Are we sure the NFL should play this year? Plus – thoughts on the Redskins’ name

Social distancing is a good concept. But in football it is almost impossible. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Are you ready for some football?


Unfortunately, that is not the question.

Is football ready?

And unless they are running a massive misinformation campaign, the answer is “not even close.” Even now, with training camp set to open on July 28, things are in flux. In fact, the NFL may still flux this up.

It has now been nearly a month since Baltimore coach John Harbaugh called the league guidelines for playing during the pandemic “impossible . . . humanly impossible.” And frankly it doesn’t seem like we’re much further along now.

Abrupt changes, like the recent decision to cut the pre-season to two games, tell you this is a process that is not settled. The Players Association is still negotiating their participation and submitted a proposal just before the July 4th holiday. A key point — NO pre-season games.

You can’t blame the players. They’re the ones being sent out there to bang into each other and huff and puff in each other’s faces. There will be some happy chat from the league about how players should maintain social distancing “whenever possible,” or something, but we all know that isn’t happening.

As Harbaugh said back in June, “I’m pretty sure the huddle is not going to be six-feet spaced.”

I thought ESPN’s Adam Schefter said something interesting the other day.

“When I speak to people on teams, they’re uneasy. They’re anxious. They’re concerned,” Schefter said. “When I speak to people who are near the top of the NFL food chain, they are convinced that there is going to be football.”

So the Suits, who will be wearing masks up in their suites, say to the Uniforms, on the sidelines, “OK Bobby, get out there and make us proud. And y’all stay safe.”

It is not a stretch to say football has more to worry about than any other sport. First, there is the obvious close contact with lots of other potential virus-carriers. There is no way to keep your distance and play football.

But also as Louisville Courier Journal columnist Tim Sullivan (an old pal) pointed out recently, football rosters are full of players who weigh well over 300 pounds. Which, Sullivan says, classifies them as obese by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Obesity is a huge red flag for Coronavirus. (And yes we know they are elite athletes. Check the news stories about the triathletes who caught COVID and died.)

I keep coming back to another player in another sport. The Giants’ Buster Posey is having some very understandable second thoughts about playing with the pandemic still uncontrolled. In talking about how odd the circumstances are with reporters, Posey said, “What are we doing?”

Apparently, we’re still working out the answer.

The fact is, months ago when we first considered playing NFL games around the first of September, we figured the virus would be winding down, and we’d be easing back into sports.

Well, we’re easing all right, but the reason is that we’re all worried — players, fans and the general public. As the start of baseball season looms, we’re seeing players opting not to play the 2020 restart.

NFL players have the same “opt out” agreement. If someone decides not to play there are supposed to be no hard feelings from the team. But there’d definitely be some pressure. It wouldn’t be an easy decision to take a year off.

As the clock clicks down to game time, you have to wonder how many players will decide to sit. Malcolm Jenkins, the defensive lineman and vice president of the NFLPA executive board, has talked about not playing until the “risk is eliminated.” Not contained, eliminated.

“Football is a non-essential business,” Jenkins said on June 24. “We don’t have to do it.”

But, will they?

With all the money at stake — probably. Hope it is worth it.

Over the years there have been people who have performed incredible ethical contortions to try to explain why calling a football team the “Redskins,” is not offensive.

Unfortunately, it is offensive, so they have been wasting their breath. And now, Washington owner Dan Snyder is getting hit with something more than thoughtful emails from season ticket-holders. Nike, FedEx, and PepsiCo have all reportedly threatened to drop sponsorship unless Snyder changes the team’s name.

Which is going to happen. The team is making all the corporate noises about conducting a “thorough review” and holding “ongoing discussions” but that’s all window dressing. “Redskins” is a racial slur. As former Director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said on a Sunday talk show, would you prefer the Washington “lawn jockeys?”

I suppose, if I squint really hard and give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I could listen to the argument that the Atlanta Braves or Kansas City Chiefs are not as ethnically offensive. But then their fans would start doing the Tomahawk Chop, and I’d lose all respect for them again.

But Redskins? It’s offensive. Let’s hope this is one of the last times we see it in print.

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  1. At this rate, with the closing of practice facilities, it is difficult to see how the NBA will be safe while playing soon.

    At this rate, with the amount of positive cases/drop outs, and the fact that a lot of players are still waiting on results from COVID tests taken last week, it is difficult to see how the MLB will be safe while playing soon.

    At this rate, all of this amounts to a very real threat to the NFL season.

    As for Washington, the differences between Washington and Kansas City I feel is nuanced. Yes, the Washington team’s name is a racial slur. I don’t feel the same way about the Atlanta Braves or Chiefs since it isn’t a slur (as a Braves’ fan, I do find the Tomahawk Chop ridiculous though). Similarly, I’m Chinese, and I don’t have an issue with the phrase Chinese Flu; but if you say “Kung Flu” you are a racist.

    As for new names, I like the Washington Redtails (color scheme stays the same, and I like the reference to the Tuskegee Airmen); Washington Sentinels (for Keanu Reeves and “The Replacements”); and Washington Razorbacks or Boars (cooler name than Hogs, which references the teams and offensive lines from the ’80s, and already has built in cache with fans already wearing hog noses).

    1. Pot,
      Honestly, I think an easy way to resolve the name issue is to go to the local tribal leaders and tell them that they are looking into renaming the team and would like to name that would honor their heritages. They could then work with a pr/marketing guy to develop the new name and logo.
      In this way the team could keep ties to their history and hopefully show homage to the native peoples of the area.

      1. I agree with Cubus; too sensible. Never underestimate Daniel Snyder’s ability to do the wrong thing every time.

      2. why do they have to use an Indian name?

        what history? …which native people in the area?

        We did have American Indians residing in D.C. that were living on well-known modern-day spots like the White House and Capitol Hill…….it has had no living resident in centuries.

        This is where you need to EDUCATE yourself……They didn’t name the football team “Redskins” to celebrate Indians……it has always been offensive…….the mood back then was to encourage the degradation of colored people – it was all part of the systemic racism…

        I always ask those who support the name ….if they can walk up to an American Indian face and say wz up “Redskin”.…….

        Lots of racists people are weak, insecure and delusional……that is why the future is their biggest enemy…..

        1. One,
          I never said they had too use an Native name. Only that in doing this they could keep ties to the teams past history and allow Native Americans to retake the name in a way. In terms of which tribes… you’re probably looking mostly at the local level but they could potentially try to do so by language family like algic or iroquois and ask for their help in forming a committee to do so.

          “This is where you need to EDUCATE yourself……They didn’t name the football team “Redskins” to celebrate Indians”

          I never said they did, I said the point of enlisting their help would be to do so going forward. I think you are trying to hard to be offended by what I said.

    2. as a Braves’ fan, I do find the Tomahawk Chop ridiculous though

      Pot, I attended the Super Bowl. Bad enough Niners lost. Bad enough Niners lost how they did. Even worse was being around Chiefs fans and when they started in with the chop and that ridiculous war chant, I wanted to throw up. I’d feel the same way even if I weren’t a Niners fan.

  2. Its looking like this virus isn’t going away any time soon. There is no indication that next year will be any better then this year. No football this year, can translate into no football…

    The ‘Washington Hen Houses’ would be an appropriate name.

  3. Compare the US leagues with European Soccer. They did 2000 tests in the English Premier League in the past week, with ZERO testing positive. NBA is testing around 5%, and probably about the same for MLB and NFL. If any US league opens up, it’s basically a given that eventually someone will end up in the ICU, be it an athlete or a staffer or a family member. On the bright side, there’s no urgency to fix the R-word’s team name, and plenty of time to order new uniforms.

    So what will you be watching? Asian baseball or European soccer? Let’s not forget Jelle’s Marble Runs on YouTube, which is one of the more fun things to watch after a few or more drinks…

  4. Thanks C.W.

    Every week you make it more possible to have discussions involving differing points of view.

    My last live football game might wind up being that Super Bowl ending we just suffered through. My personal situation is optimistic if I avoid contact with covid-19, but I might have to hide out for more than a year or two to see the 49ers playing a real game again.

    While I can still remember a very small number of plays (radio) from 1946, there is no guarantee that I can avoid both the virus and dementia for an extended time. That’s why I enjoy every fragment of real discussion that crops up occupationally in this forum.

    As for football news, what in the world is a half a billion dollar contract? What will the cap hit be in three years? Will anyone target a half a billion dollar knee going forward? What would the fine be for such a hit? I think Joe Perry was a milk man in the off season. In any case he had to work.

  5. 2 baseball Giants players tested positive for Covid 19.
    It will be interesting to see how the other sports deal with this pandemic. 2 Basketball facilities were closed recently.
    Maybe they should skip the Preseason altogether in order to get as many games in before it may have to shut down.
    The NFL may want to think about 4 major regions, that have 8 teams each, and have a centralized location where the teams can isolate and play a round robin tournament. The winners get to move to another safe isolated spot, and compete in the playoffs. Having 4 regions may reduce or even eliminate flying, which may be the biggest obstacle in trying to have a season.
    If the teams can self isolate in a safe, remote area, fields can be built quickly using synthetic turf. Having no stands will not be a problem, because fans should not be allowed to congregate into such a big crowd. It is unsafe.

  6. ht,
    Lets just hope we get a vaccine. It might not happen soon enough for this year but hopefully it can save next season. The next game I go to (if I survive) I will have a cold one in your honor. I need to get to at least one more, my pops who passed in Dec. wanted a little bit of his ashes left on the field. Kezar or the Stick would have been more meaningful but it is the stadium where he saw his last game.

    1. At Kezar it seemed like everyone but me brought their own bourbon. At least that’s what it smelled like.

  7. Personally. I like the HOGGS for Washington. I don’t see football this year.

  8. 1. Harbaugh “I’m pretty sure the huddle is not going to be six-feet spaced.” Yeah, just wait until the players start blocking and tackling each other.

    2. It really is hard to see how we have football this season. MLB players are opting out on a daily basis and others are expressing grave concerns. For the most part MLB is a pretty widely spaced sport compared to NBA/NFL.

    3. As far as the Skins go, the name is demeaning and offensive. The new name doesn’t really matter since there are numerous sports teams whose names don’t really match their city or are just flat out bizarre . How about Washington Wildcats since we have several Wildcats in the NCAA but none in pro sports.

    4. Speaking of strange team names, I was visiting my folks in Los Gatos last week and saw a guy walking around wearing a Seahawks hat and face mask. That is not acceptable in Northern CA.

  9. This pandemic is not too dangerous for the players. They do not smoke, are young and healthy.
    However, it may be very dangerous for the coaches. Some may smoke, are older, and are not in the best of shape. Bobby Turner, Pete Carroll and Andy Reid may be risking their lives standing on the side line. Maybe they should banish all coaches over 55 to a booth, and have them relay instructions down to a young assistant coach. I wonder if the NFL has even considered this.
    NFL team owners need to be concerned, too. Only 6 owners are younger than 60.

    1. NFL players have parents , grandparents, young children and spouses. Players will not want to expose them to risk especially if they have an underlying health condition

      1. Players and coaches may need to self isolate in quarantine settings, if they want to play. In the German Bundesliga, a coach went out to buy toothpaste, and they would not allow him to return.
        Protecting 70 players and coaches is problematic for a team. In a game, 140 people together blows up all the Covid 19 guidelines. It is impossible to have 6 feet separation when tackling and blocking. Add 70 families, and it becomes a possible nightmare, with deadly repercussions. Add jet air travel, and it is an accident waiting to happen.
        I hope they think this through, better.

  10. I have no idea if we will have football this season. The vast majority of younger people who test positive are asymptomatic or only experience mild symptoms. It’s that 1 player among 100,000 that might die from the virus that could/should prevent the NFL from holding the season. Obviously a pandemic is an extraordinary situation but the NFL has always dealt with significant player safety issues from concussions to MRSA, which can be life threatening, so that may explain why the NFL feels like they can deal with Coronavirus. I know in many states, the high school athletic governing bodies have allowed offseason strength & conditioning programs to resume. As of right now, they are also still planning to have the normal slate of fall sports seasons. Same with many colleges. Obviously, some states have gone the other direction. It’s not an easy decision to take away a young person’s sports passion. Would be strange if high school teams were playing 2 miles from an NFL stadium but the NFL cancelled their season. Add in that the NFL could lose billions in revenue and it’s not an easy decision to make to cancel the season.

    On the Redskins, the name does not offend me in the least. I’m totally indifferent about the name. Personally, I find it absurd to think that the people who founded that organization and the people who have invested so much time, talent, and treasure into building that organization would have named it something out of maliciousness or ill will. Seems to me they would want their organization to be named something they would want to honor. But I guess in the modern world where our country seems to be turning over every stone looking for something to enrage us, the woke mob gets to decide what we call our businesses. The thing I don’t understand in the whole situation is how Nike can refuse to sell merchandise when they clearly have a contract. In all of this, the thing that strikes me the most is the hypocrisy of Nike. They can pay a 10 year old girl $2 to work 14 hour days making a shoe that costs $15 to manufacture and then sell it in the US to some kid living in poverty for $150. Nike spends over $1bn a year on celebrity endorsements. Could they not cut out those endorsements, move those manufacturing facilities to inner cities in the US, and pay people a living wage? But I guess the real problem is the Redskins name. Nike gets to act like they have a social conscience when the reality is their business practices are oppressive and some might even say flat out evil.

    1. You understand clearly Nike’s corporate think. I’m sure their contract obligations are no real problem for them. Sponsors always have an out to withdraw their sponsorship.

      1. I’m certainly no expert on sponsorship contracts but if the contract has been in place for decades and Nike is terminating the contract based on negative publicity I would think the Redskins have some legal recourse. Nothing else has changed except an online mob with some misguided view of social justice. The Redskins have been named the Redskins for the entirety of the contract. They have taken no action to cause negative publicity. Just seems bizarre to me.

        1. On the contract issue, the agreement likely would have a termination clause. Such clauses may include permissible reasons for terminating the contract, notice requirements, liquidated damages, etc. I often include a “no fault” termination clause with required notice period, and without liquidated damages if possible, in service contracts I draft or review in the course of my work. Not everyone agrees to said clauses, but most do. I would suspect that Nike’s contract with Washington has a termination clause that includes a “no fault” termination procedure. Nike may have to pay liquidated damages depending on the terms, but if that is the case, the corporation must have decided that the benefit for terminating the agreement exceeded any possible damages from terminating the contract.

          As for the name, at the time the name was chosen it had a negative connotation but was not considered a slur in the mainstream. In other words, it was maybe a little cringeworthy but not objectionable except to a portion of the American Indian population (and for those of you who think I should have used Native American, please watch this video: Thus, it could have been chosen for perceived positive links to American Indian cultures while at the same time including pejorative connotations that were offensive to some American Indians. As the existing pejorative connotations led to a wider and wider understanding that the term is a slur, time passed the team by, and all the more positive attributes that might have once been associated with the term were subsumed by its offensiveness. So in looking back, we create the false dichotomy that it must have been intended to be offensive or it was not negative/offensive at the time. Neither of these capture the synchronic complexity of the term’s semantics that existed when the name was chosen.

          1. Disagree. The Redskin name had no negative connotations, nor was it cringeworthy until some white guy was able to ignite the torches of the mob eternally in search of injustice. Many quotes by many Native Americans over the years indicated they were not offended at all. Multiple high schools with predominately Indian populations are named the Redskins. This is a Saun Kingesqu BS manufactured issue where weak minded people are goaded into thinking something is wrong even though they lived their entire lives without thinking there was anything wrong whatsoever with the name “Redskins.”

            1. Some dictionaries in the late 1890s indicated that the term was “contemptuous”, indicative of the negative connotations associated with its usage. Even in the context of mid-20th century westerns, it had a negative connotation when compared to other terms used for American Indians. It was not considered a slur at the time, however. And as indicated in the post above, only a portion of American Indians considered it offensive during the mid-20th century. The semantic shift to a slur has occurred gradually, over time. As early as the 1970s and 80s, the term was falling to disfavor in a variety of contexts. Further, the 70s may have been the first time that Washington was approached about changing the name.

              1. I see your point about shifting attitudes but then why does Red Mesa High School with 98% American Indian students still use Redskins as their mascot?

            2. @Houston – You can quote all the B.S nonsense out there to justify your sick idea they were not offended at all……You can even do a survey or take vote if you want…..

              All you have to do is answer one question – Would you call an American Indian a redskin to his or her face?

              That answer will point you to the weak minded people who are goaded into thinking something is not wrong ……

              SMH….When I ask you why your views or opinions always align with white supremacy groups – you act dumb as if you don’t know what I mean….

              1. Well the times I’ve been face to face with American Indians I called them by their names. That’s just me though.

              2. Do you call the people you talk to names based on how they look or the names they give you when they introduce themselves. Or maybe just take Crazy Joe Biden’s lead and say, “Hello Fat.” Or maybe “Hello dog faced pony soldier.” For me and my family, we use the persons actual name.

              3. funny guy – you know exactly what I am talking about – keep playing dumb

                my question was – Would you call an American Indian a redskin to his or her face?

                it’s a simple Yes or No answer……

                You are pure example of a weak minded person who is goaded into thinking something is not wrong…….

                You won’t even answer the question – knowing full well you are a coward who won’t say the name redskin in the face of an American Indian……..but feel comfortable saying it behind them….

                I am 100% sure you feel the same about the N..word

                You bring up Biden….your stupidity denies you the ability to recognize Trump is worse when it comes to name calling/insulting people…… don’t want me to list how many times Trump has insulted people by calling them degrading names.

              4. It’s a stupid Fing question. Would you walk up to a white guy and say “Hey, white guy,” or a black guy and say “Hey, black guy?” Even asking that question reveals the depths of your derangement. You see the entire world thru the lens of race. You want to judge people who lived 250 years ago according to today’s societal standards. Your pov is totally absurd. Name 1 country that wasn’t conquered. Name 1 country that didn’t suffer the evils of racism. Name 1 country who’s inhabitants didn’t practice some form of oppression by modern standards. You want to portray America as some sort of kingdom founded on evil when the reality is America was founded by many societal norms that existed throughout the world at the time with the major difference being the ideas that founded America such as All Men are created equal, and human rights are granted by God instead of some Lord or King make America the greatest country on earth. People like you don’t deserve the liberty and freedom you have around you to spew the hatred you spew. Frankly it’s nauseating and people like you aren’t worth my time. So you’re welcome.

              5. Ha ha ha…..No its not Fing stupid question….it’s a Fing simple yes or no question….and you are coward not to answer because it pretty much deflates your racist point of view.

                I would see the world thru the lenses of race if the world judges me based on my race.

                lol….am guesing you believe in God and you ultimately believe in heaven… you think Heaven’s gate would give you a discount because you lived in a society who encourage slavery – NEWS FLASH DUMMY – NOT EVERY WHITE PERSON IN AMERICA SUPPORTED SLAVERY – The NAACP was founded by a White man – There were a lot of white people that helped black people escape slavery, there were a lot of white people that help educate black people…..So NO it was not a societal standard – Slavery and Lynching were never a societal standard….it was a standard for lots of White/ a small numbers Blacks whose only concern was Easy Money and Free Labor…..

                Name 1 country that wasn’t conquered – I can give you 5 off my head
                Saudi Arabia

                Name 1 country that didn’t suffer the evils of racism

                You want to portray America as some sort of kingdom founded on evil when the reality is America was founded by many societal norms that existed throughout the world at the time with the major difference being the ideas that founded America such as All Men are created equal

                I am not portraying, I am only keeping it real and truthful – America was founded on Indian land and built on the back of Black slaves?…..Did you miss that part of history?

                Yes sure all men are created equal unless you have a different color and the Police can treat you worse than a animal, you get paid less based on the color of your skin……Keep believing that B.S that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUALLY…….best you open your ignorant mind and listen to BLM.

                Yes we don’t deserve the liberty and freedom but we are to be treated equally…..see how dumb you sound.

              6. You are so historically illiterate it’s tiresome. Yes, slaves were a common part of Swedish society in the Viking era. Raiding and pillaging and taking slaves was common. Participation in the slave trade became illegal in 1813, 6 years after it became illegal in England. However, slavery was allowed in Sweden until 1847.

                Every land you listed has been conquered many times over. Afghanistan was conquered by Darius, and then by Alexander the Great, and the Huns, and the Mongols, and many other civilizations. Every country you listed has a long history of slavery and in some places slavery still exists.

                Open a damn book, you imbecile.

              7. LOL! Or listen to Iron Maiden:

                Alexander The Great-

              8. One-niner

                Your wacked, beyond extremely argumentative with a HUUUUGGEE dose of self righteous. If the Indian Chiefs have been asked, and said it does not offend them–what are you pissin and bitchin, fussing and fighting for?

                Because you are.

        2. Legend has it that Christopher Columbus, the evil one who is now reviled and honored by having his statue torn down, first gave the indigenous people he encountered the name “Indian”. History scholars disagree with this account though since nowhere can be found evidence that the place that Columbus believed he landed in (what we call India) was known to anyone by that name at the time of his travels. What is believed to be the case is that Bartholomé de las Casas described the first indigenous peoples in the New World thusly: “their manners are decorous and praiseworthy, they are guileless and honest, with no vices among them, they have no thieves or liars among them and they give freely of all that they have, and when they have no more to give they cry”. [He continues], ‘they are truly as the children of God’. [i.e. Los Ninos de’la’endeo]”. Los Ninos de’la’endeo – of which the Spanish word “endeo” evolved into “Indian”. So maybe the Indians know more about their true history than those of us who have been fed the fairy tale that Columbus mistakenly mistook the New World for India, a land which did not exist at the time, when he named the indigenous New World people “Indians”. Bottom line – Rather than refer to those Indians in the US as American Indians we should refer to the people of India as India Indians. As far as the term Redskin is concerned, it is informative that many different color people have historically been known to categorize other people by skin color and even tone. Why must people jump to the conclusion that it is done with malice is a mystery. De las Casis may have referred to the Indians as Redskins but as his writing indicates, he had tremendous respect for them as a people.

    2. Houston 9er,

      The only point I would make is that in regard to the people who founded the organization not having maliciousness or ill will, George Marshall was a noted and well-documented racist. I have no doubt he did have ill will.

      As for Nike, you are correct; but Nike is looking to “buy” its way out of its own malfeasance and “balance” it’s moral books.

      1. I know about George Marshall’s despicable history. As I said, I highly doubt any person would name their business anything other than something they wanted to honor. I don’t know of the exact history but from what I’ve been told Marshall named the team the Boston Braves to leverage name recognition of the Boston Braves baseball team which eventually became the Atlanta Braves. He then changed the name a year or 2 later to the Redskins partially because Marshall was so cheap he wanted to be able to keep the same insignia. Obviously George Marshall was an awful person but it defies logic that he named his franchise the Redskins and meant it as a slight to Native Americans.

        1. but it defies logic that he named his franchise the Redskins and meant it as a slight to Native Americans


          1. The Owner was a known Racist who……. Marshall, a supporter of racial segregation, was the last NFL owner to integrate African Americans onto a roster, doing so in 1962 under pressure from the federal government, which threatened to block the use of government-owned D.C. Stadium.

          2. The mood of the country was to degrade colored people. – You can judge based on what they sang at the stadium…

          The song’s original first stanza is often mistakenly thought to have ended with the line “Fight for old Dixie”, but in fact this line was only used between 1959 and 1961, as a glance at contemporary game day programs will verify. Each of these programs printed the lyrics, and “Old D.C.” can be seen in all years except 1959 through 1961. This phrase then returned to “Fight for ol’ D.C.!”

          Several other lines found in the original were, however, altered. The original version included lines referring to the practice of scalping and featuring non-standard grammar, apparently in imitation of Native American speech :

          Scalp ’em, swamp ‘um
          We will take ‘um big score
          Read ‘um, Weep ‘um,
          Touchdown! — We want heap more

          3. The Racist owner named his team a racist name which attracted more crowd$$$ from a racist society and who sang songs which included lines referring to the practice of scalping and featuring non-standard grammar, apparently in imitation of Native American speech.

          Which part deifies logic?……sounds more like 1 + 1 = 2

          1. One-niner

            Your fascination with taking the sins of the past, many of them centuries old, and throwing them in the face of people today….whats that called, bearing false witness against the people of today? Holding and nursing grudges about things that happened before everyone here was born?
            What would Christ say about that? Buddha? Any of them? Even Seb and Sun Zoo?

            U are toxic and bring poison,,,,,,

        2. Nike doesn’t mind the Chinese atrocities against people like the Uyghur’s for the almighty dollar, yet they hold the Redskins hostage for apparel sales. The NBA and Nike are both hypocritical pawns of the Chinese government….

          1. Razdoll, Scump is the hypocritical pawn of the Chinese, Russian and N.Korean governments….
            Now THAT affects ALL Americans!

            1. Yeah, that is why Trump has taken 1000X more action against those countries than Obama ever dreamed of. The willful ignorance of some of you is beyond astounding.

              1. HAHAHAHAHA
                Yeah his actions have been successful for Russia, China AND NK!
                At least you are so blatant about your ignorance that it comes of as endearing.
                Name ONE thing that made US stronger in regards to theses countries.

              2. “Sir, Putin put a bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan to drive us out.”
                T- “Let’s cut and run.”
                “Sir, we should punish Putin for his egregious behavior.”
                T- “Let’s allow Russia back into the G-7.”
                Xi- ” We own the South China Sea because it has China in its name. The US Navy is trespassing on our sovereign waters.”
                T- “Buy more soybeans to help me get re-elected (Kiss Arse, Grovel).”
                Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

              3. Yeah, that is why Trump has taken 1000X more action against those countries than Obama ever dreamed of.

                We are talking about the same Trump, right?

                “He wrote me beautiful letters and we fell in love”

                “China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!”

                “My people came to me, [Director of National Intelligence] Dan Coats came to me and some others saying they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin, he just said it’s not Russia,” Trump said. “I will say this, I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

                “I have great confidence in my intelligence people but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today,”

                Trump is a damaged, damaged human being. It doesn’t matter if it’s dictators, strongmen or rally sycophants. The one thing, the only thing, he lives for is their lavish praise. Once given he is completely theirs. National security, national welfare be damned. He is the world’s easiest mark. That you seem ignorant of that, when it is played out for all to see, is beyond astounding.

              1. Congratulations on turning this site into a political forum and having to listen to your complete BS!

              2. TP, I assume FI stands for one your original thoughts.
                F..k I, is incorrect though. It is F..k Me.
                Hope that helps!

            2. I know for a fact that 2k yrs ago someone pissed on someone’s foot. Somewhere.

              That was wrong.

              Let’s get ’em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. It’s not an easy decision to take away a young person’s sports passion

      I disagree, most young people with investment in sports are not that dumb…especially if they are educated on COVID – and understand the consequences is to get sick and deal with long term effect of COVID

      Coronavirus causes a well-known syndrome known as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). In ARDS fluid builds up in the tiny air sacs of the lung called alveoli, limiting the ability to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen.

      People who have recovered from ARDS may deal with:

      Limited lung capacity compared to their peers.
      Psychiatric issues such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, cognitive impairment, and anxiety, due to the trauma of the illness and treatment.
      Kidney complications which could lead to a need for long-term dialysis.
      Poor conditioning due to limited lung and/or organ function.

      You best calm that passion down and or there is no sports in the future….

    4. On the Redskins, the name does not offend me in the least.

      Are you an American Native Indian???

      I’m totally indifferent about the name

      Since this is not about you, let’s change it for the people who are affected by it then!
      We could change it to Washington Rednecks, for people like you who don’t get offended easily….

      1. Dee,
        While I think the name is does seem like a slight it’s a little trickier than we think.

        According to the polling data available most Native activists are adamantly against the name while a vast majority self identified Native Americans are not offended by it (90%).

        Where it gets really strange is the earliest known usage of the term comes from a translated French document in a letter sent by three chiefs of the Piankashaws to Col. John Wilkins. Natives were known to refer to their people as Reds in the early colonial period in assumed reference to theirs skin tone. The questions then become… was the translation accurate? Did they first refer to themselves as Reds or was it a title taken up after hearing it from white colonists?

        In any case, regardless of origin, if it is seen as a slight to them… it should not be used a mascot for a team.

        1. the only polling that matters is …what happens when you call an American Indian a redskin to his or her face………

          I am very sure that polling is accurate with or without a margin of error

          1. Hopefully nothing happens, because taunting with racist words isn’t a crime, but physical assault is…

            Besides, racists (such as the recent anti-Asian ones in the news) go after less physically imposing targets, just in case you’re proven right!

          2. One, the further I look into this the more confusing it gets.

            Any time you add a qualifier when speaking to someone they are likely be insulted.
            Asian as to itself is not considered racist… but if you yell “Hey Asian” it would likely would be considered so.
            Asking someone “Would you consider yourself Asian?” Likely would not be considered as racist.
            Replace Asian with the “N word” and it most certainly is.
            Replace it with “a Redskin” and the response is more more varied or at least it would appear so according to polling data. Additionally, some loathe the term Native American preferring only “Native” or “Indigenous”.
            I’m sure if you polled most non natives, they would find the term “Redskin” very offensive and “Native American” acceptable. While according to the data (although I would argue it is very limited) both would be considered insulting to a smaller group of their populations.
            In any case, if a name is to be invoked in reference to them, they are the litmus test, not us, and they should have a say in it.

        2. Shoup, thanks for the historical background but you leave out a time reference . Don’t forget that things can get lost in translation, literally. The AI had no choice in the matter and might not have perceived it as a slight due to language barriers. Speaking different languages myself, one tends to translate from the native tongue into the foreign one with sometimes comical results. The term Reds might be respectful amongst themselves, but it was a slight born out of a feeling of superiority by the settlers.

          1. Dee,
            Thanks, I enjoyed doing the research.
            In terms of the polling the first one was seen as widely flawed. The second one I’m sure was also flawed somewhat, as are all polls but it was done in 2016 (with 90% of polled natives not finding it offensive) and had a 5% margin of error per the source.
            In terms of the translation from a historical perspective there are too many unknown factors and yes proper translation is certainly questionable.
            Furthermore, given the number of Tribes and tribal confederations they could have each referred to their people in different ways than they did other tribes. And not all of them would have been friendly given the number of conflicts between them.

            1. My Hoopa friend thinks the name is offensive, but he felt he could not do anything about it. That is way different than not finding it offensive at all.

      2. The Indian Chiefs WERE asked about it and they said it did not offend them.

        Why would you purposely omit this?

  11. The Niners signed Jamar Taylor CB, and waived Teez Tabor.
    Good pickup. He played for the Seahawks in 2019, and ran a 4.39 forty, with a 6.82 three cone drill.

  12. As parts of the USA reopen, including sporting leagues, how about a review of what was touted as a paragon of freedom by our most vocal “freedom loving” posters here.

    Sweden put stock in the sensibility of its people as it largely avoided imposing government prohibitions. The government allowed restaurants, gyms, shops, playgrounds and most schools to remain open. By contrast, Denmark and Norway opted for strict quarantines, banning large groups and locking down shops and restaurants.

    More than three months later, the coronavirus is blamed for 5,420 deaths in Sweden, according to the World Health Organization. That might not sound especially horrendous compared with the more than 129,000 Americans who have died. But Sweden is a country of only 10 million people. Per million people, Sweden has suffered 40 percent more deaths than the United States, 12 times more than Norway, seven times more than Finland and six times more than Denmark.

    And not only that:

    What is only now emerging is how Sweden, despite letting its economy run unimpeded, has still suffered business-destroying, prosperity-diminishing damage, and at nearly the same magnitude of its neighbors.

    Freedom ain’t free, right? Who here wants to pay the price so their neighbors can pack bars and other watering holes check to cheek?

  13. Dan Snyder wants to retain the logo.
    The term ‘Redskin” is by definition a slur, and must be changed. I find it offensive and objectionable, and I do not even belong to a tribe. Every Indigenous American I know, considers it an insult to their heritage. Some may tolerate it, but all want the name changed. Phil Barber was ahead of his time, posting about how objectionable and racist the ‘Redskin” term was, and is.
    George P Marshall, the Marshall without a plan, was an avowed racist. He even has a section on his racism on his Wiki page. He claimed that they would lose Southern fans if they allowed Blacks to play. Hmmmm, that sounds like those who claimed that they would lose military fans if Kaep was allowed to protest. Now that argument has been shredded, more players will be kneeling in silent protest.
    Dan Snyder is carrying on the racist tradition. That has to stop, and removing Marshall’s name and statue is a good beginning. Maybe the best way to get Snyder to change the name, is to allow him to keep the logo, while changing the name.
    Dan Snyder should change the name to the Washington Warriors. The term-Warrior, is not a pejorative. The Golden State Warriors have used the name for years with no major objections.
    Some may object to any Indian reference, but if the alternative is perpetuating a racial slur, the lesser name is much preferred. Also, Warriors do not have to be only Indians. Warriors can be any fighting person, or soldier.
    Dan Snyder may be mollified by being allowed to keep his logo, but eventually, a new logo may be created, of another kind of Warrior, and the racist legacy may end up in the dustbin of history.

  14. Arians said he expects all his players to get COVID-19 this year, and it’s just a matter how sick they get. Yeah, that’s the attitude we want to hear from management.

    1. Arians is at extreme personal risk from multiple cancer treatment episodes and his age. He didn’t seem to be a management messenger to me. He seemed to me to be a realist that wants a chance to coach the goat. It may not turn out well for him.

  15. The first domino to fall.

    The Ivy League has canceled all sports for the fall and will reevaluate whether to allow athletes to compete after Jan. 1, 2021, conference sources told CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander. An official announcement from the league is expected Wednesday evening.

    The significant move comes as more questions and concerns arise about the feasibility of playing the 2020 college football season amid the coronavirus pandemic. Time is running out for the FBS season to start on time, which is leading many to wonder whether it will ultimately be moved a few months to the spring of 2021.

  16. Mostert has formally requested to be traded according to his agent. Due to contract/ money. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    This is increasingly becoming a problem for the 49ers. Only so many guys can get paid.

    1. His demand to be the highest paid RB ** on the Niners ** seems pretty reasonable. Cut Coleman and let’s roll with Mostert, Jeff Wilson , Mckinnon and perhaps Hasty.

      Ian Rapoport @RapSheet

      Spoke with @TesslerSports about RB Raheem Mostert and his trade demand from #49ers. His request was simply to bring Mostert in line with the highest paid RBs on the team. Tevin Coleman makes $4.55M in 2020 and that’s where Mostert wants to be. He has two years left on his deal.

    2. He signed a fair contract. The earliest the 49ers should even think about redoing and rewarding Mostert is next year after he shows he wasn’t a one year wonder. He doesn’t have enough money to hold out, but if he does; he won’t be on this team for long….

      1. Would agree with you except Coleman is a zero year wonder. With respect, the 49ers would have been just as good without him last year. My math 1 year > 0 year/

      2. He signed a fair contract for a STs player and backup RB. He will go into the next season as one of the 49ers top RB options.

        I understand the argument that he accepted his contract and should honour it, but circumstances change. At 28 he doesn’t have a lot more years to earn his money. I can’t blame him for his stance.

        1. Scooter,
          A team doesn’t need to honor a contract, they can release a player at any time. It seems to me that its only fair that a player should be able to request a new contract any time he wants without suffering the wrath of the fans. I believe that Mostert has the ability to gain over 2000 yards this year if he got the carries and there isn’t another back on the roster who is close to Mostert. imho

            1. Trade Him???
              Is that what you were screaming after the playoffs last year…..

              1. No I was screaming you are the biggest moron I have ever read since the dawn of time you dumb sh$t!

              2. Ooooooooh, I occupy your head during football games.
                And you’ve been reading since the dawn of time!
                Are you then also the most informed person on the planet earth?

              3. Learn proper grammar. Maybe if you were American you would know how to use it correctly.

              4. TP :

                Learn proper grammar.

                I don’t think anybody is going to top you in that department TP!

              5. Take some English classes. Hooked on phonics too!

                What a brilliant command of the English language you have…..
                Have you been doing some adulting recently?

              6. We already know that you are a coward and that you use google to mask your IQ.
                When your akathisia gets really bad, make sure you get help!
                It’s free….

              7. Will do! And when you learn a fraction of football and the understanding that this isn’t a dating site for your loneliness, ya all come back now you here!

              8. ya all come back now you here!

                Stick to copy and paste from Google, TP, so it looks like you’re educated…..

              9. I don’t always agree with you Dee, or even very often, but…

                Reading this exchange between you and Prime…

                My sides are in orbit.

                Also Prime –

                Your Japanese is atrocious.

          1. Agreed, OC. Obviously I don’t think players should be requesting new contracts every year or every time they feel they are being a little underpaid. But for a guy that is in the older age bracket for his position, has been paid the vet minimum for most of his career until last year, has two years left on a contract that pays him modestly for a vet starting RB, and emerged into a key performer during their SB run last year, I think asking to be paid in line with the top guys at the position on his own team is pretty reasonable. I mean, we are talking about what, an additional $1.5M to $2M to be paid ~ the same as Coleman? Heck, make it incentive based.

            1. My concern is that the team traded away the only other explosive back, Brieda.

              1. Well, I’m sure the hope is that McKinnon can return to at least close to the level of explosiveness he had pre-injury, and if he does then he can provide that element.

                I am somewhat with razor though in terms of my concern if Mostert held out or was traded. I think he is absolutely within his right to ask for more money and play a little hard ball to try and get it, but if the 49ers move on I also feel like the running game can pick up the slack without him. It may not be quite as good and they might miss some of those long explosive plays Mostert and Breida provided, but I think this offense is pretty RB friendly.

              2. That’s where I am at cubus.
                Without Breida and with McKinnon being such a huge question mark, if Mostert were to hold out… their just much explosiveness coming from the position.
                Opponents need not respect the run nearly as much which could cause our passing attack to suffer. In this scenario our best receiver would be forced to stay in more given how bad the pass pro is and their isn’t a receiver on the roster that really scares you as a pure receiver.
                It’s a bit of a worst case scenario but it does have the potential to showcase some of the teams biggest flaws.

                I would likely be searching Free Agency for other explosive options at the position.

        2. Didn’t blame him but he’s at their mercy. Couple things point to his agent getting sacked, and deservedly so. For starters, he negotiated and had his client sign that contract. Now he’s trying to renegotiate his mistake through the media. It’s no wonder the 49ers broke off talks….

    3. I understand why he wants to be paid more and his play last year was excellent, but the 49ers have to hold firm on this. He has no history of being able to sustain this level of play – before last season he had carried the ball 41 times total in 4 seasons and broke his forearm – and you can’t set precedents with players who are signed to long term deals. He is going into year two of a 3 year deal and has no leverage due to the new rules in the CBA that don’t give a player an accrued season if he misses TC. I wouldn’t give in to his demand for more money or trade him. Just let him sit until he decides whether he wants to risk missing time at his age or try to put a full season of high level play on the board to give the team something to think about next year.

      1. Nothing theoretical about this decision. Kyle, do you want Coleman or Mostert this year (if there is one). Anyone looking beyond that is a missing the point.

        1. He has both under contract and one has a history in the league. It’s not Mostert and you don’t alter a contract based on a small amount of info.

            1. They are not comparable. Jimmy G was a FA and a QB. Mostert is under contract for two more years and a RB. I like Mostert and agree he deserves more, but that isn’t the way the business side of football works. You have a cap system and every dollar needs to be accounted for. Mostert has a very small body of work to go on and I don’t see how the 49ers can set a precedent by renegotiating his deal and not have it come back to bite them in the ass with the cap or other players wanting to renegotiate based on what is going on with Mostert. I’d agree to look into redoing his deal after this season if he puts a full season of elite play on the field, but not with two years remaining.

    4. I’m a huge fan of Mostert. He embodies everything I love about football. Hard work, perseverance, team guy. I’m exceptionally happy for him to have finally made it in the NFL. I do not begrudge him at all for trying to get paid after the year he had last year. Players, especially RBs, have a very short window and should maximize their earnings. As soon as he sets foot on a field again he risks the huge payday that may await him. I’d hate to see him go but even more so I’d love to see him be able to earn life changing type money. IMO, this move makes absolute financial sense for Mostert.

  17. This is MADNESS!!!!

    White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing on Wednesday, added that PPE supplies remain “very strong” but the Trump administration will be encouraging healthcare workers “to use some of the best practices” to “preserve and reuse” face masks and other protective equipment.

    Is this America?….this is really pissing me off

    From the FDA

    Q5. Can I reuse PPE?

    A5. In general, most PPE is designed to be used only one time and by one person prior to disposal. There are a few exceptions, for example some types of elastomeric respirator masks and protective eye-wear such as goggles may be reused if the user follows decontamination methods in the product labeling.

    If PPE is exposed to infectious materials during use (e.g., body fluids from an infected person) the PPE is considered contaminated and the wearer should remove it promptly, using proper removal and disposal procedures. Please be aware that even if a PPE successfully protects you while it is being worn, improper removal and disposal of contaminated PPEs can expose the wearer and other people to infectious agents.

    1. Who are you going to trust, the FDA, or the Republican President and administration?

      I guess they forgot to fire all the competent people from the FDA. Oops.

    2. Trump has not attended a White House Coronavirus Task Force meeting since APRIL 2020…..

      Dude does not even care anymore – and you still have these morons following him……He does not give a F about YOU……

    1. … and “The Candidate” wants all the kiddies back in school who will then spread the threat that doesn’t exist far in wide.

  18. Mostert wants to be paid commensurate to what he is worth. He was an UDFA who was cut from 5 other teams.
    However, he did shine in the playoffs, and helped the Niners almost win a SB.
    Considering the amount of production from McKinnon, and the salary he was paid, Mostert deserves a raise.
    Guess the Niners are the victims of their own success. Players will want to be paid like SB players.
    KS may just find another UDFA, and make him be productive in this system. JaMycal Hasty might be the biggest surprise in the preseason.
    Maybe the best scenario is that a team has a RB go down, and is willing to give up a second round pick for Mostert. The Falcons may find Gurley is not 100%, and would be willing to trade for Mostert.

    1. “Deserve” has nothing to do with it. (Certainly not for a 1-year success as opposed to a Justin Smith or Staley legacy-like player.) It’s a marketplace, plain and simple.

      And no way they get a 2nd round pick. (Unless they give up their 3rd, 4th, and 5th, that is!)

      1. Raheem Mostert ran for 220 yards and scored 4 TDs in the 2019 NFCC Game. That performance certainly deserves to be rewarded.
        In most negotiations, you start high and settle for less. Also, the Falcons would be desperate if they lost Gurley. Desperate teams would pay a lot more than a team with no needs. The Falcons are confronted with competing against the Saints and Bucs. The Panthers have McCaffrey, and with Bridgewater, they may have a decent QB, unlike last season. Unless the Falcons have Gurley magically healthy, they may be competing with the Panthers for the cellar. Getting Mostert for a second round pick may save their season.

  19. Below is why we wont have football this year. Our leadership lazy, unintelligent, corrupt and creepy.

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    In Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries, SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITH NO PROBLEMS. The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if U.S. schools open before the November Election, but is important for the children & families. May cut off funding if not open!

    In response :
    Brian Klaas @brianklaas
    New cases, yesterday:
    Germany: 298
    Denmark: 10
    Norway: 11
    Sweden: 57

    United States: 55,442

        1. How you like living in the ’70’s&’80’s New York city all over again??‍♂️

    1. That’s funny Lee, Rib just got done telling us just how bad Sweden is. Now which is it?

      Ribico says:
      July 8, 2020 at 4:50 am
      As parts of the USA reopen, including sporting leagues, how about a review of what was touted as a paragon of freedom by our most vocal “freedom loving” posters here.

      Sweden put stock in the sensibility of its people as it largely avoided imposing government prohibitions. The government allowed restaurants, gyms, shops, playgrounds and most schools to remain open. By contrast, Denmark and Norway opted for strict quarantines, banning large groups and locking down shops and restaurants.

      More than three months later, the coronavirus is blamed for 5,420 deaths in Sweden, according to the World Health Organization. That might not sound especially horrendous compared with the more than 129,000 Americans who have died. But Sweden is a country of only 10 million people. Per million people, Sweden has suffered 40 percent more deaths than the United States, 12 times more than Norway, seven times more than Finland and six times more than Denmark.

      And not only that:

      What is only now emerging is how Sweden, despite letting its economy run unimpeded, has still suffered business-destroying, prosperity-diminishing damage, and at nearly the same magnitude of its neighbors.

      Freedom ain’t free, right? Who here wants to pay the price so their neighbors can pack bars and other watering holes check to cheek?

      Who is lying about Sweden – liberal number one Rib liberal number two Bruce Lee.

      1. Sweden is doing worse than their counterparts in Northern Europe but like every other industrialized country they are doing significantly better than the US because our president is an incompetent imbecile.

        1. Washington Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle : “We haven’t done any of the things that other countries have done to bring sports back. Sports are like the reward of a functional society, and we’re trying to just bring it back, even though we’ve taken none of the steps to flatten the curve, whatever you want to say.”

          The current president is an incompetent fool and has been his entire life. I just ordered Mary Trump’s book but I have pretty good idea about the contents. Orange menace is a mentally ill, corrupt con-artist with serious daddy issues.

      2. The three stooges, Tweedle Dee, Bruce Lie and Nurse Ribby are all living proof you can educate a fool but you cannot make them think….

        1. Actually, Dee and Rib have been at loggerheads with me in the past, but I have never questioned their intelligence, unlike a poster who thinks it is good to make it twice as hard to win.
          People who belong to a cult should not be casting stones.

            1. Razor,
              I saw Blue Oyster Cult when they opened for Bob Seger in the early 70’s but there name wasn’t BOC. Do you know their band name back then?

              1. OC, he would like that name now with BLM
                “Soft White Underbelly”…..

          1. Unlike some posters who think football players should fall to the ground after a catch.
            That’s called panty football from a guy who never played the game!

          2. Freekin Seb!

            You live in a freekin crystal palace and cast bricks all day long about this, that or some other thing!

            I can’t deny…I love it!! (Yours, that is….)

        2. Are you wearing your mask when you go out Razor? If not, better start. Your hero, Trump’s job (and him staying out of jail) depends upon bringing the Covid numbers down. Actually down, as Americans no longer believe the lies he and Mothers boy are trying to feed us.

            1. Keep hope alive!

              However in Mr Norpoth’s model, not only will the president be re-elected, but he will expand his margin in the electoral college from 304 electoral votes in 2016 to 362 in 2020


              1. The model calculates the winning candidate based on early presidential nominating contests and placing an emphasis on how much enthusiasm candidates are able to generate early in the nominating process, the professor said.

                So Trump is going to win due to the enthusiasm of his backers. But he himself is telling us he’s going to win due to the “silent majority” who are so not enthusiastic they are not telling pollsters they plan on voting for him. Okaaaay. To quote your best bud under, Who is lying? My money is on both.

      3. How is what BL said contradictory? What Rib and BL said is factual – Sweden’s decision led to significantly more deaths without helping the economy much, and they are recording significantly fewer new cases per day than the US.

      4. Who is lying about Sweden – liberal number one Rib liberal number two Bruce Lee.

        This might too subtle a concept for the below average Trumpette to take in, but when a sh!tshow like Sweden is held up as superior to the condition the USA finds itself in, it tells you how far far far we’ve fallen.

        1. Sweden is probably the only country I can think of which both the Right and the Left have idolized for different, and wrong, reasons.

          1. Hey, I idolize Sweden for the likes of Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Britt Eckland and Anita Ekberg. Tell me how that is wrong ?

            1. Now those are four good issues about Sweden that the Left and Right can correctly agree on, I hope! I’d add Lena Olin to that list.

  20. Interesting. George Kittle now thinks that Kaep should play, and has the skillsets to still play.
    Smart man.

    1. You enjoy deep-throating Kaep, do you Seb?

      Is it better than horse semen for you?

      1. Don’t know why disgusting homophobic posts like this don’t lead to Chase’s banishment from this site.

        1. Why do you say homophobic? It’s only homophobic if you think there’s something wrong with one man deep-throating another. Do you have a problem with this, Chet?

          1. You sound like the expert on deep throating. I have never had an inclination for that sort of thing.

            1. Oh Seb, please don’t forget that time on Lake Berryessa. You, me and that buffet of young firemen? ? ♥️ ?

        2. I myself am a pedaphile-phobe. By what morality do you discriminate against me? Or not?

      2. Sounds like you are the expert on horse semen. I have no idea what horse semen smells like, but it sounds like you know all about it, and probably like it.

  21. The rumours of the 49ers interest in Adams is picking up even more steam now. Sounds like there is more than just smoke there.

    1. I hope not… it’s not that I dislike Adams but I believe that if other positions were addressed they would lead to a much greater improvement of the overall team.

      1. Yeah, I think we may have discussed this previously. I’m all for it – I think he’d be a great addition.

        1. Scooter,
          Better Rivals discussed this and said they would be ok with a first rounder and potentially a player but they couldn’t see any deal that includes multiple 1sts or a significant chunk of your draft.
          Their argument being that SF needs to find cheap labor as there are several free agent/ major contract signings that are upcoming.
          Note, they are more in line with you’re thinking in regards to talent and positional value.

    2. Meh it’s all coming from a couple of guys at SI including Grant Cohn who is not a connected insider. The other guy from SI saying the Niners have inquired also said nothing is likely to happen anytime soon so the idea that things are gaining steam is exaggerated. When I hear something from a reputed insider that something is on the horizon I’ll give it more credence but until then this is likely nothing more than the type of interest they had in Brady. Look into it sure, but do it, not likely.

      I wouldn’t be against it if it did happen but still don’t get the logic in it considering they don’t have enough cap space to sign all the guys they have right now. Giving up a first round pick for a couple of seasons doesn’t seem like a smart move to me.

      1. I will wait to hear it from Miaocco or Barrows 2 local guys who seem to be in the know or Adam Schefter.

      2. That’s fair, but I suspect in this case there is truth to the rumours the 49ers are interested.

        1. Scooter,
          I agree that they are interested but how interested is my question. Other than 10 year contracts I can’t see why there is any hurry to extend contracts or make trades when it is 50/50 at best that we will have a season this year. imho

  22. I never thought Deforest Buckner would be traded away, so Mostert may certainly be traded, if the right offer is made.
    There are several teams who would consider Mostert to be a big improvement.
    The Dolphins, Jets, Falcons, Steelers, Chargers, Bears, Rams and Bengals were the 8 worst running teams last season. They did sign a bunch of free agents, and also drafted RBs, but Mostert, with his 6 yard per average, is clearly superior to all of them, except the Dolphins, who traded for Breida.
    Maybe the Jets and the Niners can make a blockbuster trade, bundling players from both teams. The Niners could offer Jaquiski Tartt, Raheem Mostert, Dante Pettis and Shon Coleman, for Jamal Adams and Frank Gore.

    1. I thought there was a decent change Buckner would be traded and even debated it a bit on here.

      That said, I don’t really see Mostert getting traded though and I do think his deal will get reworked but I imagine SF will slow play this for a bit and rightfully so. The season, the number of games, the new cap, everything this year is still in doubt so it would be hard to throw more money at someone with so much uncertainty. Imagine upping his contract and adding guaranteed money only not to not have a season and a salary cap drop.

    2. Should agreed but I think that salary cap issues etc will be dealt with fairly equitably across the league if the season is cancelled. They want teams to pretend everything is OK, for as long as it passes the laugh test!

      1. All teams are making plans for various contingencies. Other than league superstars (Mahomes, Kittle come to mind) I can’t imagine any teams doing much of anything when it comes to contract re-ups until there is some sort of indication on how this season will progress.

  23. Mostert has no leverage. Niners will of course listen for any trade offers but there will no offers that will interest them. Mostert will not hold out because the penalties in the new CBA are pretty harsh for holdouts of over 5 days. However, if McKinnon plays well in TC, Coleman could be cut and Mostert would indeed be the highest paid RB in the room. However, I think the Niners will guarantee some of the money and may add some performance-based bonuses.

    Mostert’s agent is the main culprit here for not including sufficient performance-based incentives as a RB in the contract signed in the last off-season.

  24. Mostert’s agent is not thinking it through. Making demands while we are enduring this pandemic, is not a shrewd ploy.
    Heck, it sounds like he wants to re-arrange the chairs on the Titanic. Nobody is going to make big moves, especially when the season is in doubt. Every player may not get paid at all, so demanding a trade and more money is bold, but clueless. By making trade demands, he is eliminating any leverage the Niners may have. Buckners’ trade was successful, and the Niners got that precious 13th pick, because they kept quiet about the deal.
    Still, if David Johnson is making 13 mil, Raheem Mostert is being woefully underpaid.
    Maybe the best scenario is for the Niners to wait until another team has a starting RB become injured, then the other team may be desperate enough to give up a second or third round pick for Mostert.

  25. The Orange con-artist seems to believe the most effective remedy for Covid is displaying the confederate flag.

    1. Special circumstances for him, for sure, and the privilege (that he’s earned) to be able to make that choice. Lucky him and his family.

  26. Dallas school district saying no HS football in Texas in 2020.
    In TEXAS!
    Many in sports media are doubting NCAA football actually happens this fall at all.
    But NFL is going to play a full schedule? I’m not going to bet the farm on that.

  27. I don’t get the debate over opening schools. There is no guarantee that there will ever be a vaccine. If not would we close them again next year? Everyone has had the flu at some point and I predict everyone will eventually get Covid 19. Most wont know it. In a few years a new virus will pop up. Do we go on living the best we can or give in and let it destroy us.

    1. The problem is the United States has been devoid of leadership and has not done what was needed to stem the tide and allow us to open safely again. Look at countries around the world and you see they are opening up, including schools without massive spikes in infections. That is because they developed a plan for the entire country to follow and did extensive testing and tracing. In the US the strategy from the Federal and several State levels has been to pretty much ignore it and hope it peters out at some point. You know what you do in instances like these? Whatever the hell it takes to defeat it, not shrug your shoulders and watch it spread uncontrollably.

  28. Its looking more and more likely we won’t be having football this fall. I posted earlier that if we do get a vaccine by late Oct. to mid Nov. We could see a single elimination tournament in the NFL. They would still lose the vast majority of ticket revenue but they could make up some TV money. Can you imagine the TV ratings for 5 week single elimination tournament in the NFL say from late Nov. (Thanksgiving) until mid Jan.

  29. What’s wrong with letting people decide for themselves how they want to live their lives? If they are young and healthy they aren’t at risk. If I’m at risk, I need to do what is necessary to protect myself. Why do insist on requiring everyone act in a certain way when everyone’s circumstances are different. Play football.

    1. “ What’s wrong with letting people decide for themselves how they want to live their lives?

      That’s not the issue. The issue is nothing will move forward until the numbers are down. So whatever it is your country is not doing to get those numbers down, start fcking do it!

      1. So the issue is to get the numbers down? We know how to do that. We can close all businesses and require everyone stay home. Then we all go crazy before we die of starvation. No the real issue is how do we best live with the reality of Covid 19. The answer is probably different for different people.

        1. Jerry I live in Canada and not to say Canada is the model country interms of fighting CoVId 19. But yeah, we shut it down for a good 8 weeks and it worked.

          The economy is suffering but the alternative is what we are seeing in the US. Growing number of infections daily.

    2. What do you think they’ve done the past couple of months Jerry? The Governors in Florida and Texas declined to pass a mandatory mask order and opened things up. That’s letting people decide for themselves isn’t it? In doing so we’ve seen that many people don’t do well when left to decide for themselves which is why the number of infections have skyrocketed. Also while the majority of young and healthy people won’t die, there is nothing to suggest they are immune from suffering long term damage from this virus. The selfishness in this country is overwhelming in that all people are being asked to do is refrain from gathering in large groups and wearing something to cover their nose and mouth, and some act like they are being asked to give up all of their possessions and wear a government wire. More than a 130 thousand people have died in 4 months, hospitals are swamped and the economy is still a disaster after businesses were allowed to open again. How about we respect each other as citizens and do what is necessary to try and slow down the spread like pretty much every other country in the world is doing right now with far better results than we are seeing here.

      1. The problem with your plan is that all it does is delay the inevitable. The young people who go out are responsible for themselves, not to you.

        1. So Jerry what the US is doing by allowing the people to do what they want and decide for themselves is working?

        2. Sorry Jerry but that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Doing simple things to slow down the spread is not delaying the inevitable. It’s actually a plan to deal with this sensibly and save as many lives as possible. Your second point is the exact selfishness I was referencing above. Strangers don’t have to be responsible to me but it would be nice if they were responsible for members of their family and friends at the very least. We couldn’t go two months before some started acting like entitled selfish morons. Some people can’t stop partying for a few months to allow the spread to slow down and possibly save their Grandparents, Parents or friends? What does that say about us as a society?

        3. Jerry. Just think for a moment. Your risky behavior affects not only you. But every single f-ing person you come into contact with. Can you let that sink into your thick skull for a moment?????

          1. You’re a very offensive human being and I cringe every time I read your posts. I mean this from a good place when I say you need to stop flaming people all the time.

            1. I’ve had it up to here with self-centered covidiots. I’m not going to hold their stupid hand. Anyone who had been sentient the last 4 months knows you follow protocol, wear mask, shelter as much to protect those around you as yourself. If don’t like it, then TS.

              1. You’ve got the brain of a de Blasio!

                New York is trying to take over the #1 murder city from Chicago!?

              2. As for the rest of you who don’t do what I dictate………..”Ich bein ein Berliner!!!!!”

                Very soon now I will bury you ALL in an avalanche of profanity and derision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            2. Ya gotta realize where he is coming from. He lives in NY, which had been the epicenter for this crisis. Thankfully, with public participation and cooperation, they have flattened the curve there.
              It must seem incredibly frustrating to him to see people in other states acting irresponsibly, that then threatens NY again.
              Good Ol’ Rib and I have gone around the bend a few times, but his heart is in the right place.
              Please excuse his venting, I do.

              1. Nurse Ribby needs to stay away from the icu unit or he’ll get lead poisoning! Bravo comrade de Blasio!

    3. Jerry,
      I am at risk and I am doing what is necessary to protect myself and one of those necessities is to ask my fellow brother and sister americans to please wear a mask and please socially distance but I see BLM marches where less than half are wearing masks and trump rallies where wearing a mask is somehow seen as weak or stepping on someones rights. Please we are our brothers keepers please wear a mask anytime you are out side and not socially distanced. imho

      1. Coach it has to go one step further and that means you only go out to get your groceries, or if you are an essential worker. Otherwise you are staying home.
        I mean what you guys were doing in late March was working. Not sure why the US went away from that.

        1. I mean what you guys were doing in late March was working. Not sure why the US went away from that.

          Not sure, PT? I’ll sum it up for you in two words. Psychopath President.

          Lansing — President Donald Trump targeted Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia in tweets Friday calling for officials to “liberate” the states amid protests over stay-at-home orders aimed at stemming the spread of COVID-19.

          Trump first tweeted “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” Then, a minute later, the president tweeted “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”

          Minutes after that, he added in another message, “LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!”

      2. I get it but you want other people who don’t know you to help protect you. It hasn’t happened and it’s not going to. The logical answer is they we are all responsible for ourselves and those we choose to be responsible for like family.

        1. “It hasn’t happened and its not going to” You don’t think very highly of your fellow americans. Thank God the greatest generation didn’t think the same way.

        2. It hasn’t happened and it’s not going to.

          The f it hasn’t. Other countries. New York. New York City. Cases bottoming out, because guess what. People listened to those who know what they are talking about, followed and are still following protocols. You are either misinformed or utterly stupid. Maybe both.

        3. “I don’t know how to explain to you that you should care about others.”
          A. Fauci

    4. Urgh, this line of thinking. What’s the problem? The problem is that you don’t operate in a vacuum. You live in a society. Your actions impact on others.

      Occasionally you may need to do something you don’t really want to do because it is better for the group.

      Something that has become abundantly clear to me during the pandemic is that a lot of Americans seem to think “freedom” and “selfishness” are synonymous.

      1. The poster child for those Americans you are seeing is living in America’s house.

  30. Lily Tomlin said something like: No matter how cynical you are, it’s never enough to keep up. Something to reflect on while we talk about addressing the Corona Virus as a country. For me, I’m confident we have the capability to deal with the health issue but right now we’re going to waste time negotiating over who has to pay for it. Not to mention the fact that all of our so far discussed solutions are crafted by our leaders, like pretty much everything in our society (substitute “economy” for society) – Heads I win, tails you lose. This is the result of living in a plutocracy where we are divided into Us (the minority in charge) vs. Them (the rest of us fools). Does the richest country in history have enough resources collectively to solve the problem? Absolutely. For those less cynical and maybe more optimistic there’s another famous quote sometimes attributed to Winston Churchill, You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they have exhausted all other possibilities. All us majority of patients need to learn … patience. That goes for our sports as well.

    1. Whine, also appropriate for the hell we currently find ourselves in is that George Carlin chestnut.

      Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

      1. With Ribs at the top, and looking down…….at the *^%&&&%*%$^#%$^%&%$%#%#^&^#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I don’t expect any hospital to be able to save someone in my situation so I shelter.

    Vast numbers of people can be saved by hospitals if our hospitals are not crushed by covid-19 demands on our health faculties and the staff that makes them work.

    Ask the people who do ventilation procedures about letting people do what they want because in the end we will all get covid-19. I think their answer might be, “Slow it down as much as possible and maybe we will be here to help almost everyone who needs help.”

  32. Kenny Smith and Sir Charles not optimistic about the NBA season finishing.

    The Roger Stone commutation was the single greatest act of US corruption. Stone was the intermediary between Russian GRU and wikileaks. He was in constant contact with Trumpy.

    Stone : “He knows I was under enormous pressure to turn on him. It would have eased my situation considerably. But I didn’t.”

    In other words, Stone could have sent traitor Trump to prison but didn’t and was rewarded for it.

      1. Biden, “You’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. (Laughter.) He got fired”.

        That’s quid pro quo Joe. I’ve taken the liberty to print up these T-Shirts; No MoJoe! How many can I put you down for, Seb?

        1. The fight against corruption is messy, but necessary. America has always had a Carrot and a Stick styled diplomacy, but Joe certainly did not act for personal gain.
          That prosecutor deserved to be fired. Joe did not ask help to get re-elected.
          Personally, I start with a couple cups of Joe in the morning.
          My mantra- MO JOE.

          1. …………but Joe certainly did not act for personal gain.”

            SEBS! Over there, waaaayyy over there to the far Left…shake hands with the Mad Hatter!!

        2. Nice attempt at whataboutism, Razor. Too bad you can’t defend the actions of the Republican monster in the White House. Some compare him to a mobster. I disagree: mobsters don’t have the power to commute or pardon sentences of convicted criminals. No, he’s a new type of corrupt Republican, who doesn’t care about rule of law, our troops, or the health of fellow Americans. In short, traitors.

          1. Ha! At least we can keep a sense of humor still.

            I’ll be honest, the thing that scares me the most about a potential Republican win isn’t all the political stuff (people get the government they deserve) but what happens to the planet’s environment. That’s something that can be damaged beyond recognition permanently without a global response, and what used to be the *conservative* party is all for Soviet-style industrialization now. Tragic.

            1. what happens to the planet’s environment.

              True that Chet. Wait until the more severe effects of anthropogenic climate change kick in. We’ll be crying for the good old days of coronavirus. And Razor, don’t you worry, you’ll be able to go ahead and blame it on China again.

              1. What about Al’s mansion? His 10,000 square foot Belle Meade residence consumes electricity at a rate of about 12 times the average for a typical house in Nashville.

                Germany and New York have wasted too much money on pie in the sky alternative power. Speaking of New York. They’re leaving Manhattan as if it were the Titanic!

              2. Who the f gives a sht about Al Gore? Blaming him or China, all you know me how to do, is not going to solve the problem.

                Oh and people leaving Manhattan? Yawn, RWNJs and other NY haters have been telling us that for decades. Get in line Razor. Meanwhile my block probably has, and will continue to have, more residents than your entire Podunk burg.

              3. Razor all that may be true (albeit more whataboutism lol), but it doesn’t change what’s happening, and the fact that today’s Republicans clearly don’t want to conserve the planet for future generations.

                There was some recent article by a supposed ex-environmentalist “apologizing” basically for making a big deal out of environmental scares and so on. Sure, humans and humanity will survive, no matter what happens with pollution and global warming etc. the population may still increase. But what will happen to quality of life? How about the trillions of other present and future non-human inhabitants of this planet? Some industrialized urban dystopia can’t be what true conservatives are hoping to leave their descendants.

              4. Yea, Chet the republicans are racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, plus they want dirty air, dirty water, and they won’t rest until grandma and grandpa are living off of dog food and cat food….?

              5. Hey Al, I thought both poles were supposed to be thawed but the last I checked the ice has grown in both thickness and extent. Time for the sequel, Inconvenient Lie. I’ll write the monologue, Inconvenient Hypocrite….

              6. Yea, Chet the republicans are racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, plus they want dirty air, dirty water, and they won’t rest until grandma and grandpa are living off of dog food and cat food.

                Do they know you’re spilling the beans and admitting your friends’ behaviors?

              7. Hey Al, I thought both poles were supposed to be thawed but the last I checked the ice has grown in both thickness and extent.

                Better check again , Mr. Scientist.

                During the centuries of human exploration in the Arctic, sea ice covered the Arctic Ocean well year-round, up until recent decades. But satellite observations show that Arctic sea ice has been declining in extent*, thickness and volume since 1979.1 Average Arctic sea ice extent is at its lowest since 1850.
                Antarctic sea ice extent is currently below the long-term average of all decades prior since 1979. Previously, Antarctic sea ice extent had been above that long-term average due to long-term, large-scale wind circulation patterns that drove sea ice away from Antarctica5, making room for more sea ice to form nearer to the continent.6 Climate models, or computer simulations that incorporate all the factors that affect Earth’s climate, predicted this behavior.7 These long-term wind patterns reversed several years ago, resulting in a significant sea ice decline surrounding Antarctica.

                —those pointy heads at NASA.

                JFC, is there anything you can’t get wrong? You should just stick to your wheelhouse. Like prognosticating the effectiveness of Stanford DT 1st round draft picks. Oh wait….

              8. Razor, it must really rankle that he’s kicking your hero’s ass from here to sunday. Hahahaha, poor white supremacist snowflakes. At least you got the color right.

    1. Roger Stone will not stay silent forever. He is an undisciplined blabber mouth . The beans will be spilled. The Russians will not stay silent forever. Once orange fatboy leaves office in Jan 2021 he will no longer be of use to them. They will detail exactly how they flipped Trumpy and what they have on him – mafia ties, money laundering, underage girls … Once again , the beans will be spilled.

      1. Trump has been investigated six ways from Sunday and they got nothing! He must be the most perfect orange man in the country!

        1. Ummm, his personal lawyer went to prison. His campaign manager went to prison. His Security Advisor admitted guilt, then perjured himself by trying to recant his confession. Stone, another campaign advisor, just admitted he could have flipped on him, but was bought off. It is interesting to note that He did not pardon Stone, because Stone would have to admit guilt, so he commuted the sentence.
          There have been others indicted, prosecuted, found guilty, and have served time.
          The Mueller Report lists the IRA and GRU as organized Russian entities that interfered with the 2016 election, and are still trying to do the same thing in 2020. 13 Russian nationals and 12 Russian Intelligence Officers are indicted. 2 Russian companies, and 2 others have been indicted.
          The only reason why Mueller did not press charges, was because of an arcane rule that says the DOJ considers a sitting President as un-indictable, and that other remedies have been presented, like impeachment. Guess what? He was impeached, so he was proven to be acting in a lawless manner, only to escape justice because the Senate refused to call witnesses for the trial.Now we have even more evidence that he abused his powers to help himself get re-elected.
          The fact that he was whisked to Walter Reed to take a cognitive test, just shows that he is losing it. Bragging about acing it is a clear sign of reduced cognitive ability, and his grasp of reality is tenuous, at best. I predict he will not make it to November 3rd, before crashing and burning.

              1. Schumer threatened the intelligence agency could investigate him 6 ways to Sunday, and they have. Show me that top of yellow snow….

              2. To the representative of the Flat Earth Society, it’s the mop on top……Duh.

              3. How does it feel to be the 54 millionth person to make fun of his hair or skin color? ?‍♂️

          1. Seb, please don’t confuse Razdoll with facts, it messes with his head.
            He even is calling Scump a snowflake now!

          2. Hahaha!!! Sebby, Sebby Sebby–wild and free!!!!!!!!!!!!

            You also told us that Nick Bosa was no good!

            How can one not love “The Seb”?????????? You can hate the Drake, but not the Seb!!

      2. The afternoon of Jan 20, 2021, Trump (and very likely Barr) is going to be hit with indictments, charges, from so many jurisdictions it’s going to make your head spin.

        1. They’ve thrown everything at him but the kitchen sink. He’s the real Teflon Don!

          1. you are a confirmed covidiot….your comments on the blog are no longer relevant…….nobody listens to a deranged fool…

          2. He’s not going to have a corrupt DOJ or Republican Party to save his @ss the moment he’s out of office. Wait until AG Schiff or AG Harris finish the job without the likes of McTurtle or Lady Lindsey or Disbarr running cover for him. Then Cyrus Vance and Letitia James will be waiting in the wings to take whacks at whats left of his carcass.

            1. I’ve been waiting for all your predictions regarding Trump to come true, but every one of them were wrong. Remember, the mueller report was supposed to send him out in handcuffs….?

              You remind me of the scene in, What About Bob? when Dreyfus is on the porch praying, pleading for the rain to stop so Bob wouldn’t spend the night!

              1. Let’s just say I underestimated the depth of the depravity of what remains of the Republican Party. That ends January 20. There will be nothing more those twisted cretins can do to shield that degenerate pile of pus from what’s lawfully coming to him. In fact, most will be running from him, claiming they never knew him.

  33. College football may not happen, yet the NFL is blithely assuming to play a regular schedule. They may be acting like nothing bad may happen, but the recent surge in Covid 19 cases has forced Governors to take drastic action.
    Already, the Hall of Fame Game has been cancelled, and 2 preseason games. Looking at the difficulties the other sports are having, just makes the NFL looking like they are wheezily whistling while walking past the graveyard at midnight.
    The NFL should be considering isolating in quarantine conditions, then having teams play in safe, secure local places, with as little flying as possible. Maybe they should find 8 community colleges in California, and have teams stay there. Maybe the Niners could move away from the Bay Area, back to Rocklin and Sierra College. If those schools do not re-open, they may be available for use. There are 115 California Community Colleges to choose from.
    The colleges are changing their schedules, and plan on mainly doing conference games. The NFL should have 4 regional set ups, with round robin tournaments. That may be the best way to actually have a season.
    Will NY even allow the Niners to fly there to play? Will any team want to fly to California to play a game? What could possibly go wrong?

    1. The NFL players will be fine, as long as they stay away from risky activities like swapping jerseys after games.

  34. Your risky behavior affects not only you. But every single f-ing person you come into contact with.

    why is this so hard to understand?

    1. Oh they understand one. But we are talking about sociopaths who think doing anything some pointy headed elite tells them to is betraying their worship of the great orange one.

        1. Mobs? Is that any thing to call peaceful protesters? Exactly which country’s constitution did you swear to defend back when???

          Anyway, good to have a bigotry like that that Trump feeds off of and plays to. The more he does it, the bigger hole he’s digging for himself and those running in his party. Keep it up! ????

          1. Where I come from mobs aren’t peaceful. Peaceful protesters are by definition just that. Wake up!

            1. Rib, he says “Where I come from” => He’s from Sicily
              “mobs aren’t peaceful.” => Cosa Nostra…..

            2. You are going to paint the entirety by the actions of a few? Cool, two can play that game. This means as an ex – serviceman you are obviously a racist white nationalist.

              About 22 percent of service members who participated in the survey last fall said they have seen signs of white nationalism or racist ideology within the armed forces.


              Go away racist, I have nothing more to say to you.

              1. Did I hear some white nationalist ex-serviceman ranting about something? His white privilege circling the drain perhaps? Nah….just some background noise.

              2. Still judging people by their ethnicity with respect to their virtue……….

                Beyond pathetic……..along with the profanity to make your point. Pathetic, as some devolve with their self-righteousness back to the 3rd grade playground.

                Let me finish the sentence for you, Ribs…………@#$@$@%%#^^$%&&#$@@#$@#$%$%^%^&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Most have us taking a cb in the 1st round of the 2021 NFL draft, while some want a ss named Adams but I will go on record that with the 32nd overall pick we will be buying a new Ford; Jayson Oweh, Edge, Penn State….

  36. How can Trump claim he his a law and order president when he frees Stone who was convicted on seven felony charges.

    He was duly convicted of lying to Congress, witness tampering, and obstruction a congressional investigation conducted by a REPUBLICAN-LED COMMITEE.

    1. Are you serious Oneniner? Someone lied to Congress. If there was anything remotely resembling law and order in DC, the whole f??king population would be in jail. James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe …. I could go on – but it’s late – all certified liars to Congress. You gonna blame Trump for them too. I don’t care how bad of a President he is or any other thing about Trump but if the swamp did to me what they did to Trump, I would do a lot worse to get even. Joseph Kennedy (a democrat) famously said: “Don’t get mad, get even”. Politics is just politics but payback is another matter. Call it a “peaceful protest” if you will.

      1. why would you think I blame Trump for all?

        Stay focus on the Stone case, why the need to bring the noise or whatabout…

        1. Grant wipes out the kkk with an army and the south votes for them 10 years later.?‍♂️

      2. Whiner, you are a hoot, maybe even a toot.

        but if the swamp did to me what they did to Trump

        Holy jumpimg Jehosavats Whiner!
        Scump IS the swamp!

        1. lol…..very true ……….Trump is the swamp……

          Have you ever noticed how people often become the very thing they hate?

          1. WOW…! ‘pretty easy which…posters subscribe to Fox news and which ones don’t””

            1. Yikes…! ‘pretty easy which…posters subscribe to Mad magazine and which ones don’t””

              1. Razdoll, pretty easy which…posters subscribe to reality and which ones don’t!!!
                Mad magazine was shut down last year…..

  37. I am a little pissed at the criticsm JimmyG……. has endured this offseason, despite having an impressive regular season campaign last year……his first full season as an NFL starter. He led us to a division crown, our first in seven years, the No. 1 seed in the NFC, NFC Champions and a Super Bowl berth.

    Loses to the #1 QB in the league…

    What else do they want from JimmyG?

    1. What else do they want from JimmyG?

      Clutch play in the Super Bowl would be nice. Jimmy has a LOT to prove this year.

      1. JG did have clutch play, until they bludgeoned him with a helmet to helmet personal foul targeting his head, that was not called, even though he lay on the ground, clutching his helmet.

  38. How can a disease with 1% mortality shut down the United States?

    There are two problems with this question.

    1. It neglects the law of large numbers; and

    2. It assumes that one of two things happen: you die or you’re 100% fine.

    The US has a population of 328,200,000. If one percent of the population dies, that’s 3,282,200 people dead.

    Three million people dead would monkey wrench the economy no matter what. That more than doubles the number of annual deaths all at once.

    The second bit is people keep talking about deaths. Deaths, deaths, deaths. Only one percent die! One is a small number! No big deal, right?

    What about the people who survive?

    For every one person who dies:

    19 more require hospitilization.
    18 of those will have permanent heart damage for the rest of their lives.
    10 will have permanent lung damage.
    3 will have strokes.
    2 will have neurological damage that leads to chronic weakness and loss of coordination.
    2 will have neurological damage that leads to loss of cognitive function.

    So now all of a sudden, that “but it’s only 1% fatal” becomes:

    3,2882,000 people dead
    62,358,000 hospitalized
    59,076,000 people with permanent heart damage
    32,820,000 people with permanent lung damage
    9,846,000 people with strokes
    6,564,000 people with muscle weakness
    6,564,000 people with loss of cognitive function.

    That’s the thing that the folks who keep on about “only 1% dead what’s the big deal?” don’t get.

    The choice is not “ruin the economy to save 1%” if we reopen the economy, it will be destroyed anyway. The US economy cannot survive everyone getting COVID-19.

    1. The 1% is a specious number. It is actually much higher.
      I will just use the most recent cases and fatalities.
      3,245,925 cases have been documented. At least 134,777 people have died. 134,777 divided by 3,245,925 equals 4.15 %. This Covid 19 is a killer, especially for the elderly and immuno-compromised.
      There may be more cases, which will lower the death percentage, but there also may be many deaths that the Covid 19 was a major reason, but the death certificate list another cause. 328 mil people with 3.246 mil confirmed cases, is approximately 1%. The key is to keep the exposure down, and have it affect the least amount possible.
      Glad some people are finally taking this PANDEMIC seriously, and have started wearing a mask. I sure wish there had been better leadership to fight this scourge, and had taken earlier steps so this new spike does not cause even more heartbreak.
      This Covid 19 has changed everything…..except the way some people think.

  39. OT, but I saw where they found that Polynesian DNA has been found in some South Americans, and they speculate that came from seafarers island hopping across the Pacific a thousand years ago.
    So the Bering land bridge may not have been the only means of human migration to the Americas.

  40. Glad to have other 49ers news options like 49erswebzone and a few others.
    Somewhere, Grant must be smiling at what has become of the Inside the 49ers blog.

    1. Yes AES, it’s pretty depressing to see how few perspicacious people there are on this blog….

      1. Oh because you know everything?
        You should get a job, start dating, do something with your life instead of pretending you are an expert in everything.

        1. you are an expert in everything.

          THANK YOU TP!
          You are my #1 fan and follow faithfully everything I write!
          THANK YOU for being there for me in these desperate times.
          Which dating site are you on, so we can connect.
          Or did you already go to the Philippines and bought yourself a honey?

    2. Naw, Grant is sweating silver bullets. His gig on SI is not going smoothly. Most commenters just deride his opinions. At least here, he had defenders.
      Just looking at the the other SI writers, they are grasping at straws. Is JL’s handling of the Kittle extension going to be his defining moment? Oh pulleeease. JL is defined by taking a 4-12 team to the SB. He has rebuilt from the ground up, and has changed the culture of this team.
      How many times will they write about Mostert and his trade request?
      NN is not much better, although Posey is cranking out many storylines.
      I have perused the other Niner blogs, and there is a paucity of news.
      We still do not know who became infected with Covid 19. I thought covering up the truth is counter productive. How can there be any contact tracing if no one knows who was infected? How many other skill players were exposed? If it was JG, every player who caught a football from JG should be quarantined.
      I thought this new regime was supposed to be open and transparent. If a player wants to hide his bad news, that is selfish, and could negatively affect many people. This Covid 19 is serious, and purposefully avoiding disclosure does not help fight this pandemic. The info will get out anyways, so the Niners need to control the message. If they are hiding the fact that every skill player was exposed, and who knows if any other player tested positive, they could be covering up the fact that the 49ers may not be able to field a competitive team.
      Grant is smiling? Why? Just a few months ago, he had a steady job. Now, he is wondering if they may be having a season, and this new gig of his just does not sound too rewarding, right now.
      Sure, this blog is suffering, just like everyone is suffering.This pandemic is no picnic. Barber and Nevius are just stopgap fillers, but they are putting in energy, even though they probably are not getting paid well. I include Barber, because they keep posting his tweets. Local newspapers have been declining for years, and this Covid 19 pandemic may be the final nail in their coffin.
      It is desperation time when the PD inserts a former Raider beat writer, to run this 49er site.

      1. Barber and specifically Nevius are respected longtime sportswriters. Compared to them Grant is just a millennial blogger whose last name finagled him a press pass. Those two “fill ins” are not to blame for the sports flatlining that has taken place. For the rest of us, it’s hard to not go off topic when there is no topic.

        1. Sorry, I am not blaming them for the Covid 19 pandemic messing everything up, or the PD seeming to lack any controls on this site.
          I am just saying that they seem to be writing like they are not being well compensated for their writing, hence the lack of topics to write about.
          Yes, I have read both writers for years, and do think they are talented. I also liked Grant’s prose. CW Nevius did start out as the Raiders sports writer at the Chron, so I feel perfectly fine pointing that out. He is also kinda an iconoclast, attacking progressives and defending the police for years. I remember him best for his political columns. I did mention that Barber was leading the way, panning the racist ‘Redskin” logo and name. Looks like Snyder is finally going to change the name. Of course, it took this recent movement, and stores pulling their jerseys off the shelf, along with the loss of support from his sponsors, but the wheels of justice have turned slowly, but at least they are turning.
          If I do have a complaint from those 2, it would be their utter lack of input on this site. How many times can you remember Nevius commenting on this site? Maybe a handful of times. They may have gone incognito, but as the blog writer, I expected at least for them to show a scosh more effort.

          1. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Grant has declared himself to be a Raiders man on numerous occasions.

            1. No, I think he intensely dislikes Mark Davis.
              He may have declared that he is not a huge 49er fan, but he has never gone out of his way to praise the Raiders over the Niners. He wants to be able to impartially comment on the Niners, but in his new gig, he seems to have become a Niner cheerleader, probably to keep his job.
              If you can show me concrete proof that he is a Raiders fan, I will concede that point, but he thought Steve Young was cooler than his dad.

              1. Grant claimed journalist’s impartiality. Maybe. Even so-called political “independents” lean heavily one way or the other.

              2. He said that he lives in the eastbay and is a Raiders fan.
                Go in the archives or ask him.
                Grant Cohn
                I’ll be on Periscope today 1:00 if you want to talk about the 49ers or the Beatles.

                I don’t do twitter, I think you do

    3. To paraphrase Ribs..THATS the %%#^$%&%@%#$$^#%@%^$^$%$#^$$$@$@%#%$ TRUTH!!!

      This IS LORD OF THE FLIES!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the thought provoking fans have left.

  41. If the NCAA is speculating about moving college football to Spring 2021, and the top 100 or so draftable players rethink what’s best for them, were does that leave the college football season?

    1. Ht,
      It might make for the most exciting season of college football in years. WE might see a national champion not from the usual suspects. I would love to see a national championship game between U of Minn and Cal. I also could see a tournament in Nov or Dec. into Jan. if we get a vaccine late in the year. Split Div. 1 football into 2 tournament. The power 5 conferences along with strong independents and a 2nd tournament with all other D1 teams. Remember it only takes 6 weeks to complete a 64 team tournament.

      1. When I was a kid Cal was in the Rose Bowl a lot. They had an amazing stockpile of talent.

  42. Dee,
    It’s also low hanging fruit if you think that this site is the only one set apart for political perspectives.
    If I want to engage in political thought and perspective there’s a myriad of sites that are actually dedicated for that purpose.

    But I don’t blame anyone here for making this blog a political waste-land, that honor goes to the PD who obviously was desperate to keep this platform alive.
    The PD should be praying for football this season, because if it’s canceled this site will likely only have about 4 people left sounding like screeching chalk on the chalkboard.

    1. It is just reality. Since April 25th, there have been 11 blog posts. That does not sound like they are desperately trying to keep this site alive. It sounds like they are desperately trying to keep the newspaper alive, and just do not have any money to pay writers.
      Maybe they should hand over this site to a dedicated 49er fan like Old Coach. Maybe he could post every other day, instead of once per week.
      We should have been speculating and talking about the OTAs and Mini Camp, but the NFL is canceling games, and wants to try to have a season in the middle of a pandemic. They want to treat things as if there is no pandemic, and that Covid 19 will miraculously go away.
      I wonder how many NFL coaches may die before the end of the year.

  43. Dan Snyder will change his team name. He succumbed to political and economic pressure not any sense of morality or decency .

  44. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times. “The NFL can’t afford a lost season”. The combined net worth of the NFL owners is approx. $131 billion ( The NFL’s yearly revenue is about 1/10th that. The hell they can’t afford a “lost season”.

    Owners, listen up. What makes you think you are immune from the pandemic hardships other business owners are facing? Now is the time to put some of your net worth into keeping your investment afloat. You share the vast majority of the proceeds equally (a socialist system if there ever was one), now is the time to share expenses equally. Paul Allen heirs ($20.3b), Tepper ($11.6b), Kroenke ($8.8b) Ross ($7.6b), Jones ($6.8b), Kraft (6.6b), you others… do the right thing. Pay your players and employees for this lost season (and it will be lost). It’s a drop in the bucket for you. No sniffing when the municipally owned Packers come calling for financial assistance.

    1. Correct Rib, then the millionaire players can do ‘the right thing’ and ‘give’ us fans some of their money. Good plan. I like it. Trickle down economics.

      1. then the millionaire players can do ‘the right thing’ and ‘give’ us fans some of their money.

        I know you were saying in jest (I think) but the thing is, players owe us nothing. It’s like asking any other consumable product (and players are both employees and product), say coca cola, to compensate us if it were somehow unavailable.

        1. I doubt he said that in jest…i totally believe he is part of the crowd that think they do the athletes a favor ….that they somehow are responsible for the athletes income…..

          People like this guy gets mad at someone like LeBron James for leaving Cleveland….they feel he owes it to them to do as they wish because without them he would never be this Rich….goes with the whole mentality “shut up and dribble”….

  45. It seems realistic that most players will get infected over the course of the season. Has anyone seriously considered going for planned herd immunity for the players before the season starts? It’s the sort of Hail Mary that, if it works, at least would limit disruptions during the season!

    Players would have to opt-in of course, but afterwards the other employees would be at much lower risk of getting it from the players.

    Presumably there’s no science to back this up, but who needs that when money is at stake lol.

    1. Herd immunity may not work. There have been cases of people getting a positive test, finally getting a negative test, then getting a positive test again,
      The problem with all cold and flu viruses, is that they can quickly mutate. Covid 19 has wiped out nursing homes, but now seems to be affecting young people. The regular flu attacks the youngest and oldest people, so the Covid 19 bug may just be evolving.
      It is a risky proposition to see countries experimenting with herd immunity. Sweden tried that, and they have had poor results.
      Maybe we need to see a coach, or heaven forbid, an owner succumb, before it is taken seriously. Not that I want that to happen, but the Covid 19 disease is an equal opportunity infecter.

    2. planned herd immunity for the players
      Presumably there’s no science to back this up

      Chet, your second statement is key. There is no consensus that there even is such a thing as herd immunity for c-19.

      1. If, as I’ve read, the threshold for herd immunity is 70% of any population, then a lot of NFL players would be risking their families’ health by getting infected.
        It’s also not yet clear how much antibodies protect someone or for how long.
        A lot of loose assumptions being made.

        1. There is no evidence that herd immunity even exists for this. Also in news that should come as a surprise to no one, the Trump Admin is trying to trash Fauci’s reputation by telling media he was wrong too often and posting statements out of context because he won’t go along with their BS. To say this is the worst and most corrupt President and Admin in the modern history of this country would be an understatement.

  46. I am surprised. Snyder has agreed to not only change the name, he will find a new logo.
    I thought Warriors would have been a good alternative, but many possibilities have emerged.
    How about The Warthogs. That jet is is not pretty, but delivers a massive amount of firepower, while built with redundant features so it can withstand anti aircraft bombs, and survive.
    It would also be a homage to the Hogs- such loyal fans.

    1. They’ll be named the Rednecks or shorter Reds hence the copyright search.
      It’ll also be a FU to people being PC…

  47. There may not be football in the fall, but there will be an election. Congressional Republicans told Trump take a hike.

    Related, I found this amusing:

    Mark my words: I think he is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held

    –Joe Biden, April 24

    Those are the incoherent, conspiracy theory ramblings of a lost candidate who is out of touch with reality. President Trump has been clear that the election will happen on November 3rd.

    –Tim Murtaugh, communications director for the Trump campaign in response to Biden.

    Maybe what’s left of the Trump campaign should hire Biden, he knows their candidate better than they do.

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