another pick, and the 49ers lose the Super Bowl. Stay tuned for my game story and report card.

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  1. It has been an unbelievable season so far…..no matter what happens, enjoy the moment! Don’t know when we will be back here again.

    Niners 34 – Chiefs 24….Go Niners!

    1. I am very nervous. KC has a mobile, fast runner QB and we don’t do as well against these types. I fear their WR speed. But anyway, best of luck to our Niners!

  2. To all the Faithful, it’s been a difficult journey waiting for the organization to rebuild itself and set this moment up.

    No prediction for score or MVP. Just that the Niners will win. That’s it. Enjoy the game everyone.

    Go Niners!

  3. Let’s f’n go my Niner brotha’s!!!!!
    We have 11 (HEALTHY) studs starting on defense so need to worry! ?
    We’re partying at my house (small party about 15 people)….Niners are wearing white jerseys so I decided on White Claws for me all day today, buddies are drinking Becks & a mix of IPA’s….current song that’s blasting is Zeppelin Kashmir!!!
    Enjoy the game fellas & 49erGirl (❤) if you’re out there!!
    No score prediction…Just get the damn W

  4. Sharks in the water. Sharks gotta eat. Legendary today fellas. Let’s go get it! Go NINERS!

  5. Thanks, Grant, for this awesome SB live blog/thread!

    Go Niners!!! Beat the Chefs!!

      1. Sour, you’re probably too young to understand the joke.

        There was a Snickers ad back in the day. Maybe you were only 8 years old at the time..

    1. Awesome! They are going to run the ball down the Chief’s throats and they won’t be able to stop it.

  6. Here they are at the door step of Greatness…
    Go finish the job…
    Bring back number 6.
    Go 9ers

  7. Was off-the grid on the Central California Coast–nice!

    Now it’s time to kick KC a$$!

  8. Pettit may finally get the message: he is a bubble player and a second-round bust. An undrafted WR could have done as well as him.

  9. Got to say I’m digging the intros so far.
    Definitely makes me miss my homeland… I wish you all the best.

  10. Was really hoping if we won the toss we’d take the ball and immediately start eating that clock.

  11. Didn’t look tipped. Looked like the ball slipped at the release. Maybe I didn’t see a good angle.

  12. If you’re going to hit him hit him HARD!!! I don’t care if he crossed the goal line. Q

  13. Ribico, others can scoff all they want at long ago postings. But Sherman (other SF DBs) simply can’t handle the Chiefs offense & the Chiefs are now on their way to the 42 points predicted they’d get against the vaunted Niners defense. Chiefs 42-Niners 28 (Maybe). And so much for the vaunted Saleh and his defensive schemes too.

  14. Well, that drive took KC 7:26. The niner defense has to slow them down and they did that. Now they have give up no more than a FG. Half way there.

  15. So far the Niners are being outplayed on both sides of the ball, and now Jimmy does exactly what he can’t do. Gotta be better guys.

  16. Shanahan, Saleh simply not ready for this Chiefs team. And Jimmy G has happy feet. How could so many on this blog believe the Niners could win. Embarrassing.

    1. The saints were up 21 on this team and lost. This team isn’t about to give up down In The biggest game of their season.

  17. Jimmy, get your head in the game! Forget about the bottle chick who’s not returning your texts.

  18. Saleh needs to do a better job attacking. Keep hitting Mahomes. Those options hit the QB. The jitters will creep in.

  19. Offense has to respond with a TD now. Anything less than that and it is going to get ugly real fast.

  20. Why the HELL did Bosa back off with that hit in Mahomes. They need to hit him hard and make him scared.

      1. Yeah I don’t like the call… but I would say he’s scared of jimmy throwing pick and giving the Chiefs a cheap score.

  21. Not Caling the timeout in an indictment on your team. You’re saying your offense won’t move the ball and you don’t want your defense back on the field.

    1. We talk about good and bad Garoppolo all the time but we keep giving Shanny a pass on bonehead coaching moves. That was pure BAD Shanny right there. The one that lets a bad play affect his opinion of his QB in the biggest game of his life.

    2. I think it was a mistake, not an indictment on the team. That throw to Kittle showed confidence.

  22. I need a drink to get through this horrendous halftime show
    Talentless hacks with nice asses
    Music is dead

  23. Great job defense! But I hope Saleh yells at Warner to never stick that ball out again, so stupid! Now lets go get seven.

  24. The clock is ticking and Mahomes is starting to think he’s not as great as everyone says he is

  25. Neutral zone infraction and unsportsmanlike conduct both blatantly ignored by the refs there. They are doing their best to give the game to the Chiefs.

  26. Why the hell saleh didn’t blitz on that 3rd and 15 was a huge mistake. What the hell?!?

  27. At the end of the day the conservative play calling handcuffed the team. You don’t go for it on 4th and 2. You don’t call the timeout at the half.
    Now it is up to the offense to go win this game. Stop handing the ball to Mostert. Bring Jeff Wilson in.

  28. Yet another penalty missed. Blatant helmet to helmet hit on that third down play. The refs are refusing to call anything on the Chiefs defense.

  29. Niners really don’t have a 2 minute offense. If Garrapolo can do this he’ll get MVP

  30. Said on this blog all week defensive backfield, especially Sherman, was suspect & would be exploited by KC & they have been. KC is destined to win. Sorry, Ribico.

  31. And the Chiefs give Kittle an extra bump when he was already out of bounds because they know the refs will not anything on them.

  32. And what of Saleh & all the accolades bestowed him on this blog. Nowhere to be seen tonight.

  33. Okay all the cry babies come out. We have a great team and organization and you crybabies aren’t fans

  34. One of the rare times that the first and second best actually play against each other. I knew it would be hard fought but this is a seriously even match.

  35. This is why so many talking heads didn’t trust Garappolo. Too many throws into D-line hands, a near interception, and a bad long pass. He has a lot of work to become an elite QB.

    Hopefully this team isn’t a one year aberration.

      1. Jimmy did not play well at all during the postseason, not one good game. Even against GB in 8 attempts he managed to take a sack that was all on him, and almost throw an interception. He wasn’t horrible today, but he also wasn’t near good enough. Actually, he was pretty awful in the 4th quarter. Yes the defense choked, lots of missed tackles, blown coverages, and not nearly enough pressure from our vaunted d-line. But Jimmy could have won this game three times in the 4th quarter, he failed every single time.

  36. Game over, Kansas City wins. Maybe not by as much as I expected but good enough,
    Too bad Ribico et. al. As stated this spring, the Niners will never win a SB under the Yorks.
    Period. Hurrah Chiefs. Get another stadium, new ownership, 49ers.

  37. No defense in this game. I just knew we would not win..just don’t quite have the talent yet.

  38. The 49ers did not play well, but I cannot ignore the fact that the refs ignored several blatant penalties committed by the Chiefs that would have given the 49ers a fresh set of downs or at worst a replay of the current down.

    1. No they didn’t play well JimmyG was innacurate all night…even the passes caught were low high behind…maybe JimmyG is just not that good…he certainly is not as good as PMahomey….may be awhile till we get to the big dance again

  39. And cheers to the host of this blog. He correctly predicted the end result as did I. Yet everyone took him (and me) to task. No way the Niners were going to defeat this the Chiefs and its date with destiny. Too Bad Ribico

  40. What a bunch of snowflake morons.

    We just lost to a better team with an unstoppable offense.

    Nothing to be ashamed of.

    It will be harder next year as we will lose some talent to free agency.

    1. 49ers won’t be back. This was their one big chance and they blew it. Either the Seahawks
      or Rams will be repping the the NFC West next year.

        1. PT LOL…….a lot of sore losers and a lot of arogant “I told you so” types coming out of the woodwork

  41. Ah well. It was a great season. Sucks to lose, especially after being up by 10 in the 4th quarter, but wasn’t to be. Defense couldn’t keep making stops against Mahomes all game, and offense stalled badly after a good start to the second half. In the end though they were an overthrown pass away from taking a lead with less than 2 minutes to go.

    I am sure some people will look to blame JG for the loss. In a way he was – missing Sanders was on him. But he played a good game for the most part. In the end it was Mahomes that won the game after not playing well for 3 quarters, and a couple of brutal big plays given up by the D.

    1. Heartbreaker, Big Scootie. Gonna be tough to make it back. We’re starting to get a reputation for losing SB’s and I find it very disconcerting….

      1. Lots of blame all the way around but I’ll never go there.
        Giving up 21 points in the 4th was the difference.
        This loss is worse than any point of history for me following this team over 35 years.

      2. Eh, got to get to the SB to lose it. The loss sucks but was still a great and fun season.

        As to being tough to get back to the SB, of course it will be. But if Kyle Shanahan is as good a HC as many think they should be competing for and in the thick of the SB hunt most years. This is still by and large a young team and so long as they keep replenishing talent they’ll be fine.

        1. Will the team start to question Kyle Shanahans ability in big games?

          Will a rift develop between Lynch and Shanny about the non-timeout call before half?

          And what about the lack of offensive weapons and Jimmy G’s play with 2:44 left?

          I’m just saying this is how the demise of good teams start and you never get back for a long time.
          Losing sucks!

          1. I think with 2:44 and a chance to win the game. You win the game. I think both Jimmy and Kyle didn’t rise to the occasion. They had Mostert run for 15 yards. Why they stopped running I have no clue. All the really creative plays we’ve seen the team run were not ther.
            Going conservative and taking FGs is what cost them games against good teams.
            Oh well — still a great game.

            1. FAN77 great points!….great season but another egg layed by Shanny……Frisco has lost the last 2 SB’s….may be awhile till team gets there again….dunno for sure but it was a great season

              1. This one hurts a little because they did everything according to plan, and blew it. Steve Young just said what I thought: They had a 2nd and 5, 20-10, around 7 minutes left, keep running the ball, but then the ball is tipped, I think they had a penalty and then Jimmy ran out of bounds. They were definitely bad ref calls but that’s not why they lost. Grant is actually right. Kyle Shanahan lost the game.

          2. well said Prime….yes there were lots of dodgy calls by Shanny yet again….wasting time before the half was just downright dumb…my 81 year old mom was pissed off at that..she knows football

          3. You’re right on, Prime. You called it when they took JG out of the mix in the NFCCG. That’s when the ship hit the damn iceberg :(

  42. We beat our season expectations but goddamn we should’ve won this. Even with all the missed penalties

  43. Great season. Better than anybody predicted. This was a team loss. All areas contributed to this loss (including the refs) Looking forward to next season. I’ll let all the experts on here dissect the players at fault. See you for the draft folks! I’m happy for Andy.

  44. Grant, you have my apologies although that last TD was rather meaningless, the 49er defense knew they were beaten. Disappointing, this game did not play out as I anticipated . . . we had them down and let them back up. This is a very good but not yet great 49er team that is lacking a couple key pieces that hopefully they can add in FA and the draft. They will have another legit shot at it again next year with some experience under their belt. We’ll see what happens then.

  45. This one hurts considering it seemed like all momentum was in our favor being up by 10 but that 40 yard bomb on 3rd and 15 Pat threw seemed like the dagger in some ways… still can’t believe that happened along with the O stalling at the end but as long as Shanahan is coach this team will be back. Congrats on a great season team.

  46. KNBR all week, “Can you believe we’re gonna have a parade down Market Street next week?!?” LOL.

  47. Poor Joe Staley.

    Bummed Jimmy G couldn’t make some Montana or Young magic happen in the end.

    Great season though. It was a fun ride.

    Hope we can keep the nucleus of the team together and we don’t have that SB loser curse.

  48. We averaged 6.9 per carry and only ran 22 times. We went away from what was working. Kyle outthinking himself

    1. Absolutely….Kyle and Jimmy layed an egg the second half….really bad..what happened to the misdirection and play action….and the run .. lets just abandon what works at put it on Jimmy’s back, Jimmy is just not that good

  49. Most teams that lose the Super Bowl have a down year the next year I suspect this team will follow that trend , every year is different and seasons are long , The Niners could find themselves back in the Super Bowl or could be a long time before they go back

  50. Memo To Ribico & others on this blog: Kyl Shanahan has been outscored 52-0 since the 3rd QT of Super Bowl in 2016.

    1. Rob, you were right. You get to crow. As a Browns fan enjoy it, that’s the last one you’ll get for a while. BTW, it’s PDs moronic spam filter that’s preventing me from groveling.

    2. Yes RobP…Shanny layed yet another egg…the run game and misdirection was working fine then he abandons it…sheeshus….Its called choking……Can’t put the game on JimmyG’s back he is just not that good….

  51. The folks on here who were arguing that Mahomes wasn’t a mobile QB…..

    Oh well. I’m 45. I’ve seen the 49ers play in a Super Bowl every decade of my life.

    Have a few other smartass comments I could make, but it was a fun season.

  52. I am bummed! This was a painful loss.

    But it was a great game, and a great season.

    And as painful as this was it beats where we have been the last few years, arguing over what to do with our high draft choices. See you all during the draft.

    Go Niners!!!

  53. Hey Grant, you’re a ass. Seriously, you predict the team you cover to lose. There’s a level of optimism that should persist. I mean that. The Boners were 100% the better team. Mahomes won with pedestrian numbers, bad officiating and a 3rd and 11 Hail Mary. That said, the Niners have got to learn to put teams away. All season we have put ourselves in tight games. Up 10 or 20 and we Lear teams back in. Regardless, if you are going to report, show some faith. Your lack lack of it, embarrassing. Some some loyalty and faith to the team. We aren’t here to listen to naysayers or doubters, Seb is enough. Just like your dad who beat the Niners down in the 80’s even though they won 5 SBs. Pathetic. Cheers you asshole. Go Niners to the true fans here. Believe, have faith and be faithful!

    1. Wow, what a human being you are. Proud of yourself? Maybe all of you that have so much hatred for Grant that it is so visceral should …. I don’t know…. GO SOME WHERE ELSE!

      So many people in here treat Grant like trash. If you hate him so much, go to another 49er site, there are many out there to choose from. You would think he had punched your mother in the face or something.

      1. By the way, the only person that would defend Grant is Grant. Nice work with the “mellinium” tag. It’s one thing to objective but when your team makes SB, you throw support and belief like the rest of us. Reality is, you were lucky to win.

  54. Shanny and Grappollo layed an egg…JimmyG was off all game…for 26 million year he can’t throw more accurate than that???? wow…..well on a positive note it was an exciting year but as I said at the start of the year, JimmyG is not the answer…

    Team should draft a young QB at some point

    And no can’t blame the refs even though they were rather pathetic but that’s the NFL nowadays

    1. You spent all year being a troll and you’re here after the super bowl trying to pat yourself on the back? You’re a loser Monty!
      You’re not a Niner fan and you’re a joke!

      1. Get over it…Bebsie I have been a fan longer than you have been alive…I have earned the right to say what I want don’t like it don’t look but don’t be a sore loser dude

    2. JG was something like 18 of 21 for 195 yards at one point. Not bad for a guy you say wasn’t accurate. Unfortunately he couldn’t get it done in the 4th, but neither could the D. Team let the moment get the better of them.

      1. Yes but even my 81 year old mom was saying “Jimmy is not throwing an accurate ball” and she was right…there was other things to factor in McGlinch was a turnstile and Shanny abandoned the run and Deebo runs and misdiretion etc etc .. second SB he choked in….great season though Scooter…nothing to be ashamed of just obvious stuff I am stating take it or leave it….

        1. I’m 46 Monty! Have you been a fan longer than my age?!
          You’re an idiot that been wrong all year. You’re football acumen is a disaster.
          If you don’t think bad calls shaped that outcome, the you’re exposing yourself even further. !

          1. Bebsie is a sore loser so he tosses insults….way to go

            No I was right all year JimmyG is not that good he choked…Shanny choked get over it bro…I am 61 so it is possible perhaps you should respect your elders and not be a sore loser laiden with insults..grow up

  55. It was a great season and I’m glad it was fun an interesting. The team played hard and it really did come down to a few plays, as it had all season.
    I thought they had the game with a 10 point lead, even with that big bomb to Hill. But the offense didn’t get the drive they needed to ice the game.
    I love Shanny but he really didn’t show any creativity. He didn’t run an bootlegs or anything. He lost the game the same way he lost the Raven game.
    Jimmy G is a solid QB.
    This was lost of the play calling at the end of the day. They were running just fine but went away from it.

    1. But in both of the games that KS was a part of, the defense fell apart as well. Three solid quarters of football and then a collapse in the 4th quarter.

      How much do you think the loss of the team’s backup edge rushers (Blair, Moore and somebody else I can’t remember) affected this defense? Bosa was gassed.

      1. At then end of the day the defense gave up 21 points in the 4th. What does Shanny’s play calling have to do with that?
        I’m sure he feels responsible and needs to address this. Here, I’ll help him.

      2. CUBUS yes and what the hell is SThomas even doing in a uniform?..dude is terrible, whenever he was in there they ran right at him….

      3. In both cases Shanahan’s offense couldn’t stay on the field to burn clock.

        Up 20-10. Get the pick. They only manage to run 5 plays and get 3:04 off the clock.

        Up 20-17. 3 and out. They only get 1:03 off the clock.

        Their play calling was the same through both possession. Run on first down. Pass on 2nd. Pass on 3rd.

        Yes. Robert Saleh deserves blame too. We saw the defense blow two score leads against New Orleans, Atlanta, and almost against Seattle.

          1. Twice for 30 yards on the first 2 possessions of the second half. A 14 yard run and a 16 yard catch. None after that, but there were 2 targets on passes.

            Shanny slipped back to his old was late in this game.

      4. “What Kyle Shanahan will have to explain: The #49ers had 14 plays with a lead in the 2nd-half tonight and had Jimmy Garoppolo dropback to pass on 9 of them. That’s actually a higher dropback percentage in those situations than the #Falcons had in Super Bowl LI.”

        From Ed Werder – Twitter

        1. Yep. That’s what has me baffled. Shanahan went away from what was working when it mattered most.

  56. GRANT you were right bro!!!!! I thought the Niners had this but you were right…..can’t wait to see the grades

  57. I really had a great time the past several months here at Inside the 49ers (Thanks, Grant).

    Looking forward to checking back in a few months from now during draft time.

    Always a Niner fan…win or lose. As the Faithful say, RED AND GOLD TILL I’M DEAD AND COLD.


  58. At the end of the day it’s pointless blaming Shanahan. Jimmy missed Sanders at the end – if he’s as good as we said he was, he should be making that throw. He didn’t deliver. Salah’s “vaunted” defence collapsed, and in my mind are the single biggest culprits for the loss. They claimed they were elite, gave themselves fancy nicknames and demanded respect, but when it came down to it they choked. Salah got too safe. To be honest, even if Jimmy made that throw to Sanders, I’m fairly sure the defence would have put up little resistance in the resulting Mahomes-led game winning drive. They were pathetic in the 4th.

    I don’t know where the team goes now. In theory, they should be able to compete for the title next year, but pretty much every team that loses says that. They feasibly could suffer from a hangover and stink it up. Too early to tell. All I know is that entire defensive unit owes itself an apology, because it ruined its legacy all at once.

    The crushing part is we don’t know if the Niners will get a better shot at another title in this era. These players may never get to another Super Bowl. It’d be nice if just once my team could get it done in the big game. England in the Rugby World Cup final, Atletico in the Champions League final, and the Niners in the Super Bowl. It happens again, and again, and again. However it’s sliced, it’s a missed opportunity for glory, and we’re left with crushing disappointment once again. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with sport, when it’s just soul crushing losses all the time. Would I be happier if I just never watched any of it? Probably so. But I guess that’s the joy behind it, in the end.

    Oh well. Hopefully one day I’ll get to see them win it, whether that’s one year from now, 10 years, 30 years or 50, should I be lucky enough to live that long. I believe one day I’ll get to see it. I don’t want to think about football again for months. Most of you guys are better at dealing with this than I am. Maybe because you’ve seen them win it before, maybe not. I don’t know how you do it.

    1. Rena, you forget about NFL football for a good month. Then you follow the draft and immerse yourself at all the front office moves and free agents signings and departures.
      Then when OTA’s and training camp start up, you jump right back in and follow this team through 20 weeks of pure joy or pure hell. That’s just the way it goes!

      1. You’re right, that’s my plan Prime. I feel like this one will always sting, but the perspective will help. Thanks.

    2. Simple solution- take sport as it is meant to be for a fan/ spectator; a fun passtime. Questioning whether you should keep watching sport when the team you support loses… tbh, if you let something that is meant to be entertainment impact your life so negatively you are probably right to question whether you should keep watching it!

      1. I’m just in the moment man. At the end of the day I get far more enjoyment out of it than misery, and when eventually I see them win I tell myself these losses only make it sweeter.

        1. Good to hear – I have known people that would literally be in a total funk for days and even weeks if a team they supported lost a big game. I get being down for a little bit just after the game, but it is just a game. Losing sucks, but man, I sure prefer being a fan of a team that loses the SB/ final than the fan of a team that doesn’t get close to making it that far!

  59. I had a good time this year. However I am extremely mad,sad, angry, pissed off, it is all stupid after losing all my possessions in a fire you would think I would have prospective. I diffently know what other teams felt when we enjoyed five straight super bowls. Not that easy. Coulda woulda shoulda thank you every one and Grant for the entertainment and mindless debate 50:years old I am and if we have to wait like the chiefs for another Super Bowl victory I would be 75, I do not know why but this loss hurts 10 times more than the Raven loss, I do not even drink, so I am just going to wallow in the misery and pain.

  60. Trolls (and Grant). I’m not hiding, I’ll gladly take my confidence lumps (imagine that, apologizing for being Niners fan on a Niners site, but whatever). But with PDs “spam filter” preventing me posting all night long, I just said f it.

  61. Defense couldn’t keep making stops against Mahomes all game, and offense stalled badly after a good start to the second half. In the end though they were an overthrown pass away from taking a lead with less than 2 minutes to go.

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