York: “Jim is a great teacher and a tremendous mentor who conducts himself with great class and integrity.”

The 49ers just officially named Jim Tomsula the head coach. Here is the press release.

“After conducting a thorough coaching search, and meeting with a number of outstanding candidates, Jim Tomsula clearly is the right man to lead this team,” said 49ers CEO Jed York. “Jim is a great teacher and a tremendous mentor who conducts himself with great class and integrity.”

“Our organization is excited to have Jim Tomsula leading this football team,” said 49ers general manager Trent Baalke. “We have had the privilege of working alongside Jim for the past eight seasons.  He is a proven leader, teacher and mentor, and we look forward to seeing him apply his craft and vision to our team.”

Tomsula has coached 31 seasons of football at the high school, college and professional levels since the fall of 1989, including eight (2007-2014) with the 49ers. Named San Francisco’s defensive line coach in 2007, he also served as the team’s interim head coach for the final game of the 2010 season.

During his 49ers tenure, Tomsula has been instrumental in developing one of the most dominant defenses in the NFL. Since 2007, the 49ers rank fourth in the league in rushing yards allowed per game (98.4) and rushing average (3.72). San Francisco’s defense also ranks third in the NFL in points per game allowed (19.4) and fourth in yards per game allowed (320.9). In 2011, San Francisco set the NFL record by not allowing a rushing touchdown in their first 14 games of the season. The team surrendered just three rushing touchdowns all year, the fewest allowed in the NFL since the league went to a 16-game schedule in 1978.

Under Tomsula’s tutelage, DT Justin Smith was named to five consecutive Pro Bowls (2009-13) and earned All-Pro honors in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Despite being the fourth overall pick in the 2001 NFL Draft, Smith had never been selected to either team prior to working with Tomsula. Other players who have prospered under Tomsula’s direction are LB Ahmad Brooks, DL Glenn Dorsey, LB Aldon Smith and NT Ian Williams, as well as former 49ers DT Isaac Sopoaga and DT Ricky Jean Francois.

Tomsula joined the 49ers after enjoying one of the most successful stints in NFL Europa history. Prior to being named the head coach of the Rhein Fire in 2006, which made him the youngest head coach in NFLE history at age 38, Tomsula served as the Berlin Thunder’s defensive coordinator for two seasons, winning World Bowl XII in his first season with a defense that ranked first in the NFLE against the run.

Tomsula joined the NFLE in 1998 as the defensive line coach of the England Monarchs. He then went on to serve in the same capacity for five seasons with the Scottish Claymores, where he established a reputation for producing some of the league’s most dominant lines. He also played a leading role in mentoring and teaching young talent in the league’s National Player Development program.

Between NFL Europa seasons, Tomsula spent each fall as a member of Division II Catawba College’s coaching staff, since coaching in the NFLE was not a year-round position. He had been a defensive lineman at Catawba College in Salisbury, NC, after transferring from Middle Tennessee State.

Tomsula’s coaching career began with great uncertainty, but his desire to coach the game was steadfast. In 1989, Tomsula began his coaching career as an assistant at his alma mater following a career-ending knee injury. The following season, he went on to coach the defensive line at Woodland Hills (PA) High School. After spending the next two years out of coaching to provide for his family as a medical equipment sales rep with Thera-Kinetics, Tomsula landed a position as an assistant on the Charleston Southern University coaching staff (1992-95). He would once again spend two seasons out of coaching, as he returned to his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, to serve as a sales representative with Cisco Foods. Urged by his family to continue his dream of coaching football, Tomsula returned to the coaching ranks in 1997 as the volunteer assistant defensive line coach at Catawba.

He and his wife, Julie, have two daughters, Britney and Brooke, and a son, Bear.


YEARS                   NAME                                                                                                              

2009                       DT Justin Smith

2010                       DT Justin Smith

2011                       DT Justin Smith

2012                       LB Ahmad Brooks, LB Aldon Smith, DT Justin Smith

2013                       LB Ahmad Brooks, DT Justin Smith



YEARS                   COACHING BACKGROUND                                                                             

2015-present          Head Coach, San Francisco 49ers

2011-14                  Defensive Line Coach, San Francisco 49ers

2010                       Interim Head Coach, San Francisco 49ers

2007-2010              Defensive Line Coach, San Francisco 49ers

2004-05                  Asst. Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers, Catawba


2002-03                  Asst. Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line, Catawba


2001                       Asst. Head Coach/Defensive Line/Linebackers/Strength &

Conditioning, Catawba College

1998-99                  Defensive Line/Outside Linebackers/Special Teams, Catawba


1997                       Defensive Line, Catawba College

1992-95                  Linebackers/Defensive Line/Strength and Conditioning Coordinator,

Charleston Southern

1990                       Defensive Line, Woodland Hills (PA) High School

1989                       Strength and Conditioning Coordinator/Defensive Line, Catawba




YEARS                   COACHING BACKGROUND                                                                             

2006                       Head Coach, Rhein Fire

2005                       Defensive Coordinator, Berlin Thunder

2004                       Defensive Coordinator/Special Teams, Berlin Thunder

2001-03                  Defensive Line/Special Teams, Scottish Claymores

1999-2000              Defensive Line/Outside Linebackers/Special Teams, Scottish


1998                       Defensive Line/Special Teams, England Monarchs



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            1. Tomsula was the guy named as the favorite for the job going back to last year when the Harbaugh trade rumor came out. Maiocco has said all along that Tomsula was the guy he was hearing in the NFL source circle. It’s not a surprise, and that’s why it’s a problem in some ways.

              What disappoints me is this appears to have been a foregone conclusion and if so I don’t think they really wanted to find much to like in the people they interviewed. It’s pretty clear they wanted Tomsula. They like him, he’s liked by the players, but when looking for a Coach I think you look for the guy who is going to win games and I’m not sure how you come to that conclusion with somebody who’s never been an NFL coordinator, much less a HC.

              I’ll hope for the best and it comes down to how good of a staff he is able to put together, but Jed obviously wanted this for a long time, and it’s pretty near impossible to believe that after they interviewed all these Coaches and the many more they didn’t, that Tomsula was the best option without it being predetermined. They wanted him to be the guy and talked themselves into it.

              1. There is a big difference in required skill sets between a line coach and a head coach. The Peter principle at work again. Promote someone to their level of incompetency. Having those interviews was just for show. They had their minds made up all along. The interviews were just for PR purposes. Just so they could say that they ended up with the best guy. I think the main requirement was someone who didn’t have the experience with no better options so they would be great full for the job and be their yes man. If they didn’t have yes man as a requirement they would have hired Fango.

              2. Tomsula has a lot of qualities you like to see in a HC. The biggest question mark with him is his lack of experience running either side of the ball in the NFL, and who he can bring in to assist.

              1. C’mon Hammer. First it was Shaw, then Pep. You didn’t like the idea of Tomsula initially. What was it upon reflection that made you change your mind?

              2. “First it was Shaw, then Pep. You didn’t like the idea of Tomsula initially.”

                Wrong. It was Tomsula, then I added Shaw, then I added Hamilton.

          1. @ Hammer: Though I respect your football acumen I completely disagree with you regarding Baalke. He’s a good talent evaluator of defensive linemen but pretty sketchy after that. Harbaugh or Baalke? I would have gone with the coach. Guess we’ll see this coming season, because this will be Baalke’s team win or lose. The Tomsula, Tarver, and Trestmanm staff for Harbaugh, Fangio, and Roman looks like a downgrade to me

    1. Now that he’s HC he’ll have less time to teach. How did Whine Country put it? Don’t promote your best salesman to sales manager; you’ve just lost your best salesman.
      I’m not whining. I like Jim, but its not like the Harbaugh or Walsh hirings.

  1. If he is clearly the right man than you only had to complete the Rooney rule you liar! Why all of the other interviews and wasted money on travel costs? You liar!

    1. To make sure that they couldn’t find a candidate that they liked better and get some insight into their roster from some of the top coaches around the league.

      1. Hammer – Don’t fall for Yuppy Yorks BS….If JT was clearly the right man this would’ve been over long ago.

        1. It was over in January of last year Crab. That doesn’t change what the last 3 weeks were about.

            1. It was over in January of last year when the 49ers were ready to trade Harbaugh away. Tomsula was, and has been the guy they wanted running the show for quite a while.

          1. You look to see if a different candidate knocks your socks off. Apparently none of them did.

              1. Tomsula isn’t a yes man. He’s a guy that gets it, and has a personality that is 180 degrees the opposite of the man he’s replacing.

                Think Mark Jackson/Steve Kerr.

              2. That’s actually in reverse Jack. We’re replacing the less cuddly coach in Harbaugh (Kerr) with the loveable and huggable coach in Tomsula (Jackson).

            1. One did, and that was in the middle of a beautiful relationship. Apparently those socks were rather sweaty because I’m not sure they were meant to come off….

            2. I agree with you Jack. It was in the team’s best interest that due diligence on other potential candidates be conducted. Now, I don’t know if Tomsula was predetermined by York or not.

              I do not consider this a bad hiring as long as the OC and DC are good hires.

              1. So now you have to search for not only and offensive and defensive Co but also a line coach. Lets for arguments sake that Harbaugh was a bad coach and needed to be replaced. Who would say that Tomsula was a bad line coach and Fango sucked as a defensive Co. It is as Brutha Tuna stated you don’t promote your best people if you don’t have too. Bad tactics! Done purely to get rid of someone who rubbed you the wrong way and put a yes man into the position.

              1. Stupid post? It could have been articulated better but the situation and similarities are there. Tomsula and Singletary are two great positional coaches with exceptional abilities to motivate players. What’s stupid about that?

      1. Mwd – Lol…I’ve been pretty negative tonight. I will try to be more positive in the next few days. Tomsula was last on my list, Del Rio was 2nd to last. :-)…..Mwd, I appreciate your loyalty to this blog….You are a very good guy.

  2. Beautiful. We just lost the 2nd best HC in the NFL and we will lose the best DC in the NFL AND we will have Mike Singletary part 2 leading our team and we will have people with no other options being selected for promotions to DC and OC on our team.

    Finally, we will have a “yes man” in office who will always, always kneel to Baalke and York’s requirements.

    Remember, this is how we got Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers. Nolan, who is cut from the same arrogant cloth as York, told each of them to roll a ball in between their legs. Smith did it compliantly, no questions asked. Rodgers said “what do you need me to do that for?” Decision made. Rodgers was not a “yes man”, and this was a major factor in his non-selection, I distinctly remember reading this.

    It’s so sad how history repeats itself. Welcome back to cellars, 49ers.

    1. Shemp – Outstanding!
      I hope you post more often……Yes we now have the white Singletary as HC. I like Tomsula and Sing very much but not as head coaches of a 5 time Super Bowl champion franchise.

    2. Shemp, your memory is perfect, along with perfect understanding of the difference between Alex Smith, who I like, and Aaron Rogers (who I like and expect to be in the NFL hall of Fame).

      “Sure, I can do that.”

      “Why would you want me to do that.”

      Simple thoughts that tell a very interesting story.

        1. Noland: “Alex roll this ball between your legs.”

          Alex: “Sure, I can do that.”

          Noland: “Aaron roll this ball between your legs.”

          Aaron: “Why would you want me to do that.”

          Noland: “Alex you are my guy until I throw you under the bus.”

          Get it?

  3. Grant do you know if it’s a 3 year deal or 4? Might be just enough time to convince Urban Meyer to come to the NFL.

    1. Urban Meyer????? You’re dreaming. No high profile or much sought after coach will ever agree to work for Jed York. Think Al Davis post 1983. If the 49ers ever get lucky with a young coach, he’ll leave as soon as he makes his bones( a la Gtuden)

  4. Jed York serving up platitudes isn’t going to placate a smart fan base.Tomsula may be a nice guy and good teacher, but I noticed York Jr. didn’t mention anything about game planning, schematics, and the ability to direct and lead people?

    1. York is a kid with no experience who doesn’t know how to handle organizational tension. Bill Walsh was a tough, tough person to deal with and he grinded on everyone’s personality. Guess what though, people figured out how to work with each other and they found a common bond in winning ball games.

      York prefers harmony and compliance. He wants things to feeeeel good in his organization. That sounds a lot like a government organization, where everyone is complacent, and everyone checks in and checks out and does just enough, and nobody questions authority, or even cares to question authority.

      The free fall this organization will see from 2012 to 2016 will be unprecedented in NFL history when taking into account the potential of this organization. In 2017, York will be looking for a new coach and maybe a new GM too, since it may not be enough to make Tomsula the fall guy this time. York’s fingerprints were all over this, and so Baalke will probably get the hatchet too, in order to divert the pack.

      Just print off this post someplace so I can say I told you so.

      1. Shemp– Very good analysis of the condition and motivation of the front office. Unfortunately most of the posters on this site are clueless when it comes to how an efficient organization is supposed to function. They prefer to put all the blame of the QB. lol.

      2. Another clear observation. The word is already making the rounds that this choice is all Baalke. That’s the kind of credit that can do you in if it’s not accurate.

      3. Shemp – You S.O.B…You are bleeping brilliant. Who are you? You must be Crab15 double posting. Shemp, I needs to know man, identify your brilliant self bro. :-)

    1. This is increasingly embarrassing and it will only get worse with the subtraction by addition when the final staff is assembled….

  5. Jed was right to want a teacher…but the only one who really needs a teacher is HIM.
    Uncle Eddie’s advice was definately not solicited this time around.
    Maybe COUSIN Eddie advised Jed…
    {‘He’s cute ain’t he? Only problem is, he’s got a little bit a Mississippi leg hound in ‘im. If the mood catches him right, he’ll grab your leg and just go to town. You don’t want him around if your wearing short pants, if you know what I mean. Word of warning though, if he does lay into ya, it’s best to just let ‘im finish.’}

  6. 49ers coach Jim Tomsula is considering Colts assistant Rob Chudzinski and Charlie Weis for the team’s offensive coordinator job.
    Chudzinski is currently serving in a special assistant role with the Colts after being fired by the Browns as a first-year coach. His aggressive, vertical pass scheme could be a good fit for Colin Kaepernick. Weis was unemployed this past season and has had limited success since leaving the Patriots in 2004.

    1. From Wikipedia:
      In 2011, Chudzinski was named the Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator. He took one of the league’s worst offenses in 2010 and transformed it into one of the top 10 offenses in 2011 with rookie quarterback Cam Newton. The Panthers finished seventh overall in the league on offense, fifth in points scored, and set a new franchise record for total yards in a season.

      1. Chudz would be a good hire (I have mentioned him here recently as an OC candidate if Fangio became HC )!

    2. Weiss was the HC at the University of Kansas after leaving the Pats. He was recently fired. He was awful…it fits the Niners..

  7. AND Roger Goddell says:
    With first pick in the 2016 draft the San Francisco 49ers draft……

  8. The amount of information and level of PR effort contained in this 49er press release suggests this process was orchestrated well in advance. PR/Communications staff don’t craft this kind of piece in an hour. It was crafted prior to today.

    1. It may have been one of several releases prepared in advance, depending on the outcome of Baalke’s discussions in Denver. But Fangio certainly was not in the mix.
      As it stands, he is out, according to reports tonight.

  9. Jack:
    I have to say, you called it about a year ago. Excellent!
    So who are going to be the coordinators?

  10. So the question is…why after the Singletary debacle did Jed not just hire Tomsula? Is he saying he hired the wrong guy after Singletary? I kinda feel bad for Tomsula…although I don’t see York being a man of his word and firing him if we don’t win the Super Bowl next year.

      1. not enough! York said it Super Bowl or bust. I think he can be forgiven if the team make a run in the playoffs and particularly to NFCCG

      2. jtwaits,
        I’ll be surprised if they win more than 8 games next year. You’ll have an 8 win great teacher of a coach.

    1. Crabs I dont. I’m wondering why not Fangio if we were going to stay in house. So now Fangio leaves? He can’t possibly accept not getting the job and his D line coach gets it. If I’m Fangio, the only way I stay is if I get a substantial raise. How does Tomsula help this offense. Oh, maybe he’s hiring Kurt Warner as his offensive coordinator! I like Tomsula, just not as the head coach. I don’t understand this hire. Class doesn’t win Championships, talent does. Tomsula was teaching already, he was teaching the D line. He can’t teach our QB.
      I personally thinks the Raiders hired the better coac today. It’s been a long time since that has happened. I know the players like JT. However, our players would play hard for most head coaches. I think Jed made a mistake.

      1. 23J – I was just thinking about you bro (in a straight way). I agree with everything you say except I think Del Rio stinks as a HC…..JT is a mans man but 23J, you have enough football intelligence to understand that you need brains to score points in the NFL…..A high football IQ beats a muscle head any day of the week…..23J, we hired the wrong guy but our talented D will keep us in games. If #7 can soak up enough knowledge from Warner we may overcome our offensive coaching weaknesses.
        I need a positive attitude Tony Robbins seminar right now to keep the faith…..God help us score points.

        1. It will be real interesting to see how it goes with Jack Del Rio as the new Raiders coach. Many have expressed their thoughts on the record after Grant touted him as the best options for the 49ers and now only time will tell. I guess the contest is on between JT and JDR and either Grant or a lot of the commentators on this board will be eating some crow depending on how it shakes out.

          1. What if Jack Del Rio hires Fangio as the Raiders DC? What a flip of fortunes that will end up being.

  11. Winning with class? The 3 guys that have had the most off-field problems, MacDonald, Smith and Brooks, were all coached by this guy. Nice!

    1. Were they drafted by him? Think about what you’re saying. He is a coach and he coached them up into Pro Bowlers. That’s his job. It’s not his job to hold their hands after work, they’re grown ass men.

      1. I totally agree with what you are saying. I was referring to how Jed implied that one of the reasons he got rid of Harbaugh was due to not winning with class, like he should have had better control over the off-field issues and playing those that were involved. Seems like Jed’s argument should apply to Tomsula as well. Not that I agree.

        1. Jeds’ implications indite his own inferior complex. He’ll never live up to Uncle Eddie….

  12. I agree with Hammer. The Niners knew a long time ago that Tomsula would take over. The search and interviews was to see if indeed another candidate could wow them. It was no coincidence that York was not on that trip to interview Gase the 2nd time.
    Now who will be the assistants. That’s the real story. Not Tomsula. After that it will be the draft. This is Jed Yorks team from top to bottom. He’s a younger get version of Jerry Jones. When Dallas hired Garrett people said the same thing. “Who” “Puppet”.
    Let’s not panic. The Niners still have a good roster.

    1. Prime – Is this the outcome you really wanted? Tomsula? Come clean on who your top dog was bro….Was it Fangio, Mike Shanahan or Quinn maybe?

      1. I wanted Gase because of the offensive upside. But now I’m good with Tomsula. None of that matters though if he can’t hire quality assistants. He will do a good job, the roster is stacked. Now they just need to find a guy to fix CK. It didn’t have to be a head coach with an offensive back ground. Just a guy who can develop a competitive, well rounded offense.

        1. Prime – I wanted Gase, McDaniels or Fang.
          Warner can fix #7 if he is willing.

          Wouldn’t you agree that an innovatIve offense excites the fan base?
          I’m worried about X’s and O’s, game planning, half time adjustments etc.

          Super Bowl or bust….Yes I’ve been drinking.

          1. @Crab 15

            Gase or McDaniels, are still possibilities…not saying that he would, but Fangio had to be HC or none, ‘couldn’t risk in-house sniping….position staff is THE most important aspect now…Go get ’em coach….I see you as a hell of an improvement

  13. Boone is on 95.7 now and he loves the hire. He loves his personality and how he would restore their running identity.

    1. @RossTuckerNFL 4s
      Every guy I’ve ever asked about Tomsula loves him & would run thru a wall for him

          1. The strength of that background should procure a much more productive staff than Simpletary, correct?

              1. Razor you are less worried about a QB with no vision and accuracy than a guy who the players love and advocated for? What’s your deal man?

              2. Hammer, are you going to give me any insight as to the thought process that went into you changing your mind about Tomsula?

              3. Still whistling the same tune Mr. Sanders? If Tomsula is as brilliant as you believe and Kaepernick is as bad, I would expect him to be traded ASAP. I mean Tomsula won’t want a quarterback with no vision or accuracy. He’ll want that Canadian quarterback who trained under Garcia….

              4. That kid will be NFL bound in another year. You should watch him, you’d like him. Bo Levi Mitchell. From Texas I believe.

              5. Prime,

                The players loved Harbaugh too but we still finished 8-8 this year and the front office got rid of him? So what does liking the coach really mean?

              6. 23 Harbaugh rubbed people the wrong way. He eventually became annoying. I loved Harbaugh. But maybe too much rah rah and too much in your face.
                Tomsula is going to steady the ship with a new direction. This roster is still young and still capable of winning. It just needs a new offense with some new playmakers.

            1. You folks worry too much…..Kouzin Baalke has a plan.

              Adam Caplan ‏@caplannfl
              #49ers front office will be assisting Tomsula with hiring his assistant coaches.
              Time for the Baamsula era.

              1. #49ers front office will be assisting Tomsula with hiring his assistant coaches.

                That’s supposed to make us less worried?!

            1. Fred Jackson, Harvey Dahl, and Tony Wragge played on that Rhein Fire team. There were a number of other guys from that team that spent time in the NFL after that season.

      1. It Looks that way but he better hire a genius for Kap and the offense. How many super bowl’s would this team have won if we had a top 15 offense? My thoughts are a 3 peat.

      2. Ham – What did you expect the players to say about the hire? Oh, I wanted an offensive minded coach since our offense was complete garbage in 2014…..Keep it real Ham

      3. The problem is that as a team, they have never been able to run through a wall. The only teams that seemed to me to win the Superbowl with brute force were Chicago in 1985 and the Raven’s in 2000. It’s what Singletary truly wanted to do.

    2. My gut reaction is that I want to cancel my nfl package on directv. For the first time in over 15 years that I do not have excitement about watching Niners games. I hope that we get great assistant coaches and win a super bowl. But the more likely option is about a 5-7 year rebuilding process. Tomsula for about 3 years. All our warriors : gore, Willis, bowman, smith, Vernon Davis will all be gone by then. Get 3 years of top ten picks. Struggle to find a good replacement coach who then builds team back up. That’s what my gut reaction. I hope it’s not true.

      1. I don’t think you can or should include V.Davis in that list of warriors anymore. A warrior always gives it his all.

        1. He just tweeted to Tomsula that he won’t miss an offseason workout. Roman and Harbaugh black balled VD last year because he held out

          1. Davis is just saying that because he doesn’t want to be cut. With his production this last year he isn’t going to be in much demand unless he convinces people that he is ready to work his buttt off. Right Davis was black balled because he held out. Duh he didn’t do any work outs and missed a lot of training camp. He wasn’t ready to play. Sort of admitted it himself when he said he wouldn’t miss workouts this coming season. “I’ll be good this year, please don’t cut or trade me.” Promises Promises.

              1. People like Prime wouldn’t ever be in any fox hole. He probably wouldn’t know the difference between a fox hole and the hole dug for a latrine.

              2. Unlike you Dr.Will? You keep pretending shouod I say playing team psychologist. It’s comical, keep trying to be smart.

              3. Looks like you got some fresh air. Good on you!
                But seriously, you think Tomsula will hire that coordinator who runs the smash spread you’ve been babbling about?

              4. No, he’ll bring in one of those dumb Gasehole OC’s from the Midget Football League of Manitoba. Seriously….

        2. Will talk,

          You took the words right out of my mouth. I’ve said all season that Vernon Davis I’d done here!

      2. Looks like a return to the 2003-2010 years to me. I’ll probably start following the Raiders. Tomsula is a sycophant and you probably can guess where the “Harbaugh is losing the locker room” gossip came from.

  14. Does his move may Justin Smith more likely or less likely to return next year?
    I think more.

    1. Trestman??? Oh Gawd NOO!
      Not trying to be Chicago west with a big arm qb talent on the outside and failing. Screw that guy. Once was enough. He was a step child of Siefert anyways.

      1. I actually really like Trestman as a OC. He would be a long term hire and bring stability and besides that, he’s good. He got saddled with one of the worst contract extension choices of all time, Jay Cutler. Cutler was absolutely horrible this year and would be cut if not for his monster contract.

        Treat an may not be NFL HC material, but I’d take his as my OC. He is smart, a very good teacher and he most importantly, adaptable. I like this choice.

        1. I don’t see much difference in ck and cutler. When they’re on they’re on. When they’re off, here way off.
          Legs and a tad bit less on the turnovers. Ck advantage. That’s not saying much.

    1. Tarver was an assitant with the 49ers working with the linebackers while Tomsula worked with the linemen from 2007-2010.

    2. Another thing on Tarver. He followed Fangio as the D-Coordinator at Stanford and the results were about the same.

      1. So much for the excuse of not wanting Harbaugh leftovers when mentioning Shaw as his successor. And the class thingy….

  15. So apparently Dan Quinn is the on the top of the list of the Falcons HC search (ESPN). So will Fangio be hired in Seattle or Arizona to haunt our asses twice a year.

    I really think a “Teacher” is not what the HC should be, it is what a position coach should be. A HC should be someone that has an overall philosophy that is imprinted over the whole team. He is the organizer, he is an X & O’s kind of guy. But the HC should be past the point of having to teach players, he might teach some to the other coaches, but he doesn’t interact with the players in a teaching role. This hire smells bad!

    1. Millenum and Shemp- You are both right on the money. The teacher and class guy were just sound bite rationalizations for getting rid of Harbaugh and installing someone who won’t make any waves. Teacher what a joke! A head coach doesn’t have time to teach. That bs the are spreading around is nothing but PR to get some of the people who disliked those things about Harbaugh to buy into their justification. They are just using that mantra to cover up the real reason behind the firing and for their present actions. Crab 15 is right. York is a liar and BS’er

    2. I disagree. A head coach should be a great teacher. They may not be as hands on as a position coach, but they need to understand what makes a great teacher, how to get through to their players and assistants.

      He should also be a good motivator and good leader, someone players respect. Tomsula checks those boxes.

      They need to have a strong philosophy and vision for the team. No idea if Tomsula has that. But he doesn’t need to be the best X’s and O’s guy on the coaching staff. Sure, he needs to have a good understanding of it in order to communicate his philosophy and vision, and coordinate the development of game plans, but he doesn’t need to be the one designing or calling the plays – that’s what the OC and DC should be doing. He needs to focus on the bigger picture and game management.

      The head coach is, effectively, a manager. They should be focusing on strategy, but others come up with the tactics.

    3. I agree with you on the teacher thing. The HC teaches the other coaches and the other coaches teach the players. Been that way since the beginning of time. Tomsula is a likeable guy that is probably going to work well with everyone, FO, coaches and players but what in the world is Tomsula going to teaching anyone but the d-lineman. York is just showing his youthful ignorance when he says that Tomsula was hired as the HC because he is a great teacher and mentor. He was hired because he’s a good ol’ boy. I had a coach that played for John McKay at USC. Started at guard in three Rose Bowls. I asked him once what McKay was like and he said he had very little interaction with him and spoke to him only a few times. During practices McKay would stand up in the tower and watch over things like an orchestra conductor. If he was close to anyone it would be someone of OJ calibre I don’t know if they still have the towers now, but I’m not sure most coaches are as close to the individual players as Harbaugh was.

  16. Tomsula is a great teacher and a player’s coach. Those are his two big things.

    So what can he teach besides D Line? He went 6 – 4 in NFL Europe, right? Is he really going to teach Kaep how to be a better QB? Really?

    And player’s coach’s don’t win championships. Do you think Walsh was a player’s coach? Lombardi? Billicheck? Parcells? Landry? Cowher? None of those were player’s coaches. They could give a rat’s a$$ if the players would like to go out to eat ice cream with them or not.

    They were there to coach these players to be their absolute best, and they didn’t care if the players were their friends, and they would prefer in fact that they weren’t. All they demanded was respect and performance. Players coaches can only go so far with either of those, and only for so long. History proves it. Tomsula will be a short timer, and like Singletary, he will never be an NFL HC again after this stint.

    1. I agree with you Shemp, and great nickname too. In fact Shemp was to the Three Stooges what Tomsula will be to Head Coaches, the forgotten one.

  17. We’re hosting the super bowl next year. Safe to say we won’t be playing in it.

    I Wonder If jed actually looks at the job Harbaugh has done and assumed Tomsula could be the same ra ra guy.

  18. Remains to be seen how this move works out (I do like the guy) but please keep Tarver out of the building…. Fangio (if we’re lucky), Donatell or even Dennis Allen – anyone but Tarver for DC I hope.

    Good luck Jimmy T!!

  19. Jack

    Your Feb article on 49webzone was very perceptive in its prediction. I generally agree with all your views on the hire.

    I do not underestimate the importance of the views on the team that is gathered by the front office in these detailed discussions with the HC candidates.

    Also, there is the chance that a candidate will bowl the front office over. It has happened in the past. The Steelers were all set to promote Whisenhunt to HC after Cowher retired, but they were so impressed with Tomlin that they hired him.

    If they can’t get Trestman, I think Chud will be a great hire as OC. I’d prefer him over the Hans (Shanahan or Linehan).

  20. Matt Barrows
    Follow: ✔ @mattbarrows
    Several 49ers assistants will wind up with Greg Roman in Buffalo; others will end up wherever Vic Fangio goes except RBs coach Tom Rathman.

    1. A completely different coaching on both sides of the ball including our solid D? Oh freaking happy day.

      1. Don’t think its that, Nick. According to MM (see link I posted earlier), all except Rathman will be fired.

        1. Have you forgotten that a primary goal was to keep continuity in the defense? When you get rid of almost everyone in the coaching staff, you are rebuilding and not retooling as Baalke so aptly didn’t put it.

          1. I haven’t forgotten anything – see my discussion with MidWestDynasty below. I’m just passing on the likely explanation per MM; if you read the discussion below, you’ll see I’m not happy about this at all.

  21. Read a couple of columns and I’m changing my mind. I now think this could be the greatest coaching hire in the history if the NFL. He “exudes warmth” not like those SOBs Walsh, Lombardi, Landry or Belichik. (Or a guy who “grates on people” like Harbaugh. This new guy is simply a lovely fellow … he teaches … he mentors … and like Fred Astaire, he’s got CLASS! Think George Clooney on the sidelines! Wins and losses? How utterly OVER that is.

  22. On a positive note, those two climbers completed their Free Climb of El Capitan’s Dawn Wall in Yosemite. Super Bowl of Free Climbing. Not for the money. Iron men.

    1. Insanity just for the sake of new skin on their hands and well, insanity. I’m glad they made it.

  23. At this point it becomes abundantly clear that either or both Baalke and York are squarely to blame for this seasons outcome. We don’t know why the Harbaugh to Browns trade, however the problem is now the team can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube and you have a coach that knows he isn’t wanted.

    You can talk personal integrity and work ethic but 8 wins after 3 seasons averaging 12 wins a year with no major change in personnel tells you that there was a lack of motivation on this team from the coach on down. How can the players be behind a coach and a system they know they’ll be replacing in a year? How can they feel about their own jobs knowing that a new coach will consider different players at their positions?

    The solution would have been to “mutually part ways” with Harbaugh before the beginning of this season. Why let the team and fans languish through a lame duck year when they could have hired the same guy last season?

    York and Baalke owe us all an apology.

    1. oops over edited, should say “We don’t know why the Harbaugh to Browns tradefell thruogh, however…

      1. Harbaugh refused which was in his power to do. I agree completely that it made him a lame duck and it was clear that a lot of the coaches and players new it before training camp.

    2. C4C
      I agree that JH was not himself this season, and if we detected it, it was screamingly obvious to the players. I do think you’re under-weighting the 14 guys on IR at season’s end having effect on the final record. Injuries were a *Mary* this year.

    3. CFC – Yes, they owe us. Harbs was the real deal, I’m starting to believe Billy-Bob Baalke was behind this BS…..This handsome fella may be the devil in disguise. …I used to praise Baalke but I must have been wrong. I’m usually right though CFC. Right?

      1. Why would any solid college coach make the move to the NFL? The salary is about the same, there is more control over players, and they’re treated like gods from the fan base.

          1. I wonder if they see that as important now that they have their own “playoff” and the money’s basically the same.

            1. Yea, they compete but no where near a NFL level of competition. Apples to oranges comparison….

              1. That’s your opinion Hammer. I don’t agree with you that college football competes at the NFL level….

        1. That’s exactly what Pete Carroll has recreated a college culture with the 12s and final say on everything and an environment that is fun to be apart of.

      1. Well … we did achieve “Seatttle” “weaker” and”us” “stronger” … just a different combination of those words than you suggested

    1. SABAN!
      I thought Fangio HC, Donatell DC and Kyle Shanahan OC would have been solid moves.

    2. Mine was the Raider pick Del Rio if Fangio wasn’t selected. That said, firing Harbaugh with the classless press leaks that showed management incompetence sort of prepared me for this debacle. Wonder where some of those “Harbaugh has lost the locker room” whispers came from? Football isn’t any different from any other workplace. I’ve worked with those guys in the past. LOL. They were a pain in the a**.

    3. Mine was the Raider pick Del Rio if Fangio wasn’t selected. That said, firing Harbaugh with the classless press leaks that showed management incompetence sort of prepared me for this debacle. Wonder where some of those “Harbaugh losing the locker room” whispers came from? Football isn’t any different from any other workplace. I’ve worked with those guys in the past. LOL. They were a pain in the a**.

    4. Because of the 49ers and my Italian lineage, Vic Fangio is the no-brainer choice. Let’s never forget that without our Italian HOF quarterback, we would be lite 4 Lombardi trophies.

        1. Gio Carmozzi is not even in the Italian American HOF. It’s that other guy who won 4 Super Bowls.

        2. Leo Nomellini was a paid ambassador for Northwestern Title Company in Santa Rosa for many years up to his death. I did a lot of business with the company and got free tickets from time to time from Leo and the owner who was also Italian. Unlike Gio, Leo is in the Italian American HOF.

        3. Hey, maybe I’m missing something but does Oregoniner not know Joe Montana is Italian? Sorry, sometimes I’m the last guy to the party.

  24. Why Yall complaining about Tomsula as a coach!? The guy deserves the job. His been with the niners when they sucked and when they became good. Blue collar guy like Chuck Pagano I miss Harbaugh but his gone. Move on ladies. York and Balke know what they’re doing like they did when York hired Harbaugh and brought a brand new stadium to Santa Clara when the city of San Francisco put the stadium idea on the back burners for decades. I’m looking forward to next season with Bowman, Willis, and Aldon back for a full season. Niner Faithful Forever!

    1. Yeah. That singletary hire kinda negates your “they know
      What they’re doing” line.
      Pffft! This hire is a joke and a cheap and feelings saving move. Thumbs DOWN!
      A lines coach doesn’t necessarily “deserve” a HC job. Maybe a coordinator job. Not HC

        1. Correct, Jed hired Singletary, and now he’s hired Tomsula. The owner believes he knows more than he does.

              1. I don’t remember. Too many websites the last couple days gathering any coaching information I could find….

              2. Rocket

                I get the feeling that this whole thing about Tomsula being Jed’s pick is just a rumor to which fans caught on.

                I have no reason to believe that Baalke is not fully supportive of Tomsula’s hire.

              3. Baalke may be on board; the point was it doesn’t matter whether he is or not. I don’t think its a rumor Mood. This is Jed’s guy.

      1. Ninermd….I’m not saying York and Balke are perfect but they are the face of the franchise. They are not going away anytime soon. I would be more upset if the Niners released players like Wills, Bowman or Kap….but coaches they are replaceable. Tomsula, rob chudinki, and mike smith or tarver!? Not bad at all….

          1. Crazy Niner Eddy– As Clint Eastwoods character said in the ” Unforgiven” “deserves have nothing to do with it.” You don’t reward longevity by promoting someone to head coach. Well then we can just let the Nurse with the most seniority operate on your brain because she deserves to have a chance to be a brain surgeon.

            1. Willtalk….. You should have used ” The Good, the Bad , and the Ugly” So your telling me ex coaches like John Madden who was an o-line coach didn’t deserve to be a head coach. Good thing Al Davis gave him an opportunity. and how about John Harbaugh who was a Specials teams coach who went straight to be the head coach of the Ravens. He got an opportunity and became a deserving coach. Both won Superbowls. Willtalk the only person to convince was Jed and he thinks Tomsula is deserving.What I think and you think doesn’t matter. If I was Jed I’d hire the people that are loyal to me. Jed is judge, jury and executioner in this town. I think he knows what his doing….

          2. Probably could have gotten at least one or two superbowls if we kept Charles Haley back in the early 90’s. Class is an over used word….after 2 decades nobody remembers class but we sure do remember WINNERS!

        1. Fair enough. I’m more upset at the fact that they hired a yes man and went cheap. And then come out with this crap about winning superbowls and with class. While gutting the staff and releasing these “whispers” or lettin them get out. York also sat back like a coward an let harbaugh take the heat for his decisions. Yeah they’re not going anywhere soon. And it sucks we have to hold our breath for this season in wonder. I hope they know what they’re doing when it comes to hiring a coach. But my feeling is… They got lucky last time.

    2. “I’m looking forward to next season with Bowman, Willis, and Aldon back for a full season.”

      That would be nice. What makes you think any of them will play the full season after this year?

      1. Last time I heard Bowman was running around and usually that injury takes 2 years to fully recover. Willis injury was the same injury Bobby Wagner got. Wagner is playing this season and maybe Willis was slightly worse this year. Aldon is back from a 9 game suspension….Just hope he stays out of trouble.

  25. Well if nothing else it should help Justin Smith in his decision to not retire.

      1. Mid, looks like you have gone back on your statement that you would wait and see how the new coach went before giving up on them.

        1. How is me saying that I doubt Gore and Smith would want to be involved in another rebuilding session related to me waiting to see how the new coach does Scooter? I’m merely stating that those two might move on or retire given their age.

          1. If that was the only statement you’ve made then it wouldn’t mean anything. You’ve made a number of posts essentially outlining the team is doomed.

            1. Did I say that I wouldn’t give Tomsula a chance though? I hate the hire and don’t see any good for the team in the near future thanks to Baalrk, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t give Tomsula a chance. I didn’t think much of FS Reid and RB James, but I gave both a chance. One proved me right while the other proved me wrong. I’m more than willing to let Tomsula prove me and others dead wrong here, but it’s not going to stop me from voicing my concerns or feelings about him being hired Scooter.

              1. “That direction is down the toilet apparently.”

                Its one thing to not like the hire and voice your opinion about your concerns. Another to say we are doomed or going down the toilet.

                Its also one thing to give something a chance even if you have reservations, another to form an opinion before giving something a chance, and then being proven right or wrong.

                You say you are willing to give him a chance, but you have already decided on how you think this will go.

                That’s fine by the way, you are entitled to your belief. I just think it is funny because when I questioned you on whether you’d give the new coach a chance before forming an opinion on the hire previously, you said you would.

  26. I think the biggest negative in this hire is the effect it’s going to have on Vic Fangio, who’s already made it clear he’s outta here now. The architect of our top 5 defense for the past four seasons will likely jump ship to one of our closest enemies and bring with him all the knowledge of how best to attack that defense. Other than that HUGE downside, I’m okay with giving Tomsula a chance to lead this 49er team back to the playoffs where it belongs. It is what it is, we might as well get used to it, hope for the best and try to be positive and supportive of Jim II.

    1. All Jim will need is an irresistible force for the offensive line and get five yards of push on each and every play. Then his defense would only have to force one field goal per game to insure victory.

    1. I guess I would have thought that Tomsula would want to keep some of the coaches on defense like Donatell. If it is true that the coaches are to be fired except for Rathman, the continuity “reason” for hiring Tomsula is starting to ring hollow.

      1. Someone refresh my memory, weren’t Tomsula and Rathman the only coaches retained from the previous group when Harbaugh was hired?

          1. Yes, they were, that’s why I’m disappointed that it looks like Donatell and Leavitt will be gone.

            1. Agreed. I’m trying my very best to fathom why anyone would want to blow up a defensive coaching staff as good as ours.

              1. That was the reason for my question on Rathman and Tomsula. It’s clear Jed/Trent want to remove all of Harbaugh’s coaching staff. I wonder if this could potentially extend to CK, who by all accounts was Harbaugh’s pick. Doubtful, but I don’t know with these guys.

              2. And it may not be just Kaep that it could possibly extend to. The entire team could look different next year if the front office chooses a pass – first OC and a 4-3 DC.

        1. Not exactly. Mike Solari was the third coach that Harbaugh agreed to retain. Solari has reported that he has an appointment to talk with Baalke Thursday morning.

      2. I read it as he’s required to keep Rathman. Harbaugh was required to keep three existing coaches. Tomsula is not required to keep the others, but that doesn’t mean that he wont keep one or more coaches. Since he leapfrogged so many of them, it might be uncomfortable for some of them.

  27. Some interesting comments on the Tomsula hire…

    From Tim Kawakami:
    “York indicated to people in the building as far back as last summer that he was pretty sure Tomsula could win more games than Harbaugh.
    I’ve heard, coincidentally, that Harbaugh got wind of that management sentiment and he and Tomsula barely spoke in the last several weeks of Harbaugh’s’ tenure here.”

    By Jason Cole:
    Jason Cole @JasonPhilCole
    Jim Tomsula gets the #49ers job. A bit surprising, although he politicked for the job for a long time.

      1. But it does fill in the story line, like the obvious OL pep talk Tomsula engaged in. Could that have been the Raider game?

    1. skeptic- Perhaps he-Tomsula- was also York and Baalke’s inside man and helped to undermine Harbaugh from within. A major reason for Harbaugh not talking to him. Maybe Tomsula is not that good a guy at all and just a front office asss kisser. I have found that some guys that everybody seem to like are just nice for PR purposes. They will be your friend until it no longer suits their purpose. Harbaugh is a loyal guy and wouldn’t have just not spoken to Tomsula with out reason. Perhaps he finally figured it out.

      1. Willtalk,
        I agree re Harbaugh being a loyal guy. I also believe that Tomsula could be a good HC, the players have always spoken well of him.
        IMO, the major players knew by Feb of last year that Harbaugh was gone. It would not surprise me that Tomsula played his cards well and sang the right tunes.

      2. You, sir, have an uncanny ability to take a shred of innuendo or scrap of conversation and spin it up into an accusatory conspiracy theory. You have this season made some damning accusations about players and coaches that were based on epic leaps of logic and no evidence at all. I doubt you would enjoy being judged by the same standard.
        What’s your beef with JT? You must have a grudge because you have no evidence to support your array of demeaning, negative comments. Unvetted rumors enough for you to engage in character assassination? You KNOW Jim leaked?He was a brown nose? A back stabber?
        An accusation is a weapon; it should be used with restraint; it’s called fire discipline.

    2. told you… He’s a snitch, backstabber and Fredo all rolled into one. And, before anyone gets too excited although Q’s comments were positive they were also tempered.

      LMJ was happy for Fredo and shows Coach H was a good judge of talent in not using him. He’s looking to get back. And that slacker VD thinks it’s a new beginning for him. Hope they cut him.

      1. looks like Inman is also hinting at this on his twitter feed.

        so that’s 3 reporters.

        so how is a brown-nosing, back-stabber classy? Then again a York’s definition of classy is very different from that of the general public.

      1. Between you, Ninermd and Bayareafanatic, have you guys always been a glass half empty kinda pri$ks?

        Before you guys get all Razor panicky, why not look at the hire as keeping continuity for a team and roster that does not need a whole new direction or fresh face. All it needs is to get healthy and an offense that is going to get back to doing what it does best.

        2 things are needed. 2 quick, game changing type WR’s and a QB who doesn’t try and be a hero every throw.

        1. Prime Genius,

          Do you know what continuity means? You can’t keep continuity when you lose Your defensive coordinator, your offensive coordinator, your defensive backs coach and the rest of your staff except Rathman.
          Do you realize how much new coaching staff we need? About 5-7 new guys. Yeah, that’s continuity. You’re a genius.

        2. Lol calling someone glass half empty while bashing the qb to a pulp.
          Lmao. Is everything backwards up there?

    1. I think the analogy is in reverse because it was believed that Mark Jackson didn’t want assistants more capable than himself. In Tomsula’s case he is getting rid of a whole staff of very capable coaches with more experience than himself. Now we have to see what kind of staff he puts together before we can truly judge him but right now he is looking more like Mark Jackson.

          1. Not quite. I haven’t heard anything that leads one to believe Kerr is as difficult to work with as Jackson.

  28. The burning question… did Gase refuse the job (or at least refuse to commit soon enough) or did the 49ers really think Tomsula was better then Gase?

    1. They didn’t formally offer Gase the job and then told him they were going in another direction.

      1. Interesting. If that’s the case, I feel (a little) better about the Tomsula promotion.

        1. B2W
          Makes you feel better? Wouldn’t that mean that no one wanted to coach here so the 9ers took the “option of last resort” JT? If they were talking to Gase and he expressed a vision/strong opinions that the FO envisioned clashing with they went with the choice that did not rock the boat

  29. Waaaaay too early on the Tomsula=Kerr proclamations. Kerr put together a tremendous coaching staff and had executive experience in the NBA prior to becoming a head coach. Kind of unfair to put that level of expectations on Tomsula at this juncture. It’ll be easier to prognosticate once we see what kind of coaching staff he pulls together.

    1. I also believe that it is far easier for a player to be a head coach of an NBA team than a player in the NFL. There are only five positions in the NBA as opposed to the multiple positions in the NFL. A point guard would basically understand both the variations of offensive and defensive sets in basketball. Not so in football where it takes years for a player to be ready to be a head coach.

  30. The 49ers are a rock solid team with a few glaring weaknesses (unrelated to the injury epidemic)

    – 4th quarter scoring
    – Red zone
    – Sharp decline in Vernon Davis productivity

    So far there has been nothing but to address these issues. Only subtractions of the remaining strengths (if you believe the rumors about the assistant coaching staff purge)

    I won’t know how to feel about the Tomsula hiring until the coaching staff is assembled, but my gut tells me they don’t really have a plan.

    1. They were a rock solid team before JH took over, but their record didn’t reflect that. I’m afraid this team will severely under perform next year.

  31. If they get Kyle for the OC job, I’ll feel a little better about this.
    Not digging on Tarver though…

  32. What a strange season it has been. From the penthouse to the cellar. Not that Tomsula won’t b good, I have no idea, but how the F did we get here?

  33. I like Jim Tomsula, I think he is a great position coach and a leader who inspires the entire team. He reminds me very much of Mike Singletary before he was made Head Coach. I am a fan and will hope against hope that he can coach this team to a winning Super Bowl. I think that everybody in the front office is happy with this choice, Jed gets what he has always wanted to have a coach who is his best buddy and Trent gets to have a Yes-Man who will never veer off message.

    We will know very soon about the seriousness of this choice as Jim Tomsula attempts to put together a staff of top notch assistants. I am a fan of the niners and will be pulling for him, but I am not hopeful.

      1. It fits so perfectly into the overall campaign that I’ve been posting my fear of that for two days. Of course Baalke, sitting as he does now at ground zero, will be concerned with who his head coach wants to have on his staff.

  34. 49ers are destined to be going toward bottom of the standings. Needed, a genius. One that can understand the game so much he could be innovative, get hired, and gut the front office and know how to confront a maverick owner.

  35. Is it possible that no credible candidates would seriously consider the job because of the poisonous atmosphere in the front office? Jed has gone on record as not being the leaker, but the consensus is that the leaks undermining JIm Harbaugh came from the Front Office. Head Coach jobs in the NFL are few and far between, but I imagine that serious and credible candidates would shy away from such a dysfunctional situation. How do you think the Niners Front Office is viewed by the rest of the NFL?

  36. I’ll root for the team and pray the owner’s poor excuse of a brain is turned on.

  37. Chips don’t usually fall far from the block (or is that apples). For evidence you needn’t look much further than this blog.

  38. Prediction: Jim Tomsula … Nobel Peace Prize winner 2016 … he will teach and mentor us all.

    1. Davis was one of the players disenchanted with Harbaugh on the offensive side. Actually, add the other Davis to the list of the Harbaugh-disenchanted.

      1. The only thing disenchanting in regards to Davis was that he held out for his brand and it showed in his weak play. Harbaugh had nothing to do with him being an idiot and looking sloppy during the season because of it.

        1. Perhaps “the brand” was just more PC than saying he was frustrated with the coaching staff. We’ll find out in a few months.

          1. Why exactly should he have been frustrated? He made that comment after a strong season and then becoming a stock option. There was nothing PC about his comment.

  39. Looks like only assistant being retained is Rathman. That means Solari is out. Complete new staff is imminent on both sides of the ball.

    1. Solari received a phone call from Baalke and is scheduled to meet with him in the morning….

    2. If this is “continuity” we hoped a Fangio or Tomsula hire would bring, I’d hate to see what instability is.

        1. Jack, I think it is great that you called it last year before anybody else.
          But what York (and you?) are saying is that SF has been polishing this jewel for 5 years right here under everybody’s eyes. NOBODY in the NFL even approached him for a DC or OC job.
          How can that be Jack?
          Are they all dumb, blind or deaf? Or is it just us?

          1. “NOBODY in the NFL even approached him for a DC or OC job.”

            It may just be you. He interviewed with the Vikings last year for their HC opening.

            1. OK, I missed that and it looks like the Vikings got a 7-9 coach instead……….
              Is that our future?

              1. You also missed that Tampa Bay requested permission to interview him as a DC in 2011 and 2012 but were denied.

                If they go 7-9 in 2015 it’s 1 game worse than they did this year. Don’t think that’s happening though.

    1. And he got his source from Fox Sports. So who knows how reliable it is.

      Until we hear for certain what is happening with the assistant coaches, I’m not reading too much into it.

    2. The one thing that concerns me is that Jed and Trent seem determined to rid themselves of anything that has a connection to Jim Harbaugh.

      I would have been more comfortable with Vic Fangio, but he had the Harbaugh shine on him which the FO is intimidated with.
      Retaining Tomsula and now possibly Rathman tells me that the Org is more interested in full-on company personnel rather than coaches who have already proven their worth.

  40. I wondered the same thing Claude. Maiocco@ Offensive line coach Mike Solari told CSNBayArea.com that Baalke called him after Tomsula was named coach. Solari said he is scheduled to meet with Baalke on Thursday morning to learn if there is a place for him on the staff….

      1. “…..When I look at York and Baalke I feel the need to take a bath!!…”

        but ..but … but ….

        It ain’t Christmas … yet !

      2. @Mary – Usually I would take this analogy to mean one thing, but with you Mary, this could mean many a creepy things.. #areyoulostmary

        1. “Great idea. Try jumping into Puget Sound.”

          Or San Francisco Bay, from the top of the North Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge!

        1. Agree Callahan or Sparano could make some sense. Not a fan of TB picking staff, but oddly, he hasn’t sought my advice.

  41. Think the 49ers would let him out of his contract if one of the parties wanted to nominate him for president in 2016?

  42. The way I see this, the break up could not happen at a worst time. I believe every decision they are making is for next year. The HUGE motivation for these decisions is based on the fiftieth SB being played in ‘their’ brand new stadium. With 12 percent of new HC reach the SB, they need to minimize the impact on the team. Hiring Solari makes the most sense in their minds to maintain continuity and lessen the impact on CK. I believe its their best chance to make the playoffs. Detroit was the only team with a new HC that made the playoffs and they are already eliminated. I believe every decision they make this off season is going to be made for the short run – next year only. You better believe the Yorks want to be in the SB next year and will try everything in there power to make it happen.

    If a new offense is implemented I would venture to say this isnt retooling, its a overhaul.

    1. Chudzinski would be the better OC for Kaepernick. Look what he did for Newton. Does he even want the job is the question….

      1. Does he even want the job is the question….

        Kind reminds me of years past when we could not attract good coaches and free agents.

        1. Reminds me of Singletary’s OC search. Some hot names were touted by as potential OC candidates by the front office. Singletary assumed these guys would be flattered to be considered for the plum 49ers OC position. Most declined.

          One “front runner” comically shot down any idea he’d work for the 49ers, saying he never threw his hat in the ring or even talked to Sing.

          Jimmy Raye “won” the job a few days later.

          1. I see the similarities but i think the talent level and overall status of the team is much better. Plus i gotta think Tomsula learned from that entire debacle.

            1. Just don’t worry about it, stick to being negative about everything and anything 49ers. You must be a joy to be around.
              Tomsula will be fine, the 49ers will be a contender again but somehow you will find a dark cloud to put over it.
              Harbaugh and his staff ran their course. It did well but not well enough. Now a new idea is needed. Tomsula will keep the current group intact amd refocused. That’s continuity.

              But nevermind all that. Phone Razor, mD, bay and you guys can be miserable altogether. Have fun.

    2. Isn’t it a shame that they are already over the cap. They will make room in the cap but will it be enough to get to the Superbowl, or will it be a bust.

    1. He was wrong because he believe Baalke that they were not going to rebuild, now they are rebuilding after purging any one brought in by Harbaugh. There is no way Grant could have predicted that amount of Baalke/York animosity toward Harbaugh’s staff.

  43. Uhh, what was so great about the Niner DL last year to even remotely think that would lead to any promotion???

  44. Sources say York has lost the locker room….

    I like Tomsula, but I’m not sold on the hire. Losing all the coaches seems to go against the stated intent of York/Baalke.

    Tomsula is respected, and may be a great coach, but the hire seems like it was a foregone conclusion. Heard rumors of Shanahan, Tomsula, Gase, Quinn, etc. Never even heard that Tomsula was interviewed which meant the FO was keeping this one close to the vest. But, why? What gives? Not sure this is a good indication of the stability of the franchise.

    Seems, to me, that York/Baalke are very much running the coaching show. When does intrusion of the owner/GM work? Dallas? Oakland?

    What a disheartening season. And it continues…

  45. This all seems like a disaster. I read the article that says Tomsula may only keep Tom Rathman on his staff. I have no clue what to say or think about this front office. While they may have had this plan, it seems they are flying by the seat of their pants.

    1. Recommend listening to MM interview on Jim Tomsula promotion. I think he is absolutely right regarding the HC search, even if Tomsula was preordained. It was a great opportunity to get opinions regarding the 49ers from football intelligent people (“top minds” as MM puts it) outside the organization.

    2. During the MM interview, he talks a little about DC choice – frontrunners appear to be Tarver and Dennis Allen. More interestingly he says that there is a belief among some in the building that the defense could be even better if the defense was more aggressive. That would imply that the FO is not concerned about losing Fangio.

    3. I work with a die hard Panthers fan. He says he will say a pray for us if we decide to go with Chudzinski. He claims many things went into Cam Newton, looking good his rookie season. He said his biggest issue with Chudzinski was almost always throwing the deep ball on 3 and 1 situations. He isn’t a big fan of the guy.

      As of now, I don’t think it matters who we get, we are in trouble. Long term. I pray I am wrong.

  46. The worst thing about the hire is that there is no excitement.
    Tomsula will be a fine coach, but the pressure to outdo Harbaugh will follow him for as long as he’s HC
    If the internal turmoil doesn’t stop, we’re in for a repeat.
    Like before the JH-era…….

    1. Yes I agree with that. it comes down to players more than the coordinator in this case. Ultimately it’s Pete’s scheme, and they have the players to run it. Gus doesn’t have the players in Jax and isn’t doing to well. Quinn may be a great Coach who knows, but having success with this group is expected.

    2. Agree there’s no excitement, but how excited would we be if it was Delrio or Ryan or Bowles or Gase? I wouldn’t have been excited by Shanny or Holmgren either. Even the Fangio pick would’ve drawn as much scrutiny towards the OC choice as the Tomsula pick.

  47. What is making Quinn such a hot prospect? Is it because of the success that the last Seattle DC turned HC has achieved?

    1. Thank you…. I said this same thing to Larry…. I mean Mary. With a roster like that and a defensive HC I’m pretty sure I could be DC for Seattle

  48. I dont get why guys like E donnatell and the rest of the assistants were let go…..was it cause Harbaugh brought them in and they want Ron Jeremy to fill out his own staff?

    1. Tomsula isn’t filling out the staff, Baalke is. It appears they want all prior links with Harbaugh out of the buildling entirely.

      We’ll see what kind of staff he can assemble, but they are letting some pretty good Coaches go.

      1. Rocket,

        It sure seems that way. My guess is that Baalke fears the remaining coaching staff will not fully buy in to their ‘vision’ having seen the dysfunction and ineptitude displayed by the 49ers front office so far.

    2. It’s a purge of the contaminating Harbaugh influence. It’s also a total rebuild of the coaching staff in the image of Baalke’s power, both on the field and in the building.

      If Baalke is right about football power, all Colin will have to do is hand the ball to a running back. The NFL will bow down to overwhelming power generated by Baalke’s roster.

    3. I can understand wanting to get some fresh ideas, and sometimes when you go a new direction you are best off removing links to the past as they can cause discontent and struggle to adapt.

      But Leavitt and Donatell did an excellent job coaching up their players, seems a real waste to me.

  49. I would expect that Baalke will be choosing the coaches on the offensive side, also telling Tomasula when to go to the bathroom. lol

  50. 9er fan base = chicken littles running around yelling the sky is falling.take a deep breath calm down and see how it all plays out.see who gets hired who goes who gets cut free agent signings then panic

    1. La Canfora tweeted that Fangio and Donatell should be picked up by the Redskins if they are smart.

      1. If Washington is smart. If Fangio and Donatell are smart they’ll stay the hell away from that tire fire.

    2. His defensive strategy matches Carrol’s approach. If they have an opening at DC it’s a real possibility. What you and the rest of us will do is take several in the chops. If they don’t have an opening we will still take several in the chops.

  51. It seems to me that the impending shift to 4-3 may maximize use of available personnel, e.g., Bowman, Willis and Borland all getting on the field, and Lynch and Aldon as DEs. Comments?

    1. You can’t have more than one ILB on the field in a 4-3. If we shift to a 4-3, then one if not two of the current ILBs will be gone.

        1. What makes Bowman and Willis is they are sideline-to-sideline guys. Moving them to OLB would negate that positive.

          1. Both would be well suited to the Mike and Will roles in a 4-3.

            The Will role, while an OLB, is the play-maker LB position, and should be a sideline to sideline guy.

    2. I’ve had this discussion with Grimey previously.

      I don’t like the idea of any of Willis, Bowman or Borland as a SAM backer in a 4-3. That role is a real thumper’s role, think Donta Hightower. We don’t have a LB like that, Brooks would be the closest, or maybe Skuta if they re-sign him.

      Also, One of your DEs needs to be more of a two-way guy, a good run defender that can also generate pass rush. Especially if they play an under front, which would suit them as they’ve been playing an under front a lot these past few years. I would expect Dial would play as one of the DEs (basically the Red Bryant role when he was at the ‘Hawks), Williams the NT, Justin/ Tank as the 3-tech, and Aldon as the weakside DE.

      If they switch to a 4-3 I think they’ll want to draft a SAM backer, and Borland, Lynch and Dorsey would all be backups. Not a bad thing.

  52. I’m not all together convinced that JY and TB required a “Yes Man”, but Jim will have to live with that assumption for a while. Of course that’s what was said about Madden when he got promoted.
    It appears to me now that they were thinking of Tomsula for a long while and went through the process to see if anybody else could wow them enough to win the job away from him.
    So why Tomsula? How did he so impress the FO?
    By being a brown nose? Players see through that stuff immediately and it doesn’t play well in the locker room. ‘Politicking?’ That doesn’t ring true to me (wild axe guess) out of context.
    Spoiler Alert: what follows is IDLE SPECULATIONS not supported by any accounts or evidence:
    A boss/manager/commander can tell a lot about their staff during times of stress and adversity. I think the period from the NFCCG to the present can be fairly called a a time of stress and adversity with the building friction and tension between JH and others that has been described. We can assign blame for the problem, but there was a problem from Jed all the way into the locker room.
    PERHAPS JT was the kind of guy who stepped up, to hold things together, to be the bridge to FO when communication broke down and to keep the players’ spirits up even as they could see the strain on their Head Coach. Those who perform under pressure are admired and appreciated. MAYBE Tomsula showed them all something in the crunch.
    Maybe it’s not about picking the “Nice Guy” as Lowell and others have asserted, but choosing the guy who ain’t afraid to pick up the pieces and address the issues at hand. A guy like Baalke who picks up trash in the parking lot might appreciate that.
    OK, that’s just one scenario of how they would choose a guy whose resume alone wouldn’t engender that much faith. Doesn’t make it right or wrong or good or bad; just trying to figure out the rationale.

    1. I was reading the Peter King piece that he does at the end of the year. One of the topics is what went wrong with Harbaugh. He also talks about the Walsh era.

      “That led me to call Carmen Policy, team president/ombudsman during the Walsh era, who I recall was so often the referee between Walsh and many in the organization, occasionally owner Eddie DeBartolo. “There were times under Bill where it was a constant crisis-management situation,” said Policy. “But you’re winning, and so I’d say, ‘If we can just keep it together for the next month, month and a half, we’ll be okay.’ Eddie had this insatiable desire to win, and Bill did too. Life at the 49ers wasn’t about being easy, or about everyone getting along. It was all about winning, every day. I don’t know that any players loved Bill, but they had respect for him, and they knew he could lead them to the promised land.”

      This is chalk full of interesting info.


    2. Yours is a possible scenario, but here is another.


      The key part that interests me is that according to Kawakami’s sources, Jed was speculating, after the playoff loss to Seattle last year, that Tomsula could have won more games in 2011-2013 than Harbaugh won. That sounds like three Superbowls to me. And it was fermenting in the Baalke/York brain. Now Baalke gets the chance to do what Jerry Jones claimed when he fired Jimmy.

      Kawakami thinks that Tomsula will say what the bosses want naturally. Just being himself will eliminate the public relations, and in house political problems they attribute to Harbaugh. They very much want their customers to lay the blame on Harbaugh as well.

      1. htwaits: The ultimate point of desperation is when a team isn’t accountable and they try to rewrite history.

  53. Brotha and Tuna:

    Of course he hasn’t. Baalke doesn’t want sound advice. He wants someone who agrees only with everything he says.

  54. Okay, so you’ve all jumped on the turnip train — what do you “honestly” predict SF’s 2015 win loss record will be?

    1. They are rebuilding the staff from the ground up free of all Harbaugh contaminated coaches. They might not win a division game. They probably can’t win more than 2-3 division games. You figure it out.

      1. htwaits: Read that Peter King piece I posted above. Sorry, if I’m still living in the past but I hate that JH is gone. He contributed to making this division the toughest and yes the Seahawks are a better team for it. Stiff competition is healthy.

        I want my doctors, football coaches etc. to be arrogant.

    1. With Baalke involved heavily in the selection of an entirely new coaching staff free of all Harbaugh contamination.

  55. What time is the press conference today? Will it be televised or do I have to find it out on the internet? Thanks.

      1. Ask why there was even a process when it was a forgone conclusion that York and Harbaugh were only interested in Tomsula and why they decided to jettison the entire defensive staff sans Tomsula, a staff that made our defense a top 10 unit for the past four seasons.

        1. Mid:

          Check out the MM link I posted earlier today. Listen to the interview with MM. I think he lays out pretty well why they went through all of the interviews and I agree with why they did it. But perhaps you don’t agree with MM’s explanation or just want to hear it from Jed/Trent.

          1. I want to know their lame excuse. I don’t buy for one minute that Tomsula wowed them more than any of the other candidates.

        2. I know you didn’t mean York and Harbaugh. Maybe it was York and Baalke.

          The defense was top five not top ten the past four years. But remember that in Baalke’s mind, his personnel made that record, and that he wants to prove that any DC and staff can get as good or better results with that personnel. It’s the Jerry Jones winning football strategy.

  56. To change the topic a bit, PFF is reporting that Cardale Jones is probably declaring for the draft today.

      1. @Jack

        Doubtful Jack…who would you rather have under center at 3rd or 4th and less than one than a 260 lb QB who’s not afraid to get hit, and also threw some great passes

  57. I know that most of you are so down on this, as am I by the way, but I also find this intriguing. That is, such a turn of strategy sometimes also includes a positive surprise or two coming down the pike. We’ll just have to see. Maybe I should change my chat name to Mr. Optimist?

    1. Not down, at least myself anyway. More worried until I see who the new staff is. This is a complete overhaul on the Coaching side which means the continuity people refer to doesn’t exist. They have to put together a good Coaching staff around Tomsula for this to have any chance of working.

      1. Rocket:

        Between Chudzinski and Trestman, who would you prefer at OC. If you had your pick, who would be the OC out of all possible candidates.

        1. I’d be fine with either Cubus, but Chud has some familiarity with a QB like Kap from his time with Newton so I’d give him a slight edge.

          1. Rocket,
            I wouldn’t be ok with Trestman. Chud does have experience with a “Kaep like” QB. He made some mistakes and I believe he had to have learned some valuable lessons.
            He to me is intriguing.

            1. I’d prefer Chud as I said but Trestman is a good Coach too. Very cerebral and knows the QB position. I think he’d make a great QB Coach but doubt he’s looking to do that unless there is no OC jobs available.

    2. What I find intriguing is the possibility of an Al Davis (later years) type catastrophe brought on by arrogance and pride. By “positive surprise” do you mean something planed brilliantly by Baalke-York, or more like serendipity?

    1. Expect Willis to be released or traded if that happens. I can’t see Baalrk wanting to keeping two high priced ILBs on the squad.

      1. Bowman would crush it on the weakside. The odd man out is probably Borland. Which is OK since he’s on a rookie 3rd round contract and is an excellent backup.

    2. Your source isn’t one I would give too much credit. But if that is the plan it explains why they have dumped Fangio and his staff. Baalke-York really never had any intention of maintaining defensive continuity. I wonder why they bothered to claim that continuity was any part of their new master plan.

    3. I’ve been talking about this for at least a week. I’m assuming Brooks is gone so my early thoughts were Willis at SAM, even though he’s a better fit at MIKE(because there’s no way Borland can play SAM). Now I’m thinking they could resign Skuta to play strong side. Unfortunately that leaves Borland off the field.

      1. I’d agree with that Grimey – re-sign Skuta to play the Sam.

        Putting Willis at the Sam backer spot would be a big waste in my opinion.

  58. I get the feeling that the Colin Kaepernick versus Alex Smith debate/handwringing on this blog will be replaced by the Jim Tomsula versus Jim Harbaugh debate/handwringing.

      1. Yer right, Grimey .. but

        Dumb and Dumber love money a lot more …

        What happens if / when the Niners play to an
        empty house .. and local blackouts ?

        Ya kno .. if they don’t get this right ..they could
        end up seeing that as an end result

        1. The proof will be in the pudding. They’ve definitely put a lot of pressure on themselves and Tomsula.

  59. Been following the Niners since Brodie, and
    I gotta say .. the recent moves by Jed and Baalkee ..
    are the stupidest and most unprofessional I
    can remember …

    I wonder if Larry Ellison is still interested
    in buying the team ?

      1. u-mmm, perhaps, rib … but ..
        otoh … nothing I’ve seen so far, has instilled
        any confidence in the intelligence of the two
        entrusted with guiding the ship …

        In fact.. the opposite !

        Seems these moves were guided by greed ..
        and not “winning with class”

        The “class” part …
        appears to be missing from the equation

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