49ers practice highlights

SANTA CLARA – Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s practice.


1. RB Kendall Hunter. Led all members of the first-team offense with five touches during team drills (Carlos Hyde and Anquan Boldin each had three touches – tied for second-most on the first team). One of Hunter’s touches was a catch on a screen play, and another was an eight-yard touchdown run on a stretch-zone run to the left. He seems like a lock to make the team.

2. RG Ian Silberman. Started at right guard in place of Marcus Martin, who started at center in place of Joe Looney, who had started at center all offseason. But Looney was no good, and it appears the coaching staff has seen enough of him. Expect Martin to start at center Week 1, and Ian Silberman to start at right guard. Silberman played 25 snaps at right guard against the Cowboys on Sunday, and earned a plus-1.6 grade from Pro Football Focus.

3. RCB Kenneth Acker. Replaced Keith Reaser as the starting right cornerback in the base defense, while Reaser got demoted to left cornerback in the sub-packages—Acker’s job last week. From what I could tell, Acker was not targeted once during team drills. Quarterbacks stayed away from his coverage.

4. RILB Michael Wilhoite. Played every snap at inside linebacker next to NaVorro Bowman with the first-team defense, even though Wilhoite missed the first three weeks of training camp with a muscle strain and today was his first day back. I guess the Niners don’t view Nick Moody as a starter.

5. FS Jimmie Ward. Vernon Davis was running a crossing route along the back boundary of the end zone, and he was open. But Colin Kaepernkick didn’t see him right away – Davis was the second read. Once Kaepernick spotted Davis, Kaepernick stared him down for a second before throwing the ball. Jimmie Ward, the free safety, had been staring at Kaepernick the whole time. Before Kaepernick released the ball, Ward broke toward Davis and was standing in front of him when it arrived. Easy interception.


1. WR Torrey Smith. Left the practice field early and did not participate during team drills – he participated only during individual drills. Smith spent the final half hour of practice in the weight room doing lunges while holding a medicine ball. After practice a member of the 49ers’ P.R. staff said Smith was receiving treatment for a sore knee.

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    1. Hi Grant,

      Bleacher report is giving the 49ers a power ranking of 32! Would you agree with that??

      1. Bleacher Report just proved they are idiots. The idea the Niners are the 32nd ranked team is laughable and only justifiable if one has a complete bias against the team. No one that has done any homework or follows the team would agree with that.

  1. Not sure how you can view Hunter as a lock to make the 53 given the competition and what Hayne has been doing there and what Hunter hasn’t been…

    1. They plan to run the ball a lot and probably carry 5 backs. Hunter is more than likely an insurance policy on Bush. Hayne will make this team as a returner….

      1. I remember how last season’s running back group seemed to melt away. I definitely want them to keep Hunter.

        1. Good point Brodie. RB can be a position that gets hit hard by injuries. In saying that, I’m not sure you need to keep 5 RBs on the roster (not including the FB). I guess it comes down to whether the team thinks Hayne can play as a RB in a pinch or not, or whether he is just a return specialist this year.

        2. Hunter is a good possibility to make the team…saying he’s a LOCK is imo presumptuous but this is Grant we’re talking about.

        3. B2W,
          I thought we made a pack not to mention Hunter in TC this year (lol, jk).

          Actually like you, I want to see what Hunter can do playing with a healthy body – because when healthy he can be a asset to this team.
          Ok, enough said about KH.

          1. AES- That’s the questionable word- when healthy. We know what he is capable of. We don’t know if he is capable of finishing a season even with limited touches. He is one of the RB’s who Brodie mentioned “who melts away during the season.”

    2. I think with this coaching crew we need to relearn how they are valuing players. We assume because someone’s not practicing that they are on the bubble and that doesn’t seem to be the case with either Wilhoite or Hunter. Seems like they are bringing them back slowly and know what they have in them compared to Moody and or Davis or others.

  2. Silberman, graduated from the Gibson school of ZBS at BC, and was someone I gave a slim chance to open some eyes during training camp. Smiths’ injury probably slows the development of chemistry with Kaepernick. I like the approach this coaching staff has demonstrated thus far….

    1. Silberman appears to have steadily been improving each week. Good sign for the rookie that he’s getting reps with the 1st team. Whether he ends up starting or not, you’d like to think a guy they wanted to see get reps with the 1s is a guy they are interested in keeping around.

      1. Amazing how things shake out in TC.
        A few weeks ago Trenton Brown was being lauded as a possible player o be reckoned with. Now, Silberman is the frontrunner.
        Glad to know that TC and not pre training camp hype is still the litmus test for all young aspiring players.

        1. Brown has fantastic feet for a man that size. He’ll get another opportunity next year….

  3. Re: Hunter – “He seems like a lock to make the team.” I find that interesting on the same day both Matt’s kept him off their projected 53 and Maiocco in today’s chat called him the ‘surprise’ veteran cut.

        1. Not 3 weeks into training camp. At this point, you are doing everything you can to prepare for week 1 and the season. Its why the 3rd preseason game is known as the final dress rehearsal for the final 53 guys.

        2. If that was all it was, he wouldn’t have played with the first team. He looked good, by the way.

          1. I agree Grant. The way they’ve treated Hunter (and Bush) with the limited reps suggests they intend on having them around on the final roster. I would imagine they wouldn’t be as careful with those two as they have been if that wasn’t the case.

            1. Niner Gang- I don’t believe Bush is coming off of an injury like Hunter is. Big difference.

      1. Thanks for that feedback. Its why I like reading all of you guys. Different eyes different takes.

      2. Or they could be giving him lots of playing time to increase the chances of shipping him in a trade

    1. Hunter was on Maiocco’s projected roster

      I think Hunter makes it. They’ve been holding him out to save him for the regular season and easing him back from the knee injury.

      Silberman is a nice surprise if he’s really playing well enough to start. That doesn’t bode well for Looney’s future on this team.

    2. It was an easy call for both Matt’ to make regarding Hunter given the fact that he has hardly had any work in TC up until today.
      Hunter’ biggest nemesis has been staying healthy. If he can get through TC without being injured he will make the team.

      1. Bush and Hunter are glass. Let’s hope they can combine for an entire year, or until the Runaway Hayne is ready for take off….

        1. What good is it to hold out an injury prone player because you don’t want to see him get injured in training camp if he then gets injured once he faces contact? Then like last season, you have an injured player who took the roster spot of a player you lost through waivers. It’s ok when you have enough roster spots for players you want to keep, but when you have a bunch of good players who are fighting for limited spots does it make sense? Hunter, despite his ability, has not shown he can play for any extended time without getting a season ending injury. Is what he adds to the team worth the trade off. If he were a starter, yes! But he isn’t the starter.

          1. I suspect that with Hunter they are giving him touches in practice because they want to see what he has this coming game. Then they will decide his future on the team. I don’t think he is a lock at all. This coming game will help to make up their mind about him. If he was a lock they wouldn’t play him much untill the regular season.

  4. After all the concerns with the CBs this year, could it actually be possible the team will be better off than last season with the three young corners they drafted in 2014 looking pretty decent?

      1. I know, but the rhetoric this offseason regarding the CBs has mostly been they will be rubbish. The whole fear of the unknown thing again. Who knows, maybe when the real stuff starts they won’t be any good, but so far they are looking alright.

        1. I don’t think you want to go into a season with so much inexperience at a position, but in this case it might work out for the 9ers at CB. If it does we will have to give Baalke the CB scouting title. 3 second year CB’s playing vital roles would be quite the accomplishment.

        2. Baalke has been very good at picking up talent for the D overall. Whether it by thru FA or UDFA or low picks at the DB positions. He has also done well with the OLB and ILB to a lesser degree. Four straight seasons we have lost one or two, but we came out okay.

          1. Trent is very good at certain aspects of being a GM. I wish he had the personality trait to relinquish or at least trust certain people in area’s that he totally sucks in. I wonder if his first season as GM with Singletary as coach set him off in the wrong direction. Someone mentioned that he deferred to Singletary that first year with bad consequences. The best trait a GM or leader can have is to know and compensate for his limitations. That is what I think he lacks.

            1. I think it is smart to defer to a HC’s wishes, since the HC has to lead those players, and he should have the players he really wants.
              JH selected players like Kaep, LMJ and Vance, although Baalke pulled the trigger to get them.
              Coach Tomsula said it best when he mentioned that everyone had their hand in that bucket.
              Baalke is too smart to tick off a coach by forcing players on a coach who does not want them.

              1. Seb- I think I would disagree with you take on Trent deferring to his HC. Tomsula did make that remark but I think it was a cover. He made a comment earlier in respect to Armsteads choice that indicated that he was somewhat confused by the logic of the pick. I think the main disconnect between Trent and Harbaugh was on personal. Jim wanted more say and Trent didn’t want to give up any power. I first suspected some issues between the two based on the disconnect and musical chairs played with the roster right after the 53 cut down. That suspicion was validated with how it played it self out. Trent has backed up quite a bit in public on the image of control he presented early on this season to the public. But make no mistake about it he still is in control. That’s just his nature for good or ill. He is, unlike Harbaugh, very good at PR and knows how to present himself in the best light. What you are allowed to see is not always what is active behind the scenes.

              2. I also sort of suspect that the issue of the OC and team management was an extension of that original power struggle. Harbaugh, also being stubborn not wanting to give up control of what he had control over- the right to chose his own staff and offense. Two type A control feaks with their heels dug in fighting over territory with the team the ultimate loser. One had to go.

              3. My question seb is other than web chatter how do we know Kap, Vance, and LMJ were JH picks? If LMJ was a JH pick why didn’t he get to play? I am not sure we can actually discuss any of those selections intelligently because no reporter that I know of has written a factual article on which person chose which pick. Generally TB made the picks that’s his job. I think JH wanted a lot more say like he did at Stanford in talent selection. We do know that D. Johnson and E Reid were recruited by JH in college. If there was any picks attributed to him it’d be those two.

              4. Do you really think JH chose LMJ? I always thought it was the other way around. TB chose LMJ and JH wouldn’t play him. One of the reasons they parted ways.

              5. I remember when Bill Walsh was the GM and coach. It worked out, but it helped burn out Bill, in my opinion.It is better to separate the coaching from the personnel, because both can be draining. Also, it can be difficult to separate one from the other. Bill tried to connect with his players, yet cut them early, rather than late. Many Former Niners like Ronnie and Roger disliked Bill for many years after being cut, but eventually, all reconciled because Bill Walsh was larger than life to them. He gave them their start, and provided the platform to achieve greatness. In the end, they surrounded Bill with love and honor, and gave an amazing man a fitting send off. Some still say that those moments at his bedside were some of the most poignant memories they have. because they comforted a legend whose like they will never see again.
                Back to Baalke, He has worked in collaboration with the HC, and this last draft is my proof. Coach Tomsula was a defensive line coach. The Niners passed on several top notch wide receivers, 4 really good DBs and several LBs, and chose a defensive line man.
                I am glad he has taken on the responsibility of selecting and signing players, because Coach Tomsula can just accept the players given to him, and forge a football team. He will not be distracted by extraneous matters and can just focus on football. The degree to which each side has power over the selection process will be a secret to me. All I know is that they all had a hand in the bucket.

              6. No. JH coached against LMJ, and thought he might be a good weapon on offense. In my book, LMJ was a JH pick. Too bad JH did not play him because Frank Gore was still good and LMJ got frustrated by his lack of playing time. Maybe that put both men at odds and things spiraled downwards.

              7. Kaep was a JH pick because I read JH was jumping for joy when Kaep was selected, and Kaep has flat out stated that JH wanted him. Vance was told By JH that he wanted him to wear 89 because Vance reminded him of Mike Ditka. Sounds like JH thought VM was a Ditka clone, and wanted him. LMJ I covered in another post.
                Those vignettes may just be chatter, but they paint a picture to me.

              8. sebnynah,

                The “in my book” reference you made must be to the book titled “Sebnynah’s Book”.

              9. Nothing you’ve written provides any evidence that those players were actual JH picks. Its web fodder. Why the heck would JH pick LMJ and not play him? Just because JH talked up certain players to the media again doesn’t mean he picked them. JH talked all his players up, he’s their coach. He almost never publicly criticized his players.

            2. Will, I agree that there was a power struggle. As long as JH was winning, they put up with him. Once with a non winning record and out of the playoffs, JH faults could not be overlooked.
              I feel that over the years,TB has done a masterful job assembling a SB quality squad through free agency, trades and the draft. What the coaches did with that team is another story.

              1. I think the jury’s still out if TB has assembled a SB caliber team. The Oline is a long way from championship caliber at this stage as well as our corners who have promise but are in experienced. TB drafted Kap. We still need to see if we can pass the ball effectively with this unproven WR core minus Boldin and Smith.

              2. Baalke has assembled a deep enough squad that other teams are trading for their 3rd string players. That to me speaks volumes.

              3. Wilson, you may have another opinion, but I elucidated my reasons, and I stand behind them. You have to agree that Kaep was a JH pick. He benched a popular AS for Kaep and almost tore the locker room apart. Also, almost every pundit, reporter and columnist have written that Kaep was a JH pick.

              4. LMJ was not good enough to supplant Gore. JH cut him loose because of his whining, and LMJ probably felt that JH made promises, but did not keep them. Baalke did not have the power to cut him if JH still wanted him, but originally LMJ was a JH pick until he wore out his welcome. That is my narrative, and you can believe LMJ was solely a TB pick if you like.

              5. You don’t seem to remember who has said that he himself and no one else controls the 53 man roster.

        3. I think I’ll save my kudos for the CBs until after the Denver preseason game. They should be tested during that game.

          1. Did you see the ESPN article stating the Bronco’s were going to play their younger players against us in practice? We may not get to see DT and Sanders.

          2. Just a bit out of place here, but JH draftyed LMJ after watching him almost single-handedly destroy two of JH’s Stanford teams while playing for the Ducks…he alluded to as much during the draft. So LMJ returned punts, better than any other returner in the league, gained almost 9 yards per carry More than any other niner back, and could not get on the field. I just think that JH was the most power hungry, vindictive HC we’ve ever had in SF. Just like the Alex S move, he did some things ‘just because he could’. I don’t study stats like some of you do,, but to my mind, Jim T and staff are doing a remarkable job of picking up the pieces and giving us a team that we can be proud of. NOT champions yet, but soon….

  5. I wonder if we can keep hyde, bush, hunter and hayne and stash M davis on practice? how do you complete a pass to a receiver without staring him down at some point in the process?

    1. Davis has had a good camp and preseason, there are a lot of teams that are hurting at RB and will pick him up. Especially since he isn’t a real low pick.

      You glance and fire, you don’t stare at him and wait to throw.

      1. The key is the second that Grant stated that he stared. Is Grant trustworthy in that respect? Perhaps Kaep should have stared longer then he might have seen Ward and not thrown the pass.

      2. I keep harping on this:
        MM reported that 12 NFL teams had scouts at the Niners first preseason game. Didn’t see a comment on P2.

    2. Davis is the better of the two so I don’t see that happening even if it were possible.

        1. I said the backup for Hyde. Do you seriously think that Bush would be the power running backup if Hyde goes down. Hunter could take on some of this load, but Davis seems to be the best suited. If Hyde does miss time with an injury, then I would suspect that the 49ers will increase “running by committee”.

          Torrey Smith is considered the #2 WR; but if Boldin goes down with an injury that doesn’t mean that Smith would take on Boldin’s role as the possession receiver. It seems more likely that he provides more value as the receiver that stretches the field. Most likely they would try Patton or even Ellington in that role before Smith.

    1. Here’s his run/pass grades

      Brandon Thomas: -2.3, -0.6, -1.8 – 1 QB hurry

      I wouldn’t take too much stock in what they are doing right now. They are shifting bodies around all over the place to see who works with who the best. DB’s, DL and OL. The rest of the groups seem to be set.

      1. Exactly. They are trying to create versatility along the offensive line. I would not read too much into anything this training camp. Especially with a new staff.

      2. The first grade is overall, then run, then pass. He didn’t fair well on Sunday from PFF, but what do they know.

        1. Yeah it’s strange because I made a point of watching Thomas specifically on a few plays and he seemed to fare pretty well from what I saw.

          1. Didn’t he play Boones position this week. the previous week he played at RG if I recall.

          2. Same, rocket. I was surprised to see the grades. I can only assume he got marked down significantly for the play where he pulled and got tripped up, so didn’t end up getting to his man, and on another run play where he overextended and lunged, and ended up whiffing on his block.

            1. Scooter,

              That must be it, but I don’t see how they could blame him for the trip on the pull. Celek got pushed back right into his path and he really had nowhere to go. His first few plays he was blowing the DT off the line and moving him all over the place. He also had a nice pick up on a stunt and stoned Gregory.

              What’s really strange is that Thomas is playing on the third team. Not sure why he’s fallen that far. Tiller looks good on second team though.

              1. Yeah, I don’t get it either rocket. They clearly saw something at PFF that you and I didn’t.

              2. It’s the same with me guys. The grades for Thomas just don’t make any sense.

              3. They are probably locked into a formula that doesn’t consider or make allowances for the variables involved in this case. Formula’s often fail in this respect.

              4. Willtalk – exactly, that is one of the reasons stats and PFF grades do not resonate with me. I much prefer the observations of commenters such as rocket, scooter, jack, razor and others as more bona fide then ink on paper. The eyes rarely fail, only the translation between the eyes and the brain fail, usually due to emotion.

  6. Maoicco had Hunter on his 53. He makes the team over Hayne. Hayne is doing it against nobodys while Hunter is a proven NFL back. Grant is right.

    1. You can read right? Five backs from Maiocco make the team in his opinion. Carlos Hyde, Reggie Bush, Mike Davis, Jarryd Hayne, Kendall Hunter

    2. Hunter with his injury history is a safe cut and PS candidate, IMO. Does an injury year count as one of the 4 before he is no longer eligible?

        1. In order to be eligible for the practice squad, players must meet one of the following requirements:

          Have no prior Accrued Seasons in the NFL (An accrued season is six or more games on the active roster);
          Have one prior Accrued Season in which the player was on the 45-man active roster for no more than 8 games;
          If served two seasons on a practice squad, are eligible for a third season only if the team has at least 53 players on its active/inactive list for the duration of that player’s employment.


            1. Been so long since I have seen Hunter play because of injuries, I forgot he had a whole season his first year, but then again, he did not see much action playing behind Gore.

              1. Oh no, not much time at all, except he had almost 500 yards in 2011, and then 350+ yards the next 2 seasons, over 1200 yards in his career playing behind a guy who was a 1200 yard runner those 3 seasons. He also had 7 rushing TDs to Frank Gores 25 rushing TDs in those 3 seasons. No he wasn’t splitting time with Gore, but to say he didn’t see much action again shows you need to do a little more reading and watching and a little less posting.

              2. Lets see. KH had torn his achilles, then in TC last year he had an ACL. Sounds like he is injury prone, and his potential may be overshadowed by his lack of playing time. Niners like KH, but they cannot afford to save a roster spot, then have him go on the IR again. At least Gaskins seems durable.
                Its a business, and bottom line, KH is a risk. Read whatever you may in the situation, but in my book, he has talent, but is expendable.
                Read more? Maybe if some posters write something worth reading. All in all, I think many posters on this site are astute and insightful, with good analytical acumen. Others like you……not so much.

              3. He was out for 1 year. He’s not injury prone, 1 season for 4 years in the pro’s and 3 years of college does not make one prone (and you are more susceptible to additional injuries when recovering from an injury, you will compensate for lack of strength or mobility by putting more pressure on other joints or the other leg and that leads to injuries).

                You have a very warped and off base understanding of the NFL.

              4. OK, How many snaps did KH take the last 2 years? And you say he is not injury prone? Smh

              5. 2 injuries does not make one “injury prone”. Besides, “injury prone” is an unfair label to put on any NFL player.

      1. Again…this isn’t Madden.

        Practice squads are considered to be for developmental purposes. Therefore, veterans are not eligible to be signed to the practice squad. Here is a closer look at the eligibility requirements.

        A player is eligible if he does not have an accrued season of NFL experience. Players gain an accrued season by being on the active roster for at least six games.
        If a player has one accrued season, they can still be practice squad eligible if they were on the 45-man active gameday roster for less than nine regular season games.
        A player is deemed to have served a season on the practice squad if he remains on the practice squad for at least three weeks. Players are eligible to be on the practice squad for two seasons.
        Players can be eligible for a third practice squad season if their team maintains no less than 53 players on the active/inactive list at all times

        Hunter is a 4 year veteran with over 40 games played….common sense seems to be lacking in your thought process.

        1. Jeez, I was mistaken about KH being ineligible to the PS and you try to put yourself on a pedestal for pointing out my mistake? Hate to pop your bubble, but at least I am man enough to admit to my mistakes, instead of doubling down like you do.
          I do make mistakes, but at least I try to SAY something, unlike on NN, where the monkeys are pounding away on their typewriters, saying gibberish and congratulating themselves on their scintillating wit. They may have 300 hits but their whole spiel could be condensed down to 2 sentences of coherent thought.
          So congratulations, you have pointed out my error. If you want me to parse your repertoire of monosyllabic grunts, I will be more than happy to. But first, try to be topical and interesting. I get bored with the same old drivel.

    3. Hayne will make the team whether Hunter makes it or not. They haven’t had a return man like that in years.

  7. In general I agree with Wilson and others that it’s still too early to read many tea leaves. I’d be VERY shocked if Silberman started Week-1.

      1. It would be shocking for me Razor because his draft video showed him getting back and down a lot.

  8. Just responding to the comment that both Matt’s kept him off their 53. But if it came down to 4 RB’s, Hunter makes it before Hayne. Hayne is the new Thomas Clayton.

        1. He has another “gear”, he goes Turbo when someone does get their hands on him. Reminds me of Mexican and Russian boxers; their default reaction when they get rocked is to power-counter punch. He’s got to refine his moves, but his instincts are terrific. As a half-Figiin, he’ll bring a bit of Seau, maybe even a bit of Troy, and his measurables are Roger Craig-like.

    1. RedDog- Even if he is just a return specialist. Someone like him does not come along everyday. He does things those other RB’s are incapable of. The other RB’s are mostly redundant. Baalke spent a 5th rounder on a replacement for a good punter he already had. Field position is very important. As someone mentioned before, Hunter is not in competition with Hayne. He is in competition with Davis.

      1. Just in terms of selling tickets or TV ratings Hayne is a keeper. I know I can’t wait to see him on the field. Imagine no fair catches and the first guy always misses. That’s $$$ in the NFL. If you watch the rugby highlights it’s all like a punt return. Running in space. And he was one of the best. That does translate to the NFL.

    2. Clatyton? What did he do his first 2 games? Nothing.
      The only similarities between Hayne and Clayton is that both were born in foreign countries.

  9. Grant-

    Do u really think its Silberman over Thomas? How is Thomas looking in practice and where do they have him lining up?

  10. Fellas, if people had been paying attention, this staff has given opportunities to alot of people. Our old staff couldn’t say that. I’m willing to bet that this training camp has seen more 1st team non injury bodies, than the last 4 years combined. A bunch of positions are having to earn their spot. I love it. We will get as a team, go better, or worse!!

    1. What you mentioned was a real problem with the old coaching staff. Sometimes a new group ( less experienced) will bring in a fresh approach that might end up being very successful. That was a possible hidden potential of this coaching staff early on.

  11. I remember discussing Silberman with George months ago, pointing out his run blocking prowess in Gibbs oriented ZBS, but I couldn’t find it. Found this though:

    49ersWade May 24, 2015 at 12:04 pm
    The 49ers have more guys who are a better with a zone blocking scheme than they do a man blocking scheme right now. Davis, Looney, Martin, Thomas and Kilgore all came out zone blocking schemes in college. Thomas and Martin in particular were thought to be prototypical fits for such a scheme. Staley is a very good fit as well. The only guy that is really left out is Boone and he doesn’t seem to want to stick around anyways.

    Razoreater May 24, 2015 at 1:00 pm
    Silberman too….

    1. I will make a bold prediction. Silberman will be cut and put on the practice squad.
      He will be cut because he is a late rounder and no big loss if claimed, and other players have more value.They will not carry 9 O linemen, because there are more important bubble players to protect like TJE, Anderson, Mccray and Rush.

  12. Broncos get Mathis. Too bad the 49ers don’t get to initiate him Saturday evening….

  13. If I have a sore knee, the last thing I want to be doing is lunges with a medicine ball. I think the PR guy who provided that info may have been smoking something and feeding the media a load of manure, which may be used better to fertilize what he was smoking. Sounds like the media is getting played!!!!!

    1. Agree. I was surprised to here that; but it could also be because I have old knees and will not even consider doing lunges.

    2. Lunges strengthen thigh muscles and hammies, which I turn support the knee joint and its support group. Unless you’re the on-scene physician, should you possibly dial back your advice?

      1. Sorry, I am not an orthopedist, but even I can understand not stressing a knee with added weight. Also, it could give unwanted torque because a medicine ball is unwieldy.

  14. Would be stunning if Silberman started at RG. Maybe we’ll see this group start:
    LT Staley
    LG Thomas
    C Martin/Kilgore
    RG Silberman
    RT Boone

    1. Hey, remember a couple months ago, you and I were discussing Silberman, and I pointed out the success BC had running behind him? I also pointed out the reasoning he could be successful was due to the Gibbs ZBS tree coaching staff….

      1. He starts one practice with the 1s and now he’s the choice at RG. Don’t you think you guys are getting a little ahead of yourselves. Let’s see who starts the Denver game.

    1. If they forgot, it’s because he can’t stay on the field. That’s not helping. Here’s to him making through at least 8 games!

    2. No joke, Hunter is legit! I think our new zone blocking scheme is a perfect fit for Kendall as well. Staying healthy has always been his achilles heal, pardon the pun. Hard to count on the kid staying healthy.

      1. That’s why both Hunter and Bush have been hermetically sealed this preseason and in Hunters case, practice as well somewhat….

      2. If Kendall could stay healthy he has the ability to be a featured back. 200+ carries, 30+ receptions. The kid is short but stout. He’s a very strong kid more than capable of running between the tackles. I think Kendall is very tradable and if he can get on the field for the last preseason game and showcase his talent, and we decide to carry only 4 halfbacks on the roster, I would like the 49ers to deal him. However, I would like to carry 5, with Desmond Bishop to start the season on IR-designated to return as long as we feel confident Skove won’t be claimed, and we can put him back on the PS. We can use Hayne as the primary kick returner / special teams ace, and mop-up RB.

        1. I brought up Bishop because I think we can start the season with 3 ILB’s as long as we can stash Skov on the practice squad. Tartt has been playing some ILB in subpackages, so he could also be used in a pinch. By the time Bishop is eligible to return we would likely be able to make room somewhere else due to injuries. It’s a little risky because Skov (I realized I misspelled his name in my last post) could be claimed. Or we carry 8 OL because I am pretty sure we can stash Silberman on the PS and I think he can play OG or OC.

              1. I never said he wouldn’t and I never said he would. Unlike you I will wait to see how the rest of training camp plays out!

              2. You ever see Ginn run back and catch a punt over his shoulder? Dexter Carter? Funny, I don’t see Hayne looking for the sideline….

              3. Curb your enthusiasm Mr. Eater. The kid is good but hasn’t proved anything. To be an every day NFL player you have to do and show a lot more than a couple returns and a highlight over the shoulder catch.
                You have to consider other position groups and the entire depth chart before locking in Hayne who is still an unknown at this stage of camp.
                Your estrogen type emotion and rush to judgement is cute however!

              4. You’re in denial. I said last week if he did it again, he’d make the team. Maiocco today, in his 1.0 has him making the team. Get a clue sweetheart….

              5. Once again cause your comprehension needs refining. I never said he would or would not make the team.
                All I’m saying is hold tight before making decisions for the team.
                And for your info, Maiacco does not work for the 49ers. He’s just a reporter. What he says is not official. But if you want to believe that, maybe check with the birds in your trees and see if it’s accurate!

              6. Your brain is sure full of yourself, and cobwebs. You think you have more insight than Maiocco, who isn’t alone in his assessment?

              7. Once again, did I say he would or would not make the team?
                You look at Matt Maiacco as the be-all end-all. I wait til the final cuts and see whats actual been done. Maiacco gets paid to predict, you don’t Mr.Eater, therefore your prediction means as much as bird seed!

              8. Oh I see, you don’t have eyes that are capable of evaluating and then making a decision. You’re a fence sitter from Canada….

              9. What does Canada or where I live have to do with making decisions?
                I don’t make decisions based on 2 preseason games and what a couple reporters opinions are? You need to throw out the race card pal. Not cool.

              10. Oh tuck your lower lip back into your mouth you pouter from Canada. I’ll tell you when you tell my what bird seed has to do with football….

            1. Prime- Eater has made more accurate predictions in respect to players than Maiocco during the time I have been reading these posts on this thread so I give him more credibility. I have a tendency to remember peoples past posts. What his predictions are worth is dependent purely on the beholder and my opinion carries the same weight as yours.

              1. Agreed. Prime has been accurate. It is fun to speculate. I don’t think the bullying comments or saying the same thing louder and in more words adds much more than hits.

          1. Maybe that’s a better idea. Bellore makes the roster as the #4 ILB. We carry 5 RB’s, and 8 OL’s. 3rd option, we only carry 3 TE’s and 5 RB’s, 4 ILB’s, and 9 OL’s. Oh boy, this is a tough year to trim the roster to 53. My head hurts just thinking about it.

        2. 78 is the most carries Hunter has had in his career. I think if you say the 49ers attempt 500 carries, the distribution might be like this:

          Mr. Hyde 15 touches per game
          Bush 8 touches per game
          Hunter 8 touches per game
          Kaepernick 5 rushes per game

          1. Well, I think Hyde is the Bell Cow this season, with Hunter and Bush dividing up the backup load. I was just speaking of Hunter’s potential on a different roster. I don’t want to take too many carries away from “El Guapo” this season. I think Carlos is primed to have a Pro Bowl season if the OL does their jobs. And I think the OL’s will do their jobs in terms of run blocking. However, I am a little concerned about pass protection right now.

  15. If CK and the 49er coaches had a greater understanding of the Pythagorean theorem and the hypotenuse of the right triangle, CK might be more successful completing the “go” routes, or in your vernacular, the “9” route!!”

    1. I think that euclidean geometry might be more applicable. They need to extrapolate the derivative to find the means. That is, if it has intrinsic values that explore the intricacies of the forward pass.

  16. Grant,
    You shld do a whole piece on the o line if you have time. This is without a doubt the most confusing part of the team. We are going into week 3 of preseason and we are now giving reps to a rookie (6th?) rd pick at starting RG. over Thomas who had a second rd grade n looked good. Martin is projected to play center after getting no snaps in games. Looney has started at center all camp, now he sucks? If Thomas was to replace LG, now LG is being played by Boone, does that mean they don’t plan on brining back Boone? More questions than answers.

    1. Its an excellent point that Barrows makes about Hayne having been a professional sportsmen for 10 years. That experience of doing what it takes to be a professional, and be at the top of your sport for a decade, is invaluable.

      1. It really is Scooter. A point I hadn’t considered having not done an in depth study on Mr. Hayne. I’ll admit, I did not take him seriously. I made a critical mistake of underestimating him. I’m thankful to have him on the team and hope he contributes to the fall of Seattle in their house….

        1. Two questions – are ALL NFL players that much better than one of the top 5 rugby players IN THE WORLD?? Would some yahoo players target Haynes rather than let a non-American show them up?

    2. Awkward headline, tho.=> Skills needed to survive there are not.
      At first glance, it may have implied that there are not skills needed to survive.

    1. Pretty sound analysis Grant, but the burning question Hammer and I want to know is, will Kilgore take a roster spot with the idea of being ready by the third week of September or does he stay on PUP?

    1. Another good one Grant, but I don’t know about Martin taking RG back from Silberman. Maybe, maybe not….

    2. It seems the Niners were resting Hunter earlier this offseason, and now are preparing him for a significant role during the regular season.
      That’s a pretty big leap based on one practice. Maybe they were just seeing if he could take the load and still walk off the practice field.

  17. Dinner time. Some of us are in need of comfort food, or a snickers, or maybe one of those Alice B. Toklas brownies I mentioned the other day.
    ABT brownies > Snickers.
    (Google or Wiki it)

    1. Wife and I always headed back from Amsterdam with a space cake to devour on the plane. Made that 8 hour flight obsolete….

  18. With the news that Denver is sitting its veterans and the recent Dallas doing the same, are NFL coaches moving with the league into just 2 preseason games and 18 regular season games?
    Pretty soon the preseason is going to be televised practice with no starters.
    In unrelated news, it appears that Jerry Jones should have been more concerned with the grass in Dallas than he was with the grass in SF.

    1. The owners are not going to give up two games without getting a longer regular season. With all the whining about preseason, it still makes money and serves a purpose.

      I guess I’m in the minority because I like the Preseason at 4 games. Every year somebody gets hurt and the rhetoric turns to cutting the preseason to avoid losing players to injury in meaningless games, and it completely ignores the fact players will get injured and miss time whether they are playing these games or not. Injuries happen, it’s football after all, and to pretend dumping a couple of preseason games is going to change anything is nothing but willful ignorance. Orlando Scandrick just went down for the year from an injury suffered in practice. Should we do away with that too? People get hurt in this game. It’s a fact of life and nothing can be done to avoid it.

      If they do go to 2 preseason games it causes two immediate problems imo. 1st, there isn’t enough time to analyze young players in game conditions. 2nd, the first couple of weeks of the regular season becomes even more sloppy than it already is because players haven’t played enough in preseason to be sharp. WIth the lack of time in pads and OTA’s due to the last CBA, the preseason is more necessary than ever to get guys in playing condition.

      Most teams have played their starters for at least a quarter or more through the first two weeks of preseason. It’s not meaningless to the Coaches, and I guarantee you they do not want to shorten preseason. This is media fueled nonsense as usual.

      1. Good points Rocket. The only thing I disagree with is does the preseason make money? It might just be a process to gain momentum going into the season. No one creates a buzz like the NFL.
        Half the stadiums seem empty and it might just be that corporate tickets are being issued and no one actually goes or they attend and socialize in the concourses. Not sure but don’t know why anyone would pay full dollar to watch a glorified tryout for 3 hours!

        1. Prime,

          Season ticket holders have to buy the preseason games, so whether people show up or not, the money is being made. I agree it’s wrong to charge full price for preseason games, but the games themselves have a purpose imo.

          1. How many stadiums are over 60% season ticket holders? If they are then it’s a money maker, if it isn’t, not sure it’s generating enough to warrant 4 games and players getting hurt and or fans bored out of their tree.
            As a fan, I have not and will not watch more than 10 minutes total of all 4 preseason games. To me getting from 90 players to 53 is a lot simpler than taking 8 weeks to do it.
            I understand the value of the games, just think there is way to do it in 2 games.

            1. Prime,

              I don’t know for sure, but I would estimate 60% is on the low side for most teams, and there is no doubt they make money by running them. Players don’t get hurt because of preseason games; they get hurt because they play football.

              I guess we’ll agree to disagree on the value and attraction of preseason. I like it; you don’t. I enjoy watching the young players I wont see much of once the season starts. I also like seeing players that wind up on the PS so I can see their progress from year to year. I don’t think 2 games is enough time to see how the prospects handle game conditions while also trying to get your starters ready for the season.

  19. The NFL should eliminate 1 game. and use that extra week to schedule more rest time between games. It would be a great opportunity to allow Thursday night games with 10 days rest, if they are smart enough to schedule 2 games within 3 weeks. Since they are meaningless games in the standings, but important to determine the roster, They should designate 22 starters and sit them so they will never be injured in a preseason game. They should be paid for sitting, and allow the kicker and punter (if only 1 of each on the roster) to play.
    Furthermore, the league should give up the revenues and designate one game for the rookies, one game for a medical fund, and the last game for a retirement fund. Many preseason games have empty stadiums, so this might be a way to fill them up. Give each rookie 100 seats so they can profit from the game even though they might be cut. Give 100 tickets for any former player with medical problems, so it will help him defray costs. Give the former players of each team 100 tickets to sell or parcel out so the stadium can honor them and help provide some security. Of course, if there are too many players, less seats per player will still give them something, instead of nothing. The NFL generates billions, so they can afford to give up marginally profitable games, and look magnanimous doing it.

    1. Seb all good points except the NFL is ruthless when it comes to profits. The NFL owners love Goodell not because he is a good guy and good commissioner, but because he makes them tons of money. That’s the only reason he is still the commissioner.

      1. By scheduling games with only 3 days rest, they are risking more CTE.
        They are risking the golden egg by cooking their goose.
        It might take a player dying before they wise up.

        1. By scheduling games with only 3 days rest, they are risking more CTE.
          They are risking the golden egg by cooking their goose.
          It might take a player dying before they wise up.

          This is total nonsense. There is absolutely no proof players face a greater risk of CTE if they play mid week. There is also evidence that shows there is no greater risk of injury by playing Thursday night games. Some players don’t like playing again that quickly but some love the extended break they get afterward.

          I also wonder why Thursday games are such a problem now when the Cowboys and Lions have been playing them every season since the 60’s? All that’s changed is every team takes a turn playing on Thursdays now instead of just those two teams.

          1. CTE is a huge problem. I am not a brain expert, but many anecdotes talk about how the longer the recovery time, the better. 3 days is too short. period.
            Stick your fingers in your ears and trill la la la, it still does not change an immutable fact that 10 days rest is better than 3 days rest.

            1. Unless a player suffers a concussion there is no reason why he can’t play on a Thursday, and it certainly won’t increase the risk of CTE. That is complete garbage. The only link between football and CTE is how Concussions are dealt with, and the procedure now takes a week minimum to complete, so a player who suffered a concussion on a Sunday is not playing Thursday anyway.

              I’m not sticking my fingers in my ears; I’m looking at things logically based on facts. You are speaking from ignorance and fueling propaganda, and unless you’ve never watched a Thanksgiving day game and have been screaming for the league to end that practice for as long as you’ve been watching the NFL, you are also a hypocrite.

              1. Rocket Thurs football is a bad idea for the simple reason that it leads to bad football. Teams need more than 2 days to prepare and players need more than 2 days to recover.

              2. OldCoach,

                Some Thursday games are duds and some are quite good, pretty much like the slate every Sunday. I see your point in wanting more time to prepare, but as I said previously, we’ve had Thursday Thanksgiving games for 50+ years and it was never an issue. Each team plays one Thursday game now instead of 4 teams designated to play on Thanksgiving. Nobody is doing anything different than the Lions and Cowboys have done since the 60’s, and it gives us more football to watch which I will never complain about. A number of players actually like it because it gives them an extended break afterward.

              3. I will go further and declare that many players sustain other injuries not related to CTE, and those also need more than 3 days to heal.
                I remember a reporter talking about Roger Craig, and he was shocked at how his back looked. RC’s back looked like he was whipped with welts and bruises covering his back. Roger stated that it took a while to recover from sundry bruises, contusions and minor sprains. He said that some hurts took til Saturday before he felt ready t go.
                I want players who excel by being fully healthy. Thursday Night football will injure more players because players playing with injuries tend to get injured even worse, and the game becomes a war of attrition instead of a contest of skills.

              4. IMO, they should add a second bye for each team (lengthening the season by one week, without adding games and perhaps slightly increasing revenue due to the extra week) and then make sure each team that plays on Thursday night, is to be coming off a bye. It would be a win – win.

              5. Thanksgiving is held on a Thursday and 2 games are played. Thursday night football could add 32 games, 16 times more games.
                I will certainly decry the large increase,and it is not hypocritical to not criticize that prior practice because CTE dangers have been covered up and ignored for too many years. Now that the dangers are exposed, the practice of playing on only 3 days rest will come back to haunt the league. When major stars get injured, it will lower the level of play, and many fans will be disgusted with all the poor performances due to decimated rosters.

      1. I think they actually act on the rhetoric of dropping two pre-season games next year- they have been talking about it for years….. and as a season- ticket holder, I will be very happy.

        18 games over 20 weeks is my preference.

          1. I did mean 18 games……… it comes down to $ and the players share- I think the greatest likelihood is 16 games w 2 pre-season and 2 more playoff teams, which Razor alluded to, but I personally prefer the 18 to extend the season- being a greedy fan.

            1. I would like to do it gradually, and add only 1 game and make it a 17 game season. See how that works for at least 5 years before adding a second game.

  20. Eric Branch @Eric_Branch
    #49ers Dontae Johnson taking first-team snaps at RCB today (Kenneth Acker on Tuesday; Keith Reaser last week; Shareece Wright before that).

      1. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
        Marcus Martin is working with first offense at center; rookie Ian Silberman is at right guard. #49ers

        Same as yesterday right? I wonder if they’ll give Thomas a shot there with the first team.

      2. This is incredible! They got the guards in the backfield! The center’s on the right! And the quarterback isn’t even there!

  21. Matt Barrows ✔ @mattbarrows
    Fullback Bruce Miller does not appear to be practicing today. Trey Millard taking first-team reps.

  22. Matt Barrows ✔ @mattbarrows
    Tight end Vance McDonald walking around with walking boot on left ankle.

  23. And now for a take by those covering the Broncos:

    Andrew Mason @MaseDenver
    Broncos edge rushers having their way with the 49ers.

    Arran Andersen ✔ @arranandersen
    Manning sharp in 11 on 11, finding receivers at will

    1. Thanks Cubus, always good to hear it from the other side. But at the same its Manning. You expect to give up a lot of completions. But can we hold them to FGs instead of TDs is the question.

      Very good edge rushers also, one of the best in the league. Good test for our oline. I wonder how the interior held up

  24. Matt Maiocco – 49ers offense is not getting much going against Broncos, but tempo is good. They finished 20-play sequence four minutes faster than Denver.

  25. Joe Fann @Joe_Fann
    .@NBowman53 nearly intercepted Manning on a pass into the flats to a running back. Has been active in coverage all day. #MON5T3R

  26. Joe Fann @Joe_Fann
    Antoine Bethea picks off Peyton Manning. Floated a pass to the left sideline and Bethea jumped in front. #49ers

  27. Adam Kinney @AdamKinneyRadio
    And Kaepernick throws a deep TD to Garrett Celek on the other field

            1. He just doubled down:

              “I believe Recovery Water helped prevent me from getting a concussion based on a bad hit,” Wilson wrote, adding the hashtag, “#NanoBubbles.”

  28. Joe Fann @Joe_Fann
    Marcus Cromartie ends the day with an interception of Osweiler. Would have been a sack as well. Fantastic finish to practice for #49ers D.

    1. Maybe The Donald will build a northern wall too?
      { Offered as a gentle tease. : >) }

    2. Might be time to lay off the space cakes Mr. Eater. It’s affecting your short-term memory!

    3. Previously, I thought Hayne might be cut to save a roster spot for another bubble player, but he has done so well, he would be snatched up by another team, so he is making the 53, no doubt.

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