Kaepernick still hopes to get signed in viral video

Former NFL football quarterback Colin Kaepernick, right, hugs Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry as Curry holds his son Canon, after Game 4 of the NBA basketball playoffs Western Conference finals against the Portland Trail Blazers, Monday, May 20, 2019, in Portland, Ore. The Warriors won 119-117 in overtime. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Check out this video Colin Kaepernick posted on his Twitter. He shows himself lifting weights in a gym, and he looks much bigger and stronger than he did during his final season of 2016. That season, he was coming off shoulder surgery, and weighed only 215 pounds — roughly 20 pounds lighter than his normal playing weight.

By posting this video, do you think Kaepernick intends to sue the NFL again? What’s his next move?

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    1. I care. Kaep is a SB QB with a 4-2 road playoff record. He got to the SB after starting only 10 games, and has set playoff rushing records. He has a 90.7 QBR, and came within 5 yards of winning a SB, after passing for over 300 yards and running for over 50 yards.
      He is not a backup, he is a starter. Compared to Hoyer, Gabbert, Fitpatrick, Seimian, Savage, Peterman, Ponder, McCoy and the Butt fumbler, Kaep should be an instant starter. Right now, he could be better than Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton , Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, Matthew Stafford and Kyler Murray.

      1. His TEAM got to the SB, they were going with or without him.

        Mark Sanchez has a 4-2 road playoff record, that means absolutely zero.

        He was a flash in the pan QB who’s time came and went. When his time was fading, he suddenly got political…not two or three years prior when Eric Gardner was choked out or the Ferguson situation was happening and he was the FACE of the NFL. Nope. He was too busy posing with Miami Dolphins hats, making Beats commercials and flexing on instagram.

        He’s done. He will play zero snaps in the NFL again.


  1. 2 things:

    Who cares what a former player posts on his social media? Has absolutely nothing to do with the 49ers. Did you see Jerry Rice tweeted today about Dwight Clark. That’s a lot more relevant than posts from an irrelevant former player.

    “do you think Kaepernick intends to sue the NFL again” – Did you seriously just type this and post it on the world wide web? That lawsuit is over and a settlement was reached. What on God’s green earth do you think would be the grounds for another lawsuit? Thats just dumb.

      1. He’s a 31 year old QB that hasn’t played in 2 years. And back when he did play in 2016, at best you could say was he was safe with the ball or efficient. Strictly from a football view point….why would an NFL team bother to sign him in 2019? An argument might have been made in 2017 that he was a decent QB with possibly some upside potential. But now? There’s no football reason for a team to sign him.

        Now if he decided to play for the CFL or new XFL and lit up the league on fire…then that would be a fascinating development for NFL teams to have to consider signing him.

      2. c’mon grant! Tebow was shunned because his religious beliefs and college success/fame were so great that he became an unwanted distraction……just a circus type atmosphere……surrounded the guy!!!! he too, was a talented back-up caliber player whos ego was too big for such a role!

        the scenarios and even the players are eerily similar…..except Kaps social justice warrior persona is far less liked than Tebows religious persona! the NFL has been steady in its dislike for distractions…….no collusion there!

        1. Tebow’s case was simple. The NFL shunned him because he sucked.

          If you think Kaepernick was a limited passer (and if his pocket wasn’t perfect he was)….Tebow makes Kaepenrick look like Joe Montana as a passer.

            1. Yes because Green Bay’s defense couldn’t figure out how to cover Boldin. All Kaep had to do was look straight at Boldin all game and throw the ball to him.

              Most of the time Kaep is a fine passer if his first read is open or if he’s given time to read the defense in the pocket. The problems are that he’s not a fast reader and that he suffers what most scrambling QBs suffer from. Poor foot work and timing. Put simply, Kaep had happy feet. Now given the state of his offensive line in 2015 and 2016….it’s somewhat understandable. But the main point is that he was never forced to sit in the pocket and make quick reads/progressions. His feet always bailed him out of trouble….until teams started to plan for that. And when he scrambles it screws up the timing of the designed play. Sometimes his athleticism bailed him out….but more and more often it didn’t. One thing most people don’t realize is that Kaepernick was an efficient and safe passer. He did not force passes very often. But his psyche was so shot by 2016 that he was starting to ironically become a bit of checkdown king (ironic because that was a fault of Gabbert and supposedly a strength of Alex Smith; whom we all know Kaepernick replaced).

              1. One salient factor in his regression was the O line. Devey, Pears, Beadles were all turnstiles.
                Another big factor was the coaching. They tried to force him to be only a pocket passer, so they were accentuating his weakness, while ignoring his strength.
                Even KS knows the advantages of having a mobile pocket. JG and the other QBs roll out, so the pass rushers cannot tee off and rush to a spot.
                I expect a team like the Broncos. Ravens or Titans, may have a QB problem. Kaep could step in and lead them to the playoffs. With a decent supporting cast, Kaep could do well. In 2015 and 2016, Baalke dismantled that SB team, and they ended up with players like Bellore who not only jumped out of his assigned gap, he would block his own players. Third string RBs would gallop for 200 yards.

              2. Yes, they tried to make Kaepernick more of a pocket passer. Because a QB has to be able to be a pocket passer. It’s nice to have mobility….but that’s icing on the cake as long as you can be a pocket passer first and foremost. Roman and Harbaugh knew they were going to become stuck with Kaepernick’s limitations if he didn’t develop into a better pocket passer. He didn’t…….he’s a limited QB.

                Yes the 49er’s offensive line was pretty bad. But Kaepernick also didn’t make plays when there were plays to be made. He had happy feet.

            2. Dude…Matt Shaub threw for 527 yards in a game.

              Billy Volek threw for 492.

              Tommy Kramer 490.

              Matt Freakin Flynn 480.

              Tommy Maddox 473.

              Who cares if he ONCE threw for 400 yards in a revenge game? And since you bring it up, do you want to know the yards he threw for in the next 4 games … 127, 150, 167, 113. Looks like he shot his load in that one game. In 14 of the 16 games that year he never threw for more than 275, in 13 of the 16 games he never threw for more than 252, in 11 of the 16 games he didn’t throw for more than 203 yards. In one of game he didn’t even throw for more than 91 yards.

              This is a joke.

              You know who never threw for

      3. Come on now. G
        if 7 wanted to play? well he’d play. It is really that simple. If I want something I go out and earn it. I take with hard work and desire. He wants to push his agenda. 7 is about 7. Plus I don’t think I’d sue the company I want to work. Kinda seems like 7 is the guy at work that’s is a HR employee from hell.

      4. You do realize that there most likely were terms of the settlement which prohibited CK from suing the NFL again….this is pretty common sense. – NFL “Okay Colin, lets settle, heres a million”, CK “Okay, deal”…2 months later…CK “Ha! I’m gonna sue you guys again since I’m not employed”…NFL “Doh!”.

        You do realize the NFL has some of the best attorneys that money can buy (and they have lots of money).

        This was by far one of the dumbest things you’ve posted. Just because he with the NFL does not mean the NFL is required to have a team sign him. Why the hell doesn’t Johnny Manziel then sue the NFL for collusion?

        Also…no way is he “bigger”. He looks like he’s about 200lbs…and even that is hard to tell with the editing of this video. Steph looks about as muscular as CK does here and Steph is only an inch shorter but listed at 190.

        Please for the love of this board, no more CK posts.


    1. It’s *couldn’t* care less.

      Could care less means as much as you care now, you could still care less.

      Couldn’t care less means just that, you have zero care left.

  2. Seb must be under sedation in the hospital. Grant concocted this story as a Seb magnet (maybe to distract him from the training camp updates?). So far no Seb…

    1. maybe the guy took my comments to heart and is finally seeking the professional help he needs!! his unhealthy obsession with this blog would rival that of any junkie or alcoholic!

      1. I have been busy, but you know me. Kaep is an interesting subject to me. I still like JG, and do not think that Kaep is needed, with JG and NM, but I wish him well wherever he goes.
        Did you watch Grant’s latest periscope? He said that anyone who wanted to get into the media, should write a lot. Guess I fulfilled that requirement. ;p
        Did Grant throw me a cookie? You betcha.
        He is probably happy that I advocated so strongly for JL to give Grant an interview.
        Kaep is still being blackballed. I wonder if that has violated the terms of the settlement. I hope Kaep finds a better lawyer.
        The NFL does not have a leg to stand on, and if they are still blackballing him, that would violate the CBA.
        Looking at all the drek QBs in the league, all his detractors are confirming their lack of assessment skills to think that Fitzpatrick or 8 other starters are superior to Kaep. Almost every backup is inferior to Kaep.
        Guess some teams are more content to lose without Kaep, than win with Kaep.

  3. Still better than nick mullins and cj beathard….easily would take him as a back up…possible border line starter depends on what rest of team looks like

  4. Still can’t read a defense. Pressure on one side and throw db’s to other and he is a deer in the headlights! BOOM!

    He should show a video of himself watching film and throwing passes – accurate passes

    1. Just watch his highlight film.
      A black QB cannot read a defense? That is what they said for years, to keep black QBs out of the league. They also said that black QBs should be converted to WR, which many have said about Kaep.

        1. Because Kaep is protesting against police shooting of unarmed blacks.
          Why are you defending racial profiling rogue cops who act as judge, jury and executioner?

          1. LOL! Good grief! The purpose of Krap’s stupid vid is to show that he can still lift weights (BFD) and cry about not getting a QB gig. You just want to be divisive and pound that old tired race-bait drum. And please cite in my comment, Jussie, where I am “defending racial profiling rogue cops who act as judge, jury and executioner.” Stop being a typical faux-outrage lefty. SMH

  5. I don’t know. I saw him beat the vaunted Chi Bears in his first start. Saw him beat the Patriots in NE. Saw him make a great comeback win against the Falcons. Did I mention that he beat the Aaron Rodgers led Packers as well. Oh, he almost made an incredible comeback win in the SB.

    We can agree or disagree, like or dislike Kaep, but I believe he’s earned the right to at the very least get a second chance.

    1. Who or what team management in their right mind would hire a litigious individual period…..not smart to think any organization anywhere including McDonalds would hire a potential litigious employee.

      1. Every player or person is a potential litigious employee, if the employer unfairly deprives him of the right to work.
        This is America, and blackballing a football player for silently and peacefully exercising his right to protest is enough to void the CBA. He has every right to seek proper redress.

        1. Appreciate that point of view Seb, however since is it is clear that this individual is in fact litigious, who as an employer would take the chance to hire him or her and put their organization at risk from law suit? .. It would be a huge risk to any organization to employ such an individual. Period.

            1. Like you give a flyin’ one Sebbie… Own it.

              sebnynah says:
              August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm

              If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed.

              1. IF.
                Too bad Hoyer could not sustain that level of play. So I do mind that Kaep is being blackballed.
                I am not claiming that Kaep should be signed by the Niners, but I hope some team will want to win so much, they will sign Kaep, and end this blackballing.
                Some claim Kaep is not good enough to be a starter, then do not want him to even have a chance to compete. What are they afraid of?

            2. NO I do not defend blackballing neither do I defend protesting during work hours or hours of operation. When you clock in to work you work you do not protest on the employers dime…sorry..I am old school…..It is a sad state of affairs when a person is rewarded millions for flaking off on company time….at this point this individual proven to be defiant and a distraction for the other workers. good try

    2. Kaepernick flourished for one season while the league figured out how to stop the read-option. Once the defenses caught up Kaepernick was exposed as the back up level quarterback that he is/was.

      Kaepernick was a gimmick QB.

  6. Kaepernick is out of a job because he was backup level talent that tried to make himself bigger than the sport. His banishment is a reminder to other players that are thinking of doing the same thing that the league always has and always will, win.

    1. They did not win, they settled. Kaep probably would never have agreed to the settlement if the NFL were allowed to continue the blackballing.

      1. sEb is Kraep hired yet or will he ever play again?….NO so the league won= this ass hat is out a job for his flaking off on company time and is unhireable at this point. So therefore the blackballing does continue…question is : is is really blackballing when the potential hire is defiant, underskilled and litigious? Not to mention arrogant, smug and a potential cancer to said organization? No! so I think this case is closed. No sense posting anymore nonsense on here Seb your argument is moot LOL hehehe

        1. Frisco Kid, we do not know what were the terms of his settlement. If the NFL wanted to win outright, they would never had settled.
          Claiming Kaep will never play again is just wishful thinking. When QBs suffer attrition, it will make Kaep’s case even stronger. Claiming he is too old at 31 is specious, with Brady, Brees, Ryan, Rodgers, Eli, Flacco, Rivers and Ben all older.

          1. Sebbie….Kaep turns 32 in November. And how long has it been since he’s taken a snap as a pro player–how long?

            You’ve been repeating this same wishful thinking for two years. Will you be saying the same next year?

            1. I am a firm believer in justice.
              Hopefully, after a team loses its starting QB and the backup struggles, a team will decide that they want to make the playoffs so much, they will be brave enough to sign Kaep.

  7. Grant says;

    ” The grounds would be collusion since the settlement. He still hasn’t been signed. He still wants to play”.

    Your legal argument,which everyone ignores is interesting, but holds no water at this point.
    Once QBs are starting to get injured and replaced with lesser QBs than Kap, it could maybe get him some traction.
    He’s saying I’m ready, I’m available but that is not enough to hire someone.
    What is written in the settlement, besides the money, would make the case.
    Is there an agreement that teams HAVE to try him out or is it that they are ALLOWED to try him out.
    Time will tell

  8. If Kap was a starting qb Lynch would have keep him. York’s apparently sided with the coaching staff not to keep him. I guess they were tired of this one trick pony as I know I’m tired of reading about Kap
    Grant find something more interesting to write abTout.

    There was an article on the internet regarding sports commentators were being paid for on air comments. Jimmy Johnson $ 600K Terry Bradshaw $1M. Grant you need to polish up your act because your better than both of them.

  9. Three (kind of) quick points re settlement under the CBA (https://nflpaweb.blob.core.windows.net/media/Default/PDFs/Active%20Players/2011%20CBA%20Updated%20with%20Side%20Letters%20thru%201-5-15.pdf):

    (1) A player or a previous player seeking employment cannot waive protections of the CBA. Any settlement that purported to restrict subsequent claims arising out of future behavior violative of the CBA would be void. In other words, a player/previous player covered under the terms of the CBA could not agree to forgo pursuing CBA protection for future grievances. And while it might appear to a lay person that any alleged current collusion would arise from the same facts and circumstances as the prior grievance and thus fall under the existing settlement, that is incorrect under the CBA. Each alleged instance of collusion is its own possible violation.

    (2) The likely bar to successfully pursuing a new grievance is more practical in nature. Namely, if past collusion did occur and the NFL sidestepped revelation of such collusion via the settlement agreement, it is unlikely that the NFL or team owners would continue the same behavior. And absent new behavior that is violative of the CBA (and has occurred or been discovered within the 90 day filing window), a grievance under these circumstances (previous player still not signed but without evidence of current wrongdoing) would likely fail.

    (3) On the issue of whether an agreement could mandate that clubs provide a specific player with employment, such an agreement would violate the anti-collusion provision (Article 17) of the CBA, and the class of potential claimants would be quite large (all unsigned QBs and possibly all unsigned players). Section 16 of Article 17 provides a means by which the NFLPA can terminate the CBA in the face of egregious collusion by the NFL/clubs (see p. 126 of the CBA). One of the specified grounds is if “…it is shown by clear and convincing evidence that 14 or more Clubs have engaged in a violation or violations of Section 1 of this Article causing injury to one or more NFL players.” (NFL CBA Article 17 Section 16(c)). Another is if “…there has been a finding or findings of one or more instances of a violation of Section 1 of this Article with respect to any one NFL season which, either individually or in total, involved five or more Clubs and caused injury to 20 or more players.” (NFL CBA Article 17 Section 16(a)). A settlement to avoid termination under Article 17 Section 16(c) (or even the threat of termination proceedings) that included terms that would lead to sufficient grievances to invoke Article 17 Section 16(a) would be free-falling from frying pan into fire, as the agreement would memorialize the collusion (and a confidentiality agreement would not withstand discovery for such grievances).

        1. I need a 2-0 start to stimulate the belief throughout the team, and build up their confidence going into the home opener against the Steelers.

    1. So the machinations of the settlement is just more proof of collusion?
      No wonder Trumpet said what he said.
      Thank you for being so informative. I try to learn something new every day.

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