Anquan Boldin on the 49ers’ new coaching staff: “It’s different, for better or worse. I guess you’ll find out.”

SANTA CLARA – Here are selected quotes from Anquan Boldin’s Friday morning press conference in the 49ers’ auditorium.

Q: What gives you confidence that you guys can achieve what you set out to achieve last year and the year before?

BOLDIN: We still have a lot of talent in this locker room. That hasn’t changed. The thing I’m excited about is all of the young guys who had to play last year because of injury. Just seeing them have a year under their belt, I think they’ll be a lot better this year. So I’m excited. We still have a lot of talent. I don’t see why this year will be any different from what we expected in the past.

Q: Do you give Torrey Smith tips on the type of quarterback Colin Kaepernick is, and try to accelerate that chemistry between receiver and quarterback.

BOLDIN: Yeah, we talk a lot. He asks questions and I try to answer them the best I can. They seem to be on the same page. But those guys are two veterans. It’s not like either one is a rookie. They’ve been around, and they understand the game of football. And Torrey has played with Joe (Flacco), so he understands the quarterback position. So they have a good rapport. They seem to have a pretty good relationship.

Q: Are there similarities between Flacco and Kaepernick?

BOLDIN: They both have big arms, and that’s something Torrey is used to.

Q: Do you detect a lot of changes in Kaepernick? Can you tell the adjustments he has made to his game?

BOLDIN: There are little adjustments here and there, but I just want him to play ball. Don’t listen to the outside people, just come in and be yourself and play ball.

Q: What kinds of changes have you noticed with the coaching staff, in terms of how Jim Tomsula handles things as a head coach, to the new position coaches, etc.

BOLDIN: I mean, I don’t know. I’ve been through probably too many head-coaching changes. I guess I’m used to, whenever you get a new head coach, expecting something different. And that’s what it is, it’s different, for better or worse. I guess you’ll find out when it’s all said and done. I think everybody around here is happy with the way things are going. I think everyone is pretty much satisfied with Coach Tomsula and the way he does things around here. And we’re just excited. It’s a breath of fresh air. We’re ready to get back going and prove a lot of people wrong. Like I said earlier in the offseason, (Tomsula) seems to have a pretty good rapport with everybody. That bodes well for us. Guys are looking forward to coming and working and getting the job done.

Q: Regarding Vernon Davis, can you account for why he wasn’t a huge factor in the offense last year, and do you expect that to change this year?

BOLDIN: Honestly, I don’t know. I can’t say why last year went the way it did for him. I just see him bright-eyed and excited about this year. The coaches are going to make it an emphasis to get him back to his old form, to make sure he’s playing up to his standards. He’s looking forward to it. You see it in practice – he has a bounce to his step. He seems like the old Vernon, which is a good thing for us.

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  1. The art of the headline.


    Anquan Boldin on the 49ers’ new coaching staff: “It’s different, for better or worse. I guess you’ll find out.”


    Anquan Boldin on the 49ers’ new coaching staff: “I think everyone is pretty much satisfied with Coach Tomsula and the way he does things around here. And we’re just excited.”

    and the reader reads the above interview excerpts with a different expectation.

      1. Yep. And I am not being negatively critical. I think Grant’s skill at directing his reader’s focus is under-appreciated by many who cannot see past their distaste for his positions.

    1. Or

      “It’s a breath of fresh air. We’re ready to get back going and prove a lot of people wrong”

      I think a Grant tries too hard to bring out the negative.

  2. “And that’s what it is, it’s different, for better or worse. I guess you’ll find out when it’s all said and done.” … Anquan Boldin

    This guy isn’t anyone’s cheer leader. He just plays, and he is beyond special.

    1. JPN I like the Boldin quote as much as the one you selected. From him, they are both positive and match perfectly with reality. Used as a headline, more of the same old stuff.

  3. No one wants to talk about last year because its clear everyone wants to forget it. Just how bad was the tension at 4949?

    1. I think it’s more that they knew the team was better than what their final record indicated.

  4. Clarification on Kilgore:

    Center Daniel Kilgore is expected out until at least the middle of training camp after undergoing a follow-up procedure on his left lower leg, which he fractured last season. Maiocco….

    1. … and so the good luck floods in and the drought is over without washing us all out to sea.

  5. Boone to left guard. The official reason suggests its an easier transition from LG to LT in part because the stance is the same. It also It puts the most experience on the line on CK’s blind side.

    I would not be surprised if they plan to run Logan’s blended gap/zone play.

    [At about 3 minutes in]
    – LT and LG playing man, gap scheme
    – C, RG, RT block zone.

    The experienced Staley, Boone and Miller block specific defenders to the left, while the new guys form a zone wall to seal pursuit.

  6. Barrows – “Kilgore has setback”

    Tomsula “…but we’re not concerned for him long-term, season-ending, none of that stuff.”

    “Tomsula said Marcus Martin also was capable of playing center but the team prefers him at guard.”

    Also in the Barrows piece, Tomsula says Armstead in “great” shape. I feel better about Arik laying a situational role this year.

    1. The training camp O-line seems to be looking like
      LT – Staley
      LG – Boone
      C – Looney
      RG – Martin
      RT – Pears (Thomas, Brown)

      Noted in the article, Martin can play center, but the 49ers prefer him at guard. Makes sense to leverage all that athleticism.

      Any configuration that prevents Pears from playing guard, and puts Marcus Martin on the field in some capacity, sounds good to me.

      1. Brodie:

        I haven’t seen Brandon Thomas mentioned as a possibility at tackle. I thought he was being looked at for the guard position. Did I miss something?

        1. The “book” on Thomas when he was drafted was he “might work as a LT… has better chance at RT… is sure thing at Guard.” (Not exact quote)

          Thomas played LT in college. But like so many college LTs, he could have been drafted to play guard or RT.

          Before AD retired I assumed Thomas would play the Boone role of starting Guard+Swing Tackle. That might be the 49ers long term plans.

          1. From recollection he spent his entire Clemson career on the left side (LG his sophomore year, LT after that). With Boone moving over to LG this year, Thomas may be in line to spend a year learning as a backup, then take over the LG role next season.

            I believe the book on him coming out of college was he’s a pretty good mover but not a mauler, so may be better suited to the left side of the OL. But I’m sure he could play on the right side in a pinch. Looking forward to seeing how he goes.

            1. Agreed. Its easy to forget this is the true rookie season for Thomas, Millard, Reaser and Acker.

              I won’t cry if Thomas spends a season honing his craft.

              1. Exactly Brodie. Its something that we the fans should be more mindful of. Those four guys that spent the year on IR last season are still essentially rookies. They have a bit of a leg up on the 2015 draft class in that they have had a full off-season and got to learn with the team last year, but this is their first season. We can hope for big things from them, but shouldn’t be disappointed if they need to sit and learn for the time being.

  7. This is the beginning of TC. Things may evolve. personally, I would put the 2 best players at Tackle. I am not buying the Looney at center, because I think Martin is more valuable at center and Looney has not played center before. Therefore, at the end of TC, I see this line up.
    LT- Staley
    LG- Thomas
    C- Martin
    RG- Looney
    RT- Boone

    1. If Thomas plays so well in TC and pre-season to convince the coaching staff they can move Boone to RT that would be a real boost for the OL in my opinion. Pears just doesn’t instil a lot of confidence.

      1. I think the injury to Thomas was not too serious, so he should be fully recovered. Thomas did hold off J Clowney 1 on 1 for no sacks while at Clemson.

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