Jerick (Jet) McKinnon makes his case on Twitter. Raheem Mostert says “hummmm.”

Here is some bad news for the Raheem Mostert contract re-negotiating team. Check out the workout Jerick (Jet) McKinnon posted on Twitter. McKinnon, of course, has been battling knee problems since he tore his ACL before the 2018 season.

He’s tried several procedures and the team was hopeful he’d be back for 2019, but ended up having another knee surgery in August and was out for the year. It would not have been a huge surprise to find he was unable to answer the bell if this season happens. He wouldn’t be the first to have a chronic knee injury derail his career.

Based on this, he looks ready to compete. Notice that the first couple of clips are about making short, quick cuts and changes of direction. Players recovering from ACLs can often regain their straight ahead speed. It’s making the cuts that tell the story.

And, there’s another factor. The 49ers were so enamored of McKinnon when they signed him from the Vikings, that they gave him a contract that paid him $15.5 million for the past two seasons — when he never got on the field. This year he was scheduled to make $6.5 million.

But, in a story reported in March, Matt Maiocco said the 49ers and McKinnon reached a deal to reduce his contract to $910,000. That takes down his salary cap total, decreases what they owe McKinnon and makes him a much more attractive option at running back.

It could be interesting. Although we were promised a route-running, pass-catching back in McKinnon (notice he calls himself a “dual-threat running back in the Tweet) we still haven’t seen what he can do. We do know that in four seasons with the Vikings he caught 142 passes for just under 1,000 yards and five touchdowns.

So, all in all, it might not be a great time for Mostert to ask to have his contract reworked. Mostert’s agent, Brett Tessler, made the bold move and told the 49ers that if they wouldn’t pay Mostert they should trade him.  Tessler’s point is that Mostert’s pay should be brought up to match comparable running backs.

He’s got a point. Mostert’s base salary in 2019 was $1.4 million, according to Spotrac, climbing to $2.575 this year. Meanwhile, Matt Breida signed a $3.26 million deal in April. On the other hand, the 49ers also traded Breida, which may indicate that’s more than they intend to spend for a running back.

I’m hoping it works out for Mostert. An undrafted free agent, he took a role as a special teams player bouncing around the NFL and turned it into a feel-good story for the 49ers. He led the team in rushing last year with 772 yards and was excellent in the playoffs too, averaging 6.3 yards per carry in three post season games.

Engaging and outgoing, Mostert is also the kind of guy you root for. And just speaking personally, I was standing near the sideline at a practice one day and a back rolled out of the backfield, caught a pass and, simply vaporized. The abrupt burst of speed was so striking that I checked the roster sheet to see who it was — Raheem Mostert.

But a couple of things: One is, as people in the NFL say, you never make up for that first contract. As a free agent, he started low on the salary ladder and it is hard to work your way up. Second, with McKinnon and others, like Tevin Coleman, the team may think they are set in the backfield. (Although you can bet they wish they weren’t paying Coleman an estimated $4.55 million next year.)

And finally, there is the harsh reality of a changing NFL. Running backs aren’t the bell cows they used to be. There are some exceptions — Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley — but teams aren’t depending on a single running back anymore. Bleacher Report did the data search. It found that over the last five years, only an average of five backs had more than 300 carries a year. Back in 2003, 13 backs had more than 300 carries. Ricky Williams had almost 400 (392).

But, you say, the pounding ground game has been replaced by versatile running backs who can catch passes. The whole basketball-on-grass revolution has changed the position. Running backs are now much more involved in the passing game than ever before.

Not really. Last year the stat site FiveThirtyEight took the premise that running backs have re-defined their roles. What they found, they said, was that “Teams are just throwing to everyone more often.”

They point out that in 2018 20.2 percent of passes were thrown to running backs. And the NFL average from 2001-2017? 19.5 percent.

What is happening, undeniably, is that teams, like the 49ers, have shown you can find backs in the later rounds of the draft or even free agency. And that if can find guys that check the right boxes — say 5-9, 205 pounds, 4.4 40 — you can run a squad of them out there and get the same results that you would with a single, expensive, blue chip, first round draft choice.

In fact, you could make the case that Mostert benefited from the RB-by-committee. In an eight-game stretch between Oct. 8 and Nov. 25, he averaged just 4.8 carries a game. But in December, when they needed him, Mostert’s rushes were in double figures for each game, which continued through the playoffs. Against the Packers he had 29 attempts for 220 yards.

The lesson? A good back is valuable. But he can’t be too expensive.

Washington finally caves, will “retire” Redskins nickname

Not a lot to say about this, but it is worth reading the Washington Post story. 

Just a couple of points. There have been thoughtful protests about this for decades. The nickname was clearly offensive. But when it came right down to it, the name change happened because corporate sponsors stepped up and threatened their profit margin. That’s either encouraging or a sad commentary on sports, not sure which one.

And second, because you are wondering, the team says it has come up with a replacement name, but that name is protected by trademark issues. They hope to work through the legalities and announce a new name soon.

It had better not be the Washington Bullets, which was easily the worst NBA team name ever.

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      1. That wouldn’t make any sense for the Jets or the 49ers. Also for those of you who naively believed Grant Cohn had broken a story for the first time in his life, he is back tracking and now floating the idea that the 49ers could trade for Adams after week two because that is what Pittsburgh did last year when they traded for Minka Fitzpatrick. Zero credibility when he ran this blog and nothing has changed for him over there.

      2. here is an “outside the box” thought on a possible jets trade- moster, Tartt, solly and petis……for Bell and Adams!
        maybe remove pettis and add a draft pick…..
        my thinking is this- salary dump! Jets would love to rid themselves of L.Bell’s salary…..niners sniffed around Bell b4…..taking solly and his bad contract, even though its only 1 year would be needed for cap relief this year…..
        tart and Adams salary about =….
        solly and Leveon Bell salary about =…..
        so we would gain cap $ this year by dumping Mostert and Pettis……
        Coleman comes off the books next year… Bells cap # wont hurt as bad…..
        i think the jets would prefer moster over Bell anyway……seems the fired GM was the Bell advocate…..not Gase….
        Tartt not far off from Adams…..
        and they get a wr and a Dt…..both young players who could benefit from a change of scenery and possibly fit in to the Jets long term plans.
        Salary dump trades happen often in the NBA…….
        young prospects for vets often happen in the MLB…..
        this would be a mutation of these types of trades…….
        and we’ve seen a few salary dump trades b4 in the NFL too…..the Browns once “bought” a 2nd rounder by taking on Brock Oswilers contract ot something like that if i remember correctly …

  1. Jet navigates orange cones pretty well in a wide open practice field. How will he hold up against a 240 LB.

    1. McKinnon looks good on this tape, but so does the guy who’s throwing the ball….
      Mostert has no history of injuries, I like that.
      Mostert also made good plays on ST as a gunner, I like that.
      Breida was good too, but also injury prone, I don’t like that.

      1. McKinnon did not miss a game in his final 3 years with the Vikings, IIRC. “History of injury” can be misleading.

      2. most accurate comment Ive seen here. I wouldn’t count on Mckinnon for anything. If he does good, then that’s awesome! I just don’t expect that to happen

    2. Pretty well probably even against Isaiah Simmons. The system has a big part with that.

    3. Hmmmm, I wonder what will happen when a 300 lb DT falls on top of him.
      The Niners should not count on McKinnon at all, so any production would be a bonus.

  2. You don’t win getting rid of your best players. The 49’res don’t really want to win, just field a team and sell tickets. Mostert’s salary is 840k. 49’ers are cheap bsstards. And, he wasn’nt looking for a new one, just a bump up. He’s got 2 more years. Mostert has been very reasonable. No wonder the GM didn’t get a raise. And Shannahan choked in the SB. They’ll lose the starTE too.

    1. I was interested to read that the guy who “collects” trademarks (McCauley) is happy to give his away for free. Whoever is blocking the R-words, it’s not him.

    2. Coach,
      I’ll go back here, (OK, we may age ourselves) but I seem to remember that Washington once had a spear with a feather as their logo.

      Personally, I’d like to see the spear come back as the logo and the name changed to Warriors.
      I saw this on a Washington website (among other ideas) and it looked good. Of course, they might be thinking of changing the whole Native American theme and going with something entirely different.

        1. Rib,
          That’s the one. If they decide to keep the Native American theme this would be good.
          Who knows, maybe they could go with the FedEx logo (?).

    3. Bizarre to me that there’s such a drive to change the name of the Redskins because some find it offensive but everyone is A-OK with them honoring a bunch of scumbag politicians with the new name.

    4. OldCoach Bad berries…. that might be cheered by Indianans (razor eater), but there are still some sane folks with a more liberal bent who wouldn’t favor naming a group of ‘Do Nothing for 8 years but obstruct’ and collect their bloated paychecks. On that note, I would suggest they borrow from Sacramento, and rename them “The Washington Solons “…. Get two birds with one stone….

  3. His agent should be sacked. He had his client sign a contract last year, and now he’s negotiating publicly from a position of weakness. If he decides to compete and produces like he did last year he’ll get his raise. Until then, may the best man win….

  4. Whatever the 49ers decide to do with Mostert’s contract will be totally independent of anything the 49ers think of McKinnon. No NFL team in their right mind would rely on the return of a RB who missed 2 years with multiple knee surgeries.

    1. Houston,
      I would not pin my confidence on McKinnon. He’s a hopeful at this point, while Mostert has earned his keep. The Org might wait until TC to decide on both RB’s.
      If McKinnon can play, he’ll replace Matt Breida.

  5. Yea….at first thought Mostert had a point and I still think he deserves a raise if he will be the #1 RB next season…

    .Kshanny always makes sure his key players get paid ……that is why I don’t think he will be the featured back this coming season, they will continue to use him as the closer…

    Right now the team has the leverage…… and I am soooooo excited to see mck on the field….gonna be fun – Kshan is a confirmed football Genius…..he evolves unlike some on this blog…

    The team level of attention and command of what exactly Kshan wants to do on the field could be interpreted in biblical terms……

  6. Easy solution. Wait until a starting RB goes down due to injury, then trade Tevin Coleman to them for a 3rd to 5th round pick. That would save 2.87 mil in cap space.
    Then, Raheem Mostert would become the highest paid RB on the team, which is what he wants. Mostert makes 3.16 mil, with 2.5 mil in cap savings if he is traded away.
    If it came down to a decision between Mostert and Coleman, the Niners should take Mostert, for his STs contributions.
    Trading away Tevin Coleman would be a win/win for the Niners. Since he started in the SB, he does have trade value. They could get a pick, and his leaving would allow Jeff Wilson and others to get more opportunities.
    Of course, the ideal scenario would be for KS to find another UDFA gem, who will rush for 1000 yards. Jamycal Hasty may be that RB.

    1. Perfect win/win solution if Mostert and his agent are idiots. I don’t think they are.

  7. The agent sure is, to make demands when there might not be a season. Usually, it is best to negotiate from a position of strength. What would be Mostert’s reaction if the Niners do not trade him? Sit out the season? That sure would not be smart, especially if KS moves on and gets another RB to take Mostert’s place.

  8. The Redskins name is not “clearly offensive” as there has been debate even in the Native American community about how it is perceived, who is offended, etc.

    Its PC culture overblown. An offensive word is an offensive word from the start, it doesn’t just become offensive some 80 years later unless it is used as such, which this wasn’t. The backlash against having Natives as mascot and team names is ridiculous…if we remove them from team names, we should also remove any other ethnicity, so say bye bye to the Fightin Irish, say goodbye to the Trojans, Spartans, Vikings, Rainbow Warriors. What about those who think you shouldn’t use animals as mascots, and PETA doesn’t want you to even use the name of a animal so ‘laters’ to Ducks, Wolverines, Wolves, Wildcats, Bears, Lions, Tigers, oh my. Are teams with names after colors going to be one dame deemed offensive to the color-blind? Do we need to abandon the Red Sox, White Sox, Orangemen, etc? Can’t use the term “Giants” because those who are vertically challenged might be feel left out, and those with Marfan syndrome also feel singled out. What about the hard of hearing, adios to the Jazz…

    So lets slow this overly PC nature. Redskins was not offensive as it was not used to offend and, in reality, was used as a sign of respect, honor and pride. Much like the FSU Seminoles, Atlanta Braves, Illinois Fighting Illini, Chicago Blackhawks, etc. If your mascot is a caricature from the 30s, then you have a problem, but the Blackhawks and Redskins logo, among many other (not the Indians) were not done of disrespect or offense.

    1. If you really want to get down to brass tacks, the 49er name is highly offensive. As a result of the doctrine of Manifest Destiny combined with the radical transformation of CA due to the Gold Rush, a huge number of white settlers went West looking for their fortune. Tens of thousands of Native Americans were displaced and died as a result of clashes with the settlers. The settlers intense racism against Mexicans native to the area and Chinese immigrants resulted in regular violent clashes. If we’re all going to bend the knee to the PC mob there can be no doubt, the 49ers must change their name. The 49er nickname is clearly offensive. Only a hypocrite of epic proportions would demand the Redskins change their name and then turn a blind eye to the oppression, death, destruction, and environmental devastation caused by the white settlers in the Gold Rush of 1849.

      1. This is fact.

        Long Beach State, used to be also the 49ers, both because of the history of the 1849 Gold Rush on California (albeit Northern California, but it still had a change to So Cal), as well the school was founded in 1949. Yet because there are some people who find offense in everything, even years after it has happened, made it an issue with the name and their Prospector Pete mascot (thankfully we have Sourdough Sam, whos still a prospector but has the protection of San Francisco Sourdough). and got the name of the team changed.

        You’d think that if the Jewish community can make jokes about the Holocaust, others can learn to look back and laugh at these things now. I mean, is Mel Brooks ever wrong?

        1. Yup, some people got rich who found gold. But the people who made money were the hardware store owners who made a kill’n selling shovels and picks.
          Supply and demand at it’s finest (lol).

          1. AES, the ones who made out best were the ones that tilled the soil and produced enough food to feed America.
            Also, the California Gold Rush was not the worst scourge on the indigenous Indians. The Missionaries brought diseases that ravaged the original population.
            Yes, some 49ers were racists and discriminated against any non-Whites. However, the Gold Rush attracted people from around the world. This melting pot of cultures was progressive at the time, because they were mainly against slavery. Looking at California history, the Chinese helped carve a railroad through the Sierras. Yes, they were discriminated against while building it, but that stopped because the Chinese defended themselves. Being expert handlers of explosives helped. Many Japanese moved to California before the Alien Exclusion Act, and they made the ground produce bountiful harvests. Their sons and daughters then became doctors and nurses, so subsequent generations advanced. Even with the internment, and total loss of much property, the Japanese Americans returned, and still helped build society. Of course, the Spanish, then Mexicans had their Missions and Ranchos for 100 years before the influx of Eastern Americans. Their system of government and way of life was transformed by the Gold Rush. The Dust Bowl drove many west, and there was a big influx of Blacks during WW2 that helped with the war effort. All in all, California has helped lead the way in many ethnic and political advancements. Hollywood helped frame the culture, and led the way towards a Modern America.
            California dwarfs the other states. California has the 5th largest economy in the world. Yes, the Gold Rush started it, but the State has evolved, and is now leading the world. The 49er endured much pain and toil, but their indomitable spirit and can-do attitude, has led to many Eureka moments.
            Did the 49ers come and invade California? Yes, but they conquered a province of Mexico, and the Indigenous population had already been decimated by disease, years earlier. Actually, most of the Indian populations were by the coast, so the Original 49ers interacted little with them. Only in subsequent years did the Manifest Destiny progress.
            At least the 49ers did not act like the Texans. The Karankawa Indians that lived along the Gulf Coast, helped fight for Texan Independence, but were subsequently exterminated in a process of genocide. The Texans murdered their own allies.

      2. Houston, run your cockeyed theory up Levi’s flagpole. Let’s see how far you get.

        Or if you take such fake offense, why don’t you just become a Cowboys fan? OMG, what an exclusionary nickname! Won’t somebody think of the Cowgirls?

        1. Ribs, does your racism and hypocrisy know no bounds? The 1849 Gold Rush resulted in massive misery and oppression of native Americans, Mexicans, and Chinese immigrants. If racist Europeans stole bits of Indian lands on the East Coast then the Gold Rush was the motivation for taking the rest of America from the Indians. Yet all social justice warriors like you do is kneel in front of BLM and frauds like Saun King then regurgitate whatever faux outrage they spew into your mouth. Stop protecting white imperialism you racist POS. The 49ers franchise must bend the knee and change the franchise name.

          1. You feel so strongly, get off your @ss, start a movement. Cancel them damn 49ers.

            1. This isn’t about a movement. This is about racists like you protecting greedy white settlers who decided they wanted to take land that didn’t belong to them. We can’t go back and change history but we can cancel people like you who lack sufficient outrage at all the horrible events in history 171 years ago.

          2. As a good right winger you are no doubt an ardent capitalist. Your problem isn’t with whiny SJWs but with corporatist betrayal. Snyder was never going to change the name in a million years, not for a bunch of hippies. But then those left wing entities like Walmart and Fed-ex stepped in.

            This slap in the face from those Fortune 500s must be hard for you to take. Why don’t you get your other RWNJs together and organize a boycott? Oh wait, boycott Walmart? What was I thinking? Go buy some Goya beans of it will make you feel any better.

            1. So now the racist is playing mind reader. I could not possibly care less about the Washington Redskins or what they decide to do with their franchise. And if you think anyone in the c-suite at those companies gives a rats a$$ about the Washington Redskins name then your actually more ignorant than most of your posts – which is quite the accomplishment. And if you think most black, white, brown people give a rats a$$ about the Redskins name then your even more ignorant. Those companies were obviously reacting to pressure from the Marxist activists in BLM and other organizations who are testing the boundaries of their newfound power; tearing down whatever remnant of the past they can set in their sights. I’m simply exposing the next target – Racists like you who stand up to show pride in a team that honors a movement that oppressed Native Americans and people of color.

              1. So now the racist is playing mind reader. I could not possibly care less about the Washington Redskins or what they decide to do with their franchise

                Yet here you are concocting a crazy scenario, that in your mind equates the Niners nickname as such. Not only once but doubled down. You care a lot, it doesn’t take a mindreader when you spill the contents of your mind so openly.

                Those companies were obviously reacting to pressure from the Marxist activists in BLM

                Wow, who knew these “marxist activists” wielded so much power in our capitalistic system. How many we talking about? 100? 1,000? You make capitalism sounding like some sort of rotten structure teetering on the brink of collapse if all it takes is that. Maybe you are right: “Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution.” A lot of trembling is going on right now.

                Racists like you who stand up to show pride in a team that honors a movement that oppressed Native Americans and people of color.

                Hey, if you are that invested in the Niners name change, go for it. You got my backing.

                But you don’t really give a sh!t, in your mind you are just thinking you are owning the libs by pointing out hypocrisy. One thing you should know. Hypocrisy morality lectures, coming from Trump supporters who claim to be a “family men” and a “Christians” are dead on arrival. Got it, Tex?

              2. You have me all wrong Ribs. I’ve just recently learned how our new modern society works. Guys like you get to use terms like “Goombah Wop” and then call other people racists. Guys like you get to type things like America was stolen from Native Americans from your apartment in Manhattan. Guys like you get to decry the evils of capitalism using the computer you bought from an American retailer using the money from your job in our capitalistic society. It’s certainly not hypocrisy to eat, breath, and live one way while attacking other people for doing the exact same things, right? That’s how our new modern society works. To overcome your racist nature, you must be first in line to wrap the rope around the statues of Dwight Clark and Joe Montana to pull down the statues of men representing a racist and oppressive movement from 171 years ago. All vestiges of the past must be erased and if you’re not willing to act then you are as evil as those settlers who traveled west in 1849. Got it, Grand Duke of York?

              3. Guys like you get to decry the evils of capitalism using the computer you bought from an American retailer using the money from your job in our capitalistic society.

                Decrying? I’m celebrating capitalism. You are the one that that is finding fault with capitalism, a collection of snowflakes capitulating to “marxists”.

                To overcome your racist nature, you must be first in line to wrap the rope around the statues of Dwight Clark and Joe Montana to pull down the statues of men representing a racist and oppressive movement from 171 years ago. All vestiges of the past must be erased and if you’re not willing to act then you are as evil as those settlers who traveled west in 1849.

                Man, that slippery slope must be absolute hell for you guys to navigate. No wonder Trumpo needs help going down 5 degree ramps. Do you fall on your face when getting out of bed too?

              4. By slippery slope, do you mean a cultural revolution whose members demand statues of Confederate Generals be torn down and then move on to set St Johns Chuch on fire, then deface a memorial to WW2 soldiers, then tear down statues of Catholic missionary St. Junipero Serra, then tear down a statue of George Washington and spray paint “Genocidal Colonist” on the base. Like THAT kinda slippery slope? I’m just joining the party brother. Recognize your racism and denounce your white privilege or you will be canceled.

      3. Not really,
        This is grasping at straws. People may be upset by the resulting events following gold rush of 49 but not by the name 49ers.
        The name Redskins was seen as offensive to some in a similar vein to calling an Italian a “w**” or Asian a “s****e**” those two things are not similar

        1. Shoup, Houston couldn’t give a rats @ss on all that nonsense he’s posting. It’s obvious he thinks he’s being oh so cute in his version of taking “libs” to task.

          What’s also obvious is Houston has taken America’s First Princess’s advice and is “trying something new”. Instead of being an annoying dbag part of the time, he’s turned it into a full time gig.

          1. Rib, Houston likes defending scum like Stephen Carrillo, who used the BLM protests as cover to kill cops, so the protesters would be blamed.
            Still no word from him about how heinous those crimes are, but he called me a P*S and liar for bringing it up.

          2. Ribs, you seriously do have me all wrong. I’m sincerely saying the 49ers name must be changed. It represents a movement that resulted in misery and devastation for many minorities. If the rules we are playing by now dictate that we erase all history that has some objectionable correlation to oppression then the 49er name clearly fits the bill. You accuse me of not really caring about the 49er name. How many people, including CW himself, used the Redskin name thousands of times without thinking twice? Even when controversy around the name surfaced years ago all of you continued using the Redskin name. Now all of a sudden its an urgent matter and sponsors are being pressured about the Redskin name. This movement is about power and I’m telling you here and now the Woke Mob will come after the 49er name. Mark my words it will happen. I’m saying if the Yorks want to be progressive and follow the new rules then they must change the name before Levi’s changes it for them.

            1. If they only used the same passion to help Native Americans improve their lives that they’ve used to change the name of a football team.

              If they only used the same passion to help stop the killings in Chicago that they used to kneel.

    2. Its PC culture overblown. An offensive word is an offensive word from the start, it doesn’t just become offensive some 80 years later unless it is used as such,

      Tell that to everyone who nonchalantly used the N word up until a few decades ago. He’ll in some places ( like unreleased “Apprentice” tapes) just a few years ago.

      1. The N word is still used nonchalantly every single day and freely played on Spotify, iTunes, and every music streaming service.

        1. Yes, by those who own it. You sound like you are jealous you aren’t permitted to.

          1. I didn’t know words were owned. Maybe we should start a dictionary company by race so people can start their own languages based on how they look. After all didn’t Martin Luther King advocate for people being judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character.

            1. Of course groups lay claim to words, where you been Tex? Hey if a character like Razor wanted to call himself a goombah wop, not words I’d ever use, then more power to him.

              1. That you even type the words “goombah wop” without any fear of censorship or reprisal but can’t type the “N” word is exactly the point, don’t you think? Obviously, the N word is highly offensive but it should be offensive regardless of who utters it. Redefining language based on the race of the speaker is absolutely racist in my opinion.

              2. g*****h w*p doesn’t exactly convey anything does it?

                The point is, when those who have been slurred turn that slur around it loses it’s potency. You still seemed pissed that society prevents you from using that word. Why?

            2. NOW you refuse to type out the words? Freaking coward. ‘Goombah Wop’ is a racial slur and you know it. Yet you feel free to use. You’re doing exactly what liberals always do, deflecting the conversation to hide your virulent racism. Own it, racist.

              1. ‘Goombah Wop’ is a racial slur and you know it.

                Of course I do. And if someone like Razor wanted to use it to turn it around from being a slur, then he is totally within his rights in doing so. Does everything go over your head like this? Or are you just another RWNJ in meltdown? BTW, have you been wearing your mask?

              2. Dee, from your link:

                In terms of etymology, words change and meanings evolve. Fag, for instance, was once the accepted spelling for a cigarette throughout most of Europe. Now it’s a common gay slur. Wetback, a Latino editor told me yesterday, was once a common term in headlines, but no longer.

                Golly, try telling that to emjay and Houston. Their logic:

                An offensive word is an offensive word from the start, it doesn’t just become offensive some 80 years later unless it is used as such, which this wasn’t.

              3. Dee, the term “Redskin” did not have anything to do with a scalp. The utter ignorance you spew makes me embarrassed for you. If you actually want to move away from your dimwitted posts from freaking Esquire Magazine why don’t you actually read a real historian.


                “According to Smithsonian historian Ives Goddard, early historical records indicate that “Redskin” was used as a self-identifier by Native Americans to differentiate between the two races. Goddard found that the first use of the word “redskin” came in 1769, in negotiations between the Piankashaws and Col. John Wilkins. Throughout the 1800s, the word was frequently used by Native Americans as they negotiated with the French and later the Americans. The phrase gained widespread usage among whites when James Fenimore Cooper used it in his 1823 novel The Pioneers. In the book, Cooper has a dying Indian character lament, “There will soon be no red-skin in the country.””

              4. If only there weren’t some Houston type guy in the Fed-Ex boardroom, the room where it happened, ranting STOP THE MADNESS!!! and a diatribe about succumbing to pressure from Marxists and BLM racists.

              5. Cmon Ribs. I’m no longer a slave to common sense or facts. I’m part of the Woke Mob ready, willing, and able to find injustice in every nook, discrimination in every cranny, and racism under every rock. If I were in the Fed Ex Boardroom the team would have never sponsored the field the Redskins have played on for the past 21 years. As Orwell said, political language “is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” As Tweedle Dee pointed out, we can make words, like Redskins, mean whatever we say they mean. Even if multiple predominantly Native American schools selected “Redskins” as their mascot, the word means the scalped head of a Native American because we say that’s what it means. Even if George Marshall meant “Redskins” in the vein of the James Fenimore Cooper books, the word really means the team is named “Washington Scalp of Murdered Native Americans” because we say thats what it means. We as a society must focus on the evolution of words and bend them to our will. Defending the “49ers” racist name is indefensible. We must hold people who lived 171 years ago accountable to the societal standards and faux outrage of 2020. If you continue to support a team that honors events from 171 years ago that resulted in massive suffering of many ethnic groups at the hands of greedy white settlers then you are a racist that must be canceled.

              6. Yawn. Whatever, Hou. Feel better now? You going to be like this the next 4 to however many years?

              7. Goddard found that the first use of the word “redskin” came in 1769,

                Gee Houston to flaunt your ignorance and show of your stupidity in public is a real brave move since all you are doing is proving MY point!!! Your “historical” article is about 1769-1826 and is Goddard’s OPINION.
                The newspaper article is from 1863, 40 years later and I guess Goddard never saw it…..
                Just because they called themselves Red Skins when there were few white people around a century before 1863 , that does NOT mean that the white people didn’t start using as a derogatory term. Kinda like most people don’t consider TEXANS to be very civil or educated and the term is used in a derogatory sense.

              8. Dee Pee you seem to be one of those people who would never say the things they do if they were face to face.

              9. TP, we already have established that YOU are a Canadian Coward who publishes people’s name and address while hiding anonymously behind a computer screen!
                What a brave chairior you are….

      2. Just because those few people used it nonchalantly does not mean the word was already a hate-filled word.

        If you compare that word to Redskins, your credibility is in doubt.

        1. N****r was in widespread use in the 19th and 20th centuries. And not by just a few. Sure, it was always a slander and it finally took a group who said ENOUGH. I don’t think Redskin was ever used as anything other than a pejorative either.

          1. Not really…


            And if it the logo was so offensive, why was it designed by a Native American who grew up on the Blackfoot reservation in Montana and who went on to be president of the NCAI.


            This is truly a major white guilt issue.

            1. Another wusa9 article:

              “VERIFY: Did a poll show that 9/10 Native Americans were not offended by Washington’s NFL team name?”

              Every time debate arises over the ‘Redskins’ moniker, it’s almost inevitable that someone will bring up a 2016 poll conducted by The Washington Post. The headline of the article told the story:

              “New poll finds 9 in 10 Native Americans aren’t offended by Redskins name,” the headline read.

              The Verify team looked through the results, as published by the Post.


              In 2019, the Post released results from a new survey that tackled a similar topic.

              The survey questioned 500 people online who self-identified as Native Americans, and found that 68% of the respondents were not offended by the name.

              This new study was web-based, while the 2016 poll was done by phone, which meant the “numbers can’t be compared,” the article read.

              In February 2020, yet another survey was released by researchers at UC Berkeley. In this analysis, 1,021 self-identified Native Americans were recruited to answer questions about the name online.

              In the end, this analysis found that 49% agreed or strongly agreed that the name was offensive. That number jumped to 67%, for those who “frequently engage in tribal cultural practices.”

              A bit more complex than white guilt.


              1. 500 people online who self-identified as Native Americans

                Well there is your problem: ‘self-identified’!
                There are lots of people who claim to be Native American,but either have very little or none relation to AI.
                Freeloaders like TP would be say yes to the question in order to get some benefit…

  9. Ben Standig
    Replying to @BenStandig
    Washington realistically needed more WR depth and now for sure with Harmon down. Jarius Wright makes for an obvious candidate based on ties to Turner/Rivera. Don’t know if he’s on the short list yet. He is on San Francisco’s at least and possibly other teams.
    12:24 PM · Jul 14, 2020

  10. In Trump’s 2nd term he needs to institute a system where property and means of production can be acquired by individuals as a right, but given as property which they can use to create. This would fix the inherent problem with the market system, that it is exclusionary based on capital, but keeps the beneficial aspects of a market….

    1. Agreed. He can attempt to create this pseudo market based utopia in Rikers Island Prison in his 2nd concurrent prison term. State and Federal prosecutors are closing in. Jan 21, 2021 will be a day of reckoning.

    2. Not happening.

      The guys not only losing Michigan, Wisc, and Penn, the three states that swung the 2016, he’s also losing Florida, Texas, and Arizona…

      This is going to be reminiscent on 84 election.

        1. Pretty good description of Joe Biden Bruce. I guess only women have the right to choose.

          1. Whine country….At 130,000.00 a ‘pop’, perhaps you’re right…suggest it to Mostert’s agent….

    3. Second term? He is barely going to eek out the rest of his first. In just the past couple of days we have him again trying to silence the media, disparaging the top health expert on infectious diseases, bypassing the CDC on health reporting from the states and threatening School districts with decreased funding if they don’t allow in person teaching. Meanwhile he continues going down these tracks while more and more people aren’t supporting his handling of the crisis – now up to 70% that oppose. You are either delusional or a troll, but whatever the case Don is making sure he doesn’t just lose the election, but loses it on an historic level.

      1. Let me get this right. Government mandate to wear a mask is the most horrible infringement on ones freedom possible. Worth shooting or stabbing that mofo that makes you do it. While a government mandate for you to send your tyke off to a potential viral hothouse is …. what? Help me out here, Razor.

        1. You know what is worse government assigning you a number like we do cattles on our farm…

          Razor would know – he gets no hay without first mooing his SSnumber.

          1. I’m not a number. I’m a free man.

            Onenut is what we call a gelding here on the farm.?

            1. ??? I can tell that one hit the spot ?

              Yes you are absolutely a free man with a government number stamped in your brain…..sure you are FREE

              You do know that numbers means nothing outside the walls of the USA…..

              1. You couldn’t find the “spot” and that’s why your wife is always mad.

              2. At least I have a wife who has a spot …..unlike you grunting around your hog.

  11. Hmmmm, Grant is so desperate, he is now arguing against himself. He is actually PRAISING Solomon Thomas and Dante Pettis. My, how low the Mighty have fallen.
    Poor guy, guess they read him the riot act. No more calling players busts. Rainbows and unicorns abound.
    This Jose Luis Sanchez is an SI writer, who just speculated on potential plans to replace Buckner. Too bad he tapped Blair and Taylor as possibilities, but probably does not realize that they have both suffered ACL injuries, and may not be available for the start of the season. He speculates that Ford will be in the base defense, but that may wear him down, so Kinlaw will come in during passing downs. He has that backwards. They will put in Kinlaw in for the first and second downs, then save Ford for the passing downs, to reduce the wear and tear on his chronic knee.
    Then JLS speculates that Kittle is irked that Chris Jones got a massive deal, because the Niners are slow to sign him. Wrong. Kittle is probably elated that Jones got a huge deal, because that means he may also get the big bucks. Kittle probably understands that the Niners have cap constraints, and are probably waiting until after the 53 cuts, when more money is freed up, to pay Kittle.
    Then he speculates that the Niners could sign Jordan Reed. However, the Niners have Kittle and Dwelley. They also signed Daniel Helm, drafted Woerner, and also signed UDFA Chase Harrell. 30 year old Reed was cut to free up 8.5 mil in cap space. He would be way too expensive, especially considering that they need every penny for Kittle. JLS is just throwing things against the wall, hoping something will stick, but is just making a mess.
    Man, that SI gig is sweet. You can almost say anything, and get printed.
    Maybe I should submit some 10 point plans…….. ;p

    1. Cut them some slack Seb. They have to write something, when there is really nothing to write about.

      1. Jas Kang on NN is speculating on what salary projection Nick Bosa could expect after his rookie contract.
        Maybe he should have projected whether the NFL will have a season this year. and not worry about something 4 years from now.

  12. Timmy K is with me on Adams. He doesn’t think Shanny values the safety position enough to give up what it’d take to acquire Adams in a trade/contract extension.

    1. TK? Wotta hack.
      It does not matter if he gets an extension, if Adams says he would be willing to play out the next 2 years on his original contract. What happens 3 years from now, does not seem to critical right now. They may not even play football this fall.
      If Adams is traded to the Niners and helps them win a couple rings, either they will pay him what he is worth, or another team will throw money at him to lure him away. However, he might like winning so much, he would take a home discount, and play for many years as a Niner, helping re-establish a dynasty.
      If they do trade for him, and he helps them win a 6th ring, it would be well worth a 32nd pick.However, I would like to see them bundle players with a lower pick to get him.

      1. Where did you hear that Adams would play out his rookie contract? His whole deal with getting away from the Jets is because they wouldn’t extend his contract and pay $$$

        “A lot of teams would love to have him, including the Eagles. Many teams are looking into (a trade offer) and are expected to, but the problem here is money,” Fowler said. “It looks large. From multiple sources, Adams is expected to ask for top defensive player money, to be (paid) among the top defensive players, not just the top safeties. Then you’re looking at $20-plus million a year.

        1. Adams himself said that if he was traded to certain teams, he would play out his contract.
          Guess he really wants out of NY.

          1. where did you read that? I can’t find anything about his willingness to play out his contract with another team. The only thing I’ve read is that he wants to be paid.

              1. interesting. thanks for the update. Is a high #1 and probably a #3 worth two years of service?

            1. ALLFOR- pro football talk/rumor mill is , by far, the best spot for daily NFL news…..its basically a pool of all NFL news and rumors, for every team on one site….
              seb is correct….JA has been all over the map…..on one hand hes stated that he wants to be the highest paid S in the league……in another breath… was the highest paid Jet……
              Hes also listed 7 teams hed like to play for……and stated that he would be willing to play out the final 2 years on his contract if traded to one of his desired teams….
              What i make of it…..bottom line…..he wants out of NY! Cant stand the losing and dosent trust the higher ups in NY…..a vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” that they could turn things around!
              so that means…..1. hed stick it out in NY….if the jets invested in him by making him the highest paid S in the league….and/or the highest paid jet.
              2. if traded to one of his desired destinations……hed play out the remainder of his deal and let the chips fall where they may….trusting the process and hid abilities

              1. Dallas is his preferred destination, but they have no cap space.
                It might become a contest between The Niners and Seahawks. The Niners may want him so he does not go to a division rival. The Seahawks really want him, but then they would definitely not be able to afford Clowney. However, they may also be thinking about depriving a division rival of an All Pro.
                The Niner defense with Jamal Adams would be scary good.

  13. In an effort to protect itself from the failed state to the North, Mexico has declared it will build a wall and gladly pay for it.

  14. “Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!”

    “Last Sunday, Germany (population 80.2 million) had 159 new cases of covid-19; Florida (population 21.5 million) had 15,300.” — G. Will


  15. Hmmm, FC Dallas had to withdraw from playing soccer due to 10 players and a coach contracting the Covid 19 virus.
    I wonder if a MLB team suffers the same fate,
    Already, in the quarantined section, 2 NBA players have tested positive, and some Yo-Yo decided to break curfew because he was hungry.
    It will be very fortuitous to get a league going during this second lockdown.
    What could possibly go wrong?

    1. I think someone is missing a fantastic opportunity here. Just think. “Survivor: NBA, Disneyland”. They could fill hours of reality TV, of players botching about their rooms, their food, the tension as they wait for their test results. There might or might not be a real season, but they could totally monetize everything that goes in there. And for once, “Survivor” will be meant quite literally!

      1. 72 NFL players have contracted Covid 19, and that is before they have TC or the locker rooms opened up.
        I wonder which 49er players are infected.

  16. I think the middle ground with Mostert would be the 49ers doing him a solid by converting a good chunk of his next 2 years worth of salary to a signing bonus. It wouldn’t effect the 49er’s salary cap and it would give Mostert some peace of mind about his financial future. Currently none of his salary over the next 2 years is guaranteed. If he gets hurt…he could be out of luck. But also, if there’s no season or a reduced season due to Covid , I do not believe that the players get their game checks for games not played unless their salaries are guaranteed (not counting what they pocketed as a signing or roster bonus).

    1. Grounds been plowed. Play or sit. Your call. Meanwhile, we’ve got this dude named Bobby Eucking Turner and a deep draft class at the position in 2021. We’ll be grabbing one of them on the cheap. It’s nothing personal, just the business side of building and sustaining a championship roster….

      1. Grounds been plowed

        I’m not sure what you specifically mean. That it’s been discussed here already? Or that Mostert signed a contract and has to play it out and that changing the contract would create a precedent?

        The 49ers grab RBs every year. They grabbed Savion Ahmed and Hasty this year as UDFAs. I almost guarantee that at least one of them will pan out and become a significant contributor at some point. Ahmed had a bad 40 showing of 4.67 seconds. But he’s a former track guy that has run in the 4.3’s and his film looks like he’s a fast runner too. The 49ers wouldn’t sign (even an UDFA) 4.67 running back unless they thought he was actually faster than that.

        1. The 49ers told his agent to pound sand. Why do you think he’s negotiating publicly?

          1. They told his agent they’re not paying him like McKinnon (including his pre-restructured contract)….which I believe was the comp mentioned.

              1. That’s a rather concrete and definitive interpretation of things. There’s little reason to remain so narrow about the situation. All it does is alienate your player. That doesn’t mean anything will change. But it does mean that more is possible than simply saying that things are the way they are and will stay that way.

                I choose to believe there are more flexible possibilities that lead to compromise (in my example, guaranteed money for Mostert but no increase in cash or cap hit for the 49ers).

              2. Mostert should sack his agent and back up last years production with a whole years worth. Until then, it’s a mute point….

              3. It’s only a moot point if Mostert decides to not take action…which I guess at this point would be to sit out. If the season is shortened; it might work a little bit to his advantage (since he’d be getting less money anyway).

                As for Mostert’s agent, I’m not sure what else he could have done better?

              4. Sit out? That would be the worst decision he could make. You go to training camp and you take the starting job away from Coleman. That’s all he can do.

                His agent had him sign a bad contract, tried to renegotiate his mistake, failed and then went public. If that’s not incompetence, I don’t know what is….

              5. His agent is just advocating for his client. He can ask for a trade, but the Niners do not need to make a trade. Maybe for a second round pick, but most teams would probably offer a 4th or 5th round pick.
                What if the Niners do not trade Mostert? Will he sit out the season? No, because then, he would get nothing.

              6. How was it a bad contract? At the time that Mostert signed the contract he was a borderline player. A special teams player that had climbed all the way up to the third string RB position. Mostert had been lucky to making year to year league minimum up until that point (in fact prior to 2016 he was like $100K on practice squads). In 2016 he made about $180K . In 2017 and 2018 he made less than the NFL veteran minimum wage of about $800K. In 2019 the 49ers dangled a $1M signing bonus and $1.4M salary for a total of $2.4M in his pocket that year. If you compare that to what he’d made in the past and where he was on the depth chart at the time….that contract doesn’t look too bad. It’s only a bad contract if you’re able to see the future and know Mostert will tear up the field in the 2019 play offs.

                If Mostert truly feels he can get more money from another team…he could sit out and possibly force a trade or get cut (with no serious dead money to the 49ers). Or if he sits out a shortened season and comes back the following year (assuming the 49ers keep him) he still has 2 years of full value on his contract.

              7. The agents job is to know his client’s potential and advise accordingly. He advised poorly and got played by Marathe….

              8. That’s just ridiculous. You’re saying that Mostert’s agent should have known his fringe player of a client would climb the depth chart that already had Brieda, McKinnon and a newly signed Tevin Coleman? It’s absurd to think Mostert’s agent or any agent could be that preciecent. Every agent and player and their mother would have endorsed and signed Mostert’s contract at the time.

              9. Climb the depth chart? He’s been climbing depth charts his entire career. Fringe player? Best gunner in the game, and Mostert showed his potential at rb prior to the arm breakage. Paraag saw it. I saw it. I bet you saw it too. How come his agent didn’t?

              10. Interesting take by Steve Young on KNBR (you can read on 49erswebzone) regarding Mostert.
                I like his Ricky Watters example.
                Btw, you two are bringing up some good points.

              11. Mostert is no Ricky Waters because he has yet to demonstrate his receiving skills are anywhere near that level….

          2. What are you talking about??? A gunner??? Special teams players (aside from kickers and punters) are fringe players.’re talking about the guy that in 2018 (the year right before he signed his contract) that ran for a whopping 34 times for a single TD???? Yeah…he was a lock for big things to come! It’s revisionist absurdity to call Mostert’s contract a bad one.

            1. Not when you’re betting on yourself like he’s been doing his entire career, and you’re entering the twilight of your career for the position. What’s kept Mostert in the league is potential, and he showed it at rb prior to the arm breakage. You didn’t see it. That’s ok. You’re a defensive guru. Shanny saw it and that’s why he had Marathe approach his agent with that contract.

              His agent has been trying to fix his mistake for months, and the 49ers told him to kiss their asses. He then went public which means the 49ers will probably prefer not to do business with him any further. Mostert should sack his agent ASAP. Dick Charmin could have negotiated a better contract. At least he would have had performance escalators interwoven within!

              1. Betting on himself? He’s barely stayed in the league! Sticking on the practice squad isn’t betting on yourself! What kept Mostert in the league was special teams ability. He flashed in 2018. I remember very well and I know (and knew) how well he fit the outside zone run. But the fact is that his little “flash” of skill was only worth a $1M signing bonus and about $1.5M/Y for three years. That’s a huge increase for him from where he was…a fringe player that flashed. No player or agent in their right mind would gamble and not sign that deal considering he’d barely (other than a flash) done anything before that.

              2. No agent worth a hill of beans would have agreed to a contract that didn’t include escalators for production as a rb. Period. That’s why both parties find themselves in the situation they do….

        2. I hope Bobby Turner is not allowed along the side lines. Put him in a booth, away from the players, for his own safety.
          Looking at his highlights, JaMycal Hasty may be a huge surprise this TC. He has quick hips.

            1. Yup, watch Hasty’s highlights against OK St.
              He could turn on a dime and leave change.
              He also hits the hole with authority, and has breakaway speed.
              Hasty may make Mostert be superfluous, especially since Hasty is also a STs ace.

      2. It’s a tough call on the contract. One one hand it was a good deal for what he had shown up to that point but on another he had shown the burst and capability to run well in this system the year before albeit on only 34 carries. I don’t think it was a bad contract for him to sign at all at his age and the journeyman career he had up until that point, but he has outperformed it so what do the 49ers do? Really the only thing they can do is guarantee his salary if they do anything. Increasing his contract with two seasons left on it is a bad precedent to set and they are severely limited in cap room as it is. If he’s willing to accept the guarantee to play this season I think it’s a win win. If he doesn’t then he doesn’t have any options other than sitting out which would be unwise for a number of reasons. He is 28, he wouldn’t get an accrued season and it could open the door for another unknown RB to come in and play well which would severely negate Mostert’s value to the 49ers and other teams around the league.

        Ultimately his only real choice is to show up, stay healthy and play well. That would likely lead to the 9ers being open to modifying the deal with one year left or trading him for a higher pick than they could get with the little amount of production he’s shown so far.

        1. Are you telling me it was too tough for this agent to negotiate qualifiers and performance escalators throughout that contract in anticipation of such a scenario or did he not really care, believe in his client or was he just too stupid? Anyone of ’em qualifies for sacking!

          1. Based on Mostert’s journeyman career to that date and the broken forearm, I doubt he had any options to negotiate anything other than what he did. He was thought to be a ST’s player who could provide depth at the RB position and that’s the type of contract he got. The fact he blew up last year was a bonus but not expected mainly because he was so far down the depth chart after the previous season.

            1. Sheeet, he would have never gotten that contract had Shanny not seen he was a perfect fit for the OZ. Hell, even I saw his potential in that role. Bottom line is if he wants to be paid like the lead back, then he’s got to win the job….

          2. Those qualifiers and escalators would have come at the cost of some of that $1M signing bonus. When you’re in Mostert’s position (fringe player in the last few of his prime career years) you take all the guaranteed money you can get.

            1. AFFP,

              if anyone should be blamed at all on this issue (I’m not saying anyone should necessarily be blamed), it has to be the agent.

              The blame should be for trying to use public opinion to engineer a trade after one year of a three contract where his client outperformed when he did not have the foresight to include some sort of incentives for outperforming the contract. Sure, he didn’t foresee this huge outperformance like we didn’t — but then what value does the agent add for the 10% cut? Now we see why Sherman stated that most agents write worthless contracts.

              Additionally, he is risking putting his client in a bad position by trying to trade his away from the offense where he has the best chances of success over the next 3-4 years. Sure, a team like the Packers could pay him slightly more now, but he could be out of the league after his ST value runs out in a couple of years.

  17. News about the name change may be old news.
    Dan Snyder is on the hot seat for flying cheerleaders to a resort and confiscating their passports. He then ‘asked’ the cheerleaders to escort club patrons to a nightclub.

      1. Wow, it is worse than I thought. Buying off refs. Sex and drugs. Toxic culture.
        Relating to the Niners, Alex Smith became their QB. Bibbs and Gruden liked the same woman, so he benched Bibbs. His replacement whiffed on a block that led to Alex Smith almost losing his leg, and his life.
        Jed York is a choir boy compared to Snyder. I hope Snyder has to sell the team, and a minority owner could be found.

        1. No wonder he has had any press conference related to the name of the football team….

          I read he has been out of the country….

          1. On Hogs Haven, they seem to think that Snyder is clean, and he will remain the owner, because 15 women complained about sexual harassment and a toxic culture, but he was not personally named.
            Too bad that is the tip of the iceberg, and Snyder is going down due to his egregious actions.
            I am glad to see Rivera getting ahead of the story, saying his daughter is working for the organization, and he will not tolerate such reprehensible behavior.
            Paying off refs? That goes towards the integrity of the game. I hope the hammer comes down hard on the refs, and we have many “retirements”.
            Hmmm, I wonder how much KC paid so the refs refused to make a holding call?

  18. And in the latest news as to why we wont have football this fall:

    Georgia governor (trump lackey) sues Atlanta mayor over city’s mask mandate despite CDC guide lines for masks.

    FL is in a death spiral.

    AL Governor regarding masks and social distancing.
    3.30.20 AL Governor “Y’all, we are not Louisiana, we are not New York state, we are not California,”
    7.14.20 AL Governor “Alabamians must wear a mask when within 6 feet of another person. 87% of the state ICU beds are full . ”

    The orange idiot has turned us into an incompetent corrupt lawless nation.

    1. The game show guy the reality TV guy retweeted:

      The most outrageous lies are the ones about Covid 19. Everyone is lying. The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most, that we are told to trust.
      I think it’s all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election. I’m sick of it.

      As of today his Twitter account is gone. The last thing he tweeted:

      To further clarify and add perspective, Covid-19 is real and it is here. My son tested positive for the virus.

      Did reality TV guy retweet that? I don’t think so. F-ing vultures. No empathy until it strikes home.

      1. Indeed. Trump’s spokesliar was asked yesterday if his 14 year old son was returning to school in the fall : “That’s a personal decision. I don’t know what Barron’s school has decided and I certainly do not know what the first couple has decided in respect to their teenage son who I believe is entering high school this year.”

        Standard issue conservatism. Let the general public be the guinea pigs.

  19. Dan Snyder vows to fix the problem. Too bad he IS the problem.
    Guess he needs to fix himself.
    Sell the team to Bezos, who has enough pocket change to buy it today. Bezos then sells half to a minority woman partner, like Oprah.

  20. This SI article (not grant) lays out the challenge of NCAA football being played in the fall. If a player tests positive it will affect his team and the previous opponent. It is conceivable that a team loses a dozen players for 2 weeks. What if they lose their entire O line? Then what? Forfeit 2 weeks.

    Trump’s Fumbling of the Coronavirus Crisis Could Kill the College Football Season
    The president is marinating in a midsummer mess of his own creation, and his epic failure of leadership will result in a ruined college football season.

    Consider this, from the NCAA guidelines: “When an athlete tests positive for COVID-19, local public health officials must be notified, and contact tracing protocols must be put in place. All individuals with a high risk of exposure should be placed in quarantine for 14 days as per CDC guidance. This includes members of opposing teams after competition. The difficulty is defining individuals with a high risk of exposure, and in some cases, this could mean an entire team (or teams).”

    So, this is a potential scenario as the schedule currently stands: Ohio State plays at Michigan State Oct. 17. Afterward, a Buckeye who saw significant action in the game tests positive. The entire team could then be subject to missing the matchup the following week at Penn State, and the Spartans could be decimated for their game the following week against Indiana. And who knows about the week after that.

    1. Oklahoma tested their team. Only 12 players and 2 staffers tested positive, however, contact tracing may lead to half the team being exposed.

    2. There’s also the possibility of permanent organ damage in young people. If you or I lose 5% of lung capacity or max heart rate or something, we might not notice. But a 99.9% percentile athlete might fall down in ranking enough to lose elite status. Lots of unknowns with this virus…

    3. Test are slammed and result times are running days to over a week. By the time an athlete shows positive, any kind of contact tracing would be useless. What good is notifying public officials of an athlete who may have had coronavirus for a week or more?

      Quest Diagnostics, one of the main companies doing coronavirus testing, said Monday that “soaring demand” due to the surge in cases across the South and Southwest had pushed back their average turnaround time for getting results of a coronavirus test to at least seven days for all but the highest priority patients.

      I’m sorry, collegiate athletes, or professional for that matter, are not the highest priority patients. This whole thing is a clusterf!ck just waiting to happen.

    4. Getting pro athletes tested more quickly is just a consequence of the free market. Unless the government basically nationalizes all testing, of course this will happen. As much as I favor democratic socialism, even I think that would be crazy overreach. Where would it end? You might as well ban rich NYers from taking their choppers to their country homes while the rest of the city was in lockdown.

          1. What works in smaller, less diverse countries like Denmark, or even relatively otherwise similar countries like Canada which have very different histories, isn’t necessarily the right solution for this country.

        1. Those who like Social Security.
          It is also a million times better than fascism, which is what we have now.

        2. Socialism?…..This coming from a mooch (razor) who depends on handout….and claims he deserves it cuz of 4 yrs in service….

        3. Why would anyone “favor” socialism?

          Apparently you should. The country you claim to love has incorporated many socialist concepts. Social Security, Medicare. Perhaps you’ve heard of the $2 trillion and counting Covid disaster relief this year. Drive on a public road? Socialism. Publicly funded military (you are supposedly familiar with), public police forces and fire departments? Socialism. Anything your tax dollars that go for the public good? Say it after me, comrade. Socialism.

          1. Putting children in cages- Fascism.
            Ignoring the law- Fascism.
            Using the law to oppress people- Fascism.
            Toadying up to Putin- Communism.

          2. Rib,
            Whenever this discussion comes around the largest socialistic program of all (maybe Social Security) is not mentioned free public education. Those of us without children would like our money back from those of you who have children and utilized public education. As much as we like to complain about education here in the US , i’m guessing that everyone here who went to public school is doing okay.

            1. That’s true, coach. Myself, I got a double dip of socialism. Free primary schooling on USAF bases. ?

            2. Private school>Public school

              SS is a form of socialism is fair, however the original social security was actually an anti-socialist maneuver by a conservative government.

              1. Razor,
                I have worked in education for the last 38 yrs. I have seen public schools that would put any private schools to shame and have seen private/charter schools that I wouldn’t send my pets to. I have also seen public schools that should have been shut down years ago as well as private schools that are phenominal. What I can say is both of my nephews and both of my nieces went to public school one of my nieces has her Phd. another of my nephews has his masters in architectural engineering from one of the finest engineering schools in America. My younger niece has been accepted to the same engineering school as her brother. My other nephew (a very reluctant learner) who would have failed in a high end private school has 15 years after graduating high school finally earned his B.A. All through free public high school Ed. My youngest brother argues with his friends who sent their kids to private schools, why should I have spent $25,000.00 a year to send my children to private schools when both of my children scored higher than yours on the SAT for free. There is good and bad on both sides but in reality the quality of parenting is far more important than schools, imho

              2. an anti-populist maneuver by a progressive government

                Fixed that for you Raz. Populist…. hmmm from where have we heard of that political movement lately? Oh and, 1930s conservatives would have been highly amused at hearing the Roosevelt Administration being called “conservative “.

              3. Parents should have a choice, which in turn creates competition making for a better product.

              4. Razor,
                In the district I work for there are 6 public high schools and parents have the option to send their children to any of those schools. There are also 3 or 4 charter high schools available, yet with all those choices parents choose to send their children to their neighborhood schools by about 96%. The 2 evangelical christian schools have shut their doors (lack of enrollment) The one Catholic school seems to be doing better now that they closed the girls school and combined into one school.

      1. Oops, certainly not me. I meant social democracy! I’m no political scientist, just a real one :)

  21. So Shower Heads, You Take a Shower, the Water Doesn’t Come Out. You Wanna Wash Your Hands, the Water Doesn’t Come Out…Dishwashers, You Didn’t Have Any Water…In Most Places of the Country, Water Is Not a Problem. They Don’t Know What Do With It. It’s Called Rain,” Says Trump

    I am so mad at the PC culture that I can no longer label what you just read above as a R3tard talking…

  22. Perusing the other sites, some are advocating for Jarius Wright. Even with Deebo and James going down due to injury, the Niners have several players coming back from injury. Jalen Hurd, Trent Taylor and Shawn Poindexter will be returning off the IR. The Niners still have Kendrick Bourne and Dante Pettis. They drafted Brandon Aiyuk and Juaun Jennings. They signed FA Travis Benjamin, Chris Thompson and UDFA Chris Finke.
    Those are 10 players who are competing for 6 spots, so already, the competition will be tough.
    Another blog post wanted the Niners to be seriously looking at Jordan Reed TE. They need Reed like they need a hole in the head. His concussion history should make them not want to touch him with a 10 foot pole. Reed should talk with Chris Borland, who will tell him that there is life after football.
    Now we have team doctors saying that it is safe to open TC. Of course, they add the caveat- with reservations.
    Team doctors? They were the ones that botched up Ian Williams’ surgery, so he had complications. They were the ones who told Kaep to ice his shoulder. One un named 49er doctor drugged and raped interns, who then killed himself.
    Recently, team doctors were clueless about Trent Taylor’s infection, which torpedoed his season.
    I would trust a team doctor, about as far as I could throw him.
    If the team shuts down due to a Covid 19 outbreak, I hope they fire them all.

    1. That’s harsh. Surely a Covid outbreak is almost a foregone conclusion, and so why blame the doctors? They’ll probably just be telling bosses what they want to hear right now.

      1. The doctors are the experts, and even us fans on this site can see the dangers. Doctors should not be yes men, they should be medical experts that tell the truth, even if it may be harsh. A competent doctor would say that there is a good likelihood that the Covid 19 virus will infect players, and possibly kill the elder coaches. In fact, I will predict that a 49er player will contract the virus. If they do not do daily testing, I will accuse them of gross negligence and incompetence.
        Their message- What, me worry?
        What could possibly go wrong?

  23. R.I.P. John Lewis a great American and thats something I believe we can all agree on.

    1. John Lewis was so great, and had such a big heart, he made peace with Wallace’s daughter.
      Forgiveness, after bearing scars, showed the content of his character.

      1. Another drive-by clown without the guts to post under their regular screen name.

        1. Not all of us have daddies who named us Ribico.

      2. John Lewis was a shining example why having term limits would be a bad idea. Throughout his tenure in Congress, he accomplished so much, and was an inspirational leader.
        Under term limits, a politician would just be finally familiarizing himself or herself with the legislative process, before having to retire.
        Effective and popular politicians should be allowed to continue serving their constituents, and the nation.
        We already have a form of term limits. It is called the ballot box.
        Dissing a genuine American hero just shows the content of your character.

  24. That’s either encouraging or a sad commentary on sports, not sure which one.

    I’m sorry, in what way is a huge corporation having the power to influence a sports team due to their financial might, ever “encouraging”? You may think it’s for the better in this case, but at its core it’s a horrible precedent. Unless you like the idea of a single corporation bring able to shape a sport however they so please for some reason? What an odd choice of words.

    1. Precedent? Renas – corporate financing, the league and teams got into that bed a long time ago.

          1. Are you wearing your masks, under and razor? You are trying to help orange-y win that 2nd term aren’t you? And the life you save might be someone else’s.

    2. I figure, when a corporation gets involved, it’s because they think it matters to their bottom line. That basically is an objective affirmation of the direction of public opinion. I used to find it bizarre that the Confederacy flag was tolerated anywhere in this country. But when NASCAR decided it would gain more new customers than the racists they’d lose, something actually happened there.

    3. Renas, corporate sponsorship is what makes sports go. Why do you think they have naming rights to stadiums?
      Also, money talks, and all else walks.
      It certainly is encouraging to see corporate influence counter bad behavior. Corporate influence will also engender bad behavior, like the blackballing of Kaep, and until recently, waving the confederate flag.
      ‘Single corporation being able to shape a sport HOWEVER THEY PLEASE FOR SOME REASON.’ Maybe they can shape things for the good and rectify bad past behavior.

      1. Seb, as our capitalist friends on board will remind us, corporations exist for a single purpose, to maximize shareholder profit. They see where to consumer wind is blowing and are taking steps to insure continued profits. In other words it is us, as individuals and a collection of individuals, that is shaping this corporate response.

  25. Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees are wondering about how they can play this season, if the proper protocols are not implemented.
    So far, there is a delusional plan that has no chance of succeeding. Maybe the league should address the coaching, especially the immuno compromised people.
    This is a game of attrition. Maybe the SB winner will be the last team that is able to field a team.

  26. Richard Sherman is concerned about the lack of transparency and detailing protocols for this upcoming season.
    Banning post game jersey swaps is just re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
    George Kittle is wondering how they can socially distance themselves on the O line.

  27. What happens in Europe is that the so called socialists are bringing in politic correctness and censuring, sort of what is in China or North Korea.

      1. The same guy earlier complaining that European schoolchildren are being forced to eat halal food.

        1. Yes Ribico that’s true.
          In Islamic country they don’t also serve pig,so why should we here do all this efforts??!
          The biggest issue is that a lot don’t adapt to our culture and tradition, and we are open minded but there is a point when it’s come on stop now you are crossing the line.

          1. What you complain of is nothing new nor limited to Muslims. Growing up, every Friday my school lunch consisted of fish despite the fact my family is neither catholic nor religious in the slightest. And this was in the days when America was great. My advice to you is leave your bigotry behind.

    1. What are you talking about? Americans are far more PC than all the different Europeans I know.

  28. Players are revolting against the NFL opening camps and not following their own health guidelines. Hmmm, sort of like the Federal Government. The Owners and Trumpy are safe in their luxury boxes and bunkers so they aren’t really exposed to risk while they demand everyone else resume normal activity.

    Russ Wislon: I am concerned. My wife is pregnant. @NFL Training camp is about to start..
    And there’s still No Clear Plan on Player Health & Family Safety.

    Jarvis Landry: Crazy to see how the NFL is not following the recommendations of its own experts regarding health and safety for Us as players! As of today questions have not been answered and we want to play football. Y’all want to watch football this year?

    Drew Brees: We need Football! We need sports! We need hope! The NFL’s unwillingness to follow the recommendations of their own medical experts will prevent that. If the NFL doesn’t do their part to keep players healthy there is no football in 2020. It’s that simple. Get it done

    Carson Wentz: We all want to play this season, but we need to stay safe in order to actually have a season! It’s time for the @NFL to step up and do their part so that us players can be safe at work and go play the game we love

    Richard Sherman: The NFL has ignored the safety recommendations from the experts that THEY hired. We all love this game and want to go out and compete with our brothers. The NFL needs to provide a safe work environment for us to do that.

    1. I believe that the chances for the season to begin on time are fading further and further away. I think now the only reasonable chance for any season at all is, the vaccine happening earlier than predicted and a shortened season or a tournament. imho

  29. This JLS on All49ers is cranking out the articles, but seems to be following in Grant’s footsteps.
    He mentions that the 49ers may be stringing along George Kittle. He states the Niners were in the running for Austin Hooper, but he signed the biggest deal for a TE at 42 mil for 4 years. He states many possible reasons, then says that this Covid 19 shutdown is the reason for it. Too bad he mentions Mahomes and Jones contracts, which were signed during the shutdown, then says the Chiefs are expecting the salary cap to rise.
    The most likely scenario is- The Niners are waiting until after the 53 cuts. Dropping 37 players will free up at least 20 mil in the salary cap. Then, the Niners should have enough to re-sign Kittle to a long term deal, Maybe JLS should have considered that possibility.
    In other news, Grant thinks McKinnon will out compete Coleman, who will be cut. Wrong. They should not count on McKinnon at all, and they should trade away Coleman to get something for him instead of nothing.
    Grant then thinks Dwelley will out compete Woerner for the backup TE job. He cites Woerner’s lack of production in college, stating that Woerner had caught only 34 passes in college. There is another player who caught only 48 passes over 4 years in college, and he has done well. His name is George Kittle, and look how he has turned out.
    Woerner was drafted most likely as the replacement for Toilolo, and will be utilized mostly as a blocker. However, there is a sleeper, who may out compete both Dwelley and Woerner. Chase Harrell is an UDFA, but at 257 lbs, he ran a 4,53 forty, so KS may favor him, since he loves players with speed. They may also use him as a DE, so his versatility will make him even more valuable.

  30. Leo Luna on All49ers thinks that Solomon Thomas was not the player that John Lynch chose, but KS. I do not think that is the case. There is a lot of revisionist history pertaining to the 2017 Niner draft.
    JL knew he had to improve the run defense, which was last in the league. Solomon Thomas was good against the run, but could also rush the passer, and shined during his Bowl game. Solomon Thomas was chosen by JL because he fit a need, and was also a Stanford grad.
    Sure, he stated that if Thomas had been picked by the Bears, he would have gone with Foster, but JL also knew that he had to replace Bellore, and Foster would have been a massive upgrade from Bellore, if only Foster did not spiral out of control and imploded.
    JL used his first 3 picks on defense. As a former safety, JL was a defensive maven. IICRC, KS stated that they had picked enough on defense, so he moved back up into the third round to select CJ Beathard so the Niner offense would not be shut out during the first 2 days of the draft.
    JL chose Solomon Thomas, but it was a collaborative effort, and I am sure KS had a lot of input on the decision. However, we do know that KS deemed CJB as the best QB in the draft. He stood on a table and demanded they select Joe Williams, even though he was not even on JL’s draft board. He selected McGlinchey, because he wanted to move on from Trent Brown, who did not fit his system. KS wanted them to move up to get Pettis. This last draft, he preferred Aiyuk over all the others, and moved up to select him.
    Yes, KS had a ton of input and influence, but he also knew that they needed to be on the same page, so I am positive that he allowed JL to have a lot of say in who they chose. I think both listened to their scouts in that 2017 draft, because they both were scrambling to build their coaching staff and team. They did not have the luxury of studying all the prospects thoroughly. The scouts helped find all of those late round gems like Kittle, Taylor and Greenlaw, along with many UDFAs.
    Nick Neuman listed JL’s 5 worst draft selections. Maybe he should have written- KS’s 5 worst draft selections.
    I think the ghost of Baalke reared his ugly head and cursed the Niners with another ACL pick when they chose Street. Joe Williams was not even on JL’s draft board, so it is hard to blame him for JW. KS demanded they select JW.
    CJB was another KS selection all the way. After Foster was selected, they were high fiving and cheering in the 49er draft room, so that was not a sole JL pick.
    Personally, I do not think Solomon Thomas is a bust. He played over 20 snaps in the SB. Maybe Pettis should be considered a bust, since they benched him the second half of the season, and did not play an offensive snap in the SB. Witherspoon, a third round pick, also did not play a defensive snap in the SB.

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