Jamal Adams. Did the 49ers miss an opportunity? Or avoid an expensive mistake?

We would be remiss if we didn’t put the final nail in the coffin that is the story of the Jamal Adams trade. In the telling, the 49ers would have acquired Adams, the disgruntled, but gifted, Jets safety.

The story seemed to come up weekly, with assorted denials and confirmations. And now that Seattle has traded for Adams, surely it is finally dead, right?

Not so fast. ESPN reporter Jeremy Fowler is saying there were three teams in the bidding — the Seahawks, the Cowboys, and the 49ers.

So there was something to the rumors. The only question left is: did the 49ers miss an opportunity or dodge a bullet?

The missing-an-opportunity case is easy to make. How many safeties have the 49ers put on the field in the last four years? The correct answer is . . . a lot. (Although granted, some of that was because of injury.) Adams would be an upgrade for any team. And if he plays up to his All Pro stature, San Francisco will get two Seattle games a year to regret missing out.

On the other hand, look at what the Seahawks gave up. Two first round draft picks (next year and 2022) and a third rounder in 2021. That’s a lot. Especially when Kyle Shanahan’s team has already traded a third and a fifth-round pick in 2021 for Trent Williams.

If the 49ers made the same deal as Seattle, they wouldn’t have a first, third or fifth pick next year. That’s a lot of pressure on your second and fourth rounders.

In some ways, the Adams deal is a coin flip. He’s a 24-year-old, two-time Pro Bowl player. But he comes at a really steep price. If I had to make the call, I’d do what it looks like the 49ers did — get in the discussion, see how high the stakes get and then fold when the Jets asked for more than they were willing to pay. The deal-breaker for me would be questions about Adams’ volatility.

The phrase “unhappy Jamal Adams,” is used so often it pops up as a Google search term. After three years, Adams made it clear he wanted to jump ship on the Jets’ voyage to nowhere and set out to make it happen. There’s no more sure-fire way to ignite a firestorm than to personally attack the head coach. And that’s what Adams did.

He complained that Adam Gaze was detached and uninvolved in interactions with players. A particular gripe from Adams was that he said when the team had a poor first half, it wasn’t Gaze who addressed the team. He had an assistant do it.

“I don’t feel like he’s the right leader to get this organization to the Promised Land,” Adams told the New York Daily News.

(To which, many of us said, “People in football are still making Promised Land analogies?”)

And for good measure, Adams also trashed the GM, Joe Douglas, claiming Douglas promised him a contract extension but did not deliver. It wasn’t long before the Jets began actively shopping Adams, figuring correctly, that they could stock up on draft picks in exchange. Hence the rumors and the speculation.

And that’s the Jamal Adams deal in a nutshell. Seattle is hoping he plays great, justifies the cost, and doesn’t become unhappy with head coach Pete Carroll. San Francisco is hoping that with the draft picks it saved, it can not only find good players, but they will be much less expensive.

And around here we will debate which side was right.

Major League Baseball has some bad news for the NFL

Baseball is the canary in the coal mine of professional sports. The bat and ball guys were the first to re-start their season and were going to be carefully watched for Coronavirus outcomes.

Other sports are making their own virus-avoiding plans — like the NBA bio-dome in Orlando — but everyone knew that football was going to be the toughest to implement. Even everybody’s favorite infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “It would be very hard to see how football is able to be played this fall.”

However, what if baseball is able to do it? Wouldn’t that give everyone hope? Wouldn’t it show it could be done?

Well, as we know, baseball began Season 2.0 last week. Strict protocols were put in place. Managers, coaches, and some players wore masks. There were no fans in the stands.

And MLB didn’t even make it a week. Today (Monday) it was announced that as many as 14 players and coaches on the Marlins have tested positive for COVID-19. The league immediately cancelled the next game against Baltimore, while the Marlins were isolated and tested. And of course, that meant that the Phillies, who played the Marlins over the weekend, also had to cancel and undergo tests to see if they were infected. And the Yankees, who were going to play the Phillies, were told the game was cancelled, and they should stay in their hotel rooms.

All of which does nothing to encourage the NFL that it can put on a season. There’s once again talk of “enbubbling” teams, where they would live in a secure, sterile environment. But NFL teams, with players, coaches, trainers, and medical staff, can easily run to 100 people. The logistics are daunting.

And then, to file under things-I-never-thought-of-but-now-that-you-mention-it, SI’s Albert Breer says NFL deep thinkers are worried about a nightmare scenario — what if the virus takes out the entire quarterback room? Remember, even if the players don’t show symptoms, they’d still have to quarantine. No playing until you test negative. You’d have no quarterback.

Breer spoke to agent Mike McCartney, who said teams may consider an odd solution — hiring a “COVID quarterback.” He would not come into the team facility but would stay up on team meetings etc. virtually and work out on their own. Then, if the virus hit the rest of the quarterbacks, he’d be an insurance policy QB.

I get the concept, but isn’t this another example of how the NFL is bending over backward to try to force a season? Doesn’t it look even more likely, and sensible, to postpone and play in the spring?


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  1. Debate all you want but the premium cost did not match the value of the position. I called BS the moment Grant dropped his unnamed “source” who told him the 49ers were in on the trade for Adams. Lynch just confirmed that they were never in on a trade for Adams. Seahawks got played through an act of desperation that they will come to regret just like the Rams. If we learned anything from the 2019 49ers it’s that an adequate secondary can be number 1 against the pass if you have a pass rush. Seahawks should have paid attention because they have no pass rush, no offensive line, and no 1st round draft pick until 2023; but they got themselves an all pro safety!?

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    1. Yeah that’s how I see it too. Adams is a very good player, All Pro in fact, but he doesn’t play a position that is worthy of that many picks and a massive contract in the next couple of years along with a questionable attitude. He doesn’t create many TO’s and is a decent but not great cover guy, so what are you paying for? Hard hitter, good blitzer? You can find box safeties who can tackle and play well against the run in every draft maybe not at that level but good enough. It didn’t make any sense, at least to me, that the 49ers would be interested when it was not a position you place a lot of emphasis on and the number of players they have to resign in the next couple of years. The first round picks are huge when you are trying to sign players and stay under the cap. The Seahawks will be better against the run with Adams but they put themselves in a tough position moving forward especially when they didn’t address their biggest need which was rushing the QB.

      1. People keep pointing to Adam’s sack total as a sign that he’s an absoute difference maker on any defense, which is a bit of a stretch for a box safety, IMO. Adams’ elevated sack total likely has more to do with defensive design, aka scheme, than it does actual pass rushing talent?

        Why do I say this? Well, according to PFR advanced stats, the Jets had 35 (regular season) total sacks in 2019, which was 13 fewer sacks than the 49ers , despite the fact that the Jets dialed up blitzes at a 2 to 1 ratio as compared to the Niners (in fact, the Jets had the 3rd highest blitz % rate in the NFL), giving Adams far more opportunities than most Safeties, and he’s not going to have those same blitz opportunities playing within the Hawks’ Cover-3 scheme.

        Very good player, but he’s a box safety for crying out loud, so you have to look at the league-wide market rate for a SS. By that metric, he’s not worth anywhere close to what the Seahawks gave up, IMO, especially when you factor in the projected reduction to the salary cap in the coming seasons, and the fact that, oh BTW, he also expects to reset the Safety market, likely before the start of next season.

        Also, am I wrong in thinking first round picks will be at an extra premium in the coming seasons due to the projected salary cap, and the added salary cap flexibility afforded by drafting high level, first round talent, thus locking them into a rookie contract for the next 5 seasons? Not to mention the fact that, giving up that much draft capitol for a non-premium position, rather than re-signing home grown talent, goes against the 49ers current team building philosophy.

        1. The big winner in this is the Jets (and in a roundabout way, every other NFC West opponent). How in the world did they manage to swindle the Seahawks out of that much draft capital, as well as a quality (or at the very least average) starter to replace him, when everyone knew Adams was never going to play another down for Adam Gase?

          My theory is that the Cowboys wanted Adams, and why wouldn’t they? He’s a home grown talent who stated that the Cowboys were his dream destination. Imagine the marketing opportunities alone, for the Cowboys, had they aquired Adams. Plus, he would be filling a huge gaping hole in the middle of the Cowboys defense, to boot. So the Cowboys were seriously in the mix, as were the Seahawks. Now, the savvy Niners throw their hat into the mix knowing that, if push ever came to shove, they would ultimately never quite match the Cowboys’ offer. However, with the 49ers in the mix, Seattle was more likely to go all in at almost any cost in order to prevent the Niners from landing him.

          It’s only a theory, but it sure makes a ton of sense to me.

    2. Lynch today on KNBR regarding Adams: “Look at the Seattle trade capital they had to give up. So, it just wasn’t a reality. Of course, there was interest. But was it a reality? No.”

      There was interest and they were in on the deal just as Grant Cohn, Corbin Smith and Jeremy Fowler reported.

      1. I’m sure there was some level of interest there Jack. Adams was obviously on the way out of NY. The Niners would be foolish not to have at least some interest in a player of Adams’ caliber, provided they could perhaps land him at a bargain price, precisely because the Jets had presumably lost some of their leverage in dealing him.

        That’s a far cry from the kind of interest Grant seemed to suggest! Grant made it sound like the 49ers had enough interest to have been dealing directly with the Jets and likely making a very substantial offer. That, JP, is not the way Lynch suggested that things went down, and I am almost positive that the 49ers certainly never seriously intended to get into a bidding war with the Cowboys and Seahawks, not just because Lynch says so, but because it goes completely against the Niners current team building strategy.

        Of course, we’ll never know for certain … so critical thinking would suggest we let Occam’s Razor apply. Was there interest? Of course. Serious interest? …..Nah.

        1. It’s funny some just want to believe what they want to believe, however Lynch is probably the most straight shooting GM in the league.

          1. Lynch is absolutely a straight shooter! But it would seem that they believe what they want to believe because they refuse to use critical thinking skills. How would it make sense to go big after Adams, at a time when the salary cap is likely dropping substantially, and they still need to give Kittle a blockbuster deal? Oh, and I should also mention the fact that they already have a pretty darn good starting Safety tandem. I mean …. the 49ers just showed the world that they valued a mid 1st round pick over dishing out a huge extension for an above average interior DL who also happened to be a team guy, and a team leader, in order to keep this thing going long term. SMH!

            1. Oh, and I’ll say it one more time: Jamal Adams is primarily a frick’en STRONG SAFETY, for crying out loud!!!!!

              There, now I feel a tad better. Catch you guys later.

          2. “It’s funny some just want to believe what they want to believe”.

            Yes, yes it is.

            1. Not sure what part of not being part of trade talks you don’t get, Scooter. Keep believing on!

        2. Not getting into a bidding war or overspending doesn’t mean that the 49ers didn’t discuss a trade with the Jets.

          And yes, Lynch is a straight shooter about players.

          From December 2018, “We’re going to do everything we can to ensure that DeFo is a Niner for a long, long time. I’m sure it won’t be cheap, but those are all things you have to figure out. I can tell you that the motivation in this building is to keep him around here for a long, long time.”

          1. Not getting into a bidding war or overspending doesn’t mean that the 49ers didn’t discuss a trade with the Jets.

            What part of making no sense to discuss a trade for Adams did you miss?

          2. BTW Jack, according multiple reports, the Niners did in fact make a strong effort to extend DeFo. No GM can guarantee a long term deal until a deal gets done. So there is nothing about that statement he made, that would suggest Lynch wasn’t being sincere.

            Look Jack …. it should be obvious by now that the 49ers’ braintrust is trying to build a perrenial contender, which made signing Adams very unlikely for multiple reasons, most, if not all of which, have already been laid out on this blog, by myself and others.
            If you or others haven’t figured that out by now, I don’t know what else to tell you!

          3. Not getting into a bidding war or overspending doesn’t mean that the 49ers didn’t discuss a trade with the Jets.

            Were we interested? Of course you’d be interested in a player like that. Is it a reality? No. Kyle (Shanahan) and I always have conversations. Is this something we should pursue? Then you start looking into it. And the way we’re built, we’re getting up there against the cap, the things we have planned for the future, what’s happening with the pandemic to the cap, that just wasn’t a reality for us.

            To summarize, Lynch said he didn’t call the Jets, and decided not to pursue it after realizing it was not a reality for them. There was no call and no negotiation. They didn’t pursue it. It’s all there straight from the man himself and you guys still can’t accept Grant got bad info and Jeremy Fowler didn’t even say they were involved, just that they were thought by some parties to be involved. This deal made no sense on any level for the 49ers and Lynch has clearly explained why twice now.

      2. Lynch was interested in trading for Jamal Adams like I’m interested in buying Shell Oil Company. That is to say, the cost is not realistic so it’s not a reality.

      3. Yep. Hardly shocking news, except to those that just don’t want to believe anything Grant Cohn says.

  2. Joe Douglas reminds me of Trent Baalke. It does not matter if JD gets 2 first round picks, he will probably whiff on them, like Baalke whiffed on an entire draft class.
    His handling of the controversy was only saved by him getting such a great draft haul, but the fact remains, no elite player wants to play for such a dysfunctional dumpster fire. Even if he did find another All Pro, that player would want to leave, too.
    JL may have been perfectly truthful when he says that he did not initiate a call to make an offer. JD probably made a call to the Niners, but laughed at JL’s second round offer. JL certainly did not offer 2 first round picks. He values first round picks, with their 5 year options, too much to trade away.
    This pandemic is putting a crimp in the MLB season. The Niners should designate 25 starters, and isolate them in a bubble. The second string should also isolate, but allow the third string players who do well, to be able to practice against the second string, after a quarantine period.
    Keeping the first string separated and isolated, would almost guarantee the Niners would be able to field a team. If Covid invades that bubble, all bets are off.
    I hope the players are assigned places 6 feet apart, all along the side lines. I hope they put Bobby Turner, and any other elderly coach or trainer, in an upstairs booth, to isolate him and protect him.

  3. The cost in the end was too much imo so glad the 49ers passed, but there is no doubting his quality. The Seahawks will be a better team this year with him. But long term… well, I guess the Seahawks don’t have a great recent history with their 1st round picks so maybe it wasn’t that big a deal for them and does make them better long term. But in general for most teams those picks are important to help replenish the roster.

    1. In the end? Ha! The cost was there from the beginning, (I’d shutter to think that the final price was negotiated down) and the highest draft capital used on the secondary by this regime has been a 3rd rounder. That should have been your first clue that it was a bogus report….

      1. Fitzpatrick was traded for just a #1, as was Buck. I wasn’t privy to the negotiations so I won’t claim that I knew before the deal was announced as to what was being discussed between interested parties. But if you knew, congrats.

        1. So what? We aren’t the Steelers, and Buckner isn’t a safety. There were no negotiations because the 49ers weren’t an interested party at any point in the process….

            1. I never suggested they didn’t do their due diligence as they do with every player, but it was a brief conversation that ended with the decision not to enter the Adams sweepstakes. I still think you should run against Pelosi, Seb….

          1. Except it turns out they were, but as I said and you hollered against, the price ended up being too much.

            1. No they were not part of any trade talks. You’re deluding yourself and it’s embarrassing!

              1. Lynch laid it out pretty straight forward, Scooter. The 49ers were not involved in trading for Adams.

                “Totally inaccurate,” Lynch said. “We did not ever make a call about the player.”

              2. Yes, to which he then clarified the next day to say they in fact were interested, had discussions internally about trading for him, and in the end decided the cost was too great. Like I said.

              3. LOL! An internal discussion that lasted 15 minutes max. Yep, you were right all along my friend!

                Best thing to come of this non-story might be Tartt comes into camp with a chip on his shoulder….

            2. One day after he told NBC Sports Bay Area the 49ers never even picked up the phone to inquire about Adams’ availability in a trade, Lynch reiterated why such a move made no sense for the 49ers this offseason. Lynch said any reports the 49ers were interested in Adams were “totally inaccurate.”

              “I love it seems to be that every guy that’s up for a trade that we’re involved,” Lynch said. “I love that people talk about the Niners. But I try to be truthful. We’re talking about (George) Kittle. We’re trying to save room for him.

              “We’ve got a plan here and Jamal Adams is a tremendous player. No. 1, we feel really good about our guys, Jimmie Ward, who we re-signed this offseason, about Jaquiski Tartt.”

              And this quote singled out by Grant Cohn and then misinterpreted by Grant Cohn:

              Were we interested? Of course you’d be interested in a player like that. Is it a reality? No. Kyle (Shanahan) and I always have conversations. Is this something we should pursue? Then you start looking into it. And the way we’re built, we’re getting up there against the cap, the things we have planned for the future, what’s happening with the pandemic to the cap, that just wasn’t a reality for us. It wouldn’t be No. 1 on our list to see the Seahawks get him, but there he is.”

              So if anyone can read these two quotes and still believe the 49ers were really in on Adams then you are either stupid, stubborn or both. They were interested in the way teams are interested in making their teams better with good players. They did the same thing with Brady, but they were not going to make a deal for him and Lynch clearly acknowledges that. They were not negotiating and no deal was gaining steam as Grant Cohn said. It made no sense for the 49ers in what it would cost in draft picks or contract numbers in the future.

              1. Hmmm, yes, after reading the entire transcript I do apologise and take back some of my comments. Taking what he said at his word, and given his history that’s likely fair, he does indeed quite clearly indicate their interest was likely brief and never escalated beyond some internal discussions.

                I guess that is what I get for not taking the time to find the full transcript.

          2. “We aren’t the Steelers, and Buckner isn’t a safety.”

            The Fitzpatrick deal should have been a good barometer for Adams compensation, as it was a high pick safety from the same draft class. Fitzpatrick may not have been as successful at Miami as Adams at the Jets, but he was still showing he was already a good player.

            And no, Buck isn’t a safety. He’s a DT. Check the top salaries for safeties against the salary Buck was given and tell me which player is worth more in a trade.

            The only way the 49ers could have known the price for Adams was as steep as it ended up being would have been to check. You know, by showing interest.

              1. “The only way the 49ers could have known the price for Adams was as steep as it ended up being would have been to check. You know, by showing interest.”

              2. Yea, because there’s no way they had any idea what the price tag would be. Are you Eucking kidding me!? LOL! You two have used up your 9 lives dying on this hill, but I’m here to make sure you get your benedictions….

              3. You don’t have to be all knowing. All you have to do is read what the man is saying and look at the big picture to see they were not going after Adams.

  4. * The Niners traded a 2020 fifth round pick and a 2021 third round pick for Trent Williams.

  5. If baseball doesn’t wake up and DEMAND that their players keep their masks on AT ALL TIMES, they will not have a season. Seeing umps putting their masks on to go view a replay, instead of having it on already, is a horrible image. Seeing some players with masks on but their noses hanging out is a horrible image. Seeing guys at bat, on base, at one of 9 positions, with NO MASKS ON is a horrible image. Seeing players in the dougout with masks off and not staying 6 feet from each other is a horrible image.

    The league needs players to have masks, and not thin layers of spandex, on AT ALL TIMES. Form the second they exit their hotel rooms until the second they re-enter, that mask needs to be on. The way their doing it now, theres zero reason to even wear a mask.

    And if anyone thinks they can’t wear masks at all times, look at what they did in 1918.

  6. Did the Niners miss an opportunity you say? I think its the other way around myself, Adams missed an opportunity to go to the best organization in the NFL :)

  7. I think JL said he did not reach out to the Jets to give them a formal offer. He did not want to give the impression that he was leveraging or influencing a deal pertaining to a Seahawk trade.
    It is entirely probable that the Jets contacted the Niners. They asked the Niners to throw out a number. The Niners countered with a second round pick, and was laughed at. JD said so himself, according to GGN. Maybe it was Dallas and Jeruh who got the bidding so high.
    Everyone knows that JL is counting every penny, so he can extend Kittle’s contract. Adams was superfluous, and costly. Tartt is a veteran leader, fits the system, knows the defensive schemes and provides continuity. JL also wants to maintain harmony in the locker room. Adams threw his owner, GM and HC under the bus. JL probably did not want Jamal Adams, because of the distractions he may provide.
    Above all, 2 firsts, a third and Bradley McDougald was way too expensive. JL was smart to not try to outbid the Seahawks. Losing McDougald may bite them in the heiny, because the Seahawks just lost Dunbar.
    So no, the Niners did not miss an opportunity, and it weakened the opposition for years. If they do not play this season, Adams will be very expensive, so the Niners made a wise decision. Sure, Adams will make winning twice as hard, but the Niners are up to the task.

  8. The #49ers today announced the signing of rookie TE Charlie Woerner, wrapping up their entire 2020 class. #brickbybrick @ San Francisco, California

  9. If the reports are true about the cap in 2021 being somewhere in the area of 175 mill, draft picks take on a larger than usual importance. There will be no signing of outside FA’s and they are very likely going to release most of their own FA’s. Trading picks for Adams would be just plain old stupid. Next year every draft pick should make the team if not start right away. This years 16 man practice squad will also be very important to the future of this team. The NFL network has reported that the cap situation won’t return to normal until 2024.

    1. Absolutely right Coach, Scouting and building through the draft has always been important, but never quite like it will be during the next few seasons. If I am the Niners, I am putting every resource possible into the scouting department. The good news is that they have a HC everyone wants to play for, a GM who everyone seems to like and respect, and an EVP of Football Operations in Paraag Marathe, who is among the league’s very best, IMO.

      1. I am the Niners, I am putting every resource possible into the scouting department.

        There may not be much to scout this season.

        1. Seems like it was yesterday that an esteemed writer alleged a deep, festering divide between 9er scouts and front office excs. Sigh.

          All that pus.

        2. There may not be much to scout this season.

          That’s a fair point, Rib. And BTW, I tend to agree with most of your opinions on this blog. Just thought I’d throw that out there, bro.

          That said, I’d like to remind that there is a lot more to scouting than in-person scouting. In fact, when it comes to early round picks (and all rounds for that matter), it seems that a player’s personal makeup, and personal life, is more often to their credit, or blame, when they fail to live up to their draft status.

          1. Reasons, I do agree with your extra emphasis on the scouting. It’ll just have to be done with extra diligent detective work to unearth those gems. I hope they have access to a lot of tape from most the recently completed seasons. If shelter in place was the buzzword for first half of 2020, then scouting in place ™ might be the sports buzzword for these truncated/cancelled seasons.

    2. Old Coach –

      These eight teams are already over the cap for 2021, Eagles, Saints, Falcons, Chiefs, Steelers, Bears, Raiders and Vikings and that doesn’t include next years draft. I suspect the owners and the players will come to some sort of agreement otherwise I see some talented players released and cant be picked up due to cap restraints.

      1. I think they have come to a unofficial decision. The only way this sort of cap cut won’t happen is if the owners fold and give the players a huge percentage raise in the cap and I just don’t see that happening. Good players from those teams that are “capped out” won’t go without jobs, the teams that are well below the cap will sign them. I see quality backups being replaced by UDFA’s and possibly a change in the power balance, Maybe a SB with Washington Vs. Det…….

  10. The Seahawks did do well, getting an All Pro. They gave up too much draft capital, but Schneider just does not value first round picks very much.
    The compensation that may have made this a lopsided deal for the Jets, is the addition of Bradley McDougald. The error in giving up McDougald was compounded by the fact that they lost Dunbar, too. McDougald is a FS and he will be replaced by Marquise Blair, who is fast and aggressive, but tends to take bad angles, and is a weak tackler.
    If the Seahawks win a SB, this trade will be well worth it. If not, they will be hamstrung in future drafts, which may lead to losing seasons.

  11. 49ers had a chance to get Jamal Adams in the draft and they selected Solomon Thomas instead. Ouch! Giving up two 1st rounders and a 3rd rounder for a guy who has 2 Ints over 3 years seems pretty dumb to me. Adams wasn’t even in the top 10 in passes defensed among Safety’s last year. Adams has a good amount of sacks but I don’t really want my Safety being known for Sacks. Sure, Jamal Adams is a good player and any team would likely want him on the squad but I’m wondering if he’s just a good player on a bad team so he stands out.

  12. CW, this might seem nitpicky to you but this is the 2nd or 3rd time you got a name wrong. It’s Adam Gase, not Adam Gaze. I figured it was a typo but then you spelled it wrong twice. Not a typo. If you’re going to write about people, you should get their names right.

    1. CW has a sense of humor. Watch Gase’s introductory press conference, then you will understand.

      1. I’ve seen the pictures. I get the reference. It’s still not the guys name. Now FO ahole.

        1. Still supporting Stephen Carrillo? You must LOVE military police.
          Too bad he murdered 2 law enforcement officials, trying to place blame on the BLM protests.

          1. Too bad you cant just keep it about football. Your life is so pathetic you are on here talking about anything anyone comments about. Shake a stick and Seb runs like a bioch at it!

            1. Too bad you do not take your own advice. Nothing more pathetic than you trying to be the blog police.
              Try saying something about football, I could use a laugh.

              1. “Try saying something about football, I could use a laugh”

                I was the only blogger to mock the 49ers selecting Brandon Aiyuk! Smoke that in your pipe you old fart!

              2. “You keep making that claim, but I never ever saw a mock of yours”

                Not my problem you have memory loss!

              3. Post your mock. Link it up.
                I will finally believe you and admit I was wrong if you do that.
                Meanwhile, here is something I wrote before the draft, which was kinda prescient.
                April 22, 2020, 2:38 pm.
                ‘I hope it unfolds like most predict. I do see the Lions wanting to trade back, but the Dolphins and Chargers will be patient, save their pick, and still get either Tua and Herbert.
                Some mocks have the Jags picking Jeudy, but if Baalke is running the draft, he most likely will pick a DL like he did with Armstead and Buckner.
                I could see him picking Kinlaw, just to spite the Niners. ( Thankfully he passed on Kinlaw, so the Niners did select Kinlaw.), but CB may be the best option, because of what Grant said about the top 2 CBs. CJ Henderson would replace Ramsey, so it fills a big need.’

              4. With the 32nd pick of the 2021 NFL draft, the San Francisco 49ers select Jayson Oweh, DE, Penn St.

              5. April 21, 2020, 2:37 pm.
                Seb- ‘Well, I am glad that JL advertised the fact that they are in the business for trade backs, so other teams may be weighing options.
                I am glad he mentioned he was willing to trade Marquise Goodwin away, so teams may want to use him as a bargaining chip.’
                April 21, 2020, 2:42 pm.
                Prime- ‘The Niners are not trading out of #13. Too many good players will be there.’
                Who was right?

              6. April 20, 2020, 12:17 pm.
                ‘Mr Barber, welcome to this site…..
                However, if Kinlaw falls to 13, the Niners should use that 13th pick to select him. (They used that 13th pick to trade back, obtain a 4th round pick, and still got Kinlaw at 14.) They could then either trade back, or select a WR like Justin Jefferson, Tee Higgins, Denzel Mims, Brandon Aiyuk or Jalen Raegor.’

              7. “Who was right?

                I was as I was the only to say the Niners would select Aiuyuk! Victory is my middle name!

              8. Still no mock, when I have documented the possibility of them drafting Aiyuk.
                You were wrong, because the Niners did not draft CJ Henderson.
                You were wrong, claiming the Niners would not trade back.
                You were wrong about the Niners drafting Trubisky.
                Instead of a middle name, it it more like a middle finger. ;p

    1. Now, 5 Patriots have opted out.
      Hightower has opted out due to the birth of his child. Chung’s wife is about to deliver a baby.
      I wonder what Ciara is thinking about this pandemic, since she recently gave birth to Win, RW’s child.

  13. I was initially shocked at the price tag but since Seattle can’t draft adroitly perhaps this was a good move for them. Anyway, our Offensive weapons will overwhelm them again this year. We had no problems moving the ball against them last year. If it wasn’t for Clowney having a career best game against our injured O-line and a rookie K missing a 30 yarder, we would have swept them. Niners all the way (assuming we have a season) .

    1. In time, there might be media speculation concerning who’s on the All Opt Out Team.

      1. And will there be a First and Second All Opt Out Team? Will they will form the first Zoom League?

  14. Well, at least we know now who contracted the Covid 19 virus.
    I wonder how many other players Richie James had contact with.

  15. Best thing to come from this non-story might be Tartt coming into camp a little tangy.

    1. Agreed. Tartt had a critical strip and fumble recovery against Metcalf in the the first Seattle game. He had a pretty good season overall.

  16. Joey Bosa re-signs with the Chargers for a vault full of money. No reunion with his brother in SF.

      1. Tyler Linderbaum OC.
        Weston Richberg may not play, so that may be a position of need.

  17. The Bears actually gave up less in the trade with The Raiders for Khalil Mack compared to what the Seahawks gave up for Adams from the Jets.

  18. Don’t understand why any Niners fan would have been in favor of a trade for Adams from a positional importance. Adams is a strong safety who intercepted 2 passes in 46 games who wants around $17-20 million per year. He is an elite defender near the LoS — a very effective blitzer and a solid defender against short-and-intermediate seam passes. But the Niners’ FO has put resources on the D line from positional priority and have a serious cap problem next season. Collecting shiny pieces is no way to sustain a team wanting to establish base camp and make an assault at the peak every year — to paraphrase Bill Walsh.
    However, the Seahawks know they have no chance in winning the division unless they stop Niners run game and Kittle, and hence their move of desperation in this huge surrender of draft capital. It sounded like Lynch was suppressing a cackle while commenting on this trade….

    1. I will respectfully disagree.
      Any time a team has an opportunity to get an All Pro player, they should seriously consider it.
      Strategically, it might be good to deprive a division rival of desperately needed asset. Now, the Seahawks have improved, and will be lots harder to beat.
      Bill Walsh was a huge reason why they established the salary cap. He never had to deal with it, and his philosophy was to obtain talent no matter where it was available from. He would obtain that last piece of the puzzle, that would put them over the top, that would help win a SB. In 1981, the Niners were 3-2 to start the season. BW traded for Fred Dean, picked him up for a paltry second round pick, and the Niners went on to lose only one more game on the road to SB Glory. In the end, Trader Bill hoodwinked the Chargers again in 1983. BW traded away his first round pick, re-acquired that second round pick, along with another second round pick, and used that second round pick to draft Roger Craig. Ninja’d.
      I firmly believe that the Cowboys drove up the trade compensation. There is no way in heck that the Seahawks gave up 2 first rounders and a third round pick without another team making a similar bid. I think the addition of Bradley McDougald was the tipping point. The Cowboys could not compete with a player of his caliber.
      In many many mocks, the Cowboys were mocked taking a safety. That was a huge team need. They were mocked taking Xavier McKinney in the first round. However, CeeDee Lamb WR, fell into their laps, and he was too good a prospect to pass up. In the second round, there was a run on safeties. Xavier McKinney(35), Kyle Dugger(36), Grant Delpit(44) and Antoine Winfield(45), all went before the Cowboys could draft one of them, so the Cowboys selected Trevon Diggs CB(51). That was another position of need.
      Thankfully, the Niners may have driven up the price, but passed on Adams. I agree, the draft compensation was excessive. JL may have done his due diligence, but he made a shrewd decision. Sometimes the best deal, it the one they did not make.
      However, maybe Schneider looked at the college season, and realized that they may not have a season, which will make drafting a craps shoot. NYJ may have 2 picks, but one might be a high 20’s pick, or even a 30’s pick. There is no guarantee Joe Douglas will be able to make shrewd draft selections with no recent game tape. He might also pull a Rams. They got the second overall pick from the RG3 trade, and selected Greg Robinson, who turned out to be a bust.
      I am not tickled pink or am cackling with glee. The Seahawks are now in the SB conversation, and Adams may make it twice as hard to win. Last season, the Seahawks won by a whisker, and lost by an inch. They are a formidable opponent, even though I hope the Niners will sweep them, and aid in giving them a losing season. Then they will really regret giving up so much. The Seahawks are presently a daunting foe, but they may have mortgaged their future, since they do not have first round picks to tie up talented players into 5 year deals.
      Another good outcome of this deal may be- they can no longer afford Clowney.

  19. Seb and Razor
    I believe it is even more impossible to predict draft picks early this year. We won’t know what sort of enormous cap reduction will take place for a while. We may be drafting to replace the 4 or 5 starters we had to release or couldn’t resign because of the cap.

    1. Releasing Ford and Alexander creates a huge cap savings. We already have Alexander’s heir. Oweh is that quick twitch Ferrari. Let him work with Bosa throughout the summer, and I think we might have a monster….

    2. Old Coach, I totally agree.
      Everything may change. MLB had a player go partying without precautions, 17 Covid cases,and now may start cancelling more games. Their whole season is in doubt, and proves the need for a bubble system.
      There may not be a college football season, so the next draft will be a shot in the dark.
      Heck with all the opt outs, there may not be an NFL season.

  20. We are still combating covid. 150,000 K are dead. Athletes are continuing to opt-out of their respective sports. There are outbreaks on teams. So the whitehouse decides to assemble every kook , whackjob and discredited physician they could find to push hydroxychloroquine. This is criminal negligence.

    Meanwhile Dr Fauci says : “All of those trials showed consistently that hydroxychloroquine is not effective in the treatment of coronavirus disease”

    Less than 100 days .

    1. Not to worry, the Veep has met with a group of doctors in his office who had important advice for him about this magic drug hydroxychloroquine. The group is led by a doctor who believes that gynecological problems are caused by individuals having sex with demons and witches in their dreams, that alien DNA is used in medical treatments, and that the government is run by “reptilians,” not humans.

      Not surprisingly, this doctor is licensed to practice medicine in Texas.

    2. IDK Bruce. Some of the commentary seen on this very site could only be explained by demon sperm.

        1. I don’t care. Laugh — and the world laughs with you – it’s good for the spirits in these days — helps one stay sane, and combat the bane influence of the insane….

  21. Lynch extended thru 2024. Apparently, Jed’s doing what he needs to do. Wonder how much longer Peters will be around.

      1. Raz,
        Yup, another swing and miss by our old friend Mr. Grant.
        Lynch re-upped for 5 years, so much for the supposed rift.

        1. More of a GM than Biden would be as a president. Lynch took a dumpster fire and turned it into the NFC champion in 3 years. Hiding Biden’s had 50 years and what has he done?

          1. And yet compared to Trump, Biden would be a HOF GM. Just a few of the many reasons Trump would fail as a GM as much as he’s failed as President:

            Unintelligent and immature
            Narcissist incapable of admitting the experts know more than he does
            Conspiracy theorist who just retweeted and touted unfounded/unsupported advice from a Dr. who believes Vaccines are being made from Alien DNA to make the general public immune to religion.

            Continuing to support this moron leads me to believe you must share these attributes.

            1. Lets not forget, the last time he was in involved in professional team ownership, he was directly responsible for the destruction of the entire league.

              1. It’s funny you mention that Ribico, given Biden has never run a business ever!

              2. And as we’ve seen what a mess a “businessman “ made of the country that’s a definite plus.

              3. Yeah, the booming economy he inherited from Obama. Oh and the China Virus? It’s been how many months since it appeared on our shores and Agent Orange has done what about it? Third world countries are kicking our @ss in recovery. Thanks in no part to dweebs like you, and your masks take away ma freedum idiocy. Well done, deplorable ???

              4. Actually Rib, I would rather talk about Grant. You and Razor are just talking past each other.
                Neither will change anyone’s mind.
                I am wondering about how they will have a season.
                The NBA had 344 tests, and not a single positive. This proves that bubbles work, even with a few nimrods.
                Baseball with its party goers and bar patrons, do not seem to be doing as well.

              5. .
                The NBA had 344 tests, and not a single positive.

                That would cover the players and staff of what, about 3 NFL teams? This so-called football season is just a slow motion wreck in progress. I give it even odds of making it through training camp.

        2. Best GM in the league!
          In fact we might have the best from office in the NFL. Including your boy Praage the salary cap guru.

      2. A quote from Grant’s SI article…

        And sure, I could take credit for Lynch’s and Mostert’s extensions, because I lobbied so vigorously for them, and my opinion clearly carries so much weight. But I won’t. I’m better than that.

        1. I had almost forgotten about Grant — but was reminded of him recently when I listened to a KNBR podacst with him appearing in Dieter Kurtenbach’s show. They are twp peas in a pod — happily bouncing their hot takes off each other. The difference is that Dieter doesn’t take himself that seriously.

        2. ‘Grant should claim victory’.

          If Grant had any shame, he’d never be heard from again.

    1. It’ll be healthy for Grant as a journalist to move on from that supposed JL non-contract controversy. Nothing wrong with fun speculation, but he was jumping to too many, very strong conclusions based on his inferences.

      Or what can we read into the many-week delay between KS and JL’s contracts? Obviously he’ll come up with something.

      1. It would be healthy to everyone if Grant moved on from commenting on sports period.

  22. Grant should claim victory. He caused a kerfluffle, and dictated the conversation.
    He should say- The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
    Grant called out JL for his lack of access. He mentioned JL was almost incognito, and hiding in a bunker.
    Recently, JL has been very accessible, and in the news. Guess he has come out of his shell, and is now a veritable fountain of juicy gossip. Did Grant’s rantings prod JL into being more communicative? That may not be the only reason, but that was the result.
    I like Grant, and wish him well. I am leaving him alone, and not commenting on his new site.
    I also like to needle him, when he is wrong, but he invites that. JL on the hot seat? Not quite.
    I am glad Jed values good coaching, and also good organizational leadership. As owner, he told Paraag to make Mostert happy, and JL secure. Mission accomplished. I may be hard on Paraag, but when he does something well, I will commend him. Maybe the stench of Baalke has finally dissipated.

    1. How about you do us all a favor and transfer your garbage to SI. I’m sure Grant would appreciate at least one person kissing his butt over there seeing as though he’s getting ridiculed by the few commenters he has.

      1. Quit whining.
        Naw, I will not be accused of being a sycophant.
        Grant is a big boy, and does not need me to defend him.
        Believe it or not, Grant is kinda following in the footsteps of Skip. He says outrageous things, even if he does not believe them, just to gain attention. Is that a good role model to emulate? Well, Skip makes more in a year than most make in their life times. That is a good goal to strive for.
        It is formulaic, but effective. I do think Grant has a face for television, and his rapid fire stream of consciousness is easy to listen to, and comprehend. His underlings, however, try hard, but seem to have difficulty reading scripts. Their writing is not formulaic, it sometimes can seem obtuse, and desperate. If Grant wants to succeed, he better get more competent support.
        BTW, I know who you are. Hiding behind a burner account is futile. You are as transparent as glass.

        1. More nonsense and hot air. You have no idea who I am. Of that I am sure. You and Grant at least have one thing in common: You both say stupid things regularly.

    2. Grant should claim victory. He caused a kerfluffle, and dictated the conversation.

      Seriously, Seb?

      I am going to go out on a limb and say “the sun will rise again tomorrow, because if it doesn’t, millions around the globe will likely begin to starve to death in short order. “

      If the sun rises tomorrow Seb, will you remain consistent, and give me credit for having god-like power in fighting world hunger?

      1. Go ahead. Claim something like that. Also mention death and taxes.
        I am not impressed. You are no God.
        Maybe you should think of ways for the 49ers to be able to prevent the players from contracting Covid 19. Then I will be impressed.
        Grant did write about JL, and he came out of his shell to become a Chatty Cathy. JL stated that he never made a call to make a formal offer for Adams. He then had to clarify, and say that they did have interest, but it was fleeting, once they knew what other teams were bidding.
        What an amazing coincidence. Grant writes about no contract extension for JL, and days later, they get a deal done. Of course, it may have been in the works for months, but the fact remained, KS got an extension, and it took over a month later to sign JL to a contract extension.
        I will give you credit for predicting something no other person could predict Maybe you could predict that Grant will not be granted an interview with JL any time soon, but everyone and their cousin would also predict that.
        You want to fight world hunger? Then do what I am doing. I have grown many delicious vegetables in my garden, and have harvested apricots and cherries from my fruit trees. I am anticipating a bumper crop from my plum, Asian pear, peach and apple trees, with other food for thought.

        1. Three days without food or water, archaeologist Phil Thompson with his leg hopelessly trapped in a wilderness rock-fall, and with hungry buzzards circling overhead, saw his entire life pass before him and he once again experienced, as a child, his mother’s comforting words and tender touch, as she gently awakened him from his recurring nightmare of being eaten by birds. [BLF]

            1. Winky the flounder, lying flat on the ocean floor, looked about in horror as he took in the shreds of fish flesh that rained down on him from the massacre visited upon his family by the barracuda gang, and realized: “I’m the sole survivor.” [BLF]

        2. I would have a bumper crop from my Asian pear, pomegranate, and persimmon trees, but a bunch of squirrels moved in after the Coffey Park fire, and they clear out the trees now. Damn rats with bushy tails!

          1. I feel your pain. :(
            Squirrels ate 80% of my cherries, discarding the flesh and eating only the seeds.
            Rats indeed, especially the grey ones.
            The deer got all the low hanging Apricots, until I fenced them out.

      2. What an amazing coincidence. Grant writes about no contract extension for JL, and days later, they get a deal done.

        First off – your use of the word coincidence is improper. Grant covers the 49ers, therefore it can’t be a coincidence. It can only be a coincidence if there wasn’t some kind of casual connection between the 49ers, and the topics Grant writes about.

        Secondly – that’s the thing you don’t seem to understand. Just because Grant happens to write about subjects pertaining to the 49ers, doesn’t mean there is any correlation between the opinions he expresses and/or the things he writes, and the way the 49ers conduct their business.

        He’s a sensationalist. Grant simply throws as much salacious stuff against the wall as he can think up, in hopes that something sticks. And if you’ve been paying attention, Seb, you’d realize that the stuff he comes up with, rarely sticks. John Lynch isn’t, in fact, being phased out. The 49ers were never seriously considering giving up the kind of draft capital required to land Jamal Adams in a trade. And oh, BTW, drafting Nick Bosa at #2 wasn’t “the worst pick the 49ers could have made” in the first round of last years draft, as Grant proclaimed.

        Grant Cohn is a hack. Anyone who thought that drafting Nick Bosa was the worst pick the 49ers could have made last year, is a blithering IDIOT! And that’s a shame because I actually think Grant has talent as a writer. Unfortunately, he just has to engage in sensationalism, because he simply has no common sense when it comes to the game of American Football.And that’s a fact!

        1. Oh, and here’s another doozy Grant has been pushing lately: The 49ers should trade a 1st round pick for WR A.J. Green.

          Trade away extremely valuable future draft capital for an expensive, aging WR who has hardly played in years, after taking 3 promising WR’s in the first 3 rounds of their last 2 drafts?

          Yet another sensational, nonsensical article that makes absolutely no business sense for the 49ers – by Grant Cohn 7/18/2020

    3. “Did Grant’s rantings prod JL into being more communicative? That may not be the only reason, but that was the result.” Seb

      Grant is a puppy in the world of sports writers. Do you really believe that Grant’ articles were the reason why Lynch showed up? C’mon Seb, I’ve never known you to be gullible, my friend.

      1. I will just believe Eddie Debartolo. When he allowed an interview with Grant, he mentioned that he would get upset over things Lowell would write, but at that time, he would breezily declare he never read the papers. Years later, he said he read every syllable.
        KS said that the writers should not be so negative, because it was upsetting his players. How could it upset them if they never read a word?
        Pettis did not snark at Grant? Armstead was upset about something, or was it nothing? Sherman, by talking with Grant, had conversations about what Grant wrote. Sherman had a lot of pushback, against the media, Grant included. Sherman used it as locker room fodder to motivate.
        Well, I am gullible enough to believe that the Media does have a role in sports. However, I am not gullible enough to believe Hydroxychloroquine will cure covid 19. ;p

        1. “However, I am not gullible enough to believe Hydroxychloroquine will cure covid 19. ;p”

          I honestly don’t believe that Lynch and Shanahan regard Grant as a mainstream sports writer.

          And, I certainly hope that you never have to be placed in position where you find yourself desperate enough to risk taking a medication in an attempt to save your life.
          There have been many people who traveled to foreign countries to find medical treatment not allowed here in America. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

          1. AES, being in the elderly contingent with other complications, I am definitely at risk.
            You would have to put a gun to my head before I boarded a jet, and I certainly would not go to Brazil for treatment. Besides, you just described a good way to spread this pandemic. No other country would allow me to enter.
            I will merely listen to my doctor and any other proficient medical expert. Not some one who thinks Alien DNA may be the root cause.
            JL does think Grant is a 49er sportswriter. He allowed Grant to interview him.

            1. I should have been more specific and more clear.

              What I meant was that Americans have gone to other countries to receive medications not approved here in America.
              For example, other countries offer treatment for diseases like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis etc, in hopes of recovering. I wasn’t alluding to Covid-19, just making a point that for those who are in desperate need to save their lives will take desperate measures. Even if they are willing to take unorthodox treatment in another country.

              1. Yet we were talking about Covid 19, and we are in the middle of a pandemic, and other countries have banned Americans due to the Covid Crisis.
                Why are other nations using quack methods? Because in America, those treatments are unproven, ineffective and could just be another way to take advantage of desperately ill people.
                I will believe Dr Faucci over some quack con man.

              2. “Yet we were talking about Covid 19, and we are in the middle of a pandemic, and other countries have banned Americans due to the Covid Crisis.”

                I understand very clearly the effects of the C-19. But we have not been in a position to make a pressing life changing decision (I had to make one for my wife).
                So, in our case we have a different perspective on this, or dare I say, a more mechanical view point vs a person who will do anything to live. I had a family member who expired due to the C-19 a few months ago. When she was violently ill, her biggest concern was for her daughter.

                Again, people who are fighting for their lives (who may have young children) have a completely different perspective then those of us who are healthy.

                As you noted, we are talking about Covid-19. I would say, that unfortunately, some are physically fighting it.

              3. I am sorry for your loss. This pandemic is a scourge on humanity.
                Physically fighting means getting ahead of the curve. It means testing , contact tracing and containment. Like the Niners, I hope they are so prepared ahead of time, the out come is already determined. Leadership has been lacking. What is the plan? Less testing?
                Handing off leadership to the governors was an abdication of responsibility. The mask proposals were prudent and effective. The pushback, political. Now look at those Red States. They are Red Hot States. I predicted that second spike, because that is what happened in the previous big one. He is literally killing off his base. Look at Herman Caine. Tulsa, no mask, dead. Another Darwin Award winner. Look at the veteran homes. Filled with elderly conservative Republicans. He cut and ran out of Syria and let Putin fill the vaccum. He is cut and running from Germany, at Putin’s behest. He had 7 conversations with Putin and did not bring up the bounties on American soldiers? He is betraying the military, and he sends his goons out, without badges or names, and kidnaps protesters into unmarked vehicles.
                Now he is talking about postponing the election. I keep wondering if he could stoop any lower, and he keeps amazing me.
                It is OK. This is America, and we have a system of government that does not let any person become dictator. The Con is wearing thin, and he is imploding. That cognitive test was a red flag. His inane response to it is even more disturbing. Any sane person would not be bragging about a cognitive test.
                So no, I will not be injecting chlorox in my vein because some stable genius who touts alien DNA thinks it works swell.
                Do not worry, there will be a huge disclosure, that will put him over the edge. Then we can get a grown up mature person with intelligence and integrity, to wave his magic pen, and with a stroke of that pen, undo everything the previous president did. If the Dems mange to sweep out Mitch and his cronies, they can manage to legislate meaningful and fair societal rules. maybe the first thing they should do, is enact voting reforms. They can dissolve those unfair Gerrymandered districts. I hope they build a voting platform using a blockchain system someday to secure the integrity of the election.
                So far, I have been happy about the 49ers, during this pandemic. These are trying times, and I think they are handling adversity well. It seems like business as usual, and they are going with the flow. The only impediment to me being totally satisfied, is the lack of a contract extension for George Kittle. For a guy ranked so high (7), he deserves every penny he can get. Too bad the timing is bad, with a projected lowering of the cap. I think they may need to trade away a few veterans, in order to get some more cap space.
                Concerning John Lynch, I am happy that he got his extension, but see his point about possibly not being a lifer. From all media reports, he is a father to 2 daughters, and the pandemic has caused strains, but it also may have brought families even closer together. If he thinks that the raising of his daughters during a critical time of their upbringing, is more important than a silly football, I say Godspeed. He is a millionaire, and he does not have to work. He only gets one shot at raising his daughters correctly, with love.
                Sorry about the length of this post. Of course, you are certainly welcome to scroll past. Hope you are staying safe and happily anticipating another SB run.

              4. STfU you babbling fool! You got nothin better to do than sit on your computer and think your words mean anything? News flash, you are an idiot and no one cares!

              5. Prime, you care so much, you read every word just to get riled up.
                If you consider my time a waste of time, just think of what I think about you. Never an original thought, spewing expletives and insults. Thinking you are a genius to declare you want the Niners to have as twice as hard a time to win. Sputtering about how others feel, while I am carrying on civil and polite conversations. You are the one who is ruining this site for us, being as crass and obnoxious as possible.
                I truly pity you.

              6. “while I am carrying on civil and polite conversations”

                You are nothing but a hot air A clown with too much time on his hands. Clouding the blog with your limited football knowledge and political BS!

                FYI, Trump will be your President come the Fall. Deal with it!

              7. FYI, Trump will be your President come the Fall. Deal with it!

                Technically true, Inauguration Day is in the winter. Who knows how many more 1,000s dead by then. At current rate, close to another 200,000.

              8. Rib the USA’s problem with COVID 19 is not your President. It is your population. Locking down 300,000,000 is impossible.
                Not sure how that falls on Trump?

              9. Not sure how that falls on Trump?

                Turning common sense, like mask wearing, into a political wedge issue? Falls directly on him. Yes, it’s the people who have to exert common sense, but don’t forget that leaders are supposed to, you know, lead.

              10. I cannot speak for the American people being Canadian, but the only thing that allowed Canada to flatten the curve and reduce the spike in cases was staying home. Masks that is a load of crap!

                Realistically, could Trump have ordered every single state in the US to shut down, limit travel and social gatherings of more than 10 people?

              11. Masks that is a load of crap!

                Incorrect sir. The CDC, the WHO, public health officials everywhere from John Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, even the few remaining science-based officials in the Trump Administration all agree masking is one of the effective ways of limiting transmission. Go to your local clinic or hospital ER for a covid swab test. Tell me how many maskless health care workers you will find there.

                Yes, social distancing, shelter at home, WASH YOUR HANDS are the other pillars of curve flattening. You see how America and it’s leadership handled that as well, right?

              12. Trump is imploding, and he will not last much longer. Just look at him. Losing has taken its toll, and his supporters are dying like flies. The Con is unraveling before our eyes.
                He is trying hard to steal another election, but it will not work. Republicans are despondent because it looks like they will lose the Senate, too.
                Trump is a Putin lover and traitor, and his disbelief in American bounties will prove his undoing. He is so desperate, he is trying to cancel the election. He is an illegitimate president, and he will be thrown in jail soon. Hopefully, many of his supporters, too. Stephen Miller should be put in the same cage he put children in.
                Delusional as ever. Prime, you are not even an American, you are a Canuck. Your football knowledge is miniscule. You bet 200 bucks that the Niners would draft Trubisky, then welched on the bet. You declared the Niners would not trade back. I have consistently advocated for trade backs. Well, the Niners did trade back, so who was right? You wanted to bet the Niners would draft CJ Henderson. Wrong. You claim you got Aiyuk on a phantom mock, but refuse to provide any proof. I have posted in my last mock that the Niners would draft Kinlaw, after touting him all pre-draft.
                Last season, I advocated that they should use Jeff Wilson more. He responded with 5 TDs in only 30 touches. I said they should use him more in the passing game. Wilson then caught the game winning pass. When Kittle went down, I advocated that they utilize Dwelley. He responded with 2 TDs the next game.
                I called for the Niners to execute a flea flicker. The next game, Sanders responded with a TD pass to Mostert. At least Ol’ Rib had enough class to acknowledge my prescience.
                I may write a lot, but when what I write becomes true, you just can’t handle that. Meanwhile, you bluster and bloviate, spewing expletives and invective, and thinks that makes you look smart. It does the exact opposite.
                When JL trades back, gets another pick, and still gets the player he targeted, then KS trades up, bundling picks to get the player he covets, I feel like they have read my 10 point plan, and implemented it.
                I have really tried hard to ignore you, but like a moth to a flame, you just can’t help yourself. In the end, you should feel the burn, and back off, but that just makes you even more irrational.
                One thing I am proud of, was advocating that they consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. When KS kept on wasting them like a drunken sailor, I excoriated him. Finally, he started to use them wisely, and I commended him. Too bad the pressure got to him, and he refused to use them during the last 2 minutes of the first half in the SB, and lost the game. JL certainly knew what to do with those time outs, as he was frantically signalling for a time out, while the clock ran down.
                Prime, you keep haunting my posts, Talk about being pathetic. You have no life, except to be pitiful and obnoxious. I am not impressed by foul mouthed bullies. You could fit all your football knowledge in a thimble, and your Football For Dummies does not seem to help you.
                I will continue to post about a team I love, and I certainly do not want to make it twice as hard to win. Go crawl back under your rock, and leave me alone, before I say what I REALLY think of you. You promised to leave and never come back, but a welcher’s word is about as valuable as a bag of excrement.

              13. Seb have you seen that social media post that says, ” some people say a lot of things on the internet that they typically would never say in person?

                That is you, you yellow coward!

              14. “What are you so afraid of?

                That I will never get to meet you in this life time!

              15. Come on, Sebs-no more diatribes~~~or I will have to come out of retirement and…………help you think rationally.

  23. God. I’d rather have pages and pages of right wingers sniping at left wingers and back and forth than be subjected to anything Grant related here.

  24. Mahomes gets a 10 year extension, Lynch only 5. Niners are obviously not sold on him /Grant

  25. Coincidence? just follow the time line.
    The drafting of Bosa turned out well. Grant’s main concerns were about his injury history, and durability.
    Josh Allen may have also been a good selection, especially if the Niners could have traded back, gotten a boatload of picks, and taken Allen later, since he ended up getting 10.5 sacks. However, Bosa helped the Niners get to the SB, so he was a shining success. Woulda, coulda shoulda. We will never know.
    Except that the sun will rise in the east every day. ;p

    1. Seb, it can’t be a coincidence … by definition. My gosh, are you thick? Grant covers the 49ers. Things he writes about the team he covers, are occasionally bound to be relevant, sooner or later. Even a broken analog clock is correct twice a day, but that’s not due to “coincidence”. Do you understand why that has nothing to do with the word coincidence? Or maybe you just don’t understand the meaning of the word?

      You know I like you Sebnynah, and we go back a ways. But come on bro ….. did anyone on planet earth, other than Grant Cohn, believe Nick Bosa was the “worst possible pick” at #2? Anyone? Come on , that’s just plain quackery, and you know it. If that’s not being a hater, than I don’t know what is!

      Quit defending the indefensible, Seb. I can assure, the 49ers FO are not being influenced by a 2-bit, part-time beat writer like Grant, who get things wrong far more often than he gets things right. Trust me on this! If they are, they should all be fired, ASAP!

      1. Today he informed his readers (the few who actually read and respond to his SI blog) that the 49ers inquired about free agent TE’s Delanie Walker and Jordan Reed. What’s really fascinating about this, is that Grant says the 49ers might make a significant move before training camp starts, implying that they could sign one of these TE’s. Imagine that? Boy, that sure would be a coincidence, wouldn’t it? First, the team inquires about them, and then boom, they end up “magically” signing one of them.

        Isn’t that something, Sebnynah? Isn’t Grant super smart for suggesting they might actually sign a player whom they have apparently recently inquired about, and at a position of possible need? That would be absolute proof that the 49ers FO listens to Grant Cohn. What would they do without his infinite wisdom?

        1. He was wrong about JL, he can be wrong about a TE.
          Thankfully, the Niners just signed Woerner, so they may not be as interested in a TE anymore.
          You just do not want to believe there is a rumor mill. I certainly do, and agents utilize the media ALL THE TIME. Just look at Mostert’s agent.
          Grant was proven right about the interest in Tom Brady, when many posters thought that it was impossible, and could lead to hard feelings between JG and the FO. During the process, the interest was tangible, but they decided in the end to stay with JG. Thankfully JG was kept in the loop, and realized that it was just due diligence, and business as usual.
          49, I like your posts, but they seem too short…..;p

      2. Sorry 49, but the time line does not lie. JL did not have a contract extension. Grant writes about how they are not valuing his services. JL gets a contract extension.
        JL was incommunicado for months. Grant writes about it, and JL has several interviews.
        I did not say there was a direct correlation, just that it was an amazing coincidence.
        IICRC, I do not think that Grant said it was the worst possible pick, only that superior alternatives existed. You also should remember, that at that time, the Niners were a 4-12 team. They were open to criticism, as any 4-12 should be. I, too, presented many constructive criticisms, not to declare they were hopeless, but to help them avoid pitfalls, and help them get back to winning.
        Finally, you have to be cognizant of the fact that Grant openly dismissed any fandom. He wanted to be an objective journalist, so he could be harsh when deserved. He also has admitted his mistakes, so he is human, like the rest of us.
        Oops, except for those pesky aliens……. ;p

        1. Actually he did say that, verbatim, right after the draft (not before). Trust me Seb, I know, because he and I went around and around about it, only I was using a VPN going under the user name Nick Bosa is the Smaller Bear at the time, because Grant blocked me for no reason, other than that he was losing every single one of our debates. He thought Nick was soft, would perhaps hold out, and arms too short.

          1. Yes, and in hindsight, he did admit he was wrong about Bosa, especially after the Niners made it to the playoffs.
            Since I am a regular poster, I do believe I am right. Grant did not double down, and continue to say it was the worst possible pick. Grant did not pan Bosa after his monster game against the Panthers. He did say that Bosa was on the ground too much, and needed to keep containment better. He also said that Bosa did so well in the first half of the year, but other teams caught on and started double teaming him, so he was less effective in the second half. Still, he was glad that Bosa managed to stay relatively healthy, and very productive. He even posted about Bosa’s DPOY Award.

          2. Of course he eventually came around. How could he not? But that’s what he said right after the draft.

            I’ll say it one more time, because I’m done talking about him after this … Grant has talent as a writer, but he’s a sensationalist with zero common sense, and even less NFL football savvy. And SI will catch on soon enough, mark my words.

            OK, enough about Grant Cohn, hopefully SRD is done with that HACK, I know I am!

            1. I’m out for now Sebnynah, I’ll catch you down the road. Be smart, wash your hands, wear a mask, and be safe my friend!!!

              Oh … and GO NINERS!

              Peace out! ─=≡Σᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

            2. Yes, you seem fixated on Grant. Glad you are letting it go.
              That All49ers SI site is a doozy. Leo Luna is advocating for Clay Matthews. Loony Luna thinks the Niners have 3 mil in spare change the Niners can throw to him.
              Clay Matthews is over the hill, and a shell of his former self. The Niners ran roughshod over him twice last season. The Niners signed Kerry Hyder, who will fill in until Ronald Blair and Jonathan Taylor return.
              The Niners are counting every penny in order to re-sign Kittle. If they wanted to be spendthrifts, they should sign Clowney. However, JL is being shrewd, and careful with the salary cap.
              If anything, the Niners should be scouring the waiver wire, to pick up an inexpensive possible diamond in the rough. But first of all, they must re-sign Kittle ASAP.
              Good talking with you, 49. GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX !!!!!!

  26. Would be interesting to learn what contingency planning the league has done concerning the 2021 draft–if the 2020 season isn’t played at all, or if the season grinds to a halt after a few ragged weeks. Not saying any of that will happen. Just curious about draft order and other determinants.

    1. Good question. Hopefully their plan isn’t just to assume the virus will just go away like magic, like some morons (i.e. Republicans) think.

      They should have some binder of possible outcomes and contingencies. They have the resources to hire dozens of geniuses who can consider and document these possibilities; they’d be complete idiots not to do so.

  27. Seb,
    You,I and everyone else here know that Bosa’s production went down immediately after Ford and Blair went down, forcing Bosa to go from playing about 70% of the downs to 95% also with no pass rush coming from the other side RB’s could cheat to Bosa’s side to chip or double team. Grant knew it had nothing to do with “the league catching up” it was his way of saying hey look I was correct all the time, Unlike many here I enjoyed Grant about 75% of the time especially during camp but I remember what he was like when he first got here and he wasn’t so negative, I believe he listened to his Dad who told him he needed to do something to separate himself from the Ira Millers and the two Matts of the world. I believe he has talent and I wish him the best but I believe he would be better off if he wasn’t so negative all of the time and he started developing relationships with players and the FO, thats how you break stories.

    1. Yep, you draw more bees with honey, rather than vinegar.
      I suppose you are right. When the Niners are 2-14 and 4-12, that may be the right angle to take, but when they go 13-3 with a trip to the SB, negativity is not welcome.
      Yes, Grant is a talented writer, but he could be better. He certainly will not get an interview with JL anytime soon, although I would certainly welcome it. It would be highly entertaining.
      I totally agree. I came to this site because I doted on those practice observations. I felt like i was standing next to him. I kinda understood where he was coming from, following in the footsteps of his father. Right now, I honor Lowell, as a sportswriting icon in the Bay Area. But back during the Glory Years, when I read the Chron, I would grind my teeth at his temerity to challenge Bill Walsh. He would point out pitfalls and weaknesses, and dare him to be great. while having doubt drip from every word. His edginess is why I like O’ Rib: that NY sauciness, and irreverence. Attitude.
      Right now, I am thinking about the upcoming TC. Will they be able to pull it off? The Bubble system may be the safest approach. With all of the hotels sitting empty, maybe the Niners could take over a hotel for the players, a hotel for the coaches, and a hotel for selected families. Just a thought.

  28. Former Republican Presidential candidate and avid Trump supporter dies of Covid. He refused to wear a mask and attended functions where others were not wearing masks. There is a correlation.


    Herman Cain, the 2012 Republican presidential candidate, died after a monthlong battle with the coronavirus. Ten days before he tested positive, Cain had attended a rally for President Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma and did not wear a face mask.

    1. Sad, but some people’s purpose in life is just to be an example to others….

      1. “Gee, that’s too bad.” —Donald J Trump upon being told of Mitt Romney’s diagnosis

  29. I will no longer stop at red lights. They are an attempt by the government to control me and rob me of my right to drive as I please. It’s not my responsibility to keep you safe. It is your responsibility to stop at ALL lights — green and red — to be sure I’m not coming.

    1. That’s crazy talk JP. You should make an appointment with a respected doctor and have your alien DNA checked.

    2. I am assuming Jack is being faciecous, and simply making a point about the folly, and nonsensical contempt some people have for wearing a mask. It’s a good analogy as well. I like it better than the seat belt analogy because while people did protest seatbelts for some of the same silly reasons as they oppose face masks, wearing a seatbelt is more about protecting oneself, while scientific data has proven that wearing face masks is about protecting the community, first and foremost.

      It’s common courtesy, not just common sense. And that makes not wearing one while out in public a dangerous, and SELFISH act!

    3. What if one is color blind? Mother Newsome has slipped, she forgot to inform you about the amber light.

      1. Ugh. Here’s an idea: Assume the top light is the red light, and the bottom one is the green light. Does that make sense or do we need to draw a diagram?

        Again folks, let’s use common sense. The scientific data on wearing face masks is crystal clear at this point, and science is, in fact, truth!

        1. I guess mommy Newsome didn’t teach you about tongue in cheek. Has the red light always been on top? Has the green light always on the bottom?, wtf about the amber light, that must be on the side and upside down to boot. Geez I thought mommy Newsome programed you guys better then that. SMH

          1. Mommy Newsome ? What does that have to do with the placement order or color of traffic lights over the last century or so? Oh I get it, Gov Newsome is taking away your freedoms and this is just your way of acting out? Buckle up dude (MORE big government mandate there), it’s going to be a long 4 plus years for your cult.

      2. undercenter – in case you haven’t yet quite worked it out in your head …. by process of elimination, that would make the middle light the amber (or yellow) one.

        1. Because our traffic lights are set up that way in this country for precisely that reason, dude. It’s not a random thing.

          Holy cow, undercenter, non of this stuff is rocket science ….. you can’t possibly be that uninformed. SMH!

          1. I don’t know, maybe you need a little theology to go along with this, undercenter?

            They have neither knowledge nor understanding, they choose to walk about in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken – Psalm 82:5

            1. Psalms – First Book, Third Section of the Christian Old Testament.

              82:5 – Widely translated to mean, in the most basic terms: Ignorance is not a strength, rather, it weakens the foundation of our earthly existence.

              If you don’t want to follow the science, then maybe can spread the gospel.

            2. I don’t do the god thing, means nothing to me. You have to be on the left side of life if you cant figure out that I am stringing you along. I mean even Rib could figure that out. Jack and I give it to each other on occasion, I have lots of respect for Jack. I have over 900,000 miles over the road, without an accident because I STOP at red lights. However when the amber light is lit, it means push the accelerator to the floor.

              1. I am stringing you along

                Sure you are.

                If that’s the case, why don’t you go ahead and confirm your belief in the science of wearing masks, and make it clear that you aren’t arguing on behalf of those who don’t think they should have to wear one … you know, the anti-science crowd?

                Go ahead undercenter, if you’re simply stringing me along, go ahead and post that you agree that everyone should be wearing masks in public.

              2. Holy cow you have lost it. We were talking about signal lights not mask. I wear a bandana when I go into a store, not for anyone’s protection but MY own, I also have a concealed license in 17 states for MY protection. There is almost 8 billion of us disgusting human beings on this planet. In 29 years there will be 10 billion disgusting people, I could care less of who lives and who dies outside my circle of life.

                Good thing you weren’t around when the measles were running rampant, you would be shivering and running scared. The measles were far more contagious then covid, and for anyone over the age of 16 was life threating it didn’t just kill the old and the sick it killed many healthy adults (and afew children).

              3. I wear a bandana when I go into a store, not for anyone’s protection but MY own

                A bandana to protect yourself? lol, thanks for making my point.


                Good thing you weren’t around when the measles were running rampant, you would be shivering and running scared.

                Translation: taking sensible precautions is a sign of weakness

                I guess science isn’t your thing either? You’re on a roll, dude.

              4. In 29 years there will be 10 billion disgusting people, I could care less of who lives and who dies outside my circle of life – undercenter = exhibit number 1.

                “Masks will not be mandatory for the event, which will be attended by President Trump,” Herman Cain wrote. “PEOPLE ARE FED UP!” – Herman Cain = exhibit number 2.

                And people wonder why we can’t get the virus under control in this country? SMH!

                Very sad!
                R.I.P. Herman Cain 1945-2020

              5. I’ve got news for you dude. Maybe you don’t care about other people, but maybe, just maybe, you can wise up for the sake of the U.S. economy?

                If you live in the U.S., the spread of COVID-19 directly affects you, whether you like it or not. If you aren’t in the U.S., it still affects you, because it affects the global economy.

                Whoa, hope that doesn’t make your head explode!

              6. I stopped watching TV three years ago when the left and the right were tarnishing the news. Don’t go there with me ‘boy’, you don’t live where I live, I took my family out of the concrete jungle decades ago we don’t have the problems that you city slickers have. Yup the bandana affords me all the protection I need for the lifestyle that I employ, more importantly keeps me out of jail or fined from the god like protectors of life. Its obvious you need big sister to tell you how to lead your life. I have never said there is anything wrong with sensible precautions. Hell man I took sugar cubes laced with the polio cure, that’s pretty sensible wouldn’t you say. I took lots and lots of preventive shots when I went to Vietnam, I would say that was sensible wouldn’t you. I took my kids to the docs when they were sick I would say that was sensible – eh. Nothing wrong with sensible, but what does this all have to do with signal lights? Do you ever stay on topic?

                “Translation: taking sensible precautions is a sign of weakness”

                Okay if that’s how you feel, nothing surprising. We didn’t have mask, hell we haven’t even been to the moon yet and color TV was just entering life and the tele hung on a wall the computer took up a block. Sorry I don’t have more empathy towards your plight of trying to scare the hell out of people, I am not buying it and I am not buying what Trump is selling either but I am still voting for him :)

              7. Nothing wrong with sensible, but what does this all have to do with signal lights? Do you ever stay on topic?

                Seriously? You were replying directly to my post about face masks. I understood exactly where you were coming from. And BTW, your subsequent posts have confirmed what I figured you were trying to say. And now, after this last post, I now realize you live in seclusion, removed from most of society. Well, that explains a lot. Good for you, I’m glad that works for you.

                But that means you are clearly irrelevant to me, and most Americans for that matter, so I have no reason to continue wasting my time with you.

                Best of luck to you, steer clear of feeding raccoons during the day time, and Go Niners!

            3. “Maybe you don’t care about other people,..”

              now this is what I said –
              I could care less of who lives and who dies outside my circle of life.

              Really, do you think that person in Arkansas gives a rats ass when I die? (Waiting for a smart ass remark)

              I damn sure do care about the people in my circle of life. I don’t mince words or play silly little word games if that bothers you – oh well.

              1. Waiting for a smart ass remark

                You are IRRELEVANT to me, so you can kick rocks for all I care!

                There, is that smart ass enough for you, ‘BOY’?

                Go NINERS!

              2. I could care less of who lives and who dies outside my circle of life

                None of that Good Samaritan crap for you. You gotta admire a guy who is as honest about distilling his life ethos in such a reductive fashion.

              3. Ribico, the sad thing is, this kind of attitude isn’t a one off. Is there any surprise as to why 2020 has been such a dumpster fire for this country?

          2. I was surprised to see non-vertical traffic signals in Florida, Hawaii too if I remember correctly. Maybe not everywhere but many are sideways. (Because of frequent storms?)

            Don’t know how the color-blind manage. In Quebec they have sideways signals, but 2 red lights—on the outsides, and the amber is a different shape.


  30. How should the 49ers manage their Training Camp?
    They should not congregate all 80 players together at one time. That is too many.
    They need to think it through, and have contingencies in case of a player having a positive test.
    It would be best to isolate the starters from the rest of the team. Isolate in a quarantine situation- 22 starters, the 3 main STs players, a slot receiver, NB and hybrid LB. 28 players in all. This way, the 49ers will not risk contact spreading throughout the team, and it would give the Niners their best chance to be able to field a team. If a starter does turn up positive for Covid 19, he would be removed, and another player will take his place, after a screening and quarantine period. JG would be the QB for this group.
    The second string should be isolated and quarantined in a separate location. Have only 22 players in this group. Nick Mullens would be the QB for this group.
    The last 30 would compete, and every week, they should take 5 players who are excelling, and allow them to be promoted to the second group. 5 players in the second group would be sent to the third group, after all the players are carefully screened, scrubbed, disinfected and quarantined for a few days. CJB would be the QB for the third group.
    The coaching should be broken up and separated. HC and coordinators for the starters. Position coaches for the second string. Assistant coaches for the third group. KS should promote Bobby Turner to OC, and keep him in an upstairs booth in order to protect him during games. More coaches for the second and third string, because they need to coach those players up and make assessments. Use Zoom for all coaches meetings, in order to maintain isolation from the other groups.
    The NFL should learn from the experiences of the NBA and MLB. Sure, there are nimrods from both leagues, but the NBA seems to have the safest protocols. Maybe the players and coaches should set up a bubble system and forbid players from going to crowded parties and packed bars. The Marlins should be shown as shining examples of what NOT to do.
    It will be extremely hard to play an entire season without a player contracting the Covid 19 virus, but if they are smart, with the right procedures and protocols, they may limit the damage.

  31. The Phillies played the Marlins, now 2 staffers tested positive for Covid 19.
    Baseball is finding out how hard it is to be safe.
    At least now, they have mandated Corona Virus protocol compliance officials and banned partying in crowds and bar hopping.

  32. More bumps along the way to the 2020 season…

    ‘NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported on Inside Training Camp Live that the Bills sent all of their rookies home for virtual meetings instead of holding in-person meetings as scheduled.’

  33. Would like to see Moore return…

    ‘Per Howard Balzer, the San Francisco 49ers had a visit with edge rusher Damontre Moore, who spent time with the Niners last season. The 49ers signed Moore after he dominated the AAF during the spring of 2019. In two games, Moore looked like the perfect pass rusher for the 49ers to bring off the bench and give their starters a blow. Moore recorded seven total pressures, and also had four stops and a forced fumble in just 55 snaps. Moore showed he could rush the passer during the preseason, and that carried over into the regular season when he finally got his opportunity. Moore fractured his forearm during the Packers blowout in Week 12, which ended his season. San Francisco did not bring Moore back this past offseason when he became an unrestricted free agent.’

  34. “What is the plan? Less testing?”

    I’m a meat and potatoes guy, who likes cutting to the chase.
    Yes, we are in the midst of a pandemic and for now, it’s vital for our safety and for the safety of others to wear a mask, wash our hands and make a concerted effort to avoid crowds until a vaccine has been provided.

    1. AES, I hope we can talk about our common interests, and see the good in others. This is a Niners site, but there is a wide spectrum of fans who post here. I apologize for the tone and snark , and thank you for allowing me to vent. These are trying times.
      Hopefully, 3 months from now, we will be talking about how well the season is going, with little disruptions. Maybe like Old Coach says, there may be a vaccine available, sooner than expected.
      Sounds like the Niners got down past 80, so there is room for Moore. I hope they are also scouring the waiver wire, for a player they were interested in after the draft, but was signed by another team.

      1. Seb,
        No need to apologize my friend. We’ve all had our moments of projecting on this site. I have certainly had mine. When I feel I’m starting to take things a little to personal, I just give myself a timeout from the blog.
        Hey, it works for me ?

  35. From 49ers Webzone…

    The San Francisco 49ers have announced that running back Jeff Wilson Jr. has been placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list. He joins wide receiver Richie James Jr., who was placed on the list on Monday.

    Wilson was among the players who reported for COVID-19 testing on Tuesday.

    The reserve/COVID-19 list has been created for a player who either tests positive for COVID-19 or has been quarantined after having been in close contact with an infected person or persons. If a player falls into either of these categories, his club is required to immediately place the player on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

    Clubs are not permitted to comment on a player’s medical status other than referring to the roster status and may not disclose whether the player is in quarantine or is positive for COVID-19.

    San Francisco also announced two other moves. The team released offensive lineman Leonard Wester and waived defensive lineman Alex Barrett.

    The moves get the 49ers below the 80-man roster requirement that must be met before August 16.

  36. ‘You can’t make a law about what I must wear!’
    Haha. Try going out in public without your pants on. You know, cuz they made and enforce a law that says you must cover up. Radical.
    Wear a mask. Wear pants. FFS.

  37. I hope Jeff Wilson will recover quickly, then have the antibodies which will protect him from contracting it again.
    Meanwhile, this gives Salvon Ahmed and JaMycal Hasty, good opportunities to get more snaps in practice.

  38. 10 teams have a player who has Covid 19. 5 Buffalo Bills rookies have Covid 19. 72 players have tested positive, and 36 have opted out.
    This is even before the veterans report.
    Dr Fauci has recommended a bubble system , but the NFL is ignoring his advice.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  39. To make training camp seem more realistic, perhaps the 9ers will allow for placing full-size, standing cutouts of local media personalities along the edges of the practice fields.

    To preserve the investment in cutouts, players would be discouraged from extending plays out of bounds and running through them.

    1. Makes sense. What group of players are more likely to be the recipients of player’s snot and other effluvia than those trench guys?

  40. 1. I stumbled upon in interview with A Rodgers and he confirmed that GB was interested in “the Kid from AZSt. ” and they were disappointed the Niners leapfrogged them to draft him.

    2. BA was in TN working out with the guys. KS thinks highly of him.

    Kyle Shanahan compared 49ers’ Brandon Aiyuk to Hall of Famer Issac Bruce

    3. This election can’t come soon enough. I’m totally disgusted with this lunatic.

    1. Don’t simply blame the lunatic. He’s doing what he does. Blame his enablers. They call themselves “Republicans,” incredibly and ironically enough.

      1. Yup. We need a massive sea of change. Everyone must go. This is intolerable.

  41. Wonder what–if any–officiating protocols will change under Covid19 conditions. Perhaps firing yellow flares vs. throwing filthy flags about. Not your standard marine-grade signal flares used at sea, but something more appropriate to a stadium (indoor and outdoor) setting. No popping smoke either.

      1. Parachute flares with short duration burn, flash-bangs at no greater than 110db. Interesting.

    1. If true, you would have to think it only makes sense if a 49ers player on the DL has informed the team he will be opting out.

      1. Wonder how Clowney would get along with the 9ers ‘rabid’ D line coach…

    2. By all accounts, Clowney is an exceptionally hard worker and a student of the game. He takes coaching extremely well. If the 49ers were to get Williams and Clowney in 1 offseason it may be the best offseason the 49ers have had since the 1986 Draft. Clowney is an exceptional player. He may not have the sack numbers people like but he gets pressures and he’s great against the run. A complete football player. Just needs to stay healthy.

      1. Houston,
        If Clowney would come to the 9ers on the cheap for one season he could split time with Ford giving them both a better chance of staying healthy. I think it would be a great signing. If he signed for one season it would give R. Blair a whole season and off season to get back to 100% and he then could split time with Ford in 2021. I predicted last Aug. that Blair was going to have a breakout season and he was a long way towards making that happen before he got injured.

    3. If they can get him on a Sherman-type K, that would be great! Talk about depth……….

  42. Adams is a good player, but no way is he worth what was given up. Maybe if the team was complete trash at Safety but they are at least “adequate”. Even then I think it’s a lot to give up but I don’t see how Adams would improve this team so drastically for what it would have required to get him.

  43. OT, but in the news, they have found worked pieces of flint that may date back to 33,000 years ago, in Central Mexico.
    This supports the island hopping hypothesis, because during the Ice Age, the sea levels were a lot lower, and the lower Western Pacific islands were much bigger.
    The Aleutian Islands may also allowed coastal migrations, since they would have formed a penninsula which would have allowed early humans to easily traverse long distances from west to east.
    New discoveries are leading to new hypotheses, but we may never know for certain, because a lot of evidence is below the sea.

      1. This reminds me of the stench of Baalke. How did he do in the draft?
        Well, I assumed he would draft Kinlaw, just to spite the Niners, but he probably was wary of another draft pick with knee issues. CJ Henderson was a safe bet, and replaced Ramsey. If Kinlaw lives up to his potential, Baalke will rue the day he passed on a long armed sack monster.
        Chaisson was another safe pick, but they needed a tackle more, and Isaiah Wilson was available. Cesar Ruiz a C/G, was selected 4 spots after Chaisson. The Jags needed more offensive weapons, and Jalen Raegor and Justin Jefferson were taken 21st and 22nd. Instead, Baalke selected Laviska Shennault, while KJ Hammler may have been a better selection because of his speed.
        If Baalke had chosen Kinlaw, he would not have had to select Davon Hamilton DT. Michael Ojemudia might have been an adequate replacement for Ramsey, and was chosen 4 picks later. Baalke missed out on Kinlaw, and Ngakoue is holding out. 7 players have tested positive, and they are setting records in Florida. Things sure are going swimmingly for Baalke.
        He still is going all in on 6-6 Minshew, with Mike Glennon as the backup. The lack of a QB leading long sustained drives, kept the defense on the field which wore out. I liked Minshew before he was drafted, but he is not a SB QB. Guess with QBs like that, he is Tanking for Trevor.
        With the Covid 19 ravaging the ranks, and Ngakoue holding out, Baalke is dismantling another SB team.

        1. Your replies are as ridiculous as all this kneeling that’s going on in pro sports.
          Hey Seb, any invites for old wind up to a NFL training camp?
          Cue the predictions in 1….2….

  44. Finally read Grants new blog. He writes like someone who is desperate for attention. In his blog on signing Kittle he says someone should push a pie in Lynchs face. I would pay money to see him try that. He would end up on the ground whimpering. Another keyboard warrior

    1. He also misrepresented what Mike Silver said. Silver said he might consider opting out if he were Kittle. Grant then writes: Silver is reporting Kittle to opt out. The guy is really a TMZ reporter.

    2. Grant Cohn has always been controversial, and a general pain in the arse, but nowadays he’s absolutely insufferable!

    1. Seb,
      With 6 MLB teams not playing this weekend I believe the chances of a full NFL or NCAA season is dropping by the min. I believe very strongly that the NFL and NCAA should be putting together a well thought out plan for a shortened season once a vaccine is available. Is it a perfect option, no but I believe some football is better than a season that starts and then is canceled for the year.

      1. Sadly I have to agree with you. MLB is a disaster without a bubble setup and the NFL will be in a similar situation with a game that has the players much closer together. I can’t see how they make it through a season honestly.

      2. Agreed. From the owners’ perspective, a partial season is much better than no season, too.

      3. NCAA football on the other hand… it’s hard to see how they can make more (or lose less) money by running with no fans, and it’s unethical to put unpaid students at significant risk of still not understood long-term or permanent damage to their health.

      4. Sadly, I must agree with you. It will be interesting to see the Anti Vaxxers’ reaction to widespread vaccination mandates. I do want a season, but MLB is not the league to copy. The NBA is the one to emulate.
        I still think the Niners should implement a bubble system and set up a tiered organization, so the team will be able to field a team this season, lessening the chance for infection, by isolating the starters from the rest of the team.

      5. A bubble season of some kind for the NFL seems like the best choice. It’s a business, and the teams are paid professionals. It would suck for them personally, but it’s a pandemic, and life sucks a lot more for most of the NFL’s customers.

  45. If the NFL makes it to opening day, those first games are going to be nuts. Knowing how angry some people get over sloppy preseason games, imagine the apoplectic responses when opening games stink, really stink. Penalties! Injuries! Turnovers! Dropped passes! Draft busts! Fire the GM! Fire the HC! Get rid of the owner!

    Can’t wait.

      1. FZ,
        Sports as we know it has been turned upside down. The NBA and MLB have made substantial modifications to their schedules and initiated daily C-19 testing. And yes, testing players is a good way of ensuring safety, but if only one player falls through the cracks during testing procedures, I would imagine that the entire team would need to quarantine.

        I know that the NFL wants to have a normal season, but with the spector of the virus looming over its head there is no promise of a full season.

        Thirty thousand people have recently volunteered to take an experimental and possible C-19 vaccine. Imo, professional sports should have canceled this entire season and waited for the results.

    1. Too much talk about any kind of football season IMO. Let’s say the vaccine is cleared for use in January. How long to get it out, even selectively to all the teams?
      And what are the vaccine’s capabilities? 50% effective? 70% effective? Would that be good enough for 2800 players PLUS coaches Plus training staffs, landscapers, et al?
      Effective durations? Booster needed?
      A bucket load of questions!
      And fans? Good gracious! Somewhere between 33%-50% of Americans will turn down the vaccine even when its available. Fans in attendance might be a liability through a 2021 season.
      For mine, fold your hand until 2021 and HOPE there can be a Combine and OTAs leading to TC and a season.
      ESPN would be wise to bring Battle Bots back to tv. Or NFL could host virtual Tetris competitions.

      1. Ha! Yup. Hey, if espn can broadcast Korean baseball, why not Canadian football? This is if they are playing football in Canada, of course.

        1. Those marbles are awesome!

          Be sure to subscribe to their channel. It’s bingeable in just a few hours, and the experience definitely is enhanced with a few beers beforehand.

          Afterwards go on HBO and watch Jon Oliver, who is sponsoring these Marblympics. He covers issues in a depth and level of honesty (and with humor to keep depressing issues still fun) that frankly beats 60 Minutes or anyone else.

  46. The Levis Stadium has the Hyatt Regency (2879 rooms), Hilton Santa Clara (1792 rooms) and the Santa Clara Marriott (2722 rooms), nearby, which are sitting essentially empty.
    In order to have separation and social distancing, the 49ers should move the coaches and front office to the Hyatt Regency, the players to the Hilton Santa Clara, and selected families to the Santa Clara Marriott.
    They should create Bubble Quarantine Isolation Zones, which would allow free movement within each zone, like the NBA is doing. This would give the players their best chance to avoid infections. Select families, who do not have too young of children and immuno compromised family members, will be allowed to stay within the Santa Clara Marriot, and create a community that could teach the children, and have businesses like barber shops and safe restaurants with proper hepa filtration systems. This would be better than being separate and isolated. Players can have some family interaction, but only with plexiglass separation and totally different air filtration systems.
    The Niner Family may become stronger because of this and it would help establish a safe area where normalcy may prevail. The 49er wives could be part of the solution, and help design various aspects of the Bubble. The Niners could go play, then adhere to strict decontamination protocols so they can safely re-enter the bubble. Maybe they should take off all their clothes and walk into separated showers, with an UV room afterwards. Then they should be provided new clothes before progressing to the testing area. After a day to get back a test result, they may then be allowed to re-enter the Bubble.
    No matter what, there will be infected players. I predicted there would be 49er players infected, and 2 have been sent into the Covid 19 isolation protocols. There will be infections, and how the 49ers handle the adversity, will determine if they can have a season or not. Those teams in Florida, Georgia and Texas, may be problematic. With the Pandemic exploding out of control, it just may be too dangerous to send a team to play there.

    1. Wait… I’m hearing a couple of front office execs prefer the Marriott. Just sayin’.

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            2. I guess I found out for myself that everyone was right

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    1. Eh, it’s not quite the same. Trump does have a point in that more testing means more confirmed cases, it’s just that there are a number of factors to it. Trump will say it’s largely because of the testing. His opposition will say it’s largely because of the way it was handled. I think most would agree it was a combination of the two and more.

      1. It is quite the same. Rex and I are making the point that willful ignorance will not make the virus go away. It will not provide a safe environment for schools and business to reopen. And it will not provide a basis for sports resume normally and safely. Trump is an imbecile who thinks not knowing will make him and his incompetent administration look good. The reality is 150K are dead and ICUs are filled to capacity.

      2. At least your leader is taking this pandemic seriously, and has a plan to fight it.
        Of course, he almost died from Covid 19, too.
        More testing will lead to more cases. Those cases will help track the contact tracing, which will find more cases in order to stop the indiscriminate spreading of the disease. No testing will lead to more deaths.

  47. To stay relevant in this time of endless lists which saturate sports media today, we need more lists here on the Press Democrat 9er blog. We’re aware of what’s getting top billing today–top 100 players of 2020 (voted on by players), 10 most talented teams, etc., etc.

    What lists could we create and kick around (to make the run-up to the 2020 season even more nauseating)? Top 10 NFL players who’ve opted out? Five worst 9ers currently on the roster with five or more seasons completed? Seven reasons why Wishnosky is 28 years old? Eleven reasons why Grant should have stayed with the Press Democrat? Other?

    1. How about 100 reasons Baalke was a cancer? Stabbing people in the back. Leaks and smears. Dismantling a SB team. Firing a HC who got the Niners to the NFCC Game for 3 seasons in a row. Whiffing on an entire draft class. The list is extensive.

  48. Matt Barrows
    All #49ers would’ve taken physicals by SAT and no additional players were added to PUP, etc. today. That suggests several guys returning from injuries are clear as TC begins:
    * Jerick McKinnon
    * Jalen Hurd
    * Trent Taylor
    * Jason Verrett
    * D.J. Jones
    * Shon Coleman
    * Tim Harris

    That’s like a whole draft class!

      1. I hope Tim Harris earns a spot on the 53. With DJ Reed out, he might have a chance. I will not count on Verrett contributing anything at all, until he proves his durability. McKinnon needs to survive at least 4 games and contribute before I will say he has made a comeback.
        I hope they platoon DJ Jones and Kinlaw, in order to maximize their effectiveness and keep them fresh and healthy.

  49. I also love DJ Jones he was showing flashes of being a 3 down player. He is very explosive and has the potential to be a very good pass rusher. I think if Ford goes down again he can stay inside next to Kinlaw on passing downs while moving Armstead outside until Blair is 100%

  50. I hope Kittle holds out. The 49ers are disrespecting him. Threats to franchise tag him. Unwilling to pay his market value. (A players market value is determined by what other teams are willing to pay, not by what his position dictates.) If the 49ers told another team they could have Kittle or Garopollo, the $135 million dollar man, they’d take Kittle. He can transform a team, Garopollo is a mediocre qb who is capable of holding down the qb spot, as long as he has great players around him (like Kittle).

    1. fescue, all due respect but – how do you know what other teams are willing to pay Kittle? Are you an agent, or NFL executive?

      Kittle won’t be holding out. Aint gonna happen. This is all typical posturing from both sides. In the end, the 49ers have to what they feel is in their best interest, first and foremost. Kittle will get his money. He’ll get a fair deal, allowing him to reset the TE market by a substantial margin, so there will be no talk of disrespect. And, he’ll get a contract that wont handicap the team in terms of the salary cap moving forward.

      Both sides have a great deal of respect for one another, and both sides want to keep on winning, so you can rest assured a deal will get done, and Kittle will be a Niner for the foreseeable future. I guarantee it!

      1. And BTW, comparing a TE to a QB, in terms of market value, is ludicrous, and simply not relevant.

        Apples and oranges!

        1. sin city, you miss my point, which is that if you want a player badly enough, because you think he’ll be a valuable addition to your team, you compete with other teams for that player’s services. A tight end can be more valuable than a wide receiver, if he sets a new NFL record for reception yardage by a tight end, and is a great blocker besides. He’s GOAT material and the 49ers are playing hard ball with him. My advice to him, the money will be there in free agency. Don’t risk your career. Don’t put on pads or your helmet and let someone hit you. The 49ers don’t want the shame of franchise tagging you. Let Lynch earn the money in his new contract by working out a trade that gets you a huge payday.

          1. fescue, I have no illusions as to Kittle’s value to the 49ers. Outside of Garoppolo, Kittle is the most valuable player, in terms of he skill positions, on the Niners offense. But,at some point, if your paying Kittle far, far more than, for instance, the Chiefs are paying Travis Kelce, at some point your hurting your overall team. I have no problem making Kittle the highest paid TE in the NFL, by a decent margin, but at the same time, there is a limit. The Patriots never paid Gronkowski twice the value of the next highest paid TE in the league, even when he was in his prime, because the Patriots are smart enough not to grossly overpay market value because when you start going down that road, it makes it much harder to field a competitive team.

            And George(and his agent) understand this. Especially with the salary cap due to drop dramatically over the next few seasons. It’s less about playing “hard ball”, and more about finding the sweet spot, as Lynch suggested. You pay Kittle $20M/Year and then he gets hurt, and BTW, a maniac like him is susceptible to being banged up, and that’s OK, but it also means that your putting your roster at huge risk if your grossly overpaying him as compared to other high level TE’s, and he does, GOD FORBID, get hurt … KNOCK ON WOOD!

            These are all things that factor into what is, timing wise, a very complicated negotiation. But like I said, in the end, these two sides will find a number that satisfies everyone, because they all have the highest respect for one another, and they all have the same goal of winning multiple championships!!!

      2. I’m confident that Kittle’s agent knows how much his client will command in free agency. That number must be the problem–the 49ers can’t afford Kittle, especially with Bosa and others coming up. So, they’re being cheap. If he’s one of the top players in the NFL, and you got Hall of Fame performance out of him playing on his rookie contract for peanuts, don’t expect him to risk his future again. If wide receivers and defensive tackles command $20,000,000 per year, Kittle shouldn’t play for less.

        1. fescue, Kittle is not getting anything close to $20M per season, that’s a NON STARTER! Nobody held a gun to his head and forced him to play TE. That was his choice.

          George is a TE, and he is going to end up with something in the neighborhood of $13M per season.

          You can take that to the bank.

          1. The Niners can also control Kittle’s rights for the next 4 years, via the franchise tag route, and still end up paying him considerably less than $20M/Year without worrying about a huge cap hit if he gets hurt, so that figure, in terms of an extension, is simply a non starter from a business perpective.

            1. For the 49ers, I agree with you–$20 million per year is a non-starter. Because they can’t afford him. But maybe other teams can. Why should he sign with the 49ers for $13 million if he’s worth $18-20 million as a free agent? If the 49ers love him so much, pay him what other teams would pay him in free agency. I don’t know what it is, but it’s more than the business-minded 49ers are willing to pay. If that weren’t true, there’d be a deal. And, forget about the franchise tag. The 49ers will trade him if they can’t make a deal. George has leverage here, and he isn’t about to throw away several million dollars to keep Lynch happy.

              1. It’s not that simple.
                In order to get that 18-20 million it would need to be elsewhere. In order to get that via a hold out he would need forgot around 10-13 million for a season, unless SF wouldnt even offer that. Which is highly doubtful. That is a lot of money to pass on and try to make up in future contracts… especially given the small amount he has already made and the current situation with the virus.

              2. Shoup is correct.

                Call it bad luck, but unfortunately for George, there is such a thing called COVID-19 that has ravaged our economy. There is unprecedented uncertainty for the league in terms of how this season plays out, as well as the future salary cap ramifications. And the 49ers have leverage provided via the franchise tag system.

                I love Goerge Kittle as much as any current player, but I’m not willing to cut half of my starting team next season in order to pay George the kind of money you’re talking about fescue (because that’s not much of an exageration), especially when the reality is, the 49ers can afford to play the long game on this a lot better than George Kittle can. It would be a much different situation if the salary cap was going up, not down, next season.

                Think about this, fescue: How’s it really going to go over in the locker room, or go over with the fan base, when the cost of resigning George becomes so exorbitant, it decimates next season’s depth chart? When making him the highest paid TE by a large amount, still isn’t enough to satisfy him, at a time when millions of Niner fans are wondering how they are going to pay their rent? $12M/Year, maybe $13M/Year tops, is fair, and it’s about the most the 49ers should be willing to pay right now if they have any hopes of fielding a contender over the next few years.

              3. 5 years @ 13.5 million per year with 35 million guaranteed. Take it or leave it, George.

              4. I think we could get a team to cough up two 1st round picks for George if he decides to go down Buckner Blvd.

              5. Dunno about that Seb. These guys are getting pretty good at identifying talent through the draft to fit their system. I think as long as we have Shanny we’ll be just fine with those two 1st round picks and no George Kittle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m his biggest fan. I hadn’t bought a 49ers shirt in years and after George’s rookie season I bought his shirt jersey. Wear it all season long, but I’m a fan of the team more than the player now that I’m no longer 12 years old….

              6. It’s OK, Razor, you have valid points.
                I am just adhering to the teachings of Bill Walsh. He emphatically stressed the importance of a cohesive locker room. Locker room dynamics may take years to build, and seconds to destroy.
                BW also talked about leaders, and Kittle has every characteristic you want in a leader. He not only can talk the walk, he can walk the talk. He is best buddies with JG. Everyone in the locker room respects him, and he is humble, and self effacing. When a fifth round pick turns into a number 7 ranked diamond, you try your darndest to keep him, and keep him happy.
                All these negotiations are just posturing. Both sides want a deal. The devil is in the details. Maybe Jed should buy the Panda Express on Mission College Blvd, and throw that in to sweeten the deal.

        2. I will respectfully disagree. If there was no Covid 19 pandemic threatening the season, I would agree that he is worth that much.
          George Kittle should be paid as much as the 7th player in the league might be paid. He has earned a top 10 salary.
          However, this pandemic is threatening this season, and the whole way of life in America. The salary cap is projected to go down 20 mil in 2021. Sure, the Niners may want to pay him what he wants, but the salry cap realities make that difficult to accomplish.
          Yet, I never thought they would trade away their team leader and MVP. Buckner willingly left to a team of his choosing,going for the big bucks. Those salary cap savings allowed the Niners to re-sign many Niners, in order to retain as many players as possible.
          There is another reality. If Jamal Adams is worth 2 firsts, a third, and Bradley McDougald, and he is ranked 37th, imagine what Kittle is worth, because he is ranked 7th. If a SS is worth that much, Kittle should be worth at least 2 firsts and a second round pick. If another team offered that amount of draft compensation, the Niners should weigh all options.
          With all of the Covid cases and opt outs, not to mention injuries, there may be some teams who want Niner players who are on the bubble. They may be talented enough to compete for a roster spot, but may be a victim of having superior competition. I hope the Niners trade away players like Bourne, Pettis or Witherspoon, to help increase the salary cap, and allow the Niners to re-sign Kittle. 13 to 15 mil may be enough, with 25 guaranteed.
          George Kittle will not hold out, If he sat, it would eat at his soul. His best bet is to be a team player, a team leader, and help the Niners win a couple rings. Then he will get a huge payday. He should not hold out, and kick his agent in the heiny to get something done. Jed should insist on Paraag writing up a fair contract, not a team friendly contract. If Parrag is the holdup, Jed should let Joan in accounting do the deal.

        3. This discussion has entered silly town. Kittle is a TE and he’ll be paid in line with the TE position. For those like Fescue believing there is a team that would pay him nearly double what the Franchise tag is for TE’s, I say just look at history and tell me when that has ever happened before? Gronkowski was as dominant a player at the TE position as there has ever been and he did not set a new standard of contract. Kittle will become the highest paid TE and he should, but he’s not going to get a 50% or more increase on the highest deal from any team including the 49ers. It doesn’t happen because it’s bad business for a team to artificially increase contract amounts when the rules are in place that allow a team to hang onto a player at the percentage of the top 5 players at a particular position. Kittle is under 49er control for 4 more years with no new contract needed. He has no leverage and while I don’t see the 49ers playing hardball in negotiations that is their right if Kittle’s team asks for unreasonable terms.

  51. Doug Pederson tested positive.
    Pete Carroll, Bruce Arians, Andy Reid and Bobby Turner, may be risking their lives over a silly football.

  52. State Senator Sean Roberts of Oklahoma threatened to drive away the states only professional NBA team by rescinding any tax breaks, if any player knelt for the national anthem. Sounds like extortion to me.
    He accused the BLM to be Marxist, when his boss is the biggest Putin Marxist lover I know.
    So, did the players quail at those threats and fearfully stand? No, the entire team knelt. I hope every OKC Thunder fan remembers what Sean Roberts did when he comes up for re-election.

      1. No one should be criticized (even in a backhanded way like mentions of Karma) for kneeling. Or not kneeling. Folks should be unafraid to talk about their opinions, and be willing to have conversations.

        Drew Brees is the perfect example. He talked, and was willing to learn. That’s exactly the best outcome.

  53. I very much doubt that the Niners are ever going to take a “take it or leave it” approach with Kittle negotiations. Kittle is one of the foundational players of the team for the next 5-6 years. (I’d include Jimmy G, Bosa, McGlinchey, Armstead and Warner as other pieces, and Aiyuk and Greenlaw as potential additions to that group).

    There is a myth that the teams do not want “to set a precedent” with compensation to players. Maiocco trotted out this canard often over the past month when insisting that the Niners would not budge on Mostert’s insistence on more money. Teams have and will always consider contracts player-by-player, and treat players differently based on value to the team.

    Niners will have to find money for Kittle in future seasons even if it means cutting Alexander and Ford, and letting some other vets walk after their contracts are up at the end of this season. If I were to guess, I’d say that they will probably settle on a package where the incentives will add to the base salary to make the total around $16M/year with $50-$60 guaranteed from season-to-season of which $30-$35 is fully guaranteed. What do you folks think?

    1. That would be a very tempting offer I’d think. Depending on what other teams are willing to offer, and depending on whether the 49ers are poisoning the well by making Kittle look greedy. Dragging this out too much. Kittle might hold out just to spite the FO who took care of themselves while leaving him hanging.

      1. I totally disagree. The Niners are not poisoning the well.
        JL stated emphatically that he loves George Kittle, and they are working hard to get a deal done. He will not negotiate in the press, but it takes time, since Kittle is asking to be paid WR money, when TEs are historically paid way less.
        OBJ is paid 18 mil, and Austin Hooper TE is paid 10.6 mil. Right now, Kittle is going to be paid 2.2 mil. If he is paid 10.6 mil, that would be almost 5 times what he is scheduled to make.
        I think 13.5 mil with 27 mil guaranteed, would be fair to both sides.
        Maybe they are waiting until the 53 cuts, anticipating the waiver of a few veterans, which will give them more cap space. Then, they may have enough to pay Kittle a substantial pay increase.

    2. They said the same thing about Buckner, who was looked upon as a foundational player and the top leader of the defense. They have no intention of paying Kittle that kind of money. He’ll be lucky to get 13.5 million a year with 35 million guaranteed from the 49ers. He needs shoulder surgery. He’s got a bone spur in his ankle that should be removed. His playing style abuses his body instead of protecting it, and that has to be factored into any long term contract negotiation….

      1. He’s got a bone spur in his ankle

        Well, then he qualifies as the next IMPOTUS!

      2. His playing style abuses his body instead of protecting it, and that has to be factored into any long term contract negotiation….

        Your dumb argument only proves that Kittle should get the MAX, not the minimum since he has less years left to earn Raxdoll….

      3. Buckner was indeed a foundational piece until he wanted $20M+ and his agent was able to get a trade that the Niners liked. Kittle’s versatility in offense is higher than Buck’s in defense, and this FO values versatility very much. I can see Kittle’s receiving game improving over the years. If Woerner turns out to be the next Kittle, and if Bechta can get a first round trade then sure, Kittle could become expendable. But as things stand, Kittle is pretty indispensable for Kyle’s offense, and the urgency to win it all in this year’s window before some key vets are lost to FA. Both sides want the deal done. A deal with $14M/yr base with another $2M/yr in incentives seems to me to be pretty reasonable for Kittle’s value to the Niners.

        1. Kittle’s value to the 49ers is not what this hinges on. What is his value in free agency?

          1. The Niners still have him under contract for 2020. They can then franchise tag him for 3 years.
            George Kittle will not hit free agency anytime soon.
            The Niners want to extend him, so he can play his entire career as a 49er.

          2. Exactly. The more Kittle tries to get over what his value is on the open market the weaker his negotiation stance will become. It’s at that point he’ll need to make a decision to either be reasonable or greedy. Greedy gets ya the franchise tag and/or trade….

          3. fescue, George Kittle is not a free agent, nor will he be a FA any time soon. And I can assure you, he’s not going to hold out for the next 4 seasons, which is how long, in theory, the 49ers can control his rights.

            Like I said, … this thing is going to work itself out, and both parties will be happy. It’s not a matter of IF the 49ers extend Kittle, only WHEN! The 49ers current regime has proven to be of high integrity, so have a little faith in their process, they’ve earned it.

            1. You want a little more proof in how the 49ers players feel about their team, coaches, and front office?

              – While a number of high profile players around the NFL have started opting out of the 2020 NFL season to mitigate the risks of playing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 49ers have yet to have one of their own opt out. There is a real bond and a strong sense of camaraderie … a brotherhood if you will, that is palpable within the 49ers organization. There is a genuine trust that runs deep throughout the organization, and a strong sense that everyone is working towards the same goal! That goal being, not just getting back to the Super Bowl as soon as this season, but finishing the job, and taking home this storied franchise’s 6th Lombardi Trophy!

              With all of the uncertainty that lies ahead for the NFL, it’s this sense of brotherhood, that may very well keep the 49ers on top, despite the potential salary cap issues that lie ahead.

          4. Kittle’s value to the 49ers is not what this hinges on. What is his value in free agency?

            As our friend from LV points out, Kittle is not a FA, and will likely never be one. His value to the team in $$ is directly related to the value of the team culture that Shanalynch have spent some much time, effort and money in cultivating. They make sure that their most valued players are compensated to the players’ satisfaction because high-performing, high-character players who are disgruntled damages the trust and eventually destroys that culture. Players like Sherm, Jimmy G, and Kittle get an extra bump in pay because of their leadership role.

            1. $13.5 million a year with $35 million guaranteed is more than generous enough compensation for his elite culture….

            2. Absolutely Mood, and thanks for the shout out.

              One would think that the 49ers current regime deserves the benefit of the doubt, at this point. It was just last week that the 49ers made things right with Raheem Mostert, even though Raheem is part of a philosophical – RB by committee approach – and had only completed the 1st year of a 3 year extension. If the 49ers were being “cheap”, as fescue suggested, they very well could have played hard ball, and held the line with Raheem, as he had very little in terms of negotiating leverage. In fact, I think there are a number of front offices who would have likely done just that, especially with all of the league-wide financial uncertainty in regards to the salary cap.

              There was a time not very long ago, when the 49ers were doing just that – making shortsighted financial decisions, and operating on the cheap. And it started from the top. But to his credit, Jed York has changed. He brought in Kyle Shanahan, and John Lynch – 2 men of the highest integrity, and he made a long term commitment to the both of them. Not only has Jed hired smart, highly respected football men to make the football decision, he has also given them the necessary resources to put their plan in motion, and make their vision happen, brick-by-brick! And as a result, the 49ers have gone from doormat, to dominant, and are currently one of the most impressive organizations in not only the NFL, but the entire professional sports world as well.

              From top to bottom, the 49ers current brain-trust has earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to player and personnel decisions … and that includes the best TE on the planet – George Kittle!!!!

            3. An extra bump in pay is fine. Obliterating the TE contract market is not. Right now the highest earning TE deal averages 10.6 mill a season with 23 million guaranteed. The Franchise tag will be around 9.5 to 10 mill next season. There is no way Kittle is getting a deal averaging 5 to 10 million more than that. The 49ers could tag Kittle for 3 years and pay roughly 10 mill, 12 mill and 17 mill each year. That is where the negotiation starts and ends. This would average 13 mill per year with no guarantees so the contract they settle on will likely be close to what razoreater said above 13.5 per year with 30 to 35 mill guaranteed.

              1. Absolutely spot on, b.richt. Your post is exactly where the rubber hits the road with Kittle’s extension.

                I’m thinking $12.5M/Yr, with $35M in guarantees, and perhaps some performance based incentives which could get him up to the $13.5M/Yr/Avg.

    1. So let’s say four or five teams adopt some form of legit bubble plan…and the remaining teams don’t. It means very little if the few bubble teams remain largely viable and the no bubble teams suffer an annoyingly high degree of covid19 cases–and the 2020 season collapses. All that remains is a blizzard of snippy ‘I told you sos!

      On to 2021.

      1. The season would become a season*. Old time leagues sometimes had 6 teams, total. (e.g. NHL)

        Still better than a complete shutdown from the point of view of owners, the customers, and any player and coach who doesn’t get sick, or at least suffers no permanent damage.

        1. Chet,
          I have been saying for at least a month now that I believe the NFL should have a plan in place for a shortened season or a tournament once we (hopefully) get a viable vaccine. They need to get at least some of that TV money.

          1. Perhaps something like the 24hrs of Le Mans, only 34hrs. Hold the 34hr, single elimination tournament at one location/metro area with adequate facilities to support a 34hr grind–perhaps the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Begin at 10AM Eastern with 16 games, 3PM Eastern — 8 games. 8PM Eastern — 4 games. Next morning at Noon Eastern–2 games. Six PM Eastern brings the Championship Game. Last team standing, baby. Yay!

            Allow each team a roster of 100–with everyone active. Substitutions early and often.

            What fun.

  54. If the cap falls 25 mill in 2021 like many are predicting, all these discussions about who we should sign or extend can just stop. Kittle, gone. Sherman, gone. T Williams, gone. DJ Jones, gone. Juszczyc, gone. K’Wuan Williams, gone. The conversations should be about which draft picks or practice squad players will take their places. The cap will fall quite a bit more if the virus keeps us from having a season at all. No season could lead to a one time 50 mill cap cut.

    1. The threshold for herd immunity for the China Virus is likely to fall somewhere between 50% and 70% of the population. Since about one in 20 Americans is likely to have suffered from it by the time a vaccine becomes available, only 45% – 65% of the American population will need to be vaccinated….

          1. Herd immunity for COVID-19, is certainly “the neat, Hollywood ending to the grim and agonizing uncertainty of everyday life in a pandemic”, but is it the wrong kind of mindset?

            Public health experts actually worry that hopes for a vaccine may be soaring too high, and inevitably give people unrealistic beliefs about how soon the world can return to normal. And it’s this kind of Pollyannish thinking that could potentially spark resistance to simple strategies that can tamp down transmission and save lives in the short term.

            Because, as the plot-line advances, so do expectations. If people believe we can muddle through a few more months until a vaccine lands, the pandemic will end and everyone can throw away their masks. But best-case scenarios have failed to materialize throughout the pandemic, and experts — who believe wholeheartedly in the power of vaccines — foresee a much longer path ahead. “It seems, to me, unlikely that a vaccine is an off-switch or a reset button where we will go back to pre-pandemic times,” said Yonatan Grad, an assistant professor of infectious diseases and immunology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Or, as Columbia University virologist Angela Rasmussen puts it, “It’s not like we’re going to land in Oz.”

            The declaration that a vaccine has been shown safe and effective will be a beginning, not the end.

            We’ve already seen the results of a lack of a national strategy in the U.S., which has already proven deadly, as delays in testing have all but eliminated any realistic chance of utilizing critical contact tracing. Imagine the challenges of deploying a vaccine to hundreds of millions of people in the U.S., where the politicization has already taken root. Unfortunately, given the current track, with the strain on distribution networks within the supply chain, as well as the strain on public trust, it will likely take years before we reach anything close to developing true herd immunity.

          2. Razor, your demon sperm is talking again. Trumps criminal handling of the virus is as if FDR complained about the Japanese Attack while doing nothing the entirety of 1942.

    2. These issues were hashed out over a week ago. The floor of 2021 cap is $175m.

      “A source told Yahoo Sports the most vital point in the deal that ultimately brought the two sides together was the team owners and players agreeing that the 2020 salary cap of $198.2 million would remain in place, and that 2020 revenue losses could be spread between the 2021-2024 seasons. The source said a key part of the agreement was assuring the 2021 salary cap could draw back no lower than $175 million, with any other cumulative losses from 2020 being spread evenly from 2022-2024.

      The four-year spread could be cushioned further by new television deals that will help raise revenues next season, and the losses being limited to 2024 all but ensures a sizable cap jump in 2025 as shortfalls come off the books.”

    1. He kept things going with antagonistic snark and opinions that were wrong most of the time. His new blog doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of action either.

    2. Yes Jack, Grant certainly did a better job at keeping this blog current. Unfortunately, when it came to his “opinions”, Grant’s tendency to gravitate towards sensationalism hurt his credibility, making his motivations come across as disingenuousat best, and/or lacking any sense of integrity, at worst. And that’s a shame because, as I’ve said before, I believe the kid has talent as a “sports writer”.

    3. Yeah, yeah yeah.
      This whole year has not been a bowl of cherries. First we have impeachment, with the Senate, in their infinite wisdom, decided to hold a trial with absolutely no witnesses. Then we have Bolton writing in his book that Trump begged the Chinese to help him win.
      My beloved 49ers lost in the SB. I was kinda bummed. Then the pandemic hit. Grant lost his job, but that is a small detail, since millions also lost their jobs, and at least Grant rebounded with an SI gig.
      The PD is certainly hurting, with declining readership and no ad revenues. It is a wonder that they were able to secure the services of Phil Barber briefly, and now CWN. They seem to be caretaking the blog, and certainly are not being paid by the word. I am surprised that there are still so many regular posters, since most things about football are shut down. They did not have any OTAs or mini camps. The draft was one bright spot, but the shutdown of professional sports has just shown how trivial sports are compared to feeding, clothing and sheltering your family. It has also shown how many people rely on sports for economic gain.
      I like Grant, and wish him well. He allowed me a forum on this blog, and I liked his saucy edginess. However, I also made it a point to disagree with Grant, so no one could accuse me of being a toady yes man. While Grant was lead blogger, he wrote in a manner to stir up debate. I thought he was the best 49er writer, because he was not a bandwagon cheerleader, and gave us his take on the Niners, the good, the bad and the ugly.
      Considering the pandemic, I am surprised we get 386 posts, although it took a week to do it. Now we have a new post, so CW is doing his job.

      1. Grant’s last week here was during the pandemic as well and two of those posts garnered over 500 responses. It’s not Covid. It’s the content or lack there of.

        1. The SB loss had a tiny bit to do with these blogs. Imagine if the Niners had won, they were so close.
          All the bandwagon fans have bailed, and it is just the die hard faithful left.
          No Pro Days, a surprisingly decent draft over the internet, no Rookie camp, no OTAs, no Mini Camp. The team facility is closed, and everyone should be sheltering in place. I would say the Covid 19 Pandemic may have affected the league a tiny bit, too.

  55. So the cap will shrink 23.5 mill next year. My point still stands, the 49ers will have to cut multiple starters to get under the cap.

    1. OC,

      If the Cap goes down to $175mill next year look for guys like Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander to be shown the door to make room.

      As it stands right now the 49ers are at $170 mill against the cap for 2021.

      1. Jack,
        Well thats 2 starters gone I bet there will be at least 2 more probably 3. Since Ford and Alexander won’t be FA’s next season, how much will it cost the team to release them?

        1. Yep!

          Yet another reason why having a Head Coach whom players want to play for, along with a strong, synergistic relationship between the 49ers EVP of Football Operations – Paraag Marathe, front office, and coaching staff, who all seem to be on the same page, could very well give the Niners a leg up on the competition, and help them stave off a potential roster crises over the next few seasons.

          It’s going to be all about the scouting, drafting, and then developing players via elite coaching, all while making sure you’re not getting yourself in trouble with unworkable contracts (like paying George Kittle at a rate any higher than what the market demands for an elite TE)…. and Kyle Shanahan’s brain, of course!

        2. OC,

          They’d net a savings of about $17 mil with those two moves, mostly from Ford after doing a restructuring of Alexander’s deal this offseason.

    1. Love it- an incentive laden deal.

      IF this guy can do anything to stay healthy, he is a big threat.

      Let’s throw out a 3 tight end set at times and watch opposing teams shake their heads looking to the end of their bench for coverage LBs.

      Your move, Seattle.

      1. Oh, how cute, my fan club.
        Wrong. Reed is damaged goods, and is one hit from becoming severely injured. Too much risk for the reward.
        Try thinking of an original thought that is correct. The Niners already have that. They have Kittle and Dwelley. They also have Jalen Hurd, who will be the hybrid WR/TE/RB, and he sounds fully healthy. The Niners drafted Woerner, but the sleeper surprise may be Chase Harrell, who can possibly create mismatches.
        Seattle has a heap of problems, trading away McDougald, and losing Dunbar. The Niner coaches are rubbing their hands together, thinking of all the ways they will attack that secondary. First of all, they will put Kittle on Jalen Adams, to neutralize him. Adams may find himself on his back, more than he likes, and covering Kittle will be no picnic. Adams excelled in the Jets, but he was the best of a mediocre bunch. Adams will need to go against JG, Murray and Goff, 6 times next season.

      2. Yet another example of an elite NFL organization operating in absolute top form!

        – TIMING: I mean, with the Niners are currently locked in a tenuous negotiation with their own All-Pro TE. could the timing of this signing be any better?

        – FAMILIARITY: Reed has played under Kyle, so he’s already very familiar with Kyle’s system.

        – NEED: The 49ERS have been in the market for a #2 TE for the last 3 years.

        – RISK vs REWARD: With a history of concussions, the deal is reported to be a 1 year, incentive laden contract.

        – TIMING (again): Training camp is just getting underway, and Reed is fresh, after a full year off.

        In a word …… Brilliant!

    2. Reed has a history of concussions? The risk does not warrant the reward. I hope Reed reconsiders, especially during this pandemic.

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