49ers receiver Pierre Garcon optimistic about team’s future

SANTA CLARA — Pierre Garcon holds up his left hand and spreads his fingers as wide as they go. “I wish I had bigger hands,” he says. “They’re bigger than yours, but I wouldn’t say they’re considered big.”

They’re big. From thumb to pinky, Garcon’s hands are nine-and-a-half inches long. They almost never drop a pass. “It’s nothing complicated,” he says in the 49ers locker room. “I practice at it and I’ve done it millions and millions of times over and over. I’ve seen the ball, I know where it’s going, I put my hands on it, I know when to squeeze and when to rip it away and put it somewhere I can hold onto it.”

Garcon has held onto 33 passes through six games as a 49er. He’s on pace to catch 88 passes this season, which would be the most by a 49ers player since Terrell Owens caught 100 passes in 2002.

What makes Garcon a special receiver? Is it the hands?

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  1. I’d take ten Garcon’s over the diva’s at the position. Full disclosure, pinky to thumb on my hand is 8 3/4″.

  2. Love this guy!Wanted us to sign this guy yrs ago but Washington got em….so much like one of my favorite all time players and Niner…A Boldin…call Garcon baby boldin! Refreshing blue collar attitude!

    1. I don’t mind the fine. He clearly lowered his helmet… in this case he didn’t launch himself into the defender. But he kind of turtles up to the point where he could only see the ground… it’s a bad habit that could lead to him seriously injuring himself.
      Had he kept his head up I would agree.

  3. Garcon should contest the fine, because he was playing like the Niners coached him to do.
    It was unfortunate, but it was also unintentional. They coach them to stay low. If he stayed high, he might have been the one getting injured.
    I had my doubts before the beginning of the season, because Garcon was the only big FA signing during the off season. However, he has made some clutch catches, so he has justified his hiring.
    With CJB, I hope he continues making those first down catches to extend drives.

  4. IMO , he has been one of the constants on offense . Good work ethic . Always trying to improve . He should help us find out what we got in CJB , and his development.
    A true competitor , only wish he would lead more with the receivers group . ( Cause we need that with all the youth we have at that position) .

    Nice piece Grant .

  5. Don’t you love the way Liddle Grant tries to give the impression he had a one on one with Garcon.

    Truth is none of the Niner players or staff will have anything to do with “Mr Insider”.

    They swat him away like you swat away any smart azz kid.

    1. Grant had a one on one interview with Hall of Famer Eddie Debartolo. He is much more important than Jed or any player or coach.
      I thought the interview had humor, insights and his interviewing skills elicited thoughtful responses.

      1. How could I forget it.

        Liddle Grant sitting in the parking lot enjoying a 5 min phone conversation with Eddie featuring such hard hitting questions as “do you agree with me that your favorite nephew Jed will make a great NFL owner?” and “do you think the Niners will win a Superbowl again?”

        Afterwards, Eddie was heard to remark that he’d never had to suffer such a grilling before, “the Louisiana Gaming Commission has nothing on this kid”.

        1. I wonder the same thing. Will the Niners win another SB? So far, they are 0-6 this season, so that possibility is remote.
          That grilling by the LGC resulted in him losing his beloved team. Think Eddie was being facetious, and it sure did not seem like he was sweating over the questions. Eddie handled them with aplomb, and Grant was just doing his job. Bet Eddie thought Grant was a chip off the old block, because he reminded Eddie of the pressers with Lowell.

            1. It was a great honor to be selected by Eddie to be granted an interview.
              If the Niners are afraid of tough questions from Grant, then they have more problems than we thought.
              Chip refused to answer questions, and see where it got him. Sitting in a rumpled suit trying to say something relevant, but mumbling.

            1. MM and MB get the interviews because they brown nose. They state the obvious, and ask softball questions, and write puff pieces.
              Grant does not need me to defend himself, his writing speaks for itself, and it is a must read. He was the ONLY writer who called the Bowman situation.

  6. Matt Maiocco seems to routinely get 1 in 1’s with Kyle and players. Grant interviewed Jed once, but seems nothing since.

    Maybe he’s being blackballed. I guess he took a knee at the post game presser.

        1. No, I was alone with Garcon for 10 minutes. I’ve also had one on ones recently with Daniel Kilgore, George Kittle, Trent Taylor, J.P. Flynn and Jeff Garcia.

          1. 30 seconds tops to ask your 4 questions:

            1. Why are you, a top NFL receiver, so good at catching balls? I practice a lot.

            2. Do you love your head coach? Yes, he’s the best ever.

            3. Which way is this team heading? Up. As holders of the worst record in football, the other direction is impossible.

            4. Preseason did you agree with my prediction of a 9-7 season? With “7 teams in 8 years” Hoyer as our QB? Don’t be so f’k’n silly.

          2. “Daniel Kilgore, George Kittle, Trent Taylor, J.P. Flynn and Jeff Garcia” ????

            3 rookies that haven’t learned better yet and one ex footballer desperate to get his name and face in the news.

            Kilgore is a mystery, it hasn’t been reported that he has suffered a concussion yet this year. Maybe he has a kind heart.

            Barrows, Branch, & Miaocco, have talked with every player on the roster.

            1. I get one on ones every day. Recently, I’ve had one on ones with DeForest Buckner, Ray Ray Armstrong, Rashard Robinson, Dontae Johnson, Marquise Goodwin, Eli Harold and Jimmie Ward.

  7. Which 0-6 team has the best chance of getting their first win today?

    Titans vs Browns or Cowboys vs 49ers.?

    I’ve checked with the Gamble-Tron 2000 and it says: Browns by 200.

  8. It’s going to be a long day out there today. C.J. will look like a rookie with slightly more than a half of NFL football under his belt. Dallas will manhandle the overmatched offensive line and Dak will torch the depleted defensive backfield. It’s ok. Nobody picks the Niners to win this game right? Sure love to see it! Dallas makes my skin crawl. I’m taking Dallas to cover (6) and the under (48 1/2)

    Dallas 31 SF 15 (5 field goals)

    1. Juan, hope springs eternal. Dwight Clark will have the team biting nails to get him a victory to honor his day.
      Niners 24-23.
      GO NINERS !!!!!!

      1. I predict the same score every week cause it’s easy…

        Like it
        Would be easy to sign Kap whose 4-2 in the playoffs and holds a playoff rushing record for qb

        Go Niners….

    2. Atta boy Juan, kinda figured u were the type to bet against our squad……gotta love our fanbase.
      Making money off the Niners plight, weak af imho……
      Grant I rarely agree with you, but always read ur posts…..

      1. Now now, please be nice. I like Juan, he keeps it real.
        Niners are 0-6 so they should not strut around like they are 6-0. They should be humble, work hard, give all they can, and strive for excellence.
        They need to be focused, play clean, but with aggression.
        I fully expect that Trump is pulling strings for his buddy Jones. Past games have shown how easy it is for a ref to decide the outcome of the game, by his ticky tacky calls, swallowing his whistle, or calling OPI on DPI.

  9. Hope your right Seb. However, I’m a realist. It’s tough to hope your way to victories in the NFL. 6 is the largest point spread today. That’s not good. Enjoy the game! Go Niners!

    1. I hope CJB can hook up with Kittle. Kittle should make sure he catches the ball. If he is 10 yards past the line of scrimmage, I do not mind if he concentrates on seeing the ball into his hands, securing it, and being content to fall down. Of course, it is ideal to catch the ball in stride for a TD. If the player runs before he catches the ball, then drops it, he is wasting a good opportunity.
      Ancillary to this tactic, the Receiver will not allow the defenders to lay a big hit on him, so he moves the chains, extends a drive, and preserves his body while helping the team. Drops are an anathema.

      1. I would strongly like to reiterate like a abrams tank in a pit, to fall down after the catch….

        Go Niners…..

    2. I’ve been trash-talking my best-friend all week.

      On Wednesday I told them early picks had the 49ers beating the Cowboys. He was so worried that he looked up ESPN’s early picks and called me. So I laughed at him because I made him look… I also told him CJ Bethard would hand 45 points on the Cowboys and Hyde would rush for 125 yards and two TDs.

      On Thursday I called his team cupcakes and they’re on the way to a 6-10 season.

      On Friday I told him there were just two days to go before the 49ers crush his hopes and dreams of a Cowboys resurgence.

      Yesterday I told him when he calls me Sunday I promise I’ll try to control myself and not mock him through the tears of being the team to give the 49ers their first win. I told him that I don’t like to mock sniveling man-babies when their football team loses, so, like I said, I’ll try to be nice.

      This morning I said ESPN 101.1 picked the 49ers (they did as an upset) and that I’ll try not laugh when you call me up crying.

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