49ers’ pick of punter raises eyebrows

Utah kicker Mitch Wishnowsky runs the 40-yard dash at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Friday, March 1, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

SANTA CLARA – In the 2019 draft, the 49ers punted on their biggest need: defensive back.

In 2018, the 49ers allowed 35 touchdown catches and intercepted just two passes — the worst touchdown-to-interception ratio allowed by a defense in NFL history. Rather than take a defensive back on Day 1, or Day 2, or with their first pick on Day 3, the 49ers traded down in Round 4 and took a punter — Mitch Wishnowsky of Utah. They did not take a defensive back until their final pick.

The 49ers originally owned the second pick in Round 4. They traded that to the Cincinnati Bengals for the eighth pick in Round 4, which the 49ers used on Wishnowsky. They also acquired the 10th pick in Round 6 and the 26th pick in Round 6 from the Bengals in the deal.

Wishnowsky is a 27-year-old punter from Australia, who averaged 45.7 yards per punt in three years of college.

“With all due respect to the other punters, we felt Wishnowsky was a big-time prospect,” general manager John Lynch said Saturday in the 49ers auditorium. “Hopefully, (Wishnowsky) is the long-term answer — we’re talking a 10-year guy.”

Head coach Kyle Shanahan said he did not enjoy scouting punters, and hopes he doesn’t have to scout them again for at least a decade. “It was painful, but I learned a lot doing it. That was the first time I spent a lot of time (scouting punters). You can get a lot from analytics, because you need numbers for hang time. You can read a lot of it on paper, which is nice.”

Wishnowsky played his home games in Salt Lake City, which is 4,226 feet above sea level. Meaning his punts may have carried farther in Salt Lake City than they will in Santa Clara. His numbers may have been inflated.

“Everyone knows he’s the best punter in the draft,” Shanahan explained. “You always want to take (a punter) as late as possible. But, I promise you we wouldn’t have gotten him if we waited until the fifth round.”

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  1. Underwhelmed by day two. I think they overrate their roster. Lynch is a second tier GM. I want him to be better than Les Snead and John Schneider and frankly, he’s not. Keim took heat because he got an ugly DUI, but he’s actually pretty good at spotting and drafting talent.

    I’ve been rooting for Lynch. I like him. He was a smart, thoughtful announcer and total barbarian at the safety position, but he’s been pretty average, at best as a GM though.

    1. If Tim Harris ends up being the steal of the draft, we’re good! You can pretend we drafted him in the 4th instead of the punter.
      Bottom line, they didn’t value anyone else higher from a need standpoint. He was a need pick and a pretty solid one at that. I know he kicked in Utah with the whole altitude thing but he also kicked away on the road. I would like to see what he averaged away from home before criticizing him.
      As we know GC is a Raiders fan and always will be critical of everything 49er! I would suggest instead of just cutting some YouTube video showing players game film, but actually looking up stats to support them.

      1. speaking of the Raiders, it sounds like Mayock at least understands the draft better and doesn’t just acquiesce to what Gruden wants. he gave an example where Gruden, as all coaches do, wanted to trade up to get their guy, but Mayock said if they trade back 10 spots, their guy would still be there, and they’d get additional picks.

        meanwhile Kyle and John just gush about how much they loved player X and had to have him.

          1. So what
            Not taking Greedy or Grants fave corner in the 2nd was terrible.
            You could get Hakeem Butler in 3rd or another solid receiver. Get a safety in 4th.
            This was a pathetic Draft in the all important 2-4th rounds.

            1. Teams passed on those players for a reason, and Butler is a terrible fit for Shanny. I give this draft an A based on their first 2 picks alone.

              1. Hakeem Butler dropped like a stone. Cards now have him, so I hope he drops the ball a lot, which was probably the reason he fell from a possible first, to a 4th round pick.

              2. Not only the drops Seb, but he doesn’t have the suddenness to separate and his route tree is tiny.

              3. Grant… You say Butler>Hurd.

                Is that like saying 57>55, or 688>4?

                What’s the magnitude of your greater than relationship?

              4. Butler>Hurd? But your boy Zierlein had Butler just 3 spots ahead of Hurd, yet he dropped like he catches.

                Butler 5.74
                Hurd 5.69

              5. Yeah the Pats drafted Grants corner and Greedy was the best pure cover corner in the draft.
                What are they gonna do if Sherman goes down or needs to convert to safety???
                This was a train wreck in rounds 2-4

              6. Fly Johnson, Greedy is not the best because 32 teams passed on him repeatedly. Joejuan Williams had a 3rd round grade, but I won’t question BB for taking him a little early. He got his CB, but he didn’t get his punter. We have Moore, Verrett, Witherspoon, Ward, Tartt, Smith, and a few more that make up our secondary depth. We’ll see how they do with our new Ford Bosa, and then add an elite player at FS/CB next year when the draft should provide better talent at those positions….

    2. I was the oposite. I was actually overwhelmed by the 49ers’ selections in day’s 1 & 2, it’s day 3 that I found to be a bit underwhelming. But let’s face it, once you get past day 2, it’s a crap shoot. I get what they were going for on day 3, in finding guys who they felt like had a good chance at making their roster while filling the final few holes they felt they had left to fill on the roster. My only big question throughout this draft is – where’s the FS prospect? I felt like this was a strong draft for FS’s in the middle rounds, so that was a bit of a surprise. However, Kyle and John have been very clear in their philosophy that a dynamic pass rush makes all of the difference on the backend end of the defense. There isn’t a CB on the planet who is good enough to stick to their receiver when an NFL QB has all of the time in the world to let the routes develop, and then often even more time for receivers to break free, eventually finding a soft spot in the defense. The 49ers have potentially fixed their pass rushing woers, and I expect that’s going to make a huge difference for their current crop of DB’s at all levels of the field.

      As for the punter – drafting a punter any sooner than round 5 will always raise eyebrows, but the 49ers didn’t simply stand pat to take him. They traded back in round 4 and picked up a couple extra picks before they selected Wishnowsky, the one and only 3 time Ray Guy Award nominee. I think it’s the 49ers philosophy to try and keep up with the Jones’, and there are currently 2 difference makers at punter for the 49ers 2 biggest division rivals in the NFC West – the Rams’ Johnny Hekker and the Seahawks’ 2018 5th round pick, Michael Dickson. If Wishnowsky ends up having the same kind of impact as these 2 punters, I’m fine with the 49ers taking him a little early, considering the strength of the punters in their division, and their need for a punter/kickoff-specialist after letting the disappointing Bradley Pinion walk during the offseason. Wishnowsky ran a blazing 40 at the combine as well, and we’ve all seen the value that the Rams’ Hekker has offered running fakes at pivotal junctures in ballgames. Wishnowsky is a wizard of a punter, and he has every club in a punters bag of tricks, so if ever there was a punter worth taking a little early, I think Wishnowsky is the guy.

      As for the first 3 rounds, wow, the 49ers really did surprise me, but in a good way. Nick Bosa wasn’t a surprise, but if you had asked me 3 months ago, he sure would have been. I was 100% convinced that Nick Bosa would go #1 overall, and if it weren’t for the fortunate relationship between Kingsburry and Murray, I highly doubt the 49ers would have been so fortunate as to land Bosa. He is without a doubt – The Real Deal! Deebo wasn’t really a surprise either, after he put on an absolute clinic for Kyle during the Senior Bowl Week. Deebo Samuel was the best player on the filed during the entire week, in my opinion, and he showed himself to be nearly uncoverable while going against many of the top CB and Safety prospects in this draft class.

      “If the North team is stacked with quarterbacks — Daniel Jones, Drew Lock and Ryan Finley highlight the group — the South team is loaded just about everywhere else. The conversation starts with South Carolina’s Deebo Samuel, who had the best week of anyone. Coming into Mobile, scouts questioned Samuel’s deep speed — he averaged 14 yards per reception in college — and he answered those questions from the moment he stepped on the field. He ran by defenders all week, and also flashed his jaw-dropping change-of-direction skills during red zone drills on Thursday.”

      Deebo Samuel also fills a huge void after the departure of WR Pierre Garcon. However, Deebo is more than just a “Z” receiver, as he has the ability to line up anywhere on the filed. He’s absolutely fearless, and has the ability to take it to the house on any play, while running any route, whether he’s breaking arm tackles or running away from opposing DB’s, he’s a threat every single time he touches the football!

      That takes me to the 49ers biggest surpise, and the wildcard of this year’s NFL draft class- Jalen Hurd. Taking WR’s back to back in rounds 2 & 3 was definitely a pleasant surprise for me. It’s about time Kyle was afforded the opportunity to find 2 dynamic WR’s who are both similar in their big play ability, by entirely different in terms of size and skillset. Jalen may be a little raw as he only basically played one season as a full time wideout, but don’t let his relative inexperience fool you because, oh my, does this kid have incredible potential. As a full-time RB during his first 3 seasons, he put a lot of dynamic skills on film, but the fact of the matter is, at 6’5″ with long legs and a bit of an upright running style, there were questions as to how his style and skill-set would translate to the NFL. So Jalen made a decision to change positions, and it was a decision that was met with very little support from his coaching staff at Tenn, so he took a leap of faith and transferred to Baylor, where NCAA rules mandated that he sit out a full season. He made the most out of that year while he was sidelined, as he put in a tremendous amount of hard work, and it sure paid off in a big way in 2018, earning him “Big 12 Newcomer Of The Year honors”, while gaining nearly 1,000 receiving during his first full season as a dedicated WR, while showcasing natural receiving abilities. While he ran a fairly limited route tree at Baylor, the footwork and agility that he had developed as a 3 year RB, along with his ability to run fast and soft hands while attacking the football, translated to a surprising ability to regularly separate from opposing DB’s, as well as showcasing dynamic RAC abilities, and the ability to go up and high-point the football. Those skills give him an opportunity to develop into a very special hybrid offensive skill player, part WR, part H-Back, and part TE at the NFL level. Kyle Shanahan understands the kind of weapon he now has, and I can see him scheming ways to make Hurd a big-time contributor as a rookie, and with Wes Welker’s NFL level coaching, I think Jalen Hurd has the potential to be the most dynamic offensive weapon in this entire draft class, bar none!

      Bring on the NFC West!

      1. Off topic but, even though we are only 28 games into the 2019 MLB season, I think it’s fair to stick a fork in this year’s San Francisco Giants. What a shame!

      2. Samuel dominating the Senior Bowl is certainly promising. Though I feel compelled to point out that PFF’s highest-graded CB from the Senior Bowl was just drafted in the 5th round.

  2. You left out the part where the Patriots drafted a Punter in the 5th round which likely validates Shanahan’s claim that Wishnowsky wouldn’t have been around much longer had the Niners not drafted them when they did.

    You’ve also been making the assumption that picking DBs in the 4th and 5th rounds is somehow vitally important in restocking the talent at positions in need. When in reality whichever DB the Niners would have taken would likely have become a role player (back up and special teams). On the other hand Wishnowsky is likely the 49ers Punter for the foreseeable future.

    Now I will admit that from a larger personnel perspective the Niners appear to have bungled their punter and kicker positions. They’re in a situation of high need. No real solutions at Punter and a Kicker that doesn’t want to play for the team. But the Niners mismanagement of the situation (ie…developing other options at the position in previous years…or something) does not negate the logic behind drafting a good solution for the Punter problem. So yes, I’d have liked a pick at a position of greater potential impact like corner, safety, guard…etc…but given the crappy situation the pick of a Punter makes sense.

    1. The Pats had 10 picks, so they could afford to use one on a punter. They also picked 15 spots past where the Niners picked in the 5th round, so the Niners could have gotten their choice of either MW or the Stanford punter.
      If Reggie Cobb scouted and recommended MW, I will give the early pick a pass, otherwise, it was an unforced error.

      1. You are making the assumption that everyone valued the Stanford punter and MW equally. Lesser valued players often drop to a lower round that the higher rated ones. All the Pats pick of the Stanford player tells you is that the Stanford punter would have been available one pick before the Pats picked. Anything else is as much speculation as saying MW wouldn’t have lasted until the Niners picked next.

        What you are ignoring is that perhaps the team did not feel that any other player presented as much value to the Niners at that spot as MW did. They needed a punter, liked MW, and didn’t feel any other player they could get at that position was worth the risk of losing him. Now you might think different but you are not the coach or the GM. But saying they should have waited to take him with their pick in the 5th reflects your value to a punter not theirs.

        Now you might be justified in your opinion ( though I disagree ) that a punter is never worth a 4th round pick. That would be an opinion that you are certainly entitled to have. How ever, saying that they should have waited until the 5th to get the punter they wanted because he might have still been there — you are not entitled to claim as being right. That is nothing but your opinion and and any claim you make along those lines is nothing but after the fact conjecture. All you have is the speculation that since the number two punter was there, then it would have meant that the number one punter would have been. That was something they were not willing to risk for what they felt they could get for that pick.

        The question of whether they should have waited until their next pick depends entirely on their value system, not yours. Remember we are not assessing their value of taking a punter this high, but if they should risk losing him for the talent they would get at another the fourth pick rather than the 5th. And even that is based on their assessment, not yours. Of course you, like man other posters on this site tend to see things from your own perspective and not on the process and rational they are using to build the team.

        1. Bravo!

          Hey wait a minute………………are you a homer (not Simpson)?

        2. When Al Davis was still sometimes clever as a fox, there’s a reason he drafted Ray Guy in the first round. The mascara-festooned Raider Nation yobs howled, but Guy turned out to be a difference maker during all those All-Pro seasons in Oakland.

        3. Niners consistently reached in their picks. Debo was ranked 78, and went 36. Hurd was ranked 313, and went 104. MW was ranked 212, and was picked at 110. Dre Greenlaw was ranked 438, and was picked 148. Justin Skule was ranked 493, and went 183, Tim Harris was ranked 224, and went 198.
          The question is, why did the Niners reach so much? Why was their Draft Board so wildly different from Draftek? Picking a 438 and 493 ranked player seems wasteful, when he could have been signed as an UDFA. Instead of Greenlaw, Blake Cashman went 9 picks later, and he was ranked 202.
          I am not claiming to be right, I am claiming they were wrong, because they were the ones picking the players. Yes, it is only speculation and conjecture, with it being only my opinion, but if they do not want to be criticized, they should do a better job. They could have waited patiently to let a player fall into their lap, or they could desperately over reach, or pass on superior players to nab players who most likely would not have been drafted.
          If they did not want to risk losing a player, by over reaching, and they were afraid of missing out, then they were not confident in their assessments, and a desperation strategy is not the wisest strategy to work from.
          I am saying that their ‘value system’ seemed lacking in the normal assessments, and there were wiser options and superior choices. All of this is my speculation, and also speculation on their part. If those marginal players do not even make the team, I will consider their assessment skills lacking. Yes, they made their choices, but everything will need to be assessed after they play, or not play.

          1. ah, Sebs-put the Kaopectate down.

            They draft players with respect to how the player will fit into KS system, as well as…can they create mis-matches with a given player. They are clearly not into conventional thinking. And I don’t think they give a damn what the talking heads say or think.

            “Speculation”? With respect to football, their speculation is superior to yours in every way imaginable. I would quite literally speculate they know infinitely more about football than you-and they know things about their players that you do not.

            1. Saw, they are a 4-12 team.
              Quit defending them like they are a 12-4 team.
              KS himself admitted he should have won 3 more games.
              This last draft was another KS draft, and they reached for picks.When was the last time a team drafted a punter in the 4th round? 2007?
              As a fan, I have every right to criticize them, since they are losing, but what right do you have to criticize me? Why do you think you are superior, when all you do is throw snark and write screeds? What kind of football intelligence do you possess? Defend a team that has not won a ring in 25 years? Think they are above reproach when they implode in the 4th quarter?
              Your incessant pushback against me just tells me that you do not have a clue, so you just attack as a knee jerk response. Your intolerance for dissent is the major issue. They may not think they need help, but that just means they need it more than ever. Being closed minded like you is what is wrong with the coaching. They may not give a damn what others think, but they should.
              KS blithely states he does not need an OC, then we watch an unprepared team with unfocused play, fail to make the timely adjustments, and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The red zone impotence, and paucity of turnovers, doom the team to a losing legacy.
              You think they know an infinite amount more than me. I know they are a 4-12 team.

              1. “I know they are a 4-12 team”. Thats like complaining that a one legged man didn’t do so well against his two-legged competitors. Most people would admit they had an impediment or two last year………..
                How you subjectively interpret what somebody communicates to you says an awful lot……………….I don’t think I’m superior to you-I dont think of it in those egotistical terms at all. But you see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear, such that it fits specifically to your narrative. I just point it out.
                Intolerance, closed minded…………you forgot about hate mongering and a closed minded pedaphile-phobe!

                See you at the Gravenstein Grill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Some notable 49ers draft grades:

            NFL.COM: A-
            SB Nation: B+
            Sports Illustrated: B
            ESPN: B-
            For The Win: B
            USA Today: B
            PFF: B+

      2. The Patriots also are the reigning Super Bowl champs. Their offense and defense are good enough where a punter can make a difference. The 49ers on the other hand have been terrible on offense and on defense. If you cannot move the ball offensively, or stop the other team defensively, a punter is useless.

    2. Yes, Grant left that out…

      “You left out the part where the Patriots drafted a Punter in the 5th round which likely validates Shanahan’s claim that Wishnowsky wouldn’t have been around much longer had the Niners not drafted them when they did.”

      1. I don’t really care if the 49ers lost out on Wishnowsky. Sign a Punter in FA, don’t waste picks on a damn punter. Ultimately this draft will be judged mostly on Bosa and then Deebo. After those picks, I hated this draft. I can not root for Jalen Hurd after what he did to his teammates at Tennessee. As the old saying goes, When the going gets tough, the soft transfer to Baylor. Yeah, that’s a guy I want in my foxhole.

        1. While I dont mind drafting a punter. I am in agreement in spirit… I wouldn’t use a 4th round pick on the greatest punter of all time if my team has a number of holes to fill elsewhere.
          Football has 3 phases but they are not all equal. A punter should average about 5 plays per game if he gets kickoff duties he will get another 5.
          I wouldn’t draft anyone in the 4th round that at best I’m hoping to get 10 plays out of him. For this pick not to be merely average and not bad… he needs to be a pro bowl punter.

  3. The backfield under performed because there was no pass rush to speak of. The opposing QB’s had all day to pick the defense apart. NFL QB’s tend to do that. That will all change this year with the addition of Ford and Bosa. And, the opposition won’t be starting seemingly every series in our territory because of a crappy punter. Strategic pick. Smart. There was at least another draft grade online I read that had the Niners draft graded above average, and I’ll bet thats not the only one. Looks like a little cherry picking going on to fit your negative narrative coach. Predictable.

    1. I cannot change the draft, but I can second guess it. Even if they were adamant on selecting Bosa, they should have traded back from 36. Then, with the extra pick, they could have gone with an interior lineman.
      After moving back, they could have selected Juan Thornhill, (Then you would have hit on 3 picks, and I would have called you a savant), then selected Deebo at 67, who was rated 78. Even if they missed out on Deebo, there were still several good prospects available.
      Hurd should have been selected in the 4th, and MW could have been selected in the 5th. The Niners seemed desperate and reaching, and failed to select one of many good safety prospects.
      If one wanted to analyze a good draft, they should study how Seattle went from 4 picks to 11 picks, and did a good job filling many needs. If one wanted to learn from a masterful job drafting, they should study the Patriots draft. Those examples are drafts I want the Niners to learn from, and emulate.
      Yes, the Niners did improve, I just wish they had improved more. Now that they have drafted those players, and signed their UDFAs, I hope the coaches can take those players, and coach them up. I agree, the improved pass rush will make the DBs better, but I also think the loss of Hafley and the addition of Joe Woods will help immensely, since Woods is a former DC.
      Grant may have an easy time nit picking the Niner draft, but one thing is for sure, they did get better. While I do not think JL hit a grand slam he may have done enough to win.

      1. Well of course the 9ers were desperate. What’s new? Grant called out Lynch and Shanahan last year for panicking. And we know Grant is never wrong.

        Sebbie, you need to do a better job of posting on this blog. Obviously Lynch didn’t follow your multi-point draft strategy–although I do suspect he had fun, just as you encouraged him to. You need to write more clearly–drop the gilded, overworked cliches, they just fly right over Lynch’s head. And, post more mock drafts and related strategies. It’s evident he failed to adhere to them.

        Save us Sebbie. Save us all.

      2. There’s a better-than-good chance Wishnowsky would not have been available for the Niners in the fifth. Bill Belicheck — and any idiot, frankly, even JL — would have looked at what the Niners needed, and traded right ahead of them to select the best punter to hit the draft in the last 5 years — especially since it was an area of need for him as well.

        Then Grant and most of the posters here would get on JL’s case for proving himself a Stanford homer again, and also for picking a punter 2 rounds early.

        1. No, most teams do not draft a punter in the 4th round. Most teams wait until the 6th or 7th rounds. Also, many teams avoid selecting a kicker or punter entirely, and just sign an UDFA, saving their draft picks for the offense and defense.
          Claiming Belichick would have moved up 16 spots to poach a punter before the Niners could in the 5th round is amusing. Belichick does not wildly speculate what another team will do, and he does not draft in a desperate manner. The Niners were not privy to Belichick’s desire to select a punter, because the Pats do not leak that kind of intel.
          You should not put Bill Belichick in a sentence with ‘any idiot’. He is the closest thing to a genius since Bill Walsh.

          1. But (your) Billy DID draft a punter in the 5th–going against the cry of know-it-all fans who are offended that a punter would be drafted before the 7th round, or drafted at all.

            1. Belichick just won his 5th SB. He can do whatever he wants.
              JL just presided over a 4-12 season. Maybe he deserves a little constructive criticism.
              Maybe JL should have a winning season before he becomes above reproach.

          2. HAHA!!!!!

            Sebbs having a pisser, and correcting everybody’s use of the King’s English!!!!!

            (The REAL reason?? Sebs struck out big-time in this draft. While it’s true to say the Mighty Quinn is on record saying they read what he says on this blog and then do it…………..they clearly did NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
            And no, I don’t hate you. See you at the “Gravenstein Grill” Sebs! I’ll buy you a long cold one!

            1. I’m new to this blog, so I have to ask:

              Who exactly is this Sebnynah character, and what are his qualifications? What makes him an expert, and/or a credible critic of the 49ers front office, or any other NFL front office for that matter?

              1. I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan. I had season tickets from 1979 through the Glory Years.
                Believe it or not, this is just a blog site, and not restricted to former players and coaches, although some claim to be one of those.
                If you disagree with me, just scroll past, it will save time. Many have tried to engage me, but find in the end that it is best just to ignore me, because I like to debate, and try to always get the last word in. I have my gadflies and detractors, but like water on a ducks back, their comments just roll off.
                Glad to see some new blood on this site, and hope to see more of your posts.

              2. I get that, and I am all for strong opinions, but I would seem that the tone of your criticism has a real sense of certainty to it, and anyone who has followed football as long as you say you have, ought to know that the NFL draft is anything but certain. Also, these “player rankings” you keep referencing, are silly when you consider how each NFL team does their own scouting and have their own individual evaluation process.

                I would suggest that you add a little humility to your tone, and a little less righteousness, unless you feel like you are more qualified to evaluate NFL talent than the 49ers front office is. That’s all I am saying. And I get that the 49ers new regime has yet to produce a winning record, but it takes, on average, 3 years before the promise or failure of any draft class, can truly be measured. Considering all of this, and the train wreck of a roster that the inherited to go along with their brutal string of injuries, don’t you think they ought to be given at least 3 years to sort things out and put together a competitive roster?

                Personally, I think that you have to evaluate the entirety of an offseason, and whether the 49ers front office seems to have a valid plan in place. It sure seems to me that they are making significant progress, even though their W-L record hasn’t reflected it. Most Faithful feel like they now have their QB, which is where it all starts. They now have deep and talented stable of RB’s who perfectly fit Kyle’s system. They may have the leagues best TE, and now they have gone out and drafted 2 WR’s who are both prototypical players for what they were lacking in that group – a versatile “Z” type, who can be a game breaker, and a dynamic, 6’5″ WR/H-Back/TE redzone target and offensive weapon, who consistently gained separation and produced nearly 1,000 yards, in his first season as a full-time WR. Jalen Hurd can do many more things for Kyle’s offense than Hakeem Butler, I am pretty sure of that.

                They have already made huge strides in fixing their run defense, and it would sure seem like, at least on paper, they have now solved their pass rushing woes, which they are convinced will have a trickle down effect and elevate the talent they have in the secondary, which definitely makes a ton of sense.

                I get that you don’t like taking a punter as early as they did, but if he ends up being the best punter to come out over the last 5 years, and ends up having the kind of impact Johnny Hekker and Michael Dickson have had for their division rivals, don’t you think that makes their team considerably better? I sure do. The Rams’ FO will tell you that the way Johnny Hekker flips field position, he is one of the most important players on their roster.

                Vegas sure seems to think that they have a solid plan in place, and have had a very productive offseason, as their Super Bowl odds ave moved from 33/1 before the start of the offseason, to 25/1 post draft.

      3. Sebber
        * You forget to take your med today? Got your pantaloons in a bunch?
        * Time to whack some “WEED(s)!” It won’t help, but you’ll feel better.

        1. Niners were graded as having the worst draft of all the teams. You must think they are genius’s for drafting a punter in the 4th round.
          Still, I did say they have improved, and this draft could help them win games.
          I see you got your panties in a twist, desperately trying to diss me for just giving my opinion. You sound as desperate as the Niners did in the draft.

          1. Sebbers
            * I really hate to break this to you Sebbers, but unlike you I wear a jock, not panties! As you say, reading comprehension is mandatory. If you put down the bong and are capable of comprehending my post, I said you wear pantaloons, not panties. Your bad!
            * I’m told by experts, that men who play on an all female soccer team wear pantaloons, not panties. Would you mind confirming this? Inquiring minds want to know all your secret predilections…..

            1. GEEP, I can say you got your panties in a twist, because your desperate, pathetic attempts to engage me just seem like a hissy fit.
              FYI men cannot play on all female teams, but maybe you have tried sneaking on one. I have played on Coed teams, with the men restricted to single touching the ball, so the women are more integrated in the play. I have much respect for women soccer players, and thoroughly enjoy the Women’s World Cup. I like less drama, good passing and more team work.

              1. Seb:
                ” GEEP, I can say you got your panties in a twist, because your desperate, pathetic attempts to engage me just seem like a hissy fit.
                * Thanks Sebbers, for proving me right! Bongo! LMAO

  4. 110. Mitch Wishnowsky, P, Utah GENE SMITH Grade
    Long ago, Jaguars general manager Gene Smith used a third-round pick on a punter. He passed on Russell Wilson in the process. This is a classic example of why you should never draft a punter prior to the seventh round. This is a wasted pick, and an easy “F.”

    1. So you could just as easily say using this logic that all non QB positions that were drafted before Tom Brady should never be taken before the sixth round. Using an underated player as an example to dictate when a different position player should be drafted is downright illogical and absurd.

      1. “This is a classic example of why you should never draft a PUNTER prior to the seventh round.”

        Did you even read it or did you start your response the minute you recognized that it was a post condemning the pick?

  5. Honestly other than the first 2 picks I think I hate this draft.
    Lynch as a talent evaluator has not impressed me at all. Even guys we liked a year or 2 ago may not contribute much going forward.

    1. I like this draft. Not in love with every aspect, but I like it overall.

      If AZ had passed on Murray, the 9ers might’ve had an opportunity to trade down a bit and gather additional early round picks. But it didn’t happen.

      Let’s see where we’re at with this draft come late November.

      1. This 49ers draft is getting positive grades from the majority of draft “experts” and pundits. That’s a fact.

        It was a little surprising that the 49ers only used 3 of their picks on defensive players in a very defense heavy draft, but the flip side of that is that they may very well have made some much needed improvements on the offensive side of the football. As high as I am on their day 1 and day 2 selections, I’m actually lukewarm for the work they did on day 3, which, by the way these early draft grades and evaluations usually turn out in the long term, makes it just as likely that in reality the 49ers absolutely knocked it out of the park on day 3.

        As I said, I am certainly not lukewarm on the 49ers day 1 and day 2 selections. I think the 49ers absolutely killed their first 3 picks. I think we’re look at 3 potential All-Pro caliber players who will all have a major impact for this current regime’s success moving forward. If their first 3 picks end up being anywhere near as good as I think they will be, this will be a draft class that 49ers fans look back on with admiration and the rest of the league looks back at in envy.


        ~ P Mitch Wishnowsky could end up having the same kind of impact that the Rams’ punter Johnny Hekker, and the Seahawks’ Michael Dickson has had for their respective football teams, and if he does, that’s a big deal. The 45.7 yards that Wishnowsky’s 45.7 yard average in college is higher than that of Seattle’s punter – Michael Dickson, and all Dickson did in his 2018 rookie season was be named first team All-Pro.


        ~ LB Dre Greenlaw absolutely fits the mold for the kind of off the ball cover linebacker this scheme requires.

        ~ TE Kaden Smith is a solid, starting caliber all-around old school tight end, making him a nice TE to pair up with their dynamic move TE, George Kittle. The 49ers needed an upgrade over Celek, and I think they found one.

        ~ CB Tim Harris fits the mold as a tall, uber athletic cornerback for this system. His athleticism gives him a lot of promise.

        ~ OT Justin Skule is a guy some scouts and analysts think has potential, but I’m not so sure about this one. He’s the one pick whom I have serious doubts about, so we’ll see.

  6. This is fun…


    15 minutes ago
    Replying to @PFN365 @grantcohn
    @grantcohn Now go retweet @PFF draft grades, or do you only retweet things that confirm with your own point if view?

    1. Pro Football Focus certainly likes the 49ers draft haul, and they might have a more extensive evaluation system than anyone else. I know a lot of NFL teams lean heavily on PFF’s extensive evaluations.

      I have to say, I am surprised that more people aren’t talking about the additions of Dee Ford and Nick Bosa. Maybe it’s because the Dee Ford trade was a little while ago and the Nick Bosa pick was such a no-brainer?

      I think the addition of those 2 players is truly a game changer for the NFC, and they will become dominant talking points soon enough.

  7. Hey Grant….

    I can cherry pick too (SBNation)…

    San Francisco 49ers

    “The 49ers got the best player in the draft in defensive end Nick Bosa. That choice alone makes this is a good draft for them. Before this weekend, San Francisco had minimal talent at wide receiver. Getting Deebo Samuel at No. 36 was a coup. Kyle Shanahan is a great play caller who can scheme success for receivers. Now he has a good one to go along with 2018 second-rounder Dante Pettis. The 49ers added another receiving option in Jalen Hurd at No. 67. He can do a little of everything.

    The 49ers took the first specialist of the draft with All-American Utah punter Mitch Wishnowsky at No. 110. Here is another team that waited on cornerback, though. With their last pick, the 49ers finally addressed the position and got Tim Harris.

    Grade: B+

    1. Don’t you know Grant is the only blogger that can see things as they are? He got the teams wins totals these last years better than anyone. As he will tell you.

      1. At times, Grant is the sports media incarnation of Doctor Strange…

        “…an acclaimed and arrogant [professional] who travels from a place where he thinks he knows it all to realizing he knows nothing.”

        Grant has just begun his journey…

      1. Razoreater – You ridicule Grant endlessly; however, he was correct about Reuben Foster and Solomon Thomas.

        Thomas’ only sack last year was because he happened to be the closest defender to a QB who ran out of bounds

        Foster still has not intercepted a pass or recovered a fumble since his HIGH SCHOOL days. How many other first round NFL linebackers can claim that accolade????????

        Keep drinking the koolaid while ignoring the facts.

        Arizona and Seattle added some very good receivers, so the Niners think the same DBs who could not play well last year are going to be better this year. WHY???

        A better pass rush is not going to make Colbert take better angles on the deep balls (See first play of Arizona game last season).

        A better pass rush is not going to teach Witherspoon to run back to look for the ball.

        A better pass rush is not going to keep Jimmy Ward healthy and prevent his myriad of injuries.

        Mike Evans of TB (not known as a speed receiver) ran by Sherman last year like Richard was in a sand pit. Why teams did not attack him more only can be contributed to the fact that it was easier pickings on the other side of the field.

        It takes TALENT and some FB IQ and some instinct!

        1. Great comment, mike. The Patriots have arguably the best secondary in the NFL, and they still traded up for Joejuan Williams in Round 2.

          1. Great comment Mike, but even a broken analog clock is right twice a day.

            By the way, the 49ers drafted PFF’s sleeper CB draft prospect – the uber athletic Tim Harris. And there is no question about just how much difference a dynamic pass rush makes for an NFL secondary. That’s American Football – Defense – 101.

          2. Injury history aside, is their a lot of separation between CB Tim Harris and CB JoeJuan Williams? I don’t think there is. Granted, Harris does have an extensive injury history, but if he and FA CB Jason Verrett can stay healthy, those are 2 – big time additions to the 49ers secondary. Not only that, CB Tarvarius Moore really came on strong at the end of his rookie season, and I wouldn’t sleep on him either.

            1. TIM HARRIS, the 6-foot-1, 205-pound DB put on a show at UVA’s Pro Day last month. He ran a 4.43 40-yard dash, posted a vertical jump of 39 inches and had a 139-inch broad jump. The last two categories would have placed him tenth and first among cornerbacks at the NFL Draft Combine. With those numbers in combination with his game film, Harris is sneaking up on pre-draft boards.

              In Pro Football Focus’ final mock draft, Steve Palazzolo pegged Harris at selection No. 84 in the third round of the draft to the Kansas City Chiefs.

              Fellow PFF analyst Brett Whitefield weighed in on the Harris and called him one of his favorite players in the draft class.

              Unfortunately, due to injuries, Harris is the best-kept secret in this year’s draft class. However, he profiles as a guy with prototype size and elite athleticism, who can become a shut-down corner in the NFL. Turn on the tape, and you will see Harris be physical at the line of scrimmage in press, easily mirror routes in man, or even play off-man in zone. He has the requisite length to shut down throwing windows deep outside the numbers, and he also has the explosiveness to come up and make plays on throws underneath. Allowing a passer rating against of only 52.0 and a catch rate of 48.7%, Harris earned a 2018 coverage grade of 87.1 – good for seventh among all outside cornerbacks in this year’s draft class.

              1. I am extremely happy with the 49ers crop of CB’s, but I do think it’s fair to question their talent at Free Safety.

                Ward has plenty of talent, but he just can’t stay healthy, while Colbert is coming off of a serious sophomore slump. However, if Marcell Harris locks down the starting SS spot, which he could, Tartt could end up being the kind of FS they are looking for. They also have DJ Moore who I think is an intriguing option at FS if Verrett ends up covering the slot.

              2. I really like the Harris pick. He’s got tremendous upside if he can stay healthy. I just wish it wasn’t our only pick to address arguably (but only barely; I don’t think there’s much argument against it) our biggest weakness going into the draft: coverage. Pass rush aside, we were awful last year. And we had ample opportunity to address the position throughout the draft.

                Looking at Palazzolo’s draft, he had Greedy Williams going 5th overall. We could have taken him at 36. He had Amani Oruwariye going 29th. We could have taken him in the fourth (or the fifth if we’d had our original pick). He had David Long going at 35. We could have taken him in the third (he went to the Rams, so we’ll have lots of chances to see him). He had Julian Love going to the Niners at 36. We could have taken him in the 4th. That’s to say nothing of the safeties we passed on.

                We passed on a number of these guys to add a punter, apparently because no one could challenge the guys on our roster. It’s funny, but I seem to recall former seventh-rounder Adrian Colbert beating out Jimmie Ward to start the season last year. And Greg Mabin taking snaps from Witherspoon. And those are our starters, not even our backups. Doesn’t seem that hard to challenge some of these guys for snaps.

              3. According to Shanny and Lynch, there was no player in this draft that they felt could come in, and beat out Sherman, Witherspoon, Williams or Verrett. I’ll trust their assessments until proven otherwise….

              4. I agree Crimson, my one complaint is that the 49ers didn’t address the FS position in either free agency or the draft. I know they have guys who they feel good about, but I would have liked one more solid DB to compete at the rangy, Free Safety position.

  8. There’s a weird mix of adamant homerism for the Niners deep animus towards Grant, because his dad worked for the PD on this forum. Frankly, this draft sucked. They’re banking on the fact that Witherspoon finally gets it and all of the DBs they got last year make quantum leaps.

    Seb takes a lot of heat as Grants so-called surrogate, but he’s right. Snead, Schneider and Keim, crushed their drafts. Lynch is a suit–nothing more.

    He’s useless.

    Paraag negotiates contracts and Kyle seems to be picking most of the groceries, so what good is Lynch really? Oh, Lynch makes the really important decisions like grabbing the punter for the next decade.

    Truth be told, Pinion was a reach and Andy Lee could have done the job for another 2-3 seasons, that said, Michael Dickson was available last season and he’s a flat out stud. They could have drafted him and cut Pinnion and used this years pick for a different position. They’re a year behind in their process.

    Just make Kyle the GM and be done with Lynch–he’s useless.

    Here’s the litmus; If Lynch all of a sudden wanted to go back in into the booth and take the Monday night gig, would everyone be wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth?

    I seriously doubt it.

    1. CS… Don’t mistake all the grief Grant takes as coming from homers, and homers only. Some does, but not all. I trust you’ve been a reader of this blog for a few years and would appreciate that. This isn’t a binary matter–one either hails Grant 24/7, or is a blind 9er stooge…a toady for the 9er tire fire

      You feel the draft sucked. Is that a summary assessment (some good, much bad), or each and every pick sucked? Please clarify. I’m on record as feeling this was a decent–not brilliant draft. Had much strong and some not so strong aspects.

      Funny….the draft evaluation shared by Grant’s tweet has Seattle draft ranked in the bottom 5. Go Schneider! Go Sebbie! Go Grant!

      Looking long term….how can heat be turned up on Denise York to return the 9er franchise to ‘glory’? She can sell, she can remove Jed quickly and clean house. This is ultimately a Denise matter. How does this farce, this circus end?

    2. Shanahan is here to take the credit and Lynch is here to take the blame. Lynch is a nice guy who is actually too nice. Watch carefully and you can see Kyle’s mouth moving when Lynch talks. Our offense was good enough without any new WRs – particularly when you consider that JG will be throwing next year. The problem is with the defense. Everyone is sure that we will have a pass rush because of our acquisitions but with no secondary even an average QB can get the ball out fast enough to negate it. We needed secondary and interior line improvement and instead focused on giving Kyle more options for his genius scheming. Billiant. It will be come clear that Kyle is a HC and not and OC and we essentially have no GM. In the past Kyle had someone who would say NO to his worst instincts Now he doesn’t. We picked a punter in round 4 because Kyle scouted him. Priceless.

      1. Verrett is a stud!! Sherman was at %85 last year. Tim Harris was a steal. The secondary will be fine and we’ll have at least one db with 5-7 ints.

        1. Relying on Verrett and hoping he stays healthy is like buying an old beat up car and hoping you win the Indi 500 with it after a little restoration.

          Not addressing the Safety position in Free Agency or the draft is GM gross negligence in my opinion. Safety play last year was absolutely atrocious, Hoping guys who keep getting injured will make it through a year injury free is willful neglect. I seriously don’t get the 49ers draft strategy.

          1. I’d say it’s like buying a state-of-the-art Honda-powered Indycar with very annoying suspension problems.

            I get your point. Having said that, however, if Verrett stays healthy–very sweet. If he’s in the garage, then not good. Got it.

            Pitch forks, torches, and flying banners over Santa Clara if this season tanks by late October.

            1. I doubt I would ever go full blown Gaston and rally the town against the Beast but I’m certainly down on Lynch. I have absolutely Zero doubt Shanahan is the right coach. At this point, I think Shanny needs a strong GM to buffer his impulses and build a quality roster. If you paired Shanahan with Chris Ballard, I think you have a SuperBowl winning combination.

    3. Thank you Captain, I salute you again. While I will differ with you about JL, and thinks he is doing a good job generally, I will agree with you that this was not his finest moment, running this draft.
      JL started off badly by first claiming they were in the business for a trade back, then declared he only wanted deals that were too good to be true. No wonder he could not make a deal, with such unfair terms. Thankfully, he came to his senses, and showed he was capable of making a fair deal, by the third day trades, but by then, it was too little, too late. He missed out on leveraging that precious number 2 pick into a boatload of picks.
      And no, I do not want KS to be the GM, too. I want him to be the HC, and he should let JL do his job. JL should have banned Paraag by ripping the phone out of his hand, and sent him to Jed so they could watch from Jed’s cabana. I do not want KS to be the HC, OC, and GM, too. I just want him to hire an OC, and concentrate on just being the Head Coach.
      Yes, JL is learning, and the first thing he should do is study Keim, Schneider, Snead and Belichick. JL should learn how they ran their drafts, and try to emulate them.
      I know you are frustrated with the process. I am too, but I will wait and see how it unfolds. Hopefully, the coaches can coach up these players, and start winning.

      1. Oh, Sebs-you havent “waited to see how it unfolds” in any way, shape or form. Kaopectate stock has gone up ten-fold since the draft began……….and most of the expenditure driving that stock has come from Sebastopol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. John Lynch = Matt Millen PART DEUX; Doug Williams did not exactly kill it either in player personnel and draft expertise.

      Ozzie Newsome had some very good success. Being a great player does not necessarily translate to being a competent GM/NFL exec.

      If any questions, one only has to take a gander at the Broncos and John Elway (one of the greatest QBs) and his 5 failed QB picks and signings.

      I remember a writer asking Mickey Mantle about a coaching career and how to steal a base and if he ever thought about taking a lead step or a cross over step first. Mantle’s response was, “I take my lead, and go. What’s to think about.”

      On the other hand, Maury Wills, who spent around 11 years in the minors, could spend hours talking about how to steal a base, the lead, how to read the pitcher, etc.

    5. Pinion was a reach, but probably not worth cutting last season, which was the final year of his rookie deal. It made much more sense to move on from him this offseason. And that draft mistake was on Baalke.

  9. Lynch= Baalke , no better, no worse.
    Lynch, the Bobby Evens of NFL GMs.
    Arizona crushed this draft and helped themselves in every area.
    49er did well in rds. 1-2 but really missed out after that.

    1. Well, they kinda crushed it. An angry AZ fan could claim the OL was largely ignored–largely. And AZ has OL issues.

        1. I think the 9er OL is a tad more ‘progressed’ than AZ’s, but only time will tell. Wonder how Kingsbury will use the AZ OL in terms of scheme and technique….and how quickly (and effectively) they pick things up.

    2. Pete,
      Jalen Hurd may become Shanahan’ X-factor when the dust settles.
      Hurd could move between big WR, Slot, TE and who knows, he might play some Wishbone because of his running ability.
      I would say that’s not bad for a 3rd pick.

  10. Sensible and Niner are both right.

    An exceptional punter — versus one who is average or worse — can affect the outcome of a few games during a season. These add up. And it’s not just hang time. If the punter is an athlete (e.g., Wishnowsky) and is a threat to run for a first down, opposing ST coaches will have to compensate, meaning fewer chances to set up a return. That can be worth a few dozen yards in field position every game (unless Shanny’s offense scores or turns the ball over on every drive).

    That said, John Lynch is no John Dorsey. He seems completely out of his depth as a GM, doing player evaluations, and running the draft. It’s unclear that he has learned anything since his first draft disaster, which yielded only one exceptional player (and in the 5th round, after busts in every round to that point). Jury is still out on last year’s cohort, but so far only Warner and McGlinchey look like long-term solutions. And at present the arrow is down on Lynch being one.

  11. I have to ask: is this Kyle Shanahan’s team now? Does he have the roster where winning is actually the expectation (rather than being competitive)?

    Now that they have hired a new training staff, will the injury excuse be out the window?

    Is Shanahan waiting till next year to draft corners since no really good ones are available this year?

    Year three and I’m not even sure there is a solid foundation yet.

    1. Is Shanahan waiting till next year to draft corners since no really good ones are available this year?

      Well, for two reasons. Indeed, it was an exceptionally bad year for corners compared with the last 3 or 4. And just an average year for safeties, with no apparent Jamal Adamses or Derwin Jameses anywhere in view.

      And there’s the sense that arguably the execrable pass rush was the root cause for the (lack of) performance the secondary showed last year. Ford and Bosa on the roster should help prove or disprove that thesis. FWIW, I think the secondary still needs lots of help (Witherspoon is a stiff, Sherman has lost a step or two, and unclear whether any of the other personnel are anything but second-string or worse). But because of point one, doubtful it could have been fixed this year.

      1. Kyle listed all names in the defensive backfield and said “hard to crack that group”. That group may actually be a lot better than stats indicated last year, when there was minimal pass rush. Maybe with Bosa and Dee Ford, this 2ndary might start to get some breakups/picks. This would probably be Kyle’s logic?

        1. That’s his logic, but for reasons unknown he wears rose-colored glasses (or blinders) all too often. If someone were to ask him how many — if any — of his DBs would start on other NFL teams, and then on which, if he were perceptive and honest, he’d have to admit it actually wouldn’t be so hard to “crack that group” for even middling players. But it may be true that there may have been only one or two DBs at most in this last draft who could barely have done so, with such glaring weakness in that position group. And the current Niner DBs *should* have better stats this year if Bosa, Buckner and Ford stay healthy — they could hardly have played worse last year, setting all-time NFL records for underperformance.

    2. Shanahan got production out of three different quarterbacks….
      Undrafted and lower round guys…
      Im SOLD!
      He’s scheming guys open…

      The only thing that stopped us in 2017 was Qb play til Jimmy came along…
      6 games in a row losses by low margins..

      2018-injuries and our Qb going down..
      We were still competitive…

      Kyle got guys that are gonna solve our redzone woes…guys that are versatile..
      We gotta score more points…Kyle sees that
      I love that he’s creating a system not dependant on one guy or two..
      Mckinnon going down hurt…
      Jimmy G…even more..

      Getting Deebo,Jalen,Tevin Coleman,
      Jalen Hurd really intrigues the hell outta me for some reason..

      But we can score from anywhere on the field….the way things are starting to shape up..
      Running backs that can take it to the house not only by rushing but by passing…
      A Tight end that can Yac it up…
      Guys that can make contested and congested catches….
      The offense got better

      We had no pass rush…We got Ford and Bosa..
      Speedy Kwon…..
      The defense just got better..

      Yes this is Shanahan’s team..
      We’re gonna be a offensive team with a complimentary defense….
      Like the Walsh,Seifert..and Mooch years.

      1. KS needs to learn how to prepare for games. He needs an OC, who will help him. Then he needs to learn how to make quick assessments, and timely adjustments. KS needs to improve his red zone offense, and he needs to learn how to finish games.

        1. Seb
          * “KS needs to learn how to prepare for games. He needs an OC, who will help him.”

          * You tell anyone that will listen, you’re a genius and you know more than KS! So when are
          you going to apply for his job? How could the York’s pass on hiring a genius like you?
          Then you could hire Grant as your GM and like BB, win super bowls…..What could possibly
          go wrong? * Or was all that just narcissism, exposing your alter ego?

          1. I certainly am no genius. I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, who thinks KS needs all the help he can get, especially after a 4-12 season.
            He should be bold and hire his father as the OC. Mike would certainly help prepare the offense better, and they have worked well together, before. Mike would never do anything to supplant his son, he would do anything to help him win.
            KS is full of hubris if he thinks he can do it all. I see KS as being the OC, and neglecting his HC duties.
            Guess you are happy the Niners have not won a ring in 25 years. I am not.

            1. Sebbers:
              * “I certainly am no genius. I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, who thinks”

              * Hard to argue with you that you’re no genius! I find it difficult, based on your own Incoherent drivel, to actually believe you’re capable of a coherent thought process.
              * How is the “BIG PROJECT” coming along?

              1. So, why did you claim I was a genius?
                Incoherent drivel? You just defined yourself.

        1. Sebbers
          * “So, why did you claim I was a genius?” Use your thesaurus to look up satire, genius…Get it?
          * “Incoherent drivel? You just defined yourself.” Best you can do is a grade school playground retort? lol

  12. Taking their punter in the 4th round was less about decision making, and more about strategy. We were competing against two other teams for the best punter in the draft. I’m glad we got him!

    1. I’m glad the 49ers got him, but not glad they spent a 4th on him.

      The argument those supporting the decision seem to be making is that (a) they have added an excellent punter and (b) without taking Wish they would have had a terrible punter. Neither of those things are known. And I don’t see why we should believe the 49ers would have had a bad punter in an alternate scenario – in all likelihood if they waited they could have had Bailey in the 6th who also looks pretty good. I mean, if the Pats were willing to draft him in the 5th, he probably has something.

      1. Wishnowski had a 5th round grade, and Bailey 5-6. Any other position and you guys wouldn’t have blinked an eye taking him a round early.

        It’ll be interesting to follow both of their careers to see who won the best punter, and also who won the best wr between Samuel and Harry.

          1. Maybe, but I think BB’s decision came down to either Samuel or Harry. He doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to drafting the position. We’ll see….

              1. Brown doesn’t have near the polish on his routes as Samuel, plus his weight could be an issue.

              2. Brown graded out higher and lasted until the 51st pick. Samuel likely would have lasted even longer.

              3. I don’t think so.

                Brown grade: 6.08
                Deebo: 5.96
                Harry: 5.87

                Right behind him. We’ll be sure to include Brown when comparing careers with Harry and Samuel.

              4. Every credible scouting service. That site ranked Arcega-Whiteside ahead of Brown and Harry. Embarrassing.

                And Butler is much better than Hurd.

              5. You said every scouting service. Nice goalpost move. We’ll see who ends up with the better careers.

              6. Grant do you realize that your logic makes no sense. Not a single draft scouting site had josh Allen touted as a better player than bosa. Yet you thought bosa was a bad pick and that Allen would’ve been a great one.

              7. Rankings shmankings, the small difference in rankings makes no difference in this instance because Deebo is more versatile, and can do more things in Kyle’s offense, making him the far better choice for the 49ers. That’s all that matters. Brown is a slot receiver, and the 49ers have plenty of those, so that would have been a less logical pick.

                Deebo was the smart choice at #36.

              8. I don’t understand why so many people think AJ Brown is anything other than a slot receiver? That’s all he’s ever going to be in the pros.

          2. Rounds 2 – 4 showed how the 49ers fixate on players and aren’t willing to risk losing them. Its fine to do that here and there when you see a guy you really like and think fits what you want to do really well, but consistently doing it just means you miss out on good players at other positions and is indicative of a front office that thinks its evaluations of players are infallible – that there is no other guy in the draft that could possibly do what they want as well as the guy they like.

            1. Well put. Seems like Shanahan develops a draft crush and Lynch has to draft him. Same happened with Beathard, Williams and Pettis. This is why head coaches shouldn’t be GMs.

              1. Oh. Yes, I liked him, but I thought he’d be available in Round 6. Shanahan traded up for him in Round 4. Had to have him.

              2. So you mocked Joe Williams to the 49ers in round 6? You said he was a phenom! Our punter is going to have a better career!

          3. I don’t love the Samuel pick from a value standpoint, but I can live with it. I said as soon as the Hawks traded out of 37 that we should have made that move, though. No doubt the Panthers called us, too. 47 and 77 for 36, and I guarantee we still would have landed Samuel. It’s like trading up for Pettis last year in reverse. You didn’t have to do it. The picks are too valuable.

  13. Here is where Grant gets it wrong right from the start. He calls defensive backs their biggest need. Obviously, Lynch and Shanahan disagree. Last years results weren’t good, actually terrible for many reasons but in Lynch and Shanahan’s mind the reason wasn’t a lack of talent. As for Seb detailing who should get picked and when is a joke. What makes him or Grant more qualified than an entire professional organization? Thankfully the Niners now use a collaborative process. Over time I believe they will be as successful as anyone can be in a draft process with no guarantees.

    1. Because the Niners were ranked dead last for the PFF draft grades.
      Mayock said something I advocated. Instead of listening to the coaches insisting on moving up, he said they should move back 10 spots, garner more picks, and still get the player they targeted.
      My mock would have resulted in 13 picks, so they could have selected 2 EDGE, 2WRs, OC, OG, S, CB, ILB, TE, RB, LB and OT. The Niners got a punter in the 4th round, and players ranked 313, 493 and 438.
      Hindsight will tell if my mock is superior to the Niner draft class, at the end of the season. Until then, it is all speculation, but having the worst graded draft class is not a good start.

        1. Actually, the Niners did what I wanted. They traded back for more picks. They even bundled a player and pick . Too bad it was on the third day, but they are learning. The Niners had a chance to leverage that precious number 2 pick and get a boatload of picks, but they squandered that opportunity. Many teams traded down, because many teams wanted to trade up to draft a player they coveted.
          JL should study the Seahawks, Colts and Patriots, to see how it is done. Then, he should emulate them.

          1. Sebbers:
            * “Actually, the Niners did what I wanted. They traded back for more picks.”

            * Actually Sebbers, your mock drafts proposed tradeding back the #2 picks with either the Raiders, or the NY Giants, remember?  Better lay off the bong, it’s killing off the few functioning brain cells you have left! BTW: Do you prefer silk panties or cotton?
            * Time for that “BIG PROJECT” Sebbers, whack the “WEEDS”……..LMAO

  14. Oscar Aparicio

    Highest drafted punter in nearly a decade, franchised kicker, highest paid full back ever, 2nd most money tied up on RBs in 2019…

    The 49ers are very good at overpaying in areas where you don’t need to overspend.

    I couldn’t have stated it better myself. This team has a propensity to squander opportunities on a team that can ill afford them.

    1. So are you saying we shouldn’t have the best punter, the best kicker, the best full back, the best running backs.? You have to pay for quality.

      1. Best punter? I thought that guy was in Seattle? You must mean a high prospect?

        Best fullback? Well yes, but not at the cost of other positions which matter.

        Best running backs? Hardly…

        I guess you don’t think we should have the best DBs by your reasoning….

    2. franchised kicker

      Gee, I wonder if the Bears have learned that lesson about “squandered opportunities”? I know Grant thinks they have.

    3. Yes, I don’t agree with everything they say, but when it comes to understanding roster value and using limited resources they make very good points.

  15. We saw a defense last year that couldn’t stop the pass or get to the qb without scheming. That’s a talent issue. Adding two pas rushers will work wonders for the secondary and allow them to roam more freely instead of playing catch up.
    Remember what aldon smith did for the defense? Bosa will do the same. Now if we can only teach armstead to grab two players and occupy them ala Justin Smith, it’ll be a pressure buffet and sacks for dessert.

    I’m not worried about our picks. We did fine and our team will be much better in all fazes.

    1. Big niner,
      I hope that you’re right. With a new secondary coach and better pass rush, hopefully the secondary will play better. There were many instances of blown coverage last year. With better coaching, that can be mitigated.

      1. There’s no way but up. Just imagine our D line. Ford Armstead Buckner Bosa. With Thomas and company giving them blows….that’s deep!!!take a second off the Qb’s timing and worry of getting crushed?… dude. Push up the middle and edges pinching in hard!!!!?quick lbs. now your safeties can cheat up or down. This defense will be top ten easily next year. With JG and company back, red zone talent, big bodies, quick rbs…..and an all pro TE and man we’ve got something.
        Now when we punt, field position with 3 and outs will be critical. I’d say we add at least 5-7 points per game. How many wins does that add? I’d say from 4-12 to 12-4…. big difference right??

  16. I equate drafting any punter in the 4th to driving 2 hours to get tuna sandwhich from a deli you like. Seriously. Are there not 10 other delis within a 10 mile radius of your house. Of course the justification of the cuckoos will be, I really like their sandwiches and what if they run out. To which my answer is, there are a dozen other options which are about equally good.

    Punters are a commodity. Is the 20th ranked punter really that much worse than the top ranked punter ?

    1. Punters are a commodity. Is the 20th ranked punter really that much worse than the top ranked punter ?

      I don’t know what kinds of stats are used to rank punters and what separates #1 from #20, but lets say the 20th ranked punter either consistently out kicks coverage or puts it into the endzone. Or line drives, shanks or hits a 25 yard dud every other game or so. The top ranked punter consistently angles it out or places the ball where it can be downed inside the twenty. Or causes 47-50 yard fair catches. How many yards of field position is that worth per game? 20? 30? 40? I’d say that’s worth the difference.

      1. I consume a fair amount of football during the regular season. I have never had the thought that team X would be doing so much better in this game if their punter was better. I think it is more wise to put resources into the offense so that punting is not necessary.

        1. I consume a lot of tuna, and I’d drive 45 minutes for a great tuna sandwich rather than gag on what the Subway 15 minutes away offers.

          For me, the 2019 season is make-or-break. If the 9ers win fewer than eight games, and their offense and defense can’t rank any better than 15th in the league respectively, then it’s time for change. The trick is getting Denise York to agree. Anyone have any ideas on how to pull that off?

          1. Well Sebbie, I think you’d agree some additional resources have been brought into the offensive mix. Will be an interesting season.

            1. Ya know, Sebs………………..other than the Walsh 9ers, or Kap………………you NEVER have anything positive to say about the 9ers!! Without exception……….your a Debbie Downer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always, your spin is negative!

              Cassie…………could Sebs be a denizen from the Black Hole of the Raider Coliseum? I know where Sebs lives–I shall research.

        1. Nope. And sadly no Marshawn Lattimores or Denzel Wards in this draft. Mostly journeymen, most likely.

          1. And yet we passed on those when they were available.

            And there certainly better DBs than ours in this draft…

            1. And better WRs, And better edge rushers. In fact, with the Niners in only the third or fourth quintile talentwise in the NFL (IMHO), arguably there were a lot of players with higher ceilings than what they currently have in many positions, especially in the first two rounds. But this was an exceptionally weak draft for OL, CB, and middling at best for S. And most of the players at those positions beyond the 2nd round would not make nearly the impact — bad as the OL and DB groups are — that the edge and WRs selected will almost immediately, since before the draft pretty much everyone the Niners had in both position groups was HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE.

              When Baalke was bounced, I thought it would take at least 3 or 4 drafts, plus some select FAs, to bring the team back to average in the NFL. Since Lynch pretty much whiffed his first draft — with the exception of one player — it’ll still take one or two more to reach average. While some here think a better — hell, ANY — pass rush will fix the secondary, IMHO it’ll help but not cure. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the Niners focus on OL and DB in the 2020 draft, if those prove to be strengths in that draft.

        2. No all Db’s arent…
          Let’s see what our 2017-2018 dbs can do before casting them aside…
          (New db coach.. techniques,health,more pressure help upfront…)

          At some point…you do have to develop players,yknow?
          Not everything is ready made and pre packaged..

          1. Many on this blog feel that rookie DBs from a variety of college programs (different schemes, different competition, etc.) can walk in and start–and be all pros–in year one. Guaranteed. Period. Yeah, yeah, it happens once in a blue moon or two, but not every stinking time.

            Yes, the 9ers have issues in the secondary. New (better) position coach and improved pressure by the DL and LBs have the potential to change the pass defense dynamic significantly.

            I’ll be among the first to take up a pitch fork should this season turn bad.

          2. Seen what they can do. Reminds me of those who said let’s wait and see what our pass rush can do before we pass judgment.

            Willfully blind…

            1. So if a player is not an All Star or All Pro out the gate…They need to be replaced????

              Aren’t you one arguing about draft capital and “value”?

              1. I got the point ,alright.
                You’re not very patient…and want immediate results..

          3. Just because they need to see what they have in the guys they have drafted previously is not a reason to ignore a position. You keep adding to it until guys emerge. They found out last year what happens when you take the approach that the guys you have are good enough. All they have done is add an injury prone Verrett. DB is an area of significant concern on the team and once again they are heading into the season with huge question marks and just hoping they come good.

            1. I kinda foreshadowed this strategy of the 49ers by citing the lack of depth at cb in this draft. I knew if they didn’t take one early, the chances were that they wouldn’t be taking one until later on. They double dipped at a position of strength in this draft, which also happened to be a position of need on the team….

              1. Good, still was a weak, weak cb class. Next years looks much better, especially at the top.

              2. Not true. Lots of good DBs were available in the first four rounds. Joejuan Williams would have been a better pick than Samuel in Round 2.

              3. According to you, but we’ll have no way of knowing if all that fluff you’re spouting is true until we see them play. Aren’t you glad you’re not covering the Patriots? What the hell would you write about? I’m tired of winning, by Grant Cohn.

              4. We didn’t lose Nick Bosa, and that’s the main ingredient we needed from this draft for the recipe of victory this year.

              5. I think Bosa did the right thing to come out and apologize, putting the whole mess behind him.
                I will root for him to sack the QB, not tweet messages. I think that some youthful transgressions can be forgiven since he sounds more mature and sincere. He also is becoming more enlightened about society, especially here in California.
                I am not going to rag on him, and consider his past to be in the past, and he now should consider he has a blank slate. Hopefully he will write non political ideas, and stick to football, and community service.
                I am glad Bosa is on our team, and I hope he helps the Niners win games. He does make the pass rush better.
                I also may have downplayed Hurd in the rankings, but he is the tall red zone weapon I have been wanting. I hope he scores 10 TDs, this season.

              6. Seb, Bosa did the respectful thing by removing them when asked to do so by Lynch.


              7. It was also nice to hear his presser. Many never apologize, but he did.
                Maybe he and Kaep could go out for a beer, and just talk. That would be a nice gesture, too.
                I hope he reads Building a Champion, The Score Takes Care of Itself, and Finding the Winning Edge.

              8. I’m with Grant on this one.
                When you have the worst secondary in the league and there are question marks on every starter in the secondary you have to throw darts at the board.

                What you can’t do is ignore the need… this is a repeat of what they did last year at edge , they even used the same excuse… ” you have to pretty good to beat out”

                I wouldn’t have been mad if every pick from round 3 on was a secondary pick. Right now this “vaunted pass rush” to be may not matter if the qb can get rid of the ball to open receivers in under 2.5 seconds. Which is something teams did last year very successfully against us.

              9. Don’t you worry, Sebs-the minute big ‘ol Bosa steps in some human feces in downtown S.F., he’ll become very “enlightened” about many things Californian!! He’s also going to love our California taxes! Among the highest in the nation-if not the highest………….

            2. Can’t fix everything in one draft..
              We took corners and safeties heavy last draft….

              There still are walk-ons…cut downs..undrafted players
              So it still can be addressed..

              With more pressure upfront…Cbs aint covering too long..
              I bet you’ll see a difference…the coaching staff knows they will see a difference…

              But make no mistake…This is gonna be an Offense led-first team with a complimentary Defense..

            3. Can’t fix everything in one draft..
              We took corners and safeties heavy last draft….

              There still are walk-ons…cut downs..undrafted players
              So it still can be addressed..

              With more pressure upfront…Cbs aint covering too long..
              I bet you’ll see a difference…the coaching staff knows they will see a difference…

              But make no mistake…This is gonna be an Offense led-first team with a complimentary Defense

            4. Scooter:
              * Unless I missed his signing a contract, one of the better NFL free agent DB’s, Tre Boston, is still unsigned. Do the 9ers have a DB on the roster better than him?
              * Will the 9ers sign him B-4 pre season? Who knows, but he would be a big improvement. And the 9ers do have the cap space to make it happen!

    2. Is the 20th ranked quarterback really that much worse than the top ranked quarterback?

      1. Yes. Totally inept comparison. The difference in passing yards alone is 1,906. For TD’s the difference is 30.

        The difference between the best punter in the league and the worst punter in the league is 6 yards per attempt.

        Not a good analogy on your part.

  17. Undrafted free agent time now.

    I’d like to see the 49ers sign Jordan Kunaszyk, LB, California. He’s 6-3, 235lbs. Ran a 4.69 40 at his pro day. Posted 148 tackles (top ten in the nation) and 4 sacks in 2018. I watched all his games last year. His football IQ is off the chart and has a nose for the ball.

    1. Joe Person

      Panthers signed Cal LB Jordan Kunaszyk, per NFLPA docs. $10k signing bonus. Joins team coached by another former Cal LB.

  18. I liked the Bosa pick–no brainer. I liked Samuel but preferred AJ Brown. They coached Debo at the Senior Bowl, so they liked what they saw. The draft pivoted on the Hurd pick, Here’s where some trading could have taken place, maybe picked up a pick for next seasons draft as well as another for this draft, but they really liked Hurd dnd if he turns out to be Shannon Sharp-like, then the first three rounds can be justified. I think Lil Jordan Humphrey is roughly the same player as Hurd and was signed as a UDFA by the Saints. Maybe Hurd is a transcendent talent and he’s a nightmare match up–I’m hoping that’s the case–but the entire draft pivots on this pick. Every other choice after Hurd is a yawner, even the punter.

    1. Kind of feel similar to you. The punter is going to be good but how much better really? And Hurd could have been the time for additional picks.

      The other players don’t move the needle.

  19. do any of you punting experts out there know if the Niners considered any of the current UFA punters currently still on the street?

    3 guys I saw had some pretty good stats to go with some NFL experience. Rookies always are a bit worrisome. Look at the Raiders punter drafted from Florida last year and his seasonal performance. Marquette King also flamed out for a variety of reasons and everybody thought he was the next coming of Ray Guy.

    Matt Darr – in 3 years – 202 punts – 66 inside the +20; 16 touchbacks and a 45.4 yard avg.; last year’s contract was $630K

    Donnie Jones – in 7 years – 509 punts – 181 inside the +20; 39 touchbacks and a 45.4 yard avg; last year’s base contract was $776,176K

    Bryan Anger – in 7 years – 552 punts – 189 inside the +20; 41 touchbacks and a 46.2 yard avg; released by the Bucs on March 12

    compared to Bradley Pinion – 334 punts in 4 years with a career avg of 43.7; best year was 2016 – 100 punts and a 44.0 yard avg

    signing one of these 3 guys would have allowed the Niners to take a position player – preferably a secondary player

    BTW – how is a better pass rush going to help a guy like Colbert take better angles on deep balls – first play of the game vs. Arizona, for example? how is a better pass rush going to keep Jimmy Ward healthy?


    1. Even the great Bill Belichick (BB) drafted a punter in the 5th. For those who question the value of drafting a punter earlier than the 7th round, if at all, you’d conclude BB has lost his marbles…no?

      1. I will not question Bill Bellichick’s draft acumen at all. He nailed this draft, and he had a boatload of picks to work with. He also traded back 3 times, and moved up, too.
        Question JL for drafting a punter in the 4th round, yes. Question Belichick for drafting a punter in the 5th with one of his 10 picks, no.

        1. Interesting that you note the number of picks BB ultimately had. How many did the 9ers end up with?

          1. Belichick wheeled and dealed with his second and third round picks.
            JL bundled a player and draft pick to add 2 more 6th round picks.
            It is not only numbers, but which rounds those picks entailed.

            1. Foolish, foolish Sebs–two different teams with two different needs……..why not lobby to bring Kap back as a receiver? He still scoots pretty good………..

              1. Haha!!!

                Sebby, Sebby, Sebby-wild and free!!

                You just mentioned Kap a little earlier, hoping he and Bosa get together!

                Love the Sebbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              2. Because Bosa brought him into the news. Glad he apologized, but actions speak louder than words.

      2. BB could have traded his draft picks for a ham sandwich and the Pats talent would still be way better than ours. The idea of the draft is for bad teams to get better fast not stay crappy for years. Not sure Lynch and Co. got the memo. Several good linemen were drafted by other teams in the first three rounds. No thanks, we’re set and even though KS can scheme open receivers from the union hall we need to load up on more. How are are new guys at catching passes thrown while the QB is falling to the ground.

    2. “how is a better pass rush going to help a guy like Colbert take better angles ”

      Better coaching – that’s how. Remember they have a new DB coach this year.

      1. Nick – your comment does not speak to my comment as that has nothing to do with pass rush.

        1. You didn’t acknowledge in your lead comment that a new position coach is on board–allegedly better than the previous coach.

          Pass rush alone–no immediate cure for bad angles. Better coaching (and the likely insertion of one or two ‘new’ starters)? Possible.

      2. New DB coach, new DL coach and a newly established health and performance department.

    3. How to help Colbert take better angles to the ball? Move Sherman to safety, and let Colbert learn from a savvy veteran.

    4. Nice analysis Mike. Just a couple things. Paraphrasing Kyle, he said he’s tired of looking at punters (plural) and hopes he doesn’t have to for another 10 years. So I don’t think they flew to Utah, watched the kid punt one, and decided he’s the guy. I would assume they looked at not only other college punters, but FA’s, maybe even those you mentioned. I don’t know what they did. Do you? All that I know is their previous punter sucked, and it’s a critical part of the game. They got what they needed, and who they liked, and they used a 4th round draft pick to get him. Big F’ing deal. And they outsmarted The great BB.
      As for the pass rush, or lack of, there’s a reason why the Niners have made just about every opposing QB over the last 6 years look like the second coming of Joe Montana. Zero pass rush to speak of. Does that mean that the back 6 or 7 are without fault? No. They need to improve, but anyone that has played or watched football knows, even down to the tot level, that if you allow the QB to stand and survey the field for 3,4,5 seconds, or move around unmolested, they’re gonna find open receivers. It only magnifies every level up. Pro QB’s have to be pressured. The Niners now MIGHT have one of the best front 4 or 5 in the league, and possibly one of the best front 7. To think that with that, the backfield won’t be way better is rather doltish, in my view. Build from the front to the back, brick by brick.

    5. Mike,
      You make good points. But the best answer to your question could be made in one particular game back in December 19, 2011.
      In that Monday night game against the Steelers, the 49ers front 7 and especially a young rookie Aldon Smith hammered Roethlisberger all night to the tune of him throwing 3 ints and giving up a fumble. Carlos Rogers, Donte Whitner and DeShon Golston had their best career years because they benefited from a strong pass rush.

      Btw, In this same game, Andy Lee kept putting the Steelers in bad field position with his booming punts.
      That one game is a microcosm of the importance of a strong pass rush and having a good punter.

      Back to the present. It’s very possible that we can see a replica of that type of game model with Nick Bosa and Mitch Wishnowski.

  20. Remember Desean Goldson ? His angles were horrible too. He made up for it by having a great pass rush while hitting big which struck fear into his opponents. He later flamed out in Tampa.
    These players were too tight last year. I don’t even think they were having fun. Whom ever is playing safety will have it easier this year because of one, experience, two coaching and three, the kiss of death squad lead by Bosa “which means kiss in Arabic btw”

  21. I remember my first fantasy draft too. Targeting players I want and than arrogantly assuming they’re the best and then over drafting them to guard from missing out on them.

    Lynch and Shanahan are like a couple of teenagers playing fantasy football with this organization.

    1. Lol. Yup!

      And since BB drafted a punter (and Walsh) high it must mean it’s always ok to draft high. Of course Shanalynch has as great a resume as both of the aforementioned coaches. Every sycophant here agrees that he should already be enshrined in the Hall. After all, he’s a genius…

    2. Maybe they should look to this blog for inspiration–anchored in Walsh/Belichikian savvy.

        1. Sadly, the likelihood of anything changing for the good–getting deep into playoffs year-to-year-to-year–rests with Denise York. It’s pretty clear she won’t be unloading Shanahan anytime soon–as of today anyway. So, how do ‘we’ make it clear to Denise that the solution she put in place for GM (and Kyle and Paarag to make others happy) is failing? Fly banners? Boycott games and 9er merchandise? Take green lasers into Levi’s and illuminate the 9er QB? Other?

          Would love to have Grant interview Denise–no puffy stuff, get straight to the matter of mismanagement and crappy leadership. Seriously.

          1. Would you please stop being such an insensitive toad. She lost her son, and does not deserve your snark.

            1. Thank you Sebbie for taking the high ground. You of all people would know that responsibility for the hot 9er mess (that many call out) ultimately falls with one York above Jed.

              You own a landscaping business. You’re responsible for how well it serves the customer–which includes the people you hire to get the work done. If one of your senior employees was performing poorly, you’d want to correct the matter. If he/she was blowing leaves onto other properties, or was short-cutting irrigation installation, you’d want to know about it and take action. Yes?

              PS… Denise doesn’t read my posts.

              Pro tip — Want better angles? Use a protractor.

  22. Even though Grant started out as a knee jerk and shooting from the hip writer he has evolved into someone who uses well informed analytics. His tape research proves his understanding and dedication to his profession.
    His grading of this draft appears fair but will become a litmus test once the season starts.
    Like JL and KS, his insights and trustworthiness will depend on this draft.
    I will grant him that the niners picked players with injuries and that the jury will be out if that once again is proven to be a path of failure. For all the picks we got, there were better healthier players available (even the punter has injuries). OTOH if these players don’t re-injure we got a pretty good draft.
    For all the Bosa bandwagon people; Bosa is NOT a 49er. He hasn’t signed yet…

    1. I wonder what his measurable’s were. is he better than what we have?

      I wonder if we make a player trade. A safety for Thomas or Armstead….. rare but a possibility….

      1. Some DFF numbers…


        “Played in all 50 possible career games with 36 starts from 2015-18 … Member of two bowl teams, including 2015 Gildan New Mexico Bowl and 2017 Foster Farms Bowl … Totaled 243 tackles, including 172 solo stops … Registered 10.0 tackles-for-loss and 1.0 sacks … Intercepted six passes, defended 22 total passes, forced three fumbles and recovered two fumbles.”

  23. Receivers are ALWAYS going to have the upper hand if they can run around for 5 seconds or more every play. Such has been the case since our last SB appearance. QB’s like Russell Wilson run around, drink a cup of coffee, call Sierra, before throwing to open receivers who are 4 moves off of their original route. I think Goff signed a couple of autographs in the pocket last year before throwing. The Arizona receivers met up in the middle of the field during plays and re-huddled. No backfield can sustain that, not even the great Niner backfields of the ‘80s.

  24. If it wasn’t for the huge bomb taken #1 I’d say the Cardinals won the draft. For me that honor goes to the Ravens who absolutely killed it.

    Colts, no surprise also had a solid weekend.

      1. Yea they had a good one too. Odd mid round selections of Cajuste and Froholdt. Feel like they drafted two consecutive guards. Cajuste is listed as a tackle but I think he moves to guard in the NFL.

        I like the P pick in the 5th. When you’ve just won the Superbowl and don’t have massive holes to fill just to compete on the field you have the luxury of using a 5th round pick on a top rated kicker.

        I’m certain I’ll be wrong about him but I’m still not sold on Harry being able to produce at the next level. If he does then I’d agree their draft was one of the best.

        1. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots use Harry. I’m guessing they hope they can use him some of the same ways they used Gronkowski in the pass game.

  25. Anybody can cut and paste analysis, statistics, and other info that matches your narrative from other sights. That takes computer savvy and dedication. (Eye roll)

        1. Still need to take that victory lap? You certainly won the mock draft bowl. Razor also got Bosa, but nobody else did well, me included. Sure wished they had taken Juan Thornhill.
          Hmmm, I wonder if they did not take Oli Udoh, just because I mocked him many times……;p

          1. I had the Niners taking Bosa also. Thought they would take a linebacker, but missed it being Greenlaw. I did say the Niners would go late round with defensive backfield, but didn’t say Harris. It’s in the post with Grant’s final mock.

    1. God that Bosa boy sure is pumped up.
      Love the enthusiasm coming through in that tape……

  26. I think it is highly likely that Hurd will be designated as a TE as that position is less competitive (although he won’t be used as just a pure TE but as an OW). With that designation, there is one less WR loss. So:


    I think Bourne is the likely WR to not make the team. He is not needed since the team has Samuel, Matthews and Hurd (even though he is designated as a TE but is really an OW).

      1. Are you assuming 5 or 6 WRs? If Hurd is designated a TE and if 6 WRs make the 53, who is the 6th WR?

        1. I think Kaden Smith will be TE2, and Hurd will be a WR. Pettis/Samuel/Goodwin/Hurd/Matthews/James.

          1. I think Hurd can be used in mischievous ways, consistent with Sun Tzu’s beliefs, as articulated by Sebbie.

    1. I pretty much agree cubus. I think it will be 5 WRs, 2 TEs + Hurd as a cross between the two. They kind of need to do this in order to keep their 4 RBs + FB.

      I think it is basically Matthews vs Bourne and Taylor vs James for the 4th and 5th spots at WR.

      1. Scooter:

        It’ll be interesting to see if they only keep 5 WRs as opposed to six – but you’re right it depends on the number of RBs.

        Jet, Breida, Coleman, Juice and Mostert?

        1. Yep. I think they will keep all 4 of those RBs. The 3rd RB on game day kind of needs to be a STs contributor and Mostert is that guy.

          It wouldn’t surprise me though if they only have 3 + Juice to start the season, with Jet on PUP. In that case they may keep another WR or TE initially.

  27. The selection of a punter at 110 is a joke. I understand the thought process of “this guy is like an extra defender because he flips field position and can pin teams inside the 20.” Problem is, his average away from home would have ranked him 25th in the NFL over the last 3 years with an increase of .4 yards per punt and an extra 2 inside the 20 per year over his predecessor.

    The value of the pick doesn’t match the production of the player, who at 27 isn’t going to improve much of at all.

      1. Yeah, and I never once thought “that punter is one of the best 125 players in the country”

        1. Fair enough. I’ve seen him play in person many times as I follow the Pac12 pretty closely. I never guarantee how a player will perform. He could flame out and be cut in week two of preseason. He could go on and have a great NFL career. He has talent and grit. Solid special teams play around him will pay off.

          Not having perfect knowledge of what was going down across the NFL as round 4 began (unlike others on this blog), I would have waited until the 5th round to get him. I’m aware of his abilities and accomplishments and would have pulled the trigger. Lynch and Shanahan made a decision to trade down a little and got him. So there it is.

    1. Before you make any asinine assumptions and proclamations based on irrelevant stats, let see him play. FI!

        1. Just keep being sour so when the Niners make the playoffs next year, I can feed you some crow like I always do! FI!

    2. Nice job of researching and digging up those stats Jack concerning his punting. Can you back up that last sentence with some evidence that athletes 27 and over can’t improve. And you owe me a t-shirt. I coughed up my coffee all over the front of myself after I read that ridiculous statement. Where in the name of holy smolly did you get that? LOL
      My wife was a 3 sport athlete, full ride, at Cal in her teens and 20’s. At 44, she qualified for the
      World Amateur Triathlon Championships in Clearwater Florida after taking 2nd in the Vineman Triathlon. At 62 she still places in her age group, sometimes winning and improving her times. Athletes can’t improve? What?

        1. Actually, she can Cass! She can also kick field goals and probably throw better than CJ! 4 of my six kids are over 27. I’m gonna have to break the news to them that they’re on the downward spiral, athletically speaking that is. Sad.

            1. :p
              Ok. That’s enough fun for one morning. Now I have to go play golf. Amazingly enough, I was ok at 27, pretty good at 37, really good at 47, pretty good at 57, and I suck at 63. I guess Jack is right. My apologies.

          1. Juanhunglo

            My congratulations to your wonderful talented wife for her athletic pursuits…as well as your kids in following her successes…You must be a proud Patriarch….

      1. Juan, the piss and vinegar trio are a joke. That’s why this blog is on the decline.
        See you all at training camp!

        1. Tough crowd, but I’m happy they were able to get a starter in the 4th round. Not easy to do.

            1. Tell that to Tampa or the Raiders who had to use a 1st rounder on a starting kicker.

              1. Obviously it has to do with making sure that punter or kicker is starting material. Tampa blew that even though they took him in the 2nd round. Wishnowski had a 5th round grade, with two other teams in the hunt for him. If he lives up to his scouting report, we win again!

        2. Yea no kidding Prime. Can you imagine being at a party with some of these negative nellies. Jeesh. GC must be a real hoot. I have a buddy just like these guys. Everything is negative. He knows better than everyone. Nobody does anything right. The glass is always half empty. It’s always a conspiracy. And on and on. I just laugh just like I do here. It’s pure entertainment. See you at camp!!

          1. It IS pure entertainment!! Sebs alone is worth millions! I’ve tried to set him up with the Seinfeld gang but he’ll have nothing to do with it………

      2. Didn’t say they can’t improve or that he can’t.

        Reading comprehension is hard.

        1. I don’t know Jack. You said, “who at 27 isn’t going to improve much of at all”
          I take that as “who at 27 isn’t going to improve much of at all”.
          “27” marks the age you are signifying is the benchmark for decline.
          “isn’t going” is probably what led me to the conclusion of “can’t”
          “to improve” is significant.
          “at all” is the clincher.
          Just saying……
          If you weren’t saying at 27, he isn’t going to improve much of at all, then what in the name of the great GC were you saying?

          1. Right. You read my comment as if he can’t improve. At 27 he pretty much is who he is as a punter, and if he does improve it won’t be much.

            If professional athletes continue improving as they age I wonder why Buster Posey can’t seem to hit home runs at the rate he used to or Madison Bumgarner watching his ERA continue to climb.

            Good for your bride though. Amazing that she’s still a professional athlete.

        1. Why? There’s plenty of evidence in the Bay Area alone that shows professional athletes don’t continue to improve as they age.

          Juan’s story of his wife is nice, but she’s not a pro.

          1. Jack,
            CFC, found that a punter is on the field for 4.29 plays per game. Based on those numbers, MW is a teenager.

    3. I think what impressed them the most was his ability to control and place the kick. It’s not always or even mostly about distance.

      1. ++++++++++++ Yes! Mitch has a tendency to place the ball very well. He’s human, so placement isn’t always perfect, but he’s very, very consistent. Assemble a strong special teams unit around him and the 9ers will have something to fall back on when needed….consistently strong punting.

        1. The good news is that eventually we’ll know the answer to that question. For now, I’m placing my bet on the organization.

        2. Yeah, but you know Lynch….he would’ve selected a 370 lb guard with 30″ arms at pick 110. We’d be hearing about that bust selection for years.

  28. Hate to state the obvious but better pass rush = better secondary. Pretty simple really, Grant. And yeah, punters are never a fun pick but at least we got someone who can help win field position (Seattle is very good at this)…. Pinion needed to be replaced (been saying that for a while) so good riddance.

  29. FWIW…

    Mel Kiper, ESPN: 49ers B-

    Kiper seemed impressed by general manager John Lynch and company’s ability to improve the team’s front seven with the additions of Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander.

    “And now taking the No. 1 overall player on my board in Nick Bosa gives San Francisco two really, really talented pass-rushers to wreak havoc and force some turnovers on the outside while DeForest Buckner causes interior pressure.”

    The 49ers also added two wide receivers for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo during Day 2 of the draft after selecting Deebo Samuel of South Carolina and Jalen Hurd of Baylor.

    “Samuel is the best slot receiver in the class, while Hurd is a 6-foot-5 athletic specimen who’s still learning the intricacies of running routes.”

    Kiper didn’t like everything about how the 49ers attacked the draft. He felt Round 4 was too early to select punter Mitch Wishnowsky and thought the team would target a safety during Day 3.

    “Kaden Smith (No. 176) ran really slow at the combine (4.92) but before that I thought he had a chance to go in Round 3. Getting him in Round 6 is good value.”

    1. Both Smith’s were great value picks, but what really makes this draft so great was the acquisition of the best player in the draft with the 2nd pick.

    2. Kiper didn’t like everything about how the 49ers attacked the draft. He felt Round 4 was too early to select punter Mitch Wishnowsky.

      Niner Nation put “Punter Naysayers” in the losers category, reasoning that a 4th-round punter, who may be in for 10 years is a lot better choice than some other recent 4th-round picks, such as Joe Williams, Rashad Robinson, Blake Bell, Kentavius Street.

      1. So because they’ve been an incompetent dumpster fire with their other 4th round picks, drafting a punter in the fourth round is now a good thing?

  30. Jerry Mcdonald

    Field position swing: Yes, Utah’s Mitch Wishnowsky (fourth round, No. 110) went high for a punter, but if he’s as good as advertised, it’s no reach. The 49ers can count on plenty of opposing possessions starting from inside the 20-yard line. Used to love to watch Darren Bennett, another Aussie rules football refugee, spin it for the Chargers. Wishnowsky combines directional kicking with length and touch.

    1. With the defense the 9ers are capable of fielding this year, I’d rather have Russel, Murray, and others start drives well inside the 10 vs. 1st and ten at the 25 (or thereabouts).

  31. For the people who think this draft sucks, at which that suck feeling can be interpreted as no improvement for the team which would mean another piss poor season, so what position should we take with the top five pick next year regardless of who the GM and HC is?

  32. And even more draft grades!

    USA Today
    Grade: A

    What they’re saying: “Nick Bosa was widely regarded as the top player coming out this year and bolsters what should be a nasty Niners D-line. … Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd should added needed zip to a passing game that got a disproportionate amount of its 2018 dividends from [tight end] George Kittle.”

    Grade: A-

    What they’re saying: “The 49ers picked the best player in the 2019 NFL Draft in Nick Bosa. Adding him to a D-line that already includes Dee Ford means the Niners will greatly improve their pass rush, as they generated just 37 sacks in 2018 (bottom third of the league).”

    Sports Illustrated
    Grade: B

    What they’re saying: “The only downside is that San Fran’s secondary still has questions at No. 2 corner and second-string safety. Perhaps the Niners feel better about their secondary than we do — after all, instead of addressing it early in Round 4, they instead took a punter.”

    Washington Post
    Grade: B

    What they’re saying: “You’re supposed to get good players, and you’re supposed to get better when you have the picks the 49ers had. They appear to have cashed in reasonably well. … But using a fourth-round pick on a punter? That’s a bit odd, no matter how good Mitch Wishnowsky is.”

    Grade: B

    What they’re saying: “Bosa is a no-brainer pick and probably a future star. Though Samuel is probably a reach at his draft spot, we think Bosa is going to be great. Oh, and a punter in Round 4? Wow.”

    Niners Wire
    Grade: C-

    What they’re saying: “They had chances in this year’s draft to add quality players at some of the positions that underperformed last year, and they passed in favor of depth. Perhaps it all works out, but for now it’s a pretty big gamble.”

    1. Tnx Cassie. Why couldn’t Coach put out this info instead of searching the internet for the most negative review he can find and only posting that. Why? To those that defend him and insist he is professional, has integrity, and all that, please explain. Is it just the Cohn schtick, or is it something deeper than that?

    2. Cassie,
      My biggest problem with grades given out is that in most cases two thirds of the league will get a B or higher? By definition how can nearly every team in the league be above average?
      In most cases even terrible drafts will get a C something, typically analysts don’t want to bash a draft so they often over grade them.
      However, with all that said it could be a great draft in 3 years. Years ago, Seattle drafted Russel Wilson and Richard Sherman in the draft and they were not graded out very well. San Francisco was said to have had a great draft when they picked up Soloman Thomas, Rueban Foster, and Ahkello Witherspoon. In both cases the early reactions/grades were way off.

  33. There’s a wager going on inside the palatial offices of the Press Democrat. Grant has $10 on the line that says he can get himself blocked on twiiter by every 2019 draftee–by midnight 7 May.

  34. Wishnowsky information (full) not shared by Grant…


    Fragments (yes Grant, I’m cherry picking). For complete info, check the link.

    “Three-time All-American, 2016 Ray Guy Award winner and three-time Ray Guy Award finalist … only three-time Ray Guy Award finalist in NCAA history … three-time All-Pac-12 … 62 career punts of 50+ yards ranks second all-time at Utah … 175 career punts is fourth-most all-time at Utah … 8,004 career punt yards ranks sixth in school history.”

    “24 punts inside the 20-yard line, including 10 punts at or inside the 10-yard line … 20 punts of 50+ yards … 2-for-2 in fake punts for first downs.”

    “punts downed inside the 10-yard line (10), which included three at the 5-yard line, one at the 3-yard line and one at the 2-yard line … 16 punts inside the 20-yard line (30.77%, 16-of-52) … 12 punts of 50+ yards (long of 60) … 1-of-1 in fake punt plays, rushing 19 yards for a first down against Washington …”

  35. Guys like Dorsey and Gettleman are the equivalent of junkyard dogs. All they do is live to evaluate talent and build rosters. Younger guys like Ballard, DeCosta, Beane and Keim are the same way. While some of them have a background in playing, they weren’t elite like Lynch was and they had to work harder to get to their exalted positions. I think Gettleman started off as a high school teacher. They have their own fraternity and Lynch ain’t part of it. When it came time to close the deal for OBJ, he called on Dorsey, because they knew each other and had been at this for a while. I could even make a case that by cutting Lynch out they thumbed their nose at the golden boy that cut a very different path than they did. Yes, it was done out of the division, and maybe Lynch couldn’t make the pieces fit, but at the end of the day, he’s a Brown. That’s the downside of not hiring an industry grinder. It could take Lynch 4-5 years of just cutting his teeth and getting the GM cred that personnel goons like Dorsey and Gettleman did years ago:

    1. CS,
      “It could take Lynch 4-5 years of just cutting his teeth and getting the GM cred that personnel goons like Dorsey and Gettleman did years ago:”

      I believe the Org knew this about Lynch, hence a 6 yr contract. He has a lot to learn no doubt, and he’ll be the first one to admit this.

      Personally, I’m playing it by ear when it comes to Lynch. But I can’t be overly critical of him for some questionable draft picks because he’s also drafted players like McGlinchey, Kittle, Warner, Pettis and now Bosa, Deebo, Hurd and yes, the Big Wishnowsky.
      Brick by Brick.

    2. Captain, Lynch made many contacts around the league while he was an announcer, He was close to Belichick which helped get Garoppolo. Bill wanted to trade him to a quality franchise and with Lynch in charge he saw the niners as a perfect fit.

  36. Gaylord Perry signed at 23. At 27, he won 21 games. At 31, he won 23, at 33, he won 24, at 39, he won 21 again. That’s just one example of thousands. I can cherrypick too! So there!

    1. Is 23 much improvement over 21? I don’t think so, and my statement was “at 27 isn’t going to improve much if at all.” which you’ve somehow turned into saying that he won’t. Oh well. How’s the golf game going today?

      1. Really slow Jack. Waiting on every hole. This is why I don’t generally play on Sundays. I let my oldest son talk me into this quagmire! That’s ok. Drinking lots of beer! My game is horrific!

      2. Your a good sport Jack! Respect your tenacity!! Enjoy your day! Be glad your not out on an overly crowded golf course!

  37. Conversely, Lynch comes from a warrior caste, which is more in alignment with guys like Bellichick, which I think helped him in the Garapollo deal. Lynch is more Maximus than Proximo.

  38. Grant…. Happy your tweet got the ‘freaking’ moniker nailed down.

  39. From the Salt Lake Tribune…

    “Wishnowsky had a nice debut at Levi’s Stadium in Utah’s win over Indiana in the 2016 Foster Farms Bowl, punting well and holding the ball for Andy Phillips’ winning field goal at Santa Clara, Calif. But last November, he experienced “just excruciating pain” in the pregame warmup and said he “just battled through the game” as he punted four times for a 42.2-yard average in Utah’s Pac-12 championship game loss to Washington. He underwent an appendectomy three days later and had four weeks to recover for the Holiday Bowl.”

    1. Yea, he’s not only one tough cookie but he’s also one lucky bastard. My son had one explode, and he almost died.

  40. Did anyone mock a punter in their mocks. I can’t recall seeing one? Certainly not as early as they picked. Curious given the defense of a pick that was so important and needed….

      1. I agree, but sadly most on here have GM Qualifications that are similar to John Lynch’s.

    1. A number of people talked about the possibility of the 49ers taking a punter in the 6th round.

      1. Which is far more reasonable. I didn’t pay close attention to all the discussions leading up to the draft so I guess I missed that.

        To be honest, I think we could have picked up a good punter in FA, either before or after the draft.

        Will this guy be all world? I certainly hope so and to hear the talk here one would think so. In either case, given the needs of the team, and I would think that the DBs certainly qualify, it was a high price to pay for a guy who is a special teamer. Hope it works out.

        1. Yeah we’ll see if it works out. I’m getting a bigger kick outta watching 49ers fans who complained when Baalke took Pinion in the 5th justifying Lynch’s move here.

          1. That’s the part that is astonishing to me, the about face and the justification for it (high need, you don’t know what JL is thinking, let players develop, etc., etc.).

            1. Lynch gets the benefit of the doubt because he was a player and fans remember this.

              1. He gets the benefit of the doubt because he got a 6 year contract to rebuild this team for sustained success. We’re only in year 3, but I do expect at least 8 wins out of the team I see on paper as it is currently constructed….

          2. Yup, high fiving and celebrating like they won the SB seems odd, but I guess they were honoring Reggie Cobb who scouted him.
            Maybe with the second pick of the draft, they should have chosen a player Cobb recommended, then his son could have said- With the 36th pick of the NFL draft, my father selected…..

    2. I mocked P Jake Bailey to the 49ers in some of my mocks, but I have to ask how mocks drafts done by football fans validate that Wishnowsky should not have been taken that early.

      1. Wishnowsky could punt on water and some fans would say, but he can’t swim so he’s not worth a 4th round pick.

    3. I had Mitch as my 6th round pick Yeast. They need a punter. They got one of the best in the country I believe. I like the pick. BB would have taken him in the 5th. I think John and Kyle saw that and made the decision. I think it was a smart move. Some don’t. I respect that. As a fan, I hope it works out.

      Juan 1.0 my one and only mock.

      2. Nick Bosa EDGE Ohio St.
      36. Deionte Thompson S Alabama
      67. Emanuel Hall WRF Missouri
      104. Max Scharping OT Northern Illinois
      176. Michael Jackson CB Miami (FL)
      212. Mitch Wishnowsky P Utah

      Got 2 anyway. Did anyone get 3 or more? I wish all my guys came. I think Dallas got Scharping and Jackson right? Don’t know where Hall and Thompson ended up.

      1. Thompson was drafted first in the 5th round by the Cards.I think there were injury issues.
        Degenerative knee?

      2. Good call Juan. Like many you mocked a couple of secondary people too. I think this will be the Achilles heel.

    4. I mocked the Niners taking Jake Bailey with their last pick in the 6th round when posting my final mock. I knew the Niners were taking a punter based on the amount of time and resources they spent scouting punters in the run up to the draft. Admittedly, I settled on Bailey based on Razoreater’s comments about Bailey.

  41. Taking the “best” player in the draft at #2 is nothing special.

    I think it’s a little debatable if he is actually the best player in the draft. But let’s just put that aside for second.

    Unless the niners were complete numb nuts and took who the raiders took at number 2. This pick should not count much towards their draft grade. You are supposed to get either the best or second best player in the draft at number 2.

    Loss of potential of what the rest of the draft could have looked like is the problem.

    Waking up the next day and saying wow we got the best player in the draft and we have an awesome slot receiver and a punter. Doesn’t make your draft grade high.

    They left a lot on the table. And reached quite a bit and did not let the draft unfold for them.

    They acted like little kids.

    My 5 year old would spend 20$ on something that was worth 3$ because he really wanted it and feel really awesome about it.

    However with my adult wisdom, I’m aware that he left 17$ worth of stuff on the table.

  42. Let me get this straight. We filled our biggest hole with the best player in the draft, and filled our other hole with the most physically similar specimen to Garcon in the draft and you want to bitch? Go right ahead, who am I to keep you from removing all doubt?

  43. Did Matt Barrows have MW as his draft crush? I’m not willing to pay for the Athletic yet.

    I would have preferred that the team select CGJ in the 4th and then MW in the fifth round (I believe that AW will not improve – but I hope the kid proves me wrong). It’s possible that the fifth round deal wasn’t complete prior to when the 49ers selected in the 4th. I probably would have recommended taking the next best punter if MW was gone by the time the team selected in the 5th.

    However, I’m not upset by the selection in the 4th round. I look at it this way: at least they didn’t select him in the 2nd round like TB did (yeah, Jack, I know that TB selected a kicker not punter).

    I’m actually more concerned about what happens if Robbie Gould decides to dig in his heels. I think a top FG kicker is more important than a top punter.

  44. No one can function at 100% perfection. Need to leave room for human error. Kyles vision and so on.

    But if you are satisfied with their subpar draft management than go right ahead.

    I’ve watched incompetence decimate this team for almost twenty years.

    So when our leadership leaves a lot on the table. I want some accountability.

    It’s already tough enough to win in this league filled with parity. Drafting is one place that a team can differentiate itself. And Kyle and Lynch need about a 20-30% (gross estimate) improvement in how they manage the draft.

  45. We will make noise this year. I don’t know how loud it’ll be but this is year 3 of a complete overhaul. I like the methodocrisy. Brick by brick.

  46. With regards to the Samuel pick:

    Matt Maiocco

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @MaioccoNBCS
    The #49ers select WR Deebo Samuel of South Carolina with No. 36 overall. He gets open quickly in the red zone. The 49ers worked with him during the week at the Senior Bowl.

    1. “I won’t bother with letter grades………”
      Um-hmmmmm. A good read, hyperbole left aside.
      (Is the sky really falling?)

  47. The more I read on this Tim Harris, the more I like. PFF had a 3rd round grade on him. I’m hearing a lot of good things on Kaden Smith and Skule as well. The 6th could be where we see the most value this year….

    Tim Harris, CB, Virginia

    Unfortunately, due to injuries, Harris is the best-kept secret in this year’s draft class. However, he profiles as a guy with prototype size and elite athleticism, who can become a shut-down corner in the NFL. Turn on the tape, and you will see Harris be physical at the line of scrimmage in press, easily mirror routes in man, or even play off-man in zone. He has the requisite length to shut down throwing windows deep outside the numbers, and he also has the explosiveness to come up and make plays on throws underneath. Allowing a passer rating against of only 52.0 and a catch rate of 48.7%, Harris earned a 2018 coverage grade of 87.1 – good for seventh among all outside cornerbacks in this draft class. – PFF

    1. Yep. If he can stay healthy, I think we might have a very good CB. Check out his highlight reel.

    2. I remember reading about the 49ers showing interest at his pro day (per Tony Pauline) and thought he could be an interesting target, but expected the team would take a CB before then. Definitely an intriguing pick with upside.

  48. i don’t get why few are not happy…..this is the best 49er draft in a very long time…

    We solved 2 (WR, DE) major needs with top players in their position……..a WR/RB/TE/FB in kshan offense…..a pass catching/blocking TE…..the best punter…….and OL, DB, LB depth……what else do we need?

    I am glad they didn’t waste high pick on a DB or S……lets see what this group can do with a real pass rush……..

      1. Interesting. Mayock did exactly what I advocated. Trade back multiple times, and still get the player they coveted, while garnering more picks.

          1. Just shows that it can be done. Niners obviously need to employ that strategy, instead of reaching for 493 and 438 ranked players.

  49. So while I didnt love the mid to late round picks. Im curious to know if I can draft better than John Lynch. So without further adieu here is how I would have drafted.

    1. Nick Bosa – actual Nick Bosa
    2. Greedy Williams – actual Deebo Samuel
    3. Connor McGovern – actual Jalen Hurd
    4. Amani Oruwariye – actual Mitch Wishnowsky
    5. Kelvin Harman – actual Greenlaw
    6. David Sills – actual Kaden Smith
    7. Isiah Prince – actual Justin Skule
    8. Jordan Brown – actual Tim Harris

    Note I ended up drafting 3 dbs, 2wrs, 1 de, and 2 OL.

  50. My analysis of the Picks.
    1. Bosa – Good pick, but the reality is the niners basically couldn’t screw this up…. He and Q were the consensus best players. Grade A
    2. Deebo – I like Deebo, and understand the selection but I believe there were better options on the boar. Grade B
    3. Hurd – He is an intriguing pick based on height weight and speed. If only he didn’t play struggle to separate and catch contested balls or catch the ball period. This was a luxury pick but at least Kyle seems to have a plan for him… its only because of this that I give the pick a C-
    4. Mitch Wishnowsky – A punter at the top of the 4th round on a team that needs help at db, safety, IOL, at least wait until the 5th round.I guess they expect to be punting a lot? Grade D-
    5. Dre Greenlaw – an undersized, slow coverage linebacker??? Grade D
    6. Kaden Smith – This pick at least makes sense he will be an upgrade from Celek. Grade B
    7. Justin Skule – Another pick that at least makes sense even if I think they had better selections available. Grade B-
    8. Tim Harris – Sure why not wait until the final pick to draft an injury prone player at a position of need. At least they see they need to upgrade this area. Grade C

    My biggest problem is that once again they ignored their biggest area of need and appear to grossly overvalu guys they are targeting. I just don’t see a real plan to improve the roster once you get past the obvious selections.

    1. Yeah, I feel somewhat the same about the draft.

      Overall I like what the 49ers have done this offseason, bar one glaring concern – not really addressing the secondary. I get the idea of wanting to see what they have in the young guys they have drafted. I really do, and in fact it is something I said a few times over the past few months. But just because you want to see what you’ve got doesn’t mean its a good idea to basically ignore the position.

      The first principle should be that until you know you’ve got a position covered, you need to keep using resources to address it. The 49ers had the worst secondary in the NFL last year. All they have done at that position is add a guy that’s barely played for 3 years and a 6th round pick. That’s scary.

      I know the people that hate to hear anything negative will point to the improved pass rush, a hope for better health, and a hope for the young guys to improve as validation to the approach the 49ers have taken. But the old adage is hope for the best, plan for the worst. The 49ers haven’t done that. If the 49ers secondary plays well next year it isn’t a sign of good strategy, its the team getting lucky that banking on hopes and prayers paid off.

      This is one of the reasons I don’t like what the 49ers did in the draft that much. I don’t mind the players taken, but for a team with still quite a few genuine question marks they drafted like a team that believes it has few. I have also outlined in other posts my concern with their fixating on certain players and unwillingness to risk losing them, which lends itself to overspending what are limited resources and not finding value.

      Anyway, despite those concerns I have little doubt the team will be much improved in 2019 nonetheless. They have done a lot to improve the squad through FA, trade and the draft. I just hope (as does the 49ers FO) that the minimal resources spent on improving the secondary this offseason doesn’t come back to bite them.

      1. Well said Scooter.
        You have taken the key points of my argument and laid it out far more clearly and concisely than I ever could.

      2. …hope for the best, plan for the worst. The 49ers haven’t done that.

        Well put Scooter. The team did this last year with their draft too and ignored pass rushers. We all saw how this worked out.

        They need good players at key positions and in a pass happy league, to ignore the backfield is just insane.

        They also need depth as injuries continue to be a source of stumbling year after year. Fact is we can expect 15-20 players ending in injured reserve next year.

  51. All is in balance.

    We have contributors who totally hate what the 9ers did with this draft, totally love it, have mixed feelings, etc., etc. Some are open to seeing how this draft class evolves, others couldn’t care less–it’s a failed tire fire. Collectively, we’re fans with many divergent viewpoints–it is what it is. Next stop includes OTAs and prep for training camp–plenty of drama for everyone, with expectations across the spectrum. After that will come preseason games–and we know what that brings…giddy hope, panic, unbridled anger, and some laughs.

    All is in balance.

  52. Grant,
    You wrote that our new punter’s avg might be inflated by his punting at altitude. Do you know if his avg and or hang time are measurably less on the road?

    1. Important too is placement. Wishnowsky is rather good at targeting the kick. His ‘downed inside’ the 20 and 10 stats are quite decent. He could have gained several more yards on many, many occasions, but deliberately didn’t.

      Those who dissect Wishnowsky’s approach to the game should have a conversation with Utah’s HC (Kyle Whittingham) and Special Teams Coach Sharrieff Shah. Utah’s special teams are not treated as an afterthought.

      Grant is kinda lazy in cherry picking punting average (distance) without fully considering the context in which Wishnowsky was directed to perform.

  53. Grant…

    Please open a poll for us to grade the draft, understanding that it’s kinda too early to truly judge the return-on-investment.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. YES……might even be better……imagine a 6′ 5″ 226 lbs player coming out of the backfield into the endzone…….that’s a huge mis-match for any LB…….

    2. Seems like Shanny wants 11 or 21 personnel groupings on the field with multiple mismatches at a time…

      1. Shanny mentioned that with Hurd on the field he can switch from 21 to 11 and vice-versa within the same play and without substituting. I’m not sure how often that is done in the NFL.

  54. hmm…the almighty patriots moved up in the 5th to draft a punter……just for kickoffs

    “The Patriots already have a solid punter in Ryan Allen, but they may have drafted Bailey more for his kickoffs than his punts. Bailey was excellent on kickoffs at Stanford and it’s possible that the Patriots will have Allen punt, Bailey kick off and Stephen Gostkowski handle field goals and extra points, with all three of them active on game days.”

    1. World champs can afford to do that. Though this is speculation, btw. We cannot. We are cellar dwellers (which is who we have picked so high for the last few years).

      1. Successful F.O.s don’t change their drafting philosophies based on their success (just like successful companies do not incorporate wholesale change their product line or personnel after sales hit highs). They double down on their strategy for success.

        As per Michael Lombardi, Bellichick has two key aspects to his drafting philosophy: (1) he drafts to build a team, not to collect an assortment of football talent, and (2) he looks for value buying low. Bellichick spends a lot of time studying film in February and March. His draft action speaks for itself. He took the fifth on a punter because he saw a value pick and someone who would make the team better.

        Niners FO appear to have drafted with a mix of need and value in the four rounds (as unproven and talent-hungry teams have to do), and went for all value picks/BPA in the remaining rounds considering that the later picks may not make the 53 roster.

        It’s interesting that all those Harbaugh fans now criticizing the draft picks forget that Harbaugh was one of the biggest boosters of the importance of special teams for winning . I recall that the earliest improvements I saw back in 2007 at Stanford was in special teams play. It’s reassuring to me that Niners and Pats are going after the same ST players with Pats upping Gostkowski (who looks like Brady to me) to 2 year/$8.5M after Niners made overtures to his agent

        1. Lol, strategies change al the time!

          Apple operates a whole lot differently now than when they were in Steve Jobs garage. They operate differently than she Jobs ran the place even.

          I doubt that BB would take a punter in the 5th if his team where like our team. As you stated, he builds a team, not just collect talent.

      2. World champions become champions because they’re not afraid to take a gamble on a slow QB with the 199 pick in the 2000 draft after going 8-8. The Patriots were far from world champions when they drafted Brady. In fact they went 5-11 after drafting TB.

        Sure Brady was not a punter like MW, but NE went after the player that they wanted and I guess it’s safe to say things worked out well for them.
        The 49ers got who they wanted.
        It’s obviously clear that the 49ers aren’t swayed by the fans, football analyst and Monday morning GMs.

        Look at it like this, the PD Inside the 49ers blog is popular because the 49ers don’t follow our draft, GM and coaching ideas. For the most part, that’s why we show up.

    2. Belichick will make it competitive, then trade away Allen if Bailey punts well, so he gets another draft pick from a team that needs a punter.
      He will probably not keep 2 punters on the team.
      He is just doing what any good coach will do. Get as many draft picks as possible, draft for depth and competition, covering all the positions he deems needing improvement.

  55. A real president would congratulate all of these young men. White, black, democrat, republican, gay or straight.

      1. Name one U.S. President that has singled out a draft choice for a re-election campaign.

        1. The headline pretty much says it all…….

          Donald Trump Dog Whistles to Base Over Nick Bosa

          Its a fact the Right love to defend racists…..this is not a race issue. It’s just a matter of tweeting about celebrities who are his friends or supporters (or both).

          1. It doesn’t change the fact that you are griping about something you want the current President to do white ignoring the fact that no previous President has done it either. If you are going to get after the current President for this, then you need to do so with the previous Presidents who have presided over the country during the NFL Draft era.

          2. Its also a fact that the KKK came out of the Democratic party. You don’t have to like that little bit of trivia-but thats just the way it is.

            Don’t talk in absolutes, oneniner. Both political parties and their followers commit wrongs all day long and are equally worthless. If I could, I would outlaw both of them.

        2. Jack,
          I don’t know of any but if they if they did it would have been Lincoln Kennedy.

        3. The latter part of your statement is your preconceived conclusion, so it merits no response. However, I will answer the first part by pointing out that Barack Obama singled out Michael Sam when he was drafted and did not acknowledge the rest of the prospects drafted that year.

              1. I think it’s germane because of the attacks on President Trump as a dog whistler.

      1. One –
        Yes sir we are back!!

        Week 1: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1:25 P.M., FOX, Sunday, September 8
        Week 2: @ Cincinnati Bengals, 10:00 A.M., FOX, Sunday, September 15
        Week 3: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 1:25 P.M., CBS, Sunday, September 22,
        Week 4: Bye week
        Week 5: vs. Cleveland Browns 5:15 P.M., ESPN, Monday, October 7
        Week 6: @ Los Angeles Rams, 1:05 P.M., FOX, Sunday, October 13
        Week 7: @ Washington, 10:00 A.M., FOX, Sunday, October 20
        Week 8: vs. Carolina Panthers, 1:05 P.M., FOX, Sunday, October 27
        Week 9: @ Arizona Cardinals, 5:20 P.M., FOX, Thursday, October 31
        Week 10: vs. Seattle Seahawks, 5:15 P.M., ESPN, Monday, November 11
        Week 11: vs. Arizona Cardinals, 1:05 P.M., FOX, Sunday, November 17
        Week 12: vs. Green Bay Packers, 1:25 P.M., FOX, Sunday, November 24
        Week 13: @ Baltimore Ravens, 10:00 A.M., FOX, Sunday, December 1
        Week 14: @ New Orleans Saints 10:00 A.M., FOX, Sunday, December 8
        Week 15: vs. Atlanta Falcons, 1:25 P.M., FOX, Sunday, December 15
        Week 16: vs. Los Angeles Rams, TBD, Saturday OR Sunday, December 21/22
        Week 17: @ Seattle Seahawks, 1:25 P.M., FOX, Sunday, December 29

        1. Crab,
          He could have my bike, I just want my chain back – “my grandmama gave me that chain.”

  56. so what if the Dolphins get to pick 1 next yr……Do they pick Tuanigamanuolepola “Tua” Tagovailoa and trade Rosen again……

  57. Yes, the Niners have improved, but the other teams in their division have, too.
    Seahawks went from 4 picks to 11 picks, and got LJ Collier, who is like Michael Bennett. Then they got Metcalf, who may challenge the Niner DBs, and Jennings, who some on this site liked. Marquise Blair and Ben Burr Kirven were also solid pickups.
    Arizona hit a grand slam. They got the best QB in the draft, then a stable of fast WRs- Isabella, Butler and Keesean Johnson. They got good value with Byron Murphy who some said was a first rounder, and Zach Allen was rated high by some pundits. They got a steal in Deionte Thompson, and I had Caleb Wilson in a few of my mocks.
    The Rams were a SB team, so they are already talented. They traded back so they got 3 third round picks, and drafted for depth. They selected Darrell Henderson as the replacement for Gurley. He averaged 8.9 yards per carry over his last 344 attempts.
    The Niners may have improved, but the other teams in their division have also improved. It will be a daunting challenge to stay out of the cellar this season.

    1. Seb

      My biggest complaint is that we still have ‘dead wood’ on the roster…Celek , Thomas, Ward, and perhaps Garnett should have been offered for trade weeks ago…they’re taking up space on the roster that should go to more deserving draftees….

      1. Don’t look at me, I have been advocating trading away players for draft picks for years.
        Thankfully, the Niners bundled a player and a pick, so they know how to do it.
        Looks like Hollins (Denver) and Jelks (Dallas) have found a team.

  58. The game of football is changing, I would assume that the draft would change right with it. Today I have no problem with the entire Niner draft, tomorrow might be a different story. I don’t have the luxury of precognition so I stand by my experience as an optimist – Things are great, sh!t happens.

  59. Despite the few cogent comments offered by the reliable commenters here, an awful lot are whining drivel by those insulted that their Pre-Draft expectations were not met.
    I was out of town and off the grid during the draft. Catching up now and avoiding various sites’ comment sections has been a relief from eye-rolling scrolling ad infinitum. Then I check comments here……..and as expected…….?

    1. THAT is what a whole lot of the pissing and bitching is about–they lost the all important bragging rights about their supposed football acumen!

      We have a few all-world ego’s on this blog that would make Napoleon embarrassed………..on the other hand, they’re a hell of a lot of fun.

  60. Looks like the 49ers are missing out on some valuable intel on here. They’ve taken multiple DB’s the past couple of years, some of which were looking good last season after getting a chance – Marcel Harris, DJ Reed – but they are idiots for not taking more day 3 DB’s according to the experts on here. I think you guys get too wrapped up in names thrown out by the draft wannabe’s on the net and don’t allow for the fact that the NFL guys don’t feel the same way. It’s obvious Greedy Williams was not the hot prospect the draft sites thought he was, and yet we have a guy still longing for him over a perfect fit for the offense in Deebo Samuel. Two biggest problems this team has had the past couple of years are pass rush and Redzone offense. They drafted the best pass rusher in the draft at #2, and added two of the best Redzone weapons in College football in rounds 2-3. That is knowing your weakness’ and doing something about it. It’s also knowing that you have spent a number of picks on young DB’s that are in different stages of development and adding more if you don’t feel the options are better than what you have is not a good strategy. Drafting a Punter in round 4 is not the norm but if you feel he could help you win games and won’t get him with your next pick then you take him. It may be work out and it may not, but day 3 picks are low percentage across the board as far as turning into NFL starters, so at least they know they drafted one even though he’s a Punter. I’ve read some stuff on here for the past few months and you guys really take yourselves way too seriously starting with the blog writer. You don’t know what you think you know and it’s probably best to wait and see how things play out instead of being miserable. Just my two cents.

    1. ‘You won’t get him with your next pick’. Pats picked 15 spots after the Niners picked in the 5th round. They were the only other team to draft a punter. BB would not waste a draft pick to leapfrog ahead of the Niners, because that would be desperate.
      I also wish to respectfully disagree about their weaknesses. They are relying on oft injured hospital Ward and marginal Exum, along with injured Tartt and Colbert. They passed on Juan Thornhill who was an Earl Thomas type of player. They should have drafted Thornhill with their second pick, and selected Deebo with the 67th pick, since he was ranked 78. Even if they missed out on Deebo, there were several good WRs still available.
      Another weakness on the team was their interior OL. behind that line, JG was sacked and harried until he was injured, and CJB was bludgeoned behind that line. Maybe they should have leveraged that precious number 2 overall pick into garnering multiple second round picks, but even if they stuck with Bosa, they should have tried to trade back from 36, and used that extra pick to get a good interior OL.
      Hurd was ranked 313, so he was a reach at 104. They should have been patient, and selected a punter in the 5th round, instead of another reach. Reaching for players ranked 438 and 493, just does not impress me.
      Sure, this draft has a lot of second guessing, but it was also the worst ranked draft in PFF.
      Finally, people come to this blog site to make assessments, opinions and recommendations. It is not officially connected to the 49er team and FO. It is also a place to vent, and some use it to throw snark and screeds. It is a place to discuss strategy and gain insights, because there are many knowledgeable football posters on here. It is also the hard edged place, separate from the sunshine and rainbow sites, with their sickly sweet saccharine shtick. I come here to hear the unvarnished truth, and avoid the pom pom waving homers on the other sites.
      Glad you gave your opinion, and I agree, we will not know how good or bad this draft class is until we see them play. I am not miserable at all, I leave that to my detractors. That is my 2 cents.

      1. Sebnynah,

        Thank you for respectfully disagreeing, but you are an example of what I’m referring to above. You are basing your opinions on draft rankings from an internet site which have no bearing on where players are rated in the eyes of NFL teams. If Juan Thornhill was an Earl Thomas caliber player he would have been drafted higher. He wasn’t so whatever website told you he was, was mistaken. Trading down wasn’t much of an option according to John Lynch – you have to have someone wanting to trade up – so staying at 2 and taking Bosa was their only play other than taking Williams, who also would have been a good pick.

        We can disagree on the biggest weakness’ the team had going in, but it’s obvious the Niners focused on pass rush and Red zone with their first 3 picks. Hurd is just scratching the surface of what he can be as a multifaceted weapon and will be used extensively in the Red Zone while Samuel is a stud after the catch and in the Red zone. Put your internet wannabe rankings away and look at the players actual NFL Personnel departments decided were the best options. If they don’t work out you can complain until your hearts content, but until then give these guys a chance.

        1. Not an expert-
          Yes and No:
          Yes I agree with all your points on your two posts above.
          No, it does not make sense to try and reason with this character. He lives in a fantasized world where whatever sources he finds have the rock-solid unassailable absolute Platonic Truth in writing, and once he references them it’s ‘Debate Over.
          Remember what Mark Twain opined about arguing with fools.

        2. NAE, if you look at Draftek, they missed 2 players in the top 100. Emmanuel Hall and Martez Ivy. In the next 100, two thirds were chosen, and in the 200-300 range, one third were chosen.
          They were pretty accurate, but of course, it is an inexact science, and you expect some novice to be totally wired into the system. It is just my opinion, and I use Draftek not as a bible, but just as a guide. I could use a lot of other draft big boards, but Draftek goes up to 400, and mirrors my opinion about certain players. They were the one that had Murray at 4. Some had him out of the first round.
          Chris Lindstrom was ranked 32 on Draftek and some had him at 50. Clelin Ferrell was at 8, but others had him around 16 to 21. None of the draft boards were exact, and none were the same as a team’s draft board. I concede I was not privy to the Niner one, but think Draftek was superior to theirs. Reaching for 313 and 398 ranked players were head scratchers, and you must admit that drafting a punter in the 4th round happens only once every decade.
          If trading down was not an option, why did JL say he was open for business? Too bad he declared only to take deals that were too good to be true. Maybe he should have taken fair deals.
          In the end, he did trade back, getting more picks, and even bundled a player and pick. JL did exercise that option, because it was a smart thing to do, but even if Bosa was set, they easily could have moved back from 36, and still could have selected Deebo.
          Thanks for the vigorous debate. I am not an expert by any means, but just have a strong opinion.

          1. Sebbie…

            You actually take the ‘in public’ musings of an NFL GM literally….in the days leading up to the draft? Really?

            Did you just fall off the back of a turnip truck?

            Were you physically present in the 9ers draft room as the rounds went by? Listened to every phone call, read every text and email?

            1. I wish I had the 30,000 grand or so that it cost to be present in that room. I would’ve went nuts!

            2. Well, I took Gettleman ‘s assertions and thought the exact opposite. ‘I will concentrate on fixing the defense, I will not reach’.
              JL said he was prepared to stand pat, and select Q Williams or Bosa, unless he got a proposal too good to be true. Guess they were all false.

      2. Sebs-

        In response to your rant, it is appropriate for me to quote my favorite educator-Dean Wurmer- and remind you that as the season plays out……….”you’ll get your chance, smart guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    2. Lynch could’ve have waited a round, maybe two, got a punter and a Stanford punter at that. Missed out.

        1. Don’t get me started. By the way, you need to stay from the Black Bear diner in the 3rd week of May.

      1. Cap,
        I see your reasoning.
        But is there anyone who can guarantee without hesitation that MW would have been around until the 5th to 6th rd?

        We needed a Punter and went out and got the best, who can possibly also bring a little versatility to the position.

        A month ago many of the football analyst were touting DK as the best WR in the draft. He went 64 in the 2nd rd.
        The 49ers viewed Deebo as their best man for the position and went out and got him.

        They needed an Edge and went out and got the best.

        No other player in the draft had the versatility of Jalen Hurd. So if you measure a player based on versatility, the 49ers got the best.

        We could spend all day arguing over who the 49ers should have drafted.
        I’m inclined to believe that they got the players they wanted, and I can’t fault them for that.

        I could fault the Org for drafting players over the last two years that have not matched their draft number, but I can’t fault the Org for players they just drafted who have yet to play.

        1. I was joking a bit on the punter tip. Shanahan is a great, great coach, John Lynch is the next coming of John McVay and three straight Super Bowls are on the way. So says Captain Nostradamus!

          QUATRAIN 2049
          In the City of Angels
          on the last weekend of the Fall
          a ram is slaughtered and
          gold is struck when the new temple is re-opened.

      2. Capt S

        A slight correction , if I may… not every Stanford FB player shows up in the winners circle….LOOK AROUND….

  61. The player that intrigues me the most is Jalen Hurd.
    Shanahan is going to use his versatility to make him a SAK star.

    I could already envision Hurd being a Red Zone terror. Line him up in the read/option inside the 10. Will he run or maybe even throw? Go double TE or Slot alignment? Go wide out and simply out jump the CB? The RZ possibilities will have Shanahan salivating.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if we are talking more about Jalen at the end of the season than any other player we drafted.

    1. He is the x-factor. He kept Kamara on the bench too while he was there. I thought bird was the word, but it may turn out that Hurd is the word.?

    2. Hurd is intriguing and could develop and become a good receiver. But he has some major questions also… like why does 6’4”, 230 lb wide receiver have so much trouble catching contested balls… the only player worse than him at this was 5’9” 160 lb Hollywood Brown. Is that a red zone target?

      1. Shoup,
        You’re right.
        But we don’t know at the moment if Hurd is a star, bust or a marginal player.
        What I do believe is Shanahan is already devising a number of plays for him.

        1. AES,
          Shanahan is the reason I didn’t hate the pick… I believe if anyone can get him uncontested catches where his run after the catch ability ( which is special ) will be maximized it will be Kyle.
          Also Hurd is still very raw so there is significant upside down the line.

    1. Razor:
      * Why should I cry for Bradbury, the Rimington Trophy winner for the nation’s top 2018 center?
      * Operative word “COULD” play guard. As they say in Indiana, the proof is on you, pudding. Well that’s close…lol

            1. Razor
              * “It’s called deep poop while you talked your chit.” lmao!
              * So how’s the world look to you, when viewed thru your belly button?

              1. I alway look on the bright side of life, but as soon as your dying, the light begins to fade.

    1. What do you think of the UDFAs?

      I think the U of AZ safety Demetrius Flannigan-Fowleshas potential, good chance of making the practice squad.

  62. Grant, a friend of mine is a works in the administration office at university of Michigan and he knows warde Manuel pretty well and is an acquaintance of Harbaugh’s. In light of our recent disagreement I asked him if he got the chance to ask Harbaugh what he thought of you.

    He said that he did and Harbaugh called you”a pain in the butt that knows nothing about football”… he went on to refer to you as “arrogant” and “pretentious”.

    I really did not want to post this because I feel bad for you….

    1. JH never liked the press, and his pressers were like he was enduring an inquisition. JH adhered to what BW said about the press. A necessary evil, filled with very smart people asking probing questions, and ready for the Gotcha moments. BW wanted to be suave, unflappable, self assured , confident and always positive, because he understood their motivation, trying to do their job. Sure, he was polite to the press while here, but in Michigan, he does not need to play nice. He is king over there.
      What else is new, many dislike Grant’s confrontational demeanor. Chip would not answer his questions. No wonder Chip lasted only one year. Grant is a professional, and asks the tough questions, he is not there to lob lollipops. KS started out snarky, but it made him look mean, so he toned it down.
      Maybe your friend should ask JH what he thought of TK.

      1. Seb-

        must you be reminded daily-Grant is an adult, a lightning rod by design, and is more than capable of taking care of himself??

        Sheesh!!!!!!!!!! Like a mother defending her small child………..

        1. ‘What else is new, many dislike Grant’s confrontational demeanor.’
          That is like a mother defending her small child ? That is just being realistic.

  63. Well, Vegas says 8 wins total for the 49ers. Sounds about right if everything goes right, which it hardly ever does. But somewhere between 6-8 sounds right. Four wins if the wheels fall off.

    At what point could Lynch or Shanahan be on the hot seat? For example, I think of the team wins only two games, one if not two of these guys are gone.

    1. SY,
      Garoppolo, McKinnon back. Tevan, Alexander, Ford, Bosa, Deebo. We already look much better than last year.
      I know it’s just me, but I don’t see the wheels falling off.

      1. AES
        * Hate to say it, but the difference between 4W – 12L and 10W – 6L, could all come down to who is riding the pine on IR

        1. GEEP,
          I hear you. But we don’t know what we don’t know. Like with every sport, injuries happen. You just hope for the best.

          1. Which is why you plan for the worst (get good quality backups for key positions – not just other position players who have a limited tool set, or a specific tool set) and hope for best.

            There will be between 15-20 IR entrants. Do we have enough to get over that hump?

    2. With the return of Jimmy G. I think the Niners improved more than anyone in the division from last year. However, I must say I think Arizona had the best draft in the division and it wasn’t close.

      1. I’d agree with your AZ take had they significantly upgraded their pedestrian-at-best OL.

        Kingsbury isn’t the next Sean McVay in my opinion.

        Guess we’ll see how all this turns out in another eight months.

  64. Well, I’m not exactly a big defender of Coach/GM GC, not because of his knowledge of football or lack of, but rather his seemingly ultra biased coverage of the Niners. He is actually pretty smart concerning football in my HO. I just wish he would be a little more balanced. Having said that, Harbaugh in my view is a big D-Head. Always has been. Always will be. He probably has something negative to say about his mother. This is a guy that, first, removed one of the greatest running backs of all time (Gore) from the SB when the Niner’s had first and goal from the seven, after he just had a huge long run and could have stayed in because he was, as usual, in great game shape, ran little LaMichael James up the middle for two yards on first and goal, then asked one of the greatest running QB’s of all time, but one of the most inaccurate QB’s in the league, to throw 3 passes in a row from five yards out! He lost the SB with his idiotic calls. STFU Harbaugh. Your a moron.

    1. Juan, before you jump at Harbaugh’s throat let me give you some context. Grant and I recently had an argument where i took issue with his writing style. I pointed out that he neither sources his information nor does he provide stats and do real analysis. Rather than arguing the point with me grant just kept trying to rip Kyle Shanahan. I said that he hates Shanahan because Shanahan has no respect for him. He then countered by saying that good coaches like Harbaugh respect him.

      I then sourced information… something he’s yet to do as a reporter and came up with this.

      Whether you agree with me or not is moot. If you enjoy grants content, awesome for you! I tend to agree with 49ers42 below and think that he is all about clicks. I find grant to be a fan like one of us and it’s a platform due to nepotism to write rather than a professional reporter or journalist or columnist.

      That is just me….

      1. I agree with you 100% Niners, and 49ers42. I’m EXACTLY where you guys are on GC. I just don’t like Harbaugh. Never have. Yes, he’s a good football coach (not great in my view) and had a few good years for this organization before his often seen shelf life came do. You just struck a nerve. :)

        1. I am not the biggest Harbaugh fan either. I though refs gave us a raw deal a lot because he through so many tantrums. They are human after all.

          I also think that he was a bit lucky as the coach of the niners. He could never win he big game or against Pete Carroll(we saw a similar thing against urban Meyer and osu). He took over a 49ers team that had talent everywhere and just needed a decent coach. He had no offensive creativity as an offensive coach and instead relied on having an expensive defensive coordinator with a loaded defense(similar thing in Michigan).

          Mcvay is similar in this sense. He took over a loaded loaded roster. He is a good coach as well, but I do think he’s a little overrated. We will find out how good he is this year because it will be difficult to bounce back after getting destroyed in the Super Bowl.

          1. Niner
            * “It will be difficult to bounce back after getting destroyed in the Super Bowl.”
            * Not to mention the key players McVay / Rams lost as free agents.

      2. Niners, sounds like you are well connected, but I remember a time when Grant called up JH . I am not sure, but I think it had to do with Kaep. JH was gracious, open, and polite to Grant, and they had a good interview. JH did not blow off Grant, and they were both professional. Do not think they had another one, but JH seemed accessible and willing to have another one.

    2. Juan, I will defend JH. Sure, he does have an ego, and his motivational tools had grown stale, but he still is a heck of a football coach. Michigan, with their high academic standards, precludes players who would rather go to football factories. Still, he is attracting strong recruiting classes, and once he finds a good QB, will be making waves in the college championships.
      JH has a knack to attract good coaches, too. Vic Fangio, and now Don Brown, are excellent coaches. JH also took a struggling mediocre Niner team, and went to 3 NFCC Games with basically the same players Singletary failed with.
      Yes, JH did have his flaws. His game management was sub par. He wasted way too many time outs. He settled for field goals. I would grind my teeth over the Delay of Game penalties. Greg Roman did not help.
      Sadly I will have to agree with you about the SB. 5 yards from winning it all, and Frank Gore was used as a decoy. JH actually called a time out just before Kaep strolled into the end zone. JH deserves some of the blame for that heartbreaker.

  65. Grant is fine. He is doing his job which is to generate hits on this site which increases ad revenue.
    If his response to a draft choice was:” Well, that is interesting, but it’s hard to see how this will help the team.” he would get few hits. Instead if he writes: “OMG! this choice was terrible, the Niners have no idea how a draft works”, he will get a bigger response.
    He is just chumming the waters and waiting for the sharks to rise to the bait.

    I think this draft will probably turn out ok, hard to say now. I think the biggest issue is health. The Niner’s have to avoid losing so many players to injury. If they don’t they will be drafting in the top 5 again next year. If they do, I can see around 10 wins in 2019. They were only blown out in about 4 games last year with the JV team playing. If they can stay healthy there should be a big improvement.

    1. Exactly you hit it on the money. He is all about clicks.

      I personally think that it is impossible to evaluate the draft immediately. We really cannot know what the draft is going to be. To me this is already a good draft because the niners got the best or second best player in the draft(based on your digression). I think the reason they stayed away from drafting secondary players is because their secondary is largely an unknown. That makes sense to me. The secondary players in the middle of the draft would’ve fit amongst Ahkello Witherspoon and trevarious Moore. That doesn’t make the 49ers better.

      To me the patriots drafts are always overrated. If you research their picks, they actually do not pick that well. Belichick the gm has picked a lot of busts Dominique Easley and ras I dowling to name a few. They are bailed out by having Brady and Belichick the coach. That is truly a unique situation.

      1. Stop the presses! A blog site likes clicks!
        Sorry, could not resist. ;p
        Pats are consistently picking around 30, so they miss out on those early can’t miss elite prospects. They always have a bad draft position, but they also are a perennial playoff team vying for the SB. Kinda like the Niners and their Glory Years.
        Belichick and Walsh have/had a good eye for talent. sure, they had busts, but one cannot deny their successes.

        1. Sebbie nobody is denying the pats success. Belichick is the greatest ever. I am just merely pointing out that the draft is a crapshoot. Unless you draft a player with noticeable character issues ala Reuben foster most of these prospects are a product of their environment and system in the pros.

          1. Niners, I am liking you more and more.
            I will be the first to admit I am just speculating, and the draft is a crapshoot. I use the internet draft boards because they are a good reference tool that helps create parameters.
            However, Grant does have some football acumen. He was prescient about Tytus Howard, who went 23rd. New England moved up to take Jojuan Williams at 45, and Belichick liked Jarret Stidham, another of Grant’s gems, and took him at 133. Seattle took Gary Jennings at pick 120. Darrin Hall signed with the Browns. Malik Wilson was the lone gem that has not been drafted or signed, so Grant is not infallible.

    2. Branch and Maiocco got plenty of “hits” while being more journalistic instead of antagonistic.

  66. Wave bah bye to Dunbar, Smallwood, Igwebuike, Onwualu, McFadden, Vogel and Williams Jr.!

  67. The Bosa Constrictor had a 93.4 career pass-rushing grade for his career. The highest in 5 years of PFF grading at the college level.

    Samuel broke 21 tackles (fifth-most in the country) on 62 catches.

    1. Bosa is an incredible player…. I am not surprised. I never understood the hate of him on this blog. He brings fire and passion something our defense severely lacked. He showed on tape that he’s a complete edge player. I personally was ecstatic because the niners missed out on Joey Bosa, Myles Garrett, and Bradley Chubb. We finally got the elite pass rusher.

      I never understood the Josh Allen hype. His production in the sec was outstanding and he seems to be a good player but he reminded me more of Anthony Barr. I think he might end up being an off ball linebacker in the nfl just like Barr. This is solely because he he lacks flexibility on the edge as well as good hand usage.

      I was a bit Brian burns fan. He reminded me a lot of Jevon Kearse.

      1. I completely agree. I suspect some hated Bosa in here because I liked him early, and then they found out he was a President Trump supporter. Today, if you have a differing opinion you’re labeled a racist, or even worse, a white hood wearer….

        1. Figures. I am actually a pretty liberal person, and I do not support trump. At the same time I am not going to hate on those that do support him. I am sick of liberals who question people because of their beliefs. To me that’s flat out arrogant. Neither side has been proven to be correct.

          Honestly I think the bosa hate was perpetuated by Grant. He thinks that by being a contrarian he’s the smartest man in the room. The only concern for me with bosa was injury, but honestly you can’t anticipate players getting hurt. Adrian Peterson was always nicked in college, but as a violent high collision running back he played 15-16 games for about 7-8 years and he’s still going. The injuries in football are such freak accidents that it’s difficult to name people injury prone.

          1. Grant participated in and perpetuated a twitter smear campaign against Bosa with his tweets right before the draft, and then proceeded to take a cheap shot at Maiocco for his in depth article on Bosa. I cannot respect that type of behavior….

            1. I think we can all agree Grant isn’t the brightest. A lot of us are on this blog because we started reading before grant got here. Grant is mostly just here because of his father. I agree with you that I cannot respect that behavior from him. I am sick of people digging up things that 16-17 year old kids say and smearing them before the most important day of their lives. It’s a messed up part of society and it’s really weak.

              1. Niners, I will vigorously push back on the nepotism charge.
                Grant has taken the ball, and ran with it. He has achieved a lot, but that is due to the merits of his writing. I really do like his writing, because I appreciate good writing, and am sick and tired of bad writing. Grant writes with an edge, and he is not afraid to beard the lion in his den. Grant is plenty bright, and he gets to the nitty gritty. He gives insights on the salient points, and gets to the heart of the matter. Grant does not keep his job because of his father, since Lowell is retired. Grant can stand on his own 2 feet, and he is carving his own career by himself.

        2. Yeah I think there’s some of that Razor, but I think on top of that is the bad taste Joey’s holdout left in everyone’s mouth, along with Grant’s “factual” opinions.

          By the way I’m about as conservative as they get, and I ain’t white.

    1. Cowherd makes my point. The first two picks alone make this draft an A on paper.

    2. “Deboo has a chance to be an Antonio Brown type player”. Wow, that’s high praise.

    3. Cowherd’s my boy, but I take everything he says with a grain of salt. He tends to make a decision and hold it as fact, and finds every piece of evidence proving his point, and ignoring everything and everyone else. Hhhmmm reminds me of someone.

  68. Razor:
    I can’t stand Trump, my concerns about Bosa are health which I think will not be much more of a concern than for most players and the contract. Joey held out, I have read the Bosa family really pushes the envelope on contracts. I want a first rounder to sign and want to stay with the team.
    Overall I am happy with the pick and I don’t dislike him because I disagree with him on politics.

    1. 49er42, I want to go on record and assure you that there will be no hold out by Nick. I feel like he’ll be signed with no problem or delay. Our front office gets a lot of flak, and deservedly so some times, but I think for the most part we’re on the level and don’t really try to BS players around like the Chargers front office….

        1. Seb, let me try and explain what happened with Joey and the Chargers. His agent was trying to make a name for himself by playing hardball, but he forgot that the collective bargaining agreement leaves his client without much leverage. Secondly, he forgot about compromise. His name was Brian Ayrault. Joey then got rid of him. Not CAA, but he got a different one of their agents and a deal got done. This is what the Chargers owner had to say afterward, “I prefer to keep the details quiet, but I would like to thank Todd France for his professionalism and his help in getting this deal done.” I don’t think we’re going to have any problems at all….

          1. That may be true, but I also look at what happened with Pettis. Maybe they should get Joan in accounting to draw up a fair deal to get the job done quickly.

            1. We don’t know who represented Pettis within CAA, but I do know one thing; McGlinchey was represented by CAA too, and he signed before Pettis….

  69. DE Nick Bosa-97
    WR Deebo Samuel-19
    WR Jalen Hurd-17
    P Mitch Wishnowsky-6
    LB Dre Greenlaw-57
    TE Kaden Smith-89
    OT Justin Skule-67
    CB Tim Harris-35

    I hope Bosa wears Bryant Young’s number well even though it’s Bosa’s fathers number too.

  70. I think Deebo and Pettis Combo will cause a lot of problems for NFL teams. Add Kittle and a stable of RBs good luck.

    1. Offense should be offensive, while the new Ford Bosa/Buckner/Alexander combo’s should give OC’s migraines.

  71. Question…. Are 9er rookies and others coming into Santa Clara this weekend for the usual post-draft workouts?

  72. The first 2020 mock draft is out on the Athletic by Dana Brugler. Niners pick CB Bryce Hall of Virginia at #18. He is almost right. I have the Niners picking CB Paulson Adebo at #15. I like the idea of Debo matched up in practice against Adebo.

    1. What about the LSU kid, Delpit? He’d be my 1st round waaaaaaaaaaaay too early pick.

      1. He’s my early favourite, but I am already mentally preparing myself for not taking him because the FO believes in their current guys… :-P

        1. I think FS will be their piece de resistance defensively, and it looks as though the time may be right in 2020. Makes total sense given their front to back philosophy….

    2. The team could also sign a CB in free agency if they need to. Guys like Marcus Peters and Byron Jones are among the CBs expected to be available in 2020.

  73. 2019 Defensive Starters……

    Bosa, Nick
    Armstead, Arik
    Buckner, DeForest
    Ford, Dee
    Warner, Fred
    Alexander, Kwon
    Smith, Malcolm
    Sherman, Richard
    Moore, Tarvarius
    Harris, Marcell
    Ward, Jimmie

    1. Nick Bosa
      DJ Jones
      Deforest Buckner
      Dee Ford
      Fred Warner
      Kwon Alexander
      Elijah Lee
      Jason Verrett
      Tarvarius Moore
      Jaquiski Tartt
      Richard Sherman.

      1. Who is your SS?

        I knew you were clueless….how is dj Jones going to beat out 9m Armstead?

        Elijah Lee is currently 3rd string…

        It’s obvious you are not a 49er fan….just a fan of the blog….

        1. Tartt as the SS. They move Sherman to FS like they did with Ronnie Lott.
          DJ Jones is a better NT in the base defense.I do not give a crepe how much a player is paid.
          Elijah Lee played way better than Smith. I would rather they play Pita, than Smith.
          I just want the Niners to win. Guess you cannot handle that.

  74. Razor
    I hope your right.
    I want Bosa to be a leader. I would love to see the Niners have Justin Smith come to training camp and mentor him.

    1. Justin Smith is a different kind of player, they need 97 to come mentor him. BY was a better player at getting after the qb. Nicky needs to be a leader and get after the qb. Who better to help him along than the original 97 himself

  75. Bosa is a slam dunk stud.

    Deebo could outshine the home field Sun.

    But the draft pivots on Hurd. If he is the Silicon Valley hybrid he’s got the potential to be, well, those three picks could make this a really good draft. But they all have to click even more than Grant’s posts.

    Make a Wishnowsky will be a kooky afterthought if those three rise.

    If they don’t, Marshawn won’t be the only Lynch out of work in the Bay Area.

  76. How to feel better about the draft

    1) Watch Hurd’s highlights. Be sure to include year’s 2015 through 2018.

    2) Draw a formation with
    Jimmy G at Quarterback
    Hurd at H-Back or Slot
    Kittle at TE
    McKinnon at RB
    Pettis at WR
    Deebo or Goodman at WR

    3) Pretend you are an opposing team’s defensive coordinator trying to decide which personnel package to deploy.

    4) Repeat

    I didn’t get anything close to the draft I was hoping for, but that doesn’t mean I dislike the new players. It will be a fun season.

    1. I would treat this lineup as 11 (maybe 12) personnel and I wouldn’t care if they lined up in a two back set. So I would play them with a nickle package. Hurd concerns me more as a Running back than as a wide receiver and McKinnon worries me more as wide receiver than Hurd. I don’t consider either one of them as blocking backs.

      In the Red Zone… I prefer Hurd with Juice on the field.

  77. How bout an early 2019 prediction. Wishnowsky will be a top 5 punter but that won’t be what we are talking about by seasons end. He will take off and pick up a minimum of 5 first downs running. He is an unusual athlete for a punter, his punts will keep us in games but his ability to run may actually win a couple of games for us. He may be the difference between the playoffs or not.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you, OC, but teams are specifically going to scheme to not allow him to run, and more likely, devise schemes that try to block the punt.
      They blocked 3 of his punts last season.

      1. Seb,
        I hope teams devise ways to stop him from running because if they do their punt returns will be terrible. If teams change their punt return strategy to stop the rum Wishnowsky will lead the league in punting by a large margin.

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