A closer look at new 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo

SANTA CLARA — What is 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo really like, and what did his former team, the New England Patriots, really think about him?

Here are Boston Globe Patriots reporter Ben Volin, and Boston Herald columnist Ron Borges (formerly of the Oakland Tribune), who covered Garoppolo at the Patriots. Each answered the same five questions.

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  1. I am under no illusion this guy is the next Farve. We’ve got one of the top offensive minds in Shanny, and now we’ve got the most gifted pocket passer we’ve had in years. I like our odds moving forward if we can fix the interior of the offensive line, and upgrade the skill positions….

  2. I don’t want the next Farve, too much of a gunslinger. I want the next Montana, quick release, good footwork, accuracy, a good leader and tough enough.

  3. Anyone expecting JG to be the next Favre, Brady, Rodgers or Montana is kidding themselves. And yes, if the Patriots really were convinced he was going to be that kind of player they never would have let him go. But that doesn’t mean he can’t play. He’s got the skills to be a very good starting QB. Just need to put the pieces around him.

    1. Exactly Scooter! They would be the biggest fools since Atlanta! If he were all that then there would be two QBs in NE right now.

      1. No, it was a business decision. They could not pay JG AND Brady. BB got what he could for him, and even turned down Cleveland who would have given more, because JG did not want to go there. However, BB was fired from Cleveland, so that may have been an additional factor in his decision.
        I watched those 2 games he led last season. one play in the first game, he avoided the pass rush, found an open receiver, and threw a strike. He scored 3 TDs before he was injured in the second game.
        JG has all the skillsets, and learning from 2 future Hall of Famers did not hurt his development. The big question is whether he can function behind the Niner O line.

          1. Grass divots would be more effective at blocking defensive linemen and LBs than our current offensive linemen. With the possible exception of Trent Brown, none of them should be on the team next year.

      2. Be sure to understand what I am saying before suggesting we are in agreement here. I am saying nobody should expect him to be the next great QB. And that if NE were convinced he was the next great QB they wouldn’t have let him go, they would have let Brady go and kept JG.

        I am not saying, however, that he won’t or can’t be great. He’s just not proven anything other than he has potential at this point in his career. He’s a gamble. But a pretty good gamble that looks like he has a pretty good chance to at least be a decent starting QB.

        1. I agree Scooter. Decent QB is probably his floor, but he still has a chance to be great. The Pats are emulating the old Niners who moved on from Joe once they saw enough from Steve. Belichick hasn’t seen enough of Garoppolo to justify such a move.

          So, without having enough info to say that Garoppolo could be the guy, Garoppolo had to go. I don’t think they could shell out 15+ mil to two QBs. They probably don’t have the cap space. And even if they did, that’s money that could have been spent on fixing the D.

          Bottom line is there was no way they could keep both. Belichick wasn’t ready to crown Garoppolo after two games (understandable). So he went with his HOF QB.

        2. That is exactly what I am saying! Had NE thought that that JG was the next best QB they would have let Brady go and kept Garappolo. It would have been the right business decision. But they would have done so at the end of the year.

          1. Brady is second in the NFL in passing. He was second last year. Fourth in 2015. Fifth in 2014. You have go back to 2013 to find a year where Brady wasn’t Top-5.

            And, he is not showing any signs of wearing out because he’s so fast with the passing he doesn’t take all those shots like Roethlisberger, Newton, and Eli Manning. All of whom are looking like they’ve just worn out from the constant pounding they take.

            And he’s not the only QB who is ‘beating father time.’ Drew Brees is still playing well.

          2. That’s the thing East, that isn’t exectly what I am saying. There is a difference between thinking someone could be a great QB and being convinced of it. JG never had a long enough opportunity to convince the Patriots he was as good as Brady, so they couldn’t take the risk of replacing Brady. Not when Brady is still playing so well and has said he wants to keep going a few more years.

      3. Sorry, but I’m thinking you two don’t understand some of the issues in New England:

        1. Brady says he’s playing until he’s 45. That’s four more years. That means Garoppolo would have to sit. He’s not interested in sitting, but starting.

        2. They can’t just tell Garoppolo you sit on the bench here or nowhere. It’s not the old days where you were a serf bound to the team for the rest of your career. The most the Patriots could do was franchise him.

        3. The Patriots already have cap issues for 2018 ($158 million) in dealing with FAs – Butler & Garoppolo the two biggest, but others as well.

        Anyone looking at that situation would see that Garoppolo, who wanted a starter’s money and a starter’s role would be extremely difficult to sign. And, in fact, because that’s exactly what happened, he was traded.

        And he was traded now because, unlike Cassell whom Belichick franchised and traded, he couldn’t do it 2017 nor can he do it in 2018. This was, literally, the best the Patriots could do when you consider facts vs, oh, the Myth of Belichick Infallibility.

        Because, while you may not realize it, he has ‘lost’ trades in the past. Even just last year to the Cardinals. And it was same set of circumstances. A top-player in his last year whom they were going to have to sign to big money while being under a tight cap.

        1. Moses ZD – Another contributing factor for Belichick to make the Garoppolo trade is the class of QBs who are draft eligible this coming April. Belichick can use the Niners pick (probably somewhere between 33-35)to draft a QB and benefit from the rookie contract for 4 years so that alleviates some of the Patriots cap concerns they would have faced if they wanted to hang on to Garoppolo.

          Belichick can select from Rosen, Darnold, Allen, the OU QB, the Miss State QB, the OSU QB, the NC State QB, etc.

        2. You are 100% right on he loved Jimmy G. But couldn’t pay him stater money and sits and also offered way more then the Niners did I’m for one love that we got him. We will get o-line help in free agents also how’s this we trade down from either 1st or 2nd pick and get a load of picks and if that pen state rb is there should we take him?

        3. I understand perfectly Moses. Do you understand that if NE were convinced JG was the next great QB they would have let Brady go at the end of the year instead?


  4. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2019785-jimmy-garoppolo-scouting-report-nfl-outlook-for-eastern-illinois-qb

    Extremely quick release.
    Throws with good accuracy and velocity to the intermediate level of the field, delivering over the middle and outside the numbers.
    Displays some anticipation and touch. An accurate passer.
    Upper-half throwing mechanics are very good, has a compact delivery.
    Possesses an adequate NFL arm, spins a nice ball. Can drive the ball with enough velocity.
    Capable of dropping the ball into a bucket up to 45 yards downfield.
    Demonstrates light feet and enough functional mobility to get by as an NFL pocket passer.
    Has a quick pump-fake that he uses to manipulate coverage.
    Efficient in the red zone, throwing the ball where only his receiver can get it.

    1. I absolutely love the way this kid pump fakes to manipulate the safeties and linebackers (I find it surprising that more NFL QB’s don’t use pump fakes as effectively as Jimmy G), and I am enamoured with his lightning quick release. He’s also very crafty and nimble in the pocket, thanks to exceptional short area quickness, and that rare ability to sense pressure around him, as if he has eyes in the back of his head. He’s really good at selling play action as well. He seems like a perfect fit for Kyle’s offense!

      Plus, he’s an extremely likeable, unassuming, good looking kid, and will look fantastic in Crimson and Gold! GO NINERS!

  5. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2019785-jimmy-garoppolo-scouting-report-nfl-outlook-for-eastern-illinois-qb

    Is too easily fazed by pressure, must show more poise staring down the barrel of the gun at the next level.
    Poor pocket awareness, does not have a good feel for defenders and the space around him. Has happy feet, occasionally perceiving and reacting to an invisible pass rush.

    He improved on these and played well under pressure last year.

    Appears to lack the patience to go through his progressions.

    Wasn’t a problem last year.

    Footwork will need to be a focal point in his training. Very raw in that regard coming from a pass-happy shotgun offense. Wastes movement.

    His mechanics have been fixed. Thanks New England.

    Was surgical against FCS defenses, but how will he adjust to the tremendous jump in level of competition?

    He adjusted well against AZ.

  6. How can JG succeed? He should expect them to blitz to try and rattle him. Therefor, he should invite the blitz, and take advantage of the area the blitzer left. JG should work on screens and draws. The Niners should not have Hyde stay in and block. Instead, they should send him out in the flat so he is a safety valve for a quick outlet pass.
    JG should roll away from the side Chandler Jones lines up on. Ideally, he should have the Niners line up Hyde deep in the I, and JG should hand off, and let Hyde attack the weakness in the line.
    Hope KS utilizes JG’s strengths. He should script plays and keep it simple. JG gives the Niners their best chance to win, so I hope they play him. Maybe let CJB start so they can see how the O line is working. I hope they put Williams at RT, and sub in Beadles at RG.

      1. He’s only 1 play away, genius. With our oline, and prob a disgruntled cjb, who might think twice about hanging in the pocket since he’s being benched either way. I’ll throw a wrench in there, what if cjb has the game of his life and we get our first dub, bet all that franchise tagn the chosen one will simmer down a bit. That chatter is nonsense anyways, JG will command more money than the Yorks will part with, especially for nothing more than great potential.
        Id say its roughly 30/70 we pony up the kind of money he’s looking for, whether it’s the unlikely franchise tag or a 3 year prove it contract at around 16-17 mil a year, that’s more likely imo. Anyone know what the tag number will be for qbs next year? Like Grant, Im too lazy to do research that will back up my opinions but I’ll take an educated guess it’s prob 25millish. Anyone in there rt mind thinking the York family will sign off on loot like that, need to reassess the situation.

        1. You’re seriously screwed up in the head. Under the York family we’ve been up tight against the cap many times and have dropped the money on FAs whenever the GM felt it was necessary, even giving some scrub QB a very fat contract just five years ago.

          Childishly criticize all you want, but at no time has the GM ever been lacking in ability to sign players for big dollars. Not from the days of Walsh to now.

      2. Jg was a backup to a future Hall of Famer, and could not start.
        JG told the Pats that he really wanted to play and that is why they traded him for a song, otherwise, he would be a FA and walk.
        Now you and KS are thinking that JG will be content sitting behind CJB? Good way to tick off JG is to keep bubble wrapping him behind the likes of CJB. JG wants to play. Niners should let him.
        If KS’s system is too complicated, they should simplify it. It does not take an Einstein to hand off the ball.
        Maybe you think JG is not smart enough to play QB. I do not.

  7. Everyone seems to know more than KS as far as how to play and who to play where. Is there an expert in this crowd who has coached a winning football team at any level? If not, let the comments remain in the areas of knowledge and not in the area of fantasy.

  8. I like how Grant structured this article to give fans some timely perspective on the new guy. As to prognosis, why does everybody want to compare guys to the outliers at their position? Every QB gets compared to Brady, Rogers, Montana? There are lesser talents who get the job done more often than not, and I’d be ok with JG matching their achievements. One step at a time.

  9. Wait what? Jimmy G is soft according to some sources? He should get along well with Foster…..

    Nothing about this trade is a certainty, which is why you won’t see any JG jerseys at the park. But u most certainly will see #7

    1. dReed209, don’t you have better things to do than troll the internet? Get a life dude. Better yet, try and get yourself laid, it’s better for the soul than trolling a sports blog of a team you clearly despise.

      You need to find yourself a woman, or a hobby, or something. Seriously.

      1. I eat, sleep, and drink Niner football. I personally don’t know another person more passionate about their squad than myself, Niner gear on 8 days of the week. What specifically did you consider trolling, the part where I’m voicing my opinion which we all have the right to do. What’s so outlandish about my thoughts? I’m not the buffoon proclaiming that our qb of the future is here……that would require him to have a contract beyond this year. Get it, 49reasons? You can f.o. my friend…..don’t be so salty I turned out your sister.
        Be useful for once and give me insight how to change that lil emoji guy by our name, ty in advance.

        1. Nevermind…….found a image to remind you who the chosen one is, he wears #7, not #10. It’s not trolling if it’s factual.
          If I’m not mistaken it appears he might have originated dabn as well, the legend lives on….

          1. Give me a few examples of my lack of awareness sir, educate me since you consider yourself to be an expert on the subject. Other than my selfish Kaep rants, my other points aren’t too far fetched. When it plays out exactly how I predict, I’ll be here waiting for u and the “real” niner fans to kiss the pinky ring. Don’t like what I post, don’t read it……questioning my passion and knowledge of this team only emboldens my opinions. The fact is JG is unsigned past this year, he isn’t our qb of the future until that day comes.

            1. Hey, back off. I claim to be the uber Kaep fan on this blog.
              I will not take a back seat to anyone about my passionate fandom of the Niners. Now that the Niners finally have a good QB, I will wish Kaep well, where ever he lands. I think Kaep was stabbed too many times in the back here, so I think he is personally justified in fleeing this dumpster fire.
              Kaep will play, because the QBs who suck like Savage, Hundley and Osweiler, will be so putrid, other teams will clamor for Kaep. It all starts with the top, and Jed chose a suit over a coach and player. Now the Niners have won 7 games these past 3 seasons.
              Hopefully, JG will play, win games, and get signed long term after showing he can lead this team to victory. Kaep will play, because some HCs will rather lose than play Kaep, and lose their jobs. Attrition is a Biotch, but it is part of the game.

              1. Kaep–the uber victim. Never to be held accountable for his behavior. Never to be -an adult.

  10. Finding “the RIGHT” QB is overblown. The difficulty of protecting him while you develop him is underestimated. In my opinion, many QB’s have bit the dust because of impatience and lack of components around them to see what they could do. I am hopefully Lynch and Shanny will have a plan in place to maximize chances for success for the young man.

  11. Rotoworld”

    “NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports the Patriots traded Jimmy Garoppolo because they “couldn’t come close to a contract extension.”
    Garoppolo turned down a backup-plus offer from the Patriots and was expected to walk in free agency. It suggests the 49ers overpaid for a quarterback that would have been available in the offseason. Despite reports Garoppolo may not play this year, it would be shocking if the 49ers didn’t see what they have in him. Garoppolo is likely to target the $18 million AAV Brock Osweiler got in 2016.”

    1. No, the Niners got a sweet deal. A second round pick for a possible franchise QB is a steal when considering JG was touted as a QB who would command 2 first round picks to obtain.

  12. Forty Niners are again the “Home Dog”. This one should pay off handsomely. Current line has Arz by 2 1/2 with the O/U 39. The game will be close. Take Forty Niners to outright win their first game and the over. 24-20 San Francisco. Enjoy the game gentlemen.

    No emergency QB Under. Kaep is not on the team anymore! ;>)

    1. Niners 24-23. CJB will start and they will see if the O line can give him protection. If it does hold up, expect JG to play, maybe only to hand off so he will not have the possibility of being sacked.
      Like Lynch, I want a damn win.
      GO NINERS !!!!!!

  13. I thought I heard a while back that the number of players allowed to suit up on game day was going to increase. I don’t remember the exact details. Did that actually happen?

  14. A buddy of mine were talking about the poor play around the league and bth agreed that one of the solutions would be for the NFL to be more involved in promoting college coaches who featured pro offenses. Additionally teams should expand rosters though that would mean that they would need to promote more of the Pro set style game and less of those spread offenses that are so prevalent in the college ranks.

  15. Not surprising. Every GM in the league probably asks BB that question daily! Brady will be better at 60 than any of the QB’s the Niners have fielded over the last 5 years or so!

  16. Sf 31-24, cjb throws for 300 and 3 tds giving niners brass and faithful something to think about…….also would like to note I was the ONLY person who said Trent was moving to LT in the near future…..not even Grant saw that coming. Knowledge is power.

    1. I was thinking too how funny it would be if CJ came on real strong in the 2nd half, maybe even carrying the niners to a few Ws – what that would do to the ‘QB of the future’ plans.

      1. JG would still be emergency qb for the next game. If CJ wins the next one, then likewise after bye, until both starting tackles are back, then JG gets snaps in specific scripted drives, but CJ still starts. In the way unlikely event that CJ wins the next 3-4 games, JG may get more trial drives in final 2-3 games.
        this is best case scenario.

      2. Both dReed and shrubbs are crazy. Your so desperate for a good 9er team, your hallucinations have now been given voice.

        You both know it starts up front………….why do you blather this stuff?

        We need one more off-season and draft to be competitive.

    2. “also would like to note I was the ONLY person who said Trent was moving to LT in the near future…”

      Pro tip: Link the prediction or it didn’t happen.

      And who would have thought that a RT would move over after the LT and the swing T gets injured. Brilliant! I’m predicting that the sun will rise tomorrow. Book it!

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