49ers face major decision at running back

Someone has to go.

It’s the best group of running backs in the NFL but it can’t stay together any longer. The 49ers must give one running back the boot.

They can’t keep five on their roster next season — they can keep just four. That’s how many running backs the 49ers carried on their roster each of the past two seasons.

“And we’ve needed all four,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said this week at the NFL Scouting Combine. “It’s something that I used to look at as a luxury. Now I’m almost feeling like it’s a necessity.”

And a fifth running back is an extravagance almost no team can afford, considering teams can keep just 53 players, and only one running back can play at a time, plus a fullback, of course.

One of the following running backs will be the odd man out:

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  1. Shanahan’s favorite player seems to be Patty O’Playbook. The ability to perform a variety of functions like blitz pickup, running the correct routes and so on sometimes take precedence over yards per carry. If it was all about yards per carry Shanahan may not have signed McKinnon or Coleman in the first place.

    I’d hang on to Breida, Mostert and Wilson but I’m (thankfully) not the coach.

    1. Brieda is a restricted FA. I doubt they will pay 4.5 million on a Free Market match to sign Brieda when there are a dozen RB’s in the draft who are brilliant, day one starters or rotation backs.. And are dirt cheap..

      This draft has RB’s and WR’s that will go in the 5th/6th round who are legit top 45 players.. Load up the truck with RB’s WR’s DB’s and shore up the rest of your team with value FA’s, UDFA’s..

      The Niner Defense was top three or better in all defensive categories and get a lot of line depth back off IR. This is the year you invest in Offensive skill position players in the Draft and trust your defense..

      1. How common is it for RFAs to get signed by another team?

        I always assumed RFAs are still under the control of their current club, but I haven’t studied the rules so I don’t know how much control the 49ers have.

        I think if another team signs a “restricted” free agent (and the former team doesn’t match the offer) doesn’t the former team get draft picks from the new team?

        Gonna read up on “tenders” work.

  2. Breida just isn’t built to take the pounding running backs take. He can’t stay healthy, he can’t seem to hang onto the football. He’s the Marquise Goodwin of running backs on this team.

    1. Wrong. He injured his ankle early last season and was able to tough it out and continue to play effectively. He had no ball security issues until the later in the season and one fumble against the Packers in the playoffs. He’s consistently ready to play. The narrative that Breida has “fumbleitis” is bogus. Any time he touches the ball he has the capability of scoring a touchdown.

      1. When I said that Brieda injured his ankle early last season, I meant during the 2018 season. Maybe I’m still in denial that the season is over and we lost the Super Bowl!

      2. He has heart, ill give you that, but many of those games he started, he didnt finish. Chronic ankle injuries…not the kind of player you invest a lot of money into when the stable is full.

  3. I think they add another running back to the mix. Whether it’s a draft pick or a UDFA, but I do not expect Breida back.

  4. the first clip is of Coleman….and the caption identified him as MCkinnon …..based off of your attitude of “zero margin for error/mistake” you and your dad show on the pod cast……your clearly a “bum” and a “loser” grant! If your gonna trash everyone for being less than perfect…..you should at least proof read your stuff bro!!!

      1. trea, cant even spell your name lmao! YOUR THE HOMER I WAS SPEAKING OF!!!!! exact homer behavior! Grant is awful to basically everyone, calls ppl bums and losers for being less than perfect……the guy should look in the mirror! And you should refrain from sticking up for another man! hes grown! so this makes you very creepy dude! im not the professional writer, i make my point as fast as i can and purposely omit apostrophe’s and such in order to do so……..if all you bring to the table is sticking up for men and bashing someones purposely poor grammar…….your sad!

  5. to be clear ( b4 your homer fans jump to your defense) its when you “click “onto the article and its the first of the 5 slideshow pics

  6. I know MB fumbled his way into the dog house, but prior to getting hurt last year….he was clearly our best running back! i hope he sticks around. Hes the big play threat. He emerged both seasons after JM went down….beating out Morris 2 years ago and outplaying TC this year.
    Personally, i would like to see one of the big, fast rookies come in, Taylor i think is one of the kids names….cant think of the other. Ive been saying for a while now….that if any tom, dick or Harry can look great in this offense….then a really talented guy might be a hall of famer!
    For crying out loud…..we are a running team that clams up and dosent run the ball with the super bowl on the line ( falcons too)…..shany should have been running the ball 1st and 10 at the 49 yard line with all 3 timeouts and almost 2 minutes left in the SB!!!!! Everyone slamming JG for missing ES on that 3rd and 10……but Mahomes would have had the ball with 1:40 left …..and probably would have broke our hearts anyway……..we needed to run the ball and the clock…..and try to score with under 10 seconds left :(

  7. This is just a regular everyday football decision, and it is really not even that tough of a call. There are a lot tougher decisions that we have to make in the next weeks and months. Mostert grew into total sync with the o-line, has great speed, was a main cog in the super bowl run, and is under contract. No brainer. Wilson was ultra productive in a minimum of touches. Minimum one year tender gets one more year at least. He should get more touches in this offense to see what he can really do. Keeper. Breida seems to play better at the beginning of the year and wears down. Do the $2 mill tender, If someone wants him, take the draft pick, if not, deep him for the year. Coleman takes a major restructure or is out. And he still may be cut depending on other circumstances. McKinnon will restructure or go. He has no leverage and to high of a cap number. We can count on Lynch and Shanny to find another back to take a few snaps if needed.

  8. They should sign and trade Breida. They should trade Tevin Coleman to the Dolphins for a 4th or 5th round draft pick.
    With McKinnon’s injury history, teams will not pay 8.5 mil. He will probably be released.
    The Niners should sign Frank Gore to a contract.
    They should use a later round draft pick to select a RB like AJ Dillon, Raymond Calais, Joshua Kelley, Michael Warren or Patrick Taylor.

    1. J, I sure wish Seb was the GM of the teams he keeps making these trades with. Of course, he’s be out on his @ss for actually doing them, but one can wish.

      1. Elway may be out on his arse, for failing to find a franchise QB. Lock may be the answer, but Flacco sure was not. The Broncos window for getting another SB with Von Miller is closing fast, so they need to be bold and innovative.
        Grier is confronted with playing in a division with the Patriots, and Buffalo, another playoff team. He needs to improve his team greatly. He has 3 first round picks, but 14 draft picks means that over a quarter of his team would be rookies.
        I am just glad that Belichick and Schneider had followed my draft strategy to a tee, and traded back to garner more picks, then bundled picks to move up in the draft to select the player they coveted. Both have traded away players, and traded for players. Schneider even bundled players and a pick for the Clowney deal.
        Maybe you think Belichick and Schneider will be out on their arses for employing those strategies. ;p

        1. Maybe you think Belichick and Schneider will be out on their arses for employing those strategies. ;p

          If they gave us a 4th for Coleman, they absolutely would. You see the kind of flack Belichick got for surrendering Jimmy for a 2nd. Or at all.

              1. Belichick traded back 4 times, but also traded up 3 times. Some would say they were crazy trades.
                He thought outside the box.

          1. I wanna meet the GM that surrenders a 4th for Coleman. He was pretty good for us in the latter half of the season but c’mon… a 4th? It would be much simpler to thank the man for his contributions and cut the man. lmao

            1. I said a 4th or 5th. In any negotiation, it is smart to start high, and do not denigrate the player’s talents. Scoffing that he is is a cut target, destroys his trade value.
              Negotiating from a point of weakness is self defeating. Coleman did start in the SB, and he did well before he hurt his ankle. Not many players can score 4 TDs in a game.

  9. TC has zero trade value….just like Solomon Thomas…keep trying to explain this to you….but you refuse to listen!! You think your the smartest guy in the room….so you smile and nod bet never actually LISTEN!!!!
    At $4.5 mill….every GM in the league would pass on TC!!!! They proved that when we singed him last year!!!!! WE WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO OFFERED THAT MUCH!!!! Now teams who refused to pay him that much on FA contract all the sudden change their minds AND are willing to give up picks???!!!!
    In the NFL, GM’s dont do each other favors by giving away draft picks for players they know they can sing as FA’s AFTER they get cut! Its Very rare…and only happens to ensure they get a good player that probably would not chose them in free agency!
    Your constantly suggesting that we can just “trade away” players instead of cutting them!!!! its asinine! No GM wants to help us, no GM will give a way picks for players they can sing as a FA for less $$ than hes under contract to us for! its more annoying than 2 mock drafts everyday from Feb.-April

      1. brad, stay out of grown folks conversations boy! cant stand ppl that NEVER say anything….but wanna pop off on someone whos not even talking to them! go back to lurking in the shadows

    1. Read some of these posts. A 4th rounder for Coleman?? That is beyond absurd. You might get a 7th but anyone who looks at his tape from last season would conclude he is a cut..

      1. You, obviously, are not a Niner fan. KS will not even cut Goodwin, with his higher salary, because he values his players. They do have talent. They are grizzled veterans, and helped the Niners win games.
        I looked at his tape last season and saw he scored 4 TDs against the Panthers. Only 2 other players scored 4 TDs in a game last season.
        Yes, there were games where he ran tentatively, but he was not fully healthy. When he was fully healthy, he ran for 104 yards and scored 2 TDs against the Vikings in the playoffs.
        The Broncos gave up a 5th round pick for Dekota Watson and a Niner 6th round pick. They just traded for AJ Bouye for a 4th round pick, and he graded out worse than Witherspoon. Trades of players can be very subjective, and it depends on needs and wants.

          1. You are the guy who admitted Kaep took the league by storm, bet 200 bucks the Niners were certain to draft Trubisky, and want to make it twice as hard for the Niners to win. Now you want the Niners to trade up.
            And you go around calling others idiots? If you want to find an idiot, look in a mirror.

  10. Many players have trade value. McKinnon, with his 8.5 mil salary, does not, so he may be a cap casualty.
    Coleman has value. They could trade for him, then restructure his contract. Many times, a team will sign a FA or trade for a player, then give him a multi year contract to lessen the cap hit.
    You may not like him, but the Dolphins are bereft of RB talent. Coleman would be a big upgrade, and their GM Grier, stated he wanted to get the RB involved more in the passing game. Coleman could do that.
    Tevin Coleman ran for 104 yards and had 2 TDs in the Viking playoff game. He scored 4 TDs against the Panthers. He started in the Super Bowl. He has plenty of trade value.
    You seem to want to denigrate Niner players and call them worthless. That will not get a better draft pick, if you start ripping your own players. I am touting Coleman, and want to get as high a pick as possible. I thought Goodwin might also be a cap casualty, but they want to retain his services. KS finds value in Goodwin, so they will not cut him. However, if he is not starting and playing, it might be good to trade him away, and get something for him, since they do not want to cut him and lose him for nothing in return.
    Diss Thomas? Great. Now he has less value. I see Thomas as the third pick in the 2017 draft, that just has not been utilized properly. He also is taking a back seat to other players, so he cannot shine. This is like Shaq Barrett being relegated as a backup to Von Miller. Once Shaq Barrett left for greener pastures, he fit into a new system and became a sack machine. Fangio could possibly use Thomas like he did with Justin Smith.
    GMs do not want to make deals? Interesting. They made over 46 last draft. Believe it or not, Elway and Lynch are friends. They actually have a track record on making trades that benefit both their teams. For example, they traded away Emmanuel Sanders, and got something for him, instead of losing him to Free Agency. The Niners did well once Sanders started playing for the Niners, and even got to the SB with his help, so the Niners must think it was a worthwhile trade. You make an assertion of fact that has no basis in reality. A GM like Elway may want to make more future deals, especially if they are fair, and benefit both teams. Of course, I do not want unfair deals that screw one side. Baalke always tried to win in his trades to the detriment of the other side. Guess what? Teams started refusing to deal with the Niners, and Free Agents avoided Baalke like the Corona Virus.
    No GM wants to give away picks for players? Veach traded a first, a 2020 second, and swapped third round picks for Frank Clark, and won a SB. Schneider bundled 2 players and a 2020 third round pick for Clowney. This proves that bundling players is possible, if one can think outside the box. Lynch gave up a second round pick for Dee Ford, who helped them get to the SB. Just peruse the Transaction Wire and see all of the deals, then realize your opinion is specious.

    1. Seb,
      The trades that actually got made were for known quantities Clark, Clowney, Ford and Sanders not question marks like Thomas or Coleman (he is great one game and mediocre the next) Yes teams will give up draft picks for good to great players but picks are too important to both the talent level and the cap to squander them on guys who are question marks. imho

      1. Old Coach, I respectfully disagree. I am not trying to trade away players like Nzeocha.
        Thomas may fit better in a Fangio defense, and was a solid defensive line rotation player all season. Coleman did start in the Super bowl, and when given an opportunity, scored 4 TDs in one game. Person was a fixture at RG, and helped lead the running game so the Niners were second in the league in rushing.
        What about the rookies picked in the draft? Unless they are early round picks, most do not become instant starters. Many need to work out hard to gain muscle, and study the playbook, which will probably be an entirely different system than the one they saw in college. There is was less of a chance that those rookies will succeed, than installing a grizzled veteran, with a SB track record. Even many first round picks are an uncertainty. Thomas was the third player chosen in the 2017 draft. Every rookie is a question mark, while the players I have advocated trading, would fill an instant need and could contribute right away. The Broncos will probably let 30 year old CB Chris Harris walk, so Witherspoon may fill that need.
        I want to have the Niners tag and trade Armstead. He started all season, and had 10 sacks. He just missed out on being named to the Pro Bowl. I think he has value, and for a team like the Dolphins with 3 first round picks, he would become an instant starter and huge improvement, filling a huge need.
        There are few guarantees that a drafted player will help immediately. Usually, it takes a few years to beat out the incumbents.
        In the case of the Broncos, they have 12 draft picks. 12 rookies would be almost a fourth of their squad. Not too many rookie filled teams make it to the playoffs. Instead, they could get 3 veteran players and still have 9 draft picks.
        Even players like Goodwin and Pettis have trade value. KS himself thinks they have value, and wants to keep them. They are veterans who have been productive when allowed to play. Goodwin started and did well in 2018, and Pettis had a game winning TD in an early 2019 game. Sure, they are in KS’s doghouse, but they may thrive in a different environment. I also am talking about third, 4th and 5th round picks for the others, and Goodwin and Pettis may garner only 6th and 7th round picks. I want the Niners to trade CJB to Washington for a 6th or 7th round pick. I want fair trades that benefit both teams.
        I also am starting out high, and expect the Niners will settle for less. I want Armstead to garner a first round pick, but they may settle for a second round pick.
        Why do I want the Niners to trade away players? 2 reasons. First, it will help with the salary cap, so they can sign other Niners, and hopefully sign an elite FA who wants a shot at a ring. Second, I want the Niners to obtain draft picks in the second, third and 4th rounds, to tap into this deep draft.
        I fully admit it will not be easy, but teams like the Patriots and Seahawks are employing those strategies to stay in the playoffs. The Chiefs won a SB by doing that. It can be done, with innovative, out of the box thinking.

        1. Which game did Coleman score 4 times? I remember 3 but Mostert scored 4 against the Pack in the Playoffs and I believe was the team leader in RB Scores. *scratching chin*

  11. I doubt if Jonathan Taylor is available at 31 but if he is the Niners need to take him. He has more speed than any of the current backs (and that’s saying a lot) plus he has the size to break tackles and would be deadly in the red zone. We need playmakers. Last season the RBs did great but what was lacking became glaring at times. Even with few picks if we can get a for sure pro bowl player then we have to take him.

    1. Breida and Mostert are both faster…49ers need to focus on secondary(2), offensive line (2), receiver, line backer…running back should be last

      1. Faster than 4.39? I don’t think so. Mostert is the fastest of those currently on the roster and they are all in the 4.4s, 4.2 for Mostert.

        1. Breida ran a 4.38 forty in his Pro day, and hit 22.3 MPH during his 83 yard TD run, which is the fastest anyone had run since the beginning of the 2018 season.
          However, Taylor weighs 226 lbs, while Breida weighs 195 lbs, so he is a lot bigger and stronger than Breida.

        2. Raheem Mostert ran a 4.32 40 at the combine, and he took GOLD in both the 60 meters (6.63s) and 200 meters (20.73s) at the 2014 Big Ten Indoor Track and Field Championships. He was ranked by NFL.com as the fastest college football player in the NCAA during his final season at Purdue.


    2. Jonathan Taylor is talented for sure, but a running back in round 1 is a luxury the Niners can’t afford.
      Too many other needs to address. WR, DB, OL will be priority.

    3. The Dolphins will take him with one of their 3 first round draft picks.

      Which Seb seems to forget every time he talks about the Dolphins trading for Tevin Coleman.

      1. The Dolphins will draft a QB, O lineman, and pass rusher as their first 3 major needs. Some think IOL and CB are the next 2 biggest needs.
        They will draft Tua, or Herbert if Tua is taken, with their first pick. They will draft an O lineman to protect their new QB with pick number 18. Taylor, who is ranked 20th, may be taken before they pick at 26.

    4. 49ers rock, i agree with you %100 ! we need our Terrel Davis. We need a guy whos a load to take down….who will fall forward for another 2-3 yards AFTER contact! If we could find a guy like that with home-run speed too….!!!!! do whatever it takes to get him! Were a running team that clams up and wont run the ball in crucial situations! we need a guy who instills confidence enough in Shany to change this!
      I remember TD and Eddie George against the Gruden led raiders back in the day…..guys like that are gettin 5-7 yards b4 contact then falling forward for 2-3 more when being tackled!!!!!! just bleeding the clock and finishing out games! just unstoppable! The other teams KNOWS there running and couldnt stop em!

  12. I think Breida is gone if they re-sign Armstead. Just not enough money to go around, and Mostert has made him expendable. Sounds like the team wants to bring McKinnon back on a restructured deal as well, further making Breida expendable. Coleman… yeah, also looks like he’ll be back. He’s fine, and brings a bit more of a power element than Mostert or McKinnon. Wonder if they will look to extend his deal to bring his cap hit down?

    A day 3 RB I think they should look at is Antonio Gibson. He’s not really a true RB, but provides a nice combo of running and receiving skills with power and speed. Runs a bit like Deebo tbh. Could be a nice one cut runner with power and would be another nice flexible piece for Shanahan’s offense.

  13. Just in terms of the players I like here is my pecking order:

    1. Mostert
    2. Breida
    3. Coleman
    4. Wilson JR.
    5. McKinnon

    It’s obviously true that Breida is in the dog house and Shanny may have totally lost faith in him. McKinnon may never play another down in the NFL. Missing 2 seasons is a lot to overcome, especially for a guy with a bum knee. Wilson Jr is not really a great fit in the offense. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if ShanaLynch tries to luck into the next Terrell Davis in the 6th round. So my prediction for the 4 RBs on the opening day roster next year is: Mostert, Coleman, Wilson, 6th Round Draft Pick.

      1. I honestly believe he is perfect for the offense…..
        I think he will restructure his contract than rather be cut….if no set backs they will keep him….
        Also I think it’s too early for JL or KS to admit they made a mistake signing him………especially after giving him all that money upfront…..

        Mostert and Wilson Jr for obvious reason….

        Breida – He is just too explosive/fast to give up on…….but FA could price him out of the team budget….

        Coleman – I can’t get a read on his future……

        1. Lets hope he can come back fully to be the guy Shanny envisioned. I’d have to see it, and he’s got tough competition.

  14. An unnamed 49ers defensive coach heard saying, “without Dee Ford we’re a really good defense, with Dee Ford we’re a Super Bowl defense”. This was during the time frame when Ford was set to return from injury after missing several weeks….

    1. And then Dee Ford goes on to be a total no-show in the Super Bowl against his former team and all the motivation he could ever need.

      1. I prefer to look at it in a positive light. We overachieved and were within a 4th quarter of being legendary. All this with a qb coming off an acl and playing his first full season as a starter, a backup center, losing both OT’s for several weeks, your starting WLB for the season, practically speaking, your FB for several weeks, and the DL soldiering on even though their depth had been wiped out….

      1. Trading him is a possibility. I doubt they cut him though.

        If they do let him go it will be interesting to see who they look to replace him with in nickel. Bringing Blair back makes sense, as does Moore. Bad year to be looking for an edge player in the draft.

        1. Unless a great opportunity by some miracle comes up, I hope the team keeps Ford. His only issue seems to be availability, which is a major issue. But as the article points out, he’s never really played more than 50% of snaps and if we could get around 33% to 40%, that would seem reasonable given his function.

          I still think Armstead can be more easily replaced than Ford. I’d like to keep Armstead but only on a team-friendly deal.

        2. Pressure Rate with Dee- 32%
          Without Dee- 24.8%

          Sack Rate with Dee- 16.2
          Without Dee- 5.4

          Doubt you’re gonna replace those kind of numbers. Not in this draft, and certainly not in F/A.

          1. Yeah. Posey is usually very level-headed and logical plus he knows football. Although he didn’t provide a ringing endorsement of the idea he seemed to provide more discussion on why the team should move on instead of definitely keeping him.

  15. Brieda is a FA. I doubt they will match his open market offer. Coleman is well past his best running days and is a $4+ million Cap hit..

    My strategy is to release Coleman, go with your D line IR’s to shore up the rush. Trade players for picks, trade down for picks, go into the draft and grab as many of the wealth of RB’s WR’s and DB’s you can. Then take your excellent UDFA program and fill in whatever need remains.

    The key to Shanny’s Offense is play action. You cannot have enough top RB’s and WR’s to make his offense go.. Clyde Edwards-Helaire would make this offense a freak show..

    Time to invest in the offense and trust your defensive depth will sustain in 2020..

  16. I feel like Mostert and Wilson are the only two guaranteed spots here. Combination of contract and ability is my reasoning.
    Coleman was hot and cold and not worth the cap hit. McKinnon might never play another snap. Too bad, I wanted to see his skill set in Shanny’s O.
    Breida should be the 3rd, but he’s lost Shanny’s trust it seems. I still think he’s given the 3rd spot because of the salary cap restrictions.
    1) Mostert
    2) Wilson
    3) Breida
    4/PS) gem of a UDFA that Shannalynch finds

  17. I wish to trade away players, not to just get rid of them. They do have value, and the Niners must scheme and plan within the salary cap restraints.
    Those players traded away will help garner more draft picks and increase cap space, which will help the Niners. They also would fill needs for the other team, and hopefully allow them to get to the playoffs. The players might do better with a fresh start, and a new opportunity.
    It would be a win/ win situation for all involved.
    AJ Dillon may be their best option. The Niners need a big back to complement Mostert, who is on the smaller side. Michael Warren might last until the 6th round.
    However, my draft crush is with Joshua Kelley, who was initially a Cal Aggie. He might have HOF potential! ;p

  18. 49ers are quite possibly to be in need of a new starting Center this season. That is unless they feel that Garland can be the full time starter going forward.

    TPT’s are one of the hardest injuries for NFL players to return from. A study of the NFL showed that despite the fact that 79.4 percent of players return to play after orthopedic procedures in general, only 50% return from TPT’s.

    The Center Charles LeBently was only 26 when he had TPT surgery and he never played again.

    Given their limitations in the upcoming free agency it’ll be interesting to see if they don’t decide to address the position in April. A good choice at #31 might be Tyler Biadasz.

    1. I’ve been the lone voice of concern regarding Richburg. You’re absolutely correct that the injury is one of the hardest to return from, but I do not agree that they’ll use a 1st round pick on the position. Person may be the center insurance with Brunskill(started cross training the center position last year too) taking over RG….

    2. It seems like a strange decision to have renegotiated his deal based on the injury. If he can’t come back that is a lot of dead money they have pushed to later years.

      If they do draft an interior OL early I think we have our answer regarding his chances of coming back. I think it more likely they do what razor said – roll with the idea he can come back, and if not, let Person, Brunskill and probably Garland fight it out for the centre and RG spots (with maybe a mid or late round pick in the mix).

      1. The 49ers medical staff must have given a thumbs up regarding Richburg’s chances for recovery. That’s the only way the renegotiation makes any sense, Scooter.

        I believe Ruiz will be the first IOL to come off the board. Not Biadasz even though he has a cooler name.

  19. I think there is too much sentiment here. There isn’t a tough decision for SF at RB. This is a business. Successfully employed GMs don’t sign guys to multi year deals who develop into the player they gambled on to just toss out the business friendly contract for a player friendly contract.
    You ride out some of these contracts. That’s why guys hold out. George Kittle, Nick Bosa, elite stars, you eat the contract and pay them. The Mosterts of the NFL don’t get reworked contracts. Every team has their Own Breida. An Undrafted FA who performs well above their projections.
    Breida is about to learn the business side of the NFL. The draft is deep at RB. The position has the shortest life expectancy in the NFL with the biggest surplus.
    The culture that SF built is unique. I think you’ll see guys taking less money to stay here. It’s how New England has stayed so competitive. No one is bigger than the brand.

  20. McKinnon will never be the back that Shanny wanted, two years off with injury , no competition . No need to waste money on him, needs to be released. Coleman is next in line to be let go. Keep Wilson, Mostert and Breida.
    Richburg will have a difficult time trying to come back from his injurys.

  21. What are people’s thoughts on Terrell Burgess as a later round safety option? He looks pretty good to me. Saw him doing a great job of finding his landmarks, passing players off/ picking players up in zone, staying disciplined and breaking on the ball/ receiver/ runner quickly – seems like a smart player.

    1. Think he’ll last until the 5th round? Looks very sound in his zone technique, and an upgrade over Harris.

  22. AJ Bouye getting traded to Denver for a 4th rounder. Quick, someone tell me again how the 49ers are going to trade an ok platoon RB or back of the roster depth guys for high draft picks.

    1. The contract at 15.4 million puts him at the top echelon for safeties per year in the nfl. 26 million of his contract signed in 2016 was guaranteed. I believe I’m his average salary is 13.5 million. Not many teams outside of Denver could absorb that cap hit. That had a big factor in his trade value. Jacksonville was going to cut him and we’re lucky to off load him for a fourth round pick.

      I don’t think any RB on this roster would warrant anything higher than a 6th at best. The RBs here benefit from scheme. Mostert is one read/ one cut and go. There is a reason he has been on so many NFL teams prior to landing in SF. Wilson wasn’t poached off the practice squad.

      Don’t fall in love with the roster. Many are interchangeable. I’d personally like to see Ford traded and replaced with a top level rookie on a 4 year deal.

      1. Bouye is a CB, not a safety, and a good one at that. His cap hit is fine for what he is. And there are actually a lot of teams with the cap space to accommodate it.

        I agree none of the RBs on the roster would get much in return if traded.

        An injured Ford is easy to replace. A healthy one not so much. Which top level rookie in this draft is going to replace what Ford can do when healthy? Don’t assume top level talent is easy to replace.

        1. I agree Ford would be hard to replace. I think it would take a combination of players. I would suggest Yetur Gross-Matos out of Penn state to start with another Edge rusher. Underrated talent. Still raw. But you’ve got 5 years to cultivate this pick. The ROI for what you’d keep by freeing the cap space for a player who only played 22% (?) last year would offset the loss.

          When you look at not winning the super bowl, Ford is a glaring no show in the big game. Depth and youth will keep this team as a contender.

          1. Yeah, if you look at what you got from a banged up Ford last year, and assume that is what you will get moving forward, it seems like an obvious decision to get rid of him. However, when he was healthy (relatively anyway) over the first half of the season he was good and definitely part of the reason the defense was so dominant over that stretch.

            It is also easy to look at the SB and say he didn’t have a big impact which means he isn’t worth the money. But again, how healthy was he? I doubt he was even close to 100%. He didn’t have near the same get off he usually does.

            So the question is – do you let him go because the return you got during an injury plagued year was below what you pay him to provide, or do you wait and see if he can give you a mostly healthy season for 2020 (and assume if healthy he produces)? For mine it is the latter. You gave up a 2nd round pick for him and paid him big money – give him a shot. Because if he does stay healthy he has proven he can be excellent.

            As for a rookie offsetting the loss – if it was a purely financial decision, sure. But from a production perspective, if Ford stays healthy he is likely to be considerably more effective and productive than a late first round edge guy in a poor draft year for edge defenders. And in terms of cultivating him for future years, you already have Bosa for the future (and present). Better to pair Bosa with another good player while he develops.

            1. The knee tendinitis is what concerns me with Ford. Then, he’s had two back surgeries, a torn MCL, a groin tear, the hamstring injury followed by the quad injury and no mention of off season surgery to repair the knee. The guy is a beast who played through some debilitating stuff, but at what cost? Will he continue to play through injury now that he has his big payday? In 2019, he did not.

              I don’t think a rookie edge rusher is how you replace Ford. If the team takes the 9.5 million and signs a CB or a Safety and couples that with a rookie edge rusher, you’ve minimized the loss while keeping the team young and healthier.

              A second round pick and 6.4 million in dead money was a small price to pay for the added revenue of two home play off games and a super bowl appearance. Then, add in the value received from a trade, very likely a second round pick, and the team paid 6.4 million for a super bowl appearance.

              The Niners won what could be the two biggest games of their season without Ford- New Orleans and Seattle. In the playoffs and super bowl combined he had 1 sac 3 tackles. He wasn’t the sole reason SF won any game. It makes sense to trade him while there is still value if they are going to trade him.

              1. And I’ll add on the 3rd and 15 throw to T Hill, you’ll see Ford jog with no effort at Mahomes. Buckner takes a wrong angle having to come up the field to attempt the sack. The two steps Mahomes
                Needs to release the ball.

                I’m not advocating the team trade Ford. Just saying I can see why it makes sense.

  23. Hard to believe that the “replace JG with Brady” talk is doing another round of the internet/ twitter-verse. Maybe there is some fire behind the smoke, but I will believe it when I see it. Just seems like an unnecessary short term vision move to me.

    1. Welcome back! If Brady has so much left in the tank and JG isn’t a Super Bowl caliber QB, why does Belichick want him back so badly?

        1. Only people paying attention to the media narrative or sniffing their sweaty armpit for the ultimate high do not want Garoppolo.

  24. Trade Jimmy G for a mid round pick and bring back Kaepernick. That is all we need to do this off season to improve the team.

  25. The American people won last night…..

    For the first time in a loooooong time or ever in history……Money does not control the election.

    Biden who spent nothing in Massachusetts, Virginia and the other Southern states proved the American voters are not swayed by $$$…….They are hungry for a legit leader…..

    The scale of Biden’s rout has no comparison.

    This is the Repubs/Trump worst nightmare….

    1. What in the heck are you talking about? Just looking at the data shows that while Biden won Super Tuesday, he did not do enough to rout anybody, especially if Sanders holds onto California after all of the votes are counted. And in most of the states that held their Democrat and Republican primaries together, Trump had a higher voter turnout, at times more than Biden and Sanders combined.

      1. Stop listening to Fox News……You need to look at the real numbers……

        With just 57% of precincts reporting Tuesday night, Texas surpassed its 1.4 million vote total from the 2016 Democratic primary…..

        Virginia – With 99 percent of precincts reporting, some 1.3 million votes had been counted in the commonwealth. That’s nearly double the roughly 780,000 votes cast in the state’s 2016 Democratic primary race between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

        ……and the primaries is not all about votes…..it’s about delegates

        Currently Biden 453 …Sanders – 373

        Biden will win Florida, Georgia…….

        Sanders needs to retire …..Enough of this far left socialist agenda……….

        1. I am looking at the data Oneniner, not Fox News. The data shows what I stated. Heck, your own response supports some of what I said with you stating that Biden leads Sanders by only 80 delegates. Usually there is a candidate in the opposition party that has taken a commanding lead after Super Tuesday, but that has not been the case so far.

          1. You can’t look at the numbers like that…..The primary voter numbers are always lower than the general election numbers….

            You also have to consider those Conservative Democrats especially in the South who voted Republican/ or voted against Hillary or sat home because of Hillary will switch back to Dems…..(I am not saying we win the whole south, but we can be competitive in Texas and Florida)

            There is a better chance older Repubs and independents vote for Biden instead of Socialist Sanders or Corrupt Trump….

            All predictions before yesterday had Sanders wining by a huge margin,…….Biden was a lost cause….that was why Bloomberg entered the race……

            I am just impressed the voters made a wise choice and the Party followed- That is the best momentum the Dems needed….

            You can’t deny the fact that the scale of Biden’s rout has no comparison…….

            1. Biden was expected to win in the South, and his numbers were most likely given a bump by the support of two candidates exiting the race. The only surprise win for Biden from what I understand was in Texas. But still, the current delegate count only shows that Biden had a strong night, not a routing one.
              Now if Biden does end up taking California, which is a possibility, then I will agree that Biden routed Super Tuesday.

              1. Nobody expected Biden to win California…..

                The endorsement were cool but it was winning 60% of the South Carolina votes that changed the game. The AA voters chose the candidate….and the momentum began.

                1. We kept hearing there is a Sanders revolution (to find out the young did not even come out in mass to vote)
                2. Biden had 1 office in Texas and Bernie had a strong org and Latino presence
                3. Biden had 1 office in Virginia while Bloomberg has a strong machine out there (he had helped Dems win the state house couple of months ago – something never done before)
                3. Biden did not even visit or spend money in the southern states
                4. Minnesota with a strong liberal electorate – went for Biden
                5. Biden winning in Maine and beating both Bernie and Warren in Massachusetts (this was the nail on the coffin)

                How can Sanders lose Massachusetts ?…..That is a very strong message….

                Sanders coalition is not growing and won’t expand…….he should just retire…..

                After Michigan this is over…..

              2. We shall see Oneniner. Personally, I am counting the days until the election is over and hoping for considerably less political talk.

              3. oneniner says:
                March 4, 2020 at 9:17 am
                Nobody expected Biden to win California…..

                Ha… nobody expected Trump to gather more votes that Biden amd Sanders combined in California.

                Landslide is coming dude. So save your desperate attempts to chiefs peoples minds on a football site.
                I swear Trump is your daddy.

              4. Ha… nobody expected Trump to gather more votes that Biden amd Sanders combined in California.

                Nobody expected it? Could be because it didn’t happen?

                Donald Trump 92.5% 1,485,276
                Bernie Sanders 33.8% 1,057,287
                Joe Biden 25.1% 784,341


                md, you’d better work on your math skills before predicting any more “landslides”

    2. Biden can’t form a coherent thought or sentence and might have dementia. He won Super Tuesday because there is still a massive split in the democratic party between status quo and progressive and the older voters went with the familiar tried and true Hilary candidate. Biden has zero chance of beating Trump with his lack of ideas and inability to debate even on a minimal scale. Dems have just sealed four more years of Trump if they go with Biden.

    3. Onelame…. claiming stop listening to Fox News…(good point btw) but unloads his moronic CNN and MSNBC garbage on here daily.
      Onelame go back and do some research on Trumps campaign spending compared to Hillary and the crooked DNC.

      And for being such a SJW and beating the narrative of racism, you sure do show some love for a man who helped write the 3 strikes law that helped catch those “super predators” and lock them up for life or a very long time for simply possessing a joint.
      Boy you libs sure do put your foot in your mouth every day.
      If you don’t believe Biden is an old democrat racist you ain’t “woke” enough to comment.
      All Bloomberg did was pay off the democrats debt…. he openly admitted that.

      Dude just stop with the politics. You aren’t close to being qualified to post about it.
      Insults, race cards, all other cards, talking over someone else with facts with emotions. Etc….
      You are the typical clown you see on those YouTube videos where their wearing purple hair, screaming and can’t answer a simple question as to what they’re whining about. Basically a typical white male liberal who got a degree in art and thinks they’re intelligent in every aspect of life.
      Here’s a pointer. Try putting down your sad little anger, research facts more, pop on over to a site that has a different POV or a neutral one without an agenda.
      Your professors aren’t the end all be all. The sooner you clowns realize this the better off this country will be.
      Hitting college I knew opposing thought was the best way to grow.
      Not believing everything the professor told me, self thought was actually a good thing.

        1. Ha… days the guy coming on here posting political talk daily.
          I’m good, and we will all be good another 4 years. Buckle up buttercup.
          Is Latinos and our black brothers and sisters will make sure he gets another 4 years.
          And you will have that time to show your true colors.
          And I wonder if you call other blacks and Latinos idiots to their faces for voting trump.
          What cha say whitey????
          Are they racist too?

      1. You aren’t close to being qualified to post about it.

        Says the guy who claims 1,485,276 votes is more than 1,841,628.

        Want to tell us about the biggest inauguration in history too? I know facts no longer matter to the cult, but dude, at least lie about something less black and white.

        Not believing everything the professor told me, self thought was actually a good thing.

        It’s easy to tell what classes you flunked out of.

        1. Lol rib… Eh emm. Honest mistake..
          he was doubled up late Tuesday night.
          Congrats.. you pulled a rabbit out of your hat.

          As far as landslides.
          Trump had more votes than the winner in the primaries. IN CALIFORNIA!!

          Oh you bet your a$$ it’s going to be a landslide.

          As far as your lame comebacks.
          You like onelame there never bring anything to the table, and table you two set on a football blog.
          You two are a joke when it comes to politics.
          You two pull the race card constantly and yet vote for the party of slaves, and the party of the poorest cities in this country. Get real.
          And you bash a president who has done more for the minority than the minority running this country into the ground prior.
          And don’t think I don’t notice how you skip the important parts of my posts and go to the insults.
          Typical behavior from someone who apparently couldn’t make the debate team.

        2. Want to tell us about the biggest inauguration in history too? I know facts no longer matter to the cult, but dude, at least lie about something less black and white.

          Let’s just go with the cnn photos 2 hours prior to it.
          Let’s talk about the hundreds of thousands in India. The thousands in China protesting pot trump. Or any of the other countries that are pro trump.
          See it’s comments like that and onelame claiming this country is an embarrassment to the world that proves you do nothing but watch cnn and msnbc
          You’re a joke.
          Anything else you’d like to discuss?
          How about how trump is doing more for minorities than the terrorists the last two presidencies?
          Since he’s such a racist.
          Pulling our troops out of endless made up wars?
          Or any of his other successes?
          I’ll wait.

          1. Anything else you’d like to discuss?
            How about how trump is doing more for minorities than the terrorists the last two presidencies?

            Sure, let’s discuss how, you know, actual minorities feel about what trump is doing for them

            An overwhelming majority of black voters – 85 percent – said in a new Hill-HarrisX poll that they would choose any Democratic presidential candidate over President Trump


            Care to debate them? I’m waiting.

  26. What major decision??? dump Coleman, dump McKinn…..seems ez enough…must be the offseason with all these weirdo post’s LOL

    1. Dumping McKinnon would do nothing for the cap, and releasing Coleman would leave the 49ers with only Mostert and Wilson if Breida is signed by another team as an RFA.

        1. While creating $4 million in dead cap, resulting in a savings of $500,000. So yeah, it would do nothing for the cap.

          1. You aren’t very good at math are you?

            McKinnon’s 2020 Cap number: 8,550,000

            McKinnon’s 2020 Dead Cap number: 4,000,000

            8,550,000 – 4,000,000 = 4,550,000

            That’s the savings. $4,550,000

            Holy smokes people. All of this information is easily accessible on whatever device you are using to comment on here. Information is powerful, whether it is real information or misinformation.


            1. LMAO! Nah, just looking at the numbers correctly. You are correct on this Jack.
              Still, I expect McKinnon and the 49ers to agree to a restructured deal if the CBA is voted for approval by the players soon,

              1. Yeah, sure sounds like that is the plan. At this point I think I would prefer the team just pull the ripcord though.

                Just realised my post below almost looks like I am giving the finger! Was just meant to be pointing to Jack’s comment above.

          2. No. Not how it works. If he stays he costs $8.55M against the cap. If they cut him he costs $4M against the cap. They save $4.55M.

  27. Yes, the 49ers chatter is real, Curran said. And it’s a mutual thing, with Brady interested in the 49ers, and the 49ers interested in Brady. And then the 49ers could simply trade Jimmy Garoppolo back to the Patriots.

    This nonsense can’t be real…..

    I am surprised KS or JL has not come out and shut this nonsense down……..

    1. They did at the Combine Oneniner. But once the media gets ahold of something that they like or want to see happen, it is like a dog to a bone.

        1. It’s pre-draft lying season. Don’t believe anything from anybody any time, no way, no matter what. Just file it away in your memory banks, and if the one-in-10,000 chance one item comes true, immediately claim you were the only one to predict it.

          1. sounds like something Razoreater would do…..I bet he does claim he predicted it….

            If I had a penny for every time Razoreater claimed he predicted a NFL transaction first I could eradicate poverty….

            1. Razor hit on Bosa. He was the first, and was wavering under flack from the peanut gallery, but I told him to stick to his guns, and wear his Bosa constriction fandom proudly. He was proven right, and I acknowledged that he was first on the Bosa bandwagon, on this site.
              He also nailed the DeForest Buckner first round pick, and many of the prospects he had named, tended to go early in the draft. I will give him kudos because he remembered me mentioning Gardner Minshew as a QB prospect I liked before the draft. He has shown proficiency in playing in the NFL. I liked his poise under pressure.
              It would not be surprising if JL drafted AJ Dillon, a player Razor touted during the Combine. AJ Dillon, with his blazing speed for his size, would fill the need for finding a bigger, more durable ball carrier who can run up the middle. Mostert’s forte are those OZ runs.
              Razor and I are diametrically opposed on many fronts, but I certainly respect his football acumen.

              1. Maybe in your delusional world….

                The 49ers selection of Nick Bosa at No. 2 overall was the move that most in the NFL scouting world expected and viewed….it was no surprise….

                I can find you articles in 2017, 2018 predicting 49ers or the team picking 1 or 2 will pick Bosa….

                same with Buckner……

                then again you were the same person that keeps pushing multiple player trades….so your thinking is definitely not in the norm

                I will rather give him credit for mocking a player picked in the lower rounds…..

              2. The trade back speculation was hot an heavy, with several teams who had multiple first round picks.
                JL was not blown away with any offers, so he stuck to his original plan, and that was to select Bosa. Bosa, with his injury history, was not a favorite on this site. Quinnen Williams was strongly advocated for, because he filled the NT need, while Bosa was duplicative with Dee Ford. Grant liked Josh Allen with his 10.5- 2019 sack total.
                Yes, I was pushing for multiple player trades, because on these large squads, there are multiple needs. If Basketball can engineer a 3 team trade involving 12 players, football can do the same.
                Actually, John Schneider did pull off a trade that bundled players and a pick for Clowney, so it is possible to bundle players and picks. It just needs clever innovative thinking outside the box.
                Let us see if AJ Dillon becomes a Niner. Razor touted him first.

              3. No bro….there was never going to be a trade back…..Bosa was destined to be a 49er for life…..nothing in your confused mind could have changed that.

                There was no offers…….stop writing B.S

                If Basketball can engineer a 3 team trade involving 12 players, football can do the same

                NO it will never happen…..get it into your freaking nutty brain

                Talking about Clowney looks like he won’t resign with Sea…..so not really a good example to use…

              4. “If Basketball can engineer a 3 team trade involving 12 players, football can do the same”

                Dumbest thing I ever heard. Two completely different sports, roster and salary implications!
                What a fool.

              5. lol…it’s really sad….after all this time on the blog you would think some common sense will prevail….but no…it just keeps getting dumber and dumber

              6. JL himself said they were open to trading back, but just did not get a good enough of an offer.
                He said it would have to be an amazing offer for them to move on from Bosa, but none were forthcoming.
                I used the Clowney deal to show that bundling players and picks is possible. Just because Clowney may not re-sign with Seattle does not mean that bundling players and a pick is an impossibility. They gave up 2 expendable players and a third round pick, so it worked out well for the Seahawks, since they did not have to part with a first or second round pick. Both Mingo and Martin were on the Texans roster, so it worked out well for them.
                What is really sad is for the peanut gallery to deride even the idea that multi player deals are possible, then when shown that one did happen, downplay its importance, denying reality.
                Let me put it this way. Some day, the peanut gallery will finally become smart enough to conceive of a multi player deal, like Schneider did. Too bad they are not smart enough to think of something like a multi player deal, and think it is an impossibility.

    2. This dead time between the combine and free agency is when writers are in full on Seb mode. Throw whatever you want against the wall. Maybe something will stick. In this case the writer later told a Bay Area media member that this wasn’t based on any insider information that he had and chances are remote.

      Think Lloyd Christmas and Mary Swanson. About the same type of odds.

      1. Both Shanahan and Lynch shut this down at the Combine but it’s still not enough to keep the gossip writers from believing in it. It won’t happen because it makes no sense on any level for the 9ers. They’ve got a guy just entering his prime who they went to a SB with and who had a very good season in his first full year as a starter. Throwing that away for a 43 year old QB who could literally fall off a cliff at any moment and didn’t look great last season would be a terrible move. Not going to happen.

        1. The only way it makes sense for SF is if they can get Brady to take a deal in the $10-$15mil per year range to save against the cap and sign their guys.

          1. even for the minimum is makes no sense…..what is wrong with you people..

            Brady is old….will need minimum 2yrs to learn Kshanny offense…..the opponents will be much tougher…..

            also we are built for the future…..and have invested in a QB who just took us to the SB……

            1. Please show me where I’ve written that the 49ers should make this move.

              Brady’s not taking $10-15mil.

              It wouldn’t take 2 years for Brady. Heck, it took less than 2 months for Garoppolo.

              1. It does defy logic in several ways.

                Not only would you have to be 100% certain the JimmyG could never lead you to a Super Bowl, something that was very nearly disproved this past year if not for questionable coaching but you’d also have to be nearly 100% sure the TB12 could lead you to the promised land within a window of the next 2 years. If either of those is not a certainty, then it sure makes no sense.

              2. Saying that doing it on a savings is the only way it makes sense isn’t the same as saying it should be done.

                Yes, Garoppolo is the way to go. It’s also the way that they will go.

                Shanahan and Lynch consistently talk about building something sustainable. Moving to Brady for 2-3 years isn’t the way to do that.

    3. Curran just stated on KNBR that his take was based off what he heard from Deion Sanders at the combine and after talks with Mike Florio. It’s not rooted in anything from any direct source.

  28. Really don’t think the 49ers will install the spread offense and Brady doesn’t know the 49er offense well enough to win the SB in one year….Non sense…

    Seb has been fanning the flames on this story I’ve noticed because he was jealous of JG’s success and would like nothing better than to ship JG to another team…Seb is on record saying “I will call Shanahan less than astute if he doesn’t resign Kaep.”

    1. Seb has hated JG since he realized the 49ers finally found a QB with some talent and he can’t call Kaep the savior anymore…But what would you expect from a Raider fan. That’s why Seb is known as SebRaidah!….Don’t be fooled by this charlatan or his minions!

  29. *I apologize for misuse of the simile: “fanning the flames.” Those familiar with Seb’s mishap with his sparking weed eater catching his neighbors home ablaze realize what an unhinged personality Seb is…Many have offered Seb intake help; all of us willing to ‘pony-up’ and pay for his cab fare to the Napa Sanatarium….

    To date, there’s been no response.

  30. I have been fanning the flames? Great. With all the grief and sorrow from all of these wild fires, you think it is funny to joke about it? This exposes your true character.
    TrollD, have you no shame?

  31. It is interesting to note that Grant wrote an article about the 49er QB position, on Feb 11th, and Tom Brady seems to be dominating the speculation.
    While I have decided that the deal seems very improbable, it seems to have legs. Even Prime Time has called for a 49er/Brady signing.
    Tom Brady is in control, and he will go to whichever team he deems, gives him the best chance to succeed. The 49ers, have a SB defense, and an elite running game. Tom Brady may not be called upon to throw the ball to victory. He may be asked to hand off the ball, or to get the ball into the hands of his playmakers.
    I disagree that the best move would be for the Niners to trade JG back to the Patriots. That would be like trading Trent Brown, who helped them win a SB. The Niners should be very leery of making any deals with the Patriots, because they should not help them win another SB.
    A better spot, may be trading JG to the Dolphins, for 2 of their first round picks. Then the Niners would have 3 first round picks and could easily trade back for 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks.
    I think Brady is testing the market, to build up speculation and bidding. He will have to make a decision soon, because the QB situation will sort out after he makes his move. Most likely, he will return to NE and complete his career on one team. Kraft wants that, so he may make the ultimate decision, and pay Brady what he wants.

  32. WTF…see what i mean by being disconnected from reality……what is most annoying is you refuse to use your brain – and continue to dumb down the intellect on the blog

    you want to trade JimmG to the dolphins for 2 of their first round picks. – what is wrong with you?

    1. That is only if Brady signs with the Niners. If Brady does not come, and that is the best bet, they will surely keep JG.

      1. How in the hell will Brady sign with the 49ers…..

        How will that be possible?….why do you dream up these nonsense scenarios?…….aren’t you worried you are wasting brain cells?….

        1. Brady has been allowed to talk with other teams, and is an UFA. While improbable, it is certainly possible.
          Believe it or not, Paraag drew up a team friendly contract, so the Niners can trade JG very easily. The Dolphins have 3 first round picks and are planning on drafting Tua. JG would be far superior compared to an injured rookie.
          However, I like JG so much, I do not want them to sign Kaep. Brady may go to the Colts, or eventually decide to remain as a Pat. It is highly improbable for Brady to sign with the Niners, but you have to remember, JL asked if the Pats wanted to trade Brady in 2017.
          2 first round draft picks would be a huge boon to the Niners. Anyone who scoffs at the thought of having 3 first round picks, really does not understand football draft dynamics. Getting Tom Brady, with 3 first round picks, sounds like a ticket back to the SB.
          I chose the Dolphins because they have 3 first round picks, but was mostly adamant about not trading JG back to the Patriots. I do not want the Niners to help them win any more rings.
          You really need to chill, and not fly off the handle about idle speculation during the off season. Weak minded individuals will get upset over nothing. Stop wasting your brain cells.

          1. ‘Weak minded individuals will get upset over nothing’ and continuously write lengthy tangential manifestos going on and on and on about………nothing.
            Haha, if the shoe fits, wear it Kimosabe 🤪

  33. Lots of people are talking about Matt losing Breida because the 49ers can’t afford him if they want to sign or extend other key players.

    Breida is an RFA. I don’t know that much about RFA vs FA, round “tenders” and so on. Do teams have to give the 49ers a draft pick if they sign Breida away?

    1. Restricted Free Agent – A player with three accrued seasons and an expired contract. RFAs are free to negotiate and sign with any team, but their original team can offer them one of various qualifying offers (“tenders”) that come with the Right of First Refusal and/or draft-pick compensation

      1. oneniner – Thank you

        On tenders…

        From http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001021617/article/2019-nfl-free-agency-glossary-all-the-terms-you-need-to-know

        First-round tender: One-year contract worth the greater of (a) $4.407 million or (b) 110 percent of the player’s prior-year base salary. If the player’s original team decides not to match an offer sheet signed with another team, it is entitled to a first-round draft pick from his new team.

        Second-round tender: One-year contract worth the greater of (a) $3.095 million or (b) 110 percent of the player’s prior-year base salary. Draft-choice compensation: second-round pick.

        Right-of-first-refusal tender: One-year contract worth the greater of (a) $2.025 million or (b) 110 percent of the player’s prior-year base salary. Team has the right to match any offer sheet signed with another team, but there is no draft compensation tied to this tender.

        Breida was a UDFA. The only way the 49ers would get a pick is a first round (over $4.41m) or second round (over $3.1m) tenders. Then Right-of-first-refusal tender ($2.025m).

        There’s franchise tag-n-trades like Dee Ford last year. If the Niners can’t afford Breida, I wonder if using a second round tender $3.1 million, then shopping him for a 4th or 5th round pick might work?

        I’m hoping they find a way to keep Breida. He’s one of my favorites.

      1. Which tender would you apply? A little over $3.10m for a second round tender, or a little over $2.03m for a first refusal tender?

        1. If they do tender him, and at this point I doubt they will, it will be the lowest tender. He’s not a guy they have to keep at all costs.

          1. Yea, they’re not tendering Breida. They just 2nd rounded the Bourne Identity. He’s a lock to be in camp….

  34. NBA does not equal NFL. Soft Cap vs Hard Cap. Night & day. Dogs vs cats.
    Multi-player trades in NBA are to massage cap space and are a long standing tradition. Not so in NFL. Everybody not living in a delusional fantasy world knows that.

    1. Apparently, Schneider accomplished an impossibility. He bundled players and a pick, and made a deal, even though he is a GM of a football team.
      He traded Barkevious Mingo and Jacob Martin, along with a third round pick, for Jadeveon Clowney.
      I wonder why Schneider got out of his delusional fantasy world to make that deal. Maybe it was because he was clever, innovative, and thought outside the box.

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