Earl Mitchell on the 49ers: “There are a lot of familiar faces that have helped me with my career.

This is the transcript of Earl Mitchell’s first conference call as a member of the 49ers.

Q: Tell us about your meeting with the 49ers and the first impression they made on you.

MITCHELL: Right off the bat I could tell it was a first-class organization. They treated me with a lot of respect. I was happy to be here because there are a lot of familiar faces that have helped me with my career. So I was really excited to be there, and I had a great time when I was there.

Q: Talk about those familiar faces, the coaches that you’re going to be working with.

MITCHELL: I’ve worked with the D-line coach, Jeff Zgonina, in the past, and he’s somebody I have a tremendous amount of respect for. He played 17 years in the league on the interior. That was a big factor for me. They have DeMeco Ryans on the staff, which was big for me also because I know the type of player he is, I know how smart of a person he is. And just the fact that we played together. I can tell they’re building a family-type environment there. That’s something I wanted to be a part of with Coach Shanahan and everyone else that’s part of their staff.

Q: Did you meet with Kyle Shanahan first or John Lynch? How did that go down?

MITCHELL: I met with both of them probably simultaneously most of the time. I just got the right vibe from them. They wanted a guy that goes about it the right way. I’m fortunate to hear and listen to the things they’ve expressed about me, and those things I want to live up to, things I appreciate them saying about me as a person and a player.

Q: What other teams offered you contracts?

MITCHELL: I flew to Seattle, I flew to Denver and I was in Atlanta. I had a few other offers but those were the only visits that I took.

Q: What traits do you bring to this defense?

MITCHELL: I bring leadership. I can help out a lot of the younger guys, help out their games. And I’m a guy that you can rely on to be accountable and do things the right way. The young guys see that. That’s real important to me. I’m a team guy. When it comes to playing, I take a great amount of pride in run defense and I like to get a lot of the young guys together, make sure that we’re watching enough tape and making sure that we’re all prepared. I’m always one of those guys that you can rely on if you want to get extra work in and stuff like that.

Q: You’re going to a team that was 2-14 last season. Were there any concerns about the state of the franchise, not knowing how many years you might have left? And if so, were some of those concerns eased by meeting with some of the people you mentioned?

MITCHELL: I’m not one of those type of guys that look into the past. I’m always looking ahead. Every year is different in this league – that’s one thing I know about playing in this league. When it comes to thinking like that, there’s another way of thinking. I’m excited to playing with guys I’m familiar with, and I can continue to grow and learn. That’s always what it’s been about for me. I’m just excited to be there. That’s really all I’m thinking about.

Q: In terms of your health, you missed the first half of last season with a calf injury. Is that an issue going forward that you have to monitor during the offseason?

MITCHELL: It’s definitely something that I work on, but I was able to finish the season strong which was important to me. Obviously I had that injury, but once I came back I was fine. In this league you get injured and stuff, but sometimes you’ve got to deal with those type of growing pains. I worked through it and ended up ultimately being fine.

Q: You played in that Niners game. What do you recall from that game and the way Colin Kaepernick almost led them back?

MITCHELL: That was a great game. That was a tough game. It really came down to the last second. I know that this team plays with a tenacity and I’m familiar with it. I just remember playing against those guys and I know that there’s so much promise and I’m looking forward to being part of the getting-over-the-hump aspect, I guess you could say.

Q: Do you expect to be playing nose tackle?

MITCHELL: It’s hard to say right now. I plan on playing the interior for the most part, maybe switching back and forth. That’s obviously one of my strengths, but it’s hard to say right now.

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  1. Dd you get that interview grant? I thought he gave great insight to being a professional on this level. Establishing relationships and being accountable. This is a good signing !!!

  2. Lynch’s new attitude is paying dividends already. The 49ers can become a destination team again.

  3. My first attempt on First Pick this year. Totally unrealistic but fun nonetheless:

    Round 1 Pick 15 (PHI): Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan (A)
    Round 2 Pick 2: Takkarist McKinley, OLB/DE, UCLA (B+)
    Round 2 Pick 8 (CAR): David Njoku, TE, Miami (Fla.) (A)
    Round 2 Pick 14 (MINN): Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech (B)
    Round 3 Pick 2: Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida (A)
    Round 3 Pick 10 (PHI): Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee (A+)
    Round 3 Pick 22 (MINN): Chad Wheeler, OT, Southern California (B+)
    Round 4 Pick 2: Connor Harris, ILB, Lindenwood (B)
    Round 4 Pick 36 (COMP): Carlos Henderson, WR, Louisiana Tech (C)
    Round 5 Pick 2: Danny Isidora, OG, Miami (Fla.) (A)
    Round 6 Pick 2: Jake Elliott, K, Memphis (C)
    Round 6 Pick 18: Tedric Thompson, SS, Colorado (B)
    Round 7 Pick 1: Joe Mathis, DE, Washington (B+)
    Round 7 Pick 2: Stevie Tuikolovatu, DT, Southern California (A-)

    1. Good group of players. But Njoku…

      I’ll spare you my 100th scouting report on Njoku. I’ll just say he is a 1st round lock.

    2. rocket, I’ve heard a lot of talk about Mahomes lately, and he’s got some talent, but I see a very big problem with his mechanics.

      You may have heard coaches say “get the elbow up” – because the elbow only needs to go high enough to get over and ahead of the shoulder on the throw. The smoothness and efficiency of this move is the key to consistent power and accuracy on a throw. The problem for Mahomes is that he holds the ball at his hip, and then essentially slings the ball from a very low position.

      Ideally, the quarterback should push the ball up and back away from the chest – never bringing the ball down below the chest and looping around. For the arm to track through the sagittal plane, the elbow almost inevitably must position straight back at 90 degrees before it rotates up and over to the target. The key point to this mechanic is getting it to that position as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that it can begin moving forward, thus reducing the time it takes to execute the throwing motion.

      Mahomes must first correct this fundamental flaw before I can even consider him a viable NFL QB prospect. It will be interesting to see if he has worked to correct this prior to the combine.

      1. I’m not a big proponent of changing a QB’s throwing motion. As long as the release is acceptable I don’t care how they get there. The biggest thing Mahomes needs to work on is his footwork.

        1. I here you rocket. I’m just not sure you can be consistent with your release firing from the hip. I’ll be interested to watch Mahomes closely at the combine. Like I said, I see some talent. Yes, his footwork and body motion needs work, but he’s got a strong arm, and stands tall in the pocket. He’s also not afraid to let it rip.

          I am afraid it may be a case of rebuilding his throwing mechanics “from the ground up”, which some “experts” seem to think Mahomes may need. Like you seem to be saying, changing a QB’s throwing motion is always dicey, considering all of the other things involved in development at the NFL level. .

          1. I tend to side with rocket. He is very accurate with his throwing motion. His accuracy issues are more related to his footwork and the fact he often throws off his back foot.

        2. NFL film is replete with good QB’s and bad footwork. It’s myopic to assume that all great QB’s make every pass with perfectly placed feet and shoulder/arms. The elite QB’s just exhibit good footwork more often then not. If Mahomes had an accuracy problem in general then NFL coaches would need to put in a lot of time trying to ‘fix’ him. However this isn’t the case. Mahomes already operates at a high level in terms of his ability to throw the ball with accuracy and speed. This isn’t to say that he has good footwork it just means he’s good enough of an athlete to overcome it. NFL coaches will be better served working on getting him to be fluid under center and in the huddle before worrying about his footwork.

          1. I’d be shocked if Shanahan and Lynch have anything higher than a 3rd round grade on Mahomes. His stats are impressive, until you understand the offense Texas Tech runs. I’ve seen few teams run as many screens as the Red Raiders, and he’s constantly got receivers running wide open. You watch the film, and you see a very “scatter shot” QB who struggles to repeat the same throwing motion twice, which was one of Grant’s biggest criticism of Gabbert. There simply is no consistency with this kids throwing motion. Yes, Mahomes’ footwork is an absolute mess, but correcting footwork is nothing compared to fixing an entire throwing motion.

            I know for a fact that there are a lot of NFL teams that are very skeptical of Mahomes. We’ll see how well Mahomes holds up to scrutiny next week. I suspect his flaws in his throwing motion will be a subject of debate.

            Personally, I have a 4th round grade on Mahomes, simply because it’s a shallow draft class. I certainly wouldn’t draft him as early as round 2. And I wouldn’t want to be the coach tasked with developing him.

    3. Reportedly McKinley will be out as long as 6 months with an injury…don’t want to draft any more injured players. As for the rest of your draft, I like the first 4 picks, but not crazy about the rest. You also offered no explanation about the obvious trades you’d make…and we only have 1 7th rd pick because Carrier didn’t fulfill the FA requirements w/’Skins.

      1. Frank,

        Thanks for the feedback.

        McKinley’s injury isn’t anything that should affect him long term and the recovery time is the only reason he might be available in round two. He would be a tremendous value at that spot.

        I didn’t mention my reasoning for the trades because there really wasn’t any. In this program you are often offered trades every time your pick comes up. I just looked at the players available and made a decision on whether to trade back. I did it 3 times and picked up a number of picks in the mid rounds. I like what I came up with overall but it was unrealistic. No team will trade that many times or have that many opportunities to trade, and there were players available at spots I don’t think they will be when the real thing is under way.

        Just a fun game to play.

    4. Davis and Mahomet, damn I like that scenario. Only disagreement I have is I would prefer an MLB in the second.

      1. Thanks Shoup. I tried to get a MLB sooner but there wasn’t much available by the time the second round began. I didn’t want to reach and leave a better player on the board, thus the reason I took McKinley and Njoku.

    5. Rocket – good post. However, Mahomes in the 2nd round? That’s a major reach. His college numbers are inflated and of his throwing yards came by way of YAC. He’s OK to gamble on in the 4th round or later, but I would not waste a 2nd round on him.

      1. Nick

        I do agree on Mahomes as to a 2nd rounder…perhaps a late 3rd

        Rocket…Good post…I especially like Kamara from Tennessee

      2. I don’t think he falls out of the second Nick. In a questionable QB draft, a player like Mahomes will compare favorably to the ones ranked ahead of him right now and will likely move up the closer we get to the draft. I would feel better about getting him in the 3rd, but he won’t be there imo.

    6. I like it Rocket but no way Cory Davis falls that far. He’s the best WR in the draft.
      If not Trubisky at 2, then Cory Davis.

      1. Tough to say Prime. There are a lot of good players in the top half of this draft so somebody is going to fall.

    7. rocket,
      Strong haul.
      I have fluctuated with the number two pick for quite some time. This years defensive players seem to dominate the first rd and I find myself leaning with a defensive player with our 1st pick.
      I could easily be comfortable with Jonathan Allen with our #2, but the one player that really intrigues me is Reuben Foster.

      When I look around todays NFL there is only a small handful of defensive players that strike fear (like our HOF Ronnie Lott) in offensve players.
      The main culprit is Kam Chancellor who we face twice a year.
      Although Foster is a LB, he can cause havoc and physically impose his will.
      The last player that could that on our team was Patrick Willis. Reuben Foster can bring back the funk! (big hit)

      1. AES,

        I like Foster a lot but there are some concerns. His long term health and the fact he played behind a front that kept him clean most of the time being chief among them. I’d rather pick him up after trading down a few slots but realize that is unlikely due to teams probably not being interested in trading up.

        1. rocket,
          There are some health concerns with Foster. The last report regarding him was that he may have a rotator-cuff injury that would need to be corrected and put him on the sideline throughout training camp and OTA’s.

          But this kid is a flat out football player. He has dominated since he was in high school. When I watch Foster play I see a player who wants to win on every play and brings fearless abandon ala Ronnie Lott to the game.
          Ronnie Lott played on some very good USC teams but was able to carve out his own brand in the NFL because he had the temperament to succeed at all cost.
          I can’t say that Foster has the same temperament as RL, but I see many similarities.
          If Jed is serious about changing the culture of the team Reuben Foster is a good place to start.

          1. AES,

            Has it been confirmed that Foster would miss camp and OTAs? Everything I’ve read has said he would be ready to go before training camp started.

            If this is an injury that would linger into camp, I wouldn’t take him at 2.

            1. Recent scientific studies shows that nearly 3-5 months after rotator cuff surgery is when you are at greatest risk of re-injury or re-tearing your rotator cuff. This is probably the most critical period in the recovery from rotator cuff surgery. You can’t fight biology. It takes many months for a repaired rotator cuff to become strong enough to allow you to use it to lift weights, push or pull heavy objects or use it for more than typical activities of daily living. This is simply the biology of tendon healing! Most academic shoulder surgeons will not allow their patients to begin aggressive strength training for at least three months following rotator cuff surgery.

              1. http://blog.gameready.com/blog/what-is-typical-shoulder-surgery-recovery-time

                “Week 12 – By this point in the recovery process you should have REGAINED MOST OF THE STRENTGH in your shoulder and arm, so most normal activities can be performed easily. Athletic activity is still not recommended at this point as the tissues continue to heal.”

                “Most patients experience a FULL RECOVERY AFTER ABOUT FOUR TO SIX MONTHS AND CAN THEN RETURN TO ATHLETIC ACTIVITY, if desired. Of course,

                Foster is scheduled to be a fully recovered in 4 months. I will not give him a different recovery time frame for two reasons.

                1. I’m not a doctor.
                2. I have never examined him personally, even if I were a doctor.

              2. The question is; would Foster be worth the wait?
                Obviously he drops out of the top ten picks if he will be on the mend from 5-6 months. But imo he’s worth trading out of the the #2 and taking him later in the 1st Rd.
                Even if Foster requires 6 months or an entire season to recoup he will still be a top 20 pick.

    8. Rocket: Did you use the Fanspeak website I’ve been using? You should do the GM option so you can sign free agents also.

      1. I used First Pick actually, but that Fanspeak ultimate GM option does look like it would be a lot of fun.

  4. Armando SalgueroVerified account‏@ArmandoSalguero 20h20 hours ago
    Always interesting how one team’s “trash” is another’s “treasure.” Dolphins were unimpressed with Mitchell’s ’16 play, expected ’17 decline.

  5. “Right off the bat I could tell it was a first-class organization.’
    “I met with both of them probably simultaneously most of the time. I just got the right vibe from them.”

    We are on the right track. It will be interesting to see if we pursue Ingram, and then if we could land him. Lynch is doing a good job so far.

  6. I think Mitchell is exactly the kind of free agent Lynch and Shanahan are looking for. It’s the intangibles that make him so valuable when rebuilding a winning culture.

    “As soon as Earl hit the open market, he became a priority for us to sign,” Lynch said in a statement Saturday. “A man of high character, he represents everything we want to be as a football team.”

    “They’re building a family-type environment there and that’s something I wanted to be a part of,” Mitchell said on a media conference call. “I bring leadership. I can help out a lot of the younger guys and help out their game. I’m a guy you can rely on to be accountable and do things the right way. Young guys see that. I’m a team game. I take a great amount of pride in run defense and I like to get the young guys together to make sure we’re watching enough tape and are prepared.”

    “Earl is a tone-setter who plays the game with a tremendous passion and the effort necessary to win in this league,” Lynch added. “We believe those qualities are contagious and will help to make our team stronger. We look forward to the impact Earl will have on the field, in the locker room and in our community.”

  7. After looking at Grant’s poll its clear why I think the 49ers should try to trade back.

    Name – Vote % – Mocked at NFL website
    Reuben Foster – 29% – 5, 9, 9, 6, 11
    Jonathan Allen – 19% – 3, 8, 3, 2, 3
    Malik Hooker – 11% – 7, 12, 7, 7, 4
    Mike Williams – 8% – 9, 18, 13, 15, 10
    Mitch Trubisky – 6% – 23, 2, 2, 10, 2
    Marshon Lattimore – 6% – 2, 5, 6, 3, 6
    Jamal Adams – 5% – 4, 4, 4, 5, 16
    Solomon Thomas – 5% – 8, 3, 28, 17, 5
    DeShaun Watson – 3% – 10, 10, blank, 27, 12
    Dalvin Cook – 3% -14, 15, 21, 8, 19
    Leonard Fournette – 2% – 6, 6, 8, 4, 8
    Corey Davis – 2% – 13, 30, blank, 23, 15
    DeShone Kizer – 1% – Four Blanks, 13

    But motivation for trading back, is anti motivation for trading up. The consensus in 49er land is trade back staying within the top 6 to 10 picks. Odds are it won’t happen.

    1. There are eight players I would find acceptable with Niners first pick. I’d love a trade back. So would the 49ers. A local writer who’s name I spaced (Barrows? Maiocco?) said the 49ers would LOVE to trade 2 back a few spots (emphasis his), but wasn’t sure it would happen due to the weak trade back market.

      My hope is a team like the Jets is quietly targeting Trubisky, but I’m not banking on it.

  8. Mitchell is exactly the kind of blue collar player we need…nothing fancy about him, but he’s the kind of run-stuffer our DL needs so much. Next move will hopefully be re-signing Chris Jones…I think he’d be ideal to play alongside Mitchell. Then, in the draft, pick Jonathan Allen…that would reestablish our DL as a strength. I think Lynch or Brooks could play the Leo position…but I sure would like to see them sign Ingram and Zach Brown to fortify our LB corps.

    1. I’m guilty of hand wringing about missing out on Garrett and the weak trade back market, but Jonathan Allen is an extremely good consolation prize. He brings the attitude Lynch has been talking about too.

      1. Yep. Allen is the player we should take if Garrett is Gandhi. Then I’d trade up similar to Deven last year for Kizer….

        1. I could get on board with Allen, although the 49ers certainly have more pressing needs, if they can land Kizer with their second pick.

      2. You can’t overthink it on draft day. If you feel Allen is the best talent on the board, you take him. There is always room on the roster for a player like that. What gets teams into trouble is when they talk themselves into a lesser player on the board because of need.

        1. Exactly. Those are the people that think they know what they’re doing, but in all reality, don’t have a clue….

          1. Than Allen? Interesting. I’m not arguing, I think highly of him as well.
            I worry (it’s that time of year) about over loading a position group a la Allen; Lions and more recently Dolphins did that w/o getting full ROI.
            Garrett or Thomas moves talent into the next defensive level and addresses need. 4Q pass rush can seal the deal.

            1. Yeah, I prefer him for the 49ers for a few reasons. One being as you say, he can play the edge in a 4-3 while Allen would be more a DT, making one of Armstead or Buckner supercluous.

              But I also think Thomas is a great fit to play the same role Michael Bennett does for the Seahawks. Bennett is a big reason the Seahawks are able to generate a good pass rush without having a dominant true weakside pass rushing DE.

              Thomas also has something Allen doesn’t – great get off to penetrate from the snap. This is something I always look for in a pass rushing DL. Almost all the truly great DL have it. I question how well Allen will actually go as an interior pass rusher in the NFL because he rarely beats the OL off the ball.

              1. For those who remember, Thomas reminds me a little of Dexter Manly with his quickness and size. Cowboy came up at around 275 I think, but his 6-5 frame suggested he could get bigger. I think he was 295-300 at the end.

              2. Question for you Scooter, since you bring up Bennett: What’s your take on Blair after seeing him for a season? They are similar in build and speed. On this blog he seems overlooked, which I think is unfortunate. I’m not saying he’s the same player as Thomas, you understand, only that I think he can develop as a force.

              3. George, I liked what Blair did last season. I think he’s an excellent guy to have in the DL rotation, primarily playing in nickel fronts but also able to play as the ‘Elephant’ DE in the over front when they want a more penetrating guy in there, or potentially even a few snaps at the Leo spot if they are wanting to mix up their looks. He might even be able to play some 1T in the aggressive, gap penetrating front they are expected to deploy.

              4. I think allen’s very explosive for his size. The problem is he is not a speed edge rusher and is best suited as an interior rusher IMHO. He wins with his hands more often than anything else.
                My questions regarding Solomon Thomas are related to his size. He is a heavily muscled 273 (from what I read). I don’t know that he can add much size and he is not the pass rusher I would want from the edge.
                This is why losing out on the number 1 pick really hurt. These are both great fb players but their fits aren’t quite right. This may be a case where you go with someone like Barnett simply because of what he gives you in the Nickle.

              5. Shoup, the same thing you said about Thomas could be said about Michael Bennett.

                The explosiveness Thomas shows is rare. He’s still somewhat raw and relies on his athletic ability over technique right now, but his upside is very high as a disruptive DL that can play across the line.

              6. Do you see Solomon Thomas lining face up with the weak side tackle and sometimes moving into the weak side 3t?

              7. CfC, I see him being able to do that when they want a quick penetrator in there, and also being able to play the Leo spot, lining up against the TE (both in over front). In nickel, he can play any of the 4 DL spots.

              8. Maybe the same could be said for Michael Bennett but I wouldn’t say that. Bennett is an inch taller even if they are listed at the same wt.
                More importantly I wouldn’t draft Bennett at 2.
                Like I said, losing out on Garrett this year really hurt in my opinion.

                That said, I respect your point of view and what you say makes some sense. I think the biggest issue is that I don’t really like Allen or Thomas as fits for this defense. And if I graded an Edge Rusher close to either of them I would be tempted to take them just due to scheme fit and the versatility it would provide the defense.

          2. I like Thomas as a player quite a bit but I feel like he’s a big risk for the NFL as a first rounder. I’d feel much more comfortable using a 2nd. He could be really fantastic or he could really struggle to find a spot that he fits. He seems best suited for a traditional 4-3 DE role.

              1. Where do you play Michael Bennett in a defense like the 49ers will be using… hmmm, the Seahawks seem to manage.

              2. I loved him long ago and still do. Like I said, he’s relentless, but the problem is he’s not big enough inside and he’s not long enough outside. I prefer Allen. We can agree to disagree….

          1. Of course and that is usually the case at this time of the year. That’s why I said “if that is how you feel” then you take him and don’t overthink it.

            In my mind, Allen is the second best player in the draft and I would take him, but not everybody thinks the same way. There is a small group of players that are pretty close to Allen that I would understand being taken ahead of him even if I wouldn’t.

            1. This may not come as a surprise, but I have Foster as #2 on my big board. And like you, I’d be OK with taking other players at #2. Players like Allen, Adams, or Thomas.

              1. One thing I know with the draft is if you fall in love with only one player at a selection you’re likely going to be disappointed often on draft weekend.

            2. Love Thomas. If you remember, I compared him to Justin Smith after his bowl game before NFL profile did. That was when you questioned if I ever watched him play before. I still wouldn’t take him over Allen though….

              1. Yeah I can’t remember everything you said at that time but there were a couple of things that didn’t add up which is why I asked. It wasn’t meant as a shot at you, just wondering how much you had seen.

                I think he compares more to Aaron Donald personally even though they will play different positions at the NFL level. Shorter than you’d like but a strong and quick penetrator.

              2. Allen is good, but he may have benefited by the elite defenders surrounding him.

                I remember you rooting for Thomas, even though he was rated in the mid thirties.

                Combine numbers will be interesting.

        2. I disagree…teams in the top 12 should draft for need. With the rookie wage scale now,it shouldn’t matter. Top 12 teams that grasp this concept didn’t improve but needed that same need the next year.

          1. Prime example… jets drafted Leonard Williams, with Wilkerson and Richardson already on the roster. Team needed a OLB\DE but this thinking set team back as they still need an OLB\DE. In 2016 they played Richardson out of position at OLB\DE so they could get Williams on the field too. Not a get concept when picking too 12.

    2. Frank M

      I agree with you about Mitchell and Chris Jones; I disagree about Allen and Ingram, duplication and too much money….I absolutely love Zach Brown…nice choices!

    1. Can you imagine a D-Line featuring Buckner, Armstead, Mitchell, and Johnathan Allen, OLB–Lynch coming off the edge (unless the 49ers find another edge rusher in FA or the draft) ?

    1. # 80,

      It’s possible.

      However the rumor mill is grinding, 24/7 and the Jets are high on once in a generation pick, RB, Leonard Fournette.

      Chicago, hoping to replace Walter Payton has just jumped on the Fournette bandwagon.

      The signing of Mitchell would be justification for a trade down with either club as both believe the other will jump them to get Fournette.

      Fournett is the only player in the last (2) years to run 22.9 MPH on a touchdown run.

      Zavier Rhodes (Vikings) ran a 22.4 MPH pick six, and was clocked at 4.4 in the combine. However, he’s 25 Lbs lighter than the 235 Lb Fournette.

      2016 Fournette highlights:


    2. 80,
      Foster is the type of player you can build a defense around. I’d be completely ok with him at our #2.

      1. “Foster is the type of player you can build a defense around.” Yup, that’s how I see him too. He has great range, excellent against the run, and solid in coverage. A true 3 down MLB.

        1. Alabama linebackers scare me. They are surrounded by talent and seldom fight through blockers. This doesn’t translate to the NFL.
          Foster is a rare athlete but he is a step slow in his reactions and in the few occasions where he has had to fight through blockers he has struggled to disengage. This scares me to death with him.
          Now, with that said, the change in defensive schemes helps alleviate some of these fears as he should be able to flow to the ball more but it also means the lb is far less important in this scheme.

          1. Shoup,
            If we go defense with our 1st pick for me only 3 make sense.
            1. Myles Garrett – has all the measurables, but only had 8 sacks in 2016 and 4 of those sacks came against a lowly school. But chances are he will likely be swallowed up by Cleveland.
            2. Jonathan Allen – would shore up the inside if we lineup in a 3-4, but we would still need help on the edges.
            3. Reuben Foster – has a natural motor and makes up for his less than stellar speed with great field instincts and decision making. I personally feel that Foster brings more to the table than either Garrett and Allen because he has the ability to make the offense scheme around him.

            I understand your pause about RF playing on a great Alabama defense, but he is far from a player who is surrounded by very good players or a system player. Foster is a force on his own merits and will be starter very likely the top defensive player on the team that drafts.

            1. We are looking at him differently then. I think he has exceptional speed but his play recognition and instincts are not top notch.
              I’m not alone in this as nfl.com states the following.
              ” Instincts are just average. Overly reliant on speed and athleticism over instincts and feel. Can be a tick slow to respond to play-action. Inconsistent defeating blocks. Too eager to take on everyone at the point of attack. Gets shoulder covered up firing into incoming blockers. Needs to improve stack and shed technique to keep himself clean.”
              Additionally his nfl comp is Bobby Wagner and I don’t believe linebackers are nearly as important in this style of defense. This is not to say he’s not a good player but I’m drafting a lb at 2, I want it want Patrick Willis or Luke Keekly kind of talent not Bobby Wagner or Reggie Ragland.
              I would love him at pick 10 but not at 2.

  9. X Wide Receiver

    Shanahan’s quote:

    “they’ve got Julio Jones. That’s the one thing I remember about Kyle, he’d say, ‘You need an X in this offense, you need a big-time, play-making X receiver.’ And they’ve got him,” according to Brian Hoyer.

    By Jason Bertolucci

  10. There’s an old story of John Taylor playing Kyle Shanahan in Ping-Pong during training camp when his father was OC of the Niners.

    Kyle had been trying all summer to beat him, and finally did.

    After the victory, Taylor said: “Great match, now I’ll play you right handed.”

  11. From a scheme standpoint, this move makes sense for a San Francisco squad moving to a 43 front. Mitchell should play a fairly prominent role at 1-technique for the 49ers this year. With so many other needs, it makes sense for John Lynch to address this position early. Lynch may need more numbers inside quickly as well, if he decides to trade Arik Armstead or DeForest Buckner in the coming months. Both are better fits in schemes that utilize 3 man fronts, and keeping both doesn’t make much sense for new regime.


  12. How do you rate Earl Mitchell signing?
    by David Fucillo

    “Mitchell’s signing suggests the team will…not be drafting someone like Jonathan Allen at No. 2.”

    1. Good post Tom. 3 years in a row we are going to select a DT?
      Makes zero sense. Now if it was Baalke making this selection, it’s on par.
      But can’t see this regime making a mistake like Allen when he is a situational player who won’t play every down. And if you do select him, now you’ve made your previous 2 first round picks situational as well.

      This isn’t a BPA draft. This is a needs based draft. Same approach to free agency.

      1. It makes perfect sense if the defensive scheme has changed and the previously selected players don’t fit as well as a top draft choice. It also makes perfect sense when there’s been a complete overall of front office and coaching because what if those players selected simply weren’t very good?

        If you pass on a great player for any reason other then he isn’t a good fit for your team then you don’t belong in the position of making those decisions.

        1. First of all he is not great. He didn’t even lead the NCAA in tackles or sacks. He’s a 1st and 2nd down player.
          You are now talking that Armstead and DFo won’t fit Salehs new scheme. I think they fit perfect and are both interchangeable.

          Allen type talent can be found in later rounds. He is not worthy of that high a pick in the 1st. He’s nothing like Reggie White, LT, Suh, Bryant Young, Stubblefield or any other disruptive defensive player.
          Against Clemson I found myself continually looking for him to see where he was on the field.

          1. I understand a resistance to drafting another DL, but Allen is a much better prospect than you are giving him credit for Prime. You don’t find players like him later in the draft which is why he will go top 5 at worst.

            1. I actually see Allen dropping out of the top 10.
              If not Trubisky then I’d draft Cory Davis.

              1. Short of being thrown in jail or snapping his leg slipping on a McDonalds wrapper there is zero chance Allen drops out of the top 5 let alone 10, you’re seriously kidding yourself if you believe that.

              2. There have been players in the past expected to go in the top 10 that were drafted lower.

          2. He is not great because he didn’t lead the nation in tackles or sacks. That’s a lazy way of evaluating a player. Based upon performance alone I would argue he was the best defensive player in college last year.
            I understand passing on him if you don’t like his fit but denying his talent based only on stats is ridiculous. Your argument means you would also need to pass on Myles Garrett.

            1. C4C

              I like your perfectly logical statement “If you pass on a great player for any reason other than he isn’t a good fit for your team, then you don’t belong in the position of making those decisions.”….I don’t see Allen as a good fit for the niners….

              1. There are few if any scheme’s that Allen couldn’t fit into and he’s a perfect fit for the 4-3 defense we’re changing to.

    2. I posted in NN comments Allen would be a waste at space eating NT role, and he’s very much in play for the 49ers at 2.

  13. Just been watching a bit of the Jaguars. I can definitely see this scheme suiting Buckner and Armstead.

    Armstead would be a good fit for the role they used Alualu/ Odrick in. Basically 1-on-1 with the OT. Rarely doubled. Just attack the OT. Armstead showed as a rookie he was good at this, often getting good push 1-on-1.

    Buckner can play the role of Jackson. He showed last year he can get good penetration, which is what Jackson’s role was all about. Get off the snap and hit the gap between the tackle and guard, penetrate. He wasn’t asked to really anchor, which is what Buckner struggled with. Importantly, like with Alualu/Odrick, they put Jackson in positions that let him get 1-on-1. Often having a DE lined up right next to him to take the attention of the OT.

    1. That would be nice to not have to address either role in terms of looking for a starter but both players seem best suited for the same role, Jackson’s 3T but I’m not sure either is really the best option for the spot. Bucker certainly seems like the better choice.

      Alualu is 6’3″ 304, he could handle being on the strong side by himself. Armstead 6’7″+ 290 is going to struggle one on one with right tackles in the run game.

      I still see Armstead as the odd man out.

      1. The way the Jaguars used Alualu and Odrick, I don’t see Armstead having any major issues. But if he does then Dial takes that spot.

        1. Where does Armstread provide the 49ers with the most value;

          as a DE in this new scheme


          as a trade

          We don’t know what kind of offers they would receive but he was a first round player just two years ago, that’s gotta be worth something good. What player could we get with that pick that might be a better fit for this new scheme?

          1. In my opinion, he offers more value to the 49ers as a DE in this scheme that can also play as a DT in nickel. I think he’s more talented than Odrick, who is a similar type of player. I actually think Armstead is a good fit for the elephant end position.

      2. “but both players seem best suited for the same role, ”

        On second thought no not really, Armstead really only fits on the end.

      3. I actually wouldn’t be opposed to trading one of those players. Especially if you could get another first for one of them.

        1. If they can trade one of them for a first then taking Allen at #2 would make a lot of sense.

          1. If we could get a late first I would take it.
            I think then you could get an edge rusher and an Allen and that would greatly improve the D.

    2. Scooter, great breakdown on the new defense. 1-on-1 Buckner and Armstead can get under OTs and roller skate them backwards.

      Fits nicely under what I’ve been hearing about uneven fronts allowing defenses to both single gap and two gap. Attack but still cover all the gaps.

      Also opens up a slot for Jonathan Allen to be a wildcard attacking gaps up and down the line.

      1. Also opens up a slot for Jonathan Allen to be a wildcard attacking gaps up and down the line.


      2. Allen is a waste of a pick in my opinion. He would be replacing one of either Buckner or Armstead. Not joining them. He’s not a guy you want at 1T or a guy that is really suited to the Leo in this defense. Solomon Thomas would be a better fit.

        1. In pass rushing situations, Saban used him all over and lined him up both inside and outside….

          1. I know. But I think it will be a different story in the NFL. He doesn’t get off the snap well enough to consistently threaten as an edge defender in my opinion. A lot of the sacks he got from DE were clean up sacks after wrestling away from the OT. Rarely beat them initially. Thomas makes more sense as a guy with the initial burst to threaten more consistently.

            Actually, something I noticed watching Allen’s sacks is he got a lot of sacks by being left unblocked, or from other guys chasing the QB towards Allen, or after great coverage kept the QB from getting the ball out. Or some combination of the above.

            1. I don’t think this guy has a weakness to his game unless you’re manufacturing one. He’s as complete of a DL as I’ve seen. I wouldn’t give him anything less than a B grade in anything he does. To me, he’s a very elite player and one I wouldn’t pass on for Thomas, or anyone else for that matter. For mine, he’s the safest pick in this draft. Even over Garrett….

            2. Where are you getting that he is slow off the ball? I haven’t seen this on tape or read a scouting report that indicates he is.
              In fact si, nfl.com, nfldraftscout, and CBS sports all state he has elite level quickness.

              1. Watch him. He rarely explodes off the snap. He has excellent lateral agility and once he beats his man he can close quickly, but off the snap he is only ok.

              2. And I didn’t say he was slow off the ball. I said he doesn’t get off quick enough to consistently threaten the edge in the NFL.

        2. While I don’t agree Allen would be a waste of a pick, I do agree that he is not going to be best in a role coming off the edge. The best position for him imo is as a 3T where his ability to push the pocket and play the run will make him one of the better players at that spot in the league.

          I’ve had a hard time finding a comparison for him to an NFL player because he’s really a combination of a number of different players. Richard Seymour and Gerald McCoy are two I’ve seen that are close.

          1. When I say I see it as a waste, I don’t mean it in ter s of I don’t think he’d play or be any good. He’ll probably be a better player than either Buckner or Armstead.

            I mean it would be a waste from the point of view I think Buckner and Armstead will be good players in their own right, and taking Allen would make one of them superfluous.

            I get the idea of taking BPA. But to me BPA means taking the guy that most improves your team long term. With two young, good prospects already on the roster for at least a few more years I see other players improving the team more than Allen would.

    3. Scooter_McG reminds me that Buckner and Armstead will be off season training with Michael Bennett in Hawaii again. Help they are now in the same scheme.

  14. “Defensive end, defensive tackle — he can play anywhere on the line. He could be in the mix for the top pick by April, and he has already risen a few spots on my board. ” –Mel Kiper on Allen.

              1. It would sure surprise the 49ers, who would like nothing more than the Browns drafting Allen.

                Lynch and Shanahan would be over the moon for Garrett at #2!

                But it’s not going to happen, unfortunately.

        1. No, but that does not mean he can’t drop some weight to play the SAM.

          1. Please no more square pegs in round holes. Didn’t we learn our lesson with Tank? And what’s with spending the number two pick on a player that had surgery? I thought we just got rid of the guy that loved picking injured players. I don’t mind taking a flyer on an injured guy in the 6th round, but #2 overall? Yikes!

            1. “It’s unlikely the injury will have much bearing on Foster’s draft stock. He’s considered one of the safest picks in this class: a potential Week 1 starter who brings a preternatural level of toughness and intelligence to the inside linebacker spot.”


              It’s not like our last GM drafting players at a spot where no other teams would do it. And this isn’t an ACL.

              1. You’re kidding right? He’s got atrophy of the muscles around the arm and loss of motion of the shoulder. Rehab will take months, and you want to draft him at 2 with the idea of him being on PUP? What a waste of a draft pick….

              2. Dr. Caplan should know that it usually takes 6 months and that’s if everything goes according to plan. That would be a big mistake taking him that high….

              3. 4 to 6 months. With a top surgeon and agressive rehab it would be closer to 4. Also, he had surgery on Feb. 13th. He should be back by mid to late June.

              4. Waste of a pick that high in my humble opinion, and I don’t see the need to risk it. Let the hype reign on high, but I don’t see it happening….

              5. I understand your concern, but his medicals will be evaluated at the Combine. We will pass on him if there are any red flags.


                “For players with a known injury concern, their medical history is obtained and recorded,” Matava explained. “Team doctors review the player’s medical history all the way back to grade school. For instance, if a player has a knee injury as part of their medical history, the doctors will do an examination to look at any current problems and view all past X-rays and MRIs. If necessary, they will order new imaging studies to further evaluate the nature of the knee at the present time.”

              6. You do realize Foster had a neck injury as well, and a torn rotator cuff can actually affect the neck quite a bit. As I pointed out, the atrophy around those muscles will affect his strength and power. I would sack a GM for taking such a risk on a thumping ILB with the 2nd overall pick if he made that move….

              7. And I will trust my own horse sense, and predict he slides similar to Shaq Lawson did last year….

              8. Speaking of Lawson, he had to have surgery because the doctors found the problem at the Combine.

                These guys are professionals. They know what to look for with regards to football injuries. If our staff is worried about Foster, we won’t take him.

              9. “Although Reuben Foster underwent rotator cuff surgery and won’t work out at the Combine, one team has the former Alabama ‘backer ranked as the No. 3 player in this class, per Miller. While noting his stock could be affected by medical background checks at the Combine, Miller now has Foster going No. 2 overall to the 49ers in his latest mock draft.”



                “While noting his stock could be affected by medical background checks at the Combine.”

                If the professionals see anything wrong, Foster at 2 isn’t going to happen.

            2. Yup, even though it is not an ACL, there are plenty of healthy players to choose from, who will immediately help the Niners, and not be hampered by rehab. Even if it takes only 4 months to heal, it also takes some time to get back into playing shape.

              1. OK arm chair doctors. Our patient is scheduled to be ready in time for training camp. Since we are all doctors, we know that strength recovery begins at 3 months. It doesn’t start after the rehab process, it’s PART of the rehab process,


                Of course, we would monitor Foster to see if he had any hiccups, like any good arm chair doctor would.

                And we will be able to look at all his x-rays and MRIs at the combine, and order new ones if we have concerns.

      1. At a bulked up 270 he is a little light to be playing anywhere on the line.
        I think he is one of the rare players that the combine could help or hurt a fair amount.
        If he has a great 10 yard split he could be looked as 4-3 end provided he is above 6’2″. If not he will look more like a tweener.
        Note that Allen could rise or fall a bit depending on his combine measurables as well. Teams will want to know more about his ability to bend to determine if he can contribute on the edge or if he will be more of an interior pass rusher.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if more people start to put Kizer ahead of Watson and Trubisky after the Combine.

      1. Trubisky, Watson, Kizer, Mahomes. A shell game of quarterbacks with high ceilings and low floors. One or two might succeed. Odds are two or more will totally flop.

        Its usually the case with quarterbacks, but this year’s an extreme example. The kind of quarterback class that gets GMs fired. Fired for drafting guys, and not drafting guys.

        1. I would prefer to take Mahomes in the 2nd or 3rd rather than anyone in the 1st. Each prospect seems to have some great traits but all need a ton of seasoning.
          And if that’s the case I like Mahomes upside more than the others.

          1. I mocked Mahomes previously, but the Niners should concentrate on fixing the defense with their early picks.

            There are several later round QBs who might be acceptable.

            Davis Webb, Joshua Dobbs, Jerod Evans. If KS wants a pure passer, Cooper Rush in the 6th or 7th rounds could be a good prospect.

  15. I like the signing of Mitchell. The 49ers were going to need a big body in the middle going to a 4-3 and I don’t believe this will impact their compensatory draft picks for 2018. I think adding around 5-6 key free agents will infuse this team with some leadership and talent. I would like to see some help added at the ILB, secondary, and pass rush (Ingram?). I have a feeling that the 49ers are going to address the QB position with a veteran…at least as a “bridge” this year. I now think the 49ers may go with a WR with their first pick…another position needing additional talent.

  16. While sitting down with a cup of Joe, I am pleased. Niners are dong what I wanted. Of course, they are just being competent, so that is not too high a bar to clear, but they are targeting underperformers from cellar dwellers, so they are not way over spending.

    Lynch is also being aggressive, and it sure helps to have a decent coaching staff so they can attract decent talent like Mitchell.

    I am very pleased that they are treating the players with respect, so they WANT to come here. Baalke treated players like they were a piece of meat, and we all saw how that turned out.

    The best part of these signings is that is sure looks like Lynch intends on spending every penny of the salary cap.

    1. Baalke, the hard on you can’t get over hey Sebnnoying?
      Soon it will shift as they let old wind go.

      1. I always knew you were a Baalke shill, because of the way you attack me.

        I also know that Baalke hated Kaep, so you are just doing his bidding.

        Sure am glad the stench of Baalke is dissipating. Lynch is doing a great job so far.

        Bet he will only draft fully healthy players. The risk of drafting an injured player that cannot contribute right away is just too great to take, when this draft has a plethora of fully healthy talented players.

  17. Looking towards the upcoming Free Agency, it sure would be nice to land a quality player like Melvin Ingram, Kawann Short, Dontari Poe Calais Campbell or Dante Hightower.

    However, it is not realistic to assume any one of those players would want to come to the Niners, because this is a 2-14 team with little prospects of making the playoffs. Also, good team will be bidding for their services, so they will only land with the Niners if Lynch way overpays for them, which is foolish to do with so many holes to fill.

    Hope Lynch and KS have gone through their evaluations, and will try to re sign as many former Niners as possible. This will help with the locker room dynamics, and provide continuity. However, they need to improve at every position, so they may sign, but if another player out competes him, they will be expendable.

    Of all the players in that first group, Calais Campbell may be the the best option, even though he is 32. Other teams will shy away from an older player, but the Niners may want him for 3 reasons.

    First, he does have talent. Second, he may be a bridge player that provides good leadership. third, Third, will be weakening an opponent, and getting vital intel from him about the Cards.

    Demarcus Ware may also be a player to scrutinize, because even though he may be 35, he does provide that winning Mojo, and he could help teach the younger players what they need to do to win.

    Niners should not load up on aging players like the Raiders did, but sprinkled in, they may be key pieces to the puzzle.

      1. Me too! He was in some good movies! I did mix him up with Tim Robbins some time, which is funny be cause Tim is much tallerthen bill. Loved Bill in Twister , edge of tomorrow, u-571,tombstone, terminator, true lies,weird scienceand aliens! Many more also. He is missed!

  18. Here is a great line from Dan Hanzus’s article on Jay Cutler: “He’s like a bad TV show that I can’t bring myself to remove from the DVR. I would not mind hate-watching Jay Cutler in 2017. It’s better than whatever else is on.

    That last line might be the only reason Cutler still has an NFL job in 2017. The pickings are slim.

  19. I think Lynch’s assessment of secondary determines 2 pick. If Lynch…

    – is happy with Ward and Robinson at corner, but not happy with Reid at single high safety: Hooker

    – wants Ward at single high safety, has doubts about Reid (injuries) and Tartt (instincts) at strong safety: Adams

    – plans to put Ward at single high safety, Reid and Tartt competes for strong safety: Lattimore, Allen, Foster, Thomas, your draft crush…

    I want to trade back a few spots because talent is fairly even picks 2-7. But that’s also dis-incentive for teams to trade up. I don’t think there will be any trade backs.

      1. Thanks! I think self scouting will be big this off season. Could even prompt player+pick trades.

        1. The SS position will be key. That player has to be a tone setter and an enforcer. I don’t think Bethea, Reid or Tartt fit that description.

          1. Tartt has a pretty limited sample size to make that assessment Grant- have you seen something we haven’t? – ie, attitude at practice, etc.

            I remain hopeful for his developement, and have long hoped Reid would either improve or be traded………. Personally, I certainly hope we grab at least one LB before any DB’s in the draft, if not two- depending upon what happens in free agency, of course.

            1. If ILB Walker, Northwestern slips to the 3rd round, I think he would represent a player whose position and skill set combine for excellent value….

    1. Quarterbacks are one of the things that can make GMs lose their composure. Top of the draft 3 teams besides Niners are hungry.
      Bills, but it would probably cost too much to move to 2 since they can get somebody at 10.
      Bears. If they want to go QB they can stand pat.
      Jets. Drafting quarterbacks is the Jets’ Gross Franchise Product. It’s what they’ve been doing, and they might again. They too can get somebody where they are, but if they fall in love with one guy they might make a move for #2.
      That’s about it.

      As usual, Brownies are the Joker. It’s conceivable they could choose Allen over Garrett……I know…but it’s the Browns. If they can’t swing a trade for a QB…..?

      1. Jets moving up for quarterback is the best case scenario for the 49ers. If I were Lynch I’d put on a big show assessing and talking up quarterbacks in this class.

        Garrett will go one to Browns, but if the 2% chance he doesn’t, it might be for the following reasons:

        – There’s a QB the Browns really like. They’re not confident he will call to their other first round slot.

        – High picked, high twitch edge rushers have had really bad injury luck. Fowler and Clowney come to mind. Maybe their supreme power+speed+explosion ratio is also an injury risk coming into camp. Especially if they’ve been combine training and not football training. Big shock to the body.

        – Browns FO is too analytics based. They make the mistake of trading out of pick 1 to a team in the top 6.

        But I’m saying 98% chance Browns take Garrett.

      2. “If they (Browns) can’t swing a trade for a QB” makes me wonder…

        1) Niners trade for Garoppolo with pick other than 2
        2) Browns forced to take QB at 1
        3 ) Garrett to falls to the 49ers

        1. “Browns forced to take QB at 1”. Why?

          The Browns hold all the cards. They have two first round picks and many others. They can easily beat the 49ers at getting Jimmy G if that is what they want.

          1. cubus – “Forced” was only if the 49ers already traded for Garoppolo + the Browns highly coveted Turbisky + thought the Bears would grab him at 3.

            I’m not saying it will happen. Just Sunday morning musings. I’m 98% sure the Browns are drafting Garrett at 1.

    2. Barrow’s had a comment that they are already considering moving Ward to S.

      I’m not sure I agree with you on the lack of trade backs or at least the lack of a desire for teams to trade up. Garret and Allen both would likely garner a phone call or two from clubs looking to see how serious we are in taking them ourselves. If a team is in love with a QB then #2 becomes a top spot if the 49ers don’t have their hearts set on someone themselves already. After the 49ers you have 3 of the next 4 picks coming from QB needy teams. If someone wants to be certain to get their guy then we’ve got the spot to get.

      1. My trade back wishes are the 49ers staying within the the top 6 to garner impact players they value about the same (Hooker, Allen, Adams, Lattimore, Thomas).

        I agree the phones will ring. But the offers will be low-ball. There will be teams outside the top 7 wanting to trade up, but I doubt they would offer anything close to chart.

        For example: Bills moving up to 2 would cost them 10+44+ 2018 first according to chart. I don’t see them paying anything close to that.

        1. I wouldn’t expect the Bills to be a team gunning for #2, more like the Jets. The move from #6 to #2 is 1000 points. Would they be willing to give up two #2’s for their QBotF? If it’s a soft market this year then maybe they can make that move with a #2 and a #3? No reason to assume teams wont be willing to take a little less if the market is how you suggest.

          I always say the chart is simply the beginning of the conversation, a place to start. The individuals involved and the market will skew the chart either up or down once the negotiations begin.

          1. CFC – Agree on everything you said . Charts vary most at the top off the draft too. (compare 2016 to 2013 trades).

            I’d be willing to take under chart to move back from 2 to 6. If the Jets offered 6+39+70 I’d take it in a heartbeat.

            I’d even trade 2 for 6+39 (about 50% chart) because I like whats at 6.

          2. It seems like everyone is saying that there are no QBs worthy of an early pick. Why would the Jets see it differently? Of course, it’s possible, but is it probable?

            1. When you say everyone do you mean the draft experts that post on here because most of the “professional” mock drafts seem to have us taking Trubisky these days and I see plenty of mocks with Watson and Trubisky going in the top 10.

              1. OK. So according to the NN database, of the 28 mock drafts they are following, 14 have Trubisky as the selection for the 49ers. I didn’t realize it was that high.


              2. Yeah, I’d mentioned earlier that I’ve blown off the experts a few times and been wrong. QB evals are especially tricky. We’ll get some insight into Shanny by the 2 and 34 picks.

            2. When was the last successful QB draft by the Jets? Pennington?
              Can they wait much longer? What if they’re convinced only one guy is the guy?

              The Browns absolutely can outbid SF & Chi for JG, but they have a way of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

      1. Hooker, Foster, Davis? Are their injuries that bad? If so, skip him.

        I’d avoid ACLs. (oh, did they fire the team doctor that signed off on Lattimore and Carradine?)

        1. An arthroscopic labium repair, is a far cry from a rotator cuff procedure. Nice try though….

          1. “Surgically repaired” were your words. Allen has had two shoulder surgeries. One could argue that he is injury prone.

            I won’t make that argument. Why? Because I trust the doctors to make that call, same with Foster.

              1. We’re not that far off on this. If the medical staff evaluates Foster and give him a red flag, I wouldn’t take him at 2. I doubt Lynch would take him that high either.

                I will wait for an update after the Combine before I make a final decision on him. I will also be looking for updates right up to draft night.

      2. Of course it is conceivable big guy ,advisable maybe not ,contingent on professional medical exam. I like Allen but gonna side with Scooter on Thomas as a more all around threat on D.All bets are off if the Browns go goofy on the first pick!

    3. That’s pretty much how I see it too Brodie. Though I will go one further and say if he is happy with Ward at FS, Reid, Bethea or Tartt at SS, and Brock and Robinson at CB, then an edge defender comes into play.

      1. Scooter – Very possible. Lynch might want to stand pat. Gives him all year to see if Tartt to asses everyone.

        Is Thomas an “edge defender” or can he become a top one?

  20. I could see the niners drafting an edge rusher based more on their Nickle package than their 4-3. I think it provides them with more versatility.
    If they did go in that direction which edge rusher is the most appealing?

    1. Thomas and Barnett. Maybe Lawson in the second if he falls that far. Charlton could be an option but I’m not overly impressed by him.

      1. What are your thought on Barnett, rocket?

        I don’t mind a guy that gets by on high motor and effort over athletic ability, but for a very high pick I would look for the great athletes.

        I actually prefer Lawson over Barnett, discounting his injury history. Lawson can flat out take over games. He had a lot of sacks this year, but the thing that stands out to me is how many he just missed and/or created for his teammates. He is super disruptive.

        1. I see it the same way Scooter. Barnett doesn’t have great athleticism and gets by more on effort which is great, but that often doesn’t translate to the NFL in terms of generating the same level of play. He’ll likely be a solid NFL player but not worthy of a top ten pick imo.

          Agree on Lawson as well. The only thing holding him back is injury history. If he’s there in the second, I’d be all over that pick provided we didn’t take an edge player in the first.

        2. Funny you should say that about high motor guys… those were my thoughts on tank Carradine when watching his tape. And then we complicated matters by making him change positions.

          1. Yeah, Tank is an example of why I don’t get too excited by edge players that don’t have really good burst off the snap. There are some guys that can still be very effective without it, but far more of the top edge rushers in the NFL have it.

  21. Question to all – If the 49ers traded for Garoppolo, would that affect the Browns choice at pick 1? Would it force them to pick a QB, dropping Garrett to the 49ers?

    Say the 49ers traded #34+2018 conditional 3rd for Garoppolo. Browns could take Garrett at 1, but they’re worried the Bears take Turbisky at 3.

    The 49ers basically steal the the Browns primary targets, Garoppolo and Garrett.

      1. Scooter – True. Its a Sunday morning long shots. But as convoluted trade sequences go, its not that bad.

        It hinged on how the Browns would respond if they didn’t get Garoppolo. Likely they stand pat at 1 and choose Garrett. Of course. But if they quietly loved Turbisky…?

      2. Wait a minute!
        Weren’t the Niners tanking for Myles?
        No? Oh, they really were that bad? Never mind.

        More seriously, missing on Garrett is ok, there are others who can help.

      3. Me at 11:58am “But I’m saying 98% chance Browns take Garrett.”

        I’m still going to play with draft scenarios that sometimes involve Garrett. Its all in good fun.

  22. Mailbag: Which 49ers vets are on shaky ground?

    Matt Maiocco

    Scouting Combine Starts Next Week:

    The 49ers have approximately $75 million in space under the salary cap – and that’s before any adjustment of Colin Kaepernick’s contract. So it’s not as if the organization needs to create cap room.

    Brooks is on the books to earn $5.3 million in 2017. That’s not a huge amount for a starting outside linebacker or defensive end – whichever spot he might fit best…Brooks turns 33 next month.

    Smith is scheduled to earn $8 million. He has been vastly underutilized in his two seasons since signing with the 49ers.If Smith is paired with a strong tight end, a running back who catch the ball out of the backfield, a slot receiver with short-area quickness to get open underneath, a very good receiver on the other side and an accurate quarterback who can throw the deep ball, there should be a role for Smith in the 49ers’ offense.

    The 49ers will definitely go after a veteran quarterback or two in free agency or via trade. Pass rusher, inside linebacker and wide receiver are other positions the 49ers can be expected to look during free agency.

    1. Agreed.

      The 49ers will upgrade their middle linebacking position via FA as Maiocco stated.

      Bill Walsh rated positions based on salary cap priority spending. Middle linebackers he stated, could be found in the middle rounds of any draft–not a first or 2nd round priority.

      Walsh found SuperBowl middle linebackers, Ricki Ellison and Keith DeLong in the mid rounds.

      Walsh stated in his book, “Building a Champion,” that DE’s, Db’s, QB’s, RB’s were higher priority in context with the salary cap.

  23. Another wrench in the machinery thrown in By Draft Tech Mock Drafts.

    They aligned with Walter Football in agreement with Allen as the 49ers 2nd pick.

    Reason: I’ve forgot to mention the V-E-R-S-A-T-I-L-I-T-Y factor.

    Allen apparently can play any position on a 43 front, and get this, DE. For those of you watching Reggie White at 300 plus, toss NFL tackles around for lunch, maybe Allen is the pass rusher all on this site have lost focus on. Instead of thinking outside the box (John Lynch’s forte) poster have been traditional, looking only at OLB’s or a typical DE.

    Maybe a position change to DE is what Lynch is thinking:

    Drafteck Analysis of Allen below:

    Last week, we reached to the 49ers’ most glaring need, taking UNC QB Mitch Trubisky with the second pick. This week, we turn to a true “best-player-available” approach, and land Alabama’s versatile defensive lineman: Jonathan Allen. Despite having spent first-round picks on Defensive Linemen in the last two drafts, the 49ers still finished dead last, both in team defense and against the run in 2016.

    Allen’s work ethic and dedication to his craft is exceptional. The 6’3 Allen added nearly 30 pounds to his frame in three years at Alabama, though you’d hardly know it from the way he moves. Then, despite being projected as a likely RD1 pick in the 2016 draft, he returned to school to refine the flaws in his game. Allen was already a known commodity as a pass rusher, but proved to be stout against the run as well in 2016.

  24. Draft Tech’s Top 15

    1 +1 Jonathan Allen Alabama DL3T 6’3″ 291 DL5T -22 BIO SCT
    2 -1 Myles Garrett Texas A&M EDGE 6’4″ 268 BIO SCT
    3 +1 Leonard Fournette LSU RBF 6’1″ 230 BIO SCT
    4 -1 Marlon Humphrey Alabama CB 6’1″ 193 BIO SCT
    5 +2 Malik Hooker Ohio St S 6’2″ 205 BIO SCT
    6 -1 Jamal Adams LSU S 6’0″ 211 BIO SCT
    7 -1 Mike Williams Clemson WRF 6’3″ 220 BIO SCT
    8 +1 Solomon Thomas Stanford EDGE 6’2″ 275 BIO SCT
    9 -1 Marshon Lattimore Ohio St CB 6’1″ 192 BIO SCT
    10 — Jabrill Peppers Michigan S 6’0″ 208 BIO SCT
    11 +2 Derek Barnett Tennessee EDGE 6’3″ 265 BIO SCT
    12 +2 Reuben Foster Alabama ILB 6’1″ 240 BIO SCT
    13 -1 Dalvin Cook Florida St RBF 5’11” 206 BIO SCT
    14 +1 Mitch Trubisky North Carolina QB 6’3″ 220 BIO SCT
    15 +3 Ryan Ramczyk Wisconsin OT 6’5″ 314

  25. I don’t know about you, but Baalke’s put us in a position of “beggars can’t be choosers.”

    Do you think Shanahan and Lynch would be looking outside the organization if they thought Dial, Dorsey, Purcell or others were the answer.

    We were last in Team D for a reason.

    1. I would like to bring back Dorsey for depth and I like Dial- Purcell, obviously, wasn’t the answer……. and with Williams going down early, the lack of depth there proved catastrophic – a la Kilgore going down 2 years ago.

  26. Drafttek on Tribusky

    As mentioned earlier, he does play like a guy who has only started one season at the college level. While his completion percentage may have been the sparkling statistic that got everyone focused on Trubisky in the first place, it is important to point out that they run a fair amount of screen passes, and the talented North Carolina receiving core is one of the best in the country at catching anything that hits their hands. Also, one of my biggest issues with Trubisky is how often he is late on his passes. I know he goes through his progressions because you can clearly see him do it but it always seems the ball comes out later than it should. I know his motion is short and compact. Whether he is behind in his progressions or just reacting slowly to what he sees, there are balls that often find contested receivers when they were initially open, and the pass just wasn’t thrown soon enough.

    1. 2017 NFL Draft: 1st Round, 2nd Overall Pick by San Francisco

      A lot of times on tape it looks like Allen is a man playing among boys. Allen was virtually unblockable during his time at Alabama. He won the Nagurski Award this year, awarded to the best defensive player in the nation. He registered 69 tackles, 10.5 sacks, and 16 tackles for lose He would’ve been a first round pick in 2016 but decided to return to school…


  27. http://www.drafttek.com/2017-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round1.asp

    *Foster-Beyond that, he is certain to lose all opportunities to prepare during rookie mini-camp and a huge chunk of off-season workouts with the team.

    *Barnett-Tennessee Volunteer DE Derek Barnett actually tested much better athletically as a recruit than Garrett, and produced better college stats than Allen, despite playing one less season.

    *Son of a Mitch Trubiscuit keeps slip sliding away all the way to pick #33

        1. Prime,

          Did you carry your laptop on that backpacking trip ? Someone’s referring to Trubisky as a limp biscuit (above).

  28. Yeah, but Barnette’s only 6’3″. At that size you can look good in college.

    With the # 2 pick, it’s a waste of time.

  29. Shanahan could ask Brooks to add 10 Lbs. and still take Allen.

    99.9% of the mocks have him as the best available at # 2.

    In other words, no more Manny Lawson’s, Carradine’s (2nd Rd), AJ Jenkins’,
    Corey Lenonier’s…

    We need a can’t miss player that high….

    All 49er fans remember another 6’3″ 1st Rd Volunteer the 49ers drafted in Todd Kelly, who also broke Reggie White’s sack records. What a bust. All teams did was run at him all day. At one point I thought he was playing safety he got pushed so far.


    1. As soon as I saw Merc and the headline I KNEW it would be a TK jab at Jed.
      So, there are signs of functionality, a finely tuned machine emanating from 4949. Is the glass half full?
      Oh F no. It’s half empty and stinks of Jed. Did Jed learn something? Not possible, Lynch snookered him.
      Kawakami still grinding the axe. Predictably boring and small minded.

      1. Here’s Kawakami writing Kawakami things. Did you isten to the podcast of his interview on KNBR last week? The guy spent a good part of it talking about himself while comparing himself with Harbaugh.

      2. Tim Kawakami seriously needs to get a life. Poor guy is obsessed with Jed York. Apparently, carrying the tab for 3 French Laundry meals was enough to break Kawakami’s mental state. It’s really kind of sad to see Tim struggling with this mental illness. I hope he gets help one of these days.

    1. Good read. Thanks! Lombardi has upped his game over the last couple of seasons. This one’s funny: “You have a better chance of seeing Shanahan play his father at QB than you do of seeing him run Kaepernick and Gabbert back out for another year.”

  30. Whether they trade back or not I see the 9ers going with the best player available draft philosophy. I don’t see a single position on the current team that they would bypass an outstanding prospect because they are that comfortable at any one spot. I see that draft strategy carrying through the entire draft.

    1. Most competent GM’s would agree with you OldCoach. I know I subscribe to BPA through the first 3 rounds at minimum….

      1. Razor,
        Do you see them trading back or standing pat? If they stand pat who do you think is the BPA’s at #2?

        1. I think it all comes down to combine interviews, team visits and chalkboard interviews. Is it possible a team falls in love with a quarterback? I think that’s the only way we get a trade offer. Maybe the Browns get that offer, which would leave us with Garrett. In which case I think the 49ers run to the podium. Absent those scenarios, I think the BPA after Garrett is clearly Allen. How about your thoughts on answering your own question?

          1. I believe they will trade back getting a 3rd round pick in 17 and 2 extra picks in 18 one of those being a 1st rounder. In 18 they will package their 2 1st round picks to move into the top 3 and draft a QB. If they stand pat I think Allen is the best player on the board.

            1. That would be an outstanding haul. Can you provide an idea of which team(s) you anticipate making that move, and for what position/player?

            2. No team in particular, in that 2 of the extra picks are in 18 it means that it could be any team it doesn’t have to be a team who has extra picks in 17. I believe Lynch will be on the phone 24]7 that last week before the draft. At least one team will have a draft crush and teams are far more likely to give up future first rd picks than current picks.

          2. Razor, I’ve been wondering about “running the ticket to the podium.” Is there really a ticket and a podium to run to?

      2. As I outlined in response to rocket earlier, I subscribe to this also. But BPA should equate to “guy that most improves your team long term”, not in isolation of who is on the roster. Because the best player available has to be the one that will most help you win games.

    2. OldCoach – Makes sense when a team is this early into a rebuild.

      I commented above about Lynch keying the draft on secondary assessments because I think so many near the top are so even in value, they are almost all BPA. Allen, Adams, Hooker, Thomas, Foster all very good.

      Purely even BPA by fractions of a percentage? No, but close enough that position need comes into play.

      1. “Purely even BPA by fractions of a percentage? No, but close enough that position need comes into play.”


      2. Brodie,
        Of course if all things are “relatively” the same then position would come into play. I thought that could go unsaid.

  31. 4 Round Mock Draft

    1 Jamal Adams (S): A leader and athlete in the secondary. The type of player that could be on the team for a decade.

    2 JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR): This years Michael Thomas. A specimen that can put up 1k yards in his first year and gets knocked for route running, an issue that will be coached up in the NFL.

    3 Jordan Leggett (TE): One of the most physically gifted TEs in a deep TE class. This guy isn’t a blocker, but he is a great tool for a coach that schemes for advantageous matchups – Shanahan

    4 Anthony Walker (ILB): 20.5 tackles for a loss. enough said

    4 Kyle Fuller (C): Impressed in the senior bowl and a high character player.

    You may be saying, no QB in the first 5 picks!? The thought process is that this isn’t a great class for QBs, and next year will be better. Shanahan/Lynch have some time to get it right, and will go with a free agent for a year that will eventually help groom next years pick. I’m guessing Hoyer.

    1. 1.Allen DL
      2.Taco Edge
      3.Walker ILB
      4.Reynolds WR
      4.Mixon RB Comp
      5.Dielman C
      6.Josh Jones SS

        1. This new regime is in the early stages of rebuilding their public image, as well as a winning culture. Does it make sense for this new regime to draft a player who is banned from the scouting combine, caught on tape knocking a women (who was a complete stranger) to the floor with a full blown, right cross to the head, and then let 2 years pass before issuing an apology?

          Seriously razor? Let me guess …… the women is to blame, and Mixon is the victim?

          Coming off the heels of the Ray McDonald, and Bruce Miller public relations nightmares, Mixon better be excluded from the 49ers draft board!

          Why in the world would anyone advocate the 49ers start the rebuilding process by drafting a player with this kind of bad character, and poor judgement?

          He’s a RB for crying out loud. In terms of depth, this years RB class might be the most intriguing positional group since the 2014 wide receiver class. In fact, this could be a historic RB class once they start producing as professionals. Additionally, the 49ers already have a #1 RB. Drafting Mixon would be an unmitigated disaster for this team right now, and it’s quite possibly the worst idea I have heard in a long time, in regards to 49ers football. SMH

          1. It won’t happen with Lynch overseeing things if it does I will run the gauntlet of clown imaging for a month ala our buddy George!

            1. Never said it WOULD happen, and York would have to sign off on it for Lynch to pull the trigger. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance, otherwise we’d all go to hell. Let Him Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone, I believe is how that went. Been awhile…;>)

              1. Mixon DID get a second chance; he received little more than a slap on the wrist (considering the crime) and was able to red shirt his way through his mandatory “suspension”, so he ended up missing zero football. That sounds like as good of a second chance you can get.

                I wish him well in life, but can’t condone him being a part of the NFL, especially in red and gold.

                Plus, this a very deep draft for RBs. We don’t need a player with an already checkered criminal record.

              2. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

              3. If domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, whose organization bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, a judge’s home and killed Americans, can be a professor at the University of Illinois, I see no reason to give Mixon a job in the NFL….

              4. I have never delivered a knock-out, right cross to a women’s head Razor! In fact, I’ve never punched a women period!

                Have you?

                How’d that workout for Ray Rice and the Ravens?

                So yes, I can cast the first stone!

              5. Bill Ayers? Is that where you draw the line Razor?

                Here is a saying for you Razor: When your digging a hole for yourself, just stop digging dude.

              6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1sp3W_3jjs

                How come every time you feel real good
                Somebody drops you a piss off bomb
                How come every time you roll the dice
                Somebody offers you the wrong advise
                Oh no not again, just when I’m feeling happy
                Oh no not again, just when you’re feeling fine

                Take it slow, don’t go fast
                Looking good never lasts
                Different day same old song
                Then somebody drops you a piss off bomb

                In and out, round about, try to sort your feelings out
                Can you see the full moon rising
                Break the spell, ring the bell, trapped inside your private hell
                Can’t you see the far horizon
                Down, down, drag you down, just when you’re feeling happy
                Down, down, drag you down, just when you’re feeling fine

                Take it slow, don’t go fast
                Looking good never lasts
                Different day same old song
                Then somebody drops you a piss off bomb

  32. Agree with Old Coach and Razor. The Niners need top talent which they are lacking. They need to take the BPA and not reach.

    1. Jonathan Allen at 17, Derek Barnett at 22, Takkarist McKinley at 21. TM will have surgery and may be out 6 months.

      Those picks are way off, and Tennessee will not draft a WR at 5, they will get a DB.

      Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense. The idea that no team would ever want to move up to get a player they covet is specious, because teams did it last year, and do it all the time.

      Lynch will be bold and try to channel another ‘Trader Bill’ ’86 draft. Moving back to get more bodies just makes too much sense, especially if they can plumb the sweet part of the draft, which is about 70 players.

      1. Ha! Yes it is “way off”. It’s the most way off mock I’ve seen this year. That’s why I linked it. Everybody sees things differently.

      2. The delusional idea that the 49er$ “will roll with Kap” is specious beyond all credulity, but to each their own cup of self-delusion. You are certainly steeped in yours However, that favorite tea-pot of yours is about to be shattered, what on earth will you do? Without your football hero to cling to, at least not in red and gold, how will you maintain? Of course it’s not beyond possibility that He could end up in a Redskin’s uniform by way of a blockbuster trade . . ..

        1. Talk about delusional. The trade of Cousins for Kaep is way out in the deep end.

          Parroting wierd ideas just shows how desperate you have become.

    2. This guy’s like 23 with no ties to NFL execs. Might as well just have some of the commenters on here do a full rd 1 mock. Would be about as relevant.

      1. ’tis the season for armchair GMs, or even infant-seat GMs. FA and draft could not come fast enough.

  33. The Seahawks and the Jags don’t use their SS the same. I’ve watched some more Seattle film and the SS is up on the line(like Grant said). In the Jags defense the SS was always back with the middle linebackers. Both teams use Leo’s and commonly Sam backers that are in the mid 240’s.

  34. I’d love to see Lynch change are uni’s back to the original colors and lose the black outline and accents….

    1. “game changing players”?
      So Niners may look for play makers with higher risk-higher rewards? In the past, they have settled for less-risky grinders and players with measurables.

  35. The debate whether to draft need or BPA is a hard one to declare definitively either way.

    Years ago, the draft in the first round was O line and D line heavy. Nowadays, with the passing game being so emphasized, the DB position will be very important. This year, I saw one mock that had 5 DBs picked in the first 12 picks.

    Not too long ago, RBs were picked in the second round on. None were ever picked in the first round. Elliot may be setting a new trend.

    The Niners biggest need may be the ILB, but Foster, with his surgery, should not be the second overall pick. Niners should trade back, and still get Foster. They could parlay that second pick into several picks, and still get that player they desperately need.

    Allen may be the second best player in the draft. Niners should not pick Allen since they do not desperately need him, now that Mitchell was signed. The Niners should target a team that really needs a player like Allen, and move back to get another second round pick and even maybe a 2018 second round pick to balance out the draft value chart.

    Still think trading back with Cleveland would be the best strategy. Cleveland has two second rounds picks so they could either get the pick of the QBs, or get a once in a generation talent like Fournette, while the Niners at 12 could possibly get Foster, a good pass rusher or the safety they need to switch to the 4-3.

    Sometimes, the BPA will also fill a huge need. Sometimes, the BPA will fill a need next season, so it may not be wise to reach for a lesser talented player just to fill a need.. Also, if they do get that BPA, the existing player who the BPA will supplant could be used to trade for another pick.

    Sometimes, a position group may be so deep, the Niners can select the BPA, and still fill the need later on. However, if that one player is the only decent player in that group, maybe the Niners should pick him, because he fills a need that could not be filled later on.

    Nothing should be set in stone. The Niners should be shrewd and flexible.

  36. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/players/2082714/reuben-foster

    “Foster attacks would-be blockers in the running game, jolting opponents with a powerful punch that can leave them staggering. When blockers are successful in latching onto him, Foster shows impressive leg drive and balance to anchor, creating a pile runners have to avoid and easy tackle opportunities for teammates”

    “COMPARES TO: Patrick Willis”

    The next Willis? Maybe, he has that kind of potential.

  37. A possibility if we trade down.

    Marshon Lattimore isn’t the tallest CB, but at 6′ he is not short. He runs a 4.44 40. He has quick feet, loose hips and excellent recovery speed.

    His is very good in press coverage. That would fit nicely in our scheme. His recovery speed allows him to trick the QB into thinking his WR is open. Think Richard Sherman.

    He is a solid tackler. He wraps up and takes good angles.

    He will need to add some bulk to play at the next level to help with larger WRs. But that shouldn’t be a problem.

    1. Hmmm, he actually penciled in Kaep as the starter.

      Nice lineup, but They should not re sign Bellore, and Alshon Jeffrey will be too expensive, so Torrey is fine as a WR instead.

    2. That qualifies as a pile of reeking nonsense, much like the sophomoric fantasies of those who shall not be named but who cannot refrain from endlessly repeating themselves.

  38. Lots of mocks have the Pats taking McCaffrey. Niners should trade up into the first round with GB. It may only take the Niners second and 4th round picks to move up, but it would deprive the Pats of a potent weapon, while helping the Niner passing game, along with providing the Niners with a change of pace back for Hyde.

  39. Question for anyone who’d like to answer: What do you think we could get in a trade for Hyde? It’s possible they’ll decide he’s too injury prone.

    1. Niners would not get much due to his injury status.It would be better to keep him, but also provide another RB to lighten the load.

      D’Onta Foreman may be a good backup.

    1. Jets chose BPA with Williams, with no plan to move SR. Now they have a player with no position. More poor planning.

      1. More Jets dysfunction. I saw that they may play Hackenberg, but he could not beat out Petty last year.

        Maybe they are not trying to show how desperate they are about finding a starting QB, but this new strategy reeks of desperation.

        1. >>Maybe they are not trying to show how desperate they are about finding a starting QB

          Desperate enough as to consider you know who? As per google maps, it’s a mere 30.4 miles (or 39 minute drive) from Kaepernick’s NYC tribeca condo to Jets HQ and training facility. No wonder he left the KS/Lynch meeting “excited”.

    2. George

      We take Richardson…they take Kaep
      each brings their own baggage and issues….straight trade …!

    1. LOL. I had to look that one up. Of course I see it now; reminds me of the advice I got when hiking Glacier National Park.

  40. If the 49ers can get Sheldon Richardson for a 2nd day pick they should go for it. It will give us great depth and you can’t ever have too many players who can get to the QB.

    1. Under different circumstances I would agree, but it just seems like we have too much depth already. This is why I’m not particularly a fan of drafting Allen; but I won’t make any draft predictions until I see what they do in FA. Besides he won’t come cheap.

      BTW OC: When Armstead was drafting I was lamenting that selection and you told me it would in a few years prove to be a great selection. Of course neither of us could have predicted what was going to happen with two coaches canned and a switch to the 4-3. What is your opinion now of what the team should do with Armstead? Thanks.

      1. Cubus,
        I believe that Armstead deserves one healthy year in the new system to see what he can do. As to the depth of the D line I really believe you can’t have too many players who can rush the passer. In fact I would love to see the 9ers reacquire Marcus Rush to be a situational pass rusher.

        1. OldCoach I heard Buckner and Armstead will be off season training with Michael Bennett again. Think Bennett will get them up to speed on 4-3 over-under front techniques?

          As long as Armstead’s healthy I think he’ll have a really good career. According to Joe Staley Armstead was tearing it up in training camp.

      1. I thought Richardson was a 3T. My understanding is that Mitchell will primarily be playing NT (although I think I read where he can play 3T as well).

        1. Cubus, that’s what the concensus has been (about the 1T) but he’s a better pass rusher than run stopper, so perhaps they signed him to play 3T, not 1T. I share Coffee’s disappointment, Richardson apparently being the better player, but who really knows about what’s going on behind the curtain? I don’t know if they have interest in Richardson, but if they did, maybe he could slim down and play LEO, or the same with Mitchell. In college they both played in the 280s.

            1. Thanks, cubus. I might keep the clown, as my wife says I always act like one. But I’m on the hook until March 1. Back to Telly? What do you think?

              Hey, thanks for the breakdown on Mitchell. Yeah, he’s a player. Take a look at Richardson on youtube, would you? And let me know what you think about him.

              1. Oh, I don’t have to look into Richardson. I’d love to have him on our team. But with the investment in Mitchell and all of the others (let’s not forget Chris Jones, and Ronald Blair), I think we need investment in some other areas. Telly was a great avatar. How’s the ticker by the way?

              2. Ticker is like a Timex, thanks!

                I hear you about Jones and Blair, but Richardson is a starter, don’t you think?

              3. No doubt a starter. So what do you want to do with our 1st round investments of Buckner and Armstead?

              4. Cubus,
                Back when Seifert ran a 4-3 he used an 8 man rotation. His pass rush in the 4th quarter of close games was incredible.

      2. Richardson isn’t a NT. They shouldn’t get him though. Same problem as getting Allen. Buckner and Armstead are already in the spots he’d play. You’d either have to play one of them out of position like the Jets did with limited success, or take one off the field.

        1. Scooter How bout a 3 man rotation with each player getting approx 66% of the snaps. I would love to see a fresh Armstead, Buckner and Richardson rushing the passer in the 2nd half of games.

          1. A luxury, no doubt. But I would use those resources for something other than luxuries right now. Improving other areas will improve the team more overall, imo.

          2. And don’t forget they have Dial, Mitchell and Blair. They can still spell Armstead and Buckner to keep them fresh.

        2. +1 scooter. Allen makes little to no sense, even if he’s the 2nd best player in this draft, which I don’t think he is.

          1. Because the 1t’s don’t play like run stuffing nose tackles. They line up more like a 2t that tries to shoot the a gap.

            1. Its a one gap system, but the 1T is still meant to be able to occupy two blockers. Richardson isn’t that guy.

              1. I agree, he’s a 3-4 defensive end guy but in this system he could be both. I’ll agree he’s best suited to be a 3t if you’re going to put him on this line but the 1t in the 5-2 doesn’t do anything different then the 3t.

              2. I disagree, which is why the 1Ts in these systems are quite different types of players than the 3Ts.

              3. The “which is why” was not meant to be there. Was going to say something else and forgot to delete that part.

                Should just read “I disagree, the 1Ts in these systems are quite different types of players than the 3Ts.”

  41. CFC,
    Only 4.5 guaranteed. trading for Richardson and extending his contract would mean no Allen in the first rd freeing the team up to trade back or draft the next BPA on the board.

    1. Assuming Richardson is still a good player, that would make sense to me. There’s a ton of cap, let’s use it, it’s not our money. I would love us to draft Fournette.

    2. OC I doubt they’re actually considering Allen anyway. I keep putting him because that’s who I would take but frankly when I make an actual 49ers mock It’s unlikely I’ll ever include him coming to us. The 1T is probably already handled in their minds now and also doesn’t show up on the field enough to justify signing two free agents to the position. Richardson should and probably will end up on a 3-4.

    1. Coach, honestly I don’t follow this as closely as I need to in order to venture an opinion like that. But they say the guy is a “once in a generation” type player. If that’s true and we are talking about a running back, he would be what one might call a “franchise running back,” don’t you think? I ask myself, five years from now, who are we going to remember from this draft? He might be the one.

      1. George,
        A 2 headed RB attack including Hyde and Fournette would be awfully impressive. If the 9ers think he is BPA when their pick comes up I say go for it. Trading for Richardson would open up the pick to the O side of the ball.

        1. Fournette me not is a power back. Not a good fit. Cook would be a much better compliment, and a star in Shanny’s offense….

          1. Raz, he looks very powerful to me (link below). In fact his style reminds me of Hyde, although Hyde has better lateral movement. But it could be that Fournette is so fast, not many get their hands on him, so he doesn’t need to run laterally that much. He also turns the corner very quickly. I see him as a living nightmare for defenses.


            1. Cook has greater vision and instincts, not to mention his receiving skills. Just a much better fit in this offense….

            2. Oh, I just realized what you were saying, that he is a power back. I don’t see why he wouldn’t fit in a zone scheme. All he needs to do is reach the secondary and take off. He’s in second gear right away.

              1. Mayock RB Rankings:

                1. Dalvin Cook, Florida State
                2. Leonard Fournette, LSU
                3. Christian McCaffrey, Stanford
                4. Alvin Kamara, Tennessee
                5. Joe Mixon, Oklahoma

    1. I’ve said alot about the Cousins situation, but I’m no trade and free agency expert. Most hear know the rules on trades and contracts at least as much as I do. I’m not at all certain that I’m right about this.

      My concerns are mainly reason based non-rhetorical questions. I’m hoping for answers so I can feel better if a trade for Cousins does in fact happen.

      – Cousins contract expired a year ago. He is scheduled to be a free agent in ten days. As it stands, the Redskins can’t trade him.

      – They plan on applying the expensive franchise tag for the second year in a row. Not to retain him, but to trade him. The last thing they want is to give him $24m guaranteed to a one year rental.

      – Other teams will not wan to pay Cousins $24m for a one year rental either. No trade can happen unless there’s a new contract in place that Cousins likes.

      – Cousins can veto any trade simply by not agreeing to the new contract.

      This is a literal question. If I get some of my facts wrong on the premise of my questions, I welcome correction.

      Q: Why should a team offer the Redskins high draft picks, when all they have to do is offer a pick slightly higher than a compensatory pick… but with the highest contract offer?

      Again, I’m a rose pruner. I don’t know squat about the intricacies of football deals. I welcome facts, corrections and answers directly related to the above question.

      1. Brodie:

        I’m no expert either and a pick slightly higher than a compensatory pick is probably the minimum. Competition for Cousins is what will drive the price up.

        “The last thing they want is to give him $24m guaranteed to a one year rental. ”

        I’m not sure why you say this. It kicks the can down the road, but it gives them a year to figure out what to do next.

        1. But does it matter if another team offers the Redskins more picks?

          Team A offers the Redskins the most draft picks
          Team B offers the Redskins less draft picks, but a bigger contract

          Cousins kills the trade with team A by refusing to sign the new contract.

      2. Q: Why should a team offer the Redskins high draft picks, when all they have to do is offer a pick slightly higher than a compensatory pick… but with the highest contract offer?

        Because the Redskins can and likely will keep him this year on the franchise tag if the don’t get a good offer. We are looking at how there will be no draft pick compensation needed to sign Cousins next year but that is next year. I think we are losing sight of the fact a season will be played in that time and having Cousins this coming season is better than waiting and competing for his services in 2018.

        I’m not on board with trading multiple firsts for the guy in a year we will be lucky to win 5-6 games, but a swap of firsts and a pick in 2018 to secure your long term QB while not having to outbid other teams on the FA market in a year, is worth it to me. The sooner he gets in here, the sooner this team starts moving toward the playoffs. Whether that actually happens is anyone’s guess but if the opportunity truly is available, the Niners should take it imo.

        1. “Because the Redskins can and likely will keep him this year on the franchise tag if the don’t get a good offer. ”

          Cousins would LOVE that. I’m sure that’s what he’s hoping for. He’s already come out saying he wants to be franchise tagged again. Its the best possible scenario for him.

          If the Redskins keep him this year, that’s $24m guaranteed. Then he hits 2018 free agency where he will score huge guaranteed money from a team that’s not down $24m.

          Cousins said “there will be no home team discount.” That likely applies to next offseason as well. And if they try to franchise tag him for a 3rd time, that’s $24M+40% more.

          I like Cousins. I’m not arguing about his overall value. I hope he becomes a 49er. Its not about his worth, its about getting him under the best possible circumstances.

          The franchise tag was designed to be punitive towards teams that don’t strike a deal. Time for the 49ers to take advantage of that.

          I’m away from computer till this evening. Happy to pick up the thread later.

          1. B2W,

            The best scenario for Cousins would be to get a long term deal that guarantees him 50+ mill and the Niners not only could do that, but they could do it early in the contract to allow cap flexibility in the later part of the deal when the team hopefully has it’s own young talent to extend. That is a better option for Cousins rather than playing under the tag and risking a career ending injury without a contract beyond the season. The reason he may want to be franchise tagged now is that he doesn’t want to be in DC long term.

            I would like to get him as cheaply as possible too, I just don’t think you put it off a year so you can save a pick and risk losing him or having to pay him a lot more long term than you could get him for this year. Everything gets pushed back a year under that scenario and I think it’s smarter to get him here as soon as possible if you can.

            Having said all this, I still doubt that this is even a possibility when it’s all said and done. I can’t see the Skins giving up their starting QB with no viable option to replace him on the roster.

    2. cubus

      I don’t agree with those who are so crazy about Cousins…he has spelled it out for those who were paying attention….He WANTS the franchise tag again…and next year he’ll want it again…until HE owns the Redskins or whichever team he decides to go to….I don’t want him as a niner, I’d rather take that cap money and spread it out to more and more deserving team-mates…too much money in too few pockets is how a team gets into ‘cap hell’. Pick up Glennon or Hoyer, and draft Webb, Kelly, Kizer, or Trubisky (2 of them) using the FAs to babysit the rookies….develop our own….

      1. Oregon,

        They have the second highest amount of cap room in the league and no one to give it to. They literally could pay Cousins his guaranteed money in the first two years of the deal and still have a ton of cap room to work with because they have nobody on the roster who is going to command a big deal at this point, at least not in the next 2 to 3 years. They could essentially sign Cousins and draft a QB to develop with little cap ramifications if they wind up cutting Cousins in year 3 or 4 of the deal. That is the flexibility cap room gives them.

        1. Rocket

          I know all that, but if we DON’T spend ALL of the cap, it goes back into the next season…a reserve fund so to speak….Honestly, I’m just not that impressed with him….

      1. It’s carryover from the Oscar’s hype from last night. I think it was Baalke who stuffed that best picture envelope.

      2. An ILB doesn’t normally go 2nd overall, not to mention one that just underwent rotator cuff surgery….

        1. But again, how is it stunning given that the 49ers addressed DT void?

          1. I just told you, and the “void” at DT was filled with a loose temporary cold mix. Not a permanent one…;>)

      3. Good question MWD!

        CBS SPORTS – IN OUR VIEW: With all due respect to Myles Garrett and the rest of this dynamic edge rusher class, Foster might just be the most explosive defender in the entire 2017 draft. An intimidating face-up hitter with sideline-to-sideline speed, Foster projects as an immediate difference-maker in the middle in the NFL and a possible top 10 choice.

        However, I am very, very high on Ray Ray as the WILL Linebacker. So, for me, the question is whether Bow comes back as the player he was last season prior to tearing his achilles tendon. I have my doubts.

    1. Lynch needs to be pro active with the draft, by announcing that they are willing to trade back.

      He needs to be up front, saying that he will give up quality, for quantity. It needs to be fair for both teams, so it is a win-win situation.

      The good aspect is that every single team is looking to move up, to get that player that they covet, before the teams ahead of them snatch the player they covet, up.

      Some poster mentioned 5 different teams the Niners could trade back with, but he left off the most logical potential partner. Cleveland has 2 firsts and 2 seconds. They could easily trade with the Niners, and if some one can explain why getting the first and second pick in the draft is bad, I would like to hear it.

      Niners at number 12 with 2 additional second round picks will give them 4 picks in the first 2 rounds. Even at 12, there will be a high quality potential starter, and the 3 additional picks will help fill the defensive needs, while also possibly getting a highly ranked WR.

    1. Hmmm, he was just drafted last year. He should have been under a rookie contract, or did Baalke let him go?

      1. Besides that, he also made barrels. Sometimes he would hit his fingers with the hammer, which kept him from practicing.

      2. Fahn Cooper never made it onto the 53. He spent the entire season on the practice squad, and did not sign on again following the season, making him a Free Agent.

        I heard the same thing Jack. The 49ers won’t miss him.

        1. Sigh, another wasted pick by Baalke. The fact that the Colts just signed him must mean they saw something in him that they liked.

          I expect he will do well.

  42. Just some more franchise news. From Rotoworld:

    “The Cleveland Plain Dealer confirms the Browns will not franchise tag free agent Terrelle Pryor.
    The Browns have 48 hours to make a decision, but it appears they already have. The MMQB’s Albert Breer first reported nine days ago that Pryor wouldn’t be franchised. Pryor is reportedly seeking $10-$11 million annually in long-term talks. At least publicly, he’s saying he wants to stay in Cleveland. “

    1. I’d prefer Britt over the other F/A receivers. What he was able to do with their quarterback situation was nothing short of amazing….

      1. Somebody has to be thrown the ball. His career body of work isn’t that impressive. Someone will overpay him, thinking his production last season was him finally realising his talent, not a factor of the Rams QBs having nobody else decent to throw to.

        Pryor on the other hand is still learning, yet put up a big year.

        1. …not a factor of the Rams QBs having nobody else decent to throw to.

          Kinda pulled the chair out from under your own argument, because if that were the case, the defense knew where the ball was going all the time…;>)

      2. Razor seems to be advocating the 49ers disregard character as they overhaul their roster. Something tells me that’s not the direction Lynch and Shanahan are planning to take this team!

        1. 49reasons is full of s***, I mean assumptions, and expects to win with a roster full of boy scouts….

        2. Just a reminder Razor,

          In April 2011, Britt was charged with eluding a police officer, lying to an officer/hindering apprehension and obstructing governmental function. Eluding an officer is a third-degree felony.

          A couple months later Britt was arrested in a Hoboken car wash when police there smelled what they suspected to be marijuana and said they saw Britt holding what appeared to be a “blunt” cigar.

          In 2014, the “trouble making” WR posted a clip of of him having sex with his wife on Instagram.

  43. On Rotoworld:

    “The 49ers tendered exclusive rights free agents NT Mike Purcell and LB Carl Bradford.
    The tenders mean both players will be retained for the NFL minimum. Bradford is a former Packers draft pick who rushed the quarterback in college but has played inside linebacker and special teams in the pros. 25-year-old Purcell currently sits atop San Francisco’s nose tackle depth chart, but that shouldn’t last. “

        1. Razor

          Yeah, what is it with you?…personal problems or what…The past 2 weeks you’ve been nothing but negative…what the hell…it’s your life…tooo bad…

        1. It’s going to be expensive for sure and it’ll probably be the Niners who are paying him next season.

          1. I really hope the Niners get Cousins. What you say about his worth I agree with.

            Now that it’s come out Cousins will only sign an extension with the 49ers or Redskins (says ESPN today), the Niners are not competing for his services with any other bidder.

            On the road, but I’ll be back this evening to discuss thread.

      1. ESPN’s John Kiem reports sources tell him the 49ers and Redskins are the ONLY teams Cousins is willing to sign an extension with. via Chris Biderman 10 minutes ago.

      2. Yeah, the Skins are a mess. It looks like McCloughan will be the fall guy, even though it should be Allen. They have essentially put a gag order on McCloughan. Working for Snyder and Allen would drive any man to drink.

      3. Reads like they wrote the article based on my blog comments.

        ” the Redskins have already lost. It’s just a matter now of how badly.”

        “It’s the goal of Cousins’s agent to get his client the best possible situation, and as much money as possible.”

        ” Cousins and his agent are holding all the cards”

        “I’ve never seen a negotiation where a player was this completely in control of a negotiation as Cousins is here. ”

        “the only amount the Redskins could even possibly throw out – and I emphasize the word possibly – is more than what he thinks he could get a year from now”

        “But I can’t think of a situation where the advantage to the player and the agent was so out of balance.”

        “….play under the tag twice, so $45 million in guaranteed money, plus you’re having to do another deal, so after those two years, probably another $60 million, so he’s probably going to walk out of the first two years that he’s tagged and the next deal with roughly $100 million in guaranteed over 24 months.”

  44. Reviewed Cook. Cook is a scatback at the NFL level. You don’t draft scatbacks in the top twenty…3rd fourth rounds.

    To my knowledge, once in a generation and RB, Cook, were never mentioned by analysts in the same sentence.

    Once in a generation player, however, has been quoted often in relation to Fournette.
    He’s faster than Cook and the more durable back. At # 2, no gambles on health are necessary for the only man in football—pro or college with a TD run at 22.9 MPH.

    And this at 235 Lbs.

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