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San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Aldrick Robinson, right, celebrates after scoring with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo during the second half of an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

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  1. Interesting about Trent Brown and potentially getting his replacement in the draft.

    How about a trade with Denver…Trent Brown for Shaq Barrett? Seems to make a lot of sense for both teams.

    Also how do people feel about Crosby out of Oregon, he could be a better fit in our offense. He seems to have been gaining steam the past couple months. I also love Freeman out of Oregon to play the Tevin Coleman role.

  2. Breaking: Niners sign WR Marquise Goodwin to a much deserved contract extension. The deal is worth up to $20.3 million with $10 million guaranteed, the NFL Network reported. Originally Goodwin was signed through this season, the new deal gives the Niners control through 2021.

    Love it!

  3. Very good deal on Goodwin for both parties concerned. Give s breathing room of 3 years to draft and develop WRs. Now they need to re-sign the other two players whose careers were revived/rescued with the Niners: Coyle and Fusco.

  4. rocket, did you catch Grant’s interview?

    To paraphrase Grant Cohn starting at at 20:56:

    You can tell, it’s a fact that, the Niners use these things (athletic testing) as sort of like a baseline, they won’t consider players who don’t meet these numbers (athletic testing) and then once they have their list of names for guys who do fit the physical criteria they will go back and look at the tape and figure out which players they like best, but they’re not going to compromise or break their standards of testing for anything, they’re very very strict for when and where they take certain athletes. We need to see what a lot of these players do (test) at their pro days because the Niners are thinking the same thing, they are not going to go straight off the tape.

    Hmm ….. somebodies got some splainin to do.

    1. Grant’s entitled to his opinion as are you and I, but I provided you with the background on how teams view the combine testing yesterday. Nothing changes based on Grant expressing his view. Anybody who places undo emphasis on testing that isn’t even football related is not going to draft well, which is why most of the combine rock stars wind up either being average to below players or not making it at all.

      1. “Anybody who places undo emphasis on testing that isn’t even football related”

        So speed and agility aren’t related to football, is this your point? It doesn’t matter one bit whether a CB in Saleh’s system runs a sub 4.5, or a 4.67, or has 31″ arms or 33″ arms?

        Anyone who has been around Kyle and understands his process, and knows he does put stock in speed and agility related testing. That’s why Grant said quote it’s a fact unquote, that the Niners use these things. Kyle loves speed. In fact, the most important quality he looks for in a receiver is the ability to separate. Now, you can make the argument that proficient route running lends itself to separation, it certainly does. But so does short area quickness and speed …. flat out S-P-E-E-D. Sure, some of that you can see on film, but it’s not always easy to tell to the specific degree in which a guy is quick, fast, or agile, because not every player is consistently competing against top level competition. And that’s where the testing plays a role. There is no question that Kyle is looking for great football players first and foremost, but he does put stock in the numbers these guy put up in testing.

        Again, I’ll make my point: Just because it’s mostly about the game film doesn’t mean exclusively about the game film. The combine does matter, especially for players from smaller schools and lower divisions.

        Grant will tell you this is a fact because Kyle has made it clear that he looks for certain athletic qualities at each position.

        1. John Lynch has said repeatedly that Shanahan and Saleh have extremely specific athletic traits they’re looking for at each position. Shanahan and Saleh adhere to those archetypes, especially in the draft. They will not compromise their standards. They believe in their standards. And the athletic testing reveals which players meet the baseline requirements of their standards.

          1. Exactly. I like the way you put it. These specific traits are sort of a baseline. Obviously, just because a guy is athletic and tests well doesn’t mean they are automatically great prospects. But if you use specific traits as a baseline, you can weed out some of the players you are on the fence about, especially these guys who come from small schools and weaker conferences. It’s sometimes hard to gauge just how athletic the player is when they are consistently lining up against inferior competition.

            I heard from more than one source that the Seminoles CB, Tarvarus McFadden, who I thought might be a good fit for the Niners, was asked by more than one personnel guy if he’d be open to moving to Safety after he ran as poorly as he did at the combine.

            And here is another quote: “McFadden started his day off with a rough 40-yard dash and it got worse in position drills. He never looked comfortable during the drills, and former FSU CB- Deion Sanders (aka Prime Time) suggested that McFadden may be a safety at the next level. He will need a big pro day to help him following the combine.”

            In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if ShanaLynch scratched McFadden off their draft board entirely, after he tested as poorly as he did at the combine. He ran a 4.67 40. I would be certain he fell a ways down their board if they were considering him, unless he does something dramatic at his pro day.

            1. The 49ers won’t draft McFadden unless he runs sub-4.55 at his Pro Day. And even then, they wouldn’t touch him before the fifth round, assuming he doesn’t run in the 4.4s.

        2. They have preferred body types like any team, that doesn’t mean they base decisions on what happens during the combine.

          Here’s KS’s response when questioned about the combine:

          In this week, what is more important to you, what they do on the field or what they say off of it?

          KS: “I take all of it into account. To me, more it’s about trying to get to know the people.

          1. rocket, the question he was asked is In this week, what is more important to you, what they do on the field or what they say off of it?

            The key word being “SAY”.

            You gotta pay attention to the details.

            I’m sure what the player displays on the field (game film) is the most important, but like I said, that doesn’t mean that the testing is as meaningless as you seem to believe it is. These guys have a lot on their plate. They are too busy to spend an entire week in Indy every year if it was simply a pointless exercise. They could just show up for interviews, medicals, and measurements, and then get back home and get to work.

            1. Right, what they say as in the interviews. That is more important.

              The interviews take place over the course of the combine. They have to be there the entire time for that as well as medicals and talking to the agents for FA players as he and Lynch also mentioned would be done while in Indy.

              I explained to you yesterday that the point was teams don’t place much if any importance on what happens during these drills. All they do is take the times and put them with the player to see if he plays up to what these times say or down in some cases. It doesn’t stop them from taking a player and doesn’t make them want a player more. It’s simply another piece to add to the overall analysis.

  5. I think Grant and a few others are over thinking the Landry pick. This year he’ll have one job, and that will be to sack the quarterback. K.I.S.S. 10-12 sack year….

    1. I’m not sure he ever will be strong enough to play Leo. Might have to be a Sam. Or just a designated pass rusher.

      1. Designated pass rusher is all we need him to be this year. Everybody gets stronger with a year of NFL strength and conditioning programs under their belt. Landry has a low floor with a high ceiling, because once he learns the nuances of the job, he has a chance to be dominant off the edge….

      2. I thought Landry looked like he improved against the run before he got hurt this season. He’s nowhere near as stout as a guy like Chubb, which is why Chubb is a better all-around DE prospect. But Landry is hardly a weakling. He can convert some speed to power. He’s also not afraid to stick his nose into a pile, and mix it up. Some designated pass rusher shy away from gang tackles, but not Landry from what I have seen. I have a 2nd round grade on Landry, and have him noted as a good fit for the LEO…. mid- 2nd round. I think first round, especially top 20, is too high for Landry. The Niners could use a guy like Landry even as a situational pass rusher this season. A guy who can come in on obvious passing downs, pin his ears back, and get after the QB. And I think he’s a guy who can learn how to stack and shed defenders, get a little bigger, and stouter vs the run.

        1. The 49ers definitely can use a guy like Landry. And they can find that guy at the end of the second round or at the beginning of the third.

          1. Bingo!

            So, does that mean #59 too high? I think he’s a borderline call at #59, depending how things play out, but I would be tempted at #59.

            1. I think Landry would be worth the 59th pick, but there may be a corner there who’s more valuable to the 49ers.

              1. The list of 250+ pound D-Linemen drafted in R1 with sub 6.9 3-cones at combine since 2000: DeMarcus Ware JJ Watt David Pollack Melvin Ingram Joey Bosa TJ Watt.

          2. If Landry falls out of the top 10 in the first round, then there’s another reason for it other than talent. The players you are referring to at the bottom of the 2nd round are players like, Ejiofor who has the toolbox but not the explosives, Sweat medicals passed without red flags, but lacks production, Turay’s medicals haven’t come back yet, and he also lacks production, Armstrong lacks any blue chip traits, OgBo lacks size and is stiff in the hips….

              1. Landry was a top 10 pick going into 2017. You feel he may not be worth a 1st round pick, and then you gave pick #59 as a worthy selection spot for him. He had a down year with the injury and double teams, and I don’t see that as a reason for knocking him out of the top 10….

              2. I’ve got him as a 2nd round prospect razor, I’m good with #59 if he’s there. In fact, I might take him earlier, I’m just not sure I am taking him top 20. I think that might be a bit steep, but I defer to ShanaLynch of course.

                Sounds like he’s you’re second favorite pass rusher razor? I might buy that. He’s about as pure of a pass rusher as there is in this class, downgraded only because he’s probably more of a sub-package guy early in his career.

                But pay no attention to his 3-cone drill, rocket says those are meaningless.

              3. The more I watch Landry, the more convinced I become he could be a double digit pass rusher and three down edge defender in the pros. I’ve got Fitzpatrick ranked #8 and James #7 and Landry #9. I just happen to like James the best of those three, followed by Landry….

              4. There’s just not enough distinguishing Landry from a guy like Eli Harold to be a top-10 pick.

              5. Yea, Eli Harold dreamed about having a 16.5 sack season, and he certainly was never, ever ranked in the top 10…ever.

              6. Landry isn’t ranked in the top 10. He’s projected as a late-first round pick, which is what Harold was projected to be before the draft.

              7. Landry was ranked top 10, right behind Key coming into the 2017 season with 16.5 sacks in 2016.

              8. Landry played in 8 games this year, with 5 sacks. In 12 games last year, he tallied 16.5 sacks. That’s a 10 sack a year average, just like Chubb….

    2. Overthinking and putting too much stock in this past season. Landry is a very good pass rusher already with room to improve with NFL Coaching. Strength wise, he’s going to pack another 5 lb’s of muscle on his frame minimum on an NFL program and already tested top ten on the bench. He is likely high on many teams boards, and the draftniks will catch up eventually.

  6. There’s something happening here, what it is aint exactly clear:

    What they’re saying: Experts’ mocks for the 49ers’ first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft

    1. Daniel Jeremiah, LB Tremaine Edmunds, VA Tech
    2. Peter Schrager, CB Denzel Ward, Ohio State
    3. Chris Trapasso, CBS Sports: OG Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame
    4. Matt Miller, Bleacher Report: LB Roquan Smith, Geogia
    5. San Francisco 49ers Derwin James, SS, Florida State, CBS Sportsline
    6. 49ers met with CB Tony Brown at Alabama pro day, per report
    5 hours ago • 0 comments
    By David Bonilla

  7. 49ers signed Goodwin to a 3 yr. extension, so I doubt Jag’s A. Robinson will be a high priority unless they bargain. 49ers tipped their hand on this one and free agent money will go elsewhere–O-Line or defense.
    The WR’s found in April’s draft are a cheaper option, allowing them to spend money elsewhere.
    Published: March 8, 2018 at 02:44 p.m. Updated: March 8, 2018 at 03:13 p.m.

  8. Isn’t this whole idea that draftees absolutely must have certain physical traits in order to be picked something that Baalke espoused. With regards to him, I don’t think much more needs to be said. The oft-stated preferred height of a QB is 6’4″. Jimmy G. is 6’2″. Good thing that Kyle and John are somewhat flexible, otherwise we might have Osweiler as our QB. It just seems to me that football smarts are more important than physical characteristics (of course there has to be minimum requirements). If a player doesn’t understand where he needs to be and what his assignment is, physical traits aren’t going to make up much for that. How many physical specimens at QB have flamed out in the NFL, because they relied so heavily on their physical traits instead of truly learning the position. I’ll concede that in the case of QBs, it’s not all their fault because in most cases college systems were designed around their strengths (typically running).

          1. And apparently very smart with regards to plays/formations and how to respond based on the looks the defense gives.

    1. Is there any top DE prospect they didn’t speak to? Doing their due diligence at that position for sure.

    2. Key was the top pass rusher going into 2017, followed by Landry. Barrows surmised that the 49ers would rank them, Chubb, Davenport, Key/Landry….

  9. 32 year-old Talib to reunite with Philips in LA. Guess the Rams will continue to work the FA market hard to leverage their rookie-contract-QB window.

    1. I don’t keep stats on these things, but picks for player trades seem like they’re getting more common.

        1. well you know, after suffering that last game ‘o the year dissection courtesy of the JG Experience,
          Wade is probably still in the lambs film room watching those last 5 games…
          it’s all (DB) hands on deck for the S.S. LARams…
          wonder what Carroll & Norton Jr. are doing with their “new look” D ???? God help ’em….

  10. :)

    Looks like the no fly zone moved from the AFC west to the NFC west now. Talib and Peters should form a formidable CB duo like AJ Bouye and Jalen Ramsey

    1. Not sure if they have enough salary cap to keep Watkins since they will be paying Talib $11 million. Johnson and Sammy to the niners?

  11. Talib and Peters are good. But by this time next week we could have Trumaine Johnson and Allen Robinson. The Shanny/McVay chess match continues.

            1. I’ve seen mocks listing Equanimeous St. Brown as late as the seventh round. Most “experts” think St. Brown gets off the board in the 4th round at the earliest, most have him in the 5th and 6th rounds (even after the Combine). So, I think ESB will definitely be at #59, even #70, even later.

              Matt Miller, Bleacher Report: #224 overall
              Chris Trapasso, CBS: #189 overall
     #15 Wide Receiver
              NFL Mock: #221 overall
              Fanspeak: #120 overall

              1. As thin as this WR class is, I’d be surprised if ESB is still on the board in the 3rd round, let alone the 4th. He’s pretty gifted….

      1. They absolutely should be in the market for a starting Wr. Goodwin has had 4 concussions already. Garcion has a neck injury. They have the ability to go after Robinson or Watkins they should pounce. If they want to compete in the division with a chance to win it they will sign an upgrade there. I think they will.

      2. Grant
        * How about a TE? Penn State TE Mike Gesicki at pick #70: Combine results!
        * 6′ 6″ x 252, 4.54 x 40, 41.5″ Vt., 10.9′ BJ, a 4.10 x 20, 6.76 three cone and 22 BP Reps!
        * He gives the 9ers a big body RZ threat and JG a security blanket.

        1. GEEP

          I’m with you on Gesicki…He appears to be as close to a sure thing as I can see…What a pair he would be with Kittles !! Are we going to create a trade (or two, or three) or not ? How about Burbridge.. ? Rome is burning…everyone else is upgrading….?

  12. Looks like Sam Shields will also be joining the Rams secondary. Crazy. I guess we know what they are blaming their playoff fizzle on.

  13. Agree grant ,

    Man that’s an old backfield , bet there will be at least one blow-up on the side line .
    Tempers , that’s allot for a young coach , to deal with.
    I mean how long does talib have left in the tank ,so to speak
    Why not sign your own ,key players ? Did they franchise him 2 times ? For nothing ?
    Just looking like they needed better FO personal ,
    But I will say this the lambs are our competitors in the division ,

    Looks like to me the rest are rebuilding , replacing, or installing a new system .

    Thoughts on that grant , for see a playoff birth ?

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