49ers run over Packers to earn trip to Super Bowl

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers are going to the Super Bowl.

Two weeks from now in Miami, Kyle Shanahan will try to put the period at the end of this season’s sentence. The 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs now are the focus of American sports. The 49ers have brought the focus back to the Bay Area with a 37-20 win over the Green Bay Packers.

“Coach Shanahan has talked to us for three years about how we’re this close,” George Kittle said. “It all finally came together.”

Shanahan is in his third season as the 49ers’ head coach. Bill Walsh went to the Super Bowl during his third season as head coach. Which means Shanahan has vaulted himself into the Walsh discussion. Of course, Shanahan needs to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl to remain in the discussion, because Walsh won his first Super Bowl.

The 49ers haven’t won the Super Bowl since 1995. And they haven’t been to the Super Bowl since 2013. That year, they lost to the Baltimore Ravens. The next year, the 49ers lost in the NFC Championship to the Seattle Seahawks. That was the last time the 49ers made the playoffs until this season. At times, it seemed like the 49ers never would make it back to the playoffs.

Forget that. The 49ers are going to the Super Bowl.

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    1. As opposed to what lays on the streets, the needles in, the damage won.
      The 49’s are the most juiced sports team this side of the late ’80’s Oakland Athletics .
      Humm……, same district, different sport. – Well, wait a while till it all comes out after the fact.

      1. Might want to check your records… KC has double the banned substance suspensions. (Not that I believe the for one second that PED use is not rampant across the league.)

        Should we also talk about the number of arrests each team sports? The Chiefs have added at least 3 players that were kicked off their college teams for domestic violence… that’s hard to do.

        1. And speaking of butthurt fans. LOL

          Looking for someone to blame after the Green Bay Packers failed to make it to the Super Bowl, suffering a crushing defeat by the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night, fans of the midwestern team turned their ire on Vice President Mike Pence because he jumped on the Packer bandwagon last week at a rally saying they would beat “Nancy Pelosi’s 49ers.”

          With Packers fans facing the rest of a cold winter without their beloved team still in the hunt for their first title in years, Pence took a beating on Twitter for his comments with one fan claiming, “Pence jinxed us.”


          1. Pence should stick to showing up to 4 minutes of a game for a staged photo-op which cost the tax payers half a million dollars.


      2. Same district, different sport?

        Do yourself a favor Rick Shafer, and buy a fricken map, cause you are embarrassing yourself. SMH!

      3. Ricky,
        Where can I get what they’re having? (lol)
        C’mon dude, we’ve heard it all already from haters who can’t stand the 49ers winning.
        Jealousy seems to raise up around these parts from you guys during these beautiful 49ers times.

        Say what want, however you want.
        Just know that we’re Superbowl bound and you’re not.
        Btw, do you know where I can find cheap tickets?

      4. Damn, I thought they revoked you Coalinga State Hospital residents from having internet access.

        Someone signal the warden.

  1. In spite of my responses to Rick, I actually like KC. In general I think they have a great fan base, coach, qb, and style of play.
    They scare me… and I think SF will need to score 37 or more points to win against them.

    1. Don’t think the Niners can, will score 37 points against the Chiefs. Reid, Mahomes will take Saleh and his defense to school. Sorry, but I see Chiefs 42 — Niners 28. It’s the Chiefs’, Reid’s year, time.

      1. Oh please, the 49ers are the most complete team in the NFL, and nobody’s taking them to school.

        Yah, Mahomes is a great QB, and he has a lot of weapons at his disposal. But so did New Orleans, and the 49ers went down there and beat them at their own game, in their own house, on the 2nd leg of a long, grueling road trip.

        The 49ers have more ways they can beat you, and they will playing on a neutral field. But I’m guessing that, the way in which the Faithful travel and take over stadiums, it won’t actually feel like a neutral field. This game will be close, but like we’ve seen so often this season, the 49ers will find a way to exploit KC’s weaknesses, and finish them off in the 4th QTR.

        The Niners will complete their #Questfor6

        NINERS – 34
        Chiefs – 30

        Book it!

      2. Chiefs are good, Mahomes is great and needs to be contained in the pocket as much as possible, can’t let him roll and pass/run!!!….KC allowed the Texans and Tenn to score 31 and 24 points. Those teams don’t have as good of offense as the 49ers, so I can see the 49ers scoring 35-40 points on KC. The 49ers D is much stronger than the Texans/Tenn letting KC score 50 and 35.

        I think the 49ers D can hold KC to around 30…if they play 2 solid halves and don’t get a conservative on D and play prevent against Mahomes. JG will need to have a real good game and make some great passes maybe 20 passes this time, no int also getting Kittle more involved. Main thing is KEEP Mahomes contained inside!!!

        1. I do not, for the life of me, understand Tennessee’s defensive game plan VS Mahomes, and the Chiefs’ offense. I think Vrabel and the Titans came into the game with a piss-poor defensive plan, and it cost them dearly.

          1. I agree 49. That 2nd half yesterday they rushed 4 and sat back in coverage. All Mahomes did was roll out and throw or took off running and no one laid a hand on him.
            I think the Titans got tired to be honest.
            To beat Mahomes you have to get him to the ground and get his jersey dirty. What people don’t realize is the 49ers defense has been using the same game plan the last 5 weeks with similar type of plans against these type of QB’s.
            Rush 4, drop back in coverage and still stop the run. Our defense is unreal and what wins championships?

            1. Exactly Prime.

              While it seemed like the Titans did make a few small changes with their defensive game plan compared to their first match up in week 10, it was largely the same plan they used to upset over the Chiefs in their first match up. The problem with that approach is that Mahomes lit up the Titans defense to the tune of 446 yards passing and 3 TD’s in week 10, but more importantly, it was Mahomes’ first game back since suffering a dislocated knee cap against the Broncos in week 7, and he was still limited in terms of his ability to extend plays behind the LOS, as well as his ability to break off runs beyond the sticks. The Titans rarely rushed more than 4 defenders, and routinely dropped one of their OLB into coverage, making it far too easy for Mahomes to sit in the pocket while allowing routes to develop. On the occasions when the Titans were actually able to pressure the passer, their lack of containment made it far too easy for aMahomes to simply roll out of the pocket and eaither find an uncovered receiver, or break off big chunks of yardage on the ground. To make matters worse, Titans ILB – Rashaan Evans, who has always been a better run defender than cover linebacker, was knocked out of the game with a foot injury in the 1st quarter, and although he did return in the 2nd quarter, he was clearly not moving like he usually does after that point, and as a result there were far too many soft spots on he middle of the field for Mahomes to exploit.

              The good news for the Niners is that their defense matches up much better against the Chiefs than the Titans do. Not only do the Niners run a much more favorable scheme, they also do a far better job at containing opposing QB’s. However the trump card may very well be the fact that they have a trio of rangy stack linebackers with elite sideline-to-sideline speed as a group, and all 3 of those guys are excellent in coverage, allowing them to take away the same portions of the field where Mahomes found so much of his success in Sunday’s conference championship game.

              1. Oh, and he Niners are also much more consistent than the Titans at pressuring the QB with just 4 down lineman, because they are superior at penetrating on the interior of their DL. I know there were some people who were concerned about the Niners ability to stop the run now that they are deploying their wide-nine concepts far more often than they have in the past, but that really hasn’t been much of an issue. It helps to have the kind of talent the Niners have up front, as well as a solid rotation (though they do miss DJ Jones).

                And, BTW, I want to give a shout out to Earl Mitchel. He isn’t at DJ Jones’ level, but he looks fresh, and while he hasn’t played a ton of snaps in the playoffs, he’s been pretty darn solid when he has been on the field. Another smart late season pickup for the 49ers!

              2. Well said 49! Greenlaw is going to be a star!
                The key to this game on defense is K’Waun. He’s so underrated and will need to be at his best covering the slot which the Chiefs offense likes to utilize a lot.

              3. No doubt Prime, Greenlaw looks like an absolute steal. He just keeps getting better and better by the game, and I definitely think the Niners’ trio of linebackers are the x-factors for knocking off the Chiefs.

      1. My catfish.
        At least he is predicting a Niner victory, like I will.
        However, I think it will be higher scoring game. Probably a shootout.

        1. Sebfish you really should try to do better than predicting a shootout.
          Stop trying to be someone you are not.
          How many Sebs are now running amok???

        1. Given how some of Seb’s orbiters act (TomD, Catfish, Dee Phiant, Prime Cuck etc), I’m not sure logic really comes into it. Could I feasibly see any one of them devoting hours of their time trolling Sebbie, knowing that they’ll get some investment back on it? Absolutely. Especially with how they each seem to revel in it. And that’s not to mention the numerous trolls that show up now and then that could be responsible too.

          1. And here we find Sebs right hand man.

            Slurp slurp slurp.

            Still holding strong that Witherspoon is a DB the niners are so high on?

            Funny how I was calling him out back vs the Saints.

          2. Renas, TYVM. I have been temporarily spam blocked so I could not respond.
            I agree. It is illogical. it is schitzo and manic. The Niners are poised to win the Super Bowl, and they devolve into juvenile gutter behavior.
            I would much rather be talking about what offensive schemes might be effective, but this other stuff is a huge waste of time. Now we have the KC trolls coming here, so it is turning from a rodeo, to a circus.
            Thank you for speaking your mind, and being bold about it. You have livened up this site with your unique perspective. I may not agree all the time, but you probably do the same with me. I am glad you can be critical, and detail ways to improve, because the Niners did not need flag waving and pom poms, they needed astute assessments and real solutions.
            It was not easy. The Niners were 5 plays from losing 5 games. If the ball bounced incorrectly, the Niners could have been 8-8. Thankfully they have improved from a 4-12 team to riding this 4 game winning streak. Now that the Niners are winning, everyone is riding the bandwagon to the SB.
            I hope you are enjoying this wild ride. I am jumping for joy. Everyone did not see this coming, except Tom Tobert, who bet the Niners when they were 45-1 odds.

          3. Renas, since you have the same affliction as Sebbie to change people’s names or call them trolls, it seems appropriate that you jump to his defense. Maybe you are even one of the aliases that Seb uses to show support for himself….
            The only person that benefits from this hoopla-la-la (besides Grant) is the one who proclaims to always want to have the last word. Explain to me what “get some investment back on it” means??? If that is the case, please educate me on how to join in on the fun!
            The irony of the whole situation is that it is SEB has achieved what no one else could do but him. His posts used to be unbelievable, now they are not believable….

  2. Man what a game! Definitely a lull in the middle when we just continued to run it down their throat over and over, but I love it. So proud of this team and this feels so much better than 2012. Really seems like we earned more. Also love enjoying it with my boys who are loving every minute of it. Was hoping to get our new home team Tennessee in the SB, but that’s okay.

    Chiefs are a scary good team. The defense will have to be on their A game. The good thing is we have so many ways to attack them. This is going to be a game that goes all the way to the last minute. Will be fun.

  3. I’m going 49ers 38-28. Highest scoring Super Bowl since the 49ers demolished the Chargers In 95. Chiefs definitely hv a high scoring offense but they are 1 dimensional. Looking for Saleh to take the next step and game plan Mahomes into submission. Late Chiefs scores make this game seem closer than it really is. Andy Reid will go down as the best coach in NFL history to never win the big one.

    1. Good for you. Enjoy.
      I recall that Marino and his unstoppable offense came to the west coast to shred the Niners. Consensus of nfl fans and media had Phins as favorites. Nobody can stop Marino and The Marks; heck, SF has a white guy in the secondary!
      Marino was contained, Walsh’s offense looked smooth, and Marino didn’t get back to the Big Dance.
      Now folks are saying with good reason that PM can’t be stopped in Miami. TBD.

      1. Yup. The regular season and playoffs were laden with the ‘81 team parallels. Now comes the ‘84 team parallels. I wouldn’t mind ‘89 team parallels 😁👍

    2. Nice rib! Party like it’s 1989/90!

      BTW, if you’re taking a lady, and looking for some of the best Cuban food in Miami, may I suggest Larios on the Beach, off of Ocean Drive, South Beach. It’s upscale, but it’s upscale Miami – South Beach – Cuban cuisine, at it’s finest!

      I’m glad you’ll be out there representing, Go NINERS!

        1. Looking at a map, Larios on the Beach is literally just two buildings away from the hotel we are staying at. So yeah, definitely.

  4. 1. Totally dominant defensive performance. Don’t let the final score fool you.
    2. Greenlaw and EMan both had another great game.
    3. Mostert was unstoppable -obviously , but why was he getting so many carries in the 2nd half. Niners were leading 27-0 at halftime. The game was over. Why not Breida? Also why isn’t Jeff Wilson active ? If Breida is in Shanahan’s dog house activate Wilson. Wilson has stepped up everytime his number has been called.
    4. Anyway this is awesome and exciting. Niners Baby.

    1. I’m puzzled about #3 too. Hope Wilson plays in the SB. Mostert and Wilson would be unstoppable and a threat to score every time they’re in KC territory.

      1. I agree. Wilson will be probably activated with Coleman suffering that unfortunate shoulder injury.
        Why do I like Wilson? He touched the ball 30 times, and scored 5 TDs.

    2. Wilson isn’t active because they have a limited number of guys they can dress and do not need 4 RBs active, simple math = 7 Oline active, 3 TEs, 2 QBs, 3 RBs, 1 FB, 4 WRs. That’s 20 guys just for the offense, add in Kicker, Punter, LS you have half the 46 you are allowed to dress.

      Now think of defense and how they constantly rotate their dline to stay fresh, their dominant position group.

  5. Message to Saleh, Niners Defense from Good Morning Football —

    “You can’t hit what you can’t catch.”

    42-28 Chiefs.

    1. I agree with that statement, but wrong player.
      Mostert could not be caught, much less hit.
      Looks like we have a new troll. Does this mean we get to troll the Arrowhead Pride site?

    1. Better rethink that, Shrubbs—Mahomes can kill us running for it on 3rd and long, and do it all day long-very much like Wilson. We need to run some kind of a dime defense on 3rd down with a spy on this kid–or he’ll Wilson us to death….

  6. I know this will come across as monumentally laughable, but I’ll defer to Shanahan and his coaching staff to: 1) decide who suits up, 2) who plays, 3) develop and install the game plan going in, and 4) call plays, actively coach during the game, and make adjustments as necessary.

    1. ” I’ll defer to Shanahan …decide who suits up, 2) who plays, ”

      Like starting witherspoon over mosely the final 4 weeks ? sometimes even the smartest minds make mistakes or are slow to react.

  7. Two words I wanted to hear today, UNDER DOGS.

    Lets put all the hype and pressure on Reid and Mahomes and walk into Miami with everyone saying we cant stop this high powered offense and this is Andy Reids time.

  8. All I hear is how will the Niners D stop KC.
    My question is how on earth with KC’s D stop this offense?
    Let the games begin.

    1. I think it definitely presents a matchup problem with their WR’s. I think our LB’s can contain Kelce and stop the run. Its the big explosive plays from Hill, and their other WR’s. The only way to stop KC is put Mahomes on his back and keep him off the field which our run game can.

      Watching TEN yesterday they gave Mahomes too much respect dropping 7 in coverage and not getting their rush with just 4. He either had all day to throw or they let him run wild.

      I am very curious as to what the game plan is on defense. I have been dogging Saleh all year so this is the one that will prove to me he is a legit DC coordinator and maybe future head coach.

      1. KC cannot run on the 49ers, and I expect the defensive game plan to be no different than the one implemented against the Seahawks.

        1. That sounds right, Razor-maybe using a dime D and spy on mahomes on 3rd down-then blitzing that extra D-back if Chiefs design allows for it.

  9. Saleh is a temp hire at DC
    KS is a glorified OC
    KS can’t win without an OC
    JL can’t draft; he’s lost in the FO
    Jimmy is only starting because he’s an overpaid pretty boy; Nick is better.
    Jimmy isn’t a pretty boy and Nick is better #@Allie.
    Kittle shouldn’t get yards after catch, he should just drop to the ground after catch in a fetal position.
    Forget the outside zone, it should be Wilson in the power I
    LC is a better owner than Jed
    GC is a better GM than JL
    GC is a smarter HC, game planner and play caller than KS
    GC is a better talent evaluator than God.
    You read it all here folks.

    1. So true Franklin. Grant Cohn is now forced to troll himself to try and get people to laugh with him instead of at him for all the dumb things he’s said about this team. Nobody who covers a specific team has been worse than this guy in making statements/forming opinions about them. He has literally been wrong about everything and it’s fun to see him have to make fun of himself to try and keep the insults to a minimum.

    2. Franklin,
      Yup, there’s a lot crow to go around for the complainers and doubters. Those who questioned Bosa and even inferred that he was a racist should sit in shame and apologize. But this will never happen.
      Fickle fans will be fickle fans.

    3. Okay, with criticism of GC, I NO WAY thought 13-3 would happen.
      Hamma gets Honorable Mention at 11-5.
      Undercenter was shooting the moon with 17-0, but what about……….?

          1. Rib cheering loudly from the stands? 😀😁👍

            Everybody says how fast Hill and company are, but the Niners are the faster team. Can the Chiefs D keep up with us? I don’t think so. Mahomes is a big play QB, so are Rodgers and Brees. It should be interesting to see if the Niners quick front end can have the same effect harrassing Mahomes as they did Rodgers, or if it will be more like Brees. In any case, ball control, limit Mahomes opportunities. If the Chiefs D plan is to crowd the LOS to stop the run, Shannie and Jimmie (and Kittle, and Deebo, and Bourne, and Sanders) will make them pay dearly. And they’d better not crowd too closely, when Mostert (or Breida) hits the second level, he’s gone.

            I think the better question is what’s the Chiefs plan to beat the Niners?

            1. Good point Rib. A healthy Coleman and or Wilson makes me more confident in the run game. Breida just doesn’t have the same burst he had like earlier in the year.

              I have not watched many Chiefs games except for yesterday and yes Mahomes is explosive but he had all day to throw. I don’t think our front 4 gets enough respect but they will need to be dialed in to get to get to Mahomes.
              This matchup intrigues me more than any other game this year. I might actually read every single article on this game for the next 2 weeks. God help me now!

              1. It would be nice if we could add Breida to the mix and rekindle that week 2 magic against Cincinnati.

              2. I’ve noticed that Breida doesn’t keep the ball high and tight. He gets a little loosey goosey when he’s carrying the football, and that’s just not something you want to risk when the stakes are this high….

      1. Razoreater says:
        January 20, 2020 at 10:31 am
        KC cannot run on the 49ers, and I expect the defensive game plan to be no different than the one implemented against the Seahawks.

        1. while i do think Wilson has similar game and skillset to Mahomes, the offense is completely different. Seattle wants to run-run-pass…..chiefs want to pass-pass-pass-pass-pass-pass-pass. Plus their O-line is legit. This will be a huge test for the secondary. Really glad Kwon is back and Greenlaw is seasoned. The LBs may play a bigger role than the DL in this one. I think the media is going to talk up their O for vs our D, while completely missing how outmatched their defense is. Shanahan will dice this team up in so many ways…..i know he’s licking his chops for this one.

          1. Not all, but many media voices are claiming Kyle is a genius but doesn’t trust his QB to throw the ball. Torres, Jones, LeBetard, etc.
            I guess the Saints game has been redacted from sports history, LOL.

            1. That’s because talking heads are prisoners of the moment and paid by the hot take. 3 weeks ago Garoppolo had a completion percentage over 80 and threw for 285 against Seattle on the road in a winner take all Division title game. In NO he went toe to toe with Drew Brees on a day the defenses were getting shredded. He can win games for the Niners if he has to. The last two weeks he hasn’t had to do much more than hand the ball off to win easy. Big difference between whether he can or whether he has to. That’s a product of the Fantasy football mentality we live with now and why most of these “experts” are focused on Mahomes vs. the Niners D while ignoring a potent Niner offense vs. the KC defense..

              1. Yep. Why anyone watches anything other than live events or SportsCenter on ESPN is a mystery to me. And as bad as ESPN shows are, FS1 is even worse.

  10. It is incredible to be back in the SB. Once again I will not make a prediction regarding who will win. I didn’t predict the outcome of yesterdays game because I had a feeling it would jinx us and we won so once again no predicting the winner. I will make a couple of other predictions, I think the game will go down in history as one of the greatest SB’s of all time and for you bettors out there bet the house on the over. I have a question, can the 9ers activate any injured players for the SB? I would love to see them bring D.J. Jones back if they could.

    1. I think you can only bring back a total of two a season old coach and I think Dj is still deep in recovery. I can easily see both teams winning but this team has been special all season and boy a super bowl victory would be great!

  11. For all the “Keep Up with Mahomes” talk and if Jimmy G can do it? Kansas City is 3rd in the NFL in points scored per game, San Francisco is 2nd in the NFL in points scored per game. That’s either a wash or in our favor! It doesn’t matter if those points are acquired by running or passing unless your behind and time is running out. SF has not had a problem being behind much at all this year, but even if they fell behind, Jimmy G can easily do it and has already proven that he can put it on his shoulders and have ice water in his veins.

    1. Not concerned with Jimmy or the offense whatsoever…. The big test will be whether Saleh and the D have learned their lesson in dealing with mobile QBs. Andy Reid and that speedy offense will be ready. Hopefully our D will be too.

      1. Having played Murray twice, Wilson twice, Hedley LaMarr, and Rodgers, Saleh’s defense should have their Phd in defending mobile quarterbacks and plastering to your man in the secondary. I think the 49ers are a bad matchup for Kansas City. I feel a team like the Titans would have been a tougher matchup for them….

        1. I am trying to visualize the Niners D chasing Hedy LaMarr in that scene of laMarr running after the horse in the woods in “Ecstasy”

  12. Super proud of this team. Yes, beating Chiefs will be a huge challenge but this team is fully capable of doing it. Hopefully Tartt will be available because it will take everyone’s best shot for 4 quarters to bring home #6.

  13. What a great time for all Niners fan — whether they have been fans for 4-5 decade or for a few years!!

    Been a Niners fan since 1987 when the Walsh-Seifert regime was about to enter its peak (1988-91). I see the 1994 team as more of a one-time rental team which was hanging at the precipice of salary cap hell with the cap introduced that year ). This team and this regime seems the best in being built for significant long-term success in the way Walsh envisioned. No guarantees but a young, talented, tight, and selfless team with several budding stars.

    1. Seven plus decades and I agree. This group will continue to be built within a coherent organizational plan. It will be great to watch as much of the eighth decade as possible.

  14. Running the ball 42 times does not necessarily keep Mahomes off the field. Time of possession Packers 31:13, Niners 28:47.

    1. Also Mahomes and company can score in sub 2 mins, which we saw on display when Titans drove the ball in the endzone for about 10 mins, then Chiefs scored right before the half

  15. The Chiefs will be a very tough opponent. They can score so fast and put up points in bunches. I am concerned this Super Bowl could be a repeat of the 49ers-Chargers Super Bowl with the Chiefs having the role of the Niners.
    After the Chiefs score the offense must hold the ball for at least 4-5 minutes to slow the Chiefs down.
    The game is winnable but the Miners have to bring their A game.

  16. Congratulations to all the faithful. A great season. A great win. Now on to the Super Bowl.

    I am cautiously optimistic about a 49er win in the Super Bowl. In my opinion, our defense can not stop Mahomes, but they can slow him down. I do not think that the Chiefs defense can stop out offense. If Jimmy is on his game we win.

    Special teams must bring their A game.

  17. Whoops! I caught Mike Silver with some unintended revisionist history. He said Shanny’s 2017-2019 turnaround was almost as good as BW’s 1981 turnaround.
    Nope, better. Walsh went from 6-10, 13-3.
    Shanny went from 4-12 to 13-3; with more injuries.

    1. Actually, Silver is right. 49ers won only 8 games in Walsh’s first 2 years before that 13-3. Shanahan had 10.

      Nice try though.

      1. I typo-ed. Itshould have been 18-19, so I lead you astray.The question was one year turnaround.
        Also Mike misspoke when he said BW brought them from 3-13 to 13-3.

        1. Mood,
          Thanks for that info.
          That only validates my belief that Shanahan’ hire was the right course of direction for the organization.
          It also speaks volumes about Shanahan’ character, because he had to know that his win/loss record was going to take a major hit early on. Glad he had a vision.

          Now, he’s being mentioned in the same conversation with very good head coaches that have lead their team to Superbowl’s.
          I’m convinced that Shanahan is not satisfied with just playing in the SB, this guy wants to win a Ring.

          The Chiefs are a worthy opponent, but Shanahan has convinced his players that they don’t need to pad their stats to be great.
          Shanahan reminds me of Steve Kerr in that regard – greatness comes through victory not personal numbers.
          49ers got this!

  18. Shanahan said in the press conference that he continued to run the ball because Green Bay couldn’t stop the run, but I’m wondering if it’s also due to a lack of confidence in trusting JG to win the game. JG reminds me of Tony Romo. Romo was good but if he had to throw to win, you knew he would throw an interception because of poor decision making. JG has the same tendency.

    1. Don’t overthink it like the knuckleheads on the talk shows. He kept running because it was not only working but dominating. It’s got nothing to do with how much he trusts Garoppolo. If a defense can’t stop it you keep doing it. It’s not rocket science.

    2. Nope. NFC Championship on the line. Go with what’s working–and the run was working big time.

      Indeed, not rocket science.

  19. Quote from Grant:

    Emmanuel Sanders had zero catches. He has become a complete afterthought. The 49ers might not re-sign him this offseason.

    There is no better prediction than this Grantiose prediction that Sanders will go off in Miami for 70+ yards and a TD against his old AFC rival.

    1. I always thought Sanders was a one year rental at this stage of his career. I think they’ll want to devote his would be cap hit to lock-up Kittle, plus they’ll have Hurd, Taylor and a deep wr draft class….

      1. Just re-watched the game and Sanders was a beast blocking down field. You don’t get those types of run without great blocking from everyone. I am grateful that we don’t have diva receiver who is too good to block.

        1. Agreed. The culture that has been cultivated in the locker room is phenomenal. I just don’t see them having a desire to designate the type of money Sanders will want to the wr position….

          1. Same. Though I do expect them to add a veteran WR in FA. Its still a young group that needs some veteran guidance.

            In terms of adding a WR in the draft – with currently no picks between that 1st rounder and the 5th rounder they may find it difficult to take one that can be expected to contribute much early in their career. Another reason I think a FA addition is on the cards.

          2. He’s 32 years old.How much money does he expect to get at that age and stage of his career?
            If he’s smart and I think he is, he will take less to stay or go to a winner.

            I never liked the idea of free agent WR’s but he is a team first guy and he’s been great according to the rest of the team.
            This draft has a lot of talent at the WR position and maybe they just keep developing the position. At this point either Hurd, Pettis and a rookie have to stick eventually.
            With 6 picks in next years draft, I’m guessing they address in no particular order: WR, Corner, OL, DL, LB, Center

  20. I can’t believe I’m saying this because I never would have thought this 3 years ago.
    I want the Niners to win the SB for no one more than Richard Sherman!

    1. Yeah it’s for sure Staley.
      Also that clip of Laken Tomlinson overcome with emotion at the end of the NFCCG puts him up there too.
      But also Sherman.

  21. Hey Grant….

    Please assemble (and publish…) a piece on the 9er players who are currently on IR, but contributed this last season–guys like Richburg, Damontre Moore, Shon Coleman, etc. Very easy to forget these guys. A nod from you would be cool.

  22. The 49ers started life in 1946 playing second fiddle to the original “minor league” Cleveland Browns and me with my eighth grade ear plastered to the radio. No one would have noticed what I was up to.

    It’s a wonderful life! It took four years for me to get from Sunnyvale to Kezar stadium to see them beat a New York team that I think was called the Yankees. The next year they were in the NFL and the long wait for Bill Walsh started. Maybe they are starting another string of great years right now.


    1. ht,
      The great stars that graced the Kezar field are still very memorable to me.
      John Brodie
      Dave Parks
      Ken Willard
      Gene Washington
      Monty Stickles
      Roland Lakes
      Jimmy Johnson
      Kermit Alexander
      Dave Wilcox
      Tommy Hart
      Cedric Hardeman, etc.
      Great times indeed.

      1. One of my vivid memories was Albert running back and forth in his own end zone before he chucked a left handed pass forty yards down the middle of the field to an arm waving “little” Joe Arenas who was a good fifteen yards away from any defender. The ball was in the air for hours, and then bounced off of Joe’s chest right between the 2 and the 2.

        That’s the image that defines the 49ers for me from day one until “The Catch” and Bill Walsh. I’m looking for a 1985 Superbowl repeat this year.

          1. Brotha Tuna every day around here is one game at a time. Thanks for the good wishes.

            Go Niners and then get to work on next year!

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