49ers mock offseason: Post-Combine edition

Now that the Combine is over and free agency will start this week, it’s time for one final attempt to predict every move the 49ers will make this offseason:


Round 1. Jamal Adams, SS, LSU. A 6’0″, 214-lb. safety who ran a 4.56 40-yard dash at the Combine. Adams is a big-hitter who will become the 49ers’ version of Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor.

Round 2. Kevin King, CB, Washington. A 6’3″, 200-lb. corner who ran a 4.43 40-yard dash at the Combine. King played in the same defensive scheme at Washington that the 49ers will run in 2017.

Round 3. Amara Darboh, WR, Michigan. A 6’2″, 215-lb. receiver who ran a 4.45 40-yard dash at the Combine. Darboh will replace Torrey Smith as the 49ers’ starting split end.

Round 4. Duke Riley, MLB, LSU. A 6’0″, 232-lb. middle linebacker who ran a 4.58 40-yard dash at the Combine. Riley can start right away if NaVorro Bowman isn’t healthy this season or ever again.

Round 4. Joe Williams, RB, Utah. A 5’11”, 210-lb. running back who ran a 4.41 40-yard dash at the Combine. Williams will split carries with Carlos Hyde.

Round 5. Elijah Lee, OLB, KSU. A 6’3″, 228-lb. outside linebacker who wasn’t invited to the Combine. Lee can cover tight ends and back up Ray Ray Armstrong — the 49ers’ “off-ball” outside linebacker.

Round 5. Danny Isidora, OG, Miami. A 6’3″, 306-lb. guard who ran a 5.03-40-yard dash with a 1.73 10-yard split at the Combine. Isidora will back up Zane Beadles at left guard.

Round 6. Ishmael Zamora, WR, Baylor. A 6’4″, 215-lb. wide receiver who wasn’t invited the Combine because he beat a dog with a belt and was caught on tape doing it. Zamora will back up Darboh at split end.

Round 6. Ben Gedeon, OLB, Michigan. A 6’2″, 244-lb. outside linebacker who ran a 4.75 40-yard dash and a 6.98 3-cone drill at the Combine. Gedeon will back up Carl Bradford — the 49ers’ “on-ball” outside linebacker.

Round 7. Levon Myers, OT, Northern Illinois. A 6’5″, 307-lb. tackle who wasn’t invited to the Combine. Myers will back up Trent Brown at right tackle.



QB Jay Cutler. The best starting quarterback the 49ers can get this year.

QB Matt Schaub. A backup quarterback who knows Kyle Shanahan’s offensive system.

WR Brandon Marshall. A legitimate No. 1 wide receiver who will be less expensive than many No. 2 receivers on the free-agent market.

TE Jacob Tamme. A tight end who knows Shanahan’s system.

FB Patrick DiMarco. A fullback who knows Shanahan’s system.

C Brian Schwenke. A former fourth-round pick who ran a 4.99 40-yard dash with a 1.73 10-yard split at the Combine in 2013.

DE DeMarcus Ware. A 34-year-old pass rusher who will play only on passing downs.

K Steven Hauschka. A 31-year-old kicker who played for the Seahawks the past five seasons.



Amara Darboh, Ishmael Zamora
SLOT: Jeremy Kerley, Bruce Ellington
RWR: Brandon Marshall, DeAndre Carter
LT: Joe Staley
LG: Zane Beadles, Danny Izidora
C: Brian Schwenke, Daniel Kilgore
RG: Joshua Garnett, Alex Balducci
RT: Trent Brown, Levon Myers
TE: Vance McDonald, Jacob Tamme, Blake Bell, Garrett Celek
QB: Jay Cutler, Matt Schaub
FB: Patrick DiMarco
RB: Carlos Hyde, Joe Williams, Mike Davis

9T (in sub packages): 
DeMarcus Ware
4T: Arik Armstead, Ronald Blair
1T: Earl Mitchell, Mike Purcell
3T: DeForest Buckner, Quinton Dial
6T: Aaron Lynch, Ahmad Brooks
WLB: Carl Bradford, Ben Gedeon
MLB: NaVorro Bowman, Duke Riley
SLB: Ray Ray Armstrong, Elijah Lee
SS: Jamal Adams, Jaquiski Tartt
FS: Jimmie Ward, Eric Reid
LCB: Rashard Robinson, Tramaine Brock
NICKEL: K’Waun Williams, Will Redmond
RCB: Kevin King, Dontae Johnson

K: Steven Hauschka
P: Bradley Pinion
LS: Kyle Nelson

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  1. Well we agree on Adams, Tamme, Dimarco, Schaub, and Hauschka. I’ll do my mock some time tonight.

    1. Well this is year I find myself at odds with more than a few draftniks with respect to the 49ers and this mock is no exception ,given that qualified position I can see a your logic here Grant .A thoughtful draft.

  2. Chicago native here. Marshall doesn’t get along with Jay and I could guarantee he would never sign with the 49ers if Cutty was on our team. This is pretty much a known fact. Besides that, I’d prefer we went with our Earl Thomas and grabbed Hooker over Adams.

    1. Marshall has never been to the playoffs and I believe will want to go to a team that will make it to the playoffs next season. There are some very good prospects at TE based on the combine Tamme isn’t that good. Zamora beats animals so he isn’t a very good decision maker. Drafting a QB at some point would be a good idea.

      1. This mock’s no better than your last one…so pls tell us, why wouldn’t Lynch draft at least one QB this year? There are exactly none on the roster. Torrey Smith is gone…and you give us Brandon Marshall? And draft Darboh? Really? No DL. Tamme? Because he knows Shanahan’s system? One of our weakest position groups…what about Howard, Engram or Everett? No pass rusher…in a draft loaded with ’em. Way too many old FA’s. If you’re not keeping Dawson, why spend $$ on another vet when you could draft AZ St’s Gonzalez, one of the best K in NCAA history. Sorry, man, this is an awful mock. If Lynch did this, he’d be fired.

        1. If you don’t get a pass rusher high in the first round, the odds of getting a good one later on are very low.

          1. Not in this draft their not. You’ve got players like Lawson, McKinley, Harris, Willis, Mathis, Watt, Price.

          2. I beg to differ, there are quality pass rushers, and this draft has blazing speed, so they might be able to get a starter in the 4th round, it is so deep.

          3. This just shows how little you know. This draft has decent pass rushers all the way through the 4th round at least.

      2. That’s another really strong mock Grant, but you have to believe the 49ers take a flier on a QB somewhere in this draft.

        Jamal Adams would be a brilliant first round pick.

        I’ll have to do a little research on your wideouts, because it sounds like Patton will be packing his bags immediately after T. Smith heads out the back door.

      3. Grant,
        Add a 1st rd trade back to pick up an extra 1st next year so they can package 2 1st rd picks to draft the best QB in the 18 draft and we will be on the same page.

      4. Grant you’re literally the biggest idiot when it comes to covering this team. Do you not pay attention to anything that is going on with the team??

      5. Adams is like Kam Chancellor? KC is 3 inches taller and 30 pounds heavier. Adams may be a good player but he’s not close to the same type of player as Chancellor. Also, don’t like taking a safety with the #2 selection. A pick that high needs to be on premium positions and I don’t care how the Seahawks are structured – a safety isn’t worthy of the 2nd pick. Chancellor wasn’t selected until the 5th round and Earl Thomas wasn’t selected until pick #14. With the #2 pick you have to go d-line/edge rusher, QB, or o-tackle. There hasn’t been a Safety picked in the top 10 in the NFL draft since 2012 and that was Mark Barron at #7. I don’t think a safety has been picked top 5 in the past 10 years. My dream scenario is the 49ers trade back and end up with John Ross or Mike Williams in the first round. They need play makers on the team.

          1. He isn’t even the best safety in the draft, Malik Hooker is. Mayock moved Hooker ahead of Adams on his rankings based purely on personality since Malik didn’t work out at Combine. That tells you volumes. Adams is a puffed up plastic hero trying to say all the right things. Hooker is real and twice as tough when it comes down to it. Not to mention a better athlete with better production last season.

  3. TERRIBLE… Combined 3 1st rounders and and 2nd exhausted on safeties with this roster. Why waste a pick on adams when tartt is bigger and faster?

      1. Not only is Adams BPA at #2, but Shanahan has stated that finding a tone-setting enforcer at safety is one of his first goals.

        Adams brings a lot more than just a physical play style as well. He can play either safety position. He also brings the type of leadership this young team desperately needs. To call Adams an alpha male is a bit of an understatement, IMO!

        1. The enforcer safety is a crucial position in the Pete-Carroll defense. Adams is like a super Keanu Neal, who was the Falcons’ first-round pick last year.

          1. Yep. And Adams is coming out of the combine as a top 5, lead pipe lock atop the draft.

            I like your draft Grant because there is a lot of quality there, and also fills a lot of immediate needs. It’s a good example of talent meets need, by and large.

              1. You may have been working on it for weeks, but everything is changing after this Combine, and everything will change after Free Agency.

                If Lynch can fill all the holes in Free Agency, then the Niners can draft for depth, and BPA.

                If he still has holes to fill, the needs may influence their selections.

                Still, it is good to see you making assessments and the overall scheme is logical and sound with positions well reasoned out. I guess the most wild pick is Cutler, but I admire your persistence.

        2. And as we are quickly finding out, ShanyLynch are going to be extremely proactive in weeding out the dead weight on this roster.

          This new regime has no allegiance to the current roster> They plan to make a lot of changes and aren’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers in the process.

          One thing we know for certain is, Lynch will get the Safety position right.

          Grant, do you think they will go pretty hard after Pryor? I would.

          1. Yes, but I think the Browns will match or beat any offer for Pryor. Would be a big PR blow to lose him.

        3. Mayock moved Hooker ahead of Adams on his list based solely on the way they interviewed since Malik didn’t work out at the Combine. How do you jive that with your “alpha male” rant? It’s quite the opposite, Adams tries to act the part (overact the part) while Hooker stays himself and comes out a lot more impressively.

      2. You actually get paid to write about sports. Thank your daddy every Christmas. Literally horrible. I could find a few things I like but overall it’s terrible. If you mention a Free Agent offensive lineman’ 40 time from 2013 your credibility in this sport flies out the window. Sometimes I enjoy your column because you often have a complete different perspective then most. But I’m beginning to believe you just aren’t good at this…. If taking a Safety early which we won’t, it’d be Hooker to leave Ward at Corner. This draft is deep at CB. In my opinion the value of the position is in later rounds unless drafting late 1st. You chose the wrong Washington Corner a round or 2 early. Your selection at WR Darboh won’t be a year 1 starter. If we sign one of those FA QB’s we’ll be drafting a QB later as well. If this was in the forum posted by some random 1st timer it’d be one thing. Right after the combine it’s an embarrassment to your industry.

        1. Thomas DE
        2. Mahomes QB
        3. Linebacker
        4. CB/WR

      3. Do you even watch this team? Tart is the hardest hitter in the secondary, and he needs to develop his coverage skills. And did you watch tape of these picks or even the combine? Your WR were some of the worst pass catchers running drills. Or are you working with Baalke?

        1. Tartt was a coverage linebacker in sub packages his rookie season and he didn’t play much his second season.

          1. Career-to-date Tartt has had almost 1400 defensive snaps for the 49ers in his two years. He has 6 PDs and 1 INT to show for it. And last year he had more stuffs (4) than PDs (3). And NO ints.

            That’s not the profile of a pass-coverage safety. And, frankly, you’re the only one I’ve ever seen that’s called him a ‘coverage specialist’ while ignoring the fact that he’s a thumper. And I’m not discounting that he hasn’t improved his coverage. He has. But he’s not a coverage safety like Ward or any recognized ‘coverage’ safety. He’s a thumper who can sort-of adequately cover and may improve.

            These are coverage/high-safety profiles:

            Landon Collins, NYG, 5 INTs, 13 PDs
            Eric Weddle, BAL 4 INTs, 13 PDs.
            Reggie Nelson, OAK 5 INTs, 12 PDs.

            Not 0 INTs, 3 PDs…. Which, by-the-way, tied him for 270th in the NFL. Even Bethea was more productive in INTs/PDs.

            And if you take all of his 1400ish defensive snaps and pretended it all happened last year, he’d be tied for 123rd in those metrics. That’s a stunning lack of productivity for a ‘coverage’ safety.

            1. He was a dime back on passing downs who covered tight ends and running backs his rookie year and he didn’t play much his second year because he struggles diagnosing run vs. pass.

        2. I watched the team last season, and saw Tartt be too tentative, read too slow and seem to be a step late. He also took bad angles and gave up crucial third downs.

      4. Wait, Tartt is a coverage specialist? Since when? Did you mean Ward? Tartt’s biggest deficiency is pass coverage.

  4. Jamal Adams had like 1 interception last year. The 49ers are full of DB’s who’ve created very few turnovers – don’t need another one. Adams is overrated. I would rather have Malik Hooker – he didn’t run at the combine but will workout at his pro-day.

    Also, since Myles Garret will go probably to the Browns, to me the next best d-lineman who looks the part and was productive is Soloman Torres.

    Get off the snide with Jay Cutler – the guy is not a great leader, and more of an inteception machine. If Shanhan gets Matt Schaub – he probably won’t make it out of training camp.

    1. Adams would be playing close to the line and would be used mostly as a run stuffer. He is a perfect fit in our scheme and would be an excellent choice.

      1. He’s a pointless choice because that role is a mid-round, no-cover pick player. And we have Bethea, Reid and Tartt for that role.

          1. Just because it’s a need doesn’t mean the role can’t easily be filled with a layer pick. Safety/lb tweeners are not exactly rare and they don’t impact games the way elite coverage safeties do.

  5. Nice one Grant. Adams and King would be good picks. Though I would prefer a pass rusher with one of those two picks.

    I hope Bradford isn’t starting. If they don’t draft a LB earlyish I expect they will sign one.

    One quibble I have is none of the WRs you added are really deep threats. Darboh may have run a 4.45s 40, but he isn’t really a deep threat guy per se, at least not as your primary deep threat. Darboh teamed with Jeffery might work though.

    Still not a fan of signing Cutler.

    1. I think the Niners will sign a pass rusher instead of drafting one in the first or second round.

      Bradford is similar to Dan Skuta, who started for Jacksonville.

      Darboh is faster than Jeffery.

      1. The Jags and Falcons made a pass rusher a priority (Fowler and Beasley). I expect the 49ers will too.

        Skuta saw less than 25% of defensive snaps last year, and he has a much better resume than Bradford. They should do better.

        Darboh’s 40 yard time doesn’t show on film. Jeffery is a better deep threat, as he knows how to use his size. Either way, neither guy brings the same sort of threat guys like Andre Johnson, DJax or Julio Jones brought/ bring. Darboh is better off as the other guy opposite the main deep threat. Like he was at Michigan. And yes, despite running a slightly slower 40 time Chesson was their main deep threat.

        1. The Niners have Aaron Lynch, who is a force.

          Skuta saw less than 25% percent of defensive snaps last year because Myles Jack fell into the Jaguars’ laps.

          Darboh’s 40-yard time does indeed show on film.

          1. The Niners have Aaron Lynch, who is a force.

            I think you mean farce. He can’t be trusted. This draft is deep at edge, and they should draft one….

              1. Lynch CAN be special, IF he commits. With his high ceiling, and young age, it makes no sense to demote him this season. He’s certainly worth penciling in as a starter for 2017.

                I be surprised if John Lynch, Snanny & Saleh aren’t able to get Lynch to buy in and dominate like he’s capable of. And I like the idea of him and Brooks as a tag team at the 6T.

              2. And the 49ers still need one, pass rush specialist who’s got ONE jo, and that’s pinning his ears back and savagely attacking opposing QB’s on obvious passing downs.

                Maybe it’s Ware, that makes sense. Maybe it’s one of these freakishly athletic draft prospects.

              3. Special? 14 sacks in three years and 37 games? I’m sorry, but ‘special’ is Fred Dean, Charles Haley, JJ Watt, Bryant Young, Dwight Freeney and whole host of other truly outstanding pass rushers.

                Not a guy who projects to 6 or 7 (at best) sacks a year.

            1. Lynch has a lot of potential but there isn’t much passion for the game from what I’ve seen. Showing up severely overweight and then not having much impact when he did return, sends up some warning signs for me. Even if he comes back with a better season, the Niners still need to improve the pass rush.

              1. I agree they have to improve the pass rush — with a free-agent signing who will be a sub-package rusher.

              2. Totally agree, a pass rush improves everything!! Field position, turnovers, big play ability, every unit will be impacted. This is why aside a game changing QB it is the most important player on the field.

              3. I agree. Showing up to camp fat and out-of-shape… And I don’t forget that one of his old college coaches ripped him for these ‘lazy character’ issues in this area.

          2. Lynch can be good, when he wants to be. But even so his best year was what, 6.5 sacks? He can definitely be a starter, but he’s not the pass rusher the Gus Bradley system looks for as its pure edge rusher.

            So basically Skuta was just a guy. And Bradford isn’t even as good as him. Can and should do better.

            I misspoke with Darboh – his 40 time does show on film, which is decent but not great speed. He can get deep, but he’s not a true burner. He’s more of a rounded WR that is best off having a guy opposite him that can be the primary deep threat.

            1. Lynch is young. He can be a 10-plus sack guy.

              Bradford and Skuta are the same.

              Darboh can get deep and he can block, which is crucial for outside zone plays.. He’s a good fit at X in Shanahan’s system.

              1. I would still prioritise a young pass rusher to complement him.

                I don’t see Bradford and Skuta as being the same. What makes you think they are? Skuta made himself an invaluable STs guy and worked his way up. Bradford has barely made it onto 53 man rosters so far in his career.

                They should get someone other than Marshall then.

              2. Lynch is the young pass rusher. I think the team will give him a chance to lock down the starting job at 6-technique.

                Bradford hasn’t been in the right system. Both he and Skuta can set the edge and handle the C gap.

                Marshall is a No. 1 and Darboh is a nice compliment, a la Jeffery.

              3. I can definitely see Lynch playing the 6T in the over front, but think they will still want another young and more athletic pass rusher for the other edge when playing under fronts or variants on the over front. Lynch is a different type of edge rusher than what the Bradley system usually looks for. They value explosiveness.

                I would like to see Bradford do it before saying he can. Nothing he has done so far in the pros should make us believe he’s a competent starter.

                I just don’t see Darboh as a similar receiver to Jeffery, or as a great deep threat.

              4. The Jags and Falcons don’t take pass rushers after the top-10 picks, and I doubt the 49ers will spend the No. 2 pick this year on a 6t or OLB.

                The on-ball OLB is a run-stuffing base position. The Niners won’t spend big to fill that spot.

                Darboh is faster than Jeffery and will stretch the field well.

              5. No, Seb, it’s because it’s ****ing stupid and hypocritical. All the vast majority of the mock-drafters do is regurgitate the BS from the BS draft industry that is amazing incompetent and watch a few highlight clips on YouTube or, at best, the odd college game.

                They then make a dozen mock-drafts over two-months and pat themselves on the back because one of the dozen fifth rounders that they touted was the next ‘sure fire sleeper’ actually made in the NFL. The fact that the other 11 ‘sure fire sleepers’ failed doesn’t get mentioned. But that doesn’t stop the mock drafter from his spam picks and acting like he’s the King of Drafting on the odd chance one of those dozen picks succeeded.

                Bottom-line I’ve watched that game for years. And, like War, the self-serving, hypocritical-back-patting and double-standards never changes. (And, yes, that’s a bit of a Fallout reference.)

          3. Beside this column what foot experience do you have..because you clearly are lost when it comes to scouting, scheme, techniques. I don’t believe you know or watch much football. Even in you press conferences your questions are usually off base. Please retire or start covering weather………

            1. Nope, I consider Grant an expert, and I feel like I am standing next to him when he describes the practices.

              Do not know about you, maybe they go over your head, but I relish his comments, and he is spot on in his emphasis of what is truly pertinent. When Grant was talking about second half adjustments, he was talking for many on this blog. The read option-zone read and gap integrity questions spoke volumes, even though they refused to answer the questions.

              1. seb,

                Have you noticed that none of Grant’s biggest critics (haters) have posted a mock of their own?

              2. May still be too early, but that has never stopped me. I have proposed mocks since the first of the year.

                80, yes, I too have noticed that the shrillest voices tend never to make predictions, because they tend to be wrong and other posters can throw those erroneous mocks in their faces.

          4. No. He’s a tease who has yet to deliver a with just 14.0 sacks in 37 games. And last year he was, apparently, fat and out-of-shape hitting 290 a gave us all of 1.5 sacks.

            At some point, you have to produce. And if you can’t produce as a one-dimensional pass-rusher after three-years, it’s time to move on.

            1. He produced 12.5 sacks and a lot pressure his first two seasons when he was 21 and 22. He had one bad year due a suspension and a high ankle sprain and you want to “move on from him.” Alrighty then!

              1. That’s still not quality production. That’s you entrenched in a player who is failing to develop into the player you believe him to be even though the player we see is a man who has never even finished in the Top-30.

                2014 — Tied for 51st
                2015 — Tied for 41st
                2016 — Not even worth looking up.

                He’s a tease.

              2. Lynch seems to me to be “the other guy” (complimentary) edge rusher. You know, where the OC schemes interior protection as well as help on the primary pass rush threat whoever it is. Then Lynch is ‘the other guy’ who gets some clean-up sacks.
                That’s good, you need that guy, but you’d hope he’s not your best.

              3. As to whether or not Lynch is a bust , i’m not sure, but I do believe that he deserves one more year to prove himself. I believe his stats in his first 2 years do not accurately reflect the pressure he brought. Standing alone 12.5 sacks is not that impressive if the 49ers had even a tiny bit of inside push Lynch could have easily doubled his sack totals. If he has been around the facility this off season and is keeping himself in shape I say no drafting of an outside rusher this year. imho

              4. Lynch will get his shot this season to show whether he can be that #1 guy or not, but my guess is they still take a pass rusher in the first two rounds because he hasn’t shown enough to warrant giving him the benefit of the doubt.

        2. Yeah I agree with Scooter here. I have a feeling they will take a pass rusher with one of the first two picks. The secondary class is so deep there are going to be good prospects well into day two.

          The offense is going to be a high priority in FA if the latest transactions are any indication. 1 maybe 2 WR’s, and likely an OL or 2 as well imo.

          1. I’m of the same mind. They will go with the big guys up front first. Wait for offense on 2nd day or through FA.

  6. No on Jamal Adams. Lynch already said that Tartt fits in as our Kam Chancellor and he wants him in at SS. If the Browns select Myles Garrett at #1 overall, we should trade down and get a WR (either Mike Williams or Corey Davis) or a QB (either Kizer, Watson or Trubisky).

  7. Malik Hooker is far better prospect than Adams, plus he has the versatility to play corner as well. Solomon Thomas and Derek Barnett are both better than Adams as well. Second round they should look at Bucky Hodges or Chris McCaffrey to add a little juice to the offense. Other than that your draft is mediocre.

      1. I want my single high S to have quick and healthy hips. If I want a wore out Hooker I’ll go to my local street corner.

    1. If Hooker’s prognoses is good, he’d be a solid pick at 2. A key cog in making the single high safety work. Great range. In his first and only season at SS he displayed amazing instincts.

      Its up to the medical staff re Hooker. He’s a stud that plays multiple games through the labrum injury. If its clear it will heal 100% got for it.

      Adams/Hooker/Thomas all work for me.

      1. I guarantee you Hooker goes on PUP. That along with one year of experience at the position is a big no, no at pick two!

  8. Not bad Grant. What do you think happens with Reid under your scenario? I can’t see them keeping him around to be a backup.

      1. Hey! You told me a Reid trade wasn’t likely when I floated it a couple of weeks ago.

          1. Good one! And it’s always nice to see the Rice and Taylor avatars back to back.

    1. Jay

      I like him too…talk about ‘football freakish’….They play football in Conneticut…?

  9. Grant, you went for the gusto with the pre free agency mock. More risk, but more reward if you are right.

    – I think its a coin flip between Adams, Thomas and Hooker. Those are my three choices at the 2 pick now that Foster and Allen have health questions. (So does Hooker. I’ll monitor that)

    Adams works for me. Just the kind of attitude Shanahan and Lynch have been saying they want in a player.

    – A man named Brian Schwenke was born to be a center. I heard during the playoffs Shanahan values Center more than alot of teams.

    – I’m hoping for a modest trade-up from 34 into the late 20s to secure Haason Reddick or Christian McCaffrey.

    – I sense a trade of Tartt or Reid. The Redskins are in a PR free fall They need to save face. A Reid+day three picks for Cousins might get them to move.

    – I thought the Niners would sign Kevin Zeitler because I read a blurb he was fast enough for ZBS. But apparently its not his ideal system.

    The 49ers are clearing the decks, that’s for sure. Especially players that are bad “system fits.” Could they be shopping Reid, Garnett or T. Brown?

    1. Will be interesting to see what trades the 49ers make. Tartt or Reid would make sense.

      1. No on trading Tartt. He is a Kam Chancellor clone. Lynch and coach Hafley really likes him and they said they want him starting at SS.

        1. Maiocco reported the 49ers feel Tartt would do much better under the new simplified scheme.

          Tartt showed flashes his rookie season. Was fairly flashless last season. I hope the positive Tartt news wasn’t typical “lying season” praise.

            1. Tartt hasn’t shown the football instincts to handle the position in my opinion. Adams is far and away the best safety, but unless they move Reid, I’d prefer King Solomon….

              1. Reid is done. Trade him if you can.

                An arm tackler playing the Kam role? No thanks.

              2. Thanks to multiple concussions. He certainly was much more aggressive his rookie season prior to getting his clock cleaned and his bell rung. It’s a shame because he looked like one of Baalke’s few decent picks as a rookie.

      2. What about packaging Reid and Bathea or Tartt and Bathea or even Tartt and Reid?

  10. This would be a trainwreck of a draft/offseason if they did these things. No young talent added via FA and consistent misses in the draft of taking lesser players in almost every round. Not to mention that you (Grant) uses the first two rounds of the draft on one of the deepest positions on the team…

    1. I agree. The GM played safety before and was very good at it. He says he likes the young guys we already have on the roster and says he wants Tartt to start at SS. He is a Kam Chancellor clone and fits our system very well. We can easily get a talented backup in the later rounds since this is a deep draft class for DBs.

  11. For a way too early mock, it’s not half bad. I’ll wait until they make their F/A moves before I get serious about one. Appreciate the effort though, Grant….

  12. I highly doubt DeAndre Carter or Ishmael Zamora will beat out a healthy Eric Rogers.

    1. How do you now? We haven’t even seen Eric Rodgers play. The guy could be hot garbage for all we know.

      1. His 2015 tape during his time in the CFL says it all. He has the size and athleticism to beat DBs anywhere on the field. His also has good hands. It’s hard to beat that.

          1. Everyone played somewhere else before they got to the NFL Razor – just sayin.

          2. A Great job. But like many Div III players, it’s hard to make the step-up to the NFL directly out of college. But (if I remember right) he did last until the end of the preseason with the Cowboys before he went CFL.

            Which was better than AJ Jenkins who tried out for the Cowboys last year. So there’s that.

  13. I like your thinking on this one but I don’t see us drafting a SS as a first rounder. If anything we can move Reid to SS or just trade him. Ward might be better suited for FS cause he sux as a corner. Tartt at SS would be good but I worry about both of their lack in size if they have to go against the bigger WRs or TEs. We definitely need to trade down our first like two or three times and get somewhere in the 20’s. I personally think we need to go defense maybe corner like Quincy Wilson or hopefully foster or johnathan Allen will fall that far. Probably not tho. This is a good receiver and pass rusher class so I think we can wait later on to get one of those. The first two picks need to be impact players. We spent too many first rounders on projects and not enough day one starters.

    1. If you trade down into the 20’s, the odds of the first two picks winding up as impact picks go way down. I wouldn’t mind trading back a bit for extra picks, but not that far.

  14. “49ers may inquire on Broncos Trevor Siemian if Denver lands Tony Romo”

    “May” is the operative word. Speculation based on projecting how dominoes fall. Not hard info.


    Lynch and Elway do have a good relationship. I can see a deal happening. John Lynch said good things about Paxton Lynch in a recent radio interview (likely the front office cautioned him about tampering) and seemed to know the Broncos quarterbacks pretty well.

      1. Any FAM (Fog A Mirror) quarterback will get a good looks see, that’s for sure.

        A smart desperate team does everything to look like their not desperate. I see Lynch acknowledging (even joking) about having zero quarterbacks on the roster, but he looks like he’s enjoying his new job when he says it.

  15. Zamora already made his mistake and won’t be drafted by this team.

    Rogers will be interesting.

  16. On the FA part imo its exceedingly unlikely that Ware or Marshall will sign with SF.
    Marshall has specifically said recently that he only wants to go to a contender.
    Ware, at this point in his career doesn’t have to say that, but it applies.
    I also see Tartt as more of an enforcer than a coverage guy, although he’s not a great matchup with taller TEs,

    I need to see the actual FA acquisitions before I can guess at the draft.

      1. Yes, I agree, and I think I sense the FO may be coiled to make offers early and often.
        In the case of those two old warhorses, money may not be the only thing. For instance, as a guess, Ware might return to Dallas and a chance at a ring for less money than JL & Paraag offer. Speculating.

      2. I don’t believe they’ll bother going after ageing, slowing vets who would be little more than place-holders. They have the moolah to go after the younger and faster pro players, and this draft is loaded with speed/power combinations three or four rounds deep. The only exception to that might be for a transitional QB if their target(s) prove to be out of reach.

        1. I don’t think it makes much sense going for aging vets for a team in a full makeover….

          1. Makes no good sense, would be a misinvestment of resources. They’re holding 90 million bucks in vital currency — use it right! Don’t Baalke it up.

      3. The best FA signings, IMO, are veterans who don’t expect a long term contract, and the large amount of gauranteed money that comes with it. They can be sprinkled in to fill immediate needs, and help the grooming of young players, but still allowing for future salary cap flexibility.

        And if we do sign Cutler, which I am currently on the fence about, we know Cutler already has developed chemistry with Marshall, and vise versa.

        I still haven’t made up my mind on Cutler. But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

      4. Nolan tried that. Especially at WR. It mostly didn’t work. And it’s not just the 49ers. The Colts old GM lost his job for exactly that reason. He signed a bunch of old guys, the best of whom was Gore and his substandard 3.8 YPC.

        So it’s a strategy fraught with with risk. And while signing a couple of older, established FAs who can still play while mentoring might be a good idea. Going out there with the attitude of ‘we can just outbid people’ and signing a bunch of fading oldsters could easily be a disaster.

        A disaster we’ve lived through and the Colts have lived through the past few years.

  17. Man grant these guys tear you up. I understand your draft and have mixed feelings. I really liked the Alabama LB foster before he got tossed. That’s really a shame.

  18. HORRIBLE DRAFT I do not even know why I am writing to discuss it.

    A draft that is stacked at DE, TE, RB, WR, and even developmental QB’s and you have the first two picks going safety and CB???? Really????

    This is a Baalke draft, not a Shannahan/ Lynch draft.

    Cutler and Schaub at QB, if our goal is to get the top pick in 2018 your draft is a good start

    1. Adams is a better version of Keanu Neal, the Falcons’ 1st-round pick last year. And King is a better version of Jalen Collins, the Falcons’ 2nd-round pick two years ago.

    2. “A draft that is stacked at DE, TE, RB, WR, and even developmental QB’s”.

      This is the best safety group I can recall seeing in quite some time, and the CB group is also very good and deep. So in terms of getting quality players, can’t go too far wrong with safety and CB in the first couple of rounds. And I disagree this is a deep WR group. Its ok, not great.

      1. The WR group is deep in middling talent. But there’s only 3 elite prospects.

        You have to spend a 1st round pick to get one of top 3 WRs.
        You could find a decent WR in the 4th or 5th round. tt’s a decent value class.

        1. Ju Ju should be there at the top of the second and would give us the physicality we lack going over the middle….

            1. Here come old flat top,
              He come groovin up slowly
              He got Ju Ju eyeball
              He one holy roller….

              1. King Solomon Wrecking Ball
                Ju Ju Eyeballs WR
                Ahkello “Ain’t nobodies business” Witherspoon (CB)

  19. Horrible mock draft
    I would only draft a safety in 1st round is if they trade one of the ones that are already on the roster
    I would gat a game changer in 1st like
    Jonathan Allen, fournette, Ruben foster, or peppers

    1. Rubo, that may be the plan, but it’s at least a month too early for that. Most teams are currently sorting out their rosters and finishing their draft boards. A couple weeks prior to the draft, the trade market heats up.

      1. Oh, and also teams are looking at FA’s right now. Best plan to wait on trading Reid or Tartt for at least another 5 weeks. By then we will have sorted through FA and zeroed in on a draft strategy.

  20. Grant, I don’t think you’re getting credit for suggesting Jay Cutler as our place holder QB. I think that you’ve included an “out of the box” value in Jay’s play that will pay off in 2018 and possibly in 2019. Jay is the perfect QB insurance to avoid artificially increasing the 49er win total for the next two years. An unexpected win here or there can set a rebuilding program back much further than those wins help moral.

    We have to stick to the Walsh three year plan! If he had won too many games in the 1990 season, he would have never been able to build his defensive back field using the 49ers first three picks (1991 draft) and an unwanted free agent into a Superbowl winning defensive backfield.

      1. Grant has Jay listed as a free agent. That’s about right for the role I expect Jay to fill for the 49ers.

    1. Walsh retired after the 1989 super bowl, I believe you meant 1980 and 1981, I agree with your assessment, that is why I want the miners to sign Glennon and then draft, Keizer, Webb or machines to develop, and the first pick, the rb fontiere from Lou who will make the whole offense better but give the team time to jell,if the browns take a qb, then I want Garrett, I believe garrett and fontiuere are the only true franchise players in this draft.

    2. You mean 1980 and 1981 seasons. The 49ers were 2-14 in Walsh’s 1st season in 1979. They went to 6-10 in Walsh’s 2nd year in 1980. They won as many as they could and If Walsh could have done it in 2 years, he would have! You’re close about the picks, however, as 2 of the first 3 and 4 of the first 5 were DB’s. Our defensive backfield was so awful before 1981 that Walsh was having weekly tryouts and signing people off of the streets. Walsh even drafted an extra DB as a sub in the ’81 draft. No one ever expected a team to win the Super Bowl with 3 rookies in the secondary! George Siefert was the DB coach and deserves much of the credit. Ronnie Lott was an obvious pick but the 49ers scouting did a great job in getting us Eric Wright and Carlton Williamson at SS.

      1. Yes. What a dumb mistake to miss. Thanks.

        I’ve always felt that the winning play in the Dallas game was Eric Wright’s horse collar tackle that saved the winning touchdown or field goal. The sack and fumble on the next and last play also involved the defensive backfield coverage.

  21. That WR Godwin kid looked pretty good at the combine, also has the size and speed. What you think Grant? I also liked RB McCaffery, QBs Trubisky and Peterman looked good. Deshaun Watson did nothing to impress me. It seemed to me that this was one of the slowest group of players at the combine I have seen in a while besides a few.

  22. To early for a mock, lets wait until after FA to see what happens. We all know rumors and speculation is just that. Lynch already said that he wants a Veteran QB and a young QB, how that happens, who knows until it does.

    1. ShannyLynch are aggressively cutting the fat, and dropping the dead weight. I love it!!! Let there be no question that the new regime is planning a COMPLETE OVERHAUL of Baalke’s telent-challenged roster.

      I get the feeling Patton won’t be the last 49er who hasn’t produced, or lived up to draft status, to express some hurt feelings via social media in the coming months.

      One of the best things about bringing in a new GM is that, he can cut players without it looking like a reflection of poor choices, being the guy to release players he thought were worth drafting.

      Baalke, IMO, added insult to injury, and compounded mistakes by trying to cover up his ass, for fear of looking like he doesn’t know what he is doing in the first place.

      1. Its almost as if Baalke purposely tried to sink the 9ers, his choices were historically bad……..
        I have always thought 95% of the guys on this blog could do better than Baalke……….that includes Seb!!!!!!

        (Just keep him away from the QB position).

        1. I agree. Baalke really messed up. He could not draft a WR to save his job.

          Baalke was terrible as an assessor of talent. He cut Looney who went to Tennessee, and then started for Dallas. He insisted on playing Devey who only succeeded to get Kaep injured.
          Baalke really whiffed when he drafted Fahn Cooper, then cut him., so now he signs up with the Colts.

          Baalke insisted on playing players out of position. Garnett should have been LG, his natural position, but Baalke made him play RT. and Beadles proved to be the best center only after he had to play there because Kilgore got injured.

          Bellore was another Baalke mistake. Skov should have been at least tried out at ILB because Bellore not only jumped out of the Gap the RB ran through, he tended to block out his own players.

          Cromartie should have been playing safety if Ward was not, but Baalke messed that up, too.

          Hopefully, Lynch will see that the team did have talent, but it was not utilized properly. Hopefully, he can have players playing in the proper position, to give them the best chance to succeed.

          DuJuan Harris was not even activated for some games, so Baalke shelved another potent weapon.

          1. Oh stuff it with your Baalke blame game!
            It’s about as annoying as your Kap screeds. Get over it already!

              1. You think you’ve upset me? Seb the premise of our conversations is how wrong you’ve been each and every time.
                It’s a joke how you think Baalke is to blame for everything. That’s just a pitiful excuse you use to shadow Kaps demise. That’s what tickles me pink. Seeing you predict and be wrong!
                Here let me remind you:
                February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
                KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

                February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
                Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

              2. Prime, you are trying too hard. Posters get on my case when I mention something more than 3 times. You are skipping like a broken record.

                If I got upset every time you were wrong, I would be dancing a jig.

  23. Sigh, Grant doubles down with his Cutler signing.

    Still think the best strategy is to trade back and get multiple picks. Trade back and get Peppers, Foster or Barnett

    Do not like the 2 DBs early. Grant must be channeling Baalke.

    Niners need a pass rusher, either a DE or OLB, then they need an ILB. This draft is deep in DBs, so they can wait , along with a DT, QB, TE, RB and OL.

    Cutler is not even a bridge and he and Marshall will get along swimmingly.

    Hmm, Grant likes Tamme and Ware, 2 players who I also mentioned. Tamme because he used to play for KS, and Ware for the veteran leadership.

    Interesting to hear of Torrey being released, but when he went down in that game, he lay motionless on the ground. It did not look like he was hit extremely hard. To be safe, he should consider retirement, because he could be one hit away from serious damage. Hard to walk away from a game he loves, and hard to walk away from the money, but I remembered his whole family was there because he was honored before the game. I hope they will never have to relive those moments while he lay motionless. I wish Torrey to have a long and healthy life, and being there for his family is the best option, without the risk of further injury.

    1. What happened to the song and dance of:
      February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
      KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

      February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
      Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

  24. This is when I actually like you as a writer, Grant. I won’t lie when I say that I find you annoying when you write those childish articles about how much you hate Chip Kelly or Colin Kaepernick. However when you do these mock drafts or draw up new coaching scenarios (since SF has had 4 now in 4 years lol), that is when you are more enjoyable than the other SF beat writers who do not do stuff like this.

    Anyhow I do like the offseason plan you have here for the most part. Here is what I think.

    FA Good
    –The signing Cutler is probably the best option out there. I do not like it but it should suffice for 1-2 years until we draft a new QB and I agree that 2017 isnt the year to do it.
    –DiMarco, Hauschka, Schaub, Schwenke also make sense. Schwenke is also best utilized to play in a zone scheme so I am on board with the signing

    FA Bad
    –Tamme did play for Shanahan but do they really need another blocking TE which they already have with VMD and Celek
    –Brandon Marshall wont play for a rebuilding team. Remember he asked NYJ to cut him so my guess is he wants to play for a competitor. WR is also a position where the team needs youth and speed, not a WR who approaching the back-end of career.
    –Ware will want to play for a contender. I think EDGE is a position that needs more speed and youth especially for a rebuilding team.

    Draft Good
    –Rounds 4 onward. I think maybe with one of the 4th round picks, try selecting a CB. I do like that you invested in some LBs who can be starters sooner or later and perhaps some OL who can possibly develop into starters later on to play in the zone scheme. I have watched Isodora and Myers before as I think they do have the athleticism to become quality players in Shanny’s scheme but probably not in year 1 nor 2.
    –I think you are the only person along with myself who does not feel obligated to draft a QB regardless of round. I like that you took players that can contribute immediately (because SF needs that) or players that will not require as much development. It is best to develop the team in other places and perhaps go QB in 2018 or 2019.

    Draft Bad
    –I am a big Jamal Adams fan and I think we can make an argument that he is the 2nd best player in this draft. I know you hate Reid but I am willing to see him play Strong Safety which was his natural position in college. Reid does not have the range or speed to play Free safety which has been hurting him and the defense. I think between Reid and Tartt, SF should be okay at SS.
    –With that 1st pick, I would draft Solomon Thomas to play OTTO DE in their new scheme, similar to Michael Bennett. Thomas is a complete player who stop run and rush the passer while being able to lineup anywhere on the line. This would mean Aaron Lynch may or may not be in their future plans, but hard to pass up on a player who has a chance to be an elite pass rusher in the league. Again just like WR this is where SF needs to get younger, faster, and simply upgrade.
    –SF is bad because there is a lack of playmakers on offense. Instead of signing old Marshall, spend early draft capital. Guys like David Njoku, Evan Engram, Gerald Everett, Bucky Hodges, Chris Godwin, JuJu Smith, Darboh (as you listed), Dupre will be there anywhere in rounds 2-3.
    –I think in round 4, SF needs to have more depth at EDGE and mainly at the LEO position. I think a guy like Josh Carraway, Joe Mathis, or Vince Biegal will be there.

    Anyhow I enjoyed this article and this when you are exciting Grant. Maybe SF wont be able to make a splash in Free agency since FAs may not want to play for a rebuilding team but I think if SF can at least improve their OL and maybe make a splash at NT to go along with Mitchell then that is a win for them. Otherwise this team is going to have to be built the hard way via the draft the next few years. Other names to consider for OL is JC Tretter or Ron O’Leary for the interior OL. I guess I see it like use FA to improve the lines, then use draft to improve the outsides like WR, TE, LB, CB.

      1. Nah, I doubt it Razor. Adams makes more sense, IMO, if they don’t pull off a trade.

        1. Why?
          Finding a safety/lb tweener to play the Cam Chancelor role isn’t isn’t that hard in my opinion. Finding someone who can play the single high role is much harder.
          And if the choice is between a pass rusher or an enforcer safety/lb hybrid I would choose the pass rusher every time.
          Honestly I would prefer to trade back and grab the highest rated DE or MLB available. Then select a weapon RB/WR, then start looking at either the QB or filling either the MLB or DE spot which was not taken with the first pick.

      2. I’m happy with Thomas, Adams or Hooker (pending squeaky clean medical)

        If the 49ers really are happy with Tartt and Reid as Maiocco reports, King Solomon would be a great addition. Quarterback killers are a foundation of any rebuild. If he fits the new scheme (queue debate from yesterday) I’d feel great about him.

        1. Adams was my top safety when Peppers was the spice of the month back in February, but King Solomon makes more sense if Reid isn’t dealt. There’s no way in hell I could be on board drafting a player who will begin the season on PUP with a years worth of experience at the position at 2. Can’t do it B2W….

          1. Hooker said he should be OK by rookie mini-camp. Is he BSing?

            “with a years worth of experience at the position” I see as a big positive. Right out of the gate he was an instinctive ball hawk. Wiki lists him age 20-21. When a puppy beats the grown up dogs its a good thing.

            1. A years worth of experience on the job is never a good thing unless you’re putting lipstick on a pig, and I guarantee you he lands on PUP. The #2 pick better start immediately and end up being a perennial Pro Bowler!

              1. They shaved down his bone dude! Two hernia surgeries on each side. C’mon man!

              2. But they knew when he had the surgeries from his charts. And they are experts when it comes to sports related injuries. They’re not going to risk their reputations by hurting a top prospect.

                This either comes off as trying to hide something or questioning the ability of the doctors to do their jobs.

              3. Dudes going to start the season on PUP. Not a shadow of a doubt in my mind about that….

              4. If Niner docs think Hooker’s not well enough to play opening day, take Adams or Thomas.

              5. Then send a coroner for Hooker, and draft Adams or Thomas. I’m leaning towards Thomas, just cuz yu gotta lean somewhere. I can be talked into leaning toward Adams fairly easily.

                The Niners house ain’t no museum
                Where receivers tread we cream um
                They really start a-screamin
                Our D is Adams Family

        2. Depends on how much they think of DFo and Arik and the depth guys on the dline to warrant spending another 1st at the position.
          Can’t see it happening.

      3. I hope they trade back with Clevland to 12, there is a run on Garrett, the 3 QBs. 5 DBs and 2 RBs, and the Niners STILL get King Solomon.

          1. Not for long. This is a QB driven league, and Kaep is a big upgrade to a lot of teams.

            Now that he is standing, there will be teams who have a good D, good RB but lacks a QB, and Kaep will seem like a big upgrade from what they have.

            Denver, Texans, Cards and Rams could all be possible destinations. Bears, Buffalo, Jets and Cleveland may be looking for another QB.

            Hope you do not grind your teeth too much when he does sign, and Lynch mentioned that Kaep could return in a ‘very real and positive way.’

            Maybe Kaep will not get a better monetary deal, so he will just resign with the Niners, but at a slightly less cost. Maybe Lych told him that they would be spending every penny of the cap space, but needs Kaep to sign for less because they want to sign one more player who will help them get over the top and help them win.

            Wonder what would happen if Kaep came back? Would you leave this site and never come back? One can only hope.

              1. I have been postulating where he could land. Several teams may want to win so much, they will take a chance with Kaep, especially when their existing QBs are not way superior to Kaep.

                I am just needling Prime with the return scenarios. I really hope he goes to a team who will turn him loose, and will appreciate his talents.

                Interesting to hear that Glennon is the newest possibility. Do not like his 5-13 record, but he is a pocket passer, so KS likes him.

            1. Grind my teeth? I’m smiling ear to ear. You should be flossing your teeth with all that crow stuffed in your pie hole?

            2. Self-delusion, like rust, never sleeps, into the feeble brain it does creep . . .

  25. Grant – I’m going to save this column and compare what the FO actually does in Free
    Agency and The Draft with your prognostications. Out of your 18 picks I’ll be shocked if
    you get more than 3 correct.

  26. Here is my suggestions for FA and draft. I am going to assume the 49ers are unable/ unwilling to meet the trade demands for one of the QBs potentially available for trade:

    1. At QB, sign Brian Hoyer and Matt Schaub.
    3. Sign the following FAs at other positions: Pierre Garcon, Marquess Wilson, Jacob Tamme, Brian Schwenke (nice one Grant!), Kyle Juszcyck, Gerald Hodges.

    1. Jamal Adams. Great attitude, great fit.
    2. Trade back, try and pick up an extra 3rd or 4th. Then take Jordan Willis. Yes, he’s an underwear Olympics winner, but he’s also highly productive.
    3. Chris Godwin and Brad Kaaya (if the trade in 2nd round gets a 4th rather than 3rd, probably Peterman in the 4th).
    4. Jeremy McNichols and Ahkello Witherspoon.
    5, 6 and 7. LB, OL, TE and depth.

    1. Ahkello “Ain’t nobodies business” Witherspoon! Love all those draft picks, Scooter. Not a fan of Grants running back….

      1. Cheers razor.

        I wouldn’t touch Williams. He’s already ‘retired’ once.

    2. Marshall, DiMarco, Tamme, Schaub, Hoyer, Schwenke, Hodges: yes, awesome!
      Schaub & Hoyer have both played in Shanahan’s system. They will be like QB coaches.
      We can get Marshall. We should.
      What about Kenny Britt at WR? He’s a productive 1st rounder who is cheap because of bad OL and QBs.
      Even though Hauschka is probably over $2M, he will score. OK.
      Gerald Hodges, yes, get him. Getting good draft value on a MLB will be really tough. Try actually drafting a MLB in a mock draft.
      Ware: No. Way too much talent in the draft on the outside to pay for him.

      This draft is stacked with D, you have to go D heavy for long term starters.
      I like Kaaya, Webb or Dobbs at QB this draft, as a developmental who can compete with the 1st round QB 49ers pull next year. If Kayaa falls, or scoop Dobbs 5th round.
      Joe Williams. No way, can’t catch, can’t block.

      Need to trade down. Picking 2 is wasting draft capital. These 3 teams would like to trade up for Jamal Adams: Titans (5, 18), Redskins (17), Texans (25). Titans are the perfect trade target, they have extra draft capital, or else we take Jamal and then Redskins are right in front of them to steal the next safety.

      I think 49ers can fill in nicely with good talent and experience.

      ~Free Agents~

      > Browns take Garret
      > 49ers trade 1p2 3p2 -for- Titans, 1p5, 1p18 (from draft simulator)
      1 – EDGE SOLOMON THOMAS – beast edge
      1 – SS JABRILL PEPPERS – super athletic SS/FS/LB/RB/WR
      2 – CB GAREON CONLEY – good press-corner
      4 – OT JULIE’N DAVENPORT – long arms
      4 – RB JAMES CONNER – cancer surviving well rounded RB
      5 – QB JOSHUA DOBBS – smart leader with good arm
      5 – OG DANNY ISIDORA – playable
      6, 6, 7 – whatever

      ~Depth Chart~
      LWR: KENNY BRITT, Ishmael Zamora
      SLOT: Jeremy Kerley, Bruce Ellington
      RWR: BRANDON MARSHALL, DeAndre Carter
      LT: Joe Staley
      LG: Zane Beadles, DANNY ISIDORA
      C: BRIAN SCHWENKE, Daniel Kilgore
      RG: Joshua Garnett, Alex Balducci
      RT: Trent Brown, JULIE’N DAVENPORT
      TE: Vance McDonald, JACOB TAMME, Garrett Celek, Blake Bell
      RB: Carlos Hyde, JAMES CONNER, Mike Davis
      4T: Arik Armstead, Ronald Blair
      1T: EARL MITCHELL, Mike Purcell
      3T: DeForest Buckner, Quinton Dial
      6T: Aaron Lynch, Ahmad Brooks
      WLB: Carl Bradford
      MLB: NaVorro Bowman, GERALD HODGES
      SLB: Ray Ray Armstrong
      SS: JABRILL PEPPERS, Jaquiski Tartt
      FS: Jimmie Ward, Eric Reid
      LCB: Rashard Robinson, Tramaine Brock
      NICKEL: K’Waun Williams, Will Redmond
      RCB: GAREON CONLEY, Dontae Johnson
      P: Bradley Pinion
      LS: Kyle Nelson

      1. I would love this scenario. Even If I would like a qb or wr in the second.
        Overall I would be very happy if it broke down like this.

  27. Looks like all of Grant’s picks are based on 40 times at the combine.

    Lynch said BPA approach may not work for a team with so many holes. I think they go pass rush, QB, ILB, WR, RB before they pick a safety or CB.

    1. Lynch said BPA approach may not work for a team with so many holes.

      Show me the quote or I call BS.

          1. Come on Father of Tristan, look at the last paragraph.

            Added Lynch: “(Taking the best player available) is a great mindset to have, but it’s not always a reality when you have needs.”

            1. Got it. I’ll give him a mulligan on that since this is his first draft. He reaches early for need, and it might be his last;>)

              1. On the plus side we have so many needs he could easily take the best player available to fill the need.

  28. Anyone know exact time legal tampering begins? I want to make sure I time my hallucinogens properly.

  29. My mock.


    1 Jamal Adams S
    2 Evan Engram TE
    3 Brad Kaaya QB
    4 Joe Mathis DE
    4 Ahkello Witherspoon CB
    5 Josh Reynolds WR
    5 Deyshawm Bond C/G
    6 Stacy Coley WR/KR
    7 Hardy Nickerson ILB/OLB


    QB Matt Schaub
    FB Patrick Dimarco
    WR Pierre Garcon
    WR Terrelle Pryor
    LB Dont’a Hightower
    K Steven Hauscchka

    1. Another Ahkello “Ain’t nobodies business” Witherspoon! I like Reynolds too, but why no running back, going UFA?

      1. I think they will stay with Draughn as the receiving back. They have too many holes. But it wouldn’t surprise me if they take one in the 6th or 7th, especially if Bobby Turner bangs on the table for someone.

      2. BTW. How do you like my WRs and TEs?




        McDonald – excellent blocker
        Engram – matchup nightmare with great hands

        A powerful offense waiting for Captain Kirk to take the helm in 2018.

  30. If Grants list is close they may as well draft Chad Kelly in the 4-5th round if he’s there. I think they will at least draft a QB in late rounds to develop and fill an empty QB roster. May as well take the guy that would possibly be going #1 in this draft if not for his bar fight & injury.

  31. After combine mock draft.

    Assume the Niners trade their second overall pick, back with Cleveland for the 12th, 33rd and 52nd, along with a 2018 second round pick.

    The Niners also trade Joe Staley and Ahmad Brooks to the Broncos for their second round pick, which is the 51st overall. The Niners sweeten the deal by chipping in 2 mil in salary, but if the Broncos want to make another SB run, both these players are SB tested. Either that or trade those 2 players for Shaquil Barrett. Broncos really need to upgrade the O line, and Staley can start immediately, so Brooks is just an addition to make the second round palatable.

    Therefor, the Niners would have the picks 12, 33, 34, 51,and 52 in the first 2 rounds.All told, the Niners would also have picks number 66, 109, 143, 146, 161, 186, 202 and 209.

    Going off CBS sports top draft prospects draft board, this is my post combine draft.

    12- Jabril Peppers.S
    33- Haason Reddick.OLB
    34- Raekwon McMillen.ILB
    51- Cooper Kupp.WR
    52- Demarcus Walker.DE
    66- Chris Wormley.DT
    109- Fabien Moreau.CB
    143- D’Onta Foreman. RB
    146- Danny Isadora. G
    161- Davis Webb. QB
    186- Billy Brown .TE
    202- Shaquill Griffin. CB

      1. I am dreaming of AD coming back now that Baalke is gone, and move Brown to LT. Beadles might be an option, especially of they draft a Guard.

        John Theus and Andrew Gardner may be the talent Lynch is talking about, and both those players played LT.

        1. Yeah because this team needs Quitters. There is no way if I am a player I accept him back in the locker room. He quit on them twice.

          1. AD’s troubles were all exacerbated by Baalke. Now that Baalke is gone, AD could return, and be given a fair chance at competing.

            AD was the starting RT in the SB, so he does have talent. Even if the Niners do not have him in their future plans, they should welcome him back, then trade him to a team of his choice for a draft pick, hopefully a 4th or 5th rounder.

            1. Everyone else stuck it out but he quit on his teammates… twice. Regardless of the situation at the end of the day he is the one who chose to walk out on his teammates. It would hard for anybody in the locker room to respect him as a man let alone as a player.
              He’s also a poor fit for the outside zone run scheme as he is a road grader not nimble footed tackle.

      2. Cooper Kupp is a WR picked in the middle of the second round, so it is not all defense, but Chris Godwin may be another good choice at that spot

        1. I didn’t mean it that way. I appreciate your vision. The D needs attention for sure. As does the WRs.

          1. Since KS mentioned going to a Seahawk style defense, I thought Jabril Peppers would be a close clone of Earl Thomas.

            Peppers is 5′ 11″ 211lbs
            Thomas is 5′ 10″ 202 lbs

            However, if Solomon Thomas is available at 12, Lynch will be sorely tempted to get him instead.

            1. I was thinking Peppers would be a good pick if they can trade back from #2, but I see him as being a good fit for the SS role.

              1. I like 80’s call on Obi Melifonwu. He would fit the Kam Chancellor hybrid SS Seahawk concept.

                However, I also see your point, since Peppers ran as a safety and Linebacker.

                Peppers would give an added dimension to the return game.

              2. However, I do question how well he will translate to playing down in the box. Like Tartt, he spent most if his time in college playing back deeper. Its a gamble expecting him to transition to an in the box safety seamlessly.

    1. Correction. Instead of 209, the Niners have 219.

      With that pick, they should select Zane Gonzales, K

  32. Was walking down the street the other day when I noticed a guy looking like he wanted to jump off a building. I asked “are you OK?” and he shouted “my life is a shambles”

    As I carefully walked closer I noticed he was wearing a 49ers jacket. I thought maybe I should distract him with a little Niners banter until the police arrive.

    Me: You a Niners fan?
    Man: Yeah
    Me: Me too.

    Me: Since when?
    Man: Since I was a little kid, when John Brodie was playing.
    Me: Hey, me too.

    Me: Who’s your favorite player?
    Man: Jerry Rice
    Me: Wow, me too.

    Things were looking up. The man was inching away from the edge. He seemed a little more at easy as our conversation continued…

    Me: What do you think of the Shanahan hiring?
    Man: I like it.
    Me. Me too! Wow, we should catch a game some time.

    Me: So, what do you think of the new 4-3 defense?
    Man: I like it. I think it allows Buckner and Armstead to play more aggressively.
    Me: Me too. We definitely have to catch a game. I’m serious. I have a cousin that can get tix.

    Me: So, will it be a 4-3 under or 4-3 over?
    Man: I’m pretty sure it will be a 4-3 under.
    Me: Jump you stupid moron!!!

    1. Moral of the story…. we are Niner fans. 83% of what I say is unintentional nonsense. But that’s the whole idea… trying to guess what’s going on in the heads of people (49er managers and coaches) that don’t want to tell is their intentions. All in good fun.

      I will like guys in the draft that will turn out to stink on ice. I will call draft picks busts that wind up wearing gold jackets. Fine.

      When the first snap of the first game is happening, I will be glued to the TV, attention undivided, havin a good time.

      1. Credit goes to Emo Phiilips. I wrote it along the theme of his famous “Bigot on a Bridge” joke.

        It was named the worlds funniest joke by a British humor society. They didn’t realize Emo Phillips wrote it 20 years prior. Emo was actually quite pleased because he was re-releasing a DC at the time.

    2. LOL, I thought you were going to talk about the Niners, then join him on the ledge!

      Just kidding.;p

  33. Interesting mock. Sort of shame to pass on a TE and edge rusher given the depth in this draft. I like and understand your first pick, but I actually wouldn’t be surprised if we go CB with the #2 given the relative showing in the combine of S vs. CB.

    Lattimore > Adams?

    1. Oh, and I know you have to be careful about workout warriors, but that safety from CT looks a lot like Kam Chancellor physically. Having him at SS, Reid or Bethea at FS, Ward and Lattimore at corner would make for a pretty intimidating secondary. The D-line is one of the better positions for us, and then we’d need to find some LB talent, but that is often possible in later rounds. Throw in a TE and edge rusher and we have the building blocks to draft a QB in the first next year.

      1. I like Obi Melifonwu. I considered taking him in my mock in the 2nd round and drafting Solomon Thomas with the 2nd overall pick.

        1. That would be strong, too. OM would be a clone of Kam Chancellor, another key piece of the Seahawk defense.

    1. You could be right,but the O needs juice,it appears the rb from Lsu is going to be better then Elliott, take him or Garrett, get. Franchise player, Adams will be very good but not convinced he will be a franchise changer.

      1. I heard analyst on the NFL network yesterday comparing Adams to Eric Berry and Kam Chancellor. Our defense was poor last season, so we definitely need to shore that up. I can see your point as well with drafting Fournette, but I trust that HC Shanahan can find a RB later in the draft that fits his system

        1. You could be right cam! Shannans are good at finding ribs but this guy could be very special!

  34. This is the best scenario. We offer our second and two fourth rounder picks to move up to the sixth place in the first round. The jets will be the takers. We grab Myles Garrett who will be the next Von Miller. Next we get the safety Hooker. We need to get rid of Bethea in a bad way. We pick up High Tower from the Patriots. Then we make an offer to Brandon Marshall, Garcon, and definitely try a one year contract to Josh Gordon. Lastly, it sounds insane but try to get Blaine Gabbert to resign. Then lets look for a quarter back next year. Everyone wants Cousins but we know that the Redskins have a history of paying their players.

    1. I’m not sure selecting Hooker in the 1st round will be a good idea. He’s slated to be out 4-6 months after having shoulder surgery. We need someone to come in a make an immediate impact.

    1. Riiiiiight, Kevin. The problem is players and coaches and FO folks tend to believe their lying eyes. Yeah Harbaugh and Kelly would confirm his hours and workouts as well as his slow reads, lack of vision and inaccuracy; “He couldn’t hit an elephant in the ass with a tennis racquet.”
      What job he secures will define his reputation.
      His bromantic love interest will stay obsessively and tediously loyal we’re sure.

  35. Lynch says he’s looking hard @ Ward, a Ist-rounder a few years ago, for one safety spot. JT was a 2nd round pick 2 years ago. Reid was a Ist-rounder before them. Spending the 2nd pick in the entire draft on another safety seems foolish for a team with this many needs.
    I wouldn’t spend that pick on this crop of rookie QBs either. Trade down and draft one later to develope for a year, and get as many picks as we can. That’s the most efficient way to build the roster back up and hold onto your best choices for several years and then re-sign them on team-friendly deals.You’ll have to overpay in Day 1 FA deals (check out what happens March 9. Agents will be in heaven.).
    Hoyer is the cheapest FA QB out there who is a respectable placeholder until a younger guy is ready.
    Cutler is this generation’s Jeff George. A cancer who never wins. Have strong right arm, somebody will always hire you.Hope it’s not us.
    Need to get the QB spot fixed somehow. Like eveybody else, we are nowhere without a legit QB.
    That’s where Shanny is a big help. He could develop Kizer or Watson over the next year and we might have something long term.
    Why all the love for A. Lynch? Bad character, a punished doper, fat most of the time, injury prone, made dumb statements in 2016 like: “We are one of the best teams…easily.”
    Move on. This draft is loaded with better Lynches who aren’t slime balls.

    1. I don’t trust Aaron Lynch until I see consistent verification. That’s why King Solomon is the perennial pro bowler at the premier position you want with the 2nd overall selection….

        1. King Solomon has the versatility to be utilized anywhere, and he expressed the confidence to do just that recently….

        2. “I can rush anywhere. I can play anywhere. I play every down. I’m great stopping the run, great rushing the quarterback. I’m very versatile. I have toughness. I try to get after every (offensive) lineman and put the fear of God in them and make a play. I’m just trying to get to the quarterback every play and be destructful and wreak havoc. … It really doesn’t matter [whether I play in a 3-4 or 4-3]. I can beef up and be that 3-4 defensive end, or slide down to a ‘3’ if they go to an over front. I can also be a 4-3 defensive end and still move down to that ‘3’ technique. I can move outside if you want me to. I’ll play wherever they need me to. I can play ‘em all.”

          1. That’s what everyone says. He will be an end on base downs and a tackle on passing downs.

              1. He was an interior rusher in college. He won’t magically become an edge rusher in the NFL.

              2. King Solomon 270lbs. 6.95 3 cone/35″ vert/4.69 40/4.28 shuttle/10 yard split 1.54

                Lynch 250lbs. 7.46 3 cone/29″ vert/4.69 40/4.61 shuttle/10 yard split 1.52

              3. Hey Grant, here is a quote about Solomon Thomas straight from a top AFC’s Scout’s mouth:

                “He’s (Thomas) not big enough for inside and he’s not as long as you like on the outside. NFL evaluators are always a little concerned about players who fall beneath their positional norms for size. Thomas is a little light (6-foot-3, 273 pounds, per school measurements) to play on the interior, but that is where he is most dangerous. He might end up getting pegged as an early down defensive end who moves inside to defensive tackle on passing downs.”

                You said the same thing with fewer words Grant. BRAVO!

              4. OH, and everyone talks about S. Thomas compared to M. Bennett.

                Here is something they might not know:

                The Seahawks’ initially believed Bennett could serve at left defensive end. After working with coaches as a rookie, during training camp, he was moved to the inside as a pass-rushing tackle. During the preseason, he compiled nine tackles, two sacks, five QB hurries, a tipped pass and a fumble recovery. He made the final roster by the end of the preseason.

                HOWEVER ….. Michael Bennett was waived by the Seahawks on October 10, 2009 in order to make room for offensive tackle Kyle Williams, who was signed off of the practice squad.

                The Buc’s picked him up and Tampa Bay and played at defensive tackle, and he became a key part of the defense filling in for the injured Gerald McCoy.

                And then the Buc’s simply let him walk 4 years later.

                The Hawk’s resigned him, and he finally became a dominant force for the Seahawks IN HIS 5TH PRO SEASON, only after gaining a little weight, and spending years honing his craft!

          2. I think Grant’s right about Thomas. He’s got some burst, but he doesn’t have the flexibility to bend or length to be a great pass rusher off the edge, and there are real questions about his ability to handle the big OL on the interior, since he weighs only 273 lbs. I think he’ll be a good player, but he’s certainly not a player the 49ers need. Ronald Blair, 6’3″ 272 lbs, is in the same kind of mold, and he showed a lot of promise as a rookie.

            Is Solomon better as a rookie than Blair, the “2015 Sun Belt Player Of The Year” as a 2nd year player?

            Solomon Thomas is certainly a better athlete, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a better football player, IMO. Ronald Blair is a craftsman, and he’s got a little something special to him.

            And what about Carradine?

            His college size? 6’4″ 273 lbs. He was one of the nations top 4-3 edge rushers while at Florida State, before the 49ers and Trent Baalke screwed him up. In fact, if he hadn’t torn his ACL, some scouts had him as a potential top 10 draft pick.


            Tank just got an extension and everyone thinks he would fit much better on a team that uses a base 4-3 defense and could support Carradine with an extra linebacker playing behind him.

            1. Geeze Razorr, seriously? Trust Grant on this, he’s right.

              Razor I think you have fallen in love with the “underwear olympics” and believes a workout warrior = football player. There’s a difference. In fact, I would argue physical measurements are more important.

              Here are words straight out of a top AFC Scouts mouth ““He’s damn good. Now, I don’t (have him ranked as high) as some, because he’s not big enough for inside and he’s not as long as you like on the outside. You have to figure out where you will play him, but he won’t stop. He’s going to be really productive. In my opinion, there is no doubt that he will be a disruptive, productive pro, but NFL evaluators are always a little concerned about players who fall beneath their positional norms for size. Thomas is a little light (6-foot-3, 273 pounds, per school measurements) to play on the interior, but that is where he is most dangerous. He might end up getting pegged as an early down defensive end who moves inside to defensive tackle on passing downs.”

              Aaron Lynch is 6’6″ on a short day, and has 34″ arms, and big, strong paws. He’s certainly built more like a 4-3 edge pass rusher than the squatty 6’3” Solomon.

              1. When I say “physical measurements are more important, I mean in terms of scheme/position fit.

                The underwear olympics measures athleticism. And at a squatty 6’3” 273 lbs, Solomon is a bit of a tweener, that’s just a fact. And somebody said a couple days ago, does 12 lbs make a difference? My answer is yes!

                Aaron Donald is a special case. But even he’s considerably heavier than Thomas, and Donald is only 6 and 1/2 half feet tall, which gives him an edge when it comes to leverage.

      1. If they draft Thomas my guess is it would be to play a Bennett type role as I believe Scooter has mentioned before. The Seahawks utilize Bennett in multiple spots, playing the 5T in base but moving inside to the 3T quite often in Nickel. Thomas is built similarly and excels with strength and leverage so I think he would be a good option for that position, with the ability to move outside on occasion in a purely pass rushing role on 3rd down if need be. He’s flexible which is a good thing in this type of defensive alignment.

        1. Yep. I believe Thomas could also play the 6T role in base, as well as strongside or weakside DE in sub packages- basically move him around the line in sub packages to create whichever matchups you like.

          End of the day Thomas has elite athletic traits for a pass rusher, and showed in college he can translate those traits to high levels of disruption.

          1. He’s an interior rusher on passing downs and the 49ers have two good ones already.

      1. Yep, and this draft is deep at Safety where you can grab one later on to groom for a year….

      2. No wonder Maiocco reported on his recent Matt n Mindi the 49ers were pleased with Reid and Lynch. They’re puffing them up for trade bait in the event the Niners take Adams.

        How is Washington set at safety? It would be a face saving gesture to swap Reid or Tartt + 3rd rounder for Cousins.

      3. I am getting a bit tired of agreeing with you Grant, lol, but here we go again.

        Reid will be gone after this season, if not before the season.

        Small school player, Jaquiski Tartt, was a guy Baalke felt HAD POTENTIAL to be a matchup type SS/ILB sort of hybrid. After all, he weighs 220 lbs. However, Tartt simply hasn’t developed. He was probably better as a rookie than he was year 2. He probably sticks on the roster, but at this point he isn’t starting SS material, and he’s certainly not in Jamal Adam’s league.

          1. I think Tartt’s main problem is he hasn’t learned how to play down closer to the LOS. In college he was mostly used as the deep safety. Despite his size he is actually more a FS than SS.

            I don’t mind keeping him as a backup safety at either spot, but he’s not starter quality at this point.

      4. You earlier said he was a coverage safety to justify your pick of Adams at #2! How could he be ‘coverage safety’ if he ‘has shown nothing?’

        It certainly wasn’t his draft profile of ‘thumper/no-cover.’

        1. He was used as a coverage specialist his rookie season. He hardly played against the run.

  36. For those players receiving a significant upward bump in evaluation (calculated by increase in projected draft position averaged over the lists of 4-5 leading draft pundit) following the combine, it would be interesting to see the following graph:
    Bump vs. their playing years in the NFL (normalized against the historical average of playing years of players at the new draft position to which they were bumped up to).

    A plot like this one will be one good measure of the value of making football decisions based on combine numbers.

    1. That would be interesting no doubt. It’s funny because every year there is the warning given by pretty much every talking head, not to put much stock in the combine, and yet every year draft analysts inflate the value of players based on the combine results. They just can’t help themselves I guess, but eventually the game film rules the day and the height, weight, speed performers get moved back down in favor of the guys who can actually play. There are outliers of course who ride the momentum of great workouts to a higher draft position, but for the most part it eventually has to be about on field performance.

      1. “..but eventually the game film rules the day and the height, weight, speed performers get moved back down in favor of the guys who can actually play.”

        Yes. That’s why I would have the normalizing factor for NFL career years to the average years at the slot where the draftniks expect the bumped-up player to be drafted, not the position in which he was actually drafted. Eventually better sense prevails, at least for teams that draft well consistently.

    1. It’s been an hour since the tampathon started and no new news yet. Give us some action, Lynchmob! :)

        1. I’ve seen that in other places, too. I would not be unhappy though, as with every player ever drafted by any team, I don’t necessarily believe he’s a ‘sure thing’ because I’ve seen way too many ‘sure things’ fail.

          This is starting with Tom Cousineau who was supposed to be the greatest linebacker to ever come out of Ohio State. Reinforced by Kenneth Sims who was supposed to be the greatest d-lineman ever drafted (regardless of school) and many, many more.

          I’ve also seen teams ripped for selecting their future HOF player while ‘better prospects’ were left on the board. Marcus Allen being drafted over Walter Abercrombie and Barry Redden comes to mind. But there are more.

    2. Not a bad choice. I watched Thomas for two seasons, and he appeared to improve every month of each season — and a huge leap from his redshirt freshman season to sophomore season. He made big plays in the fourth quarter. He has a high ceiling and has been healthy — something that seems to be a problem with many of the favorites to be high draft picks.

          1. Wisdom is found on the lips of him who has understanding, but a stick is for the back of him who has no understanding….

            1. “The one who has knowledge uses words with restraint, and whoever has understanding is even-tempered.” Proverbs 17:27

    3. Here are words straight out of a top AFC Scouts mouth ““He’s damn good. Now, I don’t (have him ranked as high) as some, because he’s not big enough for inside and he’s not as long as you like on the outside. You have to figure out where you will play him, but he won’t stop. He’s going to be really productive. In my opinion, there is no doubt that he will be a disruptive, productive pro, but NFL evaluators are always a little concerned about players who fall beneath their positional norms for size. Thomas is a little light (6-foot-3, 273 pounds, per school measurements) to play on the interior, but that is where he is most dangerous. He might end up getting pegged as an early down defensive end who moves inside to defensive tackle on passing downs.”

      Aaron Lynch is 6’6″ on a short day, and has 34″ arms, and big, strong paws. He’s certainly built more like a 4-3 edge pass rusher than the squatty 6’3” Solomon.

      1. 49ers will likely pass on Solomon. In fact, they might be more willing to gamble on a QB, than pick a luxury “tweener’ type pick they don’t really need.

        That’s my opinion.

        1. And, I see NO CHANCE Fournette drops to 21, which makes this particular mock a farce, IMO.

          1. And, by the way Razor ……

            half of the mock drafts on CBSSPORTS.COM, where Dane Brugler resides, has the 49ers taking Trubisky at #2, so don’t get all giddy about 1 or 2 mocks at this point. These guys are “pundants” and not pro scouts for a reason.

            1. I just showed you a quote straight from a TOP AFC scout’s mouth.

              Send me a link to a PRO SCOUT who thinks Thomas is worth the 2nd pick in the draft, and can be a dominate DE.

              I’ll be waiting.

      2. Dwight Freeney is 6′ 1″. 269lbs. 33″ arms.

        I think he worked out as an edge rusher even though teams routinely plowed him in the run game. But that’s nothing new for 269lb DE edge rushers as they frequently get plowed in the run game.

        Anyway, I’m not a big fan of the ‘measurements’ game. You get too excited over that and you end up with Mike Mamula who wasn’t a bad prospect — at Round 3 — and would have a ‘decent career’ for a Round 3 selection. But he put on that major combine and was massively over-drafted at #7, Round 1 and, consequently, never lived up to the draft slot he was drafted in.

        And there have been plenty of other underwear warriors over-drafted. Koren Robinson. Matt Jones. Vernon Gholston. Darrius Heyward-Bey. And more. All guys that put on great shows at the combine and were over-drafted because of it.

        1. Hah, Dwight Freeney is a physical freak and extremely rare talent.

          Get this …. Freeney ran a 4.48 sec 40 and had a 40″ vertical at the combine. By comparison, Thomas ran a 4.69 40, with a 35″ vertical. No comparison. Freeny also has better flexibility, bend, and at 6’1″, he can duck under OT’s. Of course his incredible spin move is sort of what separated Freeny, and I certainly haven’t seen that ability from Thomas.

          Thomas is no Dwight Freeny!

  37. Now that Lynch and KS have made their player evaluations, I hope they designate who they want and who they will keep. I hope they create a pool of the players they do not want, and bundle players for draft picks. I say bundle players because instead of a 6th or 7th round pick for a single player, they might get a third, 4th or 5th round pick for multiple players.

    It would be better to get something for them, instead of waiting and getting nothing for them when released later on. Several teams may want multiple veteran players to fill multiple holes, while only costing one draft pick.

    Players who should be in the pool for trades include- Tank, Bethea, Brooks, Marcus Martin, Mike Davis, Burbridge, Mostert, Iworah, Price, Hamm, Brock, Sunseri, Bradford, Harper, Ball and Shepherd.

    Niners should retain Reid and Lynch, because they do have talent, and would still provide good depth on the team, even if not starting.

    Niners should try to retain several Niner FAs. -Kaep, Harris, Tiller, Dorsey, Hodges, Davis and Cromartie.

    Lynch should sign a QB, DT, ILB, OLB, CB, OL, and 2 WRs from the Free Agency, not including the former Niners.

    Signing those 15 FA players should eat up almost all of the cap space.

  38. The 49ers have a quarterback on their roster. The BellDozer. He was college QB for two years.

      1. Its technically true. Bell was a QB for two years before moving to TE for his final college season. But any chance he’d start at quarterback is indeed a joke.

  39. Marc Sessler‏Verified account @MarcSesslerNFL 55s56 seconds ago

    .@MikeSilver tells @NFLNetwork ‘it’s more likely than not that Kirk Cousins ends up being the 49ers quarterback.’
    4 replies 12 retweets 7 likes

    1. Mike Silver carries some weight when he says something like this. The question is when does he see this happening and for what?

            1. Listen to Silver’s comment on Cousins. He didn’t come out and say “more likely” if would be 2017.

              I think there’s a good chance Cousins would be the 49ers QB. Just don’t know if its this season of next.

    2. Mike Silver again today – “Myles Garrett will almost certainly have his name called first”

      He’s my go to guy for anything involving the Browns.

          1. I think some team will overpay big time to trade up for Garrett, but I don’t know which team.

        1. Browns could trade up to #2 and get Mitchell T — Niners draft at Brown’s #12 spot and get Browns #33.

          1. In a typical year moving down from 2 to 12 would fetch far more, but in this weak trade back market I can see it happening.

        2. Why? They also have the #12 slot. They desperately need an impact player on defense and Garrett is ‘the’ best chance at getting one. And he isn’t lasting to 12 unless a video of him smoking a bong while eating kittens comes up…

    3. Here’s Ian Rapoport responding to the Silver tweet:

      Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 2m2 minutes ago

      Ian Rapoport Retweeted Chris Wesseling

      I imagine Silver would know….

    4. Yeah, I just read that, the magical scenario might be coming together. Report is also out that the 49ers have no interest in pursuing Glennon, which I’m glad to hear. He’d be nothing more than an expensive stop-gap in my view. We get Cousins now, all limited bets, all scared money is off the table and we’re suddenly flying right . . .

  40. I made this mock draft assuming Zach Cunningham would be off the board when the Niners pick in the second round. But it’s starting to look like Cunningham will be available. If he falls to pick No. 34, I think it’s a lock the 49ers will take him.

    1. I think he’ll be off the board but no question he would be a great pick if there at 34. The combine numbers weren’t great but he’s an example of what I said above about the tape overriding the workout numbers.

      1. It’s looking like Reddick has leap frogged Cunningham and Cunningham will be there for the 49ers. We’ll see.

            1. Yeah CB especially would be a given for the Raiders, but they are so thin at LB and Cunningham would be a great fit for them which is my reasoning for him as an option at 24.

              1. I think the Raiders will go CB or FS (if Hooker falls to 24) in Round 1 and LB in Round 2.

              2. rocket – If he had a clean health report, and team running single high safety would run the ticket to the podium (or whatever they do to make the pick)

              3. B2W,

                I’d take Hooker over Adams without the medical issues. Honestly I’d still consider it with the injury questions. He’s tailor made for the FS spot in this defense and I’m not convinced Ward is going to be a fit.

              4. The SS position is just as important as the FS position in the Pete Carroll defense. Dan Quinn spent a 1st-round pick on a SS last season.

              5. True. Ken Norton has a 1st-round SS in Oakland and Gus Bradley had an early 2nd-round SS in Jacksonville.

              6. The SS position is important yes, but I think the Niner roster has more viable candidates to fill that role than the FS position. They are counting on Ward but there isn’t much behind him.

              7. The only Pete Carroll style D that is consistently successful is the one with a top line rangy FS playing in it. Playing so much single high requires a FS with great range.

              8. Ricardo Allen has range and he was a 5th-round pick. The Seahawks have struggled to win without Kam Chancellor.

              9. They struggled without Earl Thomas too. At the end of the day I think the FS in this style of defense has a higher and more difficult degree of responsibility. You need a playmaker and an instinctual player who will not make bad decisions, because if you don’t, it changes the entire focus of the secondary.

              10. They struggled without Earl Thomas too.

                Yes. Both safeties are important and both have a high degree of difficulty. The free safety has to be an instinctual play maker with range, but he doesn’t have to be a big factor in run support because there’s an 8-man box.

              11. Correct, so what it comes down to is what is harder to find: an instinctual FS with playmaking ability and range or a SS to play in the box and help in run support? I guess it depends on the draft class and we just happen to have both. What to do?

              12. Doesn’t hurt, but the SS isn’t asked to cover a lot of ground for the most part in this system.

              13. If the Niners wind up playing a Cover 3 like Seattle, they’ll primarily be in zone most of the time.

                I’m not saying Adams isn’t a good player and wouldn’t be valuable by the way. I just put a little higher priority on the SHS in this particular scheme and Hooker at least from what I’ve seen of him, looks like he could be an elite fit for it.

              14. Carroll’s defenses have to be good at both Cover 3 and Cover 1. That’s why the SS is so important.

              15. FS or SS? It depends on what we want to address. I favor Adams because I feel our run defense needs to be fixed first.

          1. The Steelers will likely look at Cunningam also to replace Timmons. They’ll take either an ILB or OLB with their 1st.

              1. Reddick fits the bill of what the Steelers have looked for in recent years in the 1st round – great athletes.

            1. He’d be a good fit in the Burgh too I agree. I just can’t see a player with his size and mobility dropping out of the first. Not a finished commodity by any means, but there is a lot to work with.

      2. rocket – trying to figure out what to do with the 34 pick will be more fun than all the hand wringing about what to do with pick 2. 34 looks to be a great BPA spot or platform for cheaply jumping into the late first.

        1. Absolutely. It is also a spot that many will likely try to trade up for once day one has completed. I think the Niners may have more action on that pick than #2 overall.

      1. He definitely has the height to cover big tight ends like Rob Gronkowski. Cunningham would be great as the 49ers’ version of K.J. Wright.

        1. Cunningham is more of a technique tackler, rather than a thumper. Would that put Bowman in the Mike role while Cunningham holds down the Will?

        2. Yes he would. Needs to be coached up on tackling technique, but everything else about his game is high quality.

            1. Yeah, for sure. Just needs to learn to tackle front on better, and could work on taking better angles. But there really is a lot to like about his game.

              1. Do you mean football smart, or academically also? Football instincts wise he is right up there. Haven’t taken any notice of how he does academically though, but if he does well there too then that is a bonus.

              2. Both. Vanderbilt is a good school.

                If Cunningham gets past the Chiefs, I think he’ll fall to the Niners.

    1. He said he wanted to get franchise tagged. Its pure fully guaranteed cash. Maybe he’s giving Washington a chance to change their minds.

      From what I hear, Washington management has factions that differ on all kinds of things. They might change their minds and withdraw the tag, which makes Cousins a free agent.

      Could also make a trade easier. The new team could prorate the signing bonus, but not the $24m franchise tag.

      I also hear moral is very low in Washington. Players can’t get out of there fast enough.

      I think Cousins has until week 10 to sign it. Its possible he could hold out (though I seriously doubt it).

    2. Freedom. If he signs the tag he’s obligated to show up for all offseason activities. This way he can decide what he wants to do and also lets the team know he’d prefer to be moved somewhere else, namely SF.

      1. Yes. I agree. It’s just that everything I read prior to Cousins being tagged, said Cousins would immediately sign that $24 million tag.

        Can the 49ers trade for Cousins if he hasn’t signed the franchise tag?

        1. Sort of. The Eagles tried that with DeSean Jackson in 2012. But there were no takers so they gave Jackson a new contract after tagging him.

          And in the NFL, it kind of complex because of the hard-cap and the way contracts must be structured.

        2. Cubus,

          There would have to be a long term deal negotiated before a trade could be consummated, so it doesn’t really matter whether he’s signed the tag or not.

    1. In terms of having a player still in their prime he’ll be the best receiver this team has had since 2003.

      1. Crabtree was good when healthy, and Boldin was still good despite his age. But yeah, Garcon would be right up there. Well rounded WR too.

        I’d like them to take a flyer on Marquess Wilson also. Good size and speed, but injuries have really limited him.

        1. I’m not really disagreeing with you; Crabtree has been consistently inconsistent most of his career even when healthy and I always felt like Boldin was a good supporting actor. Needed someone prominent in the lead role for him to shine.

          I think they’ll rope in Garcon by convincing him his QB will be joining him, eventually.

          1. Mr. Crabs has never been the same after Dick Charmin got inside his brain and laid eggs. Same with VD when Cam Chancellor did the same thing….

    1. They could ask. They could ask for three first rounders plus Shanahan’s and/or Lynch’s oldest son. Not going to happen unless there’s a leak in the heating system and everyone suffers brain damage from Carbon monoxide poisoning.

      1. For real, Patriot’s laughable “asking price” — pour wishes in one hand and water in the other, see which one fills up the fastest . . .. . .

    2. The latest… Rams are in discussions with several teams about trading franchised Trumaine Johnson.

      What’s the deal with teams asking for high picks for one year rentals and even franchise tagged players? Wait on Garoppolo.

    3. If true, all it means is that the Patriots don’t want to trade Garoppolo. They have set a ridiculous price because that is the only way they would part with him. He’ll likely be staying in NE if this is truly how they feel.

  41. I am here in Denver, my sister lives just down the road from Broncos training facility. Everything is Orange. I see the Niners let TS go, not too surprising. FA should just about to begin or maybe it has already.

    1. undercenter – Legal tampering has begun today. Rumors should start flying later today. FA starts in a few days.

  42. Is this good for negotiating a trade?

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 41s41 seconds ago

    Redskins’ GM Scot McCloughan not in office for start of free agent negotiating period, as The Washington Post reported.

    1. He’s been absent for a while and there has been some open speculation that he might be drinking again (or in recovery). But the Redskins are saying nothing. They didn’t respond to the early February reports or this report/Tweet from the end of February:

      Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan tweeted that yesterday that “McCloughan was sent home from Redskins Park Feb. 20 & told to not return for now.” Again, the team did not respond.

  43. Here’s what Silver actually said:

    “I believe that Kirk Cousins wants to be in San Francisco. I believe that Kyle Shanahan, who has been very, very high on Kirk Cousins since he was the offensive coordinator in Washington when they drafted Cousins. I believe that marriage wants to happen on both ends. It’s an expensive marriage, and we’ll see in terms of trade compensation what it will take to get him, maybe something that happens in a year.

    But if I had to make a guess one way or the other at this early stage, I would say it’s more likely than not that Kirk Cousins ends up being the 49ers quarterback.”


    1. Not exactly a definitive statement the 49ers will trade for Cousins this year. I like Silver though. When every there’s trades or coaching/GM hires that might concern the 49ers I add him to my twitter feed.

    1. Well… That’s interesting. What do we get back, besides Cousins? Nothing? I don’t think it would be the worst trade ever. But… I mean, we’ve got a lot of bad trades on the books, like OJ Simpson, so I tend to get a nervous when trades are talked about.

      1. If we trade #2 I would assume we get their #17, and then throw in a 4th rounder either this year or next. Something along those lines.

        1. I’d offer them our #34 and Reid. Take it or I’ll beam Captain Kirk aboard the USS Shannytize in 2018….

      2. I’d want Washington’s Cousins+17+49+2018 2nd rounder. And only because its a weak trade back year. If it was like last year I’d be demanding Cousins+17+2018 first.

        Remember, the 49ers will be paying $70-$90 million more than what a top rookie would get over five years. That’s at least the player grabbing equivalent to to a late first rounder.

        Otherwise, wait a year. get him for 0 picks.

        1. I see your point B2W, but point totals aren’t really plausible when you are talking about acquiring a proven QB. If an unknown rookie QB is worth 2 or 3 number one picks, then a proven vet in his prime is worth at least one if we look at this under the same lens. That would be a lot to give up I agree, but then we have to look at the acquisition of Cousins vs. the player we could get at #2. If they feel Cousins is a superior player to anyone they can get with the pick, then they may just consider it.

          Now this is purely looking at draft pick for player compensation without taking into account the fact he will likely be available a year from now as a FA, but as I said previously, Shanny is looking for his QB answer now, and blowing off a year to wait for a no compensation alternative probably isn’t what he’s focused on at the moment.

          1. I don’t know. He seemed like a Cheshire Cat when asked about just waiting for him next year….

            1. He could be resigned to that Razor, but I also there is some gamesmanship going on as well. I also am not saying we should give up #2 for Cousins and not give it a second thought. Just adjusting the plus minus ledger to account for the fact we’d be acquiring a proven commodity. That counts for a lot imo.

              1. Yeah, Shanahan and Lynch will use the idea they can just get him next year in any trade negotiations this year.

          2. Cousins value is high
            Cousins current market value is very low

            Deals are done on market value

            1. I’m not sure his market value is low and it’s never that black and white anyway. When discussing QB’s, there tends to be a lot of room for adjustment, which is why we see teams give up a lot of picks and give out crazy contracts to acquire them.

      1. If this can actually be done, they’ll be no waiting. Shanahan will not be copacetic with sitting on his hands until next year.

        1. Meh, he’s got 6 years. He’s negotiating from a position of strength, and probably has read, The Art Of The Deal;>)

          1. Well, one thing is for certain. One way or the other without further shananigans we’re going to find out which way the wind actually is blowing.

    1. While this sounds like a strategy on paper, I think it could be risky for Cousins in practice. If Cousins is still with Washington and has missed OTAs, TC, there might be bad blood with not only the FO but the players as well. Since it would be virtually 100% at this point that he would not be coming back to Washington, would they care if he got hurt? What if the OL doesn’t play quite as hard as they might otherwise. Or what if the Washington coaching staff makes some questionable moves with regards to protecting Cousins. You would certainly hope this wouldn’t happen, but Washington is so dysfunctional…..

    2. Mike Silver tweeted “what he said” in reference to the PFT link above. He also said Cousins is coming up next on NFLN (I don’t have TV)

      If Cousins were to declare he won’t sign tender into right before week one of the regular season, it would put Washington in a real bind.

      1. Just caught Silver on NFL Network, and he just reiterated “what he said”. Captain Kirk senses dysfunction in the Redskins Front Office, and wants to be beamed aboard the USS Shannytize. He senses that it will happen this year….

          1. Is that based on Scott M having a say in the discussion. He’s not on their “bridge” right now.

  44. SS is very important in the 4-3 over. It is the only non lineman position that is responsible for two gaps. Bethea is too old for that. Reid is too timid to tackle consistently. Tartt doesn’t have good instincts and is backup.

    1. Good thing the draft is deep at the position, and as Seattle has shown, you can get a Cam Chancellor in the 5th Round….

      1. I don’t know if that is so true anymore. Chancellor was a 5th round pick before supersized safeties were in vogue.

    2. I agree with your takes about Bethea, Reid, and Tartt. I am high on signing Tony Jefferson from Arizona to be the SS. Given that Adams tested in the middle of the safety prospects at the combine, I need to re-watch his tape as it gave me pause. Whereas Obi Melifonwu just catapulted himself beyond the Niners’ reach in the 3rd round for a Free Safety prospect.

  45. A reporter on NFL Network just said that talks are intensifying between DT Terrell McClain and the 49ers.

      1. From three weeks ago

        “The Cowboys allowed an average of 83.5 yards on the ground to lead the league in run defense. McClain was the primary reason.”

        “Dallas picked up Cedric Thornton in free agency last season to plug into the 1-technique spot on the line because McClain had missed 14 games in 2015 with a toe injury. But McClain showed last season he is the better player and regained his starting job with no questions asked”

        1. McClain played well at the 1T, as well as the 3T. That would be a great signing. Would he spell the starters or possibly take over the 3T on base downs?

  46. No matter what side of the fence people reside on concerning Kaepernick, there are often misnomers attributed to him and rumors that are taken as fact. This is a good article that addresses some of these things. While it won’t do anything to stop the biased hatred of some, it hopefully will give some answers to some of the questions that have been left unresolved to this point.


  47. I agree with your takes about Bethea, Reid, and Tartt. I am high on signing Tony Jefferson from Arizona to be the SS. Given that Adams tested in the middle of the safety prospects at the combine, I need to re-watch his tape as it gave me pause. Whereas Obi Melifonwu just catapulted himself beyond the Niners’ reach in the 3rd round for a Free Safety prospect.

    1. Maybe. But Jefferson fills the same need, and then we can use the second pick on another position, or trade down for more picks. It would be a good example of using free agency and the draft hand in hand, especially since Jefferson is still in his 20s and thus can work in the timeline for the rebuild.

  48. Stacey Dales – ” Adrian Peterson told me desirable landing spots for AP incl. Raiders & Seahawks. Source: they will know more later tonight.” No wonder the 49ers want to sign another 1-tech.

    1. God I hate to listen to a woman breaking down football like she knows what she’s talking about. Even if she really does. I can’t even listen to play by play during a game by a woman. Thankfully, ESPN is the only one that does that, to my knowledge and that’s only for “B” rated games…;>)

    1. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 1m1 minute ago

      #49ers releasing veteran S Antoine Bethea, who was to have a $7M cap hit in 2017. They create even more cap room.

    2. No surprise really, once they confirmed Ward was being looked at for FS. Bethea doesn’t really fit what they need at SS.

    3. Good move. I bet we’ll learn they tried to trade him first. Lynch continues to trim the fat.

    4. As expected, and probably did not garner any trade value regardless of certain idiotic expectations on this board . . .

    1. That’s $7m more in cap room. The Niners have a lot of buying power. Somewhere around $100m give or take $3m.

      1. Now here’s a different savings:

        Adam Caplan‏Verified account @caplannfl 2m2 minutes ago

        Not that the #49ers need the cap space, but they’ll save $5.75m in space after Bethea’s release.

      2. Jeff Deeney – “Bethea was set to make $7M, not a huge surprise. Saves $5.75M in cap space. 49ers at $99M cap room”

    2. Josina Anderson – “Antoine Bethea to me: “I asked for my release. I think it was a better fit for both parties. I want to take some time to explore my options””

  49. Here is some breaking news: According to multiple sources, the 49ers are now in heated discussions with Cowboy’s DL Terrell McClain’s agent. And an interesting tidbit, Jeff Zgonina, the 49ers defensive line coach within Kyle Shanahan’s coaching staff, was the defensive line coach for the Texans in 2013, which was McClain’s final season with Houston.


    You would have to think if the 49ers sign McClain, Solomon Thomas would really be unlikely for the 49ers at #2.

      1. Scooter, don’t get yourself into another argh FFS again my friend. Consider the source;>)

      2. It is more likely that it means there is no spot for Armstead on the starting DL.

        1. I don’t see how this impacts either Buckner or Armstead either. McClain would primarily play 1T, same as Mitchell. Adds depth to the rotation. Neither Buckner or Armstead will play 1T except perhaps in sub packages.

            1. Makes sense to me since nose tackles aren’t paid as much relative to other defensive players (Poe might be an exception).

              1. Quote: “McClain is not somebody who will make huge waves on the stat sheet, but he can play all along the interior and provide solid run-stuffing. The 49ers have DeForest Buckner and Earl Mitchell likely lining up in those two interior spots in the base defense”.

              2. You appear to be contradicting yourself, 49. As the quote outlines, McClain isn’t a stat sheet stuffer. He’s a dirty work guy. That’s the 1T role in this D. Not the 3T. Same with Mitchell. They need another 1T because currently Mitchell is the only guy on the roster really suited for it.

      3. Do you get the feeling that Armstead or Buckner might be part of an upcoming trade?

        1. Armstead, yes, highly possible . . . How’s Washington’s defensive line?

        2. Its possible, but it won’t be as a result of signing Mitchell or potentially McClain. If they believe Dial is better suited to playing the 5T then one of Armstead or Buckner would likely be considered surplus.

    1. I linked an article about McClain above that describes him as a “1-technique”

      “The Cowboys allowed an average of 83.5 yards on the ground to lead the league in run defense. McClain was the primary reason.”

      1. McClain played at the s 3T as well.

        Quote: “McClain is not somebody who will make huge waves on the stat sheet, but he can play all along the interior and provide solid run-stuffing. The 49ers have DeForest Buckner and Earl Mitchell likely lining up in those two interior spots in the base defense”.

  50. Josina Anderson‏Verified account @JosinaAnderson 1m1 minute ago

    Antoine Bethea to me: “I asked for my release. I think it was a better fit for both parties. I want to take some time to explore my options”
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      1. McNichols? Really? Williams averaged 7.1 yards per carry after he came back from “retirement.” He’s a freak.

        1. He lacks patience, he’s a fumbler, he runs upright, and he’s not a good receiver. That’s all before factoring in his retirement and theft charges….

            1. Lynch isn’t going for a player with football commitment issues. Give it up.

              1. He doesn’t have football commitment issues. He’s going to be a terrific pro, much better than McNichols.

              2. McNichols averaged 5.4 yards per carry for 1,709 yards with 23 touchdowns. He also had 37 receptions for 474 yards with four touchdowns. The previous year he averaged 5.6 yards per carry for 1,337 yards with 20 touchdowns. He had 51 catches for 460 yards with six scores. In Shanny’s offense, he will be a dynamic compliment to Mr. Hyde….

              3. 5.4, wow. Williams averaged 7.1 yards per carry after his four-game absence.

          1. No, it isn’t. He’s a guy that got kicked from a program and decided he didn’t want to play this past season, before being coaxed back. Steer clear.

            1. He missed four games as an amateur. No big deal. He’s going to be a fantastic pro.

              1. Given Lynch has already said he wants passionate football guys, I just see this as a non-starter. Highly doubt the 49ers will even consider him.

              2. So are you. You are assuming those incidents were not an indicator of his desire to play football.

                I wouldn’t draft him.

              3. Sitting out four games in college isn’t an indicator of anything. He is a special player.

              4. According to Williams jomself he quit because he lost desire for the game, that the stress of it was too much, and only came back because he felt he owed his ex-teammates when they had injuries. If there hadn’t been injuries he wouldn’t even be getting considered. And you say its nothing? No way. He’s not all in.

              5. NFL team representatives will ask Utah running back Joe Williams plenty of questions next month at the NFL Scouting Combine about why he left the Utes team in the middle of the season last year, only to return several weeks later.

                But if they want to know sooner than that, Williams is making the answers public.

                The senior detailed a years-long battle with guilt and grief over the death of his sister in 2007 in a Thursday USA Today report that provides a full explanation, albeit a complicated one, for his decision to walk away from the game last September.

                His 7-year-old sister, Kylee, died of acute myocarditis — a heart muscle inflammation — according to an autopsy cited in the report. The family filed a lawsuit because she was diagnosed, instead, with a viral syndrome, was discharged from the hospital, and died that night. Williams never truly recovered from the traumatic event and eventually had problems ranging from behavioral issues to a diagnosis of manic depression, to issues with prescription drugs, according to the report. He was 13 at the time of Kylee’s death.

                “People make it a big deal that I quit on the team. To me, it was necessary,” Williams said. “I was learning to come to grips with the fact that it wasn’t my fault. I’m 23 years old now, and I can’t blame myself for something that occurred 10 years ago, no matter how painful or traumatic it was. It would be bigger to honor her in a much more meaningful way.”

                After a four-game absence, Williams agreed to return play for Utah when injuries ravaged the team at the running back position.

                He was a different player upon his return, complete with a tattoo on his left arm reading “My Sister’s Keeper.” He rushed for 1,017 yards in only five games after rejoining the team, and finished the year with 1,407 with 10 touchdowns. He competed in January at the East-West Shrine Game, as well.

                Game films from Williams’ senior season, post-leave, will do plenty of talking for him with NFL scouts. As for why he temporarily left the Utes, he’s willing to speak for himself in plenty of detail.


                He’s all in.

              6. Hey, if he can convince teams he’s all in, then great. He’s got the talent. Big risk.

              7. Not a big risk on Day 3.

                I’ve been looking into receivers since our discussion about Amara Darboh. Seems Kyle Shanahan likes his X to weigh no less than 210 lbs. and to run no slower than 4.42. Chris Godwin fits those criteria.

              8. Yeah, Godwin is the guy I had in my mock. If he’s there at the top of round 3 I can see the 49ers taking him. Team him with Garcon, Kerley and Marquess Wilson as a short term starter if Gidwin needs some development time, or as the 4th WR.

              9. However, if they did get Garcon instead of Marshall, I think Darboh would be a fine guy to take as well. 4.45s 40 is good enough if the guy opposite him also has a bit of speed, and he’s a big bodied guy too.

              10. Godwin took 56 percent of his snaps at left wide receiver, and another 44 percent at outside right. Receivers like White and DGB played 90% on one side of the field. In the NFL, receivers do not play one side more than 60%. Considering the muscle memory involved, and reversed route running, it presents more of a challenge for the ones operating in these spread offenses that aren’t used to it. Godwin doesn’t fall into that category, but he never played flanker off the line or from the slot. He was primarily the X receiver. I believe he caught 70% of his passes with a 2.3% drop rate. Catching the football when contested put him at around 86%. Contrast that with Mike Williams who comes in at 81%(4th highest last 2 years), and you can see why Godwin might need to be taken in the 2nd round. He owns the highest contested catch conversion rate in the last 2 years, over Doctson who owned it last year at 85%….

    1. I’d have to know more about Joe Williams personally. Retiring before the start of a season is a definite red flag for me. From what I’ve read, he dealt with some concussions that probably weren’t handled correctly, and he’s a guy who’s really been contemplating life after football. We don’t need another Borland.

      That said, wow, the balance this kid has is absolutely elite, as is his speed. And he can block. No doubt a solid compliment to Hyde. But again, I see red flags.

      1. He has had ball security issues, but that’s probably fixable.

        My gut tells me he could pull a Glenn Coffee if things don’t go perfectly for him.

  51. Tartt hits and tackles hard, watch pre-season games. And if he was a dime and/or nickle LB as a rookie, that is not the description of a coverage specialist who can’t tackle. get with it grant~

    1. Poor instincts, too much thinking as opposed to “reacting”. Meybe the light will go at some point for Tartt, but it hasn’t yet! Tartt quite, reserved demeanor.

      Jamal Adams is instinctual, smart, sniffs out plays before they develop. Team leader, Alpha Male enforcer.

      1. *Tartt quiet, reserved, opposed to Adams’ fiery, outgoing leadership qualities.

  52. Chad Ryan ✔ @ChadwikoRCC

    RCC told that Cousins to 49ers is all but done.

    Consider it 90% likely, minimum.

    No word on specifics, to be announced later.

      1. thanks cubus, I am a forum behind the times. I thout it got oftley quit on this thread. lol

        1. Actually your post that the announcement might come Thursday is I believe knew. Do you have a link to that?

  53. A lot of Cousins rumors today. And no more interest in Glennon. I think Cousins will be a Niner this year.

    1. Cousins is overrated. Who wouldn’t play well with the Redskins line and receiving targets he had. I hope we don’t trade away the draft for him.

      1. Brian Lewis

        You’re correct…but it’s a hard sell on here…Cousins is HIGHLY overrated !

  54. Lots of weights and times for each player here. Baalke was a meat market kinda guy too. He got all caught up in a kid’s numbers, and I think he passed on a lot of good football players. Has a guy been fantastic against high quality competition? That is the metric I’d consider.

  55. By the way… I like your top 3 picks. I think Adams is can’t miss, and available later on around pick 12. However I see a great need for ILB and OLB. This team must get better up the middle of the field on both sides of the ball. ILB, SS, FS, DT, QB, RB, C, G

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