Day 11: The good and not so good from training camp

San Francisco 49ers’ Aaron Burbridge makes a pass reception during NFL football practice at the team’s headquarters Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA – Here’s who stood out during the ninth padded practice of training camp.


1. RB Jerick McKinnon. Gained 30 yards on an outside run to the right. Such a better fit in Kyle Shanahan’s offense than Carlos Hyde. Big upgrade.

2. RB Joe Williams. Gained 40 yards on an outside run to the right during his first rep against the starting defense all offseason. Has had a fantastic training camp. Zero fumbles.

3. RT Mike McGlinchey. Created the holes for McKinnon and Williams during their long runs to the right. Seemed to be down blocking instead of reach blocking. Ended up near the left side of the formation after each run.

4. WR Aldrick Robinson. Caught both of Jimmy Garoppolo’s touchdown passes. One was a 25-yarder in the back corner of the end zone. The other was a 70-yarder down the middle of the field.

5. WR Kendrick Bourne. Reached out and snagged a pass while running through heavy traffic over the middle. Has no fear, similar to Pierre Garcon.

6. TE Cole Hikutini. Caught five passes for 75 yards. Made Garoppolo look good with a 15-yard catch over the middle. Garoppolo threw the pass behind Hikutini, who spun and caught it anyway.

7. DT Sheldon Day. Ran through McGlinchey and right guard Jonathan Cooper to pressure Garoppolo and force him to throw a pass Antone Exum Jr. should have intercepted. The ball bounced off his chest plate. Day makes one great play every day.

8. OLB Eli Harold. An excellent edge-setter in the run game. Burst into the backfield during an outside zone run to his side of the defense, and forced running back Matt Breida to cut into the teeth of the defense for no gain.

9. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Threw two perfect deep touchdown passes to Robinson.


1. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Overthrew two deep passes to Dante Pettis, and nearly got intercepted twice: Once by Exum, and once by Ahkello Witherspoon.

2. QB C.J. Beathard. Overthrew a deep pass to Pettis, underthrew two deep passes to Victor Bolden Jr, one-hopped back-to-back check-down passes to running back Jeremy McNichols, completed only 7 of 14 passes total and threw a pick to Terrell Williams Jr. My goodness.

3. WR Dante Pettis. Didn’t go what Bourne did in No. 5 of the “Good” section. Alligator-armed a pass from Nick Mullens over the middle instead.

4. CB D.J. Reed. Gave up the 70-yard touchdown catch to Robinson. Definitely not ready to play nickel back Week 1. The 49ers need K’Waun Williams to return and play well.

5. CB Greg Mabin. Gave up the 25-yard touchdown catch to Robinson, plus a 30-yard catch to Marquise Goodwin, and committed a pass-interference penalty for good measure. Definitely not good enough to play corner Week 1 or ever. The 49ers need Richard Sherman to return and play well.

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      1. The only position on offense not settled……

        Just heard that rant again…Dennis Green “They are what we thought they were …

    1. Injuries aside, Williams will probably have Foster’s roster spot while he serves the suspension. Then, it will be a numbers game. If Buckner is going to be getting snaps at DE, that could put Attaochu or Blairs on the outside of the 53.

    1. It is good Brown is getting it done for Patriots. No reason to keep him and the new contract. Plus he was not able to move like we needed for the scheme. Further nothing wrong with keeping good relations with Patriots.

    2. Brown was only going to work for a pass happy team like the Patriots. He was a liability as a run blocker…especially in Shanahan’s offense. Ideally Shanahan wants to be a run first team and built the passing game around the run game. But that isn’t feasible if your right tackle can’t get to his blocks and execute them effectively.

      As for Nelson, the draft capital to go up an get him is fairly prohibitive. Having Nelson next to Brown wouldn’t have solved any of Brown’s problems.

      1. If the Cards had traded up with the Colts, Nelson may have fallen into the Niners laps.
        That’s life. Woulda coulda shoulda, but did not happen.
        I agree, you and many others have pointed out that KS’s scheme did not fit Brown. Brown will be happy in NE.

  1. 1. RB Jerick McKinnon. Gained 30 yards on an outside run to the right.
    2. RB Joe Williams. Gained 40 yards on an outside run to the right
    3. RT Mike McGlinchey. Created the holes for McKinnon and Williams during their long runs to the right.

    That’s why we drafted McG and traded Brown.

    9. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. “Threw two perfect deep touchdown passes to Robinson.”

    Perfect. I read that the deep one went 65 yards in the air. Is his footwork better? Is his arm stronger? More chemistry? All of the above?

  2. Williams had a good camp last season too, I hope it can carry over this time. I think he’s the best back on the team.

  3. Grant Cohn Stop saying the 49ers should have kept Trent Brown last year you were the first one to say trade him because he doesn’t fit the scheme and his contract is another year so would have been a free agent better to have a draft pick then nothing. Now you say they should have kept him because he is elite.

    1. Agreed. He was probably going to get a big offer from elsewhere. Glad we got something decent for him. If we gave NE some kind of discount, so what; they gave us JG. Maybe there was a handshake on Brown. Really, who cares? If you’re comparing deals, I’ll take ours. We gave them a starting left tackle. They gave us a starting QB. McGlinchey’s bound to improve in pass protection. Doubt it’ll take long. Maybe never as good as Brown, but who knows? We do know he’s already better in the run game. Many observers would call this good management.

        1. Me too. I agreed with George I’m glad the niners got something decent for Him.

    2. lol @ Grant. I remember that too. All of a sudden Brown is now a hall-of-famer. That rant you did on Periscope today was unhinged and embarrassing. Brown was a poor run blocker and one of the least hard-working players on the entire team. Good riddance!

  4. Granted, enjoyed on the periscope when you side tracked and got into the harbaugh, tomsula, kelly stuff. That’s stuff no one talks bout but is super interesting. Mix that in sometimes!
    Who’s chest that pick bounce off of?? Please don’t say Colbert!

  5. Been thinking about asymmetric personnel groups. The Pats have historically done well with two Tight End and two Slot Receiver formations. These unbalanced sets create match-up difficulties.

    How do you think two tight end formations featuring Hikutini and Kittle would do?

    Or two slot (type) receiver groupings featuring Taylor and Pettis? Pettis may not play Slot, but he has Slot skills that would drive a larger, less agile corner crazy.

    1. Shanny used some two and three TE sets at Atlanta. Double slot sets would be an easy situational adaptation. Tbd.

  6. Was Reed playing in man coverage during that 70 yards pass ? Because I don’t really see why a slot CB in a cover 3 scheme should cover deep.

  7. While I like the big 40 yard runs, I am concerned about the run defense.
    Sure hope they maintain gap integrity, and shut down Zeke, so maybe he will shut up.
    Harold forced Brieda to cut back into the teeth of the defense? Thanks Grant, you just made my day.

    1. You think Zeke is playing more than one series? Dude…have you watched preseason football before, its the first game, starters play a drive…at best…he might not even suit up.

  8. The Official Grant Cohn Offensive Line Good/Not So Good Tracker

    Offensive Line
    Day 1: Good -0 // Not So Good – 0
    Day 2: Good -0 // Not So Good – 1
    Day 3: Good -1 // Not So Good – 2
    Day 4: Good -1 // Not So Good – 1
    Day 5: Good -0 // Not So Good – 5
    Day 6: Good -0 // Not So Good – 3
    Day 7: Good -0 // Not So Good – 3
    Day 8: Good -0 // Not So Good – 3
    Day 9: Good -1 // Not So Good – 4
    Day 10: Good -0 // Not So Good – 4
    Day 11: Good -1 // Not So Good – 0

    Total: Good -4 // Not So Good – 26

    Wow. Good day for the o-line. First day since the first day of training camp the o-line had 0 Not So Goods. McGlinchey gets on the board for his second inclusion in the Good column.

    1. Zimmer will have his hands full against Shanny’s sophomore offense, with months to scheme his defense. Especially if Cooper can solidify that RG position….

  9. The Good: Seb not walking us through the Baalke/JH wars wherein he stated Kaep was as good as Garoppolo prior to JG winning 5 staight (suddenly a JG fan)

    The Bad: Seb talking football on a Niner website when he’s actually a fan of the Rams (NFC team/Raiders AFC team

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